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    Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main


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    biggri Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:25 pm

    Title idea credits goes to miyoung.ah for the great Idea for the Title


    Donned in her black leather Jacket, Yuri suddenly barged in on Jessica’s house and quickly woke up her Girlfriend.

    “Sica…quickly! We have to get you and Yoona out of here!!!” Yuri said as
    she rushes Jessica to pack their things. “What’s wrong Yuri? it’s not
    like you to be like this!!” Jessica said.

    “Sica…I’m sorry but I don’t have time to explain! I want you to take my
    sister, Yoona, to San Francisco… I’ve already prepared some plane
    tickets to the both of you! once in you both get there, Call this
    number!” Yuri said as she gave Jessica as Calling Card.

    “Tiffany Hwang, Brighter than Jewels Jewelry store….. Yuri? what’s this?
    You’re hiding something from us aren’t you?” Jessica said as she throws
    back her clothes away from the suitcase and carried Yoona.

    “Did something happen to your office work?” Jessica asked.

    Yes…. You guys guessed it, Jessica don’t know about Yuri’s real work, a
    professional assassin. Yuri is keeping secrets from Jessica and Yoona
    all the time but somehow, something happened inside the “group” and now,
    Elite hunters and retrievers are tracking Yuri down to “erase” her
    presence because Yuri somehow stumbled on an info the she shouldn’t

    “Sica…. For now I have to get you guys out of here…. It’s not safe….
    Please Sica…. I love you and Yoona…. you guys are my treasures…” Yuri

    “Sica unnie? what’s wrong? Why is my unnie look like scared?” Kwon
    Yoona, Yuri’s little sister asked as she woke up from the commotion that
    Yuri and Jessica made. Not wanting to make Yoona worried, Jessica
    hugged Yoona.

    “Kwon Yuri… you better promise to explain things to us….” Jessica said.
    “Thank you Sica…. I promise I’ll tell everything but for now….. I’m not
    really working on an office work…. People are after me…..” Yuri said as
    she pulls out her M1911 Handgun.

    “Y-Yuri? is…is that a real gun?” Jessica asked as she turned Yoona away
    to avoid seeing the gun. Yuri didn’t answer and just went into the
    living room and peeked into one of the windows.

    Jessica followed suit and noticed Yuri had a female companion.

    “Y-Yuri? who is she?” Jessica asked. “Sica… this is my cousin Boa…Kwon
    Boa…” Yuri replied. Just then Boa alerted Yuri. “Yuri! get them out of
    here quickly!” Boa said as she cocked her gun.

    But before Yuri, Jessica and Yoona could get out, all of them heard someone shouting from outside of the house.

    “Yuri! BoA! We have the House surrounded! If you don’t come out and
    return what you stole from the Orginization or we will be forced to
    shoot you in there!” the male voice shouted.

    fearing for Jessica and Yoona's life to be in danger, Yuri tried to talk
    to Boa “unnie!…. Please let’s just return the disk…. I don’t want my
    family to be in danger!” Yuri pleaded Boa.

    PLOTS!!” Boa yelled back at Yuri and stood up and fired some shots.

    BoA’s shots provoked their pursuers and fired back.

    MY FAMILY’S LIFE IN DANGER!!” Yuri shouted as she took cover on the
    wall while Jessica ran back to their bedroom while carrying Yoona.

    Several shots hits the wall and due to their advanced armaments, they’re
    all using armor piercing bullets and some of the shots went through the
    wall of the bed room.

    Some of the shot hits BoA and to Yuri’s horror, she watched her cousin
    falls down on the floor bloodied and Yuri also saw some of the Bullets
    are making way through their bedroom where Jessica and her sister Yoona
    hiding. Yuri could hear Jessica screaming in fear amidst of gunshots.


    But the shooters didn’t listen and continues to shoot. Worried about
    Jessica and her little sister’s life, Yuri quickly went inside. As Yuri
    got inside, her heart shattered as she saw Jessica is crying while
    embracing her little sister covered in blood and unconcsious.

    “Yuri! Yoona…..YOONA’S BEEN SHOT!!!” Jessica said as she cried in tears.

    ** Prologue end **

    Posts : 135
    Join date : 2011-09-02
    Age : 37

    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:27 pm

    Mission 1:

    5 days earlier…..

    “Yoong? Wake up….. breakfast is ready…” Yuri woke her little sister
    Yoona. Kwon Yoona, 5 years old, Biological sister of Kwon Yuri. Ever
    since their parents died when Yoona was still 1 year old, Yuri had to
    support Yoona by herself. Being born with a natural dexterous
    personality, Yuri enrolled into the Navy Seal Military from US just to
    gain enough money to support Yoona until she goes to school. Everyone in
    their neighborhood is totally nice to the Kwon sisters as they were
    totally inspired the way Yuri takes care of her little sister lovingly.

    Yoona came out of her bed room, still half asleep as she’s still rubbing
    her eyes but the scent of morning breakfast, toasted bread, perfect
    cooked bacon and eggs made Yoona more awake and smiled. Yoona spotted
    Yuri sitting on the other end of the table while reading a news paper
    with one cup of coffee in front of her. Yoona traced Yuri’s features and
    saw her sister still dressed in her usual get up, with tank top under
    her opened with long sleeved polo shirt with a pink jogging pants and
    red sneakers. Yoona knew Yuri just came from her daily jogging exercise.

    “Good morning Yuri unnie!” Yoona cheerfully hugged Yuri on the waist.
    “Good morning sweetie… now go wash your face and eat your breakfast….
    I’ll drop you off on your school on the way before I go to work
    alright?” Yuri said as she ruffles Yoona’s head.

    “Unnie! quit that!” Yoona said as she sticks her tongue out and gave
    Yuri a playful slap on Yuri’s hand. “Hurry up kiddo, you better not be
    late at school” Yuri said as she watched her little sister do her things

    While Yoona is eating like a kid, Yuri couldn’t help but stare at her
    cute little sister as some bread crumbs are being stuck at her cheeks.
    “aaaah chincha Yoong… you should eat neatly….” Yuri said as she wiped
    Yoona’s face clean as she smiled at her sister.

