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    Starcraft Generation

    황 태영

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    biggri Starcraft Generation

    Post by 황 태영 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:22 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    [Paul SoShi Story]i've posted this on SSF international forum and i will take the first priviledge of posting fanfic in here :D

    so... here goes.

    as i've said in SSF forum, this fanfic happen to build up in my brain while i was playing starcraft 2 WoL while listening to SNSD music... so... what will happen if they're in it?
    no clue? so here goes..


    Location: The Flagship Hyperion Time: 1200 hrs – Ship board time

    A beautiful girl uniformed in a white-skin tight suit walked past the marines and the marines whistled as the female ghost unit gave them a warm smile.

    “man… if she was my girl, I can fight alone for a bunch of Zerg. That smile could completely replenish my hopes up” the marine said.

    “get real dude… why would you choose to spend your life alone fighting Zergs?” the other marines asked.

    “you could simply ask her out man. That way, that is much more happy memories than seeing her smile rather than fighting a bunch of Zerg alone” the other marine added.

    “man if that was easy… you see, I heard she’s Nova’s second in command at young age.” The marine who liked the girl said. And followed by another marine. “Nova? You mean Nova the famous ghost who is always perfect in infiltration missions?” the marine asked just nodded. The first marine sighed and flowed by the other marines since they have the utmost respect for their Commander James Raynor. And then, their superior suddenly called their attention.

    All of the marines stood up and flashes a salute as Commander James Raynor arrived.

    “Marines. We have a new unit here. She just transferred her today. Her name’s Yuri. Kwon Yuri. As some of you know, she’s the only ghost unit on our team and Nova’s second in command. Now don’t you all go giddy around her just because she’s a girl. I expect full cooperation. Kwon, introduce yourself.” Raynor called Yuri out front.

    Yuri stood out and removed her ghost visor from her face and looked at them with a serious face.
    “Hello everyone, my name is Kwon Yuri, but you all can call me Yuri or Yul. Please take care of me. this is the first time to be reassigned to Commander Raynor’s unit.”

    Yuri flashed her smile to the marines and the marines smiled back at Yuri. While they are getting to know each other with the help of Raynor. One individual is quietly staring at Yuri intently from a distance.

    <<<<<<<<<< End of Prologue >>>>>>>>>>

    Coming Soon


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:46 pm

    Episode 13

    Location: Medivac – en route back to Mar Sara

    As they were once again are going back to Mar Sara, Tiffany noticed,
    everyone is quiet, which is unusual. Usually, Taeyeon, who is sitting
    beside her in the cockpit area, are not in her happy-go-lucky attitude,
    Jessica, in the other hand, is not sleeping during the entire travel.
    Sunny, who is usually excited when she’s going on a sortie with her
    favored vehicle, are not in the mood and somewhat bored. The only normal
    one she noticed is Hyoyeon, who is usually and always reading a book or
    observing the crew and Yoona, still acting like a kid clinging on to
    Jessica’s arm like a little kid.

    “Tae-Tae? What’s up? you’re not usually this quiet. You have something on your mind?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon as she couldn’t hold back her urge to ask. “it’s nothing my mushroom… perhaps I’m just tired… that’s all…” Taeyeon said as she sighed.

    “you shouldn’t sigh like that Tae-Tae… it’ll make you look like an ajhumma.” Tiffany said as she slightly smiles. “HOL~ good one Fany-ah…” Taeyeon replied as she smiled back to Tiffany.

    “Really Tae-Tae…. What the matter…” Tiffany asked again. “I
    don’t know Fany-ah….. I don’t know what’s wrong with me….. when I heard
    that the Commander is letting Yuri sit this one out… I don’t know…. I
    feel perplexed about it…”
    Taeyeon replied as she sighed again.

    Noticing Taeyeon is slowly accepting Yuri made Tiffany smile a bit. “Tae-Tae….
    Don’t worry about Yuri… the Commander is right she’s been through a lot
    lately… I think it would be best to let her recuperate.”
    Tiffany said.

    “Fany-ah… you know, you
    seem to know the right words to say to me… hearing that from you… I
    feel relaxed right now… I’ll take a nap right now… wake me up when we
    land on Mar Sara.”
    Taeyeon said as she closed her eyes.

    “Tae-Tae… I know you’re worried about Yuri… you can’t hide it from me…” Tiffany said and saw Taeyeon’s slight smile etched on her lips. “shut up mushroom….. think what you want..” Taeyeon replied as she turned her back from Tiffany and a slight smile escaped from her lips. “Yul must be bored up there don’t you think?” Taeyeon said as she continued to take a nap. Tiffany couldn’t help but chuckle at Taeyeon’s cute stubbornness side of her.

    Location: Medivac Cargo hold

    During their travel back to Mar Sara, Jessica fell asleep. Yoona noticed and stood up and decided to sit next to Hyoyeon.

    “Unnie….. whatcha readin’?” Yoona asked chodingly. “oh
    this? I’m reading about an article about DNA and mixing some genetics
    and stuffs… I’m quite worried about your condition Yoona.”
    Hyoyeon answered without even taking a look at her. Yoona noticed Hyoyeon’s way of replying to her and frowned.

    “Unnie…. you don’t like Yoona anymore? Because of what happened?” Yoona said as she frowned. Hearing Yoona’s baby like voice made Hyoyeon smile a bit. “Yoona…
    just because I’m not looking at you, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you..
    I’m just focused on how to fix you genes and DNA as I’m concerned about
    you. So don’t be sad Yoong… here..”
    Hyoyeon replied as
    she closed the book she’s reading with her one hand and took a candy
    from her lab coat pocket and gave it to Yoona.

    Yoona happily pranced around like a kid which made Hyoyeon laughed a bit. “YAY! YAY!! Hyoyeon unnie gave me a candy!! Thank you Hyo unnie!!” Yoona thanked Hyoyeon happily as she quickly unwrapped the candy quickly and put it inside her mouth.

    “Shunny onnie, Hyoyown onnie gave mhe shome chandhie!” Yoona instantly surprised Sunny who is still quiet. As Sunny saw Yoona’s kid like expression, a smile crept on her face. “quite a kiddie act for her age isn’t she?” Sunny saw Hyoyeon walking towards her.

    “yeah… Hyo….. I
    couldn’t imagine what she have gone through….. it’s like it’s her first
    time learning to walk freely in the face of the world.”
    Sunny said worriedly as she looked at Yoona still prancing around like a kid. “I know what you mean Sunny…. You know, I’ve hacked into Jessica’s journal entry.. and she’s right on one thing about Yoona.” Hyoyeon pulls out her portable console and linked it up to Sunny’s console.

    “here read this part of the entry” Hyoyeon pushed a button on her console and displayed Jessica’s entry.

    Sleepy Princess’ Entry
    >> we managed to
    rescue Im Yoona who now at the age of 19. Funny though, despite of her
    age… she still acts like a kid…. My god when did the Dominion kidnapped

    “Sleepy Princess…. Hyo…. You didn’t……..” Sunny said as she waited for an answer from Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon guessed what Sunny is thinking. “Hell no! Sunny… I didn’t change her name… if I change that, it’ll also register to her journal… so I wouldn’t even dare…” Hyoyeon refused strongly which made Sunny chuckle a bit.

    “that means… she really admit she’s a sleepy head..” Sunny said still chuckling. “well enough of that… but read the next one” Hyoyeon said.

    Sleepy Princess’ Entry
    >>well… I think it
    suits her though… I still think she’s cute to act that way despite her
    matured imaged… it’s like her brain is like of a 6 years old trapped
    inside the 19 year old body

    “this is what bothers me just as Jessica noticed.” Hyoyeon said as Sunny stared her seriously. “Despite
    her age Sunny…. Why is she acting like a little kid? Just as Jessica
    said on her first entry, what age did they use Yoona’s body for the
    Hyoyeon said with a serious stare on Yoona who is still chodingly walking around with smiles plastered on her face.

    “yeah… I’ve noticed
    that too Hyo… it’s not normal for her to act like that… asking Jessica
    to be her Umma…. I bet Yoona experienced something she shouldn’t have….”
    Sunny said looking and smiling sadly at Yoona’s actions.

    “I know how you feel
    Sunny….. but look at the bright side though… with Yoona around acting
    like that, at least she can make everyone smile with her cute childish
    Hyoyeon explained as she laughed a bit.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 1 Bay

    Yuri went inside the damaged Hangar which was caused by Yoona who transformed in an Archon earlier. “Sir… you reading all this damage?” Yuri asked someone from her Comm-link. “are you sure this was caused by Im Yoona? I want every bit of details.” The unknown contact said. “where are they now?” the unknown contact asked. “currently right now, they’re back at Mar Sara… they’re trying to find out about Im Yoona” Yuri replied. “Good
    job… I’ll send some of my men to capture Im Yoona. Remember, if you try
    anything funny or let anyone know what you’re doing, you know what will
    happen! Nice job by the way informing us of the new battle cruiser.”
    The unknown contact said as he signed off.

    “I’m sorry guys……… I don’t know what to do right now….”
    Yuri said as she slumped down on the Hangar floor. Yuri didn’t know
    Seohyun heard the whole conversation with the unknown contact. “I knew it…. Someone is giving info on the Dominion empire!” Seohyun said but just as she was going to confront Yuri, Seohyun felt someone stopped her, it was Sooyoung.

    “Unnie?” Seohyun was confused. “Hyunnie… I get the feeling Yul really didn’t mean that… she doesn’t have much of a choice.” Sooyoung said.

    “What do you mean unnie?” Seohyun asked. “Yul told something earlier, you know of Nano machines? She’s got one inside her” Sooyoung explained.

    Seohyun was at loss of words hearing Sooyoung’s explanation. She wanted
    to confront Yuri but hearing Sooyoung’s explanation made her think
    otherwise. “Unnie… I think we should ask her…..” Seohyun said.

    “I don’t think we
    should Hyunnie….. don’t hate her since she was originally from the
    Dominion. Since Nova is working for the Dominion, it is automatically
    they’re from the Dominion, it’s just that, Nova and Yuri, were stuck in
    the middle…”
    Sooyoung said.

    “Aren’t you going to tell this to the Commander, Unnie?” Seohyun asked. “….no..” Sooyoung coldly said. “Unnie! but Taeyeon unnie and the rest are in danger! you heard her that she told where they are right?” Seohyun said as she was getting upset.

    “I heard her Hyunnie… but look at her…” Sooyoung said as pointed at Yuri “she’s fighting herself…. Just when she became attached to us….”
    Sooyoung said as she sighed and walked away. Seohyun got Sooyoung’s
    intention and followed her leaving Yuri alone again in the damaged

    Location: Medivac – 5 minutes to land

    “Tae-Tae, wake up now, we’re almost near the facility.” Tiffany woke Taeyeon up but Taeyeon just grunted. “2 more minutes Fany-ah….” Taeyeon said as she grumbled. “Tae-Tae! You have to prep your team!” Tiffany said as Taeyeon is still not waking up.

    “let me rest more my mushroom…” Taeyeon said as she grumbled again. “Tae-Tae…. If you don’t wake up…. you won’t be sleeping with me again…” Tiffany said and Taeyeon instantly got up which made Tiffany smiled a bit. “ok ok …I’m up… you can threaten me with anything but not that!!” Taeyeon said as she stood up.

    As Taeyeon were going to the Cargo hold, both her and Tiffany heard that someone shot the Medivac. “Tae-Tae!! We’re being shot!!” Tiffany said. “I have to go on an emergency landing!!” she added. And next thing they knew, they crash landed far away from the Facility.

    “Fany-ah! Are you alright?” Taeyeon checked Tiffany first. “i-I’m alright Tae-Tae… go check the others…” Tiffany said as she supported herself to stand up and Taeyeon quickly went to the Cargo hold area and checked everyone.

    As Taeyeon arrived at the Cargo hold, she noticed Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeon looking at Yoona. “hey! Anyone alright?” Taeyeon asked but didn’t got an answer. “hey did you hear what I sai… WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE?!” Taeyeon was shocked when she noticed Sunny’s siege tank’s Arc-lite cannon nozzle is aimed at the Medivac’s interior wall.

    “T-Taeyeon unnie…. I’m… I’m sorry……” Yoona said as she was about to cry. “Taeng…. You see….. Yoona shot the Medivac’s interior …… accident… we’re sorry Taeng” Sunny said. “would somebody PLEASE! Tell me what happened?! You Tiffany’s going to be furious about this!” Taeyeon said and all of them heard Tiffany’s voice behind them.

    “Tae-Tae… what’s the damage rep…………………………….. MY SHIP!?!?” Tiffany shouted loudly as she also noticed Sunny’s siege tank aimed at the Medivac’s wall interior. “WHO DID THIS?!” Tiffany said with some anger on her tone. Taeyeon saw Yoona were on the verge of crying and quickly calmed Tiffany down.

    Location: Medivac Cargo hold - before the crash landing

    Yoona’s choding actions are extremely cute to look at, even Sunny who is
    seriously thinking about something deeply, gave in as when Hyoyeon
    talked to her about Yoona. And later on, Sunny and Hyoyeon’s
    conversation went on deeply.

    “Hyo…. Do you have someone on your mind?” Sunny asked. “hmmmm nothing in particularly…. Why’d you ask?” Hyoyeon replied.

    “I envy you Hyo…. You don’t have someone that you will miss…. Me? I missed Youngie already…” Sunny said as she sighed. Hearing Sunny’s “love problem” made Hyoyeon smile mischievously. “oh? You already missed your love of your life..” Hyoyeon said as she grins.

    “YAH! We’re not like that Hyo, were just…. Just…… Best friends… yeah! We’re just Bestfriends! That’s all” Sunny said as she tries to avert Hyoyeon’s attention from the topic.

    “yeah right… friend my butt Soonkyu! I know how close the two of you are… and you can’t deny it hahaha” Hyoyeon said as she laughed. Sunny couldn’t argue as she knows Hyoyeon caught their relation. “alright you got me.. but don’t tell anyone! We’re trying to keep it a secret..” Sunny said as signaled Hyoyeon to keep quiet.

    “secret? HAH! It’s a little too late for that! Everyone knows about it already!” Hyoyeon replied as she sticks her tongue out.

    Sunny’s face became red as a ripe tomato when she heard Hyoyeon’s explanation. “H-How? How did everyone know??” Sunny asked.

    “You know, even without
    anyone asking, everybody can see how close and sweet you two are.
    Sooyoung constantly cooking for you, and You, assisting her with her
    mechanical problems with her banshee. Sometimes, you two spend most of
    the time with each other… we even have a list of place where the two of
    you spend most of the time.”
    Hyoyeon said and Sunny blushed. “let’s
    see… according to the old sequence of days…. Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays
    and Sundays…. You two are going to hang out at the Cantina and in her
    Banshee, Wednesdays and Thursdays, armory and your siege tank and on
    Saturdays…. You are teaching her how to use a ground unit such as the
    Goliath and Diamondback…. Hmmm do I need to say more?”
    Hyoyeon said as she ended her list.

    “ugh… you got me there
    Hyo…. Well…. It’s true… and even your lists are 100% accurate… gotta
    hand it to you… but it’s funny no one messes with us rather than Taeyeon
    and Tiffany though..”
    Sunny said in defeat.

    “Well… Taeyeon is
    different… she have those dorky side of hers that made her approachable…
    except for the traumatic past though…. And Tiffany… I rarely saw her
    get mad and she’s 90% approachable… just don’t mess up her Medivac or
    you’ll be having your worst nightmare”
    Hyoyeon explained.

    “uuuhh… Guys? Have you seen Yoona?” Sunny and Hyoyeon’s attention were diverted to Jessica who is now almost panicking. “Yoona? She right over there playi…….. huh?” as Sunny answered and pointed at Yoona’s last location, the three of them were startled as they couldn’t find Yoona.

    “Hyo, have you seen her?” Sunny asked. “beats me Sunny, you know I’m chatting with you! and you didn’t notice her Sica?” Hyoyeon asked Jessica. “yah! You know I’m sleeping!”
    Jessica answered. But before anyone of them could utter a word, all of
    them heard a familiar mechanical movement. Sunny’s siege tank moved its
    Arc-lite cannon and it is facing directly toward at them.

    “S-Sunny… I know you have remote access to your siege tank but if you’re controlling it… this isn’t funny…..” Hyoyeon said. “Hyo… I don’t have the control… it’s inside the siege tank….” Sunny answered.

    Then a voice called them coming from the siege tank. “UNNIES!!
    UMMA!! I can see the three of you!! wow this is a cool TV!! When I move
    this joystick, it moves the camera!! THIS IS SO COOL!!! hmmm how do I
    change the Channel? naybe this one?”
    the three of them
    were surprised and at the same time nervous because Yoona was inside
    Sunny’s siege tank. And knowing Yoona’s child like personality she might
    accidentally push a wrong button. the three of them heard Yoona pushed
    something and Sunny knew, a Cannon Shell was loaded in the Arc-lite
    Cannon as she heard the reloading sound.

    “Y-Yoona honey…. Enough playing your Sunny unnie’s….. …. “toy” N-Now come out here Sweetie…” Jessica nervously said. “EEEHHH? Umma! But this is so cool! It’s like I’m in a video game!!” Yoona replied as she made sounds like a machine gun and exploding sounds from the comm.-link.

    “Y-Yoona….. come out now… I still have candies here… please?” Hyoyeon nervously said. “Candies?! OK!!.............Sunny unnie? How can I turn this thing off?” Yoona asked. “J-Just leave it Yoona… don’t worry about it…” Sunny replied nervously.

    “Guys…. We’re landing in 1 minute… prep up!”
    Tiffany warned them through the Comm-link. But all of a sudden, Sunny’s
    siege tank fired and made a whole directly above them. Due to the
    impact of the cannon shot, Medivac’s flight stability became unbalanced
    because of the hull breach.

    As the smoke cleared, Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeon is crouched down on the floor and Yoona came out of the siege tank. “Umma! I’ve turned off Sunny unnie’s toy……Umma?” Yoona said with an innocent smile. But her smile instantly faded as she saw the large hole on the Medivac’s interior wall.

    “YOONA!” Jessica shouted with an angry expression. Yoona saw Jessica’s angry expression and suddenly frowned. “S-Sica umma…. i…. I did something wrong again…… I’m sorry….”
    Yoona said as she frowned. Seeing Yoona’s childlike expression,
    Jessica’s anger completely faded as she remembered that Yoona is like a
    new kid who just learned her first time to walk.

    “Yoona… whenever we tell you something… please listen to us….” Jessica said with a calm tone and hugged Yoona who is almost going to cry. “but….but…. I almost hurt you and Sunny unnie and Hyoyeon unnie…. I’m sorry….” Yoona apologized again. “W-well…. It seems you know what you’ve done… I supposed I could let it slide though…. But I don’t know about Tiffany though…” Sunny said as she sighed.

    And then Taeyeon came and saw the scene and the large hole in the
    interior of the Medivac. After Taeyeon, Tiffany came and almost becoming
    hysterical about the big hole on her ship.

    “well….. that’s what happened Fany-ah…. I’ll apologize on Yoona’s behalf….” Jessica said as she apologized to Tiffany. “haaah……chincha… Yoona…..” Tiffany said as she massaged her temples. “you should be careful from now on you hear? You don’t want your Umma having a hard time don’t you?” Tiffany said as she gave Yoona an assuring eye smile.

    “Yes Tiffany unnie…. and I’m sorry too…” Yoona replied in a calm manner.

    “OK, now that’s been settled… what are we going to do now?” Taeyeon asked. “well… I’ll try to repair the ship… this is the only transportation we have so… I guess I’m staying… Tae-Tae, you go with them…” Tiffany suggested. “I….. I’m staying with Tiffany unnie…” Yoona said willingly.

    “Yoona… you don’t have to.. I can manage this myself…” Tiffany said. “NO! I will stay with Tiffany unnie!!” Yoona answered as she pouted. Tiffany was taken back at Yoona’s stubbornness. “Fany-ah…
    you should let her… I’m not comfortable leaving you alone in here… what
    if some Zerg attacked while you were fixing the ship?”
    Jessica said as she gave Yoona a wink. Yoona smiled. “And besides, I have my sister, Sunny and Hyoyeon with me.” Jessica added. Seeing that everyone agreed at Jessica’s suggestion, Tiffany sighed in defeat.

    “fine…. But don’t take too long you know Yoona can’t fire a Gauss Rifle…” Tiffany said. “now hurry up and go to the lab… we don’t have much time.” Tiffany added.

    Sunny drove out her Siege tank out from Tiffany’s Medivac and Taeyeon,
    Hyoyeon and Jessica got inside. Due to Sunny’s favored unit, the Siege
    tank, Sunny made some modifications as she can change the Arc-lite
    Cannon shell type. Taeyeon was impressed as she spotted several
    selection of shell type in Sunny’s console.

    “You’re amazing Sunny!
    You have almost the shell type for your siege tank!! Piercing, Shock,
    Fragmentation, Cluster, Incendiary and Napalm….. huh? What’s the
    difference between those two? They’re basically have the same effect.”
    Taeyeon said. “they’re
    different Taeng… Incendiary, it spreads it flames upon impact on the
    ground and Napalm explodes in the air… those two shell types are the
    best when I’m in siege mode.”
    Sunny explained. “oh
    and one more thing Taeng… just in case the time comes… I’ve attached a
    Mounted High impact Gauss Cannon on the top of the Hatch. Just in case
    we run on some enemies at close quarters.”
    Sunny added which made Hyoyeon impressed at Sunny’s Modifications of her Siege tank.

    Location: Hyperion – Cantina

    Yuri sat alone in the cantina thinking about problem. “do
    I even have the right to face Sica? And that ghost that almost killed
    Taeyeon…. I just hope he’s not an official…… haaaah chincha…. What
    should I do…. If I only know how to get these things out of me…”
    Yuri sighed.

    “Unnie…. what are you doing?” Yuri was startled at the voice of Seohyun. “S-Seohyun? You startled me… I’m thinking about what to do next…” Yuri replied.

    “Unnie….how about…. Reporting to the Dominion about what’s happening to this ship and our location right now…”
    Seohyun said as she gave Yuri a mean look. Yuri didn’t expected Seohyun
    will say it loud enough to be heard by some other crew member who were
    on the Cantina.

    “S-Seohyun.. I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m not reporting to the dominion!” Yuri explained. “Really unnie? and how would you explain this?” Seohyun linked up her comm.-link and plays back about the conversation that Yuri had earlier.

    “Sir… you reading all this damage?”

    it was Yuri’s voice.

    “are you sure this was caused by Im Yoona? I want every bit of details.”

    Followed by a Male voice.

    “where are they now?”

    the unknown male voice asked again.

    “Currently right now, they’re back at Mar Sara… they’re trying to find out something about Im Yoona”

    Yuri replied to the unknown voice.

    job… I’ll send some of my men to capture Im Yoona. Remember, if you try
    anything funny or let anyone know what you’re doing, you know what will
    happen! Nice job by the way informing us of the new battle cruiser.”

    The male voice ended their conversation.

    Hearing the recording made Yuri uneasy as she feels some of the crew member’s eyes are darted towards her with an angry stares. “Hyunnie! It’s not what you think!” Yuri said to Seohyun. “It’s not what you guys think!! Please!” Yuri tried to explain to the crew.

    “OI! Dominion dog! What do you think you’re doing?” One crew got up and walked towards Yuri. “are you planning on sabotaging this entire ship?” another crew stood up angrily.

    “G-Guys… please believe me… I don’t intend to sabotage the whole ship… my life is on the line here!” Yuri said as her voice starts to crack up. “oh yeah? Then why did you gave the Major’s team mission then? isn’t that enough reason?” the other crew said.

    With many judgmental eyes and piercing words are being thrown at her,
    Yuri got up and ran away from the Cantina. As Yuri ran, she accidentally
    bumped into Sooyoung who is going to the Cantina.

    “Hey Yul!”
    but Yuri didn’t stop to greet her. Sooyoung noticed something is wrong
    and judging from the location Yuri comes from, it was from the Cantina.
    Sooyoung decided to head there and ask what happened.

    As Sooyoung arrived at the Cantina, she first noticed Seohyun sitting
    alone with a serious look on her face. And Sooyoung also noticed that
    some of the crew members are agitated.

    “What the hell happened in here?” Sooyoung asked as she sat directly in front of Seohyun. “Sooyoung unnie…. I just revealed to everyone here that Yuri unnie is working for the Dominion.” Seohyun said.

    Sooyoung slammed her hand against the table as she asked Seohyun loudly
    which startled everyone inside the Cantina including Seohyun.

    “U-Unnie? why are you so upset about it? You know we’re fighting the Dominion forces right?” Seohyun said. “Hyunnie! You’ve made Yuri’s life in danger and complicated!!” Sooyoung said. “S-Sooyoung unnie? what do you mean?” Seohyun asked confusingly.

    “Yuri got some Nano machines inside her body!! One push of a button could end her life!! SOMEONE IS HOLDING A GUN TO HER HEAD!!” Sooyoung said.

    Seeing Sooyoung’s reaction, none of the crew member speaks or reacts as they have never seen Sooyoung this upset. “AND
    she did it? If something happens to Yuri….. you’ll be answering from
    Sooyoung threatened them as she quickly got up
    and hurriedly went after Yuri. Everyone on the Cantina was quiet,
    including Seohyun, who now understands Yuri’s situation.

    “what have I done………” Seohyun said to herself.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 Bay

    Yuri walked aimlessly. Feeling lost. “someone… just give me a gun already……..” Yuri said. Just then, her unknown contact called her again.

    “Kwon Yuri….. I have an assignment for you. I want you to follow Taeyeon’s team to Mar Sara. Assist my men to capture them.” The unknown contact instructed Yuri. “Why me Sir? don’t you have enough men to do that?” Yuri asked.

    “it would be easier if
    you’d come you've gained their trust right? Now, GET YOUR BUTT MOVING OR
    you will suffer the consequences!”
    the unknown contact ended their conversation.

    “I guess they still don’t know I’ve told anyone about me….”
    Yuri said as she sighed. She knew meeting Taeyeon on Mar Sara along
    with the Dominion army on her side will break Taeyeon’s trust as well as
    the others as well.

    Location: Hyperion Bridge

    “Commander, Incoming transmission…” The Adjutant warned Raynor. “Patch it through…” Raynor said.

    “Commander requesting permission to go out, my superior is requesting my presence. Urgent…” Yuri said as she makes excuses. “well… since it’s your superior I guess I have no complaints about it… You may go but you better be back” Raynor said.

    But Yuri didn't reply back as she instantly cuts off her communications from them. “Matt….
    I find it rather unusual for Kwon to be contacted by her superior….
    Will you try to establish a contact on Nova? I want to ask her
    Raynor said.

    “I can try Sir… but it will take a while… you know
    how Ghosts unit works. If they don’t want to talk to you, you have .5%
    of a chance that you can reach them unless they wanted to.”
    Matt said.

    “I don’t care but I’m sure she’ll oblige if we tell her it’s about Kwon Yuri..” Raynor said. “Roger that Sir…” Matt obeyed.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 Bay

    Yuri suited up into her Ghost suit when a voice called her. “so…you’re really going huh?” it was Sooyoung. “you do know Taengoo will be furious at you…..” she added.

    “I don’t have a
    choice…do I? Soo… promise me, if I manage to get them out… tell them
    about my situation…. I don’t care if you guys will hate me or Sica will
    hate me… I just don’t want them to get harmed… and please captain
    Seohyun… she’s right… I’ve put everyone in danger.. I think it would be
    best for me to go away from here.”
    Yuri said with a sad tone.

    “Yul…. Don’t worry… you still have my trust no matter what. I wanted to be your bestfriend.” Sooyoung said as she smiled at Yuri. “here… take my Banshee… you can go faster to them using this..” Sooyoung said as she gave Yuri her access codes for her Banshee.

    “Soo… you shouldn’t..” but Yuri’s word were cut off. “I
    don’t care if you break it or smash it, as long you get them out of
    there.. and if possible, I’d like my best friend comeback too.”
    Sooyoung said as she shook Yuri’s hand.

    “Ghost unit Kwon Yuri, I wish you the best luck. Now go get your family out of there.” Sooyoung said giving Yuri a boost of moral to do things right.

    Episode 13 Complete

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 14

    Location: Mar Sara – Near the Lab Ruins

    As Taeyeon’s recon team were closing, they all noticed that the secret
    Lab where Yoona came from were occupied by Creeps, indicating the place
    we’re already inhabited by the Zerg.

    “Tae… it’s covered in creeps….” Jessica said. “well… only one way to make sure”
    Sunny said as she sets up her siege tank in siege mode and loaded the
    incendiary shells. Sunny fired three times and the creeps scattered
    around begins to burn. After the three shots of incendiary, Sunny
    changed her shells into Napalm and unleash two shots, Hyoyeon and
    Taeyeon were really amazed at Sunny’s Seige tank.

    “your tank is so cool Sunny! The only thing you haven’t done in this thing was to fly!” Hyoyeon said while admiring Sunny’s siege tank.

    “yeah yeah… nice going Sunny… but you’ve blocked the only passage way we’re going through.” Jessica said as they all saw the rubbles are completely blocking the entrance on the Ruined Lab.

    “That’s not a problem Sica. I’ll make a way.”
    Sunny said as she disengaged the Siege mode and reverted back to Tank
    mode and changed the Shell type to Piercing shells and fires to shots
    and instantly create a way inside.

    “Hyo, Sica, you two
    stay here with Sunny, I’ll go inside, I don’t want my Mushroom and Yoona
    left alone in there too long. Hyo, just guide me how to download some
    information from the console.”
    Taeyeon said as she made her way inside the Ruined Laboratory.

    As Taeyeon slowly and cautiously walked inside the ruined Laboratory,
    she armed her Gauss rifle and set her ammo into Explosive rounds. As she
    was nearing the main Lab she suddenly felt the ground shake and a
    Hydralisk emerged from the ground. Before the Hydralisk could fire its
    Spine needle, Taeyeon shoot it first. As her explosive Bullet hits the
    Hydralisk, the Bullet glowed brightly and the Hydralisk exploded.

    “Booyah!! One for the bad ass Female Marine!!” Taeyeon said. “Bad ass? Don’t you mean Dorky?” Sunny said from the Comm-link. “Yah Soonkyu! Don’t break the momentum!!” Taeyeon replied back.

    “Ok Hyo, I’m here on the Main lab. I’m heading to the console now.” Taeyeon reminded Hyoyeon from outside. “Ok
    Taeng all you have to do is link up and I’ll download it from here. But
    stay sharp, I’m detecting some Zerg life form just around you. don’t
    make any sudden movements. They’re hibernating.”
    Hyoyeon said. Taeyeon gulped hard as soon Hyoyeon said it to her.

    Meanwhile back at the siege tank, Sunny’s alarm went off. “crap! Dominion Forces inbound!” Sunny said. “Hyo! How much time before the data download finishes?” Sunny asked. “it won't be long! 8 more minutes!! This is a big file so we can’t rush it.” Hyoyeon said.

    “Alright, Sica, Can you handle the High impact Gauss cannon? I’ll set my tank into Siege mode.” Sunny said to Jessica. “I’m on it Sunny-ah…”
    Jessica took the control of the Gauss Cannon. Sunny moved the Siege
    tank near the entrance of the Ruined Laboratory and went into a siege
    mode. As soon Sunny is prepared, she changed her Shell type into Cluster
    Shells loaded in the Arc-lite Cannon.

    “Warning, enemy forces inside Siege range.” The computer warned Sunny. “Hyo….brace yourself you are about to experience real time battle..” Sunny said as she known Hyoyeon isn’t suited for combat. “Don’t mind me, just do what you’re going to do!” Hyoyeon said. “alright… Jessica, be ready!” Sunny said Jessica who is just behind her taking control of the Gauss Cannon.

    “Taeng… you better
    hurry, Sunny and Jessica are going to engage in a battle, we will defend
    the entrance until we finished downloading that Data!”
    Hyoyeon said to Taeyeon, informing the situation outside. “sudden vibration from the siege will cause the Zerg around you to emerge so prepare yourself” she added.

    “Crap… of all times!! but why would the Dominion know we’re here?” Taeyeon asked. “Beats me Taeng… but right now, that Data is important!” Hyoyeon replied.

    Sunny monitored her radar and noticed the Dominion forces and closing in slowly. “so.. they plan to sneak on us… two can play that game.” Sunny said as she shows and evil grin.

    "And here it is. A long drive up the fairway, he takes the shot and..." *cannon fire* "Whoa, it's in the hole! It's in the hole!"
    Sunny shouted like a war-freak as she successfully hits the first batch
    of the Dominion forces who is sneaking towards them. Jessica and
    Hyoyeon laughed at Sunny’s sudden excitement.

    “Sunny…. What are you? playing a golf?” Hyoyeon said as both her and Jessica laughed. “HAH! You could say that! anyway.. Jessica… time to go wild! Unleash that Gauss Cannon.” Sunny said as she gave Jessica a go signal.

    “I have them on my sight Sunny! Firing away!!”
    Jessica squeezes the trigger and the Gauss Cannon lets out a loud bang
    as its bullet are set to fragmentation type nearly wiping the incoming
    Dominion forces as one bullet hits several soldiers.

    "Music to my ears!" Sunny said as she hears the Gauss Cannon’s firing sound. Sunny fired again and hits another batch of enemy marines. "Collateral is my favorite kind of damage!" Sunny said as she taunted.

    “Warning, Enemy Goliaths inbound” the Computer warned them. “So is that how you want to play? I’m prepared for that!”
    Sunny said as she reverted back into Tank mode and loads her Piercing
    Shells. And three Goliaths were revealed, Sunny shot it and took the
    three of them as the Shell went through the Goliaths.

    "Ranged in!" Sunny shouted. Jessica spotted two Goliaths emerged from both sides. “Sunny! Two Goliaths! Both sides!!” Jessica alerted Sunny. The Goliaths shot Sunny’s siege tank and took minor damage. "Give us your best shot!"
    Sunny said as she aimed her Arc-lite Cannon on the left and Jessica got
    Sunny’s plan and aimed from the right and they both simultaneously
    fired back at Goliaths and successfully destroyed it.

    Inside, as Taeyeon is becoming more and more active as the vibrations
    coming from the battle that is happening outside is making the
    Hibernated Zerglings emerging inside.

    Four Zerglings emerged from the ground and quickly ran towards Taeyeon. "Give me your best shot!" Taeyeon said as she fires hitting the Zerglings that is coming right at her.

    "Whatever I do, they keep bringin' me back in!"
    Taeyeon said as she defeated the three Zerglings and out of nowhere,
    two Zerglings came from above hitting Taeyeon to fall down on her back.
    one Zergling jumped at her and as it tries to attack Taeyeon with its
    claws, Taeyeon successfully catch one of its claws and its other claw is
    trying to hit Taeyeon in the head. Taeyeon evaded the attacks by
    tilting her head from side to side. With her right hand free, she gave
    the Zergling a powerful punch causing it to release her from a pin down.
    as the Zergling is recovering, the other Zergling rushed towards

    With no weapon in her hand, Taeyeon resorted on a manual fight as she
    tackles the oncoming Zergling. Taeyeon successfully tackled the oncoming
    Zergling and pinned it against the wall but unfortunately, the Armor
    suit got damage as the Zergling also successfully used its claws and
    manage to damage Taeyeon thick shoulder armor.

    “Damn! Their claws are so sharp!”
    Taeyeon hissed as she forcefully ripped of her damage shoulder armor.
    As the Zergling she tackled against the wall is standing up, Taeyeon
    didn’t give it a chance to recover as she gave it another punch and sent
    it stumbling down.

    The other Zergling ran towards at Taeyeon but this time Taeyeon was
    prepared, as it jumped again to Taeyeon, she instantly turned around and
    gave it a strong straight punch smashing its head and falls down on the
    ground, then Taeyeon turned her attention on the other Zergling the
    punched and grabbed a big rock and throws it at the Zergling hitting it
    again in the head. As it falls down again down in the ground, groggy,
    Taeyeon spotted her Gauss Rifle directly behind it.

    “MY BABY!!!”
    Taeyeon shouted as she ran towards her Gauss rifle. As she was nearing
    it, three Hydralisk emerged in front of it but Taeyeon was determined
    and she gave the Hydralisk in the middle and tackle causing it to be
    knocked back. The two Hydralisk tried to attack Taeyeon with their Spine
    needle but they missed as Taeyeon quickly jumped towards her Gauss
    Rifle and quickly setting it to Railgun option and skillfully shot the
    remaining Zerg unit.

    "Kiss my Butt!"
    Taeyeon said as she finished the remaining Zergling. She turned on her
    radar from her Gauss rifle and detected no Zerg in the area. “Looks like I’m cleared here… Hyo, the download is complete. I’m coming out..” Taeyeon said.

    But Taeyeon didn’t received an answer from her team outside. “maybe their intense battle damaged their comm.-link” Taeyeon said as she heads out.

    Upon arriving outside the Ruined Laboratory, Taeyeon was surprised as
    she saw Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeon holding their hands at the back of
    their head, kneeling. “what the…” Taeyeon noticed the Dominion Army surrounding them.

    “Major Kim Taeyeon….. it’s been a long time since the last time I saw you and your father… has he been doing well?” Taeyeon know the voice. “Mengsk…..” Taeyeon said as she tightens her grip on the Gauss rifle.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Major…. Or you’ll be scraping their brains from the ground.” Mengsk said as he signaled his soldiers to aim their Rifles at the heads of Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny.

    “that’s a good girl…..” Mengsk smiled evilly as Taeyeon throws her Gauss rifle on the ground. “Now! hand over the girl! and the Data you recovered!”
    Mengsk demanded. Hearing Mengsk’s word somewhat made Taeyeon relief as
    they haven’t found Tiffany and Yoona from the crash site when he asked
    her about Yoona.

    “heheheh.. you retard…
    you got your own eyes and feet. What are you? a baby who couldn’t find
    what he need by himself? Go search for her yourself you impotent
    Taeyeon taunted Mengsk as she smiled naughtily.

    “a tough cookie aren’t you… let’s see what will you do if I do this…” Mengsk pulls out his gun and fired at Sunny, hitting her left leg.

    “AAAAAAH!! UUUUAAAAHHHH!!! IT HURTS!!” Sunny shouted in pain while Mengsk just casually smiled. Taeyeon is now becoming furious at what Mengsk did to Sunny.

    “you b*st*rd………….” Taeyeon clenched her fist and ready to tackle Mengsk on the spot. “still acting like a heroine?” Mengsk aimed his gun at Hyoyeon and shot Hyoyeon in the shoulder.

    “AAAAAAH!!!” Hyoyeon screamed in pain. As Taeyeon is getting ready to pounce Mengsk, he aimed at Jessica’s head. “STOP!” a voice shouted halting them on what they’re doing. To their surprise, all of them saw a Banshee hovering above them.

    “Youngie?” Taeyeon asked. “It’s me Yuri….” knowing Yuri came for made Taeyeon smiled. “hey retard! Who’s laughing now you impotent nincompoop!” Taeyeon said to Mengsk but Mengsk answered back. “I guess that would be me… Major!”

    Taeyeon was shocked when Yuri landed the banshee on Mengsk’s area side.
    And from the cockpit, Yuri indeed really came out and walked close to
    her. “Y-Yul? What are you doing?” Taeyeon asked as she was confused.

    “let me enlighten you Major, this girl here…. She’s working for me….” Mengsk revealed Yuri’s identity. “I should’ve known…. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TRUSTED YOU!!”
    Taeyeon yelled at Yuri. Yuri looked at Taeyeon but as soon Yuri got to
    see Taeyeon’s angry face, Taeyeon’s fist came flying to Yuri’s face.

    “From what you’ve done to my sister… was it all a lie? ANSWER ME!!” Taeyeon asked Yuri but Yuri didn’t answer.

    “I’ll explain this to you Major… I just used her to get your trust to hand over the experimental girl to me… now where is she?” Mengsk asked again. But Taeyeon was in pure rage to answer and Mengsk noticed it.

    “Very well…. Kwon Yuri…. kill the Major!”
    Mengsk ordered Yuri as he turned around and Yuri took out her Pulse gun
    and aimed it straight at Taeyeon’s forehead point blank range.

    “I swear to you Yuri…. if I manage to get out here alive…. You’ll never live to see us again….” Taeyeon said. “Taeye…” Yuri tried to talk but she was cut off. “That’s Major Kim to you…you traitor..” Taeyeon said.

    “Major…. It was nice working under your command… let me at least pay my respect for you and I’m sorry for deceiving you all..” Yuri said as she squeezed the trigger and one solid sound of gunshot escaped from Yuri’s gun.

    Mengsk, who’s turned his back from them smiled. “finish the rest Kwon Yuri.”
    he ordered. Another three gunshots were heard. But as soon Mengsk
    turned around, he saw Yuri shot his men instead of Taeyeon, Jessica,
    Hyoyeon and Sunny.

    Mengsk yelled but as he was going to shoot back, Yuri smiled sheepishly
    and pushed a button from her console and the banshee exploded causing
    some of Mengsk’s soldiers and including Mengsk himself sent flying upon
    the explosion impact .

    “Major! Hurry, Get them out of here!! I’ll buy you guys some time!!”
    Yuri said to Taeyeon as she handed her C-10 Canister Sniper Rifle to
    Taeyeon who is now confused. With Jessica’s safety on Taeyeon’s mind,
    she quickly ran towards them and shot the remaining Mengsk’s guards.
    Jessica helped Hyoyeon and Taeyeon helped Sunny to get in the Siege
    tank. “YURI!! GET IN!!” Jessica yelled but Yuri smiled. “No Sica… I can’t come with you… you’ll be in danger when you’re with me…. for the last time… I’m sorry….” As soon Yuri said her sorry, she instantly felt a strong electric shock from inside of her body.

    Yuri yelled in pain as she dropped flat on the ground. Taeyeon saw what
    happened to Yuri and wondered. Still in pain, Yuri tilted her head up
    and looked at them last time. “Major…..take care of your sister…”
    Yuri said as she coughed up blood followed by another strong electric
    shock. Taeyeon could hear the crackle of the electricity from Yuri’s
    body and noticed Mengsk is holding something.

    Mengsk set the electricity current on high settings causing Yuri to
    squirm and screamed in agonizing pain and coughed up more blood. Taeyeon
    didn’t know why but her guts urged her to save Yuri. With Yuri’s sniper
    rifle on her hand she aimed at the small remote on Mengsk’s hand and
    shoots it.

    As she destroyed the remote, Yuri’s body stopped moving. Even though
    angry, Taeyeon jumped out of the siege tank and grabbed the badly
    injured Yuri and pulls her inside the siege tank. This time Taeyeon
    feared the worst as she noticed Yuri’s state.

    With no time to waste, she closed the hatch of the siege tank as Mengsk’s men continuously fired at the siege tank. “Sunny! How do you start this thing!!” Taeyeon asked. Sunny didn’t answer and used her remote to start up her siege tank. “Taeng… just drive to your heart’s content…” Sunny said as she winced in pain.

    With Sunny’s siege tank fortified armor all of them managed to escape,
    as Taeyeon drives the siege tank, Sunny used her remote to use the
    Arc-lite Cannon as she reloads the Napalm Shells to prevent anyone on
    following them.

    With Yuri now on the verge of dying, Taeyeon and Jessica is also on the
    verge of panicking as they were once again thrown in into the same
    scenario but this time it was gravely deep as blood is constantly
    gushing out from Yuri’s mouth.

    “Dammit Yuri…. don’t you dare go out on me… you still have some explaining to do!”
    Taeyeon said as she quickly drove Sunny’s siege tank, even with some
    rocky bumps, Taeyeon didn’t slowed down. Sunny looked at Hyoyeon’s

    “Hyo.. how are you holding up?” Sunny asked as she still winced in pain. “the bullet went through and it’s nothing serious though…aaagh..” Hyoyeon replied also wincing in pain.

    “Yuri…. what happened to you…..” Jessica asked in a whisper manner. “S…….Si………..”the three of them heard Yuri’s very weak voice. “I’m……………………..s-so……………..r……..ry………..” Yuri added as she falls totally unconscious.

    “Don’t talk Yuri… save your strength…” Jessica said sadly. “Yuri…. what happened to you…. why did you do things that can endanger you life…” Jessica said from her mind.

    Location: Medivac Crash site

    “Yoona could you hand me that portable welder that’s beside you?” Tiffany asked. Yoona grabbed it and gave it to Tiffany, still not saying anything.

    “There… it’s finished I
    think that should hold.. Yoona? Could you try to start up my ship? Just
    push the green button located above my seat and flip the 4 switches
    beside it.”
    Tiffany instructed Yoona, who is still not saying anything.

    Tiffany knew and noticed that Yoona is still feeling guilty for being
    quiet and too behaved. A smile escaped her lips. After a minute, Tiffany
    heard the Medivac’s engine running smoothly.

    Seeing the Medivac is in now good condition, Tiffany went in and walked
    towards Yoona who is still in her seat. As Tiffany got her, she stared
    Yoona who is sitting too behaved and not touching anything. This made
    her smile more.

    “Yoona… what’s wrong?” Tiffany asked. “I’m still feeling sorry for what I did Tiffany unnie…. If I haven’t played with Sunny unnie’s toy… you wouldn’t be left here…” Yoona replied as she pouts. Tiffany finds it cute for Yoona to pout as she softly pressed her finger on Yoona’s pouting cheeks.

    “Choding Yoona… don’t worry about it… I know you did your best on helping me so let’s get prepared and pick your Umma up ok?” Tiffany said as she pats Yoona’s head. Hearing she will be once again seeing the “mom”, Yoona’s face became brightly happy and got back to her usual jolly and cheerful self.

    “yes unnie!” Yoona happily replied back to Tiffany and just as Tiffany were about to test the Medivac by taking off, Taeyeon radioed in. “Fany-ah!! We’re coming in HOT! Dominion Forces are here!! Start up the Medivac! I hope you’re finished fixing it!!” Taeyeon said

    “Tae-Tae I’ve just finished patching the hole, did you say Dominion?” Tiffany said as she quickly flipped numerous switches as she heated up the Medivac’s engine. “Fany-ah…
    there one more thing….. Yuri.. she’s working for the Dominion…. But we
    managed to retrieve her from Mengsk…. And now her life is hanging by a
    Taeyeon said.

    “What did you say? Mengsk is also here? What’s your Status Tae-Tae?” Tiffany worriedly asked. “two
    wounded and one gravely injured… I don’t know what happened but Yuri
    started screaming in pain….. I’ll tell you later what happened Fany-ah
    but right now….”
    Taeyeon couldn’t finish her words as Tiffany talked. “Don’t say anymore Tae-Tae… the wounded is my priority now… how is your sister holding up?” Tiffany asked.

    “shocked…. About Yuri’s recent action and her present status…” Taeyeon explained. “Taeyeon unnie! what happened to Appa?!”
    Yoona cuts in line as Tiffany let her talk. Taeyeon couldn’t answer
    right away as she was still mad and at the same time confused at Yuri’s
    action. Taeyeon clearly know, Yoona don’t know what Yuri did earlier. “Yoona… your…………..Yuri Appa is hurt…. The Emperor hurt her with something…” Taeyeon explained.

    Hearing Yuri’s status made Yoona powerless and scared, Yoona’s feelings
    of losing a father is suddenly eating up her mind. Tiffany noticed. “Yoona…
    I know you’re shocked but you’re the only one I can count on, would you
    please wait for them in the Cargo area? And inform me as soon as they
    got on board and immediately close the cargo hold.”
    Tiffany instructed Yoona and went in a hurry towards the Cargo area.

    As Yoona arrived at the Medivac’s Cargo area, Sunny’s siege tank were on
    sight but Yoona also saw a squad of Goliaths following the siege tank
    firing away with all they got. Yoona never felt so angry again for
    hurting her second family. Fear and rage went up on Yoona’s mind and
    suddenly Yoona’s eyes started to glow in a color of shining gold. She
    stepped outside.

    Yoona shouted and she punched a huge boulder breaking it to a huge
    pieces. The next thing happened, Taeyeon and Tiffany couldn’t explain as
    they saw Yoona picking up the huge rocks bigger than Sunny’s shell ammo
    of the siege tank and throwing it like a marble towards the Goliaths in

    Yoona roared in anger as each throw from the rocks are becoming faster
    and faster hitting some of the Goliaths, with each hit of the rocks is
    like they’ve been hit by Sunny’s piercing Shells from the siege tank. As
    the first batch of Goliaths were annihilated single-handedly by Yoona,
    another batch of Goliaths dropped from the sky and fire a hail of
    bullets at the siege tank.

    But all of the shots missed as Yoona unconsciously put up a Psionic
    barrier around the Siege tank and the Medivac. As Taeyeon successfully
    docked in the Siege tank inside Tiffany’s medivac, she yelled at Yoona
    from the siege tank. “YOONA! WE’RE INSIDE!!! LET’S GO!!!” Taeyeon yelled.

    With Yuri is still on her mind, Taeyeon’s voice reached Yoona and still
    putting up the Psionic barrier, Yoona slowly walked back inside the
    Medivac and Tiffany remotely closed the Cargo hold Gate and successfully
    escaped Mengsk’s hands.

    Location: Hyperion Bridge

    “Sir, we have a highly encryptic message might be Nova” Matt said. “Put her through” Raynor replied. “Jim?
    As soon I got your message about Yuri I feared for the worst… she’s
    working for Mengsk… but not willingly… I should say forcefully..”
    Nova explained without hearing Raynor’s question. “i
    had a feeling it would come to that… you see, she left a while ago
    saying her superior wanted her for a meeting.. an urgent one.. that got
    me thinking.. I mean in the middle of this, why would her “superior”
    contact her…”
    Raynor said sounded annoyed.

    “Jim… don’t hate her… I discovered this just now. Mengsk had a gun on her head basically..” Nova explained. “what do you mean? Didn’t you say, Yuri’s family were wiped out by the Zerg on Meinhoff? So what’s holding her up?” Raynor asked confusingly.

    “I don’t know Jim…
    that’s just the info I can’t get a hold on. But rest assured, even
    though you know I work for the Dominion I don’t want her to be in harm’s
    way… I’ll try to dig deeper. And I’ll be coming over… I want to ask her
    personally.. in the mean time, just…. Don’t hate her Jim.. Nova out…”
    Nova said as she ended her transmission.

    “what could it be possibly Sir….” Matt asked confusingly. “I don’t know Matt… whatever it is, Mengsk is always behind this…” Raynor said.

