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    Starcraft Generation

    황 태영

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    biggri Starcraft Generation

    Post by 황 태영 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:22 pm

    [Paul SoShi Story]i've posted this on SSF international forum and i will take the first priviledge of posting fanfic in here :D

    so... here goes.

    as i've said in SSF forum, this fanfic happen to build up in my brain while i was playing starcraft 2 WoL while listening to SNSD music... so... what will happen if they're in it?
    no clue? so here goes..


    Location: The Flagship Hyperion Time: 1200 hrs – Ship board time

    A beautiful girl uniformed in a white-skin tight suit walked past the marines and the marines whistled as the female ghost unit gave them a warm smile.

    “man… if she was my girl, I can fight alone for a bunch of Zerg. That smile could completely replenish my hopes up” the marine said.

    “get real dude… why would you choose to spend your life alone fighting Zergs?” the other marines asked.

    “you could simply ask her out man. That way, that is much more happy memories than seeing her smile rather than fighting a bunch of Zerg alone” the other marine added.

    “man if that was easy… you see, I heard she’s Nova’s second in command at young age.” The marine who liked the girl said. And followed by another marine. “Nova? You mean Nova the famous ghost who is always perfect in infiltration missions?” the marine asked just nodded. The first marine sighed and flowed by the other marines since they have the utmost respect for their Commander James Raynor. And then, their superior suddenly called their attention.

    All of the marines stood up and flashes a salute as Commander James Raynor arrived.

    “Marines. We have a new unit here. She just transferred her today. Her name’s Yuri. Kwon Yuri. As some of you know, she’s the only ghost unit on our team and Nova’s second in command. Now don’t you all go giddy around her just because she’s a girl. I expect full cooperation. Kwon, introduce yourself.” Raynor called Yuri out front.

    Yuri stood out and removed her ghost visor from her face and looked at them with a serious face.
    “Hello everyone, my name is Kwon Yuri, but you all can call me Yuri or Yul. Please take care of me. this is the first time to be reassigned to Commander Raynor’s unit.”

    Yuri flashed her smile to the marines and the marines smiled back at Yuri. While they are getting to know each other with the help of Raynor. One individual is quietly staring at Yuri intently from a distance.

    <<<<<<<<<< End of Prologue >>>>>>>>>>

    Coming Soon

    황 태영

    Posts : 642
    Join date : 2011-06-15
    Age : 29
    Location : Seoul

    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by 황 태영 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:24 pm

    Episode 1

    “Yah!... your stare could freeze her to death you know?” the female pilot of the Banshee unit called the attention of the medic.

    “S-Sooyoung? What are you doing here?” the medic asked Sooyoung.
    “is it obvious? I’m taking a break right now since we don’t have a mission. What about you? What are YOU doing here?” Sooyoung asked the medic.

    “well……..” the medic fidget her fingers for a while and eventually took off her helmet and revealed her long straight blond hair and smiled.

    “aish… couldn’t you just take it off? Your suit I mean? You’re sweating like you’re in a sauna.” Sooyoung scoffed.

    “But….. I just can’t… we medics don’t know when we will be called in a mission…. So I have to be prepared as usual Sooyoung. Unlike you, your job is to pilot when there’s a mission… we medics… every call for us is always a mission…” the medic frowned. Sooyoung patted the girl’s shoulder as she feels how hard it is to be a field medic.

    “If you knew that you’re going to have a hard time… why’d you choose that line of work anyway?” Sooyoung asked.

    “You know I wanted to help people… I wanted to be useful… I wanted to be needed….” The female medic answered.

    “You wanted to be…..needed? hmmm” Soyoung put her finger on her chin as she thinks hard. “Is that the real reason you wanted to be medic? You just want some attention?”

    “YAH! It’s not like that…. you see…. My real reason was…” before the girl could finish her words. Raynor and Yuri were already in front of them.

    “Kwon, I would like you to meet our excellent pilot of the Banshee, Choi Sooyoung and our first class medic, Jung Sooyeon.” Raynor introduced the two girls to Yuri. To Yuri’s surprise, the medic retorted back at her Commander. “COMMANDER!!” but Raynor just laughed.

    “HAHAHAH! I’m sorry about that… I almost forgot, don’t call her by her Korean name, just call her Jessica.” Yuri smiled as Sooyoung and Jessica. “Well… I guess I can leave you girls to get acquainted because I got to meet another new recruit. Another new blood will be joining to our group of misfits. She trained under my second-in-command, Matt Horner. And from what I heard… she’s the youngest that had graduated her academy. As soon as I fetch her, you all will meet her soon.” The three girls saluted Raynor as he walks off and disappeared from their sights.

    “hi there… I’ll re-introduce myself again, the name’s Kwon Yuri. Nova’s second-in-command.” Yuri extends her hands out to shake Sooyoung and Jessica’s hand.

    Sooyoung shook Yuri’s hands and introduced herself “Choi Sooyoung here… nice to meet you Yuri. And this here is...”

    “Jessica….just Jessica is fine…” Jessica shyly extends her hands out to shake Yuri’s hand which Yuri noticed and made her chuckle.

    “You really hate your Korean name don’t you Sica?” Yuri asked as she smiled at Jessica.

    “S-Sica? H-how dare she call me nicknames!!” Jessica’s mind were somewhat distorted as Yuri already gave her a nickname without her knowing it. Sooyoung who was eating and observing the two. Made a small smile from her lips. “This is….interesting…. I wonder what Taengoo will say if she saw this scene” Sooyoung thoughts are now imagining thing between Yuri and Jessica.

    “so Sica…. Aren’t you going to tell me what is your real reason for being a field medic?” Yuri now asking Jessica with a serious look on her face. But before Jessica could talk, they all heard another female voice from behind.

    “I wouldn’t answer that if I were you Jessica.” The girl stood from behind them. And Yuri observed the girl. She was older than her and yet her physique was top notch for being her height shorter than her. Not being disrespectful, Yuri introduced herself.

    “I’m Kwon Yu---“ but Yuri was cut off as the older girl interrupts her introduction.

    “I know who you are…. Your kind almost killed me. I don’t like you and I don’t like being cozy with you.” the older girl hissed and walked away. As Yuri was going to follow the older girl, she felt hand holding her arm. Yuri turned around and saw Jessica hanging her head low.

    “I’m sorry…..” Jessica murmured as her head still hanged low. “She’s the reason why I’m still a field medic. She’s my step sister, Kim Taeyeon…. Back then she wasn’t like that before but as that incident happened, everything changed around her. Many times the Commander wanted to promote her but she still insisted on being a marine…”

    Yuri was at loss of words. “I…. it’s ok Sica… I understand… look if you need someone to talk to, at least I’m here..” Yuri felt slight sadness at Jessica.

    “YAH! I’m still here you know!!” Sooyoung shouted at both of them and they both simultaneously looked at Sooyoung pouting at them with food still on inside her mouth and chuckled a bit at Sooyoung’s expression and later on Sooyoung joined their laughter. But their laughter was cut off by another voice.

    “JESSSIII!!!” the three of them looked at another girl running towards them.

    “….don‘t tell me…. Taeyeon left her again….. aish…” Sooyoung face palmed herself as the girl coming in close to them.

    “Jessi!! Have you seen Taeyeon?” the girl asked while still catching her breath. “oh! You’re new here aren’t you? pleased to meet you.. I’m Tiffany” Tiffany introduced herself quickly and then ran away again and didn’t even give the chance to let Yuri introduce herself.

    “…what was that all about…” Yuri asked the two.

    Sooyoung sighed as she answered Yuri. “it looks like Fany did something to piss Taeyeon off…”

    “are they… a couple?” Yuri asked curiously and this time Jessica answered “you could say that… their relationship is not normal though… but they’re perfectly suited for each other”

    “yeah…. Both of them are crazy I tell yah Yuri… Taengoo is almost… I mean ALMOST pissed at everything but Tiffany seems the only one who can calm her down” Sooyoung assisted Jessica’s answer.
    “Sica.. I’m wondering…. What did your step sister mean earlier… she was almost killed by my…kind? Did something happen to her with another girl?” Yuri asked Jessica.

    “…it’s not a girl Yuri… in fact, it was a guy…. what she meant by that is she was almost killed by a ghost unit. Your “kind” that’s what she mean… I’m sorry on her behalf… I know she didn’t mean it that way…. Please don’t be mad at her…” Jessica explained.

    “don’t worry Sica….in my line of work… Patience is essential. So don’t worry about it.” Yuri answered to make Jessica feel comfortable.

    “I’m sorry… Yuri… I couldn’t just tell anyone about Taeyeon’s past…. I promised her that.” Jessica pleaded at Yuri in which Yuri find Jessica cute.

    “d-don’t worry about it…. It’s not good to know a person’s secret without her consent right? I fully understand that so don’t worry about it” Yuri answered Jessica with a smile.

    As they were going to the hangar so go with Sooyoung, the computer named Adjutant called Jessica.
    “Miss Jung, we need you on a mission right now. I’ll be putting I’ll be assigning to on a rescue mission on the planet of Mar Sara.”

    “right Adjutant… on my way.” Jessica answered but before Jessica could walk away Yuri called her. “Sica, you want me to come along? I want to see you off before your mission.”

    Jessica smile and nodded at Yuri. Sooyoung, who was observing the two couldn’t help but smile. “Something really is happening between the two hehehe” Sooyoung thought decided to go with them.

    Location: Hyperion Bridge

    As the three of them arrived at the bridge, Commander Raynor is already there. “Adjutant, explain the mission to Jessica”

    “Roger Commander, Miss Jung, I will send you on the Planet Mar Sara on a rescue operation along with 6 marines and 2 SCV’s from there you will establish a small base as there are high chance of zerg attack in the area.” The Adjutant explained.

    “Adjutant, who are we rescuing?” Jessica asked. “I’m sorry I’m not allowed to answer that question. Commander Raynor have the files.” The Adjutant answered back.

    “Jessica, you will be rescuing a girl that is being held as a guinea pig for Mengsk’s scientists. Your top priority is this girl.” Raynor explained to Jessica as Yuri and Sooyoung listened. Yuri became Curious and searched some info about the planet of Mar Sara from the Visor.

    “Commander Sir… forgive me for interrupting but aren’t Planet Mar Sara is just a mining planet for Refined minerals, unrefined ore, vespene gas, terrazine gas and scrap salvage?” Yuri asked as she connect her come on the screen and revealed the Planet’s information.

    Planet Mar Sara:
    • Population: 80,000+ terrans, unknown zerg
    • Allegiance: Kel-Morian
    • Diameter/Gravity: 9265 km, 1.09 standard
    • Axial Tilt/Climate: 13.5 degrees, +/- 34 Centigrade, very low humidity
    • Geography/Major Settlements: 18 small dust seas, 28 upland regions (17 volcanic), 12 major settlements (destroyed), 86 mining outposts, 12 refineries
    • Moon(s): 2 -- Pyramus, Thisby (gray, medium size, >2000 km dia)
    • Dominant Terrain Classification: Wasteland/mountain/desert
    • Dominant Life Forms: Human -- Kel-Morian Combine/Terran Dominion
    • Indigenous Life Forms: None/zerg infestation (minor)
    • Imports: Mining equipment, personnel, food, water
    • Exports: Refined minerals, unrefined ore, vespene gas, terrazine gas, scrap salvage

    Raynor couldn’t help but chuckle at Yuri. “hehehe, no wonder Nova recommend you on my Unit. You’re just as cautious as her. believe me Yuri… I once stepped on that planet and it’s not what it seems to be. Zerg infestation are not Minor. It is still unknown until this day.”

    “and you’re planning Sending Jessica there with just small army?” Yuri asked.

    “the smaller the better Yuri. Didn’t Nova teach you that? when infiltrating, it’s best to go in as much as possible, with low numbers.” Raynor explained as Yuri nodded. “the location of the facility is located on the north-east from your rendezvous point.” Raynor added.

    “Don’t worry Yuri, I’m not just a Medic carrying only with Flash grenade, Commander Raynor permitted me to carry a gauss rifle.” Jessica supported her commander’s explanation.

    “any idea what the Girl look like sir?” Jessica asked. “Adjutant show her the file of the girl.” Raynor requested.

    When the image showed up on the screen, almost everyone, except Jessica, Yuri and Raynor, laughed hard when they saw the file displayed on the screen.


    Jessica covered her face with both of her hands and Raynor face palmed himself. Both of them knew who’s responsible on the screen.

    “Hyoyeon did it again….” Jessica told her Commander. “I know….” Raynor couldn’t do anything but sigh. “ok people… enough of that… Adjutant, retrieve the file EARLIER before it got changed.” Raynor requested.

    “affirmative Commander….retrieveing now….” The Adjutant followed and showed the right file.


    “Sir… she's young!... what kind of experiment are they doing to this girl?” Jessica asked.

    “reports say, she’s been injected with some kind of virus which enhances abilities. I also received reports that they’ve been forcing her with a terrazine gas to stimulate brainwaves.” Raynor explained.

    “UNFORGIVABLE!!” everyone was surprised at Sooyoung’s outburst.

    “I’ll strangle Mengsk for this!! I’ll tie him up in my missile pods and fire him away!!” Sooyoung hissed.

    “Sooyoung is just like that… she doesn’t like inhumane activities…” Jessica whispered to Yuri.

    “I understand Sooyoung’s feelings… it’s not right…” Yuri answered.

    “well Jessica, now you got your mission, are you prepared? If things go wrong we’ll send back-up. We’ll send your sister right away…” Raynor assured Jessica.

    Yuri accompanied Jessica until they in front of the Medivac dropship. Before Jessica got on she saw Tiffany already preparing the Medivac dropship for the flight and Yuri called her before she got on.

    “Yuri? What’s this?” Jessica asked as Yuri gave her a visor similar to the one Yuri is using.

    “it’s a visor complete with com link, locator, night vision and binoculars.. but it doesn’t do just like mine like the cloaking ability. I’m worried.. and I have a bad feeling about this. Always wear it that once you land there. That way I’ll be able to connect with you and we can talk all the time.” Yuri explained.

    Jessica smiled at Yuri and hugged her which made Yuri blushed and Jessica whispered to Yuri’s ears “thank you.. I will always put it on.” And both of them waved goodbye as the Medivac went off towards the atmosphere of Mar Sara. Yuri who is still standing in the hangar couldn’t help but worry because once she felt something like that, she knows something is bound to happen.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Episode 1 complete >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Coming Soon

    황 태영

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by 황 태영 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:32 pm

    Episode 2

    Yuri is still standing in the hangar when she suddenly felt someone’s presence. As she turned around, she saw Taeyeon looking at her with a sharp gaze. Remembering Jessica’s words, Yuri still smiled and tries to talk to Taeyeon but before she could utter a word, Taeyeon cuts her sentence.

    “I don’t care if my sister became friends with you but I won’t accept you no matter what happens… remember that… ghost.” Taeyeon hissed at Yuri and left.

    “….nice to meet you too… I’m Yuri…” Yuri told it in a lowered voice, Sooyoung along with her another short friend saw and overheard what happened.

    Yuri sighed. She wanted to dig some info about Taeyeon’s past but as her training with Nova, Respect is one thing the she’d never forget. “we ghost units are known as a stealth assassin, but the most important code for us ghosts is loyalty, trust and respect. Always remember that Yuri” Nova’s voice repeatedly echoing on her mind right now. Then her thoughts were interrupted by Sooyoung and her short companion.

    “hey…you alright Yuri?” Sooyoung asked.

    “I’m fine Soo…. I’m still puzzled about Taeyeon…” Yuri answered back.

    “don’t let it get to you Yuri.” Sooyoung’s short companion comforts Yuri.

    “thank you…and who might you be?” Yuri replied to the short girl. “oh I’m sorry.. my name is Sunny.. Lee Sunny” Sunny replied as she puts on a cute pose. Yuri chuckled at Sunny as both of them shook hands.

    “YAH! What do you mean Sunny? Don’t you mean Lee Soonkyu?” Sooyoung retorted back at Sunny as she grins. “TAKE THAT BACK YOU OVERFEEDING SHIKSHIN!!” Sunny also retorted. Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle on the two bickering duo in which latter, ending up laughing at each other.

    “You know… you’re the first Ghost unit I saw who cares for somebody….” Sunny talked her mind out.

    “I know what you mean…. Most of the ghost are so dedicated to their missions… but I’ve been trained directly under Nova so… I’m a bit different. She taught me differently.” Yuri answered back.

    “You mean you didn’t even enlist in the Ghost training academy?” Sooyoung asked as she wonders.

    “No… Nova said I’m a special case. Although I wanted to enlist but she didn’t want to.. instead she trained me personally. On how I got my license… only she knows…” Yuri explained.

    “wow… isn’t that like.. a VIP treatment? You know, I heard, many of trainees from the academy, wanted to train under Nova” Sunny told them which made Yuri surprised a bit

    “really?... I didn’t know.. guess I’m lucky?” Yuri smiled as she scratches her head. Oh by the way Sunny.. I want to know.. which unit are you in?” Yuri asked.

    “believe it not.. she’s the first female that ever wanted to be in a siege tank unit. But frankly… the Commander promoted her because she almost could handle any type of unit sort of all around.. except a field medic but she’s most fond of the siege tank though.” Sooyoung answered as Sunny gave Yuri a peace sign with another cute pose. “just like Taeyeon… Taeyeon is the first female marine that got enlisted. And just as you heard from Jessica, Commander Raynor wanted to promote Taeyeon as his third-in-command but Taeyeon refuses it” Sooyoung added.

    “maybe…. Due to her problems… she wanted to do something to take her mind off on that.” Yuri answered.

    “you could say that” Sunny followed Yuri’s words.

    Location: Mar Sara, Night time

    Jessica and her units successfully landed on their landing point.

    “Jessi, take out there. I need to get back to Hyperion. Since this is a rescue ops, it wouldn’t be wise if I stick around.” Tiffany explained to Jessica through their comm. links as she dropped Jessica and her units.

    “I know Tiff, just take care of my sister… once you get back there… you’re the second one who can understand her.” Jessica replied and Tiffany waved at her before taking off and leaving Jessica and her units. She signaled her marines to stay put as she checks the terrain using her built-in com link on her helmet.

    “Guys, 5 clicks from here, to the west, there’s an abandoned command center, SCV’s as soon we reach it, one of you build a bunker and one of you build a barracks the rest will harvest resources and one of you will help me power up the command center. Clear?” Jessica commanded her unit.

    “Roger ma’am” the marines and SCV’s replied back at her.

    As they were going towards their rendezvous point, the marine in front of Jessica stopped which caught her attention. “what’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

    “Ma’am, there’s a zergling below us from the cliff… should we eliminate it?” the marine asked for permission but… “no… leave it…. Who knows if there’s more of them. If you shoot it, the noise will attract more of them.. It’s best we stay clear.” Jessica answered back as he prohibited the marine to go trigger happy. “let’s continue on.. but quietly. We’re almost there.”

    Meeting up with their rendezvous point took them about 45 minutes because they had to conceal themselves everytime they saw a zerg race roaming nearby. Jessica highly instructed all of her marines not to trigger any single shot as the sound from their rifle will only attract more zerg towards them.

    “alright boys, set up a perimeter. Marines, team by two’s the remaining two get ready two of you will be coming with, prep in 15 minutes.” Jessica commanded her unit as the SCV’s did their work as Jessica instructed them.

    Location: Mengsk’s secret Laboratory

    “how is the test subject’s progress?” Arcturus Mengsk was on screen talking to the head scientist.

    “Sir… if we continue to force her, she might ending up dying so soon.” The scientist replied.


    “But Sir.. you know I can’t do that!! She’s the only one with perfect DNA that can tolerate the virus! But injecting her with too much is dangerous for her!!” the scientist answered with a concerned tone.

    “Mister! Might I remind you… I AM THE ONE FUNDING THE PROJECT! NOT YOU!! IF YOU DON’T DO AS I SAY CONSIDER YOUR NOTHING AS I WILL CUT OFF YOUR RESOURCES!! DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR?” Mengsk hissed at the head scientist and the scientist couldn’t do anything but nod.

    “Good… now…. Continue with the project. Increase the dose of terrazine and the virus. Inform about the results later.” Mengsk ended and the screen go blank as he turned his comm. link off. The head scientist were speechless as his team could only looked at him.

    “you will never have your way Mengsk… now I know why Raynor hated your guts so much.” the head slammed fist on the console that is in front of him. “if you will have to cut my resources.. consider your project terminated…” he added.

    Time: 1200 hrs Night time.

    “Sir.. we’re going to have a break.. would you like something for me to get you anything?” one of the head scientist asked the head scientist.

    “no I’m good… just get to your break…” he replied. “I’ll follow you after I’m done with this. I need to observe the test subject.” He replied as he is still looking at Yoona who I still unconscious inside the glass tank.

    “Sir…. since we all know what happened… I’d like you to know…. We also care for the girl’s life. If you want to escape with her, I suggest you do it now sir. I didn’t tell anyone but…. Mengsk’s men will come down here and will eliminate you and retrieve the girl…” the staff warned him about his secret situation which surprised him.

    “What the… you want me to abandon all of you? I…. I can’t do that!!” he replied. His staff went over to the console and pressed a button and the water inside Yoona’s glass tank slowly drained.

    “What are you doing??!!! You could lose your life!!” he shouted at the staff.

    “Sir.. I’d rather die than to continue this inhumane research to the girl…. I know that during those times you treated her like she’s your own daughter.” The staff explained as he grabbed a metallic chair and smashed it to Yoona’s glass tank in order to get her inside. The head scientist could not believe what he was seeing.

    As the glass tank were broken. The staff who smashed the glass tank quickly catches Yoona and took off his lab coat and put it on to Yoona as she wasn’t wearing anything.

    “hurry Sir!, Mengsk’s men could show up any minute now!” as soon the staff told him that, they both heard the sound of gun shots and flame thrower hissing throughout the hallway.

    “oh…my…god… they’re killing everyone!!” the head scientist is now in the state of panic as he saw one armored marine stepped inside the lab room and immediately aimed at the three of them. The staff who set Yoona free pummeled his fist on one button and the door behind the marine closed. And then, gunshots were fired. The head scientist stared at his staff who is in front of him and also looking at him.

    “Sir… please save the girl….. don’t let her fall into Mengsk’s hand.” The staff said to him as blood starting to flow from his mouth. That was then he realized that the staff covered him and Yoona from the bullet that is meant for him.

    “Hand the girl over and we will let you live Professor.” The marine asked as he was still aiming at the scientist. But before he could answer, both of them felt an earthquake and in an instant, one hydralisk emerged from the ground and attack the marine. While the hydralisk was busy attacking the marine, the head scientist push a button and revealed an escape route from the floor where he was standing. Just then Yoona woke up but somewhat weak.

    “W-Where.. am I?” she asked as her vision is still blur. She could only hear what is happening.

    “I’m going to help you escape!! Quickly, climb on my back and don’t ever let go!! We’re going to some place safe!!” the head scientist explained to Yoona.

    As soon as Yoona climb the head scientist’s back. he turned around as looked in horror as the marine is now mutilated by the hydralisk. As he saw the hydralisk is going to attack them with its spine needle, he wasted no time and went underground and immediately sealing the passageway in order to hold off the hydralisk. As soon both of them got down, there were already an emergency supply of gauss rifle and limited clip for the rifle and a flashlight.

    “can you walk?” he asked Yoona. Still receiving no answer he assumed Yoona lost consciousness again. Fearing the Yoona’s life, he activated a distress signal and went on ahead towards the underground tunnel.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar

    As Sunny showing off her siege tank to Yuri, due to the advance technology of being a Ghost Unit, Yuri is the first one to receive the distress call. Yuri’s smile instantly disappeared. As the distress call was coming from Mar Sara.

    “Yul? What’s wrong? You suddenly became serious?” Sunny asked as she noticed Yuri’s serious look on her face.

    “I received a distress signal coming from Planet Mar Sara….I hope they’re safe… sorry guys but I need to inform the commander.” Yuri excused herself as she stormed out of Sunny’s Siege Tank. And soon after, Sooyoung and Sunny followed her. in the hallway, Taeyeon saw Yuri running towards the bridge.

    “YAH! JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE A SCPECIAL UNIT TO THE COMM----“ Taeyeon shouted at Yuri but Yuri didn’t pay attention to her and just ran past her, which made her wonder. Even if it is Taeyeon’s first time meeting Yuri since she boarded the Hyperion, seeing Yuri’s serious face made her sense that something is wrong with Jessica’s mission and her worries only piled up when she also saw Sooyoung and Sunny running following Yuri to the bridge.

    Location: Hyperion Bridge

    Raynor’s men were startled when Yuri came storming in.

    “WhoA Whoa there kiddo! What’s the rush?” Raynor asked

    “Commander I think we might have a problem.. I received a distress signal from Mar Sara the signal is just a warning, I can’t pin point the location.” Yuri explained to her Commander as she patch her comm. link to Adjutant’s system and instantly flashed a warning a distress signal for the planet.

    “Commander, negative on pin pointing the origin of the distress signal but the signal is not fake. Something is blocking our communication on our team on the planet” Adjutant explained to them.

    “Jessica….” All of them looked at their back and saw Taeyeon clenching her fist. And instantly stormed out the bridge and went to the armory to get suited up

    “Yuri… I know you’re not in good term with Jessica’s sister but could you go with her? Sooyoung, go with Yuri. Sunny you can use a goliath this time. Siege tank are too big for this.” Raynor commanded them and the three of them saluted back. “Adjutant! Call Kim Hyoyeon here on the bridge and inform Tiffany Hwang about the situation” Raynor added.

    Location: Hyperion Armory

    “CAN YOU REPEAT THAT COMMANDER??!?” Taeyeon shouted as she received a notice from Raynor.

    “I ask Yuri to be your squad leader for this. You will take orders from her is that clear?” Raynor repeated his order to Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon replied
    “I’m fine by myself commander I don’t any Ghost unit supp---” but she was cut by Raynor’s voice. “MARINE THAT’S AN ORDER!” Taeyeon couldn’t do but to give in to her Commander’s order and waited for Tiffany, Yuri, Sooyoung and Sunny. Tiffany came first suited up to pilot the Medivac and followed by Sooyoung also suited up to pilot the Banshee and then came along Yuri and Sunny. Sunny boarded the Goliath unit and went inside Tiffany’s Medivac. After they’ve all prepared, Yuri called them out.

    “ok listen up. as you all know we still don’t know who made the distress signal so we have to assume we’re on a rescue mission. Sunny, you will stay in the Medivac once we get the since the Banshee do not have an anti-air capability. Sooyoung, you will keep an eye out even for slight movement. Tiffany, you make sure be ready all the time since there’s a high chance that we will coming in hot.” Yuri paused as she turned her eyes on Taeyeon. The rest of the girls sensed the tension rising up from Taeyeon since they know Taeyeon don’t want Yuri to be with her.

    “Taeyeon… I know you don’t like me but I want your cooperation on this. This is a suicide mission as we all know, something is jamming the signal because me and Adjutant couldn’t pin point the exact location of the distress signal.” Yuri talked casually to Taeyeon and Taeyeon just kept quiet answering only by nodding.

    “now we’re clear on our role. Let’s go.” But before they got on, another individual called them all

    “HEY WAIT UP!!” a another girl with the same height as Taeyeon and Sunny came running towards them.

    “Hyo! What do you want now? We were about to go!” Taeyeon scoffed at Hyoyeon.

    “I know I know. I just wanted you guys to give you this. It’s the Commander’s order” Hyoyeon gave Taeyeon chip that can be attached on Taeyeon’s gauss rifle.

    “What is this?” Taeyeon asked. “this is the one I’ve been working on Taengoo. This chip will allow you gauss rifle some functions that you could never imagine.” Hyoyeon replied to Taeyeon as she smiled.

    “ok… what function?” Taeyeon asked again.

    “you have to find out that yourself. Just insert the chip on the slot provided in your rifle. You should see an indicator there. And you can choose the functions.” After Hyoyeon explained, she walked over to Yuri.

    “I made this one for you. I insisted that it shouldn’t be used yet but the Commander said so… so use it well…” Hyoyeon explained to Yuri about the chip she gave to Yuri with a concern face which Yuri noticed.

    “so you mean this one is still a prototype? What does it do?” Yuri asked.

    “I was planning to invent that could make your cloaking ability limitless along with an increased sight range on your targeting system.. and yes you said it was still a prototype so don’t rely on it too much.” Hyoyeon explained again.

    “hey, don’t worry about, if it comes to saving lives, willing to take the help all I can get.” Yuri replied and gave Hyoyeon a handshake.

    “Tae-Tae, Yul! It’s time to go!” Tiffany called them and both of them boarded Tiffany’s Medivac. Hyoyeon waved them goodbye the whole team went off to planet Mar Sara.

    Location: Mar Sara / Command Center *before the escape incident at the lab*

    Jessica grunted as she has no clue that her and her units were being isolated because of the signal jammer the Mengsk used because of the retrieval for Yoona.

    “Dammit!... “ Jessica cussed as she slams he hands on the console of the command center. “maybe this Com center has been abandoned too long.” She Sighed. Getting no response from the Hyperion, she decided to take matter in her own hands. And called the two remaining marines.

    “Boys, I’m taking full authority now. I can’t contact the Hyperion.” Jessica said. As they were going to head out, a sudden beep alarmed on Jessica’s comm. link.

    “A distress signal? Who could that be?” Jessica wondered. Then all of a sudden a huge explosion can be seen from the sky.

    “Miss Jung..… that explosion direction came from the hidden lab.” The marine reminded Jessica. Fearing to fail her mission, she immediately rushed out along with the two marines. “we got to hurry but take caution from any zerg races.” Jessica reminded the two marines with her.

    “the rest of you be on alert as the explosion will alert some of the Zergs in the area.” Jessica gave her last notice before they went to proceed to the lab.

    Location: Secret Lab Underground Tunnel

    The head scientist were still running with an unconscious Yoona on his back when trouble eventually forced their way through the hidden passage behind them. Multiple Zerglings are now chasing them through the tunnel.

    “oh Sh*t!! ZERGLINGS!!” the scientist could fight back because he is worried about Yoona. “Damn… still no support from HQ… curse you Mengsk… I will not hand this girl over to you!!” he thought as he was running for their life.

    And then all of a sudden to his front, another zerg creature emerges. “HOLY SH*T!! BANELING!!” he shouted as the Baneling charged right at him. The scientist shoots the Baneling and it exploded close him and a little of acid splatter flew to him hitting his left arm, both of his legs and a little to his face. “AAARGH!!” he almost scream in pain but he kept his mind on protecting Yoona and he endured the pain and despite of his injury, he forced himself to run to the exit as they were close to it. After enduring an excruciating pain from his melting flesh due to the Baneling mishap, he managed to get out with Yoona, who is still unconscious, on his back. As he turned around, he saw countless Zerglings rushing toward at them. With his last ounce of strength, he bashed the button beside the emergency shutter and a thick metal shutter immediately closes and after that he loses his strength.

    “at least… this way, Mengsk won’t have you this way…. I’m sorry Yoona for doing a horrible experiment to you at an early age. Your ability is almost complete and I trust you will use it for a good cause.” The scientist hugged the unconscious Yoona as if he wants to protect her and tightens his grip on his gauss rifle as he hanging on his life.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Episode 2 Complete >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 3

    Location: Medivac
    Time: 5 minutes before landing on Mar Sara

    Yuri is sitting beside Tiffany in the cockpit area while Taeyeon is helping Sunny preparing the Goliath unit.

    “I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself properly, I’m Tiffany Hwang you can call me Tiffany or Fany for short.” Tiffany said as she tries to get to know Yuri.

    “Kwon Yuri….” Yuri replied as they both smiled confirming each other’s presence. “So tell me… are you and Taeyeon are a couple?” Yuri asked.

    “hmm.. I guess you could say that… but we haven’t gone way “over the fence” if you know what I mean.” Tiffany replied with an eye smile and Yuri chuckled.

    “I know what you mean Fany-ah…. But I’m worried about Taeyeon though…” Yuri told Tiffany with a worried look on her face.

    “and why is that?” Tiffany asked.

    “you all know she doesn’t like me.. it seems she had a trauma with a ghost unit…. I wanted to be close to her because…” Yuri stopped as she sigh.

    “like her?.....” Tiffany replied with a serious face.

    “no.. it’s not like that Fany-ah.. this whole squad leader thing…. I haven’t command a squad before…. It would be better if Taeyeon leads…” Yuri explained to her as Tiffany’s face is somewhat at ease at Yuri’s answer.

    “is that so?... well… better get used to it Yuri-ah…. I know why the commander appoint you as our squad leader.” Tiffany said. “you see…. Tae-Tae, when it comes to Jessica’s aid, she’s going ballistic, not caring about her team.” Tiffany added as she sighed.

    “how so?” Yuri asked with a wondering look on her face.

    “hmm how should I put it….. maybe because of her trauma? I don’t know if you heard but… there is one time a guy tried to court Jessi… if I remember his name is Taecyon. At first Tae-Tae is against their relationship but eventually, Tae-Tae accepted their relationship because this Taecyeon guy is so sincere everytime he visits her at their home… that was way before they were recruited.” Tiffany said.

    “then what happened to this Taecyon guy?” Yuri now curiously asked.

    Tiffany replied “well……. This Taecyeon guy is really good looking I’d say… but… one time, Tae-Tae saw Taecyeon making out with another girl. Tae-Tae wanted to beat the pulp out of him but decided not to and told Jessica. Jessica didn’t believe her and eventually they got into an argument and ending up Jessica running away from her. And guess what where’d she go?” Tiffany asked.

    “to Taecyeon?” Yuri replied.

    “right. She went straight to Taecyeon but Jessi didn’t know, Tae-Tae followed her. Tae-Tae really cared for Jessi very dearly. You may call it over protective but you couldn’t blame her. So… Tae-Tae followed Jessi and at first, from Tae-Tae point of view, since she’s hiding far away, for her it seems they’re just like talking to each other because Tae-Tae saw Jessi crying while talking to Taecyeon. She assumed Jessi is pouring out her frustration to Taecyeon about Tae-Tae and she left her as she knows Jessi wouldn’t listen to her and just went home. Tae-Tae walked aimless but eventually her feet dragged her home and to her surprise, Jessi is already at their doorstep hugging her knees crying.” Tiffany stopped as a voice from their behind talked.

    “he deserved what he gets for hurting my sister Fany-ah” Taeyeon voiced out and stormed out of the cockpit area.

    “great… it her habit… eavesdropping..” Tiffany sighed.

    “well … me did not noticing her like that with her armor suit like that… she’s make a ghost unit.. I didn’t even heard her that she’s right behind us.” Yuri joked and Tiffany laughed a bit.

    “well… I’ll just continue… Tae-Tae found Jessi crying while hugging her knees… and as Jessi looked up o her, Tae-Tae saw a cut on her lip and her left cheek had a slight bruise.” Tiffany continued. “Jessi told Tae-Tae that she should have believed or listened to her because during the time Taecyeon and Jessi are talking about her frustration, the other girl arrived and without warning, she grabbed Jessi by the hair and throws her at the ground. still recovering from what just happened, the girl kicked Jessi in her gut and punched her. Taecyeon just stood there not doing anything and left her like nothing happened.”

    “that freakin’ sonova…” Yuri flared up in anger as she almost cursed her anger out learning what happened to Jessica. Tiffany noticed it and smiled. Yuri’s reaction made her felt somehow assured as Yuri and Jessica haven’t met that long, Yuri is showing a genuine care to Jessica just hearing Jessica’s previous life before becoming a field medic. “maybe Tae-Tae could give Yuri a chance on this one.” Tiffany smiled as she wonders and still looking at Yuri’s reaction.

    “I’M GONNA KILL BOTH OF THEM FOR DITCHING JESSICA LIKE THAT!” Sooyoung shouted at the comm.-link from her Banshee. Hearing Sooyoung’s voice made them chuckle.

    “omo… Youngie… you were listening?” Tiffany asked.

    “of course Fany-ah…. I have no one here to talk to.. I’m all alone inside the Banshee” Sooyoung explained which made Tiffany laughed a bit. “ok ok … well…. just listen and I’ll continue” Tiffany added.

    “when Tae-Tae learned what happened, she went over to Taecyeon’s place and confronted him but the time she get there. Taecyeon just slapped her in the face with money saying that’s is for Jessi’s medical bill if she ever thinking about going to hospital. Tae-Tae picked up the money and guess what did she do?”Tiffany asked.

    “Taengoo took the money and beat the hell out of him before leaving the place?” Sooyoung answered.

    “close Youngie… but no… Tae-Tae didn’t took the money. Tae-Tae picked up money and kicked Taecyeon on his “below” and then kicked him again on the head. As Taecyeon fell flat down, Tae-Tae shoved all of the money to Taecyeon’s mouth and repeatedly stomped her foot on Taecyeon’s gut till he coughed up blood.” Tiffany explained which made Yuri and Sooyoung fall silent.

    “well I’d love to finish up that history but unfortunately, we’re here.” Tiffany ended their conversation as she pushed a button which alarmed the hangar area of the Medivac.

    “Fany-ah thank you for sharing that. I know now a little more about Taeyeon. I promise I’ll try my best to get her good side.” Yuri assured Tiffany.

    Yuri went the Medivac’s cargo hold area and instructed her team. “ok listen up. this will be my first and last order to you…. I’m handing over the authority to Kim Taeyeon…” Yuri announced and everyone is surprised at Yuri’s order.

    “You know that Commander Raynor will reprimand your action of handing the authority to me..” Taeyeon said with a stern look on her face.

    “Taeyeon… to tell you the truth, I’m new to this leadership thing. All my life I’ve been trained under Nova, never once in my life I’ve lead my own squad but you, on the other hand, seems suited for the mission.” Yuri replied back.

    “you know I could easily leave you behind and just rescue Jessica and the girl.” Taeyeon hissed at Yuri but Yuri still put on a calm face. “I know you wouldn’t do that… you’re not that kind of person…” Yuri replied.

    “how can you be so sure? What.. you believe Jessica’s words that I’m once a goody-two-shoes?” Taeyeon scoffed at Yuri.

    Yuri smiled and talked back “maybe… maybe not but I know deep inside, you’re not the type who would abandon someone who is in need of help…”

    “aish… DO WHAT YOU WANT!” Taeyeon shouted at Yuri and stormed off towards the cargo gate to get ready to drop off. As Taeyeon turned her back at them a small glint of smile were forming at Taeyeon’s lips.

    “ok guys… here we are… Mar Sara… I’m detecting a command center nearby…In the pipe, five by five.” Tiffany alerted them while nearing their destination.

    “Yul? Why did you…..” Sooyoung , who is talking through the comlink, curiously asked Yuri about her actions.

    “decided to give Taeyeon the authority? Simple… just like I said earlier… I’m new to this leadership thing.” Yuri replied with a calm face while smiling.

    “but you know how much she hates you right? As far I’m concerned, she might make you stand by and take one of us instead.” Sunny added.

    “I know…. But I don’t want to force myself to her….. I want her give her some time… I know she had problems with a ghost units… and I’m one of them.” Yuri replied.

    “if she decides to take one of us.. don’t blame us…” Sunny warned.

    “Ok guys, we’ve arrived at the landing zone.” Tiffany warned them all. “thank you for riding the Tiffany’s Medivac Express. Enjoy your stay!” she added while giggling.

    Before they go out, Sooyoung and Sunny are still confused on who are they going to follow. Yuri or Taeyeon? Raynor’s words are still intact in their mind about following Yuri’s Command but what made them confused was Yuri handing the authority over to Taeyeon, while Yuri and Taeyeon were waiting at each other who’s giving the order.

    Location: Secret Laboratory front area, Still night fall

    Jessica and her marines manage to arrive at the Secret laboratory entrance only to be surprised at their discovery. From the entrance, they saw countless dead bodies riddled with bullets.

    “just what the heck happened here…. Boys, we need to get to Yoona ASAP!” Jessica worriedly commanded her marines.