    “hehehe I know unnie… I just love the way you take care of me unnie.”
    Yoona said as she smiled. Yuri couldn’t help but pinch Yoona’s cheek
    softly. “you too cute you know that kiddo?” Yuri said. “I know unnie…
    because I have a beautiful, sexy and caring sister who is taking care of
    me. I love you unnie!” Yoona said. “I love you too kiddo… now let’s go
    to the bathroom and I’ll give you a bath… you’re 20 minutes away from
    being late..” Yuri said as she carried Yoona in the bathroom and gave
    her a bath.

    Several minutes later, both of them heard a car honking on their front
    house. “Unnie! Tiffany unnie is here to pick us up!!” Yoona called for
    Yuri and both of them walked towards Tiffany’s BMW-M3 GTR.

    “FANY-UNNIE!!!” Yoona shouted as she ran towards Tiffany who is waiting
    for them from her car. “YOONG!!” Tiffany squealed as she former hugging
    gesture as Yoona jumped in her arms.

    “Aigoo.. Yoong! So how is my favorite choding?” Tiffany asked Yoona as she carefully carried her inside her car.

    “Never been better unnie! listen listen!! Yuri unnie helped me with my
    assignments and stuffs! And she even prepared breakfast for me!” Yoona
    bright told Tiffany which made Yuri blush in embarrassment.

    “Yoona….” Yuri could only call Yoona as her little sister just smiled
    warmly at her. seeing the sisterly love from Yuri couldn’t help Tiffany
    but chuckled at both of them.

    “Yuwree… you two are cute you know that?” Tiffany blurted out of
    excitement. “Fany-ah…. Now where did a heard that before…” Yuri said as
    she smiled and put on her sunglass while wearing her casual office
    attire and Tiffany is wearing her usual attire, red long sleeved sweater
    with white stripes and a clean white jeans.

    “Fany-unnie! your car is the coolest!!” Yoona said. “why thank you
    Yoong! Look what I got! So Nyuh Shi Dae’s new album… you want to listen
    to it?” Tiffany asked as she smiled.

    “SURE UNNIE!! I LOVE THEM!!” Yoona happily replied to Tiffany as she
    slipped the CD on her radio and it instantly played the song “The Boys”
    and Yoona just happily listened to the song as they start to go to
    Yoona’s school.

    As they arrived in Yoona’s School, Soshified Academy, Yoona put on her
    back pack. “Fany-ah, could you wait for me while I walk Yoong inside?”
    Yuri said.

    “Sure Yuwree…. In fact I have something to tell you so I’m really going
    to wait for you here.” Tiffany replied as she gave Yoona an eye smile
    while waving goodbye to Yoona.

    “Bye Fany-unnie! you’re the second coolest unnie in the world!!” Yoona
    said as she also waved goodbye as both her and Yuri walked towards her

    “ok Yoong… remember, never leave the school until I came to pick you up
    alright? and if I’m not here within the right time?” Yuri said as she
    reminded her sister. “I’ll ask teacher BEAR Taewoo!” Yoona said while
    smiling brightly.

    “Aish…Kwon Yoona…. still the choding…” Yuri looked up and saw Kim Taewoo walking up to them while smiling.

    “oh Teacher Kim..sorry about that… you know my sister how she likes to joke around…” Yuri said as she apologetically bowed down.

    “hahaha not to worry Miss Kwon.. your sister is cheerful so I don’t
    mind…. Come on now Yoona time for your classes.” Taewoo said as both of
    them walked inside the school.

    As Yuri returned to Tiffany’s car both of their happy faces instantly disappeared as both of them are now showing serious faces.

    “so Fany-ah…. What is it that you’re going to talk about?” Yuri asked.
    “Yuwree….. i think you should move Yoona to a safe place…. you know our
    job is not safe as we think right?” Tiffany said.

    “I know…. it’s just I don’t have anyone to ask to take care of her…..”
    Yuri replied as she sighed. “Yuwree… I’m also thinking of quitting this
    organization….. I’m tired..” Tiffany said which made Yuri slightly

    “chincha? Why? Did something happened between you and the “group?”
    Fany-ah?” Yuri asked. Yuri knew Tiffany’s words, if Tiffany tells her
    something is going to happen, something is really going to happen.

    “…….Yuwree…. it’s just I have a bad feeling these past few days…. You
    cousin, Boa…. It’s like she’s acting weird these days…. I don’t know…
    but it’s like she’s been doing something shady…..” Tiffany said. “and
    the organization is not taking this lightly…. They’re constantly sending
    her in a dangerous mission….. it’s like they’re trying to get her
    killed in one of the missions..” Tiffany added.

    “…what hell she’s been up to…..” Yuri could only wonder.

    As they arrived at their “office”, they were greeted by Sooyoung. “you
    two are late!” Sooyoung as she walked towards them while holding a bowl
    of ramyun.

    “Aish! You munching giant! Can’t you just approach everyone with holding
    something that you’re eating?” it was Sunny following Sooyoung.

    “yes… we’re sorry Soo… I asked Fany-ah to drop my sister to her school…” Yuri said as she apologize.

    “oh… sorry… I totally forgot you have a sister…. Anyway…. Yul, here’s
    your mission……uuuhhmmm Sunny-ah could you reach the memory stick from my
    pocket?” Sooyoung said.

    “URGH! That’s why I told you not to hold something to eat!!” Sunny said
    as she grunts at Sooyoung. Little didn’t she know, Sooyoung liked
    Sunny’s attention are drawn towards her as she secretly smiled which
    Yuri and Tiffany also knew.

    “Here you go Yul…. And here’s your last mission Fany-ah….” Sunny said.

    “last mission?” Yuri surprisingly asked. “yeah… I already filed for my
    leave… sorry for not telling you on this one..” Tiffany said.

    “’s no biggie…. Well who’s your target this time Fany-ah?” Yuri asked.
    “….just some guy….. some top bank official who’s involved in drug
    trafficking… fortunately this one has been monitored for a couple of
    years and finally caught red handed by our superiors from the top brass…
    his name is Lee Gi-kwang…. This should be easy….” Tiffany said as she
    starts to walk towards her car for her mission.