    “Sir, I’m picking up Lt. Col. Hwang’s Medivac, but I can’t seem to contact her from the Medivac.” Matt said to Raynor. “just in case Matt, prep the crew for an emergency. I have a feeling things didn’t go well back on Mar Sara…” Raynor said as he thinks for an answer about Yuri’s information.

    Location: Medivac – before arriving at the Hyperion’s Radar range

    Taeyeon is kicking hard the Siege tank’s emergency side hatch. “DAMMIT OPEN UP!!!”
    Taeyeon cursed as she continuously kicking the Seige tank’s emergency
    side hatch. Unknown to Taeyeon, the side had got damaged because Taeyeon
    didn’t slow down on rocky bumps on Mar Sara causing some dents on the
    hatch to get stuck.

    “Dammit!! Why won’t this thing open!!” as Taeyeon gave her last kick, a loud bang from the other side answered. “What the….”
    Taeyeon and everyone inside got quiet as the loud bang from outside
    became continuously until a fist went through the Siege tanks thick

    “Taeyeon unnie! Umma! Appa!!”
    they all heard Yoona’s voice and in an instant, they were all surprised
    as they saw Yoona ripped the siege tank’s thick armor like a huge piece
    of paper with her eyes glowing brightly like a gold.

    Yoona saw Yuri severely injured and her eyes went back to normal. “APPA!!!”
    Yoona carried Yuri out followed by Jessica who is supporting Hyoyeon
    and Taeyeon supporting Sunny. As Taeyeon put Sunny down, Jessica
    applied first aid to stop the bleeding on her leg and Hyoyeon next.
    Yoona gently laid Yuri down on the floor and Taeyeon went quickly to

    “Fany-ah…. Contact the Hyperion..” Taeyeon said. “I can’t Tae-Tae…. I haven’t finished fixing up completely…. The transmission is busted… I only fixed the interior wall.” Tiffany replied. “How is Yuri holding up Tae-Tae?” Tiffany worriedly asked. “not good Fany-ah… not good.” Taeyeon hanged her down as she informed Tiffany of the situation.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 Bay

    The Medivac successfully landed inside the Hyperion hangar area. As the
    emergency team Raynor established to preparing on accommodating them,
    they were surprised when the cargo Hold door opened and Taeyeon
    instantly came running out carrying Yuri in her arms and quickly heading
    immediately on the Medical bay. The crew were shocked to see Yuri’s
    state. But what shocked them more when they saw the amount of blood
    trail scattered throughout the path Taeyeon ran. The crew who is earlier
    angry at Yuri after being discovered working for the Dominion couldn’t
    utter a word. They immediately knew Yuri did something again to save
    Taeyeon’s team. They felt like they’ve been slapped in the face seeing
    Yuri’s condition. All of them quietly clean up Yuri’s blood from inside
    Tiffany’s Medivac to the Medical bay of the Hyperion. All of them felt
    guilty as they felt they all somewhat felt responsible for Yuri’s state.

    Location: Hyperion Medical bay

    This time, the entire major Crew were standing outside at the medical
    bay. Sooyoung came rushing as soon she heard about what happened to
    Yuri. As Sooyoung got there, she saw Taeyeon still in her Marine Armor
    with blood stain all over her. She also didn’t see Sunny

    “Taengoo! What happened?” Sooyoung asked. “Soo…. I’m confused… I want to get angry at Yuri… but I can’t I don’t know what to think anymore….” Taeyeon said as she punched the wall. “Damn that Mengsk!” Taeyeon hissed. “What about Sunny? Is she alright?” Jessica answered Sooyoung’s question. “Mengsk shot her in the Leg… it’s not that serious but she lost a lot of blood…”

    “Mengsk?!?!” Mengsk was there??!?!” Raynor were surprised to hear that Taeyeon encountered Mengsk personally in Mar Sara. “yes
    sir… basically he also wanted Yoona’s Data and Yoona herself… but
    luckily we didn’t bring her as we left her with Tiffany to fix the
    Taeyeon replied as she gritted her teeth in anger at Mengsk.

    “Major, I’ll inform you, Nova just contacted me and
    informed me that Yuri is not acting in her own will but rather, she was
    forcefully commanded by Mengsk… that’s why Mengsk was there in Mar Sara.
    He just got your location from her… Nova is still digging some info on
    what made Yuri do something like that…. and she told us that do not
    blame her for what happened. It’s not she had a choice but rather she
    had no choice…”
    Raynor said. Sooyoung talked to them with a serious tone. “Commander,
    Guys… Yuri told me she has nano tech inside her body… she also told me
    one wrong move, she will suffer the consequence. It can be activated by a
    remote or something…”
    Sooyoung said which made Taeyeon surprised. “so
    that’s why Yuri screamed in pain while she help us escape.. I saw
    Mengsk holding something but when I shot that thing, Yuri’s agony
    stopped. Soo… did she tell you how to get that nanos out of her body?”
    Taeyeon asked.

    “Unfortunately Taengoo… she didn’t know she said she wanted to investigate more… but I guess it’s a little too late…”
    Sooyoung said as she clenched her fist hard. She was also angry at
    Mengsk for making Yuri suffer like that. Jessica who is hearing the
    information lets her tears rolled down on her face as Yoona cried with

    In the middle of their conversation, the doctor came out from the Medical bay. “Doc! How are they?!” Taeyeon asked. “well Major… I’ve managed to treat Sgt Lee and Dr. Hyo’s injuries…”
    and Sunny and Hyoyeon came out but it troubles them as they saw Sunny
    and Hyoyeon’s facial expression were gloomy and the doctor continued. “But
    I’m afraid….Kwon Yuri’s… condition is too severe…. She’s got injuries
    alright… internally.. most of her organs were damaged…. I don’t know if
    she’ll recover…”
    the doctor said as he shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t know if she will ever wake up… you can go see her though..” the doctor said before leaving.

    Taeyeon, Jessica and Yoona went inside. Taeyeon’s blood boils madly as
    she saw Yuri covered in tubes and oxygens. Jessica checked Yuri’s
    injuries and she’s shocked at the list. “heart, liver, lungs, Muscle tissue, kidneys… Tae… I I can’t handle this anymore….”
    Jessica cried as she saw the list. It was all major organs that got
    damaged. Yoona saw Jessica crying also cried like a kid Hyoyeon saw that
    and consoled Yoona.

    Sooyoung on the other hand were fuming mad at what happened to her best
    friend and to Sunny. As she was going to storm out of the scene Sunny
    stopped her. “Youngie… where do you think you’re going?”
    Sooyoung didn’t answer but she looked back at Sunny. Sunny saw Sooyoung
    letting her tears out with an angry expression etched on her face.
    Sunny knew exactly what is Sooyoung feeling.

    “Take me too Youngie! I’ve got a score to settle with those dominion freaks!” Sunny said to Sooyoung. Sooyoung wanted to stop Sunny and she felt Sunny’s strong resolve. “let’s go..” and both of them secretly went to the Hangar.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 Bay

    As they both arrived at the Hangar Area, they were both greeted by Nova who arrived aboard. “hello girls… I suppose you’re going to get a payback?” Nova said and made them surprised. “C-Captain Nova? Who did you know?” Sooyoung asked confusingly. “One
    of your friend already went ahead using a Wraith unit…. She told me
    what happened to Yuri… I can’t let it slide knowing Mengsk did that to
    Yuri… go now and follow her… I believe she was heading to the Tarsonis.
    She said she wanted to pay back for what they did to Yuri. Here’s the
    coordinates. Go and assist her.”
    Nova said as she gave Sooyoung and Sunny the Coordinates. “Don’t worry about Jim, I’ll take responsibility for you girls.” Nova said as she gave them permission.

    Without wasting time, Sooyoung called for a new Banshee Unit and both of
    them got on board and immediately followed after Seohyun. “Dammit Hyunnie… she must be taking the blame for what happened..” Sooyoung said to Sunny. “what do you mean Youngie?” Sunny asked.

    “Earlier, Hyunnie
    discovered Yuri is working for the Dominion but she didn’t fully know
    about Yuri’s Nanos. And she busted Yuri’s connection to everyone to the
    crew. She must be feeling guilt and at the same time, angry and
    responsible for what happened to Yuri.”
    Sooyoung explained.

    “I see…. I don’t blame
    her though Youngie… she’s playing by the book it’s natural for her to
    act like that… it’s just this time maybe it’s a wakeup call for her not
    to go by the book…. And by the way…. Don’t you have anything to pilot
    aside from the Banshee? Cockpit area is somewhat….. tight…”
    Sunny said as she blushed at their position as her back were leaning against Sooyoung. Sooyoung smiled. “what.. got complaints now? you don’t like with me like this close?” Sooyoung slightly teased Sunny as she gave the short girl a peck at the crown of her head. Sunny blushed madly. “yah! You shikshin…. Don’t even ask when you already know the answer…” Sunny smiled as she blushed. “same to you, don’t complain if you like it.” Sooyoung replied as both of them blushed madly as Sooyoung gave Sunny a moment of back hug as they went after Seohyun.

    Location: Wraith – deep space towards Tarsonis.

    “I promise… I will make things right for you Yuri unnie….. this is the only way I know to ask your forgiveness.” Seohyun said as tears rolled down on her cheeks.

    “Incoming transmission” the computer warned her. “Hyunnie! What do you think you’re doing!?” It was Tiffany who contacted her.

    “Tiffany unnie… I made a mistake…. Please let me do this to make things right..” Seohyun replied with a sad tone. Then Sooyoung joined the conversation. “Yah! Hyunnie! Don’t ever think you’re doing this alone! We are assisting you. Captain Nova informed us.” Sooyoung said.

    “Y-Youngie? And Sunny too?” Tiffany’s eyes widened as she saw on her monitor that Sunny is with Sooyoung. “Fany-ah! Don’t worry about me. Youngie is right, your “daughter” is going by the book… don’t worry we got her back on this.” Sunny said.

    “D-Daughter? Now don’t go saying that Sunny!” Tiffany said as she pouted. But in her mind “hmm
    since Sica has Yoona… maybe Seohyun will do… and since she’s new here
    and freshly graduated she doesn’t know how things work here.. I think I
    should talk to Tae-Tae about this.”
    Tiffany lets out a smile which Sooyoung and Sunny saw through the monitor

    “Sunny bunny… you just forcefully made Tiffany adopt Seohyun.” Sooyoung said as she chuckled as Sunny winked cutely at Sooyoung and comfortably leaned back at Sooyoung’s body. “Ok… I’m counting the two of you to bring Hyunnie back here alright? Hyunnie, don’t leave your unnies behind.” Tiffany said

    Seohyun, who is secretly happy as she heard their conversation decided to tease Tiffany also. “Yes umma… take care of Taeyeon Appa.”

    “Yah! Hyunnie!” Tiffany said. “anyway
    Hyunnie…. I have a sad news for you though… the Commander decided to
    demote you though… for going out without his permission…”
    Tiffany said sadly. “I don’t mind Tiffany unnie… after all, I’m not comfortable commanding you unnies because you’re all much older than me…” Seohyun explained with a sense of peace of mind. She was also thankful that she got demoted. “Tiffany
    unnie please tell the Commander… I’m happy to accept my punishment but
    for now let me do this.. you daughter Hyunnie out..”
    Seohyun signed out as she gave Tiffany a last tease.

    “Hyunnie… are you totally ok with that? being demoted?” Sunny asked Seohyun as they finally catch up to her. “I’m
    quite alright with that Sunny-unnie… as I said to Tiffany umm….unnie,
    I’m not comfortable commanding all of you while you’re all older than
    me… and besides… Sooyoung unnie’s explanation to me about Yuri unnie’s
    status after I busted her made me think… I have so much to learn… I
    jumped the gun not knowing Yuri’s unnie’s condition…”
    Seohyun explained to them.

    “Hyunnie, you shouldn’t beat yourself about it.. Yuri will understand.. by the way Hyunnie… why did you go here?” Sooyoung asked.
    “Sooyoung unnie.. when I heard about Nano Technology inside Yuri
    unnie’s body, I just got a word from my friend in the academy, Jung Yong
    Hwa, there is a device in Tarsonis that could remove those nanos from
    her body.”
    Seohyun explained. “that friend of yours… I hope he didn’t give you false info…” Sunny asked as she doubt Seohyun’s friend’s info.

    “Sunny unnie you don’t
    have to worry… he wouldn’t let me down. besides, he’s working down there
    at Tarsonis. As soon he heard what happened, he offered help. He also
    wanted to get off of this planet. He also despises the Dominion.”
    Seohyun replied.

    “ok.. we’ll trust that
    info for now.. but I do hope he’s prepared.. according to my scanner,
    there are too many Dominion forces down there.”
    Sooyoung said as they entered the Tarsonis atmosphere.

    Episode 14 Complete

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    The Episode 15 is not yet finish? It's getting more exciting!

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    excited for the next episodes! starcraft + SNSD = pure awesomeness!

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 15

    Location: Hyperion Medical Bay

    Nova arrived at the Medical bay and went inside Yuri’s room. As she saw
    Yuri’s state, Nova was stunned. She never imagined it would turn out
    this bad.

    “It was Mengsk, Nova..” she heard Raynor’s voice from behind. “that gutless worm…. Jessica, have you tried to heal her?” Nova asked.

    “I’ve tried… but I
    can’t completely heal her… it’s like those nano machines are preventing
    me from healing her completely… I could only ease her pain a little…”
    Jessica replied weakly. Taeyeon walked out of the room and unequipped her armored suit. And Tiffany came to her.

    “Fany-ah…. Where were you?” Taeyeon asked. “Tae-Tae… there’s something I have to tell you….. Hyunnie’s been demoted…” Tiffany said with a sad tone. “Wae?” Taeyeon surprisingly asked. “well… she went off with the commander’s permission….” Tiffany said.

    “Aish… that girl…. but where’s Sooyoung and Sunny?” Taeyeon asked again. “they followed Seohyun… although they did the same thing, Nova caught up with them as she gave them permission..” Tiffany replied.

    With many events and unexpected happenings around her, Taeyeon felt her
    head like spinning as she was getting dizzy from all of the pressure. “Tae-Tae!” Luckily Tiffany was there to catch her and both of them sat on the hallway bench nearby.

    “I’m alright Mushroom….
    I got dizzy that’s all….. with all these pressure… Yuri’s sacrifice
    from the start, her betrayal and then saving us from Mengsk in exchange
    for her safety…. I don’t know what to do or to think right know…..”
    Taeyeon explained as she rested her head on Tiffany’s lap.

    Also feeling her partner’s pressured problems, Tiffany begins to massage Taeyeon’s temple. “right
    now Tae-Tae.. just relax for now… I know if Yuri survived this………
    AFTER Yuri RECOVERED from this let’s just welcome her with open arms…
    Tiffany said. “Fany-ah…. You sound so sure that Yuri will recov….”
    Taeyeon’s words were halted she suddenly feel Tiffany’s tears dropping
    on her face. This time Taeyeon is now comforting Tiffany who is crying
    silently. “Don’t worry Fany-ah… you’re right she will recover…. She’s a strong girl….” Taeyeon said as she sat back up and hugged Tiffany. Tiffany just nodded in tears as she hugged back.

    “Yuri…. you better come back to us…. Many people are affected by your actions…. Including me….” Taeyeon thought on her mind.

    Location: Tarsonis

    “Activating Cloak generator…done” Sooyoung said as both her and Seohyun went into cloak mode. Upon arriving the Tarsonis grounds. They stopped as they hovered.

    “Sooyoung unnie…. you’re right there’s too many of them….” Seohyun said as she scanned her radar. “Hyunnie, Youngie…. Let’s find a spot first to land… we have to rethink this over….. if only my siege tank was here…” Sunny suggested.

    They hovered silently for about 20 minutes until they find a clear spot and they both landed and got out. “Ok…
    looks like we’re going to have a trouble here Hyunnie…. Since we only
    bought aerial units, you two can’t get close, since there’s so many
    Missile turrets in place…. if only I can get a hold of any ground
    Sunny said.

    “Sunny unnie.. while
    we’re scouting for an area to land, I saw a small outpost not too far
    from here… they have some kind of powered armor stationed by… do you
    think you could use it?”
    Seohyun said. “I think it’s a new type…. I saw one person got out of it…” Seohyun said

    “Hyunnie… don’t mind
    Bunny here… when it comes to Any ground units, she can pilot it..
    whether from a kiddie bike to a Siege tank. she knows it.”
    Sooyoung said. “Youngie… aren’t you going a bit overboard? Kiddie bike? Do you think I’m a kid?” Sunny said as she pouted. Seohyun smiled at Sunny’s puffy cheeks.

    “Well… you look like kid for your height..” Sooyoung teased Sunny as she mischievously smiled. “unnies… you two are funny…” Seohyun said it loud as she chuckled at the bickering couple.

    “Anyway unnies… I’ve
    downloaded the area map of the place…. from there Sunny unnie, you will
    be encountering some enemy forces. Then you will go through to the
    abandoned buildings… as far as I know there’s still some resistance left
    fighting the Dominion.”
    Seohyun explained.

    “Resistance?” Sooyoung asked. “Yes unnie, they call themselves First Encounter Assault Recon, in short… F.E.A.R.” Seohyun said. “guess we have no time to waste then……” Sunny said as she sighed.

    Sunny prepared her equipment. As she’s still preparing, Seohyun talked to her. “Sunny
    unnie…. I want you to know… I’m still learning the basics… on how to
    analyze the crew’s personalities… I’m so ashamed of my actions towards
    Yuri unnie…”
    Seohyun said as the frowned.

    “Seohyun-ah… don’t
    sweat it…. Look if you also hadn't done that…. who knows what will
    happen to Taeng if Yuri didn’t come…. As for now let’s just focus on
    getting your friend out there alive.”
    Sunny replied as she pats Seohyun’s shoulder.

    “Bunny… be careful in
    there. Once you get inside that building… me and Hyunnie wont’ be able
    to contact you… you will be blind in there…”
    Sooyoung said worriedly. “unnie…. be careful … me and Sooyoung unnie wanted to drop you close but with those Missile turrets online… we can’t…” Seohyun said.

    “I’ll be fine
    Seohyun-ah… look.. you better learn the first thing… is to trust your
    instinct. Do not always follow the rules by the book. If you only
    concentrate on that book.. you won’t be able to decide properly.”
    Sunny said as she left Sooyoung and Seohyun. “what did she mean Sooyoung unnie?” Seohyun asked. “it means…. *stomach growls* ………….i’m hungry….” Sooyoung said which made Seohyun laughed a bit because of Sooyoung’s hunger.

    “aaah It’s not that Hyunnie....” Sooyoung quickly said. “it means if you keep focusing on one path, you might be missing some certain important things……. Or sort of….” Sooyoung said as she sticks her tongue out. “I know what you mean unnie…. here… I have bought some of my sweet potato… I hope it’s enough for you Sooyoung unnie…” Seohyun said as she handed the sweet potato to Sooyoung.

    To Seohyun's amazement, Sooyoung instantly finished the sweet potato in just 4 bites. “Wow unnie… you’re such a big eater!” Seohyun said in amazement. “well… they wouldn’t call me a Shikshin for nothing..” Sooyoung replied as she smiled.

    Just as Sooyoung and Seohyun were going to eat, Sunny contacted them. “Youngie,
    Hyunnie, I’ve arrived at the location…. Hyunnie is right, I can hear
    gun shots and explosions going on…. Youngie… wish me luck…”
    Sunny informed them.

    “Bunny… make sure you
    tell us if you managed to turn off the Turrets, we will be on standby…
    and be careful… this will be your first solo mission…. Take care of
    yourself my precious Bunny.”
    Sooyoung said as she worried. “Youngie… you know me.. nothing can separate us… well… I’m going in…” Sunny said as she proceed to her location and their communications were instantly cut off.

    “Sooyoung unnie… are you and Sunny unnie were…… you know…..were…” Seohyun tried to ask Sooyoung but ended up blushing. Sooyoung noticed and a sly smile crept on her lips.

    “ohoo….. Hyunnie why’d you ask?” Sooyoung asked Seohyun who is still blushing. “N-nothing unnie.. i-I’m just curious… that’s all….” Seohyun answerd as she averted her eyes away from Sooyoung. “what…yooooullllaaaaaiiiikmmeeeee?” Sooyoung playfully teases Seohyun but Seohyun replied as she madly shook her head saying “no”. Sooyoung laughed.

    “hahahah relax Hyunnie! I’m just teasing you….” Sooyoung said. “Sooyoung unnie…what’s it like?” Seohyun curiously asked. “hmm? Like….what?”

    “you know unnie… about you and Sunny unnie’s relationship…” Seohyun pushed herself to asked as she blushed madly. Sooyoung laughed as she couldn’t help but notice Seohyun blushing madly.

    “hahaha Hyunnie.. don’t
    be shy to ask… well to answer your question… both of us are happy…
    that’s all that matters. As long as you love that person whether it’s a
    male or female.. it doesn’t matter… what matter is you loved that
    Sooyoung answered nicely.

    “hmm… you like my Bunny?” Sooyoung teased Seohyun again.

    “Unniiiie!!” Seohyun reacted as she shook her head again, blushing.

    “if it’s not me… and not my Bunny… who do you like?”
    Sooyoung curiously asked. Seohyun didn’t answer but she smiled as soon
    she thinks the person she liked. Sooyoung noticed Seohyun’s warm smile.

    “Seohyun-ah….. could it be that the person you like is…………….. Yoona?” Sooyoung slyly smiled as she teased Seohyun again. But this time, Seohyun didn’t react which surprised Sooyoung.

    “Hyunnie? Chincha?!!!! You like Yoona?” Sooyoung surprisingly asked Seohyun, Seohyun shyly nodded. “since when?” Sooyoung asked.

    “I don’t know unnie… I’m just shy to admit….” Seohyun answered she blushed again madly. “wow Hyunnie… for a second there my heart stopped! So tell me… what did you like about Yoona?” Sooyoung curiously asks.

    “well… for one…
    everyone is fond of her….. even though she acts like a choding… I guess
    you can’t say no to her…. I mean… her jolly personality.. maybe I could
    learn a thing or two from her….”
    Seohyun explained. Sooyoung who is secretly smiling just nodded. “so.. have you tried to talk to her?” Sooyoung asked.

    “I haven’t unnie…. she always clings to Jessica unnie….” Seohyun said as she sighed. “well
    that’s because Sica is her Umma… not biologically though.. Yoona just
    decided… and well…. Yuri presented herself as Yoona’s Appa… and Yoona
    happily accepted it.”
    Sooyoung explained plainly.

    Hearing Sooyoung’s explanation made Seohyun frown. “hey what’s wrong Hyunnie?” Sooyoung asked again. “well hearing Yuri unnie is Yoona’s Appa… I kind of feel guilty again…” Seohyun sadly replied.

    “Seohyun-ah! Will stop that and think positive! I’m sure Yuri will understand that! just don’t be negative about alright?” Sooyoung said and Seohyun just nodded.

    Location: Hyperion – Yuri’s room

    Jessica didn’t moved an inch ever since Yuri was brought to her room.
    Jessica intently stayed by Yuri’s side with Yoona behind her sleeping on
    the couch provided inside the room. as Jessica is watching Yuri, she
    couldn’t help but to wonder, what made Yuri do things that will put her
    safety in exchange for her and Taeyeon’s safety against Mengsk. Yuri had
    a chance to kill Mengsk but she didn’t. these questions are running
    through her mind repeatedly until she fall asleep holding Yuri’s hands.

    As Jessica’ falls asleep, another unexpected turn of events happened
    again. Still sleeping, Yoona’s body suddenly emits a faint glow. Yoona’s
    body is beginning to wrap in a blue light, soothing in the eyes. As the
    blue light expanded, as if it has a mind of its own as it tries to
    reach Yuri’s body.

    Yuri’s Consciousness

    Yuri’s eyes suddenly opened but as tried to speak, her voice doesn’t
    come out then she saw Jessica holding her hands sleeping beside her bed
    but when she tried to wake Jessica up, she was surprised when her hands
    just went through to Jessica’s head.

    “Am I ……am I dead?” she thought to herself. But her question were answered when someone spoke to her through the mind. “you are not dead yet…. But you’re close to death’s door. Tell me Kwon Yuri… what do you desire?” the voice asked her.

    Yuri answered. “ who are you?”

    The voice revealed itself and she was surprised the voice is actually coming from Yoona. “Y-Yoona?” she asked.

    “Yoona? I am not her… I
    am merely an entity residing within her. I do not have a name but you
    terrans merely called my race Protoss. I am a High Templar”
    the voice answered as it finally revealed itself as an image of a High templar.

    “but how is it possible? Where is Yoona? I want to speak to her!” Yuri said. “the
    girl named Im Yoona is sleeping. Tell me Kwon Yuri, which of these
    people would you choose to protect? Jessica Jung or Im Yoona?”
    the Voice asked her. “if
    you chose Jessica Jung, I will devour Im Yoona’s life force and take
    over her body to help you protect Jessica Jung. If you chose Im Yoona, I
    will devour Jessica Jung’s life force and take over her body and help
    you protect Im Yoona. Who will you choose?”

    “I will choose to
    protect them both as they were important persons in my life. they’re my
    family. I cannot have you take away their freedom or their life. If you
    want to devour someone’s life force…. Take mine instead.”
    Yuri answered straightly.

    “But you will lose your
    chance to protect your loved ones. If I take over your body, you’re as
    good as dead also for your soul will be casted into utter darkness of
    the void.”
    The voice replied back to Yuri.

    “I just want them to be
    happy with their lives. Even if it cost me my life or my soul but I
    won’t let you take away their freedom to live!”
    Yuri said back to the Voice.

    “Very well… your decision has been made. I will now perform my duty…” the voice said as the high templar entity hovered close to Yuri. The entity touched Yuri’s head.

    “I will ask you one last time Kwon Yuri…..” the voice said but Yuri didn’t give it a chance to finish it’s sentence. “my mind is set… and I will not change my mind. Just do what you have to do… but please promise me… protect them always.” Yuri said as she smiled at the entity. “Very well…” the entity said.

    The entity pressed it’s fingers so hard that it went inside Yuri’s
    brain. She screamed in pain as she felt an unimaginable heat that is
    running through her brain. She felt like someone is setting her brain on
    fire as the entity pushed harder, almost whole of its fingers are now
    inside of Yuri’s brain.

    As Yuri reached her limit of tolerating the pain, Her eyes shine
    brightly. The Templar entity pushed it hands further as its whole hands
    and now inside Yuri’s head. Yuri’s body started to glow in azure blue
    colored and the light exploded sending Yuri’s astral body flying to the

    Amazingly, when Yuri opened her eyes, she realized, she’s still herself
    gain. Then she looked up and saw the Protoss high templar hovering near

    “Kwon Yuri…. I sensed
    from your heart that you had an unimaginable amount of dedication, love
    and passion towards the girl Im Yoona and Jessica Jung. I’ve decided not
    to take over your body but instead, I will leave you the last of my
    power…. My time now has diminished. I cannot retain my form any longer.
    My soul will be gone but I entrusted most of my powers to the girl named
    Im Yoona and I entrust you my last powers…”
    the High Templar Entity said to Yuri as it starts to fade away slowly.

    “WAIT!! I have something to ask you!! what did you do to me? what about Yoona?” Yuri asked. “Kwon
    Yuri…. I did what’s necessary to protect your loved ones. I sensed most
    of your major organs are damaged and I healed them with every last of
    my power but I cannot do something about the foreign things inside your
    body. The Girl named Im Yoona, I trust that you will guide her to the
    right path as she had an unimaginable ability lies within her. Go now
    Kwon Yuri…. uhn-or khai athun…
    and the protoss high templar vanished completely and a blinding light engulfed Yuri.

    Location: Yuri’s room

    Jessica woke up, late as usual, and luckily didn’t notice what just
    happened between Yoona’s body and Yuri’s body. As she scoots her eyes
    with her available hand, she still saw Yuri not moving but noticed
    Yuri’s image is somewhat healthier than before. As she stood up and
    tries to walk away, Jessica noticed Yuri’s hands were locked on hers. A
    sudden happiness wrapped Jessica’s heart when she saw Yuri’s hand as
    holding her hand tightly and not letting her go.

    Jessica knew it was a good sign for Yuri’s recovery. “Yoona? Yoona!! Wake up!!” Jessica happily woke Yoona up. “u-umma? *yawns* what is it?” Yoona asked as she also scoots her eyes.

    As soon Yoona’s vision became clear, she noticed Jessica were shedding a tears of happiness. A smile crept up on her face.

    “Umma! Is Appa going to be ok!” Yoona asked as she also starts to shed a tears of happiness. “I’m sure Yoona… go get your Taeyeon unnie quick!!” Jessica said.

    Bearing the good news, Yoona couldn’t contain her happiness as she ran
    wildly towards Tiffany and Taeyeon’s quarters while shouting. “WEEEEEEE APPA IS OK!!!! APPA IS OK!!! YAAAY!!”
    the crew members smiled and at the same sighed with the relief knowing
    Yuri is ok. Hyoyeon heard it and smiled and decided to head over to
    Yuri’s room as she finished analyzing Yoona’s data

    Location: Taeyeon and Tiffany’s quarters

    Tiffany and Taeyeon suddenly woke up by a sudden banging on the door. “Taeyeon unnie! Tiffany unnie! Yuri Appa is ok!!! WAKEY WAKEY!! Hurry!!!” Yoona shouted from outside as she banged their door like a drum roll.

    Hearing the good news, Tiffany suddenly starts to cry as she was also
    relieved that Yuri miraculously survived. As Taeyeon let Yoona inside,
    both of them saw Tiffany crying. “Taeyeon unnie? why is Tiffany unnie crying? Is she hurt?” Yoona asked innocently. “no Im choding…. Your Tiffany unnie is just too happy that Yuri is out of danger…” Taeyeon explained to Yoona as she casually smiled. “oh! Ok Sica umma wanted you both on Yuri appa’s room” Yoona said as she smiled and immediately left them.

    “aish…. That choding….. Fany-ah…. Come on… I think we should greet Yuri with a warm welcome… Taeyeon smiled as her hugged Tiffany from their bed.

    Tiffany couldn’t stop from crying because of happiness. “T-Tae-Tae… promise me you won't get mad at her….” Tiffany said as she fixed herself. “Don’t worry Fany-ah… my mind is now clear thanks to you…” Taeyeon said as she kissed Tiffany on the lips and both of them went to Yuri’s room.

    As they were walking, Tiffany smiled “Tae-tae… I know you’re also happy about Yuri’s recovery… but what my butt have to do with this?” Tiffany said as she removed Taeyeon’s hand from her behind. She looked at Taeyeon who is smiling like a dork. “awww~~ Fany-ah… this also helps my mind ease off a bit..” Taeyeon said.

    “Byuntaeng… you never ever stop when you get a chance…” Tiffany said as she sighed at her partner’s fetish.

    Location: Yuri’s room

    Hyoyeon arrived and saw Yuri is now fully awake. “so… how are you miss Gung-ho?” Hyoyeon asked Yuri. as Yuri looked at Hyoyeon she felt guilt as she remembered Hyoyeon getting shot. “Hyo, i…." Yuri stammered her words. Hyoyeon noticed.

    “oh this? Don’t worry
    about this… the bullet went through. It wasn’t serious though… and don’t
    worry about me though… Sooyoung explained to us why you have to do
    that. but you had a chance to shoot Mengsk… why didn’t you shoot him?”
    Hyoyeon asked.

    “the nanos inside my body is connected to his heart, if he dies…. These nanos will explode like a tiny bomb inside my body….” Yuri weakly explained.

    “good thing I didn’t shoot that nincompoop when I have the chance…” everyone were surprised to see Taeyeon and Tiffany standing at the door with a stern look on her face.

    “M-major… I’m sorry I had to tip off your activities…… and because of that… Sunny and Hyo got injured….” Yuri said as she apologized.

    Taeyeon walked beside Yuri with a serious look on her face. “Kwon Yuri……. I hereby declare that from now on… you are not fit to be a member on this ship….” Taeyeon said which surprised Tiffany, Jessica and Hyoyeon. “Tae! What are you doing! She apologized already!!” Jessica said.

    “Sica…. You sister is right…. What I did is inexcusable….” Yuri said. “alright major…. I’m prepared for you judgment call…” she added.

    “Kwon Yuri….. as I’ve
    stated, that you’re not a part of the crew…. As of now, you are now part
    of the family of the ship…. And you are now going to work under my
    command. Is that clear?”
    Taeyeon said as she gave Yuri a smile.

    Hearing Taeyeon’s decision made everyone in the room happy. They didn’t expect Taeyeon still trusted Yuri after what happened. “Yuri….
    you can still call me by my name… I, too, apologize for not realizing
    what you gone through… we didn’t know the Mengsk is holding a gun to
    your head… we only realized it when Sooyoung told us.”
    Taeyeon explained.

    “Maj….Taey…..T-Tae…” Yuri tried to call Taeyeon but getting confused on what to call Taeyeon. “relax Yuri.. don’t strain yourself… just call me whatever you’re comfortable with…” Taeyeon said as she laughed and gave Yuri a pat on the shoulder.

    “Sica….. where’s Yoona?” Yuri asked. “I don’t know…I asked her to get Tae and Fany.. she should be here by now…” Jessica said.

    “well about Yoona… I think there’s something you should know about her….” Hyoyeon told them to get their attention. Hyoyeon activated her console and a virtual monitor appeared.

    “I examined Yoona’s
    background and I might say I’m astounded but at the same time disgusted
    the way they treat her… here I’ll play the video clip”
    Hyoyeon said

    Hyoyeon played the video clip and it shows the log on details

    Im Yoona
    Age : 6
    Subject : Female
    Location: Dominion laboratory

    As the clip shows the slip, they Yoona who is still a little girl
    unconscious and lying in an operating table. A male doctor is recording
    the log entry about the examination

    “The dominion discovered her latent ability to sense
    something farther than a normal people she also have a habit of using
    that ability unknowingly to her. Although she’s been a child actress at
    an early age, her abilities were astounding. As I, for one, is also
    impressed. But since she’s still a child I strongly doubt that she can
    control her ability because her lack of guidance. With proper guidance,
    she will be able to use it as her own. I called in a few favor and
    managed to get permission from the emperor to bring a Protoss High
    templar here on the Lab.”
    The doctor said.

    The door behind the doctor opened and revealed the High templar. “greetings my good doctor. Is this the little one that needs guidance?” the high templar asked. “I
    believe she is. She has the extraordinary ability to sense something
    farther but due to her age, she can’t fully control it well.”
    The doctor explained.

    The high templar didn’t reply and just touched Yoona’s head. Then he
    reads all of Yoona’s thoughts. After he finished scanning Yoona’s
    thought the high templar was surprised at is discovery.

    “my good doctor… you
    have to let this girl go… if she falls on the wrong hands… she will be
    abused. I’ve read her mind that she’s been forcefully abducted by the
    Dominion empire! I sense the cruelty and harshness this child
    the high templar said to the doctor. The
    doctor was shocked hearing the high templar’s revelation because the
    information he received upon Yoona’s arrival was false. He was informed
    that they just found Yoona on a Zerg infested area.

    “That can’t be! But the Dominion said they just found her lying on the ground in a Zerg infested area!” the doctor said. “Doctor… her mind speaks the truth let me show you.” the high templar said as it reached on the doctor’s head and Yoona’s head.

    As the high templar finished showing what is on Yoona’s mind, he almost vomited at the massacre that Yoona witnessed. “my God……. How could they kill this girl’s parents right before her eyes!” the doctor said.

    “quickly now! we must take this girl somewhere safe!”
    the high templar said to the doctor. But before they could move the
    door opened and a squad of Marines went in. but before they could fire
    at them, the templar casted a Psionic storm frying the Marines dead.

    As they began to remove the strap on Yoona’s body, another batch of
    Marines swarmed the place. the Doctor managed to get Yoona out of harm’s
    way just in time before the Marines shot the High templar. The doctor
    was speechless. Still clutching Yoona in his arms, Mengsk entered the

    “Hmph… piece of trash… nobody gets away from me! you there!” Mengsk turned his attention to the doctor. "I want you to extract this trash’s DNA and put it inside of that girl!”

    “But Sir! doing this to Im Yoona will endanger her life!!” the doctor. Mengsk cannot stand the complaint and pulled out his gun and threatened the doctor as he aimed at his head. “if you value your life you will do as I say!” Mengsk threatened.

    The doctor couldn’t do anything but to comply. As Mengsk leaves, he
    stationed two Marines right outside the Lab Room and the doctor had no
    choice but to do what he was told.

    The gang watched the entire process of the DNA extraction all of them
    knew the doctor on the video didn’t want to do the experiment but he had
    no choice but to go through with. From the start of the process they
    saw the doctor unwillingly dissected the dead high templar as he says
    “sorry” over and over. The process last for about almost an hour. Then
    he turned his attention to Yoona.

    “Im Yoona…. I’m very sorry…. Mengsk had my family in his hands.”
    The doctor said before injecting the High templar’s DNA to Yoona. The
    video clip shows Yoona has been injected through her arms, nervous
    system and one through her brain. Even though unconscious, Yoona
    screamed in pain. After a minute of pain Yoona calmed down and still
    unconscious. then the doctor shows his face on the recording.

    “whoever manages to find this video clip, please,
    save Im Yoona…. Children like shouldn’t be used for experiments like
    these… she shouldn’t be treated as a weapon…. She should be loved like
    any normal children do… Yoona… I’m sorry for what I did…”
    Then the doctor pulled out a gun from his work table and committed suicide as he shoots himself in the head.

    Then the recording ended. And everyone was left speechless. Their silence was broken when Hyoyeon talked. “first
    things first, my observation why Yoona is acting like a kid… maybe it’s
    because the some of the syringe needle managed to damage a part of her
    brain that’s why she’s still acting like a kid. More like… her mind just
    woke up from a cryo stasis. Even though she’s almost at the age of 20,
    her mind is like of a 6 years old.”
    Hyoyeon explained.

    “Hyo… is there a chance to fix it?” Jessica asked. “unfortunately…
    that is still unknown…. but the good thing though… the learning
    function of her brain is still intact so we don’t have to worry…… and
    besides… I kind of like Yoona that way though..”
    Hyoyeon said as she smiled.

    “that high templar….. I saw him while I was unconscious….. he was residing within Yoona….” Yuri blurted out of reason. “Yuri-ah…. How are you feeling by the way?” Tiffany asked. "I
    feel fine actually… although I feel powerless and a slight head ache..
    that high templar told me… Yoona had vast of abilities lies within her…
    but didn’t told me what it was..”
    Yuri said.

    “Yoona is taking too long… where the heck is she?” Taeyeon said. then Yuri’s door opened and out came Yoona who is dressed like a Ghost. “TADA!! Unnies! Umma! Appa! Since appa is still in bed, I’m going to use her suit! does it looked good to me?”
    Yoona smiled at them. Seeing Yoona in Yuri’s ghost suit left them
    speechless. Then Taeyeon walked beside Yuri and pats her in the

    “Yuri-ah… congratulations… you know have officially became Yoona’s Appa…”
    Taeyeon said as she laughed. And what made them laughed more when
    Yoona made a gun from her fingers and started to play like a little kid
    shooting at nowhere while imitating the sound of the gun.

    As they were laughing, Yuri held Jessica’s hand tighter and Jessica looked at Yuri. “Sica…. No matter what… I won’t let anything or anyone hurt you, Yoona and your sister and our friends.” Yuri said to Jessica.

    Jessica smiled as she heard those words from Yuri. “Yuri-ah… thank you for coming back to us…” Jessica said as she rested her head on Yuri’s chest as both of them smiled while watching Yoona playing with her unnies.

    Location: Tarsonis underground

    Sunny went inside the dilapidated building with the sign of recent battle. “whoa… looks like someone really did a number on this building."
    As Sunny thread the building she went up to the rooftop and find the
    battle is unfinished as some of the unknown forces starts to shoot her.
    Sunny grabbed a rifle scattered nearby and shoots back and successfully
    killed the soldiers. As she stood up a voice from the speaker called

    “Are you a friend of Seo Joo Hyun?” the male voice asked. “I am! Identify yourself!” Sunny replied. “My name is Jung Yong Hwa. Miss Seo contacted me and told me about your friend. I have the device prepared and ready to go.” Yong Hwa answered.

    “well unfortunately, I can’t get to you yet… I’m encountering heavy resistance from the unknown soldiers.” Sunny said. “Those
    soldiers and the Emperor’s elite strike team… when they learned I was
    going to defect, they immediately send those soldiers to kill me.”
    Yong Hwa said.

    “well.. I gotta turn off the turrets first then Seohyun will pick you up. I just need some time!” Sunny said. “ok
    I got that covered, not far from your there’s a powered armor suit.
    That suit is still a prototype but you can use it against the Dominion
    Yong Hwa said.

    “Thank you.. well let’s not waste any more time.”
    Sunny said as she continues to proceed further. As Sunny thread further
    she saw the powered armor suit that Yong Hwa mentioned. A maniacal
    smiled crept up on Sunny’s lips. “well now…. it’s time to have some fun…”

    **this clip is from F.E.A.R. 2 Game. Just imagine that it's Sunny who's inside the suit**

    after Sunny’s “joy ride” tears almost escaped from Sunny’s eyes because of happiness “I’m gonna miss you powered armor”
    Sunny said as she bid farewell by giving it a flying kiss and head to
    the switch to shut down the Missile turrets. Just as Sunny pulls the
    switch, Sooyoung and Seohyun immediately spotted the Missile turrets
    shutting down as it stopped moving. “Hyunnie… it’s time to go.. time to take those nanos off from Yuri.” Sooyoung said and Seohyun nodded.

    An intense war comes after as Sunny successfully reached the area where Yong Hwa is hiding. “I'm Sgt. Lee Sunny. Are you Professor Jung Yong Hwa?” Sunny asked. “yes.. yes I am.. here’s the device that will remove the nano machines from your friend’s body."

    Yong Hwa show a small device shaped like a gun. “all we have to do is to inject this to your friend and it will dissolve the nano machines inside your friend’s body.” Yong Hwa explained.

    "I appreciate the explanation but right now, we have to get you out of here”
    Sunny said. Yong Hwa nodded but as Sunny opened the door she spotted
    countless elite forces along the hallway. Sunny couldn’t fire back as
    the shooting sequence of Mengsk’s elite force were in harmony as the
    front line emptied their magazine, the second line is automatically
    firing away.

    “Damn it!! There’s too many of them!!” Sunny said while taking cover from the wall with Yong Hwa in her side. “Sgt. Lee there’s another way… but it will be huge…” Yong Hwa said. “whatever it is, if it means on getting us out of here, I don’t care!” Sunny said as she topple some tables, chairs and filing cabinet on the only passageway.

    “This way!!” Yong Hwa pulls Sunny’s arm as
    he leads her to a big room. Yong Hwa turned on the lights and a huge
    Drophip name CNBlue was revealed in front of Sunny.

    “HOLYSH--- you had this in your place and you will leave this here?” Sunny said as she almost cursed the huge drop ship. “Yes
    I do since this drop ship is not completed. I’m adding some weapons on
    this one but sadly I’ve been discovered by the Dominion before I could
    finish this one.”
    Yong Hwa explained.

    As they both got inside the CNBlue, Sunny asked Yong Hwa a question. “by the way Prof… why did you build this one in the first place?”

    “I didn’t build this one actually, I discovered this one buried in here. Then I just wanted to add some weapon systems.”
    Yong Hwa explained. Both of them stood by the bridge. As both of them
    stood up they both stopped. As if they’re waiting for something.

    “Prof! what are you waiting for?!” Sunny said. “me? I’m waiting for you to start this ship up!!” Yong Hwa replied. “ME??!!? I don’t know how to pilot a ship!! I thought you’re the one who will pilot it since you’re the one modifying it!!” Sunny retorted.

    “Oh for the rank of Sergeant… YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO PILOT A SHIP?!?” Yong Hwa said.

    “Well THE GREAT INTELLIGENT PROFESSOR! PARDON ME FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO PILOT A SHIP SINCE I’M ON GROUND UNIT!!” Sunny replied. In the midst of their bickering, Dominion Elite forces managed to follow them.

    As they were positioning their formation to capture Sunny and Yong Hwa,
    the roof of the Hangar exploded and Seohyun deactivates her cloaking
    system followed by Sooyoung unleashing her shockwave missile instantly
    killing the remaining forces of the ground.

    “Sunny unnie! Yong Hwa! Are you two alright?” Seohyun asked. “Hyunnie, your friend is here with me… but we have a problem.. we don’t know how to turn this thing on.” Sunny replied. Seohyun’s eyes widened as she saw the huge drop ship still docked.

    “Unnie! I can pilot it!
    I have been trained to fly one of those, just open the hatch above and
    me and Sooyoung unnie will dock inside.”
    Seohyun said.
    Sunny lucky guessed the button and successfully opened the hatch and
    Sooyoung and Seohyun finally docked inside. And they both hurriedly went
    to the bridge.

    “Yong!” Seohyun greeted Yong Hwa. “Seo!”
    Yong Hwa greeted back and they did a hand shake. Sooyoung on the other
    hand, as soon she saw Sunny, she immediately hugged the shorter girl
    tight. “ACK! Too tight TOO TIGHT!! Can’t breathe!! Youngie!!!” Sunny struggles for air.

    “oops Sorry my bunny.. I’m worried sick about you! you don’t know worried I was.” Sooyoung said as she let go of Sunny.

    “you better believe her
    Unnie.. she’s been constantly saying your name every 10 minutes while
    we were evading the Dominion’s forces from the ground.”
    Seohyun said as she lifted off the CNBlue.

    “ok Unnies… we’re home
    safe now… and Yong… will you explain to us why are you here on Tarsonis
    and working for the Dominion once we return on the Hyperion.”
    Seohyun said.

    Episode 15 Complete

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    Waah! Jinjja! YuSicFany jjang~ida! Gomowa! :DD

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    Episode 16

    Inside the huge Drop ship named CNBlue, Sooyoung and Sunny went back to the Dicking area where they docked their units.

    “Sunny Bunny…. How was your first Solo *unofficial* mission?…” Sooyoung ask out of ordinary. “well… I’m a little nervous at first since I have to deal with the Emperor’s elite strike team” Sunny said as she tore down her body armor. “but
    then good thing I saw the powered armor suit that Hyunnie and the prof
    said to me.. and it gave one hell of a ride of my life”
    Sunny said as she smiled while still remembering her experience from that suit.

    “yeah I know how you enjoy it…. You’re smiling like Taengoo when thinking of Tiffany’s butt” Sooyoung said and receive a slight slap from Sunny on her arm.

    “YAH! At least I’m not touching butts or something!” Sunny explained as both of them laughed.

    “seriously my Bunny. I was really worried about you back there…” Sooyoung said as she hugged the shorter girl warmly. Sunny hugged back. “Don’t
    worry Youngie…. I’m always thinking of you whenever I’m in a dangerous
    situation like I had earlier… that way, I have a strong reason to come
    back and it was you….”
    Sunny said as she gave Sooyoung a peck on the lips and Sooyoung answered by kissing back.

    Location: CNBlue – Bridge

    “Yong…are positive about this? Turning your back against the Dominion will cost your life….” Seohyun said to Yong Hwa. “what about you Seo? why do you fight against them?” Yong Hwa asked.

    “the Dominion made my
    parents suffer. They seized all of our assets until we’re broke. We’re
    not that rich but why would the empire do something like that? my parent
    had to do everything they can just to make me finish my studies. But by
    the time I finished, both of them mysteriously struck by a disease. A
    fatal one…”
    Seohyun explained as her face shows a sad expression.

    “you must be missing your parents badly…” Yong Hwa said. “I
    guess you could say that. after my parents died I was sent to an
    orphanage and there was one girl who befriended me… her name was IU..”
    Seohyun said.

    “wait a minute…. What do you mean… “was”? she got adopted before you two got close?” Yong Hwa asked. “well……..
    yeah… then after she was adopted, the orphanage were starting to
    bankrupt… so I made a choice… knowing Military services.. I know the pay
    was good.. I immediately signed up. but I think I enlisted too late..”
    Seohyun said.

    “what do you mean late?” Yong Hwa asked. “by
    the time I passed the test, that orphanage closed down. when I was
    walking aimlessly and feeling depressed, I started to think about my
    parents who loved me dearly…”
    Seohyun started to cry.

    “if I were given a
    chance to make a wish… I wish to see them one more time and tell them
    how much I loved them…. I want to thank them for their hardships for
    raising me even when they struggle to work just to let me go to school….
    I never had a chance to tell them since I was little I always think
    they have no time for me as they are always not at home….”
    Seohyun’s voice started to crack. “but
    I came to realize….. they’ve been on a countless side jobs just to earn
    some credits, even if the pay was not good, they still take it even if
    the time is complicated….. because of me….”
    Seohyun added.

    Yong Hwa couldn’t utter a word. He never knew at the hardships Seohyun
    go through. Sooyoung and Sunny who is secretly listening also couldn’t
    help but shed tears to the younger girl.

    “I never knew Hyunnie had such a past….” Sooyoung said to Sunny while staying hidden behind the door to the bridge. “yeah…
    that’s why she never knew how people’s attitude works… she’s always
    alone throughout her entire life….. Fany-ah… did you get all that?”
    Sunny replied to Sooyoung at the same time she opened a channel to Tiffany’s comm.-link. “Fany-ah?” Sunny called Tiffany again but instead of an answer they both heard a sniffing sound from the other line.

    “Aigoo… Fany-ah… are you crying?” Sunny asked. “who wouldn’t? for such a young age and threading those hardships? Being orphaned at an early age… who wouldn’t Sunny?” Tiffany said as she sobs. Sooyoung and Sunny continues to eavesdrop the conversation.

    “you…you must be lonely ever since… I thought you were a snobbish girl when we were in the academy..” Yong Hwa said as he stepped closer to Seohyun.

    Seohyun continues to cry as she still remembers her parents and to her
    surprise, Yong Hwa hugged her. as she was surprised, Seohyun immediately
    pushed Yong Hwa back. “Yong! What are you doing?” Seohyun said as she wiped her tears away.

    “relax Seo… I was just comforting you… that’s all…” Yong Hwa said. “I’m sorry….. but thank you…” Seohyun said.

    But as the atmosphere was getting peaceful, something hit them. Alarms
    were buzzing loudly and nonstop, Seohyun pushed the control panel of the
    ship and she saw the Dominion forces came after them.

