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    [11.10.17] The search for the source of Yuri’s talents!

    황 태영

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    biggri [11.10.17] The search for the source of Yuri’s talents!

    Post by 황 태영 on Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:06 pm

    As SBS E!TV ‘K-STAR news’ channel searched for the source of Yuri’s talents, the results turned out to be ‘her genes’.

    Yuri’s main occupation is not only a singer, but also an MC and entertainer in many TV programmes with ‘Kkap Yul’ as her character.

    Yuri also has high popularity among the people, regardless of age groups. In August, when a question “Who is the artiste with superior genes that has a cute and well-shaped face?” was posted to university students from the Division of Plastic Surgery in a survey, Yuri beat actress Kim Sarang and fellow member Seohyun and was ranked 1st.

    Based on the responses from the male university students, Yuri’s cute image and small face won their hearts and left good impressions in them while female students admire Yuri’s distinct features, naming Yuri’s face as their ‘wanna-be face’.

    The poll results will be revealed on the October 21st (Friday) on ‘K-STAR news’ at 10pm.

    Credit: TV Daily
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