    “what about you Yul…. Who’s your target?” Sunny asked. Yuri inserted the
    memory stick into her phone and her target is revealed. As soon she saw
    her target, she dropped her phone which surprised Sunny and Sooyoung.

    “Yul? What’s wrong?” Sunny asked. “T-This can’t be! Is this some sort
    mistake?” Yuri replied as she picked up her phone and showed it to both
    of them.

    “Ok Taecyeon…. P.E. teacher at Soshified Academy… so what’s the big deal about this guy?” Sunny asked.

    “Sunny-ah….. that teacher is working at the school where Yuri’s sister
    is attending…” Sooyoung answered. “oh…. Sorry about that… but what’s his
    case?” Sunny asked.

    “I coulnd’t believe this… someone like him is working at Yoona’s school!
    Data says he’s a pedophile and a child molester….i…. I gotta go……..”
    Yuri said as she quickly catches up with Tiffany.

    “….another one on her conscience……” Sunny said. “yeah….. actually I’m
    looking on how to break Yuri from our “group”…. I mean she’s taking care
    of her sister alone… she doesn’t deserve this kind of job Sunny-ah……..
    not to mention her cousin Kwon Boa is up to something… she might ending
    up putting Yuri and her sister in danger…” Sooyoung said as she took a
    hearty sip from her ramyun’s soup.

    “I hope she do her job efficiently…. I mean it’s Yoona’s school is the
    only target ground…” Sooyoung added as they both walked back inside,
    worrying about Yuri.

    << Tiffany’s Mission >>

    Cube Café, Tiffany disguised herself as a waitress at the Café as her
    info told her that her target Lee Gi-kwang always comes to hang out.
    Several minutes arrived and she saw her target. As her target arrived,
    Tiffany somewhat find it hard to approach Gi-kwang as she noticed
    Gi-Kwang have 4 bodyguards.

    “they’re the beast gang after all….” Tiffany said to herself. As their
    eyes meet, Gi-Kwang flashed his smile at Tiffany and flicks his finger
    as he’s gesturing he’s calling her.

    “Good morning Sirs! Welcome to the Cube Café! My name is Steph and I
    will be serving this morning!” Tiffany said as she puts up her act as a
    real waitress and shows her eye smile on Gi-Kwang.

    “Hey there cutey! So you’re new here I’m glad to see new faces here.
    Come here babe!” Gi-Kwang suddenly yanked Tiffany close to him by
    grabbing her in the waist. Tiffany yelps out a cute yelp. “KYAH!”

    “WHOA! You really got a cute voice there Sweetheart! Are you single?” Gi-Kwang asked Tiffany but Tiffany just smiled.

    “Thank you Sir for asking but I have to take your orders right now or my
    boss will yell at me…” Tiffany said as she leaned at Gi-Kwang closer
    and whispered in his ear.

    “after you finished you meal… could you meet me in the back of this
    café? I’m also interested in you Sir… and I’m currently Single…” Tiffany
    said as she happily took their order flashed one last eye smile at
    Gi-Kwang before heading to the counter.

    “Damn Boss! You sure are a ladie’s man! She’s new here and yet she’s
    interested in you!” Gi-Kwang’s bodyguard said. “damn straight man…. I
    have money, I’ll get honey!” as Gi-Kwang said that, Tiffany arrived
    along with their order and carefully set them up in front of them.

    “Anything else sir?” Tiffany asked as she finished serving their orders.
    “hmm can I have as my dessert Steph?” Gi-Kwang said. Tiffany just
    laughed and walked away. And as Tiffany got to the other end, she teases
    Gi-Kwang as she walked outside the Café.

    “whoa…. Guys…. I think she’s giving me a dessert!” Gi-Kwang said to his
    bodyguards and they just cheered him on. Feeling eager to “have” Tiffany
    as his “dessert” Gi-Kwang hurriedly finishes his food and hurriedly ran
    after Tiffany who is waiting outsite.

    “say Steph…. Where’s my dessert?” Gi-Kwang happily asked. “oh Sir… you
    know I can’t give it to you in here… let’s find some place more
    private..” Tiffany said as she teased Gi-Kwang again which made him
    excited more.

    “You know… I have a car parked near here… will that be ok?” Gi-Kwang
    said as he smiled. “that’s Sir..” Tiffany replied as she flash him an
    eye smile.

    Gi-Kwang hurriedly dragged Tiffany towards the parking lot where he
    parked his car but when they both went into an deserted alley, Tiffany

    “oh come on now babe…. Don’t be scared… Gi-Kwang oppa will take care of
    you..” Gi-Kwang said as he take a step closer to Tiffany. but as he was 2
    meters away from Tiffany he suddenly stopped as he noticed Tiffany is
    now smiling devilishly.

    “Lee Ge-Kwang, you’re mine!” Tiffany said as she dashed towards Gi-Kwang and successfully incapacitated him.

    “HELP!! HE..HUHGK!!” Gi-Kwang tried to shout for help but Tiffany
    punched Gi-kwang right in the center of his throat and he starts to
    choke. As he was now struggling for air, Tiffany sat on his stomach and
    pulled out a syringe with a purple liquid in it.

    “You know what this is? This is a poison…. It is mixed with Potassium
    Cynide with a combined poisonues enzymes of a Black widow and a saliva
    from a Comodo Dragon….. Good bye Gi-Kwang…” Tiffany said as she injected
    the poison on Gi-Kwang’s neck.

    Within seconds, Gi-Kwang is now a cold corpse as his skin is somewhat purplish color due to the Poison Tiffany injected.

    “Fany-ah…. Good thing you’re my friend…. Sometimes you scare me with
    your sudden change of expression…” it was Yuri who talked to her on her
    ear piece.

    “yah! You know I would never hurt a friend… besides, I have to help you
    with your target…. remember, let me get Yoona out first alright?”
    Tiffany replied as she changes in her normal clothes and casually walked
    outside the alley like nothing happened.


