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    Supernatural's Generation (season 1)


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    biggri Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

    Post by YulSicFany on Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:57 am

    hello and it's me again...
    first foremost........ this fic was originally my first fanfic on Soshified.... and Starcraft Generation was my second fic... and since i miss this story... i want to share it to all of you... and i hope you guys will also be interested, the same interest you've shown on my Starcraft Generation.

    Author's note:
    as you all know......... and WE all know about the girls' personality yeah? well in this fic, their Personality is different. why? just read and you'll know :) so here's Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: the Fated Beginning

    The Girl’s were having a concert in Korea and they
    were almost finished. While nearing their final song, Taeyeon and Jessica
    noticed a medium built man wearing a dark hooded jacket. The reason they
    noticed the man, while they were singing all of their songs, this man had no
    reaction to any of their songs while everyone around this man is having a
    blast. Even Sunny’s 3 CCP aegyo had no effect on him so it is really noticeable
    for Taeyeon. As for Jessica, the reason he noticed this man, back a while when
    its Jessica’s Solo turn, Singing Almost, he randomly picked
    this man to shake his hands, the man did lift his hand to hold Sica’s hand but
    when their eyes met, Sica’s almost so shocked but she kept it inside of her as
    to not to show her frightened image as the man had a cold and piercing eyes
    looking back at her. They finished the show, and headed for the back stage and
    headed for their changing rooms. Inside, Taeyeon couldn’t help keep her experienced
    to that man and burst it out

    Taeyeon: hey guys, did you noticed that man who had no reaction to our songs from beginning till the end?”

    The other girls looked each other and have nothing to say, just as Taeyeon were to explain the description about that man, Sica asked

    Jessica: are you talking about the man in the dark hooded jacket?

    Taeyeon: YES! He’s the one!! I was kind of scared of him… I think he’s up to no good…

    The girl’s are speechless and a little frightened. They’ve also kept quiet for almost a minute then Seohyun breaks the silence the a worried voice

    Seohyun: Unnie, I’m worried about you and Sica unnie… I don’t want something bad happen to and Sica unnie. I still remember what happened to you in our angel price concert where someone grabbed you from the stage, good thing Sunny unnie is beside you.
    Taeyeon: yeah… I remember that one.. I don’t want that one to happen again…..
    Sunny: don’t worry Tae-tae, if that happens, we will all go and knock him down.

    Sunny follows up ending Taeyeon’s worries but Yoona notices
    Jessica for being so quiet.

    Yoona: Sica unnie…. Are you ok?

    Yoona asked.

    Jessica: ……… I…..I think so…………..

    Jessica replied. Then Yuri and Taeyeon walked up to Jessica noticing Sica’s hand were shaking. Yuri asked

    Yuri: Sica, are you sure you’re ok? Your hands are shaking like crazy… you’re making us worried even if you say you think you’re ok.
    Tiffany hugged Jessica and asked

    Tiffany: Sica… is there something wrong? Even if you don’t say it, we really know when something’s wrong with you and by this far, we all can say you’re frightened by something or someone. Is it the guy that Tae-tae’s talking about?

    Hearing Tiffany’s words, Jessica suddenly burst into tears and hugged everyone and said

    Jessica: I…I don’t want something bad happen to you guys, we’re family so I’m worried. The man were talking about, I reached out for his hand during my solo part and it frightens me what will he do to us, I mean, yes, we mostly have the larger quantity over him, were nine and he’s alone right? But we don’t know what kind of guy is he… if you have seen his eye…. He has cold and piercing eyes. When he looked at me, it feels like I’ve been trapped inside the block of ice.

    Then Hyoyeon jokingly replied

    Hyoyeon: wow Sica, that means someone beats you in the category of coldness. Maybe he’s your ice prince since you’re the ice princess.

    Hearing Hyoyeon saying that, Taeyeon, Sooyoung laugh a bit and Jessica smiled while she has a tears in her eyes.

    Jessica: Hyo… you really know when to lighten up the mood… thank you. I’m fine now.

    Jessica smiled. After that they change in the casual clothes and getting ready for their fan-signing. Before getting ready to go out someone knocked on their door, Sooyoung opened the door and notice no one there.

    Sooyoung: ……funny… there’s no one here.
    Seohyun: Sooyoung unnie, there’s an envelop on the ground.

    Upon hearing Seohyun, Sooyoung looked at the envelop and picked it up.

    Sooyoung: We got a flying fan mail here.
    Hyoyeon: are you sure it’s for us? There’s no written on who or where it got sent.
    Sooyoung: it’s fine, it’s fine, look, whether it’s for us or for someone else, aren’t you intrigued on what’s inside?
    Yoona: why would we be intrigued? It’s obvious we know what it contains…. It’s a LETTER!! L-E-T-T-E-R. Letter

    And the girl’s laughed at Yoona’s explanation making Sooyoung’s face slightly red in embarrassment.

    Sooyoung: I’ll get you for this someday Yoona.

    Sooyoung retaliated while laughing.

    Seohyun: Sooyoung unnie…. I don’t think we should open that… we don’t know if it is for us.
    Taeyeon: Seororo is right Shikshin, maybe it’s best to leave it alone

    As Taeyeon is saying that line….. they all hear “RRRRIIIIIPPP” and they all looked at Sooyoung. As of now, they all saw Sooyoung with a foxy ears above her head and a fox tail

    Sooyoung: oooops…. Too late saying that, I’ve already opened it =3 (<

    Posts : 135
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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

    Post by YulSicFany on Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:53 pm

    Chapter 2

    The Fated Meeting

    Taeyeon: well…that’s that. We all know what we’ll do. Since this is coming from maknae’s
    idea. Do you all agree?

    Tiffany: yeah…we will observe everyone besides ourselves.

    Taeyeon: yup.As much as possible we will be discreet about this letter.

    Sooyoung: Tae-tae, you know we can’t be “silent” about this. Sooner or later, someone’s bound to
    find out that something is wrong…..

    Taeyeon: aaigooo…you forgot already Shikshin? About our plan to observe everyone?

    Sooyoung: what was it again?

    Hyoyeon: Geez…Sooyoung, did you also swallowed your brain while you’re eating? Taeyeon
    explained this earlier.

    Sooyoung: …………………sorry…I was busy eating :P

    Hyoyeon: fine I’ll explain this to you. To catch this one off-guard, we just act normally what we always do but at the same time, you are to observe anyone besides us, if someone is acting suspicious or funny. If you spot someone like that, be sure to let us know so we can all go. Do you understand?

    Sooyoung: I understand. Now… shall we go and get something to eat?

    Yuri: Shikshin… your appetite is UN-believable

    And all burst out laughing again.

    Tiffany: so where to?

    Yuri: I’m craving for Sushi.

    Seohyun: sushi… it’s been a long time since the last time I’ve eaten it.

    With all that said, everyone goes to the sushi restaurant. While they we’re walking, and of course they’re celebrities, it’s nearly impossible to avoid fans, signing autographs and fans pictorial. While they’re doing those activities, all of them doing a good job observing everyone, even though it’s hard for Seohyun, she tried her best so observe everyone. After they’ve finished their activities, they’ve reached their destination… the Sushi Restaurant. Inside the restaurant,

    Sooyoung: so who will take our orders?

    Tiffany: I do! I do!

    Sunny: wow Tiffany, you sure seem happy about this.

    Tiffany: well… I’m also… kind of…. Starving :P

    Jessica: Hahahaha Tiffany, are you catching Sooyoung’s habit? Well.. I can’t let you go alone, I’ll go with you.

    Hyoyeon: I’ll go too. You never know what will happen.

    And Tiffany starts to list the others orders and the three of them went to fall in line in the counter. While the others are waiting for Tiffany’s company to return.

    Taeyeon: guys, I haven’t said a while ago but, when we are busy signings and stuffs, I saw the guy with the dark hood again, staring us from a far. It seems I’m getting convinced that he’s the one that ‘s described in the letter.

    Yuri: well that’s a good assumption. Maybe he’s a stalker.

    Yoona: a crazy one….. well thinking about him made our minds a little at ease since we got a suspect.

    Seohyun: but Taeyeon unnie, something bothers me about that letter.

    Taeyeon / Yuri / Yoona / Sunny / Sooyoung: ?

    Seohyun: Look Taeyeon unnie, you said you got a suspect.

    Taeyeon: so? What’s wrong about it?

    Seohyun: you only got one suspect….

    Sunny: what are you getting at maknae?

    Seohyun: do you all remember what is stated on that letter? They’re on the move…..THEY. meaning he’s not the only one… they could be everywhere.. even in this restaurant. What’s the most disturbing part is, Taeyeon unnie saw the dark hooded guy again. And just like Yuri uniie said, he’s stalking us, waiting for us to be alone. What if he’s a scout for his other companions?

    Yoona: Seo….I envy your observation.

    Taeyeon: ….Maknae has a point. It is stated the THEY’RE on the move.

    Sunny: seriously… this keeps getting better and better.

    Yuri: Tae-tae, we better discuss this again with everyone when they comeback from ordering.

    Tiffany & Co.: we’re back!........ you guys look gloomy… did something happen?

    Taeyeon: uhmm… we eat first Tiffany, then we’ll discuss about something. Maknae points it out.

    Hyoyeon: ……. Something new?

    Jessica: is it about the dark hooded guy again?

    Sooyoung: eat first talk later you Dolphin.

    And before they knew it, they began eating. And while they’re eating, seven of them are observing the other costumers and staffs of the restaurant and the two of them keep watch when someone new comes
    inside the restaurant.

    Taeyeon: is everyone Finished?

    They all nodded.

    Taeyeon: ok maknae. Tell Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Jessica about the serious prolem.

    Tiffany, Jessica and Hyoyeon listened to Seohyun seriously as Seohyun explains about they’re unknown pursuers and the three are shocked to learn that its just not one but many will come after them.

    Tiffany: does this mean there’s no telling when or where they will come?

    Jessica: yeah and on top of that…. We only have one suspect. And to make things worst… he’s our only lead

    All: …………………………….

    Just as when they’re contemplating. Taeyeon saw someone familiar to her. THE DARK HOODED GUY!! they can’t get a glimpse of his face because it keeps turning away from them. Taeyeon whispered to everyone.


    Posts : 135
    Join date : 2011-09-02
    Age : 37

    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:38 pm

    Chapter 3

    The Answers and new identity from the

    Inside the van

    Sunny: Fany,
    we still don’t know where to hide him.

    Tiffany: I
    have no idea also….

    Seohyun: well…
    we can get him to our dorm….

    Sunny instantly stepped on the brakes

    Sunny: ARE

    Seohyun: unnie,
    we need answers as much as we do.

    Sunny: …….if
    Taeyeon scolds us.. I’m out….

    Tiffany: actually,
    I called Taengoo and she understands Seohyun’s idea she said it’s ok. I’ll call
    her when were close so they can prepare.

    A while ago at the dorm

    Taeyeon’s cell rings

    Taeyeon: hello?
    Oh hi Tiffany. It’s so late and we’re starting to worry about you guys… where
    are you now?.........WHAT??!?! are you all OK?...uh-huh? Seohyun said that?
    Hmmm… I understand. Call me when you’re close, we really need that.. ok bye

    Sooyoung: so
    how are they?

    Taeyeon: they’re
    fine but….

    Yoona: but

    Taeyeon: they’re
    bringing a guy.

    Sooyoung / Yoona / Yuri / Jessica / Hyoyeon : NO WAY!!!

    Four of them hurriedly goes back in their rooms and
    changed in their attractive form,
    Sooyoung something fashionable and Yuri wore something to show her S-lines.
    Jessica wore something that will show her sexiness and also Hyoyeon same as
    Jessica’s style. Yoona wore something to show her cheerful and beautiful image.
    After changing, they all hurried going back in the main room. When Taeyeon saw
    them, she secretly smirked and play a little joke on them. Taeyeon knew all of
    them about the dark hooded guy, but they didn’t know it was the dark hooded guy
    that they’re bringing in. Sooyoung noticed Taeyeon didn’t change.

    Sooyoung: Taengoo…
    you didn’t change?

    Taeyeon: why
    should i? it’s just a guy. he’s not a celebrity.

    Hyoyeon: …your
    ajhumma blood are active right now aren’t you?

    Taeyeon: oh
    cut it out you guys…. It’s just I’m not feeling it.

    Yuri: …..
    if you say so.. I guess you’re being yourself now aren’t you?

    And then Taeyeon’s cell phone rings.

    Taeyeon: hello?....
    you guys are close?........ ok I’ll be right down there…. How’s Seohyun?....ok
    you be careful now guys..

    Hyoyeon: are
    they close?

    Taeyeon: yes,
    you guys stay here inside, I’ll go and greet them.

    Jessica: NO
    FAIR!! You’re the first who’ll greet the guy even if you have no interest.

    Taeyeon: SSHUSH!!
    Be quiet ice dolphin!!

    Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Yoona laughed at Jessica for
    being called as an Ice dolphin. Jessica pouts

    Jessica: that
    Taengoo. When the guy somes in, I’ll snatch him right out of Taengoo’s arms and
    why did she call me ice dolphin. Hmph!

    Yoona: aw…
    come on Sica unnie don’t be like that. You were called an ice dolphin because….
    You’re the ice princess right? And do you remember when were doing our Horror
    factory movie? You screamed like a dolphin.

    Upon hearing that explanation, Jessica slightly
    blushed at embarrassment. And Taeyeon left the girls and went down to wait for
    Tiffany’s company.

    Back at the van
    Seohyun and Tiffany binds the unknown guy…

    Sunny: you
    guys better make sure your bindings are tight… we don’t know when he’ll be
    waking up and turns into a werewolf.

    Tiffany: don’t
    worry Sunny. We got it under control.

    Seohyun, on the other hand, could not help but keep
    quiet and observe the guy and contemplate about what happened to her earlier.
    Is the guy playing tricks on them just to caught them off guard and finish them
    off one by one. Thinking hard about, Seohyun falls asleep.

    Sunny: hey
    Tiffany, are you sure we can trust this guy’s word about the hunting thing.

    Tiffany: to
    tell you the truth Sunny, I honestly have no idea. I’m just following what is
    the possible way to get us out of this mess. Plus, I’m worried about maknae for
    being in the situation like that earlier.

    Sunny: ….yeah
    me too, I’m worried about her. If I were in her place, I’d probably do the same
    thing as Seohyun did…

    Tiffany: …….
    (looked back and sleeping Seohyun) Sunny, we better tone our voice down..
    maknae’s asleep. I think we should let her rest.

    Sunny looked at the rear view mirror and saw Seohyun

    Sunny: I
    can’t believe this is happening to us.

    Tiffany: wel…
    we will have our answer when the guy wakes up until then, let’s just follow
    Seohyun’s request. I’ll go call Tae-tae and tell her we’re close

    And Tiffany called Taeyeon and told her that they’re close.
    Back at the dorm, Taeyeon saw the van but wondering why is Sunny driving the
    van and not their usual driver.

    Taeyeon: why
    is Sunny driving? Where’s the Driver?

    Then the van stopped where Taeyeon is waiting.

    Taeyeon: Tiffany!
    We’re all worried about you guys… wait a minute.. why’re you covered in blood? You’re not hurt are

    Tiffany: I’m
    fine Tae-tae… first we need to treat
    Seohyun. She’s the one who had a hard time compared to mine…

    Taeyeon: but…
    why is Sunny driving the van?

    Sunny: it’s
    a long story… we need to tend first Seohyun and this guy.

    Sunny points inside the back of the van and to Taeyeon’s
    surprise he recognize the guy.

    Taeyeon: HIM!??!

    Tiffany: I
    know what you’re thinking Tae-tae but please… it’s Seohyun’s idea.

    Sunny: Seohyun
    told us this man has all the answers about the problems we’re facing right now.

    Taeyeon: ………
    fine… how’s Seohyun?

    Tiffany: A
    little shaken but she’s fine… should I wake her up?

    Taeyeon: no
    let her sleep. Sunny, take Seohyun immediately upstairs where she can
    comfortably rest. Tiffany, you help me with this man…… and we go to do
    something about this van…. There’s too much blood inside.

    Tiffany: what
    about him? We can’t let anybody see that we’re carrying a him covered in wounds
    and blood.

    Taeyeon: …..
    aiishhh….. one problem after another…

    While thinking hard, Sunny and Seohyun comes out of the

    Seohyun: Taeyeon

    Taeyeon: Maknae!!
    Sunny, I thought I told you to bring her upstairs immediately..

    Sunny: Sorry
    but she insist to come here.. she just woke up when we’re in front of the

    Taeyeon: ….fine
    fine… maknae… are you alright?

    Seohyun: I’m
    fine Taeyeon unnie. That man has all the answers to out problems

    Taeyeon: I
    know, Tiffany explained it to me…. But…… I don’t know how we will hide him
    where no one will see him.. (scratches her head)

    Seohyun: …………unnie,
    why don’t we go in the back of our dorm? We have a garage there plus, we can turn
    off the lights….

    Sunny: but
    the problem is, even if we’re successful on getting him out of the van, what
    about the main lobby?

    All of them stopped talking and keep thinking hard on how
    they will be able to get the guy inside. While they were thinking, Hyoyeon
    spotted them from the 3rd floor window.

    Hyoyeon: HEY

    All of them looked up and after a while, looked at each

    Sunny: guys….
    I have a crazy idea….

    Tiffany: I
    think I know what you’re thinking Sunny.

    Seohyun: (nods

    Taeyeon: I
    know that too… we had no other choice. Sunny, go park the van on the garage in
    the back. I’ll go up and wait for you on the back balcony.

    Sunny: ok.
    Call us when you’re there. We will not come out until you call us.

    With that being planned. The four of them wasted no
    time because they were desperate to know what answers they want to know.
    Taeyeon rushed upstairs.

    Sooyoung: Where’s
    the guy?

    Taeyeon: he’ll
    be here… we just want him to go inside from the back.

    Hyoyeon: why

    Taeyeon: ….you
    know, the guard from the front lobby don’t allow us to bring unknown person

    Yoona: you’re
    right about that. We’ll just wait here.

    Taeyeon: ok….
    Sica, will you come with me for a second?

    Jessica: …sure….

    Taeyeon and Jessica left Sooyoung, Yuri, Yoona and
    Hyoyeon in the living room and went inside Jessica’s room.

    Jessica: what
    is it?

    Taeyeon: Sica,
    since you’re room is close from the garage…. I’ll ask for your permission to
    use your balcony.

    Jessica: balcony?....
    what’s this about. I thought we’re bringing in a guest

    Taeyeon: I
    wouldn’t call him a guest. But this is important for all of us.

    Jessica: …I
    won’t decide for that not until you tell me the real reason.

    Taeyeon: …………Jessica…
    ok I guess I can’t hide this from you. Remember the dark hooded guy?

    Jessica: yeah..
    what about him?.... you don’t mean….

    Taeyeon: yes..
    he’s the one we’re bringing him up.

    Jessica: did
    Tiffany and the others caught him?

    Taeyeon: I
    wouldn’t say caught him…. The right term is…. They BOUGHT him.

    Jessica: then
    why in my balcony? Are you going to make him climb? That’s just wrong Taengoo.

    Taeyeon: well…
    he can’t climb right now…. PULLING him up is the right word.

    Jessica: pulling……him…..
    up? Is he drugged?

    Taeyeon: well,
    it’s a lot worst….. I’ll explain later Sica, please let me use your balcony

    Jessica: …………………..fine….
    you better have a good explaining to do… so what’ll we do now?

    Taeyeon: first….
    Change to your casual clothes.

    Jessica: but
    what about Sooyoung and the others?

    Taeyeon: well…..

    Jessica: Taengoo…..
    you’re scarier than our problems….. *sigh*

    Taeyeon: thank
    you Sica… I’ll call Tiffany now

    And Taeyeon called Tiffany’s phone and told them to
    get ready and she also told them and she’ll call again if they find something
    to pull the guy up to the balcony. Meanwhile inside the van….

    Sunny: what’s
    taking Taeyeon so long….

    Tiffany: well….
    Taeyeon called me and told me she just got Jessica’s permission to use her
    balcony… after all, Jessica’s balcony is the one that is facing here in the

    Then the guy slightly regain his consciousness

    ???????: where…

    Sunny: you’re
    inside our van. Consider you’re a lucky person…..wolf…. pers….. THING! That
    Seohyun decided on this.

    ???????: you….should’ve……
    left me….. in there………

    Seohyun: we
    can’t… you hold the answers to our questions.

    ???????: …………..
    you’re not ………..afraid………… of……. Me?

    Tiffany: we
    are afraid, but we also need to know why are we being targeted? And why are you
    fighting your own clan.

    ???????: ……you….
    Know….. you’re taking a big………… risk bringing ……….. they might’ve followed
    ……… scent..

    Seohyun: well
    that’s the big risk I’ll take to get all the answers we need. I don’t care if
    they get mad at me. You have to take responsibility, you put me in danger back
    there you know….

    ???????: ………..
    I apologize for…….. that…. I understand your……….. con…….cern………….

    Sunny: he
    passed out………… geez, for a man with unnatural characteristics…

    Seohyun: Sunny
    unnie, don’t be like that, he can’t help it because he’s wounded and beaten.

    Sunny: fine
    fine…. Hey Tiffany, Taeyeon haven’t called yet?

    Then Tiffany’s phone rings. It was Taeyeon telling
    them to come out and get under Jessica’s balcony because they dropped a knotted
    blankets just to use to pull the man up. As they’ve finished tying up the
    blankets around the man’s body, Tiffany, tugged the blanket, signaling Taeyeon
    and Jessica you pull the man up. and started to go up inside their dorm. As
    they’re pulling up the man.

    Taeyeon: Sica……why….did
    you…..choose….. your….. room….. here in…..third floor……

    Jessica: nothing……………particular…………
    besides…………… scenery…………. Here…….. is…………… good.

    Taeyeon: good?...........all……………..i
    can…………..see…………. is……………….another ………………building…

    Jessica: just……………
    shut it………………… Taengoo…………….

    After some agonizing 20 minutes of pulling the man up,
    they’ve finally pulled up the man in Jessica’s balcony.

    Jessica: ???
    HE’S A MESS!! THERE’S TOO MUCH BLO…….mpffffh…

    Taeyeon covered Jessica’s mouth and whispered.

    Taeyeon: keep your voice down… other people might hear you>

    Jessica nods. Then they hear someone knocked on the door.
    It was Tiffany, Seohyun and Sunny. When Sooyoung opened the door, she’s
    surprised to see Tiffany and Sunny’s clothes have a slight blood marks.

    Sooyoung: what
    happened to you guys? Why are you three covered in blood?

    Yoona: how
    did the three of you get passed at the guard in that image

    Sunny: Seohyun
    told the guard downstairs that we’ve gone in a program that have a punishment
    like this. We told him that this is water with food coloring…… by the way… why
    are you guys dressed like that?

    Hyoyeon: well.
    We’re waiting for you guys to bring the lucky guy.

    Tiffany, Seohyun and Sunny looked at each other and
    partially smiled. They knew Taeyeon is playing with them. They get the hint
    that Taeyeon did not told them who it was.

    Yuri: where
    is he?

    Tiffany: you
    guys really want to meet him badly?

    Yoona: well..
    we can’t help it :P he’s a guy

    Tiffany: *sigh*
    go into Sica’s room… he’s there.

    And the remaining girl’s rushed at Jessica’s room.
    “SLAM!” Jessica’s door opens and they all saw the guy covered in wounds and
    blood. All of them were paralyzed on what they saw. They were paralyzed at the
    amount of blood and wounds covering the body of the man. The Hyoyeon summoned
    all of her courage and asked Taeyeon.

    Hyoyeon: T-Taengoo…..
    wh-who is t-that? D-did you guys k-killed h-him?

    Taeyeon: NO!
    he’s the guy that Tiffany told me. He’s the Dark hooded guy..

    Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung were shocked at what
    Taeyeon told them. Yuri breaks the silence

    Yuri: isn’t
    it dangerous for us that he’s here?

    Taeyeon: I
    know but this was maknae’s idea. We don’t know what’s going on inside in her
    head right now.

    Sooyoung rushed outside and confronts Seohyun in
    the living room.

    Sooyoung: SEO

    Seohyun: Sooyoung
    unnie, we need answers. This man might give us the answers we need..

    Sooyoung: but
    we all know how dangerous he is? Have you ever think about that? YOU ARE

    Sooyoung shouted at Seohyun’s face but Seohyun,
    even if she’’s scared at Sooyoung’s reaction, she she didn’t even budge from
    where she is standing. Then Seohyun talked back at Sooyoung.

    Seohyun: Sooyoung
    unnie, you don’t have the right to talk back to me like that just because I’m
    just a maknae. I respect you. But please I take the any possible means to ……ah!

    Before Seohyun finish her sentence, Sooyoung
    slapped Seohyun. Everyone is taken back at the scene. Sooyoung talks with her
    tears starting to drop.

    Sooyoung: what
    gives you the right to talk back to me like that? Do you know how scared I am

    Seohyun answered.

    Seohyun: Seohyun
    unnie…….. what do you know?

    Seohyun clenched her fist and continue to talk to

    Seohyun: do
    you even knew what it feels like when you know you’re about to die? DO YOU?

    Sooyoung falls back upon hearing Seohyun’s words.

    Tiffany: Sooyoung…
    please don’t be hard on maknae… she’s been through a lot this night. If it weren’t
    for that man, Seohyun might’ve died back there.

    Sooyoung: but…
    but… she’s putting all of us in danger.

    Upon the commotion, they didn’t notice the man
    listening from them from Jessica’s bedroom door.

    ???????: Seohyun-ssi…..
    Sooyoung is right……..

    They all jumped away from the man. But Seohyun just
    stood there looking at the man from the door. Desperate on answers. Seohyun
    tried to talk to the man.

    Seohyun: ………..i
    know this is a big risk…. But we do need some answers… we can’t be like this

    Tiffany: our
    maknae is right. We can’t cower in fear forever knowing someone is after our

    ???????: ………………..
    fine I’ll answer all your questions
    after I’ve recover… but I gotta go… I can’t out you all in danger at once.

    When the man is about to leave through Jessica’s
    balcony, Yoona Stopped him.

    Yoona: HOLD

    ???????: …what
    do you want?

    Yoona: we
    don’t know what your name is… we can’t
    call you dark hooded guy or DHG… that sounds lame.

    ???????: ……you
    can call me….. Warren

    Yuri: Sven?
    That sounds like a foreign name.

    Warren that’s
    not my real name…. it’s my part of code conduct. I don’t give my real name…

    Hyoyeon: Sven…
    how are going to find you? And when will we know our answers?

    Warren: …….i’ll
    find you girls… until then you just have to be cau……UGH!

    Then someone hit the back of Sven’s head. And to
    their shock, it’s Sooyoung

    Taeyeon: Sooyoung!!
    Why’d you do that? You killed him!!

    Sooyoung: he’s
    not dead.. I just put his lights out… and besides, maknae is right, we really
    need some answers. Seohyun.. I’m sorry if I acted like that earlier. I didn’t
    know what happened to you.

    Sooyoung walked up to Seohyun and embrace her while crying.

    Seohyun: it’s
    ok Sooyoung unnie… I’m sorry to if I talked back at you… I’m desperate for
    answers right now. But Sooyoung unnie, why’d you hit him like that? You don’t
    have to because he said that he’ll be back.

    Sooyoung: I’m
    not taking any chances to let our answers slip past us. So? Who’s going to take
    care of him?

    Nobody replied because they still don’t know the man’s
    personality they’ve just met him not too long ago. Then Seohyun talks

    Seohyun: I’ll
    take care of him, I’m the one who decided to bring him here and took the big
    risk for all of us.

    Yuri: are
    you sure? He might come after you when he wakes up.

    Seohyun: then
    it’s the big risk I’ll take.

    Seohyun immediately tried to carry the man in the bathroom
    to wash off all the blood in the man’s body. While trying to carry the man
    alone, Seohyun have difficulties because the man is heavy plus, her knees are still
    shaking. Tiffany and Sooyoung quickly rushed at Seohyun’s side and help her
    clean the man’s blood.

    Seohyun: unnie,
    I’m sorry and thank you…..

    Sooyoung: no
    sweat… just clean off the man’s blood in Sica’s place and after that, take
    Taeyeon, Sunny and Hyoyeon and clean the van.

    Seohyun: ok…
    I’m sorry for my selfishness…

    Tiffany: it’s
    alright, just clean up quickly.

    And Seohyun left the bathroom.


    Sooyoung: ….Fany,
    I still can’t believe everything… about what’s happening to us.

    Tiffany: so
    do I Sooyoung.. so do i. still.. aren’t you going to change in your usual

    Sooyoung: …..
    that Taengoo… I’ll get her for this… this was my favorite shirt.. now I’s
    covered in blood.. aigooo.

    Tiffany: my
    guess is Taeyeon toying with you guys.

    Sooyoung: I’ll
    get that midget for this….grrrrr……

    Tiffany giggled at Sooyoung’s reaction then focused again
    on cleaning the man’s body.

    Tiffany: …………….

    Sooyoung: Fany,
    you’re awfully quiet…something wrong?

    Tiffany: I
    think this guy’s been through a lot…. Look at his scars… it’s all over his body

    Sooyoung: …it’s
    almost you can draw something out of his
    wounds.. hey Tiffany…

    Tiffany: hmm?

    Sooyoung: do
    you think we’re being hard on Seohyun lately? I mean, we almost lost it and
    shouted at her and yet she remained calm and understanding.

    Tiffany: …you
    could say that.. but we have to help her express her emotions more. I think
    everytime we scold or shouted at her, she kept it up bottled inside…

    Sooyoung: I
    think so too… you know I’m scared of maknae right now thinking about, what will
    happen when she open up that bottle..

    Tiffany: I’d
    rather not think about it. Come on, he’s almost clean, let’s stitch his wounds
    up and put some bandage on him.

    And the two eventually finished tending the man’s injury.

    Sooyoung: there
    it’s finished, so where will we put him?

    Tiffany: Put
    him in Seohyun’s room and I’ll stay with them.

    Sooyoung: ok.
    I’ll inform Seohyun.

    And Sooyoung went after Seohyun who’s cleaning the
    bloody mess scattered from Jessica’s roomand into the bathroom. Outside where
    Seohyun is cleaning.

    Hyoyeon: I
    thought you guys were really bringing in a guest…

    Sunny: …..
    did you guys get played by Taengoo?

    They saw Taeyeon secretly laughing about their

    Taeyeon: ahahahah…
    you guys are so unbelieveable!! Hilarious hahahah with just a word of a “GUY”
    you guys were all so frantic and making a fuzz hahhaah…ahihihihihi

    Yoona: Taeyeon
    unnie…. You’re becoming an ajhumma again.

    Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona and Sunny, ended up
    laughing. But they suddenly stopped when they saw Jessica glaring at them.

    Jessica: I
    can’t believe you guys… you were laughing and yet maknae is there with you and
    you guys didn’t even helped her clean?

    Seohyun: it’s
    ok Sica unnie, It’s my fault anyway.

    Jessica: it’s
    not ok with me! You’re the one who’s doing something to seek the answers and
    here they are laughing at something!

    Sunny: what
    about you Sica? Did you help her clean the blood inside your room?

    Jessica: F.Y.I.
    I was the one who cleaned the mess in my room. Seohyun offered but I refused

    Hyoyeon: is
    that true Seohyun?

    Seohyun nods.

    Yoona: …sorry,
    we’ll help you right away

    Seohyun: thank
    you unnies….. I’m sorry for all of this mess…

    Yuri: don’t
    sweat it after all we’re family

    And Yuri hugged Seohyun and burst all of her tears
    and cried non stop because of the pressure and shocked she experienced in one
    night and eventually fell asleep due to the shock, pressure and depression. And
    all of them decide to finish Seohyun’s work. After they’ve finished cleaning
    everything, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Jessica decided to stay with Seohyun’s side

    Jessica: Seo…
    we’re sorry we didn’t know what you’re holding up inside.

    Taeyeon leaves them and decided to stay with
    Tiffany who’s been keeping an eye on the man.

    Tiffany: How’s

    Taeyeon: …
    she fell asleep…

    Tiffany: figures…
    with all that’s happening, it’s no wonder she’s been hiding all her emotions
    this time. And during those times, even if we get angry and shouted at her, she
    remained calm and understanding while we were thinking about ourselves and
    panicking at our current situation. Maybe we’re too hard on her…

    Tiffany explained this to Taeyeon with a sad and guilty

    Taeyeon: ssshh…
    don’t think about it ok? We know maknae very well, I’m sure she understands.
    Don’t blame yourself. I think what you and Sooyoung did is the best for Seohyun
    to express her emotions a little bit.

    Tiffany: you
    think so? I really feel guilty at shouting at Seohyun..

    In the middle of their conversation, man opened his eyes.

    Warren: where
    am i?

    Taeyeon: you’re
    still here at our dorm. Tiffany, Wake Seohyun up and call the others.

    And Tiffany hurriedly woke Seohyun up and call the other
    and they all rushed at Seohyun’s room

    Sunny: so
    you’re awake…… we need answers…NOW!

    Warren: why
    didn’t you let me go?

    Sooyoung: to
    tell you the truth.. we still don’t trust you but you still have to thank
    Seohyun that you’re being treated and kept in here.

    Warren: you
    shouldn’t have, my injuries will soon.

    Yuri: like
    it or not, we’re not letting you out of here.

    Warren: ……I

    Taeyeon: so

    Warren: as
    you all know I have a cursed fate as you’ve witnessed. My whole clan were once
    noble even if we were kept in shadows, we never kill a human being. Until one
    night my clan stumbled on someone… or something. I don’t know the details but
    as vague as I remember, they’ve stumbled
    on a human..or WAS human and assassinated our forefather, the head of our clan.
    After that, my clan were thrown in a chaotic rage and crossed the line to
    survive, other members of my clan were murdered. The only members remained in
    my clan were vicious and do not care who they’re after.

    Seohyun: but
    why us?

    Warren: the
    reason you girls are in these mess is…. I don’t know how to say it but they
    need your lives in order to attain immotality.

    All of the girls are shocked and the revelation they’ve
    just heard.

    Yoona: you’re

    Warren: if
    only I could say yes, I would, but unfortunately…. It’s not a joke.

    Tiffany: but
    you said they’re hunting us.

    Warren: it’s
    the same… they’re hunting you girls not only for their fun and adrenaline. We
    werewolves like hunting.

    Taeyeon: what
    about you?

    Warren: I
    stand by my code of conduct and I’m honoring what my forefather have left me.

    Yuri: how
    can we be so sure that you’re on our side?

    Warren: ….i
    can’t expect you girls to say and you’ve trust me in an instant. Whether you
    trust me or not… I’ll leave that decision to you.

    Sunny: but
    last time before you collapsed, you’ve said their only target is Seohyun…. Why
    is that?

    Warren: Seohyun
    is…………. A rare case… she’s pure and innocent that’s why she’s their primary

    The girls could even believe what they’re hearing. They’ve
    been alarmed about Seohyun’s fate.

    Hyoyeon: is
    there a way to lose them?

    Warren: There
    is a way….

    Taeyeon: How?

    Warren: kill
    the one who targets her.

    Yoona: that’s

    Warren: yes.
    But that will not end there… even if we manage to throw off track the one who’s
    targeting Seohyun, they’ll just switch targets between you guys. And in addition,
    he or she who stands in their target’s way, they will not hesitate to take out
    the obstacle down.

    Sooyoung: so
    what shall we do? Is there any place we can go?

    Warren: I
    haven’t the slightest idea….. listen girls, if I can, I want to protect all of
    you whether you trust me or not, I’m staying true to my honor.

    Taeyeon: I’m
    not sure if we can trust you but… for now, we’ll believe your story.

    Jessica: I’ll
    prepare some coffee….

    Sooyoung: …you
    better prepare it right… we don’t want any food or drinks with VINEGAR on it..

    Jessica: oh
    shut it you towered shikshin…

    And Jessica left the room and heads for the kitchen….
    AGAIN… to prepare some coffee.

    Seohyun: …Warren….
    Thank you for protecting me last time…

    Warren: …’s
    nothing…. I just had to do what I had to do…

    Tiffany: Warren,
    tell me something, the other night, I know you saw me from the bathroom window
    in the sushi restaurant….. who are you fighting that time?

    Warren: another
    monster from other clan… and their target is you Tiffany.

    Tiffany were shocked hearing this

    Tiffany: but
    why me?

    Warren: I’m
    afraid I can’t tell you much because it’s from another clan….

    Taeyeon: let
    me ask you this…. How will you protect all of us? They know your face you can’t
    just walk besides us.

    Warren: even
    when I’m in my human form, I still keep my sense of smell and hearing just
    incase… and right now Jessica is finished making coffee for all of us and here
    she comes…

    With that being said, everyone is thinking the same thing.
    And Jessica comes in just like Warren told them

    Jessica: here
    you go guys. One for each other.. as for you Warren, I can’t make one for you
    yet since.. you’re putting all of use in danger, plus I’m still not comfortable
    with you yet…

    Warren: I
    understand Jessica….

    Hearing what Jessica said, Seohyun walks towards Warren and
    give her cup of coffee.

    Jessica: Seohyun!

    Seohyun: it’s
    ok Sica unnie, he did save my life and almost died back there..

    Everybody saw what Seohyun did and they’re waiting
    for Warren to drink the coffee… they’ve waited for about 5 minutes and they
    notice Warren is not drinking, not even a small sip of coffee. All of them are
    thinking the same thing.. they’re using Warren as a Food checker due to
    Warren’s explanation the he has a high sense of hearing and smell. Jessica
    noticed they weren’t taking a sip of coffee and starts getting irritated and
    lashes out at Warren.

    Jessica: WHAT?
    You think I’ve put poisoned in that? I would never do that to our maknae.

    Warren: …
    Jessica, it’s just……

    Jessica: just

    Warren: ……I
    think you should taste it first… and you’ll know..

    Jessica: ALRIGHT
    ALREADY!!! I’ll prove you that it’s ok

    Jessica snatched the cup of coffee from Warren’s hand and
    drank it straight.

    Jessica: (gulp
    gulp gulp gulp gulp………..ahhh)………..see it’s o………….. PWAAHHHH !!

    Everyone is shocked at Jessica’s look that she almost lost her balance.

    Warren: Now
    you know Jessica… you should’ve used SUGAR instead of IODIZED SALT.

    And everyone takes a small sip from Jessica’s “SWEET”
    coffee and they tasted it too salty.

    Hyoyeon: …this
    is what I called, Jessica’s Strong Coffee.. it will definitely make you up in
    just one sip. Ahahahahha

    And everyone laughs and Jessica’s mistake in coffee. But
    aside from their laughter, Warren is being serious about something that made
    Seohyun notice him.

    Seohyun: what’s

    Warren: Someone
    is about to attack….

    Seohyun: is
    it human or something else?

    Warren: I’m
    not sure but it’s attacking right now

    After Warren saying that something flew right
    inside the window of Seohyun’s bedroom and even Warren’s condition, he manages
    to get up and catches the thing with his bare hands that flew from Seohyun’s
    window. All of the girls are shocked at what is Warren holding in his hand. A
    Crossbow bolt and it is aimed at Yuri.

    Warren: Are
    you alright Yuri?

    Yuri: I……
    I…. I think so…

    Warren: argh…

    Seohyun saw Warren’s wounds opens up

    Warren: Damn
    it… they’re after you girls, one after another…. We’re not safe here..

    Sunny: I
    think I know just a place… just follow my lead

    And all of them hurriedly go down. Running from
    their lives, didn’t care where the guard asks them who is warren, they just
    ran. But to their surprise, they found the guard dead with a knife thrusted in
    his heart. Not caring to know what happened, they just hurried to the van and

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 4

    The First encounter

    Inside the van.

    Taeyeon: I
    think we lost it. You can slow down now Sunny…

    Sunny: …………………………….

    Taeyeon: Sunny
    I said slow down!!

    Sunny: ………………………………..

    Sooyoung / Seohyun / Jessica: SUNNY!!!

    Then suddenly, Sunny stepped hard on the brakes.
    They all noticed how Sunny’s reaction. She just stares outside in front of the

    Warren: she’s
    in shock… somebody switch with her driving and let her rest… oowww…

    Yuri: don’t
    talk, you’ve just opened up your wound.

    Taeyeon: Sunny,
    I’ll switch with you..

    Sunny slowly looked at Taeyeon and finally let go of her tight grip on the
    steering wheel.

    Sunny: …ok

    Taeyeon: hurry
    up and we need to move. By the way, where are we headed?

    Sunny: let’s
    go to Yoochiri.

    Yuri: the
    idol village? I’ve missed that place.

    Sunny: well
    don’t get your hopes up Yuri.. you haven’t been there for a while..

    Yuri: did
    something bad happen?

    Sunny: you’ll
    see it for yourself.

    Taeyeon: enough
    of that you two. Sunny, tell the direction

    And they started to move. All of them are quiet
    inside while going to Yoochiri. Eventually some of them fell asleep cause of
    the long drive. The only remained awake is Taeyeon, Sunny and Yoona. And
    they’re almost inside in a rural area where there are many trees, dark and the atmosphere
    is kind of eerie.

    Yoona: Taeyeon
    unnie… will we be able to go back on our daily normal lives?

    Taeyeon: Yoona..
    I wish I know the answer for that… we still don’t know who is our pursuer.

    Sunny: why
    us? Why is this happening to us?

    Taeyeon fell silent at Sunny’s question. Feeling a
    presence behind them, Yoona looked back at the van and saw a pair of golden
    eyes glowing brightly in the dark staring at them. Upon seeing that. Yoona
    panicked and jumped in front with Sunny and Taeyeon causing the van to stop.

    Yoona: UNNIE…!!!

    Sunny: What?

    Both of them looked at Yoona pointing at the back
    of the van. They saw the pair of eyes. When they’re about to shout, the pair of
    eyes talked.

    Warren: don’t
    frightened, it’s just me.. I’ve been keeping on alert since this is all I can
    do right now.

    Sunny: Ren-ssi,
    don’t scare us like that. But why is your eyes like that?

    Warren: I’ve
    just heightened my eyes sight to see farther than your normal eyes could do.

    Taeyeon asked Sunny

    Taeyeon: Ren-ssi?
    Where’d that come from?

    Sunny: I
    don’t like calling him Warren, I’ve just shortened his name.

    Teyeon: aigoo…
    you didn’t even ask him if he’s ok with that name

    Warren: it’s
    quite alright with me.. we better hurry, the one targeting Yuri is catching up.
    And Yoona I apologize if I startled you.

    Yoona: it’s

    And they started to move again. But after 10
    minutes, something dropped in front of their way causing them to stop. The
    other girls woke up from the impact. Taeyeon, Sunny and Yoona surprised what
    they saw in front of them, a tree knocked down in front of their van.

    Warren: it
    seems our pursuer is coming close and never intended for us to leave its sight.
    Someone rigged this tree with explosive.

    Hyoyeon: my
    guess is… it’s a human. If it is like you, it wouldn’t use something like this.

    Warren: I
    think you’re right Hyoyeon. We’ve got no choice, you all have to travel from
    here on foot.

    Taeyeon: all
    of us?

    Warren: yes..
    all of you

    Jessica: what
    do you mean by that? you’re not coming?

    Warren: …
    I’m not..

    Seohyun: you
    must be crazy… with your wounds like that? What can you possibly do? You
    haven’t even recovered!

    Warren: it’s
    better this way… I don’t want you girls to be harmed. NOW GO!! WE HAVE NO

    Seohyun: I

    All of them are shocked at Seohyun’s words. Even Warren is
    surprised. Seohyun runs towards Warren

    Seohyun: I
    don’t want you to fight in your current state….. you’re injured… I don’t want
    you to die

    Seohyun told those words to Warren while crying.

    Warren: …..Seohyun…

    Warren took something from his pocket

    Seohyun: what’s
    this? A fang?

    Warren: for
    you it’s just only a fang but to me, it’s a memento of my forefather. Keep it
    safe until then.

    Seohyun: NO!
    NO NO NO NO!! DON’T DO THIS!!! I DO……..uuugh….. why…………

    Seohyun felt something hit her on her stomach causing for
    her to lose consciousness.

    Warren: I’m
    sorry Seohyun… I can’t risk you guys in this dangerous situation.. Sooyoung
    please take her away from here and go.

    Sooyoung: Warren…
    even though we don’t trust you. Thank you for doing this.

    Warren: this
    is the only thing I can do for you guys.. now hurry, it’s close

    The moment Sooyoung took Seohyun in Warren’s arms
    they instantly fled from the scene. And disappeared in the dark of the night.
    While looking at them, Warren speak his mind out.

    Warren: ………..
    and thank you… for the kind words…..

    For some reason, all the girls felt Warren’s last words.

    Taeyeon: guys…

    Yoona: we
    know Taeyeon unnie… we felt it too..

    Hyoyeon: even
    if we help… what can we do. And it looks like Seohyun’s made a contact in
    Warren’s inner personality to act like that.

    They all looked at Seohyun crying while staring at
    the fang, Warren left for her. Back the open and empty road where Warren is
    waiting for the pursuer.

    Warren: so
    you’ve come.

    HUNTER: …….so
    my guess is correct… you really are with them protecting them. Can you really
    beat me in your current condition? I know about your last fight. I was there

    Warren: what’s
    it to you?

    After Warren said that, he Transformed into a werewolf

    HUNTER: so
    you still have the strength to transform.. I wonder how long will you last hmm?

    The mysterious pursuer brought out his weapon, a
    repeating crossbow and a customized high powered magnum revolver.

    Warren: so
    you’re a hunter…

    guess this is my lucky day and your bad day.

    The hunter smiled devilishly.

    HUNTER: Let’s

    Warren: I

    The two clashed in an enormous speed, each claw
    attack of Warren missed the hunter and while the hunter is evading Warren’s
    attack, he just laugh at Warren.

    HUNTER: is
    that the best you can do? Tell you what, I’ll let you hit me once but you
    better make sure I’ll fall or else I’ll start my attacks on you.

    Warren: you
    cocky son of a… GRAAAAAAH!!

    Warren rushed to the hunter at full speed. And the
    hunter is surprised at Warren’s sudden change of speed and did not expect a
    tackle attack. Warren hits the hunter with his tackle attack. The hunter flew
    upon impact on Warren’s tackle attack with in 6 meter far away from him.

    Warren: how’s
    that…..huff…huff…. (damn it… that attack is taking a toll on me… I can feel my
    strength is draining).

    Warren’s attack at his unbelievable speed caused
    his wound to open up and causing him to loose some blood and starting to kneel
    down on the ground due to the pain.

    Warren: I
    guess that did him in….. I don’t have any strength left…

    And then suddenly he reverted back to his human

    HUNTER: is
    that it?

    And to Warren’s amazement, he saw the hunter
    standing 6 steps away from him, with a sinister smile looking at him.

    Warren: it…..
    can’t …….be……………….

    As Warren tries to get up, the hunter kicked his side causing him to roll on the

    HUNTER: if
    you tried even harder, you might actually defeat me but I’m not taking any
    chances. I have to seize this opportunity while you’re still injured. Let me
    play with you for a while.

    And the hunter started to torture Warren with his
    punches. Mean while the girls reached their destination… the idol village in

    Yuri: Sunny….
    Is this the same Idol village that we left before?

    Sunny: yes…
    it’s deserted now

    Yuri: what

    Sunny: ever
    since Invincible Youth’ show finished. People stopped coming to this place
    since it is not featured anymore. People eventually forgotten this village.

    Yuri: what
    about the Village chief?

    Sunny: he
    changed his location. He’s not here in Yoochiri anymore.

    Jessica: ok
    Sunny, nice story but we need to go inside first to let Seohyun rest…. She’s
    really been through a lot.

    And they all went inside the deserted house and
    laid down Seohyun inside the house where they sleep during their filming days.

    Jessica: Sunny….
    We didn’t bring any food here..

    Sunny: …
    if only we could turn back time… there might some stuffs we can scuffle. Let’s
    split in two and look for food and water.

    Yuri: but
    what about Seohyun?

    Taeyeon: she’s
    sleeping. She can’t go anywhere. Come on let’s search.

    They’ve split in two groups the each group formed
    of 4 people. Sunny’s group head down inside the old greenhouse they’ve used
    during the filming days to see if there is still lettuce patch or anything they
    can use to cook. While Yuri’s group head
    right just outside in the planting field where they’ve planted some crops. Yuri
    saw the planting field and gets
    depressed because she saw the field that used to be a corn field but now it’s
    nothing but a dried leaves standing and full of weeds. They haven’t seen anyone
    of the residents they used to work with because Sunny explained to her, they’ve
    been gone for about 3 years and changed location. While they were out looking
    something to eat, Seohyun woke up.

    Seohyun: Tiffany
    unnie?............... anyone out there? Anyone out there?.....please answer

    And Seohyun began to be afraid because in this
    instant, she knew, she’s alone.

    Seohyun: unnie….
    I don’t want to be alone…… please……….. somebody…………

    While crying she noticed she was holding something
    tightly inside her hands. She opened it and saw the fang Warren left for her.

    Seohyun: ….Warren…………….

    And without a thought, she left without leaving a
    note. She just ran and no one saw her. Seohyun didn’t saw Yuri’s group just
    outside the house because they were deep in the old corn field. Yuri heard the
    door open and immediately tells her group to go back.

    Yuri: guys,
    I think I heard the door opened.. let’s go back Seohyun is all alone in there.

    And they head back to the house but they were too
    late, Seohyun is not in the house. They can’t call Seohyun because she left her
    phone in the house. Yuri called Sunny.

    Yuri: Sunny,
    we have a problem…. Seohyun is gone!

    Sunny: WHAT??!?!
    Did you call her phone?

    Yuri: that’s
    another problem, she left it here….

    Sunny: ok,
    we’ll go back right away!! Just stay there and wait for us.

    Yuri: ok…
    hurry I’m worried about her.

    Taeyeon: is
    it Yuri?

    Sunny: yes,
    and Seohyun is gone. We have to hurry back

    And Sunny’s group hurried back to the house and
    they all regrouped.

    Taeyeon: are
    we all here?

    Yuri: yes,
    so any idea where she could’ve gone?

    Jessica: that
    child…. She’ll gets it when we find her..

    Jessica said that with a worried and angry

    Sunny: we
    should look for her… we all know it’s dangerous in the night but we have no
    choice but to look for her

    Yoona: you’re
    saying that we split up?

    Hyoyeon: do
    we have a choice?

    Sooyoung: yes,
    but this time we split up in two’s.

    And they formed 4 groups, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon,
    Jessica and Sunny, Taeyeon and Yuri and lastly Tiffany and Yoona.

    Taeyeon: Remember
    don’t spread too far from the house. We don’t know what still lurks in the
    dark. Mean while at the road.

    HUNTER: hmph…
    I admire your toughness. I’m bored now.

    Warren: I
    won’t……….. forgive…………… you if you…………… hurt one………. of them………..

    guess I should end your misery right here then. After all, you’re my extra
    bounty. Hehehehe.

    As the hunter aimed at Warren’s head. A rock hits
    the hunter’s head. He looked up and saw Seohyun.

    HUNTER: well,
    well, well, ain’t that cute, this saves me some time and earn me some extra
    cash. I’ll let you in for some secret. You see someone hired me to kill Yuri
    and added some bonus price on your head and the other member’s head. I’LL BE

    Seohyun: DON’T

    Warren: ……….Seohyun…
    run away…………….

    HUNTER: wow,
    ain’t this a story? Someone actually cared for your bloody cursed fate.

    Seohyun, left with no other option, drops the rock
    and picked up a tree branch and runs toward the hunter.

    HUNTER: seriously
    missy…. I wouldn’t dare if I were you

    But Seohyun kept running towards the hunter. The
    hunter aimed at Seohyun and then…. “BANG!!!” the gun’s loud noise echoed across
    the field, enough noise to be heard from where the girls are located.

    Hyoyeon: Sooyoung…
    did you hear that? That was a gun!

    Sooyoung: I
    think I get the idea where’s Seohyun. Call the others and meet tell them to
    meet us where we left Warren. I have a hunch she’s there

    And Hyoyeon quickly called the other as Sooyoung
    instructed. And they all quickly went back to Warren’s Location. Back at the
    Scene, Warren could not believe his eyes that the hunter aimed at Seohyun and
    shot her.

    Warren: ….you’ll
    pay for this….. YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!!

    Warren pushed himself to the limits and tried to
    transform into a werewolf and due to his burning rage, he succeeds.

    HUNTER: how…
    This can’t be!! You have no more strength in you!!

    The hunter panicked because even Warren is in a bloody
    mess, His Rage for seeing Seohyun being shot right in front of him fueled his
    rage and turned into a different form of werewolf, white werewolf. He’s in a
    pure rage. His image looks like a normal wolf but his size much bigger and
    bulkier with flaming red eyes. He looked at Seohyun lying in the ground and
    turned his eyes on the hunter.

    HUNTER: impossible…your
    kind should’ve gone instinct!!

    But, the hunter got no answer from Warren. He just
    stared the Hunter with his flaming and piercing eyes. The hunter started to
    panic and went for his escape. But no matter where he goes, Warren is always
    steps ahead of him.

    need to act somehow on how to escape… I lost 8 of my members just to hunt one the
    legendary white werewolf.

    Looking around for a solution for escaping. Warren
    started to walk towards him. Going slower and then changed his pace to normal
    speed and starts walking faster and faster then he begun running towards the

    HUNTER: it’s
    now or never… kill or be killed. Let’s see what you’ve go……….

    Then suddenly, the hunter heard the girls looking
    for Seohyun. And quickly runs toward them and grabbed Taeyeon from the back and
    pointed his hunting knife and Taeyeon’s
    face. Warren stopped the attack. And just stood still looking at the hunter.

    Taeyeon: YAAH!
    LET ME GO!!

    HUNTER: nobody
    moves a muscle or this girlie will get a mark on her face. We wouldn’t want
    something bad happen to your pretty face no?

    Sooyoung: you
    coward, hiding behind a ladies back.

    Confronting the hunter, they haven’t seen Warren
    due to the dark surroundings of the
    night but Hyoyeon, who’s in the back, Felt something bumped him. It was Warren
    in his white werewolf form. Due to the shocked, Hyoyeon couldn’t even move or
    talk. But on the other hand, Taeyeon already saw Warren but couldn’t
    distinguish him and made her eyes wide and already frightened.

    HUNTER: hep,
    hep HEP! Don’t make another step or the missy here will get it.

    Warren stopped. And the other girls were taken back in his
    new form.

    Sunny: Is
    that Warren? He looks different. Is that you Warren?

    HUNTER: don’t
    get your hopes high missies, I won’t let this cutie go… she’s my ACE and
    shield… at the same time my extra cash hehehehe…. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll
    make my esca……………..

    Before he could finish his words, the hunter felt
    his right arm that is holding Taeyeon gone and Warren is behind them.

    MY ARM!!!!! WHAT’VE YOU DONE!!!!!! MY

    Then Taeyeon saw an opportunity pushed the man away
    from her and runs towards Yuri. Then the hunter in his last attempt draw his
    Revolver and aimed at Warren but, he’s nowhere to be found. The hunter looked
    at the girls, staring up and as he looked up, Warren came down on him, pinning
    him down. Made him lose his revolver

    IT!!!.... you can’t…. can’t you…. YOU CAN’T!!! HAHAHAHA I WIN IN THE END HAHAHAHA I WI…………

    “BANG!” the hunter’s head exploded like a
    watermelon. Wondering who shot the hunter in the head, they all saw Yuri
    holding the gun with tears in her eyes.

    Yuri: …….
    I I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to…………. He was going to hurt Tae-tae…. i…. i….

    Hyoyeon walks towards Yuri

    Hyoyeon: it’s
    ok Yuri…. It’s alright now… you can let go of that gun……. Let go of that

    And Yuri slowly give the gun to Hyoyeon. And Yuri hugged
    Taeyeon tightly.

    Yuri: I’m
    sorry…. I’m sorry….

    Taeyeon: sssh….
    Stop crying now…. At least no one is hurt…..

    Jessica: speaking
    of hurt… shouldn’t we be searching for Seohyun?

    And they all regain they’re composure and ask
    Warren who is still in his new wolf form. Warren didn’t answer them instead
    he’s giving them a sign the they should follow him. They followed Warren to
    where Seohyun is lying at the ground. And upon his timed raged… Warren reverted
    back to his human form and talked.

    Warren: I
    have to leave you girls….. I can’t face you like this.. I’m in a total complete
    mess….. you should tend Seohyun first. Luckily for her, the bullet just grazed
    her arm.. it’s a shallow wound….

    Taeyeon: will
    you come back with us?

    Warren: ……..
    I honestly don’t know… I lost too much time and blood… I don’t think I ca……

    Sunny: YOU
    US!!! DON’T GO!! Just… don’t go………….

    Everyone is surprised at Sunny’s sudden outbursts. They’re
    shock because they know Sunny don’t like
    Warren around but they couldn’t believe Sunny’s words to Warren. Then
    Sunny talks to Warren with tears in her eyes.

    Sunny: I
    know that you know that we don’t trust you yet… but in this little amount of
    time we’ve come to understand you…. And we’ve even grown attached to you even
    though we know you’re like that…. But why leave? You don’t care about us

    Warren: It’s
    not that Sunny… it’s just……….. I don’t want you girls to see mo like this… I’m
    a total mess….

    Yoona: Ren…
    you can always come with us…. We need you………….

    Hyoyeon: I’ll
    say this straight to you too Warren, if
    it weren’t for you… we would’ve died back there. If you haven’t sent
    that letter of warning. We’re just sitting ducks waiting to be plucked.

    Sooyoung: in
    addition… it seems you have knowledge about fighting and handling some weapons.
    We need you to train us. We feel useless making you do all the fights.

    Warren: thank
    you for the affection…. But.. I’m having trouble regenerating from my wounds…..
    you all saw my different form did you? It’s taking a toll on me right and I don’t
    have any strength left. This is the first time that has happened to me. I’m not
    sure if I can keep my guard up. Are you still sure you want me around?

    Yuri: we
    all do…specially Seohyun… and besides, we are much safer with you around….

    …….. then I guess I have no choice then?

    Jessica: what
    choice do you have?

    Jessica smiled gently while saying those words to Warren.

    Taeyeon: stay
    with us.

    Warren: …..
    how could I refuse……

    “BLAG!” then Warren suddenly falls flat on the ground that
    caused everyone to jump and surprised.

    Yoona: i….
    is he ok?

    Sooyoung: I
    really think he’s drained…. used his last amount of strength to fight for us…

    Sunny: since
    we’re here we might as well use the van again.. he’s too heavy if we try to
    carry him from here, and we still have Seohyun to worry about.

    And they all got back in the van and drive back to
    the Yoochiri house. And they both laid Seohyun and Warren side by side inside
    the house. On their way back they stopped at the dead body of the hunter. Sunny
    goes down.

    Taeyeon: Sunny!
    What’re you doing?

    Sunny: well
    he’s a hunter right? I figured that he must’ve come prepared and loaded himself
    up some weapons….

    Tiffany: but
    we don’t have any experiences using weapons.

    Sunny: even
    we have or not, we might still need this. We need something to protect

    Sooyoung: you
    do have a point……

    Jessica: Sunny.

    Sunny: yeah?

    Jessica: it
    feels like you’re Seohyun

    Jessica laughed gently and Sunny blushed.

    Sunny: well
    I admit that I’m kind of getting Maknae’s habit of thinking…. Maybe you should
    too sica.

    Jessica: what
    do you mean? I always think logically….

    Sunny whispered on her herself

    Sunny: like when you made the tuna sandwich..instead of using sesame oil, you used
    vinegar just because they same stype of container, you didn’t even read the
    label and when you’ve made us coffee, you just saw a white powder thinking it
    was sugar but thanks to Warren we knew it was the iodized salt you used…>

    Jessica: did
    you say something?

    Sunny: …NO!
    oh no, nothing… ahehehe, j-just talking to myself

    Sunny smiled forcefully. And Sunny, finished
    looting the hunter’s equipment.

    Taeyeon: wow
    where’d he hide all these weapon?

    Sunny: I
    don’t want to know but what I do know that we have something to protect us. We
    can’t rely on Warren as of now cause he’s down for the count.

    And Seohyun woke up.

    Seohyun: Where
    am i? Taeyeon unnie?...ouch..

    Seohyun felt a sharp pain from her left arm.
    Jessica immediately goes to Seohyun side

    Seohyun: Sica

    To everyone’s surprise, Jessica slapped Seohyun
    then hugged her and cried.

    Jessica: SEOHYUN!!
    Don’t you ever EVER leave our side again… you don’t know how worried we are… we
    don’t want to lose you… we love you Seohyun…. Don’t you ever do that again. I
    feel like I’m going to die when we found you lying on the ground…. We thought
    you were dead..

    Jessica cried and cried but at the same time relieved
    because Seohyun is alive.