    As they went inside more further, the three of them suddenly stopped at the carnage they witnessed. “Ma’am… I think we have an infestation case here.” The marine said as he checks the wound on one of the scientist. “you’re right about the soldier….” Jessica said as she pointed on one dead marine that had assaulted the lab with a large cut across on its armor.

    “stay frosty boys… we don’t know how many more zerg that are still here…” Jessica reminded her marines. Slowly but surely, they went inside deep further. Every step Jessica make towards the appointed room, her worries are becoming stronger and stronger as she’s concerned about Yoona.

    As they finally arrived on the appointed room, They saw tons of dead bodies, Marines, Firebats, Marauders and Scientists. “Ma’am… this is serious sh*t….” the other marine said.

    “I know…. We better hurry, you two stay guard while I try to open this door, and connect me your life support so if anything happens, I’ll heal you right away.” Jessica reminded her team as she forcefully opened the console panel next to the door and tries to override it.

    Location: Mar Sara
    Landing success

    In order to make Taeyeon make the orders, Yuri closed her eyes and disappeared right in their sight. Without them knowing, the cargo bay door opened by itself. They already assumed Yuri walked out on them.

    “What now Taeng? Yuri walked out on us… she’s serious handing over the full authority to you so… I guess we’ll follow you…” Sunny said to Taeyeon who is still quiet.

    Taeyeon sighed. “what is that idiot doing acting like a hot shot..” then Sooyoung from the comm-link talked “well.. what’s your order Taengoo?”

    “I was planning on sticking to her plan earlier. And she’s right about one thing Soo, you don’t have anti-air capabilities so I’m thinking Sunny here should remain in here to provide you anti-air support in case some Overlord or Mutalisk show up.” Taeyeon replied.

    Then Tiffany got out of the cockpit and asked Taeyeon. “so what’s your plan Tae-Tae?”

    “ well.. since Yuri there and me is the most suited for finding Jessica, even though I can’t stand her, I was planning on teaming up with her.” Taeyeon explained.

    “that’s a nice plan Taeyeon. Let’s do it” Yuri surprised them uncloaking herself which surprised everyone.

    “Yuri!??! We thought you went outside!!” Sunny asked Yuri.

    “no.. I had to make it look I went outside or Taeyeon won’t issue us an order.” Yuri explained

    “YAH! YOU FREAKIN’ SMART A**, AFTER THIS MISSION I’M KICKING YOU OUT OF THE HYPERION!!” Taeyeon hissed at Yuri. Fuming mad for getting tricked by Yuri.

    “Guys…. I detect an active command center and it looks like it’s unharmed… maybe Jessica’s in there?” Sooyoung breaks the tension as she explained from the Banshee.

    “Kwon Yuri, you come with me, Soo, Fany-ah, you two fly low and quietly as much as possible, Sunny, get ready inside the Goliath for Sooyoung’s support….” Taeyeon said as she gave them her plan. Little did she know, Tiffany, Sunny and Sooyoung smiled as they feel Yuri’s actions are affecting Taeyeon’s wall.

    As Taeyeon and Yuri got off the Medivac. Tiffany and Sooyoung went to do what Taeyeon instructed them and they fly low to avoid detection and assuring everything is going according to her plan, the two of them heads off to Jessica’s small base.

    20 minutes of walking cautiously, all of them arrived at Jessica’s small base. Assuring everything is normal on the base, Taeyeon signaled Tiffany and Sooyoung to land near the base. Taeyeon, ran quickly inside the command center only to find Jessica is not inside.

    “HEY! Where’s my sister?” Taeyeon asked one of the SCV pilot who is just taking a break. “Miss Jung went over to the hidden lab. We all saw an explosion earlier. She took two of her marines and stationed the four of them here.” The pilot answered.

    Taeyeon clenched her fist hard and Tiffany noticed it. “Tae-Tae… I think this time… you should trust Yuri on this one…..” Tiffany suggested. “NO! I don’t want her to be my sister’s savior!!” *SLAP* everyone was shocked at Tiffany’s reaction. Even though Tiffany didn’t hit Taeyeon directly in the cheek because of her suit, Tiffany had to do it.

    “Will quit being a selfish, over-protective, and unreasonable sister? We’re talking about saving Jessi here.. LOGICALLY!” Tiffany hissed at Taeyeon. “Tell me Tae-Tae… can you save her by yourself?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon with a straight seriousness in her face.

    Taeyeon fell silent at Tiffany’s question. “Fany-ah.. I’m the only family she’s got and the same goes for me… at least I wanted to be a good sister to her even if we’re not blood related.” Taeyeon replied with a low voice.

    “don’t you think you’re carrying that weight so long by yourself? We want to help you Tae-Tae… we all know how you cared for Jessi… at least let some of us care for her too” Tiffany answered back at Taeyeon with a gentle voice. Then all of a sudden, a warning made them go back to their hype.

    “Warning! Warning! Detecting major amount of Zerg units heading this way. Qunatity…..unknown..” the computer from the command center warned them.

    “Fany-ah.. don’t fly yet… Sunny, ready the Goliath, Soo, hold your position above us so Sunny can provide you an anti-air support.” Taeyeon turn to Yuri.

    “Let me make this clear “Ghost”, don’t act as if you’re getting cozy with me for giving you orders. I still hate your kind but I order you to infiltrate the lab and get my sister. CLEAR?” Taeyeon scoffed at Yuri. Yuri sighed as she nods. Sooyoung and Sunny just shook their heads at Taeyeon’s stubbornness about accepting Yuri. Tiffany, on the other hand, is starting to get irritated at her attitude.

    Yuri prepared inside the barracks as she gathered some ammunitions for her infiltration side mission. While she was preparing, Sooyoung stepped inside with her.

    “are you sure you’re fine with this Yul? Going in there alone?” Sooyoung asked.

    “don’t worry about me Soo.. I can handle myself.” Yuri replied as she slaps in a mag on her 25mm C-10 Canister Assault Rifle. “Yul…this is Suicide… even with your cloaking ability… what if you ran into an Overlord?” this time Sunny talked from Sooyoung’s behind.

    “well… I can’t dodge that, I guess I have to stay alive till then I guess… besides, Tiffany is right, Taeyeon’s bulky suit is impossible to miss. She’ll be spotted immediately.” Yuri replied. “but thanks for the concern. I do need that… always.” She added as she puts on a sad expression face which Sooyoung and Sunny noticed. The three of them got out of the barracks as soon Yuri is finished preparing for her side mission.

    “I’m gonna head out now…. So wait for us guys..” Yuri said a she puts on her visor and activated her cloaking device and instantly disappeared from their sight. “OK! Fany-ah, get ready inside the Medivac and warm-up its thrusters, Soo, be on high alert and you as well Sunny. SCV’s, in the Medivac now!” Taeyeon commanded them as they were all preparing for the worst because multiple Zerg units are coming at them.

    Location: Unknown area

    Mengsk’s unit are guarding the signal jammer. “man…. This is a sh*tty job we got here…” the Marine said while brandishing his Gauss rifle.

    “you could say that man… I mean, it’s boring here, guarding stuff ain’t my style.. I’d rather kill some Zerg.” The Firebat unit followed. “by the way dude… why are we guarding this device? I mean this planet is almost dead…. Who cares about the scientists?” the marine asked.

    “man.. I wish I’m with the “retrieval” team hahahah” the Marauder laughed. But his laughter were suddenly came into a halt when he felt something hit him on the back. feeling that it’s still on his back, he reached for it and pull it out from his back and identified it.

    “what the f*ck… it’s spine needle……….ZEEEEERG!!! UGH!” the Marauder instantly died as his face was riddled with multiple spine needles, the Marine and the Firebat saw it happened and managed to carry the signal jamming device and they both went inside the bunker. As they locked them elves inside, they immediately returned fire at the oncoming Zerglings and Hydralisks.

    "Die! Die! Die!" the Marine roared as he fires at the Hydralisks. Several times the Hydralisks retaliated back and barely missing him. "You want a piece of me, boy?" he taunted the Hydralisk for barely missing him.

    "Ashes to ashes." the Firebat cussed at the Zerglings and managed to kill most of them before they reach the bunker. Getting the piece of action they’ve been wanting a while ago made the Marine and the Firebat excited and used their Stim pack to give them temporary boost in their adrenaline. After a good 45 minutes of defending inside the bunker, they manage to wipe out the batch of Hydralisks and Zerglings.

    "Ooh... scorched earth." The Firebat taunted then laughed a bit. "Excuse me, I gotta burp..." the Marine also did the same. As they were celebrating, they both suddenly felt a huge earthquake. “Man.. this is not good…” the Marine said. "Fueled up! and ready to fry." The Firebat added as they both prepare for something they’ve never expected. The shaking stopped and both of them peeked outside from the bunker’s firing hole and saw their next problem.

    “Holy sh*t…. “ the Marine cussed at they both saw 3 oncoming Ultralisk heading their way. The Marine panicked. "Mother?" he said. The Firebat also said "My goose is gettin' cooked!" as he know what chance do they have against three Ultralisks with just the two of them.

    Location: Secret Laboratory. Main room

    Jessica and her two Marines managed to get in the main room where they were suppose to rescue Yoona. The three of them cautiously walked as Jessica warned them to move slowly as she was still reading some Zerg unit burrowed in the area.

    “Man… this is f*cked up… Miss Jung… get in between us, I got this feeling we’re being watched here.” The Marine explained to Jessica. “Miss Jung… we got a live one here but…. I’m not medic but I think he will not make it” the other Marine notified Jessica. It was the scientist that helped the head scientist escaped earlier.

    “hey… “ Jessica called the scientist who is merely hanging on his life.

    “w-who are you?.... a-are you an angel?” the scientist talked with a los voice. “I wish I am but I’m not… what happened here?” Jessica asked as she holds the scientist’s hand.

    “Me-Mengsk… wiped out our….whole… team…. Helped escaped the head scientist…. With the test…..subject with him…..” after that, the scientist took his last breath and died. Jessica stood up and the other Marine called her attention.

    “Miss Jung, there’s a destroyed floor here… it looks like an underground tunnel. I’m gonna go check.” The marine said.

    “WAIT! DON’T GO IN ALONE!!” Jessica shouted but it was too late as the Marine already dropped down on the underground tunnel. “Ma’am.. you reading this?...” the Marine who dropped on the underground tunnel asked as Jessica is monitoring his view through him. Jessica saw several scratches along the metal wall. Jessica knew the sight is not good. “Marine… get out of there now… NOW!! AND I MEAN NOW!!!” Jessica shouted but all of a sudden, Jessica and her remaining Marine heard the other Marine who is in the underground screamed as he shoots and Zerglings screaming noises. Jessica couldn’t heal the Marine on the underground as he wasn’t in Jessica’s range. Jessica stood frozen as she watches the life support monitor of the Marine slowly decreasing and eventually became flat-lined.

    “Ma’am, we better get out of this hell hole… this place is f*cked up…” the Marine pulled Jessica right in time as the Hydralisk unburrowed itself because of the commotion and saw both of them. The Marine shoots and managed to kill the Hydralisk that’s behind them.

    “thank you… let’s retreat now…” Jessica said as she came to her senses and the both ran out of the room just in time as several Zerglings, Hydralisks and Banelings emerged from the emergency escape hatch where the head scientist escaped earlier. The Marine shielded Jessica as he fires back at some Zerglings that is pursuing them but unfortunately, backed up by the Hydralisks, all of them simultaneously attacked them. The marine saw it coming and made a split decision, he Hugged Jessica and covered her on the oncoming spine needles and it pierced through his armored hitting several of his vital points. To her horror, Jessica saw it all happened. “Ma’am…it was nice serving you….” the Marine said while Jessica is trying to save his life by healing him. “Come on!! You’re tougher than this Marine!!” Jessica shouted in tears as she was desperately trying to save the Marine’s life and not caring on her oncoming danger. “Ma’am… I’m done for.. escape from here… I can’t have someone beautiful as you die in a horrible death besides…. You have someone waiting for you ain’t it?.....” the Marine added as he breathed his last breath. His last words strucked Jessica back into reality, she remembered Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Tiffany and her new found friend Yuri. “I promise I’ll live for your sake…. Thank you” Jessica said as she bids farewell to the Marine who just saved her life. She grabbed the Marine’s 8mm C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle along with her own Rifle

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Episode 3 Complete >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Whoah nice~

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    WHOAAHh.. That was real action! Love it! please continue <3

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Loved Sooyoung's role. LOL. Really fits her well. I mean the character is just like her :)))

    Sooyoung :( hwaiting! get well soon! :)
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 4

    Location: Mar Sara Command Center

    Jessica’s stationed unit along with Sunny, Sooyoung and Tiffany fights to defend the base. Luckily for Sooyoung, the Zerg didn’t have any aerial units like Overlords and Mutalisks.

    "Apocalypse... now!" Sooyoung shouted as she was getting excited blasting some of the Zerg units while cloaked. “uh..oh someone’s getting excited” Sunny said as she chuckled at Sooyoung’s words. Tiffany who is already hovering high in order not to be seen by the Hydralisks also laughed. “Sunny.. you shouldn’t be carefree as you were still on the ground with the Goliath.” Tiffany warned Sunny.

    "Affirmative." Sunny answered.

    “Sgt. Lee! We could use some help here!” the Marine shouted as their bunker is somewhat being overrun by countless Zerglings.

    "Locked on target." Sunny said as she fired at the Zerglings at the bunker and managed to reduce its numbers. Just like Sooyoung, Sunny got excited as she taunted the Zerglings "Warning, step away from the Goliath." She said.

    Unknowing from her behind, another batch of Zerg units coming on to her. the first 3 Zerglings jumped to take Sunny off guard but Sooyoung’s reflex caught it on time as she blasted the three Zergling while still in the air, before it landed on Sunny.

    “thanks Soo!” Sunny said as she finally noticed some of the Zerg units coming from behind. Tiffany who is watching the whole incident is starting to get nervous because of the situation. “Tae-Tae…I think we should picked them up…..Tae-Tae?.... TAE-TAE!!” Tiffany failed to notice that Taeyeon is not with her in the Medivac. “Sunny, Soo!! IS TAEYEON THERE IN THE GROUND??!?” Tiffany asked.

    “Taeyeon? I thought she was with you?!” Sunny replied.

    “Nope, negative on my radar Fany-ah..” Sooyoung also replied. “how about you boys? Is the Major there with you?” Sooyoung asked the Marines.

    “negative here Sgt. Choi” the Marine from the left bunker replied.

    “Same here Lt Col Hwang… Major’s not here” the Marine from the right bunker replied.

    “What the hell is this Fany-ah??!! Where’s Taeyeon??” Sunny hissed as Tiffany.

    “Calm down Sunny bunny… Fany-ah didn’t know… but where could she be?” Sooyoung calmed Sunny down.

    “Guys… I’m assuming command in the mean time…. Blasted that Tae-Tae…. I thought she trusted Yuri on this one…” Tiffany said. “Soo… Cover Sunny and the Marines. I’ll land and pick them up. Can you do that?” Tiffany asked.

    "Done and done!" Sooyoung replied.

    “ok.. Marines… we’re going to do this fast… ETA, one minute.” Tiffany said. In just one minute, Tiffany successfully picked up Sunny and the rest of the Marines without casualty.

    Location: Hyperion

    “Commander, we now have established a communication to the land team.” The Adjutant reminded Raynor. “Adjutant! Connect to Kwon Yuri I want to know what is happening down there.” Raynor requested. “establishing connection….complete. you may speak now commander” the Adjutant said.

    “Kwon! We’ve managed to pinpoint the origin of the signal. It’s located n the other side of the lab.” Raynor said.

    “C-Commander? You came through the jamming signal?” Yuri asked.

    “yeah… somehow the jamming disappeared. What’s your situation?” Raynor asked.

    “uhh.. I’ve handed the authority to Cpt. Kim Taeyeon sir… if it’s alright with you…” Yuri replied with a worried voice as she expects Raynor will reprimand her. “it’s fine with me Kwon.. I just can’t force you the responsibility… I know you ghosts units were always used to be working alone.” Raynor replied as he chuckled a little bit.

    “Warning. Massive Zerg units are heading towards the small base of Field Medic Jung. Assistance required.” The Adjutant warned them again. “Great… well Kwon… I think you’ve kust made a right choice handing over the authority to Taeyeon. That is her field I’d say.” Raynor added.

    “Thank you Commander… I thought you’re going to reprimand me for making that decision. I’ll be heading to the secret lab now.” Yuri uttered as she’s running towards the lab.

    “hold up Kwon…. It seems the reason we can’t pinpoint the location of the distress signal something is jamming it right? With me contacting you know means it’s gone. I’ll give you now the exact coordinates of the distress signal and also the blue print map facility of the lab. Adjutant, patch her through.” Raynor asked the Adjutant.

    “transmitting coordinates…… complete.” The Adjutant said as it gives Yuri the coordinate.

    “Commander, it’s located on the secret passageway of the lab.” Yuri explained.

    “well…get to it Kwon… we don’t have much time. Mengsk’s unit might be still nearby” Raynor replied. “thread lightly..” he added.

    As Yuri followed Raynor’s order, something is telling her to go forward to the entrance. With her communication from the Hyperion is turned off, she decided to stick to her gut feeling and still went ahead to the lab entrance.

    Location: Mar Sara *midway towards the secret lab*

    Still not trusting Yuri to do save Jessica, Taeyeon secretly leaves Tiffany, Sooyoung, Sunny and the rest of the defending team in a tight situation.

    “I’m sorry guys…. I’m still not used entrusting my sister to anybody…” Taeyeon said in her mind. She already feels guilty for leaving the team. “I hope you guys will understand….” She muttered.

    As she was threading in a fast phase, unexpected happened, 3 Hydralisks unburrowed themselves, surprising Taeyeon on her path. Taeyeon was taken aback as she falls down on her back. as she falls down, her Gauss rifle accidentally hits a rock, pushing some option on her rifle, activating the effects of the chip Hyoyeon gave her.

    As she aimed her Gauss rifle on the 3 Hydalisks, her gauss Rifle released an explosive round bullets at the 3 Hydralisks body parts exploding everytime she hits them. At First, Taeyeon was shocked at her Rifle and soon she realized, the status on her Gauss rifle displayed on her helmet screen and the option for her ammunition is set to “explosive rounds 72 left”. Then a smile formed from her lips.

    “Hyo…you’re such a freakin’ genius!!! I might kiss you for this!!” Taeyeon said to herself as she grins. As she was also getting close to the secret lab’s area, she also detected the exact location of the distress signal. Thinking it was Jessica, she went on to the location.

    Along the way, she encountered another batch of Zerg units but this time it was a combination of Banelings and Zerglings. She checked again the option of her ammunition. Still set on explosive type. She grins sheepishly.
    "This is my C-14 Impaler gauss rifle! There are many like it, but this one is mine!" she taunted and fired only on the Banelings. As she fired at the Banelings, it made her way easier as Banelings exploded, the acidic fluid they’re carrying inside their bodies splashed on some of the Zerglinz that’s near them, melting most of them. As if the other Zerglings understand the situation, some of them stopped coming at her. "Who wants some?" Taeyeon hissed at the Zerglings. As soon Taeyeon said it, the remaining Zerglings retreated leaving Taeyeon alone.

    Happy about the situation and her customized Gauss Rifle, she smile and said "How's that for a whoop ass?" and continued to her destination.

    Several minutes of running, she arrived at the location where the distress signal originated. And saw a couple of people somewhat hiding in a small nearby cave. As she approached the cave slowly, and carefully, she noticed a male and a female and the male is hugging the female tightly as if he was protecting her. With no sign of movement from both figure, She assumed that they were already dead.

    “aaah Sh*t! it’s not Jessica… but it’s somewhat sad to see them like this… if only I have arrived sooner.” She said. As she turned around a couple of shots missed her by an inch and went directly into hidng on one of the rocks nearby.

    “WHO ARE YOU? SHOW YOURSELF!!” she asked as she shouts.

    Another no sign of movement from the cave, she slowly approached it, but this time, she went to the side just to make sure she’s not in sight of the cave’s view range. She successfully reached the mouth of the cave. Just to make sure, she picked up a small rock and throws it inside. After the rock finished its role and there’s no movement again, she turned on the UV lights from her suit and went inside the cave.

    She walked slowly on the couple she saw and noticed that the male are far beyond recovery as most of his flesh and bones are totally severed by an acid, while she inspect its arms, one wrapped on the females lab coat-covered body while his other arm are completely melted to the bone.

    As Taeyeon were going to check for vitals. The man spoke.“W-who are……you…..” Taeyeon jumped back and aimed her rifle to the man. “I’m Captain Kim Taeyeon, Raynor’s Raider unit….. what happened?” Taeyeon replied as she returns a question.

    “R-Ray…nor’s unit…. Cap…tain Kim… I’m not…..going to last…..long… please….. save this girl….. don’t let her……… f-fall into Mengsk’s hand….. I’d rather….hand her over….to Raynor…than to…..Mengsk…” the man said as he was sure of Yoona’s safety and finally breathed his last breath. Taeyeon never felt proud for the first time as her gut tells her that this man manage to keep alive protecting Yoona until she was in safe hands.

    “rest assured my good man… I’ll keep her safe” Taeyeon said as she bids farewell on the man’s dead body. She then turned her eyes on unconscious Yoona. “….crap…Fany not like this…. But it’s the only way…” Taeyeon muttered as she decided to open her comm-link to Tiffany.

    “KIM TAEYEON!!! WHERETHEHELLAREYOULEAVINGUSBEHINDWITHOUTTELLINGANYTHING!!!!!” Tiffany shouted at her without pause as soon her comm-link connected. “ sorry Fany-ah… I just want to save my sister…” Taeyeon replied.

    “BABO!!!” this time, Sooyoung, Sunny and Tiffany hissed at Taeyeon simultaneously through the comm.-link. “ouch! You three don’t have to shout!” Taeyeon replied.

    “then what did you order Yuri to get her for? Doing stuff like that…. you just made her look like a fool if you showed up!” Sunny said.

    “yeah.. not to mention YOU LEFT US PINNED DOWN HERE! You know we’re supposed to be taking order from you since Yuri decided to hand over the authority to you!” Sooyoung added.

    “relax… this time I found someone else….. I found Jessica’s package she with me but unconscious… exhaustion I guess….” Taeyeon explained.

    “relax?! RELAX?!!?!? you know CAPTAIN KIM TAEYEON! You’re lucky you found that girl because if you didn’t I wouldn’t bother to pick you up! you stubborn midget!” Tiffany hissed. Hearing Tiffany’s words Taeyeon know Tiffany is pissed at her. “oh boy… she’s pissed… I’m going to regret it later.” She said in her mind.

    Location: Secret Lab entrance Hallway

    Jessica is still running while firing back at the Zerglings and Hydralisks that is pursuing her and in the process, she tripped herself. “AAH!” she yelled. One Zergling saw it as a chance and charge at her. but Jessica saw it coming, still on the floor, Jessica aimed both of the Gauss Rifle on the incoming Zergling and shoots it. After she shot the Zergling, Jessica quickly got up and started to run again to the entrance to get out. As she was running, several Hydralisks attacked her. several spine needles grazed her suit and unfortunately one spine needle managed to hit her console, located on her right arm.

    “oh my god……” Jessica uttered as her sensory, status, medical system, radar, analyzer, life support system and communications are totally blank on her helmet screen. But instead of worrying for her console, she chose to ignore it and continues to dash towards the entrance. As she was closing in on the entrance, another Zerg units emerged from the ground, cornering her on both sides.

    “T-Taeyeon…. Yuri…… Fany-ah…. Anyone…….. help me please……” Jessica now cower in fear because of her extremely dangerous tight spot situation. Just then, she heard someone shouted.

    “SICA!! GET GOWN!!!” as she ducked down on the ground, several shots can be heard, eliminating some of the Hydralisks and Zerglings from her front. “RUN!” the voice shouted. As Jessica ran, her instinct tells her to run towards the voice near the entrance.

    As she got right outside the entrance, Yuri disable her cloaking system and as soon Jessica knew who it was, she hugged Yuri tightly while crying.

    “Sica! Are you alright? I’ve been trying to contact you but you’re cut-off.” Yuri told Jessica.

    “my console’s busted Yuri.. sorry… it got damage a while ago… I’m totally blacked out here..” Jessica answered. Hearing Jessica’s explanation, Yuri didn’t hesitate on her decision which surprises Jessica.

    “You have the visor I gave to you?” Yuri asked while holding the line from the entrance and still shooting some Zerg that is trying to come at them.

    “yeah…” Jessica answered. To Jessica’s surprise, Yuri took off her visor and gave it to Jessica.

    “Yuri? Why’d you….” before Jessica could finish her sentence, Yuri cuts her off. “use mine…. my priority is your retrieval. As much as possible I want to prove my existence to your sister. I want you to return to her unharmed” Yuri answered as she puts on her own visor to Jessica and activated the cloaking system.

    “But what about you? Yuri? I remember the one you gave to me doesn’t have cloaking ability like yours!” Jessica argued.

    “Sica, this is not the time!! Come on! If I have communication, I’ll be fine all I need is the targeting system and communication. Please Sica!” Yuri answered as she grabbed Jessica’s hand and both of them ran away as far as they could.

    As Yuri puts on the visor she lent to Jessica, Yuri immediately contacted Tiffany. “FANY-AH!! I’VE GOT SICA!! WE NEED EVAC NOW!! MASSIVE ZERG UNITS ARE ON OUR A**ES!!” Yuri shouted while running and shooting back. With Zerglings on their back, still tries to shoot back if any Zerg are coming close to them. “Roger that yuri-ah….we’ll pick you up ASAP! We’ll pick Tae-Tae first” Tiffany answered. “what do you mean pick her up?” Yuri asked while still running. “She left us here blindly Yul… Tiffany’s the one giving the orders… for now…” Sunny answered. “Aish….. she still can’t trust me saving Sica….” Yuri muttered as she sighing.

    As they were running Jessica spotted a nuke dispenser. “Yuri-ah…. Are you authorized to use Nuke?” Jessica asked while they were still running. “why’d you asked?” Yuri wondered.

    “look over there Yuri…. There’s a nuke dispenser!” Jessica told Yuri and Yuri instantly saw it. “Sica…you’re an angel from Hyperion. I can use that” Yuri smiled back at the Cloaked Jessica which made Jessica blushed. Good thing, Jessica is cloaked because she’s blushing madly at Yuri’s concern and smile the moment Yuri gave her own visor.

    The moment they got into the nuke dispenser, Yuri quickly gained access on it. As she’s trying to access the dispenser, “Sica….you still have some ammo in your rifle?” Yuri asked.

    “I still have some left… why?” Jessica asked. “Calling a nuke will take time… and once I call the strike .. I will be totally open for any attacks… can I ask you to cover me while I call the strike?” Yuri asked Jessica with a serious face. As Jessica saw Yuri’s seriousness, she couldn’t help but feel something is not right.
    “Don’t worry Yuri… I will.” Jessica answered as she gave assurance to Yuri.

    Location: Mar Sara Sky

    “Fany-ah…. Who should we pick up first?” Sooyoung asked Tiffany who is still having a hard time choosing who to pick up first.

    “aigoo…. This is why I don’t want to be the team leader” Tiffany hissed at the comm-link.

    “Fany-ah…. I know this sounds crazy but…. I’ll permission to drop me off midway. You go get Taengoo, I’ll go to Yuri…”Sunny suggested

    “but what about supporting Sooyoung? Sunny-ah? You know she doesn’t have anti-air capability!” Tiffany answered as pressure of making decision are kicking in her head. Sooyoung and Sunny knows how pressured Tiffany is.

    “Fany-ah… don’t mind me… right now, Yuri and Jessica needs all the help they can get! We all heard how tight their situation is…right? While Taeyeon only have few Zerg units on her a$$. Compare that to Yuri and Jessica’s status.” Sooyoung backed up Sunny’s suggestion.

    “I don’t know Sunny… Youngie… you both know as a Medical unit, I can’t sacrifice a life!” Tiffany answered.

    “YAH! Who said about sacrificing?” Sunny shouted through her comm-link. “…..i don’t like your suggestion but…. I guess I have no choice…. If the Commander discovered how disarrayed our position… he’ll have our heads on the platter…” Tiffany sighed. “ok fine Sunny… you take care out there… if you manage to reach them contact us ASAP!” Tiffany added.

    Medivac Cargo hold. As Sunny is preparing her Goliath one SCV and Marine volunteered. “Sgt. Lee…. We request permission to come along.. you might need assistance down there.” The Marine said.

    “I’d love to but… you guys remain here.. but your Lt.Col needs you here as much as I do.. you both know Medivac don’t have weapons. You can act as a strike team if some Zerg decided to attack, and SCV units should also remain here… if the Medivac were damaged, at least you can help with the repairs.” Sunny explained and the Marine and SCV saluted back at Sunny.

    Sunny now rides inside the Goliath, "Goliath online." Sunny said as she activates the Goliath. "Comm-link online." She added. Before she give as another check on the systems. She asked Sooyoung with concern.

    “Youngie… I’m having second thought about leaving you with Tiffany… I’m gone, you don’t have any anti air support…” Sunny said to Sooyoung .

    “yah! Don’t sweat it Sunny Bunny. But I know.. this could get messy… if anything happens.. just give me a holler. I’ll come right away.. ” Sooyoung replied.

    “but you’ll be open for Hydralisks attacks!” Sunny said while worrying for Sooyoung. “don’t worry about me Sunny, I’ll just cloak myself as long as I can until you get to them. We’ll be fine trust me.” Sooyoung assured Sunny.

    “ok… I’ll hold your word on that… ‘till then… don’t you dare go away from me..” Sunny reminded Sooyoung which made Sooyoung smile inside the her Banshee and Sunny continues to give the Goliath a systems check.

    "Channel open."
    "Systems functional."
    "MilSpec ED-209 online."
    "Checklist protocol initiated."
    "Level one diagnostic."
    "USDA selected."
    "FDIC approved."
    "Checklist completed…. Fany-ah! I’m ready to go…. " Sunny said as soon she’ finished checking the Goliath’s system.

    "Understood." Tiffany replied as she moves to the Location where Sunny pointed her where to drop her off. As Sunny walked out. Sooyoung called her attention “Sunny… be careful out there you’ll be open from any direction…”

    “let’s pray that won’t happen. Fany-ah, Youngie, Guys, wish me luck.” Sunny said as she told Tiffany Sooyoung and Marines and SCV who is with the two girls who have taken off. As they take off, Sooyoung did not disconnect her comm.-link to Sunny and made a funny comment to make Sunny less tensioned. "Please turn off all cell phones, gauss rifles, EMPs, psionic waveform emitters, and plasma-based perdition flamethrowers. Thanks, and have a great trip!" Sooyoung said and she can hear Sunny laughing at her remark as she threads the way towards Yuri and Jessica’s direction.

    Location: Hyperion

    “Commander, Incoming Transmission from first Officer, Matthew Horner.” The Adjutant called the attention of Commander Raynor. “patch him through” Raynor said.

    “hey Matt, how’s the new recruit you’ve scouted?” Raynor asked. “what can I say Commander… you’ll know when her.. and you’ll be surprised about her.” Matt said as he laughed.

    “you know Matt, that laugh of yours is full of surprises. Any info about her that you can give to me?” Raynor asked.

    “well… let’s just say.. she’s like your ace pilot Sooyoung but… to make things short… let’s just say she’s like Sgt. Choi with the combination of Lt.Col Lee… the difference is..she’s in the air. And she’s the youngest.” Matt explained which made Raynor smiled in satisfaction. “Matt… you never fail to impress me with your recommendation. So when she’ll be coming aboard?” Raynor asked.

    “well… I was…….. I mean we were listening a while ago through the comm-link about what’s happening in there and when she heard about the distress signal, she already requested to go as a back-up for the rescue team.”Matt said to Raynor. “man.. what a straightforward attitude… anyway.. those girls need all the help they can get.” Raynor added.

    Location: Mar Sara outside the secret tunnel.

    While waiting for Tiffany’s Medivac, Taeyeon sets up a perimeter outside the cave. Still without a sign of hostility from any Zerg creatures, Taeyeon managed to find some rocks to give the Head scientist at proper burial by piling up a stone on his body then she turned her attention to a still unconscious Yoona.

    “my god… what have they done to her… these needle marks..” Taeyeon speaks her mind out. With nothing to do, Taeyeon inspects her Gauss Rifle’s additional function. “let’s see now… first…. The explosive option.. I know what it does though but it’s still limited…next is… hmm piercing option? Hm maybe I’ll try that one later if something shows up.. next is… oh hell yeah! Rail gun mode Hyo.. I could kiss you for this chip you invented!!” Taeyeon grins sheepishly. She pushed another option which another addition effect shows up on the monitor in the helmet. “oh cool.. a radar…. Wait… crap… hostile Zerg…” Taeyeon instantly stood up and prepares for defending the cave as her radar picked up multiple signal of Zerg creatures coming to her location.

    “Taengoo to Evac… how long?” Taeyeon contacted Tiffany who s on the way. “Taeyeon…. ETA in 15 minutes.. Youngie and me took a detour… we had to leave Sunny behind…” Tiffany answered.

    “Wha..? Why’d you do that for!! I HAVE THE PACKAGE HERE!!!” Taeyeon shouted.


    “Taengoo…. Tiffany is right… we were almost over run back at the base…” Sooyoung talked calmly to Taeyeon.

    “Taeyeon!.. if something happened to Yuri, Jessica and Sunny…” Tiffany couldn’t finish her words as she’s choking on her voice while holding her tears back.

    “…now you both taking Yuri’s side?” Taeyeon let’s her ego out.

    “My freaking peanut butter and Jelly sandwich Taengoo! Do you hate Yuri that much?” Sooyoung is now getting annoyed at Taeyeon’s words. “you hate her just because she’s a ghost unit? Get real Taengoo! I don’t know what happened between you and some random Ghost unit whom you said that almost killed you but please, SHE’S NOT A PART OF IT!” Sooyoung added. Taeyeon couldn’t argue back because Tiffany and Sooyoung were right. What bothers her the most is about the way Tiffany called her earlier. “Captain Kim Taeyeon?.... she’s seriously pissed at me… aish me and my ego…” she thought while waiting for them to arrive.

    “Just in case you didn’t know Taeyeon….. Yuri and your sister….. they’re being chased by a massive ground creatures while they were running from the lab. We can’t contact Jessica because Yuri explained that Jessica’s console got busted while fleeing from the Zerg.” Tiffany said with a worried voice.

    Location: Mar Sara somewhere on the outskirts.

    Yuri finished connecting her code to activate the nuke for the call.

    “there. I’ve finished connecting my codes. We can only use this one time Sica…. Be sure to get ready…” Yuri instructed Jessica. “Sica.. no matter what happens… don’t deactivate the cloaking system. Just keep defending my position. but first we have to move out of the blast radius range.” Yuri added.

    As Yuri and Jessica left the Nuke dispenser, they move went to a higher ground to get a good look on where Yuri will drop the Nuke. Yuri took a deep breath and positioned herself on the higher ground. Jessica stayed beside her as she scans the area from Yuri’s visor.

    “Yuri-ah.. don’t you think you have to use this more than I do? That way, it will make your strike more efficiently… you can stay hidden while I go into hiding” Jessica said to Yuri.

    “tell me Sica… we’re on a top of the highest ground… where will you hide?” Yuri asked. “besides you’re still my priority. Since your sister order me to rescue you.” Yuri added. Yuri decided not to tell that Taeyeon left her post and went coming after them but Yuri didn’t know, Taeyeon made an unexpected detour and found Yoona instead.

    “Yuri… why are you doing all of this to me? you’re willing to do that for me? I’m just a field Medic!!” Jessica scoffed but Yuri just smiled back. “why?... because you’re the first person I’ve met eversince I’ve been transferred to the hyperion…. And I also like you Sica.” Yuri replied with a smile which made Jessica blushing madly at Yuri’s confession.

    “Sica…get ready… I’m going to call the strike now….be prepared..” Yuri warned Jessica as she pressed her laser sight and aimed it a Colony of Zerg producing massive Zerg units. After she pointed the laser, she activated the laser guided option. “here we go…. Painting the Target…” Yuri said as she calls for the strike.

    “Warning…..Nuclear Missile Launched…”

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    Episode 5

    Location: Mar Sara - Taeyeon and Yoona

    While waiting for Tiffany and Sooyoung to arrive, Taeyeon prepares for the defense. She already put her Gauss rifle in the explosive type, while maintaining check on her radar. While her attention is focused on her radar, Someone calls for from behind.

    “U-unnie…. Who are you?...” Yoona, now conscious but at some point still weak. Taeyeon turned around and saw Yoona is now awake but somewhat weak. “oh! I’m glad you’re awake.. I’m Taeyeon. Major Kim Taeyeon. And I’ve come to take you away from this planet.” Taeyeon answered as she gave Yoona a dorky smile and a thumbs up.

    “a-are you… are you Mengsk’s men?” Yoona asked.

    “Mengsk? That retard? Not a chance! Never in a million and never will be!” Taeyeon replied while she smiled back at Yoona. Yoona did the same at Taeyeon’s reply.

    “so how are you feeling?” Taeyeon asked Yoona. “I feel weak unnie…. And…. A little hungry too..” Yoona answered weakly. “Unnie… I’m sorry for getting you in trouble…” Yoona said to Taeyeon.

    “Trouble? No in fact it was my own decision to come here since I got the distress signal before Mengsk’s men do” Taeyeon replied. “it’s not that unnie.. I’m talking about the fight you had earlier with another unnie…” Yoona replied.

    “Oh that? you heard huh?... well.. just don’t mind it.. I’ll make up for them. Your name is Yoona right?” Taeyeon asked. “Yeah…how’d you know?” Yoona asked with a confused look on her face.

    “well… you’re the main reason why we’re here. Me and my team… actually my sister to be exact.” Taeyeon replied.

    As Yoona tried to talk , she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her head which made Taeyeon worried. “aaahh… owww..” Yoona groaned in pain. “hey! What’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked. “Taeyeon unnie… they’re coming…. Lots of them…” Yoona replied as she’s still in pain and holding her temples. “Who? Who’s coming?” Taeyeon asked. Yoona didn’t answer back as she screamed in pain and eventually passed out again. Yoona’s scream alerted some Zerg in the area. As Taeyeon still checks on Yoona, she suddenly heard some Zerg’s footsteps running on their direction. Taeyeon decided to protect Yoona as she set her Gauss rifle’s option on a “piercing” type. She positioned herself on the mouth of the cave and saw a fairly amount of Zerglings along with some Hydralisks, Drones and Banelings. Taeyeon sighed and said "Whatever I do, they keep bringin' me back in!" as she aimed first at the Banelings. She fired one bullet and the effect of the piercing option made her smile evilly as the shot went through 6 Banelings, splashing on some Zerglings and Hydralisks that’s near them.

    "Booyah!" Taeyeon shouted as she pumped her fist in the air and continued to fired another rounds immediately thinning out the Zerg’s unit and at the same time, Taeyeon’s piercing option reached its counter to Zero. “well… at least it did save our lives so I guess it’s ok… I’ll miss you Mr. piercing ammo.” Taeyeon acted like a child as she hugged her Gauss rifle.

    “hehehe… you’re one funny unnie…Taeyeon Unnie.” Yoona is now conscious again and smiling at Taeyeon. “Y-Yoona? H-how long you’ve been awake? I was worried you suddenly collapsed.” Taeyeon said as her face is flustered at embarrassment. “Not long ago Unnie.. can we go now unnie? It seems safe to go out..” Yoona suggested as she’s sure of the surroundings. “I suggest that we wait here… there might be some Zerg still lurking around.

    “I can feel the area is clear Taeyeon unnie…. It’s safe… trust me on this one unnie…” Yoona said to Taeyeon with a serious face. But Taeyeon still insisted otherwise. “no we can’t even if it is clear…. Never assume that everything is fine. Because once you do, that is when danger will strike when you least expected.” Taeyeon said to Yoona which made Yoona go with Taeyeon’s suggestion.

