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    Starcraft Generation

    황 태영

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    biggri Starcraft Generation

    Post by 황 태영 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:22 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    [Paul SoShi Story]i've posted this on SSF international forum and i will take the first priviledge of posting fanfic in here :D

    so... here goes.

    as i've said in SSF forum, this fanfic happen to build up in my brain while i was playing starcraft 2 WoL while listening to SNSD music... so... what will happen if they're in it?
    no clue? so here goes..


    Location: The Flagship Hyperion Time: 1200 hrs – Ship board time

    A beautiful girl uniformed in a white-skin tight suit walked past the marines and the marines whistled as the female ghost unit gave them a warm smile.

    “man… if she was my girl, I can fight alone for a bunch of Zerg. That smile could completely replenish my hopes up” the marine said.

    “get real dude… why would you choose to spend your life alone fighting Zergs?” the other marines asked.

    “you could simply ask her out man. That way, that is much more happy memories than seeing her smile rather than fighting a bunch of Zerg alone” the other marine added.

    “man if that was easy… you see, I heard she’s Nova’s second in command at young age.” The marine who liked the girl said. And followed by another marine. “Nova? You mean Nova the famous ghost who is always perfect in infiltration missions?” the marine asked just nodded. The first marine sighed and flowed by the other marines since they have the utmost respect for their Commander James Raynor. And then, their superior suddenly called their attention.

    All of the marines stood up and flashes a salute as Commander James Raynor arrived.

    “Marines. We have a new unit here. She just transferred her today. Her name’s Yuri. Kwon Yuri. As some of you know, she’s the only ghost unit on our team and Nova’s second in command. Now don’t you all go giddy around her just because she’s a girl. I expect full cooperation. Kwon, introduce yourself.” Raynor called Yuri out front.

    Yuri stood out and removed her ghost visor from her face and looked at them with a serious face.
    “Hello everyone, my name is Kwon Yuri, but you all can call me Yuri or Yul. Please take care of me. this is the first time to be reassigned to Commander Raynor’s unit.”

    Yuri flashed her smile to the marines and the marines smiled back at Yuri. While they are getting to know each other with the help of Raynor. One individual is quietly staring at Yuri intently from a distance.

    <<<<<<<<<< End of Prologue >>>>>>>>>>

    Coming Soon


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by Gliffany on Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:39 am

    can i somehow compile this story and have it in prints?
    don't worry, i'll going to put the authors's just that i am so very amazed by the story :)

    Starcraft is one of my favorite strategy game......
    I am a proud to be in the PROTOSS Race :))

    "Not hating the Terran Race(Human Race), because of the unification with Zerg Mutant Race and produced the Infested Terran Race.....But i'm so thankful to Commander James Raynor, he didn't let the Higher Commanders to really unified with the Zerg....."

    I'm asking for your permission to have this story to be printed....thank you ^^

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:05 am

    be my guest Mod Gliffany :) but it's still on going fic :)

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by Gliffany on Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:08 pm

    YulSicFany wrote:be my guest Mod Gliffany :) but it's still on going fic :)

    Thank you for letting me ^^

    i was just so amazed by your FanFic.....

    for my FanFic, i just don't know when can i finish it.....
    mMm.....entitled as the "Sorceress's Generation" (-Sorcerer's Apprentice)

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by ShekieSone9 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:57 am

    LOL. I didn't even have a permission to print this fanfic but I already print it. I'm a BAD GIRL. >:DDDD

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:34 pm

    ShekieSone9 wrote:LOL. I didn't even have a permission to print this fanfic but I already print it. I'm a BAD GIRL. >:DDDD
    kanpeki no bad girl XD
    i'm still......
    STRESS~~~ (with ED) since my upcoming fanfic still has NO TITLE YET XD
    Newbie Sone Member
    Newbie Sone Member

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by miyoung.ah on Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:16 pm

    YulSicFany wrote:
    ShekieSone9 wrote:LOL. I didn't even have a permission to print this fanfic but I already print it. I'm a BAD GIRL. >:DDDD
    kanpeki no bad girl XD
    i'm still......
    STRESS~~~ (with ED) since my upcoming fanfic still has NO TITLE YET XD

    Maybe we can help you..
    What's the genre of your fic too??

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:00 pm

    Episode 27

    Location: Tyrador VIII – Shopping district

    “Tae-Tae you babo… I swear………. if you ever go on to you plan of revenge… we’re over…” Tiffany said as she sits alone on the fountain, crying, in the center of the Shopping district of Tyrador.

    “hey there…… what a pretty lady pilot sitting here all alone and wiping her tears? Heart problem perhaps?” a guy spotted Tiffany. Tiffany just looked at him.

    “hey now… I’m just
    trying to be friendly… I mean who wouldn’t notice a beautiful girl like
    you crying in the middle of the shopping district….. say… am I right at
    my guess? Heart problem?”
    the guy asked Tiffany. Tiffany
    didn’t say but to her depression, she’s just too depressed to argue
    with the guy and just nodded.

    "Say… want to grab a cup of coffee? I’m on my way to get one….by the way… I’m Lee Chang-sun… Lee Joon for short….” Tiffany looked up and saw Lee Joon. “no thanks …. I’m not in the mood…” Tiffany humbly replied.

    Just as Tiffany is going to walk away, Lee Joon suddenly grabs her wrist. “let me go!”
    Tiffany shouted which attracted some attention on the passing
    bystanders. Lee Joon noticed and immediately released Tiffany’s wrist.

    “no one dares to resist me girl…. mark my words! I swear I’ll get you by force!”
    Lee Joon said before leaving Tiffany alone again. Tiffany bowed down as
    she said her sorry to the bystanders and left the place. but Tiffany
    didn’t know, Lee Joon is still watching her.

    “alright Guys…. Plan B…..” Lee Joon said as his remaining members shows themselves from his back. “what are your orders boss?” Lee Joon’s member asked. “see that girl over there? Kidnap her and take her back to our place…. girl like her should be with me..”
    Lee Joon said and soon his 3 member starts to execute their plan as Lee
    Joon heads for their hide out to wait for their arrival.

    “Fany-ah? Where are you?” Yuri suddenly contacted Tiffany through her comm-link. “Y-Yuri? you’re alive?” Tiffany surprisingly asked.

    “haha yeah silly… I didn’t die….” Yuri replied as she laughed. “But….But… the explosion! We thought….”
    Tiffany replied until Yuri can’t understand her words anymore as
    Tiffany’s words were garbled up when she coveres her mouth due to
    happiness to know Yuri is alive.

    “yah you babo…. You gave us a hard time…did you already see Jessi?” Tiffany asked. “yeah…
    I thought she’d kill me when she discover I’m not in the SSF…. But it
    turns out Yoong overheard the conversation between Taeng and the
    Commander that they found the escape pod I used drifting in space.”
    Yuri explained.

    “I see… well it’s good to know you’re back…” Tiffany said and then fell silent. “Fany-ah? Can I ask you something?” Yuri said she somewhat felt something is wrong.

    “yeah? What is it?” Tiffany replied.

    “Did something happened between you and Taeng? The moment I arrived, I caught a glimpse of you running while crying….” Yuri said.

    Tiffany hesitated to answer first but decided to tell Yuri. “you see….. Tae-Tae…. She wanted some revenge…..” Tiffany replied.

    “Revenge? To whom?” Yuri asked as she’s surprised. “Yul… we know the identities of her Appa’s killer and the one who shot her almost to death….” Tiffany said.

    “wait…Hold on Fany-ah…
    how did you get these info? And to whom?.......wait wait…… don’t just
    answer yet… wait for me, I’m looking for you right now… where are you?”
    Yuri said.

    “I’m here in the Shopping district….. I’m planning to take some fresh air… you know I don’t want Tae--MMPPPFFFH!!”
    as Tiffany is telling where she is, someone grabbed her from behind and
    covered her mouth and just in seconds, Tiffany passed out.

    “Fany-ah? FANY-AH?! TIFFANY!!” Yuri yeled but Tiffany didn’t answer. “DAMMIT!! Not now!!” Yuri said as she tried to contact the SSF.

    “Kwon Yuri to SSF!! This is an emergency!!” Yuri said as she runs quickly to Tiffany. “Y-Yuri unnie? this is Seohyun… emergency?” Seohyun answered.

    “Seohyun-ah! Can you call your Sica unnie! I need to speak with her!” Yuri said. after a few seconds, Jessica arrived at the bridge. “Yuri-ah! What’s the hurry! I’m changing Taec’s bandage.. what’s the emergency by the way?” Jessica asked.

    “Sica… do you happen by
    any chance, can trace Tiffany’s life signal? I think something happened
    to her… I’m looking for her right but something happened, her last
    signal was seen on the Shopping district!”
    Yuri explained.

    “Hold on Yul……………yeah her life support is still active…. I’m going to start to trace her signal…. I’ll go call Tae too.” Jessica said.

    “please do Sica….. Yuri out….” Yuri said as she received Jessica’s tracking data on Tiffany's signal.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    Just as Jessica is going to tell Taeyeon about Tiffany, Taeyeon entered the bridge. “what’s the commotion about Sica?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Tae……… something happened to Tiffany……….” Jessica answered. “WHAT?!? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO!!” Taeyeon hysterically shouted which scared Yoona and hid behind Seohyun’s back.

    “Taeyeon appa…. Sica unnie was about to get you but you just entered! And you scared Yoona with you shout..” Seohyun explained calmly as she gave Yoona a hug.

    “oh… sorry about that…but more importantly…… what’s the status Sica?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Yuri is already tracking her down… I think you should too…. Here’s the tracking data.” Jessica said as she gave the data to Taeyeon. “thanks
    Sica…. And I’m sorry Yoona if I scared you…. Hyunnie you go inform
    everyone….. if someone did do anything to my mushroom…… I’ll go all out
    at war…”
    Taeyeon said as she head for the Armory and
    suited up in a light combat armor almost similar to Yuri’s ghost suit
    but it is colored in black and immediately went outside as she grabbed
    her Gauss Rifle.

    Location: Running man Repair Dock.

    As Taeyeon got ouside, she startled Haha. “OMO! Taeyeon-ssi? Are you going to war?” Haha asked. “sort of oppa… someone took my mushroom and I’m going to get her back! is there anything fast transportation I can use oppa?” Taeyeon asked.

    “well…. It’s not that fast but I can lend you my Bike..…..” Haha said.

    Haha pressed a button on his console and his bike emerged from
    underground. Taeyeon’s eyes widen as she saw Haha’s bike. “oppa! You
    still own a this kind of bike? A Yamaha YZF-R1!” Taeyeon said.


    Haha just smiled. “you can use that Taeyeon-ssi…..”

    “But oppa! I might ending up losing your bike for where I’m about to go or much worst, I may ending up destroying it!” Taeyeon said. “aigoo Taeyeon-ssi….. Human life is much more reasonable than a classical bike like mine…. Use it…. life is at stake here…” Haha explained.

    “Thank you oppa…..” Taeyeon said as she hurriedly mounted the Haha’s bike and heads out.

    “Yuri-ah! What’s the SITREP!” Taeyeon contacted Yuri as she hastily followed Tiffany’s signal. “Yuri
    here Taeng…. I’m almost close on Tiffany…… I’m here on the industrial
    district…. You can locate my signal Taeng…. I’m right outside at some
    sort of a robot factory…”
    Yuri said.

    “Copy that Yul…Taeng out…..” Taeyeon said as she cuts of her communication to Yuri and speeds off her bike towards Yuri’s location.

    Location: unknown Industrial Factory

    Taeyeon arrived and immediately switched off the bike’s engine and used
    the force of momentum to come close to Yuri quietly and saw Yuri proned
    down while scanning through her scope.

    “Yul! Have you located my mushroom?” Taeyeon asked Yuri in a whispered tone. “Not yet Taeng… too many heat signatures to use my thermal scope…. So… is it just the two of us?” Yuri asked.

    “Yul… it’s my mushroom…. Two of us is enough…. How many of them are inside?” Taeyeon asked Yuri. “I’ve counted almost 30 of them….” Yuri replied.

    “ok…….. here’s the plan….Yuri………….” Taeyeon paused.

    “Taeng? What’s the plan?” Yuri curiously asked. “the plan is……… let’s go wild….” Taeyeon just gave a devilish smile at Yuri and stood up and confidently walked towards the gate of the factory.

    “aaaahh chincha Taeng…. I thought you had a plan” Yuri sadi as she followed Taeyeon. “hey! Don’t blame me…. I just got your habit of being a gung-ho tyle of saving someone important in your life..” Taeyeon replied which made Yuri chuckle.

    “I can’t argue with you about that Taeng…. Before we go wild……..promise me one thing Taeng……” Yuri said. “huh? What is it now Yul?” Taeyeon confusingly asked.

    “after we rescue
    Tiffany…….. talk to her…. I noticed you and her had a problem… she was
    going to tell me that problem but apparently this even have happened.”
    Yuri said with a straight face. “………..fine….. although I don’t what this is about…. But sure…” Taeyeon said as she cocked her Gauss Rifle.

    “hey you party crashers! You’re not planning on leaving us out of the aren’t you?” both of them heard Sooyoung’s voice from their Comm-link.

    “Soo? Where are you guys?” Taeyeon was shock to know Sooyoung followed them. “DUH! I’m cloaked right above you two…. Aish… Taeng.. you really caught Yuri’s habit huh…” Sooyoung said as she chuckled. “hey don’t leave me out of the game…” it was Sunny and she was boarded on a Goliath.

    “Aish… you guys……” Taeyeon said as she smiled a bit. “Taeyeon appa…. I also want to take part of this too! Tiffany is my Umma remember?” Seohyun’s voice can now be heard and as both of them looked up, they saw Hercules Class Drop Ship piloted by Seohyun.

    “Yuri unnie, Sica unnie and Yoona unnie is here too! also Hyoyoen unnie and her KARA Team” Seohyun said as she skillfully landed the Hercules quietly and unnoticed on a secluded place.

    “Aish…….. now all the rowdy bunch is here……… well Yul… this time I got a plan… let’s return first to the Drop Ship….”
    Taeyeon said as both of them went to Seohyun and when they arrived, all
    of them are waiting for the two of them along with Hyoyeon and the rest
    of the KARA team.

    Location: inside the Industrial Robotic factory

    Tiffany woke up and noticed that her hands are tied behind her back. “so my princess is awake….” Lee Joon said.

    “it’s you….. let go this instant! I’m a colonel of my team!! Doing this to me will cause you severely!” Tiffany said with an angry look on her eyes.

    “WHOO! Girl, even if you’re angry…. You’re still
    beautiful! Hahaha look here… you’re in my world now, Ranks are useless!
    Now why don’t you give me a kiss baby…”
    Lee Joon crouched down
    as he tried to kiss Tiffany in the lips but as he was trying to put his
    lips on Tiffany, Tiffany suddenly bit Lee Joon’s lips.

    “OUCH!! YOU B*TCH!” Lee Joon shouted and gave Tiffany a hard slap causing Tiffany to be knocked down. “great! Now I’m turned off…..”
    Lee Joon left the room leaving Tiffany alone with two of his men. As
    Lee Joon is now nowhere insight, his two men went over to Tiffany.

    “hey man… this one is cute! I want to taste her!” one of Lee Joon’s goons started take off his clothes in front of Tiffany. “hey man that’s unfair! Let have at her too!”
    the other goon also did the same thing. As both of them stripped with
    nothing left except their underwear, they both turned their attention to
    Tiffany who is now cowering in fear for as she knows what the goons are
    going to do with her.

    “stay away from me…. STAY AWAY!!!”
    Tiffany shouted. But just as one fo the goon managed to ripped
    Tiffany’s clothes revealing her bra, both Tiffany and the remaining goon
    were shocked when the goon suddenly stopped and instantly snapped it
    neck by an unknown force and dropped dead.

    “What the…..” the remaining goon said but
    just as he was going to reach for the alarm, the last thing he saw was a
    tip of a bullet went through his left eye followed by another bullet
    hitting his head. Tiffany watched in horror as she witnessed the death
    of two goons right in front of her.

    “nobody touches my mushroom except me….”
    Taeyeon suddenly uncloaked herself infront of Tiffany. “Fany-ah…. Are
    you alright?” Taeyeon kneeld down in front of Tiffany and cuts the rope
    behind her. as the rope finally cutted, Tiffany jumped to Taeyeon and
    hugged her tightly.

    “Tae-Tae….. I’m sorry.. I’m scared….” Taeyeon cooed Tiffany and just hugged her. “Fany-ah…. I’m sorry too…….. look when this is over… let’s talk… I know I did something wrong…Yuri told me you were crying…” Taeyeon said as she still hugging Tiffany.

    But just when Tiffany is going to speak, Lee Joon suddenly came in and saw Taeyeon beside Tiffany and his dead men. “INTRUD……UGH!
    As Lee Joon shouted, he felt something hits his chest and as he looked
    down, he realize someone had shot him right in the chest.

    “Nice shot Yul…. And thanks for lending me your Visor…. I got in perfectly in time to save my mushroom…” Taeyeon said. “No prob Taeng…. It’s Sunny and Sooyoung’s turn now. I’m heading back to the Hercules…. Yuri out.” Yuri said to the comm.-link.

    “Tae-Tae? They’re here?” Tiffany said as Taeyeon puts a jacket she grabbed from one of the goons on Tiffany’s exposed body. “….Tae-Tae…. Stop staring……….. you’re making me blush…. Let’s wait until we escape here alright?” Tiffany said as she noticed Taeyeon is staring at her body.

    Location: outside the Factory

    “Youngie………” Sunny called Sooyoung.

    “what?” Sooyoung answered.

    “Youngieeeeee….” Sunny called again.

    “what?” Sooyoung answered again.

    “Youngieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….” Sunny called Sooyoung for the last time with a slight happiness on her tone. “WHAT?!” Sooyoung answered annoyingly.

    “Youngie… I saw something…. Hehe I saw something inside! I can help Taeng and Fany get out…..” Sunny said as she leaves her Goliath inside the Hercules which confused everyone. “Sunny?” Hyoyeon called but Sunny just smiled back mischievously.

    “Hyoyeon-ssi? Aren’t you going to stop Sunny-ssi?” Gyuri asked. “No…. I know her personality.. when she’s smiling like that…it means she saw something that is worth more than the Goliath…” Hyoyeon explained as Sunny disappeared from their sight.

    “Youngie… can you create a diversion for me? I need to get inside..” Sunny asked Sooyoung with a cute tone. “Aish….. don’t use your voice like that… you know I’ll do even if you don’t use that aegyo voice of yours…” Sooyoung said as she fires her missile of a nearby oil barrel causing it to explode.

    The factory is now in chaos. All of Lee Joon’s men are now shooting at
    an unseen target since Sooyoung is cloake in mid air but one of Lee
    Joon’s mane managed to hit Sooyoung causing her to deactivate her cloak.

    “Sh*T! Sunny-ah, hurry up! I’ve been compromised. I’m getting hammered here!” Sooyoung said as she tries to evade countless gunshots towards at her.

    Sunny heard from Sooyoung’s comm.-link a countless hits. Sunny felt a sudden rage knowing Sooyoung is in danger. “NO BODY DARES TO HURT MY YOUNGIE!!” Sunny shouted as she boarded a suit that she saw earlier. “Youngie! Go back now! I’ll do the dirty work!” Sunny said.

    “Sunny-ah! Just get there quick! Someone needs to draw their attention!” Sooyoung said as she fires a barrage od rocket battery hitting several barrel. “SH*T!! my targeting system is damaged!!” Sooyoung said as several sparks erupted from her console.

    “Mayday! Mayday!! I’m going down!”
    Sooyoung said and to Sunny’s point of view, she watched in horror as
    she witness Sooyoung’s Unit fall until she couldn’t see Sooyoung and
    then followed by an explosion.