    Seohyun: I’m
    sorry Sica unnie… it’s just when I woke up, all you aren’t there… and I have no
    clue where all of you have gone…. So I’m left with no choice but to go where
    Warren is…

    Taeyeon: Seohyun,
    we understand your point but you should’ve called us first

    Seohyun: I’m
    sorry unnie, I panicked when I knew I was alone in the house.

    Sooyoung: well
    enough of that, we still have to treat your wound…and his wounds too…

    Sooyoung pointed at unconscious Warren. Seohyun sat
    beside at Warren’s head and returned the fang Warren gave to him for safe

    Seohyun: …Thank
    you…. You’ve kept your promise to protect us… we promise you that we’ll do what
    we can

    And all the girls agreed on Seohyun’s words to
    Warren. After a few minutes, they’ve arrived…AGAIN in the Yoochiri house and
    they all carried Warren inside the house.

    Tiffany: …….
    All of this …… I wish we could end this sooner…

    Taeyeon: I
    know how you feel Tiffany, even I don’t want to accept the reality but there’s
    no denying that this is really happening.

    Yoona: well
    instead of thinking about that… let do an inventory check.

    Hyoyeon: what

    Yoona: Sunny
    unnie looted the Hunter’s belongings. I think we should check them first

    Taeyeon: let
    see now…. Katana, Repeating Crossbow with 6 magazine of bolts, Throwing knives,
    Revolver with 4 boxes of bullets, Sawed-off shot gun with 4 box of slugs rounds
    also, Hunting knife, Sub machine gun with 5 extra magazines, Shurikens, Beretta
    with 4 extra clips… what the… where the heck is he putting these things in his

    Sunny: that’s
    not all there’s still more weapons, whip that is made of Stingray’s tail and a
    grappling hook with the a scythe on the other end…. Talking about fully

    They noticed Sooyoung staring at the stars. Yoona talked to

    Sooyoung unnie, what’s wrong? You’re unusually quiet….

    Sooyoung: …………………

    Sunny: yeah
    Sooyoung, it’s not like you to be quiet all of a sudden.

    Sooyoung: ………………..

    Jessica: I
    know how you feel about this but can you please tell us if there’s something
    bothering you… we’re all in this together…

    Then suddenly, Sooyoung faced them looking pale and said….

    Sooyoung: ……I’m………huuuungggrrrrryyyyyyyy…….
    SICAAAA……… I neeeeeeed fooooooood……

    Jessica: KYAAH!
    Don’t scare us like the Sooyoung…get your mind straight. You looke and talk
    like a zombie.

    Hyoyeon: I
    should’ve known….. typical of our number 1 Shikshin…..

    Sooyoung: I
    can’t help it… I’m starving. :P

    Yuri: hmm…
    I don’t know about this but I remember a store back there during our filming

    Sunny: but
    this village is deserted Yuri. We might ending up wasting our time.

    Yuri: well
    it’s worth a try rather than starve in here… plus Sooyoung is acting like a 10
    year old kid waiting for food. We also need to find first aid to tend the
    wounds of those two.

    Yuri pointed at Seohyun and Warren.

    Yuri: I’m
    taking Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Yoona

    Sunny: you’re
    not taking me?

    Yuri: Sunny,
    we need someone who remembers the place to remain here. So I hope you’ll

    Sunny: ….ok
    but don’t forget to bring weapons we got from that freak.

    Yuri chose the revolver, hunting knife for Yoona, Hyoyeon
    chose the repeating crossbow with only 3 magazines andTiffany took the beretta
    and bought only 2 extra clip. Hyoyeon asked Tiffany

    Hyoyeon: why’d
    you only bring 2 clips?

    Tiffany: well,
    we don’t have much any ammunitions right? It’s
    best to save them.

    Thinking Tiffany’s words, Yuri only bought of 1 extra box
    of revolver ammo, each box contains 36 bullets

    Yuri: Tiffany’s
    right, I’ll leave the remaining 3 boxes. Don’t waste ammo use the gun if only
    needed and make sure your shot counts.

    Sunny: you
    better take the van.

    Yuri: no
    we’ll leave on foot. You guys needed it more than we do, besides if something
    happens and you guys decided to leave here, you’ll spot us on the road since
    there is only one road from here to the store.

    Sunny: ok…
    be careful you guys…

    And Yuri’s group left to go to the store they saw back on
    the road.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 5

    a new Ally

    Yoochiri House Scene:

    Taeyeon: now
    that Yuri’s group left, all we could do is wait and stay alert. You better
    choose your weapons now

    Sooyoung grabbed the sawed-off shotgun, Sunny chose
    the hunting knife while Taeyeon chose the SMG and Jessica grabbed the Whip.
    Taeyeon smirked.

    Taeyeon: Sica,
    your weapon suits you… really

    Sunny: yeah
    it definitely suits you… you’re more scary than us even if we have out weapon
    of choice

    Jessica: hahaha.
    you think so? I choose with style

    Jessica smiled. And then out of nowhere Seohyun grabbed the

    Seohyun: I’ll
    take this katana.

    Taeyeon: ok.
    Now we have our weapon of choice, what are we going to do now? Besides waiting
    for Yuri’s group to come back.

    All of them think hard for something to do. Then Sooyoung
    talked first.

    Sooyoung: Well
    since it’s still dark, we should make a camp fire first, I’m cold.

    Jessica: oh

    Jessica replied with a gloomy aura.

    Jessica: When
    we left the dorm, we didn’t bring anything with us except our clothes we are
    wearing now, some money and cell phones. I guess Sooyoung’s suggestion comes

    Sunny: I
    think there’s still some fire wood at the side of the house.

    They all went to the side of the house and gathered enough
    fire wood to make a small bonfire to keep them warm. Mean while at Yuri’s

    Hyoyeon: are
    we there yet? My feet are killing me with all this running and walking

    Yuri: just
    a little further Hyo, we’re almost there

    Yoona: oh!
    I can almost see the store… I hope there’s something we can find useful in

    Seeing their destination closing on them, they started to
    run towards the store. But something caught Yuri’s attention and suddenly
    stopped. Tiffany and the others noticed Yuri.

    Tiffany: Yuri?
    What’s wrong?

    Yuri: it’s
    just… my last time here…. These graves aren’t here…. Hyo, you and Yoona check
    the store and see if there’s something we can use and by any chance, search for
    a first aid kit for Seohyun and Warren. I’ll take Tiffany with me, I’m going to
    confirm something.

    Hyoyeon and Yoona wasted no time going in the store while
    Yuri and Tiffany…

    Tiffany: what
    is it Yuri?

    Yuri: ………..
    this can’t be….

    Tiffany: what?
    Tell me what’s wrong… you’re scaring me Yuri..

    Yuri: these
    graves…… it’s the villagers that Sunny and I knew….

    Tiffany looked at the direction Yuri’s looking and
    saw massive grave markers.

    Tiffany: that’s
    a lot of grave… you think everyone else in this village are dead?

    Yuri falls on her knees.

    Yuri: I
    don’t know Tiffany… I hope some of the are alive… Sunny and I loved them just
    like they were our real mother and father……

    Tiffany: …Yuri…..
    … look I know this is a bad time but we can’t stay here any longer and let
    Hyoyeon and Yoona alone… somebody needs to watch their backs.

    Yuri: …ok,
    you’re right Tiffany, let’s just focus at our task first.

    And both of them followed Hyoyeon and Yoona inside the
    store. But little did they know, someone is watching them from the tree.

    ???????: so
    it is true that they’re here…….. well, can’t blame them… I’ll observe a little
    bit more..

    The mysterious watcher observes the girls inside the store
    through his rifle scope. Inside the store.

    Hyoyeon: man
    this place is so run down… I can’t believe you and Sunny actually worked here.

    Yuri: well,
    at first we were kind of awkward with everyone else but when you get to know
    these villagers, you’ll love them with all your heart

    Yoona: FOUND
    IT!! Yuri, I found what you’ve asked for, a first aid kit. Now all that is left
    is food and water.

    Tiffany: I
    found supplies as well here, we got canned goods and unopened bottled water,
    enough for all of us… but we can’t carry these with our bare hands.

    Yuri search the entire store and found 3 back packs.

    Yuri: Here
    use these. Load them all up but watch the weight that you can carry. Tiffany,
    will be in charge of bringing the
    bottled water, Yoona, you bring the canned goods, Hyoyeon, if you can scrounge
    some snacks pack it, after that we’ll leave immediately.. I’m feeling that
    we’re not alone in here.

    And the three starts stuffing their supplies. Mean while, outside
    the store, the mysterious watcher notice that something’s wrong.

    ???????: huh?
    The fog is getting thicker…… something’s coming…… what?? No way! They still
    exist even this time? This is reassuring…. One plague after another..

    What the mysterious watcher saw is a necromancer.

    Necromancer: “I heed
    upon the power of the night and darkness to grant me power and control the

    And a thunder followed after the necromancer’s
    incantation. The Mysterious watcher get’s ready his rifle and prepared for
    combat. He aimed at the necromancer’s head but when was about to pull the
    trigger, the Necromancer suddenly Inside the store, girl’s were startled at the
    loud sound of thunder.

    Tiffany: sounds
    like it’s close by…. We better hurry

    Yuri looked outside the window. Because of their
    chain events experiences, Yuri did not panic, she immediately readied her

    Yuri: guys…
    we might be in trouble… I don’t want to believe this but, there’s a massive
    zombies heading this way.

    The Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Yoona were shocked at
    Yuri’s explanation but they stood their ground and readied their weapon.

    Yuri: ok,
    here’s the plan, I’ll go outside first and clear a path for you, Hyo, you have
    the lightest load in your back pack you follow me, then after we clear a path,
    Fany, and Yoona, come after us then Hyoyeon will cover your front, I’ll handle
    the back. Did you guys get it?

    They all nodded at Yuri’s plan.

    Yuri: ok,
    Hyo are you ready? Remember, you’re covering the front, if we get out of here,
    I’ll treat you guys on something good.

    Yoona: …like
    that’s possible with all that is happening

    Yoona and Yuri laughed.

    Yuri: ok,
    let’s go, Hyoyeon wait for my signal ok?

    Hyoyeon: ok,
    be careful.

    Then Yuri went out first and starts to clear a
    path. Amazingly, Yuri only is accurately shooting the zombies in the head. The
    mysterious watcher watches her with amazement.

    ???????: not
    bad for her first time. That’s what you get from experience.

    Back at the ground.

    Yuri: Hyoyeon,
    it’s almost clear, the three of you now go !! Hyoyeon cover the front.

    Hyoyeon went after Yuri and did her part while Tiffany and
    Yoona are sandwiched between Yuri and Hyoyeon.

    Hyoyeon: Yuri,
    there’s too many of them on my way. I’m about to run out of bolts

    Tiffany: here,
    Hyoyeon, take my gun, you’ll need it now more than I do.

    Hyoyeon took the gun at Tiffany’s hand and held it
    on her other hand. They all tried to break through the hordes of zombies.
    Hyoyeon,s magazine of bolts runs out and starts using Tiffany’s gun and they’ve succeeded breaking through.

    Hyoyeon: YES
    WE MADE IT!! Let’s go now..

    Yoona: finally,
    we can run without worrying

    Tiffany: nice
    planning there Yuri…….Yuri?

    Before they’ve
    realized, Yuri is not with them and can still hear Yuri’s gun shooting.
    Tiffany dropped the back pack and tries to
    go back to Yuri.

    Yuri: DON’T

    Tiffany: BUT……………..

    Yuri: NO

    Tiffany starts to cry

    Tiffany: I’LL

    Yuri looked at Tiffany from a far and smiled.

    Yuri: Thank
    you Tiffany……..

    And Yuri runs back inside the store and barricaded
    the doors and windows of the store. And instantly, the store where Yuri is
    hiding , have been surrounded by the zombies.

    Yuri: ………………..
    I guess this is it huh….. the end of the line………

    Yuri sat down on the floor looking exhausted and
    not caring about the noise on the wall, boarded windows and doors where the
    zombies are banging. Yuri talks to herself.

    Yuri: At
    least I don’t have any regrets and thankful I’ve met you guys….. Tiffany, you
    always care for others first before yourself…. Taeyeon, even though you don’t
    want to be our leader, you still took responsibility to take care of us.
    Jessica, even though you’re clumsy on preparing us some foods, you still tried
    your best. Sooyoung, out number one Shikshin, you always say what you want but
    still, you’re the only one knows how to brighten up moods., Hyoyeon, besides on
    having a funny personality, you always bring laughter to all of us. Yoona,
    second for being maknae, you always loved us as your real sisters. Sunny…

    Yuri starts to cry

    Yuri: Sunny,
    even though you’re the last one to become a member of us, you still treated us
    warmly…… and Seohyun…….

    Yuri saw a lollipop on one of the tables, she
    unwraps it and put it in her mouth, acting like she was putting a cigarette in
    her mouth and continued

    Yuri: Seohyun…
    our lovable maknae….. you’re always quiet and always keeping up with our trippings
    and yet you don’t even say a word instead, you showed us how much you love us….
    Thank you for everything….. well, it’s time for my last effort… 14 bullets left
    plus 6 in the chamber of this revolver….. better die fighting .

    “BANG BANG BANG!!” Yuri started to shoot the
    zombies and just a second, she ran out of bullets. Running out of option, Yuri
    used the revolver’s hand base as a melee weapon and starts bashing eventually,
    she got outside while fighting. She tried to run as much as she could but due
    to her exhaustion, she gave up, making her way on one of the tree, she leaned
    her back.

    Yuri: I’m
    tired….. well it’s been an exciting ride guys…. Good bye.

    Yuri closed her eyes and wait for her demise but she heard
    someone shouts.

    ???????: GET

    Yuri quickly crouched down and in a blink of an eye
    she heard a loud gunshot coming from 8 meters away. “BRAAAM!!!” and Yuri saw
    several zombie flew away from her.

    ???????: DON’T

    Even though Yuri covered her ears, she could tell
    that the mysterious voice are shooting the zombies in front of her nonstop and
    for every shot she heard, one shot takes out 5-7 zombies in a straight line
    until it stops. After the shooting stops, Yuri uncovered her ears. And she
    heard someone is approaching her. Even if she’s exhausted she tried so stand up
    and face the mystery person who just saved her. She saw a person cloaked in a
    dark robe with covering his whole face except his eyes.

    Yuri: Thank
    you for saving me.

    ???????: …………………..
    honestly I wasn’t trying to save you

    The mystery person took out his gun and aimed at
    Yuri, she closed her eyes

    Yuri: you….
    But what was that for…. You even wiped out the entire zombie…. How could you
    say you didn’t sa……………

    “BLAM!” Yuri stopped talking

    ??????: geez…
    I missed one….

    Yuri opened her eyes and looked at the mystery
    person shooting the zombie behind Yuri.

    ???????: I
    missed my target again…. Crap..

    Yuri: your

    ???????: that’s
    right… you’re from the city area so you don’t know what is going on in here.
    I’m hunting a necromancer. He’s the one who summoned those zombies in order to
    kill you. But apparently, when I have my chance, he vanished so that’s why I
    lashed out on his minions.

    Hearing that, Yuri’s knees started to shake and
    finally falls on the ground.

    ???????: still,
    I admire your courage, letting your friends go while you stayed behind even
    though you know you’re no match against them….

    Yuri: I
    didn’t think about myself…. I only want to save them…..

    ???????: can
    you walk?

    Yuri: ….my
    knees are shaking up a lot now… you can go now and hunt your target you can
    just leave me here. My friends will comeback for me.

    ???????: I’d
    rather not…. I feel like I have to stick with you girls. I get the feeling that
    I’ll see that freakin’ necro again

    Yuri: you
    keep talking about that target of yours…a necromancer, is it? What is it?

    city folks don’t know everything yet…well it never hurts to explain.
    Necromancers have the ability to raise the dead and fight for them. They can
    also make some poison and other creatures…. By the way nice shooting back

    After saying that, the mystery person carried Yuri
    which surprised her. But there’s nothing she could do but to let him carry her.
    Because of exhaustion, her consciousness fade. The mystery person put her in
    his humvee parked hidden inside the forest. She put the sleeping Yuri at the
    passenger seat and puts a seatbelt on her then he unloads all his armament at
    the back of the humvee.

    ???????: well…
    aren’t you a sleeping beauty… I might as well take you back to your friends in the
    Yoochiri house. It’s the least I can do to you…

    Yuri opened her eyes for a bit and asked the
    mystery person.

    Yuri: I
    didn’t….get your……….

    ??????: …………………
    just call me Clive…….

    Yuri: Clive…
    thank you…..

    Clive: take
    your rest, I’ll take you to your friends…..

    Then Yuri finally surrendered to her exhaustion and
    Clive starts his vehicle and head straight to Yoochiri.

    Yoochiri Scene:

    Hyoyeon: we’re
    finally here.

    Tiffany stayed silent.

    Yoona: unnie,
    don’t worry, Yuri unnie will keep her promise. I’m sure of it.

    Tiffany: you’re
    right… we have to tend Seohyun and Warren’s injury first.

    The three of them went inside. Sooyoung rushed to

    Sooyoung: MY

    With a blink of an eyes, Sooyoung already had a
    bottled water, an opened up canned food. Hyoyeon and Yoona explained Yuri’s
    situation to Taeyeon .

    Taeyeon: she
    did that?... I guess we can do is wait.

    Yoona: unnie…
    I’m worried at Tiffany unnie…. Ever since we parted with Yuri unnie, she’s been
    silent until now.

    Jessica sat besides Tiffany.

    Jessica: Tiffany…..
    I know what you’re thinking.

    Tiffany: …………………..
    I just felt wrong Sica…. When I saw Yuri surrounded by zombies, I felt useless.

    Jessica: hush
    now Fany… I’ll go ask Taeyeon if we could go back to Yuri.

    Tiffany smiled at Jessica with tears in her eyes.
    As she watched Jessica goes inside the house, Tiffany secretly picked up the
    gun she lent to Hyoyeon and loaded it with a magazine and without them knowing,
    Tiffany sneaks outside the house and went back to get Yuri by herself. Tiffany
    gently opened the gate of the house to avoid the creeking sound and manages to
    slip by them. Inside the house.

    Jessica: Tae-tae,
    please let me at Tiffany go get back Yuri, I kind of getting worried too.

    Taeyeon: ………..
    it can’t be helped. I’ll go with you both. Sunny, I’ll leave you in charge here
    while we’re gone.

    Sunny: ok.
    Be careful guys. And come back safe.

    Sooyoung: *yoummm
    metner murry mup or I’ll eatmm allm mup nuh foooomd*

    Yoona: wha…?
    Please unnie, don’t talk when your mouth is full.

    Sooyoung swallowed her food in an instant and repeats her

    Sooyoung: you
    better hurry up or I’ll eat all up the food.

    Hyoyeon: aiigooo….
    If people call me the dancing machine, we’ll call you the eating machine.
    seriously Sooyoung, you look like you’re going to eat anything if you know it’s

    Seohyun: …..unnie,
    you better hurry up and tell Tiffany unnie that you’re going. I think she’s

    Jessica: oh
    right. Thanks for reminding. Let’s go Tae-tae.

    Jessica and Taeyeon stepped outside and calls for Tiffany.

    Jessica: Tiffany?
    Let’s go Taeyeon’s coming with us. Tiffany?

    Taeyeon: maybe
    she’s in the back? You know private time?

    Jessica: ….
    I don’t know, if she’s there, she would’ve answered. MIYOUNG!!!

    Taeyeon noticed the beretta clips missing a one clip.

    Taeyeon: Tiffany…don’t
    tell me you went all alone…. Let’s go Sica..

    And they both went after Tiffany who’s been gone in
    20 minutes. Meanwhile, Tiffany took a different route going back to Yuri’s
    location because she didn’t know the way and in addition, the road is dark and
    in a manner of speaking, she went to a wrong direction. After minutes of
    running, Tiffany noticed she’s walking on an unfamiliar place. She’s lost
    inside the woods.

    Tiffany: ….where
    am i? did I took a wrong turn?

    And then she heard something behind her that
    someone of something is walking closer to her. All she cloud do is go hide in
    one of the tree. Slowly her legs were paralyzed with fear. She kept quiet on
    her location. Sensing who’s walking behind her. She gets ready to fire her gun.
    And when she sensed that someone or something near she went out and aimed then
    pulled the trigger. She shot a wild boar.

    Tiffany: hah….hah….hah….
    it’s just a wild boar….

    Upon her relief, she gives a big sigh then
    suddenly, something grabs her from behind. She opens her eyes wide on her
    surprised, she was grabbed by a giant bat. She could hear the giant bat’s
    scream so clear, she feels like it’s tearing her eardrums. “SCREEEEACH!”

    Tiffany: NO
    LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO!!!

    Tiffany struggles to break free from the bat and
    fortunately, she manages to break free but her height is slight higher and when
    drops from the ground, she couldn’t get back up quickly and tries to crawl fast just to get out of the bat’s sight. But
    luckily for her, she landed near the road and saw an oncoming vehicle. Seeing
    the road, she rushed in the middle of the road to stop the vehicle. She spreads
    her arms and shouted.

    Tiffany: STOOOOOP!

    The vehicle stopped. To her amazement, she saw Yuri
    sleeping on the passenger seat. She stopped Clive who’s on the way to the
    Yoochiri house.

    Tiffany: Yuri?

    Clive: don’t
    worry she’s safe. Hop aboard and I’ll take you both back

    Tiffany: thank
    you. I was worried about Yuri so I came back but I’m being chased by a giant

    “SWOOOSH!” in an instant Tiffany disappeared right in front
    of Clive. Tiffany screamed.

    LET ME GOOO!!!!

    Tiffany’s scream woke Yuri up

    Yuri: Clive?
    What’s going on?

    Clive: your
    friend is in danger….

    Yuri instantly got up. She asked Clive

    Yuri: where
    is she Clive?

    Clive pointed up in the nightsky.

    Yuri: oh
    my go……….

    Without hesitation, Yuri instantly grabbed Clive’s glock9
    and tried to shoot the bat, but Clive stopped her.

    Clive: think
    first before you shoot. You might hit your friend up there.

    Yuri: but
    she’ll be in danger if we don’t do something!!

    Clive: ok…even
    if you manage to hit the bat, do you think she’ll survive the fall?

    Yuri bites her lips out of her frustration as she’s
    watching the bat circling above them and suddenly someone called her

    Taeyeon / Jessica: YURI!!!!

    Yuri: Taeyeon!

    Taeyeon: it
    seems you’re ok… have you seen Tiffany?

    Yuri: she’s
    in the sky… a giant bat’s carrying her

    Jessica: WHAT??!!?

    Taeyeon: Yuri
    who’s he?

    Yuri: I’ll
    introduce him to you later but first let’s save Tiffany. Clive, do you have
    anything that can take out that bat.

    Clive just stays silent.

    Yuri: CLIVE!!
    Will you please speak up!!

    Clive: looks
    like we can save her after all. Looks girls, we can do this on ONE chance only,
    if we miss this chance we might not be able to get her back. Will you listen? I’ve been noticing the bat’s flying pattern,
    it randomly goes lower because of its cargo carrying, once it’s low enough I’ll
    shot it and your girls will catch her. It may sounds like a crazy idea but it’s
    the only way.

    Taeyeon: anything’s
    better than nothing. I’m good

    Jessica / Yuri: let’s
    do this

    Clive surprised the three girls because he bought out the
    gun he used to save Yuri earlier.

    Yuri: you
    really loved that gun don’t you?

    Clive: this
    gun save my skinny a** many times

    Taeyeon: I’ve
    never seen that kind of gun.

    Clive: this
    is a PzB M.SS.41 Anti tank rifle. Enough with my rifle, your friend comes
    first. Get in your position.

    Clive set’s up his anti tank rifle at the roof of
    his humvee and aimed at the bat and timed it right. He pulled the trigger
    “k-BLAAM!” the rifle’s noise echoed across the open field and he hits the bat’s head and Tiffany came falling
    down the three girls ran faster to catch Tiffany who’s unconscious in mid air.
    The three girls manages to catch Tiffany but due to the force of impact, they
    all fell down in the nearby swamp beside the field.

    Jessica: …….eeeeew…
    now we’re all muddy

    Yuri: well,
    it’s a good thing Clive’s plan worked and luckily for us even though it got us
    dirty, we landed on a swamp and saved Tiffany.

    Taeyeon: Tiffany?
    TIFFANY!! Where are you?

    They noticed Tiffany far from them, they all
    hurried to Tiffany who’s unconscious. Clive drove towards them and stopped
    close to them.

    Clive: you
    girls…. Never cease to amaze me. Come I’ll give you girls a ride back to the

    And they all left and head back to the
    Yoochiri house. Jessica sat on the passenger
    seat beside Clive.

    Clive: how
    is your friend?

    Jessica: she’s
    ok, it seems she just fainted…. thank you… Clive is it? For helping us rescue

    Clive: don’t
    worry about it. I’m amazed, from the status of your group, I never would’ve
    imagine that you girls have a quick way of thinking and adapting on a certain

    Taeyeon: well
    to tell you the truth, at first we don’t know what we’ll do until one………….
    FRIEND of us almost died protecting us.

    Clive: is
    he or she by any chance….. alive?

    Yuri: he
    is alive but he’s badly injured because of us, in return, we have to learn to
    adapt on how to survive in our current situation.

    Clive: yeah
    I’ve heard about your situation… all of you girls are being targeted….. maybe
    I’ll stick around with you girls. The one I’m after, is targeting Yoona.

    The three girls are shocked.

    Yuri: You
    mean… the one who summoned those zombies are after Yoona? Why did it came after

    Clive: Zombies
    are only motivated by warm and living flesh…. It’s like this. There’s two food
    in front of you and you’re seriously hungry. The food you like are far away
    from you and you have normal food right in front you and within your reach…
    which food will you eat first?

    Yuri: that
    makes sense….. still……….. I’m glad you came.

    Jessica sneezed in the middle of their
    conversation. Clive laughed.

    Jessica: don’t
    laugh, we’re cold.. our clothes are wet, you saw us fall to the swamp…

    Yuri: yeah
    Clive, show us some consideration…

    Taeyeon: do
    you, by any chance, have some clothes we can use?

    Clive: I
    do but…… are you ok it’s just only my clothes?

    Yuri: well
    we don’t have time to be picky.

    Clive: alright,
    look for the bag behind in my ammunitions box. There’s some fresh clean clothes

    Jessica: Thank
    you Clive, we’ll get change after we reached Yoochiri house.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 6


    And in a matter of minutes, they’ve arrived at the
    Yoochiri house. Clive helped the girls by carrying Tiffany they pointed where
    to put Tiffany down beside Warren. Clive asked Seohyun who’s staying beside

    Clive: is
    he the one who’s been protecting you all?

    Seohyun: that
    right…. And you are?

    Clive: Clive.
    They told me to put her down here…. Listen would you mind go out and listen on
    what I’m about to tell all of you.

    Seohyun nods and they both get out of the house
    leaving Warren and Tiffany to rest. Jessica, Yaeyeon and Yuri finished changing
    their clothes and they all gathered around the small bonfire outside the house
    and Jessica asked.

    Jessica: Clive,
    you don’t kind us asking, what are you doing here?

    Clive: as
    I’ve said before, I’m hunting a certain person…. Can’t say if it IS still a

    Yuri: you
    mean the necromancer thing?

    Clive: yes….
    It’s not that someone hired me to kill it….. it’s been my personal agenda. I’m
    originally from this town.

    Taeyeon: you’re
    from here? But how come everything in here looks deserted? Where are your

    Clive: ………………
    they’re dead……. I laid them down to rest……..

    Everyone is shocked at Clive’s words. Not anyone of
    them could’ve imagined what Clive revealed to them.

    Yoona: I’m
    sorry oppa we didn’t know

    Clive: it
    alright… they’re dead anyway before I laid them down for good.

    Hyoyeon: uhhmm
    what do you mean?

    Clive: they
    were already zombies before I shot them.

    Sooyoung: ZOMBIES??!?
    Are you joking? They were just in the movies!!

    Hyoyeon: Sooyoung,
    it seems you weren’t listening why we came back from the store without Yuri.

    Sooyoung falls silent, embarrassed, she starts to
    give each one of them some foods.

    Sunny: Clive,
    I only know minor details why this town falls into ruins.

    Clive: can
    you tell what’ve you heard?

    Sunny: well,
    I only know that, the reason these place is in shambles, after the Invincible
    Youth show ended, so does its popularity. I mean, the town’s not featured
    anymore. Eventually people forgot about this place and slowly, but surely, they
    stopped coming. Other residents stopped tending the farm because of their old
    age while the young ones in these town left for the city to find work.

    Clive: well….
    Part of it are true but mostly from what you’ve heard are partly cover ups..
    the reason these town is in ruins is because of that necromancer I’m after.
    Residents didn’t stop coming to field because of old age. They wouldn’t go out
    because of that bastard. For every resident who tried to tend the farm, ends up
    disappearing. No one knew where they went.

    Rest of them are intently listening to Clive’s words.

    Sunny: let
    me guess… your family is included to the ones who have gone disappearing?

    Clive: yes..

    Taeyeon: but
    where were you during those times?

    Clive: I
    was currently in the battlefield at that time. I just came home a week ago.

    Yuri: figures…
    with the armament you have in your humvee, you’re a soldier.

    Clive: actually
    I’m a former marine. Got discharged last week…..

    Clive falls silent.

    Taeyeon: Clive?
    Hope you don’t mind me asking… to have that kind of ranking… you seemed young…
    how old are you really?

    I’m 21 years old.

    Everyone is surprised at Clive’s age.

    Hyoyeon: what
    you must’ve had real intense training to handle difficult situations

    Clive: no……
    it’s just I’m only good with guns. The reason I attained my rank, my squad
    leader was KIA and I was his right hand man. For 4 years I served my purpose
    and got discharged. And after that I came home and all hells breaks loose.

    Seohyun: how
    did this started?

    Clive: about
    a week ago when I came home from the army, I didn’t notice anything since I cam
    home late from the trip.. this is a provincial place after all. People here
    sleeps at 1800 hrs, I arrived here at 2030 hours.

    Hyoyeon: errr…
    can you stop the army time thing? I’m getting confused

    Clive: ….1800
    hrs is 6:00pm and 2030 hrs is 8:30 pm. Anyway I arrived here so late and too
    tired I just went straight home. I knocked for several minutes in my home
    thinking my family is asleep but I noticed, our door wasn’t locked. Just then I
    started to worry that someone broke inside our home. When I entered, I saw
    blood splattered around the walls. Worrying for my family’s life I grabbed my
    combat shotgun from the humvee and went inside. I went upstairs and saw my
    little sister with blood all over her clothes. I tried to call her but she
    didn’t answer when I tried to get near her, she jumped at me causing us to fall
    down to the stairs. I landed safe but my sister…… she twisted her neck in to a
    90 degree.

    Taeyeon: oh
    my…… then what happened?

    Clive: well
    I tried to check her but seeing her neck twisted like that… It’s impossible to
    be alive right? But she suddenly stood up and tried coming at me again. In a
    split second I had to make a decision… a dead should stay dead….. I blasted her
    head. Then when I went outside I saw the rest of my family along with the other
    residents… I knew what have become of them… I don’t want to believe it but
    they’ve became a zombie. And I saw that freakin’ necro controlling them. ever
    since then I’ve been tracking it

    Yoona: well…
    it’s good you’ve survived for a week… where are your hiding place?

    Clive: ……I
    hide above the trees…. And I cover my humvee with some leaves.

    Sunny: Clive..
    by any chance, during the early days… did you watch invincible youth?

    Clive: who
    wouldn’t? I mean besides having an idol group working on our village… it’s my
    village also.

    Sunny: I
    see… I want to know what happened to my cow…

    Clive: Greeny?....
    she and her calf died because of a disease. The residents buried them…. When
    they’re still human.

    Sooyoung: ….now
    we know the village’s history… why don’t we turn in for the night… we’re all

    Yoona: I
    guess you could say that…… it’s been a long…(YAAAWN~~~) night.

    Seohyun: Clive
    come inside with us…

    Clive: ….i
    won’t, someone have to stand guard besides we have a man down and your friend
    needs attention… you also need to take care of that wound.

    Taeyeon: oh
    yeah I almost forgot about that.. thanks for pointing that out Clive. Let’s go
    Seohyun, let’s treat that wound.

    Clive: if
    you need something, I’ll be right here outside.. I’ll unload some several
    weapons at ammos just in case.

    Yuri: can
    I help? I just need something to do.. I can’t say I’m relaxed after what’s
    happened to me a while ago.

    Clive lets Yuri help him unload some of the ammunitions and
    weapons. In the middle of their work, Clive talked to Yuri.

    Clive: tell
    me this friend of yours. How did he end up beaten like that?

    Yuri: well
    it’s because of our maknae… she seems to care about him and ……

    Clive: and?

    Yuri: it’s
    just…. I think they like each other…. They’re just afraid to show how.

    Clive: what
    about you? You seem to care for him also.

    Yuri: …..
    true… but I think of him as a best friend….

    Clive: I
    see… how did you meet him?

    Yuri: I
    don’t know all the details but it all started yesterday… just as Tiffany
    described when they were at the studio, he followed them thinking he’s a bad
    guy.. but apparently he’s not.

    Clive: oh?
    Then what happened.

    Yuri: as
    they were running towards the van, Sunny and Tiffany saw Seohyun tripped and
    they saw Warren coming closer to her and transformed into a werewolf?

    Clive: WEREWOLF??!?!
    Are you joking? They’re not real!! Hahahaha

    Yuri: Clive…
    I wish I could joke about this… but apparently, they’re real. Warren’s the
    living proof. At first they thought he’s the one after us but we misunderstood,
    he’s the one who warned us in the first place.

    Yuri said it with a straight face. Clive observing
    Yuri’s face convinced him that she’s telling the truth.

    Clive: aren’t
    all of you worried about him? He might turn against all of you.

    Yuri: we’re
    thought of that but, he did save us numerous times.

    Clive: do
    you trust him that much?

    Yuri: Honestly?...........
    no we don’t….. but we’ve grown attached to him and we feel at ease when we know
    he’s there beside us.

    Clive: ok…
    ok… well I think we’re finished here… if you something in my stuffs you want to
    use don’t hesitate to ask.

    Yuri: Thank
    you Clive…

    Clive: yeah
    yeah…. You get some rest. I think all your friends are asleep now. You better
    not make a ruckus.

    And Yuri went inside the house to sleep. Clive
    climbed up the roof of the house and sets up his rifle to guard the girls.
    Without someone to talk he lit up some cigar just to kill his boredom but
    eventually, his eyes are getting heavier. Clive tried to fight the sleepiness
    but in the end he gave up. Morning, Taeyeon wakes up first.

    it seems they’re still tired about last night…

    Taeyeon decided to let the others sleep and gets
    out of the house for some fresh air. Outside, she saw Warren and Clive talking. From Taeyeon’s point of
    view, Warren and Clive are having a serious conversation. Sensing it might get
    dangerous, she decided to talk.

    Taeyeon: WARREN!
    How’re you feeling? Did you already recover?

    Seeing Taeyeon, the two stops their conversation
    and just went back to what they’re doing.

    Warren: yeah…
    I’m sort of fine… some of my wounds
    recovered…. Taeyeon… it looks like I’m not capable of protecting you all. Clive
    told me everything about last night. About what happened. Yuri got trapped,
    Yoona being targeted, Tiffany almost lost………… I don’t think I can live with

    Taeyeon: oh
    shut up! Look, you did what you had to do… and you almost DIED!!! What? You’re
    thinking of going to leave us?

    Warren: I
    think it’s the best decision…. Clive has more advantage than me. He’s more
    proficient than I am. He’s a good with guns, heck, he can eliminate the enemies
    from a far. While me? I’m a close range fighter. What can I do? Seohyun got
    injured because of me… Yuri almost lost her life looking for something to tend
    our injuries and Tiffany, she almost got taken away from you guys if Clive
    wasn’t around. While me…

    Taeyeon: you
    what? Sleeping there like a baby? Haven’t you think what happened if you didn’t
    save us? How many times do I have to tell you? WE UNDERSTAND!! As a matter of
    fact, we appreciate for what you’ve done. I can say you’re doing a good job
    protecting us….except for injuring yourself.

    Warren fell silent on Taeyeon’s words. Then Sunny came out.

    Sunny: good
    morning… Warren, is your injury ok?

    Warren: yes….

    Sunny: what’s
    with the gloomy atmosphere? …..bah! if there’s something wrong.. just talk it
    out.. I’m going to fix something to eat.

    Sunny went back inside the house and wakes everyone up
    except for Tiffany. Sunny lets Tiffany rest more due from the last night
    experience. Yuri, Yoona and Sooyoung went with Sunny to prepare foods they’ve
    acquired last night while Jessica, Seohyun and Hyoyeon cleans the van they’ve
    used incase of emergency they needed it. While Warren can’t think of anything
    to do. He just sits right outside the house where Tiffany is resting. And after
    25 minutes, Tiffany came out. She saw Warren alone and sat beside him.

    Tiffany: Good
    morning Warren. Where’s everyone?

    Warren: the
    others are preparing food, some of them are just outside…. Tiffany.. I heard
    you almost got separated from them.

    Tiffany: I
    know.. it was so stupid of me. It’s just can’t leave anyone of us in danger.

    Warren: that’s
    not stupid. It’s the bravest thing you’ve done. The way I see it, you put
    yourself first on anything in order to protect what’s precious to you.

    Tiffany: ….they’re
    my precious family. The best family I ever have. We have our differences but
    when we have a problem, we solve it as one.

    Then Seohyun walks behind them.

    Seohyun: Tiffany
    unnie, here’s your food. Warren here’s yours also

    Tiffany: thank
    you Seohyun.

    Warren: ….thank
    you… how’s your wound? Is it healing well?

    Seohyun: I
    feel fine.

    Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun went outside to the others
    to distribute the food. After they eat their breakfast. Everyone is outside but
    Warren just sits alone inside the house. Seohyun noticed and went back inside.

    Seohyun: Warren?
    Is there something bothering you?

    Warren: ….i
    just realize… how weak I am…. For not being able to protect all of you last
    night. I’m still lacking something.

    Seohyun: you’re
    lacking about what?

    Warren: I’m
    lacking discipline…. Because of that, you and Tiffany were put in danger.

    Seohyun: ……………
    but we didn’t die didn’t we? We’re not perfectionist Warren. Being an idol
    doesn’t mean we’re gods. We’re still human.

    Warren: you
    do have a point… next time I’ll promise to do my best.

    Seohyun smiled at Warren. Hearing Warren’s promise Seohyun
    went back to the others.

    Taeyeon: How
    is he?

    Seohyun: well…
    he’s a little depressed but he’ll get over it

    Clive: I’m
    kind of worried about him though..

    Yuri: what
    made you think that?

    Clive: I
    feel something’s wrong with him today.

    The girls wondered about Clive’s observation. Taeyeon asks

    Taeyeon: oh
    yeah… I saw the two of you talking… and you two looked serious. So serious that,
    you’re itching to pull out your gun. What did you two talked about?

    Clive: he
    told me that he really needs to leave all of you. He knows that something is
    wrong with him. He just can’t out a finger on it.

    Seohyun: but
    he promised me he’ll be alright.

    Clive: maybe
    he told you that so that you won’t be worried

    The girls fell silent.

    Sunny: seriously,
    I thought he was all that cool….. and I was starting to get comfy with him around.

    Yoona: weeh?
    Sunny unnie? Don’t tell me you’re falling for him?

    Yoona smiled naughtily.

    Sunny: SHUT
    IT you alligator!! It’s not that. I just noticed how lonely he was.

    Sooyoung: what
    do you mean?

    Sunny: think
    about it guys, he almost died protecting us, he even made his clan his enemies,
    JUST FOR US. Don’t you think it’s time for us to accept him, not just a
    protector, but a special friend?

    Hyoyeon: come
    to think about it….. even if we don’t know how he survived for all this time
    trying to protect us, imagining his hardships just to get close to us…. It
    must’ve been unbearable. To casted out from his clan and all….

    Clive: you
    girls… you really put your trust to someone who protects you even if you known
    them not long ago huh? Knowing the fact that someday, he will turn against you

    Seohyun: yes
    Clive. we know that. But we can’t just abandon him like that. We trust him out
    lives as much as we trust you now. We’ve just met you last night and yet, based
    on Yuri unnie’s introducing you to us, even if you didn’t mean to save her, you
    unknowingly acted the way your body told you and the result? You saved Yuri and
    Tiffany unnie.

    Clive falls silent hearing Seohyun’s words. He
    couldn’t counter Seohyun’s words because he knows there’s a truth behind it.

    Clive: geez…
    you girls are really something… then I guess I have no choice but to go along
    the current. Well now… let’s get to another problem…. The supplies you’ve
    acquired in the store won’t hold out for long. We need to get out of here and
    head back to the city. Plus, a week for hunting my dear necromancer, I need to
    re supply some ammo.

    Hyoyeon: food
    supply problem?? That’s easy to do. We have to stop Sooyoung from eating!!!
    About the ammo supply… we better pray that Shikshin won’t eat the bullets *evil

    Everyone laughs at Hyoyeon’s comment.

    Taeyeon: you
    got that dead on Hyo. Hahahaha

    Sooyoung: why
    me? You know I’m a growing baby.

    Jessica: baby?
    Yeah right….. a BABY EATING MACHINE!!

    Sooyoung: at
    least I’m eating with a GOOD COOK like Maknae!! Not with someone who’s “FEELING
    GOOD COOK” and using some “SPECIAL INGREDIENTS” *evil smile*

    Jessica: *evil
    glare* you….. I’ll get you for this Choi Sooyoung!!

    Sooyoung: what?
    You’re gonna poison me like you did at Yuri? *laughing silently*

    Jessica: it
    not like I purposely used vinegar…. *blushing at embarrassment*

    Seohyun: unnies,
    stop that now before you start a food fight here

    Seohyun stops them both while holding her laughter about
    each sides comments.

    Clive: hahaha,
    I never knew you girls are lively like this

    Jessica / Sooyoung: WE’RE

    Clive was taken back at Jessica and Sooyoung’s
    reply. Seeing Clive’s surprised expression at Jessica and Sooyoung, the other
    girls merrily laughed at him.

    Clive: ….alright
    alright… we’ll why don’t you girls get inside now, it’s starting to get dark
    don’t forget the bonfire.

    Yuri: what
    about you?

    Clive: I’ll
    set up my remaining claymore mines and improvise traps using a fragmentation

    ???????: ….let
    me help you…

    Clive: …Warren…

    The girls froze as they hear Warren offering some
    assistance to Clive.

    Clive: what
    can you do? You’re injured

    Warren: I
    can still use my arms and legs, it’s enough for me to help. And I heard about
    your proposition to the girls, these supplies won’t last for 2 days……
    disregarding the eating machine comment.

    Sooyoung: YOU

    Seohyun: Japanese……….spitz?
    *holding her laughter*

    Warren: there’s
    a huge difference about wolves and a Japanese spitz.

    Taeyeon joins in the happy commotion.

    Taeyeon: oh
    yeah? You look like a Japanese spitz to me when you saved from that hunter :P
    you even looked so cute in your white werewolf form, I could almost hug you!!
    hahahaha here doggy woggie chuuu~~ you wan’t some dog food? I can ask Jessica
    to make one. You want? Good boooooy~~~ *smiled naughtily*

    Imagine Warren’s serious face, he suddenly rides on
    with Taeyeon’s joke about the doggy things. Warren imitates a dog happy,
    sticking his tongue out and wagging tail. Everyone laughed hard including Clive
    and Warren’s face turns red of embarrassment.

    Warren: ok
    enough of that… let’s start now. We’ll follow Clive’s plan. We leave tomorrow
    morning. Let’s go Clive.

    Clive and Warren went ahead and starts to place
    Clive’s remaining mines.

    Clive: Warren.
    The girl’s told me everything. Tell me this now, how long you’ve been
    protecting these girls ever since you left your clan?

    Warren: ……for
    about a 7 months…….

    Clive: that
    long huh….. you’re a werewolf…….. but aren’t you tempted for you clan’s research
    about immortality?

    Warren: living
    forever isn’t a good thing. That’s all I can say…. Plus I still hold my
    forefather’s code of honor.

    Clive: and
    what is that?

    Warren: stay
    neutral and disciplined. That way, I can control myself even if I’m in my
    werewolf form.

    Clive: ….that’s
    an interesting idea…. And I’m feeling it’s working, right?

    Warren: ….i
    guess so…

    Clive: then
    don’t lose your hope. As the girls explained everything to me, I’m beginning to
    understand your side. So I’m going to put my trust in you as well. But the
    moment you show some funny acts, I won’t hesitate to shoot you.

    Warren: I

    Clive: well,
    let’s fins a last three good spots to place these babies.

    And the two of them look for a remaining good
    spots. Mean while back at the house. The girls are sorting out the some stuffs
    when Sunny’s phone rings

    Sunny: hello?
    who’s this?

    ???????: Sun…this…omin…....elp……somethi……….is….fter

    Sunny: HELLO?!
    You’re breaking up! Hello? HELLO??!! DAMN IT!

    The other girls noticed Sunny’s outburst.

    Yoona: what’s
    wrong unnie?

    Sunny: someone
    called me but I can’t make out the words the other line is saying..

    Taeyeon: have
    you checked whose number is that?

    Sunny: it
    doesn’t show… it’s only register as unknown number

    Then suddenly Sunny’s phone rang again

    ???????: SUNNY!!!

    Sunny: HYOMIN???

    The girls are shocked who sunny just named her

    Sunny: where
    are you now?

    Hyomin: i’m
    at your dorm but my members are nowhere to be found.

    Sunny: Hyomin,
    calm down…. Listen to me, find a good place to hide. Hide where it can’t see

    The girls are worried about Hyomin. They knew
    Hyomin is Sunny’s bestfriend during the invincible Youth’s airing.

    Sunny: Hyomin,
    listen to me, can you describe what is chasing you?

    Hyomin: I
    can’t describe it but it looks like a dog…... a big black dog…… Sunny, I’m

    Then suddenly Hyomin became silent.

    Sunny: Hyomin?
    Hyomin? Answer me!! ANSWER ME DAMN IT!! HYOMIN!!

    Then suddenly they all hear loud growls and screams
    through Hyomin’s phone. Sunny couldn’t bare not doing something, she hastily
    went outside to go to the van. Taeyeon and Seohyun immediately followed Sunny.

    Taeyeon: Sunny!!
    What the hell are you doing??

    Sunny: LET

    Seohyun: unnie!
    Don’t be foolish!! We know what we heard!! She’s dea…..

    Sunny: DON’T

    Just with a good timing, Clive and Warren came back
    and noticed the commotion at the van. They quickly ran to them and ask what is

    Clive: what’s
    the commotion about?

    Taeyeon: Sunny’s
    bestfriend is being attacked by something.

    Seohyun: Warren..
    I think she’s been attacked by a werewolf just like you..

    Warren thinks hard. Then Clive speaks.

    Clive: ….let’s
    give it a shot. I’ll go Sunny….

    Warren: no
    Clive…. I’ll go with Sunny… if it is a werewolf, you have no chance of
    defeating it… Sunny’s bestfriend have nothing to do with this but, they’re
    attacking who is close to them. It’s a tactic to lure the girls out. You stay
    here with the rest of the girls. Besides… I think you’re most suited on defense
    and keeping a perimeter than on the offense.

    Clive: alright..
    you two take care.

    Taeyeon: Hold
    it!!, if Sunny’s going, I’m going too.

    Sunny: Taengoo?

    Seohyun: me
    too. I can’t let my unnies handle this by themselves. I want to do what I can.

    Clive: Seohyun,
    you stay here. Having a large group will only make all of you a large target.

    Seohyun: but…..

    Taeyeon: maknae,
    trust us… please? I promise we will be back before you know it.

    Clive: Warren
    keep them safe.

    Warren: I

    Sunny’s group went back to the city while the rest
    of them stays and went on alert status. With Clive’s assistance, Yuri, Hyoyeon,
    Sooyoung, Seohyun, Jessica, Tiffany and Yoona learned basic know-how’s about
    weapons. Meanwhile, at the van.

    Taeyeon: Sunny
    don’t worry, I’m sure she’s safe.

    Warren: she’s
    safe, she’s going to be the bait to lure you girls out in the open.

    Sunny: what
    do you have in mind?

    Warren: well
    it’s no use hiding…if it is a werewolf just like me, it’ll only detect us by
    our scent.

    And suddenly Sunny’s phone rang again. Sunny
    stopped the van and switched seats with Taeyeon and answered her phone.

    Sunny: hello?
    Who’s this?

    Hyomin: “it’s
    me..hyomin… I’m in a department store building near at you dorm… I tried to
    hide there knowing you’re all there but I saw a dead guard…. The city is in
    chaos… creatures running around….. Sunny… I’m scared…. Help me please…..

    Sunny: hang
    in there… I’m coming….be safe Hyomin. Don’t do anything foolish.

    Hyomin: ok….

    Sunny’s turns her phone off with a heavy feeling
    because she knew, Hyomin is hiding somewhere as she talking with her. She could
    only hear Hyomin’s whispering voice through the phone. Sunny could do nothing
    but to bite her lips because of agitation.

    Taeyeon: is
    she safe?

    Sunny: for
    now… she’s hiding in a department store near our dorm…. We’re back where we
    started huh…

    Warren: it
    can’t be helped. Let’s just hope we get to her first.

    Taeyeon: well
    then, let’s rush it!!

    And the three of them rushed to the city.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 7


    They’ve arrived at the city and noticed the city is
    somewhat quiet the last time they were here. Sensing the dangers they possibly
    knew. they tried to went back to the dorm. Making their way all they could see
    was a pattern of bloods, flesh and guts, spilled along the way. Sunny couldn’t
    take the image she almost puke inside the van. They arrived at their dorm and
    to make things safe. They parked the van in the back of their dorm. The three
    of them went inside their old dorm. Memories of where it all started are coming
    back from them. But before they start to have a nervous breakdown, Warren calls
    them to their senses.

    Warren: Sunny,
    Taeyeon! Snap out of it… acting like that will not accomplish anything. Look it
    seems they’re not here but I’m picking up a faint smell of a human… it’s upstairs.

    Without wasting time, Sunny rushed upstairs to
    their old dorm hoping to find Hyomin. She didn’t even use the elevator to go
    up. They’ve arrived at their dorm and Sunny slammed the door open. And to her
    shock, the dorm was in a total mess the last time they left their dorm. Blood
    are all over the place. Worrying for Hyomin’s life, Sunny called out for

    Sunny: HYOMIN??!

    But Sunny got an empty answer

    Sunny: Warren
    you said you could smell a faint scent of a human… can you help me?

    Warren nodded. Warren followed the scent and it
    leads them to Sunny’s room. Sunny even became more shock because her room is
    totally destroyed. Warren stopped at the side of Sunny’s turned over bed. And
    they saw a piece of Hyomin’s clothing and Hyomin’s broken cell phone.

    Warren: …..
    a dead end…..

    Sunny: no
    it’s not… she’s not dead yet… we can’t even find her body.. it’s a good sign

    Sunny smiled with a teary eyes while saying those
    words. Taeyeon is at a loss of words as if she feels Sunny’s emotion. Taeyeon
    hugged Sunny.

    Warren: perhaps
    you’re right… these bloods scattered in your place… they’re from other people….
    Some people must’ve taken a shelter in your dorm while we’re away.

    Sunny: S-she
    told m-me she’s at t-the d-department store near here…

    Warren: ok…
    here’s what we’re going to do. You two, while we’re here, let’s take this
    chance to gather everything you need. Clothing, foods and necessities.

    Taeyeon: but
    what about you?

    Warren: I’ll
    go look for Hyomin….

    Sunny: but
    you don’t know what she looked like.

    Warren: that’s
    not a problem. I know her scent now. I can track her. After you finished
    packing. get the van ready in the gas station near here and fill up the van. If
    you have extra container for gas, we better stock up to for Clive’s vehicle.

    And the three of them agreed on Warren’s term.
    Warren left for the Department store where Hyomin is hiding while Taeyeon and
    Sunny collects their things including Yuri and the rest on the group’s things.
    Meanwhile, back at the Yoochiri. Seohyun sat beside Clive.

    Clive: can’t

    Seohyun: ….you
    could say that…. I’m just worried….

    Clive: don’t
    worry.. they’ll be fine…. Warren is with them

    Seohyun: that’s
    what I’m worried about… he’s about to face his own clan again….

    Clive: ….worrying
    on something like that is not going to help… if you think like that, on what
    reason you’ve put your trust on Warren?

    Seohyun just look at the moon falling silent.

    Clive: …don’t
    worry about them, Warren maybe not be good on tactical battle causing him grave
    threatening injuries to himself, but, I can feel he had his own way of keeping
    his word.

    Seohyun: ……..thank
    you Clive….. I’ll go down now…. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Clive turned his back on Seohyun and give her an
    “ok” sign. Back at the City, Taeyeon and Sunny wasted no time filling the van
    with all the stuffs they need.

    Taeyeon: better
    double check Sunny. Is this enough?

    Sunny: ……I
    think so but… considering Sooyoung’s appetite… we should get more food

    Taeyeon: what
    are you suggesting?

    Sunny: well…….
    Since I came here for Hyomin’s safety in the first place, we could all go on
    where she is hiding.

    Taeyeon: …aiigooo….
    You and your crazy ideas…. Haven’t you forgotten what Warren told us? We should
    wait him in the gas station in there and………

    Sunny: ok
    ok!! Sheesh you’re like my parent….

    After they finalized all the things they needed,
    they go to the location where Warren told them to wait. Mean while, Warren
    found the department store where Hyomin is hiding. As soon as he enters, he
    could already sense a fierce and violent atmosphere. But Warren’s heart beat
    fast because he saw a pile of dead bodies scattered inside the dim lit store.

    Warren: I
    have to hurry but if I yell… the enemy will probably know we’re here……

    Warren, having a second thoughts, walked silently.
    Trusting his sense of smell he began to follow the lead. Outside the gas

    Taeyeon: Sunny,
    you fill up the van full tank, I’ll look inside the gas station store and
    ransack all the supplies here, if we’re lucky we might be able to find empty
    gas can.

    Sunny: Hurry

    Taeyeon left Sunny at the van and went inside the
    gas station store and there she saw some unopened snacks, canned goods, spare
    clothing, ropes, flashlights and any kind of drinks. Realizing she taking too
    much she calls Sunny.

    Taeyeon: Sunny!
    Are done there? Can you help me here please?

    But Taeyeon got no answer from Sunny. Starting to
    get worried, she went outside. And Sunny is nowhere to be found.

    Taeyeon: Sunny?
    Don’t tell me she went after Warren….. *sigh*

    Just as Taeyeon is going to the van. Someone grabs
    her from the back. It’s Sunny. Sunny cover’s Taeyeon’s mouth and told her.

    Sunny: sssshh…
    be quiet… something is close to us…

    Sunny gently removed her hand to Taeyeon’s mouth. They
    talked while whispering

    Taeyeon: is it?>

    Sunny: don’t know but it’s close to us be prepared…..>

    Suddenly they noticed something is moving from the
    bush they quietly and quickly hide on the other side of van. Not knowing what
    is it, both of their heart is beating fast. Not waiting to know what it is,
    they left the gas station with the van and went back to the dorm. Mean while at
    the Yoochiri.

    Sooyoung: Clive?
    Are you awake?

    Clive: hmm?
    Is there something you need?

    Sooyoung: …nothing..
    it’s just I can’t sleep.

    Clive: thinking
    about something?

    Sooyoung: ……it’s
    just I can’t handle the pressure… I just need someone to tell what’s on my

    Clive: why
    me? Why can’t you talk to one of them?

    Sooyoung: I
    just need an opinion beside from us.

    Clive: ….ok…
    go ahead and ask.

    Sooyoung: do
    you think I’m useless?

    Clive: what
    made you say that?

    Sooyoung: ….i
    don’t know.. I just feel I’m not needed. They talk less to me.

    Clive: ….maybe
    they have something on their minds. Just like you… you’re in partial shock. In
    your case, to cover up your expression, you use food. I notice your appetite

    Sooyoung: ….you
    think? I…. I want’ to help defend too. I’m kind of envy them.

    Clive: of

    Sooyoung: well……….
    For example, Seohyun, despite of being timid, ever since this chaos started,
    she’s changed. She’s not the maknae I used to know.

    Clive: …….
    Hmmm maybe she learn to adapt to her environments and situations.

    Sooyoung: I’m
    scared Clive…….

    Clive: ….i
    can’t say much about that but, are you satisfied feeling scared and having
    someone to protect you? I have no problem helping Warren protecting you girls
    but at least you have to do something. Right now I feel Warren is heading to
    another biggest fight for his life.

    Sooyoung falls silent and suddenly took a Chocolate bar
    from her pocket and gave it to Clive.

    Clive: what’s
    this for?

    Sooyoung: a
    thank you. Thanks for listening and for the advice.

    Clive: ..heheh
    you don’t have to give this but thanks.

    Just as Sooyoung is going down from the roof, something
    snatch her

    Clive: SOOYOUNG!!!

    Upon Clive’s shout, the girls were alarmed and went
    outside, and saw Sooyoung floating in the air.

    Sooyoung: WAAAAAH

    Clive quickly grabbed his assault rifle with a
    combat flashlight attached and pointer at Sooyoung and they saw Sooyoung is
    wrapped in a thick vines. At that moment, Clive,know it’s the Necromancer. Following
    Warren’s idea, he decided to go after Sooyoung as the thick vine pulls Sooyoung
    inside the forest. Clive

    Sooyoung: CLIIIIIIVE!!!!

    Clive: F***CK!!

    Clive’s composure caused his aim to be off because of the
    surprise events.

    Clive: You
    girl’s Stay here and Get inside…. I’m going after Sooyoung.

    Seohyun: ….we
    better stick together Clive oppa.

    Clive: NO!
    someone has to stay here and that’s you girls! You don’t have enough experience
    inside the forest!

    Hyoyeon: ……but
    we want to he……..


    To avoid the girls ranting , Clive grabs his Combat
    Shotgun, Desert Eagle and his Assault Rifle and his ammo belt. Yoona called

    Yoona: OPPA!

    Clive: HOW

    Yoona: ….you
    better take this………..

    Yoona throws the hunting knife to Clive.

    Tiffany: please
    save her Clive.

    Clive: don’t
    worry… I will… Yoona thanks for the knife. I’ll definitely need this.

    And Clive ran after Sooyoung who’s been abducted by the
    necromancer’s plant tentacles.

    Yuri: …….
    We better let Clive handle this….. we have to put out trust in him saving
    Sooyoung just as we trust Warren. Are we clear? Besides, he’s right that we
    don’t have enough experience inside the forest.

    They all agree at Yuri’s words. Inside the forest,
    Clive ran non stop to catch up to Sooyoung, all he could do is Follow
    Sooyoung’s scream. And after a seconds. Sooyoung’s scream stops. All he could
    hear is a quiet dark forest and creepy gust of wind that sends a chill down to
    his spine. Then out of nowhere, the necromancer called out for Clive.

    Necromancer: so
    the last villager of this place is still alive… and I got some pretty catch

    Clive: WHERE

    Necromancer: ohoh?
    Then I must be lucky then to get hands of a lovely lady. Even if she’s not my
    prey, she’ll do fine as a sacrifice for my dark ritual. But.. I have to take
    care of you because you’re the last villager. My ritual requires all the blood
    of the people from this village… and you’re the last one.

    Clive: …..
    are you done? Are you really not coming out? Then I have no choice but to force
    you out.

    Clive throws two grenades in his front and back. “BOOM!”
    the explosions echoes across the place. Loud enough to be heard where the girls

    Hyoyeon: I
    think Clive started the found Sooyoung.

    They are all worried but they could do nothing because they
    know how serious the situation is mean while at the dorm.

    Taeyeon: Sunny,
    maybe it’s survivor.

    Sunny: ….
    I get the feeling it isn’t.

    With no time to waste,
    Sunny pulled Taeyeon inside the dorm and locking the door. In there they
    switched off all the lights and kept quiet. Trying to sense if there is danger
    on the other side of the door. Back in the department store, Warren reached the
    third floor.

    Warren: I
    must be getting close…. I have no choice but to call out to her. I can only
    smell only her scent…. Hyomin? Where are you?

    And from far away, Warren heard a faint reply.

    Hyomin: ==who…are you… and how do you… know my name?==

    Trying to pinpoint Hyomin’s location, Warren answered

    Warren: my
    name is Warren. I came here with Sunny and Taeyeon who’s waiting outside. Are
    you injured?

    Hyomin: I’m trapped. My foot is stuck underneath the cabinet.

    Warren followed Hyomin’s voice and found her.

    Warren: hang
    on a bit, I’ll lift this up.

    Hyomin: ok…
    and please hurry before it comes back…

    Warren: what’s
    going to come back?

    Hyomin: owww…
    a big black dog keeps chasing me.

