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    [Mushroom] 57 Facts about Mushroom Tiffany

    황 태영

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    biggri [Mushroom] 57 Facts about Mushroom Tiffany

    Post by 황 태영 on Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:41 am

    57 Facts about Mushroom Tiffany.

    1.Fany loves animals. She even wanted to get a pet tiger xD.
    3.Fany has the most capability at drinking.
    4.Fany actually won a chicken fight against Park Kyung Lim.
    5.Fany and Sic had a wrestling match before and it became a draw.
    6.Fany has a nickname “CenterFany”
    because she’s always seen standing behind the host on a music show. :3
    7.Fany was so excited to do yoga and even begged her instructor to teach her well. Then she quit after three days.
    8.Fany actually had her first kiss in the US from a little game called spin the bottle :P
    9.Tiffany can play the flute well :D
    10.Well, presonally, I prefer Fany with long hair. She’s just so hot with it and she works it beautifully ;)
    11.Tiffany has been influenced by ByunTaeng
    12.SeoHyun said that Fany thinks very maturely and her sense of responsibility is strong. “You can learn a lot from Fany unni.”
    13.Fany can do 26 sit-ups in just a minute!
    14.The ‘strong Fany’? I think it’s episode 81 or 82 of Family Outing season 1.]
    15.Fany doesn’t really know how to ride a bike.
    16.Did you know that Fany has a cute lil white pet dog? It’s named Jackson Hwang.
    17.Tiffany used to speak Korean in American accent.
    18.High heel is Fany’s pride.
    19.Jang Geun Suk called Fany ‘MiYoung’ when he made a phone call to her in the making of ‘Beautiful Life’ drama.
    20.Fany is quite strong. In FO, she broke the ice of a frozen river (with ease) that Daesung couldnt break.
    21.Jessica chose Tiffany as the one who’s the best with money among the 9.
    22.Fany is back on Mubank! Happy to see her so cheerful!
    23.Another member gave her a nickname “Manager” & “Ajumoni” because she was too worried about SNSD’s image.
    24.Our fany hates insects.
    25.Tiffany had joined as a member in Taeyeon’s fancafe
    26.Seohyun’s husband(YONG HWA) choose Tiffany as his fav member (Star Golden Bell Ep 274). Mianhae maknae ya~~!!
    27.Sooyoung Yuri and our Fany, recorded MBC Sung Shi Kyung 3/9 (AM 00:00/ 04.12) show after they won MCD (after TY’s radio).
    28.Tiffany’s wish is to meet again with her first love~ ♥
    29.Tiffany’s pink scooter for Into The New World’s MV actually belong to Shindong (Super Junior)
    30.When Jessica said, “Pretty girl is also good manners”, Tiffany immediately responded, “Then you’re not a pretty girl.”
    31.She loves nail polish! haha obsession.
    32.She has 3-4 ear piercings.
    33. Tiffany has a tongue habit bAd40C so cute <3 she does that a lot.
    34.Tiffany is a tease.
    35.Tiffany is a High School Musical fan.
    36 Tiffany and f(x) Sulli are close.
    37.Tiffany hurted her arm when filming The Dream Team.
    38.Tiffany’s Oh! number ‘0’ was a mistake and Jessica made fun of her because of that,
    39.Tiffany has a couple ring with Jessica.
    40.Her charm is liveliness but this is also her weakness.
    41.She has a older brother name Leo and a older sis name Michelle.
    41.Tiffany and Jessica’s height differs by 1 inch with Tiffany being taller.
    This places Tiffany in the middle of the 9 girls.
    42.Her motto is Just work hard (Practice makes Perfect).
    43.Her special habit is she cuts her food before eating.
    44.Favorite jewelery brand is Tiffany & Co.
    45.Tiffany’s favorite number is 7.
    46.Members always bully her by not telling her the true meaning of Korean words, lol poor Fany.
    47.Tiffany loves to solve the Rubic’s cube.
    48.Tiffany is named the jealousy queen.
    49.Tiffany is extremely religious, every time she drops by #soshified ‘s sbox, she would quote things from the bible.
    50.Tiffany doesn’t make a sound when she laugh, only clappings can be heard.
    51.Tiffany is scared of babies/kids and talks to them with honorifics without knowing.
    52.In Tiffany’s diary she keeps the movie tickets and writes the name of the person she went with.
    53.In the van, Fany puts her music loud because she says that she’s in her own world that way.
    54.Tiffany sneaked in a dog into the dorm once, his name was Romeo. aww cute Fany <3.
    55.Tiffany hates bug, and Yuri pranked her by taping a fake cockroach on her ceiling.
    56.Tiffany is afraid of bugs but she once killed a bug in the legs of Taeyeon.
    57.When the member had their name was going to be ‘SNSD’, Tiffany and Jessica ran to Isak and complained.

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    biggri Re: [Mushroom] 57 Facts about Mushroom Tiffany

    Post by YoonSica on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:06 pm

    3.Fany has the most capability at drinking.
    isn't this supposed to be sunny? :D anyway i personally think that Fany is the prettiest in their EPIC COMEBACK now :D

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    biggri Re: [Mushroom] 57 Facts about Mushroom Tiffany

    Post by PinKoo on Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:51 pm

    That's why she's our Mushroom Fany :D



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    biggri Re: [Mushroom] 57 Facts about Mushroom Tiffany

    Post by Gliffany on Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:59 am

    TWO THINGS!!!!(main)
    bugs(esp. cockroach) and the color PINK

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    biggri Re: [Mushroom] 57 Facts about Mushroom Tiffany

    Post by Sponsored content

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