    “YOUNGIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Sunny shouted. “Men! The intruder is just right outside the compund! Capture her immediately!” one of Lee-Joon’s men yelled. Sunny is still crying but at the same time, rage is also filling in on her heart.

    “you jerks…you’ll regret for hurting my Youngie!!” with that being said, Sunny rode a powered suit almost similar to the one she used back in Tarsonis.

    **I've made three same videos but different musics... you can choose which of the video is suited for the part of the story**


    VIDEO 1 – Back on a Mission Music

    VIDEO 2 – Hand of Blood Music

    VIDEO 3 – Decadence Music

    “Sunny-ah… you really….SERIOUSLY wrecked a havoc down there huh…” Sooyoung’s voice suddenly contacted Sunny.

    “Y-Youngie? You’re alive?” Sunny said as she wiped her tears. “heheh….
    I’m perfectly fine Sunny Bunny… I ejected before I crashed. Sorry for
    not telling…. I just to see how you’ll react…. And I kind of miss seeing
    you in action….”
    Sooyoung said as she laughed a bit.

    “meanie….. but I’m glad you’re alright Youngie…. Go head back to the Hercules… I’ll take care of things here..”
    Sunny said as she went inside the factory where Taeyeon and Tiffany is
    located. Upon entering, Sunny saw something which made her eyes more
    widen as she smile. And without a thought, Sunny immediately went
    towards the “thing” she saw.

    Location: inside the Factory

    ‘Fany-ah… come on now that’s the signal that we have to get out of here.” Taeyeon
    said as she supported Tiffany to walk. As both of them got outside of
    the room Taeyeon scanned the area and the place wat totally in chaos,
    Lee Joon’s men is shooting at Sooyoung.

    “YOUNGIE!! I order you to retreat! Don’t be such a hero!!!” Taeyeon said through her comm.-link. “I can’t Taengoo! Sunny is inside with you two!!” Sooyoung said as she fires a couple of shots back to Lee Joon’s men.

    “WHAT?! Where is she?”
    Taeyeon asked but suddenly Taeyeon felt a pain on her right leg as
    someone shot her. Taeyeon winced in pain and as her and Tiffany both
    looked, it was Lee Joon.

    “You…. can’t….escape from me……” Lee Joon said as he rips away his shirt revealing a thick heavy armor underneath.

    “HAHAHA! Thanks to my researchers I finally made an armor enough to block any bullet!” Lee Joon shouted.

    “oh yeah? But do you have an armor that can block what is behind you?” Taeyeon said as she gave Lee Joon a smirk.

    Lee Joon turned around and saw the Thor’s cannon aiming at him. “crap…….”

    "Eat hot lead!" Sunny said as she fires her cannons on Lee Joon and that was the last thing Lee Joon heard before Sunny blasted him.

    “you two want a honeymoon ride?” Sunny said as she opened the cockpit and extend her hand to Tiffany and Taeyeon.

    Sunny…. You really like things that makes go “BOOM” huh?” Taeyeon said as she limped her way towards Sunny with the support of Tiffany. “well…. You certainly looked hell Taeng…” Sunny said as she smiled and got off the cockpit to help Tiffany support Taeyeon back to the cockpit.

    Location: Outside the Factory

    Sooyoung is still pinned down sue to Lee Joon’s men. “Sunny-ah! Are you still in there? I’m still pinned down here!!” Sooyoung shouted as her rifle is almost out of ammo. Sunny didn’t reply.

    “Sunny-ah!! Answer me!!” Sooyoung called from her comm.-link as she fires her last 6 rounds from her Gauss Rifle. “Sh*T! I’m out!!” Sooyoung hissed. just then, Sooyoung suddenly felt the ground shaking and from the Factory, a Thor Unit emerged.

    “S-Sunny Bunny?” Sooyoung stood there frozen. “YAH! Youngie! I thought I told you to go back at the Hercules!” Sunny said.

    “well… I’m pinned down! can’t you see?” Sooyoung replied as she hides again on the wall she used as a cover.

    “Don’t you jerks dare hurt her!!”
    Sunny hissed as she stomped away Lee Joon’s men. Even with the high
    powered guns that Lee Joon’s goons have, to Sunny, they are just like
    small rocks just tossed around at her feet.

    Several men manages to bring out a rocket launcher and Sooyoung saw it.
    without second thought, Sooyoung went out of her hiding spot and managed
    to tackle 3 three men that is lined up. The remaining Goons turned
    around and aimed their gun at Sooyoung but just when they are about to
    pull the trigger, Sooyoung watched them one by one dropped dead in front
    of her.

    “Seriously Soo…… it lloks like not only Taeng is getting my habit of protecting someone huh?” Yuri said as she reloads her Canister Rifle while walking casually towards Sooyoung and helped her stand up.

    “ehehe… you know I can’t be the one left out to let my Bunny knows how she’s important to me..” Sooyoung said as she pulls herself up with the help of Yuri.

    “Sunny-ah, your Seobang is alright… wrap things up…” Yuri said as both of them went back to the Hercules.

    Location: Inside the MassiveDropship Hercules.

    Yuri and Sooyoung arrived inside. Jessica and Yoona immediately clings
    on Yuri’s arms. “Yul.. I envy you….” Sooyoung said as she was
    accompanied by Hyoyeon and her KARA team to treat Sooyoung’s minor

    “Sunny is really having her happiest day in her life out there…” Yuri said as she sat down in the Hangar. “You
    can’t blame her Yul… you don’t know Sunny’s hidden personality when she
    gets her hand on any destructive ground unit…. It’s like she’s evil
    incarnated….on a good side ofcourse.”
    Jessica explained.

    “Appa…. welcome back!” Yoona calls Yuri’s attention. “so how is my Kid Choding doing these days?”
    Yuri asked as she gave Yoona a pat in the head. Yoona didn’t answer and
    just stared at Seohyun who is organizing some system on the cockpit
    area of the Hercules. Yuri noticed.

    “hmm…? My Choding is inlove huh?” Yuri teased Yoona as she smiled. “N-NO!!! i-i-i-I I’m not!! I j-just like he-her very m-mu-much!! ……Yeah! I like her very much!” Yoona realied as she quickly stood up and ran towards Seohyun. Yuri and Jessica laughed at Yoona’s action.

    “Sica…. I think we should give Yoona a little push…. She’s still being shy but her action shows…” Yuri said as she smiled to Jessica she is beside her and now hugging her. “you’re probably right… but for now…. when we get back…. I’ll be the one who will push you Yuri…. I’ve missed you so much…” Jessica said as she hugged Yuri tighter.

    “Geez… get a room you two……..” Sooyoung said as she shrugged at the sight of Jessica and Yuri’s affection.

    And just a little while, the Thor Unit arrived inside the Cargo hold of
    the Hercules and Sunny got off while supporting Taeyeon and Tiffany.
    “Seohyun-ah! Let’s go back to the Running man Dock….” Hyoyeon said as
    she confirms everyone’s presence and Seohyun lifted up leaving the
    factory in total ruins caused by Sunny.

    With Taeyeon’s injury, she was immediately treated by Tiffany.

    “Tae-Tae…. You babo…..” Tiffany said as she treated Taeyeon’s leg wound as she hold back her tears. “Fany-ah…. Don’t cry… it’s just a wound… I trust you completely with you skill…” Taeyeon assured Tiffany with a smile but Tiffany’s expression is still the same.

    “you don’t get it
    Tae-Tae…. Today is just…. You’re lucky you got hit on the leg…. But what
    if something much more worse? How would you expect me to keep up with
    Tiffany said. Everyone was listening to the couple.

    “F-Fany-ah? Is this about…. Is this about what I’ve said earlier? about Hyunah and Doo Joon?” Taeyeon said. Tiffany just nodded as she finally lets her tears out.

    “Fany-ah.. you’ve got
    to understand! You’ve been helping me finding some info about my Appa’s
    death and my killer! And now we’ve got the lead!”
    Taeyeon tries to explain.

    “you don’t get it
    Tae-Tae… you also know I’ve been with you all these time until today! I
    know all about you! you promised… WE promised that if we find out who is
    responsible for your Appa’s murder and your near death experience…. We
    will bring him down with justice….. not with revenge!”
    Tiffany said as she now sobs.

    “Fany-ah! You also
    don’t get me! that brother and sister made me orphan! I have no family
    left!! This the only way I know I can you my mind at rest!”
    Taeyeon now hissed at Tiffany.

    “YAH! Don’t talk as if
    you’re the only one who have no family in this world! In case you didn’t
    know…. I’m an orphan too and the age of 6! I strived to survive for
    what I am now! Don’t talk as if you knew how hard it is to be an orphan
    Tiffany’s voice now became louder.

    “Oh yeah! WELL THANK
    Taeyeon now shouted.

    “Tae-Tae!! Please!! I
    don’t want you to get hurt anymore!! The reason I’ve stayed with you is
    because I want to get rid of the revenge that you’re thinking!! I’ve
    known it for a long time ever since you recovered from that day!”
    Tiffany said. hearing Tiffany’s explanation made Taeyeon’s face angrier than before.

    “What do you know
    Tiffany…….. you haven’t been able to feel what loneliness is like…
    longing for a family…. You’re just my girlfriend Tiffany so don’t act
    like you’re my mother or sister of a family or something! You’re lucky….
    You know why? Even though Mengsk raised you… you still have a foster
    parent to look after you…. for all I know… you might even turn on us
    because Mengsk raised y…..”

    Taeyeon’s words were halted as she holds her cheek due to the stinging pain she’s feeling. She knew Tiffany slapped her hard.

    “why you……”
    But when she was about to shout at Tiffany, she stopped. She noticed
    Tiffany is now crying madly as she’s holding her hand that she used to
    slap Taeyeon while her whole body shakes at the tension. Seeing Tiffany
    in that state made Taeyeon snapped back her old self. She was stunned at
    her own words.

    “Tae-Tae………. How dare
    you………. how dare you talk about my whole being…… how dare you talk about
    loneliness……. You think you know about my life?..... I hate you Kim
    Tiffany ran away sobbing from Taeyeon, leaving the older girl stunned. Taeyeon couldn’t believe what she just said to Tiffany.

    “F-Fany-ah… I didn’t mean to…….” Taeyeon slowly said. as she looked at everyone. She noticed everyone is somewhat dismayed at her action.

    “Great… that’s low Tae……that’s just low..….” Jessica said as she ran after Tiffany. Hyoyeon on the other hand didn’t say anything and just walked away along with KARA.

    Sunny and Sooyoung just shook their heads in dismay. And she turn to look at Yuri. “Y-Yuri-ah…. You know I didn’t mean to say that to my mushroom….” Taeyeon said.

    Yuri stayed silent upon Taeyeon’s words. “Y-Yuri-ah… don’t tell me…. not you too…” Taeyeon said as shefeels hopeless. “I
    understand Yul…….. I’m worthless…. But at least hear me out… I really
    didn’t mean to lash out my stress and anger to Tiffany…. I don’t want to
    hurt her but apparently I did…. I’m not cut out to be a good leader to
    you all…..”
    Taeyeon said as she starts to limped her way back.

    “Taeng…wait…..” Yuri finally talked to her. Taeyeon turned around and loked at Yuri. “Taeng…
    I understand you really didn’t mean that words… but….. there’s a part
    where it hurts Tiffany…. heck all of us were hurt by it to…… you just
    cut your connection to everyone when you’ve just said that Tiffany is
    just your girlfriend… not a family member…. You said that right in her
    face Taeng…. And now everyone thinks that you don’t think of them as
    afamily when everyone just stood beside you through thick and thin…..”
    Yuri explained trying to control her emotions.

    “Look Taeng… to be
    honest… I also wanted to hit your face to telling all that to Tiffany….
    but I’ll let it slide since you just admitted your mistake…… I’m an easy
    person to talk to Taeng…. But if you’re thinking I’ll help you out
    talking to everyone…. I won’t… you have to fix this by yourself….”
    Yuri said as she went to follow Jessica. Taeyeon si now left dumb-founded by her own actions and words.

    As she sat beside Seohyun, Taeyeon also noticed Seohyun is quietly piloting the Hercules and not talking to her.

    “Taeyeon appa… don’t
    worry about me… I’m not angry….. I’m just worried about Yoona unnie
    here…. She’s the one who is hurt about your words…”

    Seohyun said as she’s still not looking at Taeyeon. Taeyeon looked at
    Yoona who is sitting at the pilot seat directly behind Seohyun and
    noticed the Yoona cried in her sleep.

    “Yuri unnie is right Taeyeon appa… you should talk to everyone……” Seohyun said.
    “aish… ow can I say no to my Hyunnie…….. don’t worry I’ll talk to
    them.. once we’re back in the SSF…. But in the meantime….. I want you to
    tell everyone to get on board with SSF since Haha oppa gave me Notice
    that SSF Repairs are now finished. We can launch anytime…. And tell
    every one that I have something to tell…
    ” Taeyeon said as she closed her eyes until the arrived at the Running Man Secret Dock.

    Episode 27 Completed


    The Hercules dropship is a retrofitted version of the Hercules-class
    cargo ship, carried out by Raynor's Raiders. They have a reinforced
    superstructure thanks to Egon Stetmann's research of zerg biology. It
    has a large carrying capacity and can deploy troops at record speeds.
    Should the Hercules be destroyed, its occupants can escape in survival
    pods. While they will suffer damage, most would agree that it is
    preferable to the alternative

    Cargo Capacity = 30
    Size = Massive

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:07 pm

    miyoung.ah wrote:
    Maybe we can help you..
    What's the genre of your fic too??
    it's still action..... and Character description is still on work and my bound to change until officially posted in fanfic section... first.. here's the character description


    Kwon Yuri – the “Group’s” Professional assassin. Expert on
    hand-to-hand combat

    Jung Jessica – Kwon Yuri’s girlfriend

    Kwon Yoona – Yuri’s Little Sister

    Im Yoona – a little girl who have the sickness of Apathy
    Syndrome. Much look-a-like Yuri’s little sister.

    Choi Sooyoung -
    Yuri’s best friend inside the “group”. Yuri and Sunny’s Mission handler

    Lee Sunny – Sooyoung’s girlfriend and partner, expert in
    fire arms and fire arms modifications. EX-Marine Veteran.

    Kim Taeyeon – an ordinary college Student who has an
    extraordinary keen observation. Cousin of Kim Hyoyeon

    Tiffany Hwang – Kim Taeyeon’s Girlfriend. Goes to same
    college same as Taeyeon, also an assassin who is working with Yuri. Expert in
    making any kinds of poison as well as anti-toxins. Runs a jewelry store as a
    front to cover her real “work”

    Kim Hyoyeon – Special Elite agent of KPF or Korean Police
    Force and was assigned to capture Kwon Yuri.

    Seo Joo Hyun – Taeyeon’s adopted sister, two years younger
    than Taeyeon. Straight A Student

    and some part of intro or prologue


    Donned in her black leather Jacket, Yuri suddenly
    barged in on Jessica’s house and quickly woke up her Girlfriend.

    “Sica…quickly! We have to get out of here!!!” Yuri
    said as she rushes Jessica to pack their things. “What’s wrong Yuri? it’s not
    like you to be like this!!” Jessica said.

    “Sica…I’m sorry but I don’t have time to explain! I
    want you to take my sister, Yoona, back to San Francisco… I’ve already prepared
    some plane tickets to the both of you! once in you both get there, Call this
    number!” Yuri said as she gave Jessica as Calling Card.

    “Tiffany Hwang, Brighter than Jewels Jewelry
    store….. Yuri? what’s this? You’re hiding something from us aren’t you?”
    Jessica said as she throws back her clothes away from the bag and carried

    there you go :)
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by miyoung.ah on Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:38 am

    i can't think of any names just by reading those infos about the characters but as i read the plot, it's like an assassin trying to clear her name(?), maybe(?), maybe not...
    some titles came through my little mind like....
    " Blind Solitude "
    " End Of All Bonds "
    " The Lost Agent "
    " The Dark Beat "
    sorry if the titles i gave you is somewhat a little bit out of the plot..
    I'm just saying the titles that i thought would be okay
    sorry for being no help at all TT_TT TT_TT TT_TT

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:38 pm

    miyoung.ah wrote:@YulSicFany
    i can't think of any names just by reading those infos about the characters but as i read the plot, it's like an assassin trying to clear her name(?), maybe(?), maybe not...
    some titles came through my little mind like....
    " Blind Solitude "
    " End Of All Bonds "
    " The Lost Agent "
    " The Dark Beat "
    sorry if the titles i gave you is somewhat a little bit out of the plot..
    I'm just saying the titles that i thought would be okay
    sorry for being no help at all TT_TT TT_TT TT_TT
    you're mistaken!!! you are infact helpful!! those four title suggestion are great!! and all i have to do is just...pick one!!... and another problem is.......
    i'm now having a hard time choosing XD as all titles are definitely right on the story.
    thanks again ^__^

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:27 pm

    Episode 28

    All of them arrived safely back to the Running man Repair dock. “Taeyeon-ssi! Welcome back!”
    Haha greeted Taeyeon. Due to the events that have happened earlier,
    Taeyeon forced a smile back at Haha just to hide what have happened.

    “yeah oppa… it’s great to be back…. so our ship is ready to launch Haha oppa?” Taeyeon asked as she shake Haha’s hands. “she’s good to go Taeyeon-ssi…. I’ll just put the cleaning to your tab Taeyeon-ssi…” Haha said as he smile back at Taeyeon.

    “OPPA! I said I’ll
    pay…. Changing our old and damaged parts into a new and fines quality
    ones is enough for us… please accept my payment at least for the
    internal cleaning…”
    Taeyeon said as she hand over her card for the payment. “aigoo
    Taeyeon-ssi….. to be honest… I’m just too shy to take any payment from
    you… your appa helped me back with too many things way back..”
    Haha explained.

    “but still…oppa… take my payment as my respect for you and your work….” Taeyeon replied as she grabbed haha’s hand and put her card on his hand. “I won’t take no for an answer oppa..” Taeyeon added.

    “aigoo… Taeyeon-ssi………. But thank you…” Haha thanked Taeyeon as he slide Taeyeon’s card on his console receiving the payment of internal cleaning.

    “There you go Taeyeon-ssi… your ship is good to go
    anytime…. Better stock up some supplies before you go alright? oh and
    one more thing your additional crew arrived and they’re unloading their
    stuffs at your ship… they’re from Pledis Academy and they call
    themselves Task Force: After School …… ”
    Haha said as he returned back to his office.

    “…they’ve arrived at the wrong time… haven’t they…….”
    Taeyeon said to herself. As she turned around, she caught a glimpse of
    Tiffany walking back towards the SSF accompanied by Jessica, Sooyoung
    and Sunny and followed by Hyoyeon with her team and lastly Seohyun with
    Yoona still clinging on her arms like a kid along with Yuri.

    “….where should I start?........ aish….” Taeyeon said it again to herself and decided to walk back inside the SSF.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    Taeyeon and Seohyun are in the bridge along with two members of After School. “Captain Park Kahi, at your service Commander Kim Taeyeon. It’s an honor to be working under your service.” Kahi said as she gave Taeyeon a salute and Taeyeon also did the same. “and this here is my second-in-command UEE.” Uee didn’t talk but just smiled and bowed down in a proper manner.

    “glad to have you on board Captain Kahi… so there were only the two of you?” Taeyeon asked. “well…
    do we have members but apparently, they’re on a mission right now. but
    don’t worry, once they finish their mission, they will head straight
    Kahi said.

    “alright… you are now dismissed Captain.”
    Taeyeon said and Kahi and Uee left the bridge. As soon the two new
    comer left, Taeyeon instantly flopped her body on the chair right behind
    her and released a big sigh.