    Sooyoung and Sunny now entered the bridge. “Hyunnie! What’s the status!” Sooyoung asked.

    “Unnie! multiple
    Dominion wraiths came after us! Since Yong said this ship was still in
    progress, it will not stand at these amount of attacks! Major damages of
    this ship are starting to accumulate! We have to evacuate this ship!!”
    Seohyun asked. “Yong, Unnies! You go ahead at the docking pad I will set the hatch remotely. Yong, go with my unnies! Now GO!” Seohyun shouted and the three of them hurriedly went to the docking pad of the ship.

    “MAYDAY! MAYDAY!! This
    is former Captain Seo Joo Hyun! Commander!! We need assistance! We’re
    being attacked! Multiple Dominion wraiths are coming after us! We need
    immediately assistance!! We are aboard at an unregistered drop ship!”
    Seohyun alerted Raynor at the Hyperion.

    “Seo! what’s your coordinates?!” Raynor immediately replied from the other line. “Commander!!
    I can’t give the coordinates! This ship is still work on progress!! We
    just used it to escape!! We are also preparing to evacuate this ship!!
    Seohyun out!”
    Seohyun said as she ended their transmission and hurriedly went to the docking pad.

    As she got there, her wraith are warmed up and ready to lift off as
    Sooyoung prepared it for her. Sooyoung and Sunny were already inside the
    Banshee including Yong Hwa is also already inside. “Omo… this is the first I have a crowded company at my Banshee.. Professor.. don’t do anything stupid from out back..” Sooyoung said.

    Several explosions starts to show behind Seohyun as the CNBlue ship couldn’t take any more damage.

    Seohyun quickly dashed towards the wraith and used some tables as a
    leverage to quickly get inside the cockpit as she jumped inside it. “OPENING HATCH NOW!!” Seohyun said.

    But when Seohyun remotely opening the hatch above them, it got stuck in the middle of opening.

    “Hyunnie! It’s stuck!!” Sooyoung said as the explosions are getting intense by the moment. Seohyun didn’t answered and quickly think of a solution.

    “Hang on Sooyoung unnie! I’ll make a way!”
    Seohyun said as she starts to blast the side of the ship with her
    Gemini Air-to-Air missile repeatedly until she bore a huge hole on the
    side. “SOOYOUNG UNNIE!! GO!!” Sooyoung went out first. As Sooyoung, Sunny and Yong Hwa got out they noticed Seohyun are not following them.

    “Hyunnie! What are you doing!! The ship is going to blow!” Sunny said from the comm.-link. “the hole is not big enough for the wraith to punch through!! I need more time!” Seohyun said from her comm.-link.

    “sorry Prof… we can’t abandon our Hyunnie…” Sooyoung said as she prepares to go back. “Don’t mind me Seargeant… just do what you have to do..” Yong Hwa said and Sooyoung immediately turned around.

    “Sgt Choi! What your status!!” Raynor contacted Sooyoung on her Banshee. “Commander! I’m going back for Seohyun! She’s trapped in that ship!!” Sooyoung replied.

    As Sooyoung was close enough to the CNBlue dropship, the nightmare
    happened as the drop ship completely exploded knowing Seohyun is still

    “HYUNNIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!” Sooyoung and Sunny both shouted as Yong Hwa clenched his fists at disbelief.

    After the huge explosion, Sooyoung’s scanner shows the Dominion wraiths are slowly withdrawing from their pursuit.

    “you pabo…… saving Yuri don’t mean a thing if you’re not around….” Sooyoung said as she cries. “youngie….. let’s go back……. we….. we need to tell them what happened…..” Sunny suggested as she’s holding her tears back.

    Location: Hyperion – Bridge

    Raynor was monitoring the activities and witnessing first hand of Seohyun’s fate, Raynor was depressed and mad. “DAMN THE DOMINION!” Raynor was angry at what happened. Matt also couldn’t speak a word.

    “Matt….. inform the entire crew of what happened………..”
    Raynor walked out of the bridge with the feeling of heaviness inside
    his heart. Even though Raynor didn’t have a his own family, the loss of
    Seohyun became quite a shock to him as she treats Seohyun as a family as
    she got aboard the Hyperion. “Seohyun… I swear I’ll make the Dominion pay for what they did..” Raynor said as she walked towards the Cantina.

    “Everyone…. May I have your attention please….” Matt talked through the intercom on the entire ship. “I
    regretfully to inform you……….. that our youngest crew member and a
    family member, Seo Joo Hyun…… was K.I.A. by the Dominion forces while
    escaping from Tarsonis…. I’m sorry everyone……”
    Matt wanted to continue but couldn’t as he was too depressed to say anymore.

    Tiffany and Taeyeon were stunned at the news they heard. Mostly Tiffany.
    Yuri and Jessica were surprised also and Yoona cried like a kid beside
    them. Hyoyeon dropped her glass of water inside her work lab.

    Worried for her partner’s break down, Taeyeon immediately got up from their bed and hurriedly went to the bridge alone.

    “SIR! what do you mean Seohyun’s been KIA? It couldn’t be true!! She’s an excellent pilot!” Taeyeon said to Matt with a slight anger on her voice. “Major….
    I know it’s hard to believe but we’re monitoring their actions through
    their ship… Sgt. Choi and Sgt. Lee saw it in their own eyes…. They’re
    arriving right now at the Hangar 2 Bay….”
    Matt answered as he didn’t looked Taeyeon straight on the eyes.

    Taeyeon hurriedly rushed to the hangar 2 Bay, just in time, Sooyoung and
    the rest arrived. Sooyoung knew Taeyeon is furious. As the three of
    them went down from the Banshee, Taeyeon rushed in front of them and
    grabbed Sooyoung from the collar of her uniform. “SOOYOUNG! What happened to Seohyun?! TELL ME!!” Taeyeon said as she couldn’t contain her frustration.

    “T-Taengoo… I’m sorry
    but we really saw it…. She’s still inside when the ship blew up….we were
    waiting for her wraith to come out the she never did…”
    Sooyoung answered sadly as she turned her head down, averting Taeyeon’s glare.

    Taeyeon yelled but Sooyoung didn’t answer. But before Taeyeon could
    utter another word, Tiffany and Sunny stopped her and soon Taeyeon
    realized, Sooyoung is also crying silently while biting her own lip.

    “S-Sooyoung… I’m sorry…”
    Taeyeon said released Sooyoung. All of them were left speechless. Even
    the crew who witnessed Taeyeon’s outburst were stunned. Taeyeon noticed
    and walked out of the hangar with Tiffany following her.

    Location: Unknown

    “W-where am I…..” the person said as she opened her eyes, it was Seohyun. “ooow…”
    Seohyun winced in pain as she checks herself that she had a minor
    injury on her forehead because of a small cut due to the hard concussion
    from the impact of the explosion. “oh yeah….. the ship exploded….” She added.

    She noticed, she’s still intact inside the wraith’s cockpit and soon
    realized she successfully made her way out but unfortunately, the
    explosion managed to destroy the wraith’s booster as she tries to fly
    away. Without moving an inch and rifting in space , Seohyun decided to
    contact the Hyperion.

    “come in Hyperion… this Seohyun… can anyone hear me?” Seohyun tried to contact the Hyperion but didn’t received an answer. “Come in Hyperion! Commander?! Sir Matt!! Anyone?!” Seohyun repeated but still didn’t get an answer. Seohyun starts to give up hope.

    “if only I hadn’t done that… this wouldn’t happen…….” Seohyun said as she contemplated on her actions.

    “umma…. Appa…. I’m alone again…….. I don’t want to be alone anymore… I promise I’ll be good…” Seohyun said as she starts to hug her knees and sobs as she remembers her parents from her past. “I miss everyone……” Seohyun said as her tears started to fall down and her feelings of sadness reached one person from the Hyperion.

    Location: Hyperion – Yuri’s room

    Yuri and Jessica were totally depressed upon hearing the news. “dammit…. If only I haven’t been injured… Seohyun wouldn’t have to go through all this…”
    Yuri said as she clenched her fist. Jessica, who is beside Yuri,
    comforts her and trying to act tough but hurting deep inside upon the

    “It’s ok Yul…. No one is blaming you…….” Jessica said as she hugged Yuri. “Umma… Appa… Hyunnie… I want Hyunnie back!!” Yoona cried hard although she haven’t had a chance to talk to Seohyun, Yoona somehow feels sad.

    Seeing Yoona in her helpless state, both Jessica and Yuri knew that Yoona is feeling again her dilemma of losing someone.

    “Umma…. Appa… Hyunnie!! Where is Hyunnie!?!?”
    Yoona again cried. Jessica never felt so pitiful seeing Yoona crying
    like that, besides that Yoona’s way of thinking is like a kid, with the
    depressing news about Seohyun dead adds more pressure.

    “Yoong…. I know how hard it is for you… it’s hard for us also…” Jessica said as she walked beside Yoona and hugged her.

    But in the midst of crying, Yoona suddenly stopped crying as she blankly stared at the ceiling. Yuri and Jessica noticed it.

    “Y-Yoong? What’s wrong?” Yuri asked. “Appa…. Hyunnie…. Crying alone…. In a dark place…..” Yoona replied to Yuri while still looking at the ceiling.

    “Yoong… I know Seohyun is gone and died in spa…” Jessica said but Yoona cuts in before she could finish her words.” NO!! Hyunnie is Alive!! S-she’s in a dark place! she’s crying alone!! She don’t wanna be alone!! APPA! Save her!! Umma!!”
    Yoona is now frantically asking her “parents”. Before Jessica could
    calm down Yoona, Yuri suddenly remembered that the Protoss high templar
    said to her in her consciousness.

    “Sica wait!! I remember the high templar entity residing Yoona’s body, Yoona can sense something something unnatural….” Yuri said.

    “Yul! Don’t be ridiculous!! There’s no way Seohyun could survive that explosion!” Jessica said. then Yuri stared Jessica with a serious face. “Sica…. Do you trust me or not?”

    Jessica was speechless at Yuri’s question. “Look Sica…. It’s not bad to try but at least, let’s give Yoona a chance on this one…. Please?” Yuri begged. Jessica stared at Yuri and saw that Yuri is not also playing around.

    “ok… just this once…” Jessica finally gave in. “Thank you Sica…. Please call Taeyeon…. This is important to us…” Yuri requested. As Jessica went outside, Yuri called Yoona to her side. “Yoong? Can you tell me more?”

    “Appa… Hyunnie is crying…. I can feel her sadness…. She really feels all alone in a dark place….” Yoona cried softly again as she hugged Yuri, who is still in the medical bed.

    “Yoong…listen carefully
    to Appa… I’m going to tell your Taeyeon unnie to take you with them… I
    know you can tell where is Seohyun…”
    Yuri said.

    “I don’t wanna!! I don’t wanna be far with Appa!!” Yoona said. “Yoong…it’s ok, I’m just staying here… besides, I will let your Umma go with you alright?” Yuri said as she gave Yoona a gentle smile. Yoona smiled back at Yuri as she understood and nodded.

    “Yuri!! you need something?” Taeyeon suddenly entered the room. “Taeng…. Take Yoona with you… Seohyun is still alive…”
    Yuri said without explaining everything to Taeyeon. As Taeyeon are
    going to ask, Tiffany immediately ran towards her Medivac and prepares
    to go out.

    Still concerned with Tiffany, Taeyeon Followed after her. “Yuri? what do you mean “take Yoona” with Taeyeon?” Jessica asked.

    “Sica… before I woke
    up, Yoona had a Protoss DNA on her but aside from that, ever since she
    was a kid, she already have the ability to sense something beyond from
    us… I figured she can pinpoint Seohyun’s location… trust me on this
    Sica… if this turns out a failure…. You can do anything you want to
    Yuri said. “but of course… you’re going too… we don’t want to leave our “little” big Yoona going alone, do we?” Yuri added as she smile.

    “alright…. I just hope you’re right about this…” Jessica said as she waved goodbye to Yuri. “I know you can do it Yoona… I just know you can…” Yuri said to herself as she was alone on her room. “I have to do something….” Yuri added as she tried to call Hyoyeon.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 bay

    Jessica, Yoona, Taeyeon and Tiffany got on board the Medivac when Raynor caught with them. “what are you girls doing?” Raynor asked.

    “Sir… I …..WE believed Seohyun is still alive…” Tiffany answered. “Girls.. I order you to stand down… whatever it is… it will not change a thing..” Raynor said to them.

    Yoona suddenly came out and yelled at Raynor which surprised him. With
    Yoona’s serious face and her childlike act directly in front of his
    face, Raynor is also defeated at Yoona’s action. “alright…. Report to me what you can find out there… we will track you by coordinates so we can follow you..”
    Raynor said as he sighed and walked back to the bridge but deep inside,
    Raynor is also hoping they will find Seohyun still alive.

    Location: Unknown

    Seohyun woke up again as she falls asleep from her crying earlier. “oh…
    I guess… this is my fate….. dying alone into an unknown empty and dark
    universe…. I should’ve been more….flexible… making decisions on my own….
    I should’ve asked other people’s opinion….”
    Seohyun said but then, her console began to flash a red color, she checked the monitor and her oxygen reserves are running low.

    “Oxygen level.. low.. and I have 20 minutes left..” Seohyun said. "What’s the use…. I’m going to die anyway…. Umma… Appa… I will meet you soon….” Seohyun said as she closed her eyes and a tear escaped from the eyes as it slides down on her cheek.

    As Seohyun’s oxygen are nearly depleting, she finds it hard to breathe
    as she starts to suffocate. Although she said she’s ready to die, in her
    mind, she still want to live as she struggles for air.

    Then she heard another alarm, although her vision is starting to get
    blurry, saw the alarm an oncoming Mutalisks coming at her direction.

    Although she had 3 minutes of oxygen left, she tried to activate her weapon systems which is fortunate that it is still intact. “you’re not going kill me as you please!”
    Seohyun unleashed her remaining Gemini Air-to-Air missiles and managed
    to hit some of the Mutalisks but another batch followed. 1 minute and 45
    seconds of oxygen left, Seohyun resorted on using the remaining energy
    of the 25mm Burst laser and attacked back as the Mutalisks headed
    towards her.

    Unfortunately, her oxygen limit reached its capacity as her visions are
    slowly getting dim and she passed out. The last thing she heard was a
    Mutalisk nearing her and then totally black out.

    Location: Hyperion Medical Room

    Hours have passed, Seohyun opened her eyes as she came to a surprise
    that she finds herself into an unknown room. with her vision is still
    blur, she could only see a silhouette of a person and that person is
    crying. Due to the effect of the lack of oxygen her hearing is also
    somewhat weak but as seconds have passed her hearing is beginning to
    clear and she heard that person is crying as she also feels the tears is
    dripping on her face.

    Seohyun winked a few time and her vision is also starting to get clear and saw Yoona’s face looking at her and crying. “Y-Yoona unnie?” Seohyun said the first word she could think after nearing her death experience.

    Hearing Seohyun speak, Yoona immediately hugged Seohyun. “HYUNNIE!!!!” Yoona shouted as she confirmed Seohyun is alright.

    Seohyun turned her head and saw all of them, including Yuri with her inside the room. “U-Unnies?…” Seohyun called them but Tiffany went next to her and hugged her also.

    “Hyunnie…. Don’t you ever scare me like that! you don’t know how worried I was….” Tiffany said as her tears also escaped her eyes.

    With Tiffany showing affection towards her, Seohyun suddenly felt a warm
    in her heart. The same warmth she felt when her parents are still
    alive. “Tiffany unnie?” Seohyun called.

    “Ssshhh.. don’t talk
    anymore Seohyun-ah… just now get some rest…. But you’ve got to thank
    Yoona here… she’s the one who saved you….”
    Tiffany said. “Seohyun-ah…. whether you like it or not… I’ll take care of you just like your Umma did…” Tiffany said to herself as she smiled with relief.

    With Seohyun out of the danger, all of them left her except for Yoona. “Hyunnie…. I’m here.. don’t be sad anymore..….” Yoona said out of the blue. “Y-Yoona unnie… what’s wrong?” Seohyun asked.

    “your Umma and Appa, they left you alone didn’t they…”
    Yoona said with a concerned look on her face. Seohyun was surprised
    because she didn’t told any person besides Yong Hwa about her past. “Yoona unnie…who told you that?” Seohyun asked.

    “no one… I kind of saw it from your mind….” Yoona replied as she sticks her tongue out making Seohyun smiled a bit. “there Hyunnie is smiling again!” Yoona clapped her hands like a kid.

    “Hyunnie… I’m here… I
    won’t leave you alone… it’s sad to be alone… Sica umma and Yuri appa is
    also here, they won’t leave you alone… Taeyeon unnie and Tiffany unnie
    is also here and then there’s Hyoyeon unnie, Sooyougn unnie! we won’t
    leave you alone! Of course there’s mister Raynor and Mister Horner and
    Miss Nova also! So don’t feel alone!”
    Yoona said
    chodingly which made Seohyun chuckled at Yoona’s kiddie expression as
    she stretched her both arms out forming like a hug. Seohyun feels
    Yoona’s warmness and couldn’t contain what she’s feeling and she
    suddenly hugged Yoona.

    “thank you Yoona unnie… thank you…”
    Seohyun said as she sobbed. At first Yoona was startled at Seohyun’s
    sudden hug but hearing Seohyun’s “thank you” Yoona smiled gently for the
    first time and hugged the younger girl back.

    “it’s alright Hyunnie….. it’s a promise!” Yoona said as she shows Seohyun her warm and gentle smile which made Seohyun’s heart flutter.

    Episode 16 Complete

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    Episode 17

    >> Flashback at Seohyun’s rescue <<
    Location: Hyperion

    After Tiffany, Taeyeon, Jessica and Yoona left to look for Seohyun, Hyoyeon went over to Yuri’s room. “Yul…. You sure you want to do this?” Hyoyeon asked. “Hyo… I need to do something… I can’t just lay around on this bed all this time!” Yuri said.

    “fine… don’t blame me if you got hurt again…” Hyoyeon said as she handed a bottle of new type of painkillers. “Yul don’t over use it I just made that up just now so I don’t know the side effects.” Hyoyeon said.

    “thanks Hyo…. And tell Seohyun’s friend, that the nanos can wait… right now saving Seohyun is more important..” Yuri said as she took the pain killers. “guess it’s a success then…” Hyoyeon said as she observed nothing happened to Yuri.

    Yuri thanked Hyoyeon and hurriedly went over to the Hangar Area.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 Bay

    Sooyoung and Sunny were surprised to see Yuri already up and walking around. “YUL! You’re okay!?” Sunny said. “Actually I’m not… I just took some pain killers from Hyo…. Soo… is there any unit I can use to follow them?” Yuri asked.

    “well…. We still have Banshee… as always and Vikings and wraiths…. Why? are you going to follow them?” Sooyoung asked. “it’s just…. I don’t know… something tells me… getting Seohyun back won’t be easy…. Aaargh…” Yuri said as she holds her head that it’s aching badly.

    “Y-Yul..are really alright?” Sooyoung asked with concern. “y-yeah.. I’m fine… just a slight head ache.. Soo… you and Sunny rest… I’ll be using this Viking…” Yuri said but before she was going on board the Viking, Someone stopped her.

    “Kwon Yuri…. where do you think you’re going?” all of them turned around and saw Nova. “N-Nova… just let me go I have to follow them.” Yuri said.

    “my my….. I’ve never seen you so very much concerned like this…. *sigh* what else can I do… you’ll go anyway even if I say “no” here take this…” Nova walked towards Yuri and gave her a new visor like the one she lost on Mar Sara. “never ever lose it again you hear? Now I’ll go back now to Korhal before Mengsk finds out I’m here..” with that being said, Nova vanished in thin air. Yuri just smiled because she knew how Nova works. “thank you….” Yuri whispered and hopped on board the Viking and followed suit.

    Location: Unknown location of space

    “Sica… are you sure about this?” Taeyeon asked Jessica. “I don’t know Tae… but somehow I get the feeling Yuri is right…..” Jessica answered.

    “Yoona… are you sure Seohyun is alive?” Jessica asked Yoona. “Umma…. I’m pretty sure… Hyunnie is alive….” Yoona replied to Jessica.

    Just then a Tiffany’s radar alarmed. “Tae-Tae! I’m detecting a heat signature coming from northeast. What is your order?” Tiffany said. “follow
    that Fany-ah…… if it’s Seohyun… she might be in trouble… Sica, you and
    Yoona stay here with my Mushroom, Fany-ah, as soon I got in the cargo
    hold, I want you to seal an airlock and open the hatch on the cargo
    Taeyeon said as she cocked her Modified Gauss Rifle and set its option on Rail gun mode.

    They finally reached the source and saw Seohyun still fighting a bunch of Mutalisks. “Fany-ah I want you to hover close to Seohyun’s location and open the hatch now!” Taeyeon said from her Comm-link as she latched herself in order not to float with zero gravity.

    “Opening hatch now.”
    Tiffany said as she pushed a switch to her console. As soon the hatch
    opened, Taeyeon precisely aimed at the Mutalisk that is coming at them
    and managed to hit it directly on its body causing it to explode, some
    of the Mutalisks witnessed what happened and went towards them. Taeyeon
    fired non-stop using her Rail-gun type shell until it’s depleted.

    “You think I’m finished? Think again you freakin’ Muta-butts!” Taeyeon quickly change her Gauss rifle into piercing type and fired again.

    “Hyunnie! Hyunnie! Come in!!” Tiffany tried to contact Seohyun but soon realized she’s not answering as her activities of fighting back the Mutalisk ceased.

    Just then, Yoona felt a jolt of electricity within her body as she felt Seohyun’s life force is fading. “HYUNNIEE!!!!” Yoona shouted as her eyes started to glow azure blue.

    Tiffany and Jessica were surprised at Yoona as a bright light engulfed
    Yoona and she held her hands towards the direction of Mustalisk swarm
    flying around as Seohyun’s broken wraith and were left speechless as
    they saw Yoona casts a Psionic storm wiping out many Mutalisks.

    “Fany-ah! Sica!! That’s a Psionic Storm!! Who did….” Taeyeon asked but was cut off by Jessica. “Tae! It was Yoona who did that!! We don’t know how but she did that!!” Jessica replied.

    While still being surprised by Yoona’s unexpected help, two Mutalisks
    suddenly came rushing towards them as Tiffany’s radar detects it. “TAE-TAE!! MUTALISK 3 o’clock!!” Tiffany warned Taeyeon.

    As Taeyeon finally noticed the oncoming Mutalisks, it was almost nearing them. “SH*T! I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME TO AIM!!” Taeyeon said.

    And right in front of them the two Mutalisks suddenly exploded as it was hit by a Lanzer Torpedoes. “Lanzer Torpedoes? That’s from a Viking unit! But who would’ve…” Tiffany asked as she was confused.

    Click to listen to the Battle music >> Yuri and Taeyeon's Battle music

    “It seems my timing was right…. Black Pearl Yul has arrived!” to their surprise, it was Yuri who arrived. “Taeng! How are things there?” Yuri asked. A slight smile crept from Taeyeon’s lips. “YURI?!… you really never listen when someone tells you take it easy huh?” Taeyeon said.

    “well… I can’t let my Sica and Yoong in danger right?”
    Yuri said as she flew right in front of Taeyeon as she do a spiral
    flight while releasing another couple of Lanzer Torpedoes hitting
    another oncoming Mutalisks.

    “hehehe… you really like my sister huh? …. ‘Got no complaints about that… let’s do this Yul!” Taeyeon said to Yuri as she smiles.

    “Tae-Tae wait!! You know Yuri is still recovering!!” Tiffany said. “Tiffany… it’s alright, Hyoyeon gave me some painkillers… it should hold long enough to save Seohyun…” Yuri said as she released another pair of Lanzer Torpedoes hitting another couple of Mutalisks.

    Yuri spotted a few Corruptors coming in. “Taeng! There’s some Corruptors!! I need support fire” Yuri said. “I’m on It Yul!”
    Taeyeon said. Taeyeon changed her ammo type into explosive and aimed
    again precisely on some Corruptors. As Taeyeon managed to hit the
    Corruptors, they exploded.

    “Sica! Yoong! Mutalisk Glaive Wurm Projectile incoming!!”
    Tiffany said but the attack of the Mutalisk was averted when Jessica
    and Tiffany saw Yoona sets up a Psionic Barrier around them. “Y-Yoong? How did you…” Tiffany asked in confusion. “I- I don’t know Tiffany unnie but hurry up… I’m starting to feel drained…” Yoona replied as her knees started to give in for maintaining her ability for a long time.

    “Yuri! Tae!, Yoona can’t hold out much longer hurry up!!”
    Jessica reminded them through the comm.-link. Hearing Yoona’s
    condition, Yuri also attacked some Corruptors and they both, her and
    Taeyeon, managed to wipe out the small numbers of it.

    “that’s some Gauss you got there Taeng..*whistles*” Yuri said in amazement as she whistles. “you liked it huh? Hyo made this modification and I’m SO loving it!” Taeyeon replied.

    “YUL! There’s twelve Scourges behind you!!” Jessica said from her comm.-link. “CRAP!! I can’t shake them off on my tail!!” Yuri said as she puts her thrusters into maximum.

    “Yul! Keep it steady! I’ll shoot it from here!!”
    Taeyeon said to Yuri from her comm.-link. Yuri set her flight path
    across to Taeyeon’s target range and Taeyeon spends her last rounds of
    Piercing ammo on the Scourges that’s chasing Yuri and managed to defeat
    it all.

    “Nice Shot Taeng!” Yuri praised Taeyeon. “HAH! I wouldn’t be a Major for nothing.” Taeyeon said as she smiled and cocked her Gauss Rifle.

    >> battle Music end <<

    “Tae-Tae!! Mutalisk forces are thinning out and retreating… it’s safe now to rescue Seohyun!” Tiffany reminded Taeyeon. “I read you Mushroom… Yul we’ll rescue Seohyun now, go chase the remaining Mutalisks.” Taeyeon said.

    “you don’t have to say twice. I’m on it Taeng…..ugh…” Yuri replied but suddenly felt a pain.

    “Yuri? are you ok?” Taeyeon asked with concern. “I’m… I’m fine…it’s just the pain killer’s effect are wearing out….. aargh…” Yuri replied as she winced in a slight pain. “Yuri… you don’t sound so good… can you make it back?” Tiffany asked.

    But all they heard from the other line was Yuri’s hard breathing. “Tae……. Yuri’s painkiller effect is wearing off…” Jessica said.

    “Yuri! can you still
    hear me? listen… leave the Viking! Tiffany will retrieve Seohyun and
    I’ll go get you out of there. Wear a space suit can you at least do
    Taeyeon said.

    “S-sure… sorry to be a burden again….” Yuri said with a weak voice. “Aish… for a second there Yul… we thought something happened to you… pabo…” Taeyeon said with a sign of relief and smiled.

    After they successfully rescued Seohyun, and Yuri was picked up by Taeyeon.

    Location: Medivac – Cargo Hold

    “Yuri… keep still I’ll try to ease that pain..” Jessica said as she treats Yuri. “Thanks Sica…” Yuri replied as she smiled. “APPA!! I have this cool powers! I can shoot lightnings and stuff!!” Yoona said happily as she ran towards Yuri.

    “Nice job there too Yoong… you managed to save Hyunnie..”
    Yuri said as she pats Yoona’s shoulder. The younger girl smiled
    brightly even though tired but went over to Seohyun who is still
    unconscious and getting a medical treatment from Tiffany.

    “Tiffany unnie… is Hyunnie alright?” Yoona asked. “Don’t worry about her Yoong… with your help, we saved her….” Tiffany said with a smile and Yoona smiled back. “Taeyeon unnie! you’re so…………….COOOOL!!!” Yoona said as she hugged Taeyeon who is now out of her Marine Suit and piloting the Medivac.

    “ehehe! Thanks Yoona…. You’re also great…” Taeyeon praised Yoona. “well… just sit here beside me and let your Umma and Tiffany unnie treat them alright?” Taeyeon said and Yoona nodded as the head back to the Hyperion.

    >> End of Flashback <<

    Location: Hyperion - Seohyun's treatment room

    “well…. That’s what happened when we thought you’re dead Hyunnie..”
    Tiffany explained to Seohyun who is still in the bed with Yoona
    sleeping on her side. Seohyun looked at Yoona and smiled gently. “Tiffany
    unnie…. about Yoona…… is it ok for her to act like this? I mean she
    seems mature but she acts like a kid…. Is there something wrong with
    Seohyun asked as she’s concerned and curious about Yoona’s condition.

    “Well….. according to
    your Hyoyeon unnie, Yoona’s mind was like… some sort of damaged for some
    reason… because of the experiments the Dominion have done to her… but
    it’s also not serious… besides.. Yoona’s cute that way isn’t she?”
    Tiffany said with a gentle smile.

    “I see…….. so….i heard from Sooyoung unnie when we were in Tarsonis…. Yuri unnie is now Yoona’s Appa…..” Seohyun said with a slight hint of sadness on her face as she brushed the sleeping Yoona’s hair. “I feel so stupid Unnie… I doubted Yuri unnie and yet she also helped rescuing me….” Seohyun’s said as tears slowly rolled down from her cheek.

    Tiffany saw it and pat Seohyun’s head. “Don’t think about that Hyunnie…. Yuri will understand just explain to her…” Tiffany explained as she hugged Seohyun who is now crying.

    “T-Tiffany unnie……… you’re warm….. you’re embrace are warm…. Just like my umma….” Seohyun hugged back.

    “Seohyun-ah…. If you want…… I’ll fill that empty space inside your heart…… as your umma…” Tiffany said to Seohyun.

    Seohyun was surprised to hear that words from Tiffany. Never once in her
    life ever since she was left alone that she would be stating the word
    “umma” again. Tears are now flowing endlessly from Seohyun’s eyes as she
    smiled back to Tiffany. “I…. I’d love that……. Tiffany umma…. I’d really like that….”
    and Seohyun hugged Tiffany real tight, longing for a warm embrace from a
    parent and Tiffany also smiled gently as she hugged back Seohyun while
    brushing Seohyun’s long hair.

    “Welcome home….Hyunnie….” Tiffany said as she kissed Seohyun on the forehead.

    Location: Imperial Dominion Maximum Security Prison

    Mengsk walked inside the prison building along with a female Superior
    Warden with him and stopped at one area labeled as “Jungs”. “So… are they still alive?” Mengsk asked the security that is stationed at that area. “everything is fine sir!” the guard answered.

    “you there! You’re new here aren’t you? Open up I want to see it for myself!”
    Mengsk said to the new guard with the goofy thick glasses and opened
    the door and revealed a thick layered metal wall designed for a zero
    chance of escaping. The only way to go out is by the door itself where
    Mengsk have walked in. and in the middle of that thick layered wall,
    another door can be seen. It has a high security lock which can be
    opened by three things.

    The prison cell inside can be opened with the palm print, retinal scan
    and a Voice recognition code of a high ranking official Warden. The New
    guard opened the cell and Mengsk entered.

    “hmph…I can still see you three are still alive…”
    Mengsk stared at the three Jungs the is bounded by metallic tube-like
    casings at their both hands, both feets and their torso. And their necks
    is connected on some sort of tube to provided them supplement in order
    for them to keep alive. Mengsk checked their life support at the console
    and saw two of them already died. “hmph!... good
    riddance… I was wondering when will the two of you will die…. I guess
    that leaves you and your sister… what was her name again? Jessica is it?
    I’ll make sure you two will end up in my hands hehehehe”
    Mengsk mocked Krystal.

    After he took his time mocking and making fun of Krystal who too weak to
    move because of lack of nutrition, Mengsk left while laughing

    “unnie…. I hope you’re alright….. don’t let them catch you……” Krystal whispered before passing out.

    Several minutes have passed, Krystal heard the cell door opened again.
    She didn’t even moved her head to look up as she heard someone is
    walking towards her place. faking that she’s unconscious, she heard her
    dead parents beside her are taken away. Tears rolled down on Krystal’s
    cheek as the staff went out.

    Another several minutes, her cell door opened again. This time Krystal
    looked up and saw a beautiful woman with a long hair tied in a pony tail
    style along with 3 guards.

    “take her off her leash! I want to end her misery!”
    the woman said. The two guards immediately unshackled Krystal and she
    flopped down on the floor as she’s too weak to stand on her own.

    “w-whatever you have…… to do………. Do it……quick……” Krystal said to the woman in her weaken state. The woman smiled. “you… give me your pulse Handgun.” The woman said to the one of the guards. The guard immediately handed his gun to the woman.

    “Krystal Jung… by the order of the Emperor Mengsk…. I have been given the right to execute you… prepare yourself…”
    the woman said as she cocked the gun. Krystal lowered her head and
    waited for the gun to end her life but as the gun goes off, Krystal was
    confused as the bullet meant for her didn’t hit her, but instead, it
    hits one of the guards in the head as he dropped down dead before

    The remaining guard took out their guns and prepares but the female just
    smiled as one of the guards revolted as it shot the other guard in the

    “Krystal Jung, don’t be
    frightened, my name is Victoria Song. Although I work for the Dominion,
    I am a also a spy working under Commander James Raynor.”
    The woman revealed her name to Krystal.

    “Unnie! we have to get out of here…” the remaining guard revealed her true image as it removed its hat and glasses and it was a girl.

    “Sulli! I thought I told you to take care of security!!” Victoria said to the girl beside her. “Sorry unnie… they’re being too tight knowing someone is leaking information from the inside.” Sulli replied, just then the alarms went off.

    “Warning, Intruder detected!” the alarm went off. “Crap…. Unnie we don’t have time to go back up! I’ll make a detour!” Sulli said.

    “Detour? What do you mean detour……oh SH*T!!”
    as Victoria wants to know the “detour” Sulli is talking, she
    immediately knows what Sulli meant when she took out a High Impact Mine
    and throws it on the wall near Krystal’s Cell.

    “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” Sulli shouted and the Mine exploded with in three seconds as it attached itself on the wall securely.


    “I’M YOUR LEADER SO DON’T SHOUT AT ME!!!” Victoria hissed at Sulli while supporting Krystal on her feet from the left. “I’M NOT SHOUTING UNNIE!! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS SHOUTING AT ME!!” Sulli replied in the same manner as she also supported Krystal from the right.

    Then even with her weak state, Krystal managed to let out a small smile. “Unnies… both of you are shouting… it’s the effect of the explosion from the mine… your ears are affected by the impact...” Krystal said. “HUH? COME AGAIN?” both of them simultaneously asked Krystal in a shouting manner as they went through the hole that Sulli made.

    But before they went to escape Sulli planted a trap as she throws
    another high impact Mine that is now set to trigger mode. As she Sulli
    dropped the Mine, it immediately burrows itself on the floor and a
    couple of minutes later, the three of them heard a loud explosion from
    hole they went through sealing the hole they made. Sulli smirked. “serves them right… those pansy ass Dominion lackeys…” Sulli said.

    “Amber! Prepare the
    drop ship! We have been compromised but manage to retrieve Krystal Jung.
    Luna, prepare the Medical bay, Krystal Jung is too weak right now!
    Victoria said through her comm.-link. “gotcha Cap’n Vic.” the other girl on the line replied.

    “w-why’re you helping me…." Krystal asked Victoria and Sulli. “like I said, we are working under James Raynor we have been tracking your precise location for about 5 or 7 months…” Victoria said. “but what’s in it for me?” Krystal curiously asked.

    “well we don’t know but Raynor said you’re a top priority in order to stop Mengsk from producing his army.” Sulli answered this time. Then all of a sudden, Sulli’s console that’s located on her arm beeped a warning sound.

    “Unnie! several Dominions are now following us through the tunnel… you carry Krystal, I’ll set up my remaining mines.” Sulli said. “alright… be sure to follow ok?” Victoria said as she puts Krystal on her back giving Krystal a piggy back ride.

    “Victoria unnie… is it ok to leave her on her own?” Krystal asked Victoria. “heheh…
    we maybe acting like this but… we’re also professionals. Sulli is my
    team’s demolitions expert and our trap master….. as she calls herself…
    and there’s also my ace pilot, Amber and my own clumsy yet skillful
    medic Luna. And as for me.. I’m their beautiful, sexy and graceful
    Captain of my team.”
    Victoria said to Krystal. Then Amber, Sulli and Luna shouted simultaneously through their comm.-link to Victoria. “NO YOU’RE NOT!!” which made Krystal laugh a bit.

    “Seriously Unnie… you’re giving me the chills when you’re saying that…” Amber said through the

    “Unnie, I’m finished setting up traps here.. I’m heading to your way now.” Sulli reminded Victoria. “Copy that Sulli. Hurry up… you know Drop ships don’t have weapons… I don’t want us to be a flying target to them.” Victoria replied as they just arrived at Amber’s drop ship.

    Location: Amber's Drop Ship

    “my goodness… this girl is so thin! The Dominion is just so horrible…” Luna said as she touched Krystal’s body and laid Krystal gently on the Medical Bay.

    “Krystal.. you just rest… and don’t worry.. we’ll make sure we get you to safety first.” Victoria said to Krystal.

    “Thank you Victoria unnie…..”
    Krystal replied as she passed out again but this time, her face was in
    peace as she finally knew she’s out of her prison where Mengsk had her
    locked up for many years.

    Several minutes, Sulli arrived and they successfully escaped Korhal to move to another planet in order to lay low for a while.

    “Unnie…where to now?” Amber asked Victoria. “head
    for the deadman’s port. We can lay low for a while in there. I had to
    deliver something to Narsha too. She wants me to retrieve a classical
    Victoria linked her console on Amber’s control panel and a music played.

    “Wow that’s a catchy music Unnie… but unnie… remember the one music you wanted so badly?” Sulli said. “no way…. Don’t tell me you…..” Victoria said with her face full of excitement. “haha! Yes I did unnie… here…” Sulli replied as she linked her console on Amber’s control panel and a music played.

    As the music played, Victoria danced to the music’s groove then Sulli
    and Luna followed after Victoria. Amber also couldn’t take it as she set
    the drop ship to auto pilot and joined the three girls dancing. Krystal
    woke up and smiled as she watched the four girls happily dancing to the
    music as they headed to the deadman’s port.

    Location: Hyperion
    Time line: the Following day

    Taeyeon is taking her time off from duty as she spends her time in the armory maintaining her Gauss rifle then Sunny comes in. “Yo Taeng! congrats!” Sunny said as she heads for the shower room.

    “congrats? For what?” Taeyeon said to herself. After a couple of minutes, Sunny finished her shower and wears her uniform. “you know Taeng.. Tiffany is happy make sure you maintain her smile like that..” Sunny said before heading out.

    “….. mushroom is always happy…. What’s so different about it?” Taeyeon thought for herself. After she finished doing a constant maintenance on her rifle, she went to the Cantina.

    Location: Cantina

    Taeyeon arrived and saw Sooyoung eating her food like there’s no
    tomorrow. Taeyeon smiled and sat with Sooyoung as she requested her meal
    something simple. While waiting for her food Taeyeon asked Sooyoung. “hey Soo…. Did something happened today? Your Sunny congratulated me for no reason…” Taeyeon asked.

    “I nuno… meats mee… imean eaning here mut I eard one-ning…nimanny ish hammy mor ham reahon..” Sooyoung replied while her mouth is full. “you know Soo…. Thanks a lot.. I didn’t understand a single damn thing you said… could you swallow first before you talk?” Taeyeon said as she chuckled at Sooyoung.

    Hearing that remark from Taeyeon, Sooyoung immediately gulped down all her food and talked again. “I said…. I don’t know…. beats me… I’ve been eating here but I heard one thing…. Tiffany is happy…for some reason…” Sooyoung replied as she stabbed hard the steak that is next in her plate.

    “happy for some reason? what else did you hear?” Taeyeon asked again. “sorry…
    that’s all I know Taengoo… I’m just hearing several whisper ever since
    you and Yuri rescued Hyunnie from an unknown location of space.”
    Sooyoung replied as Taeyeon’s food arrived. “haha got your steak Taengoo… it’s mine already!!” Sooyoung quickly stabbed her fork on Taeyeon’s steak.

    “YAH!! THAT’S MINE!! GIVE IT BACK!!” Taeyeon yelled but it was already too late as her steak was already in Sooyoung’s mouth. “Aish… crazy shikshin…” Taeyeon couldn’t help but only laugh at Sooyoung and satisfy her hunger on her remaining dish.

    After Taeyeon finished eating, both her and Sooyoung went out of the
    Cantina and parted ways as Sooyoung went on the Hangar and Taeyeon went
    to Jessica’s room. as she got there, Yuri, Yoona and Jessica are there.

    Location: Jessica’s Quarters

    “heheh… Sica.. I see you’re fond of Yuri now.” Taeyeon said as she smiled. “well..
    I guess you could say that Tae… but what brings you here? You rarely go
    to my room except you want some answers…. Did something happened?”
    Jessica asked. “infact I do…. But before that… Yuri…. how is your nanos?” Taeyeon asked with concerned look.

    “I’m fine now Taeng…
    that device Yong Hwa brought actually worked… I had Hyoyeon scanned my
    entire body and told me I was clear… but I still had a freakin’ head
    ache though and my body is a little sore..”
    Yuri replied.

    Taeyeon sighed in relief as she now know Yuri is perfectly free from the Dominion. “well… I just want to take a rest for now… that’s an order… remember you work under me now…” Taeyeon said as she dorkily smiled at Jessica and Yuri.

    “by the way, Sica, Yuri…. do you any chance know something about Tiffany?” Taeyeon asked again. Yuri and Jessica looked at each other clueless. “I’m
    sorry Tae… we don’t… we haven’t been outside since Yuri removed her
    Nanos from her body. And we can’t leave Yoong here alone… you know how
    possessive Yoong can be when she like someone or something…”
    Jessica said as she brushed the sleeping Yoona’s hair who is lying between her and Yuri.

    “hehehe you know… you three really starting to look like a family… I heard you presented to be Yoona’s Appa Yuri… how so?” Taeyeon asked as she smiled with a slight expression of curiousness.

    “well….. I don’t know I
    guess it just came to my mind… I just feel I like to protect Yoona and
    your sister, Jessica…. That’s what an Appa do right?”
    Yuri replied. Hearing Yuri’s reply, made the sisters shed a tear which Yuri noticed.

    “..oh… I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to open a bad past….” Yuri apologized frantically. “it’s ok Yuri… me and Sica know…. Yuri… I wish I can be like you… always thinking positive….” Taeyeon said.

    “nah… I was just making
    use of what left in my memories when my parents did to me before they
    were wiped out by the Zerg from Meinhoff.”
    Yuri said. Jessica hugged Yuri because this is the first time she heard of Yuri’s back ground.

    “Sorry Yul… we also didn’t mean to open up your past…” now Taeyeon is apologizing. “hahaha don’t mind it Taeng… I was just a little kid back then… I didn’t know much about that day… until Nova picked me up..” Yuri said.

    “I see…. Perhaps…… you
    can tell us your background some other time then? I’m curious… I want to
    know everyone’s background too… to get to know my team so well…”
    Taeyeon said as she bid farewell to Jessica’s “family”.

    As soon Taeyeon walked out, Yuri winced again in pain as she touched her temples. “Yuri… you seem to have a lot of headaches lately…. Maybe you should ask Hyo about it…” Jessica said it with concern.

    “I’ll do that… once I
    recover… but till then…. I want to say… from now on Sica…. I will
    protect you and Yoona… as well as everyone.”
    Yuri said
    to Jessica as she gave Jessica pa peck on the lips which Jessica
    answered back in the same manner. As their lips parted, they noticed
    Yoona looking at them like a kid smiling at them.

    “weee Umma and Appa are kissing!!” Yoona chodingly teased her “parents” as her lips formed like kissing lips. “yah! You choding!! Come here!!”
    Jessica happily chased Yoona around the room until Yoona managed to
    jump at Yoona and ending up hugging the tanned girl and came Jessica
    jumped at the two also ending up hugging both. Feeling the warm hug from
    Jessica and Yuri, Yoona smiled. “Umma… you’re the most caring Umma I’ve felt. Appa… you’re the best Appa I’ve ever met…. I love you both….” Yoona said as she snuggled deep between Jessica and Yuri. “we love you too Yoona….” And they obth replied back.

    Location: Hyperion – Hangar 2 Bay

    Taeyeon arrived at the Hangar and saw Tiffany and Seohyun together
    inside the Medivac. To Taeyeon’s point of view, Tiffany’s eye smile were
    different. Today it was shining like it never shined before.

    Taeyeon felt a sudden tug on her heart. “Fany-ah? do you like Seohyun? You never smiled at me like…”
    Taeyeon whispered to herself. And when Tiffany and Seohyun got out of
    the Medivac, Taeyeon saw Tiffany is holding Seohyun’s hand while
    chatting happily with Seohyun.

    Taeyeon never felt like this hurt. She wanted to cry but she held it in
    as Tiffany and Seohyun saw her and waved their hands at her. Taeyeon
    waved back and instantly turned around and quickly heads to the Cantina.

    Location: Cantina

    Taeyeon arrived and saw a familiar face, Sooyoung is still there and is
    now eating desserts. Taeyeon ordered something as she sat again across
    Sooyoung. Sooyoung noticed something is not right.

    “you looked like hell Taengoo….. something really did happened huh?” Sooyoung said as she took a bite on the short strawberry cake she’s eating.

    “none of your business….” Taeyeon said feeling depressed. “uhh.. ok if you say so….”
    Sooyoung replied. After a short while Sooyoung’s eyes widened when
    Taeyeon’s order came in, 2 bottles of strong alcoholic drinks.

    “WHOA! Whoa Taeng! Is it that serious? I mean what did Tiffany do?”
    Sooyoung said as she watched Taeyeon poured the alcoholic content
    filling her glass almost full and chugged it down in one go. Sooyoung
    were speechless.

    “…..T-Taengoo?... I
    think you should take it easy…. Have you talked to Tiffany about
    it?....whatever it is since I have no clue…”
    said nervously. Taeyeon chugged down another full glass in one go and
    this time, the spirit of the alcohol almost managed its way to Taeyeon’s
    head. “no I didn’t… I saw it with my own eyes Soo…. Tiffany left me for Seohyun…. Tiffany doesn’t like me anymore…” Taeyeon said to Sooyoung almost half drunk.

    “M-Maybe you’re jumping to conclusions…. You know…. Seohyun liked someone…. It’s impossible that she liked Tiff…” *BLAG!* Taeyeon hit their table so loud causing Sooyoung and everyone on the Cantina look on them. Sooyoung noticed it and apologized.

    “Sorry ‘bout that… she’s having a problem.. don’t worry about it…” Sooyoung said to the crew then she turned her attention to Taeyeon. “pipe it down Taengoo! You almost made a scene here!”

    “I don’t care!! I hate cheaters!! I hate them!” Taeyeon is now pummeling their table. Sooyoung couldn’t take it anymore and decided to call Sunny.

    “uhh.. Bunny… you better come here to the Cantina…. Taengoo’s in a ditch…” Sooyoung said. “aigoo… you’re still in the Cantina? You’re almost 1 hour in there!! Fine I’m coming…” Sunny replied. After a couple of minutes, Sunny arrived and saw Taeyeon in a drunken state.

    “Aigoo Taengoo! What happened to you??!!!!!” Sunny asked but Taeyeon is too drunk to answer as Sunny noticed Taeyeon almost finishing her second bottle. “Soo what happened? Why didn’t you stopped her?!” Sunny said panicking.

    “I stopped her Bunny
    but she wouldn’t! everytime I tried to move away the bottle or her
    glass, she threatens me by biting my hand!!”
    Sooyoung said as she took a bite in a cake.

    “Seriously Taeng! What exactly did Tiffany do?!” Sunny said with a hint of annoyance. “i….. shaw….mush….rooom…….. and…… sheo…..hyun…. chu-gether……….” Taeyeon answered drunk. “i……shaw….thehm… sholding…….haaandshh..” Taeyeon added.

    Hearing Taeyeon’s answer, Sunny hits her forehead and tries to straightened up Taeyeon. “Taeng! I want you to listen to and listen well….. Tiffany and Seohyun….. THEY.ARE.NOT.TOGETHER!” Sunny said.

    Confusingly, Taeyeon looked up at Sunny. “what….do you ………mean….Shunny?” Taeyeon asked as she chugged down her last fill.

    “Tiffany and Seohyun……
    they’re not a couple…. They’re more like a mother and a daughter…….
    Seohyun is the daughter…and Tiffany is the umma……………………………………………………..and
    you’re the appa.”
    Sunny said as she breaks Taeyeon’s ice.

    Hearing Sunny’s answer, amazingly, Taeyeon felt like all the alcohol
    spirit in her body suddenly vanished and as she turned to look at
    Sooyoung, Taeyeon suddenly spit the alcohol from her mouth hitting
    Sooyoung’s face. *PHFFFFFFFT!*

    Sooyoung shouted as the crew who were listening breaks into laughter at
    Taeyeon’s earlier actions. Taeyeon could feel, despite on her height,
    she’s shrinking in shame.

    Then Tiffany came with a bright smile. Sunny quickly grabbed Taeyeon’s
    glass and pretended to be drunk as she splashed herself with some
    alcohol just to make it realistic but Taeyeon were rooted from where
    she’s standing.

    Tiffany managed get close to Taeyeon but as soon Tiffany got close, her face frowned as Taeyeon reeks of alcohol.

    “Tae-Tae! Have you been drinking?!?!” Tiffany asked with an angry face. “I….. I….. I…..well…. I….you see….. uhh..” Taeyeon couldn’t utter a single sentence.

    “It wash me Fany-ah!! I ashked Taeng to drink!” Sunny yelled pretending to be drunk Sooyoung followed Sunny’s lead.

    “y-yeah… whee invhited herrr… to shelebrhate!” Sooyoung said hoping Tiffany would buy it and it did. “Aigoo… you shouldn’t let her drink!! She should set example as an Appa for Hyunnie! Right Tae-Tae?.....Tae-Tae?? Helloooo?” Tiffany said as she waved at Taeyeon’s face still stunned at the news.

    “Me?......Seohyun’s appa?.....really?....” Taeyeon finally uttered a word which made Tiffany smiled a bit. “yes! Really! Since Yuri and Jessi have Yoona…. We should do the same to Seohyun too!”
    Tiffany smiled but her smile fainted as Taeyeon instantly fainted right
    on the spot. The crew members once again burst into laughter as Taeyeon
    fainted with a dorky smile on her face.