    “Fany-ah…. LZ is clear… the VIP is now conscious…. what’s your ETA?” Taeyeon contacted Tiffany. hearing Yoona’s condition, Tiffany sighed in relief. “Major… ETA in 3 minutes” she replied. “aish… she’s still mad at me for calling me Major …” Taeyeon sighed which Yoona noticed.

    “unnie… why is she mad at you?” Yoona asked innocently.

    “well…. First.. I’m stubborn, second.. I’m always blaming someone, third, I don’t trust someone which they just befriended a while ago, fourth………” Taeyeon stopped midway. “…unnie? Why’d you stop?” Yoona asked as she’s curious Taeyeon’s last reason.

    “well… the fourth one is… somewhat mission related.. I did something that I shouldn’t have…..” Taeyeon said. “the fourth reason is… I left them because I’m concerned about my sister…. Well… not really my sister but step sister… but we both treat each other like a real sister.” Taeyeon explained.

    “so? What’s wrong about it? There’s nothing wrong helping your sister right?” Yoona replied. “well… the thing is reason number 1, 2, and 3 is connected to my fourth reason….. you see there is someone who just got transferred on our team and she befriended my sister and eventually everyone else… but I have a bad history with the Ghost since a while back ago before I enlisted into the infantry unit, one Ghost unit almost killed me… since then I have so much hatred on every ghost unit I see.” Taeyeon explained to Yoona.

    “so let me get this straight unnie… the one get transferred is a ghost unit? That’s where your second reason comes in because you blame her at something.. or rather.. you get annoyed or mad at that person easily just seeing him or her as a ghost unit?” Yoona explained her speculation which surprised Taeyeon because Yoona somewhat accurately hits the target at one speculation.

    “Yoona.. you’re scary… you know that? you just hit the main reason.” Taeyeon said as she chuckled as Yona did too. Taeyeon continued “well to continue my reason… just as you said, I’m always mad at her…” but suddenly she gets cut off by Yoona. “HER?!!!!!!you mean she’s a girl?”

    “uuuh yeah… why?” Taeeon wondered as she asked Yoona. “Nothing in particular… I’m just surprised that’s all…” Yoona replied. “ok… well as I was saying… I’m always mad at her.. then my anger escalated when I found out that she’s getting close to my sister…” Taeyeon ended.

    “uuuhh.. what did exactly did she do Taeyeon unnie?” Yoona asked.

    “nothing… she absolutely did nothing in fact my sister were all smiles when both of them are talking.” Taeyeon said. “could it be… a simple reason is related on your trauma? Just because she’s a ghost unit?” Yoona asked. “yeah…I guess…”Taeyeon replied. “seriously Taeyeon unnie…” Yoona said as she shook her head.

    “Anyway I’ll continue… as you said, I have trauma and because she’s a ghost unit, I always look at them all the same..and then this mission came. As we received the distress signal and couldn’t pinpoint its origin, we all assumed that it’s my sister calling for help but it turns out your previous protector is the one who activated the distress call…” Taeyeon pointed at the pile of rocks where she gave the head scientist a proper burial, located at the end of the cave.

    “well back to the part that we all assume it was my sister, I rushed off before thinking and because of that, my commander told me that he appointed her as my squad leader. I was so pissed at the moment but.. I also want to save my sister so I agreed to my commander. But I never expected by the time we landed here in Mar Sara. She gave me full authority all over the squad even if she knows that there’s a chance I would ditch her and take someone else with me to save my sister.” Taeyeon explained as she sighed.

    “but you didn’t ditch her right?” Yoona asked while smiling at Taeyeon. “yeah.. for some reason…. And I even gave her the order to rescue my sister” Taeyeon answered. “but then again when I started to think she’s a ghost unit… for some reason, my doubts kicked back in and …..” Taeyeon paused for a moment and Yoona completed her explanation. “you left the team on your own accord and decided to rescue your sister by yourself….” Yoona sighed as she shook her head sideways.

    “Taeyeon unnie, I know I shouldn’t be saying this but….. maybe you should give her a chance.. get to know her better… maybe you’ll become the best buddies in the battle field if you happen to know what her true nature is, right? I’m pretty sure she wants to do the same to you.” Yoona replied as she smiled widely which made Taeyeon smirk. “What?” Yoona asked Taeyeon as she noticed her smirk. “nothing… seeing you smiling widely like that.. you look like an alligator with an eyes of a deer…hahahaha!” Yoona chuckled Taeyeon’s laugh. “well Taeyeon unnie… you laugh like an ajhumma!” Yoona retorted back which made them laugh at each other while waiting for Tiffany and Sooyoung.

    Location: Space – Entering Mar Sara atmosphere

    The new recruit is now tracking Taeyeon’s rescue team as she’s using the Viking Unit. “rescue team.. come in rescue team… this is your back-up entering Mar Sara atmosphere.. tell me your coordinates and status..over!” she contacted Taeyeon.

    “uhhh….uhhh hi Ms back up… you see… uuhh…. Major head ache here… I mean Major Kim Taeyeon here.. glad to have your presence here.” Taeyeon couldn’t answer correctly right away because she know she’ll be on deep trouble if someone find out that they’re disorganized.

    “This is 1st Lt. Seo Joohyun…… Major head-ache-i-mean-Major-Kim-Taeyeon. What’s your Location?” Seohyun asked. “well.. uhhh you see…. I’ll contact you back I’ve got to finish something first…ok?” and Taeyeon disconnected her comm.-link to Seohyun. “what the.. it’s like she said what she is… Major head-ache….” And decided to contact her senior Matt Horner.

    “What can I do for you 1st Lt. Seo?” Matt asked through her comm.-link.

    “Sir… I need someone from the team that’s stationed to do the rescue operation on Mar Sara. I seem to be having difficulty contacting them Sir.” Seohyun explained.

    “Why don’t you try Major Kim Taeyeon?” Matt suggested. “I did Sir.. I even managed to talk to her but she seems having some difficulties.” Seohyun answered. “why don’t you try Kwon Yuri?” Matt added. “I’ll try sir but… it seems she’s new to the unit so it’s impossible for me to contact her.” Seohyun answered. “ok… last straw. Try Lt.Col Hwang.. she’ll answer for sure.” Matt ended as he disconnected.

    “Lt.Col Hwang, this 1st Lt Seo Joohyun. Your back up for the mission.” Seohyun contacted Tiffany. “oh Hi 1st Lt Seo.. we’re a little busy at the moment…. Could you please go to this location? I’m sorry it’s too sudden but this one needs all the help they can get.” Tiffany answered back to Seohyun. "Certainly." She answered and as soon Seohyun received the coordinates, she instantly went to Yuri and Jessica’s location.

    Location: Mar Sara, nearby the Secret lab / high grounds

    As the Nuclear strike was called, some of the Zerg units from below spotted Yuri. By their instinct, some of them already rushed towards Yuri.

    “Sica… here they come. Get ready…” Yuri warned Jessica and readies her Gauss Rifle. “In front! They’re coming in hot from the front” Yuri warned Jessica.

    Jessica takes a peek at the cliff and saw Zerglings climbing at a rapid phase. Seeing how many of the Zerglings climbing, Jessica fired but she never hits any of them. “dammit…”she cussed. “Sica.. just relax.. don’t panic and take your time.” Yuri said as she noticed Jessica is on the verge of panic.

    “YAH! Don’t tell me to relax, I’m the one who’s covering for you!!” Jessica answered. “Sica… don’t mind me… just take out as many as you can. Conserve your ammo. Tiffany and the rest will come soon.” Yuri replied back. “you don’t know how worried I am!! yeah I might get by because I’m cloaked and all.. but what about you? like you’ve said, you’re totally open!!” Jessica retorted back.

    “SICA! 5 Zerglings! 3 o’clock!” Yuri shouted and Jessica shoots the 5 Zerglings and successfully hits them. “see? Be on alert Sica, by the time I see the Nuke dropping down, just brace for impact. In the meantime, just concentrate on backing me up.” Yuri said in a calmly tone.

    Yuri stayed still waiting for the nuke to drop while Jessica is now composed defending Yuri during the nuke strike and managed to take down an amount of Zerglings and Hydralisks. “Sica… get down!” Yuri warned Jessica and they both crouched down as they heard the nuke dropping from the sky and followed by a thundering sound of explosion.

    “that…that was AWESOME YURI!!” Jessica rejoiced as she scanned the area and saw the small colony of Zerg area completely obliterated. “don’t start celebrating yet Sica…. That still doesn’t solve our problem.” Yuri said as she pointed on some areas of the cliff their onto and Jessica saw massive Zerg creatures mainly Hydralisks, Zerglings and Roaches along with some Banelings. To make the situation more worst, the energy from Yuri’s visor are totally depleted and uncloaking Jessica in the process. Yuri grabbed Jessica’s wrist and they both ran as they fired back on some Zerg unit emerging from the cliff and eventually they were driven back into a corner.

    “Yuri…. What now?!” Jessica asked as she fired on some Zerglings. “we’re driven back into a corner” she added.” To Jessica’s surprise, Yuri stepped in front of her. “Yuri? What are you doing?” she asked.

    “What does it look like Sica? I’m trying to protect you!” Yuri said as she starts shooting in a quick phase. To Jessica, every shot Yuri made sounded like their life is slipping out every bullet Yuri releases, until they both heard a clicking sound on Yuri’s C-10 Canister Rifle. Just like the Zergs know that they’re a advantage upon hearing Yuri’s rifle made a clicking sound, they started to surround Yuri and Jessica. “Yuri….” Jessica called Yuri in tears. Fearing for the worst, Yuri chose to protect Jessica by hugging her tightly as the Zerglings and Hydralisks attacked

    As the Zerg are coming in close to them, Yuri and Jessica both heard a familiar gunshot. And they looked up and saw a Goliath.

    “Engaging!” Sunny shouted as she blasted away some Zerg that is coming close to Yuri and Jessica. “Bunny-Wabbit to Munch-master and Wink-master, I’ve reached the Pearl and the Peincess, over” Sunny said as she contacted Sooyoung and Tiffany.

    “Munch-master?” Sooyoung said, “Wink-master?” Tiffany also said.

    “YAH!” and both of them hissed back at Sunny which made Sunny chuckle a bit and Sooyoung and Tiffany eventually laughed too. “Sunny… don’t give us weird names anymore alright?” Tiffany said as she chuckled. She sounded happy because Sunny manage to find the two girls.

    “Hello girls? Did someone ordered a grinded Zerglings?” Sunny said to Yuri and Jessica. “SUNNY!” Jessica shouted for joy. “hey! Yuri? Sica? Did you wait long?” Sunny said.

    “Sunny! Don’t just stand there and do something! We’re out of ammunition here!” Jessica shouted at Sunny.”

    “Alright alright… just sit back and enjoy the show.” Sunny said as she turned her attention on the Zerg units that stopped after the attack. “Weapons Hot!” Sunny shouted as she continues to fire at the Zergs.

    “Sunny… I hope you have enough ammo in your Goliath… there are still a bunch from below.” Yuri said and while attacking, Sunny activated her Radar screen and detected massive Zerg ground units climbing up on the cliff. “holy creeps…” Sunny cussed at the scene as she saw a countless amount of Zerglings, Banelings, Roaches at Hydralisks climbing up on their Location.

    “uuuhhh…. Fany-ah… we need EVAC now ASAP!!” Sunny is now worried at the tight situation. “I don’t know if my ammunition hold much longer. it’s a miracle I’ve manage to reach Yuri and Jessica still alive here. We have an infestation here.” She added. “just a little bit more Sunny.. we’re almost at Taeyeon’s location then we’ll fly straight to you ASAP. But in the mean time a back will come. She’s 1st Lt. Seo Joohyun.” Tiffany replied.

    “Fany-ah… I hope she gets here very soon…” Sunny replied back. making her last stand, Sunny made the Goliath go down and stood her ground in front of Yuri and Jessica. “Guys… we’ll just have to wait a bit… our back up is heading this way. Sunny reminded Yuri and Jessica.

    “Sunny… can you make room inside your cockpit?” Yuri asked. “I can make one…why?” Sunny replied. “please take Jessica inside and toss me any gun or emergency gun you have in there. I want you to meet up with either the back-up or Tiffany.” Yuri suggested.

    “Yuri? What are you saying?” Jessica asked with a confused look.

    “I’m saying I’m trying to get you to safety while I hold them off here. And you’re going to be much safer with Sunny than with me.” Yuri replied. “NO! I don’t want to leave you!! you’ve done so much for me… for US! You’ve even keep your cool eventhough my sister hated you.” Jessica said as she starts to form some tears on her eyes. “Sica…. There’s a strong reason I why wanted to do so much for you… and besides… it’s not that I like you… this has something to do with your sister also….” Yuri smiled gently back at Jessica who is now crying.

    The cockpit hatch opened and it revealed Sunny. “Yuri… don’t try to be a hotshot… we’re all in this together as a team… and we’ll come back together team!” Sunny reminded Yuri. “I know Sunny… but if I don’t do this… I’ll never get a chance to make things right….. for you guys.. I’m not doing this just to make me look cool or hotshot… I’ve decided this…” Yuri said. “Fine.. promise me this Yuri… DON’T GET YOURSELF KILLED!” Sunny retorted. “don’t worry.. I don’t plan on dying yet until Taeyeon accepts my existence.” Yuri said as she smiled back.

    “yah.. Sica.. get on… Yuri… here’s my Gauss rifle and some extra mags… remember you better comeback or we won’t leave until you do..” Sunny ended her conversation.

    Yuri walked slowly towards Jessica who is now crying. “hey… don’t cry Sica..I promise I’ll be back I wanted you guys get to safety then after you’ve meet them halfway you can comeback for me. Sunny’s Goliath can run faster than human legs. Alright? So don’t worry” Yuri gave Jessica an assurance as she wipe Jessica’s tears with her thumb and Jessica return the affection by hugging Yuri tightly.

    “Promise me you’ll come back… if you don’t….. I’ll never forgive you…” Jessica whispered in Yuri’s ears and gave Yuri a light kiss on the cheek. As the cockpit area of the Goliath closed with Jessica inside, Sunny asked Yuri. “Yuri? What are you going to do?” Yuri pressed something on her visor which enables Sunny to receive a message only to her. Yuri’s message puts a smile on her face and after Yuri’s message, they both went back to their serious faces.

    “I’m going to get their get out of here…they’re coming!” Yuri ran at the opposite direction and shot at the first Zergling emerges from the side of the cliff and Yuri succeeded getting their attention mostly of the Zergs, leaving a few Zerg ground units on Sunny’s trail.

    Location: Mar Sara Sky area *before the Nuclear Strike*

    As Seohyun threading towards the coordinates Tiffany gave her, she decided to dig a little info by chatting with them.

    “So… you and Major Kim were…. Couple?” Seohyun asked.

    “Yeah… you could say that… but we had a fight earlier…” Tiffany hissed. “whoa Whoa Fany-ah… don’t be like that to Seo Joohyun.. she’s new to our team.” Sooyoung said before Tiffany go ballistic again. “ah! Sorry Joohyun… everytime I think her stubbornness.. I’ll tell you.. she’s off the chart..” Tiffany followed Sooyoung’s words.

    “hahaha it’s ok Lt.Col Hwang and Sgt Choi… I think I can manage around with you unnies…” Seohyun replied back as she chuckled at her seniors.

    “YAH! Seo Joohyun!... let me tell you something.” Sooyoung now called her attention from the comm.-link. “you know.. can you drop the ranks when we’re talking … to tell you the truth.. we’re not comfortable with it…” Sooyoung explained.

    “I can’t do that Sgt. Choi… that would be rude for me not giving you my seniors some respect.” Seohyun replied.

    “Seo… it’s totally fine with us… if you want to give us some respect…. Hmmm just call us like your own sister just as you did on your home.” Tiffany suggested.

    “but Lt.Col…. I don’t have a sister… I’m an only child..” Seohyun replied with a worried tone on her voice and somewhat with a lonely feeling. Tiffany and Sooyoung never failed to notice the tone of her voice.

    “is that so?.... then guess what… starting from this day…. You will be our little sister!” Tiffany announced it cheerfully as Sooyoung chuckled and said she also liked the idea. Seohyun we’re speechless at Tiffany’s idea but deep inside she also liked it and puts a smile on her lips. “thank you… but what should I call you?” Seohyun asked now with a lively tone.

    “hmmm….. just call us casually on what comes on your mind. “ Sooyoung replied. “okay then…. is it alright if I call you unnies?” Seohyun suggested. “oh it’s totally alright with us Seo…” Tiffany replied with a cheerful voice. “uuhmm if it’s ok with you… just call me Seohyun for short” Seohyun added.

    As she was in the middle of their conversation, an alarm suddenly goes off on her screen.

    “Warning Nuclear Missile Launched”

    “Tiffany unnie!, someone called a Nuclear strike!” Seohyun informed Tiffany and Sooyoung.

    “It must be Yuri…. Seohyun-ah…I’ve got a bad feeling… can you double your phase and get to them pronto?” with Yuri calling a Nuke strike… means things are not looking good.” Sooyoung said as she is also worried about Sunny.

    “but what about you unnies? Where are you going?” Seohyun said.

    “Seohyun-ah.. don’t worry about us… Youngie here is an expert. We can manage… right now our major concern is Taeyeon’s sister Jessica, our new team member Yuri and Sooyoung’s partner Sunny. They’re trapped in that location with massive Zergs ground units chasing their hides. They will need all the help they can get.” Tiffany said.

    As soon as Tiffany explained, the three of them heard a big explosion from afar. “I understand unnie… till then take care.” And Seohyun puts her thruster to maximum to move faster.

    Location: Mar Sara High grounds

    Sunny continued to make her Goliath move faster with Jessica quiet on her back.
    “yah.. Sica… you’ve been quiet for some time….. something bothering you?” Sunny asked

    “nothing…. I just feel guilty leaving Yuri out here alone..” Jessica replied with a sad tone on her voice.

    “Sica… do you like Yuri?” Sunny popped the question which made Jessica stiffen up a little bit.

    “yah! Sunny! What kind of question is that?!” Jessica shouted. “aish Sica… a simple yes or no will do” Sunny said as she sighed.

    “I don’t know… she’s not a bad person but … I’m confused…. You see… before you came… she told me that she liked me… I don’t know how to take … it might be a desperate act because we’re on a tight situation or she’s trying calm me down.” Jessica answered with a now a confused tone in her voice shich made Sunny smile.

    “Sica… I’m not trying to pull your leg here but I think Yuri really mean that…” Sunny said to Jessica.

    “how can you tell?” Jessica asked.

    “you see… after you left from the Hyperion.. me and Youngie noticed her still standing in the hangar for about 20 minutes after you’ve left and looking at the direction where you went off. And here’s the great part Sica.. Yuri’s the one who called to your rescue as she’s the one who received your distress call.” Sunny explained.

    “A distress call? I didn’t activated any distress call… and speaking of distress… I also received one earlier.” Jessica explained.

    “If you didn’t… then who?” Sunny asked. “Well earlier I couldn’t figure out where it is but a huge explosion help determine where it is.. located at the secret lab so I assumed it was someone from the lab and went on ahead.. but by the time we get there… it was massacre all over the place.” Jessica explained while she still worried about Yuri. Then all of a sudden Sunny came into a full stop.

    “Sunny? Why’d we stop?” Jessica asked and noticed Sunny’s forehead forming a sweat drop.

    “Sica…. We have a problem… we’re surrounded….” Sunny replied back to Jessica as she put on the screen her radar and revealed a multiple Overlords surrounding them.

    “Sica….. I guess this is the end of the line… those freakin’ Zerg are beginning to be a nuisance…” Sunny said as she starts unlocking her Goliath’s weaponry system. To Jessica’s shock she saw the weapon ammunition counter on Sunny’s Goliath are running very low.

    “Sunny….” Jessica calls Sunny with a concerned voice.

    “I know… we’re running low…. Still I have to make a stand… listen… as soon all weapon ammo counter gone zero, I’m activating the self destruct in this system… I’ll try to carve a way before that.. and we will both run to it…” Sunny explained.

    And then came an intense battle between Sunny and the Zergs. As Sunny starts to move her weapons, two Overlords dropped 2 Hydralisks each. Sunny successfully killed the four Hyralisks but her Goliath also took some damage.

    “SH*T they hit the Hydraulics on the leg and damaged my targeting system.. guess I have to aim manually” Sunny cursed ramdomly.

    As Sunny turned on her monitor into real-time mode, she was taken by a surprise as the other Overlord suddenly dropped another Hydralisk and a Zergling and the Hydralisks attacked quickly with its spine needle hitting Sunny’s radar cockpit causing the vision inside her monitor partially active as cracks started to show and the Zergling jumped at her and landed directly at the side where the hellfire missile is located and tries to open the cockpit area.

    After a series of piercing is claw on Sunny’s Goliath, its tip of the claw manage to pierce inside. “OH NO YOU DON’T!!” before the situation could get any messier, Sunny armed the hellfire missile and fires it away sending the Zergling to shy and explodes in the air. After what happened to the Zergling, the remaining Overlords dropped their cargo at the same time revealing Hydralisks, Zerglings and Banelings.

    “…..Sica…… i’ll arm the self destruct now.. as soon the cockpit opens, we’ll make a run for it… ready?” Sunny said in her last act of desperation and Jessica just nodded. But before Sunny could activate the self destruct, they both heard the Hydralisks attacking them as her all heard its Spine needles hitting the armor plating of the Goliath and eventually Shutting its system down.

    “SH*T!!! WE’RE SHUT DOWN!!!” Sunny now panicked as her Goliath is now totally shut down with no way activating the self-destruct. All they have now is Yuri’s Visor which Jessica is still using.

    “is that Yuri’s Visor? Can you contact Sooyoung with that?” Sunny asked Jessica. “I’ll try…” Jessica answered. But before Jessica could contact Sooyoung. They both heard a missile fire and an Overlord dying.

    "By air or by land, all shall fall by my hand! Wait, did I say that out loud?" both Sunny heard it from Yuri’s Visor from their unknown savior.

    “whoever it is… this Field Medic Elite 1st Class Jessica Jung. We request immediately assistance. I repeat. We are trapped inside the Goliath.” Jessica tried to contact their savior.

    “Very well..1st class Medic Jung, this is 1st Lt Seo Joohyun. Commencing attack mode.” Seohyun replied to them as she prepares for battle.

    "Transformation systems primed." Seohyun activated the transformation system. "Weapons primed!" she added as she starts to fly circling the Overlords and taking them out one by one. After the Overlords are gone, Seohyun transformed the Viking unit into the ground type.

    “Let’s get into the fight!” Seohyun said before unleashing an attack on the Zerg ground units and in a matter of seconds all of the Zerg ground units were already defeated. Still in ground type, Seohyun walked towards the badly damaged Goliath and helped Sunny and Jessica got out of the cockpit area.

    “Thank you if you hadn’t arrived we’re history..” Sunny said as she shake Seohyun’s hand. “By the way I’m Sgt. Lee… Lee Sunny.” She added. “I’m 1st Lt. Seo Joohyun is there anyone still with you?” Seohyun asked and this time Jessica came in front of Seohyun.

    “We have to go back!! We left someone back there!! She tried to buy us some time to escape… please we got to help her!!” Jessica asked desperately.

    “I see… if it’s ok with you 1st class Medic Jung… we should wait till the Medivac arrives…. I can’t just leave you two alone with a broken Goliath…” Seohyun explained calmly. “Tiffany unnie… I’ve secured Sgt. Lee and 1st class Jung… ETA over?” Seohyun instantly contacted Tiffany.

    “thank you Seohyun we’re coming now we’ve just picked up Major Kim and Im Yoona so just sit tight…. In the mean time… please protect the three of them…” Tiffany replied.

    “uuuhhh.. about the third one unnie…. She’s not with them…”Seohyun explained. Which surprised Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sooyoung.

    Location: Medivac

    “WHAT THE HELL?!!? WHERE DID SHE GO?!” Taeyeon shouted “How come she could leave my sister alone!!” Taeyeon is now again fuming mad at Yuri again. Tiffany wanted to calm Taeyeon down but decided not to as she’s still mad at her for leaving them in a bind earlier.

    “Taengoo…. Before you curse Yuri to death at least show some concern for her… think about it Taeng… why is Jessica with Sunny while she’s not with them?” Sooyoung explained through her comm.-link.

    “But…But… But… Jessica….” With Sooyoung’s explanation, Taeyeon couldn’t find an exact words to blame Yuri which made Tiffany smiled secretly.

    “aaha dammit…” Taeyeon grunts in defeat as she really can’t find a word to throw to Yuri. And in just 15 minutes Tiffany and Sooyoung’s unit arrived and picked up Jessica and Sunny.

    “SICA!” Taeyeon opens her arms widely as she saw Jessica running towards her crying. As Jessica is now on Taeyeon’s arms sobbing. She cooed the girl.

    “Hush now Sica.. everything is alright now…. Everything is alright…” Taeyeon said as she caressed Jessica’s hair.

    “NO TAENG!! IT’S NOT ALRIGHT!! YURI’S IN DANGER!! SAVE HER PLEASE!!” Jessica blurted out of the blue. Hearing Jessica’s plea, Taeyeon suddenly felt like she’s been splashed by an icy cold water. Sunny noticed Taeyeon’s reaction.

    “Taengoo… your call… who will you send to help Yuri?” Sunny asked.

    “……Fany-ah… Take off immediately and activate your Advanced Healing AI and prepare the Rapid deployment Tube, Sunny! Arm yourself with a Gauss rifle, Sica, prepare the Medical bay. 1st Lt Seo Joohyun, activate your Phobo-class weapons system, Youngie change your missile type from Backlash Missiles to Shockwave type. Marines! You all will assist Sgt. Lee! This time, I’ll show all a real rescue mission.” Taeyeon ended her command as she cocked her Gauss Rifle and readied it on a Railgun option. Tiffany, Sunny and Sooyoung couldn’t help but smile at Taeyeon’s complete turn of personality.

    “Fany-ah! DOUBLE THE PHASE! WE HAVEN’T GOT MUCH TIME!” Tiffany’s anger at Taeyeon’s action earlier finally wears off because of her sudden change of attitude.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Episode 5 complete >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    ok.. before anything else.... let me clear one thing.. Admin KimTaeyeon is posting my Fic here :) which is i'm so damn proud and Happy :) and Admin KimTaeyeon also invited me here so.... this the Original author of this Fic PaulSoshi (from SFC) and Paul Gonzales (from have decided to use another Username XD YulSicFany. now that is all cleared up... here's the continuation of my Fic.
    hope you enjoy :)

    Episode 6

    Location: Mar Sara lower grounds

    With massive Zerg ground units coming after her, Yuri shoots behind her without looking and manages to hit fairly amount of Zerg units that is chasing her. She runs aimlessly until she came across an abandoned bunker.

    “Great! I can take cover from inside” she thought. As she was running for her life, several Hydralisks attacked her. One of the needle spines manages to hit her visor sending it far away from her.

    “Damn!” she cussed, as she tried to run after it, another batch of spine needles prevented her from reaching it as it missed her barely an inch on hitting her face. Left with no choice, she hurriedly ran inside the abandoned bunker.

    As she got inside, her eyes widen as she saw a large hole on the other side on the bunker. “Oh crap….” She said. As she scanned her surroundings, she noticed a destroyed device.

    “aaah chincha… is this the jamming device that’s been blocking the call earlier?” she asked herself and soon after she noticed some weapons. Even with the gory sight of mutilated corpse of what’s left of the Firebat and the Marine, Yuri prepares their weapons at her side and a few ammunition and she aimed at the oncoming pursuers. She first used the Gauss Rifle and fired non-stop at the Hydralisks from a distance and she quickly switch her weapon to the Firebat’s Perdition flamethrower if a Zerglings or roaches comes in range.

    As Yuri is busy defending her front, she didn’t notice quickly the culprit who made a large hole on the one side of the bunker, an Ultralisk.

    Yuri noticed the Ultralisk too late as it roared and caught attention. Thankfully, her instinct kicks in and throws the remaining canister of the Firebat’s Perdition Flamethrower close to the head of Ultralisk and shot it in mid air causing it to explode close to its head and instantly killing it.

    “aah chincha… and when I was reserving that flamethrower…” she talked to herself. As she went back to look to her front on the bunker, massive Zerg units are already piling up and starts attacking the bunker.

    “aaah hell… come Yuri… think THINK!! You have got to escape!!” Yuri talked to herself again as she spotted a mine grenade and 3 containers of ammunition box.

    Yuri quickly pulled the containers in the middle of the bunker. Although it’s heavy to move it by herself, she summoned up all her strength and managed to pull one container after another. As she’s on the process of moving the second container, she heard Zerglings trying to bust their way inside the bunker.

    “DAMMIT YURI! MOVE THE FREAKIN’ CONTAINER!!! THEY’RE GOING TO BUST INSIDE!!” Yuri shouted at herself as she desperately and forcefully pushed the container close to the mine grenade. Sweat is now forming on her forehead because of the predicament she’s into. Cornered in a cranky and busted bunker with a large hole on the other side with no assurance if the path beyond it is safe and massive Zerg units trying to bust their way inside to get Yuri on the other side.

    While thinking her situation, she started to move the third container and this time, not only the noise of Zerglings trying to bust their way inside, Yuri also heard some Spine needles hitting the bunker’s exterior as some of its attacks manage to slip through the firing hole and barely missing her.

    After her several ordeal of container pushing, she feels her arms could go out on her anytime because of the fatigue from pushing three heavy containers of bullets. Then she set up the mine next to the containers and putting it on to impact mode (impact mode = if something instantly hits the mine while on impact mode, it will explode instantly).

    Exhaustion is now taking a toll on her as her movement are starting to become dull as one spine needle hits her in the shoulder and needle is stuck through and through on her shoulder, but she chose to ignore the pain and decided to thread on the large hole in front of her. As she got out, she can hear metal is starting to give in with the series of attacks from Zerglings and Hydralisks. She wanted to run but the poison of the needle is starting to get into her system after she pulled it out.

    And when she was with 10 meters within range, one Baneling manage to step on the mine and the bunker exploded which sends Yuri hitting a tree nearby on her back because of the impact of explosion.

    Location: Mar Sara Sky, Dawn *before the explosion*

    Yoona sits quietly on one corner of the Media’s cargo area and staring Jessica intently. Jessica on the other hand, walks back and forth as she worries for Yuri. Then she saw Taeyeon walked beside Jessica and hugged her calming her down. As she observed the two step sister, she let out a big sigh which Sunny noticed.

    “Hi there… you must be Im Yoona? I’m Sgt. Lee Sunny… but call me Sunny.” Sunny extends her hand out to shake Yoona’s hand Yoona just smiled and shake Sunny’s hand quietly. Sunny feels something is wrong with Yoona as she was her staring intently at the two step sisters.

    “Envious isn’t it?” Sunny suddenly said to Yoona. “I guess so…… no…… yeah I envy them.. even though they’re not real sisters… they’re sharing their bond like true sisters…” Yoona replied with a big sigh and envy feeling.

    “What makes you say that?” Sunny curiously asked.

    Yoona made a sudden pause at Sunny’s question “you see….. Before I was taken to that lab…….” Another pause and tears started to form in her eyes. Sunny noticed it.

    “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked… you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…” Sunny said back.

    “I’m sorry too… but I promise to tell everything after this is over…” Yoona ended with a slight smile. “Oh yeah… Taengoo said you haven’t eaten yet so here… it’s not that good but it’s better than nothing…” Sunny said as she gave Yoona her food ration. “Thank you… unnie…” Yoona replied with a gentle smile

    Medivac Cockpit area. Tiffany is trying to contact Yuri. “Yuri? Come in Yuri! Answer me dammit!” she cussed out of frustration because of unsuccessful contact with Yuri. Then Taeyeon comes to accompany Tiffany.

    “Fany-ah… any word yet?” Taeyeon asked. “No luck yet Major… and I can’t locate her location or her signal.” Tiffany answered which made Taeyeon frowned.

    “Fany-ah…. Are you still mad at me?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Look… I’m happy you decided to rescue Yuri because Jessica asked you to but did you think you will make your sister if you rescued Yuri on your own accord? Just like you left us in a bind a while ago?” Tiffany replied back.

    “Fany-ah…. Trust me on this… I really DO want to rescue her…. I can’t carry the conscience of having someone on my team die on me.” Taeyeon retorted back.

    “Team? Only a team? Is that what she looks like to you? after she have done so much keeping your sister safe? Even diverting the attention of massive Zerg ground units? She’s only a “team” to you? how about a “friend” Taeyeon?” Tiffany said it to Taeyeon with a straight face.

    “Tiffany is right Taengoo….. after all this is Yuri’s first mission and yet she experienced it hardcore. Harsh treatment from you…. but did you hear her said something bad about you?” Sooyoung added. Taeyeon fell silent because she knows they’re right. Ever since Yuri got on board the Hyperion, she did nothing but to curse Yuri because she’s a Ghost unit.

    “we’re not taking her side Taeng…. We just simply want YOU to be buddy-buddy with her. Have you seen Sica smiled happily when she met Yuri on the Hyperion?” Sunny now joins the conversation. “Tell me something Taeng… when was the last time you’ve Jessica smile like that?” Sunny added.

    “now you’re ganging up on me now… look I said I’m sorry and really DO want to rescue her…” Taeyeon said but she was cut off by Seohyun from the comm.-link. “Major… I don’t have the slightest clue about your issues with this Yuri, but don’t you think it’s unfair to treat her like that? I mean, judging from what Tiffany unnie and Sooyoung unnie said, she’s the new addition to your team, shouldn’t you be welcoming her instead of cursing her to death?” Seohyun added.

    “look 1st Lt Seo Joohyun… it’s her fault for being a ghost unit. She shouldn’t have chose to be a ghost unit!” Taeyeon said almost shouting back at Seohyun.

    “so how is it her fault for being a ghost unit Taeng?” Sunny asked. Taeyeon fell silent again, couldn’t think of an answer. “EXACTLY! NOTHING! besides…. Before we parted our ways… you what Yuri said? There’s a strong reason why she wanted to do so much for Jessica… it’s not only that she liked your sister but… this has something to do with you too. She’s not trying to be a hotshot or something Taeng.. and I know she’s not doing this for the team or because you’re her team leader… I think she’s doing this just because for her new found friends.” Sunny ended before going back to the cargo hold of the Medivac

    “Incoming transmission for Commander Raynor” the computer on Tiffany’s screen warned them.

    “Commander sir! We’ve successfully retrieve Im Yoona” Tiffany instantly answered. “Good job girls but.. why’re you girls taking so long? Taking a stroll on the Mar Sara?” Raynor asked them with an annoyed voice. That moment, Tiffany looked at Taeyeon.

    “Sir…. we seem to have lost Ghost unit Kwon Yuri… we’re coming to her rescue right now but we’re having some difficulties locating her…” Tiffany averted her answer to throw off the suspicion of their being disorganized procedure earlier which made Taeyeon’s eyes wide of disbelief. “well… better find her fast ‘cause I’ve got a bad news for you… we have detected a high class reading of psionic energy over there. We suspect it might be Kerrigan.” Raynor said as he ended his call.

    “Fany-ah? Why did you---” Taeyeon was going to ask but Tiffany cuts her words. “I can’t let the commander know what you’ve done Major…if he did, you’re going to be reprimanded on your actions.” Tiffany answered. A smile formed on Taeyeon’s lips and she decided to give Tiffany a hug but before she could hug her, Tiffany stopped her before she could envelop her arms around her.

    “I haven’t forgiven you yet Major.. for leaving us in a bind… after we return to the Hyperion… I’ll have a word with you…” Tiffany said with a dead serious face which made Taeyeon behave instantly.

    “Tiffany unnie! I’m detecting a big heat signature located on the south-east from us, 40 meters.” Seohyun warned them. Hearing Seohyun’s warning, Taeyeon instantly stood up, cocked her Rifle and went towards the cargo hold area.

    “OK LISTEN UP! I think we’ve located Kwon Yuri so… PREP UP YOUR GEAR! Soo arm your missiles, 1st Lt Seo, ready your weapons. Marines! You’re all going to assist Sgt. Lee here… and Jessica…. Just be prepared..” Taeyeon said as her helmet’s visor closed.

    “Major, confirmed Location of Yuri…. Critical situation! She’s not moving… Massive Zerg coming on towards her.” Tiffany warned her from the comm.-link.

    “Soo, Seo! GET THERE ASAP! The two of you will reach her!” Taeyeon commanded Seohyun and Sooyoung and in an instant the two girls dashed towards the explosion.

    “omo…. Tiffany unnie! Better get here quick! Kwon Yuri is badly injured!” Seohyun said to Tiffany through comm.-link as she saw Yuri just sitting down, with her back leaning on a tree, and trying to keep some Zerglings at bay as she fires randomly hitting and missing several Zerg units.

    “Major Permission to go down!! I need to assist Kwon Yuri!” Seohyun shouted at her comm.-link informing everyone on the channel including the Hyperion as she transformed her Viking unit into a ground assault mode and landed in front Yuri who is now barely conscious and still firing back at the Zerg units.

    “YURI!! YURI!!! GET UP!!” Sooyoung shouted at her as she puts her comm.-link on real time broadcast. “Taeyeon! Yuri’s not getting up!!” Sooyoung added.

    In Yuri POV, she knows Taeyeon’s team are rescuing her but she couldn’t speak and barely fighting to keep herself conscious as she fights the poison from the needle spine. Her body started to feel numb and she’s forcing her will power to pull the trigger on her Gauss rifle.

    “Ghost unit Kwon Yuri, this is 1st Lt. Seo Joohyun, we’ve come to pick you up.” Seohyun tried to communicate with Yuri but fails to get an answer.

    Inside the Medivac, Jessica is almost panicking as she saw Yuri’s state in the screen. “Taeyeon… Yuri can’t move! I’m detecting poison in her bloodstream! She must’ve been hit by a Hydralisks!” Tiffany said to Taeyeon. “Fany-ah..Open the hatch! I’m going down! Sunny cover me from here!!” Taeyeon ordered Sunny and the marines as

    “Seohyun-ah! 2 big daddies!! Inbound!! Be prepared!!” Sooyoung warned Seohyun as she detected on her radar screen two Ultralisks heading their way. Seohyun concentrated her aim on the oncoming Ultralisks as she ignored the Zerglings, Hydralisks and Roaches that are attacking.

    “They ain't gettin' far." Sooyoung said as she assisted Seohyun who’s on the ground covering Yuri who is starting to get weary.

    "Strike hard and fast!" Seohyun said as she focus on one of the Ultralisks and managed to take down one of them but the other Ultralisk manage to come through and attacked Seohyun.

    “SEOHYUN-AH!” Sooyoung shouted as she saw Seohyun’s Viking Unit got attacked. “I’m ok Sooyoung unnie… but it seems it got my ground weapon.” Seohyun answered.

    “SEOHYUN-AH! GET OUT OF THE WAY! SOO, COVER ME!” this time they saw Taeyeon running towards the Ultralisk and she fired her modified Gauss Rifle set to Rail gun mode and all it takes is one shot to the head and the Ultralisk fall down dead.

    “Soo!, Cover me while I retrieve Yuri!!” Taeyeon requested. “Roger that! Taengoo!” Sooyoung answered as she unleashed her series of Shockwave missiles onto the incoming batch of Zerg units.

    “Yuri? YURI! Can you hear me! Answer me dammit!” Taeyeon tapped Yuri’s cheek who is now unconscious, just to wake her. “Sunny! Call Jessica, WE NEED IMMEDIATE MEDICAL TREATMENT! YURI’S NOT WAKING UP!!” Taeyeon shouted.

    “Warning, Class 12 Psionic wave Detected. The Queen of Zerg is close by.” The computer on their Comm.-link warned them.

    “SH*T!! WE NEED TO MOVE FAST!!! IT’S KERRIGAN!!” Taeyeon shouted. Sunny and Jessica came just in time to pick up Yuri and they both went back to Tiffany’s Medivac. Taeyeon stayed behind a little more and tried to snipe Kerrigan with her Modified Gauss Rifle that’s still set on Rail gun mode.