    “Yuwree… listen… wait for me to get Yoona first alright? My source says
    your target will be at the back of the school. I’ll leave my car to you
    because you’ll need it to escape… don’t worry about us and I’ll call a
    taxi… we’ll be waiting for you at our usual Café. Sunny and Soo are
    already there waiting for us…” Tiffany said as she parked her car on the
    School parking lot.

    Both of them got out of Tiffany’s BMW and without a word, they both
    separated ways as Tiffany walked towards inside the school while Yuri
    grabbed her black attaché case and casually walked on the café near the
    school and she quickly and stealthily manage to get up on the roof and
    conceals herself while she assembles her Walther WA2000 Sniper Rifle and
    attached a suppressor on its nozzle.

    Walther WA2000 Sniper Rifle

    As Yuri waits for her target, she could hear on Tiffany’s ear piece everything.

    “Yuwree….. I’ve spotted Yoona….. she’s with her classmate but…. Your
    target is walking with them…” Tiffany said while looking at Yoona from
    afar while wearing her dark sunglass.

    But just in Tiffany’s luck, Yoona somehow felt Tiffany’s presence and as
    Yoona turned around she immediately spotted Tiffany and happily runs to

    “FANY-UNNIE!!!” Yoona happily shouted as some of Yoona’s playmates followed her.

    “This is my unnie’s friend, Tiffany unnie! and she’s the coolest friend
    of my unnie!” Yoona happily introduced Tiffany to her playmates.

    “Hello kids.. thank you for being Yoona’s friend and I’m sure her unnie
    also wants to meet you.” Tiffany said as she crouched down on the same
    eye level like the kids and pats the head of one of Yoona’s playmates.

    “are her Yoona’s guardian then?” a male voice suddenly interrupts
    Tiffany’s conversation with Yoona’s classmates. As Tiffany looked at the
    man it was Taecyeon.

    But just as Taecyeon is going to grab Yoona, Tiffany carried Yoona
    immediately. “oh I’m sorry Teacher Ok…. Her unnie asked me to pick her
    up today since she’s too busy with her work.” Tiffany said as she
    quickly stepped outside leaving Taecyeon fuming because he didn’t get

    “Next time…. I’ll get that kid next time….” Taecyeon said to himself as he walked back inside.

    “Fany-unnie…. why is Yuri unnie not picking me up?” Yoona innocently
    asked Tiffany. “Well Yoong…. Your unnie have so many…….paper works to do
    so… she asked me to pick you up….” Tiffany said.

    “but why are we taking a bus? Where’s your car Fany-unnie?” Yoona asked
    again. “well my car is…… having a problem starting up…. but don’t worry
    though, your unnie said she’ll fix it up… as for now… I’ll treat you
    Yoong… you know where we will go?” Tiffany asked Yoona.

    “Where?” Yoona replied as she stared Tiffany with her cute doe eyes
    which made Tiffany smile too. “we’ll go to a place where me, your unnie
    and some of our friend are eating. The food is good in there and your
    unnie will pick you up in there ok?” Tiffany said as she gestured a high
    five on Yoona and Yoona smiled and gave Tiffany a high five.

    “Yuwree…. Yoong is clear….. you can start your work now…. I’m taking her
    to our fave café… we’ll meet you there..” Tiffany whispered through her
    ear piece.

    “Copy that Fany-ah… thanks for taking care of Yoona…” Yuri said as she locked and load her rifle.

    “Yuwree….. one more thing……. Your target almost got his hands on your
    sister that I had to get her out immediately….. he’s definitely a pedo
    or child molester… waste him… shoot him right between the eye…. How dare
    he tries to lay his dirty hands on Yoona…” Tiffany said

    “jeongmal? He’s definitely dead….” Yuri said as she look through the
    scope and saw Taecyeon walking towards at the back of the school while
    carrying an unconscious girl over his shoulder.

    Yuri watched in disgust as he saw Taecyeon went into the old wooden shack along with the unconscious little girl.

    “Dammit…. Fany-ah… I caught him red handed… I’m taking the shot now…. he
    went inside in an old wooden shack…… I’m switching to thermal…… it
    seems…… Yoona will have to move into another school again…” Yuri said as
    she squeezed the trigger twice and managed to hit Taecyeon in the head

    “I just hear couple of shots…. you finished Yul?” it was Sooyoung now
    contacted Yuri. “yeah…. Just caught my target red handed…. I guess I’ll
    have to find my sister a new school….” Yuri said as she pressed her ear
    piece as she sigh.

    “relax Yul….. it’s fine…. You there are other schools… so don’t stress yourself about it..” Sunny also said.

    “well… I don’t mind doing that guys but think of Yoona… it’s a bit
    tiring for her to move from school to school…. Okay.. I gotta go now I’m
    heading over there… and Tiffany along with my sister is also coming
    there….Yuri out..” Yuri said as she unplugged her connection on her

    “SHIKSHIN UNNIE!!!” just in time Tiffany and Yoona arrived at the Café where Sunny and Sooyoung are waiting.

    “well there…. You must be Yuri’s little sister… my name is…” just as
    Sooyoung was going to introduce herself to Yoona, Yoona cuts her words.

    “Your’e Shikshin unnie!! and she’s Sunny bunny-unnie!!” Yoona brightly
    told them. Sunny couldn’t help but hold her laughter at Yoona’s call to
    Sooyoung and Sooyoung noticed Tiffany is holding her laughter.

    “YAH! You eye smiling monster!! What did you told this little kid?” Sooyoung asked as she also tries to hold her laughter.

    “Shikshin unnie Fany-unnie told me you love food! I also love food!”
    Yoona was so happy meeting her sister’s friends as she saw them laughing
    at each other. “hey there kiddo… my name is not Shikshin… you can just
    call me Youngie-unnie or Sooyoung unnie..” Sooyoung said as she gave
    Yoona a chocolate bar.

    “eh? But I like Shikshin unnie better! It’s cuter” Yoona said as she
    playfully hugged Sooyoung’s arms which caused Sooyoung smile warmly at

    And just a matter of minutes, Yuri arrived with Tiffany’s car.
    “UNNIE!!!!” Yoona suddenly ran up towards Yuri and throws herself into
    Yuri’s arms. “Hey there kiddo! Did your Fany-unnie treat you?” Yuri
    asked as she carried Yoona on her one arms and walks towards Tiffany,
    Sooyoung and Sunny.