    Warren: you
    mean a werewolf?

    Hyomin: something
    like that…. by the way, is Sunny safe?

    Warren: they’re
    safe. Ok at the count of three you pull out your foot. Ready?

    Hyomin nodded. At the count of three, Hyomin successfully
    pulled her feet out.

    Warren: can
    you walk?

    Hyomin: I
    think so… AAAH!

    But when Hyomin tried to stand, she felt a sharp pain on
    her ankle.

    Warren: your
    ankle is swollen. Let me carry you.

    Hyomin: but
    I can wa…

    Warren: stop
    trying to act tough

    With no other choice, Hyomin climb Warren’s back and they
    quickly left the third floor. But when they reached the second floor, Warren

    Hyomin: what’s

    Warren: stay
    quiet…. We’re not alone… something or someone is observing us…… stay alert.
    I’ll walk backward slowly so you can see what’s ahead, I’ll take care of the
    back where we’ve come from.

    Hyomin: but
    how can you see? It’s too dark…

    Warren: believe
    me, I can see clearly

    Hyomin left wondering at Warren’s words but she
    have no choice but to follow Warren. But as soon as they’re near at the stairs
    to ground floor, both of them heard heavy foot steps running towards them.
    Warren, not taking any chances, he placed Hyomin directly in front of him and
    hugged her tight. Hyomin blushed.

    Hyomin: W-WHAT

    Warren: STAY

    With the heavy running steps closing in on them
    Hyomin saw a werewolf running towards them. Even in a dim lit floor, she can
    see its deadly piercing eyes coming in closer to them. Scared, Hyomin hugged
    Warren tighter.

    Warren: get
    ready… I’m going to jump from here

    Hyomin: WHAT??!?

    Warren: I
    get that a lot. Here we GO!!

    Hyomin: w-wait…WAIT!!

    Warren jumped backwards. But the werewolf was just
    fast, it manages to bump them causing Warren to loose his balance landing on
    the ground floor. But even loosing balance, Warren still manages to break their
    fall but he landed on his back causing him to let go of Hyomin and stunned for
    a short while. The werewolf saw the opportunity to finish off Hyomin. And
    starts running towards her. Hyomin close her eyes and screamed. Just as the
    werewolf closing in its fang on Hyomin, something hits it. It’s Warren, on his
    normal werewolf form. Warren had no choice but to transform even though he’s
    still not fully recovered yet. Hyomin could do nothing but watch the two
    werewolves fight each other. But something caught Hyomin’s attention, there’s
    broken long pipe beside her with a
    broken sharp tip on its end. She grabs it just to protect herself. Despite on
    having not fully recovered yet, Warren is starting to loose, eventually
    transformed back to his human form. Hyomin is shocked because she could not
    believe that the one who is helping her is a werewolf too. Warren, fights back
    with his last ounce of strength. He shouted at Hyomin.

    Warren: YOU

    But Hyomin’s legs were frozen in fear. She couldn’t
    even budge a single step. Then a loud “THUD!” wakens Hyomin’s back to her
    senses, she saw Warren lying down with the werewolf pinning him. Having no
    second thoughts, Hyomin acted to her instinct. Even with her swollen ankle, she
    rushed towards the werewolf pinning Warren and manages to stab it in the head.
    The werewolf’s blood splattered on Warren’s face.

    Hyomin: hah….hah…..hah…..hah….
    ahaha….hahahahah… I did it….. I killed …it..

    Just as Hyomin is laight about… she suddenly starts
    to cry. Warren stood up but Hyomin shouted at him.

    Hyomin: DON’T

    Warren: I’ll
    never hurt you.

    Hyomin: I

    Warren realizing Hyomin’s shocked state. He could
    do nothing but to wait for her to calm down. Back at the dorm. Taeyeon and
    Sunny heard a heavy footsteps coming to the door. Their hearts starts beating
    fast because they can also distinguish a growling sound along with those
    footsteps. Knowing what they’re up against. Both of the quickly ran to the
    kitchen. They both look for any weapon they can use. Taeyeon a large kitchen
    knife and grabs it while Sunny grabbed the frying pan. Waiting inside, the
    werewolf busted through the door. Slowly, it walks inside the room, sniffing
    out the two girls. Taeyeon is hiding at the tight space beside the fridge while
    Sunny is hiding behind the kitchen door. Getting closer to them, Sunny Wasted
    no time and take the initiative to attack from its left side while Taeyeon at
    the same time attacked it from the right side. Sunny succeeded hitting the
    werewolf on its head but Taeyeon was sent flying away when the werewolf waved
    its arm due to Sunny’s attack. Taeyeon went through the window but luckily,
    Taeyeon grabbed the curtain and left her hanging for her life. Warren’s
    heightened sense of hearing heard the commotion. Starting to get annoyed at
    Hyomin’s action, he talked to her again.

    Warren: look,
    I know you find this hard to believe but believe me, I wouldn’t hurt you or

    Hyomin: ……………….

    Hyomin just give Warren a cold look. Even thought
    Warren is getting annoyed at Hyomin’s action towards him. He calmly talked her

    Warren: ok
    fine. If you don’t want to come I won’t force you and leave you here. I’ve got
    to save Sunny and Taeyeon, they’re in trouble right now. I won’t be able to
    protect you if something like me comes around again.

    Hyomin: …..Sunny
    is here too?

    Warren: that’s
    right. I came here with them.

    Hyomin: where
    are they?

    Warren: judging
    from what I;m hearing now, I think they’re back at the dorm and they’re being

    Hyomin: I
    …. I got no choice… let me come with you.

    Warren: ….ok

    Hyomin: what?

    Warren: in
    order to get to them faster… I have to turn into a werewolf so I can run

    Hyomin left with no choice. Even if she don’t want
    to see something like Warren, she just keep it inside of her. Sunny’s name is
    her mind right now and concern knowing Sunny’s being attacked. Warren finished

    Warren: ok…
    climb at my back.

    Hyomin: do
    I have to?

    Warren: just
    think that you’re riding a horse.

    Hyomin: ok…

    Hyomin climbed at Warren’s and they rushed towards
    the dorm. Back at the dorm

    Sunny: TAE-TAE!!!

    Taeyeon: …..Sunny…
    I can’t hold on…………….

    Sunny throws the frying pan on the werewolf and she
    hit it again on the head. Without realizing, Sunny is throwing everything at
    the werewolf whatever her hand grabs. Hitting the werewolf randomly many times
    in the head caused it to fall down and felt dizzy. Seeing the opportunity, Sunny
    rushed to Taeyeon and tried to pull Taeyeon up. Just as when Taeyeon is near at
    the window, the werewolf recovered and started to walk toward Sunny who is busy
    pulling Taeyeon up.

    Taeyeon: SUNNY

    Just by an inch of a hair, the werewolf missed
    Sunny when it attacked but Sunny accidentally slipped and drops on the floor
    causing her to let go of the window curtain where Taeyeon is hanging. With
    Taeyeon’s body weight, the curtain is finally reaching its limit. Then Warren
    just came in a nick of time and face the werewolf. Hyomin on the other hand,
    pushed herself too to the limit. Even though her ankle is hurting, she saw the
    large kitchen knife and grabbed it and manages to stab the werewolf that is
    fighting Warren on its back. Feeling the pain from the back, the werewolf
    instinctively turned around and shoved Hyomin and sent her slamming to Sunny’s
    bedroom. Luckily for her, Sunny’s broken bed broke the impact causing her minor
    pain on her back but lost her consciousness . Sunny saw her but Sunny couldn’t
    decide who to help first. Then Sunny build up her courage and runs towards the
    werewolf and grabbed the kitchen knife left stabbed on its back caused by
    Hyomin and she forcefully slashed its back causing it to open it up with a
    large open wound. Warren sees the opportunity and instantly runs to its back
    and from there, Warren punched the werewolf on its open wound right through its
    heart and the werewolf drops dead on the floor.

    Warren: are
    you ok? Where’s Taeyeon?

    Worn out Sunny pointed Taeyeon’s location.

    Warren: sorry
    I’m late…..

    Taeyeon: heheh…
    what took you so long? Hurry up and pull me… I can’t hold out much longer.

    Sunny goes into her room and found Hyomin regaining

    Sunny: HYOMIN!!

    Hyomin: SUNNY!!

    As soon Sunny hugged her, Hyomin finally gives in
    to her fear and burst out crying. And they left the room and joining Warren to
    help Taeyeon up.

    taking too long to pull Taeyeon up.

    Warren: I
    can’t rush it…. The curtain is ripping off slowly.

    But as soon as Warren said that, the curtain
    Finally gave up and sent Taeyeon falling from the third floor. And with out
    saying, Sunny and Hyomin surprised at Warren’s action because he jumped just to
    save Taeyeon and manages to catch her through mid air. They landed on a car
    parked below. Worried, Sunny and Hyomin hurriedly came down and found Taeyeon
    is ok because Warren landed on his back in order to protect Taeyeon.

    Sunny: Tae-Tae,
    are you alright?

    Taeyeon: I’m
    ok, Warren broke the fall…..

    Hyomin: I-is
    he alright? That crash looks loud….

    Taeyeon: I
    think so….

    Sunny: but
    why isn’t he standing up? Warren?

    Sunny worriedly came up to the car where Taeyeon
    and Warren crashed and saw Warren just lying down.

    Sunny: what’s
    wrong? Are you hurt?

    Warren: a little……

    Sunny: can
    you stand up?

    Warren: I
    think so….i need some seconds to collect myself…..

    Hyomin: did
    you hurt your back? That must’ve hurt…

    Warren: it’s
    nothing… it’s just……

    Taeyeon: just

    Warren: I
    can’t believe I jumped out through a third floor window in order to save

    The three girls laughed at Warren’s comment.

    Warren: what?
    Seriously… I haven’t done this before… to think I’m still on my werewolf form,
    it hurts like hell.

    And Taeyeon jokingly replied back at Warren.

    Taeyeon: maybe
    that’s a sign…. A sign you’re falling for my charm!!

    Hyomin and Sunny laughed at Taeyeon and shortly
    after Warren lets out a small laughed and stood up.

    Warren: well
    we saved Hyomin but we should take care of her ankle. It’s swollen up pretty bad
    for pushing it too far.

    Taeyeon: I
    know, let’s go back to the gas station, I saw an ice on the fridge over there.

    Sunny: Warren………thank

    Warren: don’t
    thank me yet, we’re not out of here.

    Warren reverted back to his human form and carry
    Hyomin who is really unable to walk. They went back to the gas station and
    they’ve stocked loads of food supply and some ices to treat Hyomin’s swollen
    ankle. Warren put Hyomin inside the van and told her to rest while he helps
    Taeyeon loading some supplies. Inside the van Sunny and Hyomin talked

    Hyomin: Sunny…
    I’m sorry for making you coming here through all this..

    Sunny: don’t
    worry about it. We were just thinking the same thing to come here. We’re
    running out of food supplies.

    Hyomin: ….you’re
    talking like you knew this is happening.

    Sunny: well
    to tell you the truth, at first I just couldn’t believe it either but, seeing
    what we’re seeing and feeling what we’re feeling…. There’s no way of denying
    that this IS real.

    Hyomin: what
    about him? Isn’t he dangerous to be with?

    Sunny: you
    mean Warren? Nah.. he’s cool. He saved us numerous times. If it weren’t for
    him, we would’ve been dead by now.

    Hyomin: oh
    I see…. And where are you all residing now?

    Sunny: you
    wouldn’t believe it…. We’re staying at the abandoned Yoochiri house.

    Hyomin: I
    see….. thank you Sunny…. Even though we’re far away from each other, I’m still
    thinking about you…my best friend.

    Hyomin starts to cry and Sunny smiled at her.

    Sunny: don’t
    cry Hyomin… I promise I’ll protect you.

    Hyomin: thank
    you and I’m sorry… still, I envy you…. Since invincible youth’s airing days,
    you can do everything. Even now you still can do everything….

    Sunny: ……it’s
    not what you think Hyomin…. The way I acted back there… I just want to save
    everyone who is special to me. Even that big buffoon whose helping Taeyeon is
    starting to become a precious friend to us. I hope you two get along well. And
    speaking of them…. *sigh* those two idiots…………..

    Hyomin looked outside the van’s window and saw
    Taeyeon riding on Warren, on his werewolf form again, on its back while
    carrying the last plastic bag of beverages and food supplies, while Warren on
    the other hand feel ashamed because with Taeyeon is riding on his back, he
    can’t use his hand he’s biting one big bag of important necessities for daily

    Sunny: have
    you two no shame?

    Warren: ………….Taeyeon
    asked me to do it.

    Taeyeon: It’s
    fun Sunny!! WEEEEEEEE!!!

    Taeyeon smiled like a 10 year old kid as she’s
    coming down from Warren’s back. Sunny lets out a heavy sigh

    Sunny: *SIGH*
    seriously guys.. we better get going…. I think we got what we have. So let’s go
    now. I’m worried about the others and Hyomin.

    Warren: Sunny…..
    please don’t tell anyone about what Taeyeon just asked me to do…..

    Hyomin laughed at Warren’s expression. And started
    a conversation with him.

    Hyomin: well…
    for a tough looking guy like you…. You seem different when it comes to them.

    Warren: ….don’t
    even ask…. Well it’s not like I can’t resist them… there’s something in their
    bonds that makes me want to protect them.

    Sunny: Tae-Tae,
    can you substitute for me on driving? I want to take care of Hyomin.

    Taeyeon: ok
    no problem with me.

    Taeyeon and Warren sat in front of the van and
    Sunny went at the back of the van and sat beside Hyomin. Sunny took a big lump
    of ice, wrapped it in a towel and treats Hyomin’s swollen ankle.

    Hyomin: OWW….

    Sunny: well
    it can’t be helped Hyomin…. Your swollen ankle is big as an apple. You’re
    trying to break your bones there?

    Hyomin: sorry…….

    Sunny: …don’t
    worry about it.. just let your ankle rest. And I know you’re tired, you can
    sleep on my shoulder.

    Upon hearing that, Hyomin leaned her head on Sunny’s
    shoulders and without a minute, Hyomin fell asleep. Taeyeon noticed

    Taeyeon: that
    was fast…..

    Sunny: …
    I can see in her the first time we’re in the situation like hers. We were like
    that… it can’t be helped… this is her first time experiencing this.

    Taeyeon: hmm
    you’re right. Well it looks like she’s not the only one resting now…

    Taeyeon pointed at Warren with her lips.

    Sunny: lets
    let him rest too Tae-Tae… he hasn’t fully recovered yet. It’s kind of
    understandable on his side.

    And they head their way back to the Yoochiri village where,
    without them knowing, crisis is happening.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 8


    Back at the Yoochiri House. Hyoyeon is worried sick
    about the two parties who left the house. All Hyoyeon could do is walk back and
    forth. Yuri, who is organizing Clive’s remaining arsenal, is starting to get

    Yuri: Hyorengi!
    Will you stop walking back and forth? You’re making me dizzy.

    Hyoyeon: …aren’t
    you worried about them?

    Yuri: or
    course I do! But we can’t do anything!!

    Hyoyeon: are
    you just going to let it just like that? let them to be saved by other people
    who we barely even knew?

    Tiffany: Hyoyeon,
    don’t be like that…. I know what you mean but…

    Hyoyeon: NO!
    YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I MEAN??! Waiting here… all we do is wait! I’m worried sick
    about Sooyoung!!

    Seohyun: ….Hyoyeon
    unnie, we all do…but.. what can you do when you go after Clive? Do you even
    know what you are going to do if you manage to find them inside?

    Hyoyeon: …………….
    I’m sorry… It’s just I’m so worried about Sooyoung…

    Yoona: don’t
    worry unnie, they’ll be back…. Come on just help here in the food. So they can
    eat when they get back ok?

    Hyoyeon nodded and walks away with Yoona. Yuri,
    Seohyun, Tiffany and Jessica were left beside the bonfire.

    Tiffany: Yuri……
    can I ask you something?

    Yuri: what
    is it?

    Tiffany: are
    you all mad at Sooyoung?

    Jessica: WHAT?!
    What makes you say that?

    Tiffany: nothing…
    just I’ve observed you guys… you’re all not talking with her ever since we got
    here. Except me and Seohyun. Did something happen?

    Jessica: we’re
    not mad at her…. It’s just…….

    Seohyun: just
    what unnie?

    Yuri: well………..
    it’s a simple reason…really…. She keeps hogging all our supplies so much, we
    barely even have food for about 2 days…. Plus we still don’t know how long are
    we going to be here.

    Tiffany: …true….
    But I think Sooyoung is lonely…. She wasn’t been able to talk to you guys….
    When she tries to talk to you guys, you, Sica, Hyoyeon and Yoona change the
    subject and avoiding her.

    Yuri and Jessica can’t answer. Tiffany lets out a heavy

    Tiffany: please
    don’t be like that to Sooyoung. What’s the reason we’re all together until now?
    We’re family right? Do you want us to be separated right now? Just in time the
    situation is worst?

    Tiffany scolded Yuri and Jessica. Seohyun got worried at
    Tiffany’s raised voice.

    Seohyun: Tiffany
    unnie…. Don’t talk like that.

    Tiffany: don’t
    try to stop me Seohyun, I think they deserve to know this. Yuri. Do you know
    how worried Sooyoung was when you’re trapped in amidst of those zombies?

    Yuri: oh?
    She’s worried about me? Or she’s worried about the food you were carrying back.

    With Yuri’s reply to her, Tiffany snapped.

    Tiffany: STOP

    Everyone is surprised at Tiffany’s uncontrollable
    outbursts at Yuri. Hearing Tiffany shouts, Hyoyeon and Yoona rushed back at
    them and they saw Tiffany was infuriating mad at Yuri. Hyoyeon, Seohyun and
    Yoona tried to calm down Tiffany while Yuri falls silent at Tiffany’s words.

    Yuri: i…
    I’m sorry… I didn’t know…. Jessica… did you…….

    Jessica: yes
    I saw Sooyoung slumped inside the house looking like a ragdoll without a
    string. While I’m asking for Taengoo’s permission to go back at you, Sooyoung
    is just quiet.. she can’t even eat the first food and water she got from
    Tiffany’s back pack.

    Yuri: I
    see…. I’m sorry Tiffany for answering like that…. I promise I’ll pay more

    Hearing Yuri’s answer, Tiffany calmed down and back inside
    the house. Seohyun talked to Yuri.

    Seohyun: Yuri
    unnie…please don’t fight with Tiffany unnie… I know you wanted to answer
    Tiffany unnie back

    Yuri: don’t
    worry Seohyun, I never did want to answer back…. Tiffany’s word are true. She
    doesn’t seem to be the type to make
    things up. Don’t worry I’ll talk to her.

    Seohyun: thank
    you Yuri unnie.

    Then Jessica stood up. And grabbed the whip they got from
    the hunter.

    Jessica: pffft…
    the air here is heavy… I’ll go get some fresh air.

    Seohyun: don’t
    be too far Sica unnie.

    Jessica: yeah
    yeah….. you guys sort it out…

    And Jessica left them to sort things out. Seohyun
    went after Hyoyeon and Yoona to help prepare the food. Yuri came inside the house
    and notices Tiffany is crying.

    Tiffany: ….Yuri…
    I’m sorry for yelling at you… I didn’t mean to yell at you.. it’s just that it
    hurts me to see Sooyoung lonely after all this is happening.

    Yuri: …
    don’t worry about it.. maybe that’s what I needed. A good old scolding to ease
    my mind. You know my zombie experience? I still can’t get it out of my head.

    Just as Tiffany and Yuri finished talking. Yoona, Seohyun
    and Hyoyeon barged in.

    Tiffany / Yuri: WHAT?

    Seohyun: Unnie!!
    Sica unnie is missing!!

    Yuri and Tiffany panicked. Unable to know what to
    do, they went to Clive’s arsenal and prepared some weapons to go after Jessica.
    But when they are about to go outside, they couldn’t open the gate, soon they
    realized, Jessica locked them from the outside.

    Hyoyeon: ….darn
    that ice dolphin. she locked us in…..

    Tiffany: I
    think it’s my fault… she heard about Sooyoung and felt sorry for her. I think
    she went after Clive…

    Yoona: what
    are we going to do unnie?

    Yuri: ….what
    can we do? were locked in. it’s not like I don’t want to break the gate… if we
    break it, then we’ll leave ourselves open.

    Thinking of what to do… they just sat back down and
    worrying. Inside the forest, Clive is still forcing the necromancer to come
    out. Everytime a thick vine tries to wrapped around his legs, he instantly cuts
    it with the hunting knife he got from Yoona.

    Clive: this
    serious sh*t is starting to piss me off!

    Even though Clive said that, he’s already pissed at
    the necromancer. He hid the hunting
    knife and readied his assault rifle. For every vine he saw, he just shoots it.
    Until the vines stopped attacking. The area suddenly became quiet. Too quiet.

    Clive: ….this
    isn’t good… it’s too quiet……………….. what the heck??!!

    And before he knew it his foot is entangled by a
    tree root. Clive tried to cut it down but the tree root was just too thick to
    be cut down by a hunting knife. Seeing Clive stuck from where he stands, the
    necromancer shown himself along with Sooyoung who’s being wrapped by a thick
    vine. Sooyoung is shocked when she saw Clive unable to move from his spot.

    Sooyoung: CLIIIVE!!

    Clive stared at Sooyoung and smiled devilishly.

    Necromancer: what
    are you smiling about? Are you going crazy knowing you’re going to die?

    Clive: nope.
    Remember what I’ve told you before? I’m going to force you and her out?

    Necromancer: you
    don’t mean………..

    Clive: YES
    I DO!!!

    In an instant, Clive throws the hunting knife on
    vine that is holding Sooyoung then he followed it with a series of bullets from
    his hand gun and successfully freed Sooyoung from the vines. Luckily. Sooyoung
    wasn’t so high when she dropped to the ground and manages to stand up quickly

    Clive: RUN
    NOW!! I’ll take care of this.

    Sooyoung hurriedly ran out of the forest.

    Clive: one
    down…. one to go….

    Necromancer: hmph…who
    cares… if I kill you, snatching those girls will be easy…. Now… prepare to

    “KA-BLAAM!” without warning, Clive aimed the
    shotgun to the necromancer’s body and hits the side of the torso of the
    necromancer and knocking it 3 meters away from him but just Clive landed a hit
    on the necromancer, at the same time the necromancer retaliates with its
    controlled vines and it also knocks Clive to the trees. Clive was stunned when
    he hits his back on the tree. He couldn’t recover because of the pain. His
    sight is almost blur because he is groggy at the same time.

    Necromancer: how……dare……youuuu…..SHOT

    Then the necromancer’s vines started to grow some
    long thorns. And at the command of it, the vine whiplashed it stem causing it
    to release the thorns and hitting Clive on his legs and arms.

    Clive: AAAAAAAAH!!!!

    The necromancer devilishly laughed at Clive’s

    Necromancer: aaaah…
    torturing a human and listening to it writhing in pain are muuusic to my ears.

    Clive: you
    sick FREAK!! .. if I ever get my hands on your neck… I’m gonna snap it LIKE A TWIG!! YOU HEAR ME? I’m GONNA …………….

    “THWACK!” suddenly a thick vine hits Clive in the

    Necromancer: who
    told you to talk……. you’re going to pay for what you did to me. You’ll be
    begging for your death.

    The Necromancer started to torture Clive again by
    slicing his every part of body, only giving him shallow wound just for the necromancer’s
    liking. After spending several minutes, the necromancer stops and leaving Clive body in a bloody mess.

    Clive: …………i-if……you’re…g-going
    t-to….kill me……. d-do it now……. B-because if y-you…live………
    y-you’ll………re…...gret it………..

    Necromancer: ……even
    in that state… you still have some energy to bluff…. What can you do in you
    worthless bag of flesh? Well since you want it so badly, I’ll grant that wish….

    The Necromancer commanded again his vines and grew
    thorns and launched it’s thorns at Clive. Clive closed his eyes waiting for the
    thorns to hit him but suddenly Clive and the necromancer heard a sound of a
    cracking whip causing the thorns going to Clive repelled. Clive opened his
    eyes, even though with a blur vision. He could tell it’s a girl.

    Jessica: seriously..
    is this how want to save Sooyoung?

    Clive: J-Jessica?
    W-what are you….

    Jessica: I’m
    trying to save your sorry a**……

    Clive: d-don’t…..
    he’s…..too powerful…………….for you….to handl………..

    Jessica: SHUT
    IT!! You could at least give me credit for saving you.

    Clive: ……..w-what
    about Sooyoung?

    Jessica: I’ve
    met up with her along my way here. I sent her back to the others…. You’re

    Clive: …heheh…sorry….
    I-I’m just resting…….

    The necromancer became irritated with the two.

    Necromancer: HOW

    Jessica: are
    you sure you want to try me? when I’m feeling mad and furious right now?

    Necromancer: NOBODY

    Jessica gave an evil smile as the necromancer
    commanded its summoned vines, it unleashes several thorns coming at her.
    Jessica only smiled mischievously and she starts to repel every single thorns
    coming right at them. Clive couldn’t believe that Jessica was that accurate
    with her whip. The necromancer went on rage.

    Necromancer: YOU MOCK

    Jessica: try
    it……IF YOU CAN!!

    Clive and the necromancer was surprised because
    Jessica charges at the necromancer head on and unleashed several devastating
    attacks. With each of Jessica’s attack, the necromancer’s skin starts to show
    some nasty cuts from Jessica’s whip. The necromancer could do nothing but to
    defend to Jessica’s non-stop attacks. Clive couldn’t believe that Jessica
    actually pushed the necromancer back into a tree where it could do nothing but defend.
    Mean while back at the house.

    Yuri: that
    dolphin… when she gets here I’m going to scold her.

    Tiffany: I’ll
    agree with you on that one Yuri… she shouldn’t go by herself. We already know
    how dangerous this is….

    All the girls could do nothing but to wait for them
    to return but suddenly they heard the gate started to shake wildly. Being
    alarmed at the situation, they grabbed some weapon and they aimed at the
    shaking gate. Yuri grabbed the sub machine gun, beretta for Tiffany, Katana for
    Seohyun, revolver for Yoona and crossbow for Hyoyeon.

    Hyoyeon: aren’t
    we going to shoot?

    Seohyun: unnie,
    if we shot down the gate, just Yuri unnie said, we’ll leave ourselves open.

    Hyoyeon: ……it’s
    going to be destroyed anyways right?

    Yuri: destroyed
    or not destroyed, it’s not the reason to wreck it down

    Then the gate slammed open. They are waiting for
    something to enter but they couldn’t figure out who or what caused. Before they
    could talk Sooyoung instantly came running towards them.

    Sooyoung: YUURIIIIIIII!!!

    They were surprised to see Sooyoung unharmed but
    crying a lot. Yuri hugged Sooyoung
    tightly with tears of joy knowing Sooyoung is unharmed.

    Yuri: oh
    Shikshin… don’t you ever do that to us again!! We wouldn’t something to hurt

    Sooyoung: Yuri..
    my life is not important… it’s Clive… he’s in danger.

    All of them froze in shock. They were surprised
    Sooyoung grabbed Clive anti-tank rifle.

    Tiffany: Sooyoung?

    Sooyoung: let
    go back to him….i owe him my life…… I can’t just leave him like that. Sica is
    already there too. Maybe they’re both in danger right now.

    As Sooyoung run with Clive’s rifle. Yuri called to

    Yuri: Sooyoung!............
    I’ll go with you

    Sooyoung: ……but……..

    Yuri: just
    don’t ask why, I want to help to

    Sooyoung nodded. Yuri looked back at Tiffany who is
    giving them a bright eye-smile. Tiffany knew what is going through Yuri’s mind.

    Seohyun: Tiffany
    unnie? Why’d you let them go by themselves?

    Hyoyeon: yeah…you
    could at least let us all go together.

    Tiffany replied to them with an eye-smile also.

    Tiffany: it’s
    best that it’s just them to go help Clive. And besides when they come back I
    have a feeling that something will change between Yuri and Sooyoung.

    Yoona: what
    do you mean unnie?

    Tiffany: you’ll
    see. Anyway… we forgot to inform Tae-Tae about the situation….

    Hyoyeon: …….well
    that’s the problem… we wanted to but all of our phone’s battery are drained.

    Tiffany: oh………..i
    guess it couldn’t be helped… let’s just wait here and defend what’s left to

    Hyoyeon: you
    seen to be in a good mood… did something happened?

    Seohyun: yeah
    unnie…. You’re smiling a lot a while ago.

    Tiffany: ……….it’s
    something I’ve heard a while ago… about you Seohyun.

    Seohyun blushed. She just don’t have an idea what
    is Tiffany talking about. Yoona and Hyoyeon became curious.

    Hyoyeon: …..
    I wonder what is it… Yoona!

    Yoona: don’t
    ask me! I don’t have a slightest clue!!

    Hyoyeon: Tiffany…come
    on tell us..

    Tiffany slightly thinks hard. Then she smiled back
    at them

    Tiffany: clue?
    Hmmm just look at Seohyun’s expression now.

    The three girls didn’t understand Tiffany’s clue
    and Hyoyeon and Yoona just keeps staring at Seohyun with a wide eyes with a
    confused look. Mean while inside the forest. Jessica starts to exhaust her
    stamina because the necromancer, little by little manages to avoid some of
    Jessica’s attacks but the necromancer’s body has many bloodied slash marks from
    Jessica’s whip.

    Necromancer: I
    can sense your getting tired…..

    Jessica: so
    do you?! With that injuries you don’t have enough strength to stand up.

    Necromancer: …..
    aren’t you forgetting something?

    The necromancer surprised Jessica. The necromancer
    manages to bind Jessica with his vine coming through the ground. Jessica can’t
    break free. Even though the necromancer can’t stand up, he commands his vines
    to lift him up through the ground six centimeters high.

    Necromancer: I
    admire your courageous act little girl… you mange to injure me this much.

    Jessica still binded with vines replied.

    Jessica: if
    you let me loose I’ll be gladly to give you some.

    Then Jessica instantly whiplashed her whip, hitting
    the necromancer in the face for the last time causing it’s face to bleed.

    Necromancer: ….you
    can’t kill me… NONE OF YOU WILL!!!

    And the necromancer shaped its vine into a spear
    with its sharp pointy end.

    Necromancer: I

    Clive: no….NOOOOO!!!

    Just as the spear shaped vine are coming close to
    Jessica’s binded body, sounds from a submachine-gun firing from behind, hitting
    the spear shaped vine just before it hits Jessica and hitting the vines that is
    binding Jessica to free her. Clive turn his head and saw Yuri and Sooyoung came

    Jessica: Yuri!?
    Sooyoung??! How did you…..

    Yuri: Sooyoung
    opened the gate for us… you selfish Sica…. Hogging all the fun… you seem comfy
    enough exposing your body like that huh?

    Jessica: ..heheh…

    Then Sooyoung went to Clive who is in a bloody

    i’m sorry… here..

    Sooyoung gave Clive’s rifle to him.

    Clive: ….i
    thought I told you to……..

    Yuri: stop
    acting like a hero…. We have to kill that thing first..

    The necromancer became agitated and attacked them
    without saying anything. Yuri and
    Jessica manages to avoid the attacks by separating. Yuri runs forward while
    emptying the clips of the submachine-gun to destroy the vines covering the
    necromancer’s body while Jessica is assisting Yuri whipping the vines coming at
    them. Sooyoung, on the other hand, picks up Clive whose unable to move freely
    because of his injury and she hides him behind the big tree where Clive is
    injured. While watching Yuri and Jessica fight the necromancer, Clive’s words
    were running through her mind.

    you satisfied feeling scared and having someone to protect you?”

    Sooyoung: but
    what can I do?....

    Sooyoung grabbed her head just like she was going
    crazy thinking on how she can help. She even remembers her words to Clive

    you think I’m useless?”

    just feel I’m not needed. They talk less to me.”

    The word “useless” kept repeating on her mind. All she
    could do but to watch.

    Sooyoung: …that’s
    right…. I’m useless…I can’t even fight with my family..

    Sooyoung starts to cry and even with his bloody state,
    Clive pat her shoulders.

    Clive: it’s
    ok you’ve been through a lot… you can leave the rest to us…. We’ll defeat
    him….. somehow…. Here… take this hunting knife…at least I gave you something in
    return for the chocolate you gave me….. I’m really thankful for that….. you
    should get out of here now……..

    Sooyoung is surprised at Clive’s words and handed
    her the hunting knife. Clive tried to stand up. Even though he knows that he
    have some broken bones, he pushed himself just to stand up and look for a nice
    spot to set up his rifle and he manages to see one broken tree with a flat top
    suited for his aim.

    Jessica: Yuri…
    just a little bit more, you’re starting to expose his body.

    Jessica told Yuri while she was defending her from
    the vines by repelling it with her whip

    Yuri: well
    it better be…. I’m low on ammo.

    With just their luck, Yuri manages to expose the
    necromancer’s body from its vines and Jessica manages to cut the necromancer
    arms through her whip. Sooyoung, on the other hand, remember again her
    conversation with Clive earlier.

    want to help defend too. I’m kind of envy them”

    Sooyoung lifted up her face and look at Clive
    preparing to fire at the necromancer. Sooyoung knows Clive is having a hard
    time aiming because of the blood all over his face. Just then Clive’s words
    runs through her mind again.

    to adapt to environments and situations”

    Sooyoung held the grip handle of the hunting knife
    tightly and stood up. Then she remember Clive’s last words with her

    have no problem helping Warren protecting you girls but at least you have to do

    Just then, Sooyoung screamed at a high pitch tone
    surprising all of them including the necromancer who is totally exposed.
    Sooyoung pointed the hunting knife and Shouted at the necromancer


    And to their surprise, Sooyoung ran towards the
    necromancer and attacked it head on. Realizing Sooyoung’s change, Yuri and
    Jessica look back at each other and knew they have to support Sooyoung’s
    attack. For every vines that came for Sooyoung, Yuri shoots it to avoid hitting
    Sooyoung while Jessica is following Sooyoung from behind. Clive aimed for the
    necromancer’s chest. When Sooyoung is close to the necromancer, she jumped
    towards the necromancer aiming the hunting knife to the necromancer’s neck and
    successfully slashed its neck half way while Jessica followed Sooyoung’s cue,
    she wrapped the end of her whip binding the necromancer’s remaining arm and
    jumped. Jessica use the force of her jumped and she swinged circularly wrapping
    the necromancer’s body to a tree with her whip.

    Yuri: CLIVE!! SHOOT HIM NOW!!!!

    “KA-BLAAAM!” And Clive ended the necromancer’s life
    by shooting it through the chest, right to its heart.

    Clive: …….finally…..
    it’s over…….. finally I’ve avenged my family………..

    Jessica: that
    was one heck of a fight…..

    Yuri: Sooyoung?
    Where’s Shikshin?

    Yuri and Jessica heard a faint voice coming from
    behind the bushes nearby.

    Sooyoung: …oowww…

    Yuri: Sica,
    I’ll take care of Sooyoung, you help Clive.

    Jessica: eew…
    I don’t want to… he has too much blood on his body…

    Yuri: whatever….
    Just help him ok? I’ll have a word with Sooyoung. You guys go ahead and wait
    for us outside the forest.

    Jessica had no choice but to help Clive.

    Clive: …..sorry…

    Jessica: …….well,
    it’ ok, you managed to save our shikshin.

    Clive: ……………..

    Jessica: something
    bothering you?

    Clive: I’m
    worried about Sooyoung… it’s like Yuri will scold her…

    Jessica: let’s
    leave them for a moment, they need to clear something up.

    Clive: ….by
    the way….. nice offense back there…

    Jessica smiled at Clive’s comment and they both
    went ahead leaving Yuri and Sooyoung some privacy.

    Sooyoung: ….i’m
    sorry…. I was careless to let myself be taken like that….

    Yuri: …………………

    Yuri stood in front of her and staring her
    silently. Sooyoung lowered her head down avoiding Yuri eyes. Sooyoung holding
    her tears back.

    Sooyoung: I-I’m
    heading b-back to the others…..

    Sooyoung don’t want Yuri to see her crying. She
    walks towards Yuri with her head still down, not staring at Yuri. Just as she’s
    passing Yuri, Yuri grabbed her wrist tightly. Yuri turned her around and

    Yuri: Sooyoung….
    Look at me straight in the eyes.

    Sooyoung looked up and saw Yuri staring intensely
    at her. Then next thing she saw Yuri’s hand are approaching her face. Sooyoung
    knew Yuri’s mad at her because she’s not talking to her. The only thing
    Sooyoung knew that Yuri is going to slap her face. She closed her eyes waiting
    for Yuri hand hit her cheeks. Then she felt Yuri’s hand on her cheeks but she
    didn’t feel pain on her cheeks. Sooyoung opened her eyes and saw Yuri, with a
    tear on her eyes, touching her face. Sooyoung’s eyes widened.

    Sooyoung: Yuri?....

    Yuri: Shikshin
    you fool…. Don’t ever scare us like that again… we don’t know what we’ll do if something
    happened to you…. You Shikshin fool….

    Sooyoung was more surprised when Yuri hugged her tightly.
    Unable to suppress her tears, Sooyoung finally gave in to her tears. Both Yuri
    and Sooyoung, cried for a while.

    Yuri: don’t
    you ever get out of my sight again Sooyoung…….we are what we all have ok?

    Sooyoung: I’m
    sorry if I wasn’t able to help you guys during those times… all I did was eat
    the foo…..

    Yuri palmed faced Sooyoung. Sooyoung stopped
    talking. Then she saw Yuri taking out something from her pocket. A chocolate
    bar. Like the one she gave to Clive.

    Sooyoung: what
    are you………

    Yuri: I
    know you’re hungry when you’re captured from that rotting thing… I’m worried
    about you so I at least bring something for you….

    Sooyoung took the Chocolate bar from Yuri. She
    opened the wrapper of the Chocolate bar and broke it into two. Yuri saw the
    size of the chocolate bar one short and one long, but to Yuri’s Surprise,
    Sooyoung gave her the long one.

    Yuri: why
    are you……

    Sooyoung: …’s
    my way of saying Thanks… for coming in to rescue me….

    Yuri: ………idiotic

    Yuri gave Sooyoung a slight smile and finally decides to
    follow Jessica and Clive.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 9


    Outside the forest they caught up with Jessica and
    Clive but they saw Jessica trying to run faster as if she’s trying to get away
    from them.

    Yuri: What’s
    wrong Sica?

    Jessica: finally,
    the two of you are here… please help me with Clive… I think he’s pretty banged
    up… he’s losing consciousness….

    Sooyoung: Sica…
    let me help you carry him…. He did what he could to save me too…..

    Sooyoung puts Clive’s arms around her to help
    Jessica carry him back to the house while Yuri took Clive’s rifle from him
    because Clive can’t barely lift it up. Back in the house, Sunny’s company
    arrived just in time. They noticed the other girls are missing.

    Taeyeon: ??.....
    Tiffany? Where’re the others?

    they went to help Clive to kill the necromancer.

    Warren: where’d
    they go?

    Yoona: they
    went to the forest not far from here.

    Without a word, Warren rushed off to the forest but
    he met them halfway. Warren could tell Clive is not in good condition because
    he smells blood from a distance. Yuri saw Warren came running to them.

    Yuri: WARREN!!

    Jessica: he’s

    Warren: what
    happened to him?

    Sooyoung: …well
    he came to my rescue but… it seems the necromancer he’s hunting are too much
    for to take on alone. And he ended up like this…..

    Warren: are
    you girls hurt by any chance? Where’s the necromancer?

    Jessica: it’s
    dead. We manage to defeat him.

    Warren: ….enough
    talk give me to him… let’s go back quickly… we’ve got tons of stuffs we got
    back from the city.

    Jessica and Sooyoung hand over Clive to Warren, and
    without delay, they came back quickly to the house and the remaining girls were
    chocked at Clive condition. Seohyun’s collects herself first and asked them.

    Seohyun: oh
    my…….. is he alive?

    Sooyoung: he
    just lost consciousness… but we need to treat him right away.

    The girls prepared the large table right outside
    house. And to their surprise, Seohyun commanded them on what to gather and what
    to do like a real doctor.

    Seohyun: Taeyeon
    unnie, will you get some medical supplies you got from the city. Yoona unnie,
    will you boil some water on the camp fire. Warren, get the back pack and put it
    underneath Clive head for leverage. Yuri unnie, see if you can find something
    we can use to clean the blood on Clive’s body. Sooyoung unnie, help Yuri unnie
    and find a bucket and fill it up with a clean water. Jessica unnie, Hyoyeon
    unnie, please help Sunny unnie bring Hyomin unnie from the van and lay her down
    inside the house. See of you can find something to hold the ice from Hyomin
    unnie’s ankle injury.

    Everyone is surprised at Seohyun. In short time,
    she knew what she had to do. And without delay, they did what they were tasked
    to do. While the other’s and doing their task. Tiffany talks to Seohyun.

    Tiffany: maknae.
    I’m amazed at you.

    Seohyun: well…even
    though I didn’t took medical course…. I still read books related to health and
    medical. And sometimes I watch tv programs.

    Tiffany: I
    see….. I hope he’s going to be alright.

    Seohyun: don’t
    worry… will you help me Tiffany unnie?

    Tiffany: ..b-but
    I’m scared I might screw up..

    Seohyun: don’t
    worry Tiffany unnie, you’ll only help me cleaning up the blood, I’ll do the

    And Sooyoung came back along with Yuri with the
    things Seohyun asked, a clean cloth and a clean water. Seohyun split the cloth
    into two and gave the other half to Tiffany. Beside them is Yoona who’s
    starting to boil some water at the camp fire beside them. Taeyeon came back
    from the van with the medical medical supplies. For 20 minutes, Seohyun and
    Tiffany cleaned the blood on Clive’s body. Tiffany on the other hand is
    slightly homophobic, she sometimes ask one of them to substitute for her
    cleaning the wound and blood. Yuri and Sooyoung knew what they had to do, even
    without Seohyun asking, they’re contantly changing the water in the bucket
    everytime the water turns into a pure red. They’be been doing it for 20
    minutes. However, they’re still amazed at Seohyun for acting like that, she
    doesn’t even budge and they saw how Seohyun is dedicated to save Clive.

    Yoona: maknae,
    the water is boiling now.

    Seohyun: take
    it out now from the fire. Tie the needles and put only the needles in the
    boiling water. We need to sterilized those.

    Yoona did what Seohyun asked her to do. And after a
    while Seohyun took the sterilized needles and start sewing up Clive’s wounds.
    With the help of others, they finished sewing up Clive’s wound for about three
    agonizing hours. Again to their amazement, Seohyun didn’t stop even a minute
    tending Clive’s wounds. She didn’t even ask for someone to substitute for her.

    Sunny: Maknae..
    aren’t you tired? Aren’t your back sore for bowing down? You’ve been like that
    for the past three hours.

    Seohyun: I
    am tired unnie but I can’t either relax yet. Unlike Warren, Clive is ordinary
    human just like us. He’ll probably took days before he can recover from these

    Warren: Seohyun’s
    right. Plus Hyomin’s ankle is injured

    Hyomin heard their conversation. She peeked through
    the window.

    Hyomin: don’t
    worry about my injury… this isn’t grave threatening. I’m also concerned about

    Sunny: oh
    you’re awake! How long have you been awake?

    Hyomin: for
    about several hours ago. I didn’t disturbed you guys because you we’re all busy
    helping your maknae. I’m quite surprise she can do these things.

    Sunny: well…
    just like I said earlier…. Many things have changed ever since this chaos

    Seohyun: Hyomin
    unnie, after I’m done here, I’ll take a look at you ankle.

    Hyomin: …i-is
    it alright with you?

    Hyomin blushed with an embarrassed look on her
    face. She’s embarrassed because she’s not close like she’s close with Sunny and
    yet Seohyun offered to take a look at her ankle. Taeyeon Noticed Hyomin’s

    Taeyeon: you’re
    blushing? HAHAHAH!!

    Hyomin: well…..this
    is the first time I’ve talked to Seohyun…… I kind of feel awkward

    Sunny: …….Taeng…
    you’re annoying with your ajhumma laugh…… will you cut it out?

    Taeyeon: what?
    Look Soonkyu!!

    Sunny: IT’S

    Taeyeon: whatever,
    sometimes you have to let go of your stress. If you don’t laugh, you’ll lose
    your aegyo!!

    Sunny: whatever…..
    you’re just like a 10 year old kid you know that?

    Taeyeon: aiigooo..
    you’re jealous of me Soonkyu

    Sunny: SUNNY!!

    Taeyeon: hahahah!!
    Sunny is jealous! Sunny is Jealous!!!

    Then Sunny pouts and Taeyeon’s laughter and tease.
    Taeyeon poked Sunny’s pouting cheeks causing it to release a sound like a fart.
    Taeyeon and Sunny burst into laughter.

    Hyoyeon: …..Taeng…
    you look silly when you do you kiddie stuff you know that?

    Yoona: yeah
    unnie… you sure seem in a good mood right now. Did something happened in the

    Sunny: yeah….
    Something happened…..

    Warren heard what they are talking and calls Sunny
    suddenly. Warren is pleading to her not to talk about the riding incident with

    Warren: Sunny
    please don’t tell them….I’m begging you….

    Sunny: ahihihi
    you really sure got something from us don’t you? Don’t worry I won’t tell them

    Sunny laughed silently about Warren’s expression.
    This is the first time she saw Warren begging and at the same time, with an
    embarrassed face. After their talk, they both went back to the others. When
    Sunny and Warren get back, Seohyun finished tending Clive’s wounds just in
    time. Due to her exhaustion, Seohyun felt her legs loosing strength causing her
    to loose balance, luckily Warren is close to her, he manage to support Seohyun’s
    back before she fell on the ground. The girls are surprised.

    Warren: whoa…..i
    got ya. Take it easy. Don’t push yourself too hard.

    Seohyun: …I
    didn’t want to waste time. I have to close Clive’s wounds.

    They both stop talking and found themselves looking
    at each other’s eyes. Little did they know, all the girls are watching them
    with a smile on their faces including Hyomin. Tiffany started to talk.

    Tiffany: now
    Yoona, do you know what I’m talking about earlier?

    Yoona: yes

    Hyoyeon: Fany’s
    right…..maknae‘s changed

    Just then, Warren and Seohyun came back from their
    senses. Still on their position, they saw all the girls looking at them with a titillating
    looks and smiles. Both of them embarrassed at their mischievous looks, they
    both regain their composure and pretend nothing happened but the girls were all
    smiles about them.

    Taeyeon: kyaaaah!!
    That was so romantic!!

    Yoona: you
    could say that again unnie.

    Hyoyeon: it’s
    like were watching a romance drama outside from the TV

    Tiffany: yeah
    and the way they look at each other.. it was…

    Yuri / Sooyoung / Jessica / Sunny : ROMANTIC!!!

    Seohyun replied at them with an embarrassed face
    and a stuttering voice.

    Seohyun: ….u-unnies…….
    D-don’t be l-like that…. it was just a……..

    Warren: misunderstanding….
    I was simply supporting Seohyun before she falls to the ground

    Then Hyoyeon couldn’t held back her emotions.

    Hyoyeon: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Warren and our maknae’s being so cute!!!
    They’re both embarrassed!!

    Then out of nowhere, Warren’s fear suddenly
    surfaced. Tiffany blurted her words with an eye-smile.

    Tiffany: I
    can imagine now…..Seohyun riding on Warren’s back while Warren is on his white
    werewolf form… oh gosh…I’m dying with happiness imagining that scene.

    Hearing that, Warren stood frozen. Big sweat is
    starting to form on his forehead but he remained silent. Adding fuel to the
    fire, Yoona talked.

    Yoona: yeah
    unnie, I can imagine that. I can also imagine that scene where Warren is
    carrying maknae’s stuffs while she’s riding at Warren’s back.

    Hyomin, Sunny and Taeyeon are doing their best not
    to burst into laughter because they had no idea that Taeyeon already did that
    earlier. Warren, on the other hand, wants to shrink because of the
    embarrassment. Jessica noticed Warren’s expression. She asked Warren with a
    smile on her face.

    Jessica: Warren…..
    don’t tell me your embarrassed? Relax, it’s just a imagination.

    Jessica laughed gently but Warren is still frozen
    in embarrassment. Seohyun realizing Warren’s reaction she gently smiles and
    talked to Warren.

    Seohyun: Warren,
    don’t worry they’re just joking about that… that’s how my unnies are.

    And Warren came back to his senses.

    Warren: o-oh…r-right….
    I’m sorry I’ve spaced out…. It’s just I’m not u-used to the atmosphere.

    Taeyeon, who is trying hard to hold her laughter,
    the worst part came out. The words slipped from her mouth.

    Taeyeon: AHAHAHA!!
    Sorry maknae, I couldn’t hold anymore!! Warren helped me earlier by doing
    what’ve just Tiffany told!! Hahahahah Sorry Warren!!! I really couldn’t help
    it!! Tiffany telling us what she’s imagining between you two and Yoona followed
    up those scene!! Hahahah it sounds the same thing right? Hahahahah sorry
    sorry….!!! Hahahaha

    All of them heard Taeyeon’s word and burst out into
    laughter. Warren could do nothing but to cover his face with one of his hand
    with his lips frowning. Seohyun saw Warren’s ashamed expression couldn’t help
    but laugh also. And she talked to Warren.

    Seohyun: Warren,
    you shouldn’t think bad about that.
    that’s not a bad thing. Look here, do you know what we think of you when the
    first we’ve all met you?

    Warren removes his hand from his face. He saw all
    of them looking at him seriously at the
    same time smiling. He replied with a puzzled look on his face/.

    Warren: what?

    Sunny: we
    thought you’re boring

    Warren: I
    get that a lot

    Hyoyeon: you
    have one tracked mind

    Warreon: I

    Yuri: you
    have an insensitive side

    Warren: I

    Sooyoung: you
    don’t show expressions a lot

    Warren: I

    Jessica: you
    don’t have much of a social life!

    Warren: I

    Then suddenly, Taeyeon noticed Warren’s repetitive answer,
    she dropped the bomb.

    Taeyeon: YOU’RE

    Warren: I
    know…………………….. WHAT??!?

    Seeing Warren’s face in a state of shock caused
    them laughter. But seeing them laugh made Warren smile a little. They all saw

    Seohyun: that’s
    better if you show your expressions like that.

    Warren: what
    do you mean?

    Sunny: well,
    we really kind of thinking you were stiff person. You barely show your
    expressions when you’re happy.

    They all nodded at Sunny’s words.

    Warren: ……I
    always express what I feel…..

    Taeyeon: yeah…
    only when there’s danger around. You Warren, sometimes you just have to let off
    some steam.

    Seohyun: unnie
    is right Warren, we don’t know if you’re happy, angry or sad. We only notice
    it if you make it obvious.

    Warren suddenly looked them with a serious look on his face.

    Warren: …………………
    you know, I once like you girls, full of emotions. But, it all vanished when
    our forefather died of assassination. As I’ve said before, our forefather is
    keeping the balance on our conduct and pride. When he died, everyone I knew were
    thrown into chaos.

    Hyoyeon: are
    all of your clan fighting?

    Warren: fighting
    to survive….. to survive one another

    At that moment, everyone kept quiet at Warren’s sudden
    change of words.

    Yuri: so……
    you’re saying that you’re also trying to survive?

    Warren: yes…..
    you see, when the chaos started in our clan, in order for you to survive, you
    need to learn to grit your teeth hard to endure everything. The pain of
    betrayal, the suffering of loved ones and the damnation of the pride. You have
    to learn how to learn to be cold hearted just to survive.

    Everyone is at loss at word. None of them can ever
    imagine what Warren have been through for the past 7 months of survival. Warren
    continued to talk.

    Warren: I
    have to kill several of my clans men.. that I treated like my family on blood,
    just to survive. I even killed some of my friends that have betrayed me. I even
    cast away my pride once in order to keep myself alive resulting killing some of
    my colleagues… human colleagues….

    All of them were shocked hearing Warren’s side of story.
    They don’t what to say to him. Nothing is coming to their mind on how to
    console Warren. Even though Warren doesn’t show emotions, they noticed tears
    coming from Warren.

    Warren: even
    my very own sister betrayed me. she knew what my plans are, she knew that she
    couldn’t handle me alone so she gave a word of my plan of running away, facing
    them and saving you from them. She also changed after she went past the boundaries
    that is tying us to become disciplined.
    She gave out the word to eliminate me because I’m the last remaining
    loyal to our forefather.

    Hyomin who is listening too became, curious and
    asked Warren.

    Hyomin: this
    sister of yours…. Is she still alive? And forgive me for asking you this but…
    aren’t at least a bit tempted on what human blood taste like?

    Warren: yes…
    she’s still alive. When I became a werewolf, I vowed to my forefather that no
    matter what happens, I will never drink human blood. Human blood will only makes
    uncontrollable from ourselves.

    All of them remained silent upon hearing Warren’s side of
    story. Then Warren talked to them again.

    Warren: don’t
    worry….. I promised I would keep you from harm. No matter what it cost. Even if
    it cost my life….

    Seohyun who is quietly listening suddenly stood up and
    walks toward Warren.

    Seohyun: are
    you seriously going to do that?

    Warren: ….
    I’m not breaking my wor……..

    “SLAP!” everyone is taken aback at Seohyun’s action. Warren
    is surprised.

    Warren: what
    are you……………

    Seohyun: DO

    Warren: ..but…….

    Sunny: Warren….please
    think hard. Do you remember? When you’ve turn into you white werewolf form and
    totally drained your strength? You didn’t know how worried we are? Seohyun
    stayed all the time beside you when you’re recuperating.

    Jessica: it’s
    like you throwing away your dignity to keep us alive.

    Yuri: at
    least have some dignity in yourself.

    Warren kept quiet. He doesn’t know on how to react
    at the situation like this. He just stood up and walked outside without saying
    a thing. The girls also don’t know what to do because they’re surprised at the
    sudden event. Clive who is slightly awake called them.

    Clive: girls…

    Yuri: Clive?
    You’re awake? Since when?

    Yuri couldn’t stand because Sooyoung is sleeping
    beside her. Seeing them in that position Clive smiled at them.

    Clive: heheh…..
    looks like you two have grown close…..

    Yuri smiled and explained.

    Yuri: well…we
    maybe sometimes fighting between ourselves but, that’s the good thing between
    us. We learn from it and it made us who we are and what we have now.

    Clive: I’ve
    noticed….. oooww…

    Clive tried to stand up but Seohyun prohibits him to stand.

    Seohyun: don’t
    stand up or you’ll open your wound.

    Clive: …sorry….
    Can I tell you something girls?

    All of them stopped on what they’re doing.

    Clive: you
    girls shouldn’t be too hard on Warren.

    Yuri: but
    we’re just helping him to express his emotions a little bit…

    Clive: I
    know what your concerns are but you should all think about his side. Think
    about it, how long is he putting up with his problems with his own clan just to
    survive? I’m not taking his side but I understand the feeling of losing
    something important.

    All of them falls silent hearing Clive explanation.

    Clive: if
    you’re listening on every word he said, you’ll understand. Warren’s been alone
    before he ran away from his clan and met you girls. I can that he’s changing,
    SLOWLY but surely. You shouldn’t rush him, forcing him on what you want him to

    Seohyun: w-what
    do you mean?

    Clive: analyze
    Warrens’ side of his life. He’s been living his life in solitude. He cares for
    you but he doesn’t know how to express it. Specially for you Seohyun. He can
    only express it when he’s fighting.

    Hyoyeon: how
    can you tell?

    Clive: like
    me, we fighters of some sort can only feel truly alive when we’re engaged in
    battle. Although I’m slightly bit different from him since I’m still a human. I
    appreciate you girls trying to lighten up his expression but you shouldn’t rush

    Hearing Clive’s explanation, Seohyun couldn’t bare
    about her actions to Warren. She tried to follow Warren outside but Clive
    stopped her.

    Clive: Seohyun,
    I know how you feel about your actions to Warren but you shouldn’t think hard
    about that. For me, maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe he just needs a little push…
    but not too severe with the slapping.

    Sunny: if
    you explained it that way… we kind of feel guilty.

    Clive: you
    shouldn’t be…. It’s just like Yuri said “sometimes we are fighting between
    ourselves but, that’s the good thing between us. We learn from it and it made
    us who we are and what we have now” as far as I see it, your affections are
    reaching him inside slowly but surely.

    As they were discussing, they suddenly hear the nightsky starts
    to unleash a loud lightning in the sky.

    Hyomin: guys…I
    hate to break you conversation but I think maybe it’s the right time to go back
    inside the house.

    Sunny: you’re
    right… Yoona, Hyo, Tae-Tae, help me carry Clive inside the house. Sica, you
    call Warren outside and Maknae, make something to eat.

    Jessica: ….maybe
    you should switch that…… I’ll deal with the food, maknae calls Warren.

    Everyone paused at Jessica’s words. Hyoyeon breaks the

    Hyoyeon: Sica…..
    we still want to live… we don’t want to die

    Jessica: w-what
    did you say???!!!??

    Hyoyeon answered Jessica with a smile.

    Hyoyeon: I’m
    just saying, we want to value our lives

    Sunny: I
    agree with Hyo, Sica.

    Both of them start to smile while Jessica pouts.
    And before they start a ruckus, Yoona stops them and pointed at Yuri and
    Sooyoung who is fast asleep without their knowing.

    Tiffany: it’s
    nice to see them like this. My guess is right something changed in them

    Seohyun: you’re
    right Tiffany unnie… well I might as well prepare some food.

    Tiffany: these
    two… I guess I have to take them back inside also.

    Seohyun: Sunny
    unnie, I can’t prepare food right now… I have to take a look at Hymin unnie’s

    Hyomin: i-it’s
    ok… this can wait Seohyun…..

    Seohyun: but
    it’s swollen like the size of an apple and it’s the same color as an eggplant…

    Hyomin couldn’t argue with Seohyun because she knew
    that she’s right.

    Sunny: ….aiishhh…
    well then I’ll do the cooking.

    Seohyun: sorry

    Sunny: it’s
    ok, as of now you’re like out doctor

    And all of them went inside just in time before the
    rain starts to pour hard. S

    Taeyeon: it
    seems this rain is a storm….

    Hyomin: this
    is bad…..

    Clive: no…actually
    this is a good thing. We maybe be able to rest for a while.. in addition, I’m
    not used on doing nothing so I want to recover ASAP.

    Sunny: enough
    of that talk, it’s time to eat.

    Their conversations continued while they’re eating.

    Taeyeon: …for
    once Clive is right, after three days of running and looking for supplies, this
    is the only time we can get rest.. I don’t know when is the next time… only
    nature knows when..

    Hyomin: guys…may
    I interrupt all of you about something? I’ve been wondering and listening to
    your stories. When did this all started and how did you guys meet?

    Sunny explained to Hyomin when did this started,
    how did it happen and how did they’ve met Warren and Clive. Hyomin is
    speechless about the girl’s situation.

    Hyomin: ………………………………
    I …..

    Sunny: I
    know… kind of hard to swallow isn’t it? But it’s real. That’s why I’m sorry
    you’re being dragged into this. I’m still worried about your members too.

    Hyomin: ….Sunny,
    right now……. All I’m thinking is the safety for all of you. I feel embarrassed
    too for Warren because the first time I’ve met him… I didn’t trust him
    eventhough he’s sincere about saving me for your sake.

    Sooyoung: speaking
    of Warren……….has anyone seen him?

    They were all surprised that they didn’t noticed that
    Warren isn’t with them.

    Yuri: I’ll
    go get him

    Sooyoung: I’ll
    go with you.

    And the two of them went outside through the heavy downfall
    to call Warren. Inside the house.

    Clive: they
    seem to be close to each other after we defeated the necromancer.

    Tiffany: this
    is how we work to accomplish what we are now.

    Clive: I
    see….. maybe you guys can save Warren from his solitude life.

    Seohyun: I’m
    kind of worried about him though… he’s not acting himself when he told us his
    side of story.

    Then the door to the house slammed open.

    Sooyoung: WARREN

    Everyone is shocked at Sooyoung’s news.

    Taeyeon: ……
    can’t be….he shouldn’t have gone far!! It’s raining hard out there.

    Seohyun became worried. Hyoyeon noticed Seohyun.

    Hyoyeon: Yoona,
    Yuri, Tae-Tae, Sica let’s go find Warren.

    Jessica: but
    there’s a storm………..

    Yuri and Yoona covered Jessica’s mouth. Before Jessica gets
    annoyed, Yoona whispered to her ear.

    Yoona: Sica
    unnie, maknae cares for him and we all saw what she did to Warren earlier.
    Maknae’s been through a lot even in this middle of chaos. We should at least
    help her on this.

    Understanding Yoona’s words, Jessica nodded.

    Jessica: storm
    or not… he’s still our precious friend. Seohyun, don’t worry we’ll find him.
    Just stay put and treat Hyomin and Clive ok?

