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    SoSHI MSN Chat


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    biggri SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by YulSicFany on Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:36 pm

    Author's note:
    first, This Fic is NOT mine...
    second, Credits goes to the Original Author named Sunyoungie from Soshified
    Third, i don't know if he / She is still active on SSF but i decided to share his / her FIC here.
    fourth, if the real author is also registered here. please inform to do so
    fifth..... AGAIN THE CREDIT IS NOT MINE, It is for Sunyoungie TO TAKE (Kudos for this great Fic BTW)


    Description: The girls are on a vacation. To stay in-touch, they are interacting through MSN powered by SM Entertainment. The girls pull away from their idol lifes and chat like normal teenagers.

    Read their humorous, crazy, dramatic, random & dorky conversations with Hyo being full of herself, Yul being a possessive seobang (but sometimes rebelling her wifey), Sica being her cold self but sometimes sweet. She's CRAZY and trying to dominate with Sica's Hell, Sooyoung being dumb and her shikshin self, Sunny and Fany being crazy wifeys attacking their seobangs (well, not really), Tae being a good leader who can't control her butt fetishes, Seohyun being the innocent maknae and Yoong being Hyo's partner in crime.

    Part 1: Seobang-ah~ Change your name![b]
    NOTICE: ButtLover has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: AntiBugFan has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: KwonSeobang has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: Cucumberhater has logged in. (Current Status: Away)
    NOTICE: SunnyBunny has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: ilovefood has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: imDeerYoong has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: Keroro has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: DancingQueen has logged in. (Current Status: Available)

    ButtLover: Hey guys~! How ‘cha doing on your vacation?

    AntiBugFan: Taetae, I hate your display name

    KwonSeobang: I’m doing fine~

    SunnyBunny: Same ^_^

    ButtLover: Mushroom-ah, there’s nothing wrong with my display name, tell me why you hate it?

    AntiBugFan: :(

    SunnyBunny: Hi Sooyoungie~

    ButtLover: Mushroom~~ Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell me~

    SunnyBunny: Sooyoungie~ you there? :(

    DancingQueen: Yo guys did I miss out anything?

    KwonSeobang: Yo Kim Choding!


    DancingQueen: Hey Sooyoung how was your day

    SunnyBunny: Sooyoungie! Why didn’t you reply me just now?!

    ilovefood: Oops sorry didn’t see and I was eating food~~

    SunnyBunny: Sooyoungie, I hate your display name, it’s hurting my eyes

    AntiBugFan: See! Sunny agrees with me too, I hate you guys’ display name!

    ButtLover: Huh whats wrong?

    ilovefood: Yeah what’s wrong with ilovefood? I do love food!

    ButtLover: And what’s wrong with ButtLover? I love butts!

    imDeerYoong: Unnie did you just said you love butts in front of Tiffany unnie?

    ButtLover: OOPS

    Keroro: Oh my keroro! Unnie please don’t say you love butts. Now I feel like someone is touching my butts even though there isn’t anyone
    beside or under me!

    imDeerYoong: Hyunnie are you okay?

    Keroro: Yea I guess so, don’t worry YoonA unnie!

    NOTICE: AntiBugFan has just changed his/her display name to AntiButtFan.


    DancingQueen: Hahaha did you just change your display name? Wait I’m going to get some popcorn to watch this drama hahaha

    AntiButtFan: Shut up Hyo -_-

    DancingQueen: No can do

    ButtLover: Hey Fany, cool down! Yes I said I love butts, but I haven’t finished my sentence! I love your butts.

    AntiButtFan: You are so perverted -_-

    SunnyBunny: Sooyoungie, do you love food more than me?

    ilovefood: Can you stop being so random?

    SunnyBunny: I’m not being random!

    ilovefood: Oh I see

    SunnyBunny: ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!

    -Sooyoung went to get a bag of chips from the kitchen shelf since she ran out of chips in her bedroom. She planned to come back but instead she stayed in the kitchen and vacuumed all the food she can find in the kitchen-


    SunnyBunny: ANSWER IT NOW!!

    imDeerYoong: Calm down unnie

    SunnyBunny: WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!?!

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    imDeerYoong: Calm down Sunny unnie

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    imDeerYoong: Calm down unnie!!

    Keroro: Hey unnies I have something on later, have to go, see you bye!

    imDeerYoong: Bye Hyunnie!!

    Keroro: Bye~

    NOTICE: Keroro has logged out.

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    ButtLover: Mushroom then what do you want me to do?!?!

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    AntiButtFan: CHANGE YOUR DISPLAY NAME!! DUH! Look at Yuwree’s display name and learn!

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    DancingQueen: Sunny stop spamming -_-

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    KwonSeobang: Did someone just said something bad about me? I felt my eyes twitch

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    KwonSeobang: Oh sunny it’s definitely you! You calling me babo right? I knew it, and you told them what I did in Invincible Youth right? YOU!!

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    Cucumberhater: What did my seobang do?

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    SunnyBunny: BABO

    DancingQueen: Lol Sica, you’ve been silent reading?

    ilovefood: Hey guys I’m back~

    SunnyBunny: YOU BABO CHOI SHIKSHIN! Answer my question!!

    ButtLover: Fany why do you want me to change my display name?

    DancingQueen: You’re so dumb, Tae

    ButtLover: What’s wrong with my display name? It’s just a display name

    DancingQueen: -_____-

    Cucumberhater: What did my seobang do? Someone answer me!

    KwonSeobang: Ahh you got the wrong idea Sica-baby! I didn’t do anything

    Cucumberhater: I don’t think I got the wrong idea. You said something about Invincible Youth just now.

    KwonSeobang: No~

    Cucumberhater: You better answer my question!!

    NOTICE: KwonSeobang has logged out.

    DancingQueen: LOLOLOL

    Cucumberhater: She’s gonna’ get it from me

    NOTICE: Cucumberhater has logged out.

    DancingQueen: Or she meant.. ‘She’s gonna’ get it from Sergeant Sica’ LOLOL

    imDeerYoong: HAHAAHAHA unnie! Your random comments are jjang

    DancingQueen: I know right

    AntiButtFan: Taetae, I hate your display name even though it’s just a display name!

    ButtLover: But I love it

    AntiButtFan: Means you love butts more than me?!?!

    ButtLover: No I love butts but only your butt

    AntiButtFan: If you don’t change it now, I swear I’m going to jump off the building without saying goodbye.

    ButtLover: Okayokay Your wish is my command, mushroom.

    NOTICE: ButtLover has just changed his/her display name to Tiffany’sButtFan

    Tiffany’sButtFan: Happy?

    AntiButtFan: NO

    Tiffany’sButtFan: Whattheheck!

    SunnyBunny: Choi Shikshin! Answer my question!

    ilovefood: What?

    SunnyBunny: Do you love food more than me?

    ilovefood: Of course

    imDeerYoong: Unnie did you just said you love food more than Sunny unnie?

    ilovefood: yea

    ilovefood: WAIT OOPS

    AntiFoodFan: YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOTICE: SunnyBunny has changed his/her display name to AntiFoodFan

    AntiButtFan: Tae-tae your display name is too disgusting! Be more romantic like Yuwree!