    “yup! Shikshin unnie gave me a Chocolate bar and Bunny-unnie treated me some Chocolate milkshake!” Yoona happily told Yuri.

    “aww you guys… you shouldn’t have…. Now I’m in debt to you guys…..” Yuri said.

    “Nah… no big deal… we’re actually quite amazed at your sister Yul… she’s bright, cheerful and smart..” Sunny said.

    “Unnie…. they’re great friends! I love your friends, unnie!” Yoona
    cheerfully blurted out which made Sooyoung and Sunny smile at Yoona’s

    “hahaha you can hang out with us anytime Yoona…. if your Yuri unnie
    don’t pick you up on time would you like that?” Sunny asked and Yoona
    happily nodded.

    “thanks, you guys… well now.. I’ve got to take Yoona home now….” Yuri
    said as she carried Yoona. “Yuwree wait up! I’ll take you two home
    alright?” Tiffany catches up with Yuri and Yoona. as the three girls
    disappeared from their sight, Sooyoung and Sunny couldn’t help but
    wanting also to help Yuri support Yoona.

    “Sunny-ah…. If possible… … if Yuri asks to get out of the group… I’ll
    immediately work on it….” Sooyoung said as she ponders her thoughts.

    “so do I Youngie…. I can’t let a girl like Yoona get in trouble because of Yuri’s work as our “Group’s” hitman….” Sunny said.

    “well yeah….. about that Sunny… in case you didn’t know…. Yuri and Yoona
    are living by themselves and Yuri needs a lot of money to support her
    sister…. I’m sure you’ll understand it and besides… all the skills Yuri
    acquired during her Military day as a sniper unit…. What else kind of
    job could she get?” Sooyoung said leaving Sunny speechless.

    “I guess you’re right about that though……… oh well…….. no matter what… I’ve decided to help Yuri secretly….” Sunny said.

    But just as Sooyoung is going to talk someone from their HQ contacted
    them. “Sooyoung, Sunny you two are to report back here immediately….
    It’s regarding to Kwon Yuri’s cousin…..Kwon Boa…” the man said and
    quickly cuts off his transmission.

    “Youngie……… I have a bad feeling about this….” Sunny said as both of
    them stood up. “me too Sunny-ah… I just hope Yuri won’t get involved in
    this….” Sooyoung added as they both got outside from the café and hopped
    in Sooyoung’s silver Toyota Supra TT (Twin Turbo) and quickly returned
    to their “office”

    Toyota Supra TT 1994

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 1 Finished.

    to those who wonders are Apathy Syndrome:

    >>is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such
    as concern, excitement, motivation and passion. An apathetic individual
    has an absence of interest in or concern about emotional, social,
    spiritual, philosophical or physical life.They may lack a sense of
    purpose or meaning in their life. He or she may also exhibit
    insensibility or sluggishness.

    meaning, in short, unable to show any emotions

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by chresentia eva on Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:18 pm

    Please continue the story..^^... Your story is fun^^

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:57 pm

    Mission 2:

    4 days remaining before the incident…..

    Yoona woke up earlier than Yuri. Although she’s still sleepy, Yoona
    walked towards Yuri’s room only to find her sister still in slumber

    “*yawn*….. unnie is still sleeping….. she must be tired….” Yoona said.
    As she walked out from Yuri’s room, she saw their front where Tiffany’s
    car used parked outside last night. Yoona frowned. “I’ll miss
    Fany-unnie……” Yoona said as she can still remember Tiffany’s last visit
    to them. Yoona will definitely miss the eye smiling unnie that took care
    of her whenever Yuri couldn’t make it or Yuri is sick.


    As the three of them arrived at Yuri and Yoona’s house
    after making a quick stop from a nearby convenience store to buy some
    cake and some ice cream, Yoona happily skipped towards their house.

    “UNNIE! FANY-UNNIE! HURRY HURRY!!” Yoona said as she
    signaled them to come inside quickly. Tiffany chuckled at Yoona’s cute
    gesture as Yoona outs at them for being slow.

    “Yoong…. Don’t rush your unnie, she’s tired from………
    “paperworks” you know?” Tiffany said. “oh! Sorry unnie! Yoona apologized
    as she ran back to Yuri and hugged her sister. Yuri couldn’t help but
    smile at her.

    “don’t sweat it Kiddo… here’s the key to the house
    Yoong, I’ll help your Fany-unnie bring all the food we bought.” Yuri
    said as she gave Yoona the key. As Yoona disappeared from their sight,
    Yuri’s face frowned and Tiffany noticed.

    “Yuwree? What’s wrong?” Tiffany asked. “…. I’m just
    frustrated… I didn’t expect that someone like Taecyeon is working at
    Yoona’s school……… and I’m going to have to move Yoona on another school
    again….” Yuri said as she sighed. “and what’s more even depressing…. My
    understanding partner is leaving….. I couldn’t have asked for a better
    partner than you Fany-ah…” Yuri said.

    “Oh Yuwree….” Tiffany smiled and hugged Yuri. “don’t
    worry… I’ll still keep in touch…. But I’ll miss my best partner…”
    Tiffany added.

    “Unnie! Fany-unnie! I’m hungry!!” Yoona yelled from the
    door calling the attention of her two unnies. Yuri and Tiffany laughed
    at Yoona’s remark and went inside to celebrate.

    “Fany-unnie? why are we celebrating?” Yoona asked as she
    scooped a slice of chocolate mousse cake and puts it in her mouth.
    Tiffany chuckled as some traces of chocolate icing were still visible in
    Yoona’s cheeks.

    “Nothing…I just wanted to celebrate Yoong…. I’m just
    happy that your love for your unnie is unmatched..” Tiffany replied as
    she smiled while wiping off the chocolate icing from Yoona’s cheeks.