    “Taeyeon appa? have you talked to Tiffany umma yet?” Seohyun asked worriedly. “I haven’t yet Hyunnie…. She wouldn’t let me in on our quarters…..” Taeyeon replied as she massage her temple.

    “Seohyun-ah…… where should I start explaining to Tiffany………” Taeyeon asked Seohyun with her eyes closed, still massaging her temples.

    “….Taeyeon appa…..” Seohyun completely cannot answer back.

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    “Sunny Bunny! Get down
    here! I’m starting to get jealous now….. you’ve been there ever since
    you got that Thor from that Factory!”
    Sooyoung shouted from the floor. Sunny peeked at Sooyoung as she’s inside the cockpit studying the system of the Thor.

    “Give me a sec Youngie! I’m just trying to figure out the Thor’s system…”
    Sunny shouted. But Sooyoung knew Sunny will take longer than a second
    and decided to go to the cantina by herself. After several minutes of
    her “seconds” on her reply to Sooyoung, Sunny peeked out. “Youngie! I’m do…..” but her words stopped to see a familiar person staring at her from the floor. It was Taeyeon.

    Sunny didn’t want to talk to Taeyeon after hearing what Taeyeon said to
    Tiffany earlier. she quietly went down using an elevator crane. Upon
    decending from the Thor. Sunny tried to avoid Taeyeon but as she walked
    Taeyeon’s side, Taeyeon called her.

    “Sunny…can we… can we talk?”
    Taeyeon tried to call Sunny’s attention as she passed by her. after
    several meters from her, Sunny stopped but didn’t turn around to face

    “What is it Taen.... Commander Kim…..” Sunny replied. Sunny’s words hurt Taeyeon but she couldn’t argue about it because she’s the one who started the mess.

    “Sunny……. I know I’ve been a jerk earlier……… but believe me…. I didn’t mean what I said to Tiffany…” Taeyeon tried to explain.

    “…….. look Commander…… I
    don’t get you…… Tiffany is right……. But why do you insist on taking
    revenge? And what bothers me is that, all these times…. even if you
    didn’t mean it…. did you think Tiffany wouldn’t be hurt by your words?
    She never left your side for all I know…. even if you leave her alone
    because your so pissed at something, she always looks out for you… and
    then all of a sudden you just blurted out right in her face “You’re just
    my girlfriend Tiffany so don’t act like you’re my mother or sister of a
    family or something”……. How do you think Tiffany is hurt by that word?”
    Sunny said while still not turning around to look at Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon knew Sunny is angry but she couldn’t blame her.

    “Taeng… oh sorry….
    Commander…… answer me this……. If Tiffany is just your girlfriend…… then
    what about us? Just a normal crew member? And about the orphan talk….
    most of us here were orphans…. And backtracking Tiffany’s life… she’s
    the youngest to become orphan than you, Jessica, me and Hyoyeon…. Think
    about that Commander…”
    Sunny said as she started to walk away from Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon just lowered her head. She’s feeling the guilt of her actions
    but one person is silently watching her from afar and is was Yuri.

    “be strong Taeng….. it’s
    not that easy to gain everyone’s affection in that instant…. Unless they
    saw Tiffany is talking to you again….”
    Yuri whispered to herself and smiled as she have an idea how to make Taeyeon and Tiffany together again.

    “hmm I may have to ask Sica’s help on this one… Kwon Yuri… You’re a genious!” Yuri said to herself as she clapped her hands at her idea.

    Location: SSF -Cantina

    Sunny arrived at the Cantina only to find Sooyoung is still eating her
    fill but the diference is Sooyoung is not seated at her usual seat but
    instead, Sooyoung is now seating at the bar counter. Still wondering,
    Sunny sat beside Sooyoung.

    “well this is something new…. You don’t usually seat here in the bar counter just to eat your food..” Sunny said.

    “well… we have a new cook here today…. And guess what… she’s cute!!”
    Sooyoung said as she puts a spoonful of food in her mouth. Sooyoung
    didn’t noticed that Sunny’s expression became sour as Sooyoung praised
    the cook “cute” besides her.

    “oh…she is? What’s her name?” Sunny asked. “Her name’s IU… and Yuri bought her… Officer Horner assigned her to be our cook” Sooyung answered as she now puts a cake in her mouth.

    “I see….. is she that cute?” Sunny curiously asked. Sooyoung answered honestly. “yeah…
    she is, besides her cooking is good, her face is like an angelic baby
    face and when you stared at her you’ll noticed that……………………….…… Sunny?
    ……………..aish…. me and my big mouth….. she’s jealous again huh…”

    Sooyoung sighed as she slapped her forehead hard for noticing Sunny’s
    jealousy. Then IU came out with Sooyoung’s last order of food.

    “here you go Sgt. Choi… you really like eating and stuffs huh…” IU curiously asked. “Yeah…. Hey… drop the Sgt stuff…. Just call me Sooyoung… I hate formalities…” Sooyoung said as she laughed a bit as IU also did.

    IU became interested in the taller girl’s appetite because due to the
    fact that Sooyoung is eating her fill twice the amount as the men are
    eating, IU is alos curious how Sooyoung managed to stay slim. As the
    both of them became more close both of them are now casually laughing as
    Sooyoung told stories about their adventures, missions, how she met
    Sunny and how they ended up each other and became more than friends.

    As Sooyoung and IU are now friends and casually laughing both of their share of funny stories, Sunny came back.

    “Youngie! Yuri wants to……………”
    Sunny stopped as she saw her Shikshin and IU talking and giggling at
    each other casually. Sunny felt something stung on her heart but decided
    not to show it as Sooyoung turned to look at her still smiling.

    “Yuri wants to talk to us about something…. Come follow me to their room after you finished tal….eating there…”
    Sunny said as she quickly turned around and leave the Cantina quickly.
    Sooyoung on the other hand, know Sunny lika an open book, she knew the
    short girl was jealous but she just laughed.

    “well…IU …. I better get going now since my Bunny is jealous…” Sooyoung said as she took her last bite off from her plate. “you sure can tell what she’s feeling huh?” IU said as she gave a nervous smile.

    “IU … don’t worry about it… my Bunny is just like that… well… gotta get going or else she’ll starve me to death…” Sooyoung said as she waved goodbye to IU and heads off in where Yuri called them.

    Location: TaeNy Room

    “Fany-ah……… talk to me please…… let me explain….” Taeyeon said as she knocked endlessly on their door.

    “go away…..” Taeyeon heard Tiffany’s voice from the other side of the door.

    “Fany-ah….. please…… at least hear me out… I really didn’t mean to say that…..” Taeyeon explained. Silence engulfed both of them but after several minutes, Taeyeon heard the door unlocked and made her smile.

    But as soon Taeyeon got in on their room, her smile disappeared when she saw Tiffany’s stuffs are packed above their bed.

    “F-Fany-ah? W-what are you doing?” Taeyeon asked. “I’m moving out Ta…….Commander….. I’m going to sleep in Hyunnie’s room….” Tiffany said as she carried her pink suitcase. “Fany-ah, don’t do this…….. I’m begging you…..” Taeyeon said as she blocked blocked the doorway in order to prevent Tiffany going out.

    “now you’re begging? Funny…. Last time I did that…… I just received harsh words from you…. now move away…” Tiffany said but Taeyeon didn’t move, instead, she instantly hugged Tiffany and cried.

    “Fany-ah! I don’t want you to go!! Please! Stay here in the room! with me!” Taeyeon now sobs on Tiffany’s shoulders.

    “……. Please get out of
    my way and stop hugging me……Commander Kim Taeyeon…. It’s not proper for
    an Officer and subordinate to be seen like this…. We’re through……”
    Tiffany coldly said.

    Taeyeon was shocked to at Tiffany’s words to her causing her to
    unwrapped her arms around her and dropped on her knees. Taeyeon is now
    crying madly.

    Tiffany saw Taeyeon’s reaction and she felt a sudden pinch in her heart but she kept it in. “Commander Kim… thank you for all the things you’ve done for me… I really appreciate it… if you’ll excuse me…..” with that being said, Taeyeon is now left alone in their room.

    As Tiffany walked towards Seohyun’s room, one person was watching the whole scene. “….. now this where I will step in now…. Taeng… better thank me for this later…” the female voice said as she uncloaked herself. It was Yuri.

    Location: YoonYulSic Room

    Yuri arrived at their room to see Sunny and Jessica talking but Yuri
    noticed another problem, Sunny. Yuri saw Sunny’s expression is somewhat

    “Sica? What's wrong with Sunny?” Yuri asked. “well……. The head cook you bought were being too close to her Shikshin…” Jessica answered.

    “not only that…. it’s like in just a matter of time, they’re like a couple…”
    Sunny added as she wipes away her tears. Seeing Sunny cry like that
    made Yuri and Jessica look at each other and after they do, both of them
    smiled like they’re thinking the same thing, playful revenge. Sunny
    noticed how the couple smiled mischievously at each other.

    “…I don’t like the smile of you guys…..” Sunny nervously said, but the couple just continued to smile.

    “Sunny-ah…. Tell me something……. What do you think Sooyoung loved the most?” Jessica asked. “w-well… first is food…. then me…. then her Banshee unit….. and then……food……” Sunny replied. Jessica and Yuri were stunned.

    “food is her first?” Yuri asked. “nah I was just teasing you guys… of course it’s me…….. until that head cook arrived…” Sunny said as she pouts and Jessica noticed that Sunny’s tone had a jealousy tone.

    “hmmm I know a way…” Jessica said as she grinned and stood up. Sunny looked at Jessica nervously. “Y-Yul? Where is she going?” Sunny asked.

    Yuri didn’t answer but also grinned mischievously. “oooohhh…..kay… you two are freaking me out….” Sunny said.

    Jessica came back with a huge grin plastered on her face and grabbed Sunny’s hand. “Here…” Jessica said as she put something on Sunny’s hand.

    “what is this? A toothpaste?” Sunny asked. “no
    silly….. that’s my Wasabi that I bought back when we’re in Tyrador
    VIII…. Then I added some ripened Jalapeno…. To make it more spicier….
    Just for fun… heheh”
    Jessica explained as she grinned. “yeah… I still remember you tricked me with that when I came back from the Hyperion to here..….” Yuri said and Jessica giggled.

    “I’m sorry Yul… but that’s your punishment for leaving me behind heheh..”
    Jessica replied while still giggling. As they turned to look back at
    Sunny, both of them were surprised because they Sunny with a sinister
    smile plastered on her face.

    “Sica……. I think you’ve just triggered something inside of Sunny…” Yuri said as they’re still giggling.

    Then the door opened and Sooyoung came inside. “Hey Guys! I’m here! Yul! Sica! Sunny bunny!!”
    Sooyoung cheerfully greeted everyone. As soon Sunny heard Sooyoung’s
    voice, she quickly hid the “thing” Jessica gave her and force a toothy

    “So everyone is here?” Yuri asked. “Yul…. Should we get the rest too?” Jessica asked. “No… four of us are fine….” Yuri replied.

    “So what’s this about that you want to talk about Yul?” Sooyoung asked. “Look….
    I know all of you are angry at Taeng…. But at least hear her out… she
    really didn’t mean what she said to Tiffany and earlier ago, before I
    came here, things are getting out of hand between those two…”
    Yuri said.

    “how bad is it Yul?” Jessica asked. “well…. Tiffany moved out from their room and decided to go sleep in Seohyun’s quarters…” Yuri revealed and the three of them are shocked at Tiffany’s decision.

    “Aish…. And I’ve been so hard on her too… earlier ago, she tried to talk to me but I’ve replied with a harsh reply….” Sunny said. “Sunny Bunny….. I know… you’re her best friend right…. Maybe she’s expecting that you’re the last person to understand her…” Sooyoung said as she hugged the shorter girl.

    “so….. are you sure it’s ok that it’s just the four of us to know this? Hyo and the other can help those two reconcile….” Jessica said. “we’re
    fine…. I’ve got a plan and this will require fooling everyone….. trust
    me…. this will work… but first…. We need to get Taeng here….. I need to
    get her permission first…”
    Yuri said.

    “I’ll go get her… it’s the least I can do for her right now….” Sunny said. “Hey! I’m coming with you!” Sooyung said. “No Soo… stay here… let Sunny handle Tae…” Jessica said.

    Location: former TaeNy now Taeyeon’s room

    “Taeng… I’m coming in…”
    Sunny said as she went inside Taeyeon’s room. As Sunny got inside,
    lights are turned off. Sunny turned on the light and her heart shattered
    at Taeyeon’s state. She saw Taeyeon sitting on the corner of room
    staring at the ceiling of her room like a lifeless doll.

    “aigoo…… you’re really hurt of Tiffany’s moving out on you…” Sunny said to herself as she walked closer to Taeyeon. “Taeng?..... look I apologize what I’ve said earlier…… I shouldn’t have been too hard on you….” Sunny said.

    Taeyeon looked at Sunny and didn’t respond. “aigoo…… look. You know me… I can be mad at something sometimes but when said it outloud, then my anger will disappear… “ Sunny said as she sat beside Taeyeon.

    “….it’s over Sunny-ah….. Tiffany left me……. she broke up with me………. I have no reason anymore to go on Sunny…..” Taeyeon said as tears escaped from her eyes. Sunny felt powerless at her best friend.

    “Yul, Sica, Youngie….. better come here… Taeng’s really……. Lifeless…..” Sunny said as she contacted the three and tries to console Taeyeon.

    Several minutes have passed, Yuri, Jessica and Sooyoung arrived to find
    Taeyeon’s lifeless condition. Jessica also sat beside Taeyeon.

    “Tae…. Don’t be like this…. You’ll get your chance….” Jessica said. Taeyeon immediately hugged Jessica. “Sica I’m sorry for the words I’ve said… I didn’t mean it… you’re still my sister right?” Taeyeon said.

    “Of course…babo… I maybe mad at you a while ago but you’re still my dorky sister…” Jessica replied as she smiled at the older girl.

    “Taeng! Tell something from the bottom of your heart……….. do you love Tiffany?” Yuri surprisingly asked.

    “of course I do Yul…… I really do…..” Taeyeon replied without looking at her.

    “do you want her back?” Yuri asked again.

    “of course I do…….. I’d do anything to get her back! I’ll even…. I’ll even forget my revenge and do things her way!” Taeyeon replied.

    “hmmm anything?”
    Yuri asked again but now a mischievous smile is now visible on Yuri’s
    lips which made Jessica, Sunny and Sooyoung worried at Yuri's

    just to get her back……. besides…. Her birthday is coming up…. 2 days
    from now… if possible… I’d like to give her the best birthday gift I
    Taeyeon answered as she buried her face on her hands.

    Hearing Taeyeon’s strong resolve to get Tiffany back confirms Yuri’s
    plan and infact, Taeyeon’s strong resolve is perfect for Yuri’s idea on
    how to get Tiffany back.

    “Y-Yul…. Your smile scares me….”
    Jessica said. Sooyoung and Sunny also looked to see Yuri is walking
    back and forth in front of them while smiling and whispering by herself.

    “uhh… Sica…. I think Yuri flipped or something….” Sooyoung said.

    “Youngie is right….. it’s like too much problems in here made her brain go haywire….” Sunny added.

    “oh shut upyou two will you? I’m sure she’s got a plan….” Jessica said but as she looked at Yuri who suddenly burst out a lughter then smiled. It made the think otherwise. “……………..I think?” Jessica added as she’s now confused at Yuri’s unnatural action.

    “OK! This is perfect! Sica, Sunny, Soo! follow me a bit…” Yuri suddenly called the three of them to explain her plan on getting Tiffany back on Taeyeon’s arms.

    Taeyeon silently looked the four of them go out. “Taeng…. Wait for us in here alright? don’t go anywhere… we’re going to discuss something…” Sunny said. Taeyeon didn’t answer back and infact don’t want to move from her spot, just nodded.

    Location: SSF – Armory

    The four of them entered the armory and luckily, no one is in there, to
    make sure they’re the only ones occupying the Armory, the four of them
    thoroughly checked the whole room until they’re convinced that the room
    is cleared.

    “so… what is it that you want to talk about Yul?” Jessica asked. “I’m planning to get those two reconcile again… and obviously ending at each other arms again.” Yuri replied.

    “But how? You know
    those two are somewhat WAY past beyond repairs….. I mean this is the
    first we’ve seen Tiffany walked out on Taeng…. Never once in our record
    those two ending up like this…”
    Sunny said.

    “Yeah…. The worst fight
    they’ve ever had was Taengoo just spend her time on the Hangar of the
    Hyperion and Tiffany just locked herself in their room…”
    Sooyoung added.

    “yeah Yul… this two
    were right… from my record also, that was the worst fight they’ve ever
    had and it lasted for… how many days is it Sunny-ah?”
    Jessica asked. “almost 4 weeks…” Sunny replied.

    “hmmm…. Don’t worry about it… my plan is perfect…. It’ll work!” Yuri said as she gave them a thumbs-up.

    “if its going to work… then count me in…” Jessica said as she’s also confident in Yuri. “well.. seeing my bestfriend like that, i'll be gladly to help so..… you can count me in also…” Sunny said. “well since my Bunny is in and my bestfriend’s plan.. I’m in!” Sooyoung also said.

    “good… now…… here’s what we’re going to do……. We’re going to kill Taeng” Yuri said plainly.

    “WHAAAT?!!” the three said in unison.

    “Are you Joking Yul?” Jessica asked.

    “Are you out of your mind?” Sooyoung said.

    "do you really want the two of them be separated apart?” Sunny asked.

    Yuri chuckled at them. “hahaha! No silly! Listen first about my plan before you three could react alright?” Yuri said as she explained carefully and stated in every detail about her plan.

    After several careful explanation, the three of them smiled at Yuri’s plan. “that could work Yul!” Sooyoung said.

    “OF COURSE!!” Yuri replied. “I didn’t know you’re this romantic Yul… I could fall inlove with you…” Sunny said as to tease Sooyoung but Jessica reacted. “YAH! Lee Sookyu! She’s mine!” Jessic said as she hugged Yuri tightly which made Sunny laughed.

    “relax Sica… I’m just teasing my Youngie here but instead you’re the one reacted hahaha” Sunny said.

    “So… when should we start?” Sooyoung asked.

    “hmmmm well….. we’ve
    got to make sure… everyone is not going to be suspicious first… so our
    first priority is Taeng….. we should talk to her first…..”
    Yuri said.

    “You know Yul… this is the first time I’ve think of this plan…” Sooyoung said. “yeah I know…. I was planning on using this to my Sica if we ever fought like that…….” Yuri said as she wrapped her arms around Jessica and she earns a slight slap on her arms.

    “YAH! Even if you did
    that to me… I won’t forgive you if you did something… but I would’ve
    liked it Yul if you’ve done that to me also… I never knew my Yul will be
    this romantic….”
    Jessica said as she gave Yuri a kiss on the lips.

    “Geeeez get a room you two….”
    Sunny said as she looked at Sooyoung. As she saw Sooyoung, it made her
    blush at the same time laughed at Sooyoung’s reaction at Yuri and
    Jessica kissing infront of them. Sooyoung stared in awe at the couple
    infront of her then trned to look at Sunny who is also staring at her.

    “I know what you’re thinking Youngie… I’m not in the mood right now…” Sunny said as she secretly teased Sooyoung.

    “oh please Sunny Bunny… just one kiss….” Sooyoung pleaded. “no….. you will have to wait later…” Sunny teasingly replied.

    “I have to get you to eat Sica’s Wasabi for getting close on that Head cook….heheheheh…” Sunny said from her mind.

    “ok now the plan is already set….. Soo…. You’re the expert about flyers… so you’re the one I can ask you to do this…” Yuri said.