    Tiffany’sButtFan: You can date her instead of me if you want

    AntiButtFan: YAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tiffany’sButtFan: Just kidding ^^

    AntiFoodFan: CHOI SHIKSHIN!! I dare you to repeat that again.

    ilovefood: Sorry

    AntiFoodFan: Sorry no cure! I HATE YOUR DISPLAY NAME!

    DancingQueen: HAHAAHAHA another ******* here (referring to Sooyoung)

    imDeerYoong: Woah Hyo unnie I thought you were gone.

    DancingQueen: I’m still up and alive

    ilovefood: Shut up chodings

    DancingQueen: Well what can you do, we are the YoonHyo chodings.

    imDeerYoong: Yeah~

    ilovefood: Can you guys like, just, like, shut up? Thanks

    AntiFoodFan: I haven’t got all day

    ilovefood: Okay bunny so what you want?

    AntiFoodFan: Change your display name.

    ilovefood: Ooookay.

    NOTICE: ilovefood has changed his/her display name to ChickenLegs.

    ChickenLegs: here you go.

    AntiFoodFan: =_=

    DancingQueen: HAHAHAHAHA


    AntiButtFan: Woah, Sunny, your seobang is worse than mine.

    AntiFoodFan: I guess so.

    ChickenLegs: What?! Don’t talk about me like that.

    AntiFoodFan: Then tell me why is your display name ChickenLegs? Can’t you think of something else other than food?

    ChickenLegs: Well you didn’t say that it’s a rule that I can’t have food names as my display name so all I could think of is Chicken, and my
    long legs so ChickenLegs.


    Tiffany’sButtFan: See, Sooyoung is worse than me. Now happy, my dearest Fany?

    AntiButtFan: Your display name is still disgusting.

    Tiffany’sButtFan: Hell okay I’ll think of something else.

    AntiFoodFan: Fany, I’m getting tired of this.

    AntiButtFan: Yeah, Tae is making me go crazy

    AntiFoodFan: Sooyoung is making my head spin.

    AntiButtFan: Sigh~

    AntiFoodFan: It’s already midnight, I can’t take it anymore I’m going to sleep.

    NOTICE: AntiFoodFan has logged out.

    AntiButtFan: Same for me

    NOTICE: AntiButtFan has logged out.

    Tiffany’sButtFan: What was that?

    ChickenLegs: I don’t know

    DancingQueen: That’s why I say you guys are dumb. They just wanted you to change your display name to show your love for them like Yuri.
    Yuri’s display name was KwonSeobang, so they got jealous. And the both of you could only think of butts and foods. Sigh~

    Tiffany’sButtFan: WOAH you can mind-read? Why working with you for years I didn’t know that?

    imDeerYoong: That’s Hyo unnie’s new ability, right hyo unnie?

    DancingQueen: DUH

    ChickenLegs: Okay so if I got my name something like ilovesunnybunny from the start, I wouldn’t have to go through all this scolding from her
    right? Whattheheck so much for drama.

    DancingQueen: Great to see that you’ve figured it out.

    NOTICE: ChickenLegs has logged out.

    Tiffany’sButtFan: Haiz. Well guys it’s already getting late so let’s offline, bye

    imDeerYoong: Okay my eyes are starting to close. Bye unnie!

    DancingQueen: BYE!!

    NOTICE: Tiffany’sButtFan has logged out.
    NOTICE: imDeerYoong has logged out.
    NOTICE: DancingQueen has logged out.


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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by ShekieSone9 on Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:23 am

    LOL. AntiButtFan and AntiFood Fan. xDDD

    Posts : 135
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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:50 am

    Part 2: A new Family?
    The fight between Families.. “Royal Family? Ace
    Family? Jade Family?”
    Will the Royal Family break apart? T______T

    NOTICE: ThinkPink has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: KwonSeobang has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: SunnyBunny has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: imDeerYoong has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: Keroro has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: DancingQueen has logged in. (Current Status: Available)

    -Hyoyeon double-clicked Tiffany’s display name and invited those who were
    online into the conversation-

    DancingQueen: YO Whazzup guys Dancing Queen is here~~

    SunnyBunny: YAH!! I’m gaming now don’t disturb me!!

    > 10 Minutes Later <

    DancingQueen: No one alive….? T___T

    SunnyBunny: Dontdisturbmepleasei’mreachinglevel100!gofindyourEunhyuk!

    -Hyoyeon thought, “What the heck is she saying? Why can’t she add ‘space’
    between each word?” and she tries to make out what Sunny was
    saying then she finally understands-

    DancingQueen: What the frick he’s not mine!

    SunnyBunny: Whatever you say

    imDeerYoong: Hey everyone! It’s Him YoonA in the house!

    -Sunny finally completed level 100 of the game she was playing and comes back
    to life-


    -YoonA tries to imitate that frequent advertisement that says ‘Congratulations,
    you’ve won!’ when she’s surfing the net-

    imDeerYoong: Congratulations, you’ve won!

    DancingQueen: Are the rest of them awake?

    imDeerYoong: Still sleeping I guess

    DancingQueen: Heck then why are they online?

    imDeerYoong: No idea unnie

    Keroro: Hey unnies I’m back from shower

    imDeerYoong: Hello

    DancingQueen: Welcome~ Welcome~ to YoonHyodings’ show!

    SunnyBunny: Hi maknae^^ Wait, guys, where is Sooyoung?

    DancingQueen: Talk about Sooyoung? Didn’t the hospital contact you? She got too
    hungry such that she started munching on her computer and
    end up in the hospital

    IS SHE

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    imDeerYoong: Oh gosh unnie stop spamming if not I’m gonna’ run to your house
    and eat you up!

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    Keroro: Unnie~~ please stop spamming

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    SunnyBunny: TELL ME

    DancingQueen: Gotcha! Sunny you’re a possessive wife aren’t you!

    imDeerYoong: LOL

    Keroro: Kekeke unnie you’re funny

    SunnyBunny: Okay so that was a joke?

    DancingQueen: DAHH

    SunnyBunny: Hey that’s not a thing you should joke about!

    DancingQueen: Anyway it’s just a JOKE

    SunnyBunny: You scared me inside out!

    SunnyBunny: Anyways just tell me where she is alright

    DancingQueen: You’re her girlfriend & you don’t know? What a shameez! Well
    she went out with Jessica since they’re in the same country


    KwonSeobang: Who just mentioned my wife’s name?




    > Yuri scrolls up and read what Hyoyeon said and screamed <

    KwonSeobang: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!

    Keroro: Unnies please calm down!


    imDeerYoong: Unnie that was what Sunny said, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!”


    KwonSeobang: I know but whadda heck SooSica going out?!? Wait there shouldn’t
    be a couple name for them at all!


    DancingQueen: Stop it Sunny, I know you’re good at spamming but just stop it




    SunnyBunny: Okay you’re in the same country as them right ?! If you tell me
    where they are, I’ll stop!



    KwonSeobang: Dancing Queen, please tell us & I’ll invite SUJU to our convos
    in future so that you can chat with Eunnie!

    DancingQueen: Wait, what’s the purpose of telling you when you’re in different
    countries from them?

    imDeerYoong: Unnie is right..

    SunnyBunny: Oh yea...

    DancingQueen: Sunny you’re in Australia; Yuri in Philippines & SooSic is in

    KwonSeobang: Wait are they like dating or what.

    DancingQueen: How would I know.

    SunnyBunny: WAIT. Something is suspicious here.. HYO! You’re joking
    riiiiiiight? How would you know where they are!