    Seohyun with a worried expression on her face nodded. And
    Hyoyeon and the others left. Sunny sat beside Seohyun who is beside Hyomin,
    placing Seohyun between them.

    Sunny: don’t
    worry….he’ll come back. I’m sure of it.

    Seohyun just kept quiet. Meanwhile outside at the
    heavy down pour. Hyoyeon, Yuri, Jessica and Yoona met up I front of the gate
    after their search for Warren.

    Hyoyeon: still

    Jessica: nope
    I’ve search the backyard, no sign of him.

    Yoona: I
    even went through the corn field, there’s no trace of him.

    Yuri: look
    Hyo, it’s not that I’m being whiney, it’s also hard for us to trace or find him
    in this storm.

    Hyoyeon: but…what
    are we going to say to Seohyun?

    Yuri falls silent and thinks for a reason but couldn’t come up with any ideas
    to tell Seohyun. Meanwhile inside the house.

    Seohyun: unnies….
    Let’s rest now.. we can continue looking for him in the morning. I’m worried
    about Hyo unnies and the rest looking for Warren outside in this storm.

    Seohyun said it to them with a sad tone. Taeyeon
    went outside to call all of them and told them to rest and they’ll continue the
    search. They all returned and
    wondering why is Warren missing in the middle of the storm.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 10


    Warren woke up in a dark room. Although it’s dark,
    his vision is a blur, even if he use his heightened eye sight, he realize that
    it’s no use because of a blurry vision.

    Warren: oowww….
    What the heck happened?...... where is this place……

    He tried to stand up but soon he realized his head,
    arms and legs were tied into something. He couldn’t perfectly even move, even
    his head.

    Warren: what
    the freakin’ hell is this?

    Warren tries to escape from his bindings but to no
    avail, he only ends up in failure.

    Warren: crap….
    If someone attacked me… I bet he or she’s good to caught off guard….. putting
    my lights out… in the rain… it’s raining so hard, it makes my sense of hearing,
    smell at sight weak…. Dammit.

    Then suddenly the lights went on in the dark room. Warren
    couldn’t distinguish the image of the room because of the bright light pointed
    at his face. He suddenly hears a door opening and someone is walking inside.
    Warren couldn’t even distinguish who is coming towards him because he smells
    his own scent from the figure who walking towards him.

    Warren: who
    ever you are…. You really planned it
    thoroughly to capture me. wearing my own shirt just to cover your own scent. if
    I ever got out of these chains, I swear on my forefather’s grave, I won’t be

    Then the figure replied. A woman’s voice.

    ???????: all
    these times…. You didn’t change….. feisty as always….. are you still protecting
    those worthless souls?

    Warren: no…it
    can’t be… IT’S YOU!!!

    ???????: yes
    it’s me…. and this time, I will crush your beliefs…. for all of those times you
    foiling my plans, I will let you suffer by killing them with you own hands. I
    will make your efforts go to waste…………… dear…………….. brother……..

    Warren: what
    are you planning Clare….. you know you can’t keep me here for so long, I’ll
    eventually bust out.

    Warren’s sister, Clare, didn’t answer.

    Clare: oh
    no…. you don’t need to bust out… I’ll let you go after I’m done giving you

    Clare brought out a glass syringe.

    Warren: w-what
    is that?

    Clare answered Warren in a provoking manner of speaking.

    Clare: do
    you see this brother? Inside these syringe is a human blood. A human blood that
    you refuse to take. I like how you fight and kill my men one by one. So I
    figured, I can’t get past through you, I have to make you do them with you own

    Warren: get

    Clare came in closer to Warren to inject him with a
    human blood but due to Warren’s squirming through his bindings, he manages to
    hit the syringe from his sister’s hand and dropped it on the floor. The glass
    syringe shattered upon impact. Warren gives a provoking smile.

    Warren: looks
    like your chance is busted. Heheh…

    But Clare just replied back with an evil smile.

    Clare: brother,
    brother…. Is fighting that’s all in your head? Where do you think we got the
    human blood?

    Clare flicks her finger then someone from Clare’s
    clan came inside the room and bought a battered and bloodied man and barely
    alive. Warren could not believe that the man her sister bought him is his
    mentor who raised and taught him how to discipline himself to attain full
    control of himself when he’s in werewolf form.

    Warren: …no….

    Warren gave a sharp look to Clare.

    Warren: when
    I get out of this Clare. I won’t forgive you even if you’re my own sister.

    Clare answered Warren in a calm voice.

    Clare: I
    wonder……. What will happen.

    Warren: don’t
    you dare kill him…. I swear on my life…..

    Clare: or
    what? You’ll kill me? PUH-LEASE!! Spare me your threats.

    Without a warning, Clare slit the throat of
    Warren’s master and she put the man’s blood in a bucket. Warren became furious
    when he saw his master died. Clare, on the other hand, gives Warren a
    mischievous smile and scoop the man’s blood from the bucket with a cup.

    Clare: now
    brother…. I will let you feel the ecstacy of power.. HAHAHAHA

    Warren: no…noo…….NOOOOOO!!!!!

    Clare commands her clan’s men to hold Warren’s head
    and force his mouth open and she pour the blood on Warren’s mouth. To even help
    him swallow the blood, Clare covered his nose and manage to force Warren drink
    the blood. At the exact time, Warren changed into a werewolf with red feiry
    eyes. Clare give a big laugh to see her success to control Warren. Clare knew
    that Warren will go on berserk, she hurriedly went outside the room leaving her
    one clan’s men inside. Clare was astounded at Warren’s sudden change with human
    blood because he’s faster than ever, fiercer and stronger but the only problem
    is he’s on pure berserk. He killed the clans men that were left inside like a
    lightning. Clare gives off an evil smirk.

    Clare: you’re
    not ready yet brother. But you will be my perfect hunter…. You can’t escape
    from there though. The walls of that room is made of silver. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    And Clare left Warren inside the room.

    One week later. Morning at the Yoochiri house.

    Yuri: …it’s
    been a week… still no signs of Warren… maybe he really left us.

    Sooyoung: Yuri…
    don’t think that. everything’s happening with a reason.

    Sunny came up to the two and whispered.

    Sunny: will
    the two of you shut up? Seohyun’s been quiet ever since Warren’s disappearance.
    She’s been like that for a week.

    Yuri: but
    what can we do? We can’t help but worry about him… Clive’s explanation to us
    still stuck in our heads…don’t you feel the same too?

    Sunny: I
    do but, think about maknae….

    Yuri and Sooyoung looked at Seohyun who is always
    standing by the gate and staring at an empty horizon across the field. Hyomin
    and Taeyeon talked to her.

    Hyomin: Seo?
    Can you help me and Taeyeon prepare some food?

    Taeyeon: sorry…we’re
    just short handed.

    Seohyun looked at them without saying a word and
    went looked back again across the field. The two of them understand Seohyun’s
    action and went to prepare the food by themselves.

    Hyomin: Taeyeon…..
    did Seohyun liked Warren?

    Taeyeon: …it
    seems so… I’m kind of worried that she’ll do something stupid. To tell you the
    truth, this is the first time we’ve seen maknae’s like that…. she’s always
    stading at the gate waiting for Warren to come back.

    Jessica enters their conversation in the kitchen.

    Jessica: …..when
    that Warren comes back, I’m really going to slap his face until it turns

    Taeyeon: aww..
    come on Sica… you shouldn’t be like that…. instead of thinking like that.. why
    don’t you check on Clive and Tiffany who is working together with Yuri and
    Sooyoung reinforcing the walls.

    Jessica: alright…alright…
    I’m just saying I’m worried too you know…

    Taeyeon: I
    hear you….

    And Jessica leaves them.

    Hyomin: …is
    Jessica like that?

    Taeyeon: yeah…
    but once you get to know her personality, she’s very caring too. It’s just she
    has her own way of showing it. Are you scared of her?

    Hyomin: a
    little but if you said it like that, that makes sense. Still we should do
    something to cheer Seohyun up.

    Taeyeon and Hyomin tried to think of something but
    only came up with nothing. Mean while at the fence of Yoochiri house.

    Yoona: Hyoyeon
    unnie… are you finished putting a barbed-wire on that fence?

    Hyoyeon: I’m
    almost finished Yoong…. How about you?

    Yoona: unnie,
    you’re a slow poke. I’m already finished about 4 minutes ago..

    Yoona gave Hyoyeon a big smile.

    Hyoyeon: I
    know… you don’t have to brag about it Yoong. Anyways, instead of looking stupid
    while smiling, help me finish this, I’m tired.

    Yoona: ok,
    ok, ok, … you don’t have to call me stupid looking

    Yoona gave a hearty laugh at Hyoyeon. After that, Yoona
    became serious while helping Hyoyeon.

    Yoona: unnie….
    What do you think happen to Warren?

    Hyoyeon: how
    should I know….. he left without saying just because we were teasing him last

    Yoona: uuuhmm
    you sounded like you’re mad at him….

    Hyoyeon: who
    wouldn’t be? Think about it. He’s grown close to us. Even protected us…and
    almost died…. Even though I haven’t talked to him so much I can tell he’s
    gaining some human qualities…

    Yoona: …
    you like him unnie?

    Hyoyeon: …..stop
    it right there Yoong…I do like him….but as a FRIEND alright? Besides… that’s
    not the reason I’m mad at him.

    Yoona: then
    what is it unnie?

    Hyoyeon: Seohyun………….

    Yoona: oh……right……….

    Hyoyeon: I
    can’t believe he took off just like that, without saying a word. Leaving
    maknae……. Maknae took it hard that’s why she’s like that… I hate seeing maknae
    like that. I’m only used to see her simple smile or better smile when she sees

    Yoona: unnie…..
    maybe he’ll come back… last time I heard. He feel ashamed because he’s always
    putting us in danger.

    Hyoyeon: then
    let me ask you this Yoong…. Are you happy that Warren or Clive is protecting

    Yoona: of
    course! But…..

    Hyoyeon: but…?

    Yoona: Seohyun
    is right… Warren shouldn’t throw his life just for us. All Seohyun wanted is
    for everyone to be safe. Including our two loose cannon friends.

    Hyoyeon: and
    you guessed what I’m saying right? Well let’s just finish this… my shoulder and
    becoming stiff reinforcing these wires.

    Back at the front of the house.

    Clive: Tiffany…
    why the long face? It doesn’t suit you.

    Tiffany: don’t
    mind me Clive… I’m just worried about Seohyun.. always standing at the gate
    like that…

    Clive: then
    talk to her… you’re the only one she listens to.

    Tiffany: but
    I feel bad leaving you to work by yourself. You still haven’t recovered.

    Clive: ….thanks
    for the concern but I think Seohyun needs all the support she she can get.

    Tiffany: but…..

    And Jessica came just in time.

    Jessica: you
    heard the man Fany… besides, If I’m the one who’s going to talk to her… I might
    ending up saying wrong words.

    Tiffany: …..
    thank you Sica.

    And Tiffany went to talk to Seohyun leaving Clive and

    Clive: Tiffany
    really cares for you all doesn’t she? She can’t take away her concerns for

    Jessica: that’s
    Tiffany real personality… and right now, it’s not just us… she cares for you
    too… even for the blockhead who’s gone missing for one week.

    Clive: …I
    see… still it puzzles me… where or why did Warren disappear…..

    Jessica: …………

    Jessica couldn’t give an answer. Tiffany talked to Seohyun
    at the gate.

    Tiffany: maknae?...
    don’t be like that….. will you come inside? You’re going to catch cold standing

    But Seohyun just stood still.

    Tiffany: I
    know you’re waiting for him to come back and I know you care for him very much.
    If you trust him that much, you could wit for him inside.. I’m starting to
    worry about you Seohyun…

    Seohyun just looked at Tiffany silently and decides to come
    inside the house. All of them just looked at Seohyun’s sad and depressed expression as she walks inside
    the house while Tiffany walks with her.

    Taeyeon: …I’ve
    never seen Seohyun broken like this….

    Hyomin: it
    couldn’t be helped. Losing someone who is important to you… it’s like a mind
    shattering blow to your heart.

    Sunny: ….you
    know Hyomin… I wanted to brighten up the mood but I couldn’t think of the

    All of them heard Sunny’s words. Everyone of them
    is at loss of words. They knew Seohyun’s personality but they haven’t seen her
    in that kind of state. They don’t know how to react or what to do. Taeyeon,
    Sunny and Hyomin starts to distribute the foods. Inside the house, Tiffany is
    worried because Seohyun is not eating.

    Tiffany: Seohyun…please,
    you’ve got to eat even a little....

    Seohyun had no reaction. Tiffany is still asking
    her to eat but Seohyun still refuses. Without showing an interest to eat,
    Tiffany decided to give up and not to force Seohyun to eat. She went outside
    with the others with a gloomy expression.

    Clive: so?
    How is she Tiffany?

    Tiffany: no
    luck… she’s still the same.

    Yoona: I’m
    worried unnie, she hasn’t eaten in five days….

    Taeyeon, who is quietly listening suddenly stood

    Taeyeon: AAAAH!

    To their surprise, Taeyeon went inside to confront

    Taeyeon: SEO

    Everyone is shocked at Taeyeon’s loud voice and
    words to Seohyun. They couldn’t believe what Taeyeon said. Hearing what Taeyeon
    said, Seohyun glared back with angry eyes but still not saying another word.

    Taeyeon: what?
    Don’t you like to hear it? I’ll say this again. HE’S GOTTEN TIRED FOR ALL OF

    Seohyun cannot take another word of Taeyeon, she
    lowered her face and she start talking back with a tears in her eyes.

    Seohyun: Unnie,
    of all the people I’ve loved, you’re the least person I’ve expected to talk about

    Seohyun stopped at her words and looked at Taeyeon.
    When she saw Taeyeon’s face, she’s surprised to see Taeyeon is smiling at her.

    Taeyeon: finally…
    we got the chance to hear you talk.

    Seohyun is speechless as Taeyeon hugged her with a tears
    also in her eyes.

    Seohyun: unnie?
    Why are you crying?

    Taeyeon: maknae…
    don’t ask us how do we feel about Warren. We feel the same as you…. I know what
    you’re about going to say…….. are sure that you feel like that towards him?

    Seohyun: …unnie…
    I do…….…I don’t know….

    Seohyun wiped her tears as she smiles.

    Taeyeon: maknae…we
    all care for you and we want the same makane we always knew. the same maknae
    who is always smiling and keeping calm always. I’m sorry if I said something
    bad about Warren… we just want you to talk to us. We’re your family remember?

    Seohyun: ….Taeyeon
    unnie…. I’m sorry… it’s just, Warren’s sudden disappearance is quite a blow for
    me. we ‘re always used that he is around… it’s just……..

    Jessica: maknae…
    look here, if you trust him, we’re sure he’ll come back. Don’t just jump on

    Clive: well..
    I don’t know what to say on times like this……. Hmm…. Don’t worry?

    Hyomin: ……Clive…
    can’t you think of something inspiring to say other than that?

    Seohyun looked at them with a bright expressions on her

    Seohyun: thank
    you unnies… thank you Clive. I promise won’t let you worry from now on.

    Yoona: that’s
    the spirit Seohyun.

    Sooyoung: well
    it’s getting dark soon so we better prepare as we always do.

    And all of them took their weapon of choice like
    they always do in these past 1 week. Inside the house all of them are inside
    except for Yuri and Clive. Both of them are up in the roof.

    Yuri: Clive…
    are you sure want to do this? You’ve only just recovered.

    Clive: hey,
    I can walk, and pick up a gun, as long as I can do that, then I’m fine.

    Yuri: …ok
    but, I’m staying beside you.

    Clive: …….
    I think you better not. I can’t concentrate with you around.

    Yuri: you’re

    Yuri sticks out her tongue at Clive and both of them
    laughed at each other.

    Clive: you
    have to stop that kind of act. It’s embarrassing. Being a kid doesn’t suit you.

    Yuri: oh?
    So what do you prefer? A sexy one? If I do that, then yo’l probably loose your
    concentration more.

    Clive: hahahah…
    I don’t mind. I’ll just look the other way……

    In the middle of their, conversation. Yuri noticed
    something from afar. Three shadow figure are slowly walking towards the house.
    Yuri told Clive and Clive check those shadowy figure through the nightvision
    scope attached to his rifle.

    Clive: I
    can’t BELIEVE IT!!

    Yuri: what
    did you see?

    Clive: it’s
    Warren…. But something is not right… and he has two companion as well. One male
    and one female.

    Yuri: whew…
    I thought he left us.. maybe he went to get some more helping hand?

    Clive: ……
    Yuri, think about it. What did Warren told us before he disappeared?

    Yuri think hard and remembered that Warren is all
    ALONE in his life since he turned his back on his own clan.

    Yuri: I’ve
    got to warn the others…

    Clive: Yuri,
    no matter what happens and if you can, don’t let Seohyun know that it’s Warren.

    Yuri Nodded and went down with the others.

    Yuri: everyone,
    be alert, we’ve got company.

    Taeyeon: what
    is it now? Zombies?

    Yuri: Werewolves…
    three of them

    All of them couldn’t say a thing. Yuri called Taeyeon and
    she whipered.

    Yuri: we
    have a problem though Taengoo….. one of them si Warren.

    To Taeyeon’s surprised, she shouted her expression.

    Taeyeon: WHAT??!

    Yuri: I’m
    afraid it’s true… Clive and I will distract them, you guys look some place to

    Yuri went back on the roof with Clive then they all
    heard that Clive started to fire. Followed by Yuri’s revolver.all of them went
    hiding in the attic they’ve buildduring these past week. But Seohyun, Sooyoung
    and Jessica stayed on the ground. Sooyoung went where Yuri is while Jessica and
    Seohyun stands guard with their Katana and Whip. Up in the roof.

    Yuri: Shikshin!
    What the heck are you doing here? I thought I told you to…….

    Sooyoung cuts Yuri’s words by covering her mouth.

    Sooyoung: I
    told you I want to help too. And I don’t want the two of you getting mushy
    mushy in these kind of situation.. hmm?

    Sooyoung gave them a mischievous smile.

    Clive: heheh…
    I guess 3 guns are better than 2 then… let’s do this. Be alert there’s three of
    them, 2 males and 1 female.

    Warren and the other werewolf, started to run
    towards the house while Warren’s sister stayed behind. Clive noticed it and
    told it to Yuri.

    Clive: the
    female didn’t do a thing… but the 2 males are the problem… they’re running
    toward us. Fire at will girls

    The three of them emptied their rounds but due to
    the werewolve’s traits, they were agile enough to dodge all the bullets. The
    other werewolf jumped at them to the roof while Warren heads for the ground

    *** Scenario parts***

    Outside the house, The werewolf who’s with Warren
    jumped towards the roof where Clive, Yuri and Sooyoung are stationed. The
    werewolf successfully managed to reach them on the roof. Just as werewolf in
    front of them is going to swipe its claw at them, Clive dropped his rifle instinctively
    picked up his desert eagle from his gun holster located at the side of his
    waist and landed a perfect hit on the werewolf and Sooyoung fires the shotgun
    she’s holding and she hit the werewolf close range at the abdomen area. The
    werewolf was sent to the ground because of the force from Sooyoung’s shotgun.
    The werewolf tried to stand up but was still groggy from Sooyoung’s shotgun
    impact. Yuri saw this chance and hurriedly went down and grabbed the axe that
    is lying nearby and she swings the the axe aiming its chest but the werewolf
    blocked it with its left arm causing Yuri only hitting and chopping its arm
    off. Sooyoung supported Yuri and tucked the shotgun and aimed it to its chest.
    “BLAAM!” the werewolf was knocked down by Sooyoung.

    Yuri: nice
    shot Sooyoung.

    Sooyoung: thanks
    Yul…. Is it dead?

    Clive came from behind them and without a warning,
    he emptied his whole clip of desert eagle bullets to the werewolf’s chest. Yuri
    and Sooyoung is surprised at Clive.

    Yuri: what…
    that’s overkill Clive, you don’t have to do that.

    Clive: ……my
    own rules of engagement. When you see an enemy lifelessly lying on the ground,
    don’t trust what you see or we might regret it later. Make sure it’s dead.
    Sooyoung, you and Yuri go inside and help the others. I’ll go back up again and
    make sure it’s safe.

    They all agreed on Clive’s term and they rushed
    towards the house. Clive climbed back at the roof and hold his rifle again and
    scan through his scope. He still saw the female who’s doing nothing.

    Clive: what
    are you planning…. What have you done to Warren….. wait… could it be….

    Inside the House, at the sametime where Clive’s company are
    battling it out with the other werewolf.

    Jessica: of
    all the things have yet to come… this big one appears.

    Jessica complains while cracking her whip at Warren
    whom they couldn’t identify because of his appearance.

    Jessica: Maknae!
    Just stand there while I hold this one off

    Seohyun: Unnie
    you can’t take him on by yourself!! Let me at least help you!!

    Jessica: I

    Warren, who is in berserk state, saw a chance to
    grab Jessica’s whip and pulled her towards him. Seohyun is in shock imagining
    the claws of the werewolf tearing at Jessica’s flesh. Hyomin noticed Seohyun
    and without notice, she closed her eyes and jumped at the back of the werewolf
    causing it to miss Jessica but apparently, Jessica’s shirt were damage slightly on the side.
    Jessica luckily landed on their bag of food supply.

    Hyomin: JESSICA!!

    Jessica ran towards Seohyun at the same time,
    Warren, grabbed Hyomin by her neck causing her to soffucate. Sunny saw her
    bestfriend Hyomin in that state, became enraged and jumped down from the attic
    and grabs the hammer they used reinforcing the fence of the house and manage to
    hit Warren’s back causing him to drop Hyomin. Sunny quickly rushed towards
    Hyomin who is gasping for air.

    Sunny: Hyomin!
    Are you alright? Don’t be such a show off!! You almost died!!

    Hyomin: *cough*
    I’m ok *cough* you should *cough*…..

    Sunny: should

    Hyomin coudn’t utter another word because she saw
    Warren at Sunny’s back ready to put his claw at Sunny’s back. And worrying for
    her bestfriendss life, just as Warren swiped his claw down at them, Hyomin
    pushed Sunny to the side but she got scratched at her arm.

    Hyomin: AAAAAAAAAH!!!

    Sunny: HYOMIN!!!

    Sunny enraged, she tightly gripped the handle of
    the hammer and attempts to hit Warren again but this time, he’s prepared and
    anticipated and managed to break the hammer’s handle leaving Sunny only with a
    broken piece of wood in her hand. Warren’s attention went to Sunny and slowly
    walks towards her for the kill just as he is going to swipe Sunny, again,
    eventhough in pain, Hyomin stood up and jumped again on Warren’s back distracting
    Warren’s attention again, Warren tried to grab Hyomin and manages to grab
    Hyomin’s shirt. But this time, Hyomin tightly hold her arms just to not let go.
    Warren starting to get annoyed starts throwing scrathes on his back giving
    Hyomin some light wounds on her back also. Tiffany couldn’t bare to look at
    Hyomin’s sacrifice, jumped down also and grabbed the frying pan and manages to
    land a hit on the side of Warren’s face. Warren became dizzy and falls down,
    and Sunny rushed to Hyomin and pulled her out from Warren’s back. Taeyeon
    followed Tiffany and also grabbed a think wood lying around and manages to hit
    Warren’s face. Because of the hits Warren took, it fueled his rage and quickly
    recovered from its dizziness. One by one, Warren seemingly throws them in one
    side of the house except Seohyun and Jessica. All of them couldn’t stand up
    because they’re still collecting themselves from the impact when they’re
    thrown. And when Warren are going to swiped them with his claws, Jessica
    flicked her whip tying Warren’s arm that is about to swipe the girls. Unfortunately
    Jessica don’t have enough strength to pull Warren’s arm, instead, Warren pulls
    Jessica ending up with the other’s as well. With all of them terrified about
    what’s coming to them they just froze up waiting for their fate. As they saw
    the werewolf raised its arms up getting ready to tear their flesh. They saw a
    small smile on its face. As its hands starting to go down to claw them. Seohyun
    ran towards between them.

    Seohyun: STOOOOOOOP!!!

    Warren is surprised at her actions and stopped. All
    of them are surprised because they saw Seohyun, is between them and the
    werewolf. They all saw just less than an inch, Warren’s claw will tear at
    Seohyun’s flesh but just like they saw a movie paused, Warren and Seohyun who’s
    arms is spread wide open not moving an inch. They can still hear Warren’s
    monstrous growl. It seems to them that the werewolf is trying to frighten
    Seohyun to move away. But Seohyun stood her ground. Eventhough scared, she
    remained perfectly still.

    Seohyun: i-I
    know I’m the one y-you want…. But please leave my unnies alone……

    Warren couldn’t understand what is Seohyun’s
    talking about since he’s under the influence rage. And withtou a word, Warren
    grabs her on her waist and lift her up. All of them were frozen in horror as
    they saw the werewolf opened its mouth and prepared its fangs to bite Seohyun’s
    neck. Seohyun, in her last minutes, tries to talk to the werewolf, with tears.

    Seohyun: if
    my life will save my unnies I’ll be gladly accept it….

    All of them shouted Seohyun’s name but Seohyun couldn’t
    hear them. All she can hear is the sound of the werewolf coming closer to neck.
    As soon it tries to sink it’s fangs to her neck.

    Seohyun: Warren……
    thank you

    The werewolf heard his name and stopped in a nick
    of time before its fangs sank in Seohyun’s neck. Puzzled, he drops Seohyun.
    Jessica quickly grabbed Seohyun and checked her neck and they’re glad to see
    there’s no wound.

    Sunny: what
    just the heck happened? Why’d he stopped?

    And to their surprise the werewolf spoke to them.

    Warren: S-SEO…………HYUN………….

    They’re eyes opened wide realizing who it is.

    Yoona: WARREN

    Warren: G-GET……….AWAY………F-FROM……………..ME……………

    Warren feels something in head. He feels like his
    head is going to explode.

    MY HEAD!!!!

    Seohyun not caring for the danger, slips out of
    Jessica’s embrace went towards Warren as soon as she saw Warren grabbed his
    head like he’s going crazy

    Seohyun: Warren!
    Tell me!! WHAT’S WRONG!!!

    Warren: STAY

    And then behind Warren the wall exploded revealing
    a female werewolf.

    Clare: so…
    is this the woman you’re protecting? PATHETIC!!

    Seohyun stood up again walking towards face to face
    with Clare. Seohyun looked at her with an angry face.

    Seohyun: I
    don’t know what you did to him……. but I can’t forgive you.

    Unknowingly from all of them, Seohyun hold the
    katana tightly and to their surprise, just like a flash of light Seohyun, swung
    the katana on Clare. Clare suffered light cut on her cheeks.

    Clare: very
    impressive little girl. you’re the first normal human being to give me a wound,
    in return I’ll rip you to shreds!!

    Warren, suffering from his haziness, he mustered
    all of his senses and pushed Seohyun to protect her from Clares attack
    resulting Warren took the attack across his body. Warren suffered a large deep
    wound across his body. Just in time, Yuri and Sooyoung bust through the door to
    noticed the last action happening inside. All they saw that Warren pushing
    Seohyun and Warren’s blood splattering across the house wall. Clive immediately
    went down and saw Warren falling down.

    Clive: WARRREEENN!!!!!

    Witnessing Warren’s fall Clive went rage and
    unloaded everything he’s got at Clare. From his Desert eagle to submachine gun
    to assault rifle. Yuri and Sooyoung followed Clive’s action and unloads
    everything they got. Clare suffered major damage from the bullet wounds and
    barely escaped. The room went silent along with the disappearance of Clare.

    Seohyun: Warren?
    Warren…please open your eyes….. please….. open up…..

    Taeyeon: Maknae……….

    All of them looked at Seohyun who is crying on top
    of Warren’s bloody body.

    Warren: S-Se….o…..hyun…………I’m…………….glad….yo…..ur

    Seohyun: Shhhh
    don’t talk. don’t talk…everything’s going to be alright…… save you strength….

    Warren: i-I’m……s-sor…ry…..for…..t-the…………troubl………….

    Warren closed his eyes.

    Seohyun: Warren?.......WARREN??
    DON’T YOU DARE…………………..

    Clive: ready
    your things. Everyone, put all the items we need. We’re leaving this place.
    We’re going to the city. There’s still time to save him…. Seohyun, Get
    something to cover his wound before he ran out of blood.

    All of them actively looked for some cloth or
    something to put on Warren’s deep wound but they can’t find anything. With a
    choice, Jessica pulled her most expensive and favorite dress and gave it to
    Seohyun. Taeyeon and Yoona did the same.

    Seohyun: unnies?
    But these are….

    Yoona: use
    it Seohyun. He needs it more than we need it.

    Seohyun: thank
    you……. Warren please hang in there.. we’re going to get you fixed.

    Clive: that’s
    good. Hyoyeon please help Seohyun apply pressure on Warren’s wound to stop the
    bleeding partially….

    In just a minutes, all of their things are packed
    in Clive’s humvee and making some space in the van just for Warren. Seohyun
    Cried non stop, worrying for Warren’s life. And they left for the city.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 11

    Unordinary Ally

    Inside the Humvee, Clive, Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona
    looked at each other. The four of them can’t find a word to start a
    conversation because they’re running against time. Mean while back at the van where Sunny is driving
    with Hyomin beside her at the passenger seat, couldn’t also say something.
    Taeyeon and Jessica always keeps looking back and forth checking if they’re still
    following Clive’s humvee, while Hyoyeon and Seohyun continued applying pressure
    on Warren’s wound. Both of their vehicle are travelling above 110km/h. They knew that Clive is
    pressured about Warren, they didn’t care every bump they’ve driven. They only
    worry about their priority, Warren’s life. In the middle of their journey.
    Hyomin’s phone rang

    Hyomin: hello?
    Who’s this?................. Eun jung? Where are you
    guys?...........ok……uh-huh…. I’m fine….what about you guys?.............. well
    I’m glad to know you’re all safe…… listen, I’m with Sunny and the rest of them.
    Don’t worry about me ok? I’ll call you later. Ok bye.

    Sunny: are
    they alright?

    Hyomin: they’re
    fine. It seems someone took them in since the disaster started.

    Sunny: good
    to know… I’m starting to worry about them too you know.

    Hyomin: same
    here but I’m more worried about Warren. I hope we make it in time.

    Sunny: we’ll
    make it. Don’t worry. Taengoo, how are things back there?

    Taeyeon gave a dumbfounded answer.

    Taeyeon: Warren’s
    blood is all over the floor just so you know, we’ve already used our jackets
    because some of our clothes are soaked in blood.

    Sunny: ………..
    are you angry right now Taeng?

    no.. I’m just upset that something like this happened. This is really the first
    time I can’t relax seeing Warren like this.

    Sunny signaled Clive to stop the humvee by
    flickering the headlights. They’ve stopped in the middle of the road. Yuri and
    Yoona came down and asked what happened. Sunny told them to go back right away
    to Clive’s humvee. Confused they just went back without asking. Inside the van.

    Hyomin: Sunny

    Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Seohyun was surprised at
    Suuny’s action. She took off her shirt and gave it to Seohyun.

    Seohyun: S-Sunny
    unnie…. You’ll catch a cold.

    Sunny: what
    are you saying maknae? I know what I’m doing. Besides I’m not driving without
    anything on besides my bra. Hyomin, give me that blaket beside you. I’ll cover
    myself with that.

    Hyomin grabbed the blanket beside her and Sunny
    covered herself with it and signals Clive and starts to drive again.

    Sunny: I
    know what you’re going to say but this isn’t the time to be conservative. All
    I’m worried about is saving Warren’s life.

    Hyomin: you
    should’ve asked Yuri and Yoona to get you some clothes from their baggage.

    Sunny: we
    don’t have time, if we wait for them to take some clothes, they’ll take forever
    to find one because all of our bags in their humvee are underneath the food
    supplies we have. We’re racing against time here. For Warren.

    Seohyun: T-Taeyeon
    unnie… I’m kind of embarrassed to use Sunny unnie’s clothes…

    Taeyeon: maknae,
    it can’t be helped. Which is more important? Your embarrassment or Warren’s

    Sunny backs up Taeyeon’s question.

    Sunny: I
    know I’m being unreasonable about my actions but please let me contribute
    something. And don’t argue with me about taking my shirt off. We don’t have any
    more time to waste thinking our image while there’s a person who is critically

    Seohyun: thank
    you Sunny unnie…

    And Seohyun began to change the used shirts, fully
    soaked in blood and used Sunny’s shirt. After 40 minutes. They’ve arrived back
    at city but they’ve stopped just right at the entrance. Yoona asks Clive.

    Yoona: Clive
    oppa, it looks like…there isn’t a single person in here….

    Clive: …….quiet!.....
    Sooyoung, call the others on the van through your phone. Tell them not to go
    out. I’ve got a bad feeling about this….

    Sooyoung immediately did what Clive told her to do
    and she calls Taeyeon through the phone and told them not to go outside.

    Taeyeon: ok
    Nasoo, but tell him we better hurry up or Warren will bleed out.

    Hyoyeon asks as she saw Taeyeon outing back her phone in
    her pocket.

    Hyoyeon: what
    was that all about?

    Taeyeon: Clive
    warned us not to go outside. There’s something in here back at the city.

    Hyomin heard Taeyeon and starts to look around from inside
    the van.

    Hyomin: maybe
    we should do what Clive wants us to do….. I mean… there’s lights in some of the
    buildings but there’s no people around.

    Sunny: ….you’re
    right…. it’s too quiet

    Sensing a danger, Sunny gripped the steering wheel
    of the van, preparing to rev up if something pops out. Back in the humvee.

    Sooyoung: Clive,
    Tangoo said, if you’re planning something, better do it quick.. Warren is
    bleeding badly.

    Clive: I
    know… ok here’s the plan we’ll slowly move in and stay alert all the time. I
    know someone who could fix Warren. Yuri, you and Yoona keep guard at the sides
    of the Humvee. And you Sooyung, take your weapon of choice and guard the top
    and back of the humvee.

    Sooyoung: …..any

    Clive: yes
    any gun.

    Sooyoung: ok
    then… I’ll take these three.

    Sooyoung chose the shotgun, Clive’s Desert eagle
    and the Assault rifle and some extra mags, shells and clips. And gives Yuri a
    mischievous smile. Yuri smile back as she and Yoona grabbed the submachine gun
    and the revolver.

    Clive: ok..are
    we set to go?

    The three of them locked and loaded.

    Yoona: yeah
    let’s do this quickly.

    Yuri signaled Sunny by a flashlight that they’re
    moving. And they followed. They start to went in slowly, not fully stepping the
    gas. Their vehicles moved like they’re crawling. As they went inside the city,
    They observed the area and couldn’t find a single person.

    Jessica: ….my….god….
    is this the city that we used to lived in? it’s like a ghost town.

    Taeyeon: calm
    down Sica…..i’m sure there’re still survivors hiding somewhere.

    Sunny: how
    is Warren?

    Seohyun gently placed her ear on Warren’s chest and hears a
    faint heartbeat.

    Seohyun: not
    good Sunny unnie… his heart is faintly beating….

    Just as Seohyun began to cry, Hyoyeon called her.

    Hyoyeon: Seohyun,
    Crying won’t solve anything alright? You have to stay strong too. For Warren’s

    Seohyun halted from crying and gently smiles.

    Seohyun: thank
    you Hyoyeon unnie…

    Taeyeon: ….
    I hope we can get Warren in time…. I wonder though, where is Clive leading us?

    Sunny: I’m
    sure he knows where to go Taengoo.

    Tiffany: but
    where can we go? I feel nothing is safe in here.

    Sunny: and
    we’re not safe either in Yoochiri, Fany. Which do you prefer? Here or back

    Tiffany couldn’t answer Sunny’s question. Just as
    Tiffany is going to talk, Sunny stepped hard on the brakes.

    Tiffany: SUNNY!!
    Watch it!!

    Sunny: sorry…
    but Clive’s humvee stopped.

    Taeyeon, Hyomin, and Tiffany looked at the front
    and saw Clive’s humvee has stopped. Inside the humvee.

    Yuri: what
    the….. hey Clive what gives? Why’d you stopped.

    Clive turned the headlights off and replied.

    Clive: sssshh…don’t
    make sudden noises. Get your eyes focused in the dark. You will see something.

    Yuri wondering, she obeyed Clive. She focused her
    eyes out until her eyes get used to the dark. She saw some people. But to her
    surprise, she saw the people walking around, missing some body parts, bodies
    are covered in blood but they’re still walking like normal people.

    Yuri: C-Clive…..
    are they still alive?

    Yoona: but
    unnie, how can they be alive with that kind of injury?

    Clive: Yoona’s
    right we better find another wa…….

    Before Clive finished his words, they saw Sooyoung
    who is guarding the roof of the humvee came down walking outside towards the
    bloody people. Clive immediately rolled his window down and shouted at Sooyoung
    in a whispered tone.

    Clive: “Sooyoung!!

    Yuri did the same thing as Clive did.

    Yuri: “SHIKSHIN!!

    Because Sooyoung didn’t listen to Clive and Yuri’s
    conversation a while ago, she replied in a normal sound of her voice.

    Sooyoung: there
    might some survivors in there!!

    Just then, one of the bloodied people heard
    Sooyoung’s voice and starts running towards her. To their Horror, they saw it
    jumped towards Sooyoung. Sooyoung just in time to turn around and landed on her
    back. To her terrified look, she saw the man trying to bite her neck but
    luckily, she defended with her shotgun. Tiffany saw a glimpse of what’s
    happening, without a word, she went out and helped Sooyoung.

    Tiffany: get
    you filthy hands off of her!

    But the man’s grip is like a lock, no matter how
    hard Tiffany shoved, it doesn’t let go of Sooyoung. Desperate to save Sooyoung,
    Tffany grabbed her Beretta from her back waist and shot the man in the head.
    “BANG!”. The gun shot echoes across the place, enough sound to alert the rest
    of the group. Yoona, Yuri and Clive saw the horde running towards them. Yoona
    shouted at them.

    Yoona: Unnies!!

    But Sooyoung and Tiffany didn’t even budge from
    where they’re standing. Yuri gets annoyed.

    Yuri: CHOI

    Sooyoung and Tiffany just looked back at each other
    and they understand about they’re crazy idea. Tiffany replied to them.

    Tiffany: Yuri…
    get away from here now. Somebody needs to draw their attention.

    Yuri: FANY!!

    Sooyoung: YURI!!
    We don’t want Warren to die!! Leave us and go!! We know how to find you!!!
    Besides, we know this place, we can take care of ourselves!!

    Yoona: but…..

    Some of the horde gets closer and Sooyoung starts
    to shoot the ones closer with the assault rifle. Tiffany goes to Clive.

    Tiffany: Clive,
    we know what we’re doing. Please at least let us go from here.

    Clive: are
    you you girls want to do this? We can get awa…….

    Tiffany: JUST
    GO!!! And take care of our sisters and Warren.

    Clive: you
    two are stubborn….. ok, I’ll hold your words.

    Yuri: you
    two idiots better come back ALIVE!!

    Tiffany replied Yuri with an eye smile.

    Tiffany: don’t
    worry Yuri, we promise you that!

    Tiffany gives a thumbs up to assure they’re going
    to be ok. Just as Tiffany is going to walk away, Yoona called her.

    Yoona: UNNIE!!
    Take this, you might need this.

    Yoona gave Tiffany six fragmentation grenades and
    the Hunting knife.

    Tiffany: thank
    you. You be good Yoona. We’ll contact you once we’re clear.

    Clive gave a nod and Yuri called Sunny about
    Sooyoung and Tiffany’s plan. Because they’ runnig out of time, they have no
    choice but to go with it even though they’re against it and they left. Sooyoung
    and Tiffany stood their ground. With Tiffany’s hands gripping the handle of the
    beretta tightly, Sooyoung redied the assault rifle. Just then two from the
    horde rushed to them. Tiffany lets out the first shot hitting the one attacker
    on the chest the other one jumped and Tiffany countered it with the hunting
    knife, slashing its neck cleanly. Just then, out of nowhere, the first man whom
    Tiffany shot first gets up and ran towards themTiffany was surprised and
    managed to knock her down, and when the man tried to bite her, Tiffany shoved
    the gun’s nozzle on its mouth and pulled the trigger. The man dropped dead.
    Tiffany’s clothes are partially covered in blood. Sooyoung helped her stand up.

    Sooyoung: are
    you sure you want to be with me Fany-ah?

    Tiffany: I
    can’t help it Sooyoung. Someone’s got to cover your back. I can’t have Tae-Tae
    leave Seohyun there.

    Sooyoung: ok
    then…. But we have a problem here Fany-ah……….

    Tiffany: what?

    Sooyoung: we
    didn’t bring food…

    Tiffany: …….
    Nasoo… we’re in the middle of the horde and all you thinking about is food?

    Tiffany lets out a small smile. So did Sooyoung.

    Tiffany: alright
    if we make it through this I’m going to give you many treats as many as you can.

    Sooyoung: don’t
    kid me with that. I might take up that offer.

    Tiffany: I’m
    just trying to liven up your spirit Nasoo…. Hurry before the other horde comes,
    let’s run inside that store.

    Both of them ran while shooting back at the hordes
    of rage infected (just like in left 4 dead infected)people. Just as they were
    going inside the store, one of the infected jumped at Sooyoung’s back. Tiffany
    was taken by a surprise to see Sooyoung flopped down right in front of her.
    Sooyoung, hurting from the fall couldn’t recover right away and the man that is
    ready to bite Sooyoung’s neck from behind, Tiffany wasted no time and kicked
    head of the infected causing it to let
    go of Sooyoung. Before it can recover, Tiffany grabbed the assault rifle from
    Sooyoung and emptied the whole clip on the infected. Sooyoung just froze when
    she saw Tiffany enraged at the infected for trying to hurt her. “click…click….
    click” realizing Tiffany’s trauma, Sooyoung called Tiffany.

    Sooyoung: F-Fany
    you can stop now… i-I’m fine…

    But Tiffany is still pulling the trigger.

    Sooyoung: TIFFANY!!
    STOP IT!! It’s dead now.

    Tiffany: o-ooh…

    Sooyoung hugged Tiffany and she felt Tiffany
    shaking. Sooyoung pulled Tiffany’s face and stared at her face to face.

    Sooyoung: Fany..
    it’s ok now. Thanks to you I’m saved… you can relax now… please let go of the
    rifle now…..

    As soon as Tiffany hand over the assault rifle to
    Sooyoung. Tiffany hugged Sooyoung back tightly and cried.

    Tiffany: i…I
    thought you were going to die…i…..i just couldn’t let that happen….

    Sooyoung: ssshh…shhhh…
    it’s ok now. it’s fine, it’s fine.

    Sooyoung said that to Tiffany as she stroke
    Tiffany’s hair to calm her down. after 3 minutes, Tiffany calmed down.

    Tiffany: sorry…
    I just lost it back there Nasoo….

    Sooyoung: I
    understand that Fany. I would’ve done the same thing you did if I were in your
    shoes. now.. how do we get out of here?

    Before Tiffany could answer, they heard a loud
    crashing sound from one of the window store. One of the infected manages to get
    inside the store. Both of them crouched down to avoid being seen. Just the,
    Tiffany’s phone rang and echoes the whole room.

    Sooyoung: Tiffany!!
    Throw your phone.. NOW!!!

    Tiffany: but..
    it’s Tae-Tae…..

    Before Sooyoung could answer, the infected swarmed
    through the store’s entrance and manages to break through the glass door.

    Sooyoung: we
    can worry about that later but for now we worry for our life!!

    Sooyoung grabbed Tiffany’s phone and threw it
    farther away from them. As Tiffany’s phone attracts the infected horde, they
    all went after the phone, while Sooyoung and Tiffany look for a place to
    escape. Tiffany saw a door leading to the second floor of the store. Tiffany
    kicked it and it opened.

    Tiffany: Nasoo,
    over here!!

    Sooyoung followed Tiffany to the second floor of
    the store and went inside the staff room door. They went in and locked it from
    the inside.

    Sooyoung: whew…
    good thing your quick Tiffany…..

    Tiffany: …we
    have another problem…. There’s no windows to go through… we’re trapped.

    Sooyoung: well….
    This is better than with those freaks…. But Tiffany..can you believe it?
    They’re still roaming around even if their insides and visible… it’s beyond
    human capacity to roaming around like that…

    Tiffany searched the room and noticed the papers scattered
    in the room. She collects all the pages and lastly, she found a folder with a
    “Security Files” label with it.

    Tiffany: Nasoo…
    I think this will explain what is happening here.

    Sooyoung: hmm…
    what? A rage virus? You will become infected in the blood of infectee enters
    your blood strea……….

    Sooyoung looked at Tiffany because she remembered that
    before they went inside the store, some of its blood had been sprayed at
    Tiffany. Tiffany noticed Sooyoung looking at her with a doubtful stare.

    Tiffany: Nasoo,
    I know what you are thinking… I’M NOT INFECTED!!! The Blood is only stuck on my
    shirt.. nothing else…

    But Sooyoung still refuses to believe.

    Tiffany: you
    don’t believe me?..........fine I’ll take my shirt off just to prove to you I’m
    not infected.

    Tiffany starts to take her clothings and revealed
    everything to Sooyoung. Even though Tiffany is sure she’s fine, both of them
    are relieved that Tiffany don’t have scratch or wound. As Tiffany putting her
    clothings back on, Sooyoung apologized to her.

    Sooyoung: whew…
    sorry for doubting you like that.. I just don’t want anything bad happen to

    Tiffany: you
    don’t have to worry anything ‘cause it won’t happen ok?

    Sooyoung nodded. Soon after they heard some banging
    through the door on the other side of
    the room. They both looked from where the sound is coming from and they found closed
    door with a “COMFORT ROOM” label plate above. Carefully they approached the
    door. Just as they were close, the banging from the CR door starts again.
    Sooyoung put a new magazine on the Assault rifle and aimed at the door while
    Tiffany also, slide in a new clip for the beretta and carefully approached the
    door. Both of them talked through their eyes. Sooyoung signaling Tiffany to
    carefully approach and open the door while Tiffany is aiming the gun she held
    while she’s opening the door.

    Sooyoung / Tiffany: one………….two…………. THREE!!

    As soon as Tiffany opened the door something jumped
    at Sooyoung from the front knocking her down. to Tiffany’s amazement, the thing
    that Knocked Sooyoung down is a dog. A brown Siberian Husky.Tiffany called the
    dog and it immediately comes to her wagging its tail.

    Tiffany: aww..
    it seems you’ve been locked in there…. You must’ve been horrified because
    you’re locked inside there.. do you have a name?

    As if the dog understands Tiffany, it went back
    inside the comfort room and when it came out, it’s bringing a torn collar and
    gave it to Tiffany.

    Tiffany: …Nadia?
    Awww.. what a nice name… come here girl…

    Sooyoung: wait
    Tiffany…. If she’s locked in there…someone must’ve been with her inside.

    Nadia: *whimper*

    Nadia heard Sooyoung and lets out a small cry and
    it seems like Nadia wanted to to follow her inside. Tiffany and Sooyoung
    followed Nadia inside the bathroom. In there they saw a police woman lying in
    the floor with a gunshot wound in the temple.

    Sooyoung: …..poor
    thing… your owner died protecting you.

    Nadia went to Sooyoung and, like a cat, she wants
    Sooyoung to pet her. Tiffany, on the other hand, tries to find a blanket to
    cover the police woman’s face but in the end couldn’t find any.

    Tiffany: Nasoo
    help me with these big box over here..

    Sooyoung: what
    are you going to do with that?

    Tiffany: well…I
    can’t find a blanket… at least we should cover her so that Nadia won’t see the
    gruesome image of her previous owner.

    Nadia silently watches Tiffany and Sooyoung get the
    big box enough to cover the dead police woman inside the bathroom and soon
    after, they barricaded the entrance door.

    Sooyoung: that
    does it…. Now, how are we going to escape from here?

    Tiffany: we’ll
    wait for the right time.. we can see those things from the security camera in
    here….i wish you didn’t have to throw my phone….

    Sooyoung: but
    it’s attracting their attention. But don’t worry, I have I have mine in he………here?

    Sooyoung’s hand are trying to find her cell phone
    through any of her pocket unfortunately she couldn’t find it.

    Sooyoung: ….crap…I
    think I left it on Clive’s humvee……..

    Tiffany: should
    we break through?

    Sooyoung: there’s
    too many of them….

    Then suddenly they heard Tiffany’s phone ringing

    Tiffany: it’s
    probably Tae-Tae………. If only we could get my phone.

    Then Nadia barked at them.

    Sooyoung: keep
    you voice…bark…voi……….what ever… tone it down Nadia or they’ll notice us in

    Tiffany: what’s
    wrong girl?

    Nadia starts scratching the small metal frame on
    one side of the room. Tiffany and Sooyoung went to where Nadia is and
    discovered a small ventilation system.

    Sooyoung: you
    want us to go in there?..... but both of us can’t fit in there…..

    But Nadia ignores them and starts scratching the
    small metal frame like crazy. Tiffany gets the Hint on what Nadia want’s to do.

    Tiffany: are
    you sure girl you want to go in there? They’re swarming all over the place.

    Sooyoung: what
    are you talking about Tiffany? You two can understand each other?

    Tiffany: It’s
    not like I can talk to her, seeing her as a trained dog of a police officer I
    think she wants to help us getting my phone out there. You’re right that we
    won’t fit in there but, Nadia can.

    Sooyoung strikes her forehead with her palm because
    of embarrassment.

    Sooyoung: stupid
    me.. why didn’t I think of that.. I thought she wants us to escape through

    Tiffany: hahaha
    silly Nasoo… ok Nadia you want us to remove this metal frame right?

    Nadia: Arf!

    Sooyoung: uughh..
    we can’t understand your bark….

    Tiffany: it’s
    simple.. we’ll just use the standard communication with her. It seems she
    can understand us.. so here goes.. Nadia
    if you want to say “yes” give us a two barks and one bark for “no”. do you
    understand all that Nadia?

    Nadia: Arf!

    Sooyoung’s eyes brighten up realizing Nadia

    Sooyoung: Ok
    Nadia becareful out there, no matter what happens, stay quiet. Don’t let them
    see you or hear you. And be careful of you sorroundings because you might
    stumble upon something that can cause noise. Ok?

    Nadia: Arf!

    Sooyoung and Tiffany removed the metal frame on the
    ventilation and they see Nadia went through inside.

    Sooyoung: I
    hope Nadia will be alright out there…

    Tiffany: I
    know… but we have no choice but to trust her….

    And Sooyoung and Tiffany watches Nadia through the
    security cam in the staff room.


    ::NADIA’S MIND::

    --It’s a good thing that there are people like
    them…. Should I go with them? They
    seemed nice people but I don’t even know them yet. Maybe I should leave them…
    maybe they’re like my previous owner … always beating me. I pity the police
    woman who protected me back there. She died protecting me from my evil owner….—

    Nadia thinks whether she would help them or not,
    she finally reached the end of the vent. Alarmingly, Nadia still crawling to
    avoid detection from the infected.

    --if I see my owner among these things. That
    would make me happy…. Still….. it seems unfair to leave them without doing
    something in return since they’ve let me out from there. I should help them get
    the cute one’s phone then I’ll scram. Now where is it? *sniff sniff* her scent
    is getting closer.. *sniff sniff* I’m almost close *sniff sniff* AHA!! There it
    is…. But it’s too crowded… I need somehow to distract them. Got to find some
    place far from them..—

    ::Staff room::

    Sooyoung: Tiffany?
    What the heck is Nadia doing?

    Tiffany: beats
    me… well it can’t be helped if she’s moving far away from them…. Those things
    are dangerous even for a dog…

    Sooyoung: what
    the…. Is she barking? I see… she’s distracting them away from your phone….

    But Tiffany is still holding her breath because of
    the tension for Nadia’s barking.

    Sooyoung: Tiffany,
    don’t worry about Nadia. If she’s trained like we know she is, I’m sure she
    knows what she’s doing.

    Tiffany: it’s
    not that Nasoo…. I’m worried that even if Nadia manages to get my phone, I’m
    worried someone will call again…

    Sooyoung: …..well….
    if you say so then it must be dangerous for her….

    Both of them could nothing but pray for Nadia to be
    successful on retrieving Tiffany’s phone and pray that no one will call when
    Nadia has the phone.

    ::Clive’s Humvee::

    Yuri: I’m
    worried about them….

    Clive: any
    info about Sooyoung and Tiffany?

    Yuri: Taeyeon
    called Tiffany’s phone but she didn’t answer

    Clive: well
    they better pick up fast, we’re getting close to my colleague’s place.

    Yoona didn’t pay attention to them because she’s
    worried too at Sooyoung and Tiffany while she holds Sooyoung’s phone. Back at
    the van..

    Seohyun: Taeyeon
    unnie, any word from them yet?

    Taeyeon: Tiffany
    is not picking up her phone… I’m getting worried too… how’s Warren?

    Hyoyeon: well,
    thanks to Sunny’s shirt, we manage to change some clean patches. The bleeding somehow stopped.

    Jessica: I
    bet it’s because he has supernatural abilities? Since he’s a werewolf

    Seohyun: unnies,
    eventhough you’ve said that…his wound are pretty deep and it’s still not

    Taeyeon: well…
    and he still lost a lot of blood.

    Back in the Humvee.

    Yuri: Yoong!
    Is that Sooyoung’s phone?

    Yoona: ….yeah
    she left it in a hurry ealier….

    Yuri: ….that
    stupid shikshin…

    Clive: well…here
    we are……….

    Yuri: this
    place seems kind of…… deserted……

    Yuri just saw an empty dilapidated house.

    Clive: trust
    me…. it’s here….Yoona would you mind calling Taeyeon through your phone and
    tell them to wait? And can you wait for me and Yuri until we came back?

    Yoona: consider
    it done Clive… I’m not planning on
    getting out of here until I know it’s safe.

    Yuri: …somehow
    I don’t believe your words Yoona

    Yuri smiled a little bit.

    Yoona: what
    do you mean unnie?

    Yuri: if
    I know… you’re just lazy to walk… hahahaha

    Yoona sticks her tongue out.

    Yoona: you
    caught me unnie. :P

    Clive: lazy
    or not, it’s still a good thing. You’re still staying in there. Let’s go Yuri

    Yuri: ...right

    And Clive and Yuri walked side by side and Yoona called
    Taeyeon and told them to wait for Clive and Yuri to return.

    ::Clive and Yuri::

    Yuri: Clive…are
    you sure you got the right place?

    Clive: I’m
    pretty sure… you’re going to go isolate your self from the chaos… where’s the
    least you’ve expected?

    Yuri: ………
    but this building is so rundown… I doubt anyone still lives in here

    Clive: …..
    well, I guess o have to show it for you to believe it.

    Yuri didn’t answer, instead she readied herself
    just incase something will come. Clive kicked the door of the dilapidated house
    and aimed his submachine gun through an empty area. Yuri did the same backing
    up Clive.

    Yuri: Clive,
    maybe you got it wrong.. this house is really empty.

    Clive: wait…

    Clive go through the kitchen leaving Yuri in the empty,
    rundown living room.

    Yuri: Clive?
    Where did you go?......answer me!!

    It was utter silence. Then Yuri felt something. The room starts to shake causing
    Yuri lose her balance. After 2 minutes, the shaking of the room stopped. Yuri
    stood up quickly and calls for Clive again.

    Yuri: CLIVE!!

    Unfortunately, one infected are close by and heard
    Yuri’s voice and starts dashing towards the house. “BLAG!” the door slammed
    open and to Yuri’s surprise, she saw the infected standing in fron of the door
    staring at her. As Yuri going to aim at the infected’s head, it dashed towards
    her at unbelievable speed causing her to fall down on her back and lose her
    grip on the revolver. But, instead of panicking, Yuri tries to fight off the
    infected. She summons all of her strength forcibly pushed the infected back and
    stood up.

    Yuri: you
    freakin’ junkie! YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME? COME ON!!

    The infected instinctively dashed towards her again
    but this time, Yuri was prepared. As the infected goes closer to her, Yuri
    kicked it from the side causing it to tumbles on the side of the room. Before
    it stands up, Yuri ran towards it and kicked it again to prevent it from
    standing up. And whe it seems groggy enough Yuri dragged it in the middle of
    the living room and picked up a wodden chair nearby and she hit it in the head
    for the finish.

    Yuri: hah….hah……hah….
    I could get used to this…

    Just as she was going to pick up the revolver,
    another infected came crashing down from the weak wooden ceiling of the house
    and caught Yuri by surprisecausing them to fall down as they lose their balance
    again. The infected stood up first and saw Yuri still collecting herself wasted
    no time and jumped to her. Before the infected landed on Yuri, a crossbow bolt
    flew inside and hits the infected mid air.
    Yuri looked around and found Hyoyeon standing outside the window.

    Hyoyeon: you
    enjoying lying down there Yul? Are you alright?

    Yuri: Hyorengi!!..i’m
    fine.. thanks for the assist. But why’d you leave the van?

    Hyoyeon: well…
    I saw someone running towards the house where you and Clive went. I just got
    the urge to follow you both.

    Yuri: thanks..
    you just came in at the right time. Where’re the others?

    Hyoyeon: they’re
    still back there. By the way where’s Clive?

    Yuri: he
    disappeared inside… I don’t know where he went.

    Hyoyeon: ssshhh.
    Quiet! I here footsteps quick let’s hide!!

    Yuri quickly picked up the revolver and both of
    them hide themselves. Hyoyeon hides in the cabinet located at the stairs of the
    house while Yuri hides behind the old dusty sofa in the living room. Both of
    them are waiting for thing as they hear the footsteps coming in closer. Their hearts
    starts to beat fast anticipating from the foots steps they’re hearing.

    ???????: looks
    like your lady friend is a wild one… she broke some of the furnituresin here.
    She’s going to blow my cover here. T-this chair… I loved this chair Clive…

    Clive: instead
    of the chair… we should worry about your cover… looks like some of them got in
    here….. Yuri? Where are you?

    Yuri and Hyoyeon came out from their hiding place.

    Yuri: CLIVE!!
    Why’d you leave without telling me that you’ve found someone? 2 crazy junkies
    came in here!! It’s a good thing Hyoyeon went after us!!

    ???????: oi…oi….
    Clive is this for real? you’ve been helping them? Don’t you know the danger
    you’re getting in to?

    Hyoyeon: you
    can’t talk to Clive like that lady…Clive saved us many times.

    ???????: …..he
    did huh?...... that’s new to me…… you see… Clive here isn’t just your everyday
    ordinary marine…. During his time of serving. He also used to be the best…oh
    wait…. let me rephrase the…. THE best stealth assassin in the battle field. And
    he also used to be the hard headed fool who shoots first then talk later….and
    shoots again.

    Yuri and Hyoyeon couldn’t believe what they’ve heard about
    Clive’s real history background.

    ???????: so?
    What brings you here dumb a**?

    Clive: we
    need your help….

    ???????: after
    you’ve left your former partner, you came seeking help from me? …what made you
    think I’m going to help you?

    Clive: ……cut
    the crap will you? Look this is a matter of life and death.

    The lady examines Clive from head to toe. While she’s
    circling around examining Clive, Yuri and Hyoyeon still wondering who is this
    lady and what relation does she have with Clive.

    ???????: you’ve

    Clive: …………
    I don’t know what you’re getting at but this can wait. We have an injured
    person back from our vehicle. I know your skills during our time. And so far
    you’re one of the best medic I’ve ever known.

    ???????: please…
    don’t remind me of that. that’s also the reason I’ve left the army. Sorry, I
    can’t help you….

    Hyoyeon: look
    lady, I don’t know who you are but if Clive said you’re the best, we’ll trust
    his words. I can tolerate your harsh attitude but we really need you to save
    our friend.

    ???????: you’re
    Hyoyeon…Kim Hyoyeon… I know all about you. And your problems right now. I don’t
    want to get dragged into this so please, leave now.

    Yuri, who is quietly getting annoyed, is clenching her fist
    on what she’s hearing.

    Yuri: Come
    on Clive, let’s get out of here. It seems we went to a wrong person who is a
    coward in dangerous times like these. I’m disgusted.

    Hyoyeon: YUL!
    You don’t mean…..

    Yuri: I
    MEAN IT!! Let’s go now.. if she doesn’t want to help FINE! I’m going to search
    for someone who is willing to help Warren, even if it take to…..

    ????????: WAIT!!
    Did you say……….Warren?

    The three of them surprised at the lady’s reaction when she
    heard Warren’s name.

    ????????: tell
    me! when you say Warren.. is he a werewolf?

    Still surprised, Yuri replied.

    Yuri: yes…
    but how did you…….

    ????????: no
    time to talk, BRING HIM IN HERE NOW!!

    Confused, Clive and Hyoyeon went back to get the
    rest but Yuri stayed with the lady.

    Yuri: …..can
    I ask you something?

    ????????: what?

    Yuri: how
    do you know Warren?

