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    My Absolute Boyfriend

    황 태영

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    biggri My Absolute Boyfriend

    Post by 황 태영 on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:14 pm

    Story Maker : BlackPearlYumiko@SSG
    Repost by : SSG Staff

    My Absolute Boyfriend - comedy korean romance snsd superjunior - main story image


    Hwang Tiffany, Choi Siwon, Kim Taeyon, Kim Yesung


    Tiffany and Taeyon owe a million debts.

    Tiffany promised to her friend that she will help,

    but what would she do, if all she applied on fails.

    And the only solution is to be the temporary girlfriend

    of a rich cold-hearted man named Siwon.

    Will this temporary turn permanent?


    I don't own this lovely characters only the plot.



    ~Main Characters~

    Hwang Tiffany


    Choi Siwon


    Kim Taeyon


    Kim Yesung


    ~Minor Characters~

    Kwon Yuri


    Park Leeteuk


    Im Yoona


    Lee Donghae


    Kim Hyoyeon


    Lee Eunhyuk


    and many more...

    Coming Soon

    황 태영

    Posts : 642
    Join date : 2011-06-15
    Age : 29
    Location : Seoul

    biggri Episode 1

    Post by 황 태영 on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:28 pm

    Story Maker : BlackPearlYumiko@SSG
    My Absolute Boyfriend - comedy korean romance snsd superjunior - chapter image


    "Hey! You two, when will you pay your debt? It's been a month as you promised." A loud knock hauled two individuals from their sleep.

    The brown-locked girl grumbled, scratching her head in anger as she strode down the door.

    Her hand was firm on the doorknob as she opened it, "What the hell is your problem?"

    The old lady snorted. "It's been a month, when will you pay your debt? You owe me a million cash."

    "Luna, calm down. We will pay you but can you at least give as another—"

    "No! A month is already enough. Do you want me to report this to the police? We had an agreement," Luna said. She was in her late 50's, her face already crumpled with wrinkles, her body obviously filled with excess fat as it seemed, and her feet wasn't there if you looked from above. She was a living spinning top.

    Kim Taeyon, the brown-haired maiden, scowled—her face firm and dark. "Luna, I know that we're already due but can you at least give us another two weeks? W-We can double the price then…."

    The old lady paused, thinking. She glanced back. "Five days!"

    "A week?" Taeyon pleaded.

    Luba clenched her teeth, practicing the inhale and exhale routine before she responded. "A week then…but…once you haven't paid even the agreed value, mark my word…I will file a case on you."

    Taeyon gulped. "Y-Yes we will," she answered before closing the door.

    "Unni…," came of the voice behind her.

    Taeyon turned around. "It'll be alright, Tiffany, we can pay it."

    "B-but…that's a lot of money, where can we get that? I'm so sorry, it's my fault why our business went bankrupt." Crystals were making their way down her face.

    Taeyon approached her friend, hugging her with her slender arms. "Tiffany, it's not. It's that good-for-nothing guy's fault. You're just a victim, too. That con, using a girl's heart to do awful things."

    Tiffany buried her face on Taeyon's shoulder. "I'm so sorry."

    Hours later, they were sitting on their little dining table. Tiffany, was looking at her coffee, fingers fluttering at the warm cup as it slightly steamy from its heat.

    "Taeyon, I'll help you. I found this job yesterday that the least could help us in our debt…but…" Her puffy eyes starting to water once more. "I don't know if it's enough…"

    "Oh! Fany!, you don't have to worry. I can ask help from my boss and some of my friends at work. We can do this. My salary is kind of high to sate half of our debt." Taeyon patted her shoulder.

    Taeyon was a famous journalist in their firm. Her salary was higher than an average salary of a journalist. Her boss was her friend since college and she could always rely on him whenever she needed help.

    After their not so joyous, and seeming tasteless breakfast, Taeyon bid her goodbye to go to her job, while Tiffany did her own plan of applying to any work to help her friend.

    She was once a teacher in a music school, majoring the violin, but it has been two years, the now 24-year-old lady didn't know if she could still play. She hasn't played for two years after she sold her violin for their business.

    A line of tears nipped down her cheeks. The business which they had lent a lot of their time and she had gave up the violin for was now long gone.

    She wiped her tears, walking in front of a university. Her eyes grew bigger once she had entered the place. Violins and other string instruments standing tall in the center—it were the attraction of the place.

    She went at the reception area and talked to the girl.

    "You can wait there for a minute." The fine looking lady muttered, pointing at the elegant couch at the side.

    Tiffany stiffened for a moment before completely sitting on the couch. She watched as the lady grabbed the phone and contacted the main boss in that building. Her little depressed expression became a bitter taste on Tiffany's throat. Tiffany gulped.

    "Miss, Mr. Lee is still on his meeting, can you wait a little bit longer?"

    Tiffany smiled, wryly though. "It's ok." She could wait for years as long as she could get this job.

    She was applying as a teacher for this university. All she hoped was that the requirements suited her.

    She waited…and waited…and waited. Tiffany grunted, looking at her wristwatch then back to the lady in her seat. The lady smiled but Tiffany knew she was just faking it.

    She stood up.

    "M-Miss…I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting, but Mr. Lee is still on his meeting…" The lady stopped her.

    "If he's not available at this time perhaps tom—"

    "But Mr. Choi is on his way now. He is Mr.Lee's partne—" her words cut short.

    "Ms. Park, who is this woman?" a cold baritone voice trailed.

    Tiffany turned to look at the person. If it was possible, the only thing she did was gawk.

    The guy stood tall, towering both girls in front of him. His face was impassive but it didn't change the fact that he was handsome. His eyes were gold like the sun but it showed coldness.

    In Tiffany's opinion, he was still young. Self-consciousness hit her; she felt old in front of him, despite the fact that she must be a year younger than him.

    " Mr. Choi, this is the person who will appl—"

    "Do you know that this university is nothing like any school you have applied on? We have higher expectations concerning the quality of teachers and how they make their teaching effective. We have high standards in choosing one. You may as well know that this is not just a university." He made his voice firm in the word just.

    Tiffany gulped.

    "We don't desire any sloppy performance. We need the utmost."

    His words punched her. Fright started to crawl in her guts. She hadn't played for two years, was she still good?


    "The way I look at you, you won't pass our standards."

    Her face heated up. "What do you mean? It doesn't mean that I'm not prepared, I wouldn't pass this standard of yours, moron."

    "We consider the etiquette. Careful about your wordings."

    "I didn't say anything wrong!"

    "Ms. Park would you please guide this woman outside. She's not needed here."

    "Why, hell on you. This is not the only university in Korea. Eat you standards..." Tiffany grumbled, stomping away.

    "Crap. I've waited for nothing. That guy is awful. Sheesh, look who's talking, I doubt he even knows how to play an instrument," Tiffany cursed.


    "So, how's the job you're talking about?" Taeyon asked while they were eating their dinner.

    Tiffany's face fell. "Hell." She munched a mouthful of her food.

    "What do you mean 'hell'?" Taeyon muttered, amused.

    "I waited for four hours. Take note, four hours just to be insulted by that scalawag. Who is he to say that I'm not qualified?" Her blood boiled, remembering the past incident.

    "Judging by your look, it seems like you're ready to attack him in no time."

    "If that's legal, I surely will."

    Taeyon chuckled. "Anyways, I got this ad. They need an employee."

    "Really? I'll do everything. What do they need?"

    "They need a single, at least on legal age, woman. In addition, you can state the amount of your salary. Isn't it nice? If they will agree, we can already ask for a million."

    "It's too much. Will they agree on that?"

    Taeyon folded the ad and glanced at her friend. "We never know. I reserved an appointment for tomorrow—"

    "I can't go. I'll try to apply in a music company. I'm sorry, Taeyon. I know you're doing this for me but can you attend it for a moment? Please?"