    DancingQueen: I’m staying in the same country as Soo & I’m her 2nd
    bestfriend REMEMBER??! Well it’s fine if you don’t trust me (:

    KwonSeobang: You mean you’re serious? SERIOUS? As in no joking here?

    imDeerYoong: Unnie! Hyo unnie said she’s serious already!!

    SunnyBunny: Oh yeah when Sooyoungie is back online I swear I’m killing her.

    ThinkPink: YEAAAAA go!! I’ll help you bunny! The power of 2NY attacking their

    SunnyBunny: YEA GO POWER OF 2NY


    SunnyBunny: GO POWER OF 2NY

    KwonSeobang: Stop that 2Ny & YoonHyodings’ fight. YulSic rocks more.

    DancingQueen: My dear Yuri, Sica is going out with someone else & you still
    say YulSic rocks. WAIT! Why does the American duo like silent
    reading so much?

    ThinkPink: I learnt it from the ice princess.

    KwonSeobang: COUGH COUGH who you calling the ice princess huh Fany?

    Keroro: Yuri unnie, RELAX~


    ThinkPink: Sorry Yul ^__________^

    KwonSeobang: Apology accepted

    imDeerYoong: Unnies why do I have the feeling Sooyoung unnie is always in

    DancingQueen: You’re right Yoong, first the seobang-ah-change-your-name thing
    now the soosica-going-out thing.

    SunnyBunny: T_______T

    ThinkPink: Don’t worry Bunny I will protect you ^_________^

    imDeerYoong: Hyoyeon unnie, will that result in… 2Ny, SooSica & YoonHyo?

    DancingQueen: You’re…. well half-right.

    Keroro: Unnie what is 2Ny, SooSica, YoonHyo, SeoRi & Tae?

    KwonSeobang: THAT IS NOTHING~ No way will SooSica exist!!

    Keroro: Huh…?

    DancingQueen: Yoong, I think we should think about a family name.. There’s
    Royal family and then Ace family..

    imDeerYoong: Cute Family?

    DancingQueen: Aish! No way.. Classic Family? Lovely Family? Jade Family?

    imDeerYoong: Unnie you’re jjang! Jade Family it is!

    DancingQueen: I know right

    imDeerYoong: Hyo unnie let’s have SooSica as our parents!!

    DancingQueen: NO WAY. Soo the shikshin & Sica the ice princess.

    KwonSeobang: YAH! YoonHyodings what are you trying to say? AND FOR THE LAST

    imDeerYoong: But Soo is the 1st shikshin & I’m the 2nd shikshin! If she’s
    my appa then I inherited her genes!!

    DancingQueen: -____- no way! 2Ny is better!! The aegyo couple


    Keroro: Unnies please calm down….

    SunnyBunny: GUYS!! Wake up! Only Royal Family is REAL.. SooSic is NOT REAL!!

    KwonSeobang: Hi-5 Bunny!!

    ThinkPink: Way to go!! SooSun & 2Ny is REAL ! but SooSic is not real..
    right bunny?

    SunnyBunny: YEA!!

    DancingQueen: Sunny, if you say SooSun is real but SooSic is not real, why when
    I go to Soshified, SooSic’s thread have more posts than SooSun? Fans love to
    see SooSic more!! && in RF, SooSun happened because there was YULSIC!

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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by YulSicFany on Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:34 am

    Part 3: SooSic causes Heartbreaks


    .Jessica’s POV.

    So I’m stuck here with that shikshin Sooyoung. Well not really ‘stuck’, since I
    asked her to accompany me. As always, there were lots of fans following us.
    Seriously, I’m getting freaked out by them soon. But I can’t blame them, we’ve
    been on a vacation for a MONTH since SM Entertainment was badly damaged and now
    closed for like, I guess years. I guess we have to hold a fanmeeting soon,
    cause’ I think the fans miss us A LOT.

    Hell, there’s so many irritating fans here! Asking us for signatures and taking
    photographs of us. Hopefully they don’t post the photos as SooSica moments.
    Kwon Seobang will be furious.

    WAIT, did I just thought of that? I shouldn’t even THINK about Yuri that babo.
    Up till now she still haven’t tell me what happened on IY. I’m so pissed off!

    Suddenly, a light bulb came over my mind. I grinned. “Good thinking, Sica.” I
    thought. I dragged her to a private room that we booked at a restaurant so that
    the fans won’t come hearing us our conversations.


    “Whurt” Sooyoung replied, full of food in her mouth. Gosh, can’t she stop
    eating for a minute, or even a SECOND?

    "I have a plan and you’re helping me”


    “Okay you better stop eating now or you will get the Sica-effect treatment from

    And just as I expected, she stopped eating. My 2nd favourite person on Earth
    apart from Yuri.

    “Act as my girlfriend”


    “Hey! You’re not eating already so speak properly.

    “Okay, WHAT?”

    “What do you mean what?”

    “I don’t understand what you said just now”

    “Act. As. My. Girlfriend. Fullstop”

    Sooyoung suddenly laughed like hell.

    “Why are you laughing?”

    “S-Sica.. iss joking?! HAHAHAHA I must be dreaming! She never jokes!” She said
    as she slapped herself.

    “YAHH! I’m serious here, Choi Sooyoung! Act as my girlfriend.”

    “I don’t get you.”

    “Act as my girlfriend!!!!! Urgh!”

    “Why must I?”

    “Why must you know why you must? Act as my girlfriend, how many times must you

    “Is this a joke or what?”

    “It’s not a joke you babo, just act as my girlfriend!”

    “Okay calm down princess. I don’t get you, you have your seobang already, why
    must I act as your girlfriend?”

    “I want to piss Yuri off. Cause’ she didn’t tell me something that time. I
    chose you because you’re my bestfriend. And heckka you’re my
    EX-GIRLFRIEND. So you should be pretty good at this”

    “Uhh yeahh but Yuri isn’t in Japan how can she see our interactions.”

    “Why are you so dumb Soo? MSN, remember ?!”

    “Uh yeah okay I agree to it.”

    “Oh yes thank you”

    “WAAAAAAAAIT! But I have my wife bunny. She’ll get pissed off!”

    Oh hell, I forgot Sunny, Sooyoung’s precious bunny.

    “It’s okay, you can explain to her right?”



    “NO! Just what if she wants to break up with me?”

    “Then break! If she wants to break up with you means she doesn’t love you”

    “Uhh yeah.. but..”

    “But what?”

    “Will you treat me to food?”

    “Yeah of course!”

    Mission accomplished. ^^

    Both of us continued eating and decided to go to our own homes after lunch.

    [Back To The MSN Convo]

    SunnyBunny: Hyo, you’re getting on my nerves. I won’t allow Jade Family to

    KwonSeobang: I SO agree with Sunny.

    DancingQueen: We’ll see.

    imDeerYoong: So what now?

    DancingQueen: No ideaaaaaaaa.

    imDeerYoong: Why yes let’s play the spamming game.

    DancingQueen: What the freaking game is that, Yoong?

    imDeerYoong: When it comes to spamming game, you just spam, get it? It’s a game
    created by me^^

    DancingQueen: must be something lousy then.

    imDeerYoong: YAHHHH!!

    [Meanwhile, in another convo]

    – Conversation between Sunny & Tiffany in a separate convo -

    SunnyBunny: Fany , What if there’s really SooSic?