    ????????: …oh
    sorry, first off let me introduce myself. I’m Meladee Mc Pherson… you can call
    me Lady for short.

    Yuri: how
    did me..

    Lady: I
    know you’re going to ask me how did I meet Warren… but can that wait? If he’s
    in a critical state right now he’s my priority.

    After 15 minutes, the rest of them arrived where
    Yuri and Lady are and eventually Lady guided them through a hidden passage
    located in the kitchen wall. Lady turned one of the jars located in the old stove
    nearby and revealed a secret passage.
    The girls couldn’t believe that there’s another house like structure beneath
    the dilapidated house, complete with any kinds of rooms including medical and
    weapons and ammunitions supply room. Once inside, Hyomin couldn’t believe what
    she discovered Eun Jung and the rest of her members in there. Hyomin
    couldn’contain her happiness. She ran towards Eun jung and hugged her while
    she’s crying.

    Hyomin: EUN
    JUNG!!! I’m glad you’re safe!! You don’t
    know how worried I was…

    Eun Jung: don’t
    worry about us we’re all ok. More importantly, that wound looks nasty.. come
    here and let me patch you up.

    Hyomin looked behind and saw Sunny standing behind
    her with a smile and telling her to go with Eun Jung. Hyomin frowned a little

    Sunny: don’t
    worry about us Hyomin. We’re also glad you’ve found your members.

    Hyomin: but….but…..

    Taeyeon: now
    now Hyomin, we know how worried you are so take your time. We won’t be leaving
    this place for a while

    Hyomin: ok………..

    Eun Jung walked towards Sunny and Taeyeon.

    Eun Jung: thank
    you for taking care of Hyomin. I guess we’ll be going now and we need to take
    care of Hyomin and your friend over there in the medical room.

    Sunny: thank

    Seeing Sunny covered in blanket, Eun Jung took off
    her coat and gave it to Sunny.

    Eun Jung: here
    use this, you’ll catch a cold wearing something like that.

    Eun Jung and Hyomin left the girls. But one thing
    is seared through Hyomin’s mind. It was Sunny. When she saw Sunny giving her a
    smile of relief, she also felt Sunny is sad and worried. Worried because
    there’s no word from Tiffany and Sooyoung and sad because she’ll be leaving

    ::NADIA’S MIND::

    --that should do the trick.. those things should be
    looking for my bark. It’s about time to find that girl’s phone.—

    Nadia sensed that the infected si moving to her
    location and she immediately ran towards Tiffany’s phone and succeeds grabbing
    the phone string through her mouth. Just as Nadia is going back, the worst
    happens. Tiffany’s phone started ringing again! That cause the infected focused
    their attention to Nadia and started to run towards her.

    --BLAST IT!! This cursed phone…. ---

    Nadia tried to run towards the vent she went
    through but unfortunately there’s three infected standing in front of it and
    she couldn’t get through. Nadia ran fast as she could just to avoid the
    infected. While running, Nadia saw another vent but it’s located above the
    ceiling, and luckily it was open. Out of desperate situation, she looked for a
    way to get in there. And noticed the height of the counter and length gap from
    the counter into the merchandise racks.

    --this might work…. Well, the world’s gone crazy so
    why not do some crazy idea…---

    Nadia attempts a desperate move, she circled around
    the whole store attracting the horde of infected behind her. And just like any
    human would do whenever Nadia see an opportunity to knock some obstacle down,
    she did it without stopping a little bit. Even if it hurts her, she just needs
    to slow some of the infected that’s behind her.

    ::Staff Room::

    Tiffany and Sooyoung are worried about Nadia. But
    their still amaze that Madia manage to get Tiffany’s phone. And they’re
    wondering why is Nadia running in circles around the store.

    Sooyoung: looks
    like that dog’s brain gone haywire. Running in circles attracting many of them
    behind her trail.

    Sooyoung lets out a heavy sigh.

    Tiffany: if
    only there weren’t so many of them we might be able so help Nadia out there.

    Sooyoung: hey
    Tiffany, I’m wondering about the corpse back there….

    Tiffany: what
    about it?

    Sooyoung: she
    died on a gunshot on the head right?

    Tiffany: so?

    Sooyoung: where’s
    the gun?

    Tiffany was shaken up a little bit. Sooyoung’s
    observation sank in her head. She remembered, when they’re covering the
    corpse’s body, she didn’t saw any guns beside it. Hearing that from Sooyoung,
    she armed her self again with her beretta.

    Tiffany: maybe
    the killer’s still here…since this is the safest place in the store. Nasoo you
    keep an eye on Nadia I’ll go check the cabinets.

    Tiffany went to the other room where the cabinets
    are located. One by one, she checked the cabinet and found nothing inside.
    Tiffany lets out a sigh of relief and went back to Sooyoung.

    Tiffany: there’s
    nothing in there. How’s Nadia?

    Sooyoung: she’s
    knocking some things to put an obstacle behind her to slow the infected down.
    but she can’t get past behind those three infected from where she came out.

    Tiffany: oh…OH!!
    Shikshin! Nadia!! Something went wrong!!

    Sooyoung: what?
    Where is she?

    Both of them looked for Nadia that disappeared on
    the screen. Then Sooyoung clicked the Cam B button and the camera angle changed
    and they saw Nadia buried underneath on some boxes. Sooyoung and Tiffany
    panicked at Nadia’s situation.

    ::NADIA’S MIND::

    --ugh… these boxes are heavy… I shouldn’t have
    tried to topple it… the worst thing is, it came crashing down on me…. OUCH!!

    *YIP!* Nadia made a small cry.

    --I can’t move the left front leg… it’s stuck…oh yes.. the phone---

    Nadia tried to break free but she had no luck. Her
    left front leg is stucked in between the boxes that came crashing down on Nadia
    and the Infecteds. Everythime Nadia tried to pull out her leg, she always lets
    out a loud whimper because of the pain. Loud enough to make the infected
    noticed Nadia again. The infected realizing Nadia can’t get out of the mess,
    they tauntingly walked slowly towards her.

    --I guess this is it…. It’s the end of the line…. I
    knew from the start that helping them would be a bad idea…. I should’ve left
    them when I had the chance---

    Nadia waiting for her death accidentally saw Tiffany’s
    phone. She saw Tiffany’s name on the screen.

    --so her name’s Tiffany…. they wouldn’t bother even saving
    me since they’re afraid to come out because of these things.---

    One infected got close to Nadia and started to kneel down
    to kill Nadia suddenly…

    “KIIIYYAAAAAAH!!” Tiffany’s shout echoes across the
    room. Nadia saw Tiffany’s back in front of her and Sooyoung is trying to get
    rid of the heavy boxes that is covering her. Nadia saw Tiffany gave the
    infected that is kneeling down beside her a powerful front kick that sends the
    infected rolling on the side.

    --they came? But why would they…..---

    Still wondering Nadia bites the phone string of Tiffany’s
    phone and tried to stand up.

    ---- normal scenario----

    Sooyoung: Tiffany!
    there’s too many boxes here, I can’t do this
    on my own!!

    Tiffany: QUIT
    WHINING!! Just bear with it! I have to protect you and Nadia!! HYAAH! HAAAAH!!

    Sooyoung talked to Nadia as she noticed Nadia with a
    concern look.

    Sooyoung: don’t
    worry girl, even though Tiffany’s like that, she’s a black belter in Tae Kwon

    Nadia: WOOF!!

    Nadia gives Tiffany a loud bark and Tiffany looked
    back at them and smiled. Three infected running towards them but Tiffany
    charged them head on. Tiffany’ gave the infected a front kick that sends it
    rolling backwards after that she quickly
    did a ground sweep knocking down the other two infected. But it’s still not
    over, two infected charging at Tiffany on her both sides but she quickly jumped
    and gave those two a mid air split kicks
    hitting both of them at the same time.

    Sooyoung: …I
    never knew Tiffany was this good in Tae Kwon do… hang on Nadia just a little
    more…… TIFFANY!! BEHIND YOU!!!

    Tiffany heard Sooyoung’s warning and gave the infected
    behind her a reverse turning kick and hits the neck of the infected. Then
    Tiffany noticed that one of the infected are crawling to surprise her but she
    did not wait for it to come closer, Tiffany made her move first and gave the
    crawling infected na powerful axe kick causing its head bashing down on the

    Sooyoung: there
    you’re free to go now go on without us and save yourself. If you ever stumbled
    across our friends, give them Tiffany’s phone.

    Nadia gives Sooyoung a whimper and ran outside.

    Tiffany: did
    she make it Shikshin?

    Sooyoung: yeah..
    she’s kind of limping but I think she’ll manage.

    Tiffany: you
    think she can track them down?

    Sooyoung: let’s
    pray that she do…. So it was stupid of us to do this…. She’s free and we’re in
    a pinch…

    Tiffany replied Sooyoung with an eye smile.

    Tiffany: well
    at least, we’re not cold hearted.

    Sooyoung: KUUH!
    Why is it I can’t argue with you?

    Sooyoung told Tiffany as she’s laughing.

    Tiffany: sorry..
    I got you dragged into this… well… shall we?

    Sooyoung: yeah….
    Let’s do this.

    Sooyoung and Tiffanyboth jumped behind the counter
    and starts shooting the infected that is running towards them. The horde of
    infected running towards them seems endless and they’re almost running out of
    ammo. Several shots.

    Tiffany: I’m
    out!! Guess I’ll do this the hard way.

    Sooyoung: TIFFANY!!

    But Tiffany didn’t hear Sooyoung as she jumped
    outside the counter and fought them manually. Each time an infected gets close
    by, Tiffany countered them with spin kicks, crescent kicks, side piercing
    kicks, roundhouse kicks and axe kicks. Sooyoung was astounded as she’s watching
    Tiffany fight the infected manually.

    Tiffany: SOOYOUNG!!

    Tiffany noticed that Sooyoung’s guard is down,
    Tiffany quickly rushed on one of the infected that is jumping to Sooyoung.
    Unfortunately, Tiffany was far from Sooyoung and Sooyoung’s assault rifle are
    out of bullets. Sooyoung closed her eyes as Tiffany is still running leaving
    the infected she’s fighting just to save Sooyoung. But suddenly “ka-BLAM!” the
    infected got hit in the head through mid air Tiffany and Sooyoung looked at the
    entrance and saw Clive’s Humvee parked outside with Clive holding his anti tank
    rifle. Yuri and Taeyeon came down and went inside to help Sooyoung and Tiffany get
    out of the store.

    Taeyeon: Good
    grief Fany… you’re fighting them manually?

    Tiffany: it
    can’t be helped, we’ve ran out of bullets.

    Sooyoung: thanks
    for coming to rescue us….

    Yuri: stupid
    shikshin… come on! Lets get the two of you out of here.

    Sooyoung and Tiffany nodded and the four of them
    went outside the store.

    Clive: girl’s
    get behind on something. I’m gonna blow that store.

    The four of them take cover behind Clive’s humvee.
    As the infected starts to come out, Clive put down hi anti tank rifle and
    [icked up a disposable rocket launcher he got from Lady’s place.

    Clive: girl’s
    be quick on getting inside the humvee once I blow up the store, it’ll attract
    more of those things.

    Clive pulled the trigger and the rocket fired away
    on the entrance door and a loud explosion followed. At the same time the four
    girls quickly got inside the humvee and they hurriedly get away from the place
    as the horde of infected starts to swarm.

    Tiffany is too tired and immediately fell asleep on
    Taeyeon’s lap while Sooyoung and Yuri looked at each other with a sight of

    Yuri: Shikshin….
    Why’d you let Tiffany fought by herself?

    Sooyoung: she’s
    incredible Yul. If you’ve seen her fight…

    Yuri: but
    looked what happened to her, she’s too tired she immediately fell asleep.

    Taeyeon put down the submachine gun she used
    earlier beside her and swithed it to safety.

    Taeyeon: I
    was starting to get worried. I was planning to get you guys by myself but Clive
    and Yuri caught up to me. you pabo….. you forgot to bring your phone..and this
    sleepy mushroom here is not answering her phone.

    Sooyoung: sorry…
    you see those things… Tiffany and is started to calling them Infected.

    Yuri: Infected?

    Sooyoung took out the folder from her clothes that they’ve
    read earlier and hand it over to Taeyeon.

    Sooyoung: Tiffany
    and I discovered while were trapped inside that store. The reason Tiffany is
    not answering is….wel… they’re attracted to noise. I threw it far away from us
    just to save ourselves.

    Yuri, Taeyeon and Clive were speechless as Sooyoung
    continued to talk and explain things in detail of what happened before their
    rescue. Tiffany woke up a bit.

    Tiffany: Tae-tae?....
    how’d you know where to find us?

    Taeyeon: well………
    besides the gunshots we heard from afar and Sooyoung’s habit. We found this lying
    in the middle of road holding your phone.

    Nadia emerge from the back and she’s happy to see
    Tiffany and Sooyoung again.

    Tiffany / Sooyoung: NADIA!!

    Nadia: arf!

    Sooyoung and Tiffany were happy to see Nadia found
    Taeyeon, Yuri and Clive. Tiffany couldn’t help it but to embrace Nadia.

    Tiffany: thank
    you Nadia.. you found them for us…

    Nadia: *whimper

    Sooyoung: oh
    right… I think her left front leg is broken.

    Clive: well
    I think that dog is a trained one…. Well I guess you three needed some rest so
    you can relax until we get to Lady’s hideout.

    Tiffany: Yuri….
    How is Warren…

    Yuri: well
    we manage to get on time.. but it’s still not looking gooduntil he wakes up.

    Sooyoung: what
    about Seohyun?

    Taeyeon: Jessica
    and Seohyun are always at Warren’s side.

    Tiffany: Nadia,
    come here…you can sleep here in my lap.

    As nadia managed to come to Tiffany’s lap, Taeyeon
    strikes again.

    Taeyeon: Tiffany,
    come here…you can also sleep here in my lap. *mischievous smile*

    Tiffany: TAE-TAE!!
    What am i? a dog?.....

    Yuri and Sooyoung knew what is Taeyeon playing at
    and both of them laughed as Tiffany noticed Taeyeon’s prank she slap Taeyeon’s
    shoulder and lets out a small laugh and eventually falls asleep into Taeyeon’s

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 12


    After 30 minutes of driving, Clive and the other
    returned safely to Lady’s hideout. Since this is the first time Tiffany and
    Sooyoung arrived at Lady’s place. Both of them stood inside dumbfoundedly.
    Tiffany, who is carrying Nadia in her arms, almost dropped the dog to her

    Tiffany: A-amazing…..
    it’s like the ones I see in the movies.

    Clive: well…
    like the others said: “to see is to believe” now come on inside I’ll introduce
    you two to Lady.

    Sooyoung: Lady?

    Taeyeon: you’ll
    know her when you see her…

    The six of them (including Nadia) continues to walk
    inside. Almost on the halfway, Tiffany and Sooyoung saw Jessica, Yoona, Sunny
    and Hyoyeon waiting outside the ER. Tiffany ran while carrying the Siberian
    husky and sat beside them.

    Tiffany: where’s

    Hyoyeon: she’s
    inside helping Lady treating Warren.

    Clive: Lady
    instantly decided to let Seohyun help her since you guys told her how she
    treated me.

    Yoona: unnie…..that’s
    a cute dog… does it have a name?

    Sooyoung: her
    name’s Nadia. To tell you the truth… she saved our lives back there.

    The five girls looked dumbfounded at Sooyoung’s
    words. Tiffany backed up Sooyoung’s words.

    Tiffany: well…
    I’ll make the story short. If it isn’t for Nadia, you won’t see us anymore.

    Sooyoung: Nadia
    found Clive and lead them to us.

    Taeyeon: …actually
    we found her lying in middle of the road. We wouldn’t pay attention for it if it’s not for

    Tiffany: Tae-Tae
    don’t say that in front of her… you don’t know how she went trough the trouble
    just to get my phone.

    Hyoyeon: but
    it looks tired…

    Yuri: she
    had a leg injury…. Wherever she got that from, I can tell she pushed herself in
    order to find us.

    Sunny: hey
    Fany, can I hold her?

    Tiffany: sure

    But as soon as Tiffany going to give Nadia to
    Sunny, the dog woke up. Pleading to Tiffany not to leave her

    Nadia: *whimper*

    Tiffany: it’s
    alright Nadia, they’re my sisters. Show them the same attitude that you’ve
    shown to me alright?

    With that being said, Nadia let Sunny took care of
    her. Everyone is amaze at Tiffany.

    Hyoyeon: wow
    Tiffany, I didn’t know you can communicate with dogs

    Yoona: yeah
    unnie, you somehow spoke to her like a person.

    Tiffany: dog,
    person…what’s the difference? It’s just that every living thing should be
    treated with care.

    Then the light to the ER sign turned off. Seohyun
    and Lady comes out. All of them waited for Lady to talk.

    Lady: well…
    thanks to Seohyun, we managed to save Warren’s life……

    Taeyeon: …..why
    do I get the feeling there’s a “BUT” after that statement.

    Lady smirked at Taeyeon.

    Lady: well
    now.. aren’t you a quick observer. You’re right…. but.. there’s a slight

    Lady paused for a moment.

    Lady: we
    can’t talk here….. come to my room.. all of you, there we will talk

    Tiffany: wait
    a minute Lady… we have a dog here…

    Lady: yes
    I can see that… you take me for a fool?

    Taeyeon: stop
    it Lady! Even if you helped us treat Warren, you can’t talk to my Tiffany like

    Lady chuckled at Taeyeon’s reaction.

    Lady: ahahaha,
    it’s not like I’ve said it with bad intention… it’s just.. I’m a medic for a
    person.. I’m not a vet.. but don’t worry I know someone who can take care of
    that dog.

    Taeyeon: oh…I’m
    sorry…. I didn’t know that.. it’s just that…. you and maknae are the only ones
    we can think of when it comes to injury

    Lady: It’s
    alright. I also apologize for the misunderstanding. Lt. Taewoo get you BUTT in
    here NOW!!!

    Taewoo: Lt.
    Kim Taewoo repor…………… Yuri-ssi?

    Yuri: oppa?

    Lady: oh?
    You knew each other? What a small world huh? Well enough of that. Taewoo, I
    remember you can treat dog’s injury right?

    Taewoo: yes
    ma’am…. Sunny-ssi, can you let me take a look at the dog?

    Sunny walked towards Taewoo and examines the dog.

    Taewoo: …….
    Her left front leg bone are broken. I can estimate that she has one week and a
    half before she can recover again.

    Tiffany: Taewoo
    oppa, let me come with her.

    Taewoo looked at Lady and gave him a nod.

    Taewoo: alright
    come this way…

    Sunny, Tiffany and Taewoo left and went to a room where Nadia can be

    Taeyeon: shall
    we go now?

    Lady: no…we
    have to wait for those two to return. What I’m about to say concerns all of
    you. Including you Clive and Warren…. If the worst comes, I, too, are in this
    as we speak.

    Clive: …sorry…

    Lady: you
    better be! Or else I’ll shove a rocket laucher in your a** and blow you sky
    high…. Well for the mean time, I know all of you are tired, why don’t you all
    go in the mess hall, I’ll ask my cook to make something for you. There’s not
    much food engredients here so please bear with it. I’ve asked several of my
    staff members too take your vehicles inside the hangar.

    Yuri: don’t
    mind us Lady… you’re hospitality for helping us is too much. We thank you for

    Lady: yeah
    yeah… I’ll wait you all in my room. You can ask Taewoo to take you in my room
    after you’ve rested enough.

    Lady grabbed her com radio and called Eunjung.

    Lady: Sgt.
    Eunjung after you’re done doing what you’re dealing with, I want you and the
    rest of your members guard the room where Warren is in. four of you stand
    outside the room and you and your
    partner of choice guard him from inside. Understand?

    Eunjung: “Copy
    that chief!”

    Jessica: Eunjung?
    As in Eunjung from T-ara?

    Lady: yeah?

    Jessica: are
    they your staffs?

    Lady: look
    here Ms. Jung, I promised I’ll answer ALL your questions but right now, all of
    you should rest. Seohyun, thank you for your help, you can go now with your

    Seohyun bowed down to Lady in a formal way. And
    they parted ways. Mean while, at T-ara’s Comm room.

    Hyomin: that
    Lady… is she your……

    Eunjung: yeah….

    Hyomin: how
    long are you guys ser…..

    Jiyeon: 6

    Hyomin couldn’ answer right away.

    Boram: look
    Hyomin, we’re sorry for keeping it a secret from you… we just couldn’t bear to
    tell you yet.

    Soyeon: we
    don’t want you to be in danger because of our work..

    But Hyomin kept silent. She lowered down her head.
    Tears starts to fall.

    Eunjung: Hyomin?

    Hyomin: THEN

    All of them are surprised at Hyomin’s outburst. Her
    voice was so loud, it echoed across the hallway. Sunny, Tiffany and Taewoo who
    was right across their room, heard it too.

    Hyomin: here
    I am, worrying for you guys eversince I got home from vacation and found our
    dorm with our things scattered all over the place and there’s even a crashed
    window… and something came at me! a werewolf tried to kill me!! you didn’t even
    call before that or warn me on what’s happening… I feel like a complete idiot!
    I’m worrying for your safety while I’m in the care of Sunny, trying to survive
    with them. And here you are guys, safe and secured inside this vicinity. That’s
    great.. that’s just great………..

    Eunjung: Hyomin..we
    didn’t mean to…….

    Hyomin: you
    know what? I don’t care if you work for any agency or organization or…or… you’re
    working in some kind of shady deal… I just want to know the truth..that’s all I
    want… we all swear for the first we all met remember? No keeping secrets…..

    Just as Eunjung is going to calm Hyomin down,
    Hyomin ripped the bandage that Eunjung placed on her arm causing her wound to
    open up again and Hyomin rushed out of the room. Sunny who is directly across
    the room saw Hyomin running away from Eunjung. Eunjung and Sunny eyes met.

    Eunjung: Sunny…
    can you talk to her please?........

    Sunny didn’t give a reaction to Eunjung and went after


    ::Eunjung’s company::

    After the commotion, Eunjung’s squad couldn’t do
    anything but to stare at Eunjung’s back. After a minute, Eunjung decides to
    come back inside the room with a heavy heart.

    Hwayoung: …I’ve
    told you many times that we should tell her…

    Q-ri: we
    should’ve told from the start….

    Eunjung: but
    I don’t want her to feel uneasy around us….

    Jiyeon: but
    she’s right…. We made her look like a fool…

    Eunjung: but
    if we tell her, she might be in danger.

    Soyeon: she’s
    already in danger the moment before she set foot in this place….

    Their room falls silent at their situation.

    ::Tiffany and Taewoo::

    Taewoo: those
    girls really have an issue….

    Tiffany: what
    do you mean oppa?

    Taewoo: well
    eversince this commotion started, I’ve told them to search for Hyomin but
    they’re seem too busy for something.

    Tiffany: then
    you should’ve search for her if they’re too busy…

    Taewoo: that’s
    the problem Tiffany…. these past 2 days, those girls made a blunder repairing
    the comm. tower instead of fixing it, it became worst. I don’t know what went
    wrong. All our communications are down. I’ve just fixed it an hour ago before
    you girls arrived.

    Tiffany: I
    see…. Can I ask you something Taewoo oppa….

    Taewoo: go

    Tiffany: are
    you working with Ms Lady?

    Taewoo: yes.
    Around 8 years.

    Tiffany: wow…
    you’re that loyal to her?

    Taewoo: if
    you must know, Ms. Lady a gentle person even though she talks like that. if I
    remember, she favors Clive-ssi though.

    Tiffany: you’re
    not jealous?

    Taewoo: how
    could i? I respected her every decision. Besides Ms. Lady knows Clive’s
    background, I also know how he fights in the battlefield. She’s not joking on
    her part about Clive’s being an assassin. I wouldn’t even dare to go against
    him either.

    Tiffany: I
    see…. Thank you Taewoo oppa for taking care of Nadia.

    Taewoo: not
    a problem Ms Hwang. I’m glad I could help.

    Taewoo talked to Nadia.

    Taewoo: Nadia..
    don’t be reckless again ok? You be a good girl *strokes Nadia’s head*

    Nadia licked Taewoo and Tiffany’s hand as her token
    of gratitude and closed her eyes to rest. Tiffany couldn’t leave Nadia but
    Taewoo told her to go with Taeyeon and eat something.

    Taewoo: rest
    assured Tiffany-ssi, you can leave Nadia here to rest, I won’t leave her so go
    on and eat.

    Tiffany: thank

    And Tiffany went after Taeyeon.

    ::Sunny and Hyomin::

    Sunny went after Hyomin as soon as she saw Hyomin
    rushing out of the room crying. She’s worried because she saw Hyomin’s blood
    trail from her injury. Sunny followed the blood trail and lead her to the
    hangar. Sunny stopped at the entrance of the hangar because the because
    there’re few lights and somewhat dim litted. Sunny tried to call Hyomin.

    Sunny: Hyomin?
    Where are you? Hyomin?

    But Sunny didn’t get a single answer. Luckily, she saw a
    familiar was Narsha and Hara.

    Hara: Sunny

    Sunny: Hara?
    Narsha unnie?

    Narsha: oh
    HI Sunny!! When did you arrive?

    Sunny: just
    a while ago…. What are you guys doing here?

    Hara: oh…
    Narsha unnie and I are engineers here…. Hmm by the way.. what are you doing
    here in the hangar? Your friends are over, there eating you should eat too.

    Sunny: I
    know that but I have to take care Hyomin first

    Narsha: HYOMIN’S
    HERE TOO???

    Sunny: yeah…
    it seems she and Eunjung have fight earlier.

    Hara: …but
    why here?

    Sunny pointed Hyomin’s blood trail. Narsha and Hara were

    Narsha: oh
    my… hold on I’ll turn on the lights.

    Narsha went inside partially and turned on the
    lights. And they began their search for Hyomin. Her’ looking for a blood trail
    but the trail were unexplainably vanished.

    Hara: ….that’s
    weird… the blood trail disappeared.

    Sunny: she
    doesn’t want us to find her…

    Narsha: so
    you’re going to give up?

    Sunny: HELL

    Hara: unnie,
    you two haven’t change eversince invincible youth days

    Goo Hara smiled at Sunny and Sunny smiled back.

    Sunny: I
    can’t leave her Hara. You know that.. you know we’re a package deal

    Narsha: you
    said it.. now, let find her shall we?

    Sunny, Narsha and Hara search for Hyomin for 30 minutes.

    Sunny: Hara!
    Any sign of her?

    Hara answered Sunny from afar

    Hara: no
    sign of her here…..

    Then the three of them heard a noise, like some
    metal pipes crashing down near Narsha. They all go from the source where the
    noise coming from and found Hyomin crying behind the metal crates in the corner.
    Sunny instantly ran to Hyomin and hugged her.

    Sunny: ssshh..
    calm down Hyomin.. we’re here now.. look, Hara and Narsha unnie helped me look
    for you….

    Narsha: Hyomin?
    What’s wrong?

    Hara: tell
    us Hyomin unnie….

    Hyomin lifted her face and saw Sunny, Narsha and
    Hara standing in front of her. The three girls are surprised when Hyomin
    suddenly hugged them and finally lets out her tears. The three of them waited
    for Hyomin to calm down.

    ::Mess hall (where the girls and waiting for dinner)::

    Jessica: HAH!
    It’s been a long time since the last time we’re going to eat a real cooked

    Hyoyeon: yeah…
    during our stay in Yoochiri, we have only canned goods to eat… I hate to
    criticize but, the canned food is good but we also need a hearty meal.

    Sooyoung: for
    me….. as long as I can eat…. It’s fine with me……except Sica’s cooking of

    All of them burst in laughter at Sooyoung’s comment.

    Taeyeon: well…
    we better cherish this opportunity. Always think the saying “nothing lasts

    Yoona: I
    wonder what happened to them….

    All of them looked at Yoona and saw her looking at the
    direction where Hyomin and Sunny went.

    Tiffany: …..well
    you see, Hyomin and Eunjung have a fight a while ago…

    Yuri: really?
    How come? They’ve just met after several days and now they fight?

    Tiffany: ..well
    it’s about Hyomin and Eunjung. We heard it because their room is directly right
    in front of us while we’re treating Nadia’s leg.

    Tiffany explained to them what she heard and all of them
    are speechless about the situation.

    Tiffany: I
    don’t want to jump on conclusions why Eunjung didn’t tell her..

    Seohyun: unnie…
    you think we should help Sunny unnie look for her? It’s been quite a while.

    Yuri: no..
    let them be. If anyone can talk to Hyomin, it’s Sunny. Those two are always a
    package deal. Buy one, take one.

    As they were in the middle of conversation, the
    cook came out from the kitchen with the prepared food. The girls were in awe at
    the numbers of food. Taeyeon nudge Sooyoung who is beside her.

    Taeyeon: HEY!!
    You’re eyes are shining.

    Jessica: yeah…
    and you’re also drooling…eeewww..

    Sooyoung: who
    wouldn’t drool over these foods… it’s like I’ve found a treasure cove.

    All of them besides Sooyoung lets out a big sigh. Sooyoung
    already chose half of the roasted chicken, one and a half cut of cake, one
    thirds loaf of bread, one bowl of mushroom soup and a fruit salad for dessert.
    Clive is surprised at Sooyoung’s food.

    Clive: A-are
    you seriously going to finish that?

    Sooyoung: Mm-mm..

    Hyoyeon: ..Clive,
    don’t even ask her about that.. she can finish that in less than 3 minutes.

    Clive looked at the girls who are nodding with
    their eyes closed. All of them take a food suitable for their consumption. Yuri
    on the other reserved some food for Sunny and Hyomin while Tiffany is secretly
    hiding food for Nadia.


    After 20 minutes, Hyomin started to calm down with
    Sunny and Hara beside her while Narsha is taking care of Hyomin’s reopened

    Sunny: have
    you calmed down yet?

    Hara: Hyomin

    Hara looked Hyomin with a puppy eyes causing Hyomin to
    smile a bit.

    Narsha: that’s
    better. You look better when you smile.

    Hyomin: sorry
    for making you guys worry about me… it’s just…

    Sunny: don’t
    hold back just let everything out. We’ll listen..

    Hyomin: you
    what it feels like? I feel like a complete fool to worry for them while they’re
    here inside this secured vicinity.

    Hara: who
    do you mean unnie?

    Sunny: it
    was Eunjung and the rest of her members…

    Narsha: omo…
    we didn’t know… care to share? If you don’t want it’s fine…

    Hyomin: ……Sunny
    is right I guess I should tell you… the first time Sunny’s company saved and
    picked me up, I’ve been worried about them quietly. I don’t want Sunny and her
    members worry for me too… I tried to stay strong.. to survive just to see them unharmed
    and yet… I almost died running away from my life… I’ve tried to contact them
    but their phones are turned off. That’s why I called Sunny…

    Narsha: …..they
    didn’t try to find you?

    Hyomin: I
    don’t know… I didn’t even know they were working here for six years. What about
    you two?

    Hara: I’ve
    met Narsha unnie on my way back to our dorm after the chaos started. My unnies
    and Jiyoung were in Japan right now taking a vacation. I’ve already sent them a
    message about what’s happening here and told them to stay there until things
    settle down.

    Narsha: me?
    hmmm…. Nothing much.. I’m just going back to my daily routine, shopping, date,
    when this commotion started, I just ran and ran that I didn’t know where my
    feet have taken me running away from things, until I bumped into Hara. Then
    Bear Taewoo saw us from an army truck and saved us… that’s how we both ended up

    Sunny: you
    two said you are engineer? Don’t you mean a mechanic?

    Hara: engineer…
    mechanic… what’s the difference? As long as we can help fix things. It’s fine
    by us.

    Narsha: well…
    I think Hyomin’s finally back to her old self.

    Narsha grabbed Hyomin’s phone and stored her and Hara’s
    number on Hyomin’s phone.

    Narsha: if
    you ever have a problem, don’t forget to call us ok? If Sunny is occupied,
    there’s still me and Hara.

    Hyomin smiled and Narsha and Hara.

    Hyomin: thank
    you both.. I wouldn’t know what to do if you three aren’t here at my side.

    Hara: well…
    we’d love to have to chat more with you unnie but we have to start working now.
    And I think the other unnies are waiting for you in the mess hall…. I heard
    Sooyoung unnie is swallowing the whole table with foods.

    Sunny and Hyomin laughed at Hara’s comment.

    Sunny: ok..
    you haven’t changed Hara.. we’ll chat later ok? I guess we’ll be going now.

    Narsha: Hyomin,
    Sunny, don’t forget to call us if you need anything alright?

    Hyomin: yes
    unnie.. and thank you.

    Narsha and Hara waved goodbye at them and went back
    to work while Sunny and Hyomin made their way to the mess hall where the others
    are waiting for them to eat.

    -----Normal Scenario-----

    Hyoyeon: I
    see that Hyomin is in good spirits now?

    Hyomin just smiled at Hyoyeon.

    Taeyeon: hmm
    I’m wondering about something…

    Jessica: what
    is it Taeng?

    Taeyeon: nah…
    It’s just some pairings of us that I saw in the internet a few days ago… and
    even Sunny and Hyomin got a pairing name. SunByung…isn’t it?

    Sunny: ahahaha
    yeah, I remember that one.

    Sooyoung: me
    too. I remember the reason why. Almost Hyomin’s airtime are edited out. I feel
    bad for her though.. she do some silly things to make the viewers laugh but
    almost of it got edited out. Even entitled CEO…

    Clive: oh?
    Then you must have an important role to become a CEO.

    All of the giggled.

    Clive: what?
    Is it a bad thing?

    Sooyoung: Clive…
    what kind of CEO you know?

    Clive: Chief
    Executive Officer….

    Sunny: hahaha,
    well it’s different for Hyomin though…

    Hyomin: you
    see Clive, most of my airtime in TV are edited out so they’ve branded me a
    CEO…. Completely Edited Out.

    Clive is at loss of words on Hyomin’s explanation.

    Clive: i-i-
    I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to ask tha………

    Hyomin: nah..
    hahaha it’s nothing.. that’s why I paired up with Sunny.

    Sunny: you
    just want to get some airtime

    Sunny sticks her tongue out to Hyomin.

    Taeyeon: hmm
    what if…. Hyoyeon and Hyomin paired up? No one will notice that hahahaha

    The rest of them got Taeyeon’s idea.

    Yoona: yeah
    unnie… Hyoyeon + Hyomin = …Hyo-Min? Hyo-Yeon?

    Jessica: Min-Yeon?
    Ugh sounds lame lkike a Minion.

    Sooyoung: but
    it’ll sound ridiculous if you call them HyoHyo

    And all of them burst out of laughter… then Taeyeon asks

    Taeyeon: hey
    Clive… about Lady’s name… what is it again?

    Clive: Meladee…

    Taeyeon: yeah
    that’s it… why she want herself call herself by that name?

    Clive: well….
    She just cast off the first syllable from her name so it’ll be Ladee… but she
    doesn’t want silly tones on the name pronounced like LaDee (Lah-Di)so she
    converts it to Lady… is it bothering you?

    Taeyeon: Not
    really….. did she know that dog’s name?

    Clive: yeah…why?

    Taeyeon, again, slipped.

    Taeyeon: AHAHAHAH!!!
    The Dog’s name is sounded much more of a person than hers!! Hahahahah

    All of them burst into laughter on Taeyeon’s observation
    about the names of Lady and Nadia.

    Clive: hahaha,
    figures… I just don’t want to say it ealier just beat to it.

    Then all of a sudden they all stopped laughing while Clive
    continues to talk.

    Clive: and
    here’s the thing, comparing their attitude, Nadia is much more lady like than
    her hahahaha………………….. faces>……..ahah..haha…..ha… and…she’s right behind me…..

    Lady: laugh
    all you want Clive but if you don’t stop, you’ll be feeling nothing once I
    inject you with an anesthesia in your central nerve system…

    Clive sweated heavily as soon as he heard Lady’s threat and

    Clive: c-come
    on Lady… we were j-just having s-some f-f-fun…..

    Lady: ………I’ll
    let it slide just this once since you’re still recovering… if I ever hear
    something like that from you again…. You won’t feel a thing… and after you’ve
    finished your merry ways, come to my room. Sooyoung, I believe you got
    something regarding on those things outside? Can I have it?

    Sooyoung handed over the folder that she and
    Tiffany found on that store and left. All f them noticed Clive is frozen.
    Seohyun asked Clive as she lets out a small laughter.

    Seohyun: Clive
    oppa? Are you alright? You haven’t moved since Ms. Lady talked to you.

    Hyoyeon: yeah…
    you look like constipated there.

    They all looked at Clive sweating like he’s inside
    in a sauna. They all burst out laughing. After they’ve made fun of Clive’s
    expression. They decided to go to Taewoo to lead them to Lady.

    Taeyeon: …I
    guess it’s time for some real answers.

    Yuri: I’m
    kind of curious why Lady knows Warren though. At first she shoved us as if we
    have a contagious disease. But when I mention Warren’s name, her attitude
    turned around 180…. Maybe you know something Clive.

    Clive: beats
    me… i never even met Warren…. So I’m confused too.

    They’ve arrived at Taewoo’s quarters where Nadia is
    half awake all of the girls went to Nadia right away.

    Taewoo: …I
    don’t believe this… I’m jealous of the dog….

    Clive: what
    do you Leutenant?

    Taewoo: look
    at that… it’s not everyday to be fed by 10 gorgeous girls.

    Clive chuckled at Taewoo’s expression.

    Clive: you’re
    turning like a locomotive train.. the only missing is steam coming out of your
    nose Leutenant.

    Taewoo: …silence
    soldier… you don’t know how it feels since all your life has been in the battle

    Clive: …maybe
    you’re right…

    Taewoo: I
    haven’t eaten all day…. And the dog gets to eat first…

    Then Yuri walked towards Taewoo and hands over some
    food she got from their break.

    Yuri: here
    you go oppa, I know you’re whining, but I know you’re busy. And this is a sign
    of my thank you for treating our friend.

    Taewoo almost cried when she saw Yuri again smiling
    at her. Clive and Yuri almost burst out laughing at Taewoo’s expression. After
    they’ve fed Nadia and Taewoo. They asked for Lady’s place and Taewoo pointed
    them towards the end of the hall.

    Lady: you
    girls sure took your time as if you do not care about what’s happening huh?

    Taeyeon: sorry….

    Lady: whatever…
    so? What do you want to know first?

    All of them hesitated but Seohyun asked first.

    Seohyun: Lady
    unnie… if I remember correctly, Yuri unnie told us that you almost shoved them away
    but when she mention Warren’s name.. you have a sudden change… why?

    Lady: Warren
    is my cousin….

    All of them froze in shock.

    Yoona: but
    how come you knew about his werewolf thing?

    Lady: Warren
    told it about me. How he was bitten and become one. Even before he took control
    of his mind whe he’s in his werewolf form he always asks me to bind him up in
    chains. You see Warren don’t want to hurt someone.

    Lady just gave them a cold straight answer.

    Lady: mind
    if I ask you girls something….. what happened to him? his wounds and not like
    an ordinary wound… he’s not healing properly…

    All of them explained to Lady happened to Warren,
    from his disappearance, going berserk and meeting Warren’s sister.

    Lady: if
    you say that you’ve seen Warren’s sister… and did that to him… we don’t have
    much time.

    Seohyun: what
    do you mean Lady unnie?

    Lady: I
    don’t know if Warren told you about their clan’s secret. Each and everyone of
    them have certain abilities. Warren’s ability is agility and strength, which
    makes him a formidable fighter and hunter.. but his tactics in battle are
    always off that’s why he gets injured. But his sister…. She has the ability to
    poison anyone and anything she scratches or bitten. And you said he went
    berserk facing all of you…. If my guess is correct…. Somehow Clare managed to
    put some human blood in Warren’s blood stream… next question?

    Clive: have
    you found any clues about the folder Tiffany and Sooyoung found a while ago?

    Lady: about
    that……. I don’t know how to say this…. But………. Sooyoung and Tiffany is right
    about one thing they’re infected with some kind of virus. The report file you
    tow found states here. “the virus is similar to dog’s rabies effect” who ever
    wrote this, it’s in detailed report.

    Lady scattered the files on her desk revealing two photos.

    Lady: in
    these one page stated several acculmulated virus can cause mutation. See these
    pictures? These big one, it’s called the tank… report here says he has incredible
    endurability and stamina, not to mention abnormal brute strength. If you ever
    encounter one, I suggest you just run from it. These other photo shown is the
    man who spread these virus.. his goes by the name the prophet. And it seems,
    this prophet, can control them. And then what can I explain on this infectees….
    Well… they’re just some sort of zombies…. On you all guessed it
    they can be taken all down with a head shot... except for the tank.

    Taeyeon: Lady?

    Lady: yes

    Taeyeon: if
    ever we don’t have any room to run if we encounter this tank thing…. How do we
    kill it?

    Lady: kill

    Lady browsed through the files.

    Lady: ………..
    hmmm there’s nothing stated here… I think the one who wrote this didn’t even
    try to kill it… but I suggest … throw everything at it? As long as it bleeds
    that means it can die. Anymore questions?

    This time Seohyun asked Lady.

    Seohyun: Lady
    unnie…. You mention about Clive’s condition….. is there a way for him to be cured?

    Lady: …………there
    is a way but……… component is impossible to acquire…

    Seohyun: Tell
    me please!!

    Lady was surprised at Seohyun but she remained in her usual
    composure. She examines Seohyun reaction and smiled a bit.

    Lady: you
    really want to save my cousin? What in it to you?

    Seohyun: …..I…………

    Lady: you……..

    Seohyun: I….L………..

    Seohyun bowed her head down. she didn’t notice all
    of them are smiling, waiting for her to say the “L” word. Taeyeon and Hyoyeon
    secretly and quietly prancing in the back like a couple of kids. Tiffany and
    Jessica anxiously smiling while holding both of their breath, waiting for
    Seohyun’s answer. Sunny, Hyomin and Yoona hold their hands tightly and smiling
    like there’s no tomorrow. Sooyoung, being happily nervous, are eating non stop
    on her big spack potato chips. Lady continues to pressure Seohyun’s feelings.
    With her head still bowed down, Lady looked at Taeyeon and Hyoyeon holding a
    sign noting: “help her express her feelings!! She had a problem expressing her
    feelings eversince ^_^”. Lady almost laughed but she held it in. Clive, not
    understanding the situation since his lif is on battlefield, suddenly felt a
    warm but relaxing atmosphere inside the room. With that being said, Lady
    continues to pressure Seohyun.

    Lady: come
    again? Please speak louder

    Seohyun: i…..i……l-like

    Lady: hmmm
    is that it? You only like him? I feel there’s something more than that.

    Seohyun: b-but
    what are you …..

    Lady: look,
    I can’t help someone who’s not sure what his or her reason. I only help with a
    strong resolution.

    Seohyun looked up and saw Lady holding her eye
    glass while smiling at her. Still, Seohyun doesn’t know what’ going on behind
    her since she’s still staggering to find the right words to tell. She doesn’t
    know that the girls behind her are prancing, anxious and excited. Seohyun
    clenched her fist and began to talk

    Seohyun: what
    do you want me to say?

    Lady: I
    don’t know… what do you want to say?

    Seohyun became silent again and bowed her head down

    Lady: huh….
    Look if you don’t want to say it fine but I got a work to do… so if you’ll

    Seohyun: I love him………..

    Lady: hm?
    Did you say something?

    Seohyun repeated her words again in a very low

    Seohyun: I love him……………….

    Lady: hmm?
    I guess I’m hearing things…. Look Seohyun I have to………..

    Seohyun instantly lifted her face up and say the
    words THEY all want to hear.

    Seohyun: I
    LOVE HIM! I love him that I don’t want him to die. I want to save him at all
    cost. Eversince he protected us. I loved your cousin, Lady unnie.

    Lady smiled and hugged Seohyun. Seohyun was
    surprised when she hread all of her sisters and Hyomin are happy for her to be
    able to express her feelings that everyone knows since then.

    Lady: that’s
    better. I was going to tell you anyway but I want you to be honest to your

    Not able to contain their happiness, everyone
    hugged Seohyun and Seohyun just blushed and smiled at them. Then Lady talked to

    Lady: ok
    now listen up. This component are not an easy task. I’m not sure on where are
    you going to get it but……… you need a werewolf’s fang, kidney and blood. I know
    I’m asking for an impossible but this is the only wa………….

    Sooyoung jolted up from her seat.

    Sooyoung: YOOCHIRI!!

    All of them looked at Sooyoung.

    Sooyoung: aww…..
    comeone Yul, Clive. The werewolf we just killed from the roof!!

    Yuri: AH

    Clive: …let’s
    just hope it’s still there. I mean we left there a several hours ago…

    Seohyun walked up to Clive.

    Seohyun: please
    Clive oppa… I don’t care if it’s still there or not but……I’m prepared to go
    beyond if it means to save Warren.

    Clive: …….tsch…

    Lady: Clive…you’re
    defeated here

    Lady lets out a chuckle.

    Clive: what

    Just as he’s going out Yuri blocked the door.

    Yuri: Clive…
    we could use your help…. This is the first time our maknae wants to do
    something for herself.

    All of them looked at Clive, waiting for his
    answer. Clive looked at Yuri who’s blocking his way out noticed Yuri’s aura. He
    suddenly feels somewhat at ease and calm. He could feel his heart beating
    faster and faster and harder and harder. In the end…

    Clive: …F-fine…..
    get your things ready…

    Lady knew what was going on on Clive’s head and

    Lady: this
    is something new….

    they all went outside. Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung and
    Seohyun followed Clive to the armory room. Tiffany Jessica went to Taewoo and
    Nadia and Sunny, Taeyeon and Hyomin went to the Hangar where Narsha and Hara is

    Clive: grab
    what want and what you can bring. Do not bring something you won’t be using.
    Bringing big guns just to make you look cool doesn’t prove you’re strong.

    As usual, Clive bought an M4a1 Assault rifle with a
    M203 grenade launcher attachment, a suppressor, Red dot sight and a laser
    sight. Sooyoung putdown the old sawed off shotgun they’re acquired from the
    hunter and grabbed a XM1014 auto shotgun and a UPS Tactical handgun. Yoona
    chose two P90’s and a glock9 as her side arm. Seohyun just chose a UMP and her

    Clive: you
    should dismiss that sword if I were you. It would slow you down.

    Seohyun: …no
    I might need this when the time comes….

    Clive knew Seohyun was talking about Warren’s
    sister, Clare. After they’ finished prepping up. All of the girls and waiting
    for them at the Hangar’s gate with Clive’s Humvee. Taeyeon hugged them tightly

    Taeyeon: I
    want you all come back unharmed and in one piece, you hear? Yuri you’re the oldest so you take care of
    them alright?

    Yuri: don’t
    worry Tae-Tae. I’ll look after them.

    Jessica: Clive
    take care of them.

    Clive: I

    And the five of them hurriedly left to go back in
    Yoochiri hoping the body of the werewolf Yuri and and Sooyoung defeated are
    still there.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 13

    Disaster Strikes!

    Clive’s humvee is nearing the outside gate of
    Lady’s hidden hideout.

    Clive: you
    four get ready to lock and load, we will attract to many attention to the
    infected. Yuri use my M4 and guard your side, Sooyoung, as usual you’re on top,
    Seohyun you take the back ang Yoona you take my side.

    Clive reached the radio attached on the front.

    Clive: we’re
    nearing the gate, you can open it now Leutenant.

    Taewoo pushed a button in the main command center
    to monitor if there are infectees going to come in as soon as Clive’s company
    went out. Eunjung orders the rest of her members to defend the tunnel Clive’s
    group used to get out and immediately intercept the infected hordes. Taeyeon,
    Jessica and Tiffany have a worried look on their faces while Hyoyeon, Hyomin,
    Narsha and Hara grabbed a weapon and helped the other soldiers fend off the infected
    that got in. Sunny on the other hand went to Nadia’s place where she finds the
    dog wide awake but couldn’t stand up because of the injury. Fending off the
    infectees took about 30 minutes before they’ve cleared the tunnel and sealing
    it again.

    Tiffany: I
    hope they’re ok.

    Taewoo: don’t
    worry, Clive is with them

    Taeyeon: …well
    let’s go Tiffany, let’s take Taewoo oppa’s advice

    Taeyeon pulls Tiffany inside and all of them
    followed after. Inside, as Hyomin is going to look for Sunny, Eunjung walked towards
    her and decided to talk to her.

    Eunjung: Hyomin….
    Can we talk?

    But Hyomin just looked at her, not uttering a word.

    Eunjung: please

    Eunjung couldn’t react well because Hyomin just
    walked past her and starts to look for Sunny. Other members of T-ara couldn’t
    do anything but watch. Meanwhile at the humvee, Seohyun starts shooting from
    behind as the infected starts chasing them.

    Clive: Seohyun,
    careful on you firing, we must conserve ammo.

    Seohyun: but
    there’s too many of them…

    Clive noticed that there’s not much in their front.

    Clive: ok
    everyone, inside, buckle up cause I’m gonna smoke those things.

    The four girls retreated inside and they’ve buckled
    up their seatbelt as Clive stomped hard on the gas pedal and they went over 140
    km/h to avoid the infected to catch up with them.


    Amidst of the event, Hyomin found Sunny lying
    beside Nadia. She saw Sunny was playing with Nadia. Then she gently knocked to
    let her presence known.

    Sunny: oh
    Hyomin! Sorry to run off like that…

    Hyomin: it’s
    nothing. I’m glad you’re safe here…. Sunny

    Sunny: hm?

    Hyomin: before
    I came in here… Eunjung tried to talk to me…. but I avoided her…. Everytime I
    remember what they did.. I suddenly felt like it was nothing but I couldn’t
    bring myself to talk to them.

    Sunny: …………are
    you mad at them?

    Hyomin: ….maybe?
    …a little? ……..i’m not sure…….

    Sunny sat on Nadia’s bed while the dog’s head is on
    Sunny’s lap.

    Sunny: ….look,
    I know what happened to you guys earlier… and I know the reason. Don’t you
    think this is the right time to have a heart to heart talk? Narsha unnie, Hara
    and me, we’re cool with hanging with us around but don’t you think it feels
    much better if you don’t have grudges against anyone? Maybe you should hear her

    Hyomin: ….you
    think so? But I don’t know what to say…I might say something that I shouldn’t..

    Sunny: if
    that happens…. I think she’ll understand… 6 yrs of secrecy is enough to catch
    what’s coming from you.. you should give her a chance to explain things.

    Hyomin: thank
    you Sunny… you’re always been the understanding one…..

    Sunny gave Hyomin a smile and Hyomin went out and Tiffany enters.

    Tiffany: what’s
    that all about? Hyomin seems happy.

    Sunny: hm?
    Well something she just had to sort out.

    Tiffany: ….riiight..
    so.. have you two become bestfriends?

    Tiffany pointed at Nadia and Sunny. Sunny laughed.

    Sunny: ahahaha.
    You’re lucky you guys found her.

    Tiffany: I’m
    still wondering what she’s doing inside that store though…

    Sunny and Tiffany couldn’t think of any reason on Why Nadia
    was locked inside that room.

    ::NADIA’S MIND::

    --I’m locked inside that because my previous owner
    locked me in there along with the corpse. And for the last time….. the police
    woman is not my owner!!..... why should I bother… they won’t be able to hear my
    thoughts anyway.. *sigh* if only I could talk…. well all I could do is to be
    beside her. I’ll acknowledge you as my new owner---

    Nadia looked at Tiffany and her heart pounds for happiness.
    She forced herself to go to Tiffany’s lap.

    Tiffany: Hey
    Nadia.. you shouldn’t force yourself

    But still Nadia manages to go to Tiffany’s lap who
    is sitting beside Sunny. Sunny smiled a bit because Nadia is occupying both her
    and Tiffany’s lap.

    --this is smy thanks for helping me back there and
    for taking care of me… maybe you guys are not so bad after all.. I’ve decided
    I’ll stick with you guys. I can sense that you’re a caring person… especially
    letting me go to safety while you and your friend sacrifice yourselves just to
    help me be safe. Not to mention you’re saying there’s no difference about
    humans and animals, all living things should be treated with care.---

    Nadia licked Tiffany’s hand and face. Tiffany laughed.

    Tiffany: KYAAAH
    Nadia!! Hahahah stop!! It tickles!!!

    Sunny smiled at the scene.

    Sunny: wow
    Tiffany, we know you’re not good with animals but, this is the first time I’ve
    seen you close with an animal

    Tiffany: ahahahah…
    Nadia stop it!! Hahahaha well…maybe it’s because we helped her earlier

    Nadia: woof
    woof! (yes)

    Tiffany: aww..
    you said yes sweetie…..

    Sunny: wow
    you can even understand her?

    Tiffany: well
    it’s not like I can talk her language.. she really understands everything. Just
    remember this Sunny, Nadia can only answer yes or no. two barks for yes and one
    bark for no.

    Sunny was amazed at Tiffany seeing close with a pet for the
    first time.

    Sunny: do
    you think…….. everyone can be friends with her?

    Nadia: woof
    woof! (yes)

    Understanding Nadia response, Sunny smiled and also hugged

    Sunny: you’re
    the best dog Nadia and thank you for looking for help. Because of that, Tiffany
    and Sooyoung came back to us alive and well.

    Nadia wagged her tail and pressed her body hard to
    Tiffany and Sunny causing them laughter and eventually they’ve petted her.

    ::Clive’s Humvee – Road to Yoochiri::

    Yuri: I
    think we’ve lost them..

    But Clive isn’t slowing down. Yoona noticed Clive’s
    Running speed hasn’t changed ever since they’ve left the city.

    Yoona: oppa….
    You’re still going fast!!

    Clive looked at the rear view mirror and talked.

    Clive: because
    you didn’t noticed that we’re running in a rocky road, you didn’t noticed the
    place is shaking…. We’re being chased by the tank…..

    All of them looked at the back and saw the Tank
    following them.

    Seohyun: but
    how can it run so fast?

    Clive: Running
    are no problem Seohyun…. It’s his jumping. You see, that is a muscle bound
    freak. Muscles on his legs makes him jump even further….

    Sooyoung: Clive,
    keep the wheel steady… I’m going to try something.

    Clive: Don’t
    be stupid Sooyoung!

    Sooyoung went through the hole on the humvee’s roof
    and prepares to use Clive’s anti tank Rifle.

    Clive: SOOYOUNG!!

    But Sooyoung cound’t hear anything because of the
    noise the tank is making and the gust of wind that is hitting her her due the
    Clive speedy driving towards Yoochiri. Yuri saw the Tank grabbed a large
    boulder and preparing it to throw on them.

    Yuri: Seohyun,
    Yoona! We to cover Sooyoung!!

    Seohyun and Yoona unleashed all the bullets to
    prevent the tank throwing the boulder while Yuri grabbed Sooyoung’s autoshotgun
    and fired at it as well. And just when the chance is right Sooyoung took the
    Shot “ka-BLAAM! THUD!” and hits the Tank in the chest causing it to slowdown.
    Yoona, Seohyun, Yuri and Clive breathed out a sigh of relief.

    Clive: nice
    work girls…. I thought we’re goners… Hey Sooyoung, you can go back down now………

    All of a sudden Sooyoung falls down like a broken
    ragdoll. And to their surprise, they saw blood on Sooyoung’s forehead.

    Yuri: Sooyoung?
    SOOYOUNG!! Open your eyes…. Please….

    Seohyun: Unnie….
    Please wake up….

    Yoona: Clive
    oppa… please stop the vehicle….

    Clive stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road.
    Clive checks Sooyoung.

    Clive: I
    thought heard funny after her shot… after the shot I also a heard a loud thud.

    Clive examines the roof of his humvee and noticed a
    big piece of rock with some blood in it. Clive grabbed it and showed it to

    Seohyun: Sooyoung
    unnie, please open your eyes…

    Yoona scrounged at back of the Humvee and find the
    first kit they’ve used on Clive is still there and have enough bandage to use. Yuri
    and Yoona helped Seohyun treat Sooyoung who is unconscious and Clive continues
    to drive towards Yoochiri.

    ::Sooyoung’s mind talk (before passing out)::

    --I guess I can’t blame Clive for driving this
    fast… I guess the head is a no-no, then I’ll have to aim in the che….. WHAT THE
    HECK?? It’s going to throw that large rock at us!!!---

    Then Suddenly Sooyoung heard gunshots below her.
    She saw Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun firing like crazy at the tank.

    --wow…. Seohyun really changed after meeting Warren
    and I’m happy for her… I hope I can find someone that I can dedicate my love
    hmm how about I’ll try my aegyo on Warren too… KYAAAH XD….…….SNAP OUT of it
    Sooyoung… all of your lives are in danger!! This is no time for dreaming!! ---

    Clive shouted at Sooyoung but couldn’t hear him
    because of the gust of wind that’s hitting Sooyoung’s ear and the noise that
    the tank is making. Then suddenly, Sooyoung’s eyes widen.

    --THERE!! His chest is open!! ---

    “ka-BLAAM!” “THUD!”

    --ugh!...i didn’t know this gun packs a heavy
    punch… the….scope…………hits……me…..back………… world……is spinning………….. ooooh… I
    can see some foods now……………… I want those goobne ckickens pleeeasee…. Uhhh..---

    And then Sooyoung passed out because of the
    powerful recoil of Clive’s anti tank rifle, and not because of the rock. they haven’t
    a slightest idea that the blood on the rock that Clive found was blood from the


    Hyoyeon: hey
    Taengoo… it’s kind of lonely here don’t you think?

    Jessica: yeah…
    eversince this chaos started… I miss our old lives back.

    Taeyeon: but
    look at the bright side….. we did some things that we weren’t able to before.
    So let’s just hang in there. It’ll be over soon…. So if you’ll excuse me guys I
    think I have to go to the bathroom.

    Hyoyeon: Taeng..
    you shouldn’t eat too much

    Taeyeon sticks her tongue out and smiled to Hyoyeon
    and Jessica but as soon as Taeyeon turned her back her smile and cheerful
    expression vanished and ran towards the bathroom. Lady noticed it through the
    window of her room. Inside the bathroom, Taeyeon turned the faucet on in the
    sink and finally lets out her tears that she been keeping from the start. She’s
    been keeping it eversince they’ve met the hunter whom the first one they’ve
    defeated. She suddenly have a flashback from their normal lives to their
    present state. She never imagine that this kind of event will ever occur in
    their daily lives. Then someone knocked on the door.

    Taeyeon: just
    a minute….

    Taeyeon wiped her tears and gained her composure
    and immediately wahed her face so that whoever it was knocking on the door, he
    or she won’t a slightest clue that she cried. When she opened the door, she was
    Lady standing in front of her.

    Taeyeon: oh!
    Sorry… you may use the bat…..

    Lady: let’s
    talk in here……

    Taeyeon: excuse

    Taeyeon could refuse Lady’s attitude as soon Lady
    pushed her inside and locked the bathroom. Taeyeon put up an annoyed face.

    Taeyeon: what
    do you want?

    Lady didn’t answer and just keeps looking at
    Taeyeon flustered face.

    Taeyeon: you
    said you want to talk but you’re not saying a word? Are you playing a joke on
    me? ‘cause now’s not the time to do that.

    Lady still didn’t answer Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon: Look..
    I’m having a hard time so please….. if you don’t have something to say then get
    out of the way.

    But Lady didn’t even budge. Taeyeon now steaming
    with anger retorted.

    Taeyeon: SCREW
    DO!! MY SISTERS NEED ME…….they need me……. I don’t want to lose them…..

    Taeyeon slumped on the floor crying. And Lady
    started to talk.

    Lady: so
    how are you feeling now Ms. Kim Taeyeon? You finally let it out? I saw you the
    moment you walked away from Ms. Kim Hyoyeon and Ms. Jessica Jung. You’re like
    Seohyun. But the difference is, you only show your outside personality but deep
    inside, you’re afraid to make a single mistake for your members… or sisters. I
    know how it feels. The feeling of being a leader.

    Taeyeon looked at Lady with a teary eyes.

    Taeyeon: but
    I’m tired… I’m so tired that I’ve got to push myself just to make my sisters
    safe and secured… but there are something even I can’t do….. they’re my
    responsibility…I can’t afford to lose anyone of them…

    Lady: ….then
    why don’t you leave them… you know what they say, “if you have something to
    depend on, you’ll never be able to stand on your own”.

    Taeyeon: NO!
    I can’t do that… they all depend on me… as I said before Lady…. I can’t have
    them to be hurt….

    Lady: tell
    me, can you do something right now? All your members are separated. Ms. Seo,
    Ms. Im, Ms. Kwon and Ms. Choi are out of your reach… how can you be so sure
    that they’re not in danger?

    Taeyeon: I………………..

    Lady: EXACTLY!
    You don’t know… and yet you let them go… Look here Ms. Kim Taeyeon…. I know you
    loved them all of your life but…do you trust them with that kind of thinking?