    “Kerrigan…YOU’LL NEVER TAKE US ALIVE!!” Taeyeon shouted as she fired her weapon but to her shock, her shot didn’t hit Kerrigan.

    “Fools.. such puny weapons won’t hurt me like that. hahahaha! Now be obedient and let me have you as my subordinates, your skills are interesting.” Kerrigan said. Taeyeon didn’t answer and continued to shoot Kerrigan and none of her shots didn’t hit her also as Kerrigan had her Psionic shield surrounding her.

    “TAEYEON UNNIE!!! GET AWAY FROM HER!!!” Seohyun shouted at Taeyeon as she made her Viking unit plunged down on Kerrigan before hitting Kerrigan, Seohyun ejected just in time Sooyoung skillfully maneuver her Banshee, opened her hatch on her cockpit area and managed to catch Seohyun in mid air as she. “Sorry Seohyun-ah… it’s a little cramped in here but bear with it.” Sooyoung said to Seohyun as they both blushed at each other because they were in an awkward position as their body pressed on each other closely.

    “uuuhh.. Sooyoung unnie… m-maybe I should get on the Medivac….” Seohyun said. “how? We’re in the air… just bear with for a while Hyunnie…” Sooyoung said as her eyes roam around. “Yah! Miss munchies! Don’t you dare corrupt Maknae’s mind!!” Sunny hissed at Sooyoung which made the two girls in the Banshee cockpit panicked.

    As the Viking exploded on Kerrigan, flames engulfed her which made Taeyeon sigh in relief but her relief was cut short as she heard Kerrigan’s laughter. “HAHAHAHA Did you even think you can stop me with your toys?” Kerrigan said. Taeyeon didn’t even give the chance to listen or bother to look at Kerrigan as she dashed out of the scene and went straight into the Medivac.

    “FANY-AH!! LET’S GO NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!” Taeyeon shouted as she closes the hatch. And successfully escaped Kerrigan’s wrath but the Medivac’s took a heavy damage when Kerrigan attacked.

    “Unnie.. how is she?” Yoona asked Jessica who is frantically attending Yuri’s condition. “i…I don’t know… Poison is now rapidly spreading through her body… at this rate…” Jessica didn’t finish her words as she cries. Sunny who is beside them comforted Jessica. Taeyeon is also panicking at Yuri’s situation as she walked back and forth.

    “Fany-ah… how long before we arrive to the Hyperion.” Taeyeon asked Tiffany. “10 minutes Taeyeon.. 10 minutes!” Tiffany answered. “MAKE IT 5!” Taeyeon hissed at Tiffany which shock her. “Look major! I’m flying as fast as I can!” Tiffany shouted back.

    “Taengoo, don’t make Tiffany do the impossible! Medivac’s engine is not like an engine of the Banshee, or Viking!” Sooyoung said through her Comm.-link. “I know!! Dammit…” Taeyeon whispered.

    Location: Hyperion - Bridge.

    “So..Jim, how’s my prized pupil in your team?” Nova asked. “well.. she’s doing fine… apparently I assigned her on her first rescue mission.” Raynor said. “She’s tentative and always composed I’d say..” he added.

    “hmm composed? I don’t think that’s true Jim.. you know, the reason I trained her under me is… her Family were killed by the Zergs when she was little. I found her wandering alone in a Zerg infested planet called Meinhoff and decided to take her in. I trained her ever since she was 12.” Nova explained.

    “12! You surely gave her a piece of Hell on her early age, Nova… but how’d you get her some license for being a spec ops ghost unit like you?” Raynor said.

    “well..let’s just say.. I had some strings to pull. I know many people around me but they don’t know me.. mostly and Literally.” Nova replied as she laughed. “but let me tell you this Jim… she maybe like me in terms of carrying out her mission but, there’s a huge difference between me and her..” Nova added. “what do you mean “difference” Nova?” Raynor asked.

    “You see… once she cared about something or someone… she will do everything to keep it safe. No matter what the cost.” Nova explained. “she cares very dearly.. she’s not like any ghost in here in my Unit. That’s why I assigned her to be on your team.” Nova also added. “alright… I’ll keep note of that. thanks for the Info Nova.. now let’s cut off before Mengsk discovers you’re contacting me.” Raynor said as he cuts off their connection on their Comm-link.

    “Incoming transmission from Lt.Col Hwang.” The Adjutant warned. “patch her through” Raynor said.

    “Tiffany what’s the situation?” Raynor asked. “Commander! We need immediate medical attention for Kwon Yuri! Vitals are low, Poison is spreading fast to her entire body! We need immediate assistance!! We’re coming in 4 minutes! Medivac’s heavily damaged!!” Tiffany informed Raynor. “Copy that!” he said.

    “Adjutant! Prepare Medical bay ASAP! Inform R&D Director Kim Hyoyeon about the situation. We need her expertise on this. Issue an immediate notice on the hangar! Prepare any available personal incase their ship is badly damaged! Meeting Kerrigan like that… it’s a miracle they got away without any damage.” Raynor said while he worries for the team and Yuri’s condition.

    Location: Hyperion – Moving to Medical bay.

    Yuri still can’t open her eyes. Sign of the poison spreading through her body. Her whole body is numb and paralyzed. She can hear their voices but couldn’t identify who but only one voice stood out and is familiar with her, Jessica’s voice.

    “Sica, what’s her status?” Yuri heard another voice. “The poison have spread throughout her body, multiple lacerations, I think she also had a broken bone… I’m sorry Hyo I can’t concentrate on what other injuries Yuri might have…” she heard Jessica’s voice cracked as she explains to Hyoyeon.

    “WE NEED AN EMERGENCY SURGEON NOW!! EVERYONE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!” Hyoyeon shouted as they rushed Yuri to the Medical Bay. Everyone followed including Taeyeon. As they were arrived in the Medical bay, Hyoyeon suddenly stopped them including Jessica and Tiffany.

    “Hyo… I need to be in there… Yuri needs me… I’m also a Medic I can help her Hyo!” Jessica said while still in tears. “Sica…. I can’t have you inside… seeing in your state… I doubt you can do everything right.. you’re panicking… at least understand that as a Medic.” Hyoyeon answered. “But what about Tiffany? Hyo, clearly she’s not in the same state as Jessica!” Taeyeon followed. “Taeng… Tiffany is tired from the trip… you should at least know that… considering she covered your a** earlier about your selfishness during the mission. Can’t you see? She’s pressured and tired.” Hyoyeon answered.

    ”How did you know about….” Taeyeon asked but Hyoyeon cut her off. “we’ll talk about that later.. I need to save this girl’s life… oh and Im Yoona, after I’m done, I need to check you also… in the mean time… find something to wear… I can’t have anyone walking around here naked with only a lab coat on.” Hyoyeon said before entering the ER.

    “Sooyoung unnie… will Yuri be alright?” Seohyun asked worriedly.

    “she’ll be alright… Hyoyeon may not look like it but she almost can do everything. That’s why she became the director of R&D division…” Sooyoung replied.

    “it’s ok Jessi… it’s ok… everything going to be alright…” Tiffany cooed Jessica who is still sobbing.

    “Fany-ah? Where’s Taeng?” Sunny asked while she looks for Taeyeon.

    “unnie… I saw her went towards the armory room…” Yoona answered Sunny’s question.

    “thank you Yoona…” Sunny thanked Yoona and decides to go and talk to Taeyeon.

    Location: Hyperion – Armory / Locker room

    Sunny arrived at the armory / locker room and finds the lights are out. She first thought no one is inside but as she was going to step away, she heard someone turning on a shower on the bathroom. Sunny quietly stepped inside. As she thread the area quietly, she saw Taeyeon’s Marine armor empty.

    “Taeng?” Sunny called her name after she peeked inside the bathroom and saw Taeyeon sitting in the corner crying her heart out, drenched wet beneath the shower with her black tank-top and military fatigue. Sunny instantly ran towards her. Even though the shower is on, Sunny didn’t mind being drenched as her concern is focused on Taeyeon.

    “hey… hey… what’s wrong? It’s not like you to cry like this? Did you also hurt yourself?” Sunny asked, but instead of an answer, Taeyeon hugged her tightly while still crying hard.

    “I’m so stupid Sunny! I’ve let my stubborn side get into me!! she almost died because of my selfishness!!” Taeyeon said as she cried.

    “Look Taeng.. no one’s blaming you for what happened….. besides Yuri made her own choice to save your sister…” Sooyoung said still calming down Taeyeon. “even if you say that Sunny… I can’t help but blame myself! I want to blame myself for everything! I treat her badly! I even tried to pick a fight with her and yet she didn’t do a damn thing! She just continues to care for everyone’s sake! I feel like an idiot! I’ve let everyone down! Even Seohyun almost died back there just cover my stubborn a**” Taeyeon added.

    “it’s not too late Taengoo…” another voice from their behind speaks and it was Sooyoung. “I knew something’s up… when my Bunny didn’t return…..” Sooyoung added.

    “So Taengoo…. Maybe it’s time to let everyone “in” and not to keep everything for yourself. We all know how hard you try to act strong and cool.” Sooyoung said.

    “Come now Taeng.. let it all out…” Sunny said and Taeyeon finally lets out all of her pent negative emotions until she clams down.

    Location: Hyperion – in front of Medical Bay

    Taeyeon, Sunny and Sooyoung finally return and wait for some results of Yuri’s condition. Everyone noticed some change in Taeyeon’s aura. Even Raynor noticed something changed and just smiled.

    “Glad to see you girls alright… it’s a miracle you girls managed to escape Kerrigan’s wrath.” Raynor said. “Sir…if it wasn’t for 1st Lt. Seo Joohyun here…. We would’ve been here…” Taeyeon said. “Well, all is well Major I’m just relieved that all of you made it back here in one piece.” Raynor replied. “well I can’t stay here for too long, i’m going to borrow your 1st Lt. friend here for a while because we need her to complete her registry process to be a part of this crew.” Raynor added.

    “what do you mean sir?” Tiffany asked.

    “well… you see, she gave priority to back you guys up before she came here so… Matt haven’t confirmed her status here.” Raynor explained and all of them frowned. Raynor noticed and said “I know you all want to hear about her condition but it’s been almost 2 hrs… besides.. you girls need to rest for a while. Lt.Col Hwang? I think it’s better you let FM Jung to rest in a comfortable way?” Raynor pointed at Jessica who’s now asleep on her lap and with tears from her eyes. “Sgt. Lee and Choi we need some report log on about what happened down there. I want every detail.” Raynor said to Sunny and Sooyoung.

    Hearing the “every detail” part suddenly shook the couple up and looked at Taeyeon and Taeyeon gave them with the look of “it’s-ok, I’m-prepared” look and the two sighed. Raynor noticed the meaningful glances between the three. “look, whatever happened down there… it’s not my concern. My main concern is Kerrigan. Besides Major… I think you’ll be hearing a LOT from Lt.Col Hwang even if you two are “that” close.” Raynor said as he laughed a bit, assuring Taeyeon on her mistake.

    “Yoona? Would you come with us?” Sooyoung called Yoona. “eh? But Taeyeon unnie will be left alone in here” Yoona replied.

    “Yoona, go with them.. I’ll be fine here.. as a squad leader it’s my responsibility to know first-hand about my team.” Taeyeon said to Yoona in a calm tone.

    “Taengoo is right Yoona.. besides… I need to get you some decent clothes… maybe some of my clothes will fit you exactly.” Sooyoung said. Yoona hesitantly to go with them at first since Taeyeon will be left alone.

    “Yoona…. Don’t worry about Taeng…. She’s tougher than she looks.” Sunny said as she smiles at Yoona and Taeyeon was left alone in front of the ER and waited for the past 2 hrs. As Taeyeon waited, exhaustion, depression and stress get to her and eventually she fell asleep sitting in front of the ER.

    Timeline: unknown
    Location: unknown

    As Taeyeon woke up from her slumber, she noticed that the Hyperion is empty and dark. She got up and equip her pulse handgun. “Sica? Fany-ah? Guys?” she called but she received no answer. In front of her is the ER where Yuri and Hyoyeon is inside. Being cautious, she leans on the wall and put up her pistol. Then, Taeyeon suddenly kicked the door to the ER and aimed instantly.

    When she scanned inside the ER, the room was empty and also dark. “Hyo? Yuri? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!” she shouted but still received no answer.

    She went back outside and decided to head to the bridge. As she ran towards the bridge she spotted two dark figures that is in the hangar area of the Hyperion, one is standing up and one is kneeling down.

    Taeyeon observed the two figures and tries to go near them quietly. As she got close, she could hear the kneeling dark figure sobbing and sounded like a girl. Then she saw the standing dark figure took out a weapon similar to the one that the ghost units are using and aimed at the kneeling dark figure.

    “STOP!” she shouted at the standing dark figure as she aimed her pulse handgun at it. “hmph! so you’ve come out…Kim Taeyeon….” The dark figure spoke as it aimed on the kneeling dark figure.

    “DROP YOUR RIFLE OR I’LL SHOOT!” Taeyeon shouted but the instead, she heard a gun cocking as it reloads a bullet on the chamber. The kneeling dark figure called her “Tae! Get out of here now!!” hearing the kneeling figure’s voice made her feel like she’s been splashed with a cold water as the voice were familiar to her, It was Jessica. The standing figure aimed it’s rifle on Jessica. As it gets ready to pull the trigger, Taeyeon threw her handgun on the culprit’s rifle to avert its aim on Jessica. Seeing the opportunity to save Jessica, Taeyeon dashed towards Jessica and successfully reached her. But when she faced the standing figure, its image suddenly became clear and revealed a ghost unit and the tip of its rifle nozzle were at point blank range to her chest. “time to say goodbye Kim Taeyeon.” And the next she knew a loud single shot and she feel the bullet went through chest piercing one of her lungs. With her last ounce of strength left, her vision is starting to get dim as she heard Jessica screaming and crying as she tried to keep pressure on Taeyeon’s wound to stop the bleeding. “TAE! TAE!!!! DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE AGAIN!!!” TAEYEOOOON!!!” that was the last word she heard from Jessica before she blacked out.

    Timeline: Present *3hours have passed since Yuri’s medical treatment
    Location: Hyperion – in front of the ER.

    “Major? Major Kim?” a voice called out to her and she instantly opened her eyes. “Y-Yuri?!!!!” Taeyeon was surprised when she saw Yuri wearing a white medical gown, sitting in front of her in a wheelchair.

    “uuhmm Major.. you can let go of my hand now….”Yuri said as she smiled at Taeyeon. That was the time when Taeyeon noticed she was holding Yuri’s hand tightly. “O-Oh.. sorry….”Taeyeon averted her eyes away from Yuri.

    “Having a nightmare Major? You were crying and breathing heavily in your slumber…” Yuri said. Taeyeon looked at Yuri for a moment and gives her a nod.

    “Yuri…. I’m sorry… because of my selfishness and stubbornness.. you almost died back there…” Taeyeon said while still looking down.

    “Don’t worry about it Major… to tell you the truth, I enjoyed working under you….” Yuri explained. “Major? If it’s ok with you…. would you mind sharing me why are you so hostile towards us, Ghost units? I’m still bothered about that ghost who almost killed you..” Yuri’s question made Taeyeon a bit stiff.

    Before Taeyeon answered Yuri’s question she stood up and pushed Yuri’s wheelchair. “M-Major? W-where are you taking m--”

    “Taeyeon…. My friends call me Taeyeon or Taeng or Taengoo…. You can also call me by that name..” Taeyeon said as she gave Yuri a warm smile which happens didn’t escaped Sunny and Sooyoung’s observation from afar and put a smile on their lips.

    “Looks like Taeyeon’s wall finally falls down on Yuri don’t you think my Bunny?” Sooyoung said as she took a big bite on her cheese burger.

    “Looks like it… I hope they can get along very well..” Sunny answered.

    “oh they will be… Taeyeon unnie is a gentle person even though she’s like that.” Yoona appeared from their behind and took a bigger bite at Sooyoung’s Cheese burger. “YAH! YOU ALLIGATOR!! YOU ALMOST ATE MOST OF IT!” Sooyoung shouted as Yoona smiled chodingly back at Sooyoung.

    “oh boy… I think we got another heavy eater on the team…” Sunny sighed.

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    biggri Bio: Major Kim Taeyeon

    Post by YulSicFany on Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:09 am

    Unit Number: 3989

    Name: Kim Taeyeon

    Unit Type: Marine

    Rank: Major


    Kim Taeyeon were once a fun Loving Girl until one incident turned her
    into a cold and arrogant person. The incident involves Jessica, her Step
    sister. Jessica and Taeyeon are always together ever since they were little
    kids. Before she got enlisted in Raynor’s unit, she almost died at the hands on
    a Ghost unit. As the whereabouts and info of that ghost is still unknown. After
    that incident, Taeyeon enlisted as the first female Marine and for a short time of her service
    and completing several critical missions she was promoted to a Major and
    decided to enlist to Raynor’s unit.


    Raynor: alright… Major Kim. Tell me why
    you enlisted as a Marine Infantry on my unit…even though you’re a girl…
    *scratches head*

    walked behind Raynor**

    Taeyeon: I want some of her butt sir!

    Raynor: HUH?
    Come again?

    *Tiffany disappeared out of her sight**

    Taeyeon: I mean…I want
    to kick some Butt Sir!

    Raynor: ok… according to your history
    background… you almost died back there… good thing you’re still breathing.. it
    says here.. you’ve encountered a Ghost unit that almost killed you is that

    Taeyeon: Yes sir!

    Raynor: is that your reason why you

    Taeyeon: No sir… it’s about my sister…

    Raynor: Your sister?

    Taeyeon: Sir I believe she’s already here in
    your Unit. Her name is Jung Sooyeon… but she prefers Jessica.

    Raynor: …that’s her alright… but why
    Marine? Your sister is a Medic. You could’ve chosen another unit like a Pilot of Viking or Wraith or Assistant
    director of R&D?

    walked in and put some files beside Raynor, as she was heading out she dropped
    her pen causing her to bend down. Taeyeon’s eyes are now Glued.

    Taeyeon: …CUTE BUTT!

    stood up and walked away again**

    Raynor: Cute butt?

    Taeyeon: huh? Err.. I mean……. I-it’s CUTE
    BUT!.. I want some *Tiffany passed by behind Raynor* piece of that butt *Tiffany disappears* I mean piece of the
    enemy’s butt!...

    Raynor: *sigh*… Matt… would you call
    Lt.Col Hwang here.

    Matt: Roger that Sir..

    ** after a few seconds, Tiffany comes in**

    Tiffany: you
    called Commander?

    Raynor: yes Ms Hwang… I want you to
    escort Major Kim here to the armory and to register her DNA to her marine suit.

    and Taeyeon went out of the room and after a few seconds….. a sound or a glass
    and mirror crashing**


    face palmed himself while Matt chuckled**

    Raynor: ….she haven’t been in a
    mission..she’s already causing trouble to Hwang

    Matt: hahahaha but look at the
    bright side Sir…. the crew will be lively because of her antics to Hwang…

    Raynor: hahaha you’re right about that…
    well… where’s your another recommendation Matt?

    Matt: don’t rush Sir.. she’s
    still training. Her name is Choi Sooyoung.. and she excels piloting a
    Banshee. That’s all info about her that
    I can release.

    Raynor: wel.. let’s wait for her to
    finish then..



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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 7

    Taeyeon and Yuri arrived at the Cantina. As they entered, all of the
    crew and staff members were surprised at the scene. Taeyeon assisting
    and injured Yuri. What made them surprised is, they all know Taeyeon
    detest any Ghost unit but they’re confused on why is Taeyeon assisting
    Yuri knowing to them that she’s a ghost Unit.

    “What are you dorks looking at?”
    Taeyeon hissed back at them and they all returned to their work. Some
    of them are smiling and some of them as shaking their head and also

    “aish… I shouldn’t have bought you in here…” Taeyeon said loudly. “is there something wrong Majo..” Yuri didn’t finish calling Taeyeon a Major as Taeyeon cuts her word. “TAEYEON!!.....I thought I told you to call me that…” she said back to Yuri as she sighed.

    “well before I talk about my history… you need something to eat..” Taeyeon stood up and went inside the kitchen area and disappeared at Yuri’s sight.

    While waiting for Taeyeon to comeback, Yuri felt someone is watching her
    from behind. She wanted to turn around but couldn’t and then suddenly
    someone gave her a back-hug.

    Yuri heard a familiar voice. It was Jessica and she was wearing a black
    tank-top with black blazer and blue Jeans and made Yuri speechless at
    the Goddess image in front of her.


    “oh hi Sica” Yuri greeted Jessica back and smiled weakly. “you Babo… you almost gave me a heart attack when you’re not waking up earlier….” Jessica said while trying to hold her tears again.

    “omo… Sica don’t cry ok? I’m not dead yet……” Yuri said to Jessica.

    “So… how’s my patient feeling?” this time Hyoyeon went over to Yuri and Jessica. “thank you Doc for patching me up…” Yuri thanked Hyoyeon.

    “please… call me Hyo…or whatever you want to call me..” Hyoyeon said as she gave Yuri a toothy smile.

    “that was some stunt you pulled back there Kwon…. I guess Nova was right about you..” This time Raynor joins in their conversation.

    “What do you mean Commander?” Yuri asked with a confused face. “well
    she told me that you’re too dedicated on your priority. She also said
    that when you cared for something or someone.. you’ll do whatever it
    takes to keep that safe….. I like that Kwon… but I’d like it if you also
    give some priority on yourself too..”
    Raynor added.

    “I’m sorry Commander…I’ll try not to do that again…” Yuri bowed her head as she said sorry. “hey
    hey… I didn’t mean that way… I can’t afford to lose my one and only
    ghost unit on my crew that’s all I’m saying. Sgt. Choi and Lee told me
    everything and it seems really handed over the authority to your Major. I
    thought you were only kidding when you said that.”
    Raynor said as he laughed.

    “I’m sorry sir…” Yuri apologized again.

    “So.. what or who were you protecting this time?”
    Raynor asked Yuri. Yuri didn’t answer right as her face starts to
    redden and stealing some glance on Jessica. Raynor noticed Yuri’s
    expression and laughed. “hahahaha you know Kwon.. if
    you like someone, don’t hold back… or else it will be too late if you
    held back for too long. Dr. Kim… how is Yoona? Did you already give her a
    physical check up?”
    Raynor asked Hyoyeon.

    “Not yet Sir… it seems
    Tazmanian Devil and Lola Bunny at giving her a tour of the ship. I’m
    letting her so she can get used to the ship.”
    Hyoyeon replied back. “well….
    I’ve got to go now. I’m just glad Kwon here is feeling well. Don’t over
    exert yourself… I’ve got some missions for you lined up. And tell
    Taeyeon that Hwang is waiting for her in the Hangar.”
    Raynor said as she got up and waved them goodbye.

    Just in time Taeyeon comes back the fair amount of food with her. “here.. you should eat first Yuri…”
    Taeyeon prepares the food in front of Yuri. Just as Yuri tries to move
    her arms, she finds it that her arms are aching and having a hard time
    moving them. “oh I
    forgot to inform you Yuri… your muscles are too sore so you can’t use
    your arms for a while. But don’t worry, you just need some rest and
    you’ll be back in action again.”
    Hyoyeon said as she assure Yuri.

    “Taeng… the Commander
    said that Tiffany is waiting for you in the Hangar… I think you should
    talk to her… looks like it’s serious..”
    Hyoyeon told Taeyeon. Taeyeon looked at Yuri. “you can tell about it some other time Tae… right now I think Tiffany comes first…” Yuri said.

    “actually… I’ll get an earful of scolding…” Taeyeon replied with a worried look on her face. “well,
    it’s better to face it now than later… you know how Tiffany gets mad….
    Last time she goes ballistic on you, you slept for almost 2 months in
    the Hangar area or here in the Cantina.”
    Jessica said. “aish… alright alright… well see you soon Yul..” and Taeyeon walked off and went to Tiffany.

    “well I guess I should
    be going too… there’s too much stuff to do in the Lab.. I’ll leave you
    two alone so you can have your private time..”
    said as she gave Yuri and Jessica a meaningful and naughty smile. The
    two girls couldn’t help but blush madly as they were left alone.

    “uuhh.. a-aren’t you h-hungry Yuri?” Jessica asked a she stuttered. “I am but… I can’t hold my spoon and fork properly…”
    Yuri answered. And a moment of silence between them and both of them
    are emitting an awkward aura at each other. And then Jessica broke the

    “fine… I’ll help you eat…”
    Jessica scooped a fairly amount of food on the spoon and decided to
    feed Yuri. Seeing this side of Jessica made Yuri too awkward and at the
    same time blushing. As Yuri steal a quick glance at Jessica, she also
    notice that she’s blushing too and both of them felt every eyes on the
    Cantina as focused on them. They could also feel some of them are
    smiling and giggling.

    “i…I think i-I’ll try t-to eat o-on my o-own..Sica…”
    Yuri stuttered and she tries to grab a hold of the fork but failed to
    do so as she doesn’t have a proper grip at the fork and just dropped on
    the floor.

    “babo… didn’t you hear Hyo’s explanation? Now stay still and let me feed you…” Jessica said as she placed the spoon in front of Yuri lips. “Open wide Yuri…” Jessica said.

    “Si-Sica… this is kind of awkward…” Yuri shyly smiled but Jessica didn’t budge as the spoon is still in front of Yuri’s lips.

    “Look Yuri…. Don’t be such a stranger and let me help you eat.”
    Jessica said as she smiled. With no other choice, Yuri gives in and let
    Jessica help her eat. At first they were awkward as they position

    “you know.. it’s rather hard feeding you like this…” Jessica stood up and positioned Yuri’s wheelchair beside her. “that’s better” she smiled at Yuri. “It’s hard to feed you when were face to face with each other.. I have to bend over to reach you back there.” She explained to Yuri.

    Yuri’s heart starts to pound faster as she’s now near beside Jessica
    while helping her to eat. And then at last, the crew who’s been watching
    the two girls couldn’t help but let out a loud “Awww~~” expression
    which called their attention.

    Yuri and Jessica roamed their eyes and saw all of the crew’s attention are focused to them, smiling. Both of them blushed.

    Jessica shouted at them and sat back down as the crews left them alone
    in the cantina as their break is over. The girls came to a sudden halt
    at what they’re doing. But Jessica, again starts feeding an awkward

    Still in the middle of feeding Yuri, both of them started to feel uneasy as they sense someone is moving close to them. “Sica… can you feel that?” Yuri asked.

    *scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle *

    Jessica nodded as she also noticed the presence. Yuri, being a ghost,
    tries to grab a hold of something even if her grip is still not good.
    Jessica silently grabbed the fork.

    *scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle *

    Both Yuri and Jessica can sense the presence is getting close to them. “Yuri.. don’t worry, I’ll protect you this time” Jessica said.

    Yuri and Jessica roamed their eyes at their surroundings only to find they’re left alone in the Cantina.

    *scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle *
    the presence is now getting closer to them. Jessica held Yuri’s arm tightly as her other hand holds the fork.

    *scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle * another movement *scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle *
    followed by another movement and it hits a table that’s behind and
    close to them, knocking some bottle over. Both of them looked at the
    direction and saw the broken pieces of bottle. Jessica stood up and went
    over to check the broken bottle along with Yuri, whom she dragged with

    “Sica… don’t let your guard down… I can feel it’s still close…” Yuri said. both of them decided to go back to their table on high alert. “Yuri… can you still feel it?” Jessica asked. Yuri didn’t answer but just nodded.

    As Jessica tried to ease the tension by picking up a food from the table, the fork hits only the table. “wha..?” Jessica was surprised as she saw there’s no plate on the table.

    “Yuri?...did we return on a wrong table?” Jessica asked. “I don’t think so Sica…. Look, my glass of water is still here.” Yuri answered.

    “But where the heck is your plate?” Jessica asked again. “beats me…. huh?”
    as Yuri gave Jessica a confusing answer, something bumped on her leg
    beneath the table and saw Yoona eating Yuri’s plate with a smile
    plastered on her face.

    “YAH! IM YOONA!!” Jessica shouted as Yoona revealed herself from the table. “heheh.. sorry Sica unnie.. it’s just I’m so hungry.” Yoona answered as she sticks her tongue out. “geez…
    you could’ve asked beforehand Yoona…. We thought something else is here
    when we heard and felt something scuffling near us..”
    Yuri said.

    “heheh, that was me unnies.. I was crawling very fast to avoid your detection.” Yoona smiled chodingly which cause Yuri and Jessica laugh a bit. “you choding… you almost finished your Yuri unnie’s food. She only had a 4 bites….. babo” Jessica said as she gave the choding Yoona a small chuckle. Yoona frowned when she heard Yuri still haven’t eaten much yet.

    “I’m sorry unnie….” Yoona pouts. “Hey.. it’s alright Yoona.. I’m very sure you’re very hungry since you’ve been locked up in a test tube for a long time..” Yuri explained as she gave Yoona a gentle smile.

    “Yuri? are you sure? She’s been eating since all of us got aboard.” Jessica said. “I’m sure Sica… her very well being comes first. I mean look at her.”
    both of them looked at Yoona who’s busy finishing Yuri’s plate like a
    small child. Some of the food were at the side of Yoona’s lips and some
    of them reached her cheeks. Jessica smiled as she sees Yoona eating
    like a little kid.

    “Yoona…. You should eat properly… here let me wipe your face a little bit…”
    Jessica pulled out her handkerchief and used it to wipe the food off
    from Yoona’s face. After Jessica wiped her face, Yoona suddenly paused
    and remained silent.

    “Yoona? Is there something wrong?” Yuri asked but Yoona remained silent. Curiously, Jessica pulled up Yoona’s face and they saw she was crying silently. "I miss my umma and appa..." Jessica felt Yoona’s sadness and said nothing and just hugged her.

    Location: Hyperion – Hangar

    Taeyeon arrived quietly in the Hangar to find Tiffany staring blankly at
    her Medivac with a heavy damage. As Taeyeon got close quietly and was
    about to pinch Tiffany’s butt, Tiffany instantly called her.

    “I know what you’re planning Taeyeon… we need to talk…” Tiffany said without turning around to Taeyeon.

    “You know… I should
    report your selfish demeanor to my superior….Because of you, people got
    hurt, almost got hurt and almost died. We even lost 2 units. What the
    hell are you thinking Major Taeyeon?”
    Tiffany raised her voice.

    “i…. know I’m selfish Fany-ah… it’s just you know my history background right?” Taeyeon explained. “I know I’ve told you my real reason. i’m not letting Jessica get hurt by any means necessary…” she added.

    “…that’s still not the
    answer I’m expecting Major…. Why’d you left your team in the middle of
    battle? You know we all depend on your orders! This could go on your
    report as a sign of insubordination! ”
    Tiffany said almost raising her voice again.

    “oh come on Fany-ah… you heard Yuri transferred all the authorities over to me! that should be void!” Taeyeon is now starting to get angry. But Tiffany didn’t even flinched. She just crossed her arms in front of her chest.

    “yeah I heard it Major…
    but… Yuri is still in command! She ORDERED you to take full command.
    Tell me… did the Commander contacted you while you’re in command?”
    Tiffany asked Taeyeon with a straight face.

    “…he did not….” Taeyeon answered with a low voice. “you
    know why he didn’t contacted you? the Commander thought Yuri was
    kidding handing over the full command of the team over to you!”
    Tiffany answered. “I’m going to read your report now.” Tiffany said as she pulled out a paper report about Taeyeon’s action.

    “Major Kim Taeyeon,
    Unit number 3989. Unit: Marine Infantry. I asked you to stand up
    straight. I want you to hear my report regarding to your action on your
    recent mission. Due to your cause of selfish traits and agenda, I hereby
    deemed your action: abandoning your post and Insubordination.
    Punishment: Demote to Sergeant and court marshall with a possibility of
    being suspended.”
    Tiffany ended her report as she gave Taeyeon a serious look.

    Taeyeon couldn’t look up because Tiffany is right about her actions. “Major.. what will you do?” Tiffany asked her.

    “Lt.Col Hwang.. I’m
    very aware of my actions about the mission… I’m prepared of what
    punishment I deserve. It’s your call Lt.Col…”
    Taeyeon answered Tiffany with a serious look and saluted back at Tiffany.

    Tiffany turned around and faced Taeyeon…. “you’re willing to be demoted Major?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon. “yes I am… I’d rather be demoted than to lose my sister and my friends… and you..” Taeyeon answered Tiffany with full of courage. “then so be it…. Major Kim Taeyeon… I’m now officially stating that…..…. this report is meaningless…” Tiffany ripped the paper report to shreds which made Taeyeon surprised.

    “L-Lt. Col? why’d you..” but Tiffany cuts in. “oh
    Tae-Tae…. I want you to know… I’ve forgiven you ever since we were back
    on board in the Hyperion…. I’m observing when you started to worry
    about Yuri when you learned she gave priority to your sister escaping
    Tiffany walked towards Taeyeon and gave her a hug. “frantically
    panicking for someone’s life? crying while you worry if she’s going to
    survive? And waiting for her in front of the medical bay for about 3
    hrs? and not to mention you’re holding her hand dreaming about your
    nightmare? And last but not the least…. Helping her to go to the Cantina
    and serving her your own recipe of food.. I saw all that Tae-Tae…
    that’s the 3rd time I saw you do that for somebody.”
    Tiffany looked at Taeyeon’s shocked face and she giggled at Taeyeon. “so I’m guessing…. She’s alright with you now?” Tiffany smiled at Taeyeon while still clinging on her.

    “well.. I guess she’s alright Fany-ah..” Taeyeon smiled. “I admit she did gave me a scare back there… when I retrieved her unconscious and injured… I don’t know what to do back there…” Taeyeon added.

    “and I might add
    Tae-Tae… if you haven’t done that.. we might still be a Mar Sara looking
    for Yoona and still running away from Kerrigan.”
    Tiffany said.

    “Fany-ah… I’m sorry again if I leave you guys again like that… I promise it won’t happen again” Taeyeon apologized to Tiffany and hugged her. “like
    I said Tae-Tae…. It’s alright… compared to what you’ve shown earlier…
    for me, that’s enough to wipe your slate clean…………… and please….. stop
    touching my butt while hugging me…”
    Tiffany smiled as she moved Taeyeon’s hand away.

    Location: Hyperion – Hallway

    Two girls are now panicking and running across the Hyperion Hallway.

    “Sunny-ah! Did you find her?” Sooyoung asked Sunny through her comm.-link. “negative on my side Youngie… I told you to keep an eye on her!!” Sunny replied back to Sooyoung.

    “how could i? she pushed me!!” Sooyoung retorted back. “well if you’ve surrendered your cheeseburger to her she wouldn’t run away!” Sunny replied. “YAH! It’s my last cheeseburger!! And it’s mine!” Sooyoung said.

    “aigoo Youngie …. Be
    more understanding will you? she’s new here… she’s locked up in a
    facility. Didn’t you think she’s hungry? A while back ago, I gave her my
    ration, even though it doesn’t taste good, she finished the whole
    content of the box in just 10 seconds without complaint. She must be
    pretty darn hungry..”
    Sunny explained.

    “but she took a big bite and my cheeseburger earlier!!” Sooyoung complained. “Geez Youngie… it’s just food!! You can always order another one on the Cantina." Sooyoung didn’t answer back but just grunted at Sunny.

    “Sooyoung unnie… is Yoona with you?” Seohyun suddenly asked them through their comm.-link. “about that Seohyun-ah… we lost her…” Sooyoung answered.

    “uuuh ok… Hyoyeon unnie is looking for her…. she shouldn’t hard to find unnie… where would she go? We’re in the Hyperion unnie.” Seohyun reminded them as she signed out.

    “Aish…. That girl… she signed off instead of offering us some help looking for that choding.” Sunny said.

    “Bunny… Seohyun has a point… let’s just go to the Cantina….” Sooyoung said. “you’re going to eat again?” Sunny asked. “well
    DUH! First you said it earlier, she might be hungry so.. I’m guessing
    she’s there plus, I get to order another food. I’d be nailing to birds
    in one stone.”
    Sooyoung replied.

    “you made it sound good
    but basically… you’re just going there to eat….. well you do have a
    point so…. I can’t argue with that… let’s meet up in the Cantina.”
    Sunny said and both of them went to the Cantina.

    Location: Hyperion – Cantina

    Sooyoung and Sunny arrived together at the Cantina and they saw Yoona sitting between Yuri and Jessica.

    “so this is where you are Yoona… we’ve been looking everywhere for you…. right Youngie?.....Youngie?...aish..” as Sunny asked, Sooyoung walked past them and went straight towards the counter to order food. “seriously… that giant over there can’t stop eating..”
    Sunny said as she sighed which made Yuri, Jessica and Yoona laughed.
    Sunny noticed a different aura on the 3 person in front of her.

    “you three are cute you know that?” Sunny blurted out as she sat across them and smiled. “what do you mean unnie?” Yoona asked while clinging her both arms on Yuri and Jessica. “you three looked like a Family and you're their love child” Sooyoung said as she arrived with mountain of food which made Yoona’s eyes wide.

    As Yoona tries to slowly reach out for the food, Sooyoung instantly hits
    her hand loudly which hurt Yoona’s hand as she retracted her hand
    holding it firmly.

    “YAH! Choi Sooyoung! What did I tell you earlier?” Sunny slightly raised her voice. “but she’s going to finish all my food here!” Sooyoung replied back.

    “I’m sorry Sooyoung unnie.. it’s just I haven’t been able to decent food while I was locked up in that facility….” Yoona said as she almost holding her tears back like a kid.

    “yah…Choi Sooyoung… you hear that?” Sunny said as she looked at Sooyoung who is hesitantly deciding to give food to Yoona.

    “Great! Looks like everyone is here.” Everyone looked at the Cantina doorway and saw Taeyeon, Tiffany along with Seohyun and Hyoyeon.

    “Seriously Soo… you should at least understand Yoona’s status..” Tiffany said. “Yoona..just
    wait here.. I’ll cook something for us just wait here… and Yuri… I’ll
    tell you why I hated Ghost units after I finish cooking.”
    Taeyeon said as she went inside the Kitchen. “Taeyeon unnie..let me help” Seohyun followed.

    Taeyeon and Seohyun disappeared from their sight which leaves Jessica,
    Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Tiffany and Sunny’s mouth open and one confused
    Yoona. They didn’t expect Taeyeon to open up something crucial in her
    past just like that. “Hey guys… you can close your mouth now…” Yuri called them back to reality. A sudden silence

    “Yah! Yuri-ah! Congratulations!” Sooyoung said as she shakes Yuri’s arm. “OW OW OW ow!!” Yuri winced in pain because of her injury and her sore muscles. “Ooops sorry about that… hehehe”
    Sooyoung said as he sticks her tongue out. Without Sooyoung noticing,
    Yoona quickly and secretly grabbed 3 cheeseburgers which Sunny noticed
    but didn’t talked, instead, she signaled Yoona with an “it’s ok look” as she smiled and Yoona did the same.

    “Yuri-ah…. What happened?” Tiffany asked as she puts on a slight smile on her face. “I
    don’t know Fany-ah… a while ago before we came here, she looked like
    she was having a nightmare while waiting for me in the Medical Bay. As I
    tried to wake her up, she suddenly grabbed my hand tightly and lets out
    a tears and starts breathing heavily while she’s sleeping and when I
    was going to try call Hyoyeon, she suddenly woke up.”
    Yuri explained.

    “Yuri-ah… it’s her nightmare alright…” Jessica said. “How’d you know Sica?” Yuri asked. This time Tiffany answered. “She’s been having “that” nightmares since “that” incident happened which changed her drastically.”

    “my sister was once a
    fun loving person and almost cared for everything and she has this
    happy-go-lucky personality… but that disappeared in that certain event.”
    Jessica added.

    “I can understand Sica
    knew about this…. But… why is Tiffany acting like she knew what
    happened? Did Taeyeon opened up to you too?”
    Sooyoung asked.