    “I guess Taengoo was too surprised about the news….” Sooyoung said. “much likely…” Sunny answered.

    “Bunny we should adopt Hyo…” Sooyoung was going to suggest but Sunny stopped her. “don’t even think about it Youngie…. Hyo is the same age just like us!” Sunny said as she chuckled and Sooyoung chuckled back.

    Location: Dominion Imperial Throne

    “WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?!? HOW DID THAT JUNG ESCAPED!!” Mengsk was furious upon learning Krystal’s escape.

    “S-sir it seems a spy snucked in to our forces….” *BANG* Mengsk shot his staff right in front of him. “I don’t need some useless idiot like who let a couple of spies into our Dominion… call my Elite mercenaries.” Mengsk said as she ordered his men. After a minute someone contacted Mengsk.

    “You called Sir?” a female voice asked Mengsk from the other line. “yes… perhaps I may need you assistance tracking a rats from the Dominion…can you handle it Hyunah?” Mengsk said.

    “Consider it done Sir.” Hyunah said as she cuts off the line. “are you sure sir? calling the 4minute Mercenary just for one Jung?” Mengsk advisor asked.

    “I couldn’t careless…. Nobody or no one can escape
    my grasp but death! I’ll make those rats pay for doing this to
    me….Gather the Forces! We’re going to liberate Deadman’s Port!”
    Mengsk said as they prepares for the assault on Deadman’s port where Victoria’s team are heading to lay low for a while.

    Episode 17 Completed

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    Wow! f(x) are in there! And i think 4minute will be in there too. Right? xD

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    Episode 18

    Location: Hyperion – YoonYulSic Quarters
    Time Line: Resting time

    During the entire crew is resting on the Hyperion, Yuri dreamed of
    something. A dream she wouldn’t have expected. She dreamed of her
    childhood experience from her home planet, Meinhoff.

    Her dream started as she dreamed that she was still 4 years old. One
    night, her parent were panicking as they forced her to wake up, Yuri
    woke up and the next thing she knew, her parents were covering her eyes
    and running as if they were running for their lives. As they got to a
    certain room of the house, next thing Yuri felt is she was forcefully
    stuffed inside the closet.

    “Yuri… always remember…. You have to live no matter what! you have to survive… for our sake!”

    Yuri’s vision started to dim as her parents closed the closet door.

    As her vision are now completely dark, Yuri could hear a very
    distinguished agonizing scream of her parents and Zerglings. Yuri knew
    those voices, her parents screaming while being slaughtered alive by the

    Hearing those sounds, Yuri decided to take a peek out of curiosity. As
    she slightly open the closet door, a Hydralisk spotted her and attacked
    the closet where she was hiding.

    Yuri was so scared to move as she almost see peed on the spot as she
    feels the Hydralisk is slowly squirming it way towards her, and then a
    sudden halt of movement.

    Yuri covered her mouth and nose in order to avoid any sound. Yuri could
    only hear her heart beat beating fast. And then the Hydralisk attacked
    the closet door. Every attack, it lets out an ear shattering scream.
    Yuri covered her ears as she screamed.

    After several attack Yuri was completely wide open for the Hydralisk to
    kill. But before it could attack her with its spine needles, a figure
    jumped on its back causing it to lose aim of Yuri.


    it was Yuri’s brother. Yuri ran away from the closet and into the front
    door. As she was on the middle of the stairs, Yuri cried as she hears
    her brother screamed in pain indicating the Hydralisk got him.

    Yuri had no choice but to run while crying. As she got out of their
    house, it suddenly exploded along with her family and the Zerg creatures
    with it.

    And then Yuri suddenly woke up as she’s breathing and sweating heavily.
    She looked at her hands and noticed that both of them are still shaking.
    Then she looked at Jessica and Yoona with a peaceful look on their face
    while sleeping.

    “they must be dreaming a good dream…”
    Yuri said in a soft voice as she smiled. Because of her nightmare, Yuri
    is now having hard time to sleep. she decided to go to the armory and
    wears a black tank top and a military fatigue and combat boots. As she
    got there, she spends her time maintaining her 25mm Canister rifle. And
    after she finished her maintenance, she went to the simulation battle
    and spends her time on target shooting.

    “level 50 difficulty please” Yuri said to the Computer. “Maximum Difficulty, Level 50 engaged.” The computer said and the alarm buzzed off.

    Yuri was engulfed with the virtual system and soon found herself in an
    unexpected stage of practice, the computer randomly selected her home
    planet Meinhoff. Yuri brushed aside her dream and thread the land of

    Each step she make made her heart beat fast. Then a scream was heard. A
    bunch of Zerglings came rushing to her but before they came close to
    her, Yuri already shoots it defeating it easily. Then from her behind,
    several Spine needles are grazing her, Yuri fires back as she still not
    moving from her spot. Then, a combination of Zerglings and Hydralisks
    have shown and Yuri ran to find a safe place.

    As she’s still absorbed by the battle training simulation, Yuri didn’t
    know that Taeyeon and Sooyoung also woke up and now watching her fight
    her way against the swarm of Zerg in the simulation. Taeyeon and
    Sooyoung were speechless at Yuri’s fight capability as the way Yuri move
    were swiftly.

    “Wow Taengoo….. looks
    like I’ll be seeing your rival in a level 50 difficulty as Yul is almost
    perfect hitting all her targets! She only have 23 targets to go to mark
    her 2500 kill like yours!”
    Sooyoung said. “oh shut it Youngie… I’m not competing against her.” Taeyeon replied as she chuckled.

    Yuri is now full on concentration to make her mark of 2500 kills of
    virtual Zerg unit but as she was going for her last 4 kills, something
    unexpected happened. Her headache attacked her. a Zergling is making it
    way to Yuri who is now lost in focus as she crouched down in an open
    area. It jumped to attack Yuri but before it could land its claw on her
    Taeyeon had to intervene as both her and Sooyoung are now concerned at
    Yuri who is suffering to a severe pain.

    “Computer! Training Simulation disengage!” Taeyeon said. As the simulation ended, Sooyoung and Taeyeon ran towards Yuri who is still in pain.

    “Yuri? Yuri! get a grip!!” Taeyeon said as she tries to calm Yuri down. “Taengoo… I think her headache is not normal….. she’s been having these headaches lately…” Sooyoung said.

    Several minutes have passed, Yuri is back to her normal condition and noticed Taeyeon and Sooyoung looking at her with concern.

    “…I guess I failed at the simulation huh?” Yuri said as she faintly smiled. “don’t
    give a that bull Yuri.. tell me what is exactly going on with you?
    Youngie said you’re having that headache lately… are you sure those nano
    machines are completely gone?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “I had Hyoyeon scanned
    me after Yong Hwa injected me with the Anti-Nano something… and the
    results are clear… I don’t know about my headache though…..”
    Yuri said as looked down on the floor.

    “Yul… is there something else?” Taeyeon asked which made Yuri surprised a bit. “what do you mean?” Yuri asked.

    “well me and Youngie noticed you’re kinda …..i don’t know… what you call it Youngie?” Taeyeon said as she asked Sooyoung. “it’s called restless Taengoo…” Sooyoung casually answered.

    Yuri hesitated first but soon after, she decided to share about her
    nightmare which bothers her in all of times, why did she dream about her
    past. Taeyeon and Sooyoung were speechless to hear Yuri’s rough past.

    “I don’t know Taeng… but something tells me.. I have to go back on Meinhoff……. I feel like.. there is something in there…” Yuri said. Taeyeon kept quiet while staring at Yuri.

    “have you told Jessica about this?” Taeyeon asked. “not yet…. I don’t know if she’ll let me go…..” Yuri answered.

    “Look Yul…. Like
    Taengoo said… you are now a part of the family…. Whatever problems you
    have… let us in like Taengoo let you in..”
    Sooyoung said as she smiled at Yuri. Yuri looked up and saw Sooyoung and Taeyeon looking at her waiting for her response.

    “….y-yeah.. I guess you guys are right… I’m sorry for being so secretive…I’ll talk to Sica….” Yuri said as she smiled back at them. But just as Yuri stood up, her headache strikes her again.

    Yuri felt her brain is burning. “YOUNGIE! Wake Mushroom, Sica and Hyoyeon up now!!” Taeyeon immediately told Sooyoung and stayed beside Yuri.

    “Yuri-ah… Yuri-ah… stay still…. Hang in there… I won’t let something happen to you now that you’re part of my family now….”
    Taeyeon said as she hugged Yuri who is holding her head due to the
    severe pain she’s feeling, seconds after and still in their pajamas,
    Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, Yoona, Seohyun and Hyoyeon entered immediately
    on the Armory room and saw Yuri still wincing in pain. Jessica
    immediately kneeled down at Yuri.

    “Yuri? what’s wrong?! Tell me what are you feeling?!” Jessica asked as she panicked. Even in severe pain, Yuri managed to answer.

    “I feel…… like…………my ……..b-brain…………is bur……..ning..!! AARGH!”
    Yuri said as she now screamed in pain. Taeyeon watched the whole
    happenings and noticed one person. As all of them were concern about
    Yuri’s unknown cause of severe headache, Yoona is expressionless.
    Without a bit of showing concern to Yuri. Yoona just watched as if she’s
    watching a program.

    “Hyo! Give her some of your painkillers!! Hurry!” Jessica asked. “But Sica! That only works for pain injury! Not this kind of pain!” Hyoyeon said.

    “Hyo just give them!”
    Sunny said. Hyoyeon didn’t say a thing as she’s also concerned at Yuri
    and went out to her lab to get her new painkiller like the one she gave
    to Yuri during Seohyun’s rescue. Hyoyeon immediately returned and gave
    Jessica the painkiller and made Yuri swallowed it and supported her as
    she helped Yuri drink a glass of water after wards.

    Again, Taeyeon noticed Yoona slowly smiling silently and looked at Yuri
    who is now becoming calm, as the pain is fading away. All of them stayed
    in the armory waiting for Yuri to recover and after several minutes,
    Yuri opened her eyes and saw all of them.

    “Appa…. Are you feeling better now?” Yoona instantly asked. Taeyeon wondered why Yoona asked Yuri a question like that.

    “I guess…thanks for asking Yoong…” Yuri replied as tries to stand up but she was supported by Jessica and Sunny.

    “my gosh Yuri… you look drained!” Tiffany said as she noticed Yuri’s legs are wobbling. Taeyeon who’s been observing the whole time, broke the ice. “Yoona…. Do you love your Yuri Appa?”

    All of them are shocked about Taeyeon’s sudden question. “Tae-Tae! What’s the meaning of this?” Tiffany asked.

    “the whole happenings
    of Yuri is in pain…. Yoona is the only one who looked like everything is
    ok…. Even though visibly it’s not….”
    Taeyeon said with a stern face. Yoona sat down and answered Taeyeon.

    “because….Appa is ok….” Yoona answered brightly and smiled. All of them were confused at Yoona’s answer and expression.

    “what do you mean ok? Clearly you saw Yuri on the floor wincing in pain while holding her head…. How is that OK Yoona?” Taeyeon asked.

    “well…. It’s because…..
    Appa is feeling the same effect as mine after some man in white do
    something to me and after that… they are saying I have great power
    within me even though I don’t know how to use it.”
    Yoona answered casually and smiled at them. All of them were surprised at Yoona’s answer mostly Yuri.

    “C-COME AGAIN YOONG?!” Yuri blurted out as she was surprised. “Appa… I can still remember when I’m still down there in that tube thingy… I have a similar headache just like yours right now…” Yoona replied.

    Yuri was dumbfounded but then Jessica remembered something. “Yuri….
    if I remember correctly… the time you woke up from your Nano injury…
    didn’t you say a protoss high templar spoke to you inside your
    consciousness? What did it tell you?”

    “Now that you said it… that high templar told me… Yoong had a vast amount of abilities….. and… he did something to me….” Yuri said now in a calm manner.

    “wait wait wait!! Before you tell us…. Can we go to the cantina? I’m starving” Sooyoung said and all of them laughed. “Sooyoung unnie! last one is a rotten egg! First one will hog all the food!”
    Yoona teased Sooyoung as both of them acted like a little kids running
    in the hallway. All of them laughed except for Yuri, Taeyeon and

    As the three of them walking while supporting Yuri none of them are talking.

    Location: Hyperion Cantina

    Sooyoung and Yoona are now closer than ever as they are now sharing
    their food with one another. Seohyun is always quiet and clings on
    Tiffany and she’s sitting beside Yoona.

    Yoona with her choding act made Seohyun smile but Seohyun blushed when
    she was unexpectedly treated by Yoona as Yoona quickly peeled a sweet
    potato and gave it to Seohyun.

    “Here Hyunnie I know you love gogumas so I ordered some just for you!” Yoona said as she handed the sweet potato to Seohyun and smiled with her mouth opened wide. “T-Thank you….” Seohyun shyly smiled as she received the sweet potato.

    “did she just say she
    order some just for me? calm down Seohyun…calm down… also she’s matured
    her mind is like a kid… stay composed….stay composed..”
    Seohyun thought for herself.

    Seohyun was lost in thoughts when she noticed too late that Yoona is
    staring at her face real close. Upon realizing, Seohyun blushed. “W-What….i-is there something on my f-face?” Seohyun asked as she stuttered.

    Yoona smiled which made Seohyun blushed more. “Hyunnie… you’re cute!”*smooch*
    Yoona gave Seohyun a surprised kiss on the cheek. Sooyoung noticed it
    and just smiled since Seohyun liked Yoona but still unsure of Yoona’s

    “W-What that for?!” Seohyun surprisingly asked. “hmmmm Nothing!” Yoona just replied as she smiles at Seohyun.

    “is it just me or is Hyunnie acting strange towards Yoona?” Sunny whispered to Sooyoung. Sooyoung snickered and whispered to Sunny.

    “you see Bunny…. Hyunnie like Yoona…. But she’s unsure if Yoona knows those kind of feelings since’s Yoona is like a kid.” Sooyoung replied. “Oh…. That’s why…. Heheh” Sunny said as she understands the situation.

    “Hyunnie! Say aaaaaahhhh…” Yoona said to Seohyun as she readied a piece of sweet potato she sliced for Seohyun.

    “Y-Yoona unnie… I can eat it myself….”
    Seohyun’s instantly turned red as Yoona is still waiting for her to eat
    the piece of sweet potato. Sooyoung, Sunny and now joined by Hyoyeon
    are now intently watching the two young girls. Seohyun looked at Yoona
    again and she’s still smiling. “U-unnie… I can eat….” Seohyun stammered.

    “no you can’t… you haven’t take one bite on the sweet potato I’ve peeled for you…”
    Yoona replied as she pouts. Seeing Yoona pout right close to her face
    made her chuckle and decided to take the piece of sweet potato that
    Yoona sliced.

    As Seohyun eats the sliced sweet potato, Yoona clapped her hands in happiness and hugged Seohyun instantly. “YAY!! Hyunnie ate the sweet potato I’ve sliced!! You’re right Sooyoung unnie! Hyunnie loves ’em like you said!” Yoona chodingly blurted out Sooyoung’s “plan” as she smiled innocently.

    “UNNIIIEEE!!!!” Seohyun whimpered but at the same time smiled. “Oooops hehehe but I never said anything more than that Hyunnie…” Sooyoung said as she smiled coyly.

    After the warm atmosphere between Seohyun and Yoona, Yuri called everyone’s attention. “Guys…. There’s something I have to tell you…..” Yuri said. everyone stopped for a moment at what they're doing while Taeyeon is listening intently.

    “I….. I’m going back to my home planet for a while……” Yuri said which shocked everyone. “But why? You’re leaving me again?” Jessica said.

    “No Sica… I’m not
    leaving you… there’s something I have to check on my home planet…..
    lately… I’ve been having a nightmares of my past even though I bury them
    behind me… but they haunted me again… I want to know why is my home
    planet became Zerg infested that wiped out everyone leaving me the sole
    survivor… I have a hunch it was not a coincidence.”
    Yuri said.

    “If that’s the case… let me go with you!” Jessica said. “Sica no….. you stay here with Yoong…..” Yuri said bluntly. “Tae…say something!” Jessica pleaded but Taeyeon answered differently.

    “Sica… let her do her own thing….. it’s her decision… Yul… how long are you going to be “out” of the team?” Taeyeon asked.

    “as soon as I got my answers…..” Yuri said. “TAE! I can’t believe you’re letting her go!” Jessica said. “Sica… please understand Yuri…. I know you don’t like her going alone….” Taeyeon said. Jessica kept quiet.

    “Sica… please…. I promise you I’ll be back before you know it….” Yuri said. “That’s
    not it Yuri….. I’m worried about your constant headaches!.... you think
    I didn’t notice? Your headache is becoming more and more intense!”
    Jessica said. Yuri didn’t answer but hugged Jessica instead.

    “Sica…. Remember what
    our Yoona said a while ago? Maybe I’m having trouble unlocking my
    abilities as the high templar said to my consciousness.”
    Yuri said which made everyone confused except Yoona.

    “high templar? What do you mean talked to you?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “You see. Before I woke
    up when I was in the brink of death’s door. A High templar which is
    residing within Yoona talked to me, he’s the one responsible for healing
    my internal organ but it seems his spirit energy is wearing off and
    decided to leave his vast of abilities within Yoona and also gave me his
    last powers…. But before I could have known that abilities…. His spirit
    are now gone….”
    Yuri explained briefly.

    “why didn’t you say about this before!?” Taeyeon said. “Taeng… I’ve tried but all of us were focused on Seohyun’s rescue at that time.” Yuri answered. Then, Taeyeon came to a decision.

    “alright Yul….. you
    better promise me that you’ll comeback safe and sound… but you won’t be
    coming alone…… Sunny? Hyo? can you accompany Yuri on Meinhoff?”
    Taeyeon asked Hyoyeon and Sunny.

    “uhh… sure we can but what about Sica?” Sunny asked. “Sica needs to take care of Yoona….” Taeyeon gave them a straight logical answer.

    “uhh… is it ok with you Sica?” Hyoyeon asked. “as
    long my “husband” are not alone… I don’t have to worry. I’ve known you
    guys for so long so…. I know you’ll be able to take care of her in my
    absence….. and my sister is right…. I need to stay here with Yoona…. I
    can’t have Yoona face a Zerg instantly..”
    Jessica explained.

    “Thank you Sica…. I promise I’ll comeback safe…” Yuri said.

    “Now that’s being settled… I’ll go talk to the commander about this.. when will you leave Yul?” Taeyeon asked.

    “if it’s possible I would like to be ASAP… if Sunny and Hyo is ok with it…” Yuri replied as she looked at Sunny and Hyoyeon.

    “hey it’s fine with me…. the quicker, the sooner right Hyo?” Sunny said and Hyoyeon nodded.

    “uhhm..Yuri unnie…..” Seohyun called all of them. “yes Hyunnie?” Yuri answered.

    “I’d like to apologize first about the way I treated you earlier about working for the Dominion….” Seohyun said as she looked down. “Hyunnie
    it’s alright…. You did nothing wrong, infact, I’m also glad you did
    because if you haven’t…. who knows what Mengsk have done to them id I
    didn’t get down there.”
    Yuri said as she hugged Seohyun. To Yuri and Seohyun’s surprise, Yoona hugged them both and smiling. “weee Hyunnie and Appa are hugging!” Yoona said which made the two tall girls laugh a bit.

    “Appa…can I at least take Yuri unnie down there?”
    Seohyun asked Taeyeon. Hearing Seohyun calling her “Appa” made Taeyeon
    frozen. Tiffany and the rest chuckled at Taeyeon’s expression. “I guess my Tae-Tae is new to this kind of thing..teehee” Tiffany giggled at Taeyeons’ expression. “yes you can Hyunnie… I’ll approve it… your “Appa” is currently unavailable right now” Tiffany chuckled again as she gave permission to Seohyun.

    Location: Hangar 2 bay

    Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon and getting prepare for their transport as
    Seohyun prepares Drop ship. Sunny loaded her brand new fixed Siege tank
    inside it.

    As Sunny is loading the Siege tank, Sooyoung asked Taeyeon. “Taengoo….can I ask you one thing?” Sooyoung asked.

    “Ask away..” Taeyeon replied.

    “do you have a grudge against me and my Bunny?” Sooyoung asked which made Taeyeon surprised. “wha..? what do you mean?” Taeyeon also asked in confusion.

    “well lately you haven’t letting me and my Bunny in a mission together… I miss making a sortie with my Bunny.” Sooyoung replied as she pouts. Taeyeon chuckled.

    “pabo…. It’s not that
    Youngie… this is not a sortie… this is Yul’s personal mission… with
    Sunny’s siege tank the three of them can travel in Meinhoff protected.
    You know how you Bunny buffed up her own siege tank right? Plus Hyo can
    help Yuri analyze some things since, Hyo was originally a researcher…
    with her knowledge, it’ll go faster. So don’t worry I don’t have a
    grudge between the two of you hahahah”
    Taeyeon said as she laughed at Sooyoung and Sooyoung chuckled also.

    “Taeyeon appa.. we’ll be going now” Seohyun waved at Taeyeon and Taeyeon waved back while smiling like a dork. “Appa huh….” Taeyeon said to herself as Seohyun’s drop ship disappeared out of their sight.

    Location: Deadman’s port

    f(x) squad arrived safely and contacted Narsha. “Narsha, we’re here… is there a place where we can lay low for a while?” Victoria contacted Narsha. “OH HI Vickie! Sure sure! Meet me at the usual place!” Narsha replied.

    “uhmm… we can’t possibly walk outside because we have a “delicate Package” here to Raynor..” Victoria said.

    “Oh!... is that so? Well meet me at my favorite club.. you can land there at the secret landing pad.” Narsha said.

    “Gotcha! Oh by the way the file you wanted so badly? I got it also… so look forward to it..” Victoria said. “thanks Vickie… now go… I’ll talk to the staff there.” Narsh said as she replied and cuts off their transmission.

    “Amber… go to this coordinates…” Victoria said. Amber followed the coordinates and soon saw a club.

    “Club Black Jack?” Amber said. as they’re getting close to the club, they all heard a music

    as they landed, they were accommodated by Dara. “Greetings
    I’m Dara, Narsha Unnie told us you’ll be arriving so let me accompany
    you all to the VIP Lounge. Our Club Owner, CL is waiting for you there.
    This way please…”

    as all of them got in the VIP Room. CL is there waiting for them. “Good
    day Victoria… Narsha Unnie told me she will meet you here. Please feel
    free to ask Bom here anything you want to order. I’ll be taking my
    CL left them and Bom attended to their orders.
    After their order were delivered, Victoria asked who is the DJ that’s
    playing the music.

    “oh she’s our permanent DJ here Minzy. You have any music to request?” Bom asked Victoria. "As a matter of fact I do… can you please play these music?” Victoria linked up with Bom and transferred the music. Bom smiled. “certainly wait a moment.”

    Bom called Minzy’s attention and passed the File to her and Minzy also smiled. And after a second Minzy played the Song.

    as the music played, Victoria danced to the groove which made Bom smiled
    and then smiled after. Curious, Bom walked beside Sulli and asked.

    “your leader really is enjoying this huh?” Bom asked. “you don’t have any idea.. she really liked music…” Sulli replied. Then Dara came and noticed Krystal.

    “it seems she’s not feeling well?” Dara asked Luna. “well…. She’s been through hell….” Luna replied. “so…. I take it you’re the ones who busted her out of the Dominion prison?” Dara asked which made Amber, Luna and Sulli surprised and pulled out their pulse guns.

    “Relax… we won’t hand you to anyone… we owe Narsha unnie big time so rest assured. Your leader also knows it too…” Bom said as they all look at Victoria still dancing.

    “well it looks like someone is enjoying her time…” they all look at the direction where the voice come from. It was Narsha.

    “Narsha!! My look at you! how’s your business?” Victoria instantly greeted Narsha. “well… not good… with the Dominion running around… it’s hard to make credits these days…” Narsha sighed as they both sat on their table reserved for them. As both of them sit, Narsha noticed Krystal.

    “Vickie… is she the package that Raynor assigned to you?” Narsha asked. “yup…
    her name is Krystal Jung. The remaining Jung in their family… we
    succeeded busting her out from the Dominion prison but unfortunately…
    we’ve been compromised..”
    Victoria explained.

    “Jung…Jung… wait a minute…. Vickie… can I have a word with her?” Narsha asked. “sure be my guest!” Victoria said and Narsha sat beside Krystal.

    “Hello there…. Krystal? I’m Park Hyojin but you can call me Narsha.. can I ask you a question?” Narsha asked Krystal. Krystal didn’t answer but just looked at Narsha.

    “I know this is a sudden question but…. Do you know someone named Jessica Jung?” Narsha asked. Krystal couldn’t believe she heard her sister’s name. “….my sister… you know my sister? IS SHE ALIVE? IS SHE ALRIGHT?!” Krystal suddenly burst out at Narsha which shocked Victoria’s crew as well as Bom and Dara.

    “I knew it… you’re her
    lost sister! You sister is alright… she’s been tirelessly looking for
    you… that’s why Commander Raynor asked for you…”
    her sister’s good condition, Krystal breaks in tears as she repeatedly
    calls Jessica’s name. Sulli couldn’t help seeing Krystal being like that
    and hugged her. “don’t worry… now we know why Raynor made you a top priority on our mission we’ll get you reunited with your sister alright?” Sulli said and Krystal looked up and Sulli and smiled.

    All of them felt at ease seeing Krystal smiled peacefully for the first
    time. But their happy atmosphere were suddenly interrupted by the
    Dominion forces.

    a batch of armed Dominion forces busted their way in the Club.

    CL calmly made her way to the VIP area along with Minzy. “it
    seems we have to escape from here…. The Emperor is liberating the
    Deadman’s Port… specifically… he’s planning to make all the Mercenaries
    under his command since you guys took out his “asset” for his army.”
    CL explained.

    “Dara, you and Bom escort Narsha unnie and the rest out of here, Minzy and I will meet you at the rendezvous point…. clear?” CL said to Dara and Bom and they left through the backdoor on their VIP lounge towards their escape route.

    “CL… does this mean we’re going to crazy?” Minzy asked as she smiled naughtily. “Minzy…. Let’s get wild!” CL gave Minzy a Go signal.

    Minzy kicked the door of the VIP lounge and used her customized twin
    gatling gun and wiped out the first batch of Dominion forces the busted
    inside their club.

    CL saw another incoming batch of Dominion. CL pulled out her customized
    hand gun as it has an option to change its ammunition type. CL sets it
    on Fragmentation type and as she hits every Dominion forces, it’s either
    they’re flying away because of the impact or flying away splattered on
    the wall.

    Minzy and CL howled in enjoyment as they wiped the entire Dominion
    forces. Both of them knew how the Dominion works, Minzy pushed something
    on the twin Gatling gun and throws it at the ground floor.

    “CL, it’s time for us to scram…. I’ve activated the self-destruct on my gun..”
    Minzy said. CL nodded and both of them went to follow Dara and Bom. And
    after a few minutes, Club Blackjack exploded and went up in flames.

    Location: Hyperion – Bridge

    “Sir… we have a message coming from the Deadman’s port… should we take it?” Matt said. “patch it through.” Raynor said.

    “Commander! We have a
    situation here…. Dominion forces are Liberating Deadman’s port! We need
    assistance!! We have the package you requested but we’re having a hard
    it was Victoria. “alright hold out as much as you can… you must protect the package at all cost! I’ll send someone!” Raynor said.

    “Matt! Call Major Kim Taeyeon here ASAP!” Raynor ordered Mat and after a few seconds, Taeyeon arrived at the bridge.

    “You called Commander?” Taeyeon said. “Major…
    we’re going to the Deadman’s port… I have a something for your sister
    over there but unfortunately Dominion Forces are liberating the place. I
    know we’re going into the meat grinder this time so pick your team
    carefully. Is Seohyun already arrived?”
    Raynor said.

    “she just arrived sir… we could make Tiffany drop us off to Deadman’s port…” Taeyeon said.
    “No.. it’s too risky for her Medivac to be there, i'll assign her for
    Yuri's team retrieval. Almost entire Dominion forces are there. Seohyun
    is our best bet. We will all be going there via Mercenary camp style. We
    will be dropped off by a drop pods. Get your team ready.”
    Raynor said.

    “copy that Sir… don’t mind me asking Sir… what’s the package?” Taeyeon said.

    “…….Krystal Jung…. Jessica’s real sister…” Raynor said which made Taeyeon surprised and stunned.


    “so the time finally comes that Jessica will leave me…. her sister is now returning….”
    Taeyeon thought for herself as she walked towards the Armory to suit up
    into her Marine armor with a mixed feelings of sadness and happiness.

    “Sica…….. I hope you won’t forget your dorky sister who stood by your side throughout the years…” Taeyeon said to herself as she prepares for the most biggest decision of her life..

    Episode 18 Completed

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Unit Number: 51589
    Name: Lee Sookyu A.K.A. Sunny
    Unit type: Siege Tank (or any ground unit)
    Rank: Sergeant (Ground Unit)
    -->> Sunny was originally from
    Dominion army but due to her gender and height, she was bullied and
    degraded. Even with her ground unit masteries, in which she excels, they
    only see her as a threat to the Dominion Army and pushed to the brink
    of quitting the services. After she decided to quit, she decided to live
    a peaceful and normal life as a mechanic. She decided to open a machine
    shop business in which she succeeded from the start. Despite of her
    happy normal life, Sunny is still missing something…. The enjoyment of
    riding siege tanks. One day, Sunny came across on a wounded soldier when
    she was on her way home. She realized, the soldier was not from the
    Dominion but to an unknown faction. As she was helping the soldier, she
    heard multiple footsteps and both of them were spotted by the Dominion
    security. As the security saw her with the wounded soldier, she was
    accused of treason, but before the security could capture them, the
    wounded soldier, grabbed her hand and pulls her away from the Dominion
    security. The soldier led her to his unit, and when she saw it, it was
    her dream, and her favorite, the Siege tank. a Menacing smile came
    across her lips as she helped the soldier to get inside and by the time
    the security got to them it was already too late since Sunny is now
    ready to wreck some havoc as she pilots the siege tank. Matt Horner was
    monitoring the happenings and decided to recruit her because of her
    skills. Sunny was also branded as “Small but terrible” as she’s the
    first person who stood up the Violent Giant named Choi Sooyoung and
    managed to suppress Sooyoung’s reign of terror.


    Raynor: Sunny…. What a nice name *chuckled a little bit* and cute too
    Sunny: yes I am Sir! *winks*
    Raynor: ooooookay? So…it says here, you worked from the Dominion before…. Why’d you quit?
    Sunny: I didn’t quit sir… THEY made me quit just because I’m a girl and I’m short..
    Raynor: They made you quit? How is that?
    well… first… I’m a girl… and seeing them guys being beaten by me in
    siege tank simulation made them feel uneasy… that’s why everytime
    there’s a sortie… they always leave me behind without saying anything.

    Raynor and Matt was Shocked upon Sunny’s story.

    Sunny: then I decided I should live a normal quiet life….
    Matt: well… not as quiet when you made some havoc down there when I found you Sunny.

    Matt laughed and Sunny pouted.

    Raynor: alright I get it , I get it…
    that’s how the Dominion works Sunny, when they see someone who is better
    than them, they always see it as a threat. Tell me something… in all of
    units…. Why’d you picked siege tank?

    Sunny smiled.

    Sunny: I dunno Sir…. I guess I’m born with it *smirk* it’s like I’m destined to use that *evil smirk*
    Raynor: ooookay? Is there anything else I should know about you?

    Sunny thinks so hard but little did she know, Sunny unintentionally pouted which Raynor find it cute.

    Sunny: hmm I guess I can handle almost ground unit.. *flashes Raynor an Aegyo smile*

    Raynor’s thoughts:
    “ok… stay composed…. Relax yourself Jim…. She cute alright… don’t punch her cuteness..”

    Raynor averted his eyes away from Sunny and he clenched his fist. But
    before Raynor could ask Sunny again. An unexpected turn of event


    Sooyoung shouted from the hallway as she bullies one crew member of the Hyperion.

    Crew: Please Sarge…. I haven’t eaten since this morning!!
    Sooyoung: YAH! Who do you think you’re talking to?
    Crew: oh come on Sarge…
    Sooyoung: you want food? Get your own!
    Crew: I did Sarge! But you snatched it!
    Sooyoung: oh yeah? Says who?
    ???????: says me.

    Sooyoung turned around and saw Sunny wrinkling her nose as she’s annoyed at Sooyoung’s action.

    Sooyoung’s thoughts:
    What the…. Who’s this short cutey…. Is she a new crew
    member here? Oh gosh the way she wrinkle her nose…. My gosh… she’s
    ….irresistable… please don’t look at me like that…”

    Sooyoung: W-What? Y-You need s-something?

    Sooyoung said as she stuttered and blushed madly

    Sunny: give the guy his food…
    Sooyoung: why should i? it’s mine!
    Sunny: is that so? He said you snatched it from him!

    Sunny said as she poked her tongue inside of her cheek indicating she’s
    getting angry. With Sunny’s aegyo expression, Sooyoung stand defeated as
    she lowered her arms and gave the guy’s food. Raynor, Matt and the crew
    member we’re astounded and speechless as they witnessed Sooyoung backed
    down for the first time because of Sunny. Then Sunny returned inside
    the room to continue the interview.

    Sunny: Sorry about the Sir…. I just can’t stand someone being bullied *Aegyo smile*
    Raynor: *clenching his fist again and smiled wryly* I think the interview is over… glad to have you on the team Sunny.

    Sunny rejoiced as she hops around like a bunny rabbit and then heads out of the room.

    Matt: Sir? I know her interview is not yet finished…. But why’d you accepted her just like that?
    Raynor: well first… she said she can handle any type of ground unit… which is rare for us… and…
    Crew: and…?

    Raynor sighed.

    Raynor: with her around……. We won’t have to worry about food supply shortage.. *chuckles*

    The Raynor, Matt and the crew member chuckled as Sunny’s interview ended because of Sooyoung.


    i was originally planning on using this pic for Sunny's Bio but i decided not to and used the good one instead XD



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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 19

    Location: Hyperion – Armory

    Tiffany entered the Armory and saw Taeyeon is somewhat uneasy. “Tae-Tae? What’s the matter?” Tiffany asked.

    “Fany-ah…. Sica will be finally reunited with her real sister….” Taeyeon replied. Tiffany, unaware of Taeyeon’s feelings, smiled. “isn’t that great? Jessi is looking and worrying about her sister throughout the years…. And the day finally comes!” Tiffany said.

    “yeah I’m happy for
    them Fany-ah… but… what about me?... I’ll be alone again… you know Sica
    is the only family I have left….. before you meet us on Agria..”
    Taeyeon said with a sadness on her voice.

    Tiffany didn’t react. She knew the older girl’s feeling right now. “oh Tae-Tae…. Sica won’t forget you and of course..” Tiffany grabbed Taeyeon’s hand and placed it on Taeyeon’s chest, right in the heart. “I’m here, Yuri’s here, Seohyun and Yoona too. Don’t forget Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Sunny too!” Tiffany said as she smiled.

    “Fany-ah…. Thank you for being here with me…” Taeyeon smiled warmly and hugged Tiffany.

    “No problem Tae-Tae… you know how much you mean to me…….. and please…. Your hands….. stop pinching…” Tiffany smiled as she moved Taeyeon’s hand away from her butt. “Byuntae…” Tiffany added as she smiled.

    Location: Meinhoff

    Sunny, Yuri and Hyoyeon are strolling on Meinhoff towards Yuri’s former hometown. “Yul… how much further?” Sunny asked.

    “8 clicks away Sunny…. I’m sorry you guys are getting dragged into this….” Yuri said. “not a problem Yuri-ah…. I’m kinda curious too how was Meinhoff become a breeding grounds of Zerg species.” Hyoyeon said.

    “Guys…. I’m detecting movement north of us….. prepare for an incoming attack…” Sunny said. “Hyo…once again you’re in luck of experiencing another battle..” Sunny added.

    Hearing Sunny’s warning, Yuri mounted Sunny’s Gauss cannon and prepared for the attack. “Yuri-ah! We have five moving targets on my mark….” Sunny said as she stopped her siege tank.

    But before Sunny could give Yuri her signal to shoot, Hyoyeon stopped them. “WAIT!! Don’t shoot! It seems something is amiss!” Hyoyeon said.

    “Nonsense Hyo! You know Zerg won’t stop for anything!” Sunny said and looked at her radar. “huh? That’s funny….. they stopped moving….” Sunny said.

    “Sunny…. Stay here, I’ll check it out, I’ll cloak myself towards there, Hyo, pass me Sunny’s radar data on my visor…” Yuri said. after transferring Sunny’s radar Data to Yuri’s visor, Yuri puts on her visor and instantly vanished.

    “Sunny… watch out for something…. Notify me if there’s any movement.” Yuri said through her comm.-link. “no prob Yul… just be careful out there.” Sunny said as both her and Hyoyeon watched Yuri’s movement through the scanner.

    “Sunny… I’m approaching the target…. is your radar still clean?” Yuri asked. “no problem here…. Wait up…. those five signature are starting to combine together… you’re almost close…” Sunny said.

    As Yuri were coming in close to the target, their communication were briefly cut off. “Yuri-ah? Come in Yuri-ah?” Sunny tried to contact Yuri but only heard a static sound. And after a minute, their communication came back.

    “Yuri-ah? Come in!” Sunny called. “I’m ……till…..ere….. I’ve….ound the tar…ts…. Su….ivors….” Yuri answered but the signal is a bit off frequency. “Sunny…I think we should follow Yuri… I’m worried..” Hyoyeon said as she tries to establish a clear connection.

    “Yuri… hold on, we’re coming there.”
    Sunny said as she moved the siege tank closer to Yuri. as Sunny got
    close, the saw Yuri standing and waving to them. As Sunny got closer,
    they both saw Yuri standing close to 5 survivors and immediately invited
    them inside Sunny’s siege tank.

    “I didn’t know there’s some people in here… now, who are you and state your business..” Sunny said as she asked the five survivors.

    “we’re from the Dominion research team…. But…. They left us here to die….” The survivors said to them. “what are you doing here…” Yuri asked. “we
    were assigned to investigate about the infestation that have happened
    here several years ago…. We are hoping if we could find any trace of the
    lone survivor that’s been reported on our data…”
    the other girl said.

    “you are looking at her…” Hyoyeon said as the five survivors were surprised that they’re talking to Yuri. “OH!
    We’re sorry…. By the way… I’m Park Gyuri… head of the research team,
    and this is my team / colleagues Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara
    and Kang Jiyoung. We’re actually from the Moebius foundation but
    assigned in the Dominion for research purposes….. but we didn’t expect
    that the Dominion will leave us here…”
    Gyuri said.

    “well… we’re from Raynor’s Raiders…..” Yuri coldly replied. Hearing where Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon worked for made the four of them tensed up except for one, Jiyoung.

    “unnie…. I’ve made up
    my decision….. judging the Dominion treated us…. I’m turning my back on
    them…. I’ll join them instead for rescuing us…”
    Jiyoung said as her face shows an angry expression.

    “I’m with her unnie…” Hara followed after and soon, Seungyeon and Nicole also made the same decision.

    “…… what a day to
    transfer…. I’m not used on transferring two times in one session.. but
    what the heck… count me in… I’d rather work against the Dominion than to
    be left in here to be killed by the Zerg…”
    Gyuri said as she had no choice.

    “…I’m not against this but… I don’t actually trust you girls yet..” Sunny said. “what are you researching exactly in here? We also have the same mission here… or to be precise…. Yuri’s personal mission..” Hyoyeon followed Sunny’s lead.

    “well…. A while ago… we
    came across an information regarding the infestation that happened here
    many years ago… and we found out… it was not a coincidental
    infestation….. but it was planned by the Dominion as they planted a
    beacon somewhere attracting the Zerg to make this planet their breeding
    Gyuri explained.

    “now we know why the Dominion left you girls here to die…. You discovered something that you shouldn’t.” Hyoyeon said. Hearing Hyoyeon’s explanation made them more depressed. “I told you unnie… you shouldn’t poked deeper….” Hara said to Nicole.

    “eh? But I was ordered to look into everything!” Nicole answered. “yeah… thanks for your “loyal” obedience, we almost got ourselves killed.” Seungyeon said.

    Yuri were speechless at her discovery. “Yul…what now? now that we know the infestation is not just a coincidence… should we go back now?” Sunny said.

    “……if it’s ok with you guys…. There’s another place I’d like to go to….” Yuri said. everyone was quiet and waiting for Yuri to talk. “it’s your home isn’t it?” Sunny said and Yuri just nodded.

    “Don’t worry… I’ll be fine..” Yuri said as she gave Sunny the coordinates.

    Location: Meinhoff – Yuri’s old house

    “Guys…. Can you at least spare me some privacy…. I need to do this alone….” Yuri said as she got off Sunny’s siege tank.

    “By the way… we haven’t
    introduced ourselves, I’m Sgt. Lee Sunny and this is DR. Kim Hyoyeon,
    our head researcher at the Hyperion. The one went out is Kwon Yuri.”
    Sunny said.

    “Unnie…. Yuri unnie doesn’t have a rank just like you?” Hara asked. “Well….. Yuri is a special case… we just address her by her name….” Hyoyeon said.

    Location: Meinhoff – Inside Yuri’s old home.

    As Yuri got inside, she could still remember the horrific atmosphere she
    felt when she was still 4 years old. She carefully walked up in the old
    room where her parents hid her during those catastrophe.

    Some of her parents remain are still there. “Umma…Appa…. I’m back….”
    Yuri knelt down as she carefully placed her parent’s remains in an
    orderly fashion above in a table. Then she looked over on the other side
    of the room and saw her brother’s remain also. As she went over, she
    also placed her brother’s remains beside her parent’s remains.

    “Oppa… thank you for
    saving my life back then….. I swear on your remains…. The Dominion will
    pay for what they did to our home planet….”
    Yuri said as she left a couple of high impact grenade beside their remains.

    Yuri returned inside the Siege tank and never utter a word. “Yuri-ah…. Everything ok?” Hyoyeon asked. Yuri didn’t answer but just smiled.

    “ok… now we’re done here… I’ll call Tiffany to pick us up….” Sunny said as she contacted Tiffany. “Fany-ah…
    we’re ready for pick up. Come pick us up at these coordinates and
    inform the Commander that we also have picked up five survivors.”
    Sunny said.

    “ok Sunny… be then in 10.” Tiffany said. Tiffany arrived and picked everyone up and Tiffany noticed Yuri is quiet. “Hyo… is there something wrong with Yuri?” Tiffany asked. “I
    don’t know but… it seems we discovered something big about her home
    planet’s infestation…. I want to explain it but, I’d rather let the five
    survivors explain it to the Commander themselves. And oh yeah.. about
    Yuri…. the place where you just picked us up…. that’s her old home…”
    Hyoyeon said.

    And all of a sudden Yuri’s old home exploded in flames as they were alarmed at the explosion, Yuri came in and informed them. “don’t worry about it guys…. I set up a high impact grenade…. It’s my way of cremating my family’s remains….” Yuri said.

    Location: Deadman’s port – abandoned building

    “SHOOT! WE CAN’T GET TO THE DROP SHIP!!! SULLI! RETURN FIRE!!” Victoria ordered Sulli as they were fighting back the Dominion Forces.

    “Vickie!! They’re Coming at every direction!!” Narsha said to Victoria. “Damn!! Just when we thought we got Krystal out…” Victoria said as she reloads her gun.

    Krystal covered her ear as the gun fire progresses. Little did they
    know, one Ghost unit managed to sneaked close to them and revealed
    itself in front of Krystal and aimed its rifle at her. Just as the Ghost
    is going to pull the trigger, Amber saw it and instantly tackled the
    Ghost and both of them fell outside of the building.

    Krystal shouted as she saw Amber falls outside along with the Ghost she
    tackled. Even without her knowledge of handling any weapon, Krystal
    grabbed the Ghost’s Rifle and fired back aimlessly just to give Amber
    enough time to take cover.

    “Unnie! Amber is trapped outside!” Krystal said to Victoria. “SH*T!...Minzy, CL, Narsha! Give me some cover fire! I’ll get Amber!!” Victoria said.

    Minzy, CL and Narsha did what Victoria told them but as she was going
    outside to get Amber, Krystal is already running towards Amber. “CRAP!! SULLI!! GIVE HER SOME COVER FIRE!!” Victoria said to Sulli. Outside the building, Dara noticed another Ghost is aiming at Krystal from another building.

    “Sulli! There’s a Ghost unit aiming at Krystal!!”
    Dara said. Sulli noticed the Ghost where Dara pointed its location and
    shot it with a rocket launcher. Sulli successfully hit the Ghost’s
    sniping location but unfortunately, the Ghost squeezed the trigger at
    the same time and hits Krystal on her right leg.

    Amber shouted as she saw Krystal falls down. Luckily, Krystal was close
    to Amber and pulled Krystal in to her hiding place. The Dominion army
    saw where Amber and Krystal is hiding and focused their fire power
    mostly on Amber and Victoria’s hiding place.

    “pabo! Why’d you go out! You know it’s dangerous!” Amber said to Krystal. “you guys helped me get out of that horrible place…. I just want to repay you guys back…” Krystal said as she winced in pain.

    “Amber! Amber! How is Krystal!?” Luna asked Amber through her comm.-link. “Luna, she’s bleeding bad… but the bullet went through!”
    Amber replied as she ripped her lower part of her shirt and used it to
    stop Krystal’s bleeding as she tied it around Krystal’s wounded leg.

    “Commander! We need
    back up now!! we’re running short on ammo and Krystal Jung is wounded! I
    repeat! Krystal Jung is wounded! We need immediate EVAC now!!”
    Victoria calls the Hyperion one last time as she fear for Krystal’s condition.

    “Victoria! This is Major Kim Taeyeon, we’ve just landed and we’re close, give us your coordinates!” Taeyeon replied from the other line. “We’re here are at point X 315,Y 654! Please we need immediate assistance!” Victoria replied.

    “Got your coordinates
    Victoria… unfortunately, we can’t have any drop ship going down there we
    will just to come up with something.”
    Taeyeon replied.

    “What do you mean no drop ship? How we will leave here?” Victoria said as she returns fire to the Dominion army.

    “my team spotted several air units roaming around…. So it’s risky for the Medivac to come down.” Taeyeon replied. “trust me, we already got a plan.” She added.

    “Fine… but better come
    quick, as I said earlier, we’re running low on ammo and we got 2 people
    pinned down and one of them is injured.”
    Victoria said. “copy that! we’ll be there in 5, Taeyeon out.” Taeyeon said as she ended the transmission.

    “OK! I got a word that our back up has arrived! We'll just hold out till then! Amber! Make sure Krystal is safe!” Victoria said as all of them tries their best to hold out.

    Location: Deadman’s Port – several meters away from their destination

    “Seohyun-ah are you sure you’re ok alone?” Taeyeon asked Seohyun. “I’ll be fine Taeyeon ap….unnie” Seohyun said and Taeyeon smiled. “Seohyun-ah… appa’s fine with me… you’r Tiffany umma told me your past… so it’s ok. I’m worried about you being alone though.” Taeyeon worriedly said.

    “Seohyun-ah… you know how to handle a Gauss Rifle?” Taeyeon asked. “I do but… I’m that not good at guns…” Seohyun replied. Taeyeon thinks hard and instantly made a split decision. “Youngie…. You go with my Seohyun-ah… she’s the most important part of this mission you hear?” Taeyeon said.

    “gotcha Taengoo… Come on Hyunnie!” Sooyoung said as she pulled Seohyun away. “now… this will make things a bit complicated…. But it’s better than nothing.” Taeyeon said as she run towards opposite direction.

    Scene: Sooyoung and Seohyun

    “Unnie! is it alright for Taeyeon appa to be alone?” Seohyun asked as they were heading discreetly on Seohyun’s destination. “Taengoo will be fine just… trust your new appa alright?” Sooyoung said as she gave Seohyun a quick smile.

    Just then, a couple of Dominion soldiers showed up and fired at them. Sooyoung pushed Seohyun away just in time to take cover. “Hyunnie! Are you alright? Sorry for the sudden push!” Sooyoung shouted as she’s on the direct opposite side of Seohyun.

    “I’m ok Unnie!” Seohyun replied and gave a return fire on the Dominion Soldiers. “Sooyoung unnie! we’re taking heavy fire!! We can’t move forward like this!!” Seohyun shouted as she looked over to Sooyoung.

    “Hyunnie! You see that post hanging over them? Shoot the power generator!!”
    Sooyoung instructed Seohyun and made her shot. Seohyun successfully
    hits the power generator and falls on the Dominion soldiers killing them

    “Nice Shot Hyunnie!” Sooyoung said as both of them moved forward. “no..thanks to your quick observation unnie we managed to get through.” Seohyun replied as she reloads a new magazine on her Gauss rifle.

    “Unnie! another batch coming!” Seohyun said as she spotted another Dominion soldiers heading their way. “I got this one Hyunnie..” Sooyoung said as she take one High impact grenade from her belt. “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!”
    Sooyoung throws the grenade and kills the incoming soldiers. They ran
    another mile and finally arrived at Seohyun’s destination.

    “I envy you and Sunny unnie… you both have field combat expertise…” Seohyun said as she catches her breath.

    Well…. I envy you Hyunnie…. You can almost pilot all air units…. But really… are we going to use this as our escape ship?” Sooyoung said as her eyes widen at Seohyun’s supposed to pilot. “yes unnie… and believe me… this is what I’m looking forward to fly….. a Battle Cruiser.” Seohyun said as they both got on board on Class 5 Battle Cruiser, the Echelon.

    As they got on the bridge, Seohyun immediately closed the hatch and
    start up the Echelon. Sooyoung was amazed at Seohyun’s quickness in
    Controlling the battle cruiser. “hang
    on tight Sooyoung unnie… and contact Taeyeon appa that we got our way
    out. I’m heading towards Victoria unnie’s coordinates.”
    Seohyun said as she made the Echelon lift off and heads towards Victoria’s team.

    Scene: Taeyeon – on her way to Victoria’s place.

    “Victoria, what’s your status!” Taeyeon said as runs while firing back at the Dominion Soldiers that have spotted her.

    “we’re almost out of ammo…. where are you Major?” Victoria replied. “I’m near to you guys…. I just have some problems here on my own!” Taeyeon replied as she hid behind a boulder.