    Taeyeon couldn’t answer Lady’s question.

    Lady: look,
    I know how hard it is to be a Leader. Hell, even i don’t want to be a leader
    because I lack leadership skills, heck, I only know one thing. Save people’s
    lives. And yet here I am. People over here chose me as their leader even
    against my will.

    Taeyeon listens to Lady intently while wiping her tears.

    Lady: I’ll
    give you an example. Lt. Kim Taewoo. He’s far more skilled in combat field.
    Clive, excellent skills in marksmanship and stealth covert-op missions. Sgt.
    Eunjung and her squad, they’re impressive in gathering intel. Our newly recruit
    Park Hyo-jin A.K.A. Narsha and Goo Hara, even though a little clumsy, they’re
    excellent in hardworks and repairs. But me? I’m only a medic. A normal woman
    who only values life.

    Taeyeon: what
    are you getting at?

    Lady: look,
    being a leader isn’t an easy task. At first, I kept thinking that they don’t
    want the troublesome responsibility. I even complained to all of them why’d
    they chosen me as their leader. You know what they all say?

    Taeyeon now focused intently to Lady.

    Lady: they
    all said that they need a balancer to their jobs and task. They need someone
    who can straighten them out when they’re out of control, they need someone who
    they can talk to, they need someone to look over them and most of all, they all
    need someone to trust them.

    Taeyeon: ….trust…..

    Lady: Look
    Ms. Kim Taeyeon…. I don’t know if you understand what I mean but…. Isn’t it about
    time to trust your family? I know you’re older than them but they need to get
    on with their own feet and all you need to do is to trust them and support them.
    You can’t protect them by yourself. If you’re having hard time about something,
    don’t hesitate to ask for’re YOU and you’re not EVERYONE. Do you
    understand what I’m getting at?

    Taeyeon: i….think I understand Lady-ssi….
    Thank you for the advice. I think you’re right….

    Lady: oh
    before I forgot…..

    Taeyeon blinked several times when she saw Lady taking out
    her com radio.

    Lady: Ms.
    Lee Soonkyu, now you all know what your leader feels? I think it’s time to fill
    in some gap. Let’s all meet at my quarters…. I find it hard to talk in the

    Taeyeon: They…..knew…..?

    Lady: yes
    they know. And they know how you’ve been
    doing a fine job not showing weakness in front of them and they’re worried
    about you for that. Now let’s all meet up in my quarters…. My hair is starting
    to smell like toilet freshener.

    Taeyeon and Lady quickly went outside the bathroom and into
    Lady’s quarters.

    ::Yoochiri (AGAIN)::

    Clive and the others arrived back in Yoochiri and
    luckily, the corpse of the werewolf is still there. Clive, Yuri and Seohyun
    immediately went to the body of the werewolf while Yoona stayed beside Sooyoung
    who is still unconscious.

    Clive: looks
    like you girls have all the luck you need. The body is still here…..

    But Yuri and Seohyun just froze from where they are

    Clive: what’s

    Seohyun: well….
    I don’t have a problem with blood… but… I don’t think I can do the kidney part.

    Yuri: ….don’t
    look at me…

    Clive: ………*sigh*
    ok ok I get it, since we’re here why
    don’t you girls go inside the house look for something we can use to put contain
    the kidney.

    Seohyun and Yuri went inside the house while Clive
    starts cutting up the werewolf’s corpse to get what Lady asked them to get.
    Inside the house, Yuri and Seohyun intently looked for some some container to hold
    the kidney. Outside, just as Clive is opening the werewolf’s corpse, he felt something
    is coming in close. The ground started to shake followed by a loud howling.

    Clive: Yuri?
    Seohyun? Better find some…..and FAST!!

    Yuri and Seohyun unfortunately found nothing. Before
    they go out from the house they both heard gunshots and immediately go out and
    witnessed Yoona covering Clive against the swarming infected.

    Yoona: Oppa,
    hurry up! There’s too many of them to handle..

    Clive: I’m
    cutting it up as fast as I can…

    Seohyun desperate, she took off her jacket and gave
    it to Clive.

    Clive: What’s
    this for?

    Seohyun: we
    couldn’t find any container so…… use my jacket oppa….we’ll cover you…

    Yuri: desperate
    times calls for desperate measures…

    Clive: heheh…
    I envy your adaptation ladies…. Well Seohyun, don’t mind if I do…

    Seohyun, Yuri and Yoona fired almost non stop to
    the countless hordes of infected. Due to the countless hordes, the three girls
    are starting to run out of ammunitions.

    Seohyun: Yoona
    unnie…… take my gun

    Yoona: maknae?
    What are you….

    Before Yoona could finish her words, they saw
    Seohyun pull out her katana as the brightness of the moon reflects on its blade
    and flashes at them.

    Yuri: SEOHYUN
    DON’T BE ABSU……..

    Yuri couldn’t finish her word as she watch Seohyun
    jumped and made a clean cut on one of the infected horizontally. Yoona and Yuri
    couldn’t believe how much Seohyun changed and put a slight smile in their faces
    as they watched Seohyun slashing some infected that’s coming near them. But
    they didn’t realize how much Seohyun went deep in the middle of the swarming

    Yoona: Unnie!!
    Seohyun’s trapped in the middle.

    Yuri: SH*T
    we were so busy covering Clive…

    Clive: Don’t
    mind me, just go get Seohyun!!

    Yuri tried to reach Seohyun but the swarm is too
    many to handle. Yoona and Yuri can only do but cover Clive and watch some body parts
    flying in the middle of the horde as Seohyun continues to battle in the middle.


    ---I’ve managed to attract the attention of some of
    them, they shouldn’t have some trouble.---

    Seohyun, sliced left, right, upwards, downwards and
    some of the infected try to jump on her but she can easily avoid it by
    sidestepping on either left or right and countered it by slashing them on their

    ---there’s too many of them… I’m starting to get
    tired……… NO! I can’t give up now. I’ve come this far to give up now. I have to
    get Warren cured!!---

    Seohyun tightens her grip on her katana and shouts.

    Seohyun: YOU

    Three of the infected dashed towards her but she
    arched back then charges the three head on and manages to land a clean cut,
    splitting the three infected in half in
    just on stroke of her sword. Seohyun didn’t mind in their blood spurted on her
    clothes. After the three infected on came jumping at her but she countered it
    by slashing upwards splitting its head into two. And then two came running and
    she slashed sideways cutting their necks clean. But before Seohyun can retract
    her movement in her last attack, one of the infected manages to tackle her and
    looses her katana. She is now fighting barehanded. Because she’s not used on
    barehand fight, and due to exhaustion, her strength starts to fade away making
    the infected on top of the aiming on biting her neck. Seohyun turned her face
    to her left and saw a pair of boots walking towards her. Knowing her fate, she
    closed her eyes then suddenly the infected on top of her was sent rolling to
    her side and saw Sooyoung who’s standing beside her with a scary face.

    Sooyoung: DON’T

    Sooyoung incredibly unleashed a series of slugs
    towards the infecteds as she is walking slowly towards them. Seohyun was amazed
    at Sooyoung on how fast Sooyoung reloaded her auto shotgun

    Sooyoung: maknae!
    Are you alright?

    Seohyun: unnie..
    thank you……. but your injury from the rock earlier….

    Seohyun pointed and Sooyoung’s forehead.

    Sooyoung: oh
    this? It wasn’t from a rock…. It’s from Clive’s rifle. That gun packs a punch.

    Seohyun: but
    we thought……

    Sooyoung: ??
    what? I was hit by a rock? Nah…well better get up and help me clean this

    Seohyun grabbed her katana and fought with Sooyoung
    back to back. Yuri saw the two of them in the middle called out to Seohyun and
    throws her revolver to Seohyun and Seohyun manages to grab it in midair. As
    soon as Seohyun grabbed Yuri’s revolver, one infected rushed for her but she
    stabbed it to chest with her katana and at the same time, she aimed the
    revolver on its head and shot it point blank. Yoona and yuri couldn’t believe
    Sooyoung and Seohyun’s teamwork and Clive manages to retrieve the ingredients
    Lady needed for Warren. Because most of the infected were attracted to Sooyoung
    and Seohyun, Yoona, Yuri and Clive have no problems making their way back to
    the humvee.

    Yoona: Seohyun!
    Unnie! We’re done here!! Get back in here now!!

    Sooyoung and Seohyun fought their way back towards
    the humvee, Sooyoung still unleashing her slugs, Seohyun on the other hand
    slices the infected on their way back to the humvee. Clive smiled at Seohyun
    and Sooyoung’s buddy-buddy system.

    Clive: heheh…
    their teamwork is perfect.

    Yuri: what
    do you mean Clive?

    Clive: just
    watch them, their teamwork are flawless.

    Yoona and Yuri watched Seohyun and Sooyoung fought
    their way back to the humvee and noticed their teamwork. It goes like this,
    just as Sooyoung is reloading her shotgun, they switch side, putting Sooyoung
    on the front while she reloads, Seohyun on the other hand in the front, slashed
    on any infected the gets near them. Vice-vera on Sooyoung while reloading, if
    any of the infected gets near them Sooyoung just hits them with the arm support
    of her shotgun fullforce.

    Yoona: wow…
    they’re just like… walking in a park…

    Yuri: yeah…
    Seohyun changed eversince she confessed and maybe that big bump on Sooyoung’s
    head woke up her brain.

    Yoona and Yuri laughed the Yuri’s comment.

    Yuri: well…
    let’s make things easier fort hem shall we Yoon?

    Yoona: no
    need to ask. Clive oppa, we’re going to get Seohyun and Sooyoung unnie. Please
    get this humvee ready to leave.

    Clive: no
    prob with that.. now go.

    With Clive’s signal Yoona and Yuri came running
    towards Seohyun and Sooyoung with fully loaded weapons (Seohyun’s UMP9 and
    Yoona’s double FN P90) shooting the ones who are coming to Seohyun and
    Sooyoung’s sides.

    Sooyoung: what
    took you guys so long. We almost wiped this area cleared.

    Yuri: hehe
    :P sorry but we came right?

    Yoona: and
    besides, I think maknae’s getting tired.

    Seohyun: I’m
    ok unnie, my only problem is… you’ve thrown me your revolver with only one
    bullet left.

    The four of the paused for 2 seconds and laughed at
    Seohyun’s complain and Yuri’s blunder. With the four of them doing a
    buddy-buddy system they all quickly got in the humvee and Clive didn’t waste a
    single second and left in a hurry. After 40 minutes of driving, they are almost
    near at the city but, as they’re getting closer to the City, all of them we
    surprised at the Tank who emerges from the ground, ambushing them. In an
    instant, Clive’s humvee were complete knocked over with everyone inside turning
    it upside-down. still not finished the tank kicked the humvee sending it
    crashing through the wall. Seeing no movement, the tank turned around leaving
    the humvee in a total wreckage leaving Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Clive
    covered in blood, cuts , bruises and unconscious.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 14

    So Close yet So far

    ::Taewoo’s Quarters::

    Due to the fact on dog traits and abilities, Nadia
    sensed that something is wrong outside

    Taewoo: hmm?
    Something wrong Nadia?

    Nadia tried to stand up but Taewoo forbids her

    Taewoo: you
    can’t stand up yet Nadia. Your bones and not yet fully healed.

    Nadia: WOOF!
    WOOF! WOOF! Grrrr…….

    Nadia growled at Taewoo telling that if he stops
    her she’ll bite Taewoo without a warning. Taewoo feeling Nadia’s warning , he
    didn’t even tried to get near Nadia but feeling that something is up, Taewoo
    put a chair beside the Nadia’s bed andshe went down.

    ::NADIA’S MIND::

    --I have a bad feeling that something has gone
    terribly wrong… I’ve got to find Tiffany…*sniff sniff* her scent is close…---

    Nadia followed Tiffany’s scent. Hyomin, who is
    currently looking for Eunjung, spotted Nadia.

    Hyomin: oh
    hi Nadia! Are you sure you got permission to be walking like that?

    Nadia: *whimper*
    *whimper* (please help me
    find Tiffany)

    Hyomin: what’s
    the matter girl? is there something wrong?

    Nadia: WOOF
    WOOF!! (yes)

    Hyomin remembered the first time Nadia was introduced
    to them by Tiffany and Sooyoung on how to communicate with her through Nadia’s
    barking. Two barks for yes and one bark for no. Hyomin’s eyes widen one person
    in her mind popped up. Tiffany. upon realizing Nadia’s worry, Hyomin
    frantically ran up to the Comm rom where the rest of T-ara’s members and
    gathering intel. While Nadia continues to follow Tiffany’s scent.

    ::T-ara’s Comm room::

    Eunjung who is currently taking a break from
    guarding Warren’s ward along with Boram and Soyeon were startled on Hyomin’s
    sudden barging in their room.

    Eunjung: Hyomin?
    W-what’s the matter?

    Despite of having a problem with Eunjung, Hyomin
    put aside her pride and followed her hunch.

    Hyomin: Eunjung…
    I know you’re skilled in gathering intel… but can I ask you one favor.

    Eunjung, Boram and Soyeon are confused at Hyomin
    but they decided to let her talk.

    Boram: is
    there something wrong? It isn’t like you to act like that

    Hyomin: I
    think we have no time for our problems…. I know you have security cameras
    installed all over the city right?

    Soyeon: yes
    but please tell us why. We can’t let you use it with asking Lady’s permis…

    Before Soyeon could finish her words, Eunjung
    interrupts her as she saw Hyomin’s worried look.

    Eunjung: Soyeon,
    Boram, as your commanding officer in this room, I order you to scan all over
    the place.

    Boram: But
    Lady might..

    Eunjung: are
    you defying my order? I’ll take full responsibility if Lady finds out.

    Boram and Soyeon couldn’t do a single thing on

    Boram: systems
    check….. visual status green….

    Soyeon: all
    cams are all green, all cams are all green…..

    Eunjung: ok
    scan thoroughly. Hyomin, you can help search too..

    Boram: she’s
    a Civie sarge we can’t just let her….

    Eunjung: oh
    now you’re treating her like a civilian now Boram? After we find something
    about Hyomin’s worry, I’ll have a word with you..

    Boram noticed Eunjung sharp stare at her and kept
    quiet with a heavy beads of sweat forming in her forehead. Hyomin on the other
    hand, noticed something on the screen.

    Hyomin: Soyeon,
    can you focus on the camera E, something’s moving.

    Eunjung: put
    in the main monitor.

    Eunjung, Hyomin, Boram and Soyeon are shocked when
    the image went large to see a two Tanks chasing a poor survivor and eventually
    ends up dead.

    Eunjung: T-That’s….
    that’s horrible… so this is what they called Tank based on Lady’s files passed
    on us…… is this the one you’re looking for?

    Hyomin: N-no…..
    it’s not it….L-Let’s keep searching……..

    Meanwhile on Lady’s quarter, all of the girls are inside
    talking about Taeyeon’s status.

    Lady: aaaah…
    this feels nice…. Rather than talking in the bathroom… so I believe you girls
    need to talk about something… I’ll be inside my room. You girls need to talk
    this with yourselves.

    And Lady leaves the girls in her office and went inside her

    Taeyeon: ……….how
    long you guys knew?

    Sunny: come
    on Tae-Tae…. Don’t pretend we don’t know.

    Jessica: yeah,
    we noticed you eversince you’ve been used as a hostage by the hunter.

    Jessica hits the spot. Taeyeon just keeps quiet.

    Hyoyeon: Look
    Tae-Tae. We know you really cared for us and we’re thankful for that. but how
    can we overcome pain and hardships if you’re treating us like this?

    Taeyeon: i…..i
    just don’t want any of you to get hurt…….. if someone of gets hurt. I’m hurting
    too you know…. I’m going to feel like it’s my mistake that you’re hurt.

    Tiffany: Tae-Tae….
    Stop blaming yourself if some of us got hurt in an accident or something… it’s not your fault. If
    something happens to us, it’s on us because it’s our choice. It’s our decision.

    Sunny: Look
    here Tae-Tae. We chose you as a leader
    of our group because we know how you cared about us. But… if you really care
    for us trust us in making our own decisions…. Just like maknae did a while ago.
    Don’t you trust us?

    Taeyeon lowered her face and her tears starts to drop. The
    four of htem saw it and they all hugged her and Taeyeon hugged them back.

    Taeyeon: I
    love you guys….

    Jessica: we
    may be like this Taeyeon, but if you have some problems, don’t hesitate to ask
    any one of us. We will be there if you need us.

    Taeyeon: ….just
    promise me one thing guys…………

    Hyoyeon: what?

    Taeyeon: promise
    me that we will get through all this…. With ALL of us….. even if these events
    takes a longer turn….. we will stick together no matter what..

    Sunny: you
    don’t need to ask…

    Little did they know, they thought Lady is sleeping but in
    reality, this is what Lady wants to hear from all of them. Hearing what she
    expected, Lady gently smiles and finaly went to rest in her bed. Meanwhile,
    back in the humvee, Yoona is the first ne to regain consciousness and noticed
    their situation, she immediately checks Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yuri and Clive

    Yoona: ….Seo,
    Soo, Yul…….oppa………. please answer…me…

    Yoona tried her best not to faint because of the
    sharp pain she’s feeling right now. Just as she was going out from the humvee,
    she spotted the Tank coming towards them and she instinctively acted
    unconscious. after she closed her eyes, her hearts starts to beat faster as she
    feels and hear the tank is coming at them very fast. Her whole body was shaken
    up with fear as she feels the tank’s heavy stomping and pounding on the ground
    she couldn’t even make a single mistake while she’s watching the tank’s feet
    and fists sotomping back and forth not very far from Clive’s turned over humvee.
    Yoona tried her best no to loose her sanity as she felt horror to her spine as
    she hears the tank’s growl and heavy breathing. Slowly and inch by inch, she
    tries not to make any slight sound as she tries to grab her dual FN P90’s and
    some spare ammunitions. After she successfully grabbed her weapon, she saw the
    Tank ran away from the humvee. Yoona looked at unconscious Seohyun with a teary

    Yoona: Seo…’ve
    come this far to save someone special in your life….. I promise that I will
    make that happen.. my unnies, thank you for the fun times. And oppa…… thanks
    for helping us all the time.

    With that being said, Yoona grabbed the com Radio
    and tries to contact on anybody. Since she doesn’t know how to find the
    frequency, she just randomly turned the radio dial and try to get a reply on
    anybody who will pick up. Back at the T-ara’s Comm room.

    Boram: Sargeant,
    we’re getting an unknown transmission….

    Eunjung: can
    you filter the frequency?

    Soyeon: ……..not
    good, the channel transmission is changing frequently. Perhaps someone doesn’t
    know how to use one?

    Comm radio:




    Soyeon, in her specialty, she was able to know the pattern
    on when are the channels are changing, she manages to follow the channel
    changes and got a clear response.

    Soyeon: come
    in on who ever this is, This is a secured line only…. Identify your self…

    Comm radio

    …thank god someone replied….

    We…need……help….here……my……name….is…Im Yoona….

    we…….need….help…… our….vehicle
    was..turned…over… ……….the…………


    Hyomin, Eunjung, Boram and Soyeon couldn’t believe
    what they’ve heard from Yoona. Hyomin grabbed the mic from Soyeon.

    Hyomin: Yoona!!
    This is Hyomin!! Are you guys alright?

    Yoona: I’m
    the only one conscious…….. Seo, Soo Yul and oppa are hurt pretty bad…. They’re
    still…..unconscious….. myself too… we’re….. near the city…….entrance……..

    Hyomin: ……..oh

    Eunjung: Soyeon,
    sound the alarm, Boram, tell the chief about the situation… .this is a rescue
    operation code red!

    Soyeon pressed the alarm switch and Boram quickly ran to
    Lady’s quarters.

    ::Lady’s Quarters (Before the alarm)::

    As the girls were opening up about their worries,
    Hyoyeon heard someone scratching on Lady’s door. At first she ignored it but
    the second time she heard it again, the scratching sound became more loud and
    intensely non stop… Jessica starts to
    get annoyed and angrily opened up the door and finds Nadia sitting there.

    Nadia: ARF!
    ARF!! (Where’s Tiffany?)

    Jessica: ….Nadia?
    you certainly know how to kill a mood… is there something wrong?

    Nadia: WOOF
    WOOF! (yes)

    Tiffany heard Jessica’s question and heard Nadia’s
    response. The other’s are surprised at Tiffany as she runs like a lighting
    towards Nadia.

    Nadia: come
    here girl…. seeing you walking in an injured state like that…. what’s wrong?

    the rest of them were also amazed at Tiffany for talking to
    Nadia like that. hearing Tiffany’s question, Nadia pushed herself to go in the
    armory room, all of them followed Nadia wondering what’s happening. Once there
    Tiffany asked Nadia again on why is Nadia behaving like that. Nadia saw
    Sooyoung’s old Shotgun and dragged it in front of Tiffany.

    Tiffany: Nadia?
    That’s Sooyoung’s old shotgun… what’s wrong with that.

    Nadia: ARF
    ARF ARF ARF!! (something’s wrong my cute master)

    Jessica: I
    wonder what’s wrong with Sooyoung’s old shotgun………..

    Just then they all heard an alarm and it strikes Tiffany
    about what Nadia’s trying to say.

    Tiffany: oh
    my god! ohmygodohmygodohmygod…….. Nadia? You’re telling us something happened
    to Sooyoung?

    Nadia: *whimper*

    Without saying, Tiffany grabbed her beretta and took a
    spare clip. Taeyeon noticed it.

    Taeyeon: Fany?
    What are you doing?

    Tiffany: Tae-Tae
    I think something went wrong…. Nadia dragging Sooyoung’s old shot gun and these
    alarms? Don’t you think something is wrong?

    Before Taeyeon could answer, Sunny saw Boram
    rushing towards Lady’s quarters and in less than one minute, Boram and Lady, rushed
    out of the room and immediately went to Comm room, seeing what’s going on,
    Taeyeon and the rest followed them except Tiffany and Nadia. Inside the Comm

    Lady: what’s
    the situation?

    Eunjung: Chief,
    5 injured, 4 people inactive and 1 active person. Im Yoona’s status’ cirtical.
    The same goes with the rest.

    Lady: Boram
    told me about the un-permissioned use of the comm. room but I’ll let this slide
    this time. Who’s call is this?

    Eunjung: It’s
    Hyomin, Chief. And I’ll take full responsibility for her.

    Lady: Hyomin,
    how did you know something was wrong?

    Hyomin: It
    was Nadia, Lady-ssi. I saw her pushing herself to walk with that kind of injury

    Lady: that’s
    enough explanation. I just want to know what is what.

    Taeyeon: Hyomin,
    did Yoona told you guys where they are?

    Soyeon: I
    remember Yoona said they were near the city entrance.

    Lady: Soyeon,
    switch to camera 6 and put it in the main screen.

    Soyeon: switching
    to camera 6.

    As Soyeon switched to camera 6, all of them were
    frozen in horror to see Clive’s wrecked-turned over humvee. Clive’s humvee
    couldn’t even be called a “humvee” because the Humvee is like a crushed tin

    Lady: oh…..god…
    that…. is that Clive’s humvee? W-where
    are they?

    Hyoyeon: look!
    I see someone moving!!

    Eunjung: Soyeon,
    enhance the visual now.

    Soyeon: enhancing.

    Sunny: Oh
    my god…..YOONA!!

    To their surprise, Sunny ran out of the room
    followed by Jessica. Taeyeon stood there frozen in shock and worried at Yoona
    and the dangers awaits her. Lady noticed Taeyeon.

    Lady: Ms.
    Kim Taeyeon, I promise they will be saved. No one will die as long as I’m

    Still frozen in shock, Lady hugged Taeyeon as soon
    as Taeyeon’s tears starts to swell up.

    Lady’s thoughts: I
    hope Taeyeon can pull this out…. They will need her more right now in these

    Lady: Sargeant,
    I want a detailed report on every five minutes on the situation. I’ll take Kim
    Taeyeon to my quarters. Kim Hyoyeon, you’re not coming with the rest?

    Hyoyeon: …….i
    would love to…. But I can’t leave Taeyeon like this… she needs someone as we
    need her right now.

    Lady smiled at Hyoyeon’s words.

    Lady’s Thought: Clive
    is right about these girls… they’re quick to adapt in their surrounding
    depending on the situation.


    Lady: Clive,
    these idols are some what pain in the a**. If they want to survive in their
    current situation, they should at least be trained to protect themselves!!

    Clive: there’s
    no need…. These girls learn quickly depending on how dangerous the situation.
    They can adapt very quickly and easily… you shouldn’t underestimate their
    ability. Just because they’re idols, it doesn’t mean they’re the spoon feeding
    type people. These girls are unique. They learn through experience.

    Flashback end.

    As Lady and Hyoyeon are supporting Taeyeon back to Lady’s
    quarters, they saw Tiffany, Nadia, Sunny and Jessica prepping up for rescue.

    Lady: what
    do you girls think you’re doing?

    Tiffany: we’re
    going to save our friend and family. If you’re stopping us…….. MAKE ME!

    As soon Tiffany put on a steady face against lady,
    Sunny cocked her 12 gauge Mossberg shotgun and put on a protective vest with,
    Jessica prepares her favored weapon the whip and a dual walther P99. Lady just
    smiled at them and said.

    Lady: no
    I’m not stopping you.. be careful out there and make Taeyeon proud.

    Seeing Taeyeon’s tears, Tiffany walked towards her.

    Tiffany: Tae-Tae?
    Don’t worry, we promise we’ll come back with with all of them.

    Jessica: remember
    what we’ve talked about earlier. Just trust us.

    Hearing Jessica’s words, Taeyeon suddenly gains her
    composure a little and lifted her face up to see Tiffany’s, Jessica’s and
    Sunny’s faces. She smiled and said.

    Taeyeon: just
    come back here alive. All of you.. I want you guys all alive….

    Sunny: we
    will… Hyoyeon, take care of things here ok?

    Hyoyeon: don’t
    worry…… now hurry up and go…

    The five of them (Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Jessica,
    Tiffany and Sunny) hugged and then the three of them went to save Yoona,
    Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung and Clive. Outside, Yoona tried to get out of the
    wrecked humvee. She’s too careful not to attract any of the infected or the
    Tanks…. Yes TankS… not just one but three that are running aimlessly around.
    After Yoona successfully got out, due to the injuries, she slumped back at the
    wall where they’ve crashed and she tries to ease her pain by enduring it only
    with her sheer will.

    Yoona: oh…..crap…
    so this is what it feels like to survive a vehicle wreckage…… damn… my vision
    is blurring out on me….. it must’ve been the blood………..

    Yoona wiped the blood from her face to avoid
    getting it to her eyes.

    Yoona: …….hah…
    worst of the worst…. I’ve got to get this glass out of my abs….. here goes

    Yoona removed her belt and bites it hard and she
    starts pulling the glass that is stuck in her left leg. fearing the infected
    and tanks will hear her, Yoona endure the excruciating pain as she pulls the
    glass slowly away from the left leg. she almost fainted at the pain.
    Remembering she had to stop the bleeding, Yoona ripped her lower part of her
    shirt and used it to as a substitute gauge to stop the bleeding. As she tries
    to get up, the more pain she feels. But wanting to save the life of Seohyun,
    Yuri, Sooyoung and Clive, she focused again her will power to endure the pain. Back
    at T-ara’s Comm room, Soyeon noticed Yoona walking away limping.

    Soyeon: Sargeant….
    Tiffany’s company should better hurry up… Im Yoona is going to try attractting
    the infected away from the humvee…. But her condition is not good.

    Eunjung: Boram,
    take over from here, I’m going after them.

    Boram: Sir
    yes Sir.

    Hyomin: Eunjung?
    what are you………

    Eunjung: stay
    here, we all know you got good eyes on noticing things. Help Soyeon on the
    surveillance and don’t forget to notify
    me when something is happening.

    With that being said, Eunjung also heads for the
    armory and stock her fatigue uniform with 4 frag grenades, and on her right
    leg, she put a gun holster and chose a USP tactical pistol for her side arm, on
    her Kevlar army vest, she put 4 magazines of Nato rounds and chose an M4 assault
    rifle with laser sight and scope. As she was stocking her self up, Taewoo saw

    Taewoo: Eunjung-ssi
    you’re going after them?

    Eunjung: yeah…
    they might need some help, the situation is now red to black, Im Yoona tried to
    attract the infected away from the humvee. And she’s at disadvantage, she’s
    injured also.

    Taewoo: then
    let me go…….

    Eunjung: No
    Leutenant. You’re the only one who has capability to protect this base. Please
    let me go, this is my way to atone for my sins from Hyomin.

    And just that, Taewoo understood and gave
    permission to Eunjung to go after Tiffany’s company and Taewoo told Lady about


    As she was trying to walk, her wound starts to bleed also.

    Yoona: dammit…
    my wound opened again…..

    Yoona tried her very best to conceal her presence
    when she spotted and infected roaming nearby. Everytime she walks, a sharp pain
    always comes next. But the worst of the
    worst comes, when Yoona spotted an infected nearby, she quickly run and ducked
    in the side of a big trashcan nearby but, she didn’t notice, above the
    trashcan, there’s a several bottles at the end on the other side, when she
    leaned against the trashcan, the bottles crashed on the ground alerting the
    horde towards her. Yoona panicked and began
    to run but as soon as she took a step from her left leg, sharp pain jolts her
    up but fearing on what the infected might do, she endures the pain again at ran
    toward inside on one of the building nearby with only one way of entrance and
    exit. From there, she forcibly knocked everything on the lobby and made a
    barricade consists on chairs and doors and starts firing at the infected horde
    that is running towards her position. Meanwhile Tiffany’s group are trying to
    locate Clive’s humvee in the city entrance.

    Sunny: Nadia!
    Are you sure you want to come with us? You can’t run with your injuries like

    Jessica: Yeah
    Nadia, you shouldn’t com…

    Nadia: Woof!

    They all looked at Nadia and to their surprise,
    Nadia, bites the bandage off and took it off to let them know she wants to come
    with them.

    Tiffany: …..Nadia?
    are you worried about Sooyoung?

    Nadia: Woof

    Jessica: hmm
    what did Sooyung did to Nadia…..

    Tiffany: I
    think I know Sica. When we were trying to help her, Sooyoung was the one
    lifting those heavy boxes off of her.

    Nadia gave two barks again.

    Sunny: ok
    Nadia, you can come with but, if something goes wrong you run back towards the
    base understand?

    Nadia answered Sunny with two barks also. With the
    help of Nadia, they easily avoided some infected along the way and easily found
    Clive’s humvee. Without wasting time, Nadia runs, even though she’s limping,
    towards the humvee, along with Tiffany and the others. As soon as they saw
    Clive’s humvee up close, they stood there I shock to see the state of the
    vehicle. Jessica was broguth back to her sense as Nadia tugged her lower jeans.
    As Jessica looked at Nadia, Nadia went under the wrecked Humvee and tries to
    pull Sooyoung out through her clothes. As soon as Jessica saw the hand, she
    didn’t waste any single second and helped Nadia pull out Sooyoung. Sunny saw
    Jessica, and began also to help. Tiffany was standing guard to see if any
    infected are roaming around. After a grueling 15 minutes of rescue, they all
    manage to pull out Sooyoung, Yuri and Clive. They couldn’t pull out Seohyun
    because Seohyun’s position if curled up.

    Sunny: aigoo…
    how we will pull out maknae? She’s curled up like a cat…

    Jessica: hold
    on, I’ll take a look on the other side…

    Sunny: be
    careful Sica, you exposing your back….

    Just in time, Eunjung arrives on the scene.

    Tiffany: E-Eunjung-ssi?
    What are you doing here?

    Eunjung: I’m
    here to help. How are they?

    Sunny: well…..
    we manage to pull out Sooyoung and the others… but we’re having trouble pulling
    out Seohyun…. She’s curled up like a cat… as if she’s protecting something with

    Eunjung: ……..Tiffany-ssi,
    take my M4 and my extra mags, you go after Yoona, she’s trapped in a building,
    defending all by herself.

    Tiffany: Y-Yoona?.....

    Sunny: …Sica,
    you go with Fany, I’ll help Eunjung here afterwards I’ll catch up with you

    Tiffany and Jessica wasted no time and runs towards
    Yoona’s direction leaving Sunny and Eunjung by themselves. Both of them are
    quiet while working on Seohyun’s safety and eventually, Sunny breals the
    silence between them.

    Sunny: Eunjung………tell
    me something….. why didn’t you try to look for Hyomin when this events have

    Eunjung: I
    have my reasons…… I just don’t want Hyomin to get involve in our work…

    Sunny: still
    you could’ve say something to her…like an excuse…. Or perhaps….. the truth……
    you shouldn’t keep secrets from her…

    Eunjung: I
    don’t plan to…. But…. I could not bear to watch Hyomin suffer…

    Sunny: …did
    you know? The first time we saved her…. She’s worried about you guys…. She’s
    been calling anyone of you, checking if all of you are unharmed while she’s in danger
    hiding from a werewolf that’s chasing her..

    Eunjung couldn’t answer back at Sunny. Sunny’s
    words are like an arrow piercing to her very core when was informed of Hyomin’s

    Eunjung: ….i’m
    sorry… I can’t explain right now…. It’s kind of complicated…..

    Sunny: hey,
    don’t worry about me… but please talk to hyomin about this ok?

    Eunjung nodded at Sunny’s words and after that,
    they’ve successfully took Seohyun out of the humvee. Meanwhile, Tiffany and
    Jessica continues the search for Yoona.

    Tiffany: Sica…..
    I’m worried…

    Jessica: stay
    strong Fany…… Yoona’s tougher than you know…

    Tiffany: …..i
    know… but where could she be?

    Before Jessica could answer Tiffany, they both
    heard gun shots from afar.

    Jessica: that
    could be Yoona.. let’s go we have no time to waste.

    Tiffany and Jessica rushed towards where they heard
    gunshots. They both noticed, they were heading at the same direction where the
    KBS building is located. Meanwhile, Yoona wiped out all the infected on the

    Yoona: hah….hah……hah….
    I’m so d*mn tired… freakin’ freaks…
    almost depleted my ammos….

    Yoona checks her pocket to see if she still has
    some magazines.

    Yoona: .shoot…..
    2 spares left and 2 grenades…

    Just as Yoona is reloading all of her weapon, she
    suddenly felt the ground shakes followed by a multiple growl. Yoona knew what
    was coming. And forced a smile of disbelief.

    Yoona: ………
    of all the worst had to come…. (readies her weapon)

    But when Yoona saw what really was coming, her
    smile turns into a frightened surprise.

    Yoona: wha…?
    You’ve got to be KIDDING ME!! I can’t take 3 of them!!

    Yoona saw three tanks running towards the building
    she was in. Yoona had no choice but run and endure the pain. Seeing the space
    of the groundfloor building, she noticed it has small space so she decided to
    go up in the roof top. Once there, Yoona aimed her weapon at the door as she
    waits for the tank to show up. In just 3 minutes, she could hear the growl and
    feels the ground shake, the door exploded revealing the tank staring at her.

    Yoona: heheh… you just came in time…….wait a minute…
    where’s the other tw………

    To her surprise, the two remaining tanks emerge on
    both sides of the edge of the building. Like a hyena cornering an injured
    animal, the three tanks is slowly closing in on an injured Yoona. And when
    they’re 7 steps away, the tank from Yoona’s jumps to Yoona, even with her wounded
    left leg, Yoona managed to dodge the smash of the tank to her right but, as
    soon she recovered from the dodge, she became instantly close on the tank to
    her right. As the tank lifted its arms up to smash Yoona on the ground, Yoona
    unleashed a series of bullets directly at the body on the tank and successfully averted the pounding. The
    tank which came from the door, starts running towards her along with the first
    tank that attacked her, while her back is exposed, the two tanks simultaneously
    tries to punch her from the back but, before they lnaded the hit, Yoona did a back
    flip and landed on one of the tanks back. As the tank felt her from behind it
    lets out a loud and nasty growl but Yoona had one clever plan as she’s riding
    behind the back of the back.

    Yoona: you’re
    too noisy… here, EAT THIS!!!

    Yoona pulled out her one of the grenade and pulled
    the pin and forcefully shoved it right inside the Tanks mouth and it swallowed
    the grenade. Yoona immediately let go of the tank and rushed on on wall for
    some cover. “BOOM!” even with Yoona’s exhausted state, she’s happy the she got
    one of the tanks dead and manage to pump her fist in the air.

    Yoona: YEAH!!
    One down, two to goooOOO………… AAAAH!!

    As she was celebratingearlier, she dropped her
    guard down and didn’t notice the other tank was beside her and grabbed her
    injured leg. Due to the tanks abnormal strength, its grip are too strong and
    too tight, it manages to break Yoona’s bone.


    As if the tank understands the situation, it gives
    Yoona a manacing smile. But little the tank did know, Yoona wasn’t about to
    give up, even with her seriously injured leg, Yoona manages to reload her last
    2 remaining magazine on both of her FN P90 and emptied its whole magazine on
    the tank’s head and face. As Yoona knew it is dead, Yoona smiled in comfort….

    Yoona: ……….well………at
    out……………sorry……………..unnies…….. I’m too tired……… to move now………………

    Yoona coughed up blood due to her injuries and her
    body was covered in blood. The remaining tank, the one she shot first, got up
    from the rubble and walked towards her and it prepares its arms to smash her.
    She wanted to continue to fight but her body wasn’t responding. Yoona saw it

    Yoona: heheh….
    Make sure you make it…………..quick……….

    Yoona closed her eyes and waits for her demise then
    suddenly she heard cracking of a whip. Yoona’s face lets out a smile even she
    couldn’t open her eyes. She knows who’s already in there.

    Yoona: u-unn…ie….

    Tiffany / Jessica: YOONA!!!

    Upon seeing Yoona’s state, Tiffany and Jessica
    flares up in anger. Tiffany lounged in first towards the tank. As soon as she’s
    close to the tank, the tank attack Tiffany with a right rook punch but Tiffany
    instantly jumped and did a spin kick in mid air managing to land a hit on the
    tank’s face. Tiffany hit it hard causing the tank loose its balance, before it
    can recover, Jessica lashes out her whip countless times on the tank’s body.

    Jessica: THIS….IS…..FOR……YOONA!!

    Jessica couldn’t contain her anger for seeing
    Yoona’s state, and she aimed her whip on the tank’s eyes and succuessfully
    blinded it. The tank recovered from its state even though it’s blind, it
    randomly rampage, punching aimlessly hoping to hit any of them but Tiffany saw a
    chance as she runs to its front, Tiffany released a powerfull rising front kick
    hitting the tank on its jaw, causing it go down, lading on its back. Jessica
    followed Tiffany’s attack, she manage to bind its both arms with her whip and
    she quickly used her whip like a high tension rope and tied it on something.
    The tank is now helplessly exposed. Jessica and Tiffany gave the tank the
    coldest stare with full of anger. Jessica grabbed Eunjung’s M4 from Tiffany and
    shot the tank on its knees.

    Jessica: That
    is for Yuri……….

    Tiffany on the other, dropped a powerful axe kick
    on its torso, both of them could hear bones cracking after Tiffany delivered
    the blow.

    Tiffany: that
    is for Sooyoung…….

    Jessica aimed for the tank’s left shoulder and

    Jessica: this
    is for our friend Clive!

    Tiffany, again, delivered another bone cracking axe
    kick on the tank’s right shoulder, dislocating it.

    this is for our Maknae!!

    The tank couldn’t do anything due to its sustained
    injuries it received from two rampaging beauties with full intent to kill him.
    Then, Tiffany and Jessica walked up towards the head of the tank and pulled out
    both of their handguns. As if the tank understand the situation he’s in, it
    tries to escape but, before it could roll Jessica stepped hard on its chest,
    preventing it to move.

    Jessica: you
    can’t escape from us after what you did…… THIS IS FOR YOONA!!!

    Tiffany and Jessica unloads the whole clip of their
    handguns on the tank’s face endint its life. After that they both ran towards Yoona.
    They both cried seeing Yoona in that current state

    Tiffany: oh
    my god oh my god oh my god Yoong? Please answer us…

    Jessica: Yoong…please….

    Yoona: u-un…nies…..y-you….c-came……..for….m-me…….

    Jessica and Tiffany rejoiced to hear Yoona’s voice.

    Jessica: you…
    babo…. You could’ve wait for some rescue…

    Yoona smiled without opening her eyes.

    Yoona: i…couldn’t……let…..S-Seo’s
    hard w-work ………..g-go…………to……w-waste…………

    Tiffany: sssshhh
    don’t talk…. save your energy……

    Yoona: Sica
    unnie…Tiffany unnie…… I’m so….exhausted………… i-i……want to go……… to s-sleep……..

    Jessica: NO!!!

    Just then, Sunny arrived at the rooftop and saw
    Yoona’s state. Sunny don’t know how to react. Her knees starts to shake and
    dropped on her knees. Tears starts to flow on Sunny’s eyes.

    Sunny: Yoona?

    Sunny, dropped her shotgun and slowly went towards
    Yoona. As Sunny went closer and closer, she noticed Tiffany and Jessica crying
    nonstop while Yoona’s head are on Jessica’s lap. She looked at Yoona with a
    painful look as she stares Yoona’s expressionless face.

    Sunny: t-this
    can’t be real……. It’s not happening…. TELL ME SICA!! FANY!! YOONG IS NOT DEAD

    Tiffany and Jessica couldn’t lift their face to
    look at Sunny. Sunny couldn’t blame Jessica or Tiffany. Sunny holds Yoona’s
    hand for as they cry their hearts out.

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 15
    Infiltrate… Target: Tiffany

    Just as they were going to leave Yoona, Sunny felt Yoona’s hand gripped her hand slightly.

    Sunny: Yoona?

    Jessica and Tiffany looked at Sunny. They both noticed Yoona’s hand are not letting go of Sunny’s hand.

    Yoona: D-don’t go…..just….k-killing ….me…….yet………. u-unnie…..

    Tiffany placed her ear on Yoona’s chest and hears a faint heartbeat.
    Tiffany lets out a tears of joy and looked at Sunny and Jessica with a
    teary eyes smile.

    Tiffany: she’s still alive… her heartbeat is faint.. we have to get her to Lady ASAP!

    The three of them hurriedly but carefully rushed Yoona down stairs where
    Eunjung is waiting with a hotwired Red SUV along with the other
    unconscious Sooyoung, Yuri, Seohyun, and Clive. As they we going down
    from the rooftop, Tiffany noticed one door.

    Jessica: Fany? What are you doing?

    Tiffany didn’t answer Jessica, instead, she reloads her beretta as she was preparing for something worst.

    Tiffany: you guys go ahead, I’ve got something to check.

    Sunny breaks the tension and called Jessica.

    Sunny: Sica, look Fany can handle herself, we’ve got to bring Yoona to Lady ASAP!!
    Jessica: Fany…be careful…
    Tiffany: I will…

    Tiffany parted ways with Jessica, Sunny and Yoona. Tiffany tries to
    sense if there is something in the room. Then she heard something or
    someone is making a sound inside. Without warning, Tiffany kicked the
    door opened. “BLAG!” Tiffany searched the entire room and heads to the
    lamp shade located in the living room. As she switched on the light she
    heard a noise again. Sounding like something is running fast. Eventhough
    she’s on alert. Heavy sweat starts to form on her forehead because of
    nervousness and the warm temperature of the room until she’s sweating
    heavily like a rain drops pouring above her head.

    Tiffany: …I’m not alone in here….. COME OUT!! SHOW YOURSELF!!

    And again, she heard something running behind her back. Tiffany stood
    still and avoided to make some noise. Just then as soon as she feels
    someone runs behind her back she instantly turned around and
    instinctively grabbed it. To her surprise, it’s a kid but, what’s more
    even surprised Tiffany, she knows the kid.

    Tiffany: …K-KYUNGSAN??

    The boy lifted up his face and saw Tiffany’s face and cried and hugs her.

    Tiffany: sssh…sssshh.. there there now, don’t cry… where are your parents Kyungsan?
    Kyungsan: i…I saw a big monster noona….
    Tiffany: …oh my god……… look, kyungsan, I know we weren’t very close but can you come with me? I promise I’ll protect you.

    Kyungsan followed Tiffany towards outside of the building, Sunny and Jessica are surprised who Tiffany brought out.

    Sunny / Jessica: KYUNGSAN??
    Tiffany: yeah.. I found him hiding
    in the room where we parted… look I’m sure this kid had a rough days or
    weeks but let’s just get back..

    Eunjung didn’t waste time zooming out of the scene, she didn’t even care
    if the infected noticed them, she just rams the infected they run into.
    Eunjung grabs her radio.

    Eunjung: Jiyeon, we’re coming in hot, have the preventers get ready to wipe the dirt off our trail.
    Jiyeon: Copy that Sargeant.
    Eunjung: and inform the Chief, we have one triple black personel with us, I repeat TRIPLE BLACK!! Priority: First class.
    Jiyeon: T-Triple black? it still alive sarge?
    Jiyeon: R-RIGHT AWAY!!

    Within 5 minutes, Eunjung and the others were in tunnel gates of the
    hide out along with several infected on their trail. As usual the
    preventers successfully wiped-out the infected and as soon as Eunjung
    reached the main gate to the base, she drifted the SUV sideways to make
    room for the injured. All of the staffs, including Taeyeon and Hyoyeon
    and waiting first they carried Clive and as soon they put Clive on the
    stretcher, next is Sooyoung, Yuri and Seohyun. Taeyeon’s eyes widen in
    disbelief seeing them in that current state. Then Tiffany, Sunny and
    Jessica came down and walk towards Taeyeon. Taeyeon knew something was
    wrong seeing the three with an expressionless look on their faces.

    Taeyeon: Fany? Where’s Yoona?
    Tiffany: she’s……..
    Taeyeon: she’s… what?
    Jessica: Tae-Tae… about Yoona….. she’s…….

    Taeyeon’s holds the hand of Hyoyeon tightly, making Hyoyeon winced in
    pain but she endured the pain thinking on how would Taeyeon would react.
    Then suddenly, they all saw Taeyeon falls down on her knees. Tiffany,
    Jessica and Sunny knew what Taeyeon saw.

    Taeyeon: ….YOOONAA!!!

    Taeyeon shouted as she hurriedly lets go the hand of Hyoyeon and rushed over to Yoona’s side.

    Taeyeon: …no nonononono… Yoona… open your eyes….

    Hearing Taeyeon’s voice, even in her weaken state and in a bloody mess
    face, Yoona tried to show Taeyeon a smile without opening up her eyes.

    Yoona: …T-Tae…yeon…un…nie?
    Taeyeon: I’m right here Yoona… I’m right here…. You’re safe now….
    Yoona: unnie….how….is Seo?

    Taeyeon couldn’t answer Yoona’s question as she’s too worried about
    Yoona. Like a dagger stabbed her in the heart, Taeyeon cried as she felt
    Yoona’s affection towards Seohyun.

    Taeyeon: sssh… it’s ok Yoona, you’ve done quite well protecting Maknae…. You go rest now….Lady will fix you up
    Yoona: T-thank you…unnie…….

    Tiffany walked towards Taeyeon.

    Tiffany: Tae-Tae….i’m sorry we couldn’t get to her on tim……..
    Taeyeon: I know….. but… I’m still glad you’ve kept your promise Fany…. All of you came back alive. That’s what matters most to me….

    Taeyeon give all of them a warm smile while wiping her tears. And Eunjung came out from the SUV.

    Taeyeon: Eunjung… thank you….
    Eunjung: it was nothing….. this is the only way that I can atone for my sins to Hyomin.

    Then Hyomin came out front, surprising Eunjung.

    Hyomin: you don’t have to do that Eunjung…. I’ve already forgiven you the moment you helped me.. find them
    Eunjung: …thank you Hyomin…..
    Hyomin: just promise me one thing….
    Eunjung: what’s that?
    Hyomin: don’t ever keep secrets anymore…

    Sunny smiled at them realizing their issues are now over and talked to Taeyeon.

    Sunny: Tae-Tae, you wouldn’t believe who we just found….

    Sunny pushed Kyungsan in the front to show him to Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon: K-Kyungsan???
    Kyungsan: h-hello noona…

    Kyungsan gave Taeyeon a shy smile. Taeyeon immediately hugged Kyungsan

    Taeyeon: my my… look how much you’ve grown.
    Hyoyeon: how old are you now Kyungsan?
    Kyungsan: I’m only 5 years old

    Before Taeyeon could ask another question, Lady came back for her

    Lady: Ms. Kim Taeyeon…. I need you
    to be on Ms. Im’s side, she needs all the support she can get. Things
    are not looking good for her.

    Taeeon nodded at Lady then she looked back at Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Hyomin, Kyungsan, Nadia and Eunjung.

    Jessica: we’re ok Tae-Tae…

    Jessica gave Taeyeon her sweetest smile.

    Sunny: Yoong needs you, we will catch up with you later, we got to get Kyungsan some place.
    Taeyeon: ok…. Thank you guys..
    Hyoyeon: be strong for us Taengoo.

    Before Lady and Taeyeon left, Lady surprised them.

    Lady: since you girls have been
    working hard. And I’m quite pleased, I’ve ask some of my staffs to
    prepare some rooms for you girls, you will all have your own place… just
    think of it as your new house. Lt. Taewoo, please escort them
    Taewoo: this way ladies….

    And Taewoo escorted them to their respective rooms.

    Taewoo: so here we are, here in Room
    A, will be Taeyeon and Yoona, next in Room B Tiffany and Sooyoung, Room
    C will be Sunny and Jessica, Room D will be Yuri, Seohyun and Hyoyeon.
    And you our female canine friend, you can chose which room where ever
    you want to go.

    Before Taewoo talk another sentence, Kyungsan cuts in.

    Kyungsan: I wanna be with Tiffany noona!

    Kyungsan shouted energetically and surprised them all.they all know
    Tiffany and Kyungsan’s history ever since they last aired on Hello Baby.

    Sunny: …hmm this is certainly something new…. Are you sure Kyungsan?
    Kyungsan: yes noona…

    Tiffany couldn’t believe what she just heard. She don’t know how to
    react whether to be happy or nervous. Before Tiffany could react,
    Hyoyeon talked to her.

    Hyoyeon: Fany? Maybe this is your chance to show your affection to Kyungsan that you couldn’t show when he was still a baby.

    Tiffany looked at them and saw them smiling at her. Then she looked at
    Kyungsan and she smiled awkwardly at him but Kyungsan smiled back at her
    woth full of energy.

    Tiffany: ok Kyungsan, but you better behave when noona tells you to ok?
    Kyungsan: yes Tiffany noona.
    Sunny: well, now that’s settled, we better rest until Taengoo comes back.
    Taewoo: then I’ll leave you ladies alone, if there’s anything you need, I’ll be near the medical place.
    Jessica: medical place?
    Taewoo: well… since there’s so many
    injured person there, I just called it the medical place… they take up
    space. Well rest well ladies.
    Hyoyeon: thank you Taewoo oppa.

    Taewoo gave them a salute and they saluted back at him. All of them went to their respective rooms to rest.

    ::ROOM C – Sunny & Jessica’s room::

    Jessica noticed Sunny acting strange ever since they got back at the base.

    Jessica: Sunny? What’s the matter?
    Sunny: it’s just that… do you think it’s weird to find Kyungsan alone in that building?
    Jessica: ….maybe so… but, maybe he
    was so scared of what’s happening behind the door he’s hiding in. I
    mean…. What could he do if he were come face to face with the tank?
    Sunny: (thinking hard)………… yeah…. You got a point there…. But still, I have this uneasy feeling…
    Jessica: oh you’re thinking too much. Just sleep it off Sunny, it’ll ease your mind.
    Sunny: I sure hope so… well I’ll be at the shower… you want to come? (gives a mischievous smile)
    Jessica: YAH! You perv Soonkyu!! Not
    in a million years!! (smiles) I’ll take my shower time after you.
    After that I’ll drop by at Tiffany’s room, you want to come?
    Sunny: ..nah… I’ll take my rest after I’m done with the shower…
    Jessica: ok…

    And Sunny went inside the bathroom to take a shower while Jessica lie
    down on the sofa in the middle of the room and took a nap while waiting
    for Sunny to finish.

    ::ROOM D – Yuri, Seohyun & Hyoyeon’s room::

    Nadia decided to go with Hyoyeon since Nadia knew Hyoyeon will be alone.

    Hyoyeon: awww.. you’re so sweet
    Nadia… you’ve chosen to be with me this time… come to think of it.. we
    have properly introduced yet. I’m Hyoyeon, Nadia. Nice to meet you.
    Nadia: woof woof!

    Hyoyeon smiles at Nadia as she carries Nadia in her bed. Naia felt
    comfortable at Hyoyeon’s treatment to her. As Hyoyeon lied beside her,
    Nadia licked Hyoyeon’s hand as a sign of gratitude.

    Hyoyeon: oh yeah I almost forgot…

    Hyoyeon goes to her bag and took out a canned good corned beef. Nadia
    saw it and follows Hyoyeon’s in the small kitchen area of the room.

    Hyoyeon: I’m sorry Nadia… this is the only food I can give you for now I promise next I’ll get you something good.
    Nadia: ARF ARF!!

    As Hyoyeon puts the corned beef in a bowl, Nadia let’s out a whimper and tries to shove the bowl slightly to Hyoyeon.

    Nadia’s thought: *whimper* *whimper* “but what about you? I know you haven’t eaten since I’ve met you.” (shoves the bowl slightly towards Hyoyeon)
    Hyoyeon: awww… you really are sweet
    Nadia. You want to share with me? I’m fine. You deserve this Nadia, you
    have saved my sisters most of the time so… this is my thanks.

    Hyoyeon hugged Nadia and Nadia starts to eat while Hyoyeon watched her
    with excitement. After Nadia finish the food, she didn’t notice that
    Hyoyeon went to bed. Nadia followed Hyoyeon and she saw Hyoyeon is
    already asleep. Nadia climbed up and lied beside Hyoyeon.

    Nadia thoughts:“thank you too for taking care of my poor self. You and your sisters are good people. I liked you all a lot.”

    Then Nadia slightly licked Hyoyeon’s cheeks once and Hyoyeon slightly
    smiled and hugged Nadia when she noticed that Nadia decided to go sleep
    beside her.

    ::ROOM B – Tiffany & Sooyoung’s room::

    Tiffany and Kyungsan went inside the room with awkward atmosphere
    between them and none of them could start a conversation. Tiffany sat at
    her bed while Kyungsan sits in the sofa without looking at Tiffany.
    after several minutes, Tiffany decided to talk first.

    Tiffany: …uhmm.. Kyungsan? I’m very
    sorry at our current situation right now but please I’ll try to do
    everything I can to keep you safe.
    Kyungsan: …I-Im ok Tiffany noona…

    Tiffany gave Kyungsan her sweetest eye smile to let Kyungsan know he’s
    on good hands. Kyungsan saw Tiffany’s smile and he smiled back at

    Tiffany: whew.. now that the weird
    atmosphere is gone, Kyungsan, you can help yourself on some foods in my
    bag beside my bed, I’m going to take a shower ok?

    Kyungsan smiled happily at Tiffany and answered.

    Kyungsan: yes noona…
    Tiffany: good kid. Now don’t go peeking

    Tiffany winked at still smiling Kyungsan as she goes inside the
    bathroom. As soon she closed the door in the bathroom. Kyungsan’s happy
    smiled turned into an evil grin and said…

    Kyungsan: INFILTRATION SUCCESS!! *EVIL GRIN* executing mission…Kill Tiffany Hwang and the rest.

    1st attempt - kill her by elecricity.

    With Tiffany still in the bathroom, Kyungsan silently picked the lock on
    the bathroom door, he saw Tiffany behind the blurry glass taking a bath
    inside the shower room. Kyungsan smiled devilishly again and silently
    pour a bucket of water in front of Tiffany’s shower room door. And he
    hurriedly and silently went back in the room and snagged a cord from one
    of the turned off lamp post and peeled the cord to expose the copper
    wire and hiddenly taped it on the water. Then he went back in the room
    and plugged the cord.

    Kyungsan: heheheh…. Mission one success.. she’s dead now all I’m going to do is wait for her to put her feet on that water.

    In a matter of minutes, Kyungsan heard the shower faucet turning off. He
    knew Tiffany is going out from the shower room. Then he heard Tiffany
    unlatched the lock on her shower room door. And then a big evil smile
    showed on Kyungsan’s face, but his smile immediately disappeared when
    Tiffany got out of the bathroom unharmed. Tiffany saw Kyungsan’s
    surprised reaction as she got out with her clothes changed.

    Tiffany: hmm? What’s wrong Kyungsan? Why you look surprised?

    Tiffany gave Kyungsan an eye smile again. Kyungsan, still in shock, answered.

    Kyungsan: n-nothing noona… it’s just that.... this is the first time I’ve talked to you…

    But in his thoughts…


    Then someone knocked their door.

    Tiffany: who is it?
    Taewoo: Tiffany-ssi?
    Tiffany: Taewoo oppa? What is it?
    Taewoo: I forgot to remind you… the socket near the lamp post are still not working….
    Tiffany: oh…alright thanks for reminding oppa

    Kyungsan couldn’t believe what he just heard. He almost ripped his hair out of anger. Again, he’s talking in his mind.

    ----The hell?.... and I thought I could get the job done…. Grrr…. Tiffany Hwang I’ll get you next time…----

    Kyungsan smiled again like an evil villain.

    2nd attempt – pretend accidentally stab her.

    Jessica went over to Tiffany’s room and caught Tiffany watching Kyungsan
    drawing something. Jessica sat beside Kyungsan to take a look.

    Jessica: wow Kyungsan. Who are you drawing?

    Kyungsan looked at Jessica then at Tiffany who is sitting right across him and smiled back at Jessica.

    Kyungsan: I’m drawing Tiffany noona.
    Jessica: wow..i didn’t knew you’re good at drawings.

    Jessica and Tiffany watched Kyungsan happily as he finished his drawing.

    After he draw, he pulled out a large scissor and decides to cut the
    excess paper beside Tiffany’s face making it look like he made a mask of
    Tiffany’s cartoon face then he showed it to Tiffany.

    Tiffany: wow.. I’m so touched Kyungsan.
    Kyungsan: I’ll give this to you Tiffany noona.

    Kyungsan happily (or should I say pretending to be happy) stands up and
    hurriedly goes to Tiffany while holding the mask and the scissor. Just
    as he was going towards her, Kyungsan pretends that he is tripped by the
    carpet to make it looked an accident. Jessica and Tiffany watched in
    horror as they saw Kyungsan tripped with the scissor he’s holding coming
    at Tiffany’s chest.

    Jessica: TIFFANY!!
    Tiffany: KYUNGSAN!!!

    “STAB!” the three of them froze in shock for about 1 minute. During those 1 minute, each of them have their own thoughts

    Kyungsan’s thought.
    --- aaah…. I can feel the scissor’s tip went right through Tiffany’s heart…----

    Kyungsan made a slight smile.

    Jessica’s thought.
    ---oh my god….Tiffany…. the scissors……….----

    Tiffany’s thought.
    ---omo… that’s dangerous…. Kyungsan should’ve been more careful.----

    Then as Kyungsan slowly stands up. His smile, AGAIN, disappears. What
    Kyungsan saw was a ripped pink pillow with the scissor is stucked on it.
    Jessica lets out a sigh of relief seeing Tiffany unharmed.

    Jessica: YAH! Kyungsan!, don’t run when you’re holding sharp objects or you might hurt yourself or someone!!

    Jessica looked at Tiffany who is still in shock on what happened. Kyungsan frustrated, when slowly walks towards the bathroom.

    Jessica: kyungsan? I-m sorry I didn’t mean to..
    Kyungsan: it’s ok Jessica noona, I’m just going to the bathroom.

    Tiffany and Jessica watched Kyungsan walk towards the bathroom.

    Jessica: Fany, are you ok? Are you hurt?
    Tiffany: yeah I’m ok… but good thing this pillow were thick enough to stop the scissor.
    Jessica: aiish… Kyungsan should be more careful… you want me to accompany you?
    Tiffany: …thanks for the offer but… I’m fine really
    Jessica: ok, if you say so… but good thing you’re a quick thinker.
    Tiffany: …well I hate to admit it but… ever since were trying to survive, it helps us to be more alert at all times.
    Jessica: ….true…. you’re right about that…. alright, I’ll go visit the med place. Want to come?
    Tiffany: oh you’re visiting Yoona and the others? I want to but I can’t…. someone’s gotta to stay with Kyungsan.
    Jessica: I see…… well take care then.

    And Jessica went to visit the injured to see how they are doing. Inside
    the bathroom, as Kyungsan heard Tiffany’s explanation from outside the
    door, Kyungsan sat on the toilet bowl and talks to himself silently.

    Kyungsan: Tiffany Hwang…you’re a hard person to deal with…..

    Just then, Kyungsan pulled out a small notebook from his back pocket. Revealing another devious plan to assassinate Tiffany.

