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    Starcraft Generation

    황 태영

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    biggri Starcraft Generation

    Post by 황 태영 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:22 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    [Paul SoShi Story]i've posted this on SSF international forum and i will take the first priviledge of posting fanfic in here :D

    so... here goes.

    as i've said in SSF forum, this fanfic happen to build up in my brain while i was playing starcraft 2 WoL while listening to SNSD music... so... what will happen if they're in it?
    no clue? so here goes..


    Location: The Flagship Hyperion Time: 1200 hrs – Ship board time

    A beautiful girl uniformed in a white-skin tight suit walked past the marines and the marines whistled as the female ghost unit gave them a warm smile.

    “man… if she was my girl, I can fight alone for a bunch of Zerg. That smile could completely replenish my hopes up” the marine said.

    “get real dude… why would you choose to spend your life alone fighting Zergs?” the other marines asked.

    “you could simply ask her out man. That way, that is much more happy memories than seeing her smile rather than fighting a bunch of Zerg alone” the other marine added.

    “man if that was easy… you see, I heard she’s Nova’s second in command at young age.” The marine who liked the girl said. And followed by another marine. “Nova? You mean Nova the famous ghost who is always perfect in infiltration missions?” the marine asked just nodded. The first marine sighed and flowed by the other marines since they have the utmost respect for their Commander James Raynor. And then, their superior suddenly called their attention.

    All of the marines stood up and flashes a salute as Commander James Raynor arrived.

    “Marines. We have a new unit here. She just transferred her today. Her name’s Yuri. Kwon Yuri. As some of you know, she’s the only ghost unit on our team and Nova’s second in command. Now don’t you all go giddy around her just because she’s a girl. I expect full cooperation. Kwon, introduce yourself.” Raynor called Yuri out front.

    Yuri stood out and removed her ghost visor from her face and looked at them with a serious face.
    “Hello everyone, my name is Kwon Yuri, but you all can call me Yuri or Yul. Please take care of me. this is the first time to be reassigned to Commander Raynor’s unit.”

    Yuri flashed her smile to the marines and the marines smiled back at Yuri. While they are getting to know each other with the help of Raynor. One individual is quietly staring at Yuri intently from a distance.

    <<<<<<<<<< End of Prologue >>>>>>>>>>

    Coming Soon


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:31 am

    Episode 33

    “YOONA!!” Taeyeon and Sunny shouted in unison. “What the heck are you doing here!! This place is dangerous!!” Taeyeon said.

    “….are you unnies doing the same?” Yoona replied as she smiled like a
    kid. “Aish Yoona………. go back to the entrance.. I’ll tell Tiffany….
    you’ll give Sica a heart attack if she learns you’re here..” Taeyeon

    “Don’t wanna” Yoona replied as she gave Sunny and Taeyeon as mischievous
    grin. “Yoong Choding! I gave you an order!” Taeyeon said but Yoona
    suddenly made her face close by an inch in front of Taeyeon’s face as
    she looked at Taeyeon with a serious face.

    “W-What?” Taeyeon asked then Yoona grinned widely. “Taeyeon unnie….. I’m
    not a soldier so… I can do what ever I want *merong*” Yoona replied as
    she stick her tongue out then smiled as she moved her face from Taeyeon.

    “….Taeng…… I don’t think you can win against Yoona on this one….” Sunny
    said and Taeyeon sighs. “…. That freakin’ choding…. Don’t blame me if
    something happened to you Yoona… although if Sica knew, she’ll
    practically kill me…….” Taeyeon said as she decided to take Yoona.

    Location: unknown place in New Folsom

    Yuri woke up and noticed she’s in an unknown room. as Yuri is going to
    stand up, she suddenly felt the same stinging pain she felt earlier.

    “aaaaaahh…my head hurts..” Yuri winced in pain but suddenly she a bit startled when pair of hands supported her.

    “whoa… easy there unnie….” the female voice said. Yuri looked up and saw
    a girl helping her up. “I’m soory unnie.. we thought you’re one of the
    Imperial Dominion forces….” The girl with brown hair said.

    Still wincing in pain, Yuri asked her. “you’re Nova’s elite team, SISTAR…aren’t you?” Yuri said.

    “H-How did you know unnie?” the girl asked. “Well.. Nova sent me here to
    rescue you guys…. But it seems you’re taken out my communicating
    device….” Yuri said.

    “mianhe Unnie…. anyway… my name is Hyorin, and the one who shot you with
    the tranq is Dasom…. My squad leader Bora and one of our team is with
    her named Soyou….”we’re sorry for doing that.. we thought you’re from
    the Dominion…..” Hyoyein said.

    Then someone stepped in and Yuri looked at them and saw SISTAR’s remaining members, Bora and Soyou.

    “Bora…. Nova sent her….. we… we made a mistake….” Hyorin apologized to
    Bora. “babo… that’s why I told you so observe first before shooting! Now
    we’ve lost our chance for a rescue…” Bora said as she massaged her

    “anyway I’m sure my second in command Hyorin introduced us but let me
    introduce myself personally. I’m Captain Bora from Nova’s Elite team
    SISTAR and Hyorin is my second in command, and my two members Dasom and
    Soyou…. I heard about you Kwon Yuri…. and it is our pleasure meeting you
    personally…..” Bora said.

    “pleased to meet you too and your team…. Anyway, what’s the SITREP? And why Nova sent your team here?” Yuri asked.

    Well… we received a distress signal from here and we reported it to Nova
    and told us to check it out but by the time my team got here,
    everything is quiet………….well………………. except for one thing……. Some of the
    specters broke out and some of them escaped. Other have remained here..
    you know… some of the notorious criminals wanted this new folsom to be
    their kingdom thing…… that’s why were in hiding…” Bora said.

    But why didn’t you guys escaped? Clearly you can since you guys can
    cloak yourselves…” Yuri said. “…..well that’s the thing Yuri-ssi….. we
    can’t…… something is interfering our systems…..” Bora said as she puts
    on her ghost visor and activates her cloaking system but then it failed.

    “see? The only system we can salvage from our visor is the zooming
    capability and night vision…. Communication is also down….” Bora said as
    she glanced at Hyorin. “and since my second in command did some “shoot
    first ask later” she also knocked out your communication system…” Bora

    Yuri noticed how Bora is upset about this and immediately try to break
    the tension. “W-Well… let’s not blame on who’s who alright? right now we
    need to find a wy out of here… my commander is waiting for me in our
    battle cruiser…” Yuri said.

    “by anychance your commander is named Kim Taeyeon?” Bora asked. “yeah?
    Why?” Yuri asked. “Nova instructed us to aid you and your commander.
    Emperor Mengsk is starting to doubt Nova of collaborating with you
    guys…… she’s been missing around lately…..” Bora explained.

    “damn… if Nova is found out then this will be a problem…..” Yuri said.
    “well anyway I need a blue print of the whole facility…. We need to get
    out of here fast and tell that info on my commander.” She added.

    Bora called Soyou and pulled out a blue print map of the whole facility.
    As they were discussing about the route, the pain in Yuri’s head
    registered again.

    “Aaaagh…” Yuri winced as she massage her temple. “Yuri-ssi… are you
    alright?” Dasom asked. “I don’t know……… I’ve been having this headaches
    eversince I got here………” Yuri said.

    As Yuri still massaging her temple due to the severe headache, several
    items from where they gathered started to float in thin air.

    “L-Leader….. our things…. Floating in thin air…” Soyou said and as Bora
    looked at Bora she also saw theor canister rifle floating in mid air.
    Bora looked at Yuri and she noticed Yuri’s nose starts to bleed.

    “Yuri-ssi! Snap out of it!” Bora said as she grabbed Yuri’s shoulder and
    at that moent Yuri came back to her senses, all the floating items
    around hem suddenly dropped down on the floor.

    “Yuri-ssi? Do you have a telekenesis?” Hyorin asked after witnessing what happened. Yuri shook her head.

    Bora starts to doubt Yuri and immediately grabbed her canister rifle and
    aimed at Yuri. “Kwon Yuri, who are you exactly?” Bora asked as she
    prepares her canister rifle. Yuri stared at Bora’s rifle and it
    instantly flew out of her hand.

    “don’t you point that thing on me Bora…. I’m not trying to pick a fight
    with you… not while I’m in this state….” Yuri said as she dropped down
    on her knees. Seeing Yuri being vulnerable, Bora decided to toss away
    her dounbt and somewhat became curious.

    “I’m sorry… it’s just with all the specters roaming around here…. I’m
    kind of jumpy lately….” Bora said. as Yuri somewhat returned to normal.
    She replied. “yeah …I get what you mean… I fought one of them before and
    they have the ability to stun their enemy….. anyway… let me rest a
    bit……” Yuri said as she sat down on one part of the room and Bora and
    her team discussed a way out as they traced the blue print.

    Location: SSF – Bridge

    As Jessica is worried about the team who went to new Folsom, Hyoyeon came in. “Sica…….. have you seen Yoona?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “no I haven’t…. have you checked our room?” Jessica replied. “I did….
    But she’s not there… aish where is that kid hiding now……..” Hyoyeon

    “Is there something wrong Hyo?” Jessica asked. “it’s just I want to get a
    sample of her blood…. Maybe I can determine what’s keeping her mind on
    being a kid…. I want to fix that somehow….” Hyoyeon said.

    Seohyun who is quietly listening at Hyoyeon and Jessica’s conversation
    starts to worry. She remembered hearing Sooyoung asking Sunny about her
    missing chocolates and starts to scan every people onboard the SSF and
    didn’t find Yoona’s signature.

    “Sica unnie………… I don’t think Yoona is here in the SSF…………. She may have snucked out….” Seohyun said worriedly.

    Hearing Seohyun’s remark made jessica’s heart jump wildly of worry and
    anger and immediately contacted Tiffany who is on standby on the right
    outside the New Folsom.

    “Fany-ah! Is Yoona there with you?” Jessica asked.

    “No Jessi…. Why? Is she missing again?” Tiffany replied from the other
    line. “Hyunnie just informed us that… she’s missing here……. And she’s
    worried sick of that choding… as I am too…… can you contact Tae? Tell
    her I asked.” Jessica said.

    “I’ll try…. You guys should know we’re all having difficulty contacting
    them because they’re on aplace where their communication were cut
    off…..” Tiffany said and begins to worry also.

    “Aish… that choding….. Fany-ah… no doubt……. Yoona followed Taengoo in
    there…… seeing I’m missing my 2 bags of bite size chocolates missing……..
    who else could’ve done it?” Sooyoung said and all of them sighed as
    they worry about Yoona and the others as they have contact inside.

    Location: outside the level 3 security prison

    Taeyeon, Yoona and Sunny finally walked out the high level cell block
    leaving all the inmates still unconscious because of what Yoona did to
    them earlier. As they walked, Yoona happily skipped ahead of them.

    “YOONG! DON’T GO FAR AWAY FROM US!!” Taeyeon shouted but Yoona just smiled back and still skipping happily.

    “Unnie! this is so cool!” Yoona said as she clapped her hands in
    excitement. Sunny who is observing lets out a sigh and shook her head in

    “what is it now Sunny-ah…” Taeyeon asked as she noticed. “well… I’m
    certain of one thing……. Yoona’s excited about going in here…. And it
    seems we will have our hands full by looking for Yuri and at the same
    time Looking out for Yoona……….” Sunny said and both of them sighed in
    stress.and as they looked forward, Yoona is already standing in front of
    them with a serious look on her face.

    “Y-Yoong? What’s wrong?” Sunny asked but Yoona hushed them by gesturing
    them to be quiet. Seeing Yoona being serious like that, Taeyeon’s gut
    feeling kicked in and gripped her gauss rifle. And in that moment,
    Yoona’s eyes started to glow and she formed a Psionic barriers around
    them and at that instant, series of gunshots fired at them.

    “U-Unnie….. get ……….to………. safety………. i……. I can’t……. hold these…..
    much………..” Yoona said as she tries her best to hold out. Sunny was quick
    to spot a hiding place and pulled Taeyeon and Yoona out of firing
    range. As soon they’re out of sight, the shootings stopped.

    “Taeng…. Sentry guns….” Sunny whispered. “yeah…. This is gonna be a
    pain…. Kind of good thing Yoona is with us or else we’re grind meat….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “well…about Yoona…… she’s totally exhausted…. With that amount of
    projectile she stopped… it took a toll on her…” Sunny said a she pointed
    at Yoona who fainted at their feet. “it seems’ she’s still not used to
    her powers yet….” Sunny said.

    “Hey Sunny-ah I think I spotted a security console over there…..”
    Taeyeon said. Sunny nodded and picked up two stones and throws it out in
    the open. And several seconds the sentry gun fired. As Suny observed
    the time interval, she began to get out of the marine suit.

    “S-Sunny-ah? What are you doing?” I’ve got a plan Taeng…. I’ll run to
    that console…” Sunny said. “Are you crazy? You’ll be minced meat in no
    time!” Taeyeon said. “No Taeng… there’s a timing interval… trust me….
    I’ll deactivate that sentry.” Sunny said as she finally removed herself
    from the marine armor and picked up several large metal pieces.