    “MEN! SHE’S HIDING THERE!! CONCENTRATE YOUR FIRE ON THAT ROCK!!” the Dominion orderd his men to fire at Taeyeon’s hiding place.

    “Crap…. They just won’t give up!! let’s see how you’ll do this!”
    Taeyeon sets her ammo on Plasma ammo, a new setting that Hyoyeon added
    on Taeyeon’s Gauss rifle and as soon Taeyeon sets it, she quickly runs
    out of her hiding place and shoots a huge plasma energy towards the
    Dominion and to Taeyeon’s awe, the Dominion soldiers, including their
    squad leader, instantly turned into skeleton as the high intensity heat
    from the plasma disintegrated their flesh in an instant.

    “HOLY GOLDEN BUTTOCKS!” Taeyeon was surprised herself also. “Hyo… I could fall inlove with you!!” Taeyeon said to herself. Taeyeon checked the remaining ammo type on Plasma option and it’s is limited only on 10 shots. “well I guess that’s leaves only 9 more shots…. got to conserve this one.” Taeyeon said as she switched back on Normal Ammo.

    “Seohyun-ah! What’s your status?” Taeyeon asked Seohyun through her comm.-link again. “appa,
    we might be behind schedule, we’re encountering some enemy aircraft
    units! Sooyoung unnie is controlling the weapons system here!”
    Seohyun replied. “Copy that Seohyun-ah.. I’m heading to their location now! BE CAREFUL!!” Taeyeon said as she continues her way towards Victoria’s coordinates.

    Location: Meinhoff – Stand point of Victoria’s team.

    “VICKIE! I’M OUT!!” Narsha said as she ran out of Ammo. “Narsha Unnie! take mine! I’m usually on explosives!” Sulli said as she tossed her Rifle to Narsha.

    “Amber! How are you and Krystal?!” Victoria asked through the comm.-link. “oh…we’re actually fine enjoying the rain of bullets...”
    Amber mockingly and calmly replied as she used the Ghost Rifle that
    Krystal got earlier ago and shoots back at the Dominion soldiers.

    “PABO! This is not the time to joke around!” Victoria said as she made her shots conservative. “YAH! You think we’re ok here? We’re almost lying on the ground because our cover is getting pummeled by the hail of bullets!” Amber said.

    “Amber….. are we able to get out of here alive?” Krystal said as she starts to cry. Amber hugged Krystal. “we
    promised we’ll get you reunited with your sister again… we are not
    about to fail that request…. I guaran-DAMN-teed that Krys… now stay
    Amber said to Krystal.

    “Victoria I’m also out of ammo!” CL informed Victoria and Minzy followed after.

    Victoria said but she didn’t get a replied but instead, right in front
    of them, a huge Plasma was fired at the Dominion Soldiers and it wiped
    out all the Dominion soldier.

    “You called for Back up Victoria?” Taeyeon emerged from the other side as she cocked the Gauss rifle. Victoria smiled. “you sure do know how to make a flashy entrance Major..” Victoria said and both of them saluted at each other.

    “So… who’re they?” Taeyeon asked as she pointed at CL, Dara, Minzy and Bom. “they’re with me… they helped us so they’re ok.” Victoria replied.

    “well.. well.. well… look what have the hell spitted out… it’s been a long time Taeyeon…” Narsha said as she waved at Taeyeon. “Narsha unnie! I see you’re still charming as ever…. So what happened here?” Taeyeon asked Narsha.

    “well… the Emperor
    wanted all the Mercenaries here at Deadman’s Port under his rule… since
    Vickie managed to get Jessica’s true sister out.”
    Narsha said as Amber supported Krystal towards Taeyeon.

    As Taeyeon saw Krystal, she felt a slight tug in her heart as she now
    once again having her mixed emotions attacking her and tried her best to
    hide it. “Nice to meet
    you Krystal…. I’m Kim Taeyeon…. Jessica’s sis…..friend, Your sister is
    always looking for you…. come now and we’ll get you reunited as she
    already misses you a lot.”
    Taeyeon smiled. Narsha and CL noticed Taeyeon.

    “Narsha unnie… I don’t think the Major is in pain… is there something wrong?” CL asked. “well….
    During Jessica’s sister was captured… Taeyeon is always with Jessica
    and swore to be her sister ever since… but now… it’ll come to an end…..”
    Narsha in a soft voice

    “ANYBODY NEED A RIDE?” a loud voice called them and they all looked up and saw a Battle cruiser moving in.

    “That’s our ride out of here… come one! Seohyun-ah tell Youngie to come down here using a drop ship.” Taeyeon said.

    A couple of minutes, Sooyoung arrived down using a classic drop ship. “quickly now… we don’t have much time another fleet is coming since we stole one of their Battle Cruisers!”
    Soooyoung said. Victoria’s team went first followed by CL’s team then
    Amber and Krystal. as Amber and Krystal were boarding the Drop ship,
    Taeyeon noticed a laser pointer is aiming at Krystal’s back.

    To their surprise, Taeyeon quickly shoved Amber and Krystal inside the Drop ship. “AMBER! KRYSTAL!! SNIPER!!”


    They all heard a loud shot. Victoria checked Amber and Krystal who is
    still on the Drop ship floor without any injury and they looked at
    Taeyeon who is still standing directly if front of Amber and Krystal
    with her back turned against them. And then all of a sudden Taeyeon fell
    down and they all noticed Taeyeon was hit in the stomach area and
    bleeding badly.

    Sooyoung shouted. Luna went over to heal Taeyeon but the injury is too
    severe. Krystal, even when wounded crawled over to Taeyeon’s side. “Taeyeon unnie! why?” Krystal asked.

    “w-well… I can’t let my……sister’s real sister be killed…..”
    Taeyeon said as she gave Krystal a smile and slowly closed her eyes.
    Sooyoung closed the hatch and quickly went to the Echelon. “HYUNNIE! TAENGOO’S BEEN SHOT!!!” Sooyoung said.

    “wha..?” Seohyun couldn’t believe what she heard then her scanner revealed the Ghost’s hiding place. “YOU WILL PAY FOR HURTING MY APPA!!” Seohyun punched the control on the Yamato Cannon and fired at the Ghost’s location.

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    Episode 20

    Location: Enemy Battle Cruiser, the Echelon

    “Hyunnie! We’re surrounded!!” Sooyoung said as her radar detected several enemy air units. “Seohyun-ah… we got 2 battle cruisers in front of us and a wave of wraiths and Vikings surrounding us…” Victoria said as she decided to help Sooyoung.

    “damn….” Seohyun hissed.

    “This is the 4th division imperial battalion
    Mercenary of Emperor Mengsk, the 4M. Identify yourselves or we will
    shoot you on sight!”
    the enemy battle cruiser said to them.

    “Hyunnie…. We’re in a pinch… what’ll we do? At this rate… Taengoo will bleed to death!” Sooyoung said.

    Seohyun hanged her head low. “Sooyoung
    unnie……. prepare everyone on the drop ship….. get Taeyeon appa first
    and make sure you secure her stretcher…. I got a plan…”
    Seohyun said.

    “Hyunnie? Don’t do anything reckless!” Sooyoung said but Victoria, however, feels like agreeing on Seohyun’s unknown plan.

    “I’m in whatever you’re planning Seohyun… just tell me what to do….” Victoria said which made Sooyoung surprised.

    “Victoria unnie! you can’t possibly agree with her! we can’t escape with this many Imperial forces in the air!” Sooyoung said but Victoria remained quiet.

    “Sooyoung unnie……I promised I’ll get us out of here…. And I don’t plan on failing my duty….” Seohyun explained as she gritted her teeth in desperation. “please Sooyoung unnie…. this is the only way I can think of…. Victoria unnie… can you call CL unnie?…” Seohyun added.

    “Enemy intruder aboard the Echelon we have warned you! you have 10 seconds to comply, failure will only result in death!” the enemy warned them again. CL arrived at the bridge. “Victoria, you called?” CL asked.

    “Seohyun wanted to ask you something…” Victoria said. “CL unnie… is there anyone from your team knows how to modify a thruster?” Seohyun asked. “is there anyone? All of my team can do it! being a mercenary had this advantage… what are you planning?” CL asked.

    “CL unnie….. I know
    this may sound crazy but…. Can you attach additional thrusters to the
    drop ship that Sooyoung unnie used?... I have to get my appa back at
    Hyperion… please..”
    Seohyun said with a straight face at CL.

    CL feels Seohyun is desperate to save Taeyeon. “normally, it would take for us to do that in 4 hours tops…. But…. I’ll do what I can….” CL answered as she gave Seohyun a meaningful smile and left in a hurry to execute Seohyun’s ideas


    “here’s the plan Sooyoung unnie…… after I fire the Yamato cannon on them, I will briefly cut off all power in the Echelon” Seohyun said


    “But..that’s suicide!!! We will crash hard on the ground!! and we will also sustain heavy damage!!” Sooyoung said. “Unnie… trust me on this…." Seohyun said


    Seohyun pressed something on the panel and revealed a map of Deadman’s Port. “Victoria unnie, Sooyoug unnie, see this over there?” Seohyun pointed a narrow gap close to their fall crashing point. “what about it?” Victoria asked


    “the structure over
    here is thin, we can go through with for our escape……if only we have
    someone who can actually blow the supporting platform here….. I need
    someone accurate to hit that spot with the turret Cannon…”
    Seohyun said. “Sulli can do that. she’s my team’s Demo expert. I’ll get right on it.” Victoria said as she hurriedly left to instruct everyone on Seohyun’s plan.


    “Hyunnie I sure hope you know what you’re doing…. I’ll trust you that all of us will escape…” Sooyoung said. “Sooyoung
    unnie…. all of you saved me from my loneliness.. it’s my turn to save
    all of you now… and of course… I want to spend it all with you unnies…”
    Seohyun said as she smiled at Sooyoung.


    “Good luck Hyunnie, we’ll be waiting for you on the Drop ship…” Sooyoung said as she finally agrees on Seohyun’s plan.
    “Appa….. I won’t let you die….”
    Seohyun said and gritted her teeth again as she’s alone now in the
    bridge. Seohyun configure the Echelon’s route and she starts up by
    charging the Yamato Cannon.


    “Enemy Intruder! Disable your Yamato or we will open fire without finishing the count.” The Enemy battle cruiser warned again.


    “I’m Seo Joo Hyun, Proud Daughter of Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Hwang….. and you will never lay a finger on my family…… EVER!” Seohyun said as she continues to charge the Yamato Cannon. “warning Multiple Locked on detected” the Echelon warned Seohyun.


    The Enemy fleet saw that someone from the Echelon fires at something at the ground. “Enemy Intruder! Stand Down your Weapons! This is your Last Warning!!”


    “EVERYONE!! OPEN FIRE!!!” the Enemy fleet
    unleashed a series of attacks at the Echelon. As the Echelon is
    sustaining multiple heavy damages, Seohyun fired the Yamato Cannon and
    successfully hits one of the enemy battle cruiser. And Seohyun quickly
    cuts off all the power supply of the Echelon and falls quickly on the
    ground. As it falls on the ground, the Echelon went through the hole
    where it fired earlier. As the Echelon disappeared in their view, it
    caused a huge explosion.

    “nobody will survive that blast…” the Enemy commander said to his crew. “everyone, Monitor the situation. We will report this to the emper….” The commander’s order were interrupted by one of his brew. “Sir! I’m picking up a heat signature from the explosion! And it’s coming up fast!” the crew said.

    “WHAT?!!!??! DISPLAY THE IMAGE ON THE SCREEN!!” the Commander said. As they put the display on the huge screen, they all saw a Drop ship flying incredibly fast.

    “WRAITHS!! AFTER THAT DROP SHIP!!” the Commander yelled in anger as four units of Wraiths went after them.

    Location: Modified Drop Ship – Cockpit

    “Whoa Girl! you sure know how to pilot any aircraft!!” Amber said as she watched Seohyun skillfully pilots the Modified Drop ship. “Amber unnie…. don’t look at me! look at the Radar!! We have company!!” Seohyun said.

    “R-Right Sorry!!... I’m detecting four wraiths on our tail! We’re being painted Seohyun-ah!!”
    Amber said. Other wraiths fired at them but Seohyun did a looping
    maneuver to evade the attacks as she activate a couple of thrusters that
    CL’s team attached, they are now in between the four wraiths that is
    chasing them, two on their back and two on their front .

    “Seohyun-ah! What are you doing? We’re in between them and the two wraiths behind us are locking their missiles on us!” Amber said. Seohyun didn’t answer and continues to maintain their position between the two squadron.

    “Seohyun-ah!! They fired the Missile!!” Amber said. “that’s what I’m waiting for Amber unnie.”
    Seohyun grinned as she suddenly made the Drop ship dive down skillfully
    and went through a narrow junction with the exact size only for the
    Drop ship go through. The two wraiths in front of them earlier, took the
    hit from its own team the time Seohyun made the dive.

    Amber couldn’t believe at Seohyun’s piloting ability as they went
    through the narrow passage ways with an incredible speed without any

    “Damn girl!! where did you learn such piloting technique?” Amber asked but Seohyun only smiled. “Seohyun… we’re still being painted… oh my god… they released another Gemini rockets!!” Amber said.

    “Don’t worry unnie…. I’m not about to fail my mission!” Seohyun said as she activates the remaining thrusters to maximum. “Unnies!! Hang on to something! We’re going in sonic boom speed and someone secure my appa!”
    Seohyun said to everyone through the comm.-link. Everyone buckled up
    while Luna and Sooyoung went to Taeyeon’s side and secured her tightly. “Hyunnie!” we’re good to go! Get us out of here!!” Sooyoung shouted.

    And in an instant the wraith’s Gemini rockets fails to locate their
    target as the Drop ship instantly gained an immeasurable distance
    between them and successfully escaped Deadman’s port.

    >>Music end<<

    “Seohyun-ah… you can let go the control now…..” Amber said as she noticed Seohyun is still gripping the control tightly. “SEOHYUN-AH!! WE’RE ALRIGHT NOW!!” Amber shouted as Seohyun finally snapped back to reality. She looked at Amber. “I’ll take over from here and let your Sooyoung unnie replace you here to contact the Hyperion….. you go beside the Major…” Amber said.

    Seohyun left her post and hurriedly went towards Taeyeon. “Taeyeon Appa…. Appa….. open your eyes…..” Seohyun called for Taeyeon to wake up. Seohyun cried seeing Taeyeon is not opening up her eyes. “Appa!! You can’t leave me like this!!.... I don’t want to lose you!!” Seohyun said as she cried over Taeyeon’s chest.

    “H-Hyunnie…. Don’t cry…….. if you cry….. Yoona will cry too….” Taeyeon said weakly as she opened her eyes and gave Seohyun a smile. “Taeyeon Appa….. I kept my promise to take you back…. Tiffany umma will be waiting for us….” Seohyun said as she breaks in tears while holding Taeyeon’s hand tightly.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 Bay

    Tiffany arrived and the rest arrived back at the Hyperion. “Somebody is in high spirits….” Jessica greeted them along with Yoona, as they got off from the Medivac. “Well….. Jessi…. Don’t be surprised…. There really is a reason to be happy….” Tiffany replied to Jessica with a smile.

    “oh come on Tiff…. You know I can’t handle the suspense!” Jessica said back to Tiffany as she pouted. “well… my Tae-Tae…. Will be bringing your sister back to you!” Tiffany said as she hugged Jessica.

    Jessica was stunned hearing the news. “T-Tiff?..... is that….is that really true?.... I may be able to see Krystal again?”
    Jessica said as she whole body starts to shake in happiness. Tiffany
    knew that Jessica is really looking forward to see her sister again.

    “I’m not kidding Jessi….. that’s the reason she left with Seohyun and Sooyoung! We should prepare right away!”
    Tiffany said as she released her hug to the blonde girl. Jessica
    released her tears of joy hearing that she will be with Krystal again.

    “I…. I don’t know what to say when I meet her Tiff…. What if she’s not happy?” Jessica worriedly said. “Oh
    Jessi….. don’t such a negative thinker… I know how you secretly using
    any available time to access our main computer in the bridge when no one
    is around… the Commander knows it too!”
    Tiffany said.

    Jessica wiped her tears of joy as she’s looking forward to seeing
    Krystal again but both of them are unaware about Taeyeon’s condition.
    Yuri got out too from the Medivac and Jessica went over to her.

    “Yuri! I’m reuniting with Krystal again!” Jessica happily announced to Yuri. Yuri just smiled and hugged Jessica. “Y-Yuri? what’s wrong? It’s not like you to be quiet like this? Did you guys discovered something in your home planet?” Jessica asked.

    “Sica…. We just found out….. Yuri’s home planet became a breeding ground to the Zerg…” Hyoyeon answered Jessica’s question.

    “don’t worry about me Sica… I’ll be fine…. I just need some time alone…..” Yuri weakly said as she gave Jessica a kiss on the forehead. “Y-Yuri….” Jessica uttered Yuri’s name.

    “Don’t worry about her
    Sica…. You know Yuri…. I’m thinking she just need to clear her mind
    since it’s officially… she’s the last survivor of her home planet… give
    her time alright?”
    Sunny said as she escorted Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara and Jiyoung out.

    “who are they?” Jessica asked. “Dominion left-overs….” Gyuri replied as she sighed. Hearing the way Gyuri replied to Jessica, Yoona became defensive.

    “Hey! Don’t talk to my Umma like that!” Yoona said as she blocked Gyuri’s vision of Jessica. “oh.. I’m sorry… I’m just depressed that we’re just left down there to die… I didn’t mean to answer like that.” Gyuri said to Yoona with an apologetic tone.

    “Yoona.. it’s alright… she didn’t mean to… look we’ll get to know them later alright?” Jessica said as she hold Yoona’s arms down.

    “Sica…. I’m sorry it’s sudden but… these five survivors have to go through with the commander… we’ll talk later ok?” Hyoyeon said. All of them bowed respectively at each other.

    Location: Hyperion Bridge

    Hyoyeon explained to Raynor about what happened every detail including Yuri’s action. “I guess I can’t blame her for doing that…. where is she now?” Raynor asked Hyoyeon. “I think she in the armory or somewhere she just need some time alone to think.” Hyoyeon replied.

    “….alright… well… about the five of you…. welcome
    aboard the Hyperion… but… sadly to say… you five will be working under
    Hyoyeon, is that ok with you girls?”
    Raynor asked the five of them. “well…I guess… it’s better than nothing Commander…. Me and my team are really thankful to be on board.” Gyuri said.

    “Well… I guess you could say that… just be sure to have your patience test out…. We have a rowdy bunch here…”
    Raynor said as he pointed Tiffany and Jessica on the hallway and
    frantically running like a fan-girls towards the Kitchen Cantina and
    being followed by Yoona who is still acting like a kid.

    “Commander, believe me… we’re happy to be working in such environment.” Gyuri said as she gave Raynor a respectful bow. “well
    now… that’s being settled…. If you girls excuse me I’ll be on my
    quarters. Hyoyeon, they are now under your command. All of you
    Raynor said as she went towards her quarters.

    Location: Hyperion – R&D Lab

    “Well…. It’s not much of a room but… this is my quarters…as well as a research lab..” Hyoyeon said as she leads the five girls.

    “Dr. Kim Hyoyeon… if it’s fine with you…. can I be your assistant?” Gyuri said. “please… Hyo or Hyoyeon is fine… I’m not comfortable with the honorifics…” Hyoyeon said. “well…. As I said, it’s not much but.. this will be you room as well….” she added.

    “are you kidding unnie? we will all be staying together? Can i….. can I have a workplace beside you Hyo unnie?” Nicole said as she fidgets her fingers while asking Hyoyeon. Hara and Jiyoung whispered to each other.

    “hey… is it just me of Nicole unnie is acting strange towards Hyoyeon unnie?” Jiyoung asked. “I noticed that too… do you think Nicole unnie is….” Hara stopped her words and both of them looked each other and a naughty grin etched on their lips as they giggle.

    “…Nicole… no need to call me unnie… as I said drop the honorifics… and yes you can have a workplace next to mine..”
    Hyoyeon said to Nicole as she gave them a smile. After several minutes
    of adjusting the R&D room, all of them as settled in their new

    “Hyo… you know the
    truth is…. We’re not actually researchers… we’re just trainees from the
    Dominion’s research lab.… we only know a little bit and I was hoping you
    could teach us a thing or two..”
    Gyuri said to Hyoyeon as all of them lowered their heads.

    Hyoyeon couldn’t believe what she just heard. “Chincha?
    Then you should’ve realized that sooner! You know you guys were
    trainees from the start but why’d you accept the Dominion’s request?”
    Hyoyeon asked.

    “well……. We figured it’s a better learning experience for us if we were able to be on field work already….” Nicole answered. “but
    then when we discovered the device that they asked us to retrieve…… our
    communications were cut off… we tried for three days but no one
    answered us… until you guys showed up…”
    Seungyeon followed after.

    “omo.?! You’ve been in Meinhoff for three days? It’s a miracle you girls have survived!” Hyoyeon said shockingly.

    “it’s been a nightmare
    Hyoyeon unnie….. in morning…. The place are 75% safe as few Zerg
    creatures are crawling around…. But it’s different when the night
    comes…. Infested civilian emerged from the ground along with Zerg
    Jiyoung explain.

    Hyoyeon never felt so mad for the first time towards the Dominion.
    Leaving a fresh trainee to die in Meinhoff. Although she’s fuming
    inside, Hyoyeon kept it in and sighed.

    “but you’re right about one thing… it’s a better learning experience for you…. too bad you learned it in a nightmare way….” Hyoyeon said.

    “alright… I want you guys listen to me and listen carefully, I know it’s annoying but were going back to the basics….you hear?” Hyoyeon said as she decide to start teaching the five girls that were instantly under her command.

    Location: Hyperion – Bridge

    After resting from his quarters, Raynor decided to go back to the bridge. “Matt! What’s the news from the Major’s team?” Raynor asked.

    “Sir… I’m not getting a reply from them….but I’ve
    detected a distress signal from one of an unknown drop ship that’s
    heading on our direction.”
    Matt answered.

    “It’s them Matt…. Ready the Hangar they’ll be arriving soon maybe their communication got busted…” Raynor said as he went to the Cantina to informed Tiffany and Jessica about the arrival.

    Location: Hyperion – Cantina Kitchen

    “Jessica, Tiffany… they’ll be arriving soon so better prepare yourselves.”
    Raynor said. Jessica and Tiffany smiled brightly as they know that
    their important persons are coming back to their arms. Unbelievably, and
    for the first time of their life, all the food they made were
    absolutely perfect and specially delicious.

    Sunny walked in and saw the two girls. “whoa there… you two are actually cooking? I hope you’re not poisoning the entire crew!” Sunny said as teased Jessica and Tiffany.

    “YAH! Why don’t you have a taste first Sunny. If this doesn’t taste good…… I’ll serve you for one month… no complain.” Tiffany said as she smiled. Although scared, Sunny used her index finger to scoop some icing on the cake. “oh my holy sacred insoles…. This is great! This is really edible!!” Sunny said as she continue to taste test all the food Tiffany and Jessica prepared.

    “Meanie Sunny… you don’t have to add the “edible” part…. But thanks for the praise..”
    Jessica said as she smiled. Minutes have passed, Tiffany and Jessica
    finished preparing everything to welcome Krystal and Taeyeon back from
    their mission. A crew member called them as everyone is also waiting
    for this moment that Jessica will be reunited with her real sister.

    Location: Hyperion Hangar 2 Bay

    Almost everyone assembled to the Hangar just to welcome Taeyeon’s team
    to arrive, Jessica, who is anxiously waiting for her sister and Tiffany,
    who is holding a glass of juice, couldn’t contain their happiness. They
    waited several minutes until the Drop ship showed up in the screen.

    “Jessi…. Are you ready?” Tiffany asked Jessica as they both hold hands. “I’m nervous Tiff…. But I’m also happy…” Jessica replied with a smile.

    “I’m happy for you Sica…”
    Jessica was startled as she saw Yuri is now standing beside her and
    holds her hand also. Jessica gave Yuri a peck on the cheek.

    “Yul… thank you… I assume you’re ok now?” Jessica asked Yuri. “I’m fine…. Thanks for giving me some time alone..” Yuri smiled.

    Then the Drop ship arrived and finally landed. All of them are anxious as they heard the hatch opened and saw several people.

    First came out Narsha along with Victoria, Sulli, Minzy, Bom and CL.
    Raynor walked towards them and thanked them for their hard work and
    assistance. Jessica and Tiffany’s heart starts to beat fast.

    And then Krystal slowly walked out while being supported by Amber.

    “K-Krys? Is that….is that really….. you?” Jessica couldn’t hold back her tears as she saw Krystal is really walking right out from the Drop ship.

    “Unnie? it really you?.........UNNIIIEEE!!!”
    Krystal couldn’t also contain her happiness as she saw Jessica again.
    Even her leg is injured, Krystal pushed Amber and force herself to run
    towards Jessica and Jessica did the same.

    Jessica shouted as she ran towards Krystal. As the two sisters finally
    met, they hugged each other tightly and both cried. Everyone who is
    watching felt the touching scene of their reunion.

    “Krys!! I missed you! I
    looked anywhere for you but I couldn’t..... I couldn’t find a single
    clue!! I’ve searched everywhere…. oh....I missed you so much Krys..…”
    Jessica said as she cried while hugging Krystal.

    “Unnie….. I missed you too… I’m sorry Mom and Dad didn’t make it… but I kept thinking about you… unnie….” Krystal replied as she cried also.

    “it’s alright Krys…….
    I’m just glad I’m able to reunite with you again….. I promise I won’t
    leave you again Krys… I’ll take care of you now…”
    Jessica said while wiping her tears away as she smiled gently. Krystal just cried hard. “it’s alright now Krys… it’s alright….” Jessica said as she cooed her sister while brushing her hair.

    “I’m happy for you Sica.” Yuri said and greeted Krystal.

    “Hello…. I’m Yoona… Sica is my Umma so you’re my auntie… auntie Krystal!” Yoona said as she gave Krystal a hug also. Krystal lets out a small laugh at Yoona's kiddie-like attitude.

    “Unnie…. I heard from Narsha unnie….. Taeyeon unnie took care of you the time I was captured….” Krystal said. “yeah… but where is she?” Jessica asked.

    Before Krystal could answer, they all heard a glass breaking on the
    floor. They all look and it was Tiffany, who dropped her glass of juice.

    “T-Tae-Tae? T-This ca-can’t be r-real….”
    Tiffany begins to stutter. Jessica and Yuri looked at the drop ship and
    Sooyoung, Seohyun, Luna and Dara came out, carrying an unconscious
    Taeyeon and bleeding badly in a stretcher.

    Tiffany felt like everything around her stopped as she saw Taeyeon in that state. Taeyeon is almost pale for blood lost

    “NO! NO NO NO NO!!! TAE-TAE!!” Tiffany ran towards Taeyeon and grabbed her hand. as Tiffany grabbed Taeyeon’s hand she felt the coldness. “Tae-Tae… this can’t be happening! Open your eyes!!” Tiffany yelled as she cried.

    “Mush……… don’t…..make…….a face……. Like…….that….” Taeyeon opened her eyes briefly as she spoke to Tiffany and finally passed out. “TAE-TAE!!!!” Tiffany shouted.

    “Fany-ah… please we have to get Taengoo to Medical…. She lost a lot of blood…” Sooyoung said. Soon, the medical team came and immediately transferred Taeyeon to it and rushed her in the Medical Bay.

    Jessica stood up and talked to Tiffany. “Tiff….. I’ll help them to save Tae…. It’s my turn now to save her… trust me on this alright?”
    Jessica said to Tiffany and Tiffany just nodded as she cried. All of
    them followed Taeyeon to the Medical Bay and waited for hours.

    Location: in front of the Medical Bay

    “Tiffany unnie……. I’m sorry… it’s my fault Taeyeon unnie got shot….. it’s because of me…” Krystal said as she sat down beside Tiffany, who is silently crying. “unnie… I’m sorry….” Krystal apologized again. Tiffany looked up to Krystal’s face and wiped her tears away.

    “Krystal… you don’t have to be sorry…. I’m also glad you’re finally back with Jessi again….” Tiffany said.

    “but because of me… Taeyeon unnie got shot….” Krystal said as her tears welled up in her eyes.

    “Krystal…. it’s not
    your fault… Tae-Tae did what she have to do… Tae-Tae loved your sister
    so much ever since you two were parted….. that’s why Tae-Tae wanted to
    protect you also…. Look.. when she wakes up…. let’s go greet her with a
    warm welcome alright?”
    Tiffany said as she hugged Krystal.

    “Thank you Tiffany unnie……” Krystal said as she hugged back. After 2 hours of operation, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Dara and Luna came out.

    “J-Jessi…. How is she…” Tiffany asked. “T-Tiff….. Tae… is fine….” Jessica answered. Tiffany smiled hearing Taeyeon is out of danger. “Thank you Jessi…. Thank you…” Tiffany said.

    “T-Tiff…. I don’t know how to say this but……” as Jessica continued her words, Tiffany’s smile faded. “but what Jessi?... tell me?!” Tiffany asked.

    “T-Tae is in Coma…..
    I’m sorry….. she lost a lot of blood but we managed to give her
    transfusion in time.. but…. Her trauma reacted to it….. that’s why she’s
    in that state…. I don’t know when she’ll wake up…. I’m sorry Tiff… ”

    Jessica said as tears escaped from her eyes. Tiffany felt her heart
    shattered. Everyone who is also waiting felt their world stopped upon
    hearing the findings.

    Episode 20 Completed

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    Episode 21

    Seohyun couldn’t take the news and ran away crying and Yoona followed suit. “Hyunnie!!” Yoona called but Seohyun was fast and disappeared from her sight. Yoona also starts to tear up as she feels Seohyun’s sadness.

    “Hyunnie wait!!!” Yoona yelled again but Seohyun is nowhere to be found.

    “aaah chincha… Hyunnie is fast…” Yoona frowned as she heads back to her “umma”. Upon her way back to the Medical bay, Yoona bumped on to Yong Hwa. “Ooops Mianhe Oppa….” Yoona said with a sad tone.

    “Yoona? Why the sad face?” Yong Hwa asked. “oppa….Hyunnie is sad because of what happened to her Taeyeon appa….” Yoona replied with a sad face, Yong Hwa however, is thinking otherwise. “I can use this chance to get close to Seohyun… I better get rid of Yoona first.”

    “Yoona…. Why don’t you look for Seohyun over the Cantina and I’ll go look for her somewhere else.” Yong Hwa said just to get Yoona away from Seohyun. “thanks oppa…” Yoona walked towards the Cantina with a heavy heart.

    Location: Medical Bay – Taeyeon’s room

    Gloomy atmosphere engulfed all the girls including Narsha, Victoria and
    Krystal. Jessica and Tiffany were beside Taeyeon’s bed. Tiffany couldn’t
    look at Taeyeon’s unconscious face as if she was a lifeless body
    without a soul.

    “Tiff…. You should get some rest…..” Jessica said. “I’m fine Jessi….. you guys go ahead…. I’m staying with Tae-Tae….” Tiffany said without looking away from Taeyeon’s face.

    “Sica…. I think we should better leave Tiffany for now…. you should know her feeling about worrying for someone….” Yuri said as she hold Jessica’s hand. although Jessica is against it, she gave in to Yuri as she understand Tiffany’s feelings.

    “Tiff…. I’ll get you something to eat….. is that ok with you?” Jessica said. Tiffany didn’t answer but just nodded while still staring at Taeyeon’s face.

    Jessica and Yuri walked out of Taeyeon’s room leaving the rest who is still concerned at Taeyeon’s condition.

    “Yul…. I’m also worried
    about Tae…… I’m afraid to lose her Yul…. I’m afraid to lose my sister
    who’s been patiently taking care of me when I was alone in the world…”
    Jessica said as tears escape from her eyes. Yuri felt sorry for Jessica and hugged her lovingly. “Sica…. Trust in Taeng… she’ll get through… you know how stubborn Taeng is…” Yuri said as she cupped Jessica’s face to make her look at her and gently wiped Jessica’s tears with her thumb.

    “Y-you’re right Yul….” Jessica agreed showing some hope for Taeyeon’s recovery. “besides Sica…. You and your sister have a long way to catch up.” Yuri said making Jessica smile. “I know… Yuri…would you… would you come with me when I talk to her? I also want to introduce you to her.” Jessica said.

    “I would love to Sica… I just hope she’ll approve us though…” Yuri replied worriedly. “don’t be like that Yul…. I’m sure Krys would also like to meet you.” Jessica assured Yuri with a smile.

    Location: Hyperion – armory

    Seohyun is crying hard as she is hugging Taeyeon’s Marine suit. “I couldn’t even save my new appa… I’m a failure….” Seohyun said to herself as she cried.

    “so this is where you are….” Suddenly a voice came from her behind, Seohyun turned around and saw Yong Hwa. “Y-Yong…” Seohyun called Yong Hwa.

    “I’ve been looking everywhere for you Seo… I’m starting to worry….” Yong Hwa said. “Yong… am I a failure?” Seohyun asked Yong Hwa.

    “no you’re not…. Thanks to you… the Major made it in time…. Don’t blame yourself Seo….” Yong hwa said as he sweet talked Seohyun.

    “but… because of my carelessness…. Taeyeon appa got shot….”
    Seohyun said. Yong Hwa made his move by putting his arm around Seohyun
    slowly and smiled as he felt Seohyun did not resist and even rested her
    head on his chest while still crying.

    “Seo… look.. the Major is strong. Do you love your new appa?” Yong Hwa asked and Seohyun just nodded. “but do you believe in her?” Yong hwa asked again. “of course…… even though she acts dorkily… it’s one of her good points…” Seohyun said as she straightened up her position.

    Yong hwa frowned when Seohyun did that.

    “You know…. you can still lean on me….” Yong Hwa suggested. “Thank you Yong but… I’m fine now… Yoona must be worried about me…. I can hear her earlier she’s following me…” Seohyun added.

    “Yoona? Yeah I bumped into her while she was chasing you but guess what she said?” Yong Hwa starts his plan to break Yoona and Seohyun’s bond.

    “she said she don’t want to talk to you anymore for
    leaving her like that…. she’s also mad that you had to run faster while
    she’s calling you…. and she said if she sees you again, she don’t know
    what she’ll do…”
    Yong Hwa said as a menacing grin secretly escaped from his lips when he saw Seohyun’s reaction.

    “D-Did Yoona say that? H-How could she say that!!?” Seohyun said as she was surprised. Yong Hwa smiled secretly because he noticed Seohyun is now also angry. “I’m going to talk to her!” Seohyun said as she stood up but Yong Hwa stopped her.

    “Seo… no… let me talk to her… I’ll talk to her on
    your behalf… who knows what you’ll say to her while feeling helpless
    about the Major’s condition…”
    Yong hwa said as he tried to prevent Yoona and Seohyun talk to each other.

    “…i…. I guess so…
    Yong…. You’re right… I might say some wrong things to her… i…. I’m also
    worried about Yoona too even though she’s mad at me… her mind is too
    fragile…. Please Yong…. Explain it to her in a good way…”
    Seohyun said as she backed down from confronting Yoona.

    “rest assured Seo… I’ll do my best to make her understand…” Yong Hwa said as he stood up and leaving the depressed Seohyun alone again in the Armory.

    “that was close…. If I hadn’t stopped Seohyun… my plan will be in jeopardy…” Yong hwa said as he breathed a heavy sigh. “well… time to make Yoona disappear from Seohyun’s life..” Yong Hwa added as he grinned suspiciously.

    Location: Hyperion – Cantina

    As Yoona arrived at the Cantina, the place was empty except for the crew who is cooking in the kitchen. “Hyunnie! Where are you?” Yoona called. Yoona ducked under the floor to see if Seohyun is hiding under the tables.

    Yoona called again. Yoona searched the entire Cantina. She went to ask
    the Kitchen crew as well grabbing a small bite of food, then went to
    look for the rest room restroom, behind the counter and underneath the
    tables again. Without any sign of Seohyun, Yoona felt tired and sat down
    on one of the available seats and starts to frown.

    “I figured you’d still be here Yoona…” Yong Hwa appeared behind Yoona while carrying some food. “any luck finding Seohyun?” Yong hwa said as he sat down in front of Yoona and placed the food in front of them.

    “no…. I’m sad oppa….. I don’t want Hyunnie to be angry at me..” Yoona said as she tries her best not to cry in front of Yong Hwa.

    “I saw Seohyun……” Yong hwa said. Yoona’s eyes became slightly bright as she heard Seohyun’s name. “really oppa? Is she…. Is she ok? Is she still mad at me?” Yoona asked worriedly.

    “yeah… but I managed to talk to her… I said that you’re just worried about her….. but…” Yong Hwa stopped. Yoona became curious and eagerly asked. “did she say anything else oppa?”

    “well…. She said that…. don’t talk to her anymore…. She’s annoyed about how you cling on her whenever you had a chance…..”
    Yong bluntly said which made Yoona froze while tears started to well up
    from her eyes. Yoona was hurt badly on Yong Hwa’s words.

    “…where is she oppa….” Yoona asked as she hold back her tears. “I
    don’t know where she went.. she just left after she said that… but I
    saw her going to the old emergency escape pods… I heard her she was
    saying she’s going to check on something…. You might catch up with her.”
    Yong hwa said.

    “thank you oppa… I’ll go right away!” Yoona said as she hurriedly ran towards the old escape pods that’s been scheduled to be thrown out. “Yoona wait! I’ll go with you!” Yong Hwa said and Yoona agreed.

    As they arrived on the old escape pods, Yoona called for Seohyun. “Hyunnie….. where are you…. I want to say I’m sorry….. for being so clingy… it’s just… i like being with you Hyunnie…” Yoona said as she walked slowly checking every pods she came across.

    “Hyunnie….. I’m sorry…. Please answer me….” Yoona said as she peeked on one of the open pods and started to cry. “Hyunnie…..” Yoona called again. But as soon Yoona turned around Yong Hwa was behind her.

    “..oppa…. Hyunnie is not here…” Yoona said as she frowned.

    But all of a sudden, Yong Hwa kicked Yoona inside the pods and immediately closed it. “I got you now you kid brain brat! I will never let Seohyun get close to the likes of you!” Yong Hwa said as she looked at Yoona full of disgust.

    Yoona starts to cry as she tries to open the pod, unfortunately, Yong hwa made sure the lock cannot be open from the inside. “OPPA!! LET ME OUT!!! OPPA!!” Yoona said as she started to cry and banged the pod’s hatch.

    “OPPA!!! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!! UMMA AND APPA WILL BE LOOKING FOR ME!! OPPAA!!!” Yoona now cried hard while Yong hwa laughed maniacally seeing Yoona in her pitiful state.

    “Yoona…. Seohyun will never like you… you new Umma
    and appa never liked you… they even hated you! you noticed they’re not
    looking for you? why don’t you just rot in space!”
    Yong Hwa said as he pushed something on the panel.

    As Yong hwa pushed something, Yoona felt the pod she was in is slowly
    moving, then she looked at Yong Hwa’s image is slowly getting smaller
    and smaller and soon Yoona realized, Yong hwa ejected her into an
    unknown space.

    Yoona watched in horror as she finally understand that she’s being left
    all alone as she watched the Hyperion leaving her without anyone
    noticing. “HYUNNIIEEEEE!!! UMMA!!!! APPAAAAAAAAA!!!”
    Yoona shouted in hoping anyone can hear her cries but unfortunately,
    Yong Hwa planned it all along to trap Yoona in the escape pod that is
    scheduled to be scraped off from the Hyperion because of its
    communication malfunction.

    Several minutes, the Hyperion was nowhere to be seen. Yoona was quiet,
    hugging her knees tightly as she shivers is fear and in cold as she
    cried calling her parents and Seohyun’s name repeatedly. Trauma starts
    to sink in on her mind.

    Location: R&D Research lab / Hyoyeon’s quarter

    After they’ve finished arranging the room, all of them settled in. “Hyo… thanks for teaching us some stuffs…” Gyuri said as the rest of them bowed in unison. “well… I guess 6 heads is better than one so you guys are welcome.”
    Hyoyeon said as she smiled. Nicole couldn’t help her happiness as
    Hyoyeon granted her request by having a workplace next to Hyoyeon, she
    hugged Hyoyeon happily.

    Hyoyeon was shocked for a moment but seeing Nicole’s energetic smile, Hyoyeon just lets her. “Unnie… we’re going to the Cantina…who’s with us?” Hara and Jiyoung asked Hyoyeon, Nicole and Gyuri. “well… I’m staying here so you guys go ahead… I have something to prepare.” Hyoyeon said. “if Hyo is staying…. I’m staying too!” Nicole followed.

    “Well… I guess I could use a break…. But after we eat… let’s help Hyoyeon alright?” Gyuri said and the three of them left leaving Hyoyeon and Nicole alone.

    “Hyo… what are you doing?” Nicole asked as she saw Hyoyeon sat down on her work place doing something. “I’m trying to fix this chip that I’m inventing Nicole. I want to try to add some options for Taeyeon’s Rifle.” Hyoyeon replied to Nicole as she worked attentively. Nicole couldn’t help but smile at Hyoyeon’s commitment.

    “wow…. You really know how to do that kind of things… I wish I could be like you Hyo…” Nicole said. “sure you can Nicole… just focus on what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.” Hyoyeon said.

    Several minutes, silence engulfed them. With an ear shattering silence
    in the atmosphere, Hyoyeon looked at Nicole briefly and saw the girl
    fell asleep. “aish… she could’ve said she’s sleepy already….” Hyoyeon said as she walked towards Nicole and gently supports the girl to her bed.

    As Hyoyeon gently puts Nicole on the bed, Hyoyeon noticed something on Nicole. “….it
    seems this is your first time to be asleep with a peace of mind…. I
    can’t blame you though… who could sleep in an environment full of Zerg
    creatures and infested civilians roaming around…”

    Hyoyeon said as she fixed Nicole’s blanket. But as Hyoyeon is going back
    to her work place, Nicole unconsciously grabbed her waist and as she
    falls on Nicole’s bed, Nicole unconsciously hugged her.

    “aish…. Is this girl dreaming or what?”
    Hyoyeon said as she noticed Nicole’s face still sleeping. Hyoyeon
    wanted to break free but somehow something stopped her as she noticed
    Nicole’s attitude is somewhat similar to Yoona.

    “….you’re just like Yoona…. Nic-choding…” Hyoyeon said as she smiled at Nicole’s sleeping face and decided not to get up and she fell asleep also beside with Nicole.

    Location: Medical Bay – Taeyeon’s room.

    Tiffany is now alone in the room with Taeyeon. “Tae-Tae…. Do you still remember? When the first time you were hospitalized in Agria?” Tiffany asked. “I’ve
    stayed by your side just like this… I wanted you to wake up just to see
    me….only me.. that’s how I felt that time…. But now… this is different…
    I wanted you to wake up because….”
    Tiffany faltered at her words as she gently caressed Taeyeon’s face.

    >> Click here to listen to the Music <<

    “Tae-Tae….. I miss your smile….” Tiffany said as tears finally fell from her eyes. “I miss your voice…. Those dorky faces you always made…” Tiffany added as now tears from her continuously falling down without any sign of stopping.

    “I miss how you made me
    smile when there are times I’m feeling down or depressed…. And believe
    me Tae-Tae…. Even though I don’t like it…. I miss also miss you pinching
    my butt when you have the chance..….”
    Tiffany said as she chuckled a bit while crying.

    Tiffany never felt so depressed as she cried over Taeyeon’s chest.
    Tiffany cried and cried as she couldn’t contain her sadness as seeing
    Taeyeon is like a soulless body in front of her not moving an inch.

    “Tae-Tae…. I would do anything just to see that face of yours smiling again…… please come back to me…” Tiffany whispered as she gave Taeyeon as kiss on the forehead.

    >>Music End <<

    Location: Hyperion – Cantina

    Yuri and Jessica arrived at the Cantina to see few crew member there
    taking a break including Gyuri, Hara and Jiyoung. Then on the other
    table there is Sunny, Sooyoung, Narsha, and Victoria. As they looked on
    the other tables, they saw Sulli, Amber, Luna sitting with Krystal.

    “Sica… go… I’ll fetch some food for Tiffany. go talk to your sister..” Yuri said as she smiled. “but didn’t you promised you’ll come with me?” Jessica said.

    “of course I haven’t
    forgotten that… but I’m worried about Tiffany… look after I'll deliver
    food for Tiffany, I’ll return here ok?”
    Yuri said as she gave Jessica a kiss on the cheek.

    Yuri stared at Jessica passionately as Jessica walked toward Krystal.
    and a minutes after, Yuri smiled as she saw Jessica and Krystal hugging
    and laughing again along with Amber, Sulli and Luna. “Sica must be in heaven right now to be able to reunite with Krystal again…” Yuri said as she went over to the food that Jessica and Tiffany made.

    After Yuri got an amount of food on some food boxes, she waved at
    Jessica and Krystal just to let them know what she’s doing. Yuri went
    out and met Yong Hwa along the way walking with Seohyun.

    At first Yuri didn’t mind but when she came close to them Yuri heard a
    faint cry from Seohyun. Yuri wanted to ask Seohyun what happened but
    decided not to as she saw Yong Hwa is comforting Seohyun and also she’s
    worried at Tiffany who is alone with Taeyeon.

    As Seohyun and Yong hwa were about to enter the Cantina, Yuri clearly
    heard Seohyun saying something faint but she heard clearly Yoona’s name.

    Location: Medical bay – Taeyeon’s room.

    Yuri entered the room to see Tiffany cried herself to sleep over Taeyeon. “….Taeng… you must wake up for Tiffany and Seohyun’s sake…” Yuri said to an unconscious Taeyeon.

    Yuri took the blanket from the couch behind Tiffany and gently covered
    Tiffany in order to keep her warm but as the blanket touches Tiffany’s
    skin, Tiffany instantly jolted up and saw Yuri covering her some

    “T-Thanks Yul….” Tiffany said. “not a problem Fany-ah… look just trust on her alright… she’ll get through… I just know it..” Yuri said as she placed the food boxes on the table beside Taeyeon’s bed.

    “oh yeah… Sica and I packed this stuff just for you….” Yuri said.

    “You don’t have to Yuri…but thanks..” Tiffany replied with a smile. “Tae-Tae…. Look, Sica sent Yuri to bring us some food.. I’ll go first alright?” Tiffany said as she took a small bite on the food. Tiffany didn’t ate much.

    “Fany-ah… look I’ll be heading back at the Cantina… I’ll leave these foods here alright? I promised Sica I’ll come back…” Yuri said as she waved goodbye to Tiffany.

    Tiffany waved goodbye back to Yuri. Then Tiffany felt something familiar from her back.

    Location: Hyperion – cantina

    Yuri arrived back and Jessica waved at her. “Krys… I’d like you to meet Kwon Yuri… my…. Seobang..” Jessica said. Yuri shyly greeted Krystal and Krystal happily hugged Yuri which surprised her.

    “I’m glad my unnie met you Yuri unnie… she told me a lot about you..” Krystal said as she smiled. Yuri couldn’t utter a word and just shyly smiled in acceptance. “you’re funny Yuri unnie…” Krystal chuckled. “Yul! Say something… you’re embarrassing me in front of my sister here…” Jessica said as she pouted. “Sorry Sica… I’m just happy for you that you and Krystal are finally together again..” Yuri said as she smiled at the Jung sisters.

    “by the way Krys…. It’s
    not only Yuri I would want you to meet….. wait a minute…. Yul? Where’s
    Yoona? I haven’t seen her around…”
    Jessica said.

    “come to think of it… I also haven’t seen her around… she usually hangs out with Sooyoung… wait here I’ll ask Sooyoung.” Yuri said as she walked towards Sooyoung’s table.

    “Unnie… is this Yoona the one who called you Umma earlier? and the one who called me auntie?” Krystal asked.

    “yep… the only one….” Jessica replied. “how old is she unnie?” Krystal asked again. “well……
    basically… Yoona is older than you… but something happened to her so
    her mind is like a child. She still thinks like a 6 years old kid….
    We’ve recovered her from Planet Mar Sara… she was being experimented by
    the Dominion….”
    Jessica explained.

    “I see….. unnie….i’ve
    made up my mind… I also want to help her…. can you give me permission to
    go with Victoria unnie? I want to train to be a Ghost unit just like
    Yuri unnie…”
    Krystal said as she gave Jessica, Amber, Sulli and Luna a big shock.

    “Krys? You know I’ve missed you and I don’t want to lose you again!” Jessica said. “If you want to train to be a Ghost, I can put a good word for you from the Commander.” Jessica added. Krystal just smiled and shook her head.

    “unnie…. you’re not going to lose me… I’m still here with you..” Krystal said as she pointed at Jessica’s heart.

    “Krys……” Jessica called Krystal’s attention. “are you really sure?” Jessica asked.

    “unnie… I want to
    become strong as you… you’re always taking care every person you always
    care for… I’ll be alright.. I also want to feel that feeling of
    protecting someone… and besides unnie…. I think I’m going to be alright
    with Victoria unnie… don’t worry though….. I’ll be keeping a constant
    contact with you…”
    Krystal said as she smiled.

    Hearing that from Krystal made Jessica smile. “my
    baby sister is all grown up now aren’t you? alright Krys…. But don’t
    over exert yourself and don’t give your Victoria unnie and her team a
    trouble. Amber… I want you to look after my sister alright?”
    Jessica said as she talked to Amber.

    “No prob Sica unnie… I’ll do… I mean we’ll do our best to train her…” Amber said. Amber’s reaction made Sulli, Luna and Jessica chuckle. “ooooh someone is inlove with the younger sister…” Luna said to Sulli as they both teased Amber.

    “Shut up Lu… and you too Sulli! I’m just making sure I’m keeping my promise that’s all” Amber said. “yeah right… keeping your promise or keeping your Krystal?” Sulli said as she points Amber’s hand is holding Krystal’s hand.

    Jessica laughed at Amber and Krystal as both of them blushed madly. Then Yuri came back. “Sica…. Sooyoung said she haven’t spoken with Yoona ever since they arrived…” Yuri said with a worried face.

    Yong hwa who is almost close to them started to feel uneasy as she heard
    Yuri is looking for Yoona. Yong hwa started to sweat heavily knowing
    Yuri is Ghost unit. “Seo… I forgot that I have something to do…” Yong Hwa said but as he was going to stand up, Seohyun stopped him.

    “Yong… stay with me here please.. I need someone to keep me company…” Seohyun said. Yong hwa stand defeated to Seohyun’s pleading face and sat back beside Seohyun.