    “consider this done Yul…..” Sooyoung replied. “wait a minute Yul…. If it’s expertise.. shouldn’t we be asking Seohyun?” Sunny asked. “Yeah… I never thought of it…” Sooyoung added.

    “we can’t ask her to do
    it….. one, Tiffany is staying with her…. and besides, Seohyun could
    never lie to her umma ....... so it’s a no go… that’s why I’m asking you
    Yuri said. “oh yeah… sorry about that…” Sunny and Sooyoung said. “any more questions?” Yuri asked.

    None of them answered meaning everything is now set. “Good… now it’s time to talk to Taeng….” Yuri said as she all got out of the Armory.

    Location: Taeyeon’s room

    They returned to Taeyeon’s room only to find Taeyeon still sitting in
    the corner like they left her. but to Taeyeon’s surprise, as the four of
    them entered, they were all smiles plastered in their faces.

    “ok… you guys are weird…. Leave me alone… I’m not in the mood to do anything……” Taeyeon said.

    “ really mean it Taeng?” Sunny said. “yeah…. I mean it…” Taeyeon replied.

    “even if it means getting Tiffany back in your arms?” Jessica followed. Hearing Jessica’s words, Taeyeon’s eyes suddenly flared up with full of life.

    “my mushroom will come back to me?” Taeyeon asked and the four of them nodded.

    Seeing the four of them nodded made Taeyeon full of life again. “tell me!! what will I have to do? I’ll do anything just to get her back!!” Taeyeon is now eager than before.

    “Simple Taeng……..” Sooyoung said.

    “What?! What will I have to do?? Tell me!! I’ll really do anything just to get her back!!” Taeyeon now stood up.

    Yuri walked closer and smiled.

    “it’s pretty simple really…….. we will have to kill you…”
    Yuri said it casually as she smiled mischievously along with Jessica,
    Sunny and Sooyoung also smiling in a same manners as Yuri which made
    Taeyeon nervous down right to her bones.

    Episode 28 Completed
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Excited for next episode :D

    Coming Soon

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    Then I'm glad that I helped you a little bit...

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Wooh! SooSun jealousy, TaeNy broke up, and Taeng was going to get killed by her crew members! NICE STORY! *waiting for next episode* xDDDD

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    Episode 29

    “WHAT?!!!?! HELL NO!!” Taeyeon shouted in disbelief as she heard Yuri’s plot. “You want me to be dead for sure?!” she added.

    “let me ask you again Taeng…. You want her back or not? Yuri asked Taeyeon. “of course I do! But not like this!” Taeyeon said.

    Jessica, who is now a hundred percent supportive of Yuri’s plan became
    annoyed at Taeyeon’s answer. “Yul, Sunny-ah, Youngie can the three of
    you step outside first? I’ll talk to my dorky sister first…” Jessica
    said and the three of them stepped outside.

    “Tae…. Look here… Yuri explained to us that things gotten out of hand
    between you and Tiff… you sure you don’t want Yuri’s help?” Jessic
    calmly asked.

    “Sica… I appreciate Yuri’s help…I really do… but what if my mushroom find out that it’s all fake?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Then I’ll send Yuri to the meat grinder and serve to your mushroom
    Tae…” Jessica grinned devilishly. “You know Sica…. I don’t know what
    kind of personality you have…. And you consent to Yuri’s plan thinking
    this plan would be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Taeyeon said.

    “yah! Even if it’s a stupid plan… I’m pretty sure it’s still be
    romantic! and at least she’s still willing to help you with your
    problem…. I can still remember her saying to you that she’ll not help
    you and yet here she is…” Jessica said leaving Taeyeon thinking.

    Outside Taeyeon’s room, Yuri, Sooyoung and Sunny were waiting. “Yul…
    what if Tiffany somewhat discovers that Taeng’s death was fake?” Sunny

    “hmmm I never thought about it…….. because it’s originally my way for
    Sica if we ever argued and ending up like this…… well. I’ll think of
    something…. But for now, we’ll wait for Taeng’s green light.” Yuri said.

    “Green light? What green light are you talking about Yuri?” to their surprise, it was Tiffany who appeared from Yuri’s back.

    Sooyoung, Sunny and Yuri sweated buckets to see Tiffany close to them.

    “T-Tiffany? what are you doing here in front of Taeng’s room?” Sooyoung nervously asked.

    “oh I just forgot something inside… Ta….the Commander inside?”
    Tiffany asked as she quickly tries not to call Taeyeon like she used to.
    Hearing something like that from Tiffany were quite a shock to Sunny
    and Sooyoung except Yuri.

    “Commander? I forgot something inside can I get it?” Tiffany said as she
    knocked. After a few seconds, Jessica and Taeyeon opened the door but
    as soon Taeyeon tries to greet Tiffany, Tiffany avoided Taeyeon’s stare.

    “Commander… I think I forgot my favorite scarf… it’s my remaining
    memento from my umma… don’t worry I’ll be quick.” Tiffany said as she
    walked inside and looked for her scarf. After she finds it, Tiffany just
    gave a quick bow and hurriedly left Taeyeon’s room.

    All of them were stunned except for Taeyeon.

    “……. Tae…. Consider Yuri’s plan….. this is way out of hand……” Jessica
    said. “Soo….. I never know that this IS that bad….” Yuri said. “like
    we’ve said earlier Yul… this is also the first time for all of us to see
    Taengoo and Fany fought like this…. It’s like Fany really severed her
    ties with Taengoo..” Sooyoung explained.

    “Yul………. Alright…… I’ll do it……. even if my mushroom will still get mad at me.. at least I still tried……..” Taeyeon said.

    All of them were surprised at Taeyeon’s decision. “are you sure Taengoo?” Sooyoung asked to make sure about Taeyeon’s decision.

    “I’m pretty sure Youngie….. remember I said earlier that I’ll do anything just to get her back… no matter what…” Taeyeon said.

    “so… what’s your plan Yuri……… what do I have to do to “die”?” Taeyeon hesitantly.

    “Simple Taeng….. we’ll fake a mission which requires that only you is
    suited for that mission… even if Tiffany is avoiding you, she’ll have to
    attend to the bridge to support your “mission”… and to do that… I
    already asked Sica to involve Krystal in this..” Yuri said.

    “Krystal? are you sure? I know she’s still training about being a ghost
    just like you?” Taeyeon said. “well…. I kind of involved Nova in this…
    and told her about my plan…” Yuri replied as she sticks her tongue.

    “aish…. You’re really desperate huh….” Taeyeon said as she looked at Jessica, Sooyoung and Sunny who is just smiling.

    “and you guys were in this right?” Taeyeon asked and the three just
    nodded. “tell me something Yul… and I want to hear this straight from
    your mouth………. What if my mushroom finds out about my “death”? you know
    she’ll go ballistic right?” Taeyeon said.

    “Don’t worry Taeng…… she won’t get mad even if she finds out…. I’ve got a
    trump card…. So are you up to do this?” Yuri aske and Taeyeon just

    “ok here’s what you’ll gonna do first…. Make a video message… try to
    make it realistic like your video message is like your last will…. Or
    something and you better make you’re your message are coming from the
    bottom of your heart!” Yuri said.

    “…you’re cheesy Yul….you know that?...” Taeyeon said as she gave them a
    faint smile which also made Jessica smile. “come one noe you three…
    better leave Tae for a while whie she records her message…. Now out OUT
    OUT!!!” Jessica said as she playfully pushed everyone out and shuts the
    door behind her.

    “Tae…. Call us if you’re done alright? Jessica said as she they go into
    their separate ways. Jessica and Yuri went to their room and Sooyoung,
    as usual went to the Cantina which made Sunny’s expression go sour for a
    while abd as she remembers about the thing in her pocket, Sunny smiled
    devilishly. “youngie…. Be prepared heheheh….” Sunny said as she heads to
    her room in order to prepare for her own plan.

    Location: Seohyun’s quarters

    “Mianhe Hyunnie….. I barged in to your quarters…… it’s just I’m just too
    hurt about what Tae-Tae said….” Tiffany said as she say sorry to

    “not at all Tiffany umma…. But do you still love Taeyeon appa?” Seohyun
    asked. Tiffany didn’t answered and just lowered her head down.

    “umma….. you should just give Taeyeon appa a chance… a while ago, she’s
    really down when she met our mercenaries…. Although she put up a strong
    front, after she dismissed them, she felt so lifeless…” Seohyun
    explained. “And she really look lost in thought about where to start
    apologizing to you…” she added.

    “Seohyun-ah…. I still do love your dorky appa….but it hurts me that she
    had to say those words like I’m going to turn around on all of you….
    even though I’ve been raised by Mengsk… he’s not my father…. He gave me
    everything except for one thing…. Love…. And I found it on Tae-Tae…”
    Tiffany said as she sobs.

    “Hyunnie…why is Tiffany unnie crying? Did Taeyeon unnie hurt her?” Yoona
    innocently asked as she surprised Tiffany and Seohyun inside the room
    as she’s hiding beside Seohyun’s bed like a kid and immediately stood up
    just to surprise them.

    “YOONGIE!! You scared me and Tiffany umma!” Seohyun said as she’s really
    surprised while Tiffany somewhat chuckled a Yoona’s antics.

    “Yoong come here you little rascal…” Tiffany called Yoona. as Yoona got
    closer to Tiffany she hugged the younger girl. “Yoongie… your Taeyeon
    unnie did not hurt me again… I’m just…….. tired….. look Yoong… thank you
    for keeping Hyunnie with you always..” Tiffany said as she eye smiled
    Yoona while patting the younger girl’s head. Yoona just smile.

    “OF COURSE!! I like Hyunnie!!” Yoona chodingly blurted out which made Tiffany chuckle and Seohyun blush madly.

    “aww~~ you’re cute Yoong… but… don’t you mean you LOVE Hyunnie?” Tiffany said as she gave Yoona another eye smile.

    “well… eerrr… yeah I… i….. lo…lov….lo…..LIKE her!!! yeah! I LIKE HYUNNIE!!! Forever!!” Yoona said as she smiles again.

    Seeing Yoona’s kiddie like traits made Tiffany laugh while Seohyun just
    smiled while still blushing madly. Tiffany and Seohyun knew the reason
    why Yoona is like that because of Yoona’s condition.

    “Seohyun-ah….. I’m quite amazed how you can keep up with Im Choding like
    this…” Tiffany whispered towards Seohyun as she watched Yoona snuggles
    up in Seohyun’s bed and rested her head on Seohyun’s lap.

    Seohyun looked at Yoona who is like a kid taking a nap and gently
    brushed Yoona’s hair with her fingers. “Tiffany umma…. I love Yoongie….
    Despite of her choding attitude…. When she came to my rescue, I know she
    has a big heart and her heart right now is too fragile… I don’t want to
    break her heart, umma…..” Seoyun said while she smiled at Yoona’s
    sleeping expression and stared at her with a warm affection.

    But their moment of conversation were interrupted by a notice. Seohyun
    reached for her console which is place beside f her bed. “Adjutant,
    report!” Corporal, the Commander need your presence here in the bridge
    immediately.” The Adjutant said.

    “be there in 5…” Seohyun said as she looke at Tiffany. “umma? Are you coming?” Seohyun asked.

    “….i’d better not…. but thanks for the invite… I’ll just stay here and
    watch your Yoona…” Tiffany said and Seohyun just nodded and went towards
    the bridge.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    Seohyun arrived in the bridge to find Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon. “Unnies! Taeyeon appa? what is it?” Seohyun asked.

    “Seohyun-ah…. I’ve received a distress call from an unknown planet…. Its origin is still unknown..” Hyoyeon asked.

    “Hyo unnie.. is there any chance for survivors?” Seohyun asked.

    “right now we’re still waiting for any confirmation….” Taeyeon said. as
    Seohyun was going to ask anymore, she noticed Yuri’s right arm are
    encased with a cast.

    “Yuri unnie? what happened to your arm?” Seohyun asks. “oh this? Uuhh..
    yeah..uuuhm.. well……..m-my arms …is………… broken! Yeah it’s broken. I kind
    of slip from our bathroom although Sica healed the bruise… broken
    bones.. it’ll take time to heal …. Yeah?” Yuri replied almost stuttering
    her words.

    Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Taeyeon face palmed them selves in unison.


    “You know Yul… I also feel it’s going to work…. So I’ll agree with you on this…” Taeyeon said as she now fully understand Yuri’s plan.

    “Oh and one more thing… are you alright that you have to bear on not seeing Tiffany in two days?...”
    Yuri said and Taeyeon fell silent. She was not expecting this part of
    Yuri’s plan. Taeyeon loved Tiffany more than a second that she wanted to
    be in cinstant contact with but this time, it’s different. Taeyeon’s
    mind is on debate right whether to back out or go through. The thought
    ot not contacting Tiffany or seeing her is starting to weight haveilly
    on her until Jessica called her attention.

    “TAE! Just think of this! Af ter this is over, Tiffany will be back in your arms…… just bear with it for two days.” Jessica said.

    “I don’t know if I can do it but…. I’ll try….” Taeyeon said.

    Then all of a sudden another voice came from the door of Taeyeon’s room. “I figured you guys were up to something………. So? I’m in… is there any chance I can take a part too?” it was Hyoyeon.

    “H-Hyo! How’d you get in here? I thought we locked Taeng’s door!” Sunny said.

    “Sunny-ah…. You must be forgetting…. Hyo is skilled in hacking…..” Taeyeon said and Hyoyeon smiled.

    “come on! This sounds fun! I want to take part too!” Hyoyeon eagerly asked. Yuri looked at Hyoyeon for a second as she thinks of something while she starts to talk to herself.

    “uh-oh… here goes my seobang again…. In her own world…”
    Jessica said as all fo them looked at Yuri talking to herself for a
    about a minute then she gestured like she already have an idea for

    “Hyo! Since you’re genious in Hacking… can you at least
    hack in Taeng’s console? I want you to make a recording like Taeng’s in a
    distress or like taking a hit and then you will do something like
    instantly cutting off her video feed leaving her screen blank and full
    of static.”
    Yuri said.

    “piece of cake! You know h aven’t actually heard all of
    the details but I’m getting excited already.. now come with me in the
    Hangar Taeng…. We need at least the background more to be realistic…”
    Hyoyeon said as both of them walked towards the Hangar to start Hyoyeon’s assignment.

    “Krys! You hear your Yuri unnie’s plan? The air unit
    Tae’s going to use… you guys are free to shoot it without worries! Tae’s
    not going to be in there.”
    Jessica said to Krystal through her comm.-link. “ok Unnie, Victoria unnie noted that as well and preparing from Sulli unnie’s gear as we are now heading to her position.” Krystal said.


    As Yuri explained, Seohyun understood which made Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and
    Taeyeon sighed in relief, they almost thought their plan was going to be
    blown at Yuri’s stuttering excuses.

    “alright…….. then I’ll go instead. Taeyeon appa can’t afford to….” As
    Seohyun were suggesting her sortie Taeyeon stopped her. “No Hyunnie, as a
    Commander, I’m going in there alone… and besides, I can’t pilot a
    battle cruiser… so you’re staying here.” Taeyeon said.

    “let me help you on this one Commander Kim.” A familiar voice talked from taeyeon’s back and as she trned around it was Tiffany.

    “F-Fany-ah! I can’t afford for you to be hurt! I consider this a
    dangerous mission since we still don’t know the threat level of this
    unknown planet!” Taeyeon said.

    “and leave you there to be hurt? I’m not going to stand by…. I’ll go
    prepare my Medivac Commander..” Tiffany said as she dashed out and head
    towards the Hangar. Yuri, Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon were
    dumbfounded, they never expected that Tiffany also decided to
    participate in this since they only know that Tiffany will be avoiding
    Taeyeon at any all costs.

    << Flashback>>

    “Yul… you know you’re more suited for a solo mission than Taengoo….” Sooyoung said. “yeah… it’s not like they’re going to buy that you “have-a-bad-feeling-on-this-one” thing…” Sunny added.

    “don’t worry I got it covered….” Yuri said as she
    asked Jessica to reveal something for them. Jessica retured and brought
    an arm cast which made Sunny and Sooyoung laughed hard.

    “Yul.. you really are enjoying this aren’t you? hahaha
    even Sica is game on this? you’re going to fake that you have a broken
    Sooyoung said. “of course!! I want this to be successful no matter what! Sica also already made a false medical report about my broken arm!” Yuri replied as she wrapped her arms around Jessica’s waist.

    Just then Taeyeon and Hyoyeon arrived back from the Hangar and noticed Hyoyeon is crying. “Hyo? What’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

    “It’s Taeng… she made me cry… I was very touched at Taeng’s words…”
    Hyoyeon replied as she sniffed. Everyone looked at Taeyeon and noticed
    Taeyeon’s expression is somewhat slightly brighter than before, they all
    knew Taeyeon is really willing to take Tiffany back no matter what.

    “I’ll watch that video later when Tiffany watches it
    Taeng… seeing Hyo cry like that… got us curious…. I get the feeling I
    might fall inlove with you Taeng!”
    Yuri playfully blurted out.

    “YAH! I’m still here Kwon Seobang!!” Jessica shouted as she hits Yuri’s arm playfully.

    “Alright… Appa… be careful out there…. Even though Tiffany umma is
    avoiding you… she still loves you..” Seohyun said as she watched them
    all go out. “Seohyun-ah…… thank you….” Taeyeon said a she gave Seohyun a
    tight hug and lets out a tear which Seohyun noticed.

    “Appa……..” Seohyun could only mutter as she watch Taeyeon disappear from her sight.

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    “Taeng’s really into this….” Hyoyeon whispered to Yuri. “what make makes say that?” Yuri also replied in a whispered tone.

    “before she left the bridge, she hugged Seohyun and teared up….” Hyoyeon said as she giggles.

    “yah… I can hear you two…. You know?” Taeyeon said as she gave a smile.

    As they got inside the Hangar they saw Tiffany fully prepped up and
    ready to go. “Fany-ah… all you have to do is drop me on that planet.
    I’ll contact you when I need a pick up..” Taeyeon said to Tiffany.

    “roger that Commander….. starting up turbine….. ready to launch…”
    Tiffany said as she undocked her Medivac in order to deliver Taeyeon
    into an unknown planet they just discovered.

    “Fany-ah… return to the SSF… I’ll contact you… you hear?” Taeyeon said.
    “copy that Commander..” Tiffany said as she got off from the Medivac.

    Hyoyeon, Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung and Sunny heard all of the conversation
    between Taeyeon and Tiffany thanks to Hyoyeon’s hacking ability, she
    managed to tap on their line.

    “Alright Hyo…. Do your thing….” Yuri said as Hyoyeon activate the
    jamming signal to Taeyeon’s video feed, allowing only them to see what
    is Taeyeon doing on the other hand, preventing Tiffany and Seohyun to
    observe what is on Taeyeon’s video feed.

    “Hyunnie… are getting all this?” Taeyeon asks as she just hand pick a
    bouquet of pink roses. “I’m sorry Taeyeon appa…. I’m not getting
    anything on your video feed… we’re completely blind here…. Becareful
    appa…” Seohyun said.

    As they heard Seohyun’s remark, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung and
    Hyoyeon holds their laughter as they know everything is going according
    to plan.

    And after several minutes, Tiffany arrived back to the SSF and joins
    Seohyun on the bridge. The five of them noticed that even though Tiffany
    is avoiding Taeyeon, they still noticed how worried Tiffany was as
    Tiffany and Seohyun could only hear Taeyeon’s voice.

    “Taeng… I think that’s enough bouquet…. Listen, Victoria said they
    prepared a ship that’s near your location….. here’s the coordinate…”
    Hyoyeon whispered as she send the data coordinate to Taeyeon to walk
    towards the Shuttle that Victoria left.