    “Actually… my sister didn’t opened up to her… but rather…. She’s the one who saved Taeyeon’s life” Jessica explained. Yuri, Sooyoung, Sunny and Hyoyeon are surprised at what they’re hearing right now.

    “Yuri… you remember
    what I’ve told you about the persons that Tae-Tae beat up? one of them
    is connected on the culprit or one of their relatives so many person to
    point really...…. That’s why the info on that is still unknown. Tae-Tae
    and I are still clueless.”
    Tiffany said in a sad voice.

    “yeah I remember that Fany-ah… so would you mind continuing what happened?” Yuri asked. “I’d
    love to Yuri but… this is Taeyeon’s life.. I shouldn’t be the one
    talking about this.. It’s better if you heard the whole story from her
    own lips.”
    Tiffany said as she gave Yuri a gentle smile.

    “I understand Fany-ah….” Yuri smiled back. “Yoona…are you done eating that?” Yuri called Yoona attention who is still munching Sooyoung’s cheeseburgers. “YAH! You…” Sooyoung didn’t continue as she saw Sunny staring at her with a serious look. “you….Choding!” and Sooyoung finished her word.

    “Yoona… if you want something to eat just ask..” Jessica said as wiped Yoona’s face again. “thank you Sica unnie and..Sorry Sooyoung unnie… I’m just too hungry…” Yoona said to Sooyoung.

    “it’s ok Yoona…. Well at least my food didn’t go to waste.” Sooyoung said as she sighed.

    “Hey Hyo!... you’ve been quiet back there…. Something wrong?” Sunny asked Hyoyeon who is beside her. “you could say that…. I’ve been staring at Yoona’s arms….. those horrible needle marks…” Hyoyeon said which Yoona heard and suddenly stopped eating.

    “oh I’m sorry Yoona….. I didn’t mean to say it out loudly…” Hyoyeon worriedly explained herself. “it’s ok Hyo unnie… I guess you see me now as a weird girl with a weird personality…” Yoona hanged her head low, avoiding their stares. “Silly Yoona…. We’re not thinking about you like that… if you want to know weird.. I can give you an example.” Tiffany said as she make Yoona’s face shows.

    “let’s see now…. Weirdo
    number one…. Jessi’s step sister… Tae-Tae… you see… for some reason…
    she always pinching my butt… it’s the same goes for them whenever she
    had a chance… luckily for you and Yuri… she didn’t do that to the two of
    you… for one, Tae-Tae’s hatred on the Ghost units saved Yuri from that…
    and second is you… I don’t know why but…. You somehow survived.”
    Tiffany explained.

    “HEY I HEARD THAT FANY-AH!! EVEN SEOHYUN’S LAUGHING AT ME!” they all heard Taeyeon shouted from the kitchen which made them all laugh.

    “on Weirdo number two is…. Sooyoung.” Tiffany said. “YAH! Why am I the second!!” Sooyoung hissed. “oh shut it Youngie” Sunny calmed her down as she shoved a Cheeseburger on Sooyoung’s mouth.

    “Sooyoung here…. Well..
    she’s just like 24/7 mini market… her mouth never closes just to eat.
    You see all the food she’s consuming? It’s really a wonder to us where
    she’s putting all that food and yet manages to stay thin.”
    Tiffany explained as Yoona looked at Sooyoung doing a boasting action like boasting herself and made Yoona smile.

    “well the third weirdo here is…. Sunny! You want to know why?” Tiffany asked Yoona. “why unnie?” Yoona answered.

    “Sunny has a split personality.” Tiffany said and Sunny suddenly reacted calmly. “yah! I did not!” Sunny grunted. “Oh really? Say “dare” and I will show Yoona my point..” Tiffany dared Sunny. “DARE!” Sunny dared.

    “alright…Lee….Soon…KYU!” Tiffany said Sunny’s real name. “YAH! YOU MUSHROOM TAKE THAT BACK!! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME BY THAT NAME!!”
    Sunny frantically shouted at Tiffany but Sunny’s action made Yoona
    smiled like a child seeing Tiffany’s point. After several minutes of
    calming Sunny down, thanks to Sooyoung, Tiffany continues.

    “Fourth weirdo would be me… you see…. I have a unbalanced obsession in pink..” Tiffany explained. “AND DON’T FORGET TO MENTION YOUR INFAMOUS EYE SMILES FANY-AH!” Taeyeon shouted from the kitchen which made everyone giggled. “aish… Taengoo is scary though… she has sensitive hearing when it comes to a conversation like this.” Sooyoung said while eating her set of kimbap and shared some for Yoona.

    “next to me would be
    Jessica.. you see.. she loves to sleep whenever she finds a chance
    sometimes she’s spacing out….just like she’s doing right now….”
    Tiffany pointed at Jessica staring at nothing which made them giggle a little bit again. “oh… and she hates cucumbers of anything related to them.” Tiffany added as she smiled.

    “And last here is you
    know who.. our very own Kim Hyoyeon… you see when she have a free time..
    expect her office making a groovy music and you’ll see her dancing and
    making her body pop”
    Tiffany said.

    “hey! What do you expect me to do? Stare at the wall like Jessica is doing right now?” Hyoyeon retorted back.

    “By the way Yuri…. you said a while ago…. You’re not doing this just for Jessica…. But for Taeng also? Why is that?” Sunny asked. “I can’t tell you yet but… let’s wait for Taeyeon to return then I’ll tell you all what’s that about.” Yuri said as they wait for Taeyeon to comeback.

    “Tiffany unnie…. Everyone…thank you….. even though I have no family left…. Is it ok for you unnies be my new Family?” Yoona said as she smiled while holding back her tears. “don’t worry about that Yoona..even if you don’t say it…. We already acknowledge you as a part of our family.” Jessica said after she came back to her reality.

    “then…. Sica unnie…. Can you be my……Umma?” Yoona gave Jessica a wide smile which made everyone giggle and laugh a bit. “M-Me??! I …. I ….” Jessica stuttered. “Why me??!”

    “well… you took care of me a while ago… you took care of me like my mom always do… before I…..” before Yoona could finish her words, Jessica stopped her from talking as she puts her index finger to Yoona’s lips. “don’t say anymore Yoona… I’ll try to be one although I haven’t done this before…” Jessica said as she shyly smiled.

    “omo… I think you’ll make a good mom Sica..” Taeyeon said as she arrived back with Seohyun and many foods officially cooked by her.

    “Tae-Tae… this is too much…” Tiffany said. “well I guess this is for celebrating Yuri’s recovery.” Taeyeon replied as she smiled.

    “Well Taeng’s here Yuri… care to tell us what you’re talking about?” Sunny said instantly which surprised Yuri.

    “you’re really looking forward to it huh Sunny..” Yuri replied as she laugh a bit. “well my real reason why I did that because….” Yuri paused and looked at Taeyeon. Taeyeon noticed and looked back. “what?” she asked.

    “Taeyeon… I know how
    much you treasure Sica… that’s why… today your birthday… my present for
    you is a safe and sound Sica back to you…”
    everyone was
    shocked at Yuri’s revelation. They all didn’t noticed Taeyeon’s birthday
    because of the events have happened and Taeyeon almost broke into tears
    as Yuri surprised her with a unique birthday present. “I
    know I’m over reacting about keeping Sica safe and sound ….but that’s
    what I feel about that time… I kept thinking of Sica and You and
    everyone else that I’ve met…… you may all think it’s exaggerated… but I
    really want to do it..”
    Yuri ended her explanation.

    “i---i--- I don’t know
    what to say Yul…. I treated you badly at first and yet you remember it’s
    my birthday today… but how did you know today’s my birthday? We all
    forgot because of the sudden rush of events. My sister being isolated
    down there, getting Yoona rescued, Seohyun and Sunny sacrificed their
    unit and of course your condition… we all totally forgot about this…”
    Taeyeon said.

    “well… I’ve researched
    before I got transferred here and saw you birthday is coming
    that’s why I tried my best keeping Sica safe and sound.”
    Yuri replied calmly.

    “OK! I made up my mind… since this is the best birthday gift I’ve received, Yuri gets the best piece!” Taeyeon announced and gave Yuri the best food that Taeyeon prepared and all of them ate peacefully.

    Yuri, as usual, is getting fed by Jessica while Yoona is competing
    against Sooyoung on the food. Sunny and Hyoyeon talked casually and
    Taeyeon and Tiffany shows warm affection towards Tiffany and Tiffany
    returned Taeyeon’s affection by feeding each other like a lovely couple
    in the park and Seohyun stares at them with smile plastered on her face
    while eating only veggie salad. “they really look like one big happy family….” Seohyun said but someone pushed her with a slight force and saw Raynor along with Matt Horner.

    “quite a rowdy bunch don’t you think 1st Lt?” Raynor asked Seohyun. “I agree Sir… but they’re not bad though.. everyone is quite fun to be with Sir….” She answered back. “but what are you doing here alone?” Matt asked her. “i… i don’t know how to approach them sir… I’m just satisfied by looking at them.” Explained. “nonsense
    Seo… look, when you’re here in the Hyperion…. Specially with those
    girls.. you can act like you always do. Just don’t be afraid to approach
    them. If you must know, your Major there, she’s the one who made it
    lively around here… even though she had an uncertain past. Now just go
    over there and get to know about them. That way you can examine their
    personalities and to adjust your level when you’re going to decide on
    your mission… and how to command and handle them”
    Matt said which made Seohyun confused a bit.

    “come again? I will command and handle them Sir?” Seohyun asked which everyone heard and became silent. All attention are now on Seohyun.

    “all I’m saying is…. Due to your actions on your
    recent mission… I’m promoting your rank… you are now Captain Seo Joohyun
    and your Battlecruiser ship will be arriving soon… better think of a
    name… and you girls will be transferring also on her Flagship… don’t
    worry though… you all still get your orders under me or the Commander
    Matt explained to Seohyun very clearly. Raynor saw their surprised expressions and just smiled.

    “Well we better get out of here. Me and Matt have papers to finish on your new captain for her own flagship.” Raynor said to them before heading out of the Cantina along with Matt.

    “Matt.. don’t you think it’s bit early for her to command a Battlecruiser?” Raynor asked as they head for the bridge. “I’m positively sure Sir.. she maybe the youngest but she knows how to deal with the situations.” Matt explained as they both heard the girls inside the Cantina shouting very loud celebrating Seohyun’s promotion. “Sir… it looks to me… you just want them off the ship..” Matt said as he chuckled. “hahaha
    no Matt…. It’s just I don’t want them to get in trouble….. Kerrigan
    showing up like that… I’m just concerned about the girls’ safety. It’s a
    miracle they got back here alive.”
    Raynor said with a concerned look on his face. “I know what you mean Sir… Kerrigan is after one of them…” Matt ended.

    “Congratulations Seohyun!! Talk about celebration huh?” Sunny said as she pulls Seohyun to the group. “GROUP HUG!!!” Hyoyeon shouted and everyone gave Seohyun a group. “YAH! You guys are unfair!! You all know I can’t move from my spot!” Yuri said and they all laughed

    After they celebrated and ate Taeyeon’s cooking, all of them are
    contented with satisfied expression on their faces and they all saw
    Taeyeon’s serious face.

    “now that we’re all
    here… I wan’t everyone to know about me… I know Tiffany almost said it
    all but I would also like to say my side also…..”
    Taeyeon said as she starts to reminisce her past.

    Episode 7 Completed

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    **Unit Entry**

    Unit Number: 21090
    Name: Choi Sooyoung
    Unit type: Banshee
    Rank: Sergeant (air unit)
    -->> Choi Sooyoung, Tallest crew member of Raynor’s Raider. She’s fierce and an agile fighter along with her Banshee. Have a superb skills using her Banshee unit. At first, Sooyoung is a stubborn member as if everyone is scared of her because she always comes strong and fierce but one time, another crew member dared to stand up against her and to her amazement, that crew member is shorter than her. Sooyoung commended her on her guts and eventually ending up liking that person. And added extra info, her Motto is “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours but when it comes to eating time, everything is mine”

    Raynor: so… your name is Choi Sooyoung.. glad to have you on my crew. I heard you have excellent skills piloting a Banshee unit. I like that Sgt. Choi. Before we go any further, tell something about yourself. What was your career before becoming a pilot?
    Sooyoung: …a cook sir

    Raynor was surprised.

    Raynor: a Cook??! *scratches head* I don’t see any relationship about cooking and piloting… and what made you decide to become a pilot.
    Sooyoung: I don’t know sir… it just hit me. I woke up one day and then BAM! I wanted to become a pilot! *Smiles while making her eyes big*

    Raynor: *scratches head again* ok….. so…. It just hit you…. you think this is a joke Sgt. Choi?
    Sooyoung: no sir… I’m dead serious about this and my answer.
    Raynor: ok… ok… let’s just say I believe you…. but what can you do with your Banshee? It says here you can do anything with the Banshee. Care to share what those are?

    Sooyoung gives Raynor a toothy smile and answered.

    Sooyoung: ok sir.. I can dodge mostly any of the attacks, I can modify the thrusters to its maximum potential and sometimes I can make it past it’s limit.. not that I use that trick always sir. I only use it for emergency. And sometimes for emergency situations, I can maneuver it single handedly while I open the hatch and using my Gauss rifle to fire any small flying units.. .but that’s only for emergency Sir.

    Raynor smiled at Sooyoung’s abilities.

    Raynor: Tacky and wild… but I like that. Be creative. And you know your limits and knows how to use the moment in time of emergencies. What else can you do?

    This time Sooyoung smiled brighter than before and answered.

    Sooyoung: Sir… I can cook inside the Banshee. I can prepare 6 special cheeseburgers in just 10 minutes while piloting inside the Banshee. Sometimes I can sleep while piloting the Banshee. I bet you Sir 100 credits that I can also make a good food using the Banshee’s thruster engines to cook them faster as safe to eat. Just tell me what kind of food you like. And I can also make-------

    And Soooyung continued to talk about foods and stuffs while Raynor just opened his mouth in disbelief about Sooyoung’s explanation.

    Raynor’s POV..
    ….oh brother……. I shouldn’t have asked this question……
    Matt where are you when I need you…

    And Raynor ended up listening to Sooyoung’s ideas about foods and stuffs non-stop for about 5 hours and not one is related to her chosen profession....
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    great xddddd

    Coming Soon


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Unit Entry
    Unit Number: 41889
    Name: Jung Sooyeon A.K.A. Jessica Jung
    Unit Type: Medic
    Rank: Elite 1st class Special Field Medic unit
    -->> Jessica is the Step Sister of Major Kim Taeyeon. Her Background info is still being investigated as her real family was captured by Emperor Mengsk. Info about her Family is still unknown since their abduction. Only Jessica managed to escape Mengsk’s Wrath when the incident of capturing of her family happened. As the time flew by, Jessica managed to live alone and met Taeyeon later on. As they grew closer, both of them started to treat each other like a real siblings and since Jessica is living alone, Taeyeon asked her to live with her family, The Kim’s. Taeyeon’s Family accepted Jessica even when they learned about Jessica’s past. Although she seems happy and dedicated on everything, her dark past still lingers…

    Raynor: Jessica?
    Jessica: …………………….
    Raynor: uuuhhh……….
    Jessica: …………………….
    Raynor: are you ok?
    Jessica: …………………….
    Raynor: …………………….
    Jessica: …………………….

    10 minutes have passed…..

    Raynor: Jessica……….
    Jessica: …………………….
    Raynor: Hello?
    Jessica: …………………….
    Raynor: *Flicks his fingers in front of Jessica*
    Jessica: …………………….
    Raynor: …………………….
    Jessica: …………………….

    15 minutes have passed…..

    Raynor: …………………….
    Jessica: …………………….
    Raynor: …………………….
    Jessica: …………………….
    Matt: are you two going to stare each other all this time Sir?
    Raynor: Matt…. I’m waiting for her to answer my question….

    *Jessica snaps back to reality*
    Jessica: OH! I’m sorry sir for Spacing out…*sticks her tongue out while smiling*
    Raynor: that’s…. a lot of awful time to be spacing out Ms. Jung…. Did you get enough sleep?
    Jessica: yes Sir….
    Matt: you sure? You looked like you could fall asleep any minute now…..
    Jessica: No sir.. I’m not that kind of girl… that would be rude for the both of you if I fell asleep in front of you.. Sirs…. Uuhhmm will you excuse me for a while Sir? I need to go the restroom..

    Raynor chuckled a bit and let Jessica go to the bathroom

    Matt: I think she’ll be a good medic Sir.
    Raynor: I believe so Matt. I want to dig around some info on her.. about her background… it seems Mengsk have something to do with her background.
    Matt: I’ll look into it Sir…. you’re not thinking of her as a spy Sir?
    Raynor: No Matt… I’ve heard Rumors… her whole family were captured by Mengsk.. it says here, info about them is still unknown ever since they were captured. Some rumor says, the reason they were captured is.. her father is being accused by Mengsk.. accused of collaborating to the anti-dominion rebel forces to over throw Mengsk..

    Raynor looked at his watch…

    Raynor: she’s awfully taking her sweet time…. Can you ask Ms Hwang to look for her?
    Matt: right on it Sir..

    Matt contacted Tiffany and inform about Jessica. A few seconds later, Tiffany contacted both Raynor and Matt through the comm.-link….

    Tiffany: Sir… I’ve located Jessica..
    Matt: where is she?
    Tiffany: uuuhmmm … I don’t know how to say this but…..
    Raynor: something happened to her?
    Tiffany: I guess so Sir….
    Matt: Sir.. I think we should prepare for emergenc…..
    Tiffany: I don’t think it’s necessary Sir…. you see… Jessica fell asleep standing on the wall beside the bathroom door sir…

    Raynor and Matt looked at each other and shook their heads both…

    Raynor: well at least she didn’t fell asleep right in front of us…
    Matt: you’re right about that sir *laughs a bit*
    Raynor: Ms Hwang…. Please bring her to her quarter…. *sigh*

    Interview ended….. forcefully….

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 8

    “I know Tiffany told you guys most of what happened but… let me tell a little something about me and Jessica first….” Taeyeon paused and looked at Jessica. “it’s ok Tae… you can also tell them about me…” Jessica said, giving Taeyeon the privilege of telling them about Jessica’s past also.

    “As you all know Jessica and I were step sisters…. how did I meet Jessica?.....” Taeyeon paused and then continued her story. “It started 6 years ago….”

    Location: Korhal – Dominion City – Jung’s Mansion
    Time line: 6 years ago

    Sooyeon got home from her school, she was still 16. Due to her great
    statistics in academics, she became an active student and almost every
    clubs of the school wanted to recruit her but she turned them all down
    because she wanted to be a doctor. She was so active, Jessica almost
    ending up coming home late at her home. Sooyeon’s Family were the second
    richest family next to Emperor Mengsk. One time she got home from
    school, as usual, she got home with the light’s turn on in the porch and
    inside the house was turned off. As she got in front of the door, she
    feels something is off. Even something feels off, she just brushed it
    aside and slid her keys to the door and went inside. As she went inside,
    she noticed the side living room is awfully quiet, in fact a little TOO
    quiet. Being cautious, she walked silently inside.

    “Mom? Dad? Sis? I’m home….” Sooyeon called but no one answered. “they’re probably out………..but where? It’s almost midnight.” Sooyeon said as she looked at the clock on the wall.

    Still being cautious, she walked slowly and silently towards her room. She called for their maids and butlers but none answered.

    “now this is weird…. Even them are not answering….”
    Sooyeon said from her mind. As she got inside her room, she took a
    quick shower and changed into her casual clothes and she was preparing
    to sleep.

    A few minutes later she heard someone went in the house. She got up from
    her bed and try to look who it was. She quietly took a peek at their
    living room and saw someone’s shadow, leaning of the door and sobbing.

    “S-Sis?” she called. The shadow suddenly stood up and ran towards her. It is indeed Soojung, her sister.

    “hey hey…. Ssshh. Tell me what happened to you? and where’s mom and dad?” asked as she cooed Soojung.

    “Unnie!! They got mom and dad!!” Soojung replied to Sooyeon while in tears. Soojung’s answer sent chills down to her spine. “How? And Who got them?” Sooyeon asked while panicking.

    “Unnie… we can’t stay here anymore!! we have to get away from this house!!”
    Soojung said as she dragged Sooyeon to their room. Sooyeon Loved
    Soojung as she believed her every words but this time, this is the only
    one time Sooyeon couldn’t believe that something is happening to her
    Family. Seeing Soojung getting all worked up like this, she just
    couldn’t react away.

    “Soojung! You’re not making any sense! WHO GOT MOM AND DAD?!” Sooyeon raised her voice.

    “THE EMPEROR!! Emperor
    Mengsk got Mom and Dad!! He accused Dad of collaborating with the
    Anti-Dominion Rebel faction that wants to over throw the Emperor over
    his reign!”
    Soojung replied as she was still packing their bags with their stuffs and clothes.

    Hearing the reason Sooyeon just stood there and shocked at the news.
    Sooyeon knew it wasn’t true that their father is not collaborating with
    the rebels. How, their family status as the second richest family next
    to Mengsk, be in league with the rebels? She knew how her Father was
    Loyal to Mengsk.

    While she’s still trying to process on her mind of the events that has
    happening, Krystal throws her bag at her packed with clothes and her
    daily necessities.

    “Unnie! We need to leave now!! They’ll be here any minute! I just barely got away from them!!” Soojung called her back from reality.

    “Who’s chasing you?” she asked.

    “the emperor’s men!”
    Soojung replied and at the same time, they both heard someone crashed
    the front door. Sooyeon wanted to look who it was but she was stopped by
    her younger sister.

    “Unnie….. it’s them…. I
    know you don’t want to leave but… I don’t want us to be captured… the
    Emperor only wanted our money so he can fund himself to produce more
    Soojung explained to her with a low voice.
    This time, Sooyeon believed her sister. With their wealth, Soojung’s
    explanation seems valid for some reason. Without having second thoughts,
    she quickly changed her clothes into a comforting one, dressed with
    dark blue sweat shirt with the hoodie and a short pants made of jeans
    and a sneakers and Krystal did the same outfit.

    “Sis! Let’s get out of here! Through the window!” Sooyeon whispered to Soojung. “But unnie! We’re on the second floor!” Soojung answered.

    “there’s a secret way to get down safely Sis… believe me I know this house more than you do..”
    Sooyeon said as she smiled at Soojung. They both went out through the
    window and thread quietly through the roof. They could hear Mengsk’s men

    “the room is clear!” they heard one of emperor’s men talked. “Hurry up and Find them! The Emperor needed all the family members in order to gain full access to their wealth!”
    the other man said. Sooyeon and Soojung are now crying for their
    situation. They both stopped midway at the roof and let them men walked
    away from their location. After the coast is clear, they started to move
    again unfortunately, Soojung slipped and fell down from the roof,
    luckily the height of the roof were not that high but still managed to
    make Soojung stunned as she winced in pain.

    the other men saw them behind their house. To Sooyeon’s horror, she
    jumped down and immediately carried Soojung who is still stunned and
    hurting from the fall.

    “U-unnie… leave me…. I’ll only slow you do--” Soojung told Sooyeon but she cut her younger sister’s words. “SHUT UP! WE’VE ALREADY LOST MOM AND DAD!! I'M NOT GOING TO LOSE YOU!” she shouted back as she carried Soojung away from their home and they managed to escape the Emperor’s men.

    Location: Korhal - Dominion City – City Streets
    Time line: 1 week after they’ve escaped.

    Sooyeon and Soojung managed to find a place to settle down after their
    ordeal from their home. With Sooyeon’s preferred expertise, she nursed
    her younger sister back to health. In order not to throw suspicion,
    Soojung cuts her hair short and Sooyeon dyed her hair blond. They even
    settled their names into permanent Jessica and Krystal to avoid any
    suspicions. And they chose to stay in a normal hotel to save some

    “Unnie…. I missed mom and dad…” Krystal said after Jessica returned from the streets of Dominion City. “I know Krys…. I missed them too…” Jessica paused which made Krystal worried.

    “Unnie?.... what’s wrong?” Krystal asked Jessica. “Krys…. I’m going to find a part time job…. I’ve checked our remaining credits… we only have for one week left…..” Jessica explained. “I’m sorry unnie…. You’ve been working hard because of me…” Krystal to Jessica for she was only 11 years old.

    “don’t worry about it Krys…… you’re my sister you just stay here and rest you’re still not fully recovered from that fall…” Jessica gave Krystal a warm smile and Krystal smiled back.

    “Unnie… any news from Mom and Dad?” Krystal asked Jessica and she just shook her head in reply. “look,
    I’ve bought us dinner Krys… tomorrow, I’ll look for a job… maybe I’ll
    try in a restaurant or something.. you just stay here tomorrow…”

    Jessica supported Krystal to the dining table and took out a light
    dinner. Krystal frowned as she saw their dinner. A take out order of
    Naengmyun enough just for the two of them.

    “I know Krys…. But this is all I can buy for the two of us… just pray for me to be taken in for any part time job tomorrow.” Jessica said to Krystal with an apologetic tone. “It’s
    alright unnie…. I understand what we’re going through right now…. I
    promise I’ll help you earn some credits after I’m fully recovered.”
    Krystal hugged her older sister and both settled for the Naengmyun that Jessica bought and slept after they’ve finished eating.

    The Next morning. “Unnie… wake up…”
    Krystal is having a hard time waking Jessica up. And after 15 minutes
    of nudging and jumping beside her, Jessica woke up. She wanted to get
    angry at Krystal but she remember their status and just gave Krystal a
    smile. They order something simple from the room service for their
    breakfast. After they ate, Jessica prepares herself to look for a part
    time job.

    “Remember what I’ve
    told you Krys, do not open unless it’s me. if you need anything, just
    call me I’ll try to find a job that’s close. Ok? And here…”
    Jessica took the half of her credits and gave it to Krystal. “don’t go outside. Just order something for your lunch from the room service.” Jessica reminded Krystal before looking for a job. “yes unnie… unnie… please be careful..” Krystal said as they both hug and bid farewell.

    Location: Korhal - Dominion City – outside the Hotel

    Jessica walked out from the hotel dressed in normal white t-shirt, blue
    jeans, red sneakers and wearing a cap and a reading glass just to
    disguise herself. And she passed by a bulletin board and saw a job
    offers posted on it. One job offer caught her attention.

    “Looking for a cash? Apply
    now at Big Bang Pharmacy .This job offers a stable salary of 350 credits
    a day / 6 hrs of working time. Just Look for G.Dragon or T.O.P.”

    as Jessica saw the income she didn’t hesitate to apply as a Pharmacy clerk.

    “I’m sorry Ms. Jung… Currently G. Dragon and T.O.P.
    are on a business trip right now, introducing their new product to the
    the attendant said to Jessica. “If you want, you can leave your number and your name here. I’m pretty sure they’ll contact you as soon as the return.”
    The attendant added. But to Jessica’s view point, hearing that this
    establishment are going to be connected to the Emperor, she just bid
    farewell for the job.

    “they might got a track of us if I were got the job here…”
    Jessica whispered to herself. Starting to get tired, she walked
    aimlessly and her feet dragged her on a fast food restaurant. She looked
    at her watch and noticed the time. It’s almost lunch “Krys might be eating right now.” Jessica said to herself.

    As she got in front of the door of the fast food restaurant, someone
    bumped into her and eventually causing her to fall down along with the
    one who bumped her. “i..i’m sorry…” said the little girl who's at age of 8 or 9 years old. Jessica got up and helped the little girl stand up. “I’m sorry too.. I didn’t see you coming..” Jessica said to the girl and smiled. The girl just smiled back at Jessica and went away.

    Jessica entered the restaurant and ordered food. She just ordered a
    large sandwich and regular sized soda for her lunch. Worrying for her
    sister, she decided to call her.

    “Unnie!! I missed you! how’s the job hunting?” Krystal said from the other line. “well I saw a job earlier but I rejected it….” Jessica replied back. “aww.. why unnie?” Krystal asked again. “Well… the owner of the establishment seems to have a connection to the Emperor.. so.. I had to stay away….” Jessica answered as she gave Krystal a low voice. “It’s
    ok unnie… it’s better to be safe than sorry… I remember dad telling me…
    no matter what happens… we mustn’t get caught by the Emperor.”
    Krystal said lifting her older sister's courage. And Jessica was touched by her younger sister’s concern.

    “have you eaten your lunch yet Krys?” Jessica asked. “just finished ordering from the room service unnie.” Krystal replied happily. “ok
    I’m almost done eating my lunch here then I’ll continue my search. You
    take care now Krys… remember, always look through the door hole when
    someone knocks ok? And if it’s me I’ll call.”
    Jessica reminded Krystal again. “Yes unnie! Hahaha you’re such a worry-wart… but I can’t blame you for that unnie… you too, take care unnie… Saranghaeyo.” Krystal said as she turned off her phone. Krystal’s playful voice gave Jessica some courage and finished her lunch.

    Location: Korhal - Dominion City – Hotel (minutes before ending her conversation to Jessica)

    Krystal was happy hearing her older sister’s voice and checking up on her. “You take care now Krys… remember to look through the door hole when someone knocks ok? And if it’s me I’ll call.” Jessica said on the other line.
    Yes unnie! Hahaha you’re such a worry-wart… but I guess I can’t blame
    you for that unnie… you too, take care also unnie…. Saranghaeyo.”
    Krystal replied as she smiled and turns off her phone.

    “I’ve got to recover fast so I can help my unnie.”
    Krystal smiled as she waits for her lunch to arrive. A few minutes
    later, Krystal heard a knock on the door. She took a peek through the
    hole and saw the room service attendant. “Room service! I believe you ordered a one soda and a spicy rice cake ma’am.” The crew told Krystal.

    Krystal let the crew inside to prepare her lunch and paid the crew
    attendant and left. As she was eating her lunch, somehow, Krystal felt
    she wasn’t alone in the room. She stopped eating for about a minute just
    to confirm her suspicions. As she turned around, she saw a Ghost
    uncloaking in front of her. Krystal tried to run to reach her phone but
    the ghost instantly grabbed her wrist to prevent her from reaching it.

    “What do you want from me!”
    Krystal asked the ghost but she didn’t get a reply, instead, to her
    shock, the door to their room opened and revealed Arcturus Mengsk. “you’re
    very clever for a little girl.. It took me a week to find you… I must
    say I’m impressed….. choosing a shabby hotel like this? Cutting your
    hair short and changing your name….. Krystal…is it? What a nice name….
    where is your sister Krystal?...or should I say….Jung…. Soojung.”

    Mengsk smiled maniacally as he confirmed of capturing Krystal. She
    wanted to fight just to escape but the ghost that’s holding her gave her
    a shot of tranquilizer. As her consciousness are starting to fade away
    she can still hear Mengsk ordering his men to stand by and wait for
    Jessica to return. “only one Jung left… and I’ll be
    enjoying their riches to fund my Dominion Army! I know her older sister
    will be back.. take her to my Facility along with her Family! I want
    you, two of my men to be on standby and when she comes back, just shoot
    her with a tranquilizer.”
    Mengsk said as he ordered two of his men to standby. And that is the last thing Krystal heard before she passed out.

    Location: Korhal - Dominion City – Restaurant

    “alright I have to do this for my sister… or we’ll be thrown out of the hotel we’re staying at.”
    Jessica said to herself, unknowingly Mengsk already caught Krystal. As
    she got up and reach for her purse, her mind went blank as she couldn’t
    find her purse. She spends almost 15 minutes of searching for her purse
    but still couldn’t find it. Lost with hope, her eyes started to form
    some tears as she remembered the little girl that bumped into her.

    “what will I tell Krys…….”
    Jessica is now ready to let out her tears when a table beside her
    caused a commotion. She looked at the costumer beside her and noticed
    that he is having a heart problem as the old man is showing some signs
    of it. At that moment, her medical expertise kicked in and forgot about
    her stolen purse and looking for a job and went to help the man. As she
    got close, a girl not much older than her is also kneeling beside the
    old man and breaking in tears.

    “Harabeoji? HARABEOJI!!” the girl who has almost the same age as Jessica cried as her grandfather is starting to lose his consciousness. “GET OUT OF THE WAY!! LET ME TAKE A LOOK AT HIM!”
    Jessica shouted at the girl and the girl obeyed Jessica. Everyone is
    silent and holding their breath as Jessica examines the old man.

    “Anyone! Can anyone move these tables aside I need him to lie down flat!”
    Jessica requested and some of the spectators followed Jessica’s orders.
    The girl who was crying beside the old man helped Jessica put the old
    man lying on the floor.

    “You there!” she called the girl’s attention. “support your Harabeoji’s head and put it in your lap.”
    Jessica said to the girl. the girl obeyed Jessica’s request and she let
    her grandfather’s head rest on her lap. Jessica crouched lowly and puts
    her ear to the old man’s chest. Jessica is checking the heart beat of
    the old man. Jessica was the waiter who is also observing the situation.
    “Waiter! Please fetch me a glass of water and a straw and some blanket perhaps.” She requested. The waiter left quickly and returned quickly carrying the items Jessica requested

    Jessica covered the old man’s body with the blanket and slowly and
    carefully puts the straw on the old man’s mouth. And place the other end
    on the glass of water. Without any sign of movement and still having
    some heavy breathing, Jessica did something which shocked the spectators
    around them. Jessica rubbed both of her palms quickly to create a
    slight heat in her palm and gently placed it on the old man’s chest.
    Jessica continues to do the same thing over and over again for about 1
    and a half hours until the old man’s breathing as slowly becoming stable
    and calm. With the sign of almost recovery, Jessica’s last touch of her
    heated palm made the girl who was crying a while ago smiled as she saw
    her grandfather breathing steady without any problems and to make sure
    the old man is safe, she took out her phone and called an ambulance
    while her other hand is gently massaging the old man’s chest. Everyone
    from the restaurant were amazed at such simple technique managed to save
    a person’s life.

    As she finished calling the ambulance, the old man opened his eyes
    weakly and saw Jessica treating him. The old man weakly smiled. “Harabeoji…
    you shouldn’t worry your granddaughter like that…. she was almost going
    to break down when she saw you breathing heavily…”

    Jessica talked to the old man and the old man just nodded and smiled.
    Jessica’s effort sent the crowd clapping happily as Jessica saved the
    old man’s life. The ambulance came and picked up the old man.

    “uuuhhmm can you come with us?” the girl called Jessica. “I’d love to but I think your grandfather will be fine… just don’t leave his side..”
    Jessica smiled weakly and the girl did the same. After a short while,
    everyone was calm and at the same time happy at what they’ve witnessed

    2 hrs have passed, Jessica is still in the restaurant when the owner of the establishment noticed her and went to her. “Hi miss.. I’ve noticed you haven’t moved from here two hours ago… is there something wrong?” the owner asked.

    “you see Sir… i…. I don’t have my purse and I lost my credits to pay about the food I ate….” Jessica answered honestly. Hoping that the owner will cause a commotion, instead, he chuckled. “you
    sure a strange girl… you just saved a man’s life and you have chance to
    run away from here and yet you didn’t… may I ask why?”
    the owner asked.

    “m-my purse got stolen a
    while ago…. By some little girl who bumped into me before I went inside
    here… I’ve noticed it’s missing when I’ve finished my food… and to make
    things worst… that was my last credits…”
    Jessica let’s down a trickle of tears.

    “look… this is a rare sight for me so… don’t worry about the payment… it’s on the house!” the owner said. “it’s
    not everyday I get to see someone from my costumer saving someone’s
    life. As a matter of fact, I’ll give you any food to your choosing.”
    The owner smiled.

    “i..i can’t sir… actually I’m looking here for a part time job….” Jessica answered shyly. “oh…
    hmmm I’d love to help you with that but unfortunately… I don’t have any
    vacant position in here… so here, whether you like it or not, and as a
    token of gratitude, here!”
    the owner gave Jessica a take-out food and specially seasoned with expensive toppings.

    Jessica thanked the owner and went outside the vicinity carrying the
    food she was given and as she got out, she noticed someone calling her
    from the other side of the street, it’s the same girl earlier. She
    hurriedly went towards the girl and greeted her.

    “Hi! so how’s your Harabeoji?” Jessica asked the girl’s grandfather’s condition. “he’s
    ok now… thanks to you… by the way… I haven’t introduced myself to you…
    I’m Taeyeon… Kim Taeyeon.. may I know the name of my Harabeoji’s
    Taeyeon asked Jessica with a dorky smile. “I’m Jung So…. Jung Jessica…” Jessica answered and they both shake their hands.

    “you know it’s a good thing I still caught up to you… you see my Appa and Harabeoji wants to see you.” Taeyeon said. “I’d love to, but I can’t…. you see I’m looking for a part time job right now.. I have to support my sister…” Jessica answered as she gave Taeyeon a smile.

    “oh… I see… well if you have some time you can call me…. I’m pretty sure my Appa and Harabeoji would love to meet you…” Taeyeon said as she gave her number to Jessica.

    Both of them waved goodbye to each other and went on separate ways. As
    Jessica is walking alone, she only noticed that it’s getting late. “I bet Krys is hungry right now… I have to go back…”
    Jessica went back to the hotel with the mixed feeling of happiness and
    sadness. Happy because she will see her sister again, but also sad
    because of the mishap that happened to her. Thinking about the
    happenings all day, she forgot to give Krystal a call before coming and
    just went straight inside their room as she used they key to open the

    As she got inside, All the lights are off. “Krys must be sleeping early”
    Jessica thought. She went towards the kitchen and started to sort out
    the food she got from the owner of the restaurant and placed it neatly
    on the dining table just for the two of them.

    “Krys? Wake up now! I’ve bought dinner!”
    Jessica called but none answered. Waiting for 5 minutes and still no
    sign of movement of Krystal on the room, she decided to go inside the
    bedroom to wake Krystal up.

    Jessica went inside the bedroom and the lights are still off, she tried
    to open the light but as she flicker the switch, no lights were coming
    on. “so much for a shabby room… the lights are busted.. Krys! Wake up now I’ve bought dinner..”
    Jessica called but still no answer. Then her eyes were fixated on the
    bed and saw someone’s shadow, covered in blanket, sitting beside the bed
    and facing the window. She can’t identify the shadow as it was covered
    in blanket.

    “Krys! Stop this prank right now or I’m going to get angry!” Jessica hissed as she reached for the blanket and pulled it off instantly.

    As the blanket revealed the person, Jessica’s eyes widened. “it’s been a long time….Sooyeon…”
    a familiar voice talked to her. It was Mengsk. Just when she was about
    to run out of the room she hit something and fell on her back. to her
    surprise, 2 Ghost units uncloaked themselves right in front of her.

    “Krys?! KRYS!!” Jessica shouted but failed to hear her sister’s voice. “Sooyeon… you’re the only one left..” Mengsk said as she shot Jessica with the tranquilizer shot and successfully capturing her.

    Location: Korhal - Dominion Empire State Hospital

    Taeyeon arrived back at the hospital after seeing Jessica once again. “Taeyeon? Where’s your Harabeoji’s savior?” her father asked. “well… she wanted to come Appa but she had to find some work…” Taeyeon replied with a heavy heart which her father noticed.

    “Taeyeon? Is there something troubling you?” her Father asked her again. “Appa…
    that girl…. I can see in her eyes that… she have deep scar in her
    heart…. The way she told me she have to support her sister… I felt
    something…. Wrong….”
    Taeyeon replied.

    “Aish… you should’ve called me.. I can help her look
    for a Job… not to mention the person she just saved is the top official
    of the Dominion Army.”
    Her father said as they both went back to her Grandfather’s room.

    “did you get her number Taeyeon? So we could contact her” Taeyeon’s grandfather, who is now awake, asked. “I didn’t get the chance Harabeoji…. She was in a hurry….” Taeyeon answered.

    “Come here my favorite granddaughter….” Taeyeon’s grandfather asked her to come beside him. “I
    can see in your eyes you want to do something about that girl…. you
    father told me earlier about what you’ve observed from that girl.”
    her grandfather asked.