    ThinkPink: I trust Sooyoung.. She won’t go out with Sica.

    SunnyBunny: But… the chidings are scaring me to death I swear I’m gonna’ freak
    out soon!!

    ThinkPink: Don’t worry Sunny! Think positively ^^

    SunnyBunny: I guess I should ..

    ThinkPink: Let’s go back to the other convo ^^

    [Back To The MSN Convo]

    The YoonHyo chodings spammed.

    SunnyBunny: YAH!! You guys ....... !!!

    KwonSeobang: HELL! I was trying to ask you guys to stop but you guys just keep
    spamming like there’s no tomorrow!

    DancingQueen: Because..

    imDeerYoong: We are..

    DancingQueen: THE..

    imDeerYoong: YOONHYO..

    DancingQueen: DINGS!!

    Keroro: Unnies sorry but your spamming just now was really irritating. And
    what’s YoonHyoDings? I tried to search for the word in the
    dictionary but there wasn’t any answer.

    imDeerYoong: hahahaha it’s okay Hyunnie, you don’t have to know.

    Keroro: Why??

    logged in.

    NOTICE: Cucumberhater has
    logged in.

    [In another convo between SooSic]

    Cucumberhater: Ready?

    ILOVEMYBUNNY: Ever ready

    Cucumberhater: ok let’s start.

    Cucumberhater: WAIT. Mind changing your display name?

    NOTICE: ILOVEMYBUNNY has changed his/her display name to ILOVESICA

    Cucumberhater: Good ^^

    [In the Meantime.. Back @ 2NyYoonHyoSeoRi’s convo]

    KwonSeobang: They onlined.

    SunnyBunny: Sooyoung & Sica.

    ThinkPink: Sunny I think there isn’t any problem.. look at Sooyoung’s Display
    name , it’s ILOVEMYBUNNY.

    – A notice appeared on their screen -

    NOTICE: ILOVEMYBUNNY has changed his/her display name to ILOVESICA


    ThinkPink: Sunny! Calm down! Breathe in. Breathe out.

    SunnyBunny: Are my eyes kidding me?

    KwonSeobang: Yeah are my eyes kidding me?

    imDeerYoong: I guess we should add THEM to our convo.

    – YoonA clicked on the “Invite” tab and invited SooSic into the convo -

    ILOVESICA: YoWazzupGuys

    DancingQueen: Sunny and Yuri, I think your eyes are not kidding you.

    SunnyBunny: Did I just see … “ILOVESICA”? oh is that you Yuri?

    KwonSeobang: .......... I’m Yuri. “ILOVESICA” is not me.

    Cucumberhater: Guess what guys ! Me & Sooyoung are a couple now. ^^

    KwonSeobang: Then what about YulSic?

    Cucumberhater: YulSic is gone , it’s SooSic now.

    KwonSeobang: What..?

    Cucumberhater: Can’t you hear me?

    .Sooyoung’s POV.

    Oh yeah , YulSic is quarreling now . What a drag...

    & then Sunny talks .

    SunnyBunny: What is this, Sooyoung?

    ILOVESICA: This is this.

    ThinkPink: Sooyoung! You’re dating Sica? HOW CAN YOU.

    ILOVESICA: Whatever you say.

    SunnyBunny: Break up.

    ILOVESICA: Whurt?

    SunnyBunny: Break up. I want a break up.

    I was stunned for a moment. Sunny, MY SUNNY, MY BUNNY, MY SUNSHINE, wants a
    break up? Is she kidding me?
    Then I remembered what Sica said. If she wants a break up , means she doesn’t
    love you anymore , so just let go.

    SunnyBunny: YoonHyo , I announce that my vote goes to Jade Family. I support
    Jade Family. That’s it.

    KwonSeobang: Sunny you are so NOT kidding me. You’re giving up so soon?! How
    can you!

    DancingQueen: Thanks for casting your vote to the Jade Family.

    ThinkPink: I CAN’T BELIEVE this, Choi Sooyoung. That’s it. My vote goes to the
    Jade Family too. I will take care of bunny.

    DancingQueen: Thanks for casting your vote to the Jade Family. I’m gonna’ get

    What Is Jade Family anyway? Whaddaheck, “my bunny”? She’s SO NOT yours. Oh yeah
    , Sunny wanted to break up with me. She’s not mine now, why
    should I care about her.

    ILOVESICA: Break up? Sure. Let’s break up and end this.

    SunnyBunny: You....

    NOTICE: SunnyBunny has logged out.


    ILOVESICA: What is Jade Family anyways?

    imDeerYoong: Unnie, it’s a family consisting of 2Ny, YoonHyo & SooSic. ^^

    So we’re merging from Royal Family to Jade Family huh?

    ILOVESICA: My vote goes to JF.

    DancingQueen: Good , we have 5 votes now. Sunny , Fany , Me , Yoong & You .
    In an instant , you know that JF is now formed. Cause there are 9
    members in our group , and 5 voted yes. JF FTW!!

    imDeerYoong: YEA!!

    ThinkPink: Seriously , I can’t believe you chodings . Sunny is SAD now. Yoong ,
    you’re in the same country as her right? GO & SEARCH FOR HER.

    imDeerYoong: Oh.. okay.

    Yes , and after that, I left the conversation.

    Still, I can’t believe it.

    In a second, me & Sunny are over, and it’s now the start of SooSic?

    Did i just make Sunny sad and voted for JF ??

    All thanks to Sica! She asked me to participate in her plan.
    I’m so dumb.. now me & Sica have to act like a couple .

    Oh yeah , but still , she decided to break up with me first . I can’t help it
    right? Perhaps so.

    .Sunny’s POV.

    Run, Sunny, Run.
    You have to run, far away from reality.
    I want to be in my dreams, cause’ I guess only in my dreams, Sooyoung and I can
    be together.

    [Meanwhile, in another convo – YulSic]

    .Jessica’s POV.

    I went to take a drink and came back , just to see Yuri sent me a message.

    KwonSeobang: So, since you’re with Sooyoung , does that mean that we’re over?
    Is YulSic really, really, really over?
    Cucumberhater: Of course.

    NOTICE: KwonSeobang has logged out.

    I glanced at our group’s convo. Sunny broke up with Sooyoung already ?

    I don’t know what I’m doing , seriously.

    Why did I create such a stupid plan.

    Now RF is broken.

    JF is formed.

    SooSun & YulSic is broken.

    SooSic is formed.

    I caused so much heartbreaks. I can’t believe it.

    For a moment I don’t feel icy anymore. I feel guilty.

    What are you thinking , Jessica Jung?

    Did I do this not just to let Yuri be jealous , but also because I kind of love

    I don’t know, I feel like I’m in hell.

    .Yuri’s POV.

    I decided to ask Sica personally after seeing her not replying in the group

    KwonSeobang: So, since you’re with Sooyoung , does that mean that we’re over?
    Is YulSic really, really, really over?

    I asked Sica , even though I know the answer would be “yes”.

    Cucumberhater: Of course.

    I decided to log out. I wish I need to fly over to Japan.

    I need to see everything. I need to get a clear look on what they are doing.


    I feel like beating up Sooyoung now. Although she’s my precious sister in SNSD,
    I can’t stand her stealing my Sica.

    YoonHyo the chodings won’t help at all if I ask them to go with me.