    "It's okay, Fany. I'm planning to meet them actually. I'll organize your requirements."

    "Thank you, Taeyon."

    "Yeah, yeah. Enough with the gloomy moment. Let's just relax tonight. I can feel that it'll help us."

    Tiffany tried to smile. "Yes."


    Early the next morning, Tiffany organized her things.

    Her friend was still sound asleep in her room, and the sun was readying itself to fully shine above.

    She mumbled a simple greeting before leaving.

    According to her plan, she would be having an interview in a music company downtown. But first, she had to go to the postman office to get the package her sister sent to her.

    When she already got it, she called for a taxi.

    Her plan was working according to plan. However, not until a guy walked at her side and rode on her supposed taxi.

    "Hey!" she complained but the guy seemed too focus on the phone attached to his ear.

    Tiffany didn't have a choice; waiting for another taxi would take time, thus, without a word, she went inside the taxi.

    "Excuse me?" Now it was his turn to complain.

    "I called it fi—" her words knotted in her tongue. "You?"

    "And you…." His face bore an uninterested look. "Are you following me of any sort? Stalking?"

    "Shame on you, why would I stalk a guy like you. I repeat: I called this taxi first."

    "I believe I did." He opposed.

    "I'm first!"


    Somebody cleared his throat. Both parties glanced, quite annoyed.

    "What?" they both said in unison.

    "Where are we going ma'am, sir?"

    "South Ave…"

    "North Ave..."

    They glared at each other.

    "Mr. Taxi driver, it's North Avenue." Tiffany bent forward to tap the old man.

    "Mister, it's South."



    "I suppose you have a car of your own, why do you have to ride on a taxi."

    "None of your business. Mister, can we go now."

    "I said it's North."

    His face melted into frown. "South, I'll pay you higher."

    Tiffany cussed. She couldn't stand a chance when it comes to money. "Fine, I'll just look for another taxi."

    "You better do."

    "You're awful!" Tiffany slammed the door when she got out.

    In her boiling anger, she hadn't realized something, not until the taxi swished away. "Oh! Shoot!"

    Tiffany spun around. "Wait! My package!"

    It was too late. She watched with all the negative feelings she had when the taxi disappeared in her sight. "Great! Great! This is great!" she stomped back to look for another taxi.

    She did get a taxi but she was already late for her interview.

    "What time is it?" the interviewer muttered, angry.

    Tiffany inhaled. "I'm so sorry, something happened ear—"

    "I don't care about your excuses. I'm asking you what time is it."

    Tiffany's fingers trembling, and her knees jelly. "T-Ten."

    "Yes, it's ten and what should be the time of your interview?"

    Tiffany shook her head. She should be there at 8 but she was two hours late. "I'm really sorry, but—"

    "You may leave Miss Hwang."

    "What? Wait!"

    "We don't need a tardy employee."


    "Enough with your explanation, it wouldn't change our decision."


    "Fany, why are you here? I thought you—"

    Tiffany ran toward her friend and hugged her. "Taeyon, I didn't get the job."

    "It's okay, Tiffany, I did get the job I was telling you last night. You're in."

    Tiffany looked at her friend "The job you've been telling me?"

    Something in Taeyon's eyes glinting a dark spark. "Yeah, we will meet your new boyf—"

    "Boyf what?"

    Taeyon coughed. "I mean we will meet your boss next week."

    "What about our debt, it's this week."

    "Don't worry Fany, it'll be paid on time. They agreed."

    "Do you mean?" Tiffany responded, eyes shining hope.

    "Yes, they did. Aren't they a lifesaver? We will talk about the agreement in our meeting next week. So be prepared."

    Tiffany was too focused on her happiness that she missed the grin on her friend's face. Sorry, Kahoko, I'm doing this for your sake. You've been hurt for so long.


    The time finally came. Tiffany and Taeyon went to the restaurant where the person said they should meet.

    When they got there, they already noticed someone at the side, looking at them. Taeyon smiled and waved her hand.

    "Let's go Fany," she said, tugging the girl's dark pink dress.

    The lad stood up, handing his hand to her. "Hello, you must be Hwang Tiffany, nice meeting you."

    Taeyon chuckled and glanced at her friend. "This is Kim Yesung. He's the one who advertise that ad"

    Tiffany held his hand. "Nice meeting you Mr. Kim."

    "Enough with the formalities, you can call me Yesung anytime."

    "Anyways, Mr. Kim, are you my boss?" she innocently asked when they seated.

    Both of her companion chuckled. "What do you mean by boss, didn't she tell you?" Yesung pointed at Taeyon, in which in turn bit her lips.

    Tiffany frowned at her friend. She sensed something fishy and she didn't like it. "Taeyon, what's the meaning of this?"

    The girl flinched from her chair and looked away. "Sorry, Tiffany, but I'm just doing this for your sake."

    "Enough, answer me directly." Her voice, demanding.

    "I applied you as a temporary g-g-girl--friend…."

    "WHAT?" Kahoko stood up.

    The people in the restaurant stared at them. Taeyon tried to hush her friend but to no avail.

    "No, Taeyon, we're going home. I don't like this joke of yours."

    "I'm not joking. It really is. Besides, they already paid our debt, we can't just say no."

    Tiffany sat again, tears welling in her eyes in anger. "But Taeyon, this is different. Why?"

    Taeyon stared at her, understandably. "I'm not doing this just for that debt; you've been hurt because of that stupid guy. So I'm just thinking that maybe this will make you to move on."

    "But, Taeyon, it's not my problem anymore."

    "But I'm your friend."

    Yesung cleared his throat. "Can we begin with the signing?"

    The two looked at each other. Taeyon stared at Tiffany, waiting for her approval. Once her head slanted upward, light of hope gleamed at Taeyon. "Thanks Fany."

    Tiffany signed the paper as well with the two.

    "This would be the certification that you accepted the agreement. Don't worry, he's not that bad."

    "Whoa, wait, so it means it's not you?" Tiffany asked.

    "You didn't tell her again." Yesung looked at Taeyon

    "I thought you already figured out, that's why you signed it."

    "Oh! Taeyon, what if this guy is something related to evil…."

    "Wait, I admit, he is rude but not that evil."

    "See, Taeyon, he's rude. What if he hurt me…?" Tiffany sulked.

    "If he does I'll kill him!" the two said in chorus.

    Yesung laughed. "Don't worry Hwang. I'll be the one who will hurt him first. Anyway, a guy like him can't even hurt a girl. He may have a sharp tongue, but he can't hurt a girl physically."

    "What is your relation with this guy and why are you attending this matter which should be his?" Tiffany asked.

    "He's my cousin. He's too busy and somehow," He averted his eyes. "Never mind." It seemed he had something to say but decided not to.

    "He should just look for his girlfriend or something like that." Tiffany interrupted.

    "Unfortunately, he loves his work too much. I suppose if it is possible he will court into their company hence he doesn't have any time for love affairs." Yesung sipped his coffee before laughing again.

    "Why does he need a girlfriend? Why is it on rush?"

    "Family matters." Yesung said. "I somehow told his mother about this thing and she took it all seriously. She wants to see this girl which obviously doesn't exist, not until now and it's you."

    "Wait!" Tiffany tapped her hand at the table. "It's all so easy. You can just say you're joking and he doesn't have any girlfriend or whatsoever."

    "I can't; he can't take over the company until he's in a relationship."

    "What? He is already a part of the company."

    "He wants to get all of it. That's why."

    "How selfish of him." Tiffany murmured.

    "You will have benefits on that."

    "What is this nonsense, Kim Yesung?"

    A cold and familiar voice met Tiffany's ears, another batch of anger simmered. She turned around, readying herself with a hard glare.