    “Harabeoji….. i…. I want to take them both… her and her sister…. I want to help them badly Harabeoji…” Taeyeon said while holding his grandfather’s hand. “Aish
    Taeyeon…. That’s why it’s impossible not to give in to your demands…
    alright…. I’ll contact HQ and tell them to pick them up..”
    Taeyeon’s grandfather told her which made a sparkle in Taeyeon’s eyes.

    “Appa… how are you going to find them? You don’t even know where they are?” Taeyeon’s father asked the older Kim. “Aigoo… have you forgotten my Son? I was once the Dominion’s elite Intel Officer and a former General during my days!” the older Kim said as he flashed a smile to Taeyeon.

    “Taeyeon? Did you get her name?” her Grandfather asked. “yes Harabeoji… she told me her name is Jessica… Jessica Jung.” Taeyeon answered brightly. At the mention of the surname of “Jung”, Taeyeon’s father and grandfather looked at each other with a serious face. Taeyeon noticed it.

    “Appa? Harabeoji?” she asked both of them. Both of them were hesitating to say another word. And then her grandfather decided to break the ice. “Taeyeon honey…. Did she ever mention anything other than her name? like her family background for instance?” her grandfather asked.

    “well…. There is
    something I can’t get off of my mind Harabeoji…. When I asked her name…
    it’s like she almost told me a different name… she told me first “Jung
    So”….. then she mentioned her name Jung Jessica.”
    Taeyeon said. “Is there something wrong with her Harabeoji?” she asked.

    “Taeyeon sweetie….. do you still remember the news that the Jung family is being captured by the Emperor?” her grandfather asked. “yes
    Harabeoji…. And the news said, the two daughters went
    missi...........….wait… Harabeoji…..don’t tell me Jessica and her sister
    is actually…”
    Taeyeon’s word was cut off by her father.

    “yes Taeyeon…. Jessica Jung is actually Jung
    Sooyeon, the missing daughter of the Jung family that the Emperor
    accused of collaborating with the rebels.”
    Her father spoke. Taeyeon’s mind went blank at her father and Grandfather discovered.

    Episode 8 Complete
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    do you guys still intend to continue this fic???

    you got a reader here...

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    jus sta tuned.. i'm not abandoning this fic... creating ideas is taking a lot of time XD so just be patient XD

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 9

    “NO! I DON’T BELIEVE THAT THEY’RE WORKING WITH THE REBELS!” Taeyeon’s voice can be heard across the hospital hallway as she shouted from her grandfather’s room.

    “Now now…we didn’t say that… and keep your voice
    down…. Me and your father thought otherwise…. The Emperor only wanted
    their wealth to fund his army.”
    Her grandfather explained to
    her. Taeyeon’s eyes were staring at them like a razor sharp blade and
    she stormed out of the room without uttering a word.

    “you better go after your daughter…. It seems she
    share some of our blood for being courageous and sharp instinct at a
    times like this… hand me my comm.-link… we don’t have anytime to lose…
    we must get Jung Sooyeon from Mengsk’s hand before he sends her to an
    unknown facility.”
    The elder Kim said to the younger Kim.

    “Appa… you know if we do this…. We might die… you
    know that the Emperor suspects us that we are connected with the rebels…
    and we can’t let Taeyeon know about our real faction…….”
    Taeyeon’s father said to the elder Kim. “my
    son…. i'm old.... I’m prepared to die… but you… you're still younger
    than me.... you can at least get your family away from here and keep
    them safe… if my men manage to retrieve Jung Sooyeon… you take her as
    well… and love her as your own daughter….”
    The older Kim said.
    Taeyeon’s father gave his respect to his father by saluting him before
    handing his comm.-link and went after Taeyeon.

    “god… please save my Family and the Jung…” the elder Kim said before contacting some of his men. After 30 minutes of instructing his staffs “Ladies
    and Gents… it was nice working with you…. after this talk…..DO NOT
    contact me anymore. If you discover the whereabouts of the missing Jung
    sisters… contact my son. I’m relieving myself as your commanding
    The elder Kim said as he ended his call on his
    staffs. They knew what the elder Kim meant and gave respect to the old
    man’s last order.

    15 minutes after the call, the elder Kim have an unexpected visitor. “when I heard about you being on a hospital I just couldn’t believe it…. Until I see it for myself…” the visitor entered the room. “Mengsk….” The elder Kim gave Mengsk a serious look.

    “I heard some rumors that you’ve been saved thanks to one individual that helped you” Mengsk talked but the elder Kim remained silent. “come on old friend… don’t look at me like that! you’re making look like a bad guy here!” Mengsk said to the elder Kim.

    “what? Aren’t you?” the elder Kim replied to Mengsk with some hardness on his voice. “hahahaha
    even when crippled in bed.. you still have some fight within you…. now
    tell me something…. Are you intending to find that girl who saved your
    Mengsk asked as he gave the elder Kim a sinister smile. “let
    me tell you something…. You won’t have her.. I’ve already sent her
    family on my secret laboratory located on an unknown sector of the
    space… but I’ll give you a bonus though…. The older sister? She’s still
    here in Korhal….”
    Mengsk smiled maniacally as he informed the elder Kim.

    “What are you getting at Mengsk? Why share a vital info?” the elder Kim. This time Mengsk showed an evil smile and said “now
    why did I do that?... because you’re going to die here anyway hahahaha
    and by the way… I know your true agenda…. Leader of the Anti-Dominion
    Rebel Former-General Kim!”
    as Mengsk finished his sentence a concealed small knife slid out from his sleeve and stabbed the elder Kim in the neck.

    “I will not be stopped! Not by you or the
    Confederate or the Protoss or by anyone! I will rule this sector or see
    it burnt in ashes around me!”
    Mengsk said to the dying elder
    Kim. As the elder Kim dies, his heart monitor alarmed and a nurse came
    in. She saw Emperor Mengsk beside the bed pulling out the small knife
    from its neck. As she was about to scream, Mengsk pulled out a gun and
    shot the nurse to death. The gun shot echoed across the hallway which
    caused chaos on the whole building. Some of the patients and visitors
    immediately went to the main door of the hospital but the Emperor’s men
    shot everyone to death. Some of the doctors, nurses, visitors and
    patients went to the emergency exit but they find the exit is locked
    from the outside. Mengsk walked out of the hospital like it was nothing.

    “Blow the whole damn building!” Mengsk
    ordered as he got on his shuttle and flew away. A few minutes later, the
    explosion from the Hospital caused Havoc on the whole City.

    Location: Korhal – Dominion City – Streets (Minutes before the explosion)

    Taeyeon is running quickly towards her home but a Hummer cuts in front of her. It was her Father. “get in..” he said. Taeyeon got in but never utter a word.

    Still being quiet, her father stole a glance on her and later he chuckled. “What?” Taeyeon asked. “nothing..” her father replied. “Appa… I know I may sound crazy…. But you know.. sometimes I feel you and Harabeoji are hiding something from me….” Taeyeon said.

    “Taeyeon…I’m sorry but this is not the right time to
    tell you all… in due time, I will tell you the truth… in the mean time…
    let’s be considerate and restrain yourself from your actions alright?
    You don’t know when the Emperor’s men are lurking… if they hear what
    you’ve said earlier… they will catch you…”
    her father explained.

    Then someone contacted her father from the HQ. “Sir…. we are here to inform you that…. we are taking orders from you from now on Sir..” the voice of a female lady said from the other line. Taeyeon’s father knew what she meant. “I see….. then continue your search….” He replied back.

    As he replied back, a sudden huge explosion can be heard from miles
    away. Both him and Taeyeon felt the shockwave from the explosion. “Appa…” Taeyeon’s father whispered.

    “Appa! That not an earthquake isn’t it?” Taeyeon asked her father.

    Taeyeon’s father couldn’t hide anymore because Taeyeon’s instinct is
    sharper than ever as Taeyeon grew up with her grandfather, Taeyeon
    developed her keen observation.

    “Yes Taeyeon…. It’s not an earthquake…. I have a bad feeling about this…” as he decided to return to the hospital, Taeyeon shocked him as she grabbed his wrist, preventing him to turn the wheel.

    “Taeyeon? What are you doing?” he asked. As he looked at Taeyeon, he saw Taeyeon is about to cry but managed to put up a strong face. “Appa…. Let’s just go…….. I know it came from Harabeoji’s hospital…” Taeyeon replied.

    Her father hesitated first but decided to trust his daughter’s instinct. “Taeyeon… what made you feel that we shouldn’t go back to your Harabeoji?” he asked.

    “Appa…. The recent
    revelations that you and Harabeoji told me… about Jessica… and the way
    you two acted earlier…. i know I can be a dork sometimes Appa…. but I’m
    not blind… I can sense that something is seriously wrong… you two
    changed when you two mentioned Jessica’s true name….”
    Taeyeon replied.

    Their conversation were cut when Taeyeon’s phone rang. She looked who’s calling but it showed an “unknown number”

    “Aren’t you going to answer that Taeyeon?” her father asked.

    Taeyeon just looked at her father and decided to answer the call. “Annyeonghaseyo? Who’s this?” Taeyeon asked. The caller replied but Taeyeon’s couldn’t understand a word because the reception is bad.

    “….llo?….is….aeyeon….. elp….ease….” Taeyeon couldn’t make a word because the call from other line is making too much static with addition of bad reception. “Sorry.. I can’t understand you… try calling back again.” Taeyeon said as she dropped the call.

    “Who is it?” her father asked. “I don’t know Appa… I can’t make out a single word from the other line maybe the receptio….” Her phone rang again. Taeyeon checked again and the caller is registered unknown caller.

    “Annyeonghaseyo?” Taeyeon asked again with a slight annoyed voice this time.

    “T-Taeyeon? I-is this Taeyeon?” this time the voice is clear. The moment Taeyeon heard that question, she felt like something bad is going to happen. “Speaking…may I know who’s this?” she replied.

    “Taeyeon! Help me please!! I’m locked in a room….. I can hear some men talking that they’re taking me on a facility…” the female voice replied with a tone of sobbing.

    “J-Jessica?” Taeyeon called the voice and made her father stopped the car. “Yeah…
    I’m scared Taeyeon…. They also got my sister…. And I heard them saying
    that my sister is not here in Korhal anymore…. I’m scared… I’m scared…”
    Jessica said as she sobs from the other line.

    Taeyeon’s father signaled her to keep talking to Jessica then he attached a tracking device on Taeyeon’s phone. “HQ I’m going to send you a frequency from my Daughter’s phone I want you to trace where’s the call coming from.” Taeyeon’s father immediately called the HQ as a sign of hope of rescuing Jessica from the hands of Mengsk.

    “Jessica! Don’t you worry… help is on the way… now tell me… what do you see in front of you?” Taeyeon asked Jessica. “i…I’m in a room… just a plain room…. No windows… just an empty room….. Taeyeon… they got my sister…..”
    Jessica said as she cried. That moment, Taeyeon wished she could’ve
    done something to help Jessica but couldn’t. Taeyeon’s heart and mind
    are full of rage against Mengsk for treating Jessica and not to mention
    about the unknown fate lies with Jessica’s parents and her sister.
    Taeyeon cried because of her anger. She clenched her fists hard and her
    father saw it.

    “Taeyeon…. Don’t worry… we’ll get Jessica before Mengsk can send her away into an unknown place…. I promise you that…” her father said.

    5 minutes of drive, made Taeyeon sleepy because of amount of stress and
    pressure and another 5 minutes woke her up when her father stopped in
    front of shuttle station.

    “Appa? Why are we here?” Taeyeon asked as she scrubs her sleepy eyes. “Taeyeon… listen to me carefully… I’ve arranged a transport ship for you and Jessica.” Her father said. “Appa? W-what do you mean?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Taeyeon… I’m going to go with the operation of
    rescuing Jessica…. And when I do.. I want the two of you get away from
    here in Korhal…. This shuttle will take the two of you to Agria. From
    there, a Lady will be waiting for you there. Can I trust you to wait
    her father asked and Taeyeon nodded.

    “Taeyeon…. I promise I will return here with Jessica…. And when I do…. I have to tell you something important….”
    Taeyeon’s father said it to her with a heavy heart. After those words, a
    tear escaped from her father’s eyes. Taeyeon, this time really knew
    something big is going to happen.

    “Appa?..... promise me you will come with us in Agria!” Taeyeon made her father promised and her father just smiled and took off.

    Location: Unknown

    As Jessica ended her call, she tried to escape somehow by banging and
    kicking the metal door but sadly, the door is too thick. With no hope of
    escaping, Jessica curled on one corner, waiting for her fate, sobbing. “Mom…. Dad……Krys…..” she uttered as she cried herself to sleep

    A few minutes later, Jessica woke up because of a sudden shake on the
    ground. then she heard a loud explosion. A few minutes later, the thick
    metal door to the room opened and it revealed a green colored Marine. “Are you Jung Sooyeon?” the marine asked.

    “y-yes..” Jessica answered hesitantly. “Come on! We need you to get out of here! I’m General Kim of the Anti-Dominion Rebel Force.”

    As Jessica wanted to escape she immediately extended her hand and reached for General Kim’s hand. “can you walk?” General Kim asked and Jessica just nodded. “Good! Command! I’ve secured the package! Clear me a way out of here!” General Kim said.

    As both of them got out of the unknown facility, Jessica saw the outside place looked-like a warzone. “G-General? M-my sister…. Where is she?” Jessica asked. The General didn’t answer and just continued to bust their way out. “Command! I’M PINNED DOWN HERE WITH THE PACKAGE!!”
    General Kim asked again as gun shots were concentrated at thier
    location while hiding from the wall. And then, a voice replied from the
    other line. “I’m surprised to see that under my very
    own nose… A group of Rats are here…. General Kim…. Can you explain to
    me what the hell are you doing with that girl?”
    it was Mengsk.

    “Damn you Mengsk… what did you do to my team!” General Kim hissed at Mengsk. “your team? Well.. I’ve just sorted out the “bad weeds” here in my building so I had them executed on sight” Mengsk replied to General Kim and a shout can be heard from the background some screams and gun shots.

    “after I’m done cleaning the dirt here… I assure you… you and your family will be next!” Mengsk laughed maniacally. General Kim was furious.

    one of General Kim’s staff warned him before someone shot her.

    “Pesky little rat….” Again Mengsk is on the
    other line. Hearing the news about his family and Taeyeon is already in
    danger made General Kim ballistic. He injected a stim-pack to himself
    and goes out wild. General Kim attacked the Emperor’s men head on. Some
    bullets hits him but due to the effect of stim-pack and his fury about
    his remaining kin, Taeyeon, in danger, he felt nothing. Each shot he
    made hits their mark as he always aims for the head. He grabbed an
    opportunity and used one Gauss rifle left by an enemy Marine. Born with a
    sharp instinct and fueled by rage, eventhough he don’t look at his
    target, he hits them accurately in the head. After a 5 minute of berserk
    state. He managed to annihilate all the Emperor’s men.

    “THOSE GUYS ARE EMBICILES!!! CAN’T EVEN HANDLE A SINGLE MARINE!!” Mengsk shouted angrily at what he witnessed. “RELEASE ALL THE SIEGE TANKS!! I DON’T CARE IF HE’S THE GENERAL OR WHAT SO EVER!! JUST KILL HIM AND THE REMAINING JUNG!!!” Mengsk angrily commanded his troops at his own HQ.

    “Sooyeon… are you alright?” General Kim
    returned where Jessica is hiding in fear. Jessica couldn’t utter a word
    and just nodded. “alright.. I’ve disposed of the Emperor’s men… let’s
    get out of here!” General Kim carried Jessica on his arms.

    But before he can walk away from their hiding place, he heard a familiar
    machinery is echoing across the vicinity. Siege tanks deploying in
    siege mode.

    “Warning multiple siege tanks deployed in siege mode” the computer from his marine suit warned him. “Holy….mother of Siege tanks….” General Kim cursed at the warning. “I’m
    sorry Sooyeon…. It looks like…. This is the end of the line for me…
    I’ll draw their attention….. and you go run as fast as you can….”
    General Kim instructed Jessica. But as he was going to stand up, Jessica grabbed his arm.

    “G-General…. i…I can’t stand up….”
    Jessica said as she was visibly shaking in fear. General Kim understand
    what is Jessica is feeling right now. But as he is going to instruct
    Jessica again, they both heard some of the siege tanks and exploding.

    “What the heck?...” both Jessica and General Kim peeked and saw interceptors flying above and attacking the siege tanks. “A Carrier? But who…” before he wonders a voice talked to him.

    “En Taro Tassadar
    General Kim. I am Executor Selendis. I came here under the order of
    James Raynor. One of your brethren managed to send out an emergency
    distress signal about the situation on your side to EX-Confederate
    Marshall James Raynor.”
    An unexpected assistance gave General Kim a ray of hope of escaping out alive.

    “En Taro Tassadar Executor Selendis… I appreciate
    for the assist… may I ask to leave this child in your care? I have to
    save my daughter at the Shuttle station.”
    General Kim said to Selendis. “Fear
    not General. I have already sent four Dark Templars to keep your
    daughter safe. Come! We must hurry the Emperor is planning to blow up
    this whole sector!”
    Selendis said as he warped General Kim and Jessica aboard the Carrier.

    Inside the Carrier Jessica is in awe at the sight inside the carrier but her attention was called by Selendis. “Greetings little one…. Rest assured you are safe now… you can now relax little one.” Selendis said to Jessica.

    “…..ster…” Jessica uttered with a low voice. Selendis and General Kim noticed Jessica’s voice. “come again Sooyeon?” General Kim asked.

    “…my sister…. Why didn’t you save my sister…. She’s still back there!!”
    Jessica now breaks down and cried loudly about the events that have
    happened to her and her family. Selendis, on the other hand, is somewhat
    confused at Jessica’s sudden outburst.

    “I apologize Executor Selendis…. The Emperor
    captured her whole family just to obtain their riches to fund his
    Dominion army. And about her sister being held in there... that's still
    not confirmed....”
    General Kim explained. Selendis ordered her army. “This
    is the Executor! Heed my commands. I want every one of you to scan the
    facility and see if there is anyone in there that have a same DNA as
    this little girl. Umora Shahiz!
    as Selendis gives command, she turned her attention to General Kim and Jessica.

    “Come little one you can accompany me to the bridge and you as well General Kim.”
    Selendis shows her hospitality towards Jessica and General Kim. As they
    got to the bridge, Jessica instantly asks Selendis about her missing
    sister, General Kim on the other hand made Jessica his heart jumped out
    of his body by the way she ask Selendis on where to locate her sister.
    General Kim though Selendis will get mad about the improper way Jessica
    asked but instead, Selendis chuckled and points one of the monitor and
    Jessica instantly went towards on one of the Selendis’ Protoss intel
    officer’s side. And to General Kim’s amazement, even the Intel Prelate
    didn’t get angry at Jessica’s short-patience manner. Selendis noticed
    General Kim’s reaction.

    “Don’t worry about it
    General… I kind of understand what she’s going through. We heard from
    James Raynor about Mengsk. But I never imagine that he is this dangerous
    and ambitious.”
    Selendis explained. “Executor
    Selendis… it’s just as bad as you heard…. My whole team….. and even my
    family…. He killed them all….. that is why… I want to save her and my
    remaining daughter… I also want to save her family but I have no idea
    where Mengsk took them… ”
    General Kim said as he clenched his fist while still in a Marine suit. “I’m
    sorry to hear that General.. I know this maybe sound cold but, you
    should focus your attention on your current priorities. Do not dwell on
    the past because it will prevent you fulfilling your current duties
    Selendis said. “and
    General, you can take off your Marine suit and let some of my brethren
    tend your wound. We all saw how bravely you stood your ground facing an
    army alone and protecting the little one.”
    Selendis added. General Kim had no choice but to comply and went with some Selendis’ medical team treat his injury.

    “E-Executor… I have
    failed to locate the one you’re asking for… there’s not a single person
    in there with the same DNA as this little one. Forgive me for I have
    failed your command.”
    The Intel Prelate explained.

    “Fear not young Prelate… the General also explained that her family was taken into an unknown sector.” Selendis replied. “but what about this little one Executor? It seems she’s too tired now.” The Intel prelate points at Jessica who is now cried herself to sleep while sitting beside the Prelate.

    “I will attend to her.
    And please don’t forget to fetch the General’s daughter at the Shuttle
    station. Our dark templars are still guarding her. Trace their
    Selendis commanded as she carried the tired Jessica telepathically into one of the Medical Facilities inside the Carrier.

    Location: Korhal - Dominion City – Shuttle station

    Taeyeon is furiously walking back and forth waiting for Jessica and her father to return. “aish!... where could they be!!”
    Taeyeon hissed at herself while holding three tickets to Agria. Due to
    walking back and forth, Taeyeon got tired and decided to go get
    something to eat and drink. As she was walking something caught her
    attention. Marines are roaming around the area. Taeyeon instinctively
    walked beside a near souvenir store and snatched a black cap and a dark
    sunglasses and wore it to hide her identity. She even rolled up her hair
    to hide it inside the cap.

    “Negative here on my sight…. No sight of General Kim’s daughter here.” Taeyeon heard one Marine walked passed by her back while still dressed in her simple disguise.

    Taeyeon spotted six Marines roaming around. She tries to hide in a
    different location. And she spotted another unit, some Firebats and she
    spotted 8 of them. She quietly observed that the Firebats are guarding
    the every passageway by two’s. Two in the main entrance, two in the west
    exit two in the east exit and the two remaining Firebats are guarding
    each emergency exits.

    “aigoo…. They’re guarding every possible passageway…” Taeyeon whispered to herself. As she continue to observe their positions, she noticed two things. “are
    they trying to detect everyone just to find me or… they’re trying to
    block every possible exit for these people to get out….”

    Taeyeon said to herself. And then, Taeyeon’s suspicions were answered
    when she heard another Marine that has stopped right behind her and
    said. “Ok team team… Seal this place down and we’ll start purging this kid out. Commence operation Genocide.”

    To Taeyeon’s horror, she saw the Firebats starts to ignited their
    Perdition Flamethrowers and starts attacking everyone on their sight.
    Taeyeon didn’t bother to watch as she ran as fast as she can and finds a
    place to hide. Everyone is in total chaos as people are burning alive,
    their screams are marking their way to Taeyeon’s mind. Every scream she
    hears fuels her anger more and more against Mengsk. The Emperor’s men
    spared no one. Even children were not spared on the operation. As she
    tried to run away from her previous location to a new hiding place, she
    hit someone that made her fell on her back and revealing her face.

    Still trying to get up, she heard someone asked her. “Are you Kim Taeyeon?” she looked up and saw a Marine aiming his Gauss Rifle right in front of her face.

    “Sorry kid…hehehehe just doing my Job… don’t hate the player, hate the game”
    the marine cocked his Gauss rifle. As he was going to pull the trigger,
    something flashed in front of them and the Gauss rifle was sliced in
    half and the next thing happened after, the marine suddenly started to
    fly away from her as if something hit the Marine out of mid air.

    Before she could process what happened, something or someone spoke to her from thin air.

    “From the shadows, I come. Kim Taeyeon, Daughter of General Kim, we are here under the orders of Executor Selendis. Nazverul Unagar… four Dark Templars dematerialized right in front of her.

    “Come! We have to hurry Kim Taeyeon.” The Dark Templar who have just saved her grabbed her wrist. “My
    brethren! We cannot cloak ourselves now because Executor Selendis
    highly ordered us to keep the Little one alive and unharmed. Because if
    we do, the little one will be left wide open”
    The Dark Templar ordered his brethren.

    The Emperor’s men witnessed what happened and immediately called for
    back-up. In a matter of seconds they are surrounded. The four Dark
    Templars did a Box-in defensive position with Taeyeon in the middle.

    Then, the Dark Templar who just saved Taeyeon uttered, “Razsagal, Watch over us!”

    Episode 9 Complete

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    Episode 10

    Cornered, the Marines and Firebats are slowly closing in on them. And then another unexpected assistance came to their aid. Several Zealots came crashing from above, breaking the marine’s formation.

    "We are the blades of Aiur!" one Zealot shouted as they attack the Emperor’s men. An intense battle breaks out. One of the Zealot got close to them.

    “Brother! Quickly now, we, Zealots, will assist your escape! Executor Selendis is already waiting for the Little one!” the Zealot reminded them before going back on the battle.

    “You have my hanks my noble Zealot. I assure you, we will assist you in battle.” The Dark templar said. Taeyeon couldn’t believe what is happening around her. Running away from the Dominion, hunted by the Emperor’s men, the mass genocide that happened on the shuttle station and being saved by the Protoss’ Dark Templars. All of these are running through her mind until she passed out at the amount of stress.

    Location: ?????????

    Two days have passed, Taeyeon woke up to find herself in an unknown room. Peaceful and yet, not so luxurious. She can through the area and the place is somewhat feels like she’s gone back to the old times. she got up and walked out of the room. As she got to the living room, she saw a normal room. No machineries, no computers and no electronics supplies. All she sees are all from primitive era where you all have to do manually.

    “Oh good you’ve woken up. How are you feeling?” a female voice asked her.

    “….fine…. where am I?” Taeyeon asked.

    “You’re here in Planet Agria. Your father left you here.” The woman told her. “M-My father? Where is he? Where’s my father? Is he OK? Is he hurt?” Taeyeon asked the woman.

    “Slow down Taeyeon-ah… I’m just right outside taking a walk.” Taeyeon’s father talked from outside. Taeyeon couldn’t contain her happiness seeing his father. Although with an injury, she’s just so glad her father is alive.

    “APPA!” Taeyeon shouted as she runs towards him and gives her father a warm hug. “I’m so glad you’re alive… I’m so glad… I thought I was going to die…” Taeyeon sobs at her father’s chest. “Taeyeon… I’m not going to leave my last family…” her father weakly smiled at her.

    Hearing his father’s words made her wonder. “Appa? What do you mean….. “last family”? but her father couldn’t give her an answer but instead, he shed some tears. Taeyeon knew they were the only remaining Kim’s left. Tears starts to roll down on her cheeks.

    “Appa?... where’s Umma and my little sister? Don’t tell me…. Appa? APPA?!” Taeyeon starts to go hysterical when the woman gently touched her shoulders. “Taeyeon-ah…. Don’t make this hard on your Appa…. When you’re unconscious these past two days… he hasn’t left your side all the time. He barely sleeps and eats. He’s been taking care both of you…” the woman explained.

    “Both of……us?” the woman pointed at another girl who is sitting lonely underneath the tree while hugging her legs close to her chest and her face buried to her knees. Curious, Taeyeon walked towards the girl.

    “hey..” Taeyeon greeted the girl but the girl remained still. Taeyeon sat beside the girl but the girl still hasn’t move. She checked closely and noticed the girl is sleeping. “aish… talk about sleeping habits.” She muttered.

    Just as she was going to stand up, her father is now beside them. “Taeyeon…. She cried herself until falling asleep…. You should know…. Sooyeon’s been worried about you too for not waking up for two days. And she’s been attending to you too, constantly changing your wet towel. You just had a fever that went up almost 50 degrees....” Her father spoke.

    “Appa…. I’m sorry about earlier….. for going off like that….. it’s just it’s hard to process what just have happened. What happened back there Appa?” Taeyeon asked her father.

    “Taeyeon…. You see…. The Emperor started his plan about ruling Korhal in total domination. That’s why there are chaos all over the place. I promised to you that I will tell you the truth right? Well…. Here’s the thing…. Your Harabeoji and me….. we’re the founder of Anti-Dominion Rebel Forces.” Her father told her.

    Taeyeon were left speechless at the revelation of her father to her. “Appa? You can’t be serious about that right?.....Appa?” she asked but her father didn’t answer.

    Hearing no answer from her father she also became silent. Their silence engulfed them over an hour. “Taeyeon-ah….. hear me out please?” her father breaks the silence.

    “your Harabeoji and I established the rebel forces 3 years ago. The reason we want to over throw Mengsk over from his reign was….” Taeyeon’s father paused. Taeyeon stared at him with a confusing look.

    “when he became the emperor…. We wanted to rule everything. He’s creating something that shouldn’t have. He wanted to play as a God.” Her father explained. "The reason he captured the Jung’s was to expand his fund not only on his army… but for his secret research as well…..” he added.

    “Secret research Appa?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Your Harabeoji and me only knows only to that extent… we don’t even know where are his secret facility are. You see, there are other kids like yourself…or younger than you… have been experimented on…. Maybe Sooyeon’s sister is already one of those being experimented on…” Taeyeon’s father explained.

    “how about Umma? Why did the Emperor killed her? and you…. I know he also want to kill you and I’m pretty sure Harabeoji’s death is somehow…… the Emperor is involved…” Taeyeon asked with tears on her eyes.

    “Taeyeon…. Your Harabeoji knows that the Mengsk will go after him. he had suspicions from the start….. I know you might hate me Taeyeon… so as of now… I’m begging for you forgiveness…. Your Umma died because of me…. Mengsk confirmed that I’m in league with the rebels that wanted to topple him from his throne… that’s why he went after your Umma….. and you….. I’m sorry Taeyeon…. I’m really sorry…” Taeyeon’s father kneeled down in front of her as he ask for Taeyeon’s forgiveness as he also breaks down in tears.

    “Appa….. don’t be like that…. I’m not angry or mad at you…. I can’t be mad at you Appa…. Eventhough Umma is not here with us…… I know you tried to save me….” Taeyeon explained as she pulled her father’s face up.

    “Appa…. Don’t be such a baby to cry like that….” Taeyeon smiled as she grabbed something from her pocket.

    “here! Here’s my proof Appa. My proof that you’ve tried to save me from all those chaos.” Taeyeon handed back to her father’s hand the Ticket he bought last two days ago.

    “I waited that day from the station when the Emperor’s men almost caught me Appa… but thanks to the Protoss Dark Templars and Zealots, they saved me the last thing they told me they were saving me for your sake.” Taeyeon explained.

    Taeyeon’s father just smiled. “Appa…. Thank you for coming here with me and Jessica.” Taeyeon said as she gave her father a hug.

    “Taeyeon-ah…. Thank you… I promise… I will do everything to keep you and Jessica safe here in Agria. Taeyeon-ah…. Your Harabeoji had a last wish for you……” her father looked at her with a serious face.

    “What is it Appa?” she asked. “Your Harabeoji….. wanted me to take Sooyeon as my own daughter too…. So I want you to be her support…. And……. A sister to her….” Taeyeon’s father said. Taeyeon fell silent. Another explosive revelation that were slammed on her face.

    “Taeyeon-ah? If you don’t like the idea…. It’s fine by me…. I’ll be willing to take care of her by myse…” Taeyeon’s father tried to explain but was cut off by Taeyeon’s voice.

    “Are you kidding Appa? OF COURSE I LIKE THE IDEA!!! I told that in the first place didn't I?” Taeyeon flashed her father a smile which assured the older Kim that Jessica is now in good hands.

    “General Kim? Executor Selendis would like to have a word with you…” the woman greeted Taeyeon earlier walked towards them. “Taeyeon-ah… I forgot to introduce you…. this is Park Hyojin… but you just call her Narsha.” Her father introduced the two of them as he walked away from them.

    “Hello… I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself to you earlier… I’m Narsha just like your father said.” Narsha flashed a smile at Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon just smiled and extends her hand out to shake Narsha’s hands. With still sadness barely visible on Taeyeon’s face, Narsha sat in front of her and Jessica.

    “Taeyeon-ah… don’t be sad… you should be happy that you still have your father with you… unlike her…” Narsh paused and looked at Jessica.

    “what about her Narsha unnie?” Taeyeon asked. “Taeyeon-ah… don’t you remember? Her whole family has been captured by Mengsk. And their whereabouts are still unknown. Mengsk have many secret bases into an unknown space quadrant.” Narsha explained. “and what breaks me is the way she cared for you when you passed out for two days…. I know it’s hard for her to take care of someone while worrying for her family whose whereabouts are unknown.” Narsha added.

    “Jessica……” Taeyeon looked at the sleeping Jessica who is still hugging her knees while still asleep. Taeyeon never felt sad before as she was informed of Jessica’s fate. Taeyeon couldn’t control her action and automatically embraced her and put Jessica’s head over her shoulder as they both leaned back at the tree behind them.

    “Narsha unnie…. I’ve decided to make her as my sister as of today.” Taeyeon said to Narsha with a teary eyes and a smile on her face. “I’ll love her as I did to my real sister.” She added.

    “I’m sure you will Taeyeon-ah… I’m sure you will….” And Narsha replied to her with a warm smile before heading back to the house.

    “….thank you Taeyeon….. that meant a lot to me….” Taeyeon heard a crying voice.

    “Jessica?” Taeyeon called. Jessica’s body didn’t move but Taeyeon felt Jessica head nodded as her head is still resting at Taeyeon’s shoulder’s.

    “at first I don’t want to believe what happened Taeyeon….. but it really did….. I lost everything I hold dear to my life…. my mom… my dad….. my sister….. I have nothing Taeyeon…” Jessica said while still crying. “and when you were bought inside the carrier unconscious…. I was so worried about you…. I thought Mengsk had you… I thought I’m losing another important person to my life…. Taeyeon… I’m so happy at what you’ve told Narsha unnie a while ago…..” Jessica added.

    Taeyeon now embracing Jessica warmly and soon after Taeyeon felt her shoulder are starting to become wet. Taeyeon knew Jessica is now crying madly. “it’s ok Sica…. I won’t leave my sister alone… I won’t leave you alone…. Cry as much as you want…. Let it all out….” Taeyeon said as she supported Jessica who is now crying her heart out.

    Taeyeon’s father and Narsha saw how the bond between Taeyeon and Jessica formed and put a smile on their face.

    “I bid thee farewell General Kim. It seems our worries are now over. The little one is now in safe hands of your daughter.” Selendis called the attention of Taeyeon’s father who is also witnessing the events.

    “Thank you Executor Selendis. And I also apologize if I didn’t help you with your appointed mission of finding the missing child actress that Mengsk abducted… as for her information… we didn’t have it.. Mengsk stormed the HQ before we could discover that info..” Taeyeon’s father explained.

    “Fear not Noble General… there will be other chances. But for now, you have your new responsibility in front of you. Cherish them dearly for they need your support… specially the little one.” Selendis said to Taeyeon’s father before returning to the carrier along with her elite Dark Templars that saved Taeyeon on the day of disaster.

    Location: Agria – Urban Encampment
    Time Line: 3 years after the Incident.

    Three years after the Korhal Mass Genocide incident. Taeyeon and Jessica grew close stronger like a real sister. Taeyeon’s father treated Jessica as her own daughter which Taeyeon is proud of. But little the Kim’s know, when Jessica is alone, she is crying behind their back because she’s still thinking about her family.

    But one night, Jessica’s depression didn’t go unnoticed to Taeyeon. Taeyeon got up one night from her slumber just to get a glass of water. Upon returning to her bed, she heard Jessica sobbing discreetly as she can. Curious, she walked over to Jessica and observed the younger girl.

    “Sica? Are you awake?” Taeyeon asked but Jessica didn’t respond. As Taeyeon was going to pull away Jessica’s blanket, Jessica talked to her with cracking voice.

    “Tae… I miss my Mom and Dad…. I miss Krystal…… why did this happen to us? My family didn’t do anything wrong to be accused by working with the rebels…. Why Tae…. Why….” Jessica said as she cries. Taeyeon couldn’t answer right and she just hugged Jessica with all her heart and gently let her tears run down her cheeks as she is also crying at Jessica’s status.

    “Sica…. I know I can’t replace your sister…. But I’m right here whenever you need me. I’ll try to be a good sister to you. even though we’re not blood related, I will still treat you as my real sister. And I promise you Sica…. I will find a way to save your family… even if I did find a way to save your sister and family… you will always be my sister Sica… I promise you that…” Taeyeon said as she cooed Jessica who is still sobbing in her arms. And that time, Taeyeon already made up her mind to take full responsibility of taking care of Jessica.

    As the morning comes, Jessica and Taeyeon went down to eat their breakfast along with her father and Narsha. After their breakfast. everyone noticed Taeyeon is quiet. Which bothered Jessica.

    “Tae? Is there something wrong?” Jessica asked. “Nothing…nothing’s wrong Sica… I’m fine.” Taeyeon answered as she smiled and then walked out the house to get some fresh air at the farm near the house.

    “Gene….Appa….” Jessica called Taeyeon’s father. “hm? What is it Sica?” he answered. “I think Taeyeon have a problem….” Jessica replied as she frowned. But Taeyeon’s father just smiled.

    “Sica dear… just leave Taeyeon for a while… at a times like this… she’s probably thinking about something. Give her some time…” Taeyeon’s father explained to Jessica with smile still plastered on his face.

    “Jessica… can you come and help me wash the dishes?” Narsha called Jessica. Eventhough worried Jessica followed Narsha. After Jessica left, Narsha signaled Taeyeon’s father to talk to her.

    Taeyeon was walking peacefully alongside the farm when her father’s voice called her.

    “Taeyeon? Is there something wrong?” he asked.

    “Appa…. I want to help Jessica find her family…. Or even his sister only… I think that should give Jessica’s true smile back…” Taeyeon answered calmly.

    “so… what do you have in mind?” her father asked again. Taeyeon paused her thoughts for about a minute.

    “Taeyeon? What really happened?” he asked again. “Appa…. We both thought Jessica is ok being with us… and I can feel that but…….. last night… I found her crying in her bed…. I asked her and she answered she missed her family…. i….. I think she missed them badly Appa…” Taeyeon answered back with a sad face.

    “Taeyeon-ah…. Look here…. Whether she treat us like her real family or not… isn’t it better to treat her as well? We don’t know how she acts in her real family but…. We could give her all the support she needs… as for me… I know she’s still having a hard time calling me “Appa” but I don’t mind that at all…. I maybe not her real father but I can give her my true love as I gave you and your sister.” Her father explained.

    Hearing his father’s word, brings a smile on her face. “Thank you Appa… you made me see what’s ahead. I will now really give Sica my support because for her family’s absence… we are the only ones who can complete that gap..” Taeyeon explained with a bright smile on her face.

    Next day, Narsha asked Jessica to go to the market place to buy some food ingredients for the day. Remembering what she promised to her father, Taeyeon is now more close than ever to Jessica and tries to support her by lifting her hopes up and cheering her on whenever she had a chance.

    Location: Agria – Market place

    As they got to the downtown, there are some thugs that spotted them. Being the headstrong like an older sister she is, Taeyeon protected Jessica and ending up fighting a bunch of thugs in the middle of the street. While Taeyeon is busy fighting with the thugs, 3 thugs slipped past by Taeyeon and rushed to kidnap Jessica.

    “Sica? SICA!!?!” Taeyeon shouted while still panting. One concerned bystander managed to find his voice and told her that some of thugs took her and pointed Taeyeon where they’ve run off to.

    “SICA!! SICA!!!!! ANSWER ME!!!” Taeyeon shouted as she runs, tears now are rolling down on her cheeks. Worriedly sick about Jessica. Spending 30 minutes of running and searching exhausted her body and she suddenly started to cry.

    But just before she could cry her heart out, she heard noises in an alleyway almost near her, she went towards the alley and saw a muscular man carrying an unconscious Jessica in a bridal style with the thugs lying on the ground.

    Taeyeon ran towards them while calling Jessica’s name. “SICA!!” she shouted. As she got close to them the man smiled. “don’t worry… she’s safe now… is that her name? Sica?” he asked.

    “It’s Jessica… Sica is her nickname…. She’s my sister…” Taeyeon answered as she lightly tapped Jessica’s cheek to wake her up.

    “uuhhnn….T-Tae???!” Jessica instantly hugged Taeyeon and begins to sob again. “sssshhh… don’t worry… I’m here… I’m here… you’re safe now…” Taeyeon answered as she cooed Jessica.

    “You girls shouldn’t wander around that much…. I can see that the two of you are new here? By the way.. my name is Taecyeon… Ok Taecyeon” Taecyeon introduced himself as he flashed a smile to them.