    “Kwon Yuri… you are being summoned to the R&D Lab please come immediately… by the request of Dr. Kim Hyoyeon.” The Adjustant said throughout the Hyperion.

    Jessica looked worried but Yuri assured her. “don’t worry Sica… it’s only Hyo… I’ll be back in a jiffy.” Yuri said as she gave Jessica a kiss on the forehead.

    Location: Hyperion – R&D Lab (minutes before the call for Yuri)

    Nicole woke up and was startle to see Hyoyeon’s face close to hers, sleeping. “omo…. Hyo is so….” Nicole said to her mind as she blushed madly. “seeing her face sleeping like this…..” Nicole said to her mind but suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by a small beep on Hyoyeon’s console on the table.

    “Hyo… wake up… your console’s beeping… looks like something is up…” Nicole said as she wake Hyoyeon up.

    Hyoyeon didn’t get up quickly as she just stretched her both arms out.
    Nicole decided to go up and check Hyoyeon’s console. As she saw
    Hyoyeon’s console, the panel labeled as Surveillance is blinking. Nicole
    pushed it and the display shows nothing out of ordinary.

    “hmm that’s funny…. Maybe something happened earlier?” Nicole thought. “Hyo…wake
    up… I think there’s something going on with the surveillance…. It’s
    beeping earlier but when I checked it it shows nothing…”
    Nicole said.

    “hmm probably just some rat or something Nicole…. It triggered the motion sensor…. Where was the surveillance directed from?” Hyoyeon sleepily asked Nicole. “it says the old escape pods…. And you just scheduled it to dispose it due to its faulty systems at communication.” Nicole said.

    “…. Leave it Nicole… why don’t you get something to eat… and grab me a sandwich too while you’re at it.” Hyoyeon said as she got up and sat in front of her console.

    “sure… any drinks you want?” Nicole asked. But Hyoyeon’s answer was different. “what the heck?” Hyoyeon said which made Nicole curious and went back with Hyoyeon.

    “what’s wrong Hyo?” Nicole asked. "One of the pods are missing! I didn’t scheduled any pods to be disposed of!”
    Hyoyeon said as she tries to rewind the surveillance recording and
    found nothing happened except the part where the pods suddenly became
    missing in an instant.

    “someone tampered with the surveillance… Nicole… can you cancel that food and help me with this.” Hyoyeon said to Nicole. “Sure what do you want me to do?” Nicole said. “listen
    we will be working double time here…. With the surveillance being
    tampered with… someone among here in the Hyperion doesn’t want to reveal
    their crime…”
    Hyoyeon said with a serious face.

    “you got it Hyo..
    Nicole said as she sat on Hyoyeon’s console and quickly typed in some
    keys in hoping of retrieving something important. Hyoyeon went to one of
    the terminal and examines it.

    “I knew it… someone tampered it. one of the hard drive is missing.” Hyoyeon said. “Nicole, continue what you’re doing, I’ll search outside.” Hyoyeon said. “HYO WAIT!!” Nicole suddenly shouted.

    “I’ve managed to retrieve an audio from that area” Nicole said to Hyoyeon. Nicole played it and they heard two voices familiar to Hyoyeon.

    “Hyunnie….. where are you…. I want to say I’m sorry….. for being so clingy… it’s just… i like being with you Hyunnie…”

    “That’s Yoona’s voice….. what happened between her and Seohyun? Did they get into an argument?” Hyoyeon said.

    “That’s not all Hyo… wait till you hear the rest of it…” Nicole said as she continues to play the audio recordings.

    “Hyunnie….. I’m sorry…. Please answer me….”

    “It looks like Yoona is looking for Seohyun..” Hyoyeon said.


    “..oppa…. Hyunnie is not here…”

    “oppa? Who is she talking to?” Hyoyeon said. but soon they heard Yoona grunted after a loud thump.

    “I got you now you kid brain brat! I will never let Seohyun get close to the likes of you!”

    “That voice…. Is that Yong Hwa? What did he do to Yoona?” Hyoyeon curiously asked. Then they both heard of a pod door closing and soon they heard a loud thumping on some door. “what’ the hell is happening?” Hyoyeon is now frustrated.

    “OPPA!! LET ME OUT!!! OPPA!!”

    Nicole felt shivers as she heard Yoona shouted wildly. “Hyo… I don’t think this is good……. I’ll play the rest while I work to retrieve any video display.” Nicole said as she immediately works and hoping any visual evidence to be recovered..


    Hyoyeon’s heart was crushed as she read Yoona helplessly begged and
    cried to Yong Hwa. But what shocked both of them was Yong Hwa’s words in
    the next audio clip.

    Seohyun will never like you… you new Umma and appa never liked you…
    they even hated you! you noticed they’re not looking for you? why don’t
    you just rot in space!”

    Hyoyeon and Nicole felt their heart froze when they heard the escape pod
    is being ejected while they still hears Yoona begging and crying. And
    soon Yoona’s voice cannot be heard any longer.


    It was the last words they hear from Yoona after the audio clip ended.

    Both of them were totally frozen because they knew Yoona is out in the
    Galaxy in an unknown location boarded with a useless pod that have no
    chance of making a communication or tracking it.

    “……….Hyo…I’ve managed to connect to a surveillance at the very end of the hallway…” Nicole said.

    “Put it through! Yoona is in danger!!” Hyoyeon said.

    Nicole displayed the whole incident and left them speechless at what
    they’ve witnessed as they zoomed in and saw clearly how Yong Hwa kicked
    Yoona in and released her into an unknown space.

    “Nicole, when was this taken?” Hyoyeon worriedly asked. “…..about three hours ago….” Nicole weakly answered. “call Yuri here….. she’ll know what to do…..” Hyoyeon said as she clenched her fist ahrd and wanting to confront Yong Hwa.

    After several seconds, Yuri came in. “what? Can’t we do this later? I’m looking for Yoona, Hyo!” Yuri said.

    “Yuri….. Yoona is not on the Ship…..” Hyoyeon said. “what do you mean?”
    Yuri asked. Hyoyeon played the audio clip and the video clip. Yuri
    couldn’t believe what she just witnessed. Yuri wanted to shoot Yong hwa
    on sight as she was angry of what he did to Yoona but Nicole and Hyoyeon
    stopped her.

    Yuri is now like a demon unleashed from the seven depths of hell as she
    stormed out of R&D Lab and directly heads towards the Cantina.
    Hyoyeon feared something is bound to happen quickly followed suit along
    with Nicole.

    Location: Hyperion – Cantina

    Yuri arrived at the cantina angrily as the kicked the door which
    startled everyone in there. All attention were directly went towards
    Yuri. Jessica were left speechless to see Yuri for the first time raging
    like a mad bull.

    “Y-Yul? What’s wrong?” Jessica stood up and started to walk towards Yuri but Hyoyeon stopped her. “Sica…. Something happened..” Hyoyeon said.

    Yuri scanned her eyes at everyone and spotted Yong Hwa who is still sitting beside Seohyun. Yuri walked angrily towards him.

    “H-hey Yu-Yuri… nice to see you energetically coming here…” Yong Hwa stuttered his words towards Yuri. Yuri didn’t respond and just stared Yong hwa with an intent to kill.

    “Y-Yuri unnie…. what’s wrong?” Seohyun asked but instead answering Seohyun, Yuri pulled her Pulse gun and aimed it at Yong Hwa’s head point blank range.

    “WHERE IS SHE?! ANSWER ME!!” Yuri shouted at Yong Hwa. “Unnie…. you’re scaring everyone here… put down you gu….” Seohyun tried to calm Yuri down but Yuri shouted at her also.

    “STAY OUT OF THIS HYUNNIE! THIS LOW LIFE SCUMBAG DID SOMETHING! YONG HWA! WHERE.IS.SHE??!” Yuri asked angrily again as she pulled Yong hwa out of his seat and slammed his back hard against the wall.

    The commotion caught everyone’s attention causing Matt, Tiffany and Raynor to arrive at the Scene.

    “wh-what are you ta-talking a-about?” Yong Hwa asked as sweat is now forming on his forehead and starts to stutter.

    “DON’T PLAY DUMB WITH ME! WHERE DID YOU SEND YOONA OFF TO?! ANSWER ME OR I WILL SHOOT YOU HERE!” Yuri shouted which made everyone shocked at the news they heard.

    “wh-what are you talking about? I didn’t do anything to her! don’t go accusing someone without any proof!” Yonghwa angrily scowled.

    “Proof? You want PROOF?! I’LL SHOW YOU PROOF!”
    Yuri shouted angrily as she connects the data she received from Hyoyeon
    and Nicole and displayed it on the screen. Everyone was frozen in
    horror at Yonghwa’s action towards Yoona. Jessica fainted as she learned
    Yoona’s condition. Yonghwa was silent. Seohyun was surprised. Every
    crew member was dumbstruck at the evidence they just heard and


    Then a series of gunshots startled everyone. They were all quiet after
    the shot. They knew Yuri fired at Yonghwa as they saw Yonghwa, he’s on
    the floor but amazingly alive without any gunshot wound. Yuri only aimed
    at Yonghwa’s side just to scare him.

    Yuri crouched down and moved her face an inch closer to Yonghwa’s face. “if something happens to Yoona….. I’ll throw you personally outside the outer space….”
    Yuri said as she stood up and hurriedly went over to the Hangar to
    prepare for a sortie in hoping to save Yoona from an unknown

    Yonghwa stood up and noticed all of them staring daggers at him.

    “you see what she did? That was an act of voile…” *SLAP* a thundering slap soon made to Yonghwa’s face. It was Seohyun. “how could you do that to her? Yoona is mentally ill and yet you did that? who could you?!” Seohyun said.

    “Seo…I did for you because I like you! I don’t want her to be with you! she don’t have the right to be with yo…..UGH” before Yonghwa could finish his word, someone punched him. it was Sooyoung.

    “you’re the lowest of low…. if Yoona became mentally scarred.... I'll skin you alive.... mark my word Jung Yong Hwa...” Sooyoung said as she followed suit. “I don’t know you anymore Yong……” Seohyun said as she turned her back at him. “Seo! Don’t leave me here!” Yonghwa said.

    “Please…. Someone detain him…. I’ll help Yuri unnie find Yoona.” Seohyun said as she leaves the cantina.

    CL and Victoria detained Yonghwa while Tiffany, Krystal and Amber
    immediately bring Jessica on a Medical bay. Everyone on the Hyperion
    acted automatically as they were running against time to save Yoona in
    an unknown location.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Episode
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 22

    Worried for Yoona, Hyoyeon followed Yuri to the Hangar. “Yul! I know it’s a kind of late but.. please hurry… those pods have limited oxygen…. And it’s been past three hours….” Hyoyeon worriedly said.

    Yuri didn’t answer and just nodded. Hyoyeon caught a glimpse of Yuri’s
    tears escaping from her eyes. She knows how Yuri felt at that time.

    Yuri just went on any air Unit she can get on and she managed to use a
    Wraith. As soon Yuri closed the cockpit hatch, she hastily activated the
    Wraith’s thruster to maximum and sped off in hoping on finding Yoona.

    “Sir… Kwon Yuri didn’t go through procedure of launching a unit.” One crew from the Hangar informed Raynor. “at ease… life is at stake here. Let her be.” Raynor said as he called Hyoyeon.

    “Doc. I want you and your team work around the clock
    on the bridge and help Yuri find Yoona…. let’s pray that she will find
    her in time….”
    Raynor said as he ordered Hyoyeon.

    Hyoyeon gathered all her team that she labeled as KARA, and all of them
    tirelessly worked hard just to provide support to Yuri. as Raynor is
    heading back to the bridge, Seohyun approach him.

    “Sir… requesting permission to assist Yuri unnie in finding Yoona.” Seohyun said. “go ahead, and also ask who else want to help find Yoona. I’ll give you permission for that.” Raynor said.

    As Seohyun turned around, she was shocked to see the amount of person
    who wanted to aid Yuri’s search. Seohyun saw Amber, Sooyoung, Sunny,
    Narsha, Luna, CL, Minzy, Bom, Victoria, Sulli and some of Raynor’s pilot

    “Sunny unnie?” Seohyun asked Sunny as she’s confused. Seohyun knew Sunny doesn’t pilot any air unit since Sunny only pilots ground unit. “Hyunnie….even
    if I’m not skillful as you guys in the air, Youngie has been teaching
    me the basics of flying… I guess I can handle it. and besides… I also
    want to find Yoona… she’s a family..”
    Sunny said.

    And soon after all of them went after Yuri.

    Location: outer space

    “Yoona… where are you…”
    Yuri said to herself. Yuri aimlessly flew on any direction in hoping to
    came across any escape pod but she’s not having a luck finding any.
    Tears now escaped from her eyes.

    As Yuri continuously heading on unknown direction, Memories of Yoona
    starts to flashback on her mind. Yuri remember the first Yoona smiled at
    her when Jessica is feeding her when she was injured on a recent

    How Yoona’s abilities gone haywire but in the end, turned out to be so
    well that she even presented herself as Yoona’s father and how clearly
    she remembers Yoona’s smiling face upon learning how Jessica and her
    became Yoona’s parents. Yuri wanted to see Yoona’s happy and smiling
    face again badly.

    “damn it!” Yuri cursed as she’s not betting any luck for finding Yoona. “Yuri unnie….let us help you find Yoona….” Seohyun suddenly contacted Yuri.

    Seohyun didn’t hear an answer on the other line as all of them could
    hear Yuri’ sniffing. They know Yuri is crying about Yoona’s condition.

    “Alright unnies, let’s spread out and search everything.. don’t leave anything unscanned.”
    Seohyun said to everyone. Even though they knew Seohyun is the youngest
    on all of them, they all agreed because of Yoona. Sooyoung and Sunny
    went northeast part of the space together.

    Victoria along with Amber using a Medivac and some of Raynor’s pilot
    crew went south west part. Narsha using a Banshee took some of Raynor’s
    pilot crew as well and heads off on west part. Luna and Sulli, both
    using a Wraith took the East part. CL using a Viking went to Northwest
    part alone. Bom also using a Viking, went alone and head to Northeast
    part And Minzy Wraith went to Southeast part along with Raynor’s
    remaining pilot.

    “Yuri unnie…. I know you’re worried about Yoona… I’ll go with you to find her…” Seohyun said from her comm.-link to Yuri. and they both continued their flight path towards north.

    Several minutes have passed, CL actually found a Pod free floating inside the asteroid belt. “all
    teams I have a possible confirmation about the missing pod, badly
    damaged may be due to the bumps from the mini asteroids…... I’m
    requesting assistance over here. My thermal scan detected a faint heat
    source inside it.”
    CL said.

    Yuri and Seohyun didn’t waste time and immediately followed CL’s
    coordinates and soon after the rest arrived at CL’s Location. Including
    the Hyperion.

    “Guys…wait up…. I’ll assist in retrieving Yoona…” to their surprise, Tiffany also went out.

    “Guys, I have some bad news…. I’m detecting a massive units, if you’re going to retrieve Yoona, do it now!” Hyoyeon said from the Hyperion.

    “H-Hyo… they should work fast….. I’m detecting multiple incoming Units…..” Gyuri said. “I hate to break this but…. We got both the Dominion and the Zerg coming after that pod!” Seungyeon said.

    Yuri heard the conversation and charged straight towards the pod and
    totally ignoring the mini asteroids around it. Yuri’s Wraith is slowly
    accumulating damages as she rammed every Miniature asteroid on her path
    just to get close to Yoona. “I will not going to let Yoona harmed again!!” Yuri said to everyone.

    “YURI-UNNIE!! WAIT!!” Seohyun shouted. And then a familiar voice talked to them. “heheh… it seems I just woken up…. got an instant work for me already? Heheh…” it was Taeyeon.

    “Hyunnie…. Issue a
    command to everyone, Fany-ah, Follow Yul, Narsha unnie can you help
    defending the line? Yuri and Hyunnie, my mushroom will be coming with
    you alright?”
    Taeyeon commanded.

    “Copy that Taeyeon… glad to have you back on board…” Narsha said. “heheh…well I heard from certain someone that she misses me from touching her butt… that woke me up heheh…” Taeyeon said as she chuckled a bit.

    “YAH!! Byuntaeng!!” Tiffany reacted. “but I’m so glad you’ve woken up….” Tiffany added as she smiled.

    “Appa….. I’m so……glad….” Seohyun said as she cried because of happiness. “Aww~ Hyunnie…. I’m so touched you’re worried about me don’t cry now ok? I’m not going to leave my family…” Taeyeon said which made Seohyun smiled. Then Seohyun put a serious and strong face and commanded everyone.

    Seohyun said. everyone was surprised at Seohyun to command them efficiently with her quick thinking.

    Seohyun said.

    “And everyone….. please be careful… I don’t want anyone of us to die today!”
    Seohyun added which made everyone’s morale boosted up in high esteem.
    every member of their squad fought the incoming hostile forces, some of
    Raynor’s pilot took some damages on their aircraft.

    Location: Hyperion – Hangar

    Amber returned along with Sunny, Luna and Victoria. As they all got off, they saw everyone was busy preparing everything.

    “Sgt. Lee, your Modified Goliath is ready.” One of the crew member said to Sunny as he saluted. Sunny winked back full of aegyo which made the crew blush madly. “seriously Sunny…. Are you calling for a punch?” Taeyeon said as she revealed herself to them.

    “TAENG!” Sunny hugged Taeyeon. “well..we
    don’t have much time for a happy reunion… let’s get Yoona back. Tiffany
    informed me of what happened… I’ll deal with YongHwa later but right
    now… Yoona comes first..”
    Taeyeon said and Sunny quickly boarded the Goliath.

    “Taeyeon… nice to see you're already up..” Victoria greeted. “same here… now come on! Let’s get this over with!” Taeyeon said.

    Victoria asked a crew for another Goliath and they produced one for
    Victoria but what made them surprised, Taeyeon is also participating.

    “Taeng! You’re still recovering!” Sunny said. “gah! This is nothing! Everyone is fighting their hearts out there! Even my Fany is there, I should do my part!” Taeyeon said as she boarded on another Goliath.

    “Guys? Won’t you guys get swept away by the gravity out there?” Amber asked as she prepares the Medivac’s engine to lift off.

    “Don’t sweat it Amber!
    Gyuri, Jiyoung and I installed an anti gravity on those Goliaths! While
    Hara installed a pre-siege support system behind those Goliaths, that
    way, they won’t be moved in order for them to take a stable and accurate
    Hyoyeon said. “and I also temporarily replaced its weapon from gatling guns to gatling Cannon.” Hyoyeon added.

    After being said, Amber bought Taeyeon, Sunny and Victoria above the
    Hyperion and provided support fire on any hostile targets that comes

    “Tae-Tae… don’t over exert yourself…” Tiffany said to Taeyeon from the comm.-link. “I’ll be alright Fany-ah… just help them…” Taeyeon said.

    “Tae……. Are you sure you’re going to be alright? your wound is still fresh!” Jessica, who is now wide awake, asked Taeyeon. “this is nothing Sica… I just want to help you and Yuri rescue Yoona. I’ll let you know if they’re returning…..” Taeyeon said to Jessica.

    Location: Space – Northwest

    “Alright boys and
    girls…. It’s time to show these Zergs how we all don’t give up… let’s do
    our best to fight against these and help Yuri rescue Yoona! Time is
    essence!! Now go and have fun!!”
    Narsha said to all of her squad.

    Narsha unloads 2 Gemini Missiles and hits an Overlord and a Mutalisk.
    One Scourge aimed at Narsha but she was saved by one of Raynor’s men as
    he shoots it off. “you have my thanks soldier!” Narsha said. “No problem Ma’am!” the pilot said.

    “Unnie, you’re getting rusty aren’t ya?” CL teased Narsha. “oh be quiet CL, I’m not used to piloting.” Narsha said as she shoots an oncoming Mutalisk to CL. “that was close… Thanks Narsha unnie.” CL said.

    “heheh just doing my job to protect what’s important CL…” Narsha said. “I guess that makes me rusty too to not see that coming.” CL said as they both laughed.

    “CL why don’t you admit it… YOU are getting rusty! Hahaha” Minzy joked. “yah Minzy! That ain’t funny… why don’t you concentrate on your part there!” CL replied back as she fly with Narsha side by side.

    “CL, we got companies ahead, initiate missile lock on!”
    Narsha said to CL. the two of them locked on to the incoming Scourges
    and as the time is right, they released their Gemini Missiles and to
    their surprised another batch of Gemini Missile flew from behind them
    and hits the incoming scourges.

    “Thanks guys…” CL said to the pilots that supported them. “All in a day’s work Ma’am..” the pilot said and they all dispersed and hunted the remaining Zerg aerial units.

    Location: Space – Northeast

    “Ok! Listen up! our
    enemies are not Zerg but the same as us, I want each and every one of
    you to be careful… DO NOT try to be a hero! Minzy, I need you as my Back
    up, Bom, you take three of them to assist you.”

    Sooyoung said. as Sooyoung is issuing an order, nobody noticed that
    Sooyoung’s Banshee is being targeted. Sooyoung noticed it too late.

    “I’m being painted!!”
    Sooyoung shouted but before the Dominion wraith could release its
    Gemini Missile to Sooyoung, they all saw a straight white light that
    went through the Dominion wraith that’s targeting Sooyoung and the
    Dominion wraith exploded.

    “Yah Youngie…. Stop dawdling and do your job…. I don’t want you to get hurt you hear?” they all heard Sunny from the Modified Goliath above the Hyperion. “Awww~~ isn’t that sweet… “Youngie” your seobang saved you….” Bom teased Sooyoung.

    “hehehe she wouldn’t be my seobang for nothing..” Sooyoung replied. “yah… Youngie… you’re lucky I noticed that one or else….” Sunny cuts her word making Sooyoung worried. “ok ok …don’t cry Bunny I’ll be careful from now on… ok team, let’s finish this quickly….i’m starting to get hungry..” Sooyoung said.

    “seriously…. You're almost going to be a history and you still think about food…. aish…” Taeyeon said from her comm.-link.

    Sooyoung chuckled at Taeyeon’s remark and went on their plan, and since
    they’re up against the Dominion, Sooyoung’s squad managed some several
    loss of members on her side and many are injured. Sooyoung became pissed
    and switched her ammo pack into a shockwave type. One Viking rammed
    Sooyoung from her side causing the left engine of her Banshee
    malfunction and Sooyoung’s head made a hard bump on her side causing it
    to bleed. With Minzy and Bom backed her up as they shot the Viking who
    rammed Sooyoung to bits.

    “Sooyoung! Are you alright?” Minzy asked. “aaargh..
    I’m bleeding on my head… that freakin’ Viking rammed me and I bumped my
    head hard.. don’t worry I can still fight. Let’s go!”

    Sooyoung replied. Even with a wound on her head and a malfunctioning
    left engine, the three of them managed to defeat the Dominion hostiles
    and retreated.

    “…………………” Sooyoung was quiet. “Sooyoung…what’s wrong?” Bom asked. “I didn’t go a good job…. We lost some of our teams….” Sooyoung said. “Sooyoung, there’s nothing you could do about that.. they knew what they’re doing… they’re prepared….” Sunny said from the comm.-link.

    “I know… but I’d prefer no loss at all…… I just feel disappointed at myself right now…” Sooyoung said. “…Youngie…they
    made their own choice…. Now return to the Hyperion… I’ll treat your
    wound on your head…. You don’t want to make your Bunny worry am I
    Jessica said through the comm.-link.

    “Sgt…. Better listen to her, we’ll follow Miss Minzy and Miss Bom.” One of the pilot said to Sooyoung.

    “I’ll be fine…. Let’s just follow Yuri and see wha..” Sooyoung said but Sunny cuts her. “YAH YOUNGIE! GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT AND GET THE WOUND TREATED!!!” Sunny hissed. Not wanting to get Sunny anymore angrier, Sooyoung flew back without a word.

    And after several minutes, Yuri along with Seohyun and Tiffany and successfully rescued Yoona.

    Location: Hyperion – Hangar

    All of them gathered around the beat up Pod where Yoona was in. “Yul, better hurry up and open it now…. oxygen from inside the pod is almost depleted, Yoona’s heat signature is fading.” Hyoyeon said.

    Yuri tried to open it up as she pressed some codes around it but it didn’t open. “OPEN UP!!” Yuri shouted as she repeatedly banged the pod’s hatch.

    Seeing Yuri is panicking about Yoona’s condition, several crew of
    Raynor’s men went to help Yuri open up the hatch but due to the dents
    that the pod has taken, it seems impossible to open because some of
    thick metals managed to form as a temporary lock as it covered the
    hatch’s gap.

    “MOVE ASIDE!!” Yuri shouted again as she used a laser cutter to cut those thick metals that’s been keeping the hatch tightly locked.

    “YURI!!” Jessica yelled but Yuri ignored her. “2 minutes left Yuri!” Hyoyeon said. “I’M TRYING HYO!! I’M TRYING!!” Yuri yelled.

    After cutting the last metal, even with the surface is hot, Yuri ignored
    the pain and forcefully pulled the hatch open. And with time running
    short, Jessica also decided to help. As both of them touched the hot
    surface, Yuri and Jessica could feel their hands are burning to the hot
    metal and successfully pried the hatch open.

    As they opened the hatch, Yoona gasped for air instantly and jumped out
    of the pod. But due to the lack of air, Yoona falls down on the floor as
    soon she got out of the pod. Jessica quickly catches Yoona.

    “Yoona…..speak to me…. Yoona!”
    Jessica called out to Yoona as she cradle Yoona’s head. Everyone is
    holding their breath as they saw Yoona shaking. Yuri couldn’t bear to
    see Yoona’s condition, her eyes flared up and one person is running on
    her mind, Yonghwa.

    “I’ll make him pay for what he did to Yoona….”
    Yuri gritted her teeth as she grabbed her Rifle. As Yuri is going to
    stand up, she felt two hands holding her back down. Yuri turned to look
    and it was Jessica and Yoona.

    “A-appa…. Don’t….. I don’t want………. you to have a scary………. face like that….. you’re scaring me appa…” Yoona said weakly as she gave Yuri a faint smile.

    As Yuri saw Yoona’s weak and gentle smile, Yuri felt all her anger suddenly vanished. “Yoona…….. despite he treated you like that…. you’re still thinking like this…” Yuri thought for herself as tears now finally breaks down from her eyes and both her and Jessica Hugged Yoona lovingly.

    Even with her weaken state, Yoona scanned her eyes as if she’s looking for someone. “H-Hyunnie…. Where is Hyunnie….” Yoona asked.

    “Yoona unnie.. I’m here…” Seohyun came closer and kneeled down beside Yoona who is still lying down on the floor. Tears escaped from Yoona’s eyes.

    “Hyunnie… I’m so sorry
    for being so clingy….. I just like being with you Hyunnie….. because I
    like you…. I don’t want you to hate me Hyunnie….. I’m sorry…. I’m very
    sorry… Yonghwa oppa said you’re mad at me for being like that…..”
    Yoona said as she cried.

    “Yoona unnie…. I can never hate you….” Seohyun said as she gave Yoona a faint smile. “Yonghwa lied to you…. nobody here hated you…. they all love you, Yuri and Sica unnie love you…..and…….. I……….” Seohyun paused on her words.

    Seohyun took Yoona’s hand and hold it tightly and continued her words. “love you… Yoona unnie…. I loved you dearly…. I can never hate you…ever…” Seohyun said as she gave Yoona a warm hug and Yoona hugged back tightly .

    Tiffany, Dara, Luna and Hyoyeon arrived back from the Medical Bay. “Yul, Sica, Seohyun-ah, I have to take Yoona to the Medical to check if she suffered a mental stress….” Hyoyeon said. “Hyo I’ll go with Yoona…” Jessica said.

    “No…. Yuri and You will definitely come with us…. We have to treat that burn on your hands…. Aigoo….” Dara said as she pointed at Yuri and Jessica’s injured hands.

    “Seriously….” Tiffany said as she sighed. “but…
    I guess I don’t have to complain about the actions for the two of you….
    I would’ve done the same if Tae-Tae of Hyunnie were ever in a situation
    like that.”
    Tiffany added.

    “now off you go…. You
    two…. As your superior.. I order you two to take a full rest.. and get
    treated…. And Yul…… thanks for returning here safely….”
    Taeyeon said as she puts her arms around Tiffany.

    “I’ll decide what I’ll do to Yonghwa…. For now… everyone get some rest….. Youngie…. You should also rest….” Taeyeon added.

    “me? why should I rest? My wound is now treated right?”
    Sooyoung asked. Taeyeon and Tiffany smiled and Tiffany pointed at
    Sunny who is behind Sooyoung’s back. Sooyoung turned around and saw
    Sunny glaring at her.

    “I believe….your Bunny is not in the mood so prepare for a scolding… so rest for now… If you can heheh” Taeyeon teasingly said.

    “Alright everyone… back to your stations and throw this piece of junk back out the space.” Raynor said. “and Major…. As you said, I’ll leave the decision about Yonghwa’s punishment to you…” Raynor said as she lets out a sigh of relief.

    “Nicole…. I’ll leave things for you and your team at the lab… I’ll have to take care of them first ok?” Hyoyeon said as she followed the medical team.

    “Sure…. I’ll be there waiting..” Nicole said as she smiled and waved happily at Hyoyeon. “……is it just me or…… is Nicole taking a liking at Hyoyeon?” Seungyeon and Gyuri asked Hara and Jiyoung. “unnie….you both have no idea…” Hara replied as she and Jiyoung chuckled and the five of them went back to the lab.

    Location: Hyperion – Bridge
    Time line: several days after Yoona’s incident

    “Major………. I’ll have to inform you…. you girls are now officially withdrawn from the Hyperion….” Raynor said which made Taeyeon surprised.

    “Come again Commander? You mean we’re not a part of the ship anymore?” Taeyeon asked. “that’s right…. The Commander and I decided…. That you girls can handle things on your own…..” Matt said.

    “I admire your tenacity Major Kim…. And I am now promoting you to the rank of Commander….. whether you like it or not…” Raynor smirked as he knows Taeyeon will be rejecting the promotion.

    “B-But Commander! I can’t take that responsibility!! You know how rowdy I am!” Taeyeon said. “I
    perfectly know that…. I was once like you Major….or should I say
    Commander Kim… so I’ve taken it to account…. Your new ship has arrived.”
    Raynor said as he ordered Matt. As Matt pushed something on the Control panel, a new Battle Cruiser instantly warped in.

    “That will be your new home…. And call Seohyun and Lt. Col Hwang here…” Raynor added. Several seconds, Seohyun and Tiffany arrived at the bridge.

    “You called Commander?” Tiffany asked. “Yes Lt. Col Hwang as of today, I am now promoting you from Lt. Col to Colonel… and you Seohyun…. You are now Corporal Seo….” Raynor said.

    “wha….i mean… uhh.. Tae-Tae… what did the Command…….Tae-Tae?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon but was surprised as she saw Taeyeon is silently crying. “what’s wrong Appa?” Seohyun asked. But instead of answering Tiffany and Seohyun, Taeyeon looked up and saluted Raynor and Matt.

    “Sir! you have done so
    many things for us! I’ll never forget those things you’ve taught me….
    it’s hard for me to part from the Hyperion… but…. I understand now….”

    Taeyeon said proudly while saluting at Raynor and Matt. Seohyun and
    Tiffany finally understood the situation and they both also saluted back
    at Raynor and Matt.

    “at ease girls…. You know you girls are always part
    of this ship…. I’ll never forget you girls and your contribution here
    but……. We can’t afford you girls to face extreme danger because we’re
    going to Char…… you girls continue to save lives and give hope whenever
    you can with your new Ship, the SSF Battle cruiser…”
    Raynor said as he and Matt saluted back at the girls.

    “it’s been an honor working with you…Commander Kim…” Raynor said as he extend his hands. “It’s been an honor to work under your wing Commander Raynor…. I’ll never forget you guys….” Raynor was shocked because he was expecting a handshake from Taeyeon but instead, Taeyeon hugged him tightly.

    “Commander…. You’re always been a father figure to me….. so thank you for that….” Taeyeon said as she broke the hug from Raynor.

    “I know….. go out and make me proud.” Raynor said. and hours have passed all of them are completely transferred to their new Battle cruiser, the SSF.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    As Taeyeon got in the Bridge, there was one man standing in there waiting for her orders. “hello, this is your new Commander, Kim Taeyeon.” Taeyeon greeted.
    The man turned around and surprised Taeyeon. “it….it can’t be….. IT’S YOU!! WHY ARE YOU HERE!!” Taeyeon said a she pulled her Pulse gun towards the man on the bridge.

    Episode 22 Completed
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Who is that man???
    Is it Taec???
    Anticipating for the next update ^_^

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 23

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!?” Taeyeon yelled and the man just stood there and hold his hands up.

    “Commander Kim…. I know we had a rough past about your sister but I can tell you this… I’m a changed person now..” the man said.

    “Tae-Tae… what are you shouti…..” Tiffany entered the bridge and saw Taeyeon aiming her pulse gun at the man. “what’s going on here?!” Tiffany said.

    “Fany-ah…. This man….. he’s Ok Taecyeon….. Sica’s EX……” Taeyeon said as he cocked her Pulse gun. “T-Tae-tae…. I think we should listen to him first…” Tiffany said.

    “fine….TALK!” Taeyeon said as she still pointing her pulse gun in front of Taecyeon’s face. “Tae-Tae! Stop pointing that thing from his face!!” Tiffany said but Taeyeon ignored her.

    “it’s ok Col. Hwang…. I don’t blame the Commander… I really deserved this kind of treatment after what happened to her sister….” Taecyeon said.

    “aren’t you forgetting something? DON’T FORGET MY APPA!!! YOU ORDERED A GHOST UNIT TO KILL MY APPA AND ALMOST KILLED ME!!” Taeyeon shouted. Everyone heard the commotion and hurriedly went to the bridge.

    Jessica was surprised to see Taecyeon. “T-Taec!”
    Jessica’s eyes fired up as soon she saw Taecyeon and before Taecyeon
    could say her name, Jessica’s hands already landed on his cheek. “How dare you show up your face in front of us again!” Jessica said. Taecyeon did not respond and just lowered his head.

    “Sica… want me to hang him upside down and beat him up along with Yonghwa in the Hangar?” Yuri suggested as she shows a menacing grin.

    “oh will the three of you shut up for a second and hear him out!” Tiffany scoffed.

    “Thank you Colonel…. Now Commander, I don’t blame
    you if you believe me or not but about the ghost incident on your
    family………it was not my doing……… you remember the girl you sent to
    hospital together with me? that was her doing…. She has a connection to
    the Dominion….”
    Taeceon explained as Taeyeon’s gun is still pointing at his face.

    “that’s a load of bull Taecyeon, why should I believe you? you hurt Jessica! That’s enough reason for me!” Taeyeon said.

    “fine…. I really deserved this…. But at least hear my side of story Commander…” Taecyeon said as he heaved a deep breath.

    “well let’s start where you made me almost bedridden
    on the hospital…. You see… after you sent to the hospital, I was still
    on hell bent taking a revenge on you and your sister….. but my step
    brother steps in… I even asked him to take revenge on my behalf…. But he
    Taecyeon said.

    Somehow Taeyeon felt there’s a truth in Taecyeon’s word and seeing
    Taecyeon’s completely changed personality, she withdrew her gun to her
    holster and continued to listen.

    “you see… my step brother is a well respective man
    for his contribution to the armies weaponry development…. And more
    importantly, he’s also well known on the underground market as he sold
    countless weapon right under the Dominion’s nose. Several times the
    Dominion asked him for a development but he declined…. He knew the
    Dominion will capture him for selling unregistered weaponry systems and
    Taecyeon explained.

    “….let’s say I’ll believe you………..for now…….. but what’s in it for us? Tell me a reason not to throw you out of the space…” Taeyeon retorted back.

    “my brother assigned me to assist you at any cost…
    and I’ll be stationed in the Hangar, maintaining any units, weapons and
    Taecyeon said in full obedience as he saluted at Taeyeon.

    “Tae…I still don’t trust him…. I can still vaguely remember how he treated me when that girl beat me down on the ground….” Jessica said.

    “Jessica….. I’m sorry for that…….. I was lost at
    that time…. But after your sister put me to the hospital…. My brother
    opened my eyes to all the wrong doings I’ve done…. I’m not asking for
    your forgiveness but…. I’m asking for all of you to let me at least stay
    in this ship and help you girls in anyway I can…”
    Taecyeon said.

    “this step-brother of yours…… what’s his name?” Taeyeon asked. “his name is Park Jaebeom…. But I call him Jay Park….and that reminds me…. he has a message for you…” Taecyeon said as she pulled out a data disk and gave it to Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon puts it in the Bridge’s console and Jaebeom appeared in a prerecorded video message. “Greetings
    Kim Taeyeon… or should I say Commander Kim Taeyeon. I am Park Jaebeom….
    Jay Park for short…. I’m guessing that you already lowered your gun in
    front of Taec’s face as you were watching this message of mine…”
    Jaebeom said from the message.

    “as you can see, I assigned my step brother under
    your wing and I’m hoping you can guide him to the right path… I know he
    may have an issue with you and your step sister, Jessica Jung, but
    please on my behalf, give him another chance. Taec’s have a habit of
    inheriting on what he sees on his surroundings.”
    Jaebeom explained.

    Hearing Jaebeom’s explanation about Taecyeon made Taeyeon somewhat at ease. “as
    I was saying, I assigned my step brother on your crew and he will be
    your head engineer and as well as units, weapons and ammunitions
    management. I can assure you Commander, he’s skilled in maintenance
    because I trained him myself and I can vouch for that. it seems my time
    is now coming to an end and I’ll be brief….. Commander Kim Taeyeon, the
    Battle Cruiser SSF, is equipped with latest system and weapons. I’ve
    upgrade the Armory and Hangar. Armory is now bigger than the one from
    the Hyperion, I’ve included the latest shooting range which let you
    fight in an actual combat against 3D rendered enemies, there’s also a
    Gym for everyone to work out. The Medical Bay is now upgraded as medical
    supplies are fully stocked. The Hangar….. well… it’s much more bigger
    than the Hyperion… and the rest, Taec will explain the rest since this
    is his stuff and my recording time is about to end…. And again Commander
    Kim Taeyeon, I will now fully leave my step brother under your wing, if
    he do something funny again, you have my word, you’re free to do what
    is necessary. Kill him, shoot him on sight, banish him, I don’t care,
    this is his last chance, if he screw this chance, I’m not going to save
    his hides anymore.”
    Jaebeom said and the recording ended.

    Everyone is quiet about Jaebeom’s message. Jessica still clings between
    Yuri and Yoona. Taeyeon lets out a heavy sigh and talked. “ok….
    We’re not cold hearted Taec… but don’t expect you’ll be given any
    special treatment because you’re Jay’s brother…… and don’t think you’re
    forgiven because I’m talking to you like this casually…. Understand?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “I fully understand Commander… and thank you for
    letting me stay here.. I promise I’ll do anything to tend to your
    liking. Now if you all follow me to the Hangar, I’ll explain some things
    which my brother can’t.”
    Taecyeon said.

    All of them followed Taecyeon on the Hangar.

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    “As you can see, the Hangar is so big now we can
    almost build a humanoid robot type now…. and my brother is monitoring
    Sergeant Lee and he knows her specialty so he sent me a top secret
    schematics for a new unit that he stole from the Dominion’s database.”
    Taecyeon said as the pushed something on his console and he revealed a 3D designed Thor Unit.

    Due to Sunny’s expertise, she couldn’t hide her smile as she saw the Thor. “Youngie….. I think……… I think I’m inlove again……” Sunny said as she clings on Sooyoung’s arm.

    But Sooyoung suddenly brushed off Sunny’s hand off from her arm and pouted. “Fine…. Then go with it…. I’ll just eat my fill till I can’t eat anymore.”

    “uh-oh….. someone’s jealous…” Hyoyeon said as she teased Sooyoung and Sunny. “Aww~ come on Youngie…. Don’t be like that…. it’s just a unit…. You know you’re irreplaceable to me..” Sunny said as she make some cute pose which made Sooyoung blushed and slightly smiled.

    “aish….. you know I can’t resist that aegyo of yours…” Sooyoung said as she faced Sunny and out her arms around the shorter girl.

    Little did they know, Taecyeon was envious of their bond but he decided
    not to show it. he wanted to smile or laugh with them but couldn’t. he
    knew what he did from the past. Tiffany noticed.

    Then Taecyeon clears his throat. “ahem…..well….
    Continuing my explanation, the Thor Unit is equipped with the latest
    Cannon we could ever produce. Out company, 2PM weapons enterprise could
    do that.”
    Taecyeon said.

    “and now we move to Sgt. Choi’s Banshee. We are very
    aware that you only pilot a Banshee skillfully that’s why my brother
    did some tweaks in your personal banshee..”
    Taecyeon said.

    “wait a minute….what do you mean Personal Banshee?” Sooyoung surprisingly asked. “yes Sgt. Choi… you have your own Banshee to use and it’s only for you.” Taecyeon said.

    Sooyoung was stunned because she never imagined that this will happen to her. “hmmm seeing you mouth is opening wide… let me open it wider.” Taecyeon said a he push on his panel and Sooyoung’s Modified banshee.

    “this Banshee is now capable of attacking enemy Air
    units as we modified it. and also we upgraded its engine so it can move
    faster than any normal Banshee. And I forgot to mention…. Sgt. Lee’s
    Thor Unit also have the capabilities to attack air units but be warned
    though, attacking enemy air units will only leave you open for fire as
    the reloading time for it is different than attacking a ground unit.”
    Taecyeon said.

    Hearing their upgrades on their units, Sooyoung and Sunny were left speechless. “and
    now for Colonel Hwang’s Medivac. Your Medivac is also upgraded as the
    cargo is much bigger and wider and the engine is also upgraded to
    provided better movement and control. We also attached standard Flak
    cannons in order to fend the Medivac on by itself in case you’re being
    attacked, you can attack any air and ground unit. My brother’s company
    also invested to provide the Medivac another thick layer of armor so it
    can withstand longer on any attacks. The same also goes for Sgt. Lee’s
    personal Siege tank…. well… all we could do to your siege tank is to
    provide more thick armor…. Your concept of modified Gauss cannon and
    interchangeable Cannon shells were scraped off…”
    Taecyeon said.

    “Scraped off? But why?” Sunny asked. “well………… you kinda guessed my brother’s concept in the first place….” Taecyeon said.

    “and…… the Commander’s Marine suit…. All marine suit armor has been modified…” Taecyeon said. “Modified? What do you mean?” Taeyeon asked. Taecyeon called one of the Marine. “here Commander let me show you…. Sir if you would be please equip your Gauss Rifle….” The marine did what Taecyeon said. “you
    see, I’ve examined Dr. Kim Hyoyeon’s invention, and I’ve made some
    tweaks, when you insert the Chip, Dr. Hyoyeon made, you know it’s
    function right? But the difference is, you don’t have to push anything
    on your Gauss rifle, you can use your voice to change any type of ammo
    and ammo counter will be displayed on your helmet’s holographic imagery
    as well as the radar..”
    Taecyeon said.

    “and lastly…. Special Field Medic Jung’s armor is
    also Modified. You don’t need to push anything on your console…. It’s
    automated into a voice command. And it’s console panel………. Well…….”
    Taecyeon stopped.

    “well? What about its console panel?” Yuri asked. “well……
    I heard the last time…… Jessica’s console was damaged from her last
    mission so….. my brother and I came up with something… but I don’t think
    Jessica will agre…..”
    Taecyeon was trying to explain but Jessica cuts in. “Spit it out Taec… we don’t have all day!”

    “……very well…….” Taecyeon sighed as he pulled out a small chip. “this
    chip will have to be surgically implanted on your arm….. that way you
    don’t have to worry about pushing some console on you right arm….”
    Taecyeon said.

    “is that it? give it to me! Hyo, implant it to me right now!” Jessica said as she stormed out of the Hangar while dragging Hyoyeon helplessly.

    “……why’d she left like that…I haven’t finished my explanation….” Taecyeon said as he sighed. “don’t worry about her Taec… I can explain it to her…. tell me more about her Medic’s armor upgrade” Taeyeon said.

    “Very well….. as for the finishing touches of my
    explanation Commander…… Jessica’s Suit was modified for her only use. As
    you all know, once the chip is implanted in her, it will automatically
    activate on Jessica’s DNA, thus allowing her to access every medic suit
    she wore. That’s all Commander…”
    Taecyeon said.

    “……I guess I can trust
    you………….for now……. I know you’re tensed after meeting me again Taec but I
    suggest you go relax right now…… as for us…. We’ll deal with something…
    now you’re dismissed and relax.”
    Taeyeon said and
    Taecyeon gave Taeyeon a salute before going to the Cantina. And the rest
    have gone to their respective places. Sooyoung is at the Cantina along
    with Sunny, Hyoyeon is back at her room along with Nicole and Jessica,
    Yuri is spending her time on the new shooting range. Leaving Tiffany and
    Taeyeon walking on the hallway.

    “Tae-Tae? Are you still mad at him?” Tiffany asked. “…I
    don’t know Fany-ah….. but for some reason, something tells me I
    shouldn’t… I know he’s changed man…. But I can’t simply forgive him for
    what he did…”
    Taeyeon replied.

    “oh come on Tae-Tae…..
    if you noticed….. Taecyeon is somewhat lonely don’t you think? Holding
    grudges is not good…. And besides…. About your father’s killer…. It
    seems he knew something or someone…. You could’ve at least talk to him
    about that…”
    Tiffany said as she pouts.

    Taeyeon saw Tiffany’s pouting. “aish….ok
    ok fine… I’ll talk to him…..aish….. you know I can’t resist that
    pouting face of yours…. But for now… let’s get some rest….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “heheh thanks Tae-Tae….. and for that…. I miss doing this to you…”
    Tiffany said as she leaned on Taeyeon and gave her a kiss on her lips.
    Their kiss lasted 20 seconds and as their lips parted, both of them were
    gasping for air.

    “Fany-ah…… you really missed me this much huh… I’ve never saw that aggressive side of yours….” Taeyeon said as both of them are still panting.

    “well….. who wouldn’t?
    you’re always active at the field, almost died, luckily, your coma is
    not long as we all know…. I’ve missed you……I’ve missed my Tae-Tae….”
    Tiffany said as she hugged the older girl.

    “I’ve missed you too
    Fany-ah….. I’m sorry for being active…. I’ll be careful from now on..
    why don’t we continue what we’re doing on my room…”
    Taeyeon said as she smiled naughtily and pinched Tiffany’s butt slightly.

    “YaH! Byuntaeng……. Can’t you wait?” Tiffany said but Taeyeon just smiled at Tiffany and they both returned to their quarters.

    Location: SSF – Holding Cell

    Yonghwa was sitting quietly when Seohyun walked in front of his cell. “Yong….. what happened to you?” Seohyun asked but stayed silent.

    “Yong… do you know how much you’ve hurt me? you almost killed the one I loved!” Seohyun said raising her voice a bit. Then Yonghwa answered.

    “what….how is that kiddie brain girl Yoona managed
    to capture your heart but I don’t? can she give you happiness? How?
    You’re both girls”
    Yonghwa said.

    “it doesn’t matter if
    we’re both girls….. Yoona maybe acting like a kid, but her cheerful and
    jolly personality is pure and innocent. And i liked that about her”
    Seohyun said.

    “innocent…. HAH! I bet she can’t satisfy you even in your self-desire!”
    Yonghwa taunted Seohyun. Hearing Yonghwa mocked her, Seohyun couldn’t
    hold herself, she unlocked Yonghwa’s holding cell and stepped inside to
    give Yonghwa a slap but to her surprise, this was the moment Yonghwa was
    waiting, the moment Seohyun came close to Yonghwa, he gave Seohyun a
    strong punch on her stomach, strong enough to knock her out.

    “Y-Yong………” Seohyun said as she totally passed out. Yonghwa stepped out of his holding cell and scanned the area. “hmmm there’s only one route out of this….” Yonghwa gave a smirk as he hides himself in a dark section.

    Taecyeon who is returning to his post felt something is off. “……….that’s funny…. The holding cell is too quiet…..” Taecyeon said. out of his curiousity, he went and checked.

    As he was in front of Yonghwa’s holding cell, he saw Seohyun lying inside unconscious.

    “Hey…HEY! Corporal!” Taecyeon tried to wake Seohyun. Taecyeon gave Seohyun a couple of light tap on Seohyun’s cheek.

    Seohyun lets out a small groan. Seeing Seohyun is having a hard time
    gaining conscious, Taecyeon carried Seohyun but as he stepped out the
    holding cell, out of the shadows, Yonghwa attacked Taecyeonwith a broken
    piece of glass and hits him on his arm causing Taecyeon groaned in pain
    but thinking of Seohyun’s safety, Taecyeon lets his body fall down in
    order to prevented Seohyun’s hitting the floor.

    Yonghwa saw this chance and decided to attack but Taecyeon managed to
    kick Yonghwa while both him and Seohyun is down on the ground. Yonghwa
    stumbled back at Taecyeon’s kick.

    “Commander!! The prisoner is escaping!! Corporal is down!! I repeat, The Corporal is do….UGH!!”
    Taecyeon’s words halted when he suddenly felt something sharp punctured
    the side of his body near his kidney area. Yonghwa stabbed him with a
    broken piece of glass and broke it, leaving the sharp tip of glass
    inside Taecyeon’s body. Taecyeon immediately coughed up blood. As he
    turned around, he saw Yonghwa smirking at him and finally hits him with a
    pipe on his head knocking him out-cold while bleeding from his injury.

    “not so tough now aren’t you… tsk!” Yonghwa said as he spitted at Taecyeon’s face before leaving Seohyun and Taecyeon unconscious.

    Couple of minutes have passed, Seohyun gained consciousness and he saw
    Taecyeon breathing heavily and lying in his own pool of blood. “oh my god…. Taecyeon oppa!” Seohyun called.

    Seohyun jolted up as she stood up and felt a sudden pain on her stomach
    were Yonghwa punched him. In her desperation, Seohyun hits the alarm.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    Sooyoung and Sunny is now hanging out in the bridge when the alarm went off. “Youngie!” Sunny shouted. “I know Bunny….” Sooyoung replied as they checked the bridge’s display screen and saw Seohyun in pain.