    “Yoong… you’re just too cute to resist!” Tiffany said as
    she squealed while pinching Yoona’s cheeks gently. Yoona smiled. “And
    you’re cute too Fany-unnie! and caring just like my unnie!” Yoona
    replied as she instantly hugged Tiffany. “I love you Fany-unnie!” Yoona

    Hearing that from Yoona made Tiffany teared up. “I love
    you too Yoong…. You’re the best kid I’ve ever met…” Tiffany said as she
    sniffed. Yuri smiled.

    “Fany-unnie? why’re you crying?” Yoona innocently asked.
    “Nothing Yoona…. I’m just so touched to know you also love me besides
    from your sister…” Tiffany smiled but deep in her heart, Tiffany is sad
    to leave someone like Yoona whom she also loved her like a real sister.

    Ever since Yuri and Tiffany became partners on their
    “work” and met Yuri’s sister for the first time, even though Tiffany is
    not used to treat kids, Yoona made an impact to her heart which made her
    to treat Yoona like a real sister.

    “Awww…don’t cry Fany-unnie…. sad faces don’t suit you!
    your eye smile suits you best!!” Yoona happily said which made Tiffany
    smile again.

    Their celebration last for about 2 hours. Kwon house was
    in full laughter because Yuri and Tiffany were happy at Yoona making
    dorky dances and the same goes for Yuri and Tiffany as they take turns
    doing something dorky acts and stuffs.

    After their celebration, Tiffany and Yuri noticed Yoona
    is now fast asleep and Yuri gently carried her to her room and quietly
    put Yoona to her bed.

    After putting Yoona to bed, Yuri went to the fridge and
    grabbed a pack beer cans and gave Tiffany one as they both sat out in
    the chair provided from the Kwon’s residence lawn yard .

    “Thanks…..” Tiffany said as she received the beer and
    opened it. “Fany-ah….. I guess this is it then… I think I’ll be doing
    some solo “works” from now on…. I don’t know if I can do it efficiently
    without you backing me of helping me up…” Yuri said as she takes a sip
    of her beer while staring at the moon from their lawn.

    “oh Yuwree…. I’m sure you’ll do just fine……. You have
    excellent aiming skills….. you know this isn’t the first time you’ve
    gone on…. “work” right? You remember when I was hospitalized from my…
    “work” because of some slipped up info.. you’ve done quite an amazing
    amount of “work” by yourself.” Tiffany said as she takes a sip from her

    “I know.....but it’s because I know you’re still right
    here with us…. But this one is different…… you’re moving away…. You’re
    not going to be here anymore…….” Yuri said as she finished her beer and
    throws a hoop shot one the garbage bin nearby and quickly opened another

    “oh Yuwree….. it’s not like I’m cutting off my
    communication with you Silly…. I’ll still contact you when I get there
    in San Francisco….” Tiffany said.

    “alright… but why in San Francisco Fany-ah?” Yuri asked.
    “Yuwree… I’ve earned enough to start a new life…. I want to change…. I
    also wanted earn money in an honest way..” Tiffany replied as she also
    finished her beer and lit a cigar.

    “well… that’s a nice start….. how I wish I wanted to do
    that too Fany-ah…. But shooting guns is really I’m good at so I think
    there’s no better job I can take other than this one…” Yuri said as she
    took a sip and sighed.

    “Plus…. There’s Yoona I have to take care of….. you know
    I can’t trust her to anyone besides you, Sunny and Sooyoung…. But
    you’re the most closest to her….” Yuri added.

    “Yoona huh… I guess she’ll be sad if she knew I’ll leave tomorrow morning….” Tiffany said as she puffed a smoke from her cigar

    “NO! I DON’T WANT YOU TO GO!!!” to their surprise, Yoona
    is standing in the living room with her eyes ready to burst up some

    Tiffany and Yuri were stunned and both of them wondered
    at how much Yoona heard about their conversation. Yuri is the most
    worried. Both of the hurriedly runs back to the living but Yoona dashed
    back to her room locking it.

    “Yoong? Come on sweetie.. opened up… let Fany-unnie
    explain first ok?” Tiffany knocked but all they heard was Yoona crying
    from the other side.

    “Yoong… please let your Fany-unnie explain…” this time Yuri called.

    “GO AWAY!!” Yoona yelled from the other side.

    “Yoong sweetie…. Come on… I thought you love me? please
    let me talk to you face to face….please?” Tiffany said. They waited for
    several minutes and Yoona finally opened the door but before Tiffany
    could hug Yoona, the little girl dashed out of her room towards the
    living room and quickly grabbed Tiffany’s car keys and her cell phone
    from her bag.

    “aish….. Yuwree…. Your sister is like you… always best at hiding…” Tiffany smiled as both of them started to look for Yoona.

    They searched for her for about thirty minutes but to no
    avail, both of them couldn’t find Yoona. “Yuwree…. Are you teaching
    your sister about your hiding techniques?” Tiffany asked.

    “well… kind of…. Whenever we play hide and seek, she’s
    always asking me how I hid so perfectly that she’s almost taking up an
    hour before finding me.” Yuri replied.

    “well…you thought her really good Yuwree…” Tiffany
    chuckled. “but it’s not enough…. I know how to find her….” Tiffany said
    as she rummage through her bag only to find her cell phone and her car
    keys missing.

    “and you really also thought her how to hide things
    too?” Tiffany asked in a surprised tone. “uhmmm well…yeah it’s because
    when she got bored from hide-n-seek game, she also wanted to play
    hide-the-things game…. Sorry..” Yuri said which made Tiffany smiled.

    “Yeah well… could I borrow your phone for a bit? It
    seems she got my phone…..” Tiffany said as Yuri lent her phone to
    Tiffany and called her own phone. Both of them heard Tiffany’s phone
    coming from the ceiling and which made them smile.

    “we got you now Yoong…” Yuri said as she grabbed a stand ladder and placed it directly below the ceiling door.

    Yuri climbed the ladder and slowly opened the ceiling door but as soon Yuri fully opened the ceiling door, Tiffany heard a loud *POOF* sound followed by a white thick misty stuff. Next thing Tiffany heard is Yuri coughing.