    “Sunny-ah….. this is insane! But be careful if you die on me… I’ll hunt
    you down in the after world and I’ll be caressing you butt non-stop!”
    Taeyeon said as she slap Sunny’s butt. “YAH! I’ll tell Fany-ah about
    you…” Sunny jokingly replied as she rubs her butt where Taeyeon slapped

    As Sunny starts to run towards the security console she anticipated the
    two sentry guns from the ceiling and as it starts to move, she
    instantly throws two metal pieces causing the sentry guns to aim at it
    first and Sunny’ hunch were correct, the sentry guns is aiming first at
    the ones that is closest towards it. then to Sunny’s surprise, as she
    was nearing on he security console’s place, she didn’t expect that
    another sentry guns revealed them selves from that wall making it hard
    for her to deal four sentry guns guarding the console. As Sunny tries
    to determine another strategy by throwing another piece of metal, one
    of the sentry guns exploded.

    GUNS!!” Taeyeon shouted from afar. Sunny smileddid what Taeyeon had
    asked her to do, she throws another piece of metal and the sentry from
    the wall revealed itself and shoots the metal target and after that, the
    sentry gun exploded again. Both of them repeated the process until all
    of the sentry guns along the hall way are destroyed.

    Seeing there’s no sentry guns left, Sunny walked back towards Taeyeon
    with a smirk on her face. “heh…. So much for my plan for deactivating
    those sentries…. In the end, we ended up destroying every single one of
    them…” Sunny said as she chuckled.

    “damn I looked stupid for doing that…” Sunny added. “I don’t think so
    Sunny-ah…. If you haven’t done that… we wouldn’t know the other sentry
    guns that is concealed on every part of that hallway and besides… we
    still need to take care of Yoona…. she’s still exhausted…” Taeyeon said.
    Sunny on the other hand made antoher critical decision and puts Yoona
    inside her Marine suit.

    “Sunny-ah?” Taeyeon asked as she wonders. “I know what you’re going to
    say Taeng…. But even though Yoona have some Psionic abilities, I still
    consider her as a non combatant… she snucked out of Jessica’s grasp….
    And it is our duty to protect her….. for now… although I’m already
    getting goose bumps when we get back on the SSF…” Sunny said as she
    shrugged at the feeling of Jessica’s authority.

    “Yeah…….. I guess you’re right about that…. but what about you?” Taeyeon
    asked. I’m fine Taeng…..we’re combatants…. We can handle ourselves and
    besides, this is not the first time we’ve gone on a mission like this
    right? And Yoona here, this is her first time experiencing it to the
    extreme..” Sunny explained and Taeyeon nodded.

    As both of the finished their discussions, Yoona opened her eyes and
    realized she’s in a marine suit. "WOW SUNNY UNNIE! THIS SUIT IS COOL!!”
    Yoona hopped around as she tested the feeling inside the Marine suit.

    Both of them seeing Yoona getting all giddy as she wears the marine
    suit, both of them simultaneously face palmed them selves while thinking
    the same thing… “why do I get the feeling putting her in a marine suit
    is a bad idea…” they both said in unison through their minds as they
    watched Yoona prancing around in a Marine suit, like a kid.

    “This is going to be a difficult rescue mission Taeng….” Sunny said. “….tell me about it…” Taeyeon replied as they both sighed.

    Location: other part of of New Folsom, Yuri and SISTAR’s group.

    So that’s about it….. the only we can use the escape route… is back at
    the level 3 security prison….. where mostly specters are being kept….”
    Bora said.

    “But Captain, it’s too risky!” Hyorin said. “well…… if you hadn’t shot
    Kwon Yuri’s Communicator, it wouldn’t be risky wouldn’t it?” Bora said
    as she sighed in disbelief.

    “well I thought she’s with the Imperial Dominion….” Hyorin replied. Just then Yuri talked from her place.

    “come on guys… let’s not blame whose fault it is…. Look if we keep our
    heads together, we’ll make it out of here…..” Yuri said as she tries to
    break the tension between Bora and Hyorin.

    “I’m sorry Hyorin for lashing out like that…. I’m kind of jumpy…” Bora
    said. “I’m sorry too for being reckless….” Hyorin also said. Yuri seeing
    the two reconcile smiled at them.

    “Now that’s more like it… so when are we going to start getting out of
    here?” Yuri asked. “well…. As soon as you’re ready Yuri-ssi…” Bora

    “I’m good to go……. Don’t mind my headache… I think I can manage it..”
    Yuri said as all five of them stepped outside the room but as the
    stepped outside the room, a group of dominion troops aimed at them.

    “well, well, well………. And look what have we here… a group of mice trying
    to escape this place?” a female voice echoed behind the group of

    As the female voice appeared in front of them, Yuri was surprised to see
    who it was. It was Kim Hyunah. “my, my, my……. I see a bunch of
    traitors…..” Hyunah smirked at them and then noticed Yuri.

    “Well…. It seems Emperor’s legendary traitor is also here…. Did you
    know? a huge sum of credits is placed upon your head?” Hyunah said as
    she mockingly smiled at Yuri.

    “Damn you Kim Hyunah…. I know about you…….. you tried to kill my
    commander back then….” Yuri said as she clenched her fist hard. Unknown
    to Yuri, she’s not aware that she’s activating her powers again. The
    floor began to shake wildly and as Yuri’s eyes were focused only on

    But before Yuri’s power gone haywire again, a loud explosion suddenly
    emerged from the side of the wall and revealed Taeyeon, Sunny and Yoona.

    With her helmet visor still closed, Hyunah didn’t recognized Taeyeon but
    Taeyeon on the other hand immediately recognized Hyunah. Taeyeon’s
    blood boiled at her maximum boiling point and immediately fired at her
    direction with no questions asked. Yoona for the first time, became
    scared of Taeyeon’s sudden outburst as for the first time, she saw
    Taeyeon mercilessly killed every soldier that Hyunah has.

    As the soldiers were dead on the ground Hyunah was nowhere in sight, she
    managed to escape. Taeyeon throws her gauss rifle on the floor and went
    for her emergency hand gun and went after Hyunah who is on the run.
    Yoona was stunned at the bloody scene, as she saw the carnage, something
    triggered insde Yoona’s mind as she breaks down and somewhat lost all
    her emotions and fainted.

    Worried for both Yoona and Taeyeon, Yuri decided to make Yoona her
    priority. “Sunny-ah…. Take Yoona and the rest back to the ship…. Captain
    Bora will lead the way out…. I’ll go after Taeng…….” Yuri said as she
    grabbed her modified Cannister rifle. But before heading for their
    different ways, Dasom handed Yuri the blue print.

    “Yuri-ssi…. You might need this…..” Dasom said as she instantly handed
    Yuri the blue print map. “But what about you guys?” Yuri asked. “Don’t
    worry…. About us… when it comes to navigation…. We all count on Dasom
    because she’s very quick to analyze her way…. No go and rescue your
    commander…” Bora explained and in a moment all of them disappeared from
    Yuri’s sight.

    “…….Taeng…….. I hope you won’t do anything reckless and stupid……….” Yuri
    said then fell silent for a while then chuckled. “like I have the nerve
    to say that since… I’m also doing the same thing….aish…” Yuri said as
    she went after Taeyeon.

    Location: New Folsom, Cargo Bay area.

    Hyunah arrived at the Cargo holding area and several seconds, Taeyeon
    emerged from the shadows while aiming her handgun at Hyunah and
    surprising her.

    “What do you want?!” Hyunah said. with still her helmet’s visor still
    closed Taeyeon spoke. “I finally got you Kim Hyunah….. I will have you
    pay for my father’s death!” Taeyeon said as she opened her helmet’s
    visor. As soon Hyunah saw Taeyeon’s face she smirked.

    “you think this is FUNNY?!” Taeyeon shouted as she prepares her handgun but to her surprise, Hyunah just laughed at her.

    “so Kim Taeyeon… we meet again………… I’ve been searching you…. to get my
    revenge for what you did to me, after crushing my throat… you know
    you’re so gullible…. You think you’ve cornered me? guess again!” Hyunah
    said as she flicked her fingers and Hyunah’s soldier appeared behind

    “I guess the tables have turned now huh…. Kim Taeyeon…. Don’t worry… I
    know how much you loved your father…in return…… you will be able to meet
    him soon enough…… Good bye Kim Taeyeon……” Hyunah said as she signal her
    soldiers to fire.

    And in that moment, a series of gunshot echoed across the cargo holding area as Hyunah turned around with a smirk on her face.

    After the gunshots ended Hyunah turned around to see Taeyeon lying on
    her own blood but to her surprise, Taeyeon is still standing but her
    soldiers are the ones that is dead.

    “No matter how many soldiers you have… will still pay!” Taeyeon
    said as she fired at Hyunah. As Hyunah reacted, Taeyeon’s bullet hits
    her right hand and it exploded like a watermelon. Hyuna screamed in pain
    andther remaining soldiers came out and starts firing back at Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon saw it and immediately went o cover into one of the metal crates
    and smirked. “heh…. Like brother, like sister… both of their hands are
    now blown to bits…” Taeyeon said as she cocked her gun.


    Episode 33 Complete

    황 태영

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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by 황 태영 on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:31 pm

    Oh come on Paul ,continue your fanfic please KRE~5 KRE~5

    Coming Soon


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:41 pm

    Episode 34

    As Taeyeon took cover behind the metal crates, Hyunah made her escape
    into the unknown. as Taeyeon tries to take a look, Hyunah’s men are
    already shooting at her.

    “blast it!! I only have my emergency pistol!” Taeyeon hissed as she
    changed the clip of her pistol. As Taeyeon were too occupied from the
    shootings, several of Hyunah’s men managed to sneak in behind Taeyeon.

    “hold it right there!” the man said as he pushed the nozzle of his rifle
    on the back of Taeyeon’s head. the man who managed to get behind
    Taeyeon signaled his team to stop shooting and both of them revealed

    With the rifle still pointed at her head, Taeyeon couldn’t do anything but to go. Taeyeon walked with her hands up.

    “Captain! We got Kim Taeyeon!” the man said and the rest of his team
    gathered around Taeyeon leaving no room for her to escape. But just as
    Hyunah is going out of her hiding place, a group of pipes suddenly came
    flying around, stabbing several of Hyunah’s men. Taeyeon was dumbfounded
    at what had happened.

    “heheh… I guess I made it in time Taeng….” Taeyeon turned around and saw
    Yuri giving hr a smirk while holding her head. as Taeyeon observed
    Yuri, she could tell the tanned girl is in pain. But not injured
    physically, somehow Taeyeon knew it was the tanned girl’s doing about
    the flying pipes.

    Wasting no time, Taeyeon picked up a gauss rifle that is near her and
    just a maniacal gunslinger, Taeyeon quickly spins and shoots at Hyunah’s
    remaining men, and killing them completely.

    Seeing no one remained alive, Taeyeon ran towards Yuri who is still suffering in her major head ache.

    “YUL!” Taeyeon called as she supported Yuri who’s knees started to give in. “hang in there Yul.. I got you…” Taeyeon said.

    “T-Thanks…. Where’s Hyunah?” Yuri asked as she’s still wincing in pain from her head. “….this must her shared powers back then… and it seems she just discovered it…. recently..” Taeyeon thought to herself.

    “she went into hiding Yul.. come on let’s get you fixed up…” Taeyeon
    said as she supported Yuri who is still having hard time balancing
    herself because of her head ache.

    But as both of them were near the hangar gate where they both came in,
    it suddenly exploded, sending both of them flying separately and both of
    their back hits hard on the wall. Taeyeon quickly recovered because of
    her Marine suit armor, Yuri didn’t she quickly passed out due to the
    help of her head ache.

    As Taeyeon is still recovering herself, she heard Hyunah laughed from an unknown location.

    “HOW WAS IT KIM TAEYEON?” Hyunah asked as she revealed herself as she
    ride a Thor Unit. She quickly aimed at Taeyeon and unleashed as barrage.
    Taeyeon was quickly enough to dodge Hyunah’s attack.

    As Taeyeon rolled on the side of the Thor, Taeyeon tried shooting it but to no avail, Hyuna’s Thor Unit was fully armored.

    “ooooh that barely hurt Kim Taeyeon!” Hyunah faced Taeyeon and tried to
    stepped on the short girl. as the Thor stomped, Taeyeon was caught off
    balanced because of the impact of the stomp.

    Hyunah tried to stomp directly to Taeyeon but Taeyeon, again, rolled to
    evade her splattering death. as Taeyeon finished her roll, she quickly
    got up and ran underneath the Thor and tried to shoot it from below but
    the result is also the same.

    KIM TAEYEON!!” Hyunah mocked Taeyeon and she quickly made her Thor shut
    down in order to squash Taeyeon who is still underneath her Unit.

    Taeyeon quickly ran to avoid being squashed underneath the Thor and she was sent rolling on the floor because of the impact.

    Due the her unbalanced roll, Taeyeon were slightly groggy at the impact
    and as she turned to look at Hyunah’s Thor, it’s already powered up and
    walking quickly towards her.

    “DAMMIT!!!” Taeyeon hissed as she knew she couldn’t get up quickly. But
    as the Thor was going to stomp on Taeyeon, something blew up from the
    side and it revealed another Thor and To Hyunah and Taeyeon’s surprise,
    the new comer Thor rammed Hyunah, knocking Hyunah down to the side.

    voice was from Sunny, who is boarded the second Thor that just arrived.

