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    SSG General Rules!

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    biggri SSG General Rules!

    Post by 황 태영 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:05 am

    SSG General Rules

    Do Remember these few rules while you're at SSG (SOSHIology)
    It's really quite common and general.
    Please respect each other while you're here
    Here comes the Rules


    01. Do not post "offensive" posts, links or images.

    Do not post anything which is offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws.

    02. No racism, bashing, bandwaggoning, hates, sexism or insults.

    All of these cause too many problems and are just not worth it. People can take offence by things you say even when you don't necessarily mean it and although the shoutbox can be more off-topic than elsewhere, it should still be somewhere where people are happy to post without being attacked or insulted by other members.

    03. Refrain from becoming too off-topic in lounge threads.

    When someone creates a thread in the lounge, they generally have a good reason for doing so - perhaps they want to see the opinions of other members in the forum. If people post in this thread and within a few posts the thread is completely off-topic, discussing something else, it can be very annoying for the original thread starter. Please try to keep threads as on-topic as possible. If you don't have anything useful to say which relates directly to the thread, then don't bother posting.

    The moderators do not want to limit too much what types of thread you can create in the lounge. What we really want to focus on is people keeping the threads on-topic. Any off-topic post or thread that has become out of hand before any moderator intervention may be deleted or closed for this reason alone.

    04. Do not post just to try and provoke a response.

    Feel free to post in the forum, but don't post here just so that you can provoke a response from another member of the forums.

    05. Use the shoutbox!

    The shoutbox can be used for more off-topic "conversations". Don't feel that everything has to be posted in the lounge. But please do read the shoutbox rules while chatting there.

    06. Do Not Make Multiple Accounts

    07. Signature and Avatar Rules

    - Signature Size :: not reach more than 550x200 pixels and 150kb
    - Avatar Size :: not reach more than 150x200 pixels and 150kb

    08. No Hotlinking

    Do not hotlink anything from other places . Please do upload it on your own uploader . We try our best to avoid problems.

    09. Do not take anything out without Permission

    Especially the Download links. Please do respect the uploaders while they're busy spending their time for your goods.

    10. Credit Anything you take out from SSG

    Firstly, do not post the wrong credits . Next, Make sure the credit are visible
    for example : Username@SSG Make sure it is visible to others.

    11. NO SPAMMING!
    - Do not post less than 7 - 15 Words! (English) , Chinese :: Korean (10words) < Make sure you have the translation . Do not try to reach it with unusual words like '' hahaha '' or '' 15words 15words 15words ''
    - You will be warned / post will be deleted.
    - Do not double post
    - Do not copy and paste other replies.

    12. Do not Quote Image
    - Make sure you're not quoting any images
    [img] pictureurl [/img]
    Solution : Just remove the [img][/img]

    13. Follow other specific Forum Rules
    - There are still other subforums :: category rules that needed to follow.

    14. No Advertise on other Fansites
    - Do no advertise through Signature :: Avatar :: Threads :: Shoutbox :: Etcs.

    15.Do not post topic like > ''Unseen Pictures''. It's Really unusual.

    16. For more Help and others Important notes, You can Read the FAQs.

    17. Please Avoid to be "OFF TOPIC" when you reply on a thread or topic
    - To maintain the discipline in all times

    Please do not break the rules.
    User who break the rules will be taken action.
    Either Banning of Account deletion.
    Any Rules that you don't understand, Just PM me.
    Note that all General Rules in here are Apply to the whole forum ;) ;)

    Notice : This is copyrighted. You may not publish it on anywhere without written permission from the administrators.

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