    “Yuwree! Yuwree! Are you alright? are you
    hu………..MPFH…..PUHAHAHAHA!!!!” as Tiffany is somewhat concerned at what
    happened to Yuri, as the tanned girl went back down, Tiffany burst out
    laughing as she saw Yuri’s face covered in a white flour.

    “Yuwree!!! The only thing left for you is to be cooked
    deep-fried! Your face is already marinated!!” Tiffany said as she still

    “here….” Yuri handed over Tiffany’s phone as she wiped
    her face. “aish… that choding…. Her prankster mode is on…. I shouldn’t
    have teach her how to set up a trap…” Yuri said.

    “Trap you say? You also teach her how to make a trap?
    Why?” Tiffany asked. “well.. before I joined… Yoona is always alone on
    this house….. that’s why I taught her some stuff to defend herself….
    Several of our neighbors are also victimized by her pranks… although
    they understood why Yoona sets up such traps and stuff…” Yuri explained
    which caused Tiffany smirked.

    “hey!! It’s not all the time our neighbors can watch her
    besides she needs to learn to be independent…” Yuri added as she walked
    to the bathroom to wash her face but as soon Yuri opened the door to
    the bathroom. *SPLASH!!* a bucket full of water fell on Yuri’s head making the tanned girl totally wet.

    Tiffany burst out laughing again. “PUHAHAHAHA YUWREE!!
    Your Sister is really good! Although the trap is old school, it still
    works!! HAHAHAHAHA!!” Tiffany holds her stomach as she laughed hard.

    Yuri groaned at Yoona’s antics

    “Alright Yoong! You got me and made your Tiffany unnie
    laugh… would you now please come out?” Yuri said as she still holds her
    patience at Yoona’s antics.

    As Yuri starts to walk, Tiffany grabbed her wrist and
    pointed out where they used to converse earlier, out in the lawn yard
    and saw Yoona sitting at the chair where Tiffany used to seat earlier.

    “Yuwree… let’s walk quietly…” Tiffany said. As both of
    them walked quietly towards Yoona who is still unaware of their
    presence, they could see Yoona is doing something on the table. Yuri
    smirked as the successfully made their way towards Yoona but as Yuri
    slid opens the door to the porch, Tiffany heard another *POOF!* and followed another white thick mist and saw Yuri’s whole body is now covered in flour.

    Tiffany burst out laughing hard along with Yoona. Yuri
    couldn’t do anything but grunts because she knew Yoona wanted some

    “ok Yoong… you had your good time… now you wait here with your Fany-unnie and I’ll clean myself up.” Yuri said.

    “Ok…. I’m sorry unnie…” Yoona also said as she
    apologized and Yuri just patted Yoona’s head as she heads back to clean
    herself up.

    10 minutes have passed since Yuri took a bath, Tiffany
    and Yoona were left in the lawn. Neither of them spoke a word to each
    other. Tiffany knew the younger girl is sulking.

    “Yoong? Are you angry at me?” Tiffany tried to ask but Yoona just turned her stare away from Tiffany as she pouts.

    “aigoo…Yoong… please don’t be mad…. I’m totally sad for
    leaving you both… I’ll still keep in touch with the both of
    you…specially you Yoong…. You’re my favorite choding…” Tiffany said and
    to her surprise, Yoona ran towards her and hugged Tiffany’s waist
    tightly and short after, followed by a small sound of sobbing.

    Tiffany knew Yoona became so attached to her as she
    cooed the younger girl as she strokes her head. Several minutes after
    calming Yoona down, Tiffany explained things again but this time Yoona
    is now smiling back.

    Just in time Yuri came back and staring at her
    partner…now FORMER partner in work talking with her sister. Yuri knew
    how close the two girls are. As she just watched and listened silently
    between their conversations.

    “you promise Fany-unnie? you’ll visit us if you have
    time? Yoona asked. “Of course! And I also won’t forget the two of you…
    you and your unnie!” Tiffany replied as she gave Yoona a smile. “look
    Yoong, I’ll also call to check up on you alright?” Tiffany added.
    Feeling satisfied on Tiffany’s promise, Yoona climbed Tiffany’s lap and
    rested her head on Tiffany’s chest and yawned widely.

    In a matter of seconds, Yoona is now fast asleep and that’s where Yuri walked in.

    “I’m quite amazed how you can sweet talked to my sister
    knowing you’re not that good with kids Fany-ah…” Yuri teased Tiffany and
    Tiffany just smiled.

    “actually… I’m quite amazed at myself Yuwree… there’s
    something about Yoong that makes her lovable… even Sooyoung and Sunny
    were amazed at her even though it’s the first time meeting her on our
    fave café….” Tiffany replied.

    “I can’t argue with that… well… let me carry Yoong again to her bed…” Yuri said but Tiffany shook her head.

    “…Yuwree… let me do this to Yoong just this once….let me
    put her to bed…. I may not be able to do this for a long time
    afterwards…” Tiffany said as she gently cuddles the sleeping Yoona in
    her arms. Yuri smiled and just let Tiffany carry Yoona to her bed and
    gently laid Yoona and cover her with a warm blanket and gave the
    sleeping young girl a peck on the forehead.

    “Saranghae Yoong…” Tiffany whispered. Even though
    sleeping, Yoona unconsciously replied back. “saranghaeyo Fany-unnie…”
    Yoona said as she turned around as she sleeps soundly. Tiffany tears up
    as she smiles because she’s going to miss Yoona’s cute wide smile like
    an alligator. She will miss Yoona’s choding attitude and she will also
    miss the attention she got from Yoona since the first time they met.

    Tiffany walked outside Yoona’s bedroom and gently closed it in order not to make too much noise.

    “well…I guess this is it…….. It’s been a nice pleasure
    working with you…. partner…” Yuri said as she offers a handshake. But
    Tiffany surprised Yuri as she hugged the tanned girl tightly.

    “Yuwree…. Don’t say “working”….. I’d prefer to say….
    It’s been a nice pleasure….HANGING out with you….. friend..” Tiffany
    said as she smiled. Yuri smiled to know Tiffany has this side of her.
    Despite of being a ruthless, cold blooded assassin, this is the first
    time Yuri saw Tiffany’s gentle side.