    “YOU CRAZY SUNNY-AH?!! YOU COULD’VE SQUASH ME LIKE A BUG!!” Taeyeon shouted but she smiled later.

    “YOU’RE WELCOME!!” Sunny said and smiled as she faced Hyunah’s Thor Unit who is now getting up and facing her.

    “TAENG! GET YURI OUT OF HERE!!!” Sunny said as she faced Hyunah. Taeyeon
    were awed at the battle of the titans. Thor vs Thor. But not just any
    kind of battle that involves shootings, Taeyeon could hear a loud metals
    banging each other as Sunny and Hyunah battle it out in melee style,
    Sunny tackled Hyunah with full force before Hyunah could gain composure
    and was sent back down again. To Taeyeon’s point of view, it’s like
    she’s watching a movie were to robots are fighting in a closed arena. As
    Sunny starts to walk again towards Hyunah, that was the mistake she
    made as Hyunah shot Sunny’s Thor in the left leg and got damaged. But
    Sunny didn’t go back down yet as her Thor just kneeled and Sunny
    performed an uppercut using the Thor’s gun-arm. As Sunny hits Hyunah’
    Thor with an uppercut, Sunny quickly shot Hyunah’s Thor three times but
    Hyunah used her Thor’s arms to block the shot. With Hyunah’s fully
    upgraded armor, Sunny only amanaged to give only a dent.

    “…damn… this’ll be gonna be tough….” Sunny said as she tried to buy Taeyeon and Yuri sometime to get out.

    Taeyeon supported an unconscious Yuri as she puts Yuri’s arm around her
    neck and tried to make their way out but just as the two of them are
    going out through the hole that Sunny made, another explosion was heard
    and as Taeyeon looked behind, she saw Sunny’s thor unit were no match
    against Hyunah’s fully armored Thor.

    “SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!” Taeyeon shouted. Hyunah maniacally laughed as she
    slowly dissects Sunny’s Thor unit by shooting its legs first.

    Taeyeon was furiated. She puts Yuri in a safe place and grabbed the
    Gauss rifle she used and secretly climbed behind Hyunah’s Thor Unit. As
    Taeyeon managed to climb at the top, she noticed a hatch. She forcefully
    open it with the gauss rifle by shooting it but only manage to out only
    a dent on it.

    “Damn her armor is too tough!!” Taeyeon said. unknown to Taeyeon, Hyunah
    noticed her. “HAH! My Thor’s armor is a multi layered upgrade! YOU
    WON’T OPEN THAT FREAKIN’ HATCH!” Hyunah said as she wiggles her Thor,
    throwing Taeyeon off-balance. As Taeyeon starts to roll towards the
    Thor’s side. Taeyeon jumped and managed to grab a pipeline, leaving her
    completely open from Hyunah’s targeting system.

    “YOU’RE MINE NOW KIM TAEYEON!!!” Hyunah said as she prepares to shoot at
    Taeyeon. But just as Hyunah is going to shoot Taeyeon, another
    interruption occurred as Taeyeon saw Tiffany’s Medivac came crashing
    Hyunah’s Thor, causing Hyunah’s shot, missing Taeyeon an inch.

    “Taeyeon was shock at what Tiffany did, never once did Tiffany did that
    kind of thing for Taeyeon. “FANY-AAAAAAH!!!” Taeyeon shouted as she
    watched Tiffany’s Medivac blow up upon impact on Hyunah’s Thor.

    Taeyeon dropped on the floor as she watched the wreckage of Tiffany’s
    Medivac falls down. “no no no no no no…. please please please….. I don’t
    want to loose you Fany-ah..” Taeyeon worriedly said as she bust up the
    wreckage through the pilot area.

    As Taeyeon got through the pilot area of the Medivac, she saw no one.
    Taeyeon thinks another scenario, Taeyeon thought Tiffany flew on impact.

    Taeyeon gritted her teeth in anger. Not caring if she could make a
    damage, Taeyeon gathered all the gauss rifles that is scattered around
    and turned to face Hyunah who is now recovered from the explosion but
    Taeyeon noticed that Tiffany’s Medivac managed to open a small hole on
    Hyunah’s Thor.

    she starts to walk towards Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon is now focused. Focused on the small hole that Tiffany’s Medivac
    made. Taeyeon ran sideways as she also at the same time shoots. Taeyeon
    focused on the hole. As Hyunah noticed she’s taking damage she scanned
    her Thor and saw the small damage in it.

    “hah! You can’t bring me down that easily Kim Taeyeon!” Hyunah said.
    Hyunah turned to face Taeyeon but as she tries to target Taeyeon,
    another party came in and this time, it was Sooyoung, who is boarded her
    modified Banshee and distracted Hyunah as Sooyoung unleashed as barrage
    of her shockwave battery missiles at Hyunah’s Thor.

    “NOBODY MESSES WITH MY BUNNY!!” Sooyoung shouted as she skillfully
    dodges Hyunah’s attack and landing another hit at Hyunah’s Thor.

    “AAAAH YOU PESKY FLIES!! I’M GOING TO CRUSH YOU!!!” Hyunah shouted as
    she swings her Thor’s arm in hoping to hit Sooyoung but as she
    positioned her Thor’s arm upward in the air. Something hits it and saw
    Sunny manage to release a shot even though her Thor is in a bad shape.
    “DON’T YOU DARE HIT MY YOUNGIE!!” Sunny shouted as she release another
    shot at Hyunah’s Thor, finally damaging her Thor as the arm exploded in

    “I SWEAR YOU PESTS!!! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!!!” Hyunah said as she pressed the button for the barrage mode of her Thor.

    But as Hyunah is again going to unleash the barrage, Taeyeon acted again
    and used two gauss Rifles and focused only on the damaged hole on
    Hyunah’s Thor.

    “Warning! Warning…. Critical Damage imminent please exit the vehicle now..” Hyunah’s AI System on her Thor warned her.

    she kicked the computer and destroying in completely. “even with my one
    hand….I CAN CRUSH YOU ALL!!” Hyunah said as if she already lost her

    Hyunah’s Thor stood up and Hyunah saw Yuri lying defenseless. Hyunah
    said as she aimed her remaining functional arm towards Yuri.

    “SH*T!! I Completely forgot about Yuri!” Taeyeon said as she stopped.
    Hyunah saw it as her ticket to revenge. “Kim Taeyeon…. Choose! Your
    life? or hers!” Hyunah said.

    Taeyeon dropped her gauss rifles on the floor and ordered Sooyoung and Sunny to go on standy by.

    “I can take her Taeng! I have a clear shot!!” Sunny suggested but
    Taeyeon didn’t grant her. “Stop Sunny…. Yul’s in danger….. one wrong
    move and she’s dead….” Taeyeon said.

    “ALRIGHT!! DON’T KILL HER! TAKE ME INSTEAD!” Taeyeon said as she dropped
    her gauss rifle and started to walk slowly towards Hyunah’s Thor. As
    Taeyeon finally stopped infront of Hyunah’s Thor, Hyunah laughed.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Hyunah said as she aimed at Taeyeon and at the same time
    she arched up the foot of her Thor and getting ready to drop its foot
    into Yuri.

    Then another explosion can be heard and this time it was Bora’s team.
    said as she commanded her team.

    Bora quickly climbed into higher place and with a new canister Rifle
    that she borrowed from SSF armory, the four three of them are now
    equipped with modified armor piercing shells. Bora, Hyorin and Dasom
    positioned themselves in a triangular position surrounding Hyunah’s Thor

    As they finally positioned themselves, the three of them fired at
    Hyunah’s Thor. Hyorin and Dasom target a precise spot. The Thor’s joint.
    “HYORIN, DASOM!! THE FOOT FIRST!!” Bora shouted and the two of them
    aimed at the joint of Hyunah’s Thor’s leg. It took them 8 shots, each of
    them, to completely incapacitate Hyunah’s Thor.

    Hyunah whined as she’s always getting interrupted in killing Taeyeon.

    Although Hyuna’s foot is down, she still aimed at Taeyeon who is now running away from her with her back completely exposed.

    Hyunah shouted as she finally locked her targeting sights on Taeyeon.
    But as she’s going to pull the trigger, her system complete shuts down.

    “WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!” Hyunah cursed as she banged her system console as
    she tries to power up her Thor again. Several bangings did the job but
    to no avail, as she tries to move her Thor, it is not responding anymore
    as the damages were too severe.

    ** Flashback During the time Hyunah’s Thor was shut down**

    During the time her Thor unit was shut down, Soyou,
    ordered by Bora, made her way towards Hyunah’s Thor and planted a
    modified high impact bomb with a magnetic shockwave on each of Hyunah’s
    Thor unit’s joints. Arms, legs and even on the weak spot from the hole

    “Cap!! EVERYTHING IS SET!!” Soyou said as she picked up
    Yuri who is still unconscious away from the Hyunah’s Thor. Taeyeon
    immediately helped Soyou carry Yuri. Sunny prepares to aim at Hyuna
    while Sooyoung did the same.

    “Captain! We’re in the clearing!!” Soyou said as she and Taeyeon, who is supporting Yuri, managed to hide in a safe zone.

    “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” Bora said and shoots the mines that
    is attached at Hyunah’s Thor, completely rendering it totally useless
    as both of its arms and legs are severed.

    **End of Flashback **

    “System report!!” Hyunah said and the computer shows her the damage and
    saw the reason why it’s not moving, both of it arms and legs were
    severed. “I’m gonna kill them! Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill THEM!!”
    Hyunah said as she throws a fit like a 4 year old kid that’s throwing a

    As HYunah pressed her last resort, the Barrage system of the Thor, she
    felt her Thor unit shakes as if someone had shot her remaining hope of

    Sunny and Sooyoung collaborated as they unloads their ammunitions until
    they are depleted. Taeyeon and Bora’s team did the same until the smoke
    is too thick so see what had happened to Hyunah’s Thor unit.

    As all of them have nothing left from their guns. The smoke cleared and
    it revealed a completely decimated torso of Hyunah’s Thor unit. The once
    fully upgraded armored earlier were now looked like a big chunk of
    metal scrap, ready to be thrown in a trash compactor as Hyunah’s Thor
    were riddled with bullet hole as well as some exploded areas were
    Sooyoung and Sunny landed ther attacks.

    Taeyeon dropped the guass rifle she’s holding and went for her emergency
    pistol again and ran towards he cockpit area of the Thor Unit. As
    Taeyeon got close to the cockpit area, it slowly opened, revealing
    Hyunah, in a bloody mess as some of the bullets managed to get through.
    Her life is starting to deteriorate because of blood loss from her hand.

    As Taeyeon saw Hyunah, again her blood boils and pointed her pistol at Hyunah.

    “how dare you to kill my appa…… and how dare you to try to kill me back
    then…..” Taeyeon said as her hand starts to shake in anger, itching to
    pull the trigger. Hyunah, who is now near at death’s door, smirked.
    “but what I can’t forgive you is… you made my wife killed herself by
    crashing her Medivac into you!” Taeyeon said as tears rolled down her
    cheeks. Taeyeon was furious. Trying to control her urge from shooting

    “do it…..” Hyunah said as she coughed up blood. “DO IT!!!” Hyunah
    shouted. “…….no……I wanted to… but I will not kill you…… I’ll have you
    serve justice for what you did to my appa…..” Taeyeon said as she
    holstered her pistol.

    Taeyeon turned her back against Hyunah and Hyunah tried to crawl out of
    the cockpit. “KIM TAEYEON!!! I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN WITH ME!!!” Hyunah
    pulled out a gun and aimed at Taeyeon’s back.


    It followed a loud shot and as Taeyeon turned around, she saw Hyunah
    holding her chest, covering her gunshot wound that went through her
    heart. Taeyeon was surprised and she turned around, she saw Tiffany
    along with Jessica and Tiffany is holding Yuri’s canister rifle.

    “F-Fany-ah? You’re alive?” Taeyeon said as she blinked her eyes a few
    times. “…babo….. you know I won’t leave you alone right?” Tiffany said
    as she dropped Yuri’s canister rifle.

    Tiffany ran towards Taeyeon ang immediately hugged the older girl.
    “B-But… what about Hyunah? Didn’t we promised we’ll bring her to
    justice?” Taeyeon asked but Tiffany didn’t answer and as Taeyeon
    noticed, Tiffany is sobbing.

    “Fany-ah? Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked. “…..i’m
    sorry I was the one who broke our promise….. but she was going to kill
    you…..” Tiffany said as she sobs.

    “…aish…. Don’t worry about it Fany-ah……. You did what you could… and I
    was also planning to shoot her when I heard her shout…. But you just
    beat me to it…” Taeyeon said as she pulls up Tiffany’s face to look at

    “Fany-ah… listen….. don’t worry about me but you should help Sica to
    treat Yuri first…. Remember the time she wa saying that she feels
    something inside her? well…. She just discovered it…. and she’s still
    not used on using it fully yet…” Taeyeon said and Tiffany nodded and
    decided to treat Yuri as they all go back to the SSF, using the Hercules
    dropship that Seohyun used to bring Sunny’s Thor. Except for Sunny who
    is riding back with Sooyoung aboard the Banshee.

    Location: SSF – Bridge
    2 days have passed after Hyunah’s death.