    “Hyo… I think you should activate the “zerg attack” now… Tae… be
    ready…..” Jessica said as she whispered to both Taeyeon and Hyoyeon.

    “activating in 5…..4……3……2……1…..and…… your thing Taeng..” Hyoyeon
    said as she pressed a button on her console at the sound of a “zerg
    attack” can be heard from the bridge’s comm.-link. Seohyun and Tiffany
    became worried.

    As the “zerg attack” were undoubtedly “real”, Taeyeon made it even
    realistic as she curse some words while firing back at nothing but in
    reality, Taeyeon is just sitting calmly and just shooting at nothing.

    “wow…. Taeng can sure act huh…” Sunny said which made her burst in giggles.

    “APPA! APPA! REPORT!!! SITREP!!” Seohyun shouted as Tiffany is preparing to run back to the Hangar.

    “dammit!! There’s too many of them!!” Taeyeon said as she just fires at ABSOLUTELY nothing

    “Tae-Tae!!” due to Tiffany’s worry, she unconsciously called Taeyeon like she used to and as she starts to head to the Hangar.

    “Tae… Tiffany’s heading to the Hangar!! Quick say something to make her stop!” Jessica said as she whispered.

    “Hold on… I found a shuttle here and it seems usable… Fany-ah… don’t
    just go yet…. I’ll try using this shuttle!” Taeyeon said. Even though
    worried Tiffany heed Taeyeon’s words and stayed beside Seohyun.

    “Krys…. Time for plan B… your turn is up now…. did you victoria unnie received Sunny’s remote codes?” Jessica asked.

    “Sure unnie…. Taeyeon unnie is now boarding on our f(x) ship now….” Krystal said from her comm.-link.

    “Luna! Activate the remote data now!!” Victoria’s voice can be heard
    from the other line. “Yuri-ssi… the unmanned shuttle is now approaching
    the space…. Your turn is up…” Victoria said from the other line.

    “good…. Hyo…. Activate the video feed…” Yuri said. “activating……done.”
    Hyoyeon said as she activated the video feed they made earlier and
    Taeyeon’s image suddenly showed up on the screen. In order to make it
    real, Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Jessica starts their acting as
    the “worriedly” ran up to the bridge.

    “every… I’m on my……….ay…. back t…….he…..SF….” Taeyeon’s video feed
    is somewhat having a problem communicating into a clearer feed.

    “Krys…. Tell your Victoria unnie to execute the plan C…. “dominion”
    chase mode!” Jessica said and krystal reminded Victoria. “Sulli! Amber!
    You know what to do!!” Victoria said from the other line.

    On the SSF Bridge, another alarm sets off and shows two pursuers from
    the “Dominion” and chasing the shuttle that “Taeyeon” used to escape.

    Tiffany watched worriedly at the shuttle as all of them saw the
    “dominion” ships is firing at the shuttle, just int time for Taeyeon’s
    recording as the shuttle is taking hits the video is becoming more and
    more distorted.

    “Hyo… try to boost the signal a bit to make the video do a clear feed in
    order to see Taeng’s video feed.” Yuri said as she whispered to

    “F-fany-ah….. it looks like I’m not going to make it…..*sparks fly in
    front of Taeyeon’s face* the ship is taking too much damage….*another
    sparks fly again*… Fany-ah……… listen…….. even if you don’t love me
    anymore………..*sparks* my love for you never wavered…….. *sparks sparks* I
    love you….my mushroom…….” And all of them saw an explosion engulfed
    Taeyeon’s face on the video feed at the same time, Sulli’s cue on
    hitting the unmanned shuttle are in exact time as the shuttle exploded.

    Tiffany was stunned. She couldn’t believe right in front of her eyes,
    Taeyeon disappeared just like that. “T-tae-tae?….. Tae-Tae?
    TAE-TAEEEEEEEEEE?!” Tiffany shouted as her tears are now dropping like a
    faucet and she dropped on her knees. Seohyun also cried.

    “I’m sorry for leaving you like that…..Tae-Tae….. I’m sorry… I also
    still love you! Tae-Tae……” Tiffany cried and cried and Yuri and Jessica
    left the bridge.

    “Y-Yul… I’m kind of feeling guilty right now… I never imagined Tiffany’s
    expression is like this….” Jessica said. “I know Sica…. I also felt
    guilty too but…. We have to press on….. look if all else fails and
    Tiffany discovered… I’ll be gladly admit that I planned this all along.
    I’ll take all the blame…” Yuri said as she hugged Jessica.

    “Umma…Appa? why is Hyunnie and Tiffany unnie crying?” Yuri and Jessica were startled to hear Yoona’s voice behind them.

    “Yoong! Your Taeyeon unnie is gone….” Yuri said as she continued to act.
    “……appa……. don’t try to trick me… I can still feel Taeyeon unnie’s life
    force…. Just like I felt Hyunnie’s life force back then…” Yoona pouted.

    Feeling cornered, Jessica and Yuri took Yoona in their room and
    discussed everything to Yoona. as Yoona heard the event, Yoona smiled.
    “ahahaha I never knew Yuri appa is the father of cheesyness! But
    alright… I’ll keep my mouth shut..” Yonna said as she giggles.

    “actually appa…. I’m kind of worried when Tiffany umma decided to stay
    in Hyunnie’s room because I felt some sadness between Taeyeon unnie and
    Tiffany unnie…” Yoona added.

    “but you know appa……… I kind of understand your plan between them
    though…” Yoona said “I feel like this plan of yours is like they will
    have to know how important is their love for each other… I know this
    will be a good wake up call for them…” Yoona added which made Yuri and
    Jessica stunned. They didn’t expect Yoona to say something like this.

    Location: f(x) ship

    “Commander Kim? Are you sure you’re alright with this?” Victoria asked
    Taeyeon. “yeah…. I’ll do anything just to get my mushroom back…..”
    Taeyeon replied in a sad tone.

    “Taeyeon unnie… don’t be sad…. I know this will work!” Krystal encouraged Taeyeon. “Thanks Krystal….” Taeyeon said.

    “oh by the way… what exactly did you do back there?” Victoria asked.
    Taeyeon didn’t answer but just pulled some metal box and opened it.

    “this is what I dod back there…” Taeyeon said as she bought out a neatly
    tied bouquet of pink roses. “my mushroom like pink… and I figured she’d
    like this…. And I was planning on giving this on her birthday…” Taeyeon
    explained. Krystal and Victoria were awed at Taeyeon’s resolve for
    getting Tiffany back.

    “wow….. wel.. I’ll pray for your goodluck Commander….i know you can do it…hwaiting!” Victoria said.

    “Taeyeon unnie… I know you’re tired so please just rest in my place…..” Krystal said as she offers her bed to Taeyeon.

    “oh thanks Krys…… but where will you sleep?” Taeyeon asked. “I can
    always sleep with Amber” Krystal said as she fidgets her finger and
    blushed madly. Taeyeon noticed.

    “hmmmm? Did your sister knew about this?” Taeyeon teased Krystal. Krystal didn’t answer but just smiled at Taeyeon.

    Location: SSF – Taeyeon’s room

    Feeling helpless and powerless, Tiffany unconsciously walked towards
    Taeyeon’s room. upon entering, she saw some of Taeyeon’s pictures posing
    on some wacky pose and some serious posing. But one picture caught
    Tiffany’s attention. It was their picture together and Taeyeon managed
    it print it into a life size a picture of her and Taeyeon hugging each
    other when the first time Taeyeon captures her heart.

    Tiffany burst in tears as soon she saw that picture hanging on Taeyeon’s
    room. “Tae-Tae.. if there’s a chance I can ever see you and hold you
    again.. I’ll never leave you again n matter what…..” Tiffany said as she
    buries her face of Taeyeon’s bed where they both used to sleep all the
    time together.

    As Tiffany buried her face on the bed, she could smell Taeyeon’s scent
    and makes her want to see the older girl again but in her mind she knew
    it would never happen as she really saw right in front of her eyes that
    the ship blew along with Taeyeon in it.

    “Tae-Tae………….” Tiffany cried again until she cried in her sleep over on Taeyeon’s bed.

    As Tiffany was too tired and felt drained, Tiffany didn’t noticed or
    felt that someone snucked in Taeyeon’s room, it was Yuri, and quietly
    put a box beside the bed.

    Several minutes have passed, Tiffany woke up hoping the nightmare of
    losing Taeyeon was just a dream but as she tried to scan the bed with
    her arms, hoping the shorter girl was there, she touched nothing but the

    As Tiffany sat up, she noticed the box beside the bed. she reached out
    for it and saw the label of the box “to my one and only Mushroom.”

    Tiffany smiled a bit and as she opened the box. She saw Taeyeon’s
    console and black small box. Curious enough she opened the black box and
    to Tiffany’s surprise, she’s speechless at the content of the black

    Tears now runs again on her cheeks as she smiled. “Tae-Tae…………”

    Episode 29 Complete

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    WOOH! FATHER OF CHEESYNESS. \m/ GREAT IDEA! xDDD I wonder if Tiffany found out that it was all FAKE?! COMING SOON. HAHAHA!

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    Episode 30

    >>>Click here for Taeyeon's background music message<<<

    As Tiffany opened the small black box, it contained a necklace with engravings “TaeNy” along with a small note with with saying “My Mushroom…. Happy birthday…”

    “Oh…Tae-Tae…. It pains
    me that I have to leave you like that but… I did that just to prove my
    point….. I don’t want you to take the path of revenge……. I just want my
    old dorky, byun and loveable Tae-Tae back….”
    Tiffany said as she cried.

    Then Tiffany saw the Taeyeon’s console with the note “Mushroom” Tiffany gently grabbed it and pressed Taeyeon’s console.

    As Tiffany accessed Taeyeon’s console, she scanned all of Taeyeon’s files and saw nothing but pictures of her and Taeyeon.

    As Tiffany is slowly browsing Taeyeon’s files, one file caught her
    attention. Curious enough, Tiffany opened the file and it shows a video

    As the Video played, Tiffany noticed the background. It’s the same room where she was in, Taeyeon’s room.

    “Fany-ah………. You have opened my video message for you…. it means… I’m not by your side anymore…”
    Taeyeon said in the message. Tears escaped from Tiffany’s eyes. Seeing
    Taeyeon again even in video message, Tiffany feels the urge to hug the
    older girl.

    “Fany-ah…. I have to tell you something…..” Taeyeon said in the video.

    “I know I’ve been a fool
    for telling all those words and I know I’ve hurt you so much by saying
    those words and even accusing you like that…. you don’t deserve such
    words…. And for that…. I’m sorry……”
    Tiffany saw Taeyeon’s heartfelt message as she noticed how sad Taeyeon is from the video.

    “Mushroom……… it really
    pains me to see you crying……… but if it makes you at ease without me at
    your side…. I’ll be gladly give you your freedom…”
    Taeyeon said as a tears is visible on the video.

    “Tae-Tae… that’s not
    true….. I wanted to be with you….. I don’t want you to leave my side….. I
    really love you Tae-Tae… I really do….”
    Tiffany said as if she’s really talking to Taeyeon.

    “Fany-ah……… along with this
    video contains my birthday gift for you….. but it seems it’s impossible
    for me to give to you personally…. I just… I just want us to make it
    work again…….. I miss my mushroom who is always by my side since “THAT”
    Taeyeon said in the video smiling. Little did
    Tiffany know, Yuri is in the room with her, cloaked and observing what
    is Taeyeon’s message and Tiffany’s reaction.

    “Fany-ah…….. If I were to
    make a wish…. I wish I was a kid…. So that whenever I make mistakes… you
    could always scold me and I’ll instantly shut up and obey your words….”
    Taeyeon said as she smiled and wpied her tears from the video. Tiffany smiled.

    “you don’t have to Tae-Tae…. You’re still a kid…. A kid leader……. That’s why I love you Tae-Tae…” Tiffany said.

    “Fany-ah…… always
    remember…. Even when I’m not around… I hope you’ll always take care of
    yourself Fany-ah….. ever since the day I met you…. till I die…. I’ll
    never stop loving you… because you’re my one and only mushroom…. My only
    love…. My only Tiffany Hwang… I love you…”
    and with that Taeyeon’s video message ended.

    Tiffany was left there still staring at emptiness but she is now crying
    again her heart out. Tiffany felt the need for the older girl again.
    Yuri who is observing Tiffany walked out of the room.


    As Yuri walked the hallway of the SSF, Yuri also noticed that Taeyeon’s
    “death” spreads like a wildfire as some of the crew members were sad and
    crying and thus made Yuri decides to change her plan.

    “Sica, Soo, Sun, Hyo ….. if you guys got my message, meet me at the armory… there’s a change of plan…” Yuri send the message with a smile on her lips.

    Location: SSF –Armory

    Yuri arrived at the armory and made sure no one is there. “area clear….. now all the is left is to wait…” Yuri feeling lonely alone in the armory decided to take a nap.

    Several minutes, Yuri was woken up by feeling something was pressed
    against her lips. She opened her eyes and saw Jessica kissing her.

    “yah! I should be the one doing that Sica!” Yuri said as she smiled. “heheh….
    Aww.. come on Yuri… it’s a good change for once… I mean you’re the
    first one kissing me to wake me up.. I just want you to feel how I feel
    when you’re kissing me just to wake up..”
    Jessica said as she smiled at Yuri.

    “so.. how did it feel?” Jessica asked. “I don’t like it Sica……”
    Yuri replied which made Jessica glared at her. but before Jessica could
    shout at Yuri for the answer she didn’t expect, Yuri smiled and

    “I don’t like it Sica….because I loved every seconds of it…”
    Yuri said as she pulls Jessica and landed a kiss on Jessica’s lips.
    Both of them felt each other passion when someone interrupted them.

    “EHEM!” a voice alarmed them. Jessica and Yuri looked and saw Hyoyeon along with Nicole blushing at what she witnessed.

    “H-Hi… Yuri-ssi… Jessica-ssi….” Nicole nervously greeted the couple. Seeing Nicole’s awkwrd action made them smirk.

    “hi Nicole… come inside come in come in..” Jessica happily tugged Nicole’s hand which made Hyoyeon surprised.

    “this is new…. Jessica becoming close to my Nicole?........wait………. did I just say that to my brain? “my Nicole?” ….aish…” Hyoyeon thought for herself.

    “So….. how are things out there Nicole?” Jessica asked. “well…everyone is down due to the news our Commander is dead………” Nicole answer as she frowned. Yuri and Jessica knew Taeyeon’s impact to all of the crew.

    “I’m sad to hear that but……. What would you do if you first hand hear Tae is still alive?” Jessica said which caused Hyoyeon to be surprised. Hyoyeon went to Yuri’s side and nudged Yuri with her elbow.

    “Hey Yul! Are you sure you want Nicole in this? I mean she sometimes saying things like she she supposed to!”
    Hyoyeon whispered. Yuri didn’t answer but just smiled. Yuri knew how
    Jessica can talk as she see Nicole is now smiling brightly.

    “Hyo……. Look at your Nicole…noticed she’s smiling brightly?” Yuri said. Hyoyeon looked at Nicole who is now happily clapping like a sealion and Jessica smiling at Nicole.

    “yeah… Nicole…..ooops!”
    Hyoyeon immediately covered her mouth as she slipped her words which
    made Yuri and Jessica smiled sheepishly while Nicole blushing madly
    after she heard what Hyoyeon called her.

    “Aish….i guess there’s no hiding it huh? Yeah… we’ve been together for quite some time….” Hyoyeon said as she sat beside Nicole and puts her arms around Nicole and Nicole just smiled as she rested her head on Hyoyeon.

    “haha figures Hyo…” another voice came from the armory door. It was Sunny. “Sunny-ssi?” Nicole called and Sunny just smiled.

    “you see…. I’ve been observing you two” Sunny smiled “and
    I can clearly say… you two are inseparable…. Or a tandem for each
    other…. like nuts and bolts, pencil and paper, honey and bee, pork and
    Sunny said as Nicole and Hyoyoen just silently smiled.

    “and that last part made me hungry my Bunny…pork and beans…. Mmmmm yummy…” Sooyoung appeared from the door and closing it.

    “Now everyone is here… shall we start?” Yuri said. alof them nodded.

    “ok I’m sure you
    received my message that there’s a change of plan right? It’s a simple
    change really………. We will have to inform the entire crew except for
    Tiffany….. I’m pretty sure that everyone knows what happened between
    them right? But I know all of the crew wanted them to be together…”
    Yuri explained.

    “wait! Why this now? what made you change your plan?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “I saw Taeyeon’s video
    heartfelt message to Tiffany a while ago and Tiffany was so broken….
    Then when I finished watching that video message I wanted to think of
    something… and that’s when I noticed, the entire crew is down… and the
    atmosphere doesn’t sit right… so in order to be successfully surprising
    Tiffany, I need to lift the crews spirit somehow…”
    Yuri said.

    After hearing Yuri’s explanation the rest of them gathered and talked
    about Yuri’s change of plan. And then after several murmurs, they went
    back to face Yuri.

    “one question…. What
    about Seohyun? You know she’s a bad liar since she totally can’t lie to
    Tiffany..” Sooyoung asked. “I’ll let Yoona handle that….”
    Yuri said as she smirked.

    “ok…. So when do we tell to all the crew?” Jessica asked.

    “for me as soon as
    possible… but don’t act suspiciously…. Oh and also don’t tell Seohyun…
    that is why I have Yoona for that.. hehehehe”
    Yuri lets out a cheeky laugh.

    “Sica….. why am I starting to get to know the real Yuri?” Sunny asked which made the rest of them took interest at Sunny’s question.

    “huh? What do you mean?” Jessica asked.

    “well… I remember her
    for the first time… she’s so serious and some sort of swift and
    efficient working type… but now? all I see is a Kkab-Yul…. Did you do
    something to her?”
    Sunny asked and Jessica just smiled at the thought.

    “let’s just leave it like that Sunny….” Jessica replied as she smiled.

    “ok…..Tiffany’s birthday is tomorrow so I guess we should start talking to the crew… everyone on me?” Yuri asked and all of them nodded.

    “I’ll go to the Lab..” Hyoyeon said. “I’ll go with Hyoyeon” Nicole said as she wraps her arm at Hyoyeon’s arm and both of them walked out.

    “….those two…… the only thing left between them is a pack of ants…” Sunny commented which made them laugh.

    “alright… I’ll head to the hangar…” Sunny said. “right! I’ll go…..” Sooyoung talked and as Sunny was expecting that Sooyoung will also go with her Sooyoung’s next word made her disappointed.

    “right! I’ll go to the Cantina….. heheh” Sooyoung said unknowingly to her, Sunny is furious inside. Sunny didn’t say a word and stomped out of the armory.

    “What? what the heck happened to her?” Sooyoung asked as she looked at Jessica and Yuri shook their heads in disappointment.

    “Soo…….. Sunny was expecting you to come with her like Nicole did for Hyoyeon…. but instead you always think of food first….” Yuri said and Sooyoung panicked.

    “OH SH*T!! SUNNY-AH!! WAIT UP!! HEEEEY! I’M JUST KIDDING!! ” Sooyoung immediately followed suit Sunny and in a matter of seconds Yuri and Jessica was left alone in the armory.

    “ok Yul… I guess I’ll head to…MPFF!!”
    Jessica’s words were cut off as Yuri’s lips instantly landed on hers.
    They share a passionate kiss and decided to break their kiss as they
    gasp for air.

    “my Yuri is aggressive today… what happened to you?” Jesica said as she fixed herself. “Nothing… I just missed you Sica… and this maybe the last time I’ll kiss you like this…” Yuri said.

    As Jessica was going to get angry, she stopped as she noticed Yuri’s
    expression is dark and gloomy. Worry is now visible to Jessica’s face.