    2Ny, definitely not. Sunny’s situation is similar to mine.

    But wait , Sunny might want to see Sooyoung. Well , I’ll just put this as a
    guess. I will ask her later.

    One of Taengoo’s relative just passed away & she’s at the funeral now. I
    definitely can’t ask her.

    Hyunnie, I’ll put her under the ‘maybe’ list too.

    It’s either Sunny/Seohyun , I guess.

    .YoonA’s POV.

    Sunny unnie must be hurt now.
    Gosh , YoonA , why are you so stupid talking about the JF?

    I ran to Sunny unnie’s apartment and there was no trace of her.
    I panicked and pulled out my mobile phone and dialed her phone number.


    No response.

    Suddenly, I received a text message from Fany unnie.

    To: Yoong
    From: Fany
    Take care of Sunny for me. I can’t fly over to L.A. Seohyunnie just called me
    and she’s sick . I have to take care of her.

    Hyunnie is sick? I sighed and replied “OK”
    Everything is so complicated now.
    I walked away in disappointment and ran around the city.
    But I still couldn’t find Sunny unnie.

    .Sunny’s POV.

    I run, I run, I run.
    Huge drops of sweat dripped down my body.
    I ignored all the fans along the street.
    All I could think of is Sooyoung.

    JF? I’ve never approved of that family and I don’t know why I told Sooyoung I
    wanted a break up.

    Lee Soon Kyu , how dumb can you be?

    My phone vibrated. I fished out my mobile phone and pressed the “Read Message”

    To: Sunny
    From: Yuri

    I wanted to ask Hyunnie to come with me , but she’s sick, according to Fany.
    Do you want to fly over to Japan?

    I gasped.

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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by YulSicFany on Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:03 am

    Part 4A: SunRi Off to Japan

    -The next day, early In the Morning-


    I switched on my computer & double-clicked on the SM MSN program. Riddle
    Jokes Day, here I come!

    I logged into my account but no one was online under the “Soshi” group. What a
    drag! So no one is gonna’ play with me today eh? I wonder how to spend the
    Riddle Jokes Day!

    Nevermind, SUJU. Then I looked under “SUJU” group. No one onlined too?

    -____- So much for preparing my riddle jokes collection.


    I haven’t replied Yuri yet. I’m still in deep thoughts..

    Do you want to fly over to

    Fly over to Japan?

    Her words kept playing on my mind ever since I received her text message. I
    sighed at how pathetic I am, that I can’t make a decision.

    Should I get my shikshin back or should I let SooSic’s relationship grow?

    My phone vibrated once again. I pressed the “Read Message” button on my phone.

    To: Sunny
    From: Yuri

    Please, Sunny? I mean, don’t you think RF is so much better than stupid JF? JF
    is just close buddies Family! You can only find true love in RF. I wish you
    will give it a thought. We have to get my wifey & your seobang back. Follow
    me to Japan, yeah?

    After thinking for a few seconds, I dialed Yuri’s number.



    “So what’s your decision, Sunny? I really hope you can come with me”

    “I’ll go with you”

    “That’s great. But since we’re in different countries, I guess we just take the
    airplane from the country we’re in and meet in Japan Airport. Keep in touch by

    “Got it. I’ll go to the airport in L.A. later. See you in Japan.”

    “Bye, and thanks very much..”

    “We’re in the same situation, you know? And I want to break SooSic apart too”

    “Well we can’t waste anymore time, so see you!”


    Yes, I’ve decided to go.

    My perfect other half was meant to be Youngie.

    I can’t let her go. Never.


    -Hours later-


    Finally, I’ve arrived at Japan, currently waiting for Sunny bunny’s appearance.

    I swear there’s like so many Soshi fans all over the world. And so many people
    were staring at me in awe and some even crowd around me asking me for my
    autograph. I guess it’s all because of our debut in Japan. Well I’m trying my
    best to avoid them but I end up giving them my autograph instead. Honestly, I
    wonder how will Sunny the shorty spot me with so many people crowding around

    Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and I heard fangirls screaming “SUNNY
    UNNIE!!” and stuff like that. And I noticed many people pulled out their camera
    to take a photograph of us. Yes, Sunny arrived.

    Heckka, like seriously what if those fans post on Soshified and state “SunRi
    moment”? That would be like so WTF

    Anyway the fans turned to Sunny and asked her for autographs but I dragged
    Sunny away and I swear I heard people screaming “SUNRI!!!” seriously when will
    this fans try to control themselves?

    Sunny suddenly turned to me and asked me, “WAIT. We don’t even know where
    Youngie/Sica is staying!!”

    “Oh yeah holysh*t!” I faked my reply

    “Did we make a waste trip here?”

    “Of course not! I already asked Hyo for Soo & Sicababy’s address. They are
    staying in a different place from each other, but I’ll go with you
    to find Soo first” I flashed my beautiful smile at her and earned a slap on my
    arm for scaring Sunny.

    “You!!” she said and I chuckled.

    I looked at the Soo’s address which I wrote on a piece of paper and we
    proceeded to Soo’s house as we tried to avoid all the fans.


    Me & Sunny knocked on Sooyoung’s door.

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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by YulSicFany on Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:46 am

    Part Four : Patched up [SS] &
    SooRi’s fight

    Changing this to Nobody’s POV. Sooyoung lives in a normal HDB flat)


    Yuri and
    Sunny knocked on Sooyoung’s door.

    hearing the knocks, many sones went out of their flats. Once they saw SunRi
    they fangirled over them.



    give me your autograph!”

    “May I
    take a photograph with you pweaseeeeeee?”

    “Oh my
    Gawwwwwwwd! SunRi gonna’ meet Sooyoung!”

    “Is this
    gonna’ be a SunRi moment?”


    SooSun? OMG!!!”


    Yuri and
    Sunny turned to each other.

    why did Sooyoung that ass live in a normal HDB flat?”

    This shucks” Sunny twitched her nose

    turned back to the crazy fans and said,

    we will give you our autographs. But not now. Please don’t interrupt our normal

    sighed in disappointment and returned to their flats while some stubborn ones
    continue sticking their head out of their flats. SunRi continued knocking on
    Sooyoung’s door.

    -Meanwhile, in Sooyoung’s flat-

    WHO THE HELL IS INTERRUPTING MY MEAL? Don’t tell me it’s the fans again. Tck”
    Sooyoung shouted as she stood up from her seat and walked to the door and
    opened it with her mouth full of chips.

    The door
    flung open and SunRi walked in. Sooyoung was shocked that SunRi would be here.
    She closed the door shut with shock.

    Yuri’s eyes met Sooyoung’s, Yuri couldn’t control herself. She burst in anger
    and charged forward. Sunny failed to hold on the raged girl and fell instead.
    Yuri grabbed Sooyoung’s collar and tried to pin him down. He balled up his fist
    ready to charge on Sooyoung’s face as he said, “I really want to punch you for
    stealing my Sica!” Sooyoung tried to free herself but she couldn’t. Before Yuri
    could punch Sooyoung, Sunny got up and grabbed Yuri’s hand.

    AND YURI, STOP FIGHTING!!!!!” Sunny yelled and her yell probably got heard by
    the sones nearby.

    was silence, until Yuri started to talk.

    Tell us everything now. NOW.

    Sooyoung, do you really love Sica?

    Soo: I
    can explain.

    Explain? What do you have to explain? You broke YulSic apart.