    Taeyeon arrived at the bridge to find Seohyun, Bora and Yuri. “Taeng
    perfect timing!” Yuri said. “huh? Did something happened?” Taeyeon

    “well……. Nova’s orders Taeng… they wish to join our cause…. And also…..
    they’re currently at loss here…” Yuri said as she pointed at Bora. “care
    to explain?” Taeyeon said.

    “allow me Yuri-ssi…. Commander Kim…. We hereby request to transfer under
    your command…. Me and my team SISTAR… our current leader Nova have been
    thrown into suspicion as Emperor Mengsk is keeping a tight security
    around her…” Bora said.

    “….well that’s no problem for me… glad to haveyou and your team aboard
    Bora…. We could use a new set of arms to over throw Mengsk from his
    position…” Taeyeon said and Bora saluted. Taeyeon chuckled. “…drop the
    formality Bora… I would like us here to be treated equally. And I’m not
    fond of rankings…. So call me what ever you’re comfortable alright?”
    Taeyeon said as she smiled at Bora.

    “and seeing you in your ghost suit……….” Taeyeon stopped as she felt a
    pair of eyes staring back at her. “are kind of…. Intimidating… please
    change in your normal attire when you’re not in mission…” Taeyeon said
    and Bora bowed and went out of the bridge.

    Yuri and Seohyun looked at Taeyeon. “Taeng…… don’t tell me you’re
    hitting on Bora?” Yuri playfully asked but Taeyeon didn’t answer and
    still sweating buckets. Seohyun noticed and looked behind Taeyeon and
    smiled as she saw Tiffany looking at Taeyeon while pouting. Seohyun
    signaled Yuri to keep quiet and pinted at Tiffany who is walking towards

    “oops sorry….. my mouth slipped Taeng..” Yuri said as she stick her
    tongue out. “yeah… it’s nice to have friends….” Taeyeon said as she

    “Tae-Tae….. what are you doing?” Tiffany voiced out as she reached
    Taeyeon, Seohyun and Yuri. “N-Nothing! I was just checking our new
    crew….” Taeyeon said. “checking the new crew or checking the new crew’s
    “behind” aren’t you?” Tiffany said.

    Taeyeon fell silent as Tiffany hits the spot. Yuri chuckled and whispered to Seohyun “oooh. Spot on!!” and Seohyun chuckled.

    Seeing that they knew where this is going, Seohyun asked Yuri to leave
    with her and both of them were still chuckling their way out. but before
    Yuri could go out, Tiffany asked her. “Yul? How’s your head?”

    “I’m fine Fany-ah…. Thanks for asking” Yuri replied as both her and
    Seohyun finally are out of sight. Taeyeon turned around to look at
    Tiffany who is still looking at her.

    “look I’m sorry Fany-ah…. It’s just dressed in Ghost suit… those skin
    tight suit… aish… what am I saying.. look Fany-ah.. it’s not what you
    think!” Taeyeon said but to her surprise, Tiffany smiled. “….. I know….
    you know sometimes I also saw you looking at Yuri….. I do feel jealous
    Tae-Tae…. But I can’t stop that can i?” Tiffany asked. Taeyeon didn’t
    know how to react at Tiffany’s words.

    “F-Fany-ah… look it’s just….” As Taeyeon finds some right words to tell,
    Tiffany suddenly huged her. “Tae-Tae… you can look but you can’t
    touch….because if you do…. I’ll throw you out of our room…” Tiffany

    “and besides…… you always do what you want when were free….” Tiffany
    added as she gave Taeyeon a seductive smile which Taeyeon finds it hard
    to resist.

    “uuuhh… Fany-ah…. I’m suddenly tired…. Can we…… can we go to our room
    and…………. “rest” for a bit?” Taeyeon said as she gave Tiffany a
    meaningful smile. “….byuntae….” Tiffany said as she smiled and both of
    them went to their room for their little private time.

    Location: SSF Hangar

    Sunny was standing in front of an empty Hangar space where her Thor used
    to be. “you missed it already huh?” Sooyoung suddenly spoke from
    Sunny’s behind.

    “kinda………. But I can’t help it…. Taeng and Yuri’s life is on the
    line…..” Sunny said as she sighed. Sooyoung patted the short girl’s back
    as she gave comfort.

    “don’t worry….. at least none of us got injured on the process….. it’s
    just your unit and Tiffany’s Medivac….” Sooyoung said as she gave Sunny a
    chocolate bar and Sunny accepted it. “thanks….. I could use something
    to eat…” Sunny said.

    “Hey… don’t be sad… at least you still have your siege tank…. and if you
    ask me honestly….. I’d prefer you on the siege tank than on the Thor….”
    Sooyoung said. “and why is that?” Sunny asked.

    “because I loved it….. that’s your first unit…. Ever since I met you,
    you never replaced that tank of yours… you just upgraded it but the base
    is still the same…” Sooyoung said and Sunny smiled at Sooyoung’s
    remark. “….when did you learn to be such a sweet talker Youngie?” Sunny
    asked as she smiled.

    “nothing… I just told you what I feel…” Sooyoung said. “….yeah I know…
    thanks for cheering me up Youngie…… now come on… let’s grab something to
    eat….” Sunny said as she held onto Sooyoung’s hands and both of them
    went to the Cantina.

    Location: R&D Lab

    Hyoyeon finally conducted some tests on Yoona and were astounded at her
    discovery. “Yoong… your brain wave is perfect……… did something happened
    down there?” Hyoyeon asked and the rest of her team waited for Yoona’s

    As Yoona got up, they all noticed something is different about Yoona. as
    she looked at Hyoyeon, she looked at her as she shows a gentle smile.
    “I’m perfectly fine unnie……… I just remembered something….. while I was
    back down there….” Yoona said.

    “Yoong………. You look somehow……………………………. Matured?” Hyoyeon hesitantly
    asked. “…..actually I am unnie…… and I know that my mind were locked
    into being a five years old kid……… and now everything is perfectly
    normal to me…” Yoona said as she revealed that she is somewhat cured.

    Then it came on the right time, Seohyun and Yuri entered. “So….. how is
    my Im Choding?” Yuri asked. “unnie… I’m fine…” Yoona replied which made
    Yuri and Seohyun startled. “……u-unnie? not appa anymore?” Yuri asked.

    Yoona smiled. “of course you can still be my appa… if you wanted to…”
    Yoona smiled in her usual alligator smile. “well… I guess even when
    matured… some things are still intact…” Hyoyeon said as she’s defining
    Yoona’s smile.

    “Hyunnie?” Yoona called the younger girl who is still rooted to her
    place. Yoona stood up and walked towards Seohyun. “hello? Hyunnie? You
    still with us?” Yoona said as she flicked her fingers in front of

    Just then, a tear rolled on Seohyun’s cheek which made Yoona panicking.
    “omo.. Hyunnie! I’m sorr if I did something wrong!” Yoona blurted out an
    apology even without knowing why Seohyun cried. Then to her surprised,
    Seohyun hugged her.

    “Finally….. Yoona unnie…. you’re alright…..” Seohyun said as she buried her face on Yoona’s chest while sobbing.

    “Hyunnie? I’m always alright…. except for being childish back then….”
    Yoona smiled. “and thanks for protecting me back then….. I haven’t
    forgotten that… the escape pod incident…. If I wasn’t childish back
    then….” but as Yoona is going to continue, her lips were sealed by
    Seohyun’s index finger.

    “I don’t want to remember that Yoona unnie….. you don’t know how worried I was when that man did that to you….” Seohyun said.

    “and you don’t know how Yuri was furious at that time when she saw the
    footage….” Hyoyeon said and looked at Yuri. Yuri on the other hand
    smiled at the thought when she remembered how she scare Yong Hwa at that

    “I guess unnie did something to that man for her to be smiling like
    that….” Yoona said. “Yoong…. I’m happy for you that you’re cured but……..
    I guess this time… the time is right….” Yuri said which made Yoona
    wonders what is Yuri talking about. “

    “What do you mean unnie?” Yoona asked. Before Yuri could answer, the door on R&D lab opened and I revealed Jessica.

    “Sica!” Yuri sad as she was startled. “is it true? Yoona is cured?”
    Jessica asked. Yoona made her way in front of Jessica and hugged the
    blonde girl.

    “it’s true unnie…. I’m alright….” Yoona said as she broke the hug.
    “r-really?” Jessica said. “Then in that case…….” Jessica’s expression
    completely changed from angelic into cold one as she pinched Yoona’s
    ears hard and dragged her out of the room. “you, young lady, we will
    have a long talk…… I haven’t confronted you for sneaking out with Tae
    and Sunny’s mission!” Jessica said as she dragged Yoona by the ear. They
    could hear hear Yoona wincing in pain as Jessica drags her and Seohyun
    just chuckled.

    “I totally forgot about that one….. I guess I should give Yoona unnie a
    scolding too…” Seohyun said and followed suit behind Jessica and Yoona.

    “…so Yul…. How are you feeling?” Hyoyeon is now turning her attention to
    Yuri. “fine…. It’s just I’m still not used using these powers though… I
    might need a practice though…” Yuri said and after that, all of the
    crew inside SSF earned their much deserved rest thoughout the whole day.

    Location: SSF- bridge
    Next day…..

    Bora and her team, now dressed in their normal clothes, were waiting for
    Taeyeon at the bridge. “Cap…. Do you think they will agre to this
    mission?” Dasom asked Bora. “well….. it’s just a side mission…. So
    whether she accepts it or not… we can’t argue about it…” Bora replied.

    Then several minutes later, Taeyeon arrived together with Hyoyeon,
    Tiffany and Sooyoung. “you guys are early…. What’s up?” Taeyeon asked.

    “Actually commander…. I mean…Taeyeon-ssi…. We were about to ask you
    about our side mission…” Bora asked as she passed a data file on the
    SSF’s bridge console and revealed a polluted unknown planet.

    “omo…. Is anybody still living int here?” Hyoyeon asked. “well………
    according to the data report…. There is stillpeople living in there….
    But the planet’s pollution level were at 90% dangerous….” Bora said.

    “so…what should we do in there? And just as you said 90% pollution level
    is dangerous…. How can we land on there?” Taeyeon asked. “well…. Nova
    prepared this….” Dasom pressed something on her console and revealed a
    device that seems to be a device to get rid of pollution.

    “it’s still not 100% guaranteed will work but Nova suggested we should
    try….. besides……. I can’t abandon those people down there….. and besides
    the planet is being polluted, there’s still some Zerg creatures that
    needs to be taken care of….” Bora said.

    Taeyeon thinks hard for a while then gave her answer. “…lets do it…..
    this is what my former commander wants… saving lives comes first…..
    alright… Hyo I want you and your team to prepare anti-body serum that
    will protect us in the polluted zone. , Dasom, you collaborate with my
    mechanic Ok Taecyeon about that device. The rest of you just prepare…
    we’re taking this mission….” Taeyeon said which made Tiffany smiled who
    is secretly listening behind.

    “Tae-Tae…. You’re now acting like a commander….. although you’re still
    byun for looking at Bora’s butt….” Tiffany said as she also head to the
    R&D lab to help Hyoyeon prepares the anti-body serum.


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 35

    Location: SSF – Hangar
    Before departure.

    Taeyeon assembled everyone in the Hangar to inform all of them about their missions.

    “Alright listen up, we all know we’re heading into an unknown planet and
    according to our scanners, it’s a terra-type planet… meaning, it looks
    like our old earth so we will label it as Terra-Soshi….. but that’s not I
    want to tell about you guys… what I want to say is……….. this planet is
    90% polluted and we only have a limited amount of anti bodies that will
    protect us from the high polluted planet….” Taeyeon said.

    “Now this may sound easy since you all know we will assist some
    civilians… but it is not…. reports say, there will be a possible threat
    of zerg flyers and crawlers…. Luckily for us, we won’t be having trouble
    dealing ultralisks and an old creatures namely guardians, devourers and
    defilers…. We will be dealing only with Zerglings, Hydras and
    Mutalisks…. Now…. your corporal and I discussed how should we set up in
    that planet….” Taeyeon said.

    “Hyoyeon and her team, Tiffany Hwang, Jessica and Soyou, you will be on
    medical section, you guys will do anything you can to provide medical
    attention to the civilians. Ok Taecyeon, Dasom, and Hyorin will go with
    you and you can also choose 4 more of your staff to work on the device.
    Yuri, Sunny and Bora will be on ground patrol incase if there’s some
    alerts on Zerg creature nearby, Seohyun and Yoona will be on stand by
    here on SSF………. And Yoona…. don’t sneak out again…. Your Sica umma
    nearly killed me when we returned…..” Taeyeon said.

    “And lastly…….. Sooyoung, you will lead a squadron of air units. You
    will be patrolling the skies in case there’s a mutalisks. I won’t take
    an argument about the positions assigned to you… got a problem with
    that?” Taeyeon said.

    Then one of Taeyeon’s member raised a hand and when Taeyeon looked, it
    was Sooyoung. “yes Sooyoung…….. what is it?” Taeyeon asked as she

    “you gave everyone a position but what about you?” Sooyoung said. “me?
    I’m going to sulk in my room since I won’t be spending my precious time
    with my Fany…” Taeyeon explained which caused laughter in the hangar.

    “TAE-TAE!” Tiffant hissed and Taeyeon just smiled.

    “Silly mushroom… I’m just kidding…. Well……. I’m going to handle
    everything…… support, commanding, inventories of medical supplies, and
    sometimes I’m going to patrol along with Yuri and Bora…. And stare their
    butts while I’m at it….” Taeyeon said jokingly.