    “Bunny! Call Taengoo, we have a situation!” Sooyoung said. Sunny hurriedly rushed out of the bridge and called Taeyeon and Tiffany.

    As Sunny gone out, Yuri came in. “Soo! What’s the situation?” Yuri asked. “I don’t know but, Seohyun is hurt.”
    Sooyoung said. but what shocked them is when the camera moved in to
    another focus, they saw Taecyeon lying in blood, unconscious.

    “omo…..” Sooyoung said. “Soo, continue to monitor…. I’ll go there right away!” Yuri said as she immediately went to the holding area. Several minutes later, Taeyeon and Tiffany came along with Sunny.

    “Youngie, what happened?” Taeyeon asked. “I don’t know but…. Seohyun is hurt and Taecyeon is in critical condition!” Sooyoung said.

    “Taeng… are you reading this?” Yuri spoke through the comm.-link. “yeah I hear you Yul…” Taeyeon said. “Seohyun is hurt badly, Yonghwa escaped. Taecyeon is critical…. He’s losing too much blood! I need medical attention here!” Yuri said.

    “Fany-ah…. Call Sica and go there…. Adjutant! Seal off all possible exits, units and escape pods!” Taeyeon gave orders to the adjutant. “affirmative Commander….sealing everything now……….sealing completed.” The adjutant said.

    Location: SSF – Holding cell area

    Yuri arrived with Tiffany, Jessica and Yoona following her. “Hyunnie, what happened?” Tiffany asked. “Tiffany…umma… Yonghwa escaped…. Please help Taec oppa…. He’s bleeding to death….” Seohyun said as she winced in pain and Yoona supported Seohyun. “Hyunnie!.... don’t move! I’ll carry you!” Yoona proposed and before Seohyun could react, Yoona lready carried Seohyun up, bridal style and made the younger girl blushed.

    Jessica didn’t waste time and checked Taecyeon’s vital sign. even though
    Jessica still hasn't forgiven Taecyeon yet, her Medical traits got
    ahead of her. “Tiff… this is bad…. Heartbeat is getting slow, he’s losing too much blood, we need to get him to the Medical! ASAP!” Jessica said.

    “Hyo! We need a stretcher here! And be careful! Yonghwa escaped!” Tiffany said through her comm.-link. “I’m sending my team there right away!” Hyoyeon replied.

    “Nicole, take Gyuri and the rest and go to the holding cell area quickly!” Hyoyeon said to Nicole. And the five of them hurried to the Holding cell area.

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    Yonghwa wanted to escape but unfortunately, everything was locked as Taeyeon issued a command to the Adjutant of the ship. “DAMN!”
    Yonghwa hissed as she slammed his hand on the console. Then he heard
    foots step so he immediately hides himself. He observed the footsteps
    and saw the girls running to the medical bay, Rushing Taecyeon quickly.

    Yonghwa frowned when he saw Yoona carrying Seohyun in bridal style. With
    Seohyun in her arms, Yoona is careful enough not to rush her pace as
    she’s concerned with the younger girl on her arms still wincing in pain.

    “Hyunnie….. does it still hurt?”
    Yoona asked. Seohyun didn’t answer. Yoona is too worried about Seohyun
    that he didn’t noticed Yonghwa managed to sneaked behind her.

    “Don’t make any funny movements or else I’ll slit your throat Kiddie brain girl.” Yonghwa said from behind.

    Yoona stopped walking. “Yonghwa oppa…. Why did you do this to Hyunnie?” surprisingly, Yoona is not afraid a little bit, which made Yonghwa startled.

    “WAHAHAHAHA!!!” Yoona laughed loudly which made Yonghwa more tensed. “W-What’s so fu-funny Kiddie brain girl?” Yonghwa stuttered on his words.

    “Oppa…. Do you really think I’m alone?” Yoona replied while still chuckling at Yonghwa. “STOP LAUGHING OR ELSE I’LL SLIT YOUR THRO….”
    But Yonghwa’s words were stopped when he heard a sound of the canister
    Rifle being cocked close to him and felt something hard was shoved
    inside his mouth. Yonghwa was stunned.

    “do you really think I’d let my Yoong be harmed again after what you did?”
    to Yonghwa’s surprise, Yuri uncloaked herself and to his horror, when
    Yuri is now fully de-cloaked, he saw Yuri’s Rifle is being shoved inside
    his mouth and she was staring at her like a demon possessed person. “Yoong…. You can now walk faster to get Hyunnie treated, I’ll look after this jerk..” Yuri said and Yoona quickly skipped her way out of the scene.

    “Taeng… I got Yonghwa…. Come over here quick!”
    Yuri said as she released the safety of her rifle. Moments later
    Taeyeon arrived to see Yonghwa is still in that kind of state, with
    Yuri’s tip of her rifle still shoved inside his mouth.

    “my my my…. Such a state you’re in for now huh… I was originally planning to let you go but you blew it…”
    without warning, Taeyeon punched Yonghwa and he stumbled down. as
    Yonghwa is going to fight back, he felt Yuri’s rifle is being aimed at
    his head point blank range.

    “That is for my head engineer you stabbed.”
    Taeyeon grabbed Yonghwa by his collar and slammed him on to the wall.
    Still feeling a little groggy, Yonghwa felt another painful sensation as
    Taeyeon is now beating him up.

    "This is for hurting Seohyun!" Taeyeon said as she repeatedly punched Yonghwa in the face and body.

    Due to Taeyeon’s anger, he didn’t noticed that Yognhwa managed to grab
    his pulse gun from her side and he instantly aimed it at Taeyeon and
    Yuri. Yuri aimed back.

    “Don’t you dare shoot that gun or I’ll shoot one of you!!” Yonghwa shouted while he keeps changing his aim between Yuri and Taeyeon. Yuri aimed her rifle.

    But before Yuri and Taeyeon could do any movements, Yonghwa fired at
    them hitting Yuri’s rifle, causing it to flew away from Yuri’s grip.

    “YUL!” Taeyeon shouted as she noticed Yuri is holding her hands. “I’m fine Taeng…… I’m getting annoyed at this jerk….” Yuri said.

    frantically laughed and aimed at Taeyeon but when was about to pull the
    trigger, Yonghwa suddenly felt something funny.

    “W-Wha…WHAT THE HECK!! I CAN’T MOVE MY BODY!!!” but no matter what Yonghwa, his body won’t response and just stood still.

    With the unknown is happening on Yonghwa, Taeyeon caught a glimpse at
    Yuri and noticed how Yuri is staring intently at Yonghwa and unusually

    “Yu-Yul? What’s wrong with you?”
    Taeyeon asked but Yuri didn’t answer. As Taeyeon is now focused on
    Yuri, she noticed Yuri’s eyes glow in a bright blue color. Taeyeon
    starts to worry.

    “YUL!!” Taeyeon called again but Yuri still didn’t respond. And then, Taeyeon was startled when Yonghwa screamed in agony.

    Yonghwa screamed and to Taeyeon’s surprise, Yonghwa dropped on his
    knees and starts to bleed from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth and
    suddenly falls on the floor.

    As Taeyeon is still surprised, she summons up all of her wits and
    tackled Yuri, causing to break Yuri’s concentration on whatever she’s
    doing to Yonghwa.

    Taeyeon was speechless and shocked at what happened. At that exact
    moment, Sunny, Sooyoung, and Yoona came back just to witness what

    “that’s…………for……. Yoona……….” Yuri slowly said as she catches her breath and suddenly fainted. “YURI!!”
    Taeyeon shouted and Yoona helped Taeyeon carry Yuri back to the Medical
    Bay while Sunny and Sooyoung was left wondering about what happened to
    Yonghwa as they looked at his uncapacitated body.

    “Youngie…. Is he….is he dead?” Sunny asked. Sooyoung crouched down beside Yonghwa and checked his pulse. “……….he’s not Bunny…… but he won’t be moving anytime soon…….no doubt about it….. the question is………..How?” Sooyoung said.

    “beats me Youngie…. Maybe we can ask Yuri when she wakes up….”
    Sunny said. Sooyoung called some of the crew members and ordered them
    to put back Yonghwa back in the holding cell and to make sure Yonghwa
    doesn’t escape again, Sooyoung requested for Yonghwa to be chained in
    the wall both hands and feet.

    Location: SSF - Medical Bay

    Taecyeon’s operation went for about 4 hours. And Tiffany and Jessica went out and informed Taeyeon. “Tae-Tae…. Taec is out of danger now….” Tiffany said as she sighed in relief. “But…..
    he will need a long rest Tae… he lost a lot of blood…… and by the way….
    He requested for you…. he wanted to speak with out alone….”
    Jessica said.

    “…………. I’ll talk to him
    later….but for the mean time…. Sica… I want you to take a look at
    Yuri….. something happened to her while we’re detaining Yonghwa from the
    Hangar… it’s better to take Gyuri with you as Hyo and Nicole is still
    busy investigating Yonghwa’s condition."
    Taeyeon explained.

    Hearing what happened to Yuri, Jessica immediately went to their quarter and gave Yuri a thorough physical check up.

    Meanwhile inside the Medical bay, Yoona stayed beside Seohyun. With
    Seohyun’s condition is now stabilized, Seohyun felt sleepy and shortly
    after also fell asleep, Seohyun didn’t notice Yoona is staring at her

    >> Click here to listen to YoonHyun moment's music <<

    “Hyunnie…..” Yoona said as she frowned. Yoona unknowingly brushed Seohyun’s hair to the side just to see Seohyun’s full facial features.

    “you look so cute when you’re asleep Hyunnie….” Yoona said as she slightly smiled. Yoona touched Seohyun’s face and Yoona suddenly felt her heart starts to flutter.

    “Hyunnie…….” Yoona brushed Seohyun’s hair again and just like magnet, Yoona unconsciously draws her face closer to Seohyun’s face.

    And just when Yoona’s lips are inching closer to Seohyun’s lips,
    Seohyun suddenly woke up and both of them blankly stared at each other.

    As both of them stared at each other with both of their eyes are now
    wide open, both of their faces blushed madly and suddenly they both
    averted their looks at something.

    “ah……ah… I …. I ….. I was j-just ch-checking if y-you’re fine Hyunnie….” Yoona said as she stuttered at her words.

    “uhhh..i I see… t-thank you Yoona unnie…. oww..”
    as Seohyun replied, she winced in pain and she hold her stomch where
    Yonghwa punched him. Yoona saw Seohyun winced and also went to hold
    Seohyun’s stomach also causing their hands to touch one another.

    As both of their hands touched. Both of them paused and both stared at
    each other. Both of them stared at silence and it last a couple of

    “Yoona unnie………. thank you for making me smile…… I’m glad I get to know you..” Seohyun said. “…same
    here Hyunnie…. I’m sorry if I’m being a kid….. umma said something
    happened to me… I know they’re always telling to act mature but I don’t
    want to….. I’m still a kid…..”
    Yoona said.

    “unnie…… I know that…. and that what I like about you…..” Seohyun said as she smiled at Yoona. “you….Like me?” Yoona asked surprisingly as she blinked her eyes numerous times. Seohyun chuckled at that sight.

    “Silly unnie…. seeing you acting like that made me at ease…..”
    Seohyun gave Yoona a gentle smile. Yoona was panicking on what to do as
    she don’t know what she’s feeling but Seohyun’s words strike her to
    heart and she liked the feeling. Yoona smiled awkwardly at Seohyun.

    Seohyun knew, Yoona still don’t know the word “love” but she knew what
    the older “KID” is feeling. and without any words, Seohyun hold Yoona’s
    hands and Yoona holds her hands and next they knew, Yoona is hugging

    “unnie…. I love you….” Seohyun said and Yoona answered. “I …. I … l-l-like you t-too Hyunnie…” Yoona replied as she stuttered and made Seohyun chuckle at Yoona’s reply as she understand Yoona’s way of thinking.

    “Yoona unnie…. I will definitely protect you no matter what….” Seohyun said to herself as she hugged Yoona tighter.

    >> Music End <<

    Episode 23 Completed

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Wooh! I hope Yonghwa don't wake up. *evil laugh* Hey Yonghwa! Don't ruin the girls life! LOL. I really hate Yonghwa. I'm starting to love Taecyeon. xDDD

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    Episode 24

    Location: SSF – Holding Cell

    Nicole is assisting Hyoyeon for taking care of Yonghwa’s condition. “Hyo… what do you think happened to him?” Nicole asked.

    “I don’t have a clue
    Nicole…… but according to Sooyoung and Sunny, they witnessed Yonghwa
    screamed in pain and suddenly start to bleed from his eyes, nose, ears
    and mouth….
    ” Hyoyeon said as she pulled out the syringe needle from Yonghwa.

    “and here’s what
    startled me Nicole….. Taeng said, Yuri’s eyes started to glow in bright
    blue colors….. the same thing happened to Yoona…”
    Hyoyeon said as she gave Yonghwa’s blood sample to Nicole.

    “same thing?” Nicole asked as she cutely blinked her eyes while Hyoyeon looked at her. “…..Nicole…. why can’t you be cute for once…. I’m losing my concentration here…” Hyoyoen thought for herself as she tries to contain on what’s she’s feeling.

    “well it happened a
    couple of weeks ago…. You see…… we rescued Yoona from the hands of the
    Dominion.. she was being experimented on….. I don’t know how the
    Dominion did but…. Yoona have Protoss’ and Zerg DNA within her…..”
    Hyoyeon explained.

    Nicole heard Hyoyeon’s explanation but for some reason, Nicole doesn’t
    seem to mind which Hyoyeon noticed, instead, Nicole shed a tear. “Nicole? Why are you crying?” Hyoyeon asked as she pulls out her handkerchief and wiped Nicole’s tears.

    “it’s nothing…. I just
    feel sad for Yoona…. I haven’t told this to anyone but …….. I know Im
    Yoona for a long time…… she doesn’t know me but I know her….”
    Nicole explained as both of them leave Yonghwa’s holding cell.

    “chincha? How?” Hyoyeon asked. “you rescued Yoona from the Planet Mar Sara am I right?”
    Nicole asked as she now put on a strong face. Hyoyeon was surprised
    that Nicole already knew the Planet where they rescued Yoona she still
    haven’t told Nicole what planet they rescued Yoona.

    “H-How did you knew?” Hyoyeon asked. “…
    father…. He was the head scientist stationed in there… whenever my
    father had a chance, he would bring me there and lets me see her…. he
    always talked about he wanted to let the little girl free…. Girl like
    her don’t have to be holed up inside the big test tube tank and being
    experimented on…. Sometimes, my father cries for her…. I could feel my
    father’s guilt whenever I see him in that state……”
    tears escaped from Nicole’s eyes. Hyoyeon is now being attentive to her as they both stopped and sits in a nearby bench.

    “as I could feel my
    father’s guilt… he had no choice but to comply because at that time, I
    didn’t know that the Dominion held us captive….in a secret way…..
    everytime he tries to say something, someone from the Dominion guard
    will walk up to him in order to prevent him for saying anything. That’s
    why he had no choice….”
    Nicole said as tears is now flowing endlessly from her eyes. Hyoyeon now hugged Nicole caringly.

    “ssssh… it’s ok… just let it all out Nicole.. let it all out…”
    Hyoyeon said as she cooed Nicole. Little they didn’t know, several
    persons were eavesdropping on them and also crying at Nicole’s past. It
    was Seungyeon, Hara and Jiyoung.

    “and then, the time
    seems right I’ve applied for the Dominion’s R&D team the same time
    I’ve met Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Jiyoung…. We were given some tasks
    to research something about Zerg infection but then, we were informed
    that the Lab on Planet Mar Sara were attacked by the cause of terrorist
    act known as Raynor’s Raiders…. But.. I didn’t believed all that… I’ve
    managed to access the Dominion top files and saw the images…. It was not
    the Raynor’s Raiders but the Dominion itself… they’re trying to
    retrieve Im Yoona because the Emperor somehow knew that my father is
    thinking. The Dominion wiped my father’s entire team just to get
    Nicole explained.

    “I know my father died protecting Yoona…… but I don’t know how he died…..” Nicole said as she covered her face with both of her hands.

    “I know how your father died Nicole……I was there…..” Hyoyeon and Nicole looked up and saw Taeyeon standing in front of them.

    “your father died
    honorably….. protecting Yoona until the last of his breath….. your
    father is an honorable person….. he didn’t gave up until he knows what
    he’s protecting falls into good hands…”
    Taeyeon said.

    Nicole finally released all her remaining sadness and cried her heart
    out into Hyoyeon’s caring embrace and soon after Seungyeon, Hara and
    Jiyoung goes out and hugged Nicole.

    They all waited for Nicole to calm down. “Commande…” Nicole called Taeyeon but she get cuts by Taeyeon. “Taeyeon…. Just call me that….” Taeyeon said as she smiled.

    “Taeyeon……. Thank you for telling me how my father died….. I’m just sad that I didn’t get to meet him in his final moments….” Nicole said as she wiped away her tears.

    “Don’t worry Nicole….
    I’m sure your father is happy where you are right now….. with your
    friends supporting you as well as me…….. I mean us…. We will help each
    other alright?”
    Hyoyeon said. Nicole smiled weakly and just nodded.

    Location: Yuri, Jessica and Yoona quarters

    Yuri woke up and saw a familiar place. “our room? …. How did I get back here?” Yuri muttered to herself. “Tae and Gyuri carried you here….. I heard from Tae you fainted, Yul…. I was so worried…” Jessica spoke as her back is facing Yuri.

    “I see…… last thing I
    remember, Yonghwa is pointing Taeng’s gun at us then I keep thinking at
    his previous act against Yoona and Seohyun… and not to mention
    Yuri said as she turned her face away from Jessica.

    “Yul….. what happened
    back there? Tae said you were staring at Yonghwa so sharp, he even
    screamed in pain… and starts to bleed from every holes from his head….”
    Jessica asked. “I
    don’t know Sica……. All I remember, I was so mad at Yonghwa for what he
    did then I keep thinking for him to suffer….. then my head start to
    hurt…. That’s it…….”
    Yuri said.

    Jessica turn around to see the lying Yuri on their bed with her face turned away from her. “Yul….. I think you’re missing some explanation…. You don’t remember that Yonghwa screamed in pain?” Jessica asked as she walked slowly towards Yuri to give some medicine.

    “I don’t remember….. but I can clearly hear Yonghwa is screaming in pain……. Then I felt something hit me hard and then….”
    Yuri’s explanation were halted when she heard something breaking and she
    look at the floor were broken pieces of glass shards and some medicine
    capsules were scattered at the floor then she turned to look at Jessica
    and noticed Jessica’s shocked expression.

    “S-Sica? What’s wrong?” Yuri confusingly asked. “Y-Yul…..y-your eyes…….they were…. They were…” Jessica stuttered. Curious and worried, Yuri didn’t wait for Jessica to finish her words and rushed inside the bathroom.

    Yuri screamed from the top of her lungs, enough for everybody to catch
    their attention. Seconds later, all of them rushed to their quarters
    except Seohyun who is still recovering.

    “Sica! What the heck happened? We heard someone screamed and we thought it was you! and we….” Sunny asked but then suddenly, they all heard a mirror in the bathroom crashed as if someone broke them.

    All of them hurriedly looked and saw Yuri is the cause of the sound as
    they still saw Yuri’s figure, gave the mirror one strong punch and her
    knuckle are bleeding as she covers her eyes with her available hand.

    “YUL!” Jessica snapped herself from her shock and went to Yuri. “STAY AWAY!!” Yuri shouted. Jessica stopped midway.

    “Sica what happened to her?” Taeyeon asked. “Tae…. Her eyes…” as Jessica is going to continue her explanation, Yuri cuts her off again. “SICA DON’T!” Yuri shouted again.

    “Yul… please…. Let me tell them or you tell them…” Jessica said. “Appa……. Are you alright?” Yuri heard Yoona’s voice. “I’m alright Yoong……..” Yuri answered.

    And then all of them became silent. Yuri waited for a sound as she still
    don’t want any of them notice something is wrong with her eyes.

    “……….. Taengoo…… can you guys all wait outside? Sica you stay here with me….” Sooyoung said. “yah… what about me Youngie?” Sunny said as she pouts.

    Sooyoung cupped her face. “sorry Bunny….. Yul really needs her best friend and her….. “wife” right now… I promise we’ll tell you everything… please?” Sooyoung said as she gave Sunny a peck on the lips.

    “alright….. we’ll wait outside…”
    Sunny said. as all of them were going outside, Yoona looked at Yuri,
    Jessica and Sooyoung. Yoona don’t know where she was going, she’s
    concerned about Yuri and at the same time, she also wanted to be with
    Seohyun. Jessica noticed.

    “Yoona…. we’ll be fine, your Yuri appa will be fine… stay with Seohyun alright?” Jessica said as she gave Yoona a warm smile.

    Hearing those words from Jessica, Yoona went back to Seohyun’s side although still worrying about Yuri.

    “Yul….. come on, it’s only me and Jessica here…. What the heck happened?” Sooyoung said. “S-Soo… Si-Sica….. don’t look at me……” Yuri said as she still covers her eyes. Then Yuri felt a warm hand touching her bloodied knuckle.

    “babo….. I was just going to treat you hand….” Jessica said as she wrapped Yuri’s hand with a clean towel.

    Yuri became silent at Jessica’s touch. “Yul…. I’m sorry if I was startled…….. it was just…. New to me…” Jessica said as she still tending Yuri’s hand.

    “Sica… what exactly happened to her?” Sooyoung said. just then Yuri spoke.

    “Soo…….. I just don’t want anyone to be afraid with me….” Yuri said while her eyes are still closed. “oh come on Yul… with your looks… who wouldn’t be afraid?” Sooyoung said as she gave a slight laugh.

    “ok then…..” Yuri said as she readies to open her eyes.

    Location: just outside of YulSicYoon room

    “I wonder happened to Yuri….” Taeyeon said. “don’t you think Sica and her got into a fight?” Tiffany said.

    “Naaaah. It couldn’t be… if they did argue you know Sica will beat the hell out of Yu…” Sunny said but soon gets cut off by another scream from inside.


    all of them heard a familiar scream. “That’s my Youngie!!”
    Sunny said as she immediately rushed inside, just in time to see
    Sooyoung on the floor and somewhat startled. As all of them are
    concerned they go inside again and saw Sooyoung in that state.

    “Youngie! What’s wrong?” Sunny said. “Yu----Yuri’s eyes!” Sooyoung said and they all looked at Yuri with her eyes closed.

    “alright Yul….spit it out…. Clearly this is a serious matter what really is going on?” Taeyeon said. Yuri hesitated at first but she felt the touch of Jessica’s warm hands.

    “Yul….. I think it’s better to let them know…..” Jessica said. Yuri contemplated at bit then released a heavy sigh.

    “guys… something is wrong with my eyes…..”
    Yuri said as she opened her eyes. All of them were shocked to see
    Yuri’s eyes are emitting an azure blue glow, except for one person,


    “Yul…. Tell me……. what are you feeling right now? can you still see us?” Taeyeon asked.

    “actually Taeng…. I can still see all of you perfectly fine……” Yuri said. “ok… here’s my observation……. You’re the same as Yoona….” Taeyeon said calmly.

    “Come again Tae??!?” Jessica was surprised. “I
    saw that kind of eyes once….. remember when Yoona became an archon when
    we were on Hyperion? Yuri’s eyes have the same glow as hers.”
    Taeyeon said.

    “come to think of it…Tae-Tae is right…. Sica remember when we rescue Hyunnie? Yoona did have that glow too!” Tiffany said.

    “yeah…. Yul? Can you tell us how are you feeling?” Jessica asked Yuri. as all of them are now somewhat used to Yuri’s eyes they all waited for Yuri’s answer.

    “actually I’m feeling fine….. I was just scared that you were all going to isolate me….” Yuri said. “babo… we would never do that…” Sunny said.

    “but……I want to know….. is there a chance to make my eyes normal again?” Yuri blurted out of nowhere. All of them looked at each other when someone voiced out her opinion.

    “Unnie… try to relax….a …little….” They all heard the familiar voice having a hard time to talk and saw Seohyun supported by Yoona.

    “Hyunnie!” Taeyeon called. “you should’ve stayed in bed!” Tiffany followed after. “thanks for the concern Tiffany umma, Taeyeon appa….. but I also want to contribute my speculations as well…..” Seohyun said.

    As Yuri heard Seohyun’s word, she did the youngest girl’s advice and soon after Yuri’s eyes returned to normal.

    “it worked! But how did you know Seohyun-ah?” Hyoyeon asked.

    Seohyun smiled and looked at Yoona. “Hyoyeon unnie…. Yoona can do it also…” Seohyun said. as soon Seohyun gave Yoona the signal, Yoona’s eyes started to glow just like Yuri’s while posing in a cute way.


    All of them were left speechless. “Y-Yoona? when did you…” Yuri asked. “just now Appa….” Yoona smiled chodingly then returned her eyes to normal.

    “Yoona unnie is slowly getting a hang of her abilities little by little…. Unnies…” Seohyun said.

    “…so what else did you discover Yoona?” Hyoyeon asked. “….hmmm I discovered this Hyoyeon unnie…” Yoona smiled and her eyes starts to glow again then she formed a Psionic barrier around her and Seohyun.

    “Tiffany unnie… throw something at me…. something… large” Yoona said as she smiled. “B-But if this hits you…. you’ll be hurt!” Tiffany said.

    But before Tiffany could throw anything, someone already did and it was
    Sooyoung throwing a pillow at them. But as the pillow was coming closer
    to Yoona and Seohyun, it stopped in midair.

    “hehehe told you unnies…”
    Yoona said as she laughed and sweat is starting to form from her
    forehead. Seohyun noticed it and told her to stop. As Yoona deactivates
    the Psionic barrier, Yoona suddenly flopped down on the floor, panting

    “YOONG!” Jessica called as she moved closer to Yoona. “I’m fine Sica umma…. I just feel tired…. Heheh” Yoona replied as she sticks her tongue out. “geez…. You scared me Yoong..” Jessica said. “Yoona
    unnie just learned how to use it just now Sica unnie…. so she’s not
    just used to it as it drains her quickly and that’s the one of the
    things she can do for now unnies….. she also told me that she can shoot a
    Psionic storm but she hasn’t tried that…. since we have no place in
    here to let her exercise that.”
    Seohyun said.

    Just then Nicole barged in them. “EVERYONE! HELP SEUNGYEON!! It’s Yonghwa!! Something happened to him!”

    Location: SSF – Holding Cell

    As all of them got to the Holding Cell, Yonghwa is not there anymore but
    a traces of blood and broken metal binding and Seungyeon was lying
    unconscious on the floor.

    “Seungyeon, what happened here?” Taeyeon asked as she crouched down and tapped lightly Seungyeon’s cheek to wake her up. “well….
    Me and Nicole was just passing by when we heard a growl that doesn’t
    sound like human….. then after the sound stopped, I tried to see what’s
    happening and I was suddenly hit by something……then everything went
    black with me…”
    Seungyeon said as she rubbed the back of her head.

    “after Seungyeon passed
    out, I saw Yonghwa….. he’s not human anymore…. We don’t know how but it
    seems he infected with the Zerg virus…”
    Nicole said. just then Jiyoung arrived looking pale.

    “Jiyoung! What happened” Hyoyeon asked. “w-w-we…i-i-i…. m-m-m-mons-monster…” Jiyoung couldn’t finish her words as they all noticed Jiyoung is too scared to tell anything.

    “…alright… Yuri,
    Sooyoung and Sunny, you guys are with me, the rest, take everyone on the
    Medical bay and lock yourselves in until further notice…. We will learn
    something from Yonghwa after we kill him….. clear?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “Yuri appa…. Let me help…..” Yoona said. “Yoong…
    no…. even if you know it’s safe inside the Medical bay… we still don’t
    know how strong Yonghwa have become… I want you to stay with your umma
    and protect everyone alright?”
    Yuri said while Yoona frowned. “But appa…. I can be of help…..” Yoona said.

    Yuri hugged Yoona. “Yoong…if
    you want to be of help…. Protect everyone in the medical bay…..
    besides… we have three injured people… they need you there understand?”
    Yuri said to Yoona as she pointed to Seohyun, Taecyeon and Seungyeon.

    “alright…. be careful Yuri appa….” Yoona said as she went with the rest. Jessica walked up to Yuri. “Yul… be careful…. I don’t want you getting hurt again…” Jessica said as she gave Yuri a peck on the cheek.

    “don’t worry Sica…. I’ll be careful..” Yuri said.

    “Tae-tae…. I’m scared…..” Tiffany said as she hugged Taeyeon. “aigoo mushroom.. don’t be, I got Yuri, Sooyoung and Sunny with me….” Taeyeon said. “Tae-Tae…. It’s an infestation you’re dealing here….” Tiffany said. “I know… that’s why we need to act quickly… don’t forget to lock the medical door bay… take care of everyone for me….”
    Taeyeon said as she donned close her helmet's visor and activated the
    option of stun ammo, a new settings Hyoyoen added to Taeyeon’s gauss
    rifle as well as for Sooyoung and Sunny too now equipped with the same
    marine suit just like Taeyeon’s while Yuri still kept her official Ghost

    Just then, when Tiffany is heading back inside the medical Bay, she felt Taeyeon’s hand pinched her butt. “Yah! You were about to go on a side mission and yet you still manage to slip a chance…byuntaeng..” Tiffany said as she slightly smiled.

    “hehe but hey… I did eased up your tension a bit didn’t i? you’re smiling right now.” Taeyeon said. “fine… just be careful..” Tiffany said as she gave Taeyeon a flying kiss. And finally they locked themselves inside the medical bay.

    “Soo, Sunny…. As much
    as possible… switch your ammo to stun… and you Yuri…. since your
    canister rifle don’t have settings like ours, I want you to do your best
    to incapacitate him but don’t kill him alright?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “yah…Tae-Tae… I’ll
    monitor yours and Sunny’s vital and position and Sica will monitor
    Yuri’s and Sooyoung’s vital and position. update us if there’s anything
    unusual alright?”
    Tiffany said through the comm.-link.

    “thanks Fany-ah… alright Commence Zerg hunt. Sooyoung and Yuri you guys check the…..” Taeyeon’s orders were cut off when the lights on the hallway suddenly turned off. “Adjutant! Report!” Taeyeon asked. But the Adjutant of their ship didn’t respond.

    “Fany-ah… status report!” Taeyeon asked.
    “Tae-Tae…. Something busted the Adjutant’s computer…. I can see your
    position but I don’t see anything from your helmet’s vision..”
    Tiffany said. “lights were cut off here Fany-ah… hang-on well turn on our UV lights” Taeyeon said as they all turned on their UV lights from their Suit.

    “there I can see better
    now Tae-Tae…. Sunny-ah… I know you’re the second best to configure
    repairs but Hyoyeon asked me that you and Tae-Tae head for the Main
    bridge and see what happened in there.”
    Tiffany said.

    “sure… alright you
    heard my mushroom… a change of plan… we will go to the bridge… Hyo… can
    you guide Sunny to fix the computed in the bridge?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “Taeng.. this is Hyo… yeah I could do that… now hurry” Hyoyeon said.

    “ok let’s not waste time here…. Let’s all go” Taeyeon said as all of them started to walk cautiously towards the bridge.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    As they all thread the path towards the bridge, they all stood in horror as they saw some of the SSF crew has been mutilated. “tsk! This is getting out of hand….. alright everyone, no more stunning the target… shoot on sight.” Taeyeon said as they all switch their ammo in the live rounds while Yuri changed her ammo magazine into armor piercing.

    As the got inside the bridge. They just caught a glimpse of infested Yonghwa. “OPEN FIRE!!” all four of them opened fire but all they hit was air as Yonghwa is too fast for them and managed to slipped past them.

    “Taeng! I’ll follow suit!” Yuri said as she dashed out of the bridge. “YUL! WAIT! DON’T GO ALONE!! Aish!! DAMMIT! Youngie! Stay with Sunny, I’ll follow Yuri!” Taeyeon said as she followed suit Yuri leaving Sunny and Sooyoung.

    “we’re finally alone here Sunny…” Sooyoung said as she cocked her Gauss rifle. “Yeah…and this is the first time we’ve been together in action since Yonghwa’s retrieval mission from Planet Tarsonis..” Sunny said as she kneeled down in front of the computer console.

    “Sica… can you patch Hyo for me?” Sunny said as she contacted Jessica. “Sunny-ah… what happened to Taeyeon and Yuri? Sica is angry for leaving the two of you…” Hyoyeon said from the other line. “aah yeah well… we kind of run into Infested Yonghwa.. Yuri went after Yonghwa and Taeyeon went after Yuri..” Sooyoung replied.

    “i see….. well… if they
    comeback.. tell Yuri to get an earful of scolding from Sica…. Tiffany
    and Yoona is trying to calm her down.”
    Hyoyeon said. “ok… let’s not talk about the shall we? So what’s the status of the computer?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “the panel’s busted Hyo…. Any solution?” Sunny asked. “try re-routing it… it should work…”
    Hyoyeon said as she guides Sunny on how to re-route the adjutant’s
    system. Just then Sunny and Sooyoung heard a howl just right outside the

    “Youngie…. What the heck is that..” Sunny asked. “I don’t know bunny but it’s coming closer…”
    Sooyoung said as she took a step backward towards Sunny’s position. as
    Sunny panned her UV light on the bridge’s door, both both saw two
    infected infected crew member of the ship. As when their visions meet,
    the infested crew member wasted no time andran towards them.

    “Sunny-ah! LOOKOUT!”
    Sooyoung said as she pushed Sunny aside when the Infested crew jumped
    at Sunny, Sunny was safe but Sooyoung is wounded on her shoulder.

    “Youngie!!” Sunny said. while Sunny and Sooyoung is still recovering from their fall, the other infested crew member jumped at them.

    But all of a sudden, Sunny and Sooyoung heard a gunshot coming from
    behind the infested crew member and it was sent flying passed them.

    “you guys alright?” it was Jessica. “Sica! Why are you…” Sunny tried to ask but they heard the infested that Jessica shot was still alive.

    Sunny picked up her gauss rifle and both of them shot the infested crew
    member to death. as for the other crew the first attacked, retreated and
    went outside.

    “ouch….” Sooyoung said. “Youngie!” Sunny hurriedly went to Sooyoung. “Sunny-ah… take care of the panel… I’ll take care of Sooyoung…” Jessica said.

    “Hyo! Mind telling me why is Jessica here?” Sunny asked as she gets back in front of the panel. “well… we wouldn’t want to be in Sica’s way when she’s mad… you know that right?” Hyoyeon said.

    “where is Yuri?” Jessica asked Sooyoung. “well… we don’t know where she went but Taengoo went after her….” Sooyoung said.

    “Sica, Soo, Sunny….
    This is Nicole…. You three better hurry up… Hara just informed us… some
    of our crew got infested by Yonghwa….. and some of them are heading your
    Nicole said.

    “Nicole, where’s Hyo?” Sooyoung asked. “uhhmmm
    she uh…. She’s helping Tiffany unnie right now…. Yoona just activated
    her Psionic Barrier around the Medical and it’s taking a toll on her…
    Tiffany unnie and Hyo are doing everything they can to keep Yoona in top
    shape… Hyo also gave me instruction to Sunny-ssi about the re-routing
    the panel….”
    Nicole explained.

    “Sica I know you want to find Yuri but we need you here…. I can’t protect my Bunny alone…” Sooyoung said. Jessica wanted to go out but Sooyoung made sense.

    “alright… help me move this Youngie..”
    both of them moved everything they can to barricade the entrance to the
    bridge but when they were almost finishing barricading the entrance,
    one infested managed to slip its arm and grabbed Jessica.

    “KYAAH!!” Jessica shouted. Sooyoung wasted no time shooting its arm and managed to sever its joint. “Sica we better move back to Sunny..” Sooyoung said as the three of them can hear the infested is starting to gather the bridge entrance.

    “Sunny-ah…..better hurry it up…..we need to activate the adjutant for the defense system….” Jessica said nervously as both her and Sooyoung walked backwards slowly. “I know! I know! Sica… I’m doing the fastest I can here!..” Sunny said but the barricade were nto strong enough to hold some of the infested and two of them managed to slip through.

    “SICA OPEN FIRE!!” Jessica and Sooyoung fired non-stop at the infested that is one by one coming in.

    Location: SSF – Hallway between Bridge and Hangar

    Taeyeon went after Yuri but to no avail, Taeyeon couldn’t find Yuri. “SH*T! YURI WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!!” Taeyeon shouted but didn’t get a response.

    As Taeyeon was trying to locate Yuri, she heard non stop gunshots from the direction of the bridge. “SH*T! THE BRIDGE!!!”
    as Taeyeon were about to go back, she heard something or someone moving
    fast behind her like a sound of fast insect crawling its way towards

    Taeyeon turned around and found nothing. She checked her radar and
    detected nothing moving. And as she turned around, her radar alerted her
    as a sign of multiple movements around her. Taeyeon turned around and
    found nothing again but when she checked her radar, movements are still

    “what the fudge……”
    Taeyeon cussed and then, that's when it strike her. Taeyeon slowly
    looked up in the ceiling and found her targets, several infested crew
    workers hanging and waiting to ambush her from above.

    Taeyeon shouted as she starts to run while firing up causing some of
    the infested dropped on the floor and started chasing her towards an
    unknown location of the ship.

    Taeyeon ran and ran while giving a couple of shots back at the infested. “FANY-AH!! I’M LOST!! INFESTED ARE UP IN MY ASS I DON’T KNOW WHERE I RUN INTO!!” Taeyeon said from the comm.-link.

    “Commander, This is Gyuri… Colonel Hwang is busy at the moment… we got some infestation right outside the Medical bay too….” Gyuri replied.

    “omo.... GYURI QUICK! TELL WHERE I’M AT NOW?!” Taeyeon said while still running. “hold on………….” Gyuri pressed on the medical bay’s Panel and revealed Taeyeon’s position. “… you’re running towards the…..armory… I think..” Gyuri said.

    “YOU THINK?!Aish…. anyway thanks for the assist Gyuri… one more favor… can you locate Yuri? I lost her..” Taeyeon asked.

    “Sure….. wait up…………………… omo… Commander…. Yuri’s vitals were last seen in the Hangar….” Gyuri said.

    “Come again? What do you mean “last seen”… care to elaborate?” Taeyeon asked as she was nearing on one door. “I’m
    sorry Commander but….. Yuri’s vital is not displaying anymore…. I’ve
    already asked Jiyoung and Hara to boost the signal but we still can’t
    get her vitals up..”
    Gyuri said worriedly.

    “ok thanks and thanks for the heads up… it seems you’re right I’m going inside the Armory now…. you guys take care over there!”
    Taeyeon said as she cuts off her transmission and went inside the
    armory and immediately shutted down the door. As soon the door closes,
    Taeyeon leaned back and catches her breath.

    “Damn it Yuri…where the hell are you!! Don’t you dare go out on us!”
    Taeyeon said as she scanned the weapons that is inside the armory. One
    gun caught Taeyeon’s attention and made her smile mischievously. “hell yeah….. this will brings back memories……” Taeyeon said as she forcefully broke the glass labeled as “prototype” and grabbed the rifle inside labeled as “Plasma Rifle”

    “hehehe time to skin some nasties… hang in there everyone….. I’m coming after you all” Taeyeon said as she activated the Rifle’s energy pack and also bought its extra prototype shell pack.

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    Yuri walked in the Hangar and it was so dark and couldn’t see anything.
    Yuri equipped her Visor but to no avail she couldn’t see anything also.

    “tsk…. I forgot to configure this one…….” Yuri said as she put up her Visor above her head. Then a familiar voice talked to her. “I guess….. I get to enjoy making a minced meat……out of you…… Kwon Yuri……” Yuri know it’s Yonghwa but his voice is somewhat different as if he’s talking is making a gargling sound.

    “Yonghwa! Show yourself!!”
    Yuri shouted. Then Yuri felt something cuts on her cheek. Although it’s
    dark Yuri could tell she’s bleeding as the pain on her cheek stings.

    “I didn’t know….. you have…….. tasty…… blood…….” Yonghwa said. Yuri felt another attack and she felt she’s wounded on her left leg. “HAHAHAHAHAHA!! having........hard time........looking for me?” Yonghwa laughed.

    “Yonghwa! So you were infested…..what are you planning to do!!” Yuri asked. “what? Is my plan?...... simple……… eliminate all of you………Dominion’s orders……”
    Yonghwa answered. As when Yonghwa is going to srike Yuri for the third
    time, his attack were stopped and he was sent flying back as if Yuri
    saw him coming and felt Yuri's kick. and as Yonghwa looked at Yuri, he
    noticed Yuri’s eyes are glowing in an azure color.

    “nobody is going to hurt my friends and family…. Because I can see you perfectly now….” Yuri said while her eyes are now glowing brightly. “hahahha don’t bluff around………..Kwon Yuri…..” then a couple of shots grazed Yonghwa’s face which made him shut up.

    “You think I’m bluffing Yonghwa? In fact… I can shoot off the wings of a fly….. imagine what I can do to you….” Yuri said as she smiled evilly.

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Unit Number: 120589
    Name: Kwon Yuri
    Unit type: Ghost
    Rank: --Classified--
    since her early days during Childhood, Yuri was blessed with a loving
    family who is always taking care of her. Yuri was popular because of her
    image of being playful and friendly. Until the unfortunate day befalls
    on her family, the Zerg infestation spread, leaving only Yuri the sole
    survivor of the Planet Meinhoff. Yuri strived to survive for 5 months
    until Nova found her wondering into a vast of zerg infested area and
    saved her. After Taking Yuri in, Nova decided to teach Yuri everything
    about weapon handlings, survival skills and stealth executions. The
    Dominion know what Nova did and decided to recruit Yuri but instead,
    Nova declined their proposal as Nova don’t want Yuri’s memory to be
    wiped out. Nova wanted to keep Yuri’s memories of her family as Nova is
    somewhat felt appalled at the Dominion’s system. Despite of Yuri’s old
    habit of friendly and playfulness, Nova wanted to keep Yuri that way and
    decided to send her to Raynor’s group in order to keep her safe.

    Raynor: So….. as Nova said… she trained you personally… who do you feel?
    Yuri: I feel honored Sir… as I’ve heard many applicants wanted to be under Nova’s wings…
    Raynor: you heard them right Yuri… training under Nova is quite hard… anything else you have in your mind?

    Yuri stopped for a bit and think of something.

    Yuri: as a matter of fact sir I do…….
    Raynor: well.. go ahead and ask away.

    Yuri blushed. Raynor noticed.

    Raynor: come on… no need to be shy
    Yuri: ok… if you say so Sir……… I’d like to ask about the medic that I saw a while ago…. She’s sleeping like a princess……

    Yuri smiled dorkily as she remembers the Medic she saw earlier before her interview

    Raynor: oh you mean Jessica? What about ……her?.....hello? Yuri? hey!

    Raynor flicks his finger at the smiling Yuri who looked like staring far away.

    Raynor: ..oh brother…. Don’t tell me………..
    Yuri: huh? Oh sorry about that sir…. *sticks her tongue out*
    Raynor: ……don’t tell me you like her……….
    Yuri: eheheheh *sticks her tongue out again*
    Raynor: *sigh* first her sister and my Lt. Col. And now you and her sister…… there’s so many guys out there why girl to girl?

    Yuri heard Raynor and lowered her head.

    Raynor: ah.. wait.. no! I mean… it’s not… aaaaaah what the hell……. FINE! I’ll introduce you to her… *scratches his head*
    Yuri: ehehe thank you Sir… so her name is Jessica huh…. Nice name…….

    Yuri smiled again like she’s on cloud nine.

    Raynor: oh man…….. well enough about
    her… don’t worry I’ll introduce you to her alright…. so tell me is there
    anything particular skill you would like to show me?
    Yuri: OH! Certainly sir!

    Yuri instantly stood up which surprises Raynor then Yuri walked back
    into the open space of the room, then Yuri stood up like a sumo wrestler
    and spread her arms in the air.

    Raynor: ……..uuuuuhhhhh what the hell are you doing?

    Yuri paused which made Raynor clueless and then all of a sudden, Yuri walked slowly while on a Sumo stance and made a noise……

    Yuri: RAAAWR!!! RAAAAAAWR!!! GRAAAAAAAWR!!! *imitates a dinosaur*
    Raynor: ………………. *face palm himself*
    Yuri: how was that sir? is it good? *smiled dorkily*
    Raynor: …….uhhh… I’m speechless…. A-anyway… wait for me outside….

    Yuri happily skipped outside the room and waited for Raynor to come out.
    Meanwhile Raynor was still left speechless on Yuri’s action.

    Raynor: …….oh man…. What a bunch of crazy girls……*laughed a bit* well… at least they’re being true to themselves….. hahaha

    As Raynor stepped out the room Yuri did the dinosaur imitation one last time that made Raynor laughed loudly. Matt saw it..

    Matt: uuuhhh Sir? what did she just do?
    Raynor: she imitated a dinosaur.....
    Matt: ....another lively one added to your collection Sir... *holds his laughter*

    i was planning to use this as Yuri's Bio pic but decided not to XD


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 25

    “SICA!! HANG IN THERE!!! SICAAAA!!” Taeyeon yelled as she follows a severly injured Jessica. “Tae-Tae… I’m afraid you have to wait he….” Hyoyeon and Tiffany told Taeyeon but Taeyeon yelled at them. “NO!!! I WANT TO BE WITH MY SISTER!!!” Taeyeon yelled.

    Then Taeyeon felt a stinging pain in her cheek when Tiffany slapped her. “TAE-TAE! GET A GRIP!!” Tiffany said. “look, we will do anything we can! We know it’s not your fault that Jessi is injured…… please let us do our job…” Tiffany said as she made Taeyeon somewhat calmed down.

    “Taeyeon unnie..…. where’s Yuri appa….?”
    Yoona asked as she holds her tears back. Taeyeon’s mind couldn’t
    process anything as her concern are focused on Jessica and Yuri. Sunny
    and Sooyoung noticed how broken Taeyeon is and answered Yoona.

    “Yoong, your Sica umma
    will be alright…. your Tiffany unnie and Hyoyeon unnie will take care of
    her… along with your Hyoyeon unnie’s team Kara… your Sica umma will be
    Sooyoung said as she embraced Yoona. “Bunny could you take care of Taengoo? she looks like she’s about to break down…” Sooyoung said and Sunny didn’t even think for a second and tried their best to console Taeyeon.

    << flashback >>

    Location: SSF – HANGAR

    “WAHAHAHA EVEN IF YOU CAN SEE ME IN THE DARK…….. I’M STILL FASTER THAN YOU!!!” Yonghwa said as she instantly disappeared in front of Yuri’s sight.

    “Taeng….. I’m here in the hangar…. Yonghwa is here….. Taeng? Come in Taeng!” Yuri tried to contact Taeyeon but she only a static sound.

    “HAHAHAHAHA!! YOU CAN’T CONTACT ANYONE!! I’VE RIGGED THE ENTIRE HANGAR….. I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ISOLATED YOU KWON YURIIIIIIII!” Yonghwa shouted. Yuri tried to scan Yonghwa from anywhere but she couldn’t find Yonghwa.

    “Damn.. he’s too fast………… ARGH!” Yuri suddenly felt a sharp pain from her back as Yonghwa quickly slashed Yuri’s back.

    “Kwon Yuri……. I’m going to kill you….. slowly but surely….. I’ll let you savor every pain that I’m going to give you!!” Yonghwa attacked Yuri again as she slashed Yuri on her right arm.

    Yuri wonced in pain as she felt a continued slashes on her arms and
    legs until she can’t hold her ground and suddenly dropped on her knees.
    Yonghwa grinned from his location.

    “is that the best you can do Kwon Yuri? even with
    your glowing eyes…YOU STILL CAN’T DEFEAT ME!!! and to make it fair… I’m
    only right in front of you…….AND NOW I’M GOING TO FINISH YOU!!!”
    Yonghwa charges at Yuri in full speed to deliver the final blow.

    But before the infested Yonghwa could deliver the final blow on Yuri, a
    warning shot grazed Yonghwa’s face and saw Jessica, Taeyeon and Sooyoung
    standing on the entrance of the Hangar. Seeing them in numbers, Yonghwa
    immediatelyconceals himself in the shadows.

    “YUL! We’ve been trying to contact you!”
    Taeyeon shouted, Jessica on the other hand, started to ran towards Yuri
    and before Jessica could come close to Yuri, the infested Yonghwa
    attacked Jessica, although Jessica couldn’t see in the dark, Jessica
    instinctively went for Yuri’s direction because of her glowing eyes
    while Yuri mustered all of her strength to get up and save Jessica on
    the oncoming razor sharp claws that is coming closer to Jessica’s neck.

    Yuri shouted as she manages to run towards Jessica and tackled her to
    the Hangar floor just time to avoid Yonghwa’s claws landing on Jessica’s
    neck. As they landed, Jessica fainted.

    Yuri shouted as she’s the only one capable of telling Yonghwa’s
    direction. Although confused, Taeyeon did what Yuri had asked her to do
    and fired at her northeast view.

    Yonghwa saw and heard and he quickly evaded Taeyeon’s direction. “TAENG!! TO YOUR FRONT!!” Taeyeon fired in front of her and Yonghwa just easily evaded it.

    Silence engulfed both parties. “YURI-AH! CAN YOU SEE HIM?” Taeyeon shouted from afar. “NO! HE MUST BE LURKING SOMEWHERE!!” Yuri replied in shouting manner.

    “KEEP AN EYE OUT YURI, I’M COMING OVER THERE!!” Taeyeon Shouted as she carefully walked slowly towards Yuri and Jessica. “HOW? IT’S TOO DARK IN HERE!!” Yuri replied.

    “BABO! I CAN SEE YOUR GLOWING EYES!!” Taeyeon replied. “…it’s glowing again….” Yuri muttered to herself. “Y-Yuri…. what happened?” just then Jessica woke up.

    “Sica! I was worried that you won’t woke up… you were almost got killed by Yonghwa!” Yuri said. “but I can’t let you get hurt Yuri-ah…” Jessica saida s she tries to stand up.

    “babo… and let you yourself get hurt on the process? You think I would allow that?” Yuri said. “hehehe like you’re the one to talk…” Jessica replied and both of them smiled.

    Just then Taeyeon already managed to got close to Yuri and Jessica. “hey
    you two love birds….. enough of that mushy mushy sweet talk… we got
    some exterminating to do….by the way Yuri…. we’ve been trying to contact
    you but we can’t get a hold of you…. what gives? Even your vitals
    Taeyeon said.

