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    [11.10.12]SNSD vs Wonder Girls, Who Will Come Out on Top?

    황 태영

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    biggri [11.10.12]SNSD vs Wonder Girls, Who Will Come Out on Top?

    Post by 황 태영 on Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:46 am

    Wonder Girls and Girl's Generation, the top two girl groups will meet face to face in November.

    Girls who have been concentrating on their United States activities for
    a while will be making a long awaited come back in Korea in November.
    Having American activities lined up, the Wonder Girls will release a
    single and only have a month to spend in Korea. After releasing "Two
    Different Tears" last year in May, it has been a year and a half since
    they've performed on native soil.

    The Wonder Girls have been
    working on movie, "Wonder Girls at the Apollo" all as actresses within
    the film. After completing filming, it is said that they came back to
    Korea on October 9 to start recording their next album.

    is planning to release their new album October 19 and making their
    comeback at the end of October. They will start full fledged activities
    in November. This album was supposed to be released October 5, however
    it got delayed by two weeks.

    Recently SNSD has released teaser
    trailers for their new "The Boys" album through SM Entertainment's
    YouTube channel. The number of views by netizens sky rocketed to the
    millions within a few days, previewing the scale of popularity the girls
    are capable of. They raised the already high expectations through their
    fresh new concept.

    Because of the Wonder Girls focus on
    foreign activities over a longer period of time, SNSD seems to have the
    upper hand in popularity and recognition in Korea as of now. However,
    for the amount of time that they have been away, the more anticipation
    there seems to be for the Wonder Girls' comeback by their fans. The
    foreseeable competition between the two girl groups is gaining more and
    more attention.

    In the past, when the Wonder Girls were active
    SNSD would be resting and vice versa. However, this November, album
    sales, chart rankings, and music show rankings between the two groups
    will go head to head, and inevitably there will be a group that will
    come out on top of the other. This anticipated competition between
    Wonder Girls and SNSD have gotten the fans riled up already. There are
    rumors that fans on both sides are getting ready to not lose to the

    Who will take the number one trophy in November?

    Credit: Soompi

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