    “Taeyeon… and this is my sister Jessica…” but Taeyeon answered coldly. “thanks for saving my sister but we have to go now….” Taeyeon quickly stood up and walked out the alley leaving Jessica and Taecyeon. “Thank you for saving me…. well… I don’t want to keep my…sister waiting…” Jessica bid farewell to Taecyeon as she runs out the alleyway where Taeyeon is waiting for her.

    As Taeyeon and Jessica left the alleyway, Taecyeon smiled. “Ok guys …you can cut out the act now… stand up before you all get cold.” He called the thugs who was lying on the ground.

    “you’re good boss….. I bet she likes you now knowing you’re her savior.” The thugs said and Taecyeon smiled. “I can’t wait to meet the blonde girl again.” Taecyeon smiled and another lady appeared by his side. “is that the girl you’re talking about honey?” the lady asked. “she really look weak.. but I admit she’s pretty.. we can sell her on a sex trading… with a face like hers… we’ll be profiting in no time hahahaha!” the lady suggested as an evil smile plastered on her face.

    Location: Agria – Narsha’s house – rainy afternoon.

    “Tae! He’s a good guy!! He SAVED ME! will you please stop being so inconsiderate?” Jessica’s voice boomed across the whole house which her father and Narsha took by a surprise because this is the first time they saw Taeyeon and Jessica in an argument.

    “Look Sica… I’m not being inconsiderate here! I’m just trying to protect you! can’t you understand that?” Taeyeon explained. “I understand that you’re trying to protect me Tae… you’re trying too hard that… it Chokes me! I can’t barely breathe whenever you’re being strict with me sometimes! Can’t you just please trust me on this one?” Jessica retaliated back.

    “Sica! Look, I’m having a negative vibe on that Taecyeon guy! my gut feeling tells me he’s up to no good! Can’t you see that? if you want me to trust you Sica… Trust me also! Never ONCE in my life that my gut feeling is incorrect!!” Taeyeon said as her voice starts to go slight higher. And then Jessica replied the unthinkable.

    “that gut feeling of yours is just a hunch! Don’t tell me what to do Tae… I have my own life! I know you’re trying too hard to fill in the gap just to be my sister! But, even if you do… we’re still not blood related! YOU WILL NEVER BE MY TRUE SISTER!!!” Jessica shouted at Taeyeon’s face and then a thunderous slap echoed the whole house.

    After the slap, everyone was engulfed in silence. Narsha quickly went to Jessica who’s on the floor because of Taeyeon’s strong slap. They both looked up at Taeyeon and saw Taeyeon crying with her head hanged low while holding her right hand that she used to slap Jessica.

    “you’re right…. I am trying too hard to fill in her shoes…. because I know your sister is still alive there somewhere…. Did you know? I have a younger sister who’s at the age of 6 who died by Mengsk’s doings? You know… I envy you Sica…. Even your family is still out there… at least you know they’re still alive because Mengsk won’t kill them for the sake of wealth… at least somehow… you’re family is still complete… but me? I only have my father left….. my Umma and my younger sister died because my Appa and Harabeoji we’re trying to rescue you……” Taeyeon said as she now trembling with anger but tries her best to contain it.

    “ok Sica…. If that’s what you want…freedom…. I won’t bother you around anymore…. But remember this…. At least I did try my best to be a good sister to you…. but you? Did you also try your best to be like a family?” Taeyeon ended her speech before heading out of the house. No one could stop Taeyeon for going out on the rain.

    “Jessica…. I think you’ve said too much…. Can’t you feel Taeyeon’s pain during the times she’s been with you? did you also think she’s not hurting about the loss of her younger sister?” Narsha said to Jessica. Her words pierced Jessica’s heart. She didn’t even consider Taeyeon’s feelings.

    “Jessica…. Taeyeon’s a person that’s hard to read. She’s really good at hiding things specially if it’s important….” Narsha added. Jessica now looked at Taeyeon’s father and saw him staring at her with a gentle smile.

    “Jessica…. If you must know…. when you’re asleep… mostly Taeyeon is coming at my room crying as she remember her Umma and her sister.” Taeyeon’s father shared the truth about Taeyeon.

    “A-Appa…. I’m sorry about my words earlier…. I really didn’t mean it…. It was just….” Jessica’s words were cut off by Taeyeon’s father.

    “Don’t worry about me Jessica…. I understand why you’re like that… the one who you should be apologizing for is Taeyeon.” Taeyeon’s father said as he gave Jessica a warm smile.

    “Here… go get her before she gets a fever.” Narsha throws a towel and an umbrella at Jessica and smiled. Jessica wasted no time and went after Taeyeon.

    “Sir? I think your daughter loves Jessica as her true sister.” Narsha said. “Taeyeon could be a little stubborn but… when she start to care… she cares very dearly.” He replied.

    Location: Agria Farm – Rainy field

    “Tae!! TAE!!! ANSWER ME!!” Jessica ran through the entire farm just to look for Taeyeon. Rain is becoming strong and Jessica’s worries are becoming stronger. “Where could she be?!? Jessica you babo!... you should think before you talk!” she muttered in herself.

    Jessica stopped for a while and then one place pops in her mind. “I think I know where she is…” a smile escaped from her lips. She got out of the Farm field and went to a one particular tree. The tree where Taeyeon first said to take Jessica as her sister and saw Taeyeon lying on the ground, soaking wet.

    “I figured you’d be here….” Taeyeon opened her eyes as she heard Jessica’s voice. “Here! Dry yourself up before you catch a fever.” Jessica gave the towel to Taeyeon as she shielded Taeyeon from the rain. Taeyeon got up and quietly use the towel to wipe herself. “Tae… I’m sorry about what I’ve said earlier… I didn’t mean it that way….. it’s just…” Jessica’s words were cut off when Taeyeon suddenly hugged her.

    “I’m sorry too Sica if I’m being so hard on you….. I just don’t want to lose another sister again…. That’s why I’m being over protective…” Taeyeon replied with a sobbing voice. As Jessica heard Taeyeon’s sobbing voice while she explains to her why she’s being like that, Jessica felt a pain in her heart. She didn’t know how much Taeyeon cared for her and felt guilty saying those words at her earlier.

    “look… I’d like you to know Sica…. Do you remember the night I promised you that I would be your sister? I also made a promise to myself that I’ll take care of you…. another thing is… Appa’s health is not that good ever since we escaped from Korhal..” Taeyeon added.

    “Appa is getting old Sica….. that’s why I want to take responsibility like a true sister to you… and a better daughter to him…. you guys are the only ones I have left in my life….” Taeyeon said while still hugging Jessica as she’s still crying.

    “Tae…. I’m sorry too…. I feel ashamed for blurting out that words in front of you and him.. I’m sorry… I’m truly am…” Jessica hugged back Taeyeon as she forgot that she was holding the umbrella and throws it down on the ground and just hugged Taeyeon back tightly and lovingly.

    “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS THINKING??!” Narsha shouted at both of them as they both got back soaking wet from the rain. “Jessica! I gave you an umbrella not to get soaked by the rain! Aigoo…. You girls and making me old faster…ugh!” Narsha grunted as she went back to her room and fetch another two dry and clean towels for Taeyeon and Jessica.

    “it seems you two are ok now I presume?” Taeyeon’s father asked as they dry themselves with the towel. “seeing you both girls smiling like a couple of dorks with sticking their tongues out…” he added as he give Taeyeon and Jessica a smile.

    “Appa…. I’m sorry I didn’t know your health condition…. I still feel guilty about the words I said earlier…” Jessica said to Taeyeon’s father. Hearing Jessica’s words made Taeyeon’s father surprised.

    “Jessica… thank you for getting used to call me like that… that alone can make me rejuvenated.” Taeyeon’s father said. “come let’s eat dinner… you girls have so much to catch up.” Narsha called them and ate dinner.

    On the next day, all of them were surprised as they have an unexpected visitor. Taecyeon. “Good morning Sir…. is Jessica there?” Taecyeon greeted Taeyeon’s father. Taeyeon’s father gave Taecyeon a cold look. “what do you want with her? and how did you found out that she’s living here?” Taeyeon suddenly appeared from her father’s back.

    “I just want to visit her to see if she’s fine now about the incident yesterday….” Taecyeon explained. “She’s fine now and she’s resting… I’m sorry but she’s sleepi..” but Taeyeon’s words were cut off by Jessica when she suddenly appeared from the kitchen.

    “Oh! Hi Taec!! I’m so happy you visited me! anyway thanks for the save yesterday… if you hdan’t done that… my sister wouldn’t have found me..” Jessica smiled. Taeyeon, on the other hand, frustrated and walked away quickly on the two of them. Jessica invited Taeyeon inside which made Taeyeon furious but still kept it inside her. Taeyeon’s father on the other hand watched Taecyeon and Jessica like a hawk.

    Taecyeon visits became frequent until Jessica let him enter on her life. Taeyeon was against it but sooner she had no choice but to accept Taecyeon because she can see Jessica’s smile again.

    Location: Agria – Narsha’s home
    Time line: 4 months after….

    One day, Narsha had to leave the three of them because she was assigned on the Deadman’s port to supervise her mercenaries. Taeyeon was so sad at that day because she grew fond of Narsha as her older sister. Feeling sulky she decided to get fresh air and walked down on the market to go shopping for their dinner. At the same time, her father was also out looking for a job.

    “Sica! I’m going to go to the market to buy some food ingredients for out dinner. Be back in a few tell Appa when he comes back ok?” Taeyeon reminded Jessica.

    “OK! But don’t take too long Tae …. Appa will be home soon also.” Jessica replied.

    Location: Agria – Market place

    Taeyeon looked around to see the marker place still full of people. “Let’s see now… Sica hates Cucumbers so… that’s off the list automatically… hmm a chicken would be nice I should buy one of those. And… lettuce… we haven’t eaten that for a while and some carro…..huh? isn’t that…” Taeyeon stopped as she saw Taecyeon is going out from a hotel nearby with another lady. Seeing Taecyeon laugh without a care in a world while holding another woman on her waist made Taeyeon boil in anger. She wanted to confront him but decided not to for she’s concerned with Jessica. Taeyeon didn’t finished her shopping and bought only the chicken and hurriedly went home to inform Jessica.

    [size="5"]Location: Agria – Narsha’s Home[/size]

    “NO!! THAT’S NOT TRUE!! HE LOVES ME!! You’re just making that up because you don’t like him at all!” Jessica hissed back at Taeyeon.

    “Sica! I’m telling it’s true!! It’s all true!! I saw him! this is not because I don’t like him for you! I really saw him walked out of the hotel with another girl!! Why don’t you listen to me!!” Taeyeon begged Jessica to listen to her but Jessica closed her ears and ran away from Taeyeon. “SICA!!!!!” Taeyeon shouted.

    Jessica ran and ran until she ran into Taecyeon who is sitting on a bench. “Jessica?” Taecyeon called Jessica and saw she was crying. Jessica ran into Taecyeon’s arms and cried her heart out. But Jessica she didn’t know, Taeyeon followed her secretly and Taeyeon saw her crying on Taecyeon’s arms.

    “I guess I really did it this time… Sica…. Please be safe… I’m a failure again as a sister to make you cry again…….” Taeyeon said to herself as she walked back home aimlessly.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Episode 10 Complete >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    **UNIT ENTRY**

    Unit Number: 8189
    Name: Stephanie Hwang A.K.A. Tiffany Hwang
    Unit Type: Medivac Pilot
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

    entered the Dominion Forces under the Supervision of Mengsk at an early
    age of 17. Stephanie’s parents along with her younger brother died in
    an accident when she was 6. Mengsk found her wondering around, being an
    orphan. Because of Stephanie’s charming eye smile, even with his
    ruthless heart, Mengsk heart softened a little and decided to take her
    in. Mengsk gave Stephanie everything she wants but except for one thing,
    Familial love. As Stephanie grew at the age of 16, she secretly decided
    to rebel against Mengsk way of handling things. Pure ruthless
    domination and forceful conquering of Dominion sector every sector. When
    Stephanie discovered Mengsk ruthless ways of forceful conquering
    sectors and leaving many people suffering hunger and dying hungry,
    Stephanie was infuriated and confronted Mengsk. As they ended up in a
    heated argument, Mengsk threw her at prison and had her judged into a
    public execution. But one of Mengsk’s men took compassion on Tiffany and
    helped her escape to Agria and took the “guillotine” in her place when
    Mengsk discovered he helped her escape. After months in hiding Stephanie
    decided to change her name into Tiffany and worked her own way to
    support herself until she was discovered by Matthew “Matt” Horner as an
    excellent pilot when “Taeyeon’s ghost” incident occurred while she was
    hiding in Agria.


    Tiffany: Annyeonghaseyo! *flashes her eye smile at Raynor and Matt*
    Raynor: …..huh?
    Tiffany: OH! Mianhe!!.. I’m sorry Sir.. for using my Korean language *flashes her eye smile again*
    Raynor: T-That’s okay Hwang… So tell me… your background history is….. your Father is Mengsk?!
    Tiffany: not exactly sir! *smiles again* he took me in when I was 6 years old. *flashed another eye-smile along with her shoulders moving up for added cuteness*
    Matt: took you in? but what happened to your real biological parents?
    Tiffany: well…. They died in an accident sir… including my little brother…. *sadly pouting*

    Raynor and Matt paused as they were mesmerized at Tiffany’s face expression.

    Tiffany: Sirs? Are you two okay?

    Raynor and Matt are still quiet by staring at Tiffany… still mesmerized.

    Tiffany: Commander? Helllloooooooo~~~ *flashes her eye smile again while calling Raynor’s attention*

    Tiffany stood up and walked towards Matt.

    Tiffany: Sir! are you still there?

    Tiffany waved her hand in front of Matt’s face while looking at him with
    oozing cuteness etched on her face. Tiffany turned around again on
    Raynor and found Raynor is still looking at her slightly smiling and a
    bit of red on his face. Tiffany thought Raynor is drunk.

    Tiffany: Commander Raynor SIR! *Tiffany pouts again because Raynor is still mesmerized at Tiffany’s multiple cuteness expression on face* are you ok sir?

    Tiffany asked but still didn’t get an answer. Tiffany turned around at
    Matt again and noticed Matt also have the same face expression as
    Raynor. Then she went back to her seat in front the two of them. As the
    time progress she gave them another charming eye smile as she also
    brightly smiled back at them. As she flashes her last eye smile she
    stood up.

    Tiffany: I………guess my interview is finished? *flashes her eye smile again*

    Raynor and Matt didn’t answer and they both simultaneously nodded. As
    Tiffany walked towards them she pulled out her handkerchief and gave it
    to Raynor and Matt. That was the time they snapped back to reality.

    Tiffany: Sir? *another eye smile* you might want to wipe that blood from your nose *another eye smile as she continues to walk out*

    Raynor and Matt finally talked.

    Raynor: Damn Matt! Where the hell are you getting your recruits? *still wiping his bleeding nose*
    Matt: nu me anest sher, I mhet her on a hosmitnal one nay….
    Raynor: MATT! Take that silly tissue off of your nose! I can’t understand a word you’re saying.

    Matt pulled out the tissue paper and blood suddenly started to gush slowly.

    Matt: as I was saying sir… to be honest, I
    met her on a hospital one day when a girl was shot by a Ghost almost to
    death. The other girl who I think it’s her sister was shouting for help
    and when I went to help, she also came. We immediately rushed her to a
    hospital and you know what sir? At her younger age, she can pilot a
    dropship type vehicle. Me and her stayed with girl’s sister until she
    woke up. And after escaping from Death’s hand. We bid our farewell. Then
    I asked her If she wanted to work with us. At first she hesitated but…

    Tiffany cuts in and returned back.

    Tiffany: I know Mengsk don’t like you both Sirs… I don’t want anyone around me ending up dying….
    Raynor: you shouldn’t worry about that
    Hwang. You are more welcome aboard. Besides… we need your skills. As
    Matt said, you have an excellent piloting skills….
    Matt: and you have a beautiful eye-smile *Matt suddenly blushes*

    Tiffany noticed and flashes another bright eye smile at them and left.
    Raynor is now smiling normal as Tiffany leaves and focused his attention
    towards Matt.

    Raynor: …….Matt………. please don’t forget to wipe your nose and your drool…. Hahaha
    Matt: …. Crap… sorry ‘bout that sir… hahahaha

    Interview ended….. not because it ended really…. It ended because they
    can’t focus interviewing Tiffany as she constantly flashing her eye
    smile at them.

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    HOnestly, this Fic IS SO DAMN FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! This is the best i've ever read! MY THANKS to the real author YulSicFany and Admin KimTaeyeon! Keep this up!! :DD
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    I would've been the same if Tiffany flashes her eye smile along with her shoulder moving up
    Keep Up Guys......
    This fic is pretty good ^_^

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 11

    “Hey baby… why’re you crying? You know I don’t want to see you cry like that?” Taecyeon said as he hugged Jessica crying.

    “my sister told me she
    saw you walking out of the hotel with a girl with you. I know you didn’t
    do that. I know you’re honest…. Because you love me…”
    Jessica said as she cried in Taecyeon’s arms.

    “sssh come one now baby… give your sister some time and she’ll get used to it…. It’s just everything is new for her.”
    Taecyeon said as he coed Jessica until she calmed down. 10 minutes have
    passed, Jessica is now calmer and now slightly smiling while talking to

    “Taec… thank you for listening to my problem… I really appreciate it.” Jessica said as she smiled at Taecyeon. “aww..
    don’t mention it baby… you know I care for you… you know I don’t want
    that pretty face of yours making sad faces.. it will affect me..”
    Taecyeon said as he puts his arms around Jessica and kissed her on the top of her head.

    “I’m really thankful
    Taec… well I must be going now… eventhough with had an argument… she
    must be worried sick about me… thank you.”
    Jessica said as she leans on Taecyeon and hugged him.

    As they broke their hug, Jessica felt she was magnetized at Taecyeon’s
    face. Slowly by blowly, her face was starting to become closer inch by
    inch. Taecyeon smiled and did the same.

    And as their lips are going to come in contact just an inch, Jessica
    didn’t knew what happened next as she was sent rolling on the ground.
    She felt someone pulled her hair.

    another girl came out and pulled Jessica’s hair wildly. Jessica winced
    in pain as the girl drags her around the ground by pulling her by the
    hair. Jessica cried and called Taecyeon for help but he didn’t do
    The girl said and gave Jessica a strong punch that sent Jessica rolling
    on the ground. As she tries to collect herself from the ground, she
    caught a glimpse of Taecyeon and the girl kissing wildly in front of
    her. Tears now rolled down on her cheek for she didn’t believe Taeyeon

    “Taeyeon is right about
    you Taecyeon… I shouldn’t have believe you… all the times you visited
    me in my house… are those for show only?”
    Jessica now
    asked Taecyeon. Taecyeon didn’t answer but puts on a nasty smirk on his
    face. The woman bowed down and answered Jessica.

    “he was just getting your attention so we could sell
    you off for a sex trade or slave trading with that beautiful face of
    yours… many old smelly men will pay for you for a high price hahahaha.”
    She answered and gave Jessica another punch and Jessica’s lips starts to bleed.

    “awww.. did I hurt that pwetty lips of yours?” the woman teasingly asked Jessica. “…….ew you….” Jessica whispered.

    “HUH?! What’s that again Sl*t?” the woman kicked Jessica in the stomach area and Jessica winced in pain. “hahahaha
    you know girlie… you better get used to that kind of expression when
    the smelly old men get their hands on you!! hahahahah”
    the woman laughed as she kicked Jessica again.

    Just as the woman was about to give Jessica another kick, Jessica
    grabbed a handful of dirt and throws it at the face of the woman and
    managed to escape before she could kick her again.

    As Jessica ran with bleeding lip and in pain, many passersby noticed her
    state but she didn’t mind them. Some of them called her but didn’t mind
    them also. Feeling helpless on her situation, she could only come to
    one person, Taeyeon.

    “that B*tch got away Taec!! She dirtied my FACE!!!” the woman shouted at Taecyeon. “Shut
    your trap! she’ll fall on our hands later… I know where she lives. I’ll
    send some of my men to mess her family and kidnap her.”
    Taecyeon replied to woman as they both smiled thinking about the profit if they manage to get their hands on Jessica.

    Location: Agria – Narsha’s house

    Jessica arrived and knocked wildly at their door but no one opened or answered. The lights were on but no one is answering here.

    “Tae? TAE!!! Please! I’m SORRY!! HEAR ME OUT!!! TAE!!!LET ME IN!!”
    Jessica shouted as she cried and begged to be let in. 12 minutes have
    passed but still no answer. Jessica thought Taeyeon and her father are
    mad at her for running away from them.

    Thinking that thought, Jessica slumped on the floor while crying madly and feeling helpless. “Tae……Appa…. I’m sorry…… I promise I’ll listen to every words you’ll say to me…. let me in please…” Jessica said as she cried and hugged her knees. She waited for hours and didn’t moved an inch from the door.

    Taeyeon arrived and saw Jessica at the door. “S-Sica? What are you doing here?” Jessica heard Taeyeon’s voice but to her surprise, Taeyeon is outside, and not inside the house. “T-Tae?... who’s inside?” Jessica asked. But Taeyeon’s answer is different as Taeyeon noticed something on Jessica.

    “Sica? What happened to you?” Taeyeon asked as she scanned Jessica’s swollen cheek, busted lip and some soil dirt on her clothes.

    “Tae… I’m sorry… you were right…. I should’ve listened to you. Taecyeon really have another girl…”
    Jessica cried in Taeyeon’s arms. Taeyeon never felt so much rage when
    she saw Jessica’s broken image. But she knew one man who could’ve caused
    this, it was Taecyeon.

    “That man is a dead-meat! I will leave no man alive for hurting my family…. HE’S A DEAD MEAT!!”
    Taeyeon shouted as she broke her hug from Jessica. To Jessica’s view
    point, the Taeyeon she usually knew instantly disappeared as she saw the
    Taeyeon right in front of her is the raging Taeyeon, trembling with

    “Tae! Don’t go!! He’s not worth it!!..TAE!!!”
    but this time, Jessica’s begging fall on deaf ears as Taeyeon started
    to march out of the premises. As she was heading out, Taeyeon was
    greeted by Taecyeon’s men and there were actually seven of them. All of
    them were armed with weapons.

    “Move! If you want to live…” Taeyeon said as she walked forward. “you got the nerve to talk to us like that little girl… you better shut your trap before I hit you with this baAAAAAARGH!!”
    the thug didn’t finished his word as Taeyeon kicked him in his balls.
    The thug winced in pain and cursing Taeyeon for every words that is
    coming out of his mouth. But Taeyeon didn’t finish there, the thug, who
    is now down on the ground holding his “sacred part” of his body,
    received another kick on his gut making him lying spread out on the
    ground. Seeing the opportunity, and out of pure rage, Taeyeon did
    something on the thug that sent chills down on the other thugs’ spine.
    Taeyeon repeatedly stomped on the thug’s “sweet spot” completely
    crushing his “pipe dream”. The six other thugs were frozen in fear as
    they saw Taeyeon picked up the metal bat from the thug that have the
    “crushed” dream and passed out because of the intense pain with his
    mouth bubbling like he’s been poisoned.

    “Who’s next!”
    Taeyeon now looked at them. In their view point, the person that’s
    standing in front of them is not a short girl that’s easy to handle but
    rather, they saw Taeyeon as a huge red devil that came out straight from

    Before they could react, Taeyeon is already running towards them and as
    she swings the metal bat, she got them all rolling on the ground in just
    one swing. As some of them were stunned at Taeyeon’s one powerful giant
    big swing, Taeyeon grabbed one of the thug by his collar of his shirt
    and pour down a rain of punches hitting only one place, his face.

    Jessica, who is watching from afar couldn’t believe how ballistic
    Taeyeon can be as she was shocked to see Taeyeon taking on seven armed
    men against her. Jessica couldn’t move a muscle.

    After Taeyeon got tired of punching the thug and leaving its face like a
    rotten vegetable, she took the metal bat again and hits one of the thug
    on his right arm shattering his bone completely. As he was going to
    scream in pain, Taeyeon’s fist quickly landed on his face breaking his
    nose before passing out. One of the thug pulled out a gun but before he
    could shoot Taeyeon, the metal bat came flying towards his face and
    hitting him accurately and knocking him out cold.

    Another thug attacked Taeyeon with his chain but every attack she gave
    to Taeyeon missed as Taeyeon is swiftly evading them as she side stepped
    out of its way. And as she saw an opportunity, Taeyeon instantly
    grabbed the chain midway and yanked the attacker towards her and gave
    the thug with a taste of her knee as it landed on his face.

    The remaining two thugs couldn’t move as if they’re rooted from where
    they’re standing. Taeyeon ran towards them and gave one of the thug a
    flying kick that hits him on his jaw, dislocating it.

    The remaining thug gave up as he peed his pants. “I….I GIVE UP!! PLEASE DON’T HIT ME!!” the remaining thug begged for mercy as Taeyeon got closer to him. “Tell me where is this Taecyeon staying!” Taeyeon asked as she grabbed him on the collar of his shirt.

    Due to the extreme fear that he’s feeling, he had no choice but to
    accompany Taeyeon on where Taecyeon lived. As they marched towards
    Taecyeon’s place through the market, people who saw them couldn’t also
    react at what they’re witnessing as they know Taeyeon during these past
    three years is a caring and fun loving person but the Taeyeon they’re
    seeing on is completely different from that they’ve used to know. But
    one thing they know, Raging Taeyeon with a metal bat + scared thug of
    Taecyeon = chaos. And nobody dares to ask why.

    Location: Agria – Taecyeon’s Mansion

    “W-We’re he-here….. p-please don’t ki-kill me…. UGH!”
    even with his pleading, Taeyeon still hit him but just to knock him out
    cold. Taeyeon didn’t waste any time as she kicked the gate of
    Taecyeon’s mansion.

    “OK TAECYEON! GET YOUR NAKED A$$ DOWN HERE AND FACE ME!! OK TAECYEON!!!” Taeyeon shouted as she smashed the car window that’s parked at the garage. “TAECYEON! IF YOU’RE NOT COMING OUT I’LL SMASH YOUR CAR!” Taeyeon shouted again as she smashed the headlights of the car.

    Still not coming out, Taeyeon had no choice but to completely smash the
    car. As Taeyeon were almost in the middle part of the car, Taecyeon came
    out of his mansion.

    “MY CAR!!!”
    he shouted and saw Taeyeon right beside his destroyed car, grinning
    like an evil possessed person. Taecyeon pulled out his gun to shoot
    Taeyeon but Taeyeon throws the metal bat at him and hits him solidly in
    the forehead causing him to be knocked down.

    Before Taecyeon could stand up, Taeyeon landed a strong punch on his
    stomach. The pain he felt is unbearable and almost made him throw up as
    he feels his insides are turning. Taeyeon sat on his stomach and
    prepares Taecyeon’s face as Taeyeon grabbed his shirt collar with one of
    her hand

    at that moment Taecyeon felt every inch of Taeyeon’s anger for every
    blows he received. Taeyeon is crying at anger as she lets out her
    frustration on Taecyeon’s face. Seeing Taecyeon passed out and almost
    impossible to identify Taeyeon stood up and saw the woman looking at her
    with an angry look.

    “you dare hurt my precious Taecyeon… YOU WILL PAY FOR THA…..HAGK!”
    the woman couldn’t even finished her words as she struggled so hard for
    an air because Taeyeon gave her a strong punch right directly on her
    throat, crushing her windpipe. The woman struggled so hard to breathe
    some air.

    As Taeyeon is going for the finishing blow, Jessica, who worriedly followed Taeyeon stopped her fist. “Tae!!! STOP IT!!! ENOUGH!!!” Jessica shouted as she cried. That was the time when Taeyeon started to calm down.

    “S-Sica?... what are you doing here?”
    Taeyeon snapped back to reality and noticed the havoc she caused. And
    another minute, they both heard sirens of ambulance and securities.
    Taeyeon and Jessica hurriedly ran before the security saw them.

    Location: Agria – Narsha’s house

    Jessica and Taeyeon arrived home late and as they both got inside the house, Taeyeon’s father instantly hugged them.

    “A-Appa… we’re sorry….” Taeyeon apologized. “Don’t
    talk… I’m just glad both of you are safe… when I arrived here with no
    one is home and with some unknown ambulance and cops are around… I
    feared for the worst…. I thought Mengsk got the both of you…”
    Taeyeon’s father sobbed as he is worriedly sick on the two girls.

    Jessica and Taeyeon also cried as they hugged back. “Sorry Appa…. Sorry for making you worry like that..” Jessica said.

    As the three of them calmed down, Taeyeon quickly prepared their dinner
    using only the chicken she bought. The three of them ate their dinner
    quietly and finished their chores quietly. After they finished,
    Taeyeon’s father called both of them.

    “Girls… I have some important matter to talk to you….” Taeyeon’s father said as he took a deep breath. “starting
    today….. I got a job as a security guard on some bank on the city near
    the market sector. I want you girls stay away from trouble when I’m not
    around alright?”
    he announced as the two girls smiled at the good news.

    “now that I’ve said the good part…… would you mind
    telling me what the heck happened earlier? I can see that the men who is
    scattered on our premises unconscious are clearly not a good citizen…
    to be beaten up like that….”
    he asked Taeyeon and Jessica with a serious tone.

    Taeyeon and Jessica paused for a bit and decided to tell the whole story
    of what happened. Taeyeon’s father was really surprised when Jessica
    told him about Taeyeon’s actions about taking on seven armed men and
    including Taecyeon and the woman. But what made him surprised is Taeyeon
    don’t remember the whole havoc she have done.

    “well… that’s quite……. Assuring…. But Taeyeon…. Promise me that don’t go on rampaging like that again alright?” Taeyeon’s father reminded her

    Location: Agria – Local Hospital

    The Agria Local Hospital were jam packed with lots of people because
    Taecyeon and his woman partner were hospitalized as both of them were
    almost bedridden. Taecyeon’s case have a chance of recovering as his
    injuries were broken several ribs, fractured skull, bruises and cuts
    mostly on his face.

    “we don’t have to worry about Mr. Ok… his broken skull can be repaired if we attach some metal frames on the broken part…” the doctor said as he explained to Taecyeon’s step brother, Jaebom.

    The doctor left Taecyeon’s room leaving Jaebom and Taecyeon’s men. After he left Jaebom turned to Taecyeon’s men and said,
    “from this forward… don’t you guys ever show your faces in my presence
    again.. I will be cutting his ties with you… in short, I will be
    disbanding his group! because of you guys and your influence, my brother
    had become a thug like you! if any of you comes close to my brother,
    even an inch of your breaths, I will hunt you down even if you hide in
    shouted with pure anger and disgust. Taecyeon’s men could even touch
    Jaebom as they know how respectable and powerful man Jaebom is. In that
    instant, they all hurriedly ran out and didn’t even bother to look back
    as they say Jaebom’s elite bodyguards guarding Taecyeon’s room.

    “B-bro…. sorry….” Taecyeon said as he tries to speak and a tear escaped from his eyes. “Taec…
    I’m always telling you…. choose your surroundings wisely… and yet you
    still chose your thug friends of yours and look at what happened to
    Jaebom spoke coldly as his back are facing Taecyeon.

    “b-but… I’m not at fault here Bro…. that girl just crashed in my mansi…” but Taecyeon’s word were cut off as Jaebom frustratingly talked back at him.

    “TAEC! Please! Stop
    your whining and excuses! Don’t fool me! I know you tricked the girl’s
    sister just to sell her! I know Taec! And I’m not going to do anything
    about it! It’s your fault, your mess and you fix it. If you think you
    can ask me to take revenge on her… guess again… I WILL NOT! I understand
    her sister’s rampage, Taec. You should know that. Think about it in the
    first place!”
    Jaebom explained. Taecyeon didn’t answered back because he knew Jaebom is speaking the truth.

    “Taec.. the only help
    you will get from me is the hospital bill… nothing more, and nothing
    less… if you’re willing to change your ways… I might even considering
    taking you in my company.”
    Jaebom explained. At that
    time, Taecyeon is slowly realizing the mistake he made and agreed on
    Jaebom’s proposition and ended in good result, but just as Taecyeon’s
    room have a positive aura, the room next door have the exact opposite,
    as they both heard someone shouted “THOSE GIRLS WILL PAY!! THEY MESSED WITH MY FAMILY… I’LL MESS THEIRS!! ”

    Location: Agria – Narsha’s House

    The next morning, Taeyeon woke up and found her father cooking their breakfast for the first time. “weird…. He usually don’t cook but…. Maybe he’s too excited for the first day at work?” Taeyeon thought as she puts a smile on her face.

    “Taeyeon-ah… call your sister and we’ll have breakfast together.” Taeyeon’s father said with a smile which Taeyeon find it really strange. “Appa… you’re acting different today..” Taeyeon said as she smiled and called Jessica.

    After they’ve finished their breakfast, Jessica and Taeyeon both looked
    at their father staring back at them and smiling with slight tears in
    his eyes. Taeyeon, on the other hand, wanted to smile but somehow she’s
    feels something different.

    “Appa…. You seem to be happy today…” Jessica asked Taeyeon’s father as she smiled. “but what’s with the tears?” she added.

    “I’m just so happy that the two of you are so close
    to each other that brings tears in my eyes… you two really look like a
    real siblings..”
    Taeyeon’s father said as another tears escaped
    from his eyes. Taeyeon and Jessica couldn’t contain their feelings and
    hugged their father tightly and warmly.

    “Appa… you know we love you more than anything else…” Taeyeon said as she gave his fater a warm smile. “I know all of us have a rough family history Appa… but I promise I’ll be a good daughter that you can be proud of…” Jessica said. hearing those words from the important people of his life, he both hugged Jessica and Taeyeon.

    “Thank you…. you two are already making me proud…. And I’m proud to have you as my daughters…” their father said. after minutes of heartwarming bonding, their father stood up and prepares for his work.

    “well then girls… if anything happens, just call me… I’m be in downtown working… Taeyeon, Jessica? Here’s my work address….” Their father wrote down the address. “I’ll leave you two alone now… I love you both.” He said before heading out. “we love you too Appa.” They both replied.

    As their father are now gone, Taeyeon and Jessica sat quietly in the
    living room. Jessica read some old magazine about fashions and Taeyeon
    just lay down lazily on the sofa and thinking about something.

    “Sica?” Taeyeon called. “hm?” Jessica answered without looking at Taeyeon while still reading the magazine. “Don’t you think it’s strange? Appa cooked breakfast….” Taeyeon blurted out. “Tae… you’re worrying too much… look he’s happy now… maybe that’s why he cooked breakfast for us..” Jessica replied while still reading the magazine.

    “I know that Sica….
    It’s just… I don’t know… I just felt weird… he usually don’t cook this
    early….. and literally….. Sica… he never cooked eversince…”
    Taeyeon said which made Jessica slightly surprised.

    “OMO… well for a first timer… he really cooked like a pro… I mean all of his foods were great!” Jessica said and now looking at Taeyeon. “are you worried I’ll say anything bad for his cooking?” Jessica asked. “No
    Sica… it’s not it……. Aish…. How could I explain it… it feels like, my
    gut is telling me that there is something wrong…. I don’t know… I just
    can’t seem to lay a finger in it..”
    Taeyeon said with a sign of worry on her voice.

    “Tae…. Stop being such a worry-wart.. it’s not good for your health…. Look, why don’t you just call him?” Jessica suggested. “..maybe you’re right Sica… maybe I’m worrying too much…” Taeyeon bitterly smiled and decided not to call their father.

    Location: Agria – Downtown City

    Taeyeon’s father was on his way to work at the local bank where he
    applied as a security guard. And as he walked by the street, he is
    constantly checking his surroundings as he is trying to get used at the
    atmosphere after the “rampaging Taeyeon” incident.

    As he walked through the market, some of the market owners greeted him
    and he greeted back at them. Some of them are constantly asking about
    Taeyeon and Jessica if they are alright or how are they. Taeyeon’s
    father never felt good as the people are checking up and helping him
    looking out for his daughters.

    “looks like everything’s fine… I guess my girls are in good hands now… now off to my work…”
    Taeyeon’s father said to himself as he continue to walk towards his
    work place. But, without his knowing, someone is silently following and
    observing him.

    As he was close to his workplace, a beggar apprached him. “excuse me sir… could you spare me a few credits….”
    The beggar asked. With Taeyeon’s father is in high spirits, he happily
    gave the beggar some credits, enough for the beggar to eat a proper
    meal. “ok.. here you go… that’s enough for you to buy a proper meal just to satisfy your hunger.” Taeyeon’s father smiled at the beggar as he handed the credits.

    “oh.. thank you! it’s good to see how good you are………former General Kim! Associate founder of the Anti-Dominion Rebel Army!”
    the beggar said and revealed his true identity, a Dominion Ghost and He
    is also the brother of the woman that Taeyeon got hospitalized and
    working under Mengsk. Before Taeyeon’s father could run, he quickly took
    out his pulse gun and shot Taeyeon’s father in the leg to prevent him
    from running. Some bystanders saw what happened and everyone started to

    “how did you ……” Taeyeon’s father asked as he wonced in pain. “oh
    I know who you are General…. Mengsk put a price in your head, your
    daughter’s head and the remaining Jung that’s in your care.”
    the Ghost replied. “and since your daughter made my sister suffer…. I’ll let her feel the pain of agony!”
    the Ghost supported Taeyeon’s father to stand on his feet and he
    repeatedly stabbed Taeyeon’s father 15 times on his stomach area. as the
    Ghost released Taeyeon’s father, falling to the ground and in a bloody
    mess and dying, he said, “The emperor sends his regards hahahahaha!!” the Ghost looked Taeyeon’s father and walked away as nothing happened as he wiped the blood from his knife.

    “Let’s see now… one down…. two to go….. maybe I’ll contact one of them hehehehe..” the Ghost said as he immediately went on a cloaked mode.

    Location: Agria – Narsha’s House
    Time Line: after lunch

    After Taeyeon and Jessica ate their lunch, Taeyeon decided to take a nap
    and Jessica stayed awake as she watched the TV. Then, with no other
    things to do, Jessica decided to go to the market.

    “Tae…. I’m going to buy something in the market… is it ok with you?” Jessica said as she woke Taeyeon up and to let her know. “Sure Sica… be back very quickly…” Taeyeon said as she yawned and still sleepy. “Aish Taengoo…..” Jessica said as she slightly smiled at her dorky sister’s sleeping image.

    Jessica got to the market and some of the market owner greeted her. as
    Jessica walked in front of the bakery shop the owner called her “Jessica-ssi! I just saw your father! Did he already got a job?” the bakery owner asked her. “as a matter of fact he did!” Jessica answered as she smiled. “I
    see.. so that’s why he seems happy! Ok! To celebrate for your father’s
    first day at work, choose any food you like and take as much as you
    want! It’s on the house!”
    the store owner said. “thank you sir! but you don’t have to do this…” Jessica shyly smiled.

    “don’t worry about it! The three of you have been
    living here long enough. Narsha-ssi told us about you guys before she
    left, so when I say it’s on the house. It’s on the house.”
    The owner smiled back at Jessica.

    The owner handed Jessica some paper bag and Jessica picked breads and
    some cookies. After Jessica almost stuffed the whole paper bag, the
    owner gave her a plastic bag with 2 bottles of milk in it. “thank you for this Oppa… I can’t even start where to thank you with…” Jessica shyly smiled again but the owner just smiled.

    Just as Jessica is going home, a boy came in running and calling her. “JESSICAAA!!!” Jessica and the owner both heard the boy. Jessica approached the boy. “Hi! You shouldn’t run like that or might hurt yourself.” Jessica said as she gently pats the boy’s head. The owner came and asked the boy. “you rascal… you shouldn’t shout like that, you’re scaring the costumers away! By the way, what’s the rush?” he asked. The boy looked at Jessica while still catching his breath and said, “Jessica! Your father is dead! Someone stabbed him while on his way to his work!!!”

