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    [PROJECT] Help Us Grow!


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    biggri [PROJECT] Help Us Grow!

    Post by ™Arvin™ on Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:50 am

    Our Simple Project is really Easy

    Spread Only Our Forum!, Easy Right?

    Must Read Carefully!

    Copy the URL of Our Page (Locating On Address bar or your browser!)
    Then spread it to Social Networking Sites! or In any other Beautiful Way of Promoting Our Forum ( in a good & legal way)
    Just like Promoting it on other Forums or Advertise Website that you know at least you promote it!

    Example Sites: Facebook|Myspace|Twitter|Tumblr or Other Fandom Forums & Advertise Sites

    And lastly Put The Description Just Like This:
    SOne?|Join Our New Community Forum|New Designs|Friendly Community!|Hiring Forum Staffs! or in other sentences that can Help us to promote our forums

    *Sample Image Only*

    Easy Right?! Our Slogan to this Project! is to Promote Our New Page! & Our Target is having 1000 members at least December 25 to 30 2011

    How will be know if you are really promoting our Forums?: Simple! Just Reply to this Topic and post the links or the proofs if u really promoting or spreading Our Page!

    Price: To the 3 Person who have Promote Our Page Mostly
    He/She Will become A VIP member!!!!

    Simple Right?? I Hope All the members Will participated this Project!
    We will Expected the Participation to all of you....!

    Thank You!

    - Co - Founder = Arvin!
    - Approve by our Main Founder = KIM Taeyeon


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