    “did something happened to my Seobang?” Jessica worriedly ask as he cupped Yuri’s sad face.

    “after Taeng and Fany reconciles….. I’m going to die….” Yuri said as she frowned. Jessica sat again beside Yuri trying to cheer her up.

    “Yuri…. talk to me….. what’s bugging you now…” Jessica asked.

    “after all this and Tiffany discovers this is my plan………… I might unleash a devil side of Tiffany…” Yuri said as she puts up a pouting face to Jessica and Jessica just laughed.

    “hahahaha Don’t worry
    my seobang…. That won’t happen… I’ll back you up…. I won’t throw you
    under bus….. instead… I’ll throw you in a meat grinder then serve you to
    Tiffany heheh”
    Jessica joked as she kissed Yuri again then Jessica stopped.

    “wait a minute…. Yah Kwon Yuri! you cheesy seobang!! You made me believe Tiffany will kill you so you can get a kiss from me!!!” Jessica said as she playfully hits Yuri on her arm and Yuri just smiled.

    “hehehe got yah!! But I know you liked it a while ago right?” Yuri said as she gently trapped Jessica against the wall and pressed her body against Jessica.

    And as Yuri is going on for the kiss, Krystal contacted Jessica. “Unnie! tomorrow’s Tiffany unnie’s birthday what’s the plan? Taeyeon unnie is asking when she’ll return there?”

    Jessica didn’t answer but instead lets out a heavy grunt. “…ooops… did I caught you in a bad timing unnie? heheheheh” Krystal teased.

    “just message me back after you’re done on what ever you’re doing hehehe” Krystal said as she cuts off her line.

    Yuri and Jessica just looked at each ither and giggled. “yah Yul… even my sister knows now what we’re doing…” Jessica said as she chuckles.

    “Yeah….. well… let’s
    continue after Taeng and Fany reconcile. And send a message to your
    sister to tell them to come aboard but Taeng should hide….”

    Yuri said and Jessica nodded. After Jessica sent a message, both of the
    initiated on passing the info and even instructing Yoona on what to do
    about Seohyun. And all of them decided to rest .

    Location: Seohyun’s room

    A day have passed, in older times speaking, Seohyun woke up only to find
    Yoona snuggling close her. seeing Yoona sleeping face upclose made
    Seohyun smile as she trace Yoona’s peaceful face with her eyes. Seohyun
    couldn’t help but brush Yoona’s hair with her hands.

    As if somewhat Yoona felt Seohyun’s care, the Choding snuggles in closer, tightening her embrace to the younger girl.

    Seohyun could only call Yoona’s name but as she scans her room, Tiffany
    is not with them. To make much clearer, there’s not even a trace
    indicating Tiffany went inside her room as the bed she provided were
    still neatly fixed.

    “Umma….” Seohyun is now worried at Tiffany.
    but as Seohyun is going to look for Tiffany, Yoona woke up and embraced
    Seohyun down on the bed. “Hyunnie…. I have something to tell you…” Yoona said as she smiled.

    Location: Taeyeon’s room

    Tiffany woke up only to find herself she fall asleep in Taeyeon’s room.
    as she got up, she notice that she’s still holding Taeyeon’s small note
    saying “ My Mushroom…. Happy Birthday…”

    That’s when Tiffany remembers it is her Birthday today. But even if its
    her birthday, Tiffany is not happy. Because this is the first she will
    be celebrating her birthday without Taeyeon.

    “Tae-Tae….. if only wishes can come true….. I wish for you to come back to me….” Tiffany said.

    Without nothing to do, Tiffany grabbed the small black box containing the necklace and aimlessly walked out of Taeyeon’s room.

    Location: SSF

    As she walked aimlessly, her feet dragged her into the hallways of the
    ship. Tiffany walked along the hallway and noticed everything is
    completely dark and quiet. As there’s not a single person is in there.
    The only light that shines in there was dim light caused by the galaxy.

    Tiffany stared into the outer space into the first window she came across. “Tae-Tae… how I wish you were here by my side…..” Tiffany said as she hold on the small black box and pressed it hard against her chest.

    >>>Click here for TaeNy's Reunion Music<<<

    one by one, Sooyoung, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Jessica, Yoona and Seohyun
    revealed themselves. Tiffany was in awe as she looked at them one by one
    walking towards her.

    as the seven of them got close to her, they hugged Tiffany warmly. “Happy Birthday Tiff….” Jessica said as she smiled.

    Tiffany smiled as she’s happy they remembered her Birthday. “Thank you guys…..” Tiffany said but as Tiffany is going going to where she came from, all of them stopped her.

    “Guys… let me through please….” Tiffany said weakly. “Hold on Fany-ah….. there’s someone in the Hangar wanted to greet you,” Sooyoung said as she smiled.

    “come on guys… I’m not in the mood right now…” Tiffany said. “awww come on Tiff…. This person specially went here just to greet you personally… meet that person…. Please?” Jessica pleaded.

    Seeing how they block her way Tiffany had no choice but to meet “that” person and went with them.

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    As they arrived in the Hangar, no one is there. “guys… are you making fun of me?”
    Tiffany said but as she turned around, they’re not with her anymore.
    Then the lights suddenly turned off which made Tiffany slightly scared.

    “Jessi? Sunny-ah? Yuri-ah? Come on guys this isn’t funny anymore… turn on the lights now!” Tiffany hissed and the light went on.

    “thank you…” Tiffany said as she crossed her arms in front of her and feeling agitated. “now please open the hangar door?” Tiffany said but the door didn’t open.

    “Seriously guys…… open this door!” Tiffany shouted. But as she’s going to shout louder a voice called her from behind. “Fany-ah…………..” a voice called.

    Hearing the person’s voice made Tiffany stopped at her spot. Her hands
    are shaking and ina minute her whole body is shaking, not because of
    fear but a giddy excitement she’s feeling hearing a familiar voice
    behind her.

    “…….is it……. is it really you?”
    Tiffany asked without turning around. The voice didn’t answer but
    instead she her this person is walking towards her then it stopped when
    it’s perfectly closer to her back.

    “please tell me it’s you….” tears now starts escaping from Tiffany’s eyes and still not turning around.

    “Fany-ah…….. I miss you so much…… I really really missed you…”
    the voice talked. Now the voice is close to her, Tiffany turned around
    and finally saw the person standing behind her. it was Taeyeon, and
    holding a bouquet of pink roses.

    “Happy Birthday to my mushroom….”
    Taeyeon said as she smiled gently and gave Tiffany the bouquet. As
    Tiffany received the roses, she immediately dropped them on the floor
    along with the black box and hugged the older girl as she cried her
    heart out.

    “Tae-Tae!!! I can’t believe it’s you!! I thought you died!!i saw your ship blew up I…. i… couldn’t…..” Tiffany didn’t finish her words as she’s now choking on her own tears.

    Taeyeon also missed the brunette, cupped Tiffany’s face. “Fany-ah…… I’m sorry I’ve been a jerk… I’ve said all those hurtful words to you…. you don’t deserve a person like me……..”
    Taeyeon said but as Taeyeon is going to explain further, Tiffany’s lips
    sealed her lips instantly. And after several seconds, they broke their

    “Tae-Tae…….don’t say
    that…. you’re the only person for me……. no one else can compete with
    you….. you’re unique…. You can be a jerk and a dork or even a byun…..
    but you’re still my Dorky Tae-Tae that I love..…”
    Tiffany said as she hugged the older girl again.

    Taeyeon said as she kneeled down and grabbed the small black box and
    the bouquet of roses that Tiffany dropped earlier when she hug the older
    girl earlier.

    “Fany-ah… I think you dropped this..” Taeyeon said as she give the box and flowers again to Tiffany and Tiffany happily accepted it.

    “Tae-Tae……. Please… don’t ever leave me like that again…. I can’t last a day without you… ” Tiffany said.

    “I won’t…. me too… I
    can’t last a day without you Fany-ah…. And you also opened my eyes….
    Let’s do things your way…. I’ll forget my revenge….. i promise you this
    now Fany-ah…. Together, we will bring justice…… thank you for opening my
    Taeyeon said as she made a real strong resolve on not taking anymore revenge to her father’s murderer.

    Tiffany smiled and feeling the sincere from Taeyeon’s heart, Tiffany
    sealed it with a kiss and the Hangar door opened and the rest of the
    crew members including their gang were clapping warmly at their
    reconciliation. All of them congratulated them and greeted Tiffany.


    Location: SSF – Cantina

    >>Click here to hear the Party music<<

    After the heart warming scene, everyone went to the Cantina but Taeyeon
    and Tiffany were surprised as they’re like a newly weds with a reserved
    seating just only for the two of them.

    As Tiffany is busy watching some of the crew members performing their
    presentation the readied just for Tiffany’s birthday, Yuri made her way
    to Taeyeon.

    “Taeng…. You owe me hehehe” Yuri cheekily smiled. Taeyeon smiled and return. “Thanks Yuri…. I really appreciate this…. In return, tell me what you want.” Taeyeon asked.

    “hmmm of course I want your sister” Yuri replied and Taeyeon laughed. “yah… hahaha aside from that and we both knew you have my sister already..” Taeyeon said.

    “nah I’m just kidding on that one Taeng… all I want is to not to pull another stunt like that again on Tiffany…. cherish her..” Yuri said as she went back to Jessica’s side.

    “Tae-Tae? Wha did Yuri say?” Tiffany curiously asked. “Nothing… she just went and congratulated us..” Taeyeon said.

    “oh… I see…. Will you come with me? let’s go over to them… I want to talk to her..” Tiffany said as she smiled at Taeyeon.

    Clueless, Taeyeon followed Tiffany to Yuri and Jessica’s table along with Yoona, Sooyoung and Sunny.

    “Tiff! How are things?" Jessica happily asked. “Jessi, Yuri… everyone.. thank you for doing this…” Tiffany said.

    “oh it’s nothing Fany-ah… we just had to cooked really fast just for your birthday and…” as Sooyoung is explaining, Tiffany cuts her words. “It’s not that guys…. I’m talking about this…” Tiffany hugged Taeyeon. "for bringing her back to me..." Tiffany added.

    “guys I really appreciate the surprise but can someone tell me… how did my Tae-Tae survived such a blast?” Tiffany now questions them.

    All of them break into a cold sweat as they can’t produce any answer. “Well? How?” Tiffany asked again.

    “I saved her Colonel
    Hwang…. I was on my way here to pass information to my pupil when I came
    across with her floating in space along with the wrecked shuttle.”
    Nova appeared out of nowhere. “Happy birthday By the Way Colonel.. Field Medic Jung? Will you excuse Yuri for a second?i need to talk to her...” Nova said.

    Knowing Nova saved them, all of them lets out a relieved sigh as Tiffany buys Nova’s words.

    Outside the Cantina. “I just saved your ass back there Yuri…. you’re almost close on being a minced meat from Hwang’s hands…” Nova said. “sorry….” Was the only words Yuri can say to Nova.

    “hey don’t sweat it though… I kind of liked your act though…. But… I didn’t come here for that….” Nova said as she puts on a serious face.

    Seeing Nova’s face like that means serious business and Yuri also puts up a serious look.

    “I’ve lost contact with my elite strike team…. I want your help finding them… this is important Yuri…” Nova said as she sends the Data to Yuri.

    “Don’t worry… you don’t need to tell me twice any last known location?” Yuri asked.

    “they were in the New
    Folsom trying to subdue the prisoners there…. Yuri… tthink about this
    first… New Folsom in not your average Prison facility… this facility
    holds many ruthless killers and murderers…. I don’t know how the prison
    break started but I’ve already locked the docks in order to prevent
    Nova said.

    “…I understand… I’ll take this and talk to Taeng…” Yuri said. “Well I better get going now…. I don’t want Mengsk to know that I’m collaborating with you guys..” Nova said as she disappeared.

    Before going back, Yuri stopped in front of the Cantina door and checked the Data Nova gave to her. “Team
    Sistar…. Bora, Dasom, Soyu, Hyorin…….. Nova’s elite counter-strike
    force…. But something’s amiss… they’re elite but something happened to
    Yuri wondered and returned inside. Yuri didn’t know, Taeyeon and Tiffany noticed Yuri’s expression.

    When Yuri came back, she noticed Sunny’s dark expression. “Sica… what’s wrong with Sunny?” Yuri asked. Jessica didn’t answer but she pointed Sooyoung by her eyes and saw Sooyoung talking again to IU.

    “oh…. She’s talking to her again huh…” Yuri said. “Sunny-ah…. Maybe it’s time for you to get your payback…” Yuri said as she smiled. Hearing Yuri reminding her, Sunny lets out a mischievous grin.

    “ok Sunny here’s the plan…. I’ll pull Sooyoung like I was going to talk to her but as soon I pull her out, do your stuff..” Yuri said as she cheekily grins.

    Sooyoung returned to them with amount of food only for her. “hey did I miss something?” Sooyoung said as she grabs a bite on the fried chicken legs.

    “Hey Soo… can you come with me for a minute? There’s something I have to tell you…..”
    Yuri said. Sooyoung immediately complied and walked with Sooyoung and
    Sunny seeing the coast is clear, she emptied the whole content of wasabi
    on the Sooyoung’s food.

    “hehehehe that’s for choosing me over food” Sunny said as she throws the empty casing of wasabi to the trashbin.

    Jessica was all smile seeing Sunny’s grin but Jessica’s smile disappear
    when she saw Sunny took out another content and pours half of its
    content on Sooyoung’s drink.

    “Sunny-ah…what is that?” Jessica curiously asked. “oh this? Hehehe this is something strong…” Sunny said as she gave Jessica the bottle and reads the label.

    “Heavy- Duty Gorilla Laxative………” Jessica’s eyes widens in surprise.


    Episode 30 Complete


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    Can't stop smiling when the "YulSic kissing scene" was being said. xD I can imagine them doing that. HAHAHA!
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    Is this fan-fic gonna stop here? =(

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    no it won't.... i'm jsut taking long since i'm working on three fanfics XD
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    Oh @@ all the best in your work =DD

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    Episode 31

    Location: SooSun’s Room

    Their room was quiet until those silence were broken by a flush of a toilet bowl and came out Sooyoung. “Oooohh…. I shouldn’t have eaten so much….” Sooyoung said as she stopped rightby the door of the restroom before going in again and closing the door again.

    Sooyoung felt her insides were turning upside down as she feels her stomach is grumbling badly like an intensity 8 earthquake.


    Sooyoung and Yuri returned from their “conversation” and quickly sat back to her seat. “Sunny-ah…. Are you still mad at me?” Sooyoung asked. Sunny didn’t answer but just looked at her quietly.

    “Shut up Shikshin… just eat your food…”
    Sunny replied. At first Sooyoung iss happily eating her food one after
    another but as the food progress on her mouth, Sooyoung face suddenly
    frowned as she took a big bite of her burger, WHICH Sunny emptied the
    whole pack of Wasabi, although she’s chewing the burger slowly, all of
    them can see Sooyoung is suffering on th Wasabi’s intense flavor.

    Sunny couldn’t hold anymore, burst out laughing at Sooyoung’s expression
    shows almost vomiting because of her experiencing a burning sensation
    through her nose.

    “ACK!! WATER!! WATER!!”
    Sooyoung frantically waved her hands in the air as she gasps for water.
    Sunny grinned devilishly as she hnd over Sooyoung’s drink with the
    laxative mixture.

    As Sooyoung grabbed the drink from Sunny, Sooyoung gulped it in one go. “PUHAAAA!! Thanks my bunny… you’re a life saver…” Sooyoung said as she continues her meal.

    Several minutes have passed Sooyoung noticed Yuri, Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyoen is staring at her. “what? It’s not good to stare at people while they’re eating…” Sooyoung said but suddenly….

    Sooyoung’s fast paced eating is starting to get slower every second as
    she felt the strong sensation of rubmling inside her stomach.

    Sooyoung stopped her eating and slowly puts on a constipated face expression.

    Yuri, Jessica and Sunny what is happening to Sooyoung. As the “volcanic
    eruption” is on the verge of exploding into the world unknown, Sooyoung
    slowly puts down her spoon and fork.

    “guys……… will you… will you excuse me for a minute?” Sooyoung said but as she saw going to stand up, Sunny gave Sooyoung a sheepish grin and sweetly clings on the tall girl.

    “Awww…Youngie… you’re going to leave me? I missed my old Youngie being sweet and caring for me…” Sunny said as she embraced the tall girl.

    Sooyoung sweated like buckets. Her mind is feeling oblivious at what
    she’s feeling and seeing Sunny being clingy, she don’t know what to do.
    The short girl’s embraced her on her “weak” area and tightens it.
    Sooyoung’s expression became pale as her sweat is now cold as ice. Yuri,
    Jessica, Hyoyeon, Sunny and Yoona knows what is Sooyoung feeling. Only
    the tall girl hasn’t noticed since she’s trying her best not to explode
    as the short girl sweetly clings on her.

    15 minutes have passed, the tall girl’s endurance is still holding. Sunny smiled sheepishly again. “Youngie? Why are you not eating? Your food will spoil…” Sunny said as she smiled.

    “oh! Err.. uuuhhmmm well… I’m full… yeah I’m full already!” Sooyoung replied hoping the short girl wil buy her excuse but unfortunately for her, Sunny is still on sweet revenge mode.

    “aww… it’s already been 15 minutes Youngie… surely your food are already down there…” Sunny said as she playfully poked the tall girl’s stomach.

    Sooyoung felt every painful sensation as everytime Sunny poked her
    stomach. Sooyoung felt an electric sensation jolted up inside her body
    everytime Sunny moved an inch as she still giving a cold sweat.

    it's already been 1 hour, As the time progresses, Sooyoung is starting
    to feel like she’s a time bomb ready to explode. One wrong move and
    everything will be over. Taeyeon and Tiffany noticed that something
    funny is going on decided to go to their table.

    “Hi guys!” Taeyeon greeted them as she gave Sooyoung, who is near her, a strong pat on her back.

    *PAK!* as Taeyeon hits Sooyoung’s back,
    Sooyoung’s expression stiffens. Tiffany on the other hand noticed
    Sooyoung’s pile of food untouched.

    “…Sooyoungie? Are you alright?”
    Tiffany asked as she sat beside Sooyoung and cling on her available
    arms and immediately felt that Sooyoung is like a cold stone.

    “Youngie! You’re freezing! Are you sure you’re alright?” Tiffany asked again but Sooyoung didn’t answer.

    Taeyeon, on the other hand, noticed their secret grins and smiles and
    immediately knew they’ve done something on Sooyoung. Taeyeon chuckled a

    “Alright guys…. I’ll borrow Sooyoung for a while…. I have something to discuss with her… alright?” Taeyeon said.

    As Taeyeon requested, they couldn’t argue about it since it’s Taeyeon
    who talked. Sunny decided to let go of Sooyoung while still smiling.

    Sooyoung felt like a time bomb as she carefully and slowly walked. Every
    step she make sends an electricity on her body, Tiffany, who is
    worried, decided to support Sooyoung.

    “you really don’t look good Sooyoungie… let me help you..” Tiffany said as she helped Sooyoung walk towards Taeyeon and immediately disappeared on the Cantina door.

    Along their slow walk on the hallway, Taeyeon asked Sooyoung. “Youngie, what are you feeling?” Taeyeon said.

    “i………….. feel……………… like………………….. there’s…………..a meteor……………..storm…………. brewing………. in my ……………stomach……..excuse me Taengoo!”
    with that, Sooyoung rushed like a speeding bullet to a nearby restroom
    and Taeyeon chuckled as she finally knew what is happening to Sooyoung.
    Tiffany asked her with a confusing look.