    "You," he said, nonchalant.

    "You?" she muttered under her breath.

    "Do you two know each other? Tiffany, meet your boyfriend." Yesung looked at Tiffany while presenting his cousin. "Siwon, she will be your girlfriend. Problem solved."

    Coming Soon

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    biggri Episode 2

    Post by 황 태영 on Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:57 pm

    "What!" both muttered shocked.

    "Siwon, she is the answer to our problem." Yesung patted his cousin's shoulder.

    "What do you mean she is the answer to our problem? We need someone who can convince mother and she is nothing of the sort." His voice was bitter.

    "Well, excuse me, I won't even agree in this matter if I knew in the very first place that you're that guy." Tiffany huffed, standing up from her seat.

    Taeyon, her friend, stood as well, stopping her friend for any more commotion. Spectators have seen enough argument; they already needed to fix it peacefully.

    "Just take a sit, cousin and you as well Tiffany." Yesung cleared his throat. "We're going to talk about this."

    He signaled for the waiter for their order and returned his attention at his now livid cousin beside him, and annoyed girl in front of him. They had decided to at least keep the two away from each other until they had explained everything. Yesung leaned closer the table, sighing for a moment before he sustained.

    "It's already done. Tiffany already signed the contract—"

    "I haven't yet." Siwon cut.

    A little grin formed at Yesung's face. Siwon shivered; he knew something fishy would happen whenever his cousin does that kind of expression. He frowned, hard and firm. "I haven't signed any contract yet, so it means I do not agree yet." Siwon elaborated.

    "Sorry to say this, cousin, but…" Yesung held the white document and shoved it at Siwon's face. "You already signed this a week before the ad was published."

    "What?" Siwon's calm voice crashed into a yell. Another batch of spectators looked at them.

    His sharp eyes pierced at Yesung. "How did you do it?"

    "I have a brain, Siwon."

    "Oh really?" his voice was laced with sarcasm.

    He snorted. "Cousin, you're too engaged in signing those documents that you haven't noticed I put it there." Yesung glanced at Tiffany and back at his cousin. "You're brainy, my cousin but not as clever as I. Anyways, I'm just doing this for you. You should be thanking me by now."

    "It's your fault why she asked about this matter." Siwon responded, saying how his mother became keyed up to know his girlfriend even though he doesn't have one.

    "I didn't know she will believe me. Besides, it is already in the past, we have our solution. What are you fretting about?" Yesung tried to close the topic but it seemed his cousin wasn't in the mood to close it yet.

    Siwon glared back. "I do not like this solution of yours."

    "No other option, just be it."

    "I do no—"

    Siwon's word cut off by the waiter with their orders in his hold. The young man placed their orders in the table, strawberry cake for Tiffany, a tea for both Taeyon and Yesung, and a black coffee for Siwon.

    "I'm not sure if mother will believe her. She's not on par with those girls that mother would be acquainted o—" he tried to sip his coffee but some of its content spilled on his shirt when the said girl kicked his feet under the table. "H-hey, what the…."

    "Is that mouth of yours only capable of speaking insults?"

    "No, I'm merely telling the truth," he muttered, grabbed the handkerchief and wiped the coffee stain on his shirt. He hissed; he knew it wouldn't come off as he mentally took note to throw it away when he got home, besides he had hundreds of shirts at home.

    "Can we talk about the job instead? When will she begin and how long it'll take?" Taeyon interrupted but her friend kept on kicking the lad's feet, in which he did as well.

    "W-wait! Will you two stop this childishness of yours?" Taeyon hit the table, accumulating the attention of the others.

    Yesung laughed aloud, his cousin made an audible grunt, and a loud huff came from Tiffany.

    Siwon cleared his throat, pinching the bridge of his noise before talking. "Fine, I'm already tired. Can we finish this conversation quickly?"

    "So, do you agree?" Yesung asked.

    "I don't want to argue anymore Yesung. All I hope is that this stupid plan of yours would work."

    "Surely, it will. We still have two weeks to prepare."

    Siwon glanced at his cousin, his eyes already tired. "What do you mean two weeks?"

    "You see, your parents will be here two weeks from now."

    "What? Why didn't you tell me?"

    "You're too busy, so I planned everything for you. They can't come to your engagement so they scheduled the nearest time to know your girlfriend." Yesung sipped his tea and looked at the window.

    "Wait, what do you mean e--engagement?" Kahoko startled.

    "It's just for publicity, Tiffany. We need to make your engagement known and also for you to be recognized as his fiance'." Yesung explained.

    Siwon cupped his chin, letting his cousin explain everything; he still believed that the lady couldn't process any explanation.

    As though she read his mind, she mechanically glared at him. The guy looked back, face bored and uninterested. Flashback of their first meeting came to her mind, her face unconsciously turned warmer. Before she knew it, she was blushing.

    She couldn't believe that she developed a feeling on this rude guy when they first met. When he started talking, all those sentiments overwhelmed with anger. She'd rather want to be alone than to be with this guy. But now?

    I'm going to be his fiance', the counterpart of him, the person who will be at his side forever. No, it's just temporary but still, can I handle being with him?

    "The engagement will be this Sunday at the Choi's Mansion."

    She heard Yesung but his words failed to register to her mind. What made her to get her attention back was the brown haired guy's comment.

    "Did she understand what you said?"

    Her blood boiled. "Of course I did!"

    "You're not responding." Taeyon nudged her friend.

    Tiffany looked at her and back at Yesung.

    "So, Tiffany, you'll be staying with us – I mean with him – until auntie believes both of you. It'll be for two weeks, is that fine?"

    She nodded. "I don't have a choice, right?" her mocked bitterly.

    "Then it's all finished. May I go now?" Siwon asked.

    "You haven't even participated in this conversation." Tiffany shot.

    "I'm too tired. Besides, if you let me talk, can you guarantee me that you will understand every word I'll say?"

    "What do you mean by that?" She frowned, clenching her teeth.

    "See, you don't understand. Yesung, I'll be going now. I've wasted enough time for you, so be sure this plan of yours will work." He called for the waiter and paid the bill. "For now, you may move to the mansion with your friend." He turned to Tiffany and sustained his leave.

    Yesung invited them to join him home but they had to get their things first. They let him wait for them in the living room while they prepare their things upstairs.

    "I swear, Taeyon! If it's not because of that debt I wouldn't have agreed!" Tiffany huffed.

    "Look on the bright side Tiffany. We paid the debt, you have a house and a handsome fiance'." Taeyon chuckled.

    Blood rose to her cheeks. She annoyingly sighed. "I hate him. I hate him so much."

    "The more you hate the more you love as they say." Taeyon turned around, whistling.

    "That wouldn't happen; it's just for two weeks and nothing more. It's not like I will know everything about him in two weeks. And for your information, I don't have any interest on knowing him more."



    The day came. Rolling drums started to churn in her chest. A harmonic pace of 'tad' could be imaginatively heard in her ears. The difference was it was coming inside her and not from her surroundings.

    People came walking, passing and muttering about this special occasion. For her, of course, it was nothing especial but for the guests it was. It was just the time for the son of the President of the Choi Company, and her engagement party.

    She straightened her dress. Her light blue wedding gown was freely flowing just above her ankle. It was simple yet the design was firmly detailed. Darker shade of blue under the light one, it wasn't dark but rather lighter in color. It availed a cool expression in her pale skin. The upper part was a sleeveless with darker blue with detailed embroidery at the side.

    Her hair was braided up, letting a little amount of her brown locks to curl just in front of her ears. A pair of diamond earrings was on her ears, a golden necklace with diamonds decked on it was on her neck, which were all bought exclusively for her.

    She couldn't stop thinking what would be the look of the real lucky girl when the brown haired found his right counterpart. If the preparation for her was luxurious what would be if it is a true engagement party?

