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    [Article]110930 Hook Song no more!

    황 태영

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    biggri [Article]110930 Hook Song no more!

    Post by 황 태영 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:46 pm

    On October 4th, SNSD will be releasing the title song of their 3rd album – ‘The Boys’ through online music sites.
    This time, the album carries the ‘Worldwide’ concept. As planned, the album will be released starting from Korea’s various music sites, to the US, Europe and South America through iTunes. The album will also be released in two versions, Korean and English.

    ‘The Boys’ is a song produced by Teddy Riley, who was also the producer for Michael Jackson, specially made for SNSD. With strong and powerful drum and rhythm, ‘The Boys’ is an urban dance song filled with Teddy Riley’s unique harmony as well as original and futuristic sound.

    Starting from the production stage, it aimed to push SNSD up to the world stage. The song no longer follows the ‘hook’ song style, where the hook of the song is repeated such as ‘Gee’. Instead, it is a song that arouses sympathy anywhere around the world. The refined beat, sound and melody are hence the focuses of this song.

    The lyrics, written by Yoo Young-Jin, talks about SNSD who are the representatives of the female population. It encourages the men and carries the message, “All boys and men in this world, stand up, be brave and confident and make your dreams come true,” which makes the music more perfect.

    As the teaser photos with the main concept of ‘Princesses’ were released since September 26th, they became the centre of attention immediately. SNSD members each dressed up as the main characters in well-known fairytales, showing off their individual charms and recreated mixed versions of the classic stories by presenting them in the 21st century styles. Other than their beauty, SNSD focused on merging the concepts of ‘princesses’ and ‘heroines’, revealing their strong ambitions and at the same time explaining SNSD’s unique maturity and girlish mood.

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