    “Tae-Tae? What did just
    happen?” Tiffany asked. “it’s Sooyoung…. I think they pranked her with
    something… and obviously, Sooyoung wanted to go but Sunny clings on her
    and she coulnd’t say no to her….. judging Youngie’s reaction……… I’d say
    she’s holding it for almost an hour…..”
    Taeyeon explained as she chuckle. Tiffany pouted and became slight mad.

    “they’re too much
    Tae-Tae! Bullying Poor Sooyoungie like that!” Tiffany said. “Fany-ah..
    it’s fine… just let them be… I think Sooyoung did something…. Seeing
    Sunny clings on her like that… it’s like she’s pretending to be sweet
    but in truth.. she’s holding Sooyoung back, as if she’s preventing her
    to go to the restroom.”
    Taeyeon explained as she laughed a bit.

    “YAH! You shouldn’t laughed at Sooyoungie like that!” Tiffany said as she pouted. “Mushroom believe me if Sunny acted like that, Sooyoung did something so let’s just observe for a bit shall we?” Taeyeon said as she hugged Tiffany before planting a kiss on her lips.

    “…Tae-Tae?” Tiffany called Taeyeon while they’re still waiting for Sooyoung to come out. “Hmm?” Taeyeon replied.

    “tell me the truth Tae-Tae….. are you really aboard that ship that exploded?” Tiffany asked without looking at Taeyeon.

    “huh? Uuuhh… well………” Taeyeon said as she scratched her head. “well…. You see………” as Taeyeon is going to explain, Tiffany cuts her words.

    “Tae-Tae……. Tell me the truth….. if you really love me……… I want you to be honest with me….” Tiffany said.

    Well……….. the truth is………. I’m not really aboard that ship… it was all
    an act…. Yuri planned it just for us to be together….. look my
    mushroom…… I know it’s kind of stupid of me to agree on her plan….but
    please understand…. I’m desperate to take you back….. I can’t live
    without you by myside….”
    Taeyeon said.

    Tiffany just kept quiet about Taeyeon’s confession then Sooyoung came out of the restroom. “Sooyoungie! We thought you drowned inside! You were in there for almost an hour!” Tiffany said and Sooyoung just smiled.

    “well…. Bearing my “time bomb” for a long excruciating endurance… who wouldn’t..” Sooyoung replied.

    “now that Sooyoungie is
    here……….i’ll ask you too….Sooyoungie….. did you know about Yuri’s plan
    about getting me and Tae-Tae together again?”
    Tiffany now asked Sooyoung.

    Sooyoung sweated buckets in cold sweat again and she looked at Taeyeon and Taeyeon just give her a nod to tell Tiffany.

    “well…..yeah…. you see
    Fany-ah….. when you left Taengoo alone in your room… she’s like rag doll
    abandoned by her owner… Yuri saw all of it and…………Fany-ah?”
    Sooyoung’s explanation were halted when they saw Tiffany stood up and hurriedly went back to the Cantina.

    “Youngie… this is not good… let’s go back to Yuri before my Mushroom turns her into a soup!” Taeyeon said as they both hurriedly followed Tifany back to the Cantina.

    Back into the Cantina, Yuri and Jessica were being sweetest at each
    other when Tiffany stormed in causing everyone to turn their attention
    to her.

    “KWON YURI!” Tiffany shouted. Jessica immediately knew what had happen.

    “Yul……” Jessica hold Yuri’s hands tightly but Yuri just smiled. “I’m ok Sica…. It’s my fault anyway to make that cheesy plan…” Yuri said as she breaks their hands.

    Tiffany quickly went to Yuri’s front and asked her with a serious face.

    “Yuri-ah…….. is it true? About my reunion with Tae-Tae? That it’s all being planned by you?” Tiffany asked with a serious face.

    “Not just Yuri Fany-ah… we all agreed to it!” Sunny tries to defend Yuri but Tiffany cuts her too.

    “Be quiet Soonkyu! I want to hear this straight from Yuri’s lips…” Tiffany said.

    “Fany-ah…… look I’m
    sorry……… but I just can’t leave Taeng broken like that….. I just don’t
    want my friends and family to be broken…. Forgive me Fany-ah……”
    Yuri said as she lowered her head.

    The next thing happened were quite shoked everyone as Tiffany forcefully
    yanked Yuri from her seat causing to break some of the glasses from
    their table. Yuri knew what was coming.

    All of them watched as Tiffany raised her hand and the next thing they
    knew were quite surprising as Tiffany hugged Yuri with all of her might
    and cried on the tanned girls chest.

    “F-Fany-ah? Y-You’re not mad?” Yuri asked surprisingly.

    ”….no you silly…….. I’m
    actually thankful for what you did…….. you made me realize that….. I
    can’t leave my Tae-Tae broken like that….. you made me see what will
    happen if Tae-Tae bearing some sadness and pain within her heart if she
    goes on a mission…. And you made me realize…….. how Tae-Tae is important
    to me….. although it’s your plan or act………… thank you for making me
    realize if I lost my Dorky Tae-Tae…”
    Tiffany said as she still burying her face on the tanned girl’s chest.

    Seeing the warm scene Jesica couldn’t help but smile, although a bit
    jealous because Tiffany is hugging her seobang, she couldn’t break their
    hug as she knows Tiffany is really thankful for Yuri and at the same
    time, glad that Yuri’s plan really worked well in the end.

    “well… it hink that’s enough hugging you Yuri….. I feel an icy stare behind me…” Tiffany said as she breaks her hug from Yuri and wiped away her tears as she eye-smiled.

    “nah don’t mind me Tiff…… I’ll just hug your Tae-Tae if you hug my Yuri…*merong*” and all of them laughed at Jessica’s remark.

    ---- Flashback end ----

    Location: SSF – bridge
    2 days later……

    Taeyeon, Seohyun and Yuri were at the bridge discussing about Nova’s request.

    “Yul….i can’t let you
    go alone in there! New Folsom ia maximum security prison for some
    notorious criminals! Not to mention some of Rogue ghosts…..AKA Spectres,
    handled by Gabiel Tosh, are also locked up in there, if something
    happened on Nova’s Elite team…. What can you do?”
    Taeyeon asked.

    “I know it’s dangerous Taeng….. but I just can’t ignore this….. I owe Nova a lot and this is the only way I can repay her…” Yuri said.

    “…………….aish………… give me
    some time to think first Yuri-ah…….. this is too sudden…. Seohyunnie….
    Will you get me some water………. And some medicine for a headache….”
    Taeyeon said as she massage her temple.

    Seohyun happily obeyed Taeyeon as she’s happy the her “Parents” are back to gether now and she’s more energetic than ever.

    Location: SSF – Cantina

    Seohyun arrived at the Cantina and asked for a glass of water and some
    aspirin for Taeyeon. She waited to a couple of minutes and as she’s
    going back to the Bridge someone called her name. her old name when she
    met a girl that she befriended when she was still in the orphanage.

    “JuHyunnie? Is that really you?” the voice called. Seohyun stopped and looked back to see IU smiling at her.

    “IU!!! How are you!! I haven’t seen you in ages ever since you got adopted!! How come you’re here!”
    Seohyun happily hugged IU completely forgetting Taeyeon’s request
    because of her excitement to see an old friend she haven’t seen in ages.

    Several minutes later Taeyeon and Yuri walked in the Cantina and saw Seohyun happily chatting with IU. “No wonder my Hyunnie did not returned…..” Taeyeon said as she pats Seohyun’s shoulder.

    “Yuri unnie! Taeyeon appa!..oh gosh mianhe…” Seohyun said. Yuri remembered the time Matt decided to send IU along with her telling IU knew someone from the ship. “so…IU-ssi….. did you know Hyunnie?” Yuri asked.

    “OH! Certainly Yuri-ssi! We met at the orphanage a while back when we’re little kids…. But got separated when I got adopted…” IU said.

    “T-Taeyeon-appa…. sorry I lost track of your order…” Seohyun said.

    “Nah don’t worry about
    it Hyunnie…. I guess you two have a lot to catch up yeah? Run along….
    Better bring Yoona too and introduce her to IU..”
    Taeyeon said as she ruffles Seohyun’s hair. “Appa!” Seohyun said as she chuckles at Taeyeon’s action and went to get Yoona to introduce her to IU.

    Yuri and Taeyeon sat on the counter and Taeyeon took the aspirin. “have
    you talked to Sica about this Yul? I’m getting a bad feeling about
    this… really… not that I’m being over protective…. I just got this
    feeling…. And I’m never wrong about it….”
    Taeyeon said as she ordered a scotch bourbon.

    “ I haven’t …… you know Sica won’t agree…. But I need to check this out……” Yuri explained as she also ordered some beer.

    “…aish…… you’re putting
    me in difficult position here Yul….. even though me and Sica are close…
    I even get scared if she comes to her Hell-Sica mode….”
    Taeyeon said as she took a sip from her scotch.

    “yeah… I get what you
    mean Taeng… thinking about it.. it still gives me the chills… when
    I tried to prank her by waking up with a plastic cucumber toy right in
    front of her face…. UGH! She threw everything at me… and if our bed is
    light, she would’ve throw that to me also….”
    Yuri said as she took a drink from her beer.

    “and also if Sunny’s siege tank can be thrown… I would’ve throw that to you also……” Taeyeon and Yuri turned around and saw Jessica looking at them with her arms crossed on her chest.

    “Oh Sica! H-Hi!.... I didn’t know you’re here….”
    Yuri nervously greeted Jessica. Taeyeon sensing the impending danger
    slowly dragged herself on the other side of the bar counter.

    “so what’s this I’m hearing you’re going on a dangerous mission hmm?” Jessica asked as she looked at Yuri with total seriousness on her face while her fingers are tapping the bar table repeatedly.

    “L-Look Sica… Nova just
    asked me to…. She asked me to go to New Folsom…. Because she lost
    contact with her elite Ghost team SISTAR……”
    Yuri nervously explained.

    Yuri is feeling the pressure whether what is Jessica’s decision as her
    hand that is holding her bottle of beer are shaking. Taeyeon who is
    observing from afar couldn’t help but chuckle at Yuri’s action.

    “Hi Tae-Tae!! What’s up? ” Tiffany jumped to Taeyeon from behind and gave the older girl an embrace from behind. “Yuri is having her life span shaved…” Taeyeon jokingly replied to Tiffany. “huh? I don’t get you…” Tiffany said.

    Taeyeon pointed at Yuri and Jessica who is on the opposite side from
    their position. Tiffany saw Jessica is like angry at Yuri about
    something while Yuri is somewhat pleading.

    “….is this about Nova’s request that you told me about yesterday Tae-Tae?” Tiffany asked.

    “yep…. Pretty much….” Taeyeon replied as she took another sip from her drink. “so… what did you tell Yuri?” Tiffany asked.

    “…. I haven’t come into
    a decision yet Fany-ah…….. if the order was given to me… I’d decline it
    right away….. you know how Yuri works right? She don’t mind getting her
    job done but she’s getting hurt in the process…”
    Taeyeon said.

    “Tae-Tae……….. come on…
    it’s Yul were talking about…….. even though she’s getting hurt on the
    process……… how come she can still smile right over there? Here with us!”
    Tffany said as she gave Taeyeon an eye smile.

    “even if she did get
    hurt…. At least she still complete her……… beliefs… in my point of view
    Tae-Tae… I wouldn’t call it job but I’d rather call it….. resolve…..
    tell me something Tae-Tae… to make a better action….. what is most
    required stage for doing it?”
    Tiffany asked.

    “I know….. failure and mistakes…” Taeyeon said. “exactly! it’s the same for getting hurt in the process… from the way I see it, Yuri is just kind of person.” Tiffany explained which got Taeyeon thinking.

    “I guess you’re right Fany-ah…..” Taeyeon said as she comes to her senses and finished her glass.

    “Besides Tae-Tae………. Wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were in Yuri’s position…. aren’t you?”
    Tiffany said as she stand up and give the older girl a peck on the
    cheek before heading to the Hangar to do some Modifications on her

    “Aish………. Why can’t I just say no to you my Mushroom…” Taeyeon muttered as she chuckled a bit while scratching her head before walking towards Jessica and Yuri.


    “When I say no… that means NO! Capital N and O NO! N.O.!” Jessica said. “But Sica…. It’s Nova who requested this…….” Yuri pleaded.

    “So?! but you’re in my sister’s command now when Tae said no it means no…. COMPRENDE?” Jessica said. Yuri sighed in defeat as she finished her beer and Taeyeon walked in.

    “so…… what is my sister’s Verdict?” Taeyeon asked Yuri with her cheeky smile.

    “Sica said the decision is up to you….” Yuri weakly said. “But
    you heard Tae right? You know Yuri.. once I was like you…. I don’t
    believe in her gut feeling but everytime her gut feeling kicks in.. it’s
    turning out to be true…. I’m just worried about you…”
    Jesica explained now in a calm manner as she cupped Yuri’s face.

    “Yuri…………. as my sister
    said……. my gut feelings were never wrong…. But….. since Nova and
    Commander Raynor go way back… I’ll grant you this mission…. But when you
    see ANY sight of danger.. BAIL OUT immediately!”
    Taeyeon said which made Jessica shocked. “TAE! Why’d you………” Jessica said but Taeyeon cuts her words.

    “Look Sica……… just like
    Commander Raynor said…….. our battle is about saving lives….. not
    planning on revenge…. I learned that…..”
    Taeyeon said. Jessica just fell silent.

    “Look Sica……….. what’s your reason for being a medic aside from being my support?” Taeyeon asked. “…. To save lives and ensure the safety of a person….” Jessica replied. “Right….. Yuri is about to go on a mission… don’t you want her safe?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Of course I do…….. that’s why I don’t want her to go!” Jessica said. “is that so…. So who is going to save Nova’s Elite team?” Taeyeon asked again. This time, Jessica didn’t answer.

    “right.. no one and you’ll leave them in danger…. Look here Sica…. I know you love Yuri… but do you trust her?” Taeyeon asked again and Jessica nodded.

    “then let her take this
    mission…. Besides you will be assisting her through the comm.-link when
    she’s there… that’s why I said it’s your job to keep her safe. And
    another reason Nova asked Yuri is because she had utmost trust on Yuri’s
    Taeyeon said as now Jessica is smiling a bit.

    “I’m sorry Seobang……….. but promise me you’ll comeback……. I’ll be preparing for your support…” Jessica said as she gave Yuri a quick kiss before heading to Hyoyeon’s room to ask for some help.

    “……………………………………………………” Yuri stared at Taeyeon. “What? You look like you’ve seen the ghost of a Mutalisk…” Taeyeon replied.

    “………………… what changed your mind?” Yuri asked. “hmmm
    Tiffany…….. she changed my mind……. Plus I got my own decision for
    sending you there… like I’ve said to my sister……. Nova trusted you… so I
    will also trust you’ll complete this mission..”
    Taeyeon said as she patted Yuri’s shoulder.

    “I’ll be waiting for
    you in the bridge in 30 before I send you to a rescue mission.………. Fany
    is already prepping the medivac for your departure…….”
    Taeyeon said as she heads to the bridge.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    Yuri arrived on the bridge and saw Hyoyeon with Nicole, Taeyeon, Jessica and Seohyun with Yoona. “…… I’m here for the mission briefing Taeng..” Yuri said as arrived.

    “ok…. Jessica here will
    assist you through the comm.-link and will be monitoring your life
    support from here. Sooyoung will assist Tiffany and Sunny will be with
    Tiffany in the medivac…… once you get to New Folsom…. Tiffany will
    immediately leave since you’ll be going on a Solo mission on this one… I
    trust you can handle it Yul?”
    Taeyeon said.

    “pretty much…. Just no more surprises…….. and I’ll be fine…” Yuri said.

    “Ok……… Taec…… come in here and give Yuri her Modified Canister Rifle.” Taeyeon called Taecyeon in the bridge.

    Taecyeon arrived but to their surprise, the mucle bound man’s face is beating red. “Taec…….. are you alright?” Jessica asked. “i… I’m fine…” Taecyeon replied.

    As Taecyeon replied, Gyuri appeared from Taecyeon’s back. all of them
    immediately knew as they grinned sheepishly at the two new comer.

    “I told you they’d noticed…” Taecyeon whispered but Gyuri just smiled and hold Taecyeon’s hand.

    “ahem…. Anyway… Yuri-ssi…… I’ve ….i mean me and
    Gyuri made some modifications on your Cannister rifle… your scope has
    now an xray ability which can allow you to see even If there’s three
    walls between you and your target but becareful though… it’s just a
    prototype… so I…….. I mean WE can’t guarantee it effect plus I’ve made
    your rifle’s barrel slight longer to increase the damage and another
    thing….. we’ve installed a DNA registry which allows only YOU to use
    this gun, if someone use it, it will automatically locked to safety no
    matter what they do…… and Don’t worry…….. Taeeon-ssi already asked me to
    register someone’s DNA on your rifle…….. just like the Gauss Rifle’s
    option.. in short, only a selected few people can use your rifle.”
    Taecyeon said.

    “Thanks Taec…. Anyway congrats you two….” Yuri said as she smiled and Gyuri and Taecyeon just blushed. Yuri activated her Kkab mode.

    “what I mean is… congrats for the two of you for job well done modifying my rifle…hehehehe” Yuri said as she chuckles. Leaving Taecyeon and Gyuri somewhat disappointed.

    “hahaha hey can’t you two take a joke… I’m just kidding… ok seriously.. congrats you two… and thanks for the Modification.” Yuri said as Taecyeon and Gyuri leave the Bridge.

    “ok now everything is
    set… Yul………. I order you to use only Armor piercing rounds………. Knowing
    New Folsom…… the danger is extreme….”
    Taeyeon said and Yuri saluted before heading to the Hangar where Tiffany Sooyoung and Sunny are waiting.

    ”T-Tae….. I’m still feeling bad about this…. There’s some many specters imprisoned there….” Jessica said. “I know….. but ….. we just have to trust her abilities….” Taeyeon said as she secretly pray for Yuri’s success.

    Episode 31 Complete

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    Episode 32

    Location: New Folsom Entrance

    Click here to lisen to Yuri's infiltration music

    Yuri successfully arrived at the New Folsom but to her surprise, as she
    slowly and cautiously walked inside the New Folsom Prison, there are no
    sentry guards around. “Yuri to SSF… you gettin’ all this?” Yuri said.

    “crystal clear Yul….. kind a funny though. For a security prison… how come there are no guards……….” Teyeon said.

    “I have the same thought here as well Taeng…. And another thing……..
    there is no sign of some battle or any events that have happened… this
    is way too quiet… and Nova’s briefing still worries me…. her elites are
    missing in this place…” Yuri said.

    “gotcha Yul… proceed with caution……” Taeyeon said and hearing Taeyeon’s
    order, Yuri activated her cloak and proceeded with caution.

    “this is Yul……. I’m now in front of the first security gate…… can you
    open it up from there?” Yuri said. “Hang on Yul…. Hyo are your team
    ready? Yul is having trouble…” Jessica said.

    “we’re already on it….. Hara! How is it on your part?” Hyoyeon asked.
    “I’m almost done unnie…..and…..there!” Hara pressed the activation codes
    and the security door opened.

    “nicely done guys…. Thanks…. Proceeding on with the mission…” Yuri said
    as she carefully tread her way in as she prepares her Canister rifle.

    “Yul talk to me……” Jessica called Yuri. “I’m still here Sica……. Uuuhhh
    I’m kind of lost here can you tell me which direction again?” Yuri

    “let’s see. You’re still on the hallway… in the end of that hallway, turn left and you’ll see a security room……” Jessica said.

    “Thanks….. walking towards it now…” Yuri said as she still proceed
    cautiously. Yuri managed to get to the security room and as he enters
    there is still no sign of a single person either.