    Yuri, chill. Listen to her explanation first.

    Stop saying that it’s my fault gurl. Sica asked me to act as her girlfriend to
    trick you cause of some stupid thing you did on IY which she didn’t know.

    And you agreed? How stupid!

    Soo: I
    agreed because she’s my bestfriend. A friend needs to help a friend, right?
    Okay so yeah I helped. Then things get out of control. It’s all not my wish
    dude. Stop blaming everything on me.

    silence engulfed them. Yuri looked at her toes while SooSun stole glances at
    each other every minute.

    thought for a moment. “I must tell Yuri.” Then she looked at Yuri and spoke.



    Sica ran away.


    Soo: You
    heard it alright.


    Soo: She
    texted me this morning.

    said as she took out her mobile phone and showed Yuri the text message Sica
    sent her.

    To: My bestfriend

    Sorry for causing so much trouble between you and Sunny. I guess I really went
    out of my mind. I need some time to clear my thoughts. I’m going away, but
    don’t worry I’m still in Japan. Don’t look for me. You have your own problems
    to solve.

    reading the text message, Yuri immediately grabbed her handbag and ran out of
    Sooyoung’s house.

    and Sunny looked at each other and an awkward silence started.


    is not your fault. It’s my fault.

    going to search for you.


    “Why did
    you come?”

    I missed you”

    “... We
    already broke up. We’re only fellow members in SNSD”



    “For I
    wanted a breakup”



    sorry too. I should’ve told you that I agreed to Jessica’s plan. I’m wrong.
    It’s my fault. Please forgive me.”

    gave Sooyoung a bear hug.

    wrong too, you know. Seobang”

    smiled when she heard Sunny call her Seobang.

    suddenly pulled away and asked, “Bunny-ah, when are you leaving? Stay with me
    will ya?”

    but this won’t do.. We all promised that we will stay in different countries right?
    If I stay here, who will take care of YoonA?”

    not a kid! Aww please don’t leave..” Sooyoung pleaded

    it’s not like I would be gone from you forever. There’s definitely times that
    the 9 of us will gather y’know. It’s Taeyeon’s decision that the 9 of us

    “I’m so
    gonna’ kill Tae” Sooyoung thought.


    being a kid okay! Bye~”

    you just stay for a day”

    “I would
    love to, but I can’t. I must obey Tae’s orders”

    obey her not me?”

    power of Dandyu. And moreover, she’s the leader” Sunny said as she grabbed her
    handbag and headed towards the door.

    pouted and sat on her sofa and this was what she had on mind: TAETAETAE! Why
    did you create such a stupid rule! Aish! I should take over the leader role. I
    must apply! For the 9 of us to be in the same country, same dorm, and me
    sharing room with my bunny!


    I went to and something popped up on my screen. It read, “This
    page is in English. Would you like to translate it?” I clicked on the
    “Translate” button and logged on to my backup account - Hyoisthebest

    I randomly clicked on “FanAccounts” and saw a topic titled “SooRi’s fight”

    SooRi’s fight? Like what the heck?! Why the great Hyoyeon didn’t know they

    I clicked on that topic and read what the sone posted.

    “Hello all fellow sones! I’m one of the lucky sones out there living near
    Sooyoung. Okay so I couldn’t really listen to the whole conversation but I heard
    Sunny shouted something like, “YURI & SOOYOUNG STOP FIGHTING!!” yeah? And
    then after awhile, Yuri came running out. Imagine! What are they fighting
    about? Fighting over Sunny? Maybe? I don’t know.”

    I scrolled down and there were so many comments. What is SooSunRi so good
    about. Hyo is the best manzzzzzzzz!

    I typed my comment and clicked on “Post”.

    “What is the big deal with SooRi fighting? So normal! Hyo is the best!”

    I swear I saw many negative comments about me. So disappointed T_______T

    Hellman! When the girls are online, I swear I’m gonna’ hit them!

    I prepared a HUGE collection of jokes!!!!! But they didn’t onlined!!!!!!! I
    couldn’t share my jokes with them!!!!!!

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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:17 am

    Part Four [C]: I love you, Kwon


    I ran and ran. It’s been hours since I’ve started searching for her.

    Where did she go? I really need to find her now.

    I ran into restaurants, shops, malls, almost everywhere but I still can’t find

    Heck, this is not like the first time I’m in Japan. We’ve debuted in Japan
    before and I’m still not ---


    That’s it! The beach.

    The beach where we went for our photoshoot. She must be at her favourite spot
    on the beach.

    She must be there. You’re brilliant, Yul!


    Had a great time chatting with my fans!! Hahaha

    Were spazzing with them in the Hyoism thread about me!

    I can’t stop laughing at how they can’t figure out that I’m ME!


    Okay, so I’m curious about what happened to SooSun. I went to the SooSun
    pairing thread and some SooSun fans said they saw Sunny left Sooyoung’s house
    but turned back and SooSun kissed passionately for a few minutes and Sunny
    really left after that.

    Oh heck I was thinking of more drama. I shouldn’t have prepared so much popcorn
    at my house. Sigh.

    I stayed in SooSun’s thread for awhile. Gee, it's full of gifs of them kissing.



    Went to YulSic’s thread after checking out SooSun’s thread. No new YulSic
    moments recently.

    So sad for Yul, HAHAHA!

    After leaving some negative comments for YulSic, I went back to Hyoism thread
    and spazzed about myself there again.
    Well, there really is people who likes me after all! Hehe


    I walked along the beach. I don’t have plans on what I’m doing next.

    I felt like I just woke up from a nightmare
    which I did pretty bad things in it.

    Sure I did. And it wasn’t a nightmare, it was reality.

    I broke YulSic and SooSun apart. I’m so silly.

    Not only did I break my own relationship apart, I broke OTHERS’ too.

    Tears started streaming down my eyes. I’m such a fool.

    Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Sica..”

    I turned around and raised my brows. “Yu-Yuri?”

    I was shocked. Why did she come? And how did she know I would be here?

    “Why are you here?”

    “To find you”


    “You know, Sica-baby, it’s not your fault. Sooyoung explained to me already. It
    was, in fact my fault, I’ll tell you what I did on IY--”

    “No. It’s my fault. And I don’t care what you did on IY already. It doesn’t
    matter anymore.”

    “Sica-baby, thanks for being understanding. I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    I reached out to hug her and she returned my hug. Tears streamed down our eyes continuously.
    We didn’t mutter a word after that. Words were unnecessary.

    We spent our night together watching the sunset. When it was about 8pm, Yuri
    had to leave. I couldn’t bear to see her leave. I pulled her
    closer to me and our lips met. It was meant to be a simple kiss but it grew
    passionate after seconds. We broke apart when oxygen became necessary. We
    looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

    “Sica-baby, I really have to go now..”

    I nodded and she walked away with her handbag. I wanted her to stay here with me, but there
    isn’t any point of forcing her to stay here with me. I know our hearts are
    linked to each other.