    “TAE-TAE!!!” Tiffany hissed again. “KIM TAEYEON!!” Jessica also hissed
    at the exact time Tiffany hissed which caused another laughter on her

    “RELAX!!! I’m just trying to lighten up the mood alright? because we all
    know 90% level of pollution is dangerous so one wrong move, you will be
    sick just like the ones who been living in there..” Taeyeon explained
    as she pressed something on her consoe and a hologram screen appeared
    and shows a skinny malnourished people residing in the planet.

    Every fell silent at the image and Taeyeon noticed. “I know I’ve given
    you people you positions, if eanyone wants to back out then feel free to
    do so, I won’t blame you and won’t hold a grudge against you. as of now
    I’ll respect everyone’s opinion.” Taeyeon said

    “you’ll be doing the hardest part in this side mission commander, we
    can’t back out now… just like our former commander Jim Raynor, our
    mission is all about saving lives, like it always have been.” One of
    Taeyeon’s crew said and with that single word that Raynor made them
    remembered, they all lit up in hope and Taeyeon smiled.

    “thank you guys…. As for the ones that havent got picked by Ok Taecyeon,
    Kwon Yuri and Bora, will remain here so don’t hold a grudge if you’re
    not picked understand?” Taeyeon said and all of them nodded.

    “and one last thing, the ones will be remained here on SSF will also
    work on keeping the medical inventories prepared and some will also get
    ready to contact the RM staffs for the medical supplies, just look for
    Haha oppa and he’ll know what to do because I already informed him about
    this mission… that is all…… now ready your stations…. We’ll be leaving
    in 20….” Taeyeon said as she went back to the armory along with Tiffany,
    Sooyoung and Yuri.

    Location: SSF – Armory

    “Tae-Tae…. I’m worried….” Tiffany said. “about what?” Taeyeon asked placed herself into the Marine armor equipper.

    “about this mission…. I’m not comfortable working without you in my
    side…” Tiffany said. “aigoo……. Look Fany-ah… before you complain about
    it… take a look and Sooyoungie and Yuri…. I know deep inside they don’t
    like what Seohyun and I came up with the positioning but they’re not
    complaining about it…. specially Sooyoung………. How many times they on a
    mission that they’re not together?” Taeyeon said which made Tiffany

    “Fany-ah… don’t be like that….. look after this mission…. You can drag
    me anywhere you want...” Taeyeon said as she saw Tiffany pouts.

    “Promise?” Tiffany asked.

    “Promise…. Even if you have to stay in your shopping galore for about
    one week… I’ll be with you…” Taeyeon said and Tiffany smiled. “Thanks
    Tae-Tae… you’re the best!” Tiffany said as she jumped at Taeyeon’s arms
    and kissed her before heading to Hyoyeon’s lab.

    “you’re spoiling her too much Taeng…” Yuri said as she finished suiting
    up in her Ghost suit. “yeah… you even have to make a promise like that…
    what if she really went on shopping for about one week? Will you be able
    to stand the pressure?” Sooyoung added as she also finished up suiting
    up in her Banshee uniform.

    “yah! It’s you guys at fault here why she became like that! remember
    that act you pulled off Yuri? ever since we were on good terms, she’s
    been sticking with me that I can’t do my work properly…” Taeyeon said.

    “yeah right……. But you also enjoying it.” Yuri said as she smirked.

    “no I’m not!” Taeyeon disagrees.

    “yes you are! You’re always poking and looking at her butt Taengoo…”
    Sooyoung said as she and Yuri did a hi-five before laughing and Taeyeon
    fell silent before chuckling.

    “ok you guys… you got me there…. Yeah I’m staring…. It’s not like she’s
    refusing my fetish…” Taeyeon smiled at the thought of her touching
    Tiffany’s butt.

    “…I give up…. Come on Yul, Taengoo is already lost in her little own
    world… she’s starting to drool over Tiffany’s butt…” Sooyoung said as
    they both chuckle and turn around. But as they turn around, both of them
    felt a slap on their butt.

    “KYAAH!” Both Sooyoung and Yuri lets out a quick yelp before looking back at Taeyeon who is smirking behind them.

    “that’s for payback for making fun of me heheheh” Taeyeon said as she
    gestured her hand in a groping position and chases Yuri and Sooyoung out
    from the armory into the hangar

    Location: SSF – Hangar

    “OKAY! LISTEN UP!! remember your roles and the ones who are not chosen
    to go down, your roles are the most crucial so pick up the pace!”Taeyeon
    reminded everyone.

    “Taecyeon, Dasom, are you guys prepared?” Taeyeon asked Taecyeon and Taecyeon and Dasom saluted back.

    “Fany-ah, since your Medivac is still out of service, you will be
    piloting the Hercules, Sunny, load up your siege tank into the Hercules
    and everyone who will be going down to the Terra-Soshi, get on board the
    Hercules Dropship. SCV units I want you guys to harvest minerals and
    vespenes, that way we won’t be having any trouble requesting supplies to
    Haha. Sooyoungie, can I ask you to lend me three from your squad to
    escort the Hercules?” Taeyeon said.

    “No Prob Taengoo… I was planning to anyway.” Sooyoung said as she called three from her squad to prepare to escort the Hercules.

    “Hey.. Taengoo… is it ok that sometimes I visit my Bunny if I had a chance?” Sooyoung asked.

    “is that all? Be my guest but be sure to remember your role because this is crucial…” Taeyeon said.

    As all of the the expediting group are on board and Sooyoung’s grop are
    already flying in orbit, Taeyeon boarded last the Hercules and all of
    them went down to the unknown planet that Taeyeon labeled as

    Location: Terra-Soshi

    As Tiffany is piloting the Hercules Drop ship, Tiffany decided to prank
    everyone on board since she’s the only one on the cockpit. Tiffany made
    the Hercules shake a little bit and manually turned on the alarm and her
    comm. link to the cargo area where everyone is ready to go out.

    "We're hit, we're hit! We're all gonna die! We're- ha ha!, just kidding!
    Should've seen the looks on your faces!" Tiffany chuckled as she
    monitored everyone’s reaction on her camera console and saw everyone’s
    face in a panicked state and others were pale.

    “Good one Fany-ah hehehe” Taeyeon said as she showed an OK sign on
    Tiffany’s camera. “..seriously Taeng…. We really thought were hit….”
    Sunny said as she board her siege tank and gave a little chuckle.

    “Is Tiffany-ssi always like this?” Seungyeon asked Hyoyeon. “not really.. but I can tell she’s in high spirits…” Hyoyeon said.

    “you seem to know Tiffany-ssi very well..” Taecyeon this time asked.
    “yeah…well… she always like that when she’s in high spirits.” Hyoyeon

    “I think I can guess why…..” Yuri now joined the conversation. “care to share?” Sooyoung now joined in through her comm.-link.

    “well……….. remember Youngie? What Taeng said on the armory? She promised
    Tiffany to go with her shopping after this is over….” Yuri said and
    Hyoyeon nodded. “well that figures…. I mean that’s Tiffany’s
    expertise….. I guess we’ll be seeing pink through out the SSF Battle
    cruiser….” Hyoyeon said.

    “Ok guys! Line up to get your shots for anti bodies…” Taeyeon said as she informed them and all of them lined up.

    "Here's your stop." Tiffany said as she successfully landed the dropship
    and went to te cargo holding area and helped Hyoyeon’s team give
    everyonr a shot of antibodies.

    As she gave Taeyeon a shot, Taeyeon winced in pain a little. "Oh, suck
    it up! You act like you got both arms blown off!" Tiffany said as she
    playfully slap Taeyeon’s arm. “meanie…” Taeyeon said and both of them
    later smiled.

    “oh please……. We’re on a mission here…. Not on honeymoon you two…”
    Jessica said as she rolled up her eyes at Tiffany and Taeyeon’s PDA.

    As they were getting ready to go out, Taeyeon’s comm-link beeped. “Yeah Hyunnie? What’s up?” Taeyeon asked Seohyun.

    “Taeyeon appa, according to Yoongie… it looks like we will stay here for
    a while, the civilian encampment are quite big so… I don’t think we can
    finish the task anytime soon….” Seohyun said as she told what Yoona

    “that’s fine with me Hyunnie…. In any case take care of things in there
    alright? and don’t do anything…….. “miracle” while we’re gone…. Kids
    have tendency to explore new things and as well as se….” As Taeyeon is
    going to say sex someone stopped her.

    “TAE-TAE!!” Tiffany shouted while glaring at the older girl but Jessica
    and Yuri are showing some interest at Taeyeon’s explanation.

    “hey relax… I’m just kidding…” Taeyeon said as she give a light chuckle.

    “kidding? Look at those two!” Tiffany pointed at Jessica and Yuri who
    are lost in their thoughts imagining Taeyeon’s explanation to Seohyun.

    “Their imagining what you just said!!” Tiffany pouted as she crossed her
    arms and some of the crews are slightly laughing at Taeyeon’s dorky

    “Hyunnie… just disregard my last words about S…..” as Taeyeon is going
    to say it again she earn a pinch in her ear. “OW! ow! ow! ow! ow! ow!
    ow! alright alright!! I’ll stop now!! you’re going to rip my ears off!!”
    Taeyeon said as she rubbed her red ear that Tiffany pinched.

    As all of them have gone out from the Hercules, all of them were stunned
    by the sight of pollution in the area. Thick smog are visible as well
    as scattered vespenes. Carcasses of some Zerglings, Hydralisks and
    Mutalisks are visible near the town.

    “…omo……. Is this even a town?” Gyuri said as she clings on Taecyeon.

    In the midst of their “sightseeing” Taeyeon shrugged it off and starts
    giving out orders. “SCV units I want three of you set up two barracks
    near the medical facility of the town and eight of you, build a command
    center and after that start harvesting. Five on the minerals and three
    of vespene gas, Hyo, your team immediately go to the medical facility of
    the town, and bring Bora with since the chief of this town asked her.
    Taec, you and Dasom immediately start working on the device that will
    protect this town from the pollution…. And take heed… me also might be
    dealing with some contaminated areas around the town because of the dead
    zerg units. Yuri, you get to handpick some squad and start patrolling
    the area, if anything moves that is not human, shoot first investigate
    later, Sooyoung, you maybe skillfull on handling your banshee but be
    careful while on scouting the skies, if you have some time, you can land
    and don’t forget to take your antibody against the pollution, and
    lastly…. Fany-ah……” Taeyeon ordered as she stopped at Tiffany’s part
    which made Tiffany smile as she anxiously waits for her part.

    “Fany-ah…. You have a nice butt…..” Taeyeon said as she smiled.

    “YAH! TAE-TAE!!!” Tiffany again pouted which cause some of the team laugh at Taeyeon’s sudden joke.

    “hahaha mianhe my mushroom… you will have the most tiring role second to
    mine….. when Hyo and her team sends some requests for medical supplies,
    you will be the one transporting it…. will you be ok with that?”
    Taeyeon asked and Tiffany smiled.

    “of course! Why should I refuse? You’re working more harder than any of
    us so… we shouldn't complain about it… and besides, we all love working
    under your command Tae-Tae…..” Tiffany samiled and faced the entire

    “now guys, we all know Tae-Tae don’t want to be a commander back then we
    were all under Commander Raynor’s wing right? But how do you see
    Tae-Tae now as your commander? If there’s some negative comments, don’t
    hesitate because that will serve some reminders for my Tae-Tae and I
    won’t be holding a grudge against you… and so do Tae-Tae…” Tiffany said
    as she looked back at Taeyeon

    “right Tae-Tae?” Tiffany added as she smiled at the older girl.

    “that’s right. If I’m lacking any supervising skill now feel free to talk..” Taeyeon said but someone shouted.

    “Commander you rock!!” and one followed after.

    “You maybe easy going commander but I’m glad that I’m under your wing!” and then followed after another

    “Commander Kim, you just don’t have confidence in your leadership skills
    back then but now, I can see now a full pledge commander… and good
    looking one to boot!” that one last comment earned laughter and followed
    by the sound of clapping hands as they were proud to be under Taeyeon’s

    “thank you guys…. I really appreciate those words….. specially that good
    looking part..” Taeyeon said as she smile at the same time blushed
    which some of her team laugh.

    “but let me tell you one thing though…. I’m still not perfect about
    leadership so don't expect something great out of me and I would like
    everyone to give me their opinion as the time progresses, understand?
    Now start working!” Taeyeon said and all of the team cheered in high

    “nice speech there Taeng….” Sunny said from the siege tank. “yeah… I
    never expected them to be this enthusiastic….” Taeyeon said as she
    heaved a sigh.

    “What’s wrong? You sounded like you’re not happy about this…” Yuri said
    from her comm.-link as she is already patrolling the premises.

    “well……….. this will take a few days… I hope nothing will go wrong……..
    well? Putting that aside, let’s start working shall we?” Taeyeon said
    and all of them finally started working.

    Day 1
    Sooyoung’s Log file

    been day one…. While I’m scouting the vicinities, Bora’s report about
    this planet seems to be true…. After 2 hours of our landing on
    …….Terra-Soshi… as Taengoo labeled it…. we already encountered zerg
    units…. We successfully defended the entire town without having anyone
    injured or loss….. truth to be told…. I don’t think the level percentage
    of pollution is only 90%... if I would say… I’ll rate it more higher…
    let’s say 94%..... the thick smog is already blocking my Banshee’s
    vision that I had to go on thermal view…”

    “Youngie? Can you help me carry these medical supplies towards Hyo’s
    stock room?” Sunny called from behind while Sooyoung is entering her
    entry log.