    A knock pulled her out from her stupor, she turned around.

    "Tiffany, you're gorgeous. I love it!" Taeyon approached her and hugged her, careful not to crumple the dress.

    "Thank you, Taeyon."

    "Let's go. They're waiting."

    Tiffany's throat suddenly dried. "Taeyon, I'm nervous." She held her hand tightly against her chest.

    "It'll be alright Tiffany. Don't feel nervous, I'm getting uneasy as well. Just relax."

    They went to the garden. It was planned to be a garden wedding as suggested by Taeyon. She reasoned out that a garden engagement party is unique and different from other parties. It would make great commentaries. She was not just invited as the bride's friend but also as a professional journalist to peek in the engagement of the son of the owner of the top Company in Korea.

    They found Yesung and Siwon talking. When they were noticed, Yesung approached them.

    "It will start now." He whispered.

    Tiffany gulped, a new wave of harmonic tad in her chest started to play.

    Guests sat on their chairs as the music began playing.

    Yesung went closer to Taeyon, leaning closer to whisper something. "Change of plan."

    Taeyon turned around, surprised. "What do you mean?"

    "Do you see the lady over there?" Yesung secretly pointed at the woman sitting on the first row. She had brown hair cascading below her shoulder, her skin pale and her demeanor was stern.

    "Yeah, so?"

    "Parents assistant."

    "Huh?" Taeyon asked as she didn't understand.

    "She's here to examine the wedding. She is the secretary of auntie; she's here to tell auntie about what happens during the wedding."

    "W-wait, does he know?"

    Yesung grunted. "He has a plan. However, I don't know if she will agree with it. They need to convince Miss Jung that everything is true." Yesung explained, naming the unknown lady as Jung.

    "What will we do now?"

    "Just stay here and hope this wedding works." Yesung rubbed the nape of his neck before looking at Miss Jung again.


    The wedding started. Tiffany wrapped herself with thoughts full of 'what ifs.' What will she do now? If she becomes his fiance', so does it mean she can't have other relationship unless their contract finished? What if it doesn't finish that early? What if his parents don't believe them? It's hard to lie; can she handle it for a longer time?

    Her heart beat fast. She was staring at the priest but she couldn't hear him talking. She could see how his mouth made words but she couldn't distinguish it. His hand swayed side by side and pointing back and forth from her and to her so called fiance.

    She glanced sideways, looking at the him and saw his mask of calmness. She couldn't stop but think how he could be calm while she was unruly. She mentally thanked the make up for masking the paleness of her face, as though blood went low and heat left her whole body.

    She gulped and looked at the priest. It was her turn but no word drew from her lips. Siwon nudged her lightly. "Ah-Ah…I-I love you." the words forcefully drawing out from her mouth.

    She closed her eyes tight, calming her heart but it wouldn't comply. It'll be finished soon…She was just starting to calm a bit when she heard the priest again.

    "I have to kiss you"


    He held her waist, pulling her closer to him before leaning forward…


    Too late, her words came to halt as his lips settled over her own. His other hand lazily rested at her cheek as the other one pulled her closer.

    Shock painted her face; thoughts couldn't process in her brain as all became cluttered. Her knees felt like jelly and her hands rested at his shoulder gaining support.

    She mechanically closed her eyes as she couldn't control herself. Butterflies started to flutter in her stomach and her heart intensified its beating. As though everyone could hear it but that moment she forgot they were in front of the guests.

    She opened her eyes as the link between their lips broke. Her cheeks turned red. She should be inhaling for air but she still held her breath. She glanced at her counterpart. At first, she was in shock but once she saw his impassive expression, she frowned.

    She readied herself for a confrontation but it was stopped by claps of the guest. Tiffany forcefully looked back, she should be more patient. If the plan fails, she would take longer time with the guy, which was the least she wanted.

    The reception began. The guests made themselves comfortable in the garden, wandering in the place and eating their meals.

    Tiffany silently went out of the crowd.

    "Where are you going?" a cold voice muttered behind her. She didn't need to look back to know it, she knew who it was and the word hate was before his name.

    "I'm staying in my room…"

    "No, it's not yet finished, you have to be present until this celebration is finished."

    "Argh!" She looked back, eyes sharp. "Why did you do that?"

    "It's a part of the contract."

    "It's not," she muttered under her breath.

    "It is. Do you not understand that we have to convince them?"

    "Them? I thought this is just to publicize. You don't have to do such thing," Tiffany trailed, talking about the past incident.

    "There are people whom my mother paid to witness this occasion, you should be aware of that. Everything we do is part of the contract and nothing in concern of personal matters. If you can't handle these things you should not have signed the contract."

    Tiffany scrunched her fist. "I won't meet this guest of yours."

    "Is that so?"

    "That's fina—"

    Her words cut short as a strong arm caught her and lifted her as though she was a sack of rice.

    "W-what are you doing! Put me down!"

    "Hey, Siwon, where are you two going?" Yesung asked.

    "We'll be back later. Accommodate the guests first." Siwon responded with his impassive tone.

    Yesung smirked. "Ok then." He winked at his cousin.

    "You're contaminated with nonsense." Siwon glared back, struggling to hold the girl properly.

    "Put me down! Yesung, help me!" Tiffany hitting everything she could but the guy remained intact.

    "Sorry, Tiffany, I'm busy. Have fun!" Yesung laughed and joined the guests.

    He kept on walking until they stopped at Tiffany's room. He threw her in the bed.

    "What the heck? You should at least be careful in putting me down. Stupid!"

    His forehead crumpled, trying his best not to get mad at the girl, he sighed. "I just followed you." His tone mixed with mock.

    His sweat flowed down his neck, damping his shirt as he started unbuttoning it. The woman was small yet she was heavy compared to her size.

    "W-What are you doing?" she asked, looking agitatedly as her companion almost unbuttoned all his buttons.

    He knelt down, holding her feet. She gasped with the contact. His hand was soft yet was cold beneath her skin. She watched as he took her shoes off her feet, after he finished with the task he stood up.

    His next word made a light halt of her heartbeat. "Take off that gown…"

    If it was possible she fainted right away, she couldn't say he was joking judging how his face looked impassive.

    Her lack of response made him to move closer to her. "Do I need to take it off for you?"


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    biggri Episode 3

    Post by 황 태영 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:43 am

    "Do I need to take it off for you?"

    She searched for something at the side. Without thinking or even looking at what it was, Tiffany threw it at the man. "Go away!" she spat, hissing.

    A light thud followed. Peeking to see if what she had thrown worked, Tiffany gave a light gasp as she looked warily at the lad fuming in anger, unharmed.

    As panic rolled over her skin, Tiffany endeavored to throw anything she could grab. Pillows, and more pillows flew above them. She looked for something painful when it get hit but all she could see were pillows. Her sight landed at the side table, a bright lamp caught her attention. She jumped at the farther part of the bed, and took hold of the lamp, unplugging it in the process.

    "Don't go near me!" she warned.

    "Take off that clothes or do you want me to force you…."

    "Eeeh! Go away! I swear I'm going to kill you if you walk nearer." Tiffany stood up, staggering at first yet she had managed to calm her bearing afterwards. Lampshade enclosed within her quivering hands.

    Siwon grunted, walking closer to the closet and pulled something in it.

    Tiffany readied herself, what if he got something to equal her lampshade. He walked back, throwing something at Tiffany.

    Her vision turned all black as seemingly, something blocked her face. "Wh-what?"

    "You are stupid… wear it and I'll be waiting outside." He turned around. "If you're not out until thirty minutes I'll be force to come in."

    Knowledge donned to her senses. "Hey, I said I won't meet your visitors. You can do it on yourself."

    His feet came to halt. "Don't dare me."

    "I'm daring you!" she stuck her tongue out.