    “Yuri here……. Now this is weird……… Security room is also empty…. Not a single soul……” Yuri said.

    “Yuri, can you check the security cams? Perhaps we can see what happened in there…” Hyoyeon said.

    “Hold on…….. Hyo… I’m connecting to the Security system…. Can you access it somehow?” Yuri said.

    “piece of cake……….Done………..” Hyoyeon said as she did her part and within 2 seconds, Hyoyeon finished her part.

    “I’ve also hacked in the security systems. And it seems Sentries are
    offline. I’ve been trying to activate it from here but unfortunately it
    won’t let me…. no matter how many times I pressed the activation code,
    it’s accepting the codes but it just won’t move.” Hyoyeon added.

    “Maybe it’s broken?” Nicole asked. “Nope… all sentries are all green….. Yuri………. I don’t like this….” Hyoyeon said.

    “me neither….. hearing that.. it sounds like an ambush…..” Jessica said.
    “Seobang…. Just return here…please?” Jessica added as she pleaded.
    Taeyeon stared at Jessica with a dumbfounded face for a while then

    “Sica….. stop flirting and continue working..” Taeyeon said as she saw Jessica pouted. “Meanie…” Jessica said.

    Yuri who is still keep hearing their conversation made her smile. “Aww..
    don’t worry Sica…. I’ll be back before you know it……. any way… I’m
    checking the security surveillance now…” Yuri said as she spends 15
    minutes of investigating at the security, Yuri suddenly heard some noise
    outside like someone is running.

    “….Taeng… I think I heard something….. I’m going to check it out…” Yuri
    said. “Wait Yul! Don’t! you don’t have you visor on which is connected
    to the security mainframe… we can’t monitor your life support and
    actions!” Taeyeon said as she tried to stop Yuri but Taeyeon didn’t get
    an answer.

    “DAMMIT YUL!!” Taeyeon slammed her fist so hard on the table near her
    which causes Seohyun surprised. All of them halted at what their doing
    and waitied for Yuri to comeback.

    “Sorry ‘bout that Guys……. I just thought someone ran outside… it turns out to be a rat…….” Yuri said as she talked back again.

    “Damn it Yuri….don’t do that again! Remember that we won’t be able to back you up if something happens in there!” Taeyeon said.

    “..Sorry…. anyway…..are you guys finished downloading all the footage? I want to dig in deeper…..” Yuri said.

    “I’m almost done Yul….. and I also downloaded the security bypass codes up to level 3 security….” Hyoyeon said.

    “What do you mean… “up to?”....... you mean level 3 is not the highest
    security?” Yuri asked. “well to put it bluntly……… when I’m downloading
    some files over there, I happen to be spotted level 4…… registered as
    off limits…. No matter how I try to hack it, it automatically pushes me
    out..” Hyoyeon said.

    “I see….. well I’ll try to look at it later…… so are you done Hyo?” Yuri
    asked again. “done….. I’ll analyze it. Taeng…. I’ll xcuse myself and
    Nicole and we’ll analyze everything in here…” Hyoyeons aid and both her
    and Nicole left the bridge and proceeded in their R&D Room.

    “Ok Yul… you can proceed now……” Taeyeon said. “alright………” Yuri replied and cautiously walked out of the security room.

    Suddenly as Yuri stepped out, her head started to feel heavy and
    followed by a sharp pain. Jessica noticed it from her life support

    “Yul? Answer me! Yul!” Jessica called which attracted Taeyeon’s
    attention. Both of them heard Yuri is giving a low voiced groaned as she
    winced in pain.

    “Sica what’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked.

    “I don’t know Tae…….. her life support is showing some abnormality in
    her brain waves… Yul! Answer me!” Jessica explained and called Yuri

    “I…I’m fine, Just a slight head ache……” Yuri replied starts walking
    again. “Yul…. I order you to come back first… I’ll send Sunny to
    accompany you..” Taeyeon said but Yuri didn’t reply.

    <<- Music end - >>

    “Yul! Dammit! Would you just listen to the freakin’ order I’m giving you!” Taeyeon starts to get annoyed.

    “Sica! What’s your status over there!” Taeyeon asked Jessica. “her life
    support is still fine Tae….. I think she’s gone into a place that’s
    blocking her transmission….” Jessica said as worry is also etched on her
    face and Taeyeon knows it.

    Just then Tiffany and Sunny arrived at the bridge. “we’re back guys…. So how is Yuri’s progress?” Tiffany asked.

    “….not sure Fany-ah..we just lost contact with her… but according to
    Sica… her life support is still showing normal…..” Taeyeon replied with
    worry is also etched on her face. Tiffany noticed it and try to lighten
    up the mood.

    “well…normal is…….. a good thing right?” Tiffany said Taeyeon just nodded but in her mind tells differently.

    “………..Youngie… come with me for a sec…… Fany-ah…… take over the command
    here, I have something to discuss with Sooyoung…” Taeyeon said as she
    pulled Sooyoung leaving Seohyun, Tiffany and Jessica with a confused

    Outside the bridge Sooyoung just kept quiet and just followed Taeyeon towards the armory room.

    Location: SSF – Armory

    As soon they both got inside the armory, Taeyeon didn’t talk and just
    prepares her Gauss Rifle and after that she equipped her Marine suit.
    Sooyoung knew what is Taeyeon thinking and just keep quiet.

    Sooyoung’s unusual quiet behavior slightly irritated Taeyeon. “Look
    Youngie… if you want to say something then spit it out… you know I don’t
    like secrets………” Taeyeon said as she input some Data on her console.

    “you’ve been awfully quiet Youngie…… what’s eating you?” Taeyeon asked.
    “N-Nothing….. it’s just…… I’m still having a side effect of Sunny’s
    Antics on me….. the combination of Wasabi and Laxative really took a
    toll on me Taengoo….” Sooyoung explained which made Taeyeon chuckles.
    “hahaha that’s what you get for ignoring Sunny over food..” Taeyeon

    “HA-HA! Very funny Taengoo…… but changing the topic….are you going down
    there? Jessica said her vitals are still normal…” Sooyoung explained
    while her back is leaning on the wall.

    “Youngie…… I still have a bad feeling about this……. I almost lost Yuri
    once the last time we retrieve her on Mar Sara…….. I’m not about to let
    that happen…..” Taeyeon said as she cocked her Gauss Rifle.

    “But Tiffany might get mad at you Taeng……… you’re telling me you don’t
    like ecrets but you’re keeping it a secet to Tiffany…..” Sooyoung

    “……………………………I know……. but….. I can’t bear the conscience of having a
    friend in danger……. I hope you’ll understand that Choi Sooyoung…… as you
    are her best friend……” Taeyeon said as she gave Sooyoung a light pat on
    her shoulder.

    Despite of all the serious atmosphere between the two, Sooyoung smiled
    at Taeyeon’s words. “heh…. Not only you have your way on talking to
    Tiffany… you really have your way talking with everyone…. Fine… I’ll
    jusy give you a ride there but I can’t come with you inside… my stomach
    is still in turmoil..” Sooyoung said as Taeyeon laughed again.

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    Sooyoung and Taeyeon arrived and both of them were surprised to see Tiffany and Sunny waiting for them.

    “where do you think you’re going Commander Kim Taeyeon?” Tiffany asked as her arms are crossed on her chest with a serious look.

    “L-Look Fany-ah… I can’ explain! You see…” as Taeyeon is going to
    explain Tiffany smiled which made Taeyeon and Sooyoung confused.

    “I’ll give you a ride down there Tae-tae…..” Tiffany smiled. “F-Fany ah?
    What…. I mean why…… aish… what’s gotten into you?” Taeyeon asked with a
    confused look.

    “we both heard it Taeng……… all these years Tiffany’s been with you
    through thick and thin… she knows you inside out…….” Sunny explained.
    “Plus I’ll be accompanying you down there…” Sunny added.

    “well get in….. Jessi also asked me too you know… she’s worried about
    Yuri…. she’s becoming like you Tae-Tae.. although Yuri’s vitals are
    norm…….. that fact she told me about Yuri’s disturbance in her brain
    waves worries her…” Tiffany said as she got on board the medivac
    followed by Sunny and Sooyoung.

    “….. I just hope the ones they’re keeping in there are really human
    inmates….” Taeyeon muttered to herself before getting in the medivac,
    Little did the four know, one figure manage so hitch a ride with them.

    Location: New Folsom Hallway Block B

    Yuri got out of the Security room when she suddenly felt a stinging pain
    on her head. Yuri felt her brain has been punctured by an invisible
    needle as the pain registered throughout her body. Yuri dropped down on
    her knees because of the pain.

    “Yul? Answer me?!” Yuri heard Jessica’s voice through the comm.-link and
    Yuri replied. “I…I’m fine, Just a slight head ache……” Yuri replied as
    she stand up.

    “Yul…. I order you to come back first… I’ll send Sunny to accompany
    you..” Yuri heard Taeyeon’s voice but when she was going to answer to
    Taeyeon’s request, she heard a gunshot, hitting her communications
    console, completely knocking off her comm.-link to them.

    “WHO GOES THERE?!” Yuri shouted as she aimed her Canister Rifle and
    looked through her scope as she activates it xray function and Yuri
    noticed two figures trying to runaway from her.

    “Taeng! I seem to have found Survivors!.....Taeng? Sica? Everyone?
    Answer me dammit?!” Yuri hissed but only noticed late about her damaged
    communications console. “Perfect…. Isolated….” Yuri said

    “STOP!” Yuri shouted as she followed suit at the two figures. Yuri
    dind’t know whe was walking into a trap since her mind is set about the
    two figures and thinking it was Nova’s elite Team, SISTAR, she didn’t
    notice that following the two figures that is running away from her
    would cost her dearly as someone knocked her out from behind by a
    tranquilizer dart landed on her back.

    “I don’t think she’s one of the escapees here……….” The female voice
    said. it was the last thing Yuri heard before passing out completely.

    Location: New Folsom Entrance

    “Tae-Tae…. I’ll be on standy by here in space, so I can pick you guys up
    if there’s an emergency alright? as soon you locate Yuri, contact me
    immediately” Tiffany said through her comm.-link after leaving Taeyeon
    and Sunny on New Folsom.

    “Copy that Mushroom…. Sunny let’s go” Taeyeon said. “Youngie… behave
    yourself in there alright? don’ give Tiffany trouble…. Considering
    you’re still having problems with your “hurricane” you still bought a
    lot of food…..” Sunny said as she followed suit behind Taeyeon.

    “Hey….. ill or not, you can’t jump into battle with an empty stomach
    right?” Sooyoung said as she took a big bite on one of her sandwiches
    she bought on board. As Sooyoung is eating she noticed something is
    missing. “Sunny-ah…………” Sooyoung called Sunny through her comm.-link.

    “Not now Youngie! Taeng and I are on a mission!” Sunny replied.
    “meanie…. I was just going to ask you… did you take my 2 packs of bite
    size chocolates?” Sooyoung asked and Sunny replied in an annoyed

    “Sooyoung unnie….. why would Sunny-unnie take your chocolates?” Seohyun
    asked from the SSF. “I don’t know? maybe she’ll give the inmates my
    chocolates until they die?” Sooyoung replied jokingly earning everyone
    to laugh.

    “maybe it’s all in your mind Youngie…. Shrug it off…” Taeyeon said with a
    slight annoyed voice. “But Taengoo! I swear I did bring those! Because
    they’re the first one I grabbed!” Sooyoung replied as she finished her
    sandwich before unwrapping another sandwich.

    “let’s worry about that later alright? Sica, Hyunnie, we’re at the
    gate…Sunny just in case ready your rifle.” Taeyeon said as both of them
    leaned on the wall near the security gate.

    Upon entering, both of them tread the hallway cautiously. “Sica! Guide us where was Yuri’s last transmission…” Taeyeon said.

    “Hold up……….. just walk straight and you’ll find the a security gate
    that Hyo’s team accessed earlier for Yuri. and after that straight ahead
    and at the end of the hallway turn left…… you should be able to see the
    security room there.” Jessica said and Taeyeon and Sunny went towards
    the direction Jessica gave them.

    After several steps, they arrived at the first gate the Hyoyeon opened.
    “We’re passing check point A, the security gate….” Sunny reminded
    everyone as she follows behind Taeyeon.

    “you’re almost there guys…. Just a few…..” before Jessica could finish
    her words, all of them heard an explosion not far from Taeyeon and
    Sunny’s position.

    “Tae-Tae! What happened!?” Tiffany frantically asked from the Medivac.
    “we’re fine Fany-ah… but damn… it was a loud explosion…… Come on
    Sunny-ah..” Taeyeon said.

    “Tae.. that explosion……. It came from the security room!” Jessica said.
    Taeyeon and Sunny didn’t reply and just hurriedly ran towards the

    As both of them got there, they saw the security room engulfed in flames, completely blocking their way in.

    “Sica……… the security room exploded…….” Taeyeon said as she sighed.

    “Tae! What about Yuri?is she safe? Is she there? Is she hurt? What
    happened to her?” Jessica pancikly bombarded Taeyeon with questions.

    “Whoa WHOA Easy Sica……. First… Yuri is not here……. Second we’re not sure
    where she is though…. Taeng is now investigating the explosion…” Sunny
    replied to Jessica. Although worried, Jessica is also relieved that Yuri
    is not caught on the explosion.

    “Sica………… our way is completely blocked of by the debris…. Can you guys
    provice us some alternate route for a way in?” Taeyeon asked Jessica.

    “Hold on………….. yes there is but….i won’t be able to monitor your
    movements… there’s a high magnetic field that will jam your signal to
    me…… I’m not sure about comms though…” Jessica said.

    “Sunny……….. are you up for that? this could get dangerous……. It means we
    will be completely cut off…” Taeyeon said as she consult Sunny.

    “you know I’m always prepared Taeng…… who else got your back?” Sunny
    replied as she sets her ammo on piercing type. “Ok Sica……….. we’ll take
    that chance…. Tell us…” Taeyeon said.

    “Ok…… go back to the first security gate and once you get there, there
    will be an emergency maintenance passage way along the walls near it…..
    you can use that….” Jessica said and Taeyeon and Sunny went back to the
    first security gate.

    As they head back, they heard something or someone running fast
    following them. Taeyeon didn’t talk and signaled Sunny to be prepared.
    Both of them cocked their rifle and they still cautiously walked back to
    the first security gate.

    After several foot steps, they both heard another running foots steps, both Sunny and Taeyeon knew it was alone.

    “Sica……… I need a favor……. Can you somehow find a way to detect another
    living form besides us?” Taeyeon said. “why? Something is following you
    two?” Jessica said as she already working on Taeyeon’s request.

    “Well…sort of… Sunny and I have been hearing footsteps behind us….” Taeyeon said as both of the still walking slowly.

    “I’m Sorry Tae………… I can’t.. I don’t have the complete data analysis… so basically… I can’t..” Jessica replied.

    “…oh never hurts to try……….. thanks anyway Sica….. Sunny-ah….
    I’ll stay watch out rear, you look for the emergency hatch within these
    walls……..” As Sunny turned around, Taeyeon caught a glimpse of a shadow
    figurerunning from side to side. As Taeyeon analyze the shadow, she knew
    the shadow is hiding from them as it took cover on whatever the figure
    could hide from them.

    “Taeng, found it……. let’s go….” Taeyeon’s observation were distracted as Sunny called her. both of them hurriedly went inside.

    “Sunny……. We got company behind us…” Taeyeon said to Sunny and Sunny
    just nodded. After spending 3 minutes of treading the emergency hatch,
    Taeyeon and Sunny finally got out and emerged in an unfamiliar place of
    the prison.

    “Sica…….we’re lost here… where are we?” Taeyeon asked. “……….uuhhmmm
    Tae….. be very careful……. You two are in maximum detaining prison
    block….” Jessica said.

    Sunny and Taeyeon gulped hard hearing that from Jessica. “uuhhmm
    meaning?” Sunny asked. “it means….. Spectres that have high sentenced
    that commits grave crimes are imprisoned in that area…..” Jessica said.

    Jessica didn’t get a respond from the two which made her worried. “Tae? Sunny-ah? Are you guys still there?” Jessica asked.

    “Y-Yeah… w-we’re still here S-Sica…” Taeyeon stuttered at her words
    which Jessica and Tiffany heard for the first time. Since they have
    known Taeyeon, never once in their lifetime, heard Taeyeon stuttered
    like that when she’s on a mission.

    “Tae-Tae? Are you guys really alright? it’s not like you to stutter in a mission…” Tiffany asked Taeyeon.

    “W-We’re fine Fanny-ah…….. it’s just……….” Taeyeon stopped at her words
    when both her and Sunny heard some metal clanking from an unknown

    “It’s just what?” Jessica asked as she waited for an answer. “it’s just
    that……..all the prison cells are open and empty…..” Sunny finished
    Taeyeon’s words.

    Hearing Sunny’s words, all of them fell into a silent stares. Tiffany
    looked at Sooyoung with a worry on her face while Sooyoung unconsciously
    dropped her sandwich that she’s eating, clearly worried sick about
    Taeyeon and Sunny’s situation. Jessica and Seohyun looked at each other
    with worries clearly visible on their faces.

    “T-Taeyeon appa…..Sunny-unnie…… better return to the hatch…..” Seohyun
    nervously suggested. “Hyunnie…. You don’t even have to ask……” Taeyeon
    replied as she signaled Sunny to back up slowly towards the hatch.

    But before they could get close to the hatch, it instant closed.
    “Taeng……. This is bad….. I think….we’re being isolated……” Sunny said.
    “…Sica…. Reroute… something or something locked us in here…” Taeyeon

    Before Jessica could answer, Spectre Inmates revealed themselves as they
    all shouted like they were in some kind of revolution. Taeyeon and
    Sunny ran towards in an empty cell and closed the door, both of them
    pushed the cell doors with all their might in order to prevent the
    inmates from catching them.

    Sunny leaned her whole back against the cell door. “Taeng! We’re
    trapped! Any ideas?” Sunny asked Taeyeon who is also starting leaning
    her back against the cell door.

    “Hang on… I’ll try busting through the wall!” Taeyeon suggested and set
    her ammo into Rail Gun, Hyoyeon suddenly contacted them indicating
    Hyoyeon returned from her R&D room.

    “TAENG! DON’T BUST THROUGH THAT WALL!!! the Spectres’ inmate cell is
    surrounded by nuclear plasma reactor a slight spark could cause the
    whole facility turn to dust!” Hyoyeon said.

    “Great! Thanks for reminding Hyo! We’re out ideas!!!” Taeyeon shouted.
    “What should we do Taeng? Even if we do fight back….there’s too many of
    them!” Sunny said.

    After several minutes the inmates banging on the cell door are getting
    heavier and stronger as Sunny could feel some dents behind her.

    “Sunny-ah! We have no choice open the door!” Taeyeon said as she readied her rifle towards the door.

    As Sunny released the door, Taeyeon was about to pull the trigger when
    both her and Sunny witnessed an unimaginable sight in front of them,
    Spectre inmates flew away from them like a rag doll being tossed in thin
    air by some unknown force hits them.

    “What the heck happened…..” Sunny and Taeyeon slowly walked out only to find all of the Spectre inmates rendered unconscious.

    “Beats me….” Sunny said and then Taeyeon saw someone familiar. The
    figure that is following them the entire time, levitating on mid air as
    her hair is wildly swaying on air as if it was blown by the wind. It was
    a girl.

    “Unnies….. are you alright?” the female figure asked them.

    Taeyeon and Sunny were surprised to see who it was as it turns around to look at them.

    Episode 32 Complete
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    I hope you update soon...
    I've been checking this FF everyday if there is any update...
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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    *waiting* come on it's climax again ><

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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