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    [11.10.07]Jessica is ‘Deadly Beautiful’

    황 태영

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    biggri [11.10.07]Jessica is ‘Deadly Beautiful’

    Post by 황 태영 on Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:48 am

    On Y-Star’s ‘Goonggeumta’ which will be aired on October 6th, the crew of the programme did a survey on the impression and popularity ranking of SNSD members among the Japanese public. The crew did a direct interview with 200 Japanese tourists in Myeongdong to find out about the SNSD members they like.

    Most of the Japanese tourists know the girls well that they could list the members’ names as well as their characters in detail and this shows how popular the girls are in Japan.

    Among the girls, Jessica received the most unique assessment. In Korea, the chic and charming Jessica was given the nickname ‘Ice Princess’ while in Japan, she was dubbed as ‘Devil-like’ for her charms. ‘Devil-like’ in this aspect means that she is ‘deadly beautiful’. Jessica garnered 22% from the survey, putting her in 3rd place in terms of popularity.

    Meanwhile, Taeyeon who has the little sister-like cuteness and charismatic leadership quality as well as YoonA, who has gem-like beautiful skin and deer-like beauty, are vying for the top spot in the popularity survey. The programme will be aired at 2pm KST on October 6th.


    Note for sensitive readers: Survey is done for entertainment purposes only, do not take things too seriously!

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