    “yeah…. It’s good to….Hang out with you….Friend….” Yuri
    said as she hugged back and watched Tiffany ride her car and drove back
    to her house. Little did they know, Yoona was also crying while watching
    from the window, and saw Tiffany disappeared from their front yard.
    “I’ll miss you Fany-unnie….” Yoona said as she went back to her bed and
    cried herself to sleep.

    --Flashback end--

    “well…I promised Fany-unnie that I’ll be strong just like her and my
    unnie!” Yoona said as she puts up a positive face and went to their
    kitchen and tries to surprise Yuri with a cooked breakfast.

    Almost 40 minutes have past, Yuri was woken up by the sound of plates
    crashing in the kitchen. Yuri instantly stood up and ran towards the
    kitchen and saw Yoona crying while standing on the chair. Yuri scanned
    the kitchen and it’s in total mess but Yuri’s mind is focused on Yoona’s

    “Yoong! Don’t go down there, I’ll sweep first the broken shards of the
    plates, alright? just don’t move!” Yuri said as she hurriedly grab a
    broom and a dustpan and quickly sweeps the broken plates. Spending five
    minutes of making sure the floor is safe, Yuri walked towards Yoona who
    is still crying and carried her down.

    “I’m sorry unnie… I broke the plates….” Yoona said as she sniffed. Yuri
    hugged her sister. “don’t mind it Yoong… as long as you’re safe… that’s
    all that matters…. Hush now Yoong…..” Yuri said as she cooed her sister.

    “by the way… what are you doing here so early in the morning?” Yuri asked.

    “I’m….i’m cooking us breakfast…… you-you… you’re tired after last night
    that’s why I didn’t wake you up unnie…” Yoona said while still trying
    to stop her crying. That’s when it hits Yuri as she scanned again the
    kitchen in a mess, and took noticed Yoona’s clothes is also covered with
    food stains, Yuri smiled and took a peek on one of the frying pan and
    saw a cooked sunny side up egg. Yuri smiled.

    Although the egg isn’t properly cooked, Yuri took a taste and realized,
    the egg is cooked perfectly and on the other pan is also some hotdogs
    and the other pan is toasting a bread. Even though the presentation is
    sloppy, Yuri is amazed that none of them tastes bad and in fact it’s
    cooked perfectly.

    “unnie…. h-how is it?” Yoona asked worriedly but her face lit up as Yuri
    replied at her with a smile on her face. “it’s good Yoong… thanks for
    your hardwork” Yuri said as she ruffles Yoona’s hair and prepares a new
    set of plates and glass for them to cook.

    As they were going to start to eat, someone rang their doorbell. “Yoong,
    I’ll get it you just eat.” Yuri said as she quickly answered the door.

    Yuri opened the door and saw Sooyoung and Sunny. “wow this is a
    surprise… I never expected you two to visit…. What gives?” Yuri said.
    Sooyoung and Sunny didn’t answer and just looked at each other before
    uttering a word.

    “Yul… it’s about your cousin Boa………. She stole something important from
    the bo….” As Sooyoung was going to explain, Sooyoung saw Yoona peeked
    and immediately puts up a happy face.

    “SHIKSHIN UNNIE!! BUNNY UNNIE!!” Yoona happily ran towards Sooyoung and
    jumped on the tall girls arms. Sooyoung carried Yoona. “well now… what’s
    up Kid?” Sooyoung asked.

    “well….. I cooked Breakfast for me and my unnie! but you can have some if you wanted to!” Yoona happily replied.

    “OH You did?! What a good girl you are! Always helping your unnie!”
    Sooyoung said so Yoona as she happily carried Yoona towards the kitchen
    as Sooyoung disappeared from Yuri and Sunny’s sight, Yuri asked Sunny.

    “Sunny-ah…. What happened to my cousin?” Yuri asked.

    “Yul…….. first… you better move Yoona to a safe place…… I have a feeling the “group” will not go quiet on this….” Sunny said.

    Yuri became quite worried at Sunny’s sudden seriousness. “if ever you
    see your cousin….. call US first, not the organization…… Tiffany already
    knew about this last night but unfortunately, we can’t discuss anything
    more with her about the details as she’s being released from her
    services…..” Sunny explained.

    “Sunny-ah…. What did my cousin exactly do?” Yuri is now worriedly sick
    but not because of Boa, she’s worried of Yoona’s safety as Yuri is
    somewhat have a feeling that something big is going to happen.

    “Yul………… your cousin……….. she stole something from the Boss….. and she
    just disappeared right after that…. and hasn’t seen her since that
    time…… the organization is now putting up a surveillance perimeter
    around your home as you’re the first person they knew, your cousin will
    run into……” Sunny said.

    “Hey you guys! Come inside or Yoong’s food will be a waste!!” Sooyoung
    shouted from the dining room. “Yul….. take my advice....... better find a
    safe place for Yoona…. if you want her to be safe…” Sunny said as she
    walked inside and also puts up a bright face just to hide the
    seriousness of the situation.

    Yuri on the other hand, clenched her fist so hard and almost going
    berserk to know what Boa had done to put her sister’s life in danger.
    Then Sooyoung appeared from her behind and noticed at Yuri’s expression.

    “Yuri….. I know….. but for now take my advice….. me and Sunny will take
    turns on looking after Yoona when you’re on work….” Sooyoung said.

    “It’s not that Soo……….. I’m worried at Yoona’s safety at the same time
    angry at my cousin for putting my sister’s life in danger!... I don’t
    care what happens to me but at least I want my sister to be safe...”
    Yuri said.

    “I know…. look.. I know you’re angry right now but please…. Put up a
    positive expression… your sister is waiting for you there… by the way…
    the food is good too…” Sooyoung said as she went back to the dining
    room. and Yuri followed after with a positive expression of her face.

    After finishing their breakfast, Sooyoung and Sunny bid farewell to the
    Kwon sisters as they were both called back to the “Office”.

    “Yoong? Why don’t you play on the living room while I clean the kitchen
    alright?” Yuri said and Yoona happily skipped on the sofa on their