    Kyungsan: but as an elite… I won’t
    lose to her… but then again, I can’t be careless….. her alertness is
    very sensitive now so I gotta be more extra careful.

    Kyungsan flipped through the pages on his notebook and saw another plan. And it put a more scariest, the most meanest plan.

    Kyungsan: Tiffany Hwang… this time, you have no escape from this one…. Heheheheheh….

    3rd attempt – food poisoning

    Tiffany woke up her nap because of the sound of spoon and fork clashing from the kitchen area.

    Tiffany: *yaaawn* K-Kyungsan? What are you doing?
    Kyungsan: I’m making dinner for you noona, veggie salad.

    Tiffany smiled at Kyungsan.

    Tiffany: aww.. that’s kind of you Kyungsan.. I’m eager to taste that.

    Kyungsan looked at Tiffany and smiled and he went back busy mixing the
    ingredients on the vegetable salad. Tiffany didn’t know, Kyungsan
    already mixed Tiffany’s bowl with a huge dose of rat poison and
    insectide and to cover the smell, Kyungsan topped it with mayo and honey
    to cover the smell. Just as Kyungsan is finishing the salad, someone
    knocked on their door. It’s Jessica.

    oh hi Sica! So… how are they?
    Jessica: …..Seohyun, Sooyoung Yuri
    and Clive are out of danger and they successfully collected what Lady
    needs to cure Warren…… but Yoona’s case is different… her bone on her
    left leg was broken into 3 pieces.

    Tiffany frowned at Yoona’s condition and she suddenly remembered something.

    Tiffany: Sica, about Yoong…is she……
    Jessica: she’s not infected if
    you’re going to ask that. she did came close contact with it but
    miraculously, none of the blood of the tank gets to her wounds. so…
    she’s safe.. but, her bones will take months to heal. Another problem
    for her is… she lost a lot of blood due to her leg wound.
    Tiffany: …I wish there was something we can do…. If only we have found her sooner……..
    Jessica: don’t blame yourself Fany. By the way how’s Kyungsan doing?
    Tiffany: he’s making veggie salad for dinner…..want some?
    Jessica: oh?..i would love to.

    Jessica smiled at Tiffany and Tiffany asked Kyungsan to make some for
    Jessica. As he was preparing for Jessica’s helping, Kyungsan’s face
    shows a menacing smile.

    Kyungsan’s thoughts
    ---THIS IS GREAT!!! KILLING TWO BIRDS IN ONE STONE!!! It’s already two down hehehehe..----

    As Kyungsan finished Jessica’s bowl (with poison) Kyungsan set up the
    three bowls of vegetable salad in the table and called Tiffany and
    Jessica. Jessica and Tiffany’s eyes were amazed at what Kyungsan

    Tiffany: wow Kyungsan, this smells delicious.
    Jessica: yeah Kyungsan, especially the honey you’ve used… the smell is so sweet

    As they were starting to eat, Tiffany noticed two things, Jessica and Kyungsan.

    Tiffany’s thoughts
    ---Kyungsan is intensely staring me without blinking his
    eye…. Maybe perhaps he’s expecting me to say something after I’ve
    tasted his serving?.... and what’s up with Jessi?----

    Tiffany saw Jessica stopped her fork with full of vegetables midway
    before putting it to her mouth. Tiffany noticed Jessica’s hand are

    Tiffany: Sica? What’s wrong?
    Jessica: ……..C..C……C……..CUCUMBER!!! YAAH!!

    Just that, Jessica frantically tossed aside her bowl and her fork
    hitting Tiffany’s bowl causing it to spill both of their salad.
    Kyungsan, AGAIN, couldn’t believe what just have happened. Because of
    the commotion, Sunny and Hyoyeon ran into Tiffany’s room and witnessed
    what just have happened.

    Hyoyeon: what’s this noise all about?
    Sunny: yeah Sica.. you’re too loud, we could here you even if out doors closed..
    Tiffany: I-I’m sorry guys, it’s just..... you know….. Sica hates cucumbers… I think Kyungsan didn’t know Jessica hates cucumbers.

    All of them looked at kyungsan and saw how surprised Kyungsan’s expression was.

    Jessica: *cough* *cough* I…I’m sorry Kyungsan.. I really don’t eat cucumbers…. I … iwant to go back in my room….

    Sunny looked at the spilled salad on the floor and noticed a mouse
    eating the spilled food. Before Sunny could warn them about the mouse
    Hyoyeon called her.

    Hyoyeon: Sunny, help me with Sica… we know that cucumber is like a kryptonite to her… it drains all her energy.
    Sunny: aigoo Sica…. Is that really bad?

    Jessica just stared Sunny with a cold look and didn’t answer.

    Sunny: ok…ok ….. I’m just kidding… really…

    Just as Hyoyeon, Jessica and Sunny were going out, they were all
    startled at Tiffany’s scream. They quickly went went to check what is

    Sunny: FANY?? What’s wrong?
    Tiffany: m-m-Mouse… D-d-dead……. I hate rodents!!
    Sunny: aigoo… not you too Fa……ny?

    As Sunny is going to out away the mouse, she noticed that the mouse
    Tiffany is pointing at, is the same mouse that is eating the spilled
    salad earlier. Sunny starts to doubt that there is a foul play. Sunny
    whispered to Tiffany.

    Fany… who made this salad?

    Tiffany answered in whisper while stuttering.

    Tiffany: k-k-kyung…s-s-s-san… m-made it.. why?
    Sunny: ….nothing just a hunch… but
    trust me on this…. He’s not what he seems so becareful… I know that you
    don’t know what I’m saying but I don’t have time to explain but please
    trust me on this ok?

    Tiffany wondering but gave Sunny a nod. Just as Sunny is going out, she
    saw Kyungsan staring at Tiffany with a sharp piercing look.


    Sunny’s call snaps kyungsan back to his self and looked at Sunny.

    Kyungsan: yes Sunny noona?
    Sunny: ……….nothing… I’m just sad that the salad you’ve prepared have gone to waste… that’s all

    As soon as Sunny said that word, Kyungsan was surprised to see Sunny
    giving him a mean look and a fake smile. Meaning Sunny already knew
    what’s happening.

    Kyungsan’s Thoughts

    ---DRATS!! She already knew? but how come she doesn’t
    told the others…… gotta think gotta think…… I have to act quickly and
    finish my task… but how… HOW?!!!----

    Sunny observed that Kyungsan is panicking inside his own mind because
    Sunny’s last words to him struck him frozen to where he is standing.

    Sunny: Fany? I’ll be back later ok? Remember what you’ve promised me ok?

    Tiffany nodded and Sunny and the others left. As soon as Tiffany closed the door, she walks behind Kyungsan and hugged him.

    Tiffany: Kyungsan..i noticed you have a strange expression eversince we came to this room….

    Kyungsan’s thought
    ---CRAP!! Don’t tell she already knew???----

    Tiffany: I know….

    Hearing Tiffany’s words. Kyungsan just stood still. As the sweat start
    forming in his forehead, Tiffany continued her talk to Kyungsan.

    Tiffany: I know whats going on with
    you…. You’ve lost your parents and I know it’s kinda hard to adjust but
    please bear with it ok? Come on…. I know we have a rough day so let’s
    just sleep in for the night. You go sleep in the bed I’ll be here in the
    sofa ok?

    Upon hearing Tiffany’s continuation, Kyungsan smiled as he watched Tiffany lie down in the sofa to take a rest.

    Kyungsan’s thoughts

    ---YES!!! There’s still a chance!! She still doesn’t
    know yet…I have to plan this perfectly…. And I know just what it is…
    *evil grins*

    ===========================Chapter end===========================

    there you have it Chapter 15.

    i am now making chapter 16.
    i hope you find these chapter interesting.

    as i promised. i'm posting now the pictures of Lady, Warren and Clive
    (just for Character reference) so you all have idea what they looked
    like and as i may have notice, some of my readers don't know what the
    tank looks like so here it is.


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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

    Post by YulSicFany on Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:19 am

    Chapter 16

    Child’s Play

    Back in the med placeLady is intently working on Yoona to help her
    recover while the other assistants of Lady is diligently working for
    Warren’s cure as she handed over a very specific instruction. Lady
    worked non stop for Yoona just to get her out of the danger zone.
    Taeyeon is holding Yoona’s hand and never lets go as Lady gave her
    permission. After 2 hours, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Clive are
    watching outside with so many bandages covering almost every part of
    their body. Seohyun couldn’t contain her tears after she heard what
    Yoona did just to save them.

    Seohyun: Yoona unnie… stay strong

    Sooyoung saw Seohyun crying and tries to calm her down along wth Yuri

    Sooyoung: don’t worry Seohyun, Yoona will make through…
    Yuri: yeah, she’s a fighter

    The three of them were surprised at Clive as he loudly punched the wall out of frustration and left a bloody mark on the wall.

    Clive: if only I was more attentive………this wouldn’t happen

    Then suddenly Clive felt someone tapped on his shoulder. He turn around and saw Jessica behind him.

    Jessica: don’t beat yourself up Clive, it’s nobody’s fault.

    While they’re busy watching Lady perform the operation on Yoona, Hyoyeon noticed Sunny’s sudden change of mood.

    Hyoyeon: Sunny? Something wrong?

    Sunny just looked at Hyoyeon.

    Hyoyeon: if there’s something bothering you… at least tell me..
    Sunny: …..i think Tiffany’s in danger…
    Hyoyeon: huh? W-what do you mean?
    Sunny: I havae this gut feeling that Kyungsan isn’t Kyungsan at all..
    Hyoyeon: I don’t follow you…
    Sunny: Just help me on this one.. I’ll explain to you along the way… let’s hurry back to Tiffany

    But before Sunny and Hyoyeon runs, they felt someone holds their
    shoulders with a firm grip as if something’s holding them not intending
    to let them go. They both turned around and saw Jessica’s cold icy

    Jessica: where the two of you think you’re going?

    Sunny whispered to Jessica.

    Sunny: don’t tell anyone… we think Fany is in danger right now….

    Jessica replied to Sunny in a whispering voice.

    Jessica: are you in your right mind? If you knew that you should’ve told her and us!!
    Sunny: Sica…. Before you’re going to
    lecture me about that… take a look at Taeyeon… she’s trying to be
    strong for Yoona’s sake. Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Clive are in no
    condition to do something drastic. I don’t want them pushing them
    selves. I didn’t tell Fany because I don’t want her to be panicking.
    Besides, Fany wouldn’t believe me even if I told her. You know how
    stubborn she can become.

    Jessica looked at the others and she knows Sunny is right.

    Jessica: so? What do you want to do? You should’ve told her that she’s in danger!
    Sunny: I did… I trust Fany will be ok.
    Jessica: … what do I have to do?
    Hyoyeon: I know this is hard Sica but we need you to stay here. We don’t want someone from them in a dangerous situation.
    Jessica: …..urgh…you two midgets
    better make sure you know what you were doing… but don’t blame me if
    someone comes….. you know I can’t keep them for so long…
    Sunny: thank you Sica…..

    And Sunny and Hyoyeon left silently and left the frustrated Jessica
    against her will to prevent anyone from coming. Meanwhile back at
    Tiffany’s room, she woke up from her nap and saw Kyungsan looking at her
    intensely from the bed, smiling at her. Tiffany smiled back.

    Tiffany: hi Kyungsan… did you sleep well?

    Kyungsan didn’t answer but instead, he just smiles at Tiffany. At that moment, Sunny’s words echoed in her mind.

    ….nothing just a hunch… but trust me on this…. He’s not what he seems so be careful
    I know that you don’t know what I’m saying but
    I don’t have time to explain but please trust me on this ok?

    Realizing something is wrong, she continues to smile at Kyungsan but
    deep inside, she was observing something different inside the room.
    Tiffany also noticed something different about Kyungsan. Then Kyungsan
    started to talk.

    Kyungsan: Tiffany noona.. I have a present for you

    Wondering, Tiffany still accepted Kyungsan’s gift. he handed Tiffany a thick and large envelop.

    Tiffany: T-thank you… but, why all of a sudden…..
    Kyungsan: it’s my thanks for rescuing me from that building. Please open it Tiffany noona.

    At first Tiffany hesitated whether she’s going to open it or not. But
    seeing Kyungsan’s innocent smile (but fake) it convince her to open the
    envelop. As soon as she opens the envelop, suddenly, a thick smoke
    puffed from it and it hits Tiffany directly on the face. In just 3
    seconds, Tiffany suddenly feels dizzy and finds it hard to breathe, at
    the same time she realized about Sunny warning her. Kyungsan lets out a
    loud laugh while he puts on a gas mask to protect himself from the gas.


    With every ounce of Tiffany’s strength, she pushed her self to run
    through the door but as soon as she grabs the door knob, a sharp knife
    suddenly flings and hits the door.

    Tiffany: K-Kyung…S….san… W-hy?...
    Kyungsan: Kyungsan? I guess you’re
    going to die anyway I’ll let know a secret…the Kyungsan you knew…….…is
    sleeping here inside in this body…. Heheheh

    Although gasping from the gas, Tiffany couldn’t believe what she just
    heard. Kyungsan is possessed by something supernatural. Even with her
    condition, Tiffany manage to give the possessed Kyungsan a piercing

    Tiffany: w-who……… are……….you………… let….that kid…..g-go… *cough* *cough*

    Tiffany coughed up blood which brings a smile on a possessed Kyungsan’s face.

    P.Kyungsan: ooooh… I love the color
    of your blood….i can feel you heartbeat is slowly fading… heheheh before
    you die, I’ll introduce myself… I am the Prophet. I control this boy’s
    body. If you want to save him… you have to kill me…. but…. You CAN’T!!

    Tiffany forcefully stands eventhough she suffocating from the thickness
    of the smoke spreading fast in the room and gives the Prophet a taunting

    P.Kyungsan: what’s so funny?
    Tiffany: *cough* i…..don’t….*cough cough* need to……….F-find it…*cough cough* i-I can… sense t-that…….you’re……..close b-by………

    The Prophet kept quiet for a short while, he knew Tiffany’s guess is correct.

    Tiffany: i-I hit….the spot………… y-your sudden s-silence p-proves………*coughcoughcough* I’m…r-right…………

    The Prophet was angry to have his secret discovered by Tiffany by one wild guess. Then he picked up the opened envelop.

    P.Kyungsan: well….that’s a lucky
    guess… but no matter….. this piece of bag inside the envelop contains
    Cyanide gas. It mixes Potassium Cyanide with acid. But too bad… you be
    keeping my secrets with to your grave.

    Then suddenly, Tiffany’s room suddenly opened with Sunny and Hyoyeon
    standing in shock. Realizing Tiffany is coughing up blood, they both
    pulled Tiffany quickly out of the room. When they’ve managed to get
    Tiffany in the safety zone, Sunny looked up and saw Kyungsan laughing
    while holding the bag of cyanide gas.

    Sunny: Kyungsan… YOU JERK!!!

    Then Sunny quickly rushed towards the possessed Kyungsan. as Sunny is
    closing in towards the possessed Kyungsan, Sunny stopped because she saw
    that Kyungsan throws the bag of cyanide gas towards Tiffany and
    Hyoyeon. As soon the bag landed on them, Hyoyeon also starts to feel the
    effect of the smoke. Sunny didn’t have a choice but to go back and pull
    the two out of the smoke. The possessed Kyungsan starts walking towards
    them slowly. Sunny mustered all of her strength as she pulls Hyoyeon
    and Tiffany quickly out of the spreading thick smoke. Sunny finds a
    comfort room and out of desperation, the three of them quickly got
    inside eventhough the space was small. Inside the comfort room, Sunny
    grabbed a two small container and filled it with water and forced
    Hyoyeon and and Tiffany to drink it to wash off some of the effects of
    the gas, soon after, the two starts vomiting on the toilet bowl.

    Sunny’s thought:
    “thank god their breathing is slowly returning to normal….. but they’re not out of danger yet.. I have to defeat Kyungsan……”

    As Sunny is going back outside, she felt a hand holding her wrist tight.
    She turned around and saw Tiffany breathing hard since she’s the most
    exposed from the gas.

    Tiffany: S-Sunny….don’t g-go…. That smoke….is ….. a cyanide gas…. *coughcough*
    Sunny: Fany…I have to defeat Kyungsan… eventhough he’s just a kid… he can’t get away with this…
    Tiffany: T-that’s another
    p-problem…*coughcough*…. T-the rea…son K-kyungsan is….like t-that….he’s
    possessed….. b-by a guy n-named the Prophet…..

    Sunny and Hyoyeon couldn’t believe what they’ve just heard.

    Tiffany: *coughcoughcough*….there’s still……..a way to save K-Kyungsan… P-prophet’s real body….is hidden…… near…by…*coughcoughcough*

    Sunny was furious at Prophet, Seeing Tiffany suffering like this and
    coughing up blood made her blood boil. Meanwhile outside, the Prophet
    tauntingly called out to the three girls.

    P.Kyungsan: hey! Will you girls come
    out and play?.... you won’t? ok ok ok .. I’ll give you girls a good
    deal…. If you girls, come play with with me and manages to defeat me….
    I’ll give you the antidote… that is…if you find me in

    Sunny heard what the Prophet said. She clenched her fist and made up her
    mind. But as she was going to turn the doorknob, Tiffany stopped her

    Tiffany: S-Sunny…d-don’t…. Kyung….san….. is n-not *cough* at f-fault….
    Hyoyeon: and Sunny, the smoke already spread so much…

    Sunny, looked at them and smiled.

    Sunny: Don’t worry… I’ll hold my breath as long as I can…

    Before Sunny steps outside, They all heard the Prophet taunting them.

    P.Kyungsan: come now.. let’s play a
    game… this is a simple game of Cat and Mouse…. That is for Noona to find
    me in the middle of these poisonous gas. If you find me or snatch the
    antidote from me, you win but, If no one collapses in the poison gas,
    it’s my victory.

    Tiffany tried to shout at Kyungsan who is right ouside.

    Tiffany: i-if…you….act carelessly……… like this…. The others will………notice.. you have no………… to……..hide *cough cough*
    P.Kyungsan: oh…don’t worry…I’ll make sure they’re occupied.

    The possessed Kyungsan took out a switch device from his pocket and
    pressed it. Soon after, several explosions can be heard in the direction
    of the hangar.

    P.Kyungsan: there…I told you they
    will be busy….. if they don’t took care of that explosions…. What will
    happen if I command several tanks to invade this place?

    Sunny couldn’t take it anymore and instantly inhaled deeply and holds
    her breath and went outside leaving Hyoyeon taking care of Tiffany who
    is still having some difficulty breathing. Meanwhile back with the
    others, all of them were taken by surprise upon the several explosions
    caused by the possessed they were trying to go check the
    explosions, Jessica blocked their way.

    Yuri: SICA! What are you doing? Move out of the way!!
    Jessica: i-I’m sorry but this is Sunny’s request….
    Sooyoung: YAH! You’re going to let Sunny rule over you?

    Taeyeon just watched and listened to them.

    Seohyun: Sica unnie… please….

    Jessica couldn’t decide even though she wants to go check what’s
    happening, she stands firm on Sunny’s concern as she looked at them with
    so many injuries.

    Jessica: i-I can’t let you all go….
    Clive: Jessica… is there something wrong?
    Jessica: ………I promised I won’t tell
    this but I’m concerned also… Sunny went to save Tiffany. Tiffany is in
    danger. And Sunny also requested that all of you are to stay here… since
    all of you are in no shape to be in danger.
    Sooyoung: B-but……..

    Before Sooyoung could continue to talk, Taeyeon talked who is already behind her.

    Taeyeon: Soo…… please try to
    understand Sica….. Sunny is right the four of you are in no shape. Even
    if Sica wanted to help, she chose to follow Sunny’s words.
    Please..understand her….

    The four of them couldn’t talk back to Taeyeon who is calmly talking to them and they saw Jessica tears silently falling down.

    Taeyeon: ..Sica?’s alright….. you go follow Sunny and Hyoyeon. We will stay here.
    Jessica: Thank you Tae-Tae…. Thank you…
    Yuri: ……… Sica…. Better come back or else….. I’ll put cucumber inside your clothes.
    Jessica: YAH!!! DON’T YOU DARE!!!

    With Yuri remark at Jessica, they all smiled at their antics. Realizing
    that eased up the tension on Jessica, Yuri talk to her casually.

    Yuri: Sica, seriously, come back here alive. Along with Fany.
    Jessica: I will..

    As Jessica were about to go outside, Seohyun called her.

    Seohyun: Sica unnie…. Take my sword I think this can help.
    Jessica: but what about you guys…..
    Sooyoung: we have guns here Sica….
    We know firearms don’t suit you. And you’re good with that whip of
    yours. Don’t worry about us, eventhough were like this, we can still

    After Sooyoung’s speech, Jessica took Seohyun’s sword and rushed off
    towards Sunny’s direction. After Jessica went out, Taewoo along with
    Hara and Narsha barged in.

    Taewoo: Chief, our base have been sabotaged. It seems someone planted some bombs on the hangar.
    Lady: how many bombs?
    Hara: Narsha Unnie and I counted
    about 15 bombs. 10 of them explosed leaving a large hole in the wall..
    some of the infected are swarming in….. 5 bombs still remained but………
    Lady: spit it out Hara!!

    Hara couldn’t answer lady’s question that’s where narsha took over Hara’s report.

    Narsha: Chief… this is not good… the
    5 remaining bomb are planted on the gate… if that explodes, our base
    are totally exposed to those things right outside.
    Lady: D*MN IT! Can you do something about the bombs?
    Hara: I’m afraid not chief…. These bomb are not like anyother bombs that can be defused…. It’s a one-way trip type bomb….
    Clive: meaning…?
    Taewoo: once it is armed… there’s no way of defusing it…

    Lady clenched her fist out of frustration and pressure. She’s pressured
    between her task. She wanted to check the situation in the hangar but
    she can’t leave Yoona and Warren. Taeyeon noticed Lady’ pressure and
    talked to her.

    Taeyeon: Lady… you focus on Yoona, I will help Taewoo in the hangar.
    Lady: But Yoona nee….

    Lady stopped talking as she feels Yoona’s hand trying to hold her.

    Yoona: L-Lady-ssi…. I trust Taeyeon….unnie.. p-please let her…..

    Lady stared at Yoona and gives Taeyeon a go signal to help. Taeyeon and
    Taewoo left and heads for the armory to equips themselves some weapons.
    Meanwhile back at the possessed Kyungsan and Sunny, Sunny is having a
    hard time walking in the middle of the thick smoke while holding her
    breath. Since the Prohpet is controlling Kyungsan’s body, Sunny, can’t
    see him due to the kid’s height and how thick the smoke is. As her lungs
    are starting to gasp some air, Sunny manages to find one room and went
    inside and in there, took her time inhaling another air and went outside
    again. On her way, she luckily noticed a small ventilation with an
    exhaust fan leading outside the premises and switched it on. But due to
    the fact it is so small, the smoke didn’t fully disappeared but it
    managed ti thin out some of the smoke. But little did Sunny know, the
    possessed Kyungsan along with the hidden Prophet is watching her.

    P.Kyungsan’s Thought:
    “heheheh, let’s see how long you can hold your breath. When you see what I’ve prepared for you..”

    While Sunny is searching for the possessed Kyungsan. she noticed on one
    corner, covered with table cloth, shaking. Sunny walks slowly towards it
    and she instantly pulls the table cloth revealing a large
    jack-in-a-box. Sunny was is for a surprise causing her to open her
    mouth. The possessed Kyungsan saw Sunny’s mouth is opening.

    P.Kyungsan: GOTCHA!!!

    But to his dismay, Sunny withheld her surprise and quickly covered her mouth with her hands.

    P.Kyungsan: awww… almost got her...

    Sunny, saw another room and she immediately gasp for a fresh air.

    Sunny: *cough cough* what was close… I think I inhaled a little bit of the gas…… Tiffany….
    ….gotta stay strong.. I have to get the antidote!

    Again Sunny readies for another breath holding and starts to seek the
    possessed Kyungsan. meanwhile back in the comfort room where Hyoyeon and
    Tiffany are taking shelter.

    Hyoyeon: Fany…

    The weaken Tiffany looked back at Hyoyeon. And calls her with a weak voice.

    Tiffany: Hyo… there’s something…….. I need……… to tell……… you
    Hyoyeon: sssh don’t talk Fany.. you have to stay strong…
    Hyoyeon’s thought:
    “Sunny hurry up.. Tiffany doesn’t have much time…. She’s coughing up blood really bad..”

    Then suddenly the door to the comfort room began to shake. In Hyoyeon’s
    fear and her urge to protect Tiffany, she instantly locked the door. But
    to her surprise, Hyoyeon heard Jessica om the other side of the door.

    Jessica: IS ANYONE IN THERE???

    Then Hyoyeon opens the door. Jessica was shock at the amount of blood in the floor.

    Hyoyeon: Sica…. We don’t have much time… Tiffany condition is not good….by the way how’d you get in here…
    Jessica: the smoke is almost gone but on the other end of the hall of really thick.. where’s Sunny?
    Hyoyeon: she went after Kyungsan…. to get the antidote
    Jessica: Kyungsan?
    Hyoyeon: apparently, Kyungsan is an assassin… his target is Tiffany….

    Jessica couldn’t believe what she just heard. But before she could react, Tiffany called her.

    Tiffany: S-sica?.... it’s not……really……K-Kyungsan…… *cough cough cough* someone’s possessing…..Kyungsan’s body………..
    Jessica: ……Hyo… we’ll go after Sunny but first we need to get Tiffany in a safe place….

    Hyoyeon not wasting time, she take off her jacket and put in on to
    Tifany while Jessica ripped the lower part of her shirt and gently put
    it on Tiffany’s mouth and nose to prevent Tiffany breathing the Cyanide
    gas. Jessica knew that Tiffany’s in critical situation. Back in the
    medical area. Sooyoung starts hearing banging of some doors. She alerted
    everyone and they start readying their guns. When the door slammed open
    on their place, all of them were surprised to see Jessica and Hyoyeon
    carrying Tiffany already unconscious and breathing heavily but what
    startled them was the amount of blood Tiffany’s coughing up. Just in
    time Lady was finished with Yoona, she saw Tiffany’s condition. Without
    warning, she ordered them to put Tiffany next beside Yoona and examines

    Lady: this is bad… her eyes are
    already starting to dilate…. She’s breathing heavy…. Coughing a
    symptoms of a person inhale a large amount of cyanide gas. Ms. Kim
    Hyoyeon…. How long Ms. Hwang is exposed on the gas?
    Hyoyeon: I don’t recall… but by the time me and Sunny, got to her, she was already engulfed inside the thick smoke…
    Lady: what else did you know?
    Hyoyeon: the last thing I remember… Tiffany said the Kyungsan was the one who did it but it seems Kyungsan is possessed.

    Lady was surprised at the information Hyoyeon told her.

    Lady: ….i can only give her a
    temporary first aid to slow the effect of the poison…. There is only one
    person I know who can do this…. and he always have an antidote. His
    name is “The Prophet” he has the ability to manipulate human minds as
    well as other moving beings. He is also skilled everything about poisons
    and he’s a former demolitions expert….and… he’s also expert on
    concealing himself….much better than Clive here. I hate to break it to
    you guys but…if we make it out here alive, I’m afraid we to transfer on
    our main branch. The Prophet successfully infiltrated this base… we’ve
    been compromised. Enough chit-chat, I’ve got work to do, you go find the

    Jessica and Hyoyeon went back without saying anyword to help Sunny but
    when they got in the front of the kitchen, Hyoyeon stopped.

    Jessica: HYO! What are you doing? We have to help Sunny!!!
    Hyoyeon: I know…. You go ahead, I’ll catch up.
    Jessica: …what ever you’re planning it better be worth it…. I’ll be waiting..

    Jessica and Hyoyeon parted ways leaving Hyoyeon in front of the kitchen.
    Meanwhile back at the hangar, countless of infected started to swarm
    in, Taewoo and Taeyeon along with Narsha and Hara starts to defend the
    hangar along with the rest of the soldiers.

    Narsha: Taeyeon-ssi…. Are you sure you want to be here helping us defending the hangar?
    Taeyeon: …I have to…. I need to stay strong in front of them… at least I want to do something to protect them…
    Hara: but unnie… doesn’t Yoona unnie need you?
    Taeyeon: I know she needs me but she’s the one who want me to help you guys… that’s the kind Yoona is…

    Taeyeon answered back at them while reloading her M4. And starts
    shooting again at the infected that is swarming in. Taeyeon’s leadership
    traits starts to kick in starts to give orders.

    PROPHANE TANKS!! Hara, narsha unnie and Taewoo… you guard the entrance
    to the facility….
    Taewoo: B-but what about you Taeyeon-ssi?
    Taeyeon: don’t worry about me…. I just don’t want any of those “things” get inside where our “families” are inside….

    Taewoo couldn’t react as she saw Taeyeon gives a warm smile and went
    back to give orders at the snipers while still shooting on some of the

    Narsha: …oppa? What’s wrong?
    Hara: …..hmmm I think Taewoo oppa got shot by in the heart… maybe Taeyeon unnie’s smile got him…

    Taewoo looked at the two and answered.

    Taewoo: it’s not what you think
    guys…. Although Taeyeon gives her beautiful smile… didn’t you see
    there’s a sadness behind it? It’s like she’s been holding all her fears
    inside. She don’t want to show her weak side…. She want’s to be strong
    for them… (points inside where the rest of the girls are waiting.) The
    best thing we can do is support her decision…in the mean time let’s just
    follow her orders.

    The three of them honored Taeyeon’s decision and stayed guard at the
    entrance facility. Meanwhile, the possessed Kyungsan made his way on the
    one of the rooms. He clogged the sink and turns on the faucet fully
    open until the water overflowed on the entire room. Sunny hears the
    water and starts to follow where the sound is coming from and it leads
    her to the room of Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Yuri.once she got inside she saw
    the possessed Kyungsan sitting in a low chair. But as soon Suny come
    in, she noticed the room was flooded and soaked her feet wet.

    Sunny: I don’t know what you’re planning here but this ends now.
    P.Kyungsan: aww…you’ve caught me… but, you have to snatch away the antidote from my hands to win.

    Sunny walks towards to the possessed Kyungsan but when she starts
    closing in, the possessed Kyungsan took out a tazer. Sunny froze as soon
    as she hears the electricity crackling from Kyungsan’s hand but it was
    too late for her to go back from the door since she’s too close inside.
    The possessed Kyungsan grins devilishly.

    P.Kyungsan: Checkmate noona. I win, you lose… what more there is to say.

    And at that moment the possessed Kyungsan tazed Sunny by letting the shock runs through the water

    Sunny: GYAAAAAAAAAH!!............

    “SPLASH!” Sunny fell down on the floor soaked with water. The possessed
    Kyungsan burst out laughing at Sunny who still down on the floor. Sunny
    is now infected with the poison from the cyanide gas but Sunny mustered
    up all of her strength, even though she starts to feel the effects of
    the gas, she pushed herself.

    Sunny: *cough cough*…. The
    hell…I’m…..gonna……….give up…..n-now……. M-must……get……the…..anti…………….

    The Possesed Kyungsan tazed Sunny again and this time Sunny was down for
    good. Realizing Sunny won’t get back up, the Prophet revealed his real

    which is hiding from outside the room and released Kyungsan from his possession leaving the boy unconscious.

    Prophet: well this certainly went well…. I’ll deal with you later, first I need to be with my target.

    The Prophet calmly steps out the room leaving the unconscious Sunny, but
    as soon he heads for the direction where he knew Tiffany’s last
    location. Something hits him from the back. He felt a very sharp pain
    just went through his right shoulder. He looked at it and saw a katana
    sticking out on his right shoulder then he turned around and saw Jessica
    looking at her with a piercing and the most cold look he ever saw. The
    Prophet also feels chills runs down to his spine. As he turned away from
    Jessica and starts to run, something hits him in the face from the
    front leaving a large cut on his face. To his shock, he saw Hyoyeon
    holding several kitchen knives but what surprised him is that, the
    kitchen knifes Hyoyeon is holding doesn’t have any plastic or wooden
    handle. Before the Prophet could talk, Hyoyeon throws two kitchen blades
    towards him, he successfully dodged the blades but to his surprised,
    the blades hits his back by Jessica flinging her whip at the flying
    blade and throwing it on his back..

    Prophet: h-how did you……
    Hyoyeon: this is payback for hurting our family…. You ready Sica?
    Jessica: anytime Hyo.

    Jessica cracks her whip loud enough to intimidate the Prophet. He slowly
    steps back as if he’s ready to run but when he turned around, he saw
    Hyoyeon charging at him with a cold expression on her face while holding
    to machete on both hands. Realizing he’s in a pinch, he also bought out
    his machete. As he starts running, he suddenly falls down on his front
    and realized Jessica’s whip was entangled on one of his foot.

    Jessica: we will teach you not to mess with us….. specially on our family
    Prophet: you will regret this….

    The Prophet successfully untangled his foot from Jessica’s whip andjust
    in time to evade Hyoyeon’s attack. As Hyoyeon chopped an empty target on
    the ground, the Prophet quickly kicked Hyoyeon’s hands causing her to
    throw both of the machete far away.

    Prophet: you know…hehehe. I gotta
    admit it, you guys are so damn good to be my target… you even know to
    keep the balance of the blade by removing it from the handle…..
    Hyoyeon: knowing and praising that stuff will not change anything!!

    The prophet saw a chance to attack Hyoyeon with his machete but as soon
    his machete were going to hit Hyoyeon’s neck, Jessica’s whip stops his
    arm just in time. To his surprise, he suddenly felt a powerful force
    hitting his stomach causing him to drop his machete. He looked slowly
    and saw hyoyeon already punched him hard on his stomach area.

    Prophet: aargh!...Curse you WOMAN!! ONE’S EVER LAID A HAND ON ME!!! NOT A SINGLE PUN..UGH!!

    Before he could finish his sentence, Hyoyeon’s fist came flying
    straight towards his face and sent him rolling in the air. But, before
    he could land on the ground, he felt Jessica’s powerful kick right in
    his abdomen area. As he falls on the ground, the Prophet couldn’t
    breathe properly. As he was trying to get up, he partially saw on the
    corner of his eye a kitchen blade knives used by Hyoyeon earlier as
    throwing knives. To his last resort of attack, he grabs the blades and
    threw it all at Hyoyeon and Jessica. But, unfortunately, some of the
    blade missed its target, five blades were amazingly caught by Hyoyeon by
    her barehands and Jessica managed to catch three blades by her whip.
    The Prophet couldn’t believe that he was losing this battle.

    Prophet: I….it can’t be!!! I’m supposed to be an elite than you!!
    Jessica: no matter how elite you are… if you just stick on one purpose without knowing what’s on your surroundings.. you lose .
    Hyoyeon: I’m not going to ask your last words…. The things you’ve done to Tiffany, Sunny and Kyungsan… it’s totally……UNFORGIVABLE!!!
    Prophet: w-wait!! I-I can
    e-explain!! S-someone o-o-ordered me to eliminate you girls!! I-it’s not
    my fault!! I-I’m just following orders. I-I give up!! Just let me
    live….h-here’s the anti dote for your friends!! I’ll give you 10 sets!!

    Jessica and Hyoyeon stopped for a moment, but they decided to continue
    to walk towards the Prophet while Hyoyeon is crackling her fist and
    Jessica snapping her whip. The Prophet was more intimidated on the two
    and so scared he even bowed to beg forgiveness. As Jessica is picking up
    the antidotes, the Prophet makes a last attempt to attack. He secretly
    took out his concealed hnting knife and tries to swipe Jessica’s face
    but unfortunately, Hyoyeon was quick enough to pull Jessica away before
    the blade touches Jessica’s face, hitting only Jessica’s hair. Seeing
    his final attempt, the Prophet face turned pale as he saw Jessica’s aura
    darkens and giving him the most evil and cold look he ever saw in his
    entire life.

    Hyoyeon's thought:
    ....this is it... Hell-Sica is unleashed...... *smiles*
    Jessica: so..this is how you ask forgiveness….
    Prophet: …….W-WAIT!! I CAN EXP..UGH!!

    And before he knew it, the Prophet didn’t know when did Jessica attacked
    him on the face with her knee. Jessica’s knees hits him hard right in
    the nose leaving him bleeding badly with a SMASHED, not broken, nose.
    Jessica’s attack caused his vision to be blurred, he couldn’t see
    properly. While he is still in the spinning world.

    Jessica: HYO! Get the antidote…
    take Kyungsan and Sunny out of here.. I’ll deal with him… I won’t
    forgive him for he’s done to Tiffany, Sunny and Kyungsan…. and for my

    Hyoyeon just smiled, she knew how Jessica can be scary as hell. So she
    did what she was asked to do since she’s also worried about the three.
    She picked up the antidote and went back to get Sunny and Kyungsan.
    leaving the unleashed HELL-sica and the Whiny-Prophet alone.

    =========================Chapter end=========================

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 17

    Hell Sica unleashed

    The Tigress’ wild dance

    Jessica: now… it’s just you and me
    now….. I won’t be merciful on you… you’ve already used your last ticket
    to escape but you blew it… THIS FOR KYUNGSAN!!

    Jessica lashed her whip hard on him two times.

    Jessica: THIS IS FOR SUNNY!!

    Jessica drops her whip and grabs a wooden chair nearby and she repeatedly hit him until the chair is smashed into pieces.

    Jessica: and this one is for ….TIFFANY!!

    Even with Jessica’s slim body, she grabs the table nearby and smashed it
    on the Prophet’s head. Then she punched him hard again on the face
    causing him to fall down on his back, then Jessica saw a monkey wrench
    nearby and grabs it them smashed it hard on the Prophet’s knee. The
    Prophet screamed in pain as he felt his knees were smashed. He couldn’t
    imagine the pain he’s feeling. He just keeps screaming in pain. But
    Jessica didn’t just finished there, she used the monkey wrench again and
    completely incapacites him, hitting his other knee and both of his
    shoulder, shattering his bones with every blow. When Jessica is going to
    deliver the final blow, he noticed the Prophet smiled a bit.

    Jessica: what’s so funny?
    Prophet: AAAAARGH!! If you’re
    going… kill…me….. y-you better think about it first…. H-heheheh..
    the tanks?...I control them…….. as a failsafe to my plan………. I have 6
    tanks…. On standby outside…….. if y-you kill me……. they will instantly
    invade this…………..base…………. If I’m going down………I’ll take you
    all………….WITH ME!!! HAHAHAHAHAH ..UGURK!!!

    The Prophet didn’t know when did Jessica punched him so hard again in the face.

    Jessica: I’d rather face mindless overgrown freaks than you………… you… YOU DISGUST ME!!! KYAAAH!

    Jessica delivers a 5 full forced punch on the Prophet’s chest. As her
    final blow was delivered, Jessica felt that something broke inside the
    Prophet’s chest, making it for the Prophet hard to breathe because some
    of the broken bones, punctured his lungs. The Prophet’s body is now
    motionless, dislocated joints are clearly visible, blood from the
    Prophet splattered on the wall. Jessica didn’t care if the blood stained
    on her face and clothes. As she was going to leave the
    half-beaten-to-death Prophet, in short…DYING Prophet, He talked to her.

    Prophet: i……..congra…..tulate
    you………. E-even….. though you……..have………….n-no………

    Jessica stopped walking and listens to his final words without turning her back.

    Jessica: ………………is that your final words?
    Prophet: ……..baaah… w-why do i…..even………..tell……………. but…before i…….die………… l-let me……tell you some………..thing………..

    Jessica slightly turned around to look at the Prophet.

    Prophet: the…………one who………ordered
    me……………… assassinate Tiffany…..Hwang is……….. the
    one……….c-called…….Deus…………… and a-another thing……….. heheheh……….

    Jessica starts getting annoyed at the Prophet, she picked up the machete
    that was used by Hyoyeon earlier by using her whip. The prophet
    continued to talk.

    Prophet: y-you…..see…………killing
    me………….is a……….wrong move…………… hahahaha…. If……my
    heart….stops…….beating….. there’s still 5 bombs connected to
    my…………….heart….if I die………… no one will hold………………the tanks’…….actions
    and the ……5 remaining…..bombs will go……off!!

    Jessica silenced the Prophet’s laugh by throwing the machete directly on
    his throat. In an instant, the Prophet’s life ended and Jessica heard 5
    loud blasts on the hangar gate. As Jessica were about to leave, she
    stared at the lifeless body of the Prophet.

    Jessica: so what?................ A
    few tanks and a few bombs ? big deal……. You won’t have your way….
    Everyone of us will get out of here alive…. I assure you that….

    And Jessica left and heads towards the armory. Meanwhile at the
    infirmary, Hyoyeon arrived with Sunny, who is now half-conscious and
    Kyungsan who is still unconscious, with the antidote. Lady was amazed to
    see Hyoyeon unscathed with the antidote on her hands. Yuri immediately
    supports Sunny on one of the bench.

    Yuri: Sunny! A-are you alright?
    Sunny: y-yeah…just a little dazed…… that freakin’ Prophet…. Tazed me…
    Seohyun: at least you’re still ok unnie…
    Sunny: thanks Seo…. Hyo, did we get the antidote?
    Hyoyeon: Lady-ssi is administering the antidote to Tiffany now….. I hope we’re not too late….
    Seohyun: Hyo unnie…

    Seohyun hugged Hyoyeon as a sign of relief. After their short hug, Hyoyeon stepped back away from them.

    Hyoyeon: where’s Tae-Tae?
    Sooyoung: she’s at the hangar, helping the others send off the infected.
    Hyoyeon: …right…you guys stay here…. I’ll help Tae-Tae
    Sooyoung: if you’re going…at least take us with you.
    Hyoyeon: NO! you guys should just
    stay here…. Besides… if all of us go out there… who will be here when
    Yoona and Tiffany wakes up? Sooyoung… I know you want to help but… don’t
    you have some two friends to take care of?

    Hyoyeon points at Nadia who is beside Tiffany’s bed and Kyungsan.

    Sooyoung: *sigh*….you win…. You better not screw up out there….
    Hyoyeon: I won’t…. Seohyun, Yuri….. take care of them.
    Yuri: don’t worry…. Just get out there and have fun

    Yuri smiled and Hyoyeon smiled back and Hyoyeon runs towards the armory.
    Meanwhile back at the hangar, just as the prophet’s heart stopped
    beating, the remaining 5 bombs explodes leaving the gate wide open. In
    an instant 2 tanks came rushing in along with the swarm of infected.

    Taeyeon: SNIPERS!! GET READY!!

    The other personel were nervous as they watched most of the infected
    have invaded the hangar. One personel panicked and starts to run.

    Personel#1: …..this is Crazy….I’M OUT OF HERE!!!
    Taeyeon: huh?... h-HEY!! COME BACK HERE!!!

    But Taeyeon couldn’t catch the personel who ran because Taeyeon spotted
    the infected coming in close to her, she had no choice but to let the
    personel run and shoot the infectd running towards her. Soon, one after
    another, another personel panicked again and withdrawn from her side,
    leaving Taeyeon open on both sides, although scared, Taeyeon grabbed
    another M4 and now holds two M4 on each hand and still defending her
    position. Seeing Taeyeon’s critical position, one of the sniper on
    standby supports her. As one of the infected tries to jump on Taeyeon’s
    position, the sniper shoot it in mid air, hitting its chest but,
    unfortunately, the sniper didn’t notice one of the infected already made
    its way to his position and killed him by surprise. Taeyeon’s mind are
    now confused as she hears screams coming from every direction. She
    looked at all the position she appointed the personels and saw some of
    them dead or some of them left their place.

    Taeyeon: ….. WHAT THE HECK??!?

    Taeyeon had no choice as 3 of the infected jumped towards her position
    forcing her to leave her position. Taewoo, Hara and Narsha saw what’s
    happening as they were coming out to help Taeyeon,

    Taewoo: BUT……..

    Taeyeon gave the three of them another smile before heading in the middle to shoot the prophane tank they’ve placed earlier.

    Taewoo: ….aaargh..i can’t take this….
    Hara: oppa….
    Narsha: you heard her Taewoo…. She made up her mind…. You know we can’t handle those things if they get past her….
    Taewoo: ….some rules are meant to be broken!!
    Hara: OH NO!! TAEYEON UNNIE!!!

    Hara was surprised a she saw Taeyeon lose her balance while backing away
    quickly from the infected. Taewoo couldn’t bear to watch about what’s
    happening. As Taewoo are going to walk out to help Taeyeon, he heard a
    chilling cold voice from behind.

    ??????: you’re not going to help her because I’m going out there, if you want to live, stay out of my way.

    Taewoo turned his back and saw Jessica wearing her black outfit (like
    her black outfit from Mr.Taxi MV). Taewoo, Hara and Narsha couldn’t
    react and felt intimidated at Jessica’s image. They felt that the
    Jessica they knew earlier, wasn’t the Jessica they’re seeing right now.
    Heavy sweats were seens on their foreheads as they feel Jessica’s dark
    aura. Narsha examines Jessica’s arsenal of weapons and noted that
    Jessica had a gun holster on both legs, her usual whip on her waist, two
    UMP9 on both hands and on her back was a XM1014, two belts of ammo, one
    belt holds a magazine for the UMP9 and clips for the Beretta and the
    other belt holds shotgun shells and grenades. Hara, eventhough nervous
    and a bit scared of Jessica’s dark aura asks her.

    Hara: J-Jessica..unnie… are y-you going out t-there?

    Jessica looked at Hara and gives her a confident evil smirk.

    >> Click here for Hell-Sica's Fight music <<

    **intro part of the song – “I will break, into your thoughts, with what’s written on my heart**

    Jessica: …watch me… *evil smirk*

    Jessica stepped out and immediately made a loud whistle to attract the
    attention of the infected. Some of them started to runs towards her.


    Jessica starts to run towards the infected that is coming to her and starts shooting at them.

    **I’m so sick, infected with, where I live, let me live without this empty bliss, selfishness, I’m so sick**

    One infected dive towards Jessica but Jessica evade it by rolling to her
    right and shoots an infected close to her, and then two infected came
    out of nowhere on her both sides but Jessica, aimed both of her guns
    sideways and shoots both the infected hitting them on the chest and
    knocking them back on mid air. Jessica saw Taeyeon struggling to get up
    as several of the infected are coming close to Taeyeon.

    you want more of this, we can push out, sell out, die out, so you’ll
    shut up and stay sleeping, with my screaming in your itching ears

    Jessica: TAE-TAE!!!

    Jessica saw one infected close to Taeyeon, jumped towards her, Jessica
    drops her two SMG’s and used her whip to grab the the wooden chair
    nearby and flings it to the infected that jumped towards Taeyeon. The
    infected were knocked off-trail in mid air and sends it crashing on the
    part of where heavy metal beams are stored and sends it crashing on it
    and on some infected that is close by it. Jessica, grabs both her SMG’s
    and reloads a new magazine and runs quickly on Taeyeon’s side.

    **I’m so sick, infected with, where I live, let me live without this empty bliss, selfishness, I’m so sick**

    Jessica: Tae-Tae, can you get up?
    Taeyeon: S-Sica? Thanks… yeah i just tripped… what happened to Tiffany, Sunny and Kyungsan.
    Jessica: they’re with Lady right now. What the heck are you doing here alone? Where’s the others?
    Taeyeon: don’t even ask… they left before the swarm even got in. some of them are already dead.
    Jessica: here, take my SMG’s I’ll leave you some mags.
    Taeyeon: Thanks Sica………….…LOOK OUT!!

    ** Hear it, Im screaming it. You're hearing to it now. Hear it, im screaming it. You tremble at this sound**

    Taeyeon spotted a tank behind Jessica and it’s ready to pound both of
    them to the ground but Jessica instantly grabbed her shotgun with her
    right hand from her back and unleashed 5 shots directly close range to
    its face as Jessica’s left hand supports Taeyeon on getting back on her
    feet and the tank died instantly. Taeyeon couldn’t believe what Jessica

    Jessica: Taeyeon-ah, get up quickly and head to the facility entrance. Taewoo oppa is waiting for you there.
    Taeyeon: b-but what about you?
    Jessica: I’ll cover you… I’ll deal with them while you make your way over there
    Taeyeon: don’t Sica…. Come with me….

    Jessica stares at Taeyeon silently.

    Jessica: …………ok …let’s run when I give the signal…

    Jessica waited for the right moment and when she saw the opportunity to run

    Jessica: TAEYEON-AH!! RUN NOW!!!

    You sink into my clothes, This invasion makes me feel Worthless,
    hopeless, sick. I'm so sick, Infected with where I live, Let me live
    without this Empty bliss, Selfishness, I'm so... I'm so sick**

    Taeyeon and Jessica both ran both to Taeyeon’s surprise, Jessica wasn’t
    running with her, instead, she looked back and saw Jessica running
    towards the remaining 5 tanks. But before Taeyeon runs back to follow
    Jessica, Taewoo grabs her and force her to go inside the facility.

    Taewoo: Taeyeon-ssi… I don’t know you haven’t noticed, the Jessica you knew is not that Jessica were seeing out there…..

    Taeyeon shouted at Taewoo as she cries because she’s worried about
    Jessica. But before Taeyeon could break free from Taewoo’s grip, they
    all felt something runs past them incredibly fast. Taeyeon saw Hyoyeon
    running towards Jessica holding two combat knives on each hand.

    I'm so sick, Infected with where I live Let me live without this Empty
    bliss, Selfishness, I'm so (I’m so) I'm so sick (I’m so sick)**

    Jessica grins again as she saw two tanks rushing towards her. As soon as
    the tank are 8 meters away from her, she throws a grenade close to
    their faces and before the grenade missed its mark, Jessica shot the
    grenade, exploding on the tanks faces and instantly killing the two
    simultaneously. After the explosion, the third tank emerges from the
    smoke and still rushing towards Jessica, but Jessica was prepared, as
    the tank jumped towards her, Jessica rolled over to her right to evade
    it and unloads a full buck shot on the left knee of the tank to slow it
    down and before it could get up, she blast its head close range with her
    shotgun instantly killing it. Just as Jessica was reloading some shells
    for her shotgun, she was caught off guard by one of the tanks and
    attacks her. Jessica had no choice but to use the shotgun as her shield
    to avoid the full contact of the tank’s attack. Jessica was sent flying
    on the crates. Not wasting a time, she threw the broken shotgun and
    grabs her dual beretta and ran towards the one attacked her. By the
    time she got close, the tank tries to attack her by a straight punch but
    Jessica evades it by sliding underneath it. As she was sliding, Jessica
    unloads a series of gunshots on its body. As the tank turned its back
    to face Jessica, it suddenly fell down on its knees and its head is
    flying away. Jessica was dumbfounded why it died like that. As she was
    standing up, she saw Hyoyeon from the tank's back holding two combat

    Jessica: HYO??!?
    Hyoyeon: WOW Sica... i can't believe you've just defeated 5 tanks by yourself....

    Jessica looked at the direction where Hyoyeon came from and saw a pile
    of dead bodies of the infected lined up. Jessica smiled at Hyoyeon’s

    Jessica: look who's talking, can you explain those bodies behind you? while holding you knife like that?

    Hyoyeon just smiled at Jessica's words.

    Jessica: well.. you just came in the right time. Well…there’s only one tank left….
    Hyoyeon: ….let’s do this Sica!

    Hyoyeon and Jessica charged the remaining tank. As soon as they were
    close, Jessica starts unloading all her remaining bullets on the tank
    aiming only on the knee to prevent it from running and jumping while
    Hyoyeon did a sommersault, landing on its back and piercing its back
    using the combat knives and eventually slashing its back wide open.


    Jessica threw her belt containing the 3 remaining grenade and Hyoyeon
    catched it in mid air, she pulls the pin on one of the grenade and
    shoved it inside the tank’s wide open wound.

    Hyoyeon: FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

    Jessica and Hyoyeon took cover and the tank exploded like a popped balloon.

    ** Music end **

    Hyoyeon: well… that does it…. All that remains is these things.
    Jessica: heheh… I can see now that you’re good with knives Hyoraengi
    Hyoyeon: hahaha well you’re expert using a whip ever since you’ve laid your hands on it. Hell-Sica.

    The two laughed at each other's comment, not caring if they’re surrounded by the infected

    Hyoyeon: Hey Sica…. Can I ask you something?
    Jessica: what?
    Hyoyeon: is your Hell-Sica mode are still active?

    Jessica laughed at Hyoyeon’s remark.

    Jessica: hahaha!! what’s that supposed to mean? Come on now… let’s get out of here.. Tae-Tae is waiting for us.
    Hyoyeon: ….err.. they’re surrounding us………
    Jessica: scared? *evil grins*
    Hyoyeon: That’s what I liked about you Sica…. Full of confidence
    Jessica: hmph! You forgot the “elegant” word.

    After Jessica said that, both of them rushed towards the crowd of
    infected blocking their way towards the facility entrance. As they were
    breaking through, Hyoyeon, holds her knives back handed style and aims
    only on the necks of the infected while Jessica only aimed on the head.
    Unfortunately, their last battle against the tanks are starting to take a
    toll on them, slowly, their movements are starting to slow down until
    they can’t run both of them tripped leaving their back open to their
    infected pursuers. Left with no choice, Jessica covered Hyoyeon as both
    them maintained in a flopped position. Both of them closed their eyes as
    they hear the infected’s inhumane moans and growls coming closer
    towards them. Just then, Jessica saw someone jumped towards the
    infected. As Jessica and Hyoyeon turned around, they saw a girl wearing a
    black leather outfit holding a sword along with a silhouette of a white

    ===========================Chapter end==========================

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 18
    The Awakening

    Jessica: S-Seohyun?

    The girl turns out to be Seohyun coming to their aid.

    Seohyun: are you ok Sica unnie? Hyoyeon unnie?

    Jessica and Hyoyeon both nodded after Seohyun confirmed their status.

    Hyoyeon: W-Warren? I-is that you?
    Warren: …. Sorry for being late… you girls should get over to the facility entrance…. This is going to get messy…

    Jessica immediately pulls Hyoyeon and ran towards the facility entrance. Seohyun grabbed a radio from her waist.

    Seohyun: Yuri unnie… are you in position yet?

    Yuri answered through the radio

    Yuri:wait! WAIT!! Why I’m not fully healed yet…. And on top of that.. there’s no ladder to use to climb this scaffolding!!

    Seohyun chuckled a bit.

    Seohyun: Yuri unnie, we’re going to
    execute our part now, just tell me through the radio if you arrived in
    your position. And be careful climbing… it’s 7 feet high.
    Yuri:copy that……..
    Seo….. be careful… Warren’s still recovering so… don’t overdo it….geez
    why do Clive always likes big and heavy guns….

    Seohyun and Warren heard Yuri’s rants and cause them to laugh a little

    Warren: Seohyun… be careful…

    And just that, Warren dashed like a lightning plunging towards the swarm of infected. Seohyun followed after.

    Warren’s ward.

    Hyomin: ……when will he wake up…….
    Eunjung: ….well…. according to
    Lady.. she already gave her cousin the cure…. But she don’t know how
    long the cure will take effect..... Minnie… why don’t you go check on
    Sunny… I know you’re worried about her.
    Hyomin: but……
    Eunjung: no buts… I’m giving you an advice as a friend.

    Eunjung smiled at Hyomin and Hyomin returned a small and considerate
    smile and walked outside. As Hyomin is heading towards the room where
    everyone were, Hyomin heard an argument. Hyomin ran quickly and saw
    Sunny being scolded by Yuri.

    Yuri: Sunny… how many times I’ve told you…. YOU.ARE.NOT.READY.YET!!! YOU CAN’T EVEN STAND PROPERLY YET!!!
    Sunny: but I just want to help Sica and Hyoyeon!! Please!! YURI LET ME!!!!

    Hyomin walked towards Sooyoung’s side and asked.

    Hyomin: Sooyoung…w-what’s going on here?
    Sooyoung: *sigh* Sunny wants to go
    out there and fight with Jessica and Hyoyeon but she just recovered and
    cannot stand properly… due to the effects of being tazed.
    Hyomin: w-why aren’t you stopping them?
    Sooyoung: well arguments like these…
    I don’t want to get involved unless necessary… we all know Sunny’s
    perseverance but Yuri kept sensible and logical. I mean, how can you
    fight when you can’t even stand up properly?

    Hyomin fell silent at Sooyoung’s explanations and question, Seohyun
    heard a commotion outside their room. As Seohyun take a peek at the
    hallway, her eyes widens and froze at her place. Clive noticed Seohyun’s
    reaction and called her

    Clive: Seohyun? What’s wrong? Seohyun??

    But Seohyun is just frozen at her place then Sooyoung noticed Clive trying to get the attention of Seohyun.

    Sooyoung: hey Clive, is there something wrong?
    Clive: I don’t know… Seohyun is just frozen here…

    Sooyoung noticed Seohyun’s eyes and somewhat sensed tears forming but it
    wasn’t a tears of sadness but a tears of joy. As Seohyun’s tears
    started to roll down on her cheek, she surprised Clive as she dashed on
    one direction. All of them noticed and everyone is curious, took a peek
    also and they saw Seohyun, hugging Warren who is forcing himself to walk
    supported by Jiyeon and Soyeon. They all smiled at a romantic scene
    they’ve witnessed as they saw Seohyun crying non-stop while hugging

    Warren: Seo…hyun…. I’m sorry…….. If
    I’m more aware.. this wouldn’t happened… you wouldn’t have to face my
    sister….i can’t forgive myself if seomthing were to happen to you…. i…..
    Seohyun: …you babo… you don’t know how worried I am….i mean, we are…

    Warren looked at Seohyun and eventually hugged Seohyun back

    Seohyun: don’t you ever dare to scare me like that again Warren…. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I lose you…
    Warren: S-Seohyun….. I……I’m sorry…………

    Before Warren could continue his words, they all heard Taeyeon shouting


    Warren already using some of his ability and smelled blood and hearing gunshots.

    Warren: w-where are we?
    Clive: we’re at your cousin’s base.
    Warren: ….Meladee?
    Lady: you could’ve at least…..thank me and not calling me by that name…
    Warren: sorry…. Are we under attack?

    As Lady is going to answer, Taeyeon just came back crying at her
    frustration because Taewoo wouldn’t let her go back out there. And it
    took her by surprise to see Warren awake.

    Taeyeon: W-WARREN?
    Warren: H-hi… sorry if I’m out of commition for these past few days…
    Seohyun: Taeyeon unnie… what’s wrong with Sica Unnie?

    Taeyeon came rushing towards Seohyun and Warren, smiling, and hugged
    them both. After 5 seconds, Taeyeon released them and went back to her
    usual angry self.

    Taeyeon: they wouldn’t let me go
    back out there… I’m so angry that I didn’t even get the chance to tell
    them to blow up the tunnel entrance..

    Just then, Lady walks in.

    Lady: I see my dumb cousin is now up…. Did you enjoy your little stunt?
    Warren: cut it cuz….. it’s not I like being injured all the time..
    Lady: don’t give that crap.. .even
    though you say that, you always ending up injured…. Anyway enough about
    you… seriously, Ms. Kim Taeyeon left an unfinished business. How many
    Prophane are left in there?
    Taeyeon: well ….. I’ve prepared the 5
    last prophanes tied together. Just to let you know Lady, since the
    tunnel gate is destroyed, I’ve already taken extreme measures. Blow up
    the entire tunnel to close the hole with rubbles…. But…….
    Sooyoung: but what Taengoo?
    Taeyeon: I can’t blow it up…. The
    remote is destroyed…. One of the soldiers who ran away from my side me
    have it….. he throws it away because he panicked a the sight of
    countless infected running towards us…
    Yuri: ……then why don’t we blow it up manually?
    Clive: Yuri? have any idea how? They’re swarming….
    Yuri: ……….uuuuh…. we’ll come up with something……..

    In the midst of their thinking of a plan, Hyomin called them from Yoona and Tiffany’s room.


    All of them rushed inside the room except for Warren and Seohyun, due to Warren’s condition, Seohyun still has to support him.

    Taeyeon: Hyomin! What’s the matter?

    They all looked at Hyomin whose crying at Yoona’s side which gave them a
    cold shock. They all thought of one thing that they don't want to. they
    all think that Yoona died, and some of them are starting to cry.

    Taeyeon: ….no… Yoong….y-you can’t die like this…………. W-we…..promised… I promised that we’ll get out of this mess alive….. you can’t………..

    Taeyeon’s knees gave in as she falls down to her knees and holds Yoona’s hands. She tightly squeezed Yoona’s hands.

    ???????: ……un-nie….. it hurts….you know……
    Taeyeon: YOONG??? W-we thought you’re…. but Hyomin’s crying…..her face looked so…
    Yoona: y-you’re a meanie unnie…. Did you forget already? I’m HIM Yoona….

    Yoona showed her smile to everyone else to let them know that she’s okay. They all looked at Hyomin who is crying beside Yoona.

    Taeyeon: Don’t scare us like that Hyomin… we all thought she’s dead…

    Taeyeon slightly slapped Hyomin’s shoulder. Hyomin just smiled while crying.