    I’ll just have to wait for Taeyeon to arrange the 9 of us to be in the same

    I love you, Kwon Seobang.
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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by dmkpsy on Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:35 am

    MAKE MORE I ♥ IT!!
    ~♥ Chuu♥ ~
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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by ~♥ Chuu♥ ~ on Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:41 am

    Make more pls :D
    Update soon!♥

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    biggri Re: SoSHI MSN Chat

    Post by YulSicFany on Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:40 am

    Part Five: Riddle Jokes Day?

    ft. Spammer Sica

    - The next day.. -

    NOTICE: ThinkPink has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: YULSIC4eva has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: Keroro has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: SunnyBunny has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: Youngie has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: Flounder has logged in. (Current Status: Available)
    NOTICE: Hyoisthebest has logged in. (Current Status: Available)

    SunnyBunny: Morning guys~

    ThinkPink: Morning.

    Youngie: Morning bunny

    Flounder: Morning~!~

    YULSIC4eva: Morning Morning Morning~!

    Hyoisthebest: Good morning, idi*ts.

    ThinkPink: Who you calling an idi*t, Hyo?

    Flounder: Why did you call us that, unnie?

    Hyoisthebest: You guys ruined the happy Riddle Jokes Day! It was such a great day for a joke pro like me.

    YULSIC4eva: Whateva..

    Flounder: Well I was searching for Sunny unnie so I couldn’t online on
    Riddle Jokes Day.. Oh well, so it’s everybody okay now? You know what I
    mean, YulSic-SooSic-SooSun thing.

    Youngie: Duh. Royal Family for the win. Wait, did you change your display name? Flounder is so nerd.

    ThinkPink: Good to hear that you guys have patched up. ^^

    Flounder: Syoung unnie you changed your display name too. And.. well “Youngie” isn’t nerd but it’s kinda.. ew?

    YULSIC4eva: I changed my display name too.

    Youngie: Wait wait wait. who is YULSIC4eva? Yuri or Jessica?

    Hyoisthebest: YULSIC4eva would be Yul of course. Sica will never use that type of display name.

    YULSIC4eva: Like you can read Sica’s brain. She WILL, but not now.

    Hyoisthebest: Stop being a possessive seobang Yul

    Youngie: Where is Sunny?

    Hyoisthebest: Probably trying to complete Mario Season 3 or something. And Sooyoung, your display name makes me puke

    Youngie: Youngie is cutee!

    Hyoisthebest: No it’s not.

    Youngie: Yes it is.

    Hyoisthebest: No it’s not.

    Youngie: Yes.

    Hyoisthebest: Nahh

    Youngie: Yes

    Hyoisthebest: Nuuu

    Youngie: YES

    Hyoisthebest: NO

    Youngie: YES

    Hyoisthebest: NO

    SunnyBunny: Can you guys please shut up? I’m trying to complete Mario Season 4 right now.

    Flounder: Hahaha, Hyo unnie, you made the wrong guess! xD It’s Season 4, not 3!

    Hyoisthebest: Whateva

    NOTICE: Keroro has logged in. (Current Status: Available)

    Flounder: Hey Seohyun!

    Keroro: Hi unnie..

    SunnyBunny: Hello

    Youngie: Yo!

    ThinkPink: Good mornin’.

    Hyoisthebest: Wazzup?

    Keroro: Hyo unnie!

    Hyoisthebest: yea?

    Keroro: Fany unnie stole my money while she was taking care of me
    yesterday cause’ I was sick. She used the money to buy pink stuffs

    Flounder: Fany unnie how can you!!

    Hyoisthebest: Fany! You did a good job

    ThinkPink: Why thank you ^^

    Keroro: But Hyo unnie! Stealing is a crime!

    Hyoisthebest: Stealing is not a crime if it’s used to buy pink stuffs.


    Hyoisthebest: POWER

    ThinkPink: OF

    Hyoisthebest: PINK!

    Keroro: you bullies!!

    Hyoisthebest: No we’re not

    Keroro: Yes you are!

    Hyoisthebest: No

    Keroro: Yes

    Hyoisthebest: No

    ThinkPink: Hey, I’m gonna’ take a shower, brb

    Keroro: Yes T_T

    Hyoisthebest: No

    Keroro: Yes T___T

    Hyoisthebest: No

    Youngie: -______- Shut up you two or I’ll eat you up

    Keroro: Yes T_____T

    Hyoisthebest: No

    Keroro: Yes T_________T

    Hyoisthebest: No

    Keroro: Yes T_______________T

    Hyoisthebest: No

    Keroro: Yes T____________________________T

    Flounder: Hyunnie your mouth is so big

    Hyoisthebest: I said NO NO NO NO NO

    SunnyBunny: Would you guys please shut up I’m trying to complete Mario Season 5.

    Flounder: Wow unnie, you’re fast. You’re already at Season 5 after a few minutes

    Youngie: I’m fast too

    SunnyBunny: Are you sure you’re fast? You take up to 30 minutes to eat the mushrooms, Youngie.

    Hyoisthebest: HAHAHA

    Youngie: ..

    Youngie: Uhh.. Hey Hyo why not we start the Riddle Jokes Day again?

    Hyoisthebest: It’s already over

    Youngie: We can still celebrate it even though it’s like 1 or 2 days after

    Flounder: Good idea Syoung unnie!

    Hyoisthebest: Yea okay but did you guys even prepared a collection of riddle jokes?

    Youngie: Yes I did.

    Flounder: Me too.

    YULSIC4eva: Me three.

    Hyoisthebest: Heck, Yul followed Sica’s footsteps to be a silent reader too.

    Keroro: Err unnie what is Riddle Jokes Day?

    SunnyBunny: Completed Season 5~ As fast as lightning right? ^^ Too bad
    Season 6 hasn’t been released yet. Anyways, I prepared riddle jokes too.
    Riddle Jokes Day is like this: One person will ask a riddle and the
    next person answers to the riddle and the cycle goes on and on and on
    then in the end we have to conclude who is the winner and the winner
    will be titled as the Joke Queen.

    Keroro: Oh I see

    Hyoisthebest: And I’m gonna’ win this. I’m gonna be the Joke Queen. MUHAHAHAHAHA

    Youngie: Don’t be too happy now, Hyo. You’ll definitely lose to me

    Flounder: Let the war begin!

    Hyoisthebest: Bring it on guys~

    Youngie: I’m so going to win.

    YULSIC4eva: I’m the one who is gonna’ win.

    Flounder: It’s me.

    SunnyBunny: Riddle Jokes Day’s main focus is not on who wins or who
    loses. It’s how you enjoy the day. Get it? Anyway it’s gonna’ be me who
    is gonna’ win~

    Hyoisthebest: Whaddaheck.

    Flounder: Stop fighting and let’s start.

    Youngie: Yoong why are giraffes necks so long?

    Flounder: Erm, so it will reach its head?

    Youngie: How did you know?

    Flounder: Google, duh

    Flounder: Well, what is the laziest mountain in the world?

    Hyoisthebest: Mount Ever - rest.

    Youngie: How did you know?

    Hyoisthebest: Google. It’s my turn~ Why does a traffic light turn red?

    SunnyBunny: You would too if you had to change in front of so many
    people. Hmm, what is always slow to come, but never actually happens?

    YULSIC4eva: Tomorrow?

    SunnyBunny: That’s right.

    YULSIC4eva: Here’s one: This is what a customer says to a waiter:
    Waiter! Waiter! There’s a fly in my soup!!

    Youngie: Don’t worry Sir, the spider in your salad will get it!

    YULSIC4eva: HOW DID YOU KNOW? I was about to type that.

    Youngie: I googled it.