    “sure… just a sec…” Sooyoung replied.

    “well…… I gotta go… my Bunny pills is asking for my help… I just can’t say no to her….can i?

    “Coming Bunny!” Sooyoung said after she finished her entry log.

    “you seem to be busy Youngie?” Sunny asked as she’s carrying some
    Medical supplied from the Hercules and into the medical Facility along
    with Sooyoung, also carrying several boxes of medicines.

    “nah just entering my entry log…. Say… why are you carrying stuffs? Why aren’t any of Taec’s team help you?” Sooyoung asked.

    “I can’t just ask them Youngie… they’re working harder than we are…
    they’ve been working non stop on the device and they had to set that up
    in six different area just to keep the pollution at bay…. But… it seems
    it’s still not working….. and besides….. Taeng changed her orders… if
    anyone have available time on their hands and at least can help. Then
    free to do so…. That’s her orders… no more roles, just pure feelings and
    instincts. ” Sunny said as both of them entered medical hall and Hara
    and Seungyeon helped them

    As Sooyoung followed the three of them, Sooyoung noticed a quarantine
    ward. Although walking in a fast phase, Sooyoung took a quick peek
    inside the room and saw a little girl, lying in bed while silently
    staring at the window.

    ….she looks lonely……… I guess I should pay a visit later….” Sooyoung said to herself as she followed Sunny, Hara and Seungyeon.

    Location: Medical Supply room

    As the four of them entered, Sooyoung and Sunny saw Jessica tending an
    ill person while Tiffany is already assisting every Hyoyeon’s team and
    at the same time given by chance, she’s also tending a sick person.
    Sooyoung's eye caught Hyoyeon’s patient as it was too skinny as bones
    starts to form on Hyoyeon’s patient and Sooyoung tried to hold back her
    tears because everywhere she looked, it seems everyone is sick.

    “Youngie? Are you crying?” Sunny asked as she noticed Sooyoung is trying
    her best to hold her tears. Sooyoung didn’t answer and just hugged

    “ssshh… I know what you’re feeling…. I feel the same too…. I feel sorry for them……” Sunny said as she comforted Sooyoung.

    “is it fine if I stay here for a while?” Sooyoung said as she looked at Sunny and Sunny just smiled.

    Feeling Sooyoung’s concern, Sunny popped out an idea. “Youngie? Would
    you mind helping me a bit about something?” Sunny said as she smiled at
    Sooyoung. “sure… I have some plenty of time before my patrol time… what
    you got in mind?” Sooyoung asked.

    “well……. All of them are working non stop… I think we should prepare
    some food for them… can call IU from the SSF to help us out…” Sunny
    said as she patted the shoulders of Sooyoung and the tall girl smiled
    at the idea.

    With Taeyeon’s permission, they had to pick up IU from the SSF and
    helped them to prepare some food, IU worked and cooked non stop but
    amazingly, never once in her time since she was down preparing food,
    fatigue never come to her as she was so happily to help and serve not
    just only the team but several residents of the town. Sunny and Sooyoung
    supported IU and they were very happy to help the younger girl and at
    the same time assisting some of Hyoyeon’s team.

    Several hours have passed, the three of them finished serving all of the
    team and some several residents. “feels good, doesn’t it? Sunny asked
    the tall girl beside her and just smiled.

    “well……. My break is almost over Youngie…. So I guess I’ll be going
    ahead… see you later Youngie..” Sunny said as she gave Sooyoung a quick
    kiss before boarding her siege tank and starts patrolling.

    Sooyoung waved good bye to Sunny and went straight towards IU. ‘hey IU?
    Did get me what I ask you for?” Sooyoung asked. “yep.. I’m always
    keeping it warm… may I know who are you going to give this porridge?” IU
    asked and Sooyoung just smiled.

    “it’s a secret..” Sooyoung replied as she walked away from IU.

    Location: Terra-Soshi, Quarantine ward

    Sooyoung knocked on the door on the quarantine ward and the sick girl
    looked at her. “hello..” Sooyoung greeted as she smiled at the girl.

    “uhh.. hello? Are you the new doctor?” the girl asked and Sooyoung
    chuckle a bit. “I’d love to but I’m afraid….. I’m not.. I just want to
    visit you… since earlier today… you seem……. Lonely and sad..” Sooyoung
    said as she pulled a chair and sat beside the sick girl’s bed.

    “my name is Sooyoung…..what’s yours?” Sooyoung asked as she prepares the porridge in the table beside the bed.

    “I’m Alice….. nice to meet you Miss Sooyoung…” the girl named Alice
    weakly smiled. Sooyoung chuckle a bit. “please… drop the “miss” part
    hahaha… I’m not used being called with honorifics…” Sooyoung said as she

    Seeing Sooyoung laugh made Alice also chuckle a bit. Sooyoung observed
    Alice and noticed the sick girl is so thin and looking a bit pale.

    “is it ok if a call you…Big sis?” Alice asked. “sure…. I’d love that
    Alice…. Listen… I bought you a porridge… come on eat up..” Sooyoung said
    as she arrange the table on Alice’s bed and shifted the bed’s angle to
    make Alice comfortable.

    “be careful it’s hot….” Sooyoung said as she watched Alice tries the
    spoonful of porridge and slightly winced in pain as she tries it but the
    porridge is still hot. “aigoo…. Here let me help you…” Sooyoung said as
    she decided to help Alice eat the porridge as she feeds the sick girl.

    Sooyoung carefully tries to cool down the porridge by blowing it before
    giving it to Alice. “big sis….. I’m full…” Alice said as Sooyoungwas

    “hmm no can do Alice…. You just did a three bites…. No wonder you’re
    pale…..” Sooyoung said. “but big sis…. I’m not a big eater…… and I’ve
    been in this bed ever since i was a child…and I haven’t been out of this
    medical facility ever since….” Alice said weakly.

    Sooyoung was surprised at Alice’ revelation. She never knew that this
    girl was too sick to even go outside. Sooyoung felt she started tearing
    up again but did her best to hold it in and continues feeding Alice.

    “is…is that so?.... Alice….. do you like stories?” Sooyoung asked as she
    smiled gently and came with an idea. “I love stories Big sis!” Alice
    said as her face lit up in expectations.

    “tell you what………… if you finish this porridge…… I’ll tell you all of my
    adventures when I’m in space..” Sooyoung said as she smile. Sooyoung
    figured that since the sick girl haven’t gone outside the room, maybe a
    story related on being outside the room would caught the sick girl’s
    attention and it worked. Sooyoung was happy when Alice decided to
    continue eating the porridge and Sooyoung can tell, the sick girl is

    I think she’s being shy earlier….” Sooyoung thought to herself as she watched Alice eat the whole porridge that she prepared for her.

    “I’m finished big sis…..” Alice said as se finished the whole bowl of
    porridge. Sooyoung smiled and sticks to her promise as she told the sick
    girl her adventures. Sooyoung even fabricated some story where in
    reality, did not happened. As the time progresses, Sooyoung totally for
    got her shift on patrolling. As she is now on the part where it’s about

    “and then there’s this friend of mine named Yuri who likes Jessica. But
    at the time then, Jessica was sent on a mission where she would retrieve
    data on Planet Mar Sara…. But something went wrong as Jessica was being
    chased my Zerglings in a tight spaces but she managed to escape.”
    Sooyoung told the girl from her fabricated story.

    As Sooyoung telling the story, she can see the sick girl is really
    interested in her “misadventures” where she made herself the main
    character who do all the hard work. The tall girl was happy that Alice
    is interested in her stories.

    “and then after Yuri and Jessica escaped, my Bunny came to the rescue as
    both Yuri and Jessica were being close in danger as many of the
    Zerglings came running straight to them, at that time my Bunny is using a
    goliath and managed to save them in time but just when they thought all
    things is clear… another batch of Zerg units starts showing up and
    managed to damage my Bunny’s unit…. And when they were being cornere at
    that time…. Someone came to their rescue……. Alice? Do you know who came
    to their rescue?” Sooyoung as she crossed her arms and closed her eyes
    as she smirked.

    “is it Commander Kim?” Alice said but Sooyoung twisted the story. “no, I
    came at that time! I fiercefully defended them until all my ammunitions
    were depleted but good thing that the time I was empty, it’s the same
    time, all the Zerg units are also dead.” Sooyoung said as she proudly
    closed her eyes while crossing her arms with a satisfied smirk on her
    face as if she was the one really did what she said.

    Unknown to them, four persons were observing them from the door, the
    whole time Sooyoung is telling the story. It was Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Sunny
    and Jessica.

    “no wonder she forgot her shift for patrolling….. she was here all the
    time…” Taeyeon said as she watched Sooyoung telling another story to the
    sick girl and noticed the girl were happy at Sooyoung’s fabricated

    “yeah she hasn’t left the girl’s side…. But it seems all is well….. when
    someone lies that audaciously…. I don’t even feel like scolding her……”
    Sunny said as she watched Sooyoung as she smiled.

    “but I feel sorry for the girl though…” Jessica said.

    “why is that?” Hyoyeon asked. “from her records…. She’s been in this
    quarantine ward ever since she was born….” Jessica weakly said as they
    all looked back at Sooyoung and Alice happily talking to each other.

    “I guess we should let her hear a tall tale or two…” Taeyeon said as she
    smiled sa decided to leave Sooyoung to continue her stories to Alice.

    Location: Terra-Soshi, Medical staff room
    Time line: Evening

    Hyoyeon sent a request to SSF for some medical supplies that will be
    delivered tomorrow. “I’ve request medical supplies that we are lacking
    today and it will be delivered tomorrow Nicole…” Hyoyeon said as she
    arched her back on the reclining chair.

    Nicole came and gave Hyoyeon a cup of coffee. “well. I can say everyone
    did their best best today…. Even though it’s a tiring day.. i never felt
    happier to be able to help this many people using our knowledge…”
    Nicole said as she took a sip from her coffee.

    “you’re right about that…. Nicole…. Truth to be told… it really feels good to help people in need doesn’t it?” Hyoyeon replied.

    “but I feel sorry for everyone…..” Gyuri said as she walked in along
    with Hara and Jiyoung. “well… it can’t be helped… from what I’ve
    observed…. The reason why everyone is sick on this planet….. it’s
    because by the time they were born, the danger of pollution is already
    in contact with their bodies…. That’s why they carry all the different
    kinds of germs and bacteria… .causing their own metabolism against
    sickness became weak….. for example the eight year old girl in the
    quarantine ward, Alice… she’s been bed ridden ever since she was born….”
    Hyoyeon explained.

    “do we have any clues how the pollution started?” Seungyeon asked.
    “…well……. I could ask Taeng to send an investigating team on how all
    this pollution started….” Hyoyeon said then a person came in.

    “hey I was just thinking……… can we….. can we take Alice aboard the SSF?”
    It was Sooyoung and all of them stared at the tall girl and they all
    noticed that worried and concern is written all over her face.

    “I’m afraid we can’t Soo…… Alice’ body is too weak and fragile for the
    transportation….. her body can’t handle the sudden change of the
    atmosphere….” Hyoyeon sadly replied “and a long voyage will decrease her
    physical stamina…. I’m sorry…” Hyoyeon added.

    “o..OH is that so?... well I’m just asking… ehehe hehehe…” Sooyoung said as she walked out of the room with a heavy heart.

    “she really did get fond of Alice doesn’t she?” Hara said.

    “well… can’t blame her Hara…. Because if you saw how Alice was happy to
    listen to her stories…. You would understand why…” Hyoyeon said.

    Location: Terra-Soshi, Medical facility, Lobby
    Time line: Evening

    Taeyeon walked in as she received a request from Hyoyeon about doing
    some investigation. Taeyeon saw Sunny who is currently resting on the
    Lobby with her eyes closed.

    “Sunny-ah? Are you awake?” Taeyeon called and Sunny opened her eyes. “sure do… what’s up Taeng?” Sunny said.

    “well… I want to form an investigation team tomorrow…. Hyo sent me a
    request about it…. I was thinking forming you, Yuri and Sooyoung along
    with your other three choices starting tomorrow…. Are you ok with that?”
    Taeyeon asked.

    “no prob here…. I’ll do anything to help… so what are we going to investigate?” Sunny asked.

    “well…. I’m also curious about it..... so I granted it…. you guys will
    investigate how this pollution started and where it originated… I wanted
    to come with you guys but someone had to stay here…” Taeyeon said.

    “let us handle this…. And I understand your situation… we’ll report to
    you tomorrow as soon we find something….” Sunny said as she gave Taeyeon
    an OK sign.

    “Thanks Sunny-ah… well now, I’ll go look for Soo… and I’ll inform her
    about this… I’ll leave you to your rest now..” Taeyeon said as she
    walked away from Sunny.

    Upon going outside, Taeyeon saw Bora. “Bora? Have you seen Sooyoung?”
    Taeyeon asked. “….i haven’t seen her Taeyeon-ssi…. Shouldn't she be on
    patrol right now?” Bora said.