    That time, Jessica felt her whole world stopped. She dropped all the
    food the owner gave to her on the ground as tears rolled down on her
    cheek. The owner couldn’t believe what he heard. Seeing Jessica in an
    emotional state of breaking down, he supported Jessica but before he
    could talk to Jessica, she instantly ran towards to her father.

    Location: Narsha’s house

    Taeyeon woke up from her slumber and noticed Jessica hasn’t got back yet. “Aish…. She’s taking awfully a long time….”
    Taeyeon said as she got up. And as she got up, he looked at their
    family picture that’s hanging on the wall inside the picture frame. A
    picture of the three of them, her, her father and Jessica. “Appa…. I guess it’s been a long time since the last time you smiled like that huh?”
    Taeyeon said as she looked at the family picture of them and suddenly
    she noticed a small crack on the glass. It made her worry.

    “Appa….” She whispered. then suddenly, someone knocked wildly at their door. “BIG SIS TAEYEON!!! OPEN UP!!” a voice of a little boy called her. Taeyeon opened the door and saw the little boy whom Jessica met earlier and said the news. “Your father’s been murdered on his way to work!! Big sis Jessica already went there!!”

    Taeyeon’s heart starts to beat faster upon hearing the news. She didn’t
    know why but, when she went out of the house, something tells her to
    bring her father’s service pistol with her knowing Jessica is already at
    the scene. “Appa…..Jessica….. this can’t be happening!!” Taeyeon runs hard and fast as she could while tears are now escaping from her eyes.

    Location: Agria – Downtown street

    Jessica arrived at the scene and saw securities and a Medivac gathered.
    She hurriedly ran towards and saw Taeyeon’s father covered in blood and
    already dead. “NOOOOOOO!!!! APPAAAAAAAAAAAA!”
    Jessica shouted as she ran towards Taeyeon’s father who is now being
    carried inside the Medivac. It took 3 securities to hold her down.

    Jessica frantically shouted as she struggles on from their hold. As she
    struggles, and also getting irritated, she kicked the securities on
    their knees and successfully break free from them. And just as she was
    getting close to Taeyeon’s father. Another batch of securities stopped

    Jessica shouted again with her dolphin like voice. A man emerged and
    signaled the securities to let her go. Jessica who is now crying made
    her way to Taeyeon’s father.

    “Appa…. Open your eyes…. You were smiling this morning… I refuse to believe this is happening.. APPA!!” Jessica said while crying beside Taeyeon’s father.

    “Excuse me miss…may know what is your name?” an officer made his way to Jessica. “Jessica…. Jessica Jung….” Jessica answered.

    “so you are Jessica Jung.. would you mind coming with me? we should take you for questioni….*BANG!*”
    the officer’s words were cut off by a gunshot and the officer dropped
    dead in front of Jessica. Bystanders panicked as they ran as some of the
    other officers were dropping dead one by one.

    Taeyeon arrived at the scene where the officer’s were one by one are
    being shot at and to Taeyeon’s keen eyes, she saw a laser pointer is now
    aiming straight at Jessica’s head. Seeing her sister are being
    targeted, Taeyeon dashed madly and tackles Jessica just in time as the
    gunshot was fired. Jessica saw Taeyeon.

    “T-Tae…. Appa is dead!”
    Jessica is now crying. Hearing Jessica’s words, her mind is now torn,
    if she tries to fight back the unknown shooter, Jessica will be an open
    target, if she tries to defend Jessica, she wouldn’t be able act well.

    “So.. you’ve finally come Kim Taeyeon….” A voice talked from thin air. “WHO ARE YOU! SHOW YOURSELF!!” Taeyeon shouted. And from her front, a Ghost unit revealed himself.

    “So.. you were the one who put my sister in a hospital bed… I’ll pay you back more than you did!” the ghost punched Taeyeon in the face and sent Taeyeon rolling on the ground. “I swear, I’ll make you feel every pain you’ve given to my sister!” the Ghost shouted as he kicked Taeyeon in her stomach.

    Taeyeon coughed up blood as the kick of the Ghost is so strong, it broke some of her ribs. Jessica watched in horror. “no…. leave her alone!!!” Jessica shouted. The ghost turned his attention to Jessica. “well now… let’s see how would you feel if I kill your sister?” the ghost smiled evilly at he pointed his gun on Jessica. He turned to face Jessica. “Jung…
    by the request of the Emperor…. You shall be exterminated. It’s a pity…
    when you’ve just found your second family… you’ll lose them in a short
    amount of time! Hahahah”

    Jessica closed her eyes and screamed and one gunshot was heard. But the
    shot didn’t hit Jessica, as Jessica opened her eyes, she saw Taeyeon
    standing in front of her with her back turned against her. “Tae….”
    Jessica smiled but her smile instantly disappeared as she saw in the
    back of Taeyeon’s white t-shirt were spreading a blood stain very quick.
    “S-Si-Sica i…. I am… a go-good s-sis…..ter…. R-ri-right?”
    that was Taeyeon’s last words as she falls down on Jessica’s arms.
    Jessica saw where Taeyeon got hit. In her chest and the bullet went

    “TAEYEOOOOOOOOOOOOON!” Jessica shouted. “now all that is left is you…. just one more shot and the job’s done…” the Ghost said as he aimed again at Jessica.

    Another gunshot was made but to Jessica’s surprise the Ghost dropped his
    gun as she saw Taeyeon shot back at him hitting his hand as it exploded
    like a balloon. With his Injury, he decided to retreat. “I WILL BE BACK FOR YOUR HEADS!!!” he said as he disappeared right in front of their eyes.

    Jessica shouted. Two bystanders emerged from the crowd and went over to
    Jessica and Taeyeon. A man in his early 20’s and a girl with almost
    same age as them.

    “Dammit!” the man hissed as he took out his handkerchief and the girl did the same. “you there girl! there’s still time to save your sister! Apply some pressure on her wound on her chest!!” the man instructed Jessica and Jessica obeyed.

    “This is 1st Officer Matt Horner, I’m requesting to the Hyperion to send some Medivac NOW! And make it 2 minutes!” the man said. “MISTER!! I think she will not hold! I……I can drive this Medivac!” the girl said to Matt. Matt hesitated but seeing Taeyeon’s condition, he decided to give in. “Alright… get inside and prep the ship! We’re leaving!” Matt instructed the girl.

    Matt helped Jessica by carrying Taeyeon in a bridal style while Jessica
    is still applying pressure on Taeyeon’s gunshot wound on the chest.

    Matt were amazed at the girl who helped them because at her early age,
    she can really pilot a Medivac. And with just 3 minutes, they arrived
    the Agria Hospital and Taeyeon were given an Emergency treatment because
    of Matt’s request.

    Matt and the girl who piloted the Medivac stayed with Jessica. And after 3 minutes, the doctor talked to them. “we can save the girl’s life sir but…. She lost a lot of blood….” The doctor said. “I assume you’re her remaining family… may I know your blood type?” the doctor asked Jessica. “my blood type is B…” Jessica answered while still crying.

    “…I’m sorry but your blood doesn’t match with hers… she’s type O…” the doctor said and Jessica felt so hopeless. But the girl stood up and willingly helped. “Doc! Take mine instead.. I have the same blood type as hers. I’m also Type O!” the girl said. “ok… name please?” the doctor asked.

    “Ste…..Tiffany… Tiffany Hwang…”
    the girl answered as she gave a gentle smiled. Just as Tiffany was
    going to the blood transfusion, she felt someone stopped her. she turned
    around and saw Jessica crying because of happiness. “don’t worry… I wanted to help…” Tiffany said as she smiled and went with the doctor.

    “Thank you………….. thank you…………”
    Jessica cried her hearts out because of a ray of hope of saving Taeyeon
    and Matt also lets out a sigh of relief and stayed with Jessica.

    After a few minutes, Tiffany returned to Matt and Jessica and found Jessica we’re asleep. “she cried herself to sleep….” Matt said. “it seems so Mister….. with that amount of stress….” Tiffany answered.

    “hey…. You did pretty good back there….. and I’m
    quite amazed you can pilot a Medivac dropship at your age! Interested in
    joining my team? I’m actually looking for a skilled pilot.”
    Matt said to Tiffany. “i…I’ll think about it sir…. I’m just not used in Military type-thing…” Tiffany answered with hesitation.

    “but we’re not in the army Miss…….” Matt stopped at his words. “Tiffany… Tiffany Hwang” Tiffany completed his words. “Right
    Miss Hwang… as I was saying.. we’re not in the army…. I’m with Raynor’s
    Raiders and our goal to save lives…. Just like you did back there. We
    also have openings for any Units.”
    Matt said.

    Tiffany remembered during the times when he was in Mengsk’s presence,
    Mengsk is always hunting the group called Raynor’s Raiders. Seeing the
    opportunity to oppose her foster father, Tiffany agreed to Matt’s offer.
    “I’ll do it Sir! saving lives is what I want to do!” Tiffany answered with a bright eye smile. Matt smiled as she saw a great potential in Tiffany.

    Two hours have passed, the doctor came out and went to the three of them. “the
    girl is safe…. But she’s still unconscious…. but I can’t assure you
    when she will wake up. but I fear.. she’ll have nightmares on her
    the doctor said. “you can all go to her room if you like.” He added.

    The three of them hurriedly went to Taeyeon’s room. upon entering, Jessica instantly went beside Taeyeon. “Tae….
    I promise…. You won’t have to go through that again….. I will make
    things right… you really are a good sister to me……. you really are…”

    Jessica cried as she gripped Taeyeon’s hand tightly. Tiffany couldn’t
    also hold back her tears as she cried at Jessica and Taeyeon’s fate. “Tae….. don’t you dare leave me alone…. Appa is now gone…. You’re the only I have left….”
    As Jessica cried, she slightly felt Taeyeon’s hand responded and as she
    felt a firm grip from Taeyeon’s hand. She looked up and saw Taeyeon
    looking at her weakly and still trying to smile.

    “T-Tae?” Jessica called her and Taeyeon just smiled and then closed her eyes. “Tiffany…..” Jesica called Tiffany. “yes?” Tiffany answered. “thank you for saving my sister… and to you as well sir….” Jessica said to both of them. “I heard you’ll enlist as a Medivac Pilot right?” Jessica said as she asked Tiffany. “Y-You were awake?” Tiffany asked surprisingly.

    “I’ve been awake the whole time… and I heard your conversation with this kind Sir.” Jessica said. “Call me Matt…Matt Horner” Matt added. “Sir Matt…. If Tiffany will enlist as a Medivac Pilot…… let me enlist as a Field medic….. I want to take care of my sister.” Jessica said firmly as she wipes away her tears. Matt sensed Jessica’s solid resolve and just smiled. “I’ll
    see to it… but first… help your sister recover first and after that, I
    expect you to hand over your recommendation letter.”
    Matt said.

    “But where will I get one Sir?" Jessica asked. Matt walked to Jessica and handed a transceiver. “call
    me on that and I’ll send one to you right away…. Well then… seeing your
    sister is out of death’s hand, I’ll be leaving you now.”
    Matt said as he walked out of the room.

    “Tiffany…. I’m Jessica….. Jessica Jung… this is my step sister Kim Taeyeon.” Jessica said as she introduce both of them. “Nice
    to meet you both Jessica…. And Taeyeon… if you wouldn’t mind…. I’d like
    to stay with you both…. I’ll watch her Jessi…. You need rest….”
    Tiffany said and for the first time, Jessica never felt so secured knowing Tiffany is with them and slept peacefully.

    “Taeyeon….. I’m sorry….
    My Father….Step-father that is…. Had done so much pain in your family….
    I also promise you…. I will make sure he’ll pay for his crimes…. You
    have a good family…… I envy you….”
    Tiffany said to
    Taeyeon as she leaned forward and kissed Taeyeon on the forehead. As she
    sat backdown she became surprised as she saw Taeyeon looking at her

    “don’t worry Tiffany I heard all the conversation you all had….. and thank you for staying with my sister…” Taeyeon answered weakly. "Don’t
    tell Jessica I also plan to become a Marine after I’ve recovered…. As
    she will become my support, I will become her protector…”
    Taeyeon said. Tiffany smiled back. “Taeyeon? I will leave you for a while, I’ll go get something for your sister to drink…” Tiffany said as she went outside.

    “Taeyeon’s expression…. There’s a sadness and pain and…… anger….” Tiffany thought to herself before walking to a vending machine nearby. Inside the room, “I
    despise all the ghosts I see…… I hate them… they destroyed my family…
    tried to kill my remaining sister… I’ll never forgive all of them!”

    Taeyeon said to herself as she clenched her fist so hard, she didn’t
    noticed the she opened her wound. That was the time Taeyeon’s wall and
    rough personality developed.

    Her thought snapped back as she heard several soda can where dropped on
    the floor, she turned around and saw Tiffany with a shock expression. “T-Taeyeon?” Tiffany saw the blood on Taeyeon’s chest and called the nurse. “Aish… I shouldn’t have clenched so hard…” Taeyeon thought.

    “I’m sure… that expression of hers… it’s pure hatred…. I hope she doesn’t stray away from the right path…”
    Tiffany said to herself as she called a nurse. As Tiffany and the nurse
    got in the room, the nurse immediately changed Taeyeon’s bandage.
    Jessica woke up and saw what is happening.

    “Tiffany? what happened?” Jessica asked. Tiffany quickly answered. “your sister’s wound opened up… they just finished changing the bandage…” Tiffany said but she kept to herself about what she saw on Taeyeon’s expression. “Kim Taeyeon… if you are going to bare that hatred in your heart…. I will do anything I can to ease that hatred…” Tiffany said to herself.

    2 months have passed Taeyeon recovered and Tiffany bid farewell to them
    as she is going to enlist as a Medivac Pilot for Raynor’s Raiders. Since
    Taeyeon seems fine, Jessica decided to tell Taeyeon about her decision.

    “Tae…. I hope you won’t
    get mad…. I decided this on my own…… I don’t want to see you getting
    hurt anymore…. I want you to know….. I’ll be following Tiffany…. I’ll
    enlist as a Field Medic….”
    Jessica said to Taeyeon. “Sica… I already know that…..” Taeyeon answered which made Jessica surprised. “Y-you knew?!?!” Jessica said.

    “about a couple of
    months ago… I heard you guys talking about enlisting…. I don’t know if
    Tiffany said this to you… but I also plan to enlist too….”
    Taeyeon also revealed her plan which made Jessica shocked. “T-Tae… you shouldn’t enl…” before Jessica could finish, Taeyeon cuts her. “Sica….
    You’re my only sister left after Appa died…. I can’t afford to be
    parted with you so..whatever you will say, I’ve made up my mind. If
    you’re going to be a Medic, I’ll be a Marine!”
    Taeyeon said. “and I’ll get back on every Ghost unit for what they did to Appa…” Taeyeon added which made Jessica troubled.

    After another month, Jessica also bid farewell to Taeyeon as she was
    going to enlist as a Field Medic. And another couple of month, Taeyeon
    was discharged at the Agria Hospital and didn’t waste time as she
    instantly flew on Deadman’s port. In there, she once again met Narsha
    and informed of what happened. Hearing what happened to General Kim,
    Narsha didn’t waste time and trained Taeyeon intensely under her and at
    the same time, as Narsha knew some people from the Marine academy
    personels, Taeyeon enrolled easily just to get her license. And
    immediately went after Jessica.

    Location: Hyperion Cantina
    Time Line: Present

    As Taeyeon finished her story, Everyone was speechless. They never expected the Taeyeon and Jessica had such a past.

    “well.. that’s about
    it… as for you Yul…. No offense, I still hated any Ghost units until
    now….. but you’re an exception…. So don’t break my trust or you’ll
    regret it.”
    Taeyeon said but now in a calm manner.

    “So… I guess that’s what happened in both of your
    past…. I never knew you two had that kind of past and connected to such
    important persons…”
    Taeyeon were surprised to see Raynor and Matt listening while she share their past.

    “I…. Ididn’t mean to hide it Sir…. I just don’t want to talk about it…” Taeyeon said apologetically. “No worries here Major… we were kind of intrigued to why you hate Ghost units… hmm a Ghost unit with a missing hand….” Raynor said.

    “Sica….. you better let Yoona sleep with you for a while…. It seems she’s too tired..” Taeyeon said as they all looked at Yoona sleeping like a kid on Jessica’s lap. “and You…. Yul… you’ll be sleeping with me and Tiffany….” Taeyeon added. Yuri didn’t answer back as her thoughts were on something else.

    Episode 11 Complete

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    Episode 12

    Location: Hyperion – Jessica’s sleeping quarter

    Jessica gently laid Yoona down on her bed and settled on her couch to
    observe Yoona. And then later, Jessica decided to go to her work table
    to do some daily logs about what happened.

    managed to rescue Im Yoona who now at the age of 19. Funny though,
    despite of her age… she still acts like a kid…. My god! when did the
    Dominion kidnapped her?”
    Jessica’s thoughts
    wandered as she observed Yoona still sleeping like a small kid, still
    sucking her thumb, as she typed on her entry journal on her computer.
    Jessica slightly smiled at Yoona’s childlike behavior.

    I think it suits her though… I still think she’s cute to act that way
    despite her matured imaged… it’s like her brain is like of a 6 years old
    trapped inside the 19 year old body…”
    Jessica giggled again at her thought. Thinking how she cared for Yoona earlier.

    bet she still misses her own mom….. is there any chance they’re still
    alive? What happened on her past? If this girl’s parents and long gone
    by now… will I be able to keep my words for her? can I become her mom?”
    again Jessica’s mind started to wander. “…..i
    shouldn’t be thinking like this… maybe…. If mom and dad are…..gone
    too…. Maybe this is the time they’re telling me… I should give my love
    to someone……like Yoona…..and…..”
    then her mind stopped working… still thinking about the other person…

    “do I have to find another person? Or is that person is right in front me…..” Jessica stopped typing again. Coming to a sudden halt as Yuri’s face popped in her brain.

    it…… Yuri?... no no… it can’t be… Yuri liked me.. yes she did but does
    she like me more than a friend?... she’s making me confused….. she did
    actually saved me back at Mar Sara…. But for what purpose? Did she save
    me because it’s my sister’s birthday? Or is did she want to get Tae’s
    good side? Or did she like me?..... or maybe something else…. Like……….
    Does she love me?”
    again Jessica stopped typing, thinking hard, she scratches her head.

    She stood up and went to her fridge and grabbed an orange juice to
    drink. As she was drinking, she stared at Yoona. She remember how the
    younger girl clings to her. and how she cared for her. and most of all,
    Jessica remembered how sad Yoona was when she said she missed her mom
    and dad. Building a strong resolve, Jessica sat beside the bed where
    Yoona is sleeping and smiled warmly.

    “Yoona…… I promise you,
    whether your umma and appa are still alive, I’ll do my best to protect
    you… just as your appa Yuri did……”
    Jessica blurted out and when she realized what she had blurted out, a slight smile escaped from her lips. “hehe… Appa Yuri….” Jessica whispered as she smiled.

    Thinking back of what Yuri had done for her and Taeyeon made her smile.
    Then she returned to her workplace and start typing again. “maybe Yuri wasn’t so bad after all” Jessica typed as she smiled thinking of Yuri’s actions. “she
    really did make an impression to my sister though. Who would’ve thought
    the day will come that Tae will some a Ghost unit on her team?”

    Jessica is now making a toothy smile as she remembered the scene where
    Taeyeon cooked some food for Yuri and giving her a good part of share
    and thus including their pasts.

    “perhaps I should still observe Yuri….”
    Jessica smiled as she save her memo on her journal entry. As she turned
    around to look at Yoona, Jessica’s eyes widened at what she saw.

    Location: Hyperion Bridge
    Board time: 0300 Hrs

    “Matt… what’s the news on the new battle cruiser?” Raynor asked. “Sir… we might have a slight problem… the new Battle Cruiser has been held up by the Dominion forces…” Matt answered.

    “Dammit! Mengsk always have something against us… but how could’ve he known?” Raynor said. “I
    don’t know sir… but I think someone from the personel where we were
    going to acquire the Battle Cruiser might’ve tipped them off…. We better
    send a team to investigate that matter.”
    Matt suggested.

    “well….. we’re all out of ideas…. The major isn’t
    the right person for a recon mission, Kwon is still in the process of
    recovering… and you know that Jung is taking care of Yoona…”
    Raynor said.

    “How about we send the Doc and Sgt Lee sir?” Matt said. “that
    could work.. but don’t think for a second Sgt. Choi will have to say
    anything about that you know that even though they don’t want to admit…
    they’re close like out dear old Major and Lt.Col there..”
    Raynor said as he laughed.

    "You’re right about that Sir.. but still we don’t have a……” Matt’s word cut off by an alarm.

    “Commander my scanner detected a class 7 psionic wave form aboard the ship.” the adjutant warned the both of them.

    “ON THE HYPERION?!?!” Raynor Shouted as he stood up in surprise. “Kerrigan?!” Matt said. “Adjutant! Locate the source! And alert everyone on the ship! Have everyone prepped up” Raynor commanded the Adjutant.

    “Class 7 Psionic wave form failed to locate. Commander, it’s jamming my system.” The Adjutant explained. “DAMN!
    Have everyone scout every entire place of the ship! We are on high
    alert! We may have an infestation here! Assemble everyone on the Hangar
    Raynor said.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 1 Bay

    And in just minutes everyone is suited up prepared for any kind of
    trouble. Even Yuri is suited up in her Ghost suit and supported by

    “All right listen up! Adjutant detected a Class 7
    Psionic wave form. Everyone form a squad of three. Captain Seo, you will
    come with us with Matt to the bridge, we may need your abilities to run
    this ship.”
    Raynor said.

    “Sir! may I ask one thing?” Yuri asked. “What is it Kwon?” he replied. “I don’t see Jessica here…. And Yoona.” Yuri said. But before Raynor could answer, a loud explosion can be heard on one part of the ship.

    “Adjutant! Locate the explosion!” Raynor requested. “Commander, explosion location of Field Medic Jung’s quarter…. Vitals…. Unknown..” the Adjutant replied. Raynor and Matt returned to the bridge with Seohyun and some of Raynor’s men went ahead.

    “Sica….” Jessica’s name escaped Yuri’s lips. Taeyeon noticed and smiled secretly. “Yul… you sit this one out… this time, let me do this one…” Taeyeon said. “B-But… Sica is…” Yuri’s word were cut off by Taeyeon. “Yul…
    I appreciate what you did earlier… but this time let me fulfill my duty
    as a sister. You’ve already done so much…. I know I can trust you with
    my sister…”
    Taeyeon said before heading out to Jessica’s quarters.

    “you better listen to Taeng, Yuri…” Sunny said following Taeyeon. “Bunny! I’ll stay here with Yul… be careful for me ok?” Sooyoung said as both of them waved to each other. “Fany-ah… aren’t you going to aid Taengoo?” Sooyoung added as she asked Tiffany. “But Yuri still needs a medical attention..” Tiffany said.

    “Fany-ah… I’m ok here with Sooyoung… Sica will need the medical attention if things gets worst… please? For me…” Yuri pleaded and even against Tiffany’s will, she decided to follow them.

    “Soo…. Are you sure you want to be with me this time? Sunny might be in danger…” Yuri said as the two of them were left at the Hangar. “Sunny’ll be alright… despite her height… she’s tougher than she look. I assure you that.”
    Sooyoung said as she gave Yuri a toothy smile and a thumbs-up while
    instantly took a bite from a milk chocolate bar she had from her pocket.
    Yuri chuckled.

    “What?” Sooyoung asked confusingly. “nothing… it’s just you never fail to put something in your mouth Soo…” Yuri replied as she chuckles. “I’m hungry… can’t help it haha” Sooyoung replied as she took another bite from the milk chocolate bar.

    “Yul… mind if I ask something… why are still here in the hangar bay?” Sooyoung asked as she took another bite. “since Sica is not in the assembly earlier… I think someone has to stay here in case she comes….” Yuri explained.

    “oh… I see….. so tell me… do you like Jessica?”
    Sooyoung again asked Yuri as she finished the milk chocolate bar and
    instantly pulls out and opened a potato chip and starts eating again.

    “yes… I like Sica…. Why’d you ask?” Yuri replied. “nothing in particular… so.. like “Like” her or you really like her?” Sooyoung asked again as she gave Yuri a meaningful grin while still munching some potato chips.

    “W-What do you mean….” Yuri blushed at Sooyoung’s question. “AHA! I knew it! Hahahah you like Jessica more than “liked her” am I right Yul?” Sooyoung laughed meaningful at Yuri’s blushing expression.

    “W-well.. you got me there Soo… but I don’t think Taeyeon will approve me that easily yet though…” Yuri said. “Yul! Hahahah don’t you think Taengoo already knows?” Sooyoung said as she laughed.

    “you see here…
    regarding their past… me, Sunny and Hyo have been bugging her about that
    but in the end, Taengoo is ending up saying none. You’re the first
    person to crack her wall down… partially though, since she’s still hated
    Ghosts… except you.”
    Sooyoung explained.

    “heheh.. I guess I beat you guys to it huh?”
    Yuri replied in a cheeky expression. But when Sooyoung is going to
    answer, both her and Yuri were taken by a surprise when hangar door
    suddenly exploded. Both of them looked at the source and saw an entity
    enveloped in a bright blue light like aura. And both of them noticed the
    entity is a girl. For the first time, they both saw a Protoss Archon,
    up-close and personal.

    “Taengoo!! Commander!! The target is here! I repeat the target is he….OOOF!”
    as Sooyoung is alerting everyone, the Archon attacked her with a
    lighting-like beam but luckily Yuri made it in time as she tackled
    Sooyoung away from the attack. Unfortunately, Yuri’s wounds opened up as
    some of her blood is starting to show through her suit.

    “YUL! Your wounds!!” Sooyoung shouted. “Soo…. You go ahead and inform the Commander I’ll hold this one off.” Yuri said as her face shows the sign of pain. “NO! I’ll hold this one, YOU go inform them!”
    Sooyoung said. but before any of them could talk, the Archon attacked
    their location, this time Sooyoung saved Yuri by carrying her to safe

    “KWON YURI! Don’t be stubborn! You’re the one injured here!!” Sooyoung again started the dabate. “CHOI SOOYOUNG! If I go inform them, it will take me forever since I can’t even walk properly!” Yuri replied.

    Again, the Archon attacked them and Sooyoung again managed to same both
    of them as she embraced Yuri and rolled over near the hangar door on the
    other side. “YAH! I don’t care if you take forever! As long you get to inform them!!”
    Sooyoung explained. But to Sooyoung’s surprise, Yuri pushed her to the
    other side on the Hangar door and bashed the panel by her knuckle.
    Sooyoung frantically banged the hangar door to the other side.

    Just in time when Sunny, Tiffany and Hyoyeon arrived and saw Sooyoung
    frantically banging and punching the door shouting Yuri’s name.

    “Youngie!! What’s wrong?” Sunny asked. “It’s Yuri!!! she trapped herself inside that thing!! It was a Protoss Archon!!” hearing Sooyoung’s description made their eyes widens. “Sooyoung! Are you sure it was an Archon?” Hyoyeon asked. “I’m pretty sure Hyo! Yuri trapped herself inside with that thing!!” Sooyoung frantically explained.

    “Commander! We have a situation here! Again Yuri is in a pinch!!” Tiffany contacted Raynor on the bridge as the four of them heard another explosion and some gunshots inside from the Hangar.

    “Fany-ah! What’s the situation?” Taeyeon cuts-in from the communication. “Tae-Tae!! It’s Yuri again! She’s in a pinch!! What about Jessi?” Tiffany asked.

    “I’ve found Sica…. She’s unconscious and have a minor injury too… but I can’t find Yoona!!” Taeyeon said. “Taengoo!! We need you here!! Hyo is already working to open the hangar door!” Sooyoung said.

    Location: Hyperion – Jessica’s quarters

    “Ok Youngie… I’ll be there in 2 I’ll just bring Sica first to the medica…” just as Taeyeon is replying, she felt Jessica’s hands stopped her.

    “S-Sica? You’re awake? C’mon! I need you to get to the medical bay!” Taeyeon said as she’s supporting Jessica to stand.

    “T-Tae… no… bring me to the Hangar… we have to stop that archon…. ” Jessica said as she’s having hard time standing

    “are you sure? You can’t even stand!” Taeyeon said to Jessica. “Tae… trust me on this one…” Jessica replied.

    Location: Hyperion Bridge.

    “Adjutant! Damage report!” Raynor asked the Adjutant. “Damage report are now contained in the hangar area. Several vehicle units are one by one becoming damaged.” The Adjutant replied. “Dammit!
    Captain… you better head there and assist them Matt and I will continue
    to monitor everything here. Who knows, Kerrigan might sense this
    Psionic wave length.”
    Raynor said to Seohyun.

    “Roger Commander!”
    Seohyun saluted as she heads to the hangar to assist the Hangar team.
    As she progresses, she eventually met Taeyeon who is supporting Jessica.

    “Taeyeon unnie! is Sica unnie alright? We should bring her to the medical bay!” Seohyun suggested. “No Hyunnie… Sica needs to be there for Yuri… help me on this one please?” Taeyeon said to Seohyun which made Seohyun confused. “Help me support my sister Hyunnie…” Seohyun just nodded and they both went to the Hangar area.

    Location: Hangar 1 Area – Inside

    Although with her Injuries, Yuri is able to dodge most of the attack the Archon made. “YOU DARE KILL MY UMMA AND APPA!!!” the Archon shouted back which made Yuri surprised. “Umma and Appa?.....Yoona?” Yuri confusingly said as she was attacked by a surprise by the Archon.

    With her Injuries, Yuri is now suffering the effects as she can’t move
    properly, she tried to grab her Canister Rifle but her grip is still not
    too stable.

    the Archon, now revealed as Yoona Archon transformed, shouted again as
    she attacked. Yuri barely made it in time to evade her attack and
    successfully went under Sunny’s Siege tank.

    again the Yoona shouted. As not seeing anything moving inside the
    Hangar, the noise from the other side of the Hangar gate got her
    attention and went to destroy it

    Yoona attacked the Hangar gate. After several attacks, the Hangar gate
    revealed all of Taeyeon’s team including some of Raynor’s men. All of
    them couldn’t move a muscle as they were envelop in horror to see an
    Archon standing right before them up-close.

    the Archon Yoona yelled but just as she was going to attack them, Yuri
    called its attention by using a M.U.L.E. she just activated and hit the
    Archon Yoona’s leg.

    Yuri shouted as the Archon Yoona’s attention diverted to her.
    “Commander! What should we do?!” Taeyeon contacted Raynor through her
    comm.-link. “Try to find an alternative to knock her out Major!! Before she do any damage to the Ship!” Raynor commanded her.

    “Tae-Tae, what should we do? All the ammo stock is in there! Even the tranquilizers!” Tiffany said to Taeyeon. “Aish…. Fany-ah…. To use too many tranqs, it’s such a waste! Did you forget? Archon’s shields are tremendous!!” Taeyeon explained.

    “Taeng! Yuri’s getting clobbered in there!! We have to do something!” Sunny warned Taeyeon. “I KNOW THAT!! DAMMIT!!”
    Taeyeon said and then something caught her eye, as the Archon is going
    towards Yuri who is still having hard time standing up, Taeyeon saw a
    bunch of containers above it.

    “Everyone! Shoot that supporting platform!”
    Taeyeon commanded and they all aimed at the platform where there’s a
    bunch of containers in it. Yuri saw what is Taeyeon doing and managed to
    jump out in time before the containers fall. After the containers fall,
    a brief silence engulfed them.

    “YURI!” all of them ran towards Yuri. “BABO! Don’t you dare do that again! You’ll give us a heart attack.”
    Taeyeon said as Yuri sticks her tongue out as a reply. Raynor’s men
    went to check the Archon Yoona but just as they were getting close, the
    containers exploded and send almost all of them away.

    “MUST AVANGE UMMA AND APPA!! I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU MURDERERS!!!” the Archon Yoona emerged and saw Yuri again. As Yoona is going to the kill, one person surprised her, it was Jessica.

    The Archon Yoona saw Jessica shielding and hugging Yuri with her own
    body which made her stop in the middle of her rampage because the image
    of Jessica protecting Yuri is the same image she remembered how her
    mother protected her injured father before getting killed by the
    Dominion army just to capture her.

    The Archon Yoona said as she is slowly reverting to her normal self.
    Raynor’s men saw the chance and grabbed a tranquilizer ammo but when
    they are going to shoot Yoona, Taeyeon stopped them. “M-Major! She might harm your siste…” but Taeyeon cut them off. “no… that girl will not… trust me on this…” Taeyeon said with a serious tone.

    Jessica, who is still hugging Yuri didn’t know Yoona reverted back to her normal self. “S-Sica Umma……”
    Yoona is now wide awake and noticed what she had done. Yoona cried
    seeing what she had done. And as she got close to Yuri and Jessica, she
    instantly slumped down in front of them and cried madly like a lost kid.

    “Yoona…..” Yuri called Yoona with a weak voice. Yoona heard Yuri’s voice. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry….” Yoona said as she cried. But Yoona became surprised when Jessica pulls her to a hug. “I’m so glad… Yoona… you’re back to your old self…” Jessica said as hugged Yoona.

    “B-But Sica umma… I hurt you… and even destroyed other things.. I can’t be forgiven…” Yoona said while still crying.

    And then to their shock, Yuri hugged both of them. “Yoona…. It’s not your fault…. We don’t blame you for that..” Yuri said as she smiled back at Yoona.

    “Yuri is right Yoona… it’s not your fault…. Here…” Sooyoung said as she handed Yoona a newly opened bag of potato chips as she smiled at Yoona. “S-Sooyoung unnie?” Yoona hesitated to grab the bag of potato chips.

    “Yoona… no one is blaming you at what happened here… what happened you are most likely the Emperor’s work…” Taeyeon explained. Feeling the warm atmosphere, Yoona smiled. And then, an unexpected revelation made to Yoona’s ears.

    “Yoona…. I heard you earlier you’re trying to protect your Umma and Appa right?....” Yuri asked and Yoona just nodded. “Yoona…
    if you like…. I can be your Appa…. Although I may not look like it… I
    want to be your Appa to protect you… and your Umma..”
    Yuri shyly smiled as she looked at blushing Jessica when she said the Umma part.

    “are you sure?” Yoona asked Yuri like a little kid. “are you sure you want me? even though I tried to hurt all of you..” Yoona said with a worried voice. “Yoona… no matter what you are… when we say you’re a part of the family… we don’t turn our back. We meant every word for it.” Tiffany said with a smile while helping Jessica to support Yuri back on her feet.

    With Yoona couldn’t contain her happiness and tears, she jumped and
    hugged both Jessica and Yuri, who just back up on her feet, and the
    three of them falls down on the floor with Yoona crying again like a

    Yuri stroked Yoona’s head gently as she smiled for the girl’s new found
    family. And Jessica smiled secretly at Yuri’s decision as she looked at

    Location: Hyperion Bridge

    After everyone calmed down, all of them went on to the bridge to inform Raynor about what happened. “I’m
    sorry everyone…. I’m sorry I’ve caused so much trouble and damage to
    the ship… I even destroyed Sooyoung and Sunny unnie’s units…”
    Yoona apologized as she hanged her head low.

    “You have nothing to apologize Yoong…” Sooyoung said. “it can’t be helped since you did unintentionally…” she added.

    “but tell me something Yoona… can you remember anything they’ve done to you when you’re still being held in Mar Sara?” Raynor asked.

    “all I can remember
    Sir…. excruciating pain…… they’re injecting me with something and I
    remember there are two types of liquids… one blue and one brown… but the
    most very last thing I remember is… one person is always telling me….
    always decide for myself…. I’m sorry… that’s all I can remember”
    Yoona frowned.

    “No worries… and I won’t force you to remember it… but is it ok for you if I ask a favor?” Raynor asked Yoona. [I’m planning to send you back in Mar Sara along with Sunny, Hyoyeon, Jessica and Taeyeon.” Raynor said. “Commander! she just got out of there! You can’t possibly send her back just to retrieve some data?” Jessica said.

    “Umma… It’s fine with
    me…. I also remember they were injecting me with some suppressant… maybe
    that’s keeping me from being an archon like earlier… and I also want to
    know.. what the heck did they do to me…. and why are the Dominion after
    Yoona said with a sad and painful expression on her face.

    “And besides.. for sure I won’t go berserk like that again… you’re coming with me Umma…” Yoona added as she tries to smile. “Yoona…” Jessica said with a worried tone.

    “alright all of you prep up for your mission….. and
    Kwon, I’m ordering you sit this one out.. you’ve done so much, Nova will
    put a cap on my ass… so I’m prohibiting you to do any sorties for a
    Raynor said.

    “Copy that sir….” Yuri replied with a sad tone. “Hey… don’t worry Yul.. you’re not the only one who is going to be left behind…” Sooyoung said as she put her arms around Yuri.

    Location: Hangar 2

    All of them are on the second Hangar as the first hangar is inaccessible
    due to the damage. All of them prepped up on Tiffany’s Medivac.

    “Bunny… take care of them alright?” Sooyoung said as she gave the shorter girl a comforting hug. “don’t worry I will.. this time the Commander grant me permission to use my siege tank. This will be a piece of cake” Sunny replied as she gave Sooyoung an assuring smile that the team is in safe hands.

    “Yul… don’t worry about
    us… we’ll be fine… we’ll let you know when we get back alright?
    Besides… I know how you look at my sister….” Taeyeon said as she gave
    Yuri a meaningful naughty smile
    . “W-What are you talking about Taeng..” Yuri blushed as she averted her eyes away which made Tiffany and Taeyeon chuckled.

    Yoona observed Yuri and Jessica and noticed both of them are blushing
    madly at Taeyeon’s teasing which puts a smile on her lips. “Appa likes Umma! Umma likes Appa! Weeee!” and Yoona cheered like a little kid as she chidingly clapped her hands. “YOONA!” both Yuri and Jessica called Yoona to shut up but Yoona ran away from Jessica like a kid.

    “Aish.. that kid… well
    Yuri.. if I were in command.. I’d like you also to accompany us but..
    the Commander is right… you have to many injuries to do any sortie…”
    Jessica said as she gave Yuri a warm hug and Yuri hugged back. “I’ll be waiting Sica…” Yuri replied as she hugged back Jessica.

    After 5 minutes, the Taeyeon’s squad took off and left Sooyoung and Yuri
    at the Hangar. As both of them standing, Sooyoung noticed Yuri being
    quiet differently.

    “got something on your mind Yuri?” Sooyoung asked. “Soo… I can’t stop thinking about Taeyeon and Jessica’s past….. about that ghost with the missing hand…..” Yuri replied.

    “you know him?” Sooyoung asked. “not
    quite…. But… as far as I remember……. I saw someone like that back then
    when Nova helped me to get my license for being a ghost unit……. If we
    know his identity… we might be dealing with a top official of the Ghost
    unit here…”
    Yuri replied worriedly and made Sooyoung surprised.

    “Don’t tell anyone
    about this yet Soo…… I want to make sure…. Because… if the time comes…. I
    may end up fighting you guys…. And I don’t want that……aaah chincha…”
    Yuri said as she sighed.

    “Yul! You can always choose to stay here at the Hyperion…” Sooyoung suggested. “if
    that were easy Soo… you see…. Since I’m a special case…. When I got my
    license for being a ghost unit.. they required that every ghost unit to
    be injected with Nano Technology…. They can shut down my life support
    down if they want to… even though we are somewhat neutral about our
    profession…. We can’t simply disobey our superior on our own Ghost
    Yuri said which made Sooyoung speechless.

    “……………’re in a pinch Yuri….. but what would happen if you manage to find out that freakin’ Ghost? What will you do?” Sooyoung asked. “i…..i don’t know anymore Soo….. I don’t know.. I also don’t know how to tell this to Taeyeon and Sica…” Yuri replied.

    “is there any way you can cancel your Nano Tech Program inside your body?” Sooyoung asked but she didn’t got an answer from Yuri. “just promise me Soo…. Keep this a secret from anyone…. I’m going to investigate this one myself..” Yuri said.

    Episode 12 Complete

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