    ThinkPink: Did someone just said SPIDER? EW EW EW EW EW

    Flounder: Fany unnie, wanna’ join in the game? We’re playing ‘Riddle Jokes’. The riddle jokes day, rememner?

    ThinkPink: Sounds fun, I’m in. But no mentioning of BUGS please. Thank you.

    Flounder: Wait okay, so me & SooSunHyoYulTi is in the game now, how about you, Seobaby?

    Keroro: Umm.. well I was searching for riddle jokes just now… So I’ll try.

    SunnyBunny: Okay. I have one: This is what a brother says to his sister:
    Wow sis, you’re pretty dirty. The girl says: I’m prettier when I’m

    ThinkPink: Here’s one - Teacher: Sooyoung, your composition on “My Dog” is exactly the same as your brother’s. Did you copy his?

    Youngie: No, teacher, it’s the same dog! Fany, why did you use my name? and I don’t have a brother, gurl.

    ThinkPink: Whateva

    Keroro: Unnies.. What goes up but never goes down?

    YULSIC4eva: Your age..?

    Hyoisthebest: What has to be broken before it can be used?

    SunnyBunny: An egg.

    Hyoisthebest: What has no beginning, end, or middle?

    ThinkPink: A donut.

    Hyoisthebest: What does no man want, yet no man wants to lose?

    Youngie: Work; Employment I guess.

    Hyoisthebest: That’s correct if you minus the ‘I guess’.

    Youngie: Whatever.

    Youngie: How many bricks does it take to complete a building made of brick?

    Keroro: Only one, the last one.

    Youngie: What is everything to someone, and nothing to everyone else?

    SunnyBunny: Your mind.

    Hyoisthebest: No sooner than broken. What is it?

    ThinkPink: Silence or a promise.

    Flounder: Good morning guys, I’m the newscaster for today’s late Riddle
    Joke’s Day’s celebration. Now it’s a heated up fight between HyoYoung!
    The rest of the soshi crews are disqualified. Either Hyo/Young will
    become the 2010 Soshi Joke Queen!

    SunnyBunny: Lol, Yoong, was that newscasting thingy necessary?

    Youngie: Muhahaha, I’m in the finalists! Good luck Hyo, cause I’m gonna win!

    Hyoisthebest: Keep dreaming. -___-

    Notice: SleepingBeauty has logged in. (Current Status: Available)

    Flounder: Hey Sica unnie!

    YULSIC4eva: Hi Sica-baby. <3

    Youngie: Morning. Watch me win this Riddle Jokes Contest.

    Keroro: Sooyoung unnie, it’s already afternoon.

    Youngie: Whatever.

    Keroro: Anyways, good afternoon Sica unnie!

    SunnyBunny: Noon~

    Hyoisthebest: Afternoon!

    SleepingBeauty: Er, hello? So what is today’s topic?

    Flounder: *clears throat* Welcome Sica unnie to Soshi Riddle Jokes
    Contest! Sooyoung and Hyoyeon are in the finalists now. We, as the
    audience, will see who deserves to win this contest and vote for the

    SleepingBeauty: Uh okay, lame much?

    Hyoisthebest: Let’s continue the game/contest. Take off my skin -- I won’t cry, but you will! What am I?

    SunnyBunny: An onion.

    SleepingBeauty: Gosh, how lame.

    Youngie: The more it dries, the wetter it gets. What is it?

    ThinkPink: A towel.

    SleepBeauty: Lame

    Hyoisthebest: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?

    Keroro: Erm, footsteps?

    SleepBeauty: Lame

    Youngie: What can burn the eyes, sting the mouth, yet be consumed?

    Flounder: Peppers

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Hyoisthebest: Sica please stop saying lame.

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Hyoisthebest: Urgh STOP IT

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    YULSIC4eva: Aww Sica-baby! It’s not lame alright?

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Hyoisthebest: -_____- oooookaaaay. What can go up and come down without moving?

    SunnyBunny: The temperature

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Youngie: What can pass before the Sun without making a shadow?

    YULSIC4eva: The earth

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    YULSIC4eva: Sica-baby can you stop saying lame?

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    YULSIC4eva: Please stop

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    ThinkPink: Wth just leave her alone.

    Hyoisthebest: What is Fany’s favourite colour?

    Flounder: Pink.

    SleepingBeauty: Lame


    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    ThinkPink: PINK<333

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Youngie: Minus one point for Hyo~ hahaha

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Hyoisthebest: I was just playing around.

    SleepingBeauty: Lame
    Youngie: Let’s just continue. What can you catch but not throw?

    Keroro: A cold?

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Hyoisthebest: What crime is punishable if attempted, but is not punishable if committed?

    Flounder: Suicide

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Youngie: What do the numbers 11, 69, and 88 all have in common?

    ThinkPink: I know! They can be flipped and still be the same.

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    Hyoisthebest: What do you serve that you can’t eat?

    YULSIC4eva: A tennis ball or guests?

    SleepingBeauty: Lame~

    Youngie: What did one eye said to the other eye?

    SunnyBunny: Hey I know! Something smells between us!

    SleepingBeauty: Lame~


    YULSIC4eva: Hey! Don’t shout at my baby or I’ll shout at you.

    SleepingBeauty: Lame!!

    Youngie: I’m NOT shouting.

    SleepingBeauty: LAME!!

    SleepingBeauty: LAMEEEE!

    Youngie: Omgosh. I don’t know why you were my roommate back then.

    SleepingBeauty: LAMEEEEEEEEE

    ThinkPink: This is getting annoying!

    Hyoisthebest: Yeah, stop it or I’ll post pictures of cucumber

    SleepingBeauty: LAMEEEEEEE

    Flounder: Sica unnie, Hyo unnie means it

    SleepingBeauty: EW LAME

    Youngie: -__-

    SunnyBunny: Guys just stop! You guys are spoiling the fun! Sigh, even
    though I’m not in the finalists I’ll just post one riddle. How did the
    telephone propose to the lady?

    SleepingBeauty: Lame

    SleepingBeauty: LAME

    SleepingBeauty: LAMEEEEE!!!

    SunnyBunny: Hello? Somebody answer me?

    SleepingBeauty: LAME

    SleepingBeauty: LAME

    SleepingBeauty: LAME

    Flounder: You know what, unnie? I’m going to offline. Too much word like ‘LAME’ can hurt my eyes.

    NOTICE: imDeerYoong has logged out.

    Keroro: Unnie!!! My computer hung for a few minutes just now.. I think I
    need to get a technician to repair my computer, it’s too laggy with you
    guys spamming!

    NOTICE: Keroro has logged out.

    Youngie: Oh God, I think Hyunnie brought those lousy computers. Anyway, bye

    Hyoisthebest: Bye

    ThinkPink: Bye. I can’t take the LAMELAMELAMELAMELAME thing.

    YULSIC4eva: I guess I’ll say bye too?

    NOTICE: Youngie, Hyoisthebest, ThinkPink and YULSIC4eva has logged out.

    SleepingBeauty: HAHAHAAHAH


    SleepingBeauty: I owned everyone

    SleepingBeauty: Btw, I know the answer to your riddle. The telephone gave the lady a ring.

    NOTICE: SleepingBeauty has logged out.

    Sunny –thoughts-: Is there something wrong with Sica? First she said LAME then she laughs and then she answer to my riddle. O_O

    NOTICE: SunnyBunny has logged out.

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