    “nah… that’s impossible… her Banshee is still here…. Thanks anyway… I’ll
    go look for her… just continue patrolling…” Taeyeon said and Bora

    Taeyeon decided to walk around the premises of the medical facility and
    saw Yuri staring at something. “YURI-AH!” Taeyeon shouted while waving
    at Yuri but when Yuri looked back at Taeyeon, she gestured to Taeyeon to
    keep quiet as she also signaled to come over.

    “hey Yul what’s up?” Taeyeon asked the tanned girl. “Taeng… remember
    earlier when you told me about Sooyoung? Where she’s getting fond of
    Alice? We all know she’s terminally ill right?” Yuri asked.

    “yeah… what about it?” Taeyeon asked. Yuri handed her Canister rifle to
    Taeyeon. “take aim over at the lighting on that cliff…” Yuri said as she
    pointed. Taeyeon took aim and it automatically zoomed in and she saw
    Sooyoung sitting alone.

    “that’s…. That’s Sooyoung? What is she doing?” Taeyeon asked as she is
    still looking through the scope. “take a look on the stuffs beside
    her….” Yuri said and Taeyeon did.

    Taeyeon saw a pile of books and as she zoomed in more further, she
    became more surprised to see Sooyoung reading a book relation on human
    anatomy, medicines, cures and illness.

    “don’t tell me………” Taeyeon said as she gave Yuri’s canister rifle back
    to the tanned girl. “yeah… she’s been like that for about three hours
    max….. and counting….” Yuri said.

    Taeyeon was so surprised at Sooyoung and decided not to bother Sooyoung
    at the moment. “so…. Is there any particular reason you came here
    Taeng?” Yuri asked.

    “yeah… I was thinking of forming you, Sunny and Sooyoung along with
    three of your choices… and do some investigation about this pollution….
    Hyo requested this but it also got my curiosity on how and where all
    this started…. I guess I have you to lead this one…. Are you fine with
    that?” Taeyeon asked.

    “sure Taeng.. now that you mention it, I was thinking that this isn’t a
    coincidental pollution…. I’ll see to it… and I’ll tell Sooyoung about
    this so don’t worry…” Yuri said as she assured Taeyeon about her leading
    the team.


    Episode 35 Completed


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    biggri Re: Starcraft Generation

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    Episode 36

    Day 2:
    Sooyoung’s Log File


    “…everything is hectic…
    heck… I don’t even know what happened here….. last night, Yuri spoke to
    me and said Taengoo wanted me, my Bunny and her to go out and
    investigatewhat’s causing this ….. this… in my opinion… toxic
    pollution….. the first time we landed here I thought this will be a
    snitch…. But when I saw everything with my own eyes… I was speechless….
    Heck… everyone is speechless…… I don’t know… my character is happy go
    lucky when I see food…. but this time…. I was focused on something…. Or
    should I say… someone… no… it’s not my Bunny…. There’s this one girl…
    who’s been sick since birth…. It breaks my heart to see her like that…
    the first ime I saw her… she was lonely… first I thought she’s one
    stubborn little girl but… something urged me to talk to this girl…. and
    her name is Alice… I examined that girl and I can tell she’s frail…
    she’s like a beautiful ceramic vase that you have to hold carefully
    because she’s too fragile…. I remember the first time I talked to her….
    that she hasn’e been outside the medical facility since she was born….
    The only world she’d known is her own room…. and the only outside world
    she knew is the world that she only see right outside her window….. if
    only I could help to ease her loneliness and pain for being deprived of
    the outside world… I would gladly do what I can…. For once… I would love
    to hold her hand and guide her to her first step outside of her room,
    her world and I would be happier too to hold her hand and see her smile
    when she sees the outside world from her room…

    Alice……… Be Strong and get well because Unnie… or “Big Sis” will be here for you until you get better….

    Choi Sooyoung Entry log End…..

    “Youngie?” Sunny called her from the comlink. “y-yeah?” Sooyoung
    answered. “finally you answered…. we’ve been calling you for about 15
    minutes… and you haven’t been answering….something wrong?” Sunny asked.

    “…..nothing’s wrong my Bunny… I’m just too immersed on entering my experience on my entry log…” Sooyoung said.

    “… you know… ever since you met that girl, you’ve been ignoring us….”
    Sunny said as she pouted. “n-no! it’s not that Bunny-ah…. I’m just sad
    on Alice’s condition…. Ever since she was born… she’s been holed up in
    that room… and that the only world she’s been living with… not being
    able to go out….” Sooyoung said.

    “……..Sooyoungie… this isn’t like you….. you’re always cheerful and and
    active but… you’re somewhat different…” Yuri said. “……….i know… sorry
    guys….” Sooyoung said. “nah it’s ok Youngie… come on… let’s finish
    quickly so you can go to her side again…” Sunny said as they went
    towards their destination.

    Several minutes have passed, the three of them arrived in an unknown
    place that looks like a wasteland. “Yuri-ah, Bunny-ah…. how are you guys
    going to get samples? Or investigate the area? The Smog is too thick…”
    Sooyoung said as she check something on her console.

    “toxic level is 87%....” Sooyoung said. “…alright… I’ll go…. Since I
    have my suit…. I should be safe… Hyoyeon also gave me these helmet which
    filter the air I breathe and be able to see on the thick smog. And here
    Sunny-ah… Taec oppa gave this and install this in your siege tank
    system, it will not be able to function like my helmet but it will
    detect any hostile creatures in the area so keep an eye on me… be sure
    to pass the system to Sooyoung via file transfer…” Yuri said as she put
    on the helmet and goes out in the toxic field.

    Yuri stepped out from Sunny’s siege tank and her vision became slightly clearer because of the helmet that Hyoyeon gave to her.

    “Yuri-ah… how is your vision?” Sooyoung asked. “….pollution here is
    really top notched Soo….. even with Hyoyeon’s invented helmet to clear
    the vision… I can only see what’s in front of me… if I were about to
    measure it… I can only three meters away from my stretched hand…” Yuri

    “we must’ve hit the jackpot then…” Sunny said as she made her siege tank
    in siege mode. “…It’s hot in here guys…” Yuri said. “… you’re always
    hot Yuri-ah… that’s why Sica don’t want to leave you…” Sooyoung said
    ehich made Sunny chuckle. “yah… I’m serious here guys….” Yuri said as
    she lightly chuckle.

    “well… Yuri’s right Youngie…. Radiations are off the chart….” Sunny
    said. “…that explains the warm atmosphere…. Listen…. Sunny-ah…. I won’t
    be going inside your siege tank when we return…. I don’t want to spread
    the radiation inside your siege tank….. I can already feel like I’m in a
    sauna….” Yuri said as she walked more further.

    As Yuri walked slowly, she heard a scuffling sound. “Sunny-ah…. are you
    detecting something on your sensor?” Yuri asked. Sunny looked at her
    radar. “……….. nothing out of ordinary…. You heard something?” Sunny

    “yeah…..” Yuri said as she still walked cautiously. “be careful there
    Yul…. Sica won’t forgive us if something happened to you…” Sooyoung
    said. “…yeah thanks for reminding Soo…” Yuri replied.

    “Youngie what do you think is causing this pollution in this planet?”
    Sunny asked. “….i don’t know….. but I got a hunch that Yul knows where
    to look…” Sooyoung said. “….why’d you say that?” Sunny asked.
    “….remember when she went back to her home planet?” Sooyoung said.

    “yeah I remember that….. ever since then… Yuri’s been some sort of…
    changed…. Like.. how she cares for everyone…..” Sunny said. “….i noticed
    that too…..” Sooyoung said.

    “yah! That because you guys are my family now…. of course I care…” Yuri
    startled them. “I didn’t know you’re still listening to us…” Sunny said.

    “……. You wouldn’t want something bad happen to me inside the thick
    smog….. don’t you?” Yuri said and Sooyoung and Sunny chuckled.

    “Hold on guys… I see something……” Yuri said as she walked a bit further. “what do you see Yul?” Sunny asked.

    “some kind of…. Metallic gate…. Hold on I’ll look around…” Yuri said as
    she walked around only to find that the metallic gate are somewhat
    connected into an underground of something and the pathway is big enough
    to fit a Thor unit.

    “Guys… I think this is a facility… or something….” Yuri said. “Yul… we
    better go back… I’m not feeling good about that place…” Sooyoung said.

    “What’s wrong Youngie?” Sunny asked. “well… I scanned that place that
    Yuri found but I’m not getting any schematics of underground facility or
    something…. it feels like something is blocking me from scanning that
    area….” Sooyoung said.

    “….in that case… I’ll still look inside….” Yuri said. “Yul! Wait!” Sunny
    tried tocall but in that instant, Yuri’s signal was lost.

    “YUL!” Sunny contacted again. “I’m fine…. You guys can hear me?” Yuri said. Sunny and Sooyoung lets out a heavy sigh of relief.

    “well that’s unexpected…. Although scanning is blocked.. at least we can still receive some transmission…” Sunny said.

    “Yuri… get out of there…” Sooyoung said worriedly. “relax Soo….. we
    wouldn’t want to go back empty handed shouldn’t we?” Yuri said as sht
    continues to press on any further.

    As Yuri continue, she can see the place as a facility. “Guys…. It looks
    like a facility…. The interior is still intact although some parts are
    dilapidated…. There’s a hint of labels…. And from the looks of it… this
    was man made…. No protoss related or what ever..” Yuri said.

    “yeah.. we’re glad to know you see all that stuffs and all but… we don’t see a damn thing Yuri…” Sooyoung said.

    “don’t worry… I’ve been recording everything… hang on… I’ve located a
    restricted area…” Yuri said as she slowly pushed the metallic door with
    the label restricted area.

    As Yuri got inside, she stepped on womthing that made a screaching noise. “Yuri-ah? What the hell was that?” Sunny asked.

    “I just stepped on something… hold on..” Yuri replied as she pointed her
    Canister rifle with her IR lights on and saw a small broodling in its
    weakened state.

    “guys… I’ve just stepped on a small broodling…” Yuri said without a slight of worry in her voice.

    “…but why do you sound so…. Relaxed?” Sunny asked. “it’s weak…. It can’t
    barely move from its position… but if there’s a broodling…..” Yuri
    turned around and saw a Broodlord right in her face but to her surprise,
    the broodlord itself is not moving nor hostile.

    “Yuri-ah? Come in Yuri!” Sooyoung called.

    “I’m fine Soo.. there’s definitely a drooblord and it’s close to me…”
    Yuri said. “GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!” Sooyoung said but Yuri replied
    in a calm tone.

    “don’t worry… in fact the Broodlord in here is weakened as the
    broodling…” Yuri said. “if you guys don’t mind.. I’ll try to take a
    sample to let Hyo analyze…. Maybe she could enlighten us on what
    happened on this planet…” Yuri said.

    “Be careful Yul….” Sunny said as the line starts to go silent and
    Sooyoung and Sunny held their breath and prepares for anything worse.

    Several minutes have past, both Sooyoung and Sunny heard a gunshot.
    “Yuri!” Sunny called. “I’m fine… I managed to get a tissue sample… and I
    had to put that broodlord down…. We don’t want anymore surprises….”
    Yuri said.

    “ok I’m done in here… I’m heading out now…” Yuri said. But as Yuri starts to walk, she saw something shining inside the room.

    “Guys hold on…” Yuri said. As Yuri got close, she saw an unknown device
    with a switch in it and Yuri curiously flicked the switch.

    “Yuri-ah! What the hell did you just do?” Sooyoung asked. “huh? Why” Yuri replied.

    We got the whole mapping systems online and we can also see your
    signal…” Sunny said. “but better hurry Yuri…. Hostiles are inbound…. And
    they’re coming in fast towards your location…” Sooyoung said.

    As soon Sooyoung informed Yuri, Yuri heard multiple screams of a zerg
    THROUGH!!!” Yuri said as she starts firing back as she she multiple
    Zerglings emerging from the dark corner of the room.

    Yuri said as she continuously shoots back on some Zerglings.

    “Yuri-ah! Turn to the left in that corner!” Sooyoung guided Yuri and Yuri ran on the direction which Sooyoung said.

    “SOO!!! IT’S A DEAD END!!” Yuri said as sshe slowly walked backwards towards the wall. Yuri is trapped.

    But as Yuri’s back touches the wall, a trap door instantly flipped,
    sending Yuri into an unknown place as she slid down in some sort of

    “YURI!!!” Sooyoung shouted. “Youngie!! Go back to Taeng! Inform what
    happened!! I’m going in try to rescue Yuri!” Sunny said as she switched
    her siege tank into Siege mode and blasted the the Metallic gate on
    which Yuri went in.

    As soon as the metallic gate was destroyed, several swarms of Zerglings,
    Banelings and Hydralisks came pouring out and Sunny fired non-stop.

    “SUNNY-AH!!!” Sooyoung shouted as she watched her girlfriend’s siege tank is starting to get overrun by the swarm.

    “YOUNGIE!!! GO NOW!!!!” Sunny shouted as she deactivates her siege mode
    and went into tank mode and starts running over some Zerg units.

    “But ….. I CAN’T LOSE YOU!!! I CAN’T LEAVE YOU SUNNY-AH!!” Sooyoung
    shouted as she ignores the attack of some Hydralisks as some of the
    spine needles is already hitting below Sooyoung’s Banshee.