    “It’s Yonghwa… I think
    he rigged something here in the Hangar….. my visor won’t work…. But as
    Sica said, my eyes help out to pinpoint Yonghwa’s location but as of
    now…. I think he’s hiding……”
    Yuri said.

    “HAHAHAHAH YOU’LL NEVER PINPOINT MY LOCATION FOOLS!!!” Yonghwa shouted out of nowhere.

    “HAH! Is that the best
    you can do? You impotent infested Yonghwa… if you’re man enough…….
    Assuming you’re still human for crying out loud… show yourself!”
    Taeyeon said as she replaced the battery pack on the plasma rifle.

    “Taeng! I’ve managed secure the bridge! my Sunny-Bunny will activate the defense system!” Sooyouung
    said from the communicator that is broadcast to the entire SSF Ship.
    And after that broadcast all lights turned on and communications are
    back online.

    “Commander! This is Hara!! We need assistance! Im Yoona is going to faint if she continues to exert herself using her ability!” Hara said from the comm.-link.

    “Copy that Hara….” Taeyeon said. “Sica….. you go with Taeng… save everyone on the Medical bay…..” Yuri
    said as she tries to stand up but due to the wound she received from
    Yonghwa, some of the cuts opened. Yuri winced in pain and Jessica
    noticed it.

    “Tae….. go…. I’ll stay with Yuri……. you’re the only one who can save them with your gun…” Jessica said. “S-Sica! No Yoona needs you!” Yuri said. “babo…. Who will heal you? Tiffany is already there with Yoona… she’ll take care of her….” Jessica said and Yuri understood.

    “you guys……. Promise me better comeback or else…. I’m going to grope your butts till you say “Hwaiting!” you hear?” Taeyeon said as she gave Yuri and Jessica a naughty smile. “BYUNTAENG!” both Yuri and Jessica shouted in unison as they watched Taeyeon disappeard in the hallway.

    “Yuri..hang on I’ll heal you now……”
    Jessica said as she connects Yuri’s life support on her system and
    starts healing Yuri but just as when Jessica is in the middle process of
    healing Yuri, Jessica noticed a strange liquid is slowly dripping on
    her arms and as she slowly looked up she saw Yonghwa slowly crawling
    towards them from the hangar ceiling and when Yonghwa noticed he’s been
    discovered by Jessica, he quickly jumped towards them.

    Jessica saw Yonghwa is coming at them at full speed. “oh……. My……god………. YURI!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!” Jessica screamed in pain as she felt something slashed on her back.

    Yuri saw Yonghwa attacked Jessica and as Jessica falls on her arms, she saw a big cut on Jessica’s back.

    Yuri’s eyes starts to return to normal and beginning to dilate as she
    couldn’t believe fort he first time, she saw Jessica severly injured.

    “Sica? Open your eyes…” Yuri called Jessica but Jessica is not responding. “HAHAHAHA
    BLEED TO DEATH!!! AND I’LL BE SENDI……huh….. wh-what is this power surge
    I’m feeling?
    ” Yonghwa tried to intimidate Yuri but he was
    suddenly stopped as he felt a massive amount of energy. And he turned to
    look at Yuri and saw Yuri’s eyes are now glowing bright than before in a
    pure fiery crimson color.

    Yonghwa charged at Yuri who is still embracing Jessica in her arms but
    when Yonghwa got close, he was deflected by an unknown force. “UAAAAAGH!!”
    Yong hwa felt like he’s been hit by a truck who is running at 150 km/h
    as he was sent on the Hangar wall at full force, causing some dent on
    the hangar interior.

    >> Click here to listen <<

    “Yonghwa….you dare to
    hurt my Family….. you hurt Seohyun….. you even tried to kill Yoona………..
    but what I can’t take is you’re trying to kill my SICA!!!!”
    Yuri said as she gently put Jessica against the other wall of the hangar and in an instant Yuri charged at him.

    Yonghwa tried to attack Yuri as she got close but when swiped his razor
    sharp claws but Yuri quickly crouched down and instantly gave Yonghwa a
    powerful uppercut causing Yonghwa to be lifted up in air for a few feet,
    Yuri didn’t waste anytime as she quickly followed a strong turning kick
    which made Yonghwa roll on the floor, hitting some of the metal crates
    that sent crashing over him.Yonghwa took a while to recover as he
    emerges under the metal crates. As he emerges, Yonghwa sustained heavy
    injuries as he tries hard to stand his ground. when he turned to look
    for Yuri, he saw her walking slowly towards him as Yuri emits an azure
    aura from her body.

    “Jung Yonghwa….. you will pay for hurting my family and infecting the innocent crew of our new ship…” Yuri said as she is already in front of Yonghwa who is still struggling to stand up.

    Yuri gave Yonghwa a hard straight kick on his chest causing him to spit out blood. “that’s for the crew you infected…” then Yuri grabbed Yonghwa’s arm and she snapped it like a dried branch of the tree. Yonghwa screamed in pain. “that’s for hurting Seohyun…..” Yuri said.

    “P-PLEASE!!! NO MORE!!!” even with his
    infested form, Yonghwa is now feeling fear as he finally noticed Yuri’s
    uncontrollable ability are being unleashed as he begs for mercy.

    “that’s funny…. You? begging for mercy?” Yuri said as she reached for the Canister rifle kinetically and as she got it in her hand, the aimed for Yonghwa’s head.

    “this is for trying to kill my FAMILY!! MY YOONA AND MY SICA!!" Yuri said a she unconsciously divert her energy in the bullet and shoots Yonghwa in the head, ending his life in an instant.

    >>Music end <<

    Location: Hallway towards the Bridge to Medical bay

    As Taeyeon stepped in the hallway. She couldn’t believe her eyes at how many crew members Yonghwa infected.

    “Tae-Tae!! Where are you?” Tiffany contacted Taeyeon through the comm.-link. “uhhh Fany-ah…. I’m in the hallway full of infested crew members…” Taeyeon replied.

    “Tae-Tae… hurry up….Yoona is almost at her limit…. Me and Hyo can’t keep up with her…. she’s still not used to her powers yet!” Tiffany said.

    “copy that….. Youngie! Where’s the defense Sentry? Why is it not back online?” Taeyeon said as she switched channels and contacted Sooyoung and Sunny.

    “Taeng…. We can’t
    activate it from here automatically…. The system is busted… you have to
    go through the service maintenance room and activate it manually….”
    Sunny said. “geez… you could’ve said it sooner…” Taeyeon said.

    “we Did Taengoo but we
    can’t reach you when got inside the hangar…. Listen… first I
    apologize….. but you have to do this alone…….. I can’t leave my Sunny
    bunny here alone…. Our barricade is not strong enough to hol…”
    as Sooyoung was explaining things, Taeyeon cut her off. “Shut
    up! I’ll be coming there just wait for me… you know I’m not good with
    techies and stuffs. I need your rabbit to do this one..”
    Taeyeon said.

    “IT’S BUNNY!! NOT RABBIT!” Sooyoung said. “errr..right.. basically it’s the same…” Taeyeon said.

    “Bunny is much cuter to say than rabbit… rabbit is plain…” Sooyoung debated. “alright alright…. enough just hang in there and I’ll come to get you so prepare yourselves. Taengoo out..” Taeyeon said as she cuts off.

    “Now…… it’s time for work….” Taeyeon said as she readies her plasma rifle.

    >> Click here to listen <<

    Taeyeon shouted as she tries to grabbed the infested crew member’s
    attention. Horrifiying screams and howl can be heard as the infested
    spotted Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon said as she charged her plasma rifle and fired instantly as the
    infested gathered in a form of a line. In a matter of one fire, Taeyeon
    managed to get some of the infested across the hallway.

    Another howl can no be heard. “Tae-Tae!! I’m monitoring your movements! Several infested are coming from your behind!!” Tiffany said from the comm.-link.

    “thanks Fany-ah… they really are coming for my Butt....”
    Taeyeon said as she switched back to her old gauss rifle and set it’s
    ammo on rail gun type and fired the hallway causing some debris to
    block the way of the oncoming infested. “that’s should do it…. Fany-ah!! How much further to the bridge?” Taeyeon said as she switched back to the plasma rifle.

    “just a few clicks away Tae-Tae… hurry up… Yoona is almost fainting…..” Tiffany said.

    Taeyeon never wasted anymore time and ran towards the bridge where
    Sooyoung and Sunny are inside. As Taeyeon got to near the bridge, she
    saw massive infested gathered on the bridge entrance and trying to break

    “HEY!!! FREAKS!!!”
    Taeyeon called again as she towards the crew infested that gathered on
    the bridge entrance.Taeyeon fired a couple of shots and instantly
    disintegrated most of the infested.

    “Youngie! Sunny! Are guys alright in there?” Taeyeon asked as she get right in front of the bridge entrance. “we’re ok Taengoo…. Hold on I’m going to loosen the barricade… Bunny, help me with this..” Sooyoung said from the other side of barricade.

    After some minutes of barricade removal, the three girls are now reunited. “that’s a close call Taeng…. Thanks for saving us…..” Sunny said.

    “well… a change of
    plan…… we’ll head first to the Medical bay and help the others, Yoona is
    almost at her limit… once we get there.. I’m leaving Sooyoung there to
    stay guard Sunny, you will go with me to the service maintenance room to
    amnualy activate the defense sentry system….. sorry Youngie.. I’m going
    to borrow your bunny for a while.”
    Taeyeon said.

    As the three of them tried to go to the Medical bay area, another batch of infested appeared. “Youngie! Sunny! switch to Railgun mode!!” Taeyeon commanded them as she switched to her old Gauss Rifle and set the ammo into Railgun type.

    “GET OFF THE MEDICAL BAY AREA YOU FREAKS!!” Sooyoung shouted as the three of them fired nonstop on the Infested that is emerging batch by batch in front of them.

    “T-Tae-Tae? Is that you along with Sooyoungie and Sunny outside?” Tiffany contacted Taeyeon again. “yeah it’s us Fany-ah….hang in there…. We’re almost done clearing in the front…. You can let Yoona rest now…” Taeyeon said as the three of them continue firing.

    “T-Tae-Tae…. You better hurry….. it’s Jessi……. It seems her and Yuri are in bad shape…. Mostly Jessi…. Her vitals are dropping…” Tiffany said with a worried tone.

    Taeyeon felt like a cold water splashed onto her hering about Jessica. Sooyoung and Sunny noticed.

    “Taeng………. You better help them…… we know you’re worried……… we’re fine here… we can handle it ourselves….” Sunny said as she pats Taeyeon’s shoulders.

    “I’m sorry for this Sunny-ah……. Youngie….. take care of everyone here…” Taeyeon said as she ran back to get Jessica and Tiffany.

    “Youngie……. I better go now…. we can’t let Taeng down…” Sunny said. “……….but… you’ll be alone in there…. Let me come with…..” Sooyoung’s words were halted as Sunny planted her lips on Sooyoung’s lips.

    “hehe you Worry too
    much my lovable eating giant…. I’ll be back….i promise…. When I get
    back…. I’ll make some good food for you….”
    Sunny said as she immediately went to the service maintenance room.

    “You better keep your promise my Bunny….i don't want the food......... i just want you back safe........” Sooyoung said as she tried to fight her tears because of worrying about Sunny.

    >> Music End<<

    Location: SSF - Hangar

    After several minutes, Yuri felt drained as she let go of her rifle and
    dropped on her knees. But Jessica immediately came to her mind and even
    felt drained, she pushed herself so hard to get to Jessica. As Yuri
    manages to reach Jessica, Yuri is now panicking as he saw the amout of
    blood from Jessica’s wound.

    “Sica….SICA!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!” Yuri tapped lightly Jessica’s cheeks. Jessica opened her eyes weakly and smiled.

    >> Click here to listen <<

    “hey Yul…..” Jessica weakly said. “babo…. You scared me….” Yuri said with a teary eyes. “Yuri…. don’t go crying like that….. tears doesn’t………. look good………. on my Sexy Hot Yuri…” Jessica said as she smiled and gently touched Yuri’s cheek.

    Yuri smiled while crying about Jessica's comment.

    “Sica….. don’t do things like that anymore……. I don’t know what I’ll do if something happens to you………. Sica?.......SICA?!”
    Yuri suddenly feel a sudden fear when she noticed Jessica unconscious
    with a smile on her face. Although Yuri saw Jessica’s facial expression
    like that, Yuri couldn’t brush off the feeling that she’s loosing
    Jessica every seconds.

    Yuri yelled but Jessica remain silent. Fearing for Jessica’s life, Yuri
    gave another push and Supported the unconscious Jessica as she wrapped
    her arms on Jessica’s waist and placed Jessica’s arms around her
    shoulders. “I’m not
    about to lose another important person in my life…not anyone on this

    As Yuri lets out her final shout, she grabbed her Canister Rifle as she
    managed to stand up straight and tries to walk outside the Hangar.

    Every step Yuri made, pain is like an electricity stinging on her body
    as she is depending on her own will power in order to bring Jessica back
    to the medical bay.

    “just a bit further………….dammit….i’m loosing my strength……….” Yuri said as she gritted her teeth. “COME ON KWON YURI!!! YOU HAVE TO SAVE JESSICA!!” Yuri said to herself just to make her focused.

    As Yuri is going to take another step, she heard a horrifying howl and
    Yuri knew another batch of infested crew is coming towards them. Yuri
    tightens her grip on her Rifle and gently leaned Jessica againt the
    hallway hall and Yuri positioned herself for the oncoming infested crew.

    >> Music End <<

    “Sica…last time… you’re the one who is covering me when we are on Mar Sara…… now it’s my turn to cover for you…”
    Yuri said to the unconscious Jessica. Yuri could feel her strength is
    starting to betray her sight as she tried to aim, her vision is getting
    blurry. Left with no other option, Yuri injected herself with Stimpack.

    >> Click here to Listen <<

    As theinfested starts appearing, Yuri aimed and fires back. shot after
    shot, the infested crew member falls down dead or incapacitated. “YOU’LL NEVER TOUCH US!!!”
    Yuri shouted as she emptied her whole clip and immediately replaced
    with a new clip. Two infested jumped towards them but Yuri instinctively
    shoots it in mid air. Amazingly, mostly Yuri’s hits were in the head.

    “Yuri! YURI!! COME IN!!” Taeyeon called. “I’m here Taeng…” Yuri replied as she shoots a couple of infested. “Tiffany said Sica’s vitals are bad…. Where is she?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Taeng….. I need to get Sica to the Medical bay… she’s bleeding badly…. Yonghwa wounded her……”
    Yuri replied. As her conversation with Taeyeon is happening, one
    infested caught Yuri off-guard and managed to throw her far away from

    As Yuri landed, she coughed up blood but Yuri ignored the pain as she
    saw one infested is almost going to kill Jessica, Yuri got up and
    unloads the whole rounds of the magazine on the infested that almost
    killed Jessica.

    “Nobody will touch you Sica…. I promise you that…….” Yuri said as she returned to her position beside Jessica. “Yuri Come in! what about you?!” Taeyeon asked. “Don’t mind me Taeng…… it’s Sica that I’m worried about… we need assistance here!!” Yuri said as she finally ran out of ammunition.

    “SH*T!” Yuri hissed. Yuri instantly grabbed her Pulse Handgun as her last weapon. “Taeng
    listen…… I will move Sica to a safe location…….. I’m down to my service
    weapon…… Taeng………… promise me……….. please Save Sica……. I don’t want her
    to die……… the effect of my stimpack is starting to wear off………. I’ll
    leave my tracking device on her…… just locate her signal…..”
    Yuri said as she feels the effect of the stimpack is wearing off as her vision is now starting to get blurry.

    “forgive me Sica…. Looks like I’m going to leave you again…..” Yuri said as she placed the tracker on Jessica and and kissed Jessica on the lips then hid her on somewhere safe.

    “YURI!! DON’T BE STUPID!!! SICA WOULDN’T WANT THAT!!! YURI! YURI!!!! DAMMIT!!!” Taeyeon shouted from the other line. “Taeng…… you’ve been a nice friend to me…and a good sister to Sica……….. goodbye… and thanks for everything…..” Yuri struggles to stand up. and fires her pulse gun on the the infested.

    “OVER HERE!!! I’M OVER HERE!!! GET ME!!!” Yuri shouted and she starts to head back to the Hangar Area. Yuri succeded in luring the remaining Infested towards the hangar.

    As the last Infested arrived at the Hangar area, Yuri shot the gas tank beside the entrance, sealing the Hangar completely.

    “Taeng………. Please Tell Sica ……… I love her and tell Yoona to be a good girl…….” Yuri said.

    shouted but didn’t get a reply from the other line and after that, all
    of them could hear a loud explosion from the Hangar.

    Taeyeon stood frozen as she’s near Jessica’s location. For the first
    time on her life, Taeyeon felt something like never before. Losing a
    friend who has done so much for her. Just in time the defense sentry
    went back online but all of the remaining crew who is not infected were
    gloomy for what happened. Sooyoung arrived along with Tiffany, Hyoyeon,
    Hara and Jiyoung.

    Tiffany tried to call Taeyeon but Taeyeon just looked back at Tiffany
    with tears in her eyes. Tiffany knew what is Taeyeon feeling right now
    and grabbed Taeyeon’s locator and gave it to Sooyoung to find Jessica.

    “Hara, I’ve found Jessica unnie….”
    Jiyoung said as she found Jessica hidden behind the crates. Hyoyeon and
    Sooyoung quickly placed Jessica in the stretcher and moved Jessica
    quickly towards the medical bay. As Taeyeon saw Jessica being driven
    away, Taeyeon snapped back into reality and gave priority to Jessica’s

    >> Music End <<
    << Flash back end>>

    Location: SSF – Bridge
    Time: 1 hour after the incident

    Taeyeon is quietly sitting alone inside the SSF Bridge. Sooyoung and
    Sunny wanted to comfort Taeyeon due to the that they know what happened
    to Yuri, they know Taeyeon took it hard as they repeatedly heard Taeyeon
    is listening to Yuri’s last transmission to her.

    “Taeng………. Please Tell Sica ……… I love her and tell Yoona to be a good girl…….”
    Taeyeon is quietly staring out on the space through the bridge’s window
    while repeatingly playing back Yuri’s last transmission.

    “Youngie….. I’m worried about Taeng……..” Sunny said. “So
    do I Bunny…. So do i……… I want to go over there and comfort Taengoo but
    I can’t seem to find the right words….. Yuri’s loss really did have an
    impact…. Not just for Taengoo….. but to all of us……..”
    Sooyoung said.

    “but…. What will we say if Jessica wakes up…… how will we explain everything to her….”
    Sunny asked. Sooyoung fell silent because both of them knew, besides
    Taeyeon, Jessica will be the other person they will have to worry about.

    “Youngie….. I can’t imagine how will Jessica take this…. If seeing Taeyeon affected like this….. what more if it’s Jessica…..” Sunny said.

    “…… I don’t have an idea Sunny Bunny…… I’m completely blank right now….. by the way….. how is Yoona….” Sooyoung said as she also asked Sunny.

    “Yoona’s asleep….. she just need some proper rest…….” Hyoyeon answered them as she walked towards them.

    “Hyo! You scared us….” Sooyoung said. “…I can’t even imagine…… YoonYulSic family had became like this…..” Hyoyeon said as she sighed. “anyway…. I need to tell Taeng something… about Yonghwa…” Hyoyeon said as she starts walking towards Taeyeon. Curious enough, Sooyoung and Sunny followed after.

    “Hyo…. If it’s about earlier… I’m not in the mood……… I’ve got to think of something to tell Sica about Yuri………….” Taeyeon said.

    “but Taeng… you need to
    know this……. I ran a background check about Yonghwa…. And it turns out
    he’s partially working for the Dominion….”
    Hyoyeon said which caught Taeyeon’s interest.

    “what do you mean partially?” Taeyeon asked without looking to them and still playing Yuri’s last transmission.

    “Jung Yonghwa……. He
    worked for the Dominion’s mercenary elite force known as 4Minute. And it
    seems the cause of his mutation is self inflicted as a found an
    evidence to his holding cell some traces of capsule containing Zerg
    virus in it….. it looks like he was assigned to assassinate everyone who
    Hyoyeon stopped which made Taeyeon looked at her.

    “related to what Hyo? Tell me………” Taeyeon asked as she looked at Hyoyeon straight on the eyes.

    “to you….. everyone related to you Taeng……” Hyoyeon said as she lowered her head. Hearing Hyoyeon’s info from Yonghwa made her clench her fist tightly.

    “DAMN THOSE B@STARDS!! Hyo….did get a name?” Taeyeon asked. “her
    name is Kim Hyunahand she’s Mengsk’s personal Elite Mercenary…. As for
    now…. we should keep a low profile Taeng…. We still need to repair our
    ship and almost our entire crew were wiped out…… as for infection… don’t
    worry about it… cuts from the infested don’t do that…. Yonghwa is the
    only one capable of infecting anyone as he will inject his victim some
    of his DNA inside heir bodies…. So you don’t have to worry about Jessica
    being infected… her wound is safe…..”
    Hyoyeon said.

    “so how is she?” Taeyeon asked. “she’s out of danger for now and needs some rest…… just like Yoona……” Hyoyeon replied. Everyone became silent as they were relieved to know Jessica is perfectly safe.

    “but still…….what will I tell her about Yuri?.....” Taeyeon asked. Just then someone contacted them. “Taeng…. You might want to answer that?” Sunny reminded Taeyeon.

    “so Commander Kim….. how are things over there?” it was Raynor from the Hyperion. “…not good Sir…… our ship is badly damaged due to the Dominion’s assassin managed to slip inside our ship….” Taeyeon explained.

    “figures…… listen…. We have someone from your crew…. And we picked her up drifting on the space inside an escape pod…..” Raynor said.

    “one of ours Sir?” Taeyeon asked. “yeah….. right now…. my medical staff is treating her right now….. I have never seen Yuri in such a bad shape……” Raynor said. hearing Yuri is still alive, Taeyeon lets out a tears of joy and the same goes for Sooyoung, Sunny and Hyoyeon.

    “for now Taeyeon……..we will keep her here until she fully recover alright? so……… did Jessica knew about Yuri?” Raynor said.

    “Not yet Sir……… Yuri saved my sister…… and also resting now….. Sir…. thank you……” Taeyeon said as she cried.

    “hey now… why are you crying? It’s not like you to cry like that..” Raynor said as he heard Taeyeon’s voice cracking up.
    “I promise you, she’ll return immediately once she recover alright? for
    now…. tell your sister that I called Yuri for a special mission
    alright? and another thing…….. I managed to gather some crew for you……
    they’re from Pledis Academy, trained engineers / mercenary. Don’t worry
    about their loyalty…. I personally chose them for their unwavering
    Raynor said.

    “roger that Sir…. and thank you again…. Taeyeon out..”
    Taeyeon said as she turned off the transmission. Taeyeon slowly turned
    around and saw the smiles of Sooyoung, Sunny and Hyoyeon knowing Yuri is
    in safe hands. Taeyeon couldn’t hold back anymore and hugged the three
    girls in front of her.

    “guys……. We’re still complete… guys are my treasures……” Taeyeon said as she hugged tightly the three of them and they hugged back.

    “ok….. I’ll take care of Sica….. and someone needs to pilot this ship…. We need to go to Planet Tyrador VIII for repairs….” Taeyeon said.

    “Tae-Tae….. Hyunnie said she’ll pilot our SSF… she’s already recovered.” Tiffany called them with Seohyun standing beside her. “Taeyeon appa….. we heard everything about Yuri unnie…. don’t worry we’ll get our ship repaired before she go back…” Seohyun said as she walked inside the bridge.

    “Sooyoung unnie…. Sunny unnie… thank you for repairing the bridge….” Seohyun said to them as she smiled.

    “No prob Hyunnie…. Just tell us if you want some help.” Sooyoung said as she gave Seohyun a thumbs-up.

    As they were celebrating, another one person overheard all the conversation about Yuri. “Appa…. I miss you already….. but I’m glad you’re ok…” Yoona said as she smiled and walked back to the medical bay.

    “ok Hyunnie….. head towards Planet Tyrador VIII for our Ship’s repair… I know some people there who can help us..” Taeyeon said as she ordered Seohyun for their next Location. “roger Taeyeon Appa…. Shifting Course to Planet Tyrador VIII now…”

    Episode 25 Completed
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    I thought you guys weren't going to continue this fic
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 26

    Location: Planet Tyrador VIII

    “Hyunnie, connect me to the Running man Engineer Department” Taeyeon said. “But Taeyeon appa… they’re working for the Dominion!” Seohyun said.

    “no Hyunnie.. they
    don’t work for the Dominion…. They just a business repairing department
    who just loves ro repair anything. The reason they look like they’re
    working for the Dominion is because their costumers are 80% Dominion.
    Don’t worry Hyunnie, the head engineer there is my appa’s friend…. Just
    connect me..”
    Taeyeon said. Seohyun didn’t asked anything else and established a connection to the Running Man Engineer Dept.

    “This is Haroro speaking….. may I know your name and state your business please…” the screen shows a middle aged man with a bored look on his face.

    “Haha oppa! You still have the same idiotic look on your face!” Taeyeon said as she smiled. “T-Taeyeon-ssi? HELLO!!! What brings you here?” the man named Haha instantly jolted up in happiness as soon he knows who contacted him.

    “Haha oppa…. We need repairs…. Our ship is severely damaged…..” Taeyeon said as she sighed. “omo…. What did you do Taeyeon-ssi? Did you ram an enemy ship? Or stayed idle on the planet infested Zerg?” Haha jokingly said.

    “HA-HA!! Very funny
    oppa…. You’ll know when you see our ship…… anyway oppa…. First…..
    helping us will make your business dangerous…. You know we’re…”
    as Taeyeon is going to explain, she heard Haha laughed.

    “hahaha don’t worry Taeyeon-ssi…. I know the
    Dominion is after you and the rest of your team…. Listen…. Just dock
    your ship at the usual spot where nobody knows…. Just like old times!”
    Haha said as he gave Taeyeon a toothy grin and a thumbs-up and disappeared on their screen.

    “Taengoo…. You sure we can trust him?” Sooyoung asked. “believe me Youngie….. Haha oppa’s loyalty on my Appa never wavered…. Here Hyunnie, go to this coordinates..” Taeyeon handed the coordinates and Seohyun maneuvered it to the location.

    As they arrived, Seohyun, Sooyoung and Sunny were awed as she see the place how isolated it is. “Taeng…. Are you sure you got the right place? there’s nothing here…. Except rocky cliffs and mountain views.” Sunny said.

    Instead of answering Taeyeon just smiled and to their amazement one
    portion of the mountain opened up, just about the size for a Battle
    cruiser ot fit in.

    As they docked in they we’re greeted by Haha. “Taeyeon-ssi, welcome again to my secret repair dock as my promise to your appa, I’ll help you free of charge with anything….” Haha said.

    “oppa.are you sure
    you’re going to charge us free? We have so many repairs needed…. I don’t
    think we should take that free… let us at least pay some….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “aigoo Taeyeon-ssi…. Don’t sweat the repairs I got
    it covered! Who do you think you’re talking to? I’ll give you girls the
    finest parts you needed….. FREE OF CHARGE!”
    Haha said as she smiled at them.

    As Taeyeon is going to explain again, Haha cuts her words. “now now Taeyeon-ssi, don’t worry about the parts and repairs… just state the damages alright?” Haha said as she confidently smiled at them.

    Taeyeon sighed because she knew Haha wouldn’t take a “NO” for an answer.

    “Hyunnie…. Sunny… give Haha oppa the damages list…..”

    Sunny and Seohyun knew how Taeyeon thinks and they also hesitated to
    give Haha the list. In Haha’s Point of view, even though he assured
    Taeyeon free of charge on everything, his smile reduced into an anxious
    smirk as he saw two of Taeyeon’s crew stepped out to give the lists on a
    stack of thick papers.

    Haha is expecting one person as he is expecting few major damages, but
    seeing two person handling the list would definitely make his budget

    “……advanced main frame… holographic sensor… particle
    thrusters….. internal processor…. Platinum class propulsion boosters…..
    plutonium core…..”
    Haha begins to read the damaged list and as
    he’s reading it, Taeyeon and Seohyun noticed a huge sweat drops forming
    on Haha’s forehead.

    “Oppa….. I think you should consider my proposal…… we should really pay up…” Taeyeon insisted. But being a man of his word, Haha face-palmed Taeyeon.

    “no Taeyeon-ssi… as a man of my word…. I’ll never
    take it back…….. now why don’t you girls relax for a bit while we do
    Haha said.

    “… sure? And by
    the way oppa… we would also like some internal clean up inside…. Blood
    and gore are everywhere… but please… let us at least pay for the
    cleaning… and I won’t take no for an answer…”
    Taeyeon said.

    “blood and gore Taeyeon-ssi?” haha confusingly asked. “Youngie, please tell the rest of the crew to go out and relax for a bit… but the ones in the medical bay…. Just let them rest…” Taeyeon said as she go inside along with Haha to explain every detail what has happened inside the ship.

    “Hyunnie…. We better follow Taengoo’s command….” Sooyoung said as they all informed the remaining crew to go out and relax for a bit.

    Location: 4M Minotaur Class Battle cruiser

    “Ma’am… we’ve lost our agent and it seems he failed to kill his targets.” One of the crew told their Captain.

    “AAAAH nevermind that! I
    know he’s always screwing things up anyway…geeez is there anyone who
    can take this job seriously? AAAAH Chincha…. All of you are useless…
    maybe I should just kill you all? Can someone step up to do their job
    the Captain whined out of irritation.

    “Captain Kim… the Emperor wishes to speak with you…” one of the crew called Hyunah’s attention. “put him through you dimwit!” Hyunah hissed.

    “aaah Hyunah….how is the assassination you promised?” Mengsk didn’t waste anytime as he asked directly his purpose of contacting Hyunah.

    “your excellency..i’m afraid my useless spy is too stupid to get himself killed…. If only he did his wor…” as Hyunah is explaining, Mengsk exploded upon hearing her failure.

    HYUNAH! I’ve chosen you because you know how to handle situations! WHY
    Mengsk shouted.

    Hyunah just bowed her head down but deep inside, her blood is boiling in
    anger some of her crew on the bridge are slowly and quietly leaving the
    bridge. They knew Hyunah don’t want them to see her like that and they
    also knew, once Mengsk is through with her, she will whine until their
    ears bleed out.

    “I’m Giving you another chance Kim Hyunah….if you
    fail again this time…. You know what will happen… I will not need your
    services ever…..”
    Mengsk said s she cuts his communication on Hyunah.

    “Damn you…Kim Taeyeon… I swear…. I’ll kill you someday….” Hyunah said in whisper as she gritted her teeth in anger.

    “oi oi…it’s not like you to be reprimanded like that little sis…..” out of nowhere, a Male ghost decloaks from Hyunah’s behind. It was Yoon Doo-Joon.

    “OPPA! How many time I’ve told you not to sneak up on me like that!” Hyunah hissed. “hey.. I’m just trying to lend a hand and yet you’re refusing me….” Doo Joon said.

    “YAH! I told you! Kim Taeyeon is MINE! The rest is yours!” Hyunah said. “I’m afraid I like Kim Taeyeon to be my target sis…. After what she did to my hand….” Doo-Joon said as he flashed his robotic hand.

    “because of her…I had to go through those freaky scientist to attach this mechanical hand.. and experience the pain….” Doo-Joon said as he punched the metal wall beside him and leaving a dent.

    “whatever oppa…… whatever…. I’m going back to my quarters…. I’ve got to think of a plan to kill Kim Taeyeon….” Hyunah said as she heads out of the bridge leaving his brother Doo-Joon smirking behind her back.

    Location: Hyperion – Medical Bay

    Yuri woke up to find herself back at the Hyperion. “hey! Welcome back to the Hyperion Yuri….” Yuri scanned her surroundings and confirmed she’s back at the Hyperion as she saw Matt beside her.

    “S-Sir? what happened?” Yuri asked. “well….
    When we are on our way to out destination…. We noticed an escape pod
    drifting on the space and emitting a distress signal. When we retrieved
    it, we’re surprised to see you’re inside….. what the heck happened?”
    Matt said.

    Yuri tried to sit but she winced in a slight pain. “you Sir.. remember Jung YongHwa? He’s the cause…. He became infested and infected everyone on board…” Yuri explained.

    “infested? How? Last time we checked on him he’s completely clean… there’s not a trace of infestation inside his DNA…” Matt said.

    “well… Sir.. we saw it
    on our own eyes… it’s really Yonghwa…. And our ship is badly damaged… I
    had to blow up our Hangar just keep everyone safe…..”
    Yuri said.

    “I see….. well I’ll look into it…. as for now.. you’re cleared to Go Yuri…. your Commander is waiting for you in Tyrador VIII….” Matt said as he discharged Yuri.

    “oh and by the way….. I want you to take someone
    with you…. she’ll be a new addition to your crew…. She just came right
    in time to sign up….. I believe……. She know someone from your
    crew…..alright you can come in here now…”
    Matt said as he called a girl with a cute baby faced feature which made Yuri blush. “she’s cute…” Yuri said on her mind.

    “Yuri…. allow me to introduce to you IU…. And she’ll
    be your headchef on SSF…. I believe we delivered an empty Cantina since
    it’s been newly delivered to your team….”
    Matt said.

    “Nice to meet you cap…err… leut…. Searg..”
    IU finds it hard to address Yuri as she didn’t know Yuri’s rank, which
    is Yuri really doesn’t have any since she’s a special case eversince she
    signed up. “Yuri.. just call me Yuri…” Yuri said as she shake her hand.

    “I can’t imagine what is Sgt Choi eating now……” Matt said as he chuckled at the thought. “Well
    anyway… your equipment and her things are already in a special aircraft
    designed to you…. I hope you’ll like it… and the Commander said you
    have to hurry or else your Jessica will be furious to know you’re not on
    Matt said as she saluted Yuri and IU and they both saluted back.

    Location: Planet Tyrador VIII - Running man Engineering Company

    “aigoo Taeyeon-ssi…. Good thing nothing happened to you and your remaining crew member…” Haha said as he still trying to digest on his mind what had happened inside the SSF.

    “well…. That’s why our ship is badly damaged…. And we almost lost one crew member but luckily, the Hyperion got her..” Taeyeon replied.

    “ok.. now that you mention it….. I’m going to
    install a brand new detection device which will allow to scan everyone
    if they’re carrying something like that to cause some mutation…. Well
    now Taeyeon-ssi… thanks for filling me in on the details and speaking of
    Hyperion……. Someone contacted me and they said they will come here upon
    the request from the Hyperion…. I believe they said you were expecting
    Haha said.

    “oh yes oppa… Commander Raynor told me that also… are they here?” Taeyeon asked. “well…
    not yet… they’re still preparing to enter on the planet’s atmosphere….
    In the meantime, I’ve received notice that the bridge is now fixed and
    the cleaning is done, you can look inside your ship now and as for me…
    I’m going to get that device installed. Thank you Taeyeon-ssi… it’s been
    a pleasure to work with the Kim’s again… and condolence to you about
    your Appa even though it’s late..”
    Haha said.

    “thank you Haha oppa. I’ll go take a look now.” Taeyeon said as she returned to the SSF’s bridge. “Kwangsoo…. Get me that device I’m working with…..” Haha said.

    “No prob chief!” the man named Kwangsoo immediately obeyed.

    Location: SSF - Bridge / R&D Department

    Taeyeon arrived at the bridge and noticed almost everything is repaired
    and saw Seohyun talking to the one of the engineer who is in charge of
    the repairs along with Yoona who is childishly clinging on Seohyun.
    Taeyeon smiled at the scene how the two maknaes get along perfectly.
    Upon checking, she went to R&D Department and in there she saw
    Hyoyeon along the Nicole chatting with each other.

    “Hyo… I think this will fit in!” Nicole said as she tries to assist Hyoyeon. “No Nicole…I’m telling you… even though they’re in the same category, it’s totally different!” Hyoyeon said as she sighed. Then both of them heard a knocking sound. The both turned around and saw Taeyeon.

    “mind if I join you guys?” Taeyeon asked. “oh Commander!” Nicole surprisingly called and instantly jolted up from her seat to do a 90 degree bow. “hey Nicole… no need to do that… and don’t address me as commander…. We’re off duty…. You can call like you used to…” Taeyeon said as she grabbed a chair and sat with them.

    “so… how’s my sister Hyo?” Taeyeon asked. “well…. She’s stable now…. and her wound is healing fast…” Hyoyeon answered without looking at Taeyeon.

    “Hyo! You’re being rude towards Taeyeon-ssi!”
    Nicole said as she pouted. Hyoyeon caught a glimpse of Nicole's pouting
    as she dropped the thing she’s been working on. Taeyeon noticed how
    Hyoyeon is distracted and let a small smile on her lips.

    “so tell me Nicole…. What are you two doing?” Taeyeon asked Nicole.

    “well…. I suggested
    that it’s unfair to Yuri-ssi that her weapon is not the same as the
    Gauss rifle you’re using so I asked Hyoyeon if by any chance we can make
    Yuri-ssi’s Canister Rifle had an option just like yours.”
    Nicole said.

    “yeah and Nicole here
    wanted to put everything on the program…. The Chip can be inserted but
    the operating system is different….. only Yuri knew the structure of the
    Canister Rifle…”
    Hyoyeon calmly answered.

    “so what’s the problem Hyo? Aren’t you our smartest hacker in the team?” Taeyeon said. “yeah
    I am…. Only if I knew the system… it’s easy for me to know it… but
    Yuri’s stuff….i don’t know any Ghost’s stuff… so I guess we’ll have to
    wait until she return…”
    Hyoyeon said.

    “I see….. by the way……. Have you guys seen my mushroom?” Taeyeon asked. “OH! Tiffany-ssi is still in the medical bay… she’s attending to Taec oppa and Jessica-ssi…” Nicole answered. Hearing Taecyeon’s name Taeyeon remembered that Taecyeon has something to tell her.

    “thanks Nicole… well… I’m off to the Medical bay… I’ll go see my Mushroom now… and take care of Hyoyeon for me ok?”
    Taeyeon said as she gave Hyoyeon and Nicole a mischievous smile.
    Although Taeyeon didn’t turn around to see, she knows the two of them
    are blushing madly at her remark.

    Location: SSF – Medical Bay

    “Fany-ah… I’m coming in…” Taeyeon said as she comes inside the medical bay. “Tae-Tae! So is everything alright at the repairs?” Tiffany asked as she hugged Taeyeon.

    “yeah everything is fine… how is Sica?” Taeyeon asked. “well……… as you can see…….. she’s fine but….she seems to be not waking up anytime soon…. I’m worried about her Tae-Tae…” Tiffany said with a worried look on her face. As Taeyeon saw Jessica’s face, she Jessica is sleeping peacefully.

    “Tae-Tae! You shouldn’t laugh like that! Jessi might be in danger for not waking up!” Tiffany said. “aigoo
    Fany-ah…. Sica is just Sleeping….. you see.. she’s a heavy sleeper so
    I’m sure she’s fine now so don’t’ worry about Sica…. Anyway…. How is
    Taeyeon said.

    “well…. He’s fine now Tae-Tae….”
    Tiffany replied with a worried look on her face also. Tiffany knew what
    Taecyeon had done in the past but she’s worried for Taecyeon because
    she don’t know what will Taeyeon do to him because of the past. Taeyeon

    “Don’t worry Fany-ah…. I won’t hurt him… I remember he has something to tell me…. and I want you to come with me…” Taeyeon said.

    Both of them walked and saw Taecyeon is reading a book. “oh Commander! What brings you here?” Taecyeon said as he tries to sit down but Taeyeon stopped him.

    “it’s ok Taec… don’t
    strain yourself.. for now just lay down there comfortably…. More
    importantly… you have something to say earlier?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “right… now that you’ve mention it…… anyway commander, remember way back my girlfriend whom you sent with me to the hospital….” Taecyeon said. “yeah I remember her… what about her?” Taeyeon asked.

    “well….. that girl’s adoptive brother is the one who
    killed your Appa…. and the one who almost got you killed.. to be honest
    commander……….. by the time I’ve heard something happened to you and
    your Appa….. I felt guilty for what I did… none of this would’ve happen
    if I didn’t meet your sister Jessica that day…”
    Taecyeon said.

    “Taec… past is past and
    we should leave everything like besides, I know you’re trying your
    best to earn our trust, so rest assured, we already do…… but do tell
    me…. what are their names?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “the girl’s name si Kim Hyunah became the captian of
    her own mercenary forces at an early age because the Emperor assigned
    her because of her network capabilities….
    ” Taecyeon said.

    “Network Capabilities?” Tiffany confusingly asked. “hmmm in terms of old words Colonel Hwang, gathering info or Intel for short.” Taecyeon replied.

    “and what about her adoptive Brother?” Taeyeon asked again. “her
    adoptive brother’s name is Yoon Doo-Joon…. I strongly believe he’s the
    one responsible for murdering your Appa and almost killing you at that
    Taecyeon said.

    Confirming her assumptions, Taeyeon suddenly felt a pain on her chest.
    Tiffany knew what is happening to Taeyeon as Taeyeon suddenly clenched
    her hand against her chest. The part where Taeyeon got shot a few years
    ago. Then Taeyeon suddenly started breathing heavily and instantly
    dropped on the floor, shaking.

    “oh my… Tae-Tae? TAE-TAE!!”
    Tiffany yelled and instantly cuddled the older girl in her arms, which
    caused Jessica woke up and Taecyeon jolted up even with his injury.

    “Fany-ah? What’s wrong with her?” Jessica asked as she kneeled beside them. “Jessi, Tae-Tae’s hyperventilating!! Taec oppa help us carry Tae-Tae!” Tiffany asked Taecyeon and he never hesitated even with his injury, he carried Taeyeon on the available medical bed.

    “Taec… thanks for the
    help but we also need you to recover… Tiff and I can handle Tae… thanks
    for the assist and don’t move, I’ll change your bandage later…. Your
    wound opened up again.”
    Jessica said as she gently guide Taecyeon back to his bed and returned back to Taeyeon and Tiffany.

    Several hours have passed, Taeyeon woke up to find herself lying in bed
    with Tiffany napping beside her while holding her hand tightly.

    “You hyperventilated Tae….. you just gave Tiff a scare of her life a while ago….”
    Jessica abruptly spoke, surprising Taeyeon. Taeyeon looked at Tiffany’s
    sleeping face and noticed that Worry still shown on Tiffany’s face.
    Taeyeon gently stroke Tiffany’s hair.

    “aigoo…. How careless of me….. Fany-ah… sorry for making you worry….” Taeyeon said in a soft tone. “seriously Tae…. What happened to you? it’s not like you to drop like that….” Jessica said.

    “maybe too much pressure got me…. you know… being a commander thing… you know I’m not cut to be a commander….” Taeyeon said. “well…
    you’re right about that…. I mean Commander Raynor wanted you to promote
    too many tmies and yet you refused…. But this time, you didn’t have a
    choice since the Commander already gave us our own Battle Cruiser ship…”
    Jessica said.

    “well… I’m sorry Sica
    if I failed as a commander……… too many things have been going through my
    mind lately…. I have to stand up as a support to all of you…. ship
    repairs, crew recruitment, resources, about the recent event…. I don’t
    know how to go on anymore Sica….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “Tae…. You know we
    always have your back… if there’s something you’re having a hard time to
    do some things, just let us know, then we’ll figure out how to do that
    thing…. Like we always have when we still have your …..our Appa back in
    Jessica said as she smiled. Hearing Jessica’s explanation, Taeyeon felt a bit comfortable and regained her confidence.

    “thanks Sica…. Oh by
    the way…. Commander Raynor contacted us… and I have to send Yuri there
    because he had a special mission to…….”
    As Taeyeon is going to say about Yuri, Jessica chuckled and stopped her words.

    “Tae… no need to hide the truth…. Yuri is not there on a special mission…. She’s being treated there right?” Jessica said with a calm face. Taeyeon is confused as she never told Jessica or Tiffany about Yuri.

    “H-How did you know? did Sooyoung told you? or is it Sunny? Or Hyo?” Taeyeon asked. “my dear Dorky sister… none of them told me silly….. Yoona told me…..” Jessica said.

    “look, yes I’m worried
    about her but I know Yuri, she walys keeps her promise even though she’s
    reckless… I hope you’re not going to ban her getting closer to me
    aren’t you?”
    Jessica jokingly asked.

    “Silly… no I’m not…..
    actually I’m thankful for her too……. If it’s not for her…. we would’ve
    been wiped out… but how did Yoona knew?”
    Taeyeon asked. “she
    overheard your conversation with the Commander and told me…. she was
    just about to call Hyoyeon to inform about Seohyun’s medical status when
    she heard the four of you talking to the Commander…”
    Jessica said.

    “well… that one made things easier….. sorry Sica for not telling earlier……..” Taeyeon said. “babo….
    You don’t have to be sorry…. Well… now that is being cleared…. I’ll go
    back to sleep… seeing your “wife” is asleep beside you is making me
    envious…. I miss my seobang already….”
    Jessica said as she went back to her bed. Taeyeon couldn’t help but chuckle at Jessica’s action.

    “That girl.. always want to sleep…….” Taeyeon sighed as she turned to look at the sleeping angel beside her.

    “Fany-ah…. I’m sorry for all the times I made you worry…. I’ll try my best not to do that anymore…” Taeyeon said as she gently stroke Tiffany’s hair.

    “babo….. with your line
    of work…. I’m always worried… that’s why I signed up as a Medivac pilot
    so I can be with you and support you at the same time….”
    Tiffany suddenly speaked while her eyes are still closed.

    “F-Fany-ah? Y-you were awake?” Taeyeon surprisingly asked. “all
    the time Tae-Tae…. I’ve heard all your conversation with Jessi….. and I
    can say… you’re still doing a good job to be a commander.”
    Tiffany now looked at Taeyeon’s face with a charming eye smile.

    “And Jessi’s right
    Tae-Tae…. It’s not like we’re expecting you to be a perfect commander to
    all of us. We’re fine just as you are now… and don’t tell us that you
    have to support us by yourself….. we’re also here to support you as
    Tiffany said.

    “look what happened to
    you when you’re keeping everything to yourself… collapsed because
    you’re under pressure of everything.... to my observation….. hearing the
    truth about your Appa’s killer added the pressure….”
    Tiffany added.

    Taeyeon didn’t say anything and just stared at the ceiling. “Tae-Tae? What are you thinking?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon.

    “Fany-ah…….. I want to
    settle things with that Kim Hyunah and his brother Yoon Doo-Joon…. I
    can’t be at peace now that I know their identities……..”
    Taeyeon said.

    “Tae-Tae…… are you
    thinking of revenge? What happened to the usual “justice” that you want
    for your Appa’s grave? Are you going to break that?”
    Tiffany said as her face became serious.

    “Fany-ah…… we’ve been
    collecting intel for years and now… the chance is finally in my hands….
    And all I have to do right now is to close my hands as to not to let it
    slip by…… Fany-ah… this is the only chance I can get…”
    Taeyeon said.

    Tiffany didn’t say anything and just stood up. “F-Fany-ah? Where are you going?” Taeyeon asked. Tiffany turned around and smiled.

    “Tae-Tae….. I’m just going out for some fresh air……… you just stay there to recover……” and Tiffany turned around quickly not to let Taeyeon saw her tears.

    “you babo Tae-Tae….. revenge always comes with a high price…..” Tiffany said to herself as she ran outside the SSF.

    Location: Tyrador VIII – Running man secret repair dock

    Tiffany ran fast as she cold as she finally couldn’t hold her tears back
    hearing Taeyeon’s eagerness for revenge against Hyunah and Doo-Joon.
    Just in time Yuri arrived back along with IU. As Yuri got out, Sooyoung,
    Hyoyeon and Nicole saw her and he girls immediately welcomed her.

    “YO!! Our Kkab-risk taker- hardcore action-breathtaking blackpearl Yul is here!!”
    Sooyoung shouted as she both of them greeted with a high five. Hyoyeon
    and Nicole couldn’t hide their happiness as they see Yuri back.

    “Hey did I miss something?” Yuri asked.

    “hmm let’s see now….. aside from scaring us that we thought you died….. nothing really….. except for these two…” Sooyoung answered as she pointed her thumb on Nicole and Hyoyeon.

    Yuri smiled to see Blushing Hyoyeon with Nicole clinging on her arm. “geez… get a room you two…. By the way… where’s Sica? She must be worried… I fear she’s going to berserk if she…” as Yuri is going to continue her words, she felt a pair of arms hugged her waist from behind.

    “hey babo Yul! I've missed you!”
    it was Jessica. Yuri don’t know how to react because she knows how
    Jessica could exploded anytime. Jessica noticed Yuri’s nervous
    expression which made her chuckled.

    “Silly…. I’m not mad at you… I’m just thankful you’ve comeback….. but please Yuri… don’t ever do that again….” Jessica said as she planted a quick kiss on Yuri’s lips and Yuri did the same.

    “eerr.. ‘scuse me….” IU interrupted their reunion. “oh
    guys! I forgot… Sorry about that IU… allow me to introduce Jessica,
    Sooyoung, Hyoyoen and Nicole. Guys, this is IU and Officer Matt assigned
    her to be the head chef on our Cantina…. He remembered that Sooyoung
    will complain for the lack of food…”
    Yuri said.

    Jessica, Hyoyoen and Nicole greeted IU but Sooyoung didn’t. “uhhmm is she… is she angry?” IU asked as she pointed at Sooyoung. “nope…. Can’t you see IU? You’re her favorite crew already!” Jessica said.

    IU looked at Sooyoung’s eyes and saw a glittering sensation on her eyes. “uuuhhh.. s-she’s kind of….KYAAH!” IU words were stopped as Sooyoung instantly dragged her inside the SSF Cantina while shouting “I’M TOTALLY HUNGRY! MY SAVIOUR HAS ARRIVED!!!” and the rest of them chuckled at Sooyoung.

    “Poor IU…. Sooyoung is probably going to tire the girl out for cooking…” Jessica ended.

    “Sica…. Would you mind going back inside? I’ve got something to take care of alright?” Yuri said.

    “…. Alright…. but come inside soon… I’ve missed you so much Yuri… and Yoona too!” Jessica said as she gave Yuri a charming wink which made Yuri blush.

    “aaah Chincha… I better hurry up…” Yuri said as she tries to catch up with a certain person she saw running out and crying.

    Episode 26 Completed

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