    Siwon narrowed his eyes, shooting piercing look at the lady before striding where she was. As usual, he didn't look like he was joking. Why would he? He is Choi Siwon after all, he never joke or kid.

    "Are you serious?" Tiffany jumped at the other side, her both hands clamped the lampshade, pressing it against her chest. "Don't! I won't hesitate hitting you with this." She raised the lampshade as vehement eyes bored onto him.

    Siwon grunted. "You will come with me and join the guest as it supposed to be."


    "Then you leave me no choice."

    "Shoot." Tiffany cursed, looking for a place to go but, sadly, she couldn't find one. She paused as the predator was standing just about of her. "W-will you move a little, I forgot, I have something to do first…."

    She tried to drag her feet a little. One step he didn't move, Tiffany's heartbeat lessened its thump, she moved again, hoping he wouldn't move but he did. "NO!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

    "Tiffany, Siwon, your guests are waiting…what are you two doing?" Taeyon barged in, her hand was busy with her camera while the other with her notebook. Her lips parted in awe. "A-Ah! Amm…" she pointed at the door. "A-Am I interrupting something? I-I guess, I'll be back later."

    "Taeyon!" Tiffany pushed the lad, throwing the lampshade at him.

    "Don't worry I'll lock the door."

    "Taeyon! It's not it…take me with you. He's evil…." Tiffany whined running towards her friend.


    Siwon grunted more, placing the lampshade on the table as he grabbed the blue dress once more. "Will you tell her to wear this?" he coldly muttered.

    Taeyon gazed at him and back at her friend. She chuckled. "Siwon, we're girls, you cannot force us to wear clothes in front of a guy. Ok I'll take care of this, you may leave now."

    Siwon considered her words, after some minute of contemplating he nodded his head for a briefest time as trudged out of the room.

    The two women sighed in relief. Taeyon turned at her friend and warily smiled. A glint of amusement evident in her eyes as she spoke, "Tiffany that was epic."

    "Taeyon." Tiffany frowned.

    "Ok…ok…I won't tease you anymore, but really, are you that dense? What did you do again?" Taeyon raised one brow.

    "I don't want to go there. And that's final!"

    "But why?"

    "It's his fault." Tiffany answered, curling her lips upward like a little kid.

    "Tiffany, Siwon is your fiance' now. You know that he is an influential individual, you have to get used with it." Taeyon pushed her friend to prepare. "Don't forget that everything is a part of the contract."

    Tiffany sighed, what could she do? She hurriedly clad the dress, wearing a new pair of white sandals before turning to Taeyon.

    "So? What do you think?" her voice sounded not contented.


    Tiffany rubbed her nape. "I don't feel like going there, I look so hideous. Come on, they are freaking gorgeous and I'm not on par with them."

    Taeyon patted her shoulder. "Tiffany you are. Just, don't think about that."

    "Taeyon I really don't wan—"

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk, let's go, don't be challenging." Taeyoni pushed her friend towards the door, opening it first before allowing the woman to exit.

    Siwon was leaning at the side of her door, waiting. He had changed his clothes in a more casual look.

    Tiffany glanced sideways as she noticed the man. Sudden warmth on her cheeks indicated the blush on her face. She bowed her head as an excuse. She was simply embarrassed thinking a darker meaning to the earlier incident. She straightened her dress as her mind started to argue.

    However, it wasn't her entire fault. The person just tactlessly said those things to her. What would she do, she was panicking and dense… her blood boiled. I'm not dense!

    The lad stared at her face, her feature, which appeared struggling with her inner self. Len cleared his throat. "I do not want to tarnish myself with your dense misunderstanding."

    With those words, her reddened face darkened. "I-I…it's your fault. You should at least be aware of your words. I'm a lady, a man like you has a different perception about some…well other things. I know you haven't gotten into a relationship but be sensitive with girls at times."

    "If you are capable in better understanding you may not get the wrong idea. Sadly to say, you are not, that is why it happened."

    "Mr. Einstein, don't be too nerdish in front of me. I know how knowledgeable you are. Really, it's obvious…nerd." Tiffany hissed, hands splayed on her hips.

    His brows were twitching but he remained calm.

    "So ,Siwon, what do you think?" Taeyon interrupted, pointing at her friend as though presenting a model.

    Siwon stared at the said model, sweeping his stare from her head to toe. "Fine."

    Taeyon grunted, she expected more than a mere fine, however what would she expect to that guy. She nodded mentally, thinking that he needed someone to make this plan effectively work. "You should have said beautiful or wonderful or anything related with both of the two."

    Siwon contemplated first before sighing deeply. "Taeyon, I know you are trying to make this work but, apparently, even though this is a mere lie I still can't stand of saying the biggest deceit. I cannot say she is—"

    Tiffany threw her hand on his mouth, covering it to stop him from talking. "I know…I know…I'm hideous."

    Siwon glared back. "Will you please." he thrashed her hand aside.

    A little complain left Tiffany's lips, she looked back, readied in her comeback but Taeyon interrupted. "Stop it already. You had quarreled enough. It's time to meet the guests." Taeyon pushed the two.

    The lad glanced at his fiance, handing his hand for her to take. She hesitated a bit but held his hand after sometime of contemplation. They sustained their walks toward the garden.

    Guest which merely comprised of employees and some business associates came to congratulate them. Tiffany flinched a bit when rich looking people came to shake her hand.

    Their hands were soft as though they hadn't done anything in their life. She couldn't blame them. Tiffany knew that they live regally and most probably, depend much with their maids.

    Siwon tugged her hand, making her to look at him and diverting her mind away from her stupor. She greeted him with a frown. "What?"

    "She's here. Prepare yourself. Don't make any wrong move or else."

    Tiffany's frown leveled up. "I know what will I do, don't be bossy."

    "Congratulation, Siwon, your mother is very happy about the news. Your father and she couldn't come though thus she instructed me to come instead. You have a wonderful fiance', is her name Tiffany?" Miss Jung said, training her attention over the girl.

    Tiffany glanced at Siwon and back at the woman. She smiled. "Yes it is, Tiffany Hwa—" a light nudge from her side caused her to stop. "Tiffany, right. I'm not yet use with a new surname." She nervously laughed.

    Miss Jung chuckled. "You'll get used with it. How old are you anyway, you look young."

    "Am…24." She hesitated.

    "Oh! Really? You're two years younger than this boy…right?" Miss Jung asked, however her look expressed something dark. Siwon was aware she knew what age he was. She was just testing Tiffany.

    Tiffany gulped, she didn't know his age or any personal matter concerning him. Even birthday or what was his favorite food. All she was sure at, without asking, was that he was kind of obsessed with blue things. His clothes merely composed of light blue and his room colored blue, and even their theme for their engagement party was blue.

    Siwon abruptly nod at her, reassured sigh left her lips. "R-Right. He's two years older than me."


    Tiffany's heart skipped, did she misunderstand his nod again, thinking he was saying that he was actually two years older. "Is something the matter ma'am?"

    Jung chuckled. "No, why don't we seat, I have a lot of things to ask."

    Tiffany exhaled, that was close.

    The newly couple looked at each other and nodded.

    "So Tiffany, where did you meet Siwon?"

    Tiffany gulped again, fiddling her dress with her hands. "M...maam"

    Siwon sighed secretly, there losing it. The woman wasn't impressed with Tiffany's performance. Jung's face was dark and serious, as though she was actually looking at her prey readying to eat it at anytime.

    Siwon held Tiffany's hand, pulling her closer to him before lowering his lips on her head. "Will you calm yourself? She doesn't believe you." He whispered to her.

    Tiffany looked back. At first she was nervous but when she heard his voice again, her anger simmered back. "Do you want me to say everything?" she warned and glanced at the woman.