    BACK!!!” Sunny shouted and Sooyoung cried in defeat upon hearing Sunny’s
    voice being blocked by some static as a sign of Sunny’s communications
    is starting to be cut off.

    “I’LL BE BACK FOR YOU AND YURI!!” Sooyoung instantly retreated with her damaged Banshee and almost running on two thrusters.

    “we’ll be fine Youngie….. we’ll be fine…. You can count on that…” Sunny
    smiled as she watched Sooyoung’s Banshee disappeared from her screen and
    focused her attention on the swarm.

    “COME AND GET SOME YOU UGLY NASTY ZERG!!!” Sunny shouted as she puts her
    siege tank in full throttle, running over some Zerg units and made her
    way to the opened cargo bay which she blasted earlier and there was a
    downward slope.

    Sunny ignored the Baneling’s acidic contains in their body as she also
    ran them over, Sunny knew her siege tank’s thread belt is already
    damaged but she didn’t mind. Her mind right now is to locate Yuri.

    As Sunny was nearing the entrance of the facility, she fired another
    shot as he blast another gate and to her surprise it was blocked by some
    infested humans and on their back were some Infestors.

    “….damn… YOU’RE NOT HUMAN ANYMORE!!!” Sunny shouted as she decided to
    run over the infested humans along with the Infestors until her siege
    tank crashed through the wall and plunging her siege tank on four feet
    below before landing into some zerg like area as her siege tank crash
    into a zerg hatchery completely destroying the hatchery along with its
    drones and Sunny’s siege tank.

    “..oooww…” Sunny said as she groaned I pain and held her head and
    noticed she’s been wounded as she looked at her hand with blood on it.

    “….damn it… I shouldn’t complain… it’s better to alive than dead
    though…. Oww..” Sunny said as she went to her console and typed in some
    keys and at the side of her siege tank opened and revealed her emergency
    weapon cahce along with emergency kit.

    Sunny grabbed her emergency Gauss rifle along with her extra four magazines and six explosive ammo and three shockwave grenade.

    “damn it.. better find Yuri and fast…” Sunny said as she kicked her siege tank’s side destroyed hull and got out.

    Sunny scanned her surrounding and noticed that she landed above the Zerg
    Hatchery. “oh great…. This make things more livelier….” Sunny said as
    she zerg some Zergling starting to unburrow from the ground.

    Sunny immediately ran to hide and barely made it in time as the Zerglins
    completely revealed themselves as Sunyn managed to hide into on of the
    corners as she watched the zerglings went inside the siege tank.

    “I’m not going to wait to know what they found…” Sunny said as she ran away from the spot to look for Yuri.

    Location: Terra-Soshi

    “Tae….. is there any news yet?” Jessica stepped out from the Medical
    Facility as she finished her task. “oh Sica… no.. haven’t heard from
    them yet….” Taeyeon replied.

    “I’m getting Worried Tae… they’re supposed to report back but they
    haven’t… I just hope nothing happened to them…” Jessica said as she sat
    beside Taeyeon who is keeping an eye on everything.

    “I hope so too Sica… by the is Fany doing inside?” Taeyeon
    asked. “well.. she’s tirelessly working inside.. tending to every
    patient that needs tending and at the same time…keeping check of the
    supplies with Hyo…” Jessica said.

    “… did she ever got some rest since she started working?” Taeyeon
    worriedly asked. “don’t worry Tae…. I’m keeping an eye on her…. even if
    she didn’t want to rest I just glare at her and she just complies..”
    Jessica said.

    “hehehe… I’d expect nothingless from my sister… thanks for keeping an
    eye on things…” Taeyeon said as she gave Jessica a light hug.

    “what would I do if I don’t have a sister like you…” Taeyeon said and Jessica smiled.

    “thanks Tae… but you’re a better sister than I am… you do all the
    impossible things… possible… not once.. you never made me feel like a
    different person… I know we have issues back then about Taecyeon… we
    exchanged words but yet… you didn’t give up on me…. That’s why I can’t
    afford to loose a sister like you Tae…” Jessica said.

    “awww..Sica stop it… yo’re making me blush with those words…” Taeyeon
    said as she playfully slapped Jessica’s arms and Jessica just chuckled.

    “be careful with your words though… I might fall for you Sica…” Taeyeon
    jokingly said. “HAH! You won’t.. I’m loyal to Seobang…” Jessica

    “I know…. Just teasing you Sica..” Taeyeon said.

    Then as Jessica is going to go back inside the medical facility, someone beep Taeyeon’s console.

    “….engoo… …eed help…. I’m…. oming in……hot…..m…ny….zerg and hyd…. On my…tail…… weap….s..tem…. amaged….” It was Sooyoung.

    “SOO!! Repeat that last? I didn’t get that!” Taeyeon stood up worriedly
    and looked up in the sky. Jessica knew something is wrong and contacted
    Tiffany to prepare a medical team on standby and also called Hyoyeon and

    “Taengoo! I need help! I’m coming in hot!!..... too many Zerglings and
    Hydralisks!!....... they’re on my tail! My weapons system is badly
    damaged!! My banshee is clinging on one thruster!!” Sooyoung said.

    “Defense team! Assemble! Bora! You lead the defense team Sooyoung’s
    Banshee is badly damaged! Prepare for the swarm!!” Taeyeon instantly
    commanded as she sound the alarm.

    At the sound of the alarm, everyone went inside the bunker prepared for
    times like these and all of the people went inside the medical facility
    to hide as th facility is being surrounded by the bunkers and turrets.

    As all of them waited patiently and sorriedly, Taeyeon saw Sooyoung’s
    banshee flying while letting out a thick smoke as Sooyoung indicated it
    is badly damaged and being chased by hydralisks and Zernglings and some

    Then to Taeyeon’s surprise, Sooyoung’s Banshee suddenly came down crashing as the last thruster gave out on Sooyoung.

    “SOOYOUNG!! COME IN SOOYOUNG!” Taeyeon shouted but there was no response.

    “DAMMIT!! I’M GOING OUT THERE!!” Taeyeon said as she suited up in her Marine armor and grabed her Gauss rifle.

    “Tae-Tae!” Tifany called. “Fany-ah… I know you’re going to stop me but Sooyoung’s in trouble!” Taeyeon said.

    “babo I’m not stoping you! Take this! Sooyoungie might need this!”
    Tiffany said as she gave Taeyeon an emergency first aid kit and a stim

    “will do Fany-ah! Victoria! Assemble your team! You will come with me!” Taeyeon said and Victoria nodded and called her team.

    “Bora! You take care of things here! Assign your SISTAR team on every
    possible location on which the zergs will come out and stay on your
    toes! F(x) TEAM WE’RE GOING OUT!!” Taeyeon said as she gave one Marine a
    go signal and opened the gate and Taeyeon and Victoria’s team ran
    towards Sooyoung’s crash site.

    Krystal, being the ghost unit on Taeyeon’s retrieval team, aimed her
    Canister rifle and saw a Zergling trying to bust through Sooyoung’s

    Krystal knelt down to steady her aim and took the shot and hits the Zergling that si trying to bust through Sooyoung’s cockpit.

    “Taeyeon unnie! Allow me to stay in my spot! I’ll cover you from here!” Krystal said.

    “I’m staying with Krystal too! Someone needs to cover her.” Amber said and Taeyeon agreed.

    As Taeyeon, Victoria, Sulli and Luna ran they heard Krystal fired non stop. Taeyeon knew it was not good.

    “Taeyeon-ssi!” I’m detecting Sooyoung-ssi’s life support… she’s
    unconscious…. And Krystal just informed me, Zerglings are trying to bust
    through the cockpit!” Victoria said.

    Taeyeon stopped and switched her ammunition on Rail gun mode.

    “SWITCH TO RAIL GUN MODE!!” Taeyeon said and Victoria, Sulli and Luna did.

    Banelings noticed Taeyeon’s presence and instantly went towards them but
    before the Banelings could even get close, they already exploded as
    Krystal shoots them.

    “Nice shot Krystal!” Taeyeon said and Krystal giggled. “anything for my unnie’s unnie” Krystal said.

    Sulli, being the explosive expert, smirked and connected her console on Victoria and Luna’s system.

    “oh boy…. Sulli’s going wild again….” Victoria said. On their screen
    they saw Sulli’s explosive counter and saw Sulli is a walking bomb as on
    inside her suit was a concealed miniature explosives around her body.

    “Victoria unnie, Luna unnie ready?” Sulli asked and both Victoria and
    Luna nodded. Sulli starts of by throwing several explosives in the air
    as Victoria and Luna shoots in and as it exploded, Taeyeon said it
    disperses some little sparks that came down on some of the Zerglings and
    hydralisk and Taeyeon noticed that some of them became paralyzed.

    “Taeyeon-ssi! Shoot them while they’re paralyzed!” Victoria said as the
    three of them did the same routine and Taeyeon just shoots at the one
    that is paralyzed.

    “Unnie’s! I’m out of explosives!” Sulli said as she pulled out a rolled wire.

    “Sulli… is what I think it is?” Victoria asked. “…you guessed it unnie…
    it’s the project I’m working… I call it the explosive line…… I haven’t
    actually used it since I just developed it but it’s worth a shot…” Sulli
    said as she throws the rolled wire in the air and to their surprise,
    the wire sprung forcefully and Taeyeon, Victoria and Luna watche the
    line landed around them.

    “It didn’t explode Sulli!” Taeyeon said. “just wait for it Taeyeon unnie!” Sulli said as she she pulled out a detonator.

    As Victoria, Luna and Taeyeon fired, Sulli waited for the right moment
    as the swram of Zerg units came intact at the explosive line, Sulli
    pressed the switch and a series of explosion suddenly erupted around
    them, completely obliterating the mostly the Zerglings.

    Taeyeon pumped her fist in the air on Sulli’s success on her
    experimental explosive. “Great job Sulli..” Taeyeon said as she patted
    Sulli’s shoulder and the four of them went towards Sooyoung’s Banshee.

    Victoria and Luna stood guard while Taeyeon and Sulli tried to open Sooyoung’s cockpit.

    “SOOYOUNG!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!” Taeyeon called. Taeyeon tried to pry open the cockpit but the latch is stuck.

    “dammit!” Taeyeon hissed. “Taeyeon unnie allow me…” Sulli said as she pulled out another set of explosive in a form of a tape.

    “relax Taeyeon unnie… I really carry this kind of explosive in case of emergency..” Sulli said as she taped the cockpit’s hatch.

    “you might want to step back a little unnie..” Sulli said and both of
    them stepped back the explosives lets out a small explosion, enough to
    pry Sooyoung’s cockpit. As Taeyeon opened the hatch they saw Sooyoung
    unconscious with a minor gash on the side of her forehead.

    Taeyeon knew something had gone wrong as she didn’t saw Yuri and Sunny.
    “Sulli help me carry her…” Taeyeon said and Sulli nodded and they gently
    pulled out Sooyoung from the cockpit.

    Then something beeped on Luna’s console. “guys… you might want to hurry up… there’s another swarm coming in….” Luna said.

    Taeyeon contacted Jessica. “Sica…. Get me Fany-ah!” Taeyeon said. “Tae-Tae! How’s Sooyoung?” Tiffany asked.

    “She had a minor gash but fine… unconscious though…” Taeyeon said as she
    applied the emergency first aid taht Tiffany gavae to her.

    “I see.. I’ll prepare some medical team on stand by for your return…… what do you need?” Tiffany said.

    “Fany-ah! Command the SCV’s to build a Nuke silo…” Taeyeon said. Tiffany
    knew the situation is critical for Taeyeon to request a nuclear strike.

    “right on it Tae-Tae…” Tiffany said as she sent out and instructed the SCV’s to build a missile Silo.

    “Victoria.. is Krystal have a clearance to call in a nuke?” Taeyeon asked.

    “she is…. Don’t tell me….” Victoria said.

    “yeah… I want you three to go ahead and take Sooyoung back.. I have to get something first inside the cockpit.

    Taeyeon said and Victoria nodded and did what they were instructed.
    Taeyeon went inside the Banshee’s cockpit and pulled out some panels
    until she saw Sooyoung’s black box containing multiple hard drives and
    Taeyeon had to yank it out.

    “Got it!” Taeyeon said as she contacted Krystal.

    “Krystal.. are you still in position?” Taeyeon asked.

    “still am Unnie… what do you need?” Krystal said as she watched Taeyeon get out from the Banshee’s cockpit.

    “I asked your Victoria unnie. You’re cleared to launch a Nuclear strike
    once the building of the silo is finished… can you do that?” Taeyeon
    asked as she jumped down from the Banshee and starts to run.

    “Consider it done Unnie..” Krystal said as she watched Taeyeon running
    away from the Banshee and at the same time some Zerglings managed to
    catched up and Taeyeon had to shoot back as she runs.

    “Nuclear Missil ready..” a warning instantly sounded Krystal. “Taeyeon
    unnie Nuke is ready!” Krystal said. “GO LAUNCH IT!!” Taeyeon said as she
    turned around to shoot back at some Zerglings.

    “But you’re too close to the blast radius!” Krystal said.

    “JUST LAUNCH IT KRYSTAL!!!” Taeyeon said as she shoots back while walking backwards.

    “…..dammit….” Krystal said as she activated her laser sights and aimed it at the Banshee and a loud alarming sound went off.



    Episode 36 Completed


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