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    [11.10.11]Kim HyunJoong: I didn’t talk much to Seohyun!

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    biggri [11.10.11]Kim HyunJoong: I didn’t talk much to Seohyun!

    Post by 황 태영 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:28 pm

    Kim HyunJoong, who met with reporters at a hotel in Samsung-dong, Kangnam in Seoul on October 10th, revealed his experience while filming the CF for ‘The Face Shop’ with maknae, Seohyun.

    He said, “As I was filled with shyness, I couldn’t get myself to talk much to her and in fact, Seohyun too was very shy. However, it was Seohyun who broke the ice first”. Kim HyunJoong added, “After replying to her question of whether I had my meals, I didn’t manage to say anything to her after that. We didn’t talk until the end of the filming session”.

    He further revealed, “When I asked her when is SNSD’s album going to be released, she replied me shyly, saying that it has been postponed. After that, i bid her farewell by saying ‘goodbye’”.

    About his promotional activities which will be overlaping with SNSD’s, Kim HyunJoong commented, “Because of SNSD’s comeback, the music industry is becoming more active. Thanks to them, I think this would largely boost the interest towards my album as well”.

    Kim HyunJoong will be releasing his 2nd solo mini album ‘Lucky’ on October 11th and he is expected to have his comeback stage on Mnet’s ‘M Coutdown’ on October 20th.


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