    Hyomin: S-sorry…It’s just….. it’s just I’m so happy that Yoona woke up…
    Yoona: but too bad Unnie…. I…. I can’t join the fun today….. I can’t move my left leg.
    Sunny: don’t stress yourself Yoong… you’ve done so much. It’s our turn now so you just relax.

    Just then, Seohyun and Warren finally able to catch up in the room which surprised Yoona.

    Yoona: W-Warren oppa! I’m glad you’re ok now.
    Warren: yeah… thanks to you….

    Warren smiled back to Yoona. And then, all of a sudden Yuri popped up a plan.

    Yuri: EVERYONE!! I have a plan now..
    here’s what’ll we do. Clive, you’re still in condition to fight since
    you’re the one in the front of the humvee, you can’t walk properly.
    Lady-ssi, is there any platform I can use as a high ground? And any
    sniper rifle I can use? I’ll just shoot the damn thing with that.
    Clive: …I’ve got another extra sniper rifle but…. Let me warn you it’s not the same rifle I’m using this one is…
    Yuri: that’s good enough…. We don’t have much time.
    Lady: there’s a scaffolding in the hangar, it’s 7 feet high… I think that should be enough.. but I think there’s no ladde……..
    Yuri: that’s fine… Clive lend me your gun.

    Clive and Lady sighed at Yuri eagerness because Yuri didn’t let them
    finish their explanation. Clive’s new gun is much heavier than his
    previous one and Lady is trying to say to Yuri that the scaffolding
    doesn’t have a ladder to climb on. Yuri, Taeyeon and Sooyoung followed
    Clive in Clive’s OWN armory and made their eyes popped out at his
    arsenal collection.

    Clive: now take your pick.
    For handguns, there’s Desert eagle, M1911, USP .45 and a G18.
    >> Click here to see the Hand Guns

    For Shotguns, I have SPAS-12, AA-12, M1014 and W1200.
    >> Click here to see the Shotguns

    Next is Submachine guns, there’s MP5k, UMP45 and Vector.
    >> Click here to see the Sub Machine guns

    For Assault rifles, I have L85, FN F2000, FAMAS F1, M14 EBR, HK G3A4 and M4A1 SIR.
    Assault Rifles

    For you Yuri, you have four choices on Sniper rifles… SVD Dragunov,
    Walther W2000, Barret .50 Cal. or M82 and M200 Intervention.
    >>Click here to see the Sniper Rifles

    I have lastly, the heavy machineguns the L86 LSW, MG4 and the MK43…
    >> Click here to see the Heavy machine guns

    though I doubt that you’ll choose the MG’s since this is heavy to carry…
    Sooyoung: ….you planning to go on war Clive?
    Taeyeon: yeah… you have more collection than in the armory outside…
    Clive: well.. can’t blame me for
    that. now take your pick. And the rest… I’ll just ready them for
    transfer. Oh by the way Yuri… I recommend you choose an assault rif…

    But Clive was too late as Yuri picked up the M82 or Barret .50 Cal. And went outside

    Clive: *sigh*… why does she have to hurry and don’t wait for an explanation…

    Sooyoung and Taeyeon just laughed at Clive’s troubled expression.
    Sooyoung grabbed the AA-12 shotgun and Taeyeon decided to pick FAMAS F1.
    As they are going back towards the hangar, Taeyeon and Sooyoung were
    surprised to see Warren and Seohyun preparing also to go back out.

    Taeyeon: Maknae? Warren? What the heck the two of you were planning?
    Seohyun: we’re going to help too… because there’s too many of them. Yuri unnie needs a clear shot.
    Sooyoung: but Warren is still….
    Warren: ….don’t worry about me… I can still fight…. And besides…. Yuri needs some time to go to her position.
    Taeyeon: ………..Warren… you’ve just
    got back from the brink of death and now you’re going to go back there
    again? And what about you Seohyun? You don’t have a weapon… how are you
    going to fight?

    Before Seohyun could answer, they all heard Nadia barked, pulling Seohyun’s sword that Jessica used to defeat the Prophet.

    Seohyun: Good girl Nadia. Now I want you to stay here and guard everyone alright?
    Nadia: ARF ARF!!
    Yuri: ….since the two of you want to help… you two will do the hard part… are you sure you’re ready?
    Warren: what are we going to do Yuri?
    Yuri: infected are swarming in…. I
    need at least a clear shot on my target. This is a hard task Seohyun,
    Warren…. It’s alright with me if you..
    Seohyun: we’re prepeared Yuri unnie…

    Warren transformed into his white werewolf form and the five of them
    went back out to the Hangar, just in time, Seohyun and Warren saved
    Jessica and Hyoyeon.

    *** Flashback end***

    Warren charging in towards the swarm of infected until he was being
    overwhelmed. Just as Warren is in nowhere in sights, several infected
    came flying through the air revealing Warren emerging while rampaging,
    clawing and tossing the infected. Seohyun supports Warren as she jumped
    over Warren and she spins like a top in mid air while sticking the blade
    of her sword, slashing several infected into half as she landed. Yuri,
    on the other hand, starts to climb the scaffolding. As she was climbing,
    she noticed some of the infected starts going towards her but as soon
    one of the infected are closing in on her, it came flying away as
    Sooyoung shoots it with her AA-12 Shotgun.


    Just as Sooyoung said that, one infected sneaks behind her and jumped
    her from behind but Taeyeon kicked it and shot it with her FAMAS F1

    Sooyoung: Thanks Taengoo…
    Taeyeon: just watch your back Youngie… I can’t have you lying down there. Remember we got to cover this scaffolding until Yuri is ready.
    Sooyoung: R-Right..

    Sooyoung answered as Taeyeon extending her hand to help Sooyung stand
    up. Both of them fires left and right to prevent the infected getting
    close to the scaffolding where Yuri is climbing. Meanwhile, The other
    watched in amazement as they saw Seohyun and Warren fought in the midst
    of infected flawlessly and coordinately.

    Seohyun: Warren… are you alright in there? You know you shouldn’t fight too long.

    Seohyun asked Warren as she slashed three infected’s head.

    Warren: Don’t mind me… I just want to be by your side.

    Warren answered as he punched a hole through two infected that’s lined
    up in his front. Seohyun looked backed at Warren and immediately thrust
    her katana on the side of his head, inches of Warren’s ear hitting two
    infected by the head on his back.

    Warren: Thanks.
    Seohyun: ..your guard is obviously sloppy Warren.

    Seohyun smiled as she said that to Warren but he surprised Seohyun as he
    grabs her and moved her aside and throws a powerful straight punch
    hitting the infected that happens to be in Seohyun’s back.

    Warren: HAH! Says who? Who’s guard is getting sloppy?
    Seohyun: cut it out Warren, I only
    said that because you’re still in the process of recovering… in
    addition, your wound is taking a toll in you..
    Warren: how can you tell? Uuurgh..

    Warren felt a sharp pain from his wound that he received from Clare and
    instantly reverted to his human form. Seohyun quickly rushed over to
    Warren’s side.

    Seohyun: Warren… come on!! We’re close on the tanks… we just need to give Yuri unnie a clear target

    Warren not wasting anymore time, saw a medium length lead pipe scattered
    near him and grabbed it and immediately swiped across his space,
    knocking out a massive infected but due to his action, Warren’s wound
    opens up a little bit.

    Seohyun: Warren, be careful! Your wound opened up!!.

    Then suddenly Seohyun’s radio buzzed.

    Yuri: Seohyun, I’m
    in position!! I also see you two did a good job thinning the infected
    down! now get out of there before you got caught up in the explosion!

    Seohyun: alright Yuri unnie. Warren come on!!
    Warren: right.. Yuri it’s all yours!!

    Before Warren and Seohyun leave their place, Warren throws the pipe like a spear, hitting several infected.

    Yuri toughts: “hurry up you guys!!... there a clear shot…. Let’s just hope the explosion is enough..”

    Yuri waited for Seohyun and Warren to go to the safety zone. And then
    she pulled the trigger and successfully hits the prophane tanks causing a
    big explosion sealing the hole with rubble but unfortunately, some of
    the shrapnels from the explosion hits several structure key points of
    Yuri’s scaffolding. The scaffolding starts to shake until it looses
    balance and starts bending down. Yuri frozen in fear couldn’t move her

    Seohyun: YURI UNNIE!!!!!
    Taeyeon: YURI!! JUMP DOWN!! WE’LL CATCH YOU!!!

    Yuri couldn’t answer because she in a state of shock. Then after that,
    Yuri starts to feel the wind hitting her face as her platform start to
    go down fast. As soon as the platform starts to move down.

    Warren: Seohyun…. Forgive me….
    Seohyun: W-Warren? What are you doing?
    Warren: I’ll save Yuri…
    Taeyeon: But how?
    Warren: I’ll transform..
    Seohyun: NO!! you’ll open up your wound!!
    Warren: Sorry……….

    Warren forcefully pushed Seohyun into Taeyeon and Sooyoung’s arms and he
    forced himself to transform again into his white werewolf form. After
    he transformed. Taeyeon, Seohyun and Sooyoung saw a small amount of
    blood sprayed coming from Warren’s wound. Before Warren leave, he stared
    back at Seohyun, Taeyeon and Sooyoung and rushed full speed towards the
    7 feet high scaffolding falling with Yuri on it. Like a ninja climbing a
    building, Warren quickly climbed the scaffolding but as soon as he
    forced himself to the limit climbing, he always feels a sharp pain
    coming from his wound. Seohyun couldn't help but watch in concern and in
    horror as she fears for Warren and Yuri’s safety. She’s worried at
    Warren because of his injury and worried at Yuri hoping Warren could get
    to her in time. Yuri’s fate are at 4.5 feet from the floor, she just
    close her eyes and just screams. The rest watched in horror as they saw
    Yuri is almost close to the floor. But, within two feet, Yuri felt
    someone hugged her tight and opened her eyes and saw Warren hugging her
    and the last thing she saw was darkness as she passed out. Seohyun,
    Taeyeon and Sooyoung witnessing what happened saw Warren and Yuri came
    crashing down hardon the floor followed by the scaffolding crashing down
    along with some metal pipes.

    Seohyun: YURI UNNIE!!!! WARREN!!!!! NOOOO!!!

    Seohyun screamed as she reached out her hand from a far as she some
    rubbles, metals and metal drums piling up where Warren and Yuri fell.
    Minutes later, dusts starts to clear, Seohyun didn’t waste any time and
    hurriedly rushed towards the rubble. Seohyun hurriedly digging through
    the rubble, hoping Warren and Yuri are alright. As Seohyun tried to lift
    one heavy rock, she accidentally injured her palm as a sharp side of
    the rock cuts it. But Seohyun didn’t even care about her injury, she
    endured the pain and still tries to remove the rock. She manages to
    remove 3 heavy rocks but the pile of rubble are still too thick. Seohyun
    starts to wore herself but still continues to dig through the rubble.
    As she was on the verge of fainting, she felt someone holds her hand and
    turned around and looked. Seohyun saw Sunny holding her hand.

    Seohyun: Sunny unnie… let go of my hand!! I have to save them. Don’t stop me!!
    Sunny: babo…. I’m not stopping you. I’m putting a cloth on your wound.

    Seohyun stopped and let Sunny wrapped a clean piece of cloth around her
    hand to prevent her wound getting dirty. As soon Sunny finished wrapping
    Seohyun’s wound, Sunny helped Seohyun dig through the rubble which
    surprised Seohyun a little bit and continued removing the rubbles and
    some metal. After a while, another pair of hand shows and this time it’s

    Seohyun: T-Taeyeon unnie?

    Taeyeon looked at Seohyun and just smiled, not saying a word helps them,
    then after a while, 3 pair of hands starts to to show up. Seohyun
    looked and saw Sooyoung, Jessica and Hyoyeon. Seohyun began to cry with a
    mixed emotions of fear and happiness. And then after another minute, 4
    pairs of hands showed up and it belonged to Hyomin, Eunjung, Hara and
    Narsha. After another while, they all heard someone scratching from the
    top of rubble and they all looked up and saw Nadia, scratching some
    rubbles from the top, despite the leg injury, Nadia too, endures it and
    helps them dig. Seohyun this time, couldn’t hold her tears in as she
    felt all of tension, worries and affection of all the people surrounds
    her. Seohyun even considered Nadia not as an animal but, a Family member
    and a person. Lady went close to Seohyun and hugged her as Seohyun
    cried her feelings out.

    Lady: that’s right Ms. Seo Joo Hyun… let it all out… just let it all out…
    Seohyun: I hope Yuri unnie and Warren is alright…..
    Lady: they will be…. Warren maybe like that but he’s a tough b*st*rd I guarantee that..
    Seohyun: Warren…come back… Yuri unnie… please be ok…..

    Seohyun cried non stop and repeatedly saying her last words until she
    fainted. Sooyoung were surprised at Seohyun’s sudden collapse.

    Sooyoung: SEOHYUN!!
    Lady: don’t worry.. she just fainted
    due to the piled up tension and worries she bottled up inside her. Can
    you carry her? I can’t carry her since…. She’s taller than me. let’s
    take her to the infirmary.
    Sooyoung: o-ok…

    Sooyoung told Taeyeon and the rest about Seohyun and gave her a go
    signal and they continue digging while Sooyoung and Lady went back to
    the infirmary. After several hours of digging through the rubble,
    they’ve successfully thinned out mostly of the pile of mess but didn’t
    manage ti see the traces of Warren and Yuri anywhere.

    Taeyeon: Yuri….where are you two…..

    Taeyeon clenched her fist and starts to shake because of worry and frustration. Then Sunny shouts from another section.

    Sunny: no signs of them in here either!...

    All of them reported to Taeyeon the same news. Taeyeon starts to feel
    like crying worried for Yuri and Warren’s safety. But one of them found a
    trace. It was Nadia. Nadia frantically ran to Jessica who is close to
    her and began tugging Jessica’s leather pants.

    Jessica: YAH! You crazy mutt! Stop pulling my pants you’ll rip it!!

    Sunny saw what Nadia was doing on Jessica and hurriedly ran towards them.

    Sunny: Sica! Wait.. Nadia might be telling us something!
    Nadia: ARF ARF!!

    Jessica’s eyes lit up in excitement.

    Jessica: oh.. sorry about that Nadia. I thought you’re hungry. Did you find something?
    Nadia: ARF ARF!!

    Nadia gave them a sign to follow and they did. Nadia lead them to a big hole on the floor.

    Sunny: a hole?.... wait…. I can hear a water running underneath… could that possibly be…
    Nadia: ARF ARF!!

    Before Sunny could finish her sentence, Nadia interrupted her by digging
    something through a small pile of rocks and revealed Yuri’s necklace.
    Jessica grabbed it and gave it to Sunny.

    Sunny: …..this is not good… Taeyeon will not like this… and Seohyun too….
    Jessica: it can’t be helped Sunny… at least we got some lead…. Good work Nadia you worked really hard even though you have injury.

    Jessica gave Nadia a pat in the head and a smile before Jessica carried
    her back to where the rest of them are waiting. Then suddenly a loud
    “WHAAAT??!?!” echoed across the whole vicinity.

    ============================Chapter end============================

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

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    Chapter 19
    The Great Escape

    ****Yuri and Warren****

    Yuri opened her eyes again but all she could see was totally black. And
    again she felt that she couldn’t move as if something is restraining her
    body to move. In addition to that she feels ome amount of water hitting
    her face. Then she remembered that before she came crashing on the
    floor, Warren saved her.

    Yuri’s thoughts:
    “I see now… Warren is hugging me………….HUGGING ME??!?!?!
    what will Seohyun think if she sees us like that??!!!? but wait…. I’m
    pretty sure we landed on the floor… but why is water hitting my face?”

    Then she looked at her feet and saw a light coming closer to them. But
    she realized too late that they were sliding down on a sewer system and
    they’re coming sliding down fast. Yuri tries to break her herself from
    Warren’s hug. But when she looked at Warren, his eyes are closed. Yuri
    realized the Warren is now unconscious while hugging her. But what
    worries her is not Warren’s hug but the amount of blood that is coming
    out of Warren’s wound. And then, Yuri felt like they were catapulted
    with a speed of 95 km/h in the air as they exited the sewer works and
    sent them diving 3 feet high from the end of sewer onto the water. Upon
    impact on the water, Warren’s tight hug to Yuri are finally loose. Yuri
    emerged first on the water surface.

    Yuri: where the heck are we…. Oh sh*t Warren? WARREN!!

    Yuri remembered that Warren is unconscious and instantly dived in to get
    Warren who is sinking deep in the water. Yuri managed to reach Warren
    in time but her problem is Warren is still unconscious. Yuri found a
    river bank and managed to reach it with Warren on her other arms.

    Yuri: hah….hah….hah….hah… geez, why do you always put your life on the line…
    dammit Warren….

    Yuri bit her lip because of frustration. After catching her breath, Yuri
    closed her eyes and soon after she fell asleep for about 15 minutes
    and woke up because she heard and feel a multiple steps coming towards

    Yuri: oh no… not another trouble… Warren….Warren come on… you have to wake up…. dammit Warren!!

    But to no avail Warren isn’t waking up. left with no choice, Yuri search
    through the area and found some pile of leaves near them and used it as
    their cover. As Yuri covered themselves, and she had no choice but to
    prone down on top of Warren since the leaves she gathered are not enough
    to cover them both, she can hear running of multiple individuals. Yuri
    was scared at that time since she doesn’t have any weapon and Warren is
    unconscious. After several footsteps have disappeared, Yuri took a
    little peek through the leaves and checked if the area is clear. As soon
    as she confirmed it’s clear, she lets out a heavy sigh of relief but
    she instantly blushed as she remembered she’s still on top of Warren
    with her face close to Warren’s face.

    Yuri: ….. i…….. I shouldn’t be like this……… this isn’t right……

    Although Yuri’s thinking like that, she still can’t get off of Warren.
    Yuri continues to blush as her face now are in the kissing range on
    Warren’s face. Yuri couldn’t take her eyes off of Warren’s peaceful face
    as her hearts starts beating fast. Just before Yuri’s lips closing in
    on Warren’s lips, Yuri snapped back to her senses.

    Yuri: Yuri you babo…. Seohyun loves him. she likes Seohyun.. argh…what the hell

    Then all of a sudden, Yuri was caught by surprise as someone or
    something pulled her from Warren’s body. And she felt something pointy
    pokes the side of her neck.

    ????????: don’t move… make one move and I’ll drive this to your neck.
    Yuri: W-Who are you… what do you want?
    ????????: ehehehehe… yeh couldn’t
    handle yer self there missy… yer gonna make out wit’ that dead body o’er
    there? Yer sick I tell yah… hehehe why don’t yah have some fun wit’ me?

    Yuri: Y-You got it all wrong, he’s not dead and I’m not mak………
    ????????: yeh take me for a fool missy? ‘is body is c’vered on blood not to mention that large wound ‘es got there?

    As Yuri tried to struggle the unknown man pushed his weapon a little to let Yuri know he’s not joking.

    Yuri: aaah… stop it stop it!! What do you want from me…
    ????????: now that’s bet’er… yeh see missy, I have som fren’s and …heheheh… yer quite a catch….
    Yuri: what do you…… ooof! W-Warr….en……….

    Yuri didn’t know what hit her. The unknown man punched Yuri in her
    stomach area and Yuri feel her strength drained. The unknown man took
    out a walkie talkie from his pocket.

    ????????: ey yeh Gumps! I catch me a good one. I guess we’ll hev fun t’night ye bet’er get yer willies prepared. Hehehehe.
    ????????: copy that Billy.

    The unknown man named Billy smiled mischievously as he’s successful on
    catching Yuri and taking her back to their camp. Meanwhile back on
    Lady’s base.


    Upon learning Yuri and Warren’s disappearance, all of them have a hard
    time calming Seohyun down. Even Taeyeon couldn’t believe that Seohyun
    have drastically changed. She never thought that Seohyun, who they once
    knew, a silent, organized and simple have brought out her inner feelings
    adding from her previous personalities, they saw how Caring she was,
    how worried she was and they saw that Seohyun will do whatever it takes
    to protect everyone she loved.

    Taeyeon: Seohyun… I’m not saying
    we’ll abandon them, we’ll devise a plan to save them. We still don’t
    know where they went on that sewer system!!
    Seohyun: I DON’T CARE!!!

    Seohyun tighten her grip on her katana. As Taeyeon tries to walk closer
    to Seohyun, Seohyun did something that Taeyeon would never ever dream
    of. Seohyun threatened Taeyeon by swinging her sword towards Taeyeon’s
    neck and stopping perfectly, landing the tip of the blade on Taeyeon’s
    neck. All of the were shocked at Seohyun’s action towards Taeyeon.

    Sunny: STOP IT NOW!!!
    Jessica: YAH SEOHYUN!!!

    But Taeyeon secretly signaled them to stand down. Even though Taeyeon is scared on Seohyun’s action

    Taeyeon: Seohyun-ah…. I-I know how
    you feel….. but please… understand… we can’t start a search for them if
    we don’t know where to start or where they are in the first place.

    Taeyeon couldn’t move her entire body as she was really scared at how
    Seohyun looked with full of emotions flowing out. Even her frustration
    of not saving Warren and Yuri are clearly shown in Seohyun’s eyes.
    Before Taeyeon could utter another word. Someone called Seohyun.

    ????????: S-Seohyun-ah….. please stop that… you’re scaring your unnie….. please?

    They all looked and saw Tiffany with a painful expression due to the
    cyanide gas earlier. As Seohyun saw Tiffany trying hard to stand up by
    herself while leaning on the wall, tears starts to fall down and dropped
    her katana. All of them sighed in relief as they saw Seohyun calming

    Seohyun: T-Taeyeon unnie… i-I’m
    sorry…. I just couldn’t bear that I didn’t do anything to prevent Warren
    and Yuri unnie’s mishaps… i-I hope you’ll forgive me for my actions… I
    acted like a fool…..

    Seohyun cried as she asked for forgiveness to Taeyeon. Everyone was at
    loss at what they’ve witnessed. This is the first time they saw Seohyun
    shown hostility with full of anger. Jessica runs toward Tiffany who is
    having a hard time standing up.

    Jessica: Fany-ah.. are you sure you’re walking up like this?
    Tiffany: Sica…. Seohyun needs our support.. help me get beside her.

    Jessica helped Tiffany get close to Seohyun who is crying her heart out.
    Tiffany gently wipes away Seohyun’s tears with her thumb and made
    Seohyun looked at her as she raise Seohyun’s face.

    Tiffany: Seohyun… we understand you…
    we know how you cared about us but… understand us also specially
    Tae-Tae… you shouldn’t act recklessly.
    Seohyun: I’m sorry Tiffany unnie…. Taeyeon unnie…..

    Seohyun covered her face with both of her hands as she cries. Taeyeon walks toward Seohyun and hugged her.

    Taeyeon: …it’s ok Seohyun.. don’t
    worry about it… listen… don’t worry about them Yuri is strong… so is
    Warren… they will find a way eventually.. and don’t you worry also. I
    got a plan…. So you just rest… Sunny, can you take Seohyun where she can
    Sunny: gotcha Tae-Tae…….

    Before Sunny take Seohyun back inside, she asked Taeyeon in whisper.

    Sunny: do you really have a plan Tae-Tae?
    Taeyeon: ….honestly? I don’t… but I have to calm Seohyun down….
    Sunny: figures.. well… don’t do anything stupid… I know how your mind works Tae-Tae.

    Taeyeon just gave Sunny a mischievous smile as all of them went back inside the facility.

    Lady: ok… since the place I’ve
    reserved for you are trashed out by the work of the Prophet.. I have no
    choice but to let all of you rest in my quarters. And I’d like to inform
    all of you, 5 days from now…… we are abandoning this base….

    All of them are shocked at Lady’s announcement.

    Sooyoung: you’re kidding right? We still have to find Yuri and Warren!
    Lady: I know… if they are here… we
    would’ve left this base already but… due to the circumstances.. I can
    only give you 5 days…. Believe me…I want to find them as much as you do
    but we don’t have much time here. This base can crumble anytime. We’re
    not safe here.

    All of them fell silent as Lady explained and they looked all over the
    base and saw that it is almost in ruins. With nothing left to argue,
    they all went back inside and tried to get some rest. Inside Lady’s
    quarters, Taeyeon had a talk with Lady.

    Taeyeon: Lady… I’m wondering…I haven’t noticed Taewoo oppa and Eunjung’s member. Where are they?
    Lady: they left already…. Narsha and
    Hara stayed behind… both of them want to go with you girls…. I told
    them to go with Taewoo but they insisted that they felt secured in your

    Taeyeon looked back at the girls who are resting inside. Lady noticed Taeyeon’s glance.

    Lady: ……don’t worry… I’ll take care of them… I’ll make sure they’re safe.
    Taeyeon: huh? W-what are you talking about?

    Lady smiled.

    Lady: I heard what you’ve said to
    Seohyun earlier… and I gotta admit, I admire you back there. You didn’t
    even flinched at Seohyun’s threat.

    Taeyeon fell silent. After she took a heavy sigh, she answered Lady.

    Taeyeon: I’m kind of scared back
    there that I almost peed but I’m also happy to see our Seohyun started
    to change. We all know eversince we became a group… she tried her best
    to keep up with us, bear with our attitudes and she did her best to hide
    it just to not to show us any problems. That’s……………. that’s kind of
    hard for us… because we don’t know what’s going on her mind…
    Lady: well it’s only natural and I’m surprised on how your bonds are strong… so…. Are you going or not?
    Taeyeon: going to…..where?
    Lady: ……….. don’t try to act innocent

    Lady gives Taeyeon a gentle smile.

    Lady: I know you’re going to look for Yuri and my loose cannon cousin…
    Taeyeon: how did you…….
    Lady: Kim Taeyeon……. I’ve worked so
    long as a medic so I know how people react, even if they’re planning
    something or hiding something.
    Taeyeon: …… you’ve caught me……. please don’t tell them……… and please don’t let anyone of them follow me….
    Lady: …….you’re request is kind of hard don’t you think? they might go ballistic on me if they don’t see you when they wake up…

    And then someone talked behind Taeyeon.

    Sunny: I knew you’re going to do something stupid Tae-Tae.
    Taeyeon: S-Sunny?
    Sooyoung: do you have any idea where to start Taengoo?
    Taeyeon: Sooyoung? I thought you were all asleep?
    Sunny: how could we… without Yuri
    and Warren?... we’re all worried… Sica, Hyo, Fany and Seo fell asleep
    because they’re seriously tired. Me and Youngie… we can’t….
    Sooyoung: Look Tae-Tae… it’s dangerous for you to go….
    Taeyeon: I know.. but I’ve got to do this. I WANT to do this… I’m also worried so.. don’t try to stop me…
    Sunny: who said anything about stopping you?
    Taeyeon: excuse me?
    Sunny: I’m saying… we’re not stopping you…. Infact… I’ll help Lady explain things..
    Taeyeon: what about Sooyoung?
    Sooyoung: I’m coming with you, whether you like it or not..
    Taeyeon: aish.. you don’t have to….
    Sooyoung: Look Taengoo.. I also want to save Yuri this time… last time she saved me from the necromancer that Clive defeated.

    Taeyeon couldn’t argue with Sooyoung.

    Taeyeon: …………… fine…. But where do we start?

    Just then Lady took out a thick folded paper from her pocket and gave it to Taeyeon.

    Taeyeon: what’s this?
    Lady: it’s a blueprint of the sewage
    system that Yuri and Warren fell. There might some branching of pipe
    works but there’s only one exit… if you want to get faster to them… you
    have to follow them like the way they do.

    Taeyeon and Sooyoung looked at each other.

    Sooyoung: it’s your call Taengoo… anything’s fine with me
    Taeyeon: do we have another choice? We’re running short on time here.
    Sunny: so… it’s settled? The easiest but rough way
    Taeyeon: looks like it…. Youngie?
    Sooyoung: anything’s fine with me as long as we can reach them faster.
    Lady: …you girls sure do have some crazy minds

    Sunny chuckled at Lady’s comment.

    Sunny: …Taeyeon’s mind is like a puzzle. You don’t know what she’s thinking.
    Taeyeon: ..well, Youngie, we better get prepared.
    Lady: good luck to both of you… I’ll pray that you find them safely and fast.

    Taeyeon and Sooyoung nodded and went to Clive’s private collection of
    guns and equipped themselves. Taeyeon chose G18 as her side arm and
    FAMAS F1 as her main gun and bought 6 extra clips for both guns.
    Sooyoung, on the other hand chosen a USP .45 for her side arm and M14
    EBR and also bought 6 extra clips.

    Lady: are you two ready?
    Taeyeon: I’m all set. Youngie?
    Sooyoung: I’m good to go.
    Sunny: be careful you guys. Remember we only have 5 days.
    Taeyeon: yeah… well…let’s get going.

    Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Sunny and Lady went to the hole where Yuri and Clive fell and Taeyeon and Sooyoung jumped in the hole.

    Sunny: ….now here comes the hard part………..
    Lady: …Seohyun?
    Sunny: yeah… *sigh* well I guess it’s better for her to know the truth than to lie about it.
    Lady: you know Seohyun won’t stay put if she discover about this
    Sunny: I know… that’s why it’s the hard part… explaining things to her.

    As Sunny and Lady going back inside, they saw a dark silhouette holding
    sword on both hands running towards them and before they could identify
    who it is, it jumped over them and landed inside the hole to follow
    Taeyeon and Sooyoung.

    Sunny: no….
    Lady: we better check the girls Ms. Lee
    Sunny: o-okay.. and please drop the formalities… Sunny will do

    And both of them went to check the girls who are resting inside Lady’s
    quarters. Meanwhile, Yuri woke up and although her vision is blurry, she
    could tell that her body is being tied down I some kind of table or

    Yuri: w-where am I?
    Billy: whoa!! our sleeping beauty are now awake hehehehe
    Billy: hmm? If I let you go.. I’d
    still be sorry missy.. but don’t worry you just wait there and later, me
    and boys will have some fun with you heheheheh

    Billy walked towards Yuri and starts to touch Yuri’s body but Yuri retaliated, she spit on Billy’s face.


    “SLAP!” Yuri felt a sharp pain from her cheek as Billy slapped her.

    Billy: I like that spunk of yours missy… it turns me on.. hehehehe

    Billy attempt to lower Yuri’s zipper on her leather vest slowly. As
    Billy is on the midway of opening Yuri’s vest, a young girl interrupted

    ????????: S-Sorry… it’s just… the boss wants to see you……..
    Billy: you spoiled my fun …. I’ll deal with you later, in the meantime keep an eye on her.

    Before Billy walked out, he punched the girl two times, one on the
    stomach and one on the face. The girl fell down hard due to the pain.
    Billy laughed at the girl’s pained expression and left. Yuri couldn’t
    help but feel pity on the girl that took down a beating.

    Yuri: h-hey… are you alright?

    The girl stood up and walked slowly towards Yuri. As the moonlight
    revealed the girl’s image, Yuri is shocked to see the girl’s face as
    it’s covered in bruises and wounds.

    ???????: i-I’m fine… d-don’t worry about me unnie..
    Yuri: what the hell, YOU’RE NOT OKAY!!
    ???????: unnie… if you escaped….will you take me with you?

    Yuri was surprised at the girl’s question.

    Yuri: o-of course I will….
    ???????: i-I will help you escape
    unnie…. I’ve just diveted Billy’s attention by telling him a lie.. the
    boss didn’t asked for him.. I’ve just used this time to talk to you..
    Yuri: you’re making a big risk there… if he finds out you’ve lied to him, you’ll take another beating…
    ???????: it’s ok unnie, it’s better
    for me to took a beating than for you getting raped. I’ll use my body to
    relieve their “heat” by taking a beating
    Yuri: NO!! are you out of your mind? They might kill you!! Your body is already covered in wounds and bruises…
    ???????: no they won’t.. they’ll just beat me so that I can’t stand up… and they’ll ………..

    Yuri didn’t hear the girl’s last sentence as she knows what will say on
    the last part. Yuri cried out of pity of the girl’s fate.

    ???????: unnie… thank you… even
    though you don’t know me well, you’re the first person that shed a tear
    for me. tomorrow night, we’ll escape together…
    Yuri: w-will you at least tell my your name?
    ???????: Ruby…..
    Yuri: Ruby… why don’t you run away from here… I’ll think of a way to get out of here by myself.
    Ruby: no unnie… I’m not going without you….
    Yuri: you keep calling me unnie… how old are you?
    Ruby: I’m 14 years old.

    Yuri couldn’t believe at Ruby’s age. Yuri cried again because at Ruby’s age, it seems she was tortured before she got caught.

    Ruby: unnie, don’t cry…. Listen…
    this camp have a huge compound so even if you escape, it’ll be hard for
    you to get out… so you’ll need me to guide you since they held me here
    for 4 years.
    Yuri: Ruby… I promise.. if we
    escaped from here… I will never ever treat you bad. I’m sure my friends
    will take care of you…. Even though some of my friends are ……..not
    normal, but they’re still good guys.

    Ruby smiled at Yuri words. Ruby felt a sincere message at Yuri’s words.

    Ruby: thank you unnie… well… I have to get prepared for our escape tomorrow.. may I know my noona’s name?
    Yuri: it’s Yuri…. Kwon Yuri.
    Ruby: thank you Yuri unnie…. Well I’ve got to get goi-----

    Suddenly the door slammed open revealing Billy along with some men on
    his back. Yuri and Ruby were shocked to see Billy standing at the door
    with a evil smirk on his face.

    Billy: I thought so….. so you were
    planning to escape after all Ruby… I wouldn’t mind letting you go
    but….you’re taking her with you… that is just I couldn’t agree… I always
    love a fresh new meat hehehehehe Boys, leave us here, after I’m done
    with these two, you can choose whoever you want hehehehe..

    Billy’s men went back outside and Billy closed the door behind him and
    locking it. Billy went first to Ruby to give punishment because of her
    plot to free Yuri and for the plot of escape. Yuri watch in horror as
    she watched Billy gives Ruby a series of punches and kicks. Ruby even
    coughed up blood

    Yuri: STOP IT!! SHE’LL DIE!!! STOP IIIT!!!

    Billy stopped, leaving Ruby in a bloody mess and somewhat barely
    breathing. Yuri cried again when she saw Ruby’s hardships she endured
    for 4 years.

    Billy: I wouldn’t mind stopping and
    letting her free heheheh if you give in to my demands…”Yuri”… that’s
    your name right? Hehehehe now where were we? Or yeah…

    Billy take out his knife and he slowly slashes Yuri’s leather outfit, Billy removed both of Yuri’s long sleeve.

    Billy: HOLY SH*T!! YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SKIN BABY!! I’m so gonna enjoy this!! Hahahah!!

    Billy billy dropped his knife on the floor and continued to lower Yuri’s
    zipper in her leather vest that’s stopped in midway since Ruby tricked

    Billy: hey baby… you smell good…. I’m getting turned on now hhahahaha !!

    Just as Billy is going to strip Yuri, Billy feel a sharp pain on his
    back. He slowly turned around and saw Ruby holding his knife.

    Billy: you B*TCH!! You dare me stab me in the back!! I’ll KILL YOU!!

    As Billy runs towards Ruby, Ruby grabbed a frying pan nearby and bashed
    Billy head knocking him out cold. Although Ruby is having a hard time
    walking due to the pain, she picked up the knife again and walked
    towards Yuri. Slowly, Ruby cuts down the ropes from Yuri’s hands and
    feet. As soon as Ruby is finished, she immediately loose her balance and
    starts to fall,but luckily Yuri was quick and grabbed Ruby on her waist
    to prevent her from a hard fall.

    Yuri: Ruby? Ruby? Answer me!!
    Ruby: Y-Yuri unnie… change of plan...let’s get out of here…. Now…. Before he wakes up..
    Yuri: but how?

    Ruby didn’t answer Yuri, instead, she crawled on one corner and opened up a secret passage from the wooden floor.

    Ruby: we can go in here….

    Yuri didn’t hesitate to question Ruby, all she wants is to escape this place along with her strong desire to save Ruby.

    ============================Chapter end============================

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    biggri Re: Supernatural's Generation (season 1)

    Post by YulSicFany on Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:51 am

    Chater 20


    At the end of the sewer. Sooyoung was the first one comes out it

    Sooyoung: YAAAAAH!! *SPLASH!!*

    And followed by Taeyeon.


    As both of them emerged from the water, Sooyoung asked Taeyeon.

    Sooyoung: YAH! Taengoo…. Here I am, scared of this way and yet, it seems you’re enjoying it
    Taeyeon: but it’s thrilling Youngie!! Weeeee! let’s do it again!! Hahahah

    Sooyoung plamed faced herself at Taeyeon’s dorky side and she smiled after.

    Sooyoung’s thought:
    Well.. i can’t blame Taengoo though… it’s not bad to have fun while you have the chance.

    Sooyoung looked again at Taeyeon who is like a kid that’s splashing some
    water on her face. And Sooyoung retaliated back by splashing Taeyeon
    more. After their 15 seconds of fun, both of them got out of the water.
    Taeyeon noticed something on the ground.

    Taeyeon: Youngie… I got blood over here…. Don’t you think both of them were…..
    Sooyoung: YAH! don’t even think about that…. there’s no way….

    As Sooyoung looked in the opposite direction, she saw something moved
    away fast. Both Sooyoung and Taeyeon saw it and draw their weapon but as
    soon as they got close, they saw nothing.

    Taeyeon: I thought I saw something….
    Sooyoung: me too… wait… Taengoo…

    Sooyoung kneeled down and dipped her two fingers on the ground dirt.

    Sooyoung: Taengoo… is this blood?
    Taeyeon: ….i hope nothing bad happened to them let’s follow the trail…

    Taeyeon and Sooyoung followed the trail of blood. After they’ve left, someone exited too from the sewer pipe.

    ????????: YAAAH!! ***SPLASH!***

    The girl emerged from the water and revealed Seohyun is the one who followed Taeyeon and Sooyoung.

    Seohyun: …shoot! I didn’t get to them on time!! Where could Taeyeon and Sooyoung unnie went?..

    Seohyun have no choice but to get out of the water first. As soon as she got on the ground she noticed the foot prints.

    Seohyun: this might them…

    Seohyun hurriedly followed the foot prints. Meanwhile, Yuri and Ruby
    continues to escapde through the secret passage and successfully got
    out, unfortunately not too far, from the camp base.

    Yuri: Ruby… hang in there… which way now?
    Ruby: just keep going straight Yuri unnie….
    Yuri: take it easy… here get on my back, I’ll carry you
    Ruby: I won’t.. I’ll just slow you down Yuri unnie….. I’ll be fi—

    Before Ruby could finish her words, Yuri forcefully put Ruby on her back and carry her piggy back style.

    Yuri: don’t say anything… just hold on tight, I have a friend who can tend your wound.. so until then hang in there. Ok Ruby?
    Ruby: ……ok unnie…. Thank you and I’m sorry for being a burden..

    Ruby replied as her tears starts to roll down on her cheeks.

    Yuri: don’t worry about it….

    As Yuri is going to run, both of them heard an alarm from the base.

    Yuri: oh no… they know we escaped!! Ruby… I want you to hold really tight ‘cause I’m going to run fast as I can.

    Ruby nodded and did what Yuri told her. Ruby, hold starts to choke Yuri,
    but Yuri endured it and didn’t say a thing because she really wants to
    protect Ruby. As Yuri is running, she heard many dogs barking and one
    familiar voice she both of them didn’t want to hear, Billy’s voice.
    Billy shouted at them using a megaphone


    With no weapon in hand and Ruby on her back, Yuri have no choice but to
    run as far as her lungs can take. 30 minutes after, she can heard
    several footsteps cathing up to them. Yuri wanted to fight but she chose
    not to as her fear on what would Billy do if he catches up with them.

    Ruby: ……..Y-Yuri unnie…. put me down… I’m tired anyway…
    Ruby: B-but unnie… I’ll just slow you down…. at least they if get me.. you can escape…
    Listen Ruby…. I didn’t save you for nothing!!! I didn’t take you just so
    we can escape!! I decided to take you so I can give you freedom from
    all the pain you’ve suffered from their hands!! So do me a favor and

    Ruby was startled but somewhat felt something warm inside her chest. She
    couldn’t believe what Yuri told her. Tears from her eyes are now
    falling non stop. And for the first time in her life, someone gave her a
    reason for living and hope for a happy life. Yuri didn’t notice that
    Ruby’s grip on her neck is becoming like a hug as she closed her eyes. A
    hug like she was at peace. But her moment of warm feeling didn’t last
    long as she felt Yuri stopped running. Ruby opened her eyes and saw
    several men surrounding her and Yuri with an evil grins on their face.

    Yuri: dammit….

    Yuri checked her surroundings and saw that Billy’s men at surrounding
    them leaving no room for them to escape. Yuri gently put down Ruby close
    to her.

    Yuri: Ruby… I’ll make an opening and run hard far away from me as far as you could!! Don’t ask me but please do as I say alright?

    Ruby nodded. Yuri charged at the three men which is located in front of
    the forest. As the three men charged at Yuri, she dodged the one in the
    front and countered it by hitting him chest with her elbow and as soon
    Yuri stand up, one men attacked her from the right side but Yuri just
    stepped back a little bit making the man loose his balance and came
    tumbling down on the oncoming third attacker. Yuri saw the chance and
    gave Ruby the signal to run in the woods. Although her body hurts, Ruby
    pushed herself to run towards the woods. As Yuri confirmed that Ruby is
    now out of sight. She turned her back on the remaining 10 men that
    charging towards her.

    Yuri: …oh crap… HERE WE GO!!

    One man jumped towards her but Yuri quickly rolled to the left side but
    she was taken by a surprise kick and sent her rolling. As the other man
    walked towards her, she immediately sweeps the legs on the man causing
    him to tumble down, Yuri saw the chance and grabbed the man’s leg and
    she kicked it’s knees hard enough bending it in the opposite direction.
    As the man screamed in pain, another attacker tried to punch Yuri from
    the right but Yuri dodged the punch by turning her head to left and
    grabbed the man’s extended arm by her left hand punched the elbow of the
    man by her right fist, bending it also on the opposite direction. With
    two men now are screaming in pain. The remaining attackers charged Yuri
    at the same time. This time Yuri knew that they are too much If all of
    them attacked her at the same time. Yuri just stood her ground and
    prepared for her known losing battle. As the remaining men are closing
    in on her, Yuri felt something flew from behind her and knocking several
    of the attackers.

    Grunt 1:
    what the…

    Yuri opened her eyes and saw a silhouette of the man back. She couldn’t
    identify as the area is somewhat dark. Then the figure spoke to her.

    ????????: Yuri….. are you alright?
    Yuri: W-Warren? How did you..
    Warren: I followed you scent but I’m somewhat having trouble since we got out of water.. the alarm helped me pinpoint your scent.

    Then Warren faced the remaining attackers.

    Warren: It’s a coward's way to gang up on one lady… why don’t you fight me instead
    Grunt 1: HAH! You talk big. Trying to impress a girl? it’s a little late for that!

    The man draw his handgun and aimed at Warren but when he fired his gun,
    Warren disappeared instantly and popped out right in front of him and
    gives him an hard uppercut that sent him flying in mid air. As the man
    was still in mid air, Yuri and Warren were surprised when they saw
    someone gave the man a flying kick through mid air, hitting the man on
    the back, breaking his spinal cord. As the mysterious supporter landed,
    Warren could only mention one name…

    Warren: S-Seohyun?

    The girl turned around with her hair swaying in air as the wind blows it, while holding two katanas, and it is indeed Seohyun.

    Seohyun: Yuri unnie! Warren! I’m glad you’re alright!!

    After Seohyun confirmed Warren and Yuri’s condition, she faced the remaining 6 attackers. Seohyun draws her two katana.

    Seohyun: you will not hurt my friends!

    The remaining attackers all draw their guns and fired at the same time
    at Seohyun but to their surprise, Seohyun skillfully parries all of
    their bullets by her katanas. The firing barrage lasted only 10 seconds.
    Warren and Yuri couldn’t believe what they saw. Seohyun just stood her
    ground and in the midst of rapid firing of the guns, not even a single
    bullet hits Seohyun. As they’re reloading their guns, Seohyun slowly
    looked up and grins.

    Seohyun: I won’t let you fire again.

    In an instant, Seohyun charged like a lightning and disabled all their
    guns by cutting it in half. With a guns, they’re left with no choice but
    to fight her close quarter by their knife. As they all attacked,
    Seohyun dodged them gracefully like she’s dancing ballerina and at the
    same time, attacking them when she had a chance. Warren, on the other
    hand, smelled that a back up units are coming, he instantly grabbed the
    guns of the two attacker that Yuri dislocated the joints earlier and
    gave them to Yuri.

    Warren: Yuri, here.. take these, more of them are coming, Seohyun cannot handle them all.
    Yuri: thank you Warren.

    As Yuri took the guns from Warren, their hands accidentally touched and
    Yuri blushed before pulling her hand instantly. And soon after, the rest
    of Billy’s men arrived and soon after, the area became a battlefield as
    bullets flying on every direction because Yuri are exchanging gunshots,
    hands and feet came flying as Seohyun slashes them and pile of bodies
    starts piling up as Warren rampaged with versatility. And even knocking
    several vehicles by tackling it hard. Meanwhile inside the forest, Ruby
    is starting to have trouble running because of her injuries. Then she
    suddenly stopped as someone fired a warning shot, grazing her cheeks.

    Grunt A: Hold it right there Ruby….. Billy said we can kill you if we find you.. heheheh
    Grunt B: but we have a better idea before we kill you.

    In an instant, 12 other men revealed themselves from their hiding place.

    Grunt C: since we will kill you… we will have our fun first…..
    Ruby: n-no…. don’t touch me…. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    As one of the men managed to grabbed Ruby from behind, another one
    walked towards her and rips her clothes off revealing Ruby only wearing
    her underwear.

    Grunt A: D*MN!! Even though you’re covered on wounds and bruises.. you still have beautiful body!!

    As the man is going to remove Ruby’s bra, Ruby closed her eyes and
    suddenly felt a liquid splashed on her face and she also felt the man
    behind her letting her go. She wiped her face with her barehands and
    opened her eyes slowly and saw her hands full of blood and looked at the
    two men dead. The man in her front had a gunshot wound on the head, the
    same as the man from her behind. Then she looked up and saw two women,
    one short and one tall.

    ????????: what a bunch of cowards… ganging up on a defenseless girl…
    ????????: hey Youngie…. We better finish this quickly… or I’ll cut off your meals if something happens to them.
    Sooyoung: aish… don’t worry Taengoo…. But we can’t just abandon her..
    Taeyeon: alright alright, I get it… let’s get this over with..

    The remaining 10 attackers unleashes a rain of bullets, Taeyeon took
    cover on the tree that’s near her while Sooyoung, quickly grabbed Ruby
    and hides on the other big tree.

    Sooyoung: hey… are you alright? What’s your name?
    Ruby: R-Ruby…. W-who are you..

    Before Sooyoung answers Ruby, she fires back at the gunmen and successfully hitting two of them dead.

    Sooyoung: I’m Sooyoung, the short one of Taeyeon. You’re lucky we found you, you know.
    Ruby: T-thank you….

    Then Taeyeon shouted at Sooyoung as she fires back to the gunmen hitting on one on the shoulder


    Taeyeon fired back again and this time she successfully hits the one in the head that she hit earlier in the shoulder.

    Sooyoung: YAH! NO!! DON’T DO THAT!!

    Sooyoung fired back as she replied and hitting only nothing. Ruby, on
    the other hand couldn’t help but to chuckle for the first time at
    Sooyoung and Taeyeon’s conversation.

    Taeyeon: SO? WHAT’S HER NAME??

    Taeyeon fired back again and hitting only nothing. Before Sooyoung
    answere, she fires again and hits two of the gunmen, one was shot dead
    at it gets hit in the chest through the heart but the other one was only
    hit in the arm.

    Sooyoung: HER NAME’S RUBY!!

    Taeyeon fired back again and hits three of them two of the were dead as
    Taeyeon hits them in the face and on the chest, throught the lungs. The
    other one was wounded in the ear. The three gunmen stopped firing
    because they are reloading, the same goes for Taeyeon and Sooyoung.

    Sooyoung: Ruby.. can I ask you something?
    Ruby: w-what is it unnie?
    Sooyoung: do you know how to use a gun?
    Ruby: n-no…

    Before Ruby could explain, Sooyoung already shoved her USP .45 and 2 extra clips on her.

    Ruby: U-unnie.. I don’t know how to use this…
    just keep it for protection… I’m going to climb this tree, I just want
    you to aim where they are, don’t worry if you don’t hit them, just pull
    the trigger to let them know that someone is firing at them I’m going to
    target them from above.

    Ruby nodded and as soon the gunmen starts to fire, Taeyeon, who have no
    clue about Sooyoung’s plan, fired back. Ruby, on the other hand, did
    what Sooyoung asked her to do. As TAeyeon starts to shoot back on the
    remaining gunmen, Ruby just aimed at anything and repeatedly pulled the
    trigger, enough to distract the remaining gunmen, not noticing Sooyoung
    from above aiming at them in the head and in an instant, the three
    remaining gunmen dropped dead. Sooyoung goes back down and regrouped
    with Taeyeon and Ruby.

    Sooyoung: thanks Ruby, for distracting them.
    Ruby: i-it’s okay…
    Taeyeon: are you fine by yourself Ruby?
    Ruby: I…. i think so.
    Taeyeon: good…. Just keep running on the opposite direction where we came from, you should be able to see a lake. Wait for us there…
    Ruby: w-where are you going?

    Sooyoung pointed at the direction where Ruby came from which surprised Ruby.

    Sooyoung: why so surprised?
    Ruby: please… you’ve got to save my friend back there!! She’s fighting alone!!
    Taeyeon: ok got it.. just stay calm.. can you tell us what is your friends name?
    Ruby: S-she’s older than me… her name’s Kwon Yuri.
    Taeyeon / Sooyoung: YURI??!?

    Ruby was surprised at Taeyeon and Sooyoung’s reaction.

    Ruby: Y-you know her Taeyeon unnie?
    Taeyeon: she’s the reason why we came here!! You must come with us!! Tell us which---

    Before Taeyeon could finish her sentence, Sooyoung grips Taeyeon’s shoulder.

    Sooyoung: hey Taengoo… can’t you see Ruby’s condition?... you can’t make her run back in her condition…

    Because of the tension, Taeyeon forgot to notice the bruises and wounds on Ruby’s body.

    Ruby: Sooyoung unnie.. I don’t mind going back… I also want to see Yuri unnie…
    Sooyoung: but in your condition, you can barely run with that---- wha..! Taengoo?

    Taeyeon instantly carried Ruby on her back and gives a surprised Ruby
    and Sooyoung and gave Ruby a gentle smile which calmed Ruby down.
    Sooyoung smiled.

    Sooyoung: …Taengoo you babo… well…… we better hurry…

    And the three of them heads towards the sound of a gunshots noises. As
    they were getting closer, they heard a familiar growl and a sound of a
    sword clashing from a distance. As they were closer of getting out of
    the woods, they first saw a gun totting Yuri firing back at some gunmens
    then a silhouette of a werewolf which they already knew that it is
    Warren, but they’re wondering who is the third person that fighting
    along side with Yuri and Warren. Meanwhile, seconds before Taeyeon,
    Sooyoung and Ruby arrived.

    Seohyun: Warren! How are you feeling now?
    Warren: I’ve been better Seohyun… now that you’re here.
    Yuri: YAH!! Both of you!! Concentrate on the fight!! Not with each other!! That can wait!

    Although Billy’s men is drastically decreasing, Billy wasted no time but
    to bring out his special forces which specialized in explosive type pf
    weapon and heavy vehicles. Seeing his advantage, Billy shouted at them
    using a megaphone


    After Billy commanded his men, 4 rockets came flying towards themYuri
    quickly runs to find a solid cover from the explosion. Warren crouched
    down to dodge 2 rockets, Seohyun on the other hand, charges on one of
    the rocket that is coming towards her and she kicked it precisely in the
    middle of the rocket’s body and sent it blowing up in the sky but she
    didn’t see the last rocket coming towards her. With no time to act,
    Seohyun dodged it by rolling sideway but unfortunately, the last rocket
    hits the tree that is close to her and sent her flying in the air by the
    impact of the explosion. Warren and Yuri felt their heart stopped
    beating as they saw Seohyun gliding in the air unconscious.

    Warren / Yuri: SEOHYUUUUUN!!!!!!

    Billy saw what happened and lets out a loud maniacal laughed


    Billy stopped laughing as he saw Warren jumped towards Seohyun cathing
    her in mid air. Billy suddenly felt something is wrong as big beads of
    sweat is forming from his forehead. Billy thought, a grenade exploded
    when Warren landed on the ground, it caused an explosion engulfing
    Warren and Seohyun in a heavy dust. Yuri also noticed something is wrong
    with Warren but somewhat excited.

    >> Click here to listen on Warren's Fight music (Disturbed - The Animal)
    *Intro music*

    Warren: ……….Yuri………
    Yuri: Y-yes?
    Warren: take Seohyun and run far-away from here….

    Yuri quickly took Seohyun from Warren’s arms.

    *intro - guitar part*

    Yuri: you better come back Warren…
    Warren: I will… I’ll make them pay for hurting Seohyun.


    Yuri saw a burning rage in Warren’s eyes as he transformed into his werewolf form

    can feel the animal inside, My resolve is weakening. Pounding at the
    doors of my mind, It's nearly overpowering. I cannot begin to describe,
    The hunger that I feel again. Run if you intend to survive, For the
    beast is coming to life*


    Billy’s men started reloading their guns but they were somewhat slow as
    Warren starts to charged them at unbelievable speed. Warren spotted two
    of Billy’s men finished reloading rockets and fires at him but with
    Warren’s berserk state, his senses and speed are more efficient as ever
    and easily dodged the rockets going towards him and as soon he closes on
    the two men, he jumped and swiftly clawed their guts out. Billy started
    to panic and leaves his men and soon after some of his men followed

    *Taking form in the glimmer in this tainted moonlight. Death approaches on this night*

    Unfortunately one vehicle of Billy’s men wasn’t starting and Warren
    jumped again landing on the roof and ripped it apart like it was a piece
    of paper and grabbed the driverby his neck. But he man didn’t falter
    and tried to shoot Warren in the face close range but as soon he shoots
    him, Warren tilts his head to avoid the bullet. As soon as the the man’s
    gun ran out of bullet, he instantly died as Warren punched hard on his
    chest grabbing his heart and squashed it inside.

    the animal's soul is mine, We will be completed right before your eyes. I
    have no control this time, And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight*

    Warren didn’t waste time and quickly went pursuit of Billy’s men riding
    in the motorcycles. Since they’re Billy special forces, as soon as they
    saw Warren catching up with them running like a wolf in highspeed, 3 of
    the them bought out their guns and fires at Warren who is behind them.
    Some of the bullets grazed Warren’s body but Warren didn’t feel a thing
    as he closed in on them, he jumped above them and landed in front of
    them. Two of them tried to runover Warren but they didn’t feel what hit
    them as the heads of two cyclists flew in air, making the last cyclist
    ran for his life, he turned around his motorcycle and tries to run but
    before his motorcycle moved forward, he felt a sharp pain from his back
    went through his chest. As he looked on his chest, he saw a hand coming
    out of his chest holding his beating heart and his life ended as Warren
    pulled his heart, separating from his body.

    can hear it calling again, The primal need is filling me. Changes are
    about to begin, And now my blood is boiling. I can see the fear in your
    eyes, But you can't bring yourself to scream. Time to shed the mortal
    disguise, For the beast is coming to life *

    Billy’s men from the vehicle stopped and watched in horror as they saw
    how Warren carnaged them in a flash. Left with no choice, they’ve bought
    out their guns and unleash a hail of bullet towards Warren but their
    attack were in vain because Warren grabbed one of the motorcycle and
    throws it straight at them, two men on the vehicle were unlucky as the
    motorcycle hits them and breaking their neck on impact. Before the other
    could attack, Warren is already charging towards them. Warren jumped
    straight on one fo the vehicles and did a straight punch towards one of
    the driver and smashing its face in an instant. Billy and his remaining
    men watched in horror. Then all of a sudden an army truck full load of
    Billy’s men came but to no avail, all of them instantly died as Warren
    didn’t even give them a chance to go down from the truck and prepare for
    the assault.

    *Taking form in the glimmer of this tainted moonlight, Death approaches on this night*

    As Warren finished off the truck full load of Billy’s men, he turned
    around and gives Billy and the rest of his men a menacing look full of

    Warren: you…better be prepared because I won’t be merciful for what you did to Seohyun.

    the animal's soul is mine, We will be completed right before your eyes. I
    have no control this time, And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight*

    Billy’s remaining men fires at Warren but Warren was quick enough as he
    quickly ran on the other side of the truck to avoid the bullets.


    After several gunshots, they’ve stopped as they see no movement from the truck. Some of them laughed.

    Billy: even with your superspeed in that form, you’re not invincible from the bullets.. GYAHAHAHAH!!!

    *guitar ad-lib*

    Billy’s laughed came to a sudden halt as all of them a shadow of a
    werewolf standing above the truck looking at them with a fiery red eyes
    and growling violently. Billy’s men couldn’t move because of fear. They
    didn’t even have a chance to reload as Warren plunged straight at them
    clawing the rest of them. Warren took out Billy’s remaining 26 men in
    just 20 seconds. But as soon as he looked for Billy, Billy was already
    running back to the camp.

    begin the hunt and I Feel the power course, as the creatures take
    flight. For the kill is close and I will be satisfied. For the smell of
    fear tonight, Wakes an ancient lust that will not be denied. You're

    Warren went after Billy who is heading back to the camp.

    Billy’s thought:

    “oh SH*T!! is there anything I can do to make him stop!! F*CK!! Huh? H-He’s already here at the base?”

    Billy hides on one of the barracks but he didn’t know, Warren’s feat of
    heightened senses. Warren already knew where Billy is hiding but he
    played possum. Warren pretended that his guard is off. As he walked past
    on Billy, Billy tiptoed like a kid and silently aimed his shotgun on
    Warren’s back of the head but as he was going to pull the trigger,
    Warren turned around and snatched his shotgun.

    the animal's soul is mine, We will be completed right before your eyes. I
    have no control this time, And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight*

    you think you could sneak up on me dumba**, I already know where are
    you hiding because I can smell you scent and hear you rapid heartbeat.
    Billy: you ain’t seen the last of me… I WILL KI--- UGH!

    Billy didn’t get to finish his words a Warren used Billy’s shotgun like a
    club and hits Billy on face, dislocating his jaw. Billy could do
    nothing but scream in pain. He wanted to cuss all of words at Warren but
    he can’t as his jaw is dislocated and couldn’t talk. even with
    dislocated jaw visible hanging, he grabbed his concealed gun from his
    coat and aimed at Warren. But before he could fire, he felt a sharp pain
    as he saw his arm holding a gun separating from his body.

    the animal's soul is mine, And the world around will never hear your
    cries. An unholy crime, And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight*

    As Billy were trying to run away, Warren already separated Billy’s legs
    to prevent him to run away. Billy screamed in agony. He wanted to cuss
    another batch of words at Warren but then again, couldn’t as his jaw are
    dislocated. Warren tossed Billy on one part of the base that is full of
    ammunition and gasoline. As Warren turned his back on Billy, he grabbed
    one of the gas can and punched a hole in it and walked away from Billy
    slowly while making a trail of spilled gasoline on the floor.

    Warren: you will pay for what you did to my Seohyun…

    Warren grabbed one of the power cord with a live electricity on it and
    throws it on the gasoline trail, igniting it towards Billy and the gas
    drums with the ammunition box beside it.

    *Music end*

    Meanwhile, back on Yuri’s location.

    Yuri: Seohyun-ah… wake up…
    Seohyun: uuhhnn… Y-Yuri unnie?

    Seohyun immediately sat back up and hugged Yuri tightly as she cried of joy seeing Yuri unharmed.

    Seohyun: I’m so glad…. I’m so glad…. Unnie…don’t make us worry like that… you’re still not fully recovered!!
    Yuri: I’m fine Seohyun-ah… thank you for worrying and I’m sorry for making you guys worry.

    Seohyun smiled and hugged Yuri again. After a while both of them heard a loud explosion from far away.

    Seohyun: Yuri unnie… where’s Warren?
    Yuri: well… about that………

    Yuri averted her eyes away from Seohyun. Seohyun noticed it and suddenly starts to become worried.

    Seohyun: Yuri unnie! Tell me!!
    Yuri: Warren…he…….

    Before Yuri could explain, both of them heard a scuffling noise from the woods. Both of the readied their weapons.

    ????????: YURI UNNIIIIIEEE!!!!!
    Yuri: RUBY??!?

    >>>>>>>>>> Chapter End <<<<<<<<<<

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