    Jung feigned a smile, trying to patient as she waited for Tiffany's response.

    Tiffany laughed lightly, nudging the side of her fiance' as though teasing him. The action seemed convincing as it relaxed Krystal Jung on her seat. Her dark face lightened a bit, however it couldn't consider as a friendly reaction either.

    Tiffany cleared her throat to tell her response. "It was funny but I saw him when I was applying in a university."

    "Do you mean Seiso?" Krystal muttered afterwards. " Right he was a co-owner of that school. And?"

    "Miss Jung, we love to answer your question but we still have guests to accommodate, may we be excused for a moment. We can talk later." Siwon interrupted, pulling Tiffany to stand up.

    The lady smiled, sipping her red wine before she responded. "Of course."

    They both bowed their heads and left.

    "Don't ever dare to do that again!" Siwon glared.

    "I don't have much to say. I even don't know anything about you. What should I supposed to say? I'm just doing my job. Improvising isn't that bad anyway, is it?"

    He sighed, massaging his temples. "You don't understand."

    "I surely don't. Please be informed that you have a dense woman." Tiffany winced with her own comment. However, how much it had deflated her self-confidence. It was, as if, the only wise retort she could give—well, not actually that wise to say. Tiffany realized it too late.

    Opening her mouth to redeem her pride, Siwon cut her words, saying something that rendered her more speechless. "You may go. I can handle this on myself."

    "Huh? Really?" a sudden surge of excitement entered her senses. "Are you sure?" she fluttered her eyes.

    "I don't want to repeat myself, will you just go, if you want to lock yourself in your room then go." Siwon grunted. His head ached all of the sudden, as if, the least he wanted right now was to be with the woman.

    Tiffany scowled a bit. "You are really rude, can you be kinder. I'm gonna be your fiance' and as your fiance' I need a guy with a kinder attitude."

    "This is me, deal with it."

    "Alright. Sheesh! Bye." She sighed. She knew that arguing wouldn't do any good for both of them. She was, anyway, tired already to waste her remaining strength. She looked at the man. She tiptoed and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

    Both of them froze, eyes fixed at one another. "Deal with your fiance' as well." Tiffany broke the silence as she turned around to leave. Her face flamed. She couldn't seem to glance at the man as she was more than embarrassed. She didn't mean to do it. It just happened and she didn't realize she had tiptoed and gave him a peck on the cheek.

    Siwon gritted his teeth. The woman merely ruptured his entire restrained patient. He strode back to the guest however, stopping when he heard a crash behind him. His heart thumped wildly in his chest. Why did he suddenly feel it? He didn't know. He turned around. Shocked expression met his eyes as he looked down.

    A little whine, enough for his ears to hear, caught his attention. He jogged to where she was.

    "Tiffany…" he didn't realize he was calling her by her name.

    The woman opened her eyes and closed it again as a blinding liquid stung her eyes. Her hands unintentionally touched the little fragments on the floor, scraping her soft fingers in the process. She winced a bit, feeling how those fragments cut her skin into two.

    An arm wrapped around her, she mechanically held back, damping his light blue shirt with red liquids. She tried to lift her head, tried to look back but the liquid kept on stinging her eyes.

    "I'm very sorry Siwon, it happened so fast…I was holding the tray then she—"


    She heard his voice. It was cold, rather colder than his usual one. She could feel his hold tightened on her legs and as well with her back.

    "I-I'm sorry sir…"

    "Siwon, what happened?" Yesung came.

    "Oh! Dear, Tiffany." Taeyon muttered.

    She could feel that he turned to face the two. "Yesung, please take care of the guest." he looked at Taeyon. "Taeyon..."

    "Siwon, I'll help Tiffany instead. You should change your clothes."

    He nodded, however not putting Tiffany down, he turned around and walked inside the house. Taeyon followed them.

    He halted after some long strides. Tiffany was still oblivious with her surrounding, her eyes still closed and she could only depend on her other senses. The place felt cold, cool breeze brushed on her bare shoulder, her feet, free from her sandals, wrapped in coldness as well.

    He knelt down and placed her on a seeming ledge. Flowing water echoed in the room as at that instant Tiffany realized where they were.

    "I-I can't see." she muttered still closed eyes.

    "I'm aware of that. That's why I'm here to help you." Siwon grunted. "Will you shut your mouth for a moment?"

    She scowled, opening her lips to talk but she halted. Water flowed down from her eyes down to her neck, damping her dress.

    "W-w-wait! What are you doing!" she struggled, opening her right eyes. It stung a bit but she could at least see blurry image of her companion. "I-I can do this on myself."

    "Stupid." was all he said, pouring water on her face.

    "Hey, dummy, I said I can do this!"

    "Ok. Use your injured hands then." His tone sounded sarcastic.

    As the words flowed down to her nerves, processing it in her brain, she flinched a bit. She almost forgot about her hands. It hurts, blood dripping out from it and tiny particles stuck in it. Her hands were useless in the moment, and all she could do was to depend on the guy. She sighed and remained quiet, letting the guy to help her.

    Moments later, she could visibly see the person in front of her. A red hue easily crept on her face when she saw their distance. She pushed him away, smudging another red fluid on his stained shirt.

    "What's your problem?"

    "You!" she shot back, gulping. "You're too close."

    "I'm doing this for your own sake." He walked nearer once more, grabbing a box at the side, and glanced at her again.

    He grabbed her hands, pulling it closer towards the running water. Her face winced, feeling the cold and stingy feeling all coming from her injured hand.

    "Will you please be gentler. It hurts you know." She complained, fighting the grimace on her face but she wasn't able to hide it good.

    He ignored her. His focus stayed on her hands, examining if there were still broken glass. "You're not just idiot, stupid and dense, but you are also clumsy."

    Tiffany scowled but she couldn't stop herself but to gawk at his own hands at hers.

    His hands looked softer and lighter compared to other guys. What she knew were guys have rough hands, rough as the sand paper, and full of blisters. Without of her awareness, she was holding his hand as well, feeling it with her hand as the lad rinsed the blood dripping on it.

    He put some bandage on it and time to time would look at her to ask if it hurts. The only thing Tiffany could do was to stare at him and remained quiet. In that instant, she realized she felt calm and at ease, for the first time, in front of a lad.

    A small smile festooned on her lips. He is not bad at all, the words echoed in her mind.

    "What kind of deceit would I tell my mother when she returns? You are merely unsightly." He sighed. "You're dense headed and now clumsy…I should have looked for someone instead."

    Tiffany, was intent with his aiding, noticed his comment. Her face turned light red as she glared at the lad, crashing all she had contemplated earlier into pieces and forgetting about it. "How dare you! GO AWAY!"

    The lad remained kneeling in front of her, head shaking in a mock. His expression made Tiffany's anger to flame up. "Can you ple—"

    "Dense…" he muttered at last. "How will I suppose to leave if you are still holding my hand? I should be saying let go of my hand first before you try to push me away."

    Tiffany glanced at their linked hands, apparently, she was holding his, and thus he couldn't leave. Her face turned warmer again, her heartbeat hammered as her breathing hitched in that moment. "Ah-Ah! Why didn't you say it much earlier?" she hurriedly let go of his hand.

    Siwon grunted. "Naïve."

    "Will you leave me alone?"

    The lad stood up, dusting his shirt before taking his leave. His eyes met the mirror, noticing his shirt he frowned. Another shirt she newly stained, he mentally sighed and left.

    Taeyon walked in, greeting the lad. "So how was she?" she asked, worried.

    Siwon closed his eyes and opened it again; the weariness obviously on his face. "Physically fine but not mentally," mumbled Siwon.

    Taeyon chuckled. "I know. Welcome to our world. By the way, Siwon, what will I do with this package?" she asked.

    Siwon impassively glanced. "Give that to her, I believe she own it."



    "So how was she?" Yesung approached his cousin.

    Siwon grunted, walked to the vacant sofa and threw himself at ease. "Fine." He massaged his temples and closed his eyes.

    "Does conversing with her that tiresome to you…or…"

    "Shut up!"

    Yesung guffawed. "You're so serious!"

    "I simply don't have time for nonsense."

    "Oh! Come on! Don't be too grumpy, Grumpy. Girls would be scared at you. How will you supposed to find someone if you keep on harboring that cranky attitude of yours."

    "I don't need it. And would you please leave me alone, you're giving me headache." Siwon turned around.

    "Cousin. Why are you not interested with girls? They are cute and sexy… you're the only guy in town who hate or…hmm." Yesung paused to heave a good word. "Horrified of them…are they scary? Well, our school librarian looks like a guy but it doesn't mean all girls have the same qualities as she. Tiffany is beautiful, why don't you give her a try?"

    "Not interested, I'm even doing this because I am forced. I'm simply doing this for the business and nothing personal."

    "Yeah, you love your business so much. Anyways, we're already talking about business. There is a change in plan." Yesung leaned his back on the sofa.

    "What now?" Siwon glanced back, annoyed.

    "Parents won't be coming until next month."

    "WHAT!" Siwon shouted.

    "Keep it down cuz. That's why it's change in plan. Tiffany will stay with us until the next month."

    "Can she just return when mother and father visit us?" Siwon muttered another wave of weariness tackled through him.

    "Not bad. But not for the next three days," responded Yesung. He swiveled forward to look at his cousin's expression.

    "What is it supposed to mean?"

    "Miss Jung, gave me these tickets. We're going on a vacation!" Yesung face turned jolly, shimmering imagination came to his mind. Siwon didn't need to know what it was, he already knew that it were all related to girls, and if he was not mistaken, if they would go to a beach or something like an island, girls in their two piece are what he imagined.

    "Don't put that twisted face of yours." Siwon muttered.

    "Oi, did you say something?" Yesung looked at his cousin, oblivious to what Siwon has said.

    "Nothing." Siwon stood up. "Why do we need to go in this vacation, I have to deal with the corporate meeting this weekend."

    "Sorry to tell you, you are on leave."

    "What do you mean!" Siwon's eyes glazed.

    "The management approved your leave." Yesung jumped.

    "I didn't request such."

    "But I did, no more complaints just enjoy this vacation."

    "I'm not coming."

    "No, you should, it's imperative."

    "And how did it become important?" Siwon asked.

    "Your mother requested to observe everything that will happen there."

    "Hn?" was his respond, only to say that Yesung should continue.

    "Everything about both of you. So yes, Tiffany will come with us in the vacation."

    "Three days?"

    "Yes, cuz. Three days with her." Yesung grinned.

    "Hell, you are."

    "Yes I know cuz."

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    biggri Episode 4

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    "Why did you call us in this hour…?" Taeyon grumbled, hands resting at her nape and eyes slightly puffy for that lack of sleep.

    It was merely three in morning when both Yesung and Siwon disturbed the women's slumber, telling that they have some serious matters to discuss.

    "It's about this new plan." Yesung prodded.

    "I don't want any new plan, I had enough yesterday. Can you just fix it on yourselves?" Tiffany whined, rubbing her eyes with her balled hand.

    "Unnecessary, when it comes to this business, you take part on it." Siwon opposed, replacing their current relationship to this, for the matter of fact that he truly didn't desire any of marrying anyone, in addition, a complete stranger. "We'll be having a vacation in a particular island in Jeju."

    "Be more particular please." Taeyon butted.

    Siwon sighed, massaging his temple. "It's my mother's friend's resort. We'll be staying there for three days."

    "And your friend here…" Yesung continued, pointing at Taeyon. "…will be assigned and will cover everything what will happen there."

    "Huh? Me?" Taeyon asked.

    "Well, who else could that be." Siwon shot back, trying his best to be calmer as possible. "I'll pay for all your expense. You just need to cover everything."

    "So you're telling me that I should make some article regarding both of you?"

    "W-Wait, I haven't agreed in that yet!" Tiffany nudged her friend and glanced at Siwon.

    "You have to…." He glared back.

    "I don't!" Tiffany replied, hard and determined.

    "I'll double your salary and you will have your allowance.'

    "Still, no—"

    Taeyon covered her friend's mouth before she could say something unnecessary. It was money they were talking about this time. And for that fact, it was, apparently, the two women needed to make a living.

    "She'll say yes…" Taeyon muttered.

    "Wait, I said n—" Tiffany's word cut once more.

    "We're very excited for that vacation. It's been a while since we had our last vacation so we're very much pleased for this invitation." Taeyon tightened her grip at her friend.

    "Alright, state your price…." Siwon muttered, nonchalant.

    The two looked at him, eyes bearing confusion and surprised. If their brains were still processing, all it were yelling to them was that the guy wanted them to state their price for the salary and allowance.

    Noting that the two were still on daze, Siwon heaved another deep sigh. Those women were the slowest of all slowest living things with brain. "So what?"

    Tiffany snapped from her trance, gradually freeing her friends hold at her as she gave a sharp look at the guy. Her lips opened and mouthed. "You're dumb… what if I said I want billions of cash will you agree with it."

    "It can't be helped, if that's what would make you agree then I'm willing to give it."

    "You're seriously dumb."

    "I am not; this is a matter of business. I, as a businessman pampered someone who will give the great benefit to me. I'll state the price…would you like $ 3000 a week."

    Tiffany choked in surprised, her lungs expanded as her heartbeat raced. "W-What…th-three thousand…?"

    "Is it smaller for you?" Siwon arched a brow.

    Tiffany gulped. "It's too much…why are you doing this, you're wasting your money."

    "Like I said earlier, I'm not wasting anything. I'm doing this for business."

    "This is a different business, I won't agree in this plan of yours."


    Tiffany would refuse but a hand clutched her mouth again. "She said yes. Don't take what she said seriously. We agree." Taeyon said, keeping the struggling woman in her hold.

    Siwon, after hearing their agreement, nodded in a hasty manner as he stood to take his leave. Yesung bid his good morning and followed his cousin.

    "TAEYON!!" Tiffany shouted when the two guys were out.

    "Sorry, Tiffany, we need money to start a new living." Taeyon stuck her tongue out as she laughed. Her laugh turned an evil sound on Tiffany's ear, Tiffany winced a bit, imagining how their life would be jeopardized if this secret would be revealed.


    They had traveled, the day the guys informed them. It was a long way to Jeju thus they had left merely before the sun settled up in the sky.

    "Are we there yet?" Taeyon asked, impatient.

    Yesung, who was driving, looked at her and smiled. "Such an impatient woman, aren't we?"

    "Whatever, I don't want to wait for so long in this car. I've been sitting for eight hours my butt aches."

    "Taeyon!" Tiffany reprimanded.

    Siwon glanced at them and sighed. Their sitting position was quite bothersome in Siwon's insight. In between of the two girls, he was sitting and sucking his entire patience to not hurt any of the said girls. What made him more annoyed was a smirk decorated and freely endorsed on the annoying guy.

    "Sorry Mr. Choi, I know you're already irritated with us." Tiffany apologized to the guy.

    "Oh! Come on, Tiffany, don't apologize and mind calling him with his name. He's your fiance' now."

    Tiffany's face splashed with red hue. "Stop it, Taeyon!" She mumbled, however it only reached Siwon and no one else.

    They reached the place before night time. Siwon together with his fiance' went out first to greet the head maid of the resort, Yesng behind them and Taeyon beside him.

    "Good evening, master Siwon." The old lady muttered. She has a golden hair and her forehead lightly crumpled in her old age.

    Siwon slightly nodded in acknowledgement and gestured for their things in the car. The old lady smiled and instructed the maids to get their things.

    When they got to the main house the old lady spoke again. "It's a pleasure to see you again, I'm very happy to hear that you are finally engaged." The lady muttered as she looked at Tiffany. "You must be Tiffany, nice meeting you."

    Tiffany flinched after hearing her name; she ogled at the lady for quite a time before responding. "Y-yes, ma'am."

    "What a nice lady. You're very lucky to have such beautiful and kind fiance', Siwon." The old lady said.

    Siwon grunted and as though gazed at Kahoko in a sarcastic manner and back to the old lady. "Mrs. Song, do wear your glasses every time. I suppose you need it especially now."

    Tiffany mechanically frowned at him. Pushing herself from him as she strode few stepped away. Her eyes bearing both sadness and anger, sadness since he became too sensitive and anger for his straightforwardness however not all of it was true.

    No guys have told her she's ugly or anything, but this guy merely making her feels she was. If ever, she wanted to hit him in the face but somehow she couldn't, especially now that they were being watched. "Later, I'll get back with you." she mumbled.

    "You're such a liar, Siwon dear. You're fiance' is wonderful…" Mrs. Song transferred her look at Tiffany. "Dear, don't listen to what he said, I suppose he just want to say it privately. This kid never changed."

    Tiffany laughed, sarcastic and eyes gleaming every mock it could glint. "I guess you're right Mrs. Song; he's very shy you see."

    No words drew from the lad as he lightly pulled her hand. Both Tiffany and Mrs. Song looked at him.

    "Your room is in the second floor, I'll instruct the maids to bring your things there." Mrs. Song said as she left.

    The battle of glares began as soon the old lady was out of perception. Siwon grunted and he was the one who broke the glares. "This is a waste of time."

    Tiffany stabbed her glare at his back. "I win!"

    "Hn, Naïve." He responded back.

    "Why you?" Tiffany ran and followed him.

    At the last corner of the second floor, they found their room. Tiffany hurriedly jumped to the bed and closed her eyes, however, sensing that the lad never left his current position, made Tiffany to look back.

    "What are you still doing here?" she asked.

    The guy raised one brow and folded his arm, leaning in the wall and face decorated with the word 'duh.'

    It took a while before Tiffany comprehended what he was implying. Her face turned slightly pink. "Don't tell me?"

    The lad grunted once more, shaking his head in disbelief. "You're totally the densest woman alive."

    "This is mine…" Tiffany responded innocently.


    "Mine…this is mine, you can look for your own room." Tiffany sat up and grabbed the new blanket at the side, clutching it with her protective hands.

    "Well, honestly, you are the least woman I wanted by my side but unfortunately, I'm stuck with you."

    "You are the most annoying guy I ever met." Tiffany retaliated.

    "Say what you want, I don't care." He turned away. "I'm going to take a shower, if you do not want this room then look for your own," he said while walking towards the cabinet grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom.

    "You're so mean!" Tiffany threw the blanket at him.

    He paused and glared back. "Don't use my blanket, it's mine."

    "W-What? Hey, I found it first!"

    "You threw it to me, it's mine now." Siwon sustained his walk.

    "Fine, I don't need it anyway." Tiffany rested herself in the bed. Stupid, arrogant guy.

    She turned around, listening how the shower being opened and waters flows in the vacant floor. She closed her eyes and opened again, looking at the wide window in front of her.

    The wide Blue Ocean and horizon were very clear and vivid in her bare eyes. She thanked that nothing hindered her from seeing such exquisite view. The window intended with not curtain, wide and freely exposing the wonders in the outside realm.

    The salty scent mixed with the cold breeze cascading in her form, cradling her as it took her senses away to her slumber. Eyelids began to converge with its counterpart and darkness loomed within her.

    Siwon had finished his shower and made his way to the bedroom. He sighed, seeing the girl still in his bedroom. "What are you still doing he—" he paused midway when he realized she was sleeping…


    Another sigh left his lips, his sight landed at the blanket still blanketed in the floor. "What does this stupid idiot thinking?" He mumbled, grabbing the blanket.

    He strode where she was and glanced at her. Her hands firmly embracing her own arms, knees bent upward as though her height cut into half. In Siwon's perception she was a living human shrimp in her position.

    The blanket flood up until his feet, Siwon dusted it first before draping at the woman in the bed. A little smile crept in her lips as she felt the warmth of the blanket. "Thank you," she mumbled.

    He couldn't perceive if she was actually thanking him or she was just sleep talking. Shrugging that thought since he knew it would just be a senseless thing to think, Siwon walked once more however just to stop when a little hand held his wrist.

    He wince a little as her cold hand graced his skin; he glanced back, couldn't help himself but to knelt to get his hand away from her.

    "Let go of my hand woman."

    "G-get me some blanket…I'm still cold…" she muttered.

    "Will you mind getting on yourself. I'm not your maid."

    "P-Please…it's getting cold here." She pleaded between her quivering lips. Her eyes began to open and gazed at him. "I'm cold…can you please get me some blanket."

    Siwon grunted. "Why did you let yourself get cold?"

    "You said it's yours…I can't take your blanket."

    "But your cold…argh, you're stupid." Siwon forcefully freed his hand and stood up. "Stay here, I'll get you some."

    Tiffany's weak smile met his sight. "Thank you…"

    Siwon opened the door and went to see the head maid. Once he found her he asked for the blanket.

    "Is something wrong with the mistress?" Mrs. Song asked.

    Siwon exhaled and nodded. "She doesn't use the blanket and freeze herself, I suppose, to death."

    "Oh! Dear! It's very cold here every night, she must be very cold. Do you want me to make some soup for her?"

    "We already ate our dinner in our stopover earlier; I suppose she's still full."

    "I suppose…it's just a hint. I'll cook her some soup, it'll make her feel better." Mrs. Song spun to look at the maid. "Will you get some blanket and bring it to their room."

    The maid bowed her head and sustained her walk.

    "Dear, you can wait in your room. I'll bring the soup as soon as I'm finish."

    Siwon nodded and took his leave toward their room. It was already late, his cousin and even Tiffany's friend were sleep already. He would like to ask Tiffany to sleep in her friend but in these circumstances, she couldn't even do walking on her own. "She's totally a bothersome."

    He waited a minute then a light knock was heard. He couldn't explain his feeling when the maid gave him the blanket. Ease covered his whole mind, now he could be at ease, no one to bother him.

    He strode to the girl and draped another batch of blanket to her. He made it sure to the maid to get two blankets for the girl and to him.

    Knowing that the girl was warm enough with her two blankets, Siwon went to his bed space and rested himself, draping the last blanket at him. He wasn't sleeping though; he merely looked at the ceiling. It was quite uncomfortable when there was someone beside you, not to mention a stranger and also a girl.

    He closed his eyes and opened it once more. He opted to look for the old lady and asked her not to cook any food for them. The woman beside him was now sleeping and eating was far from her thought.

    Siwon strode to look for the old lady. "Mrs. Song you don't have to cook soup for that idi—" he paused, reprimanding himself for almost blurting out idiot instead of her real name. "For Tiffany, she's already sleep." He cleared his throat.

    "Is that so? Alright then, you too Siwon, you have to sleep now." The lady responded.

    He went back to their bedroom and rested beside her. It's nothing personal, what he always says to her, but what was this he was feeling. Uncomfortable sketched in his pale feature; he became more uncomfortable when the lady moved closer.

    "C..clumsy, are you awake?" he asked, trying to make his voice calm but he couldn't.

    He flinched a little when her cold hand flew toward his waist, pushing his shirt upward as her cold hand came to contact with his bare skin.

    "What are you doing…?" his inner self panicked but despite of his protest the lady ignored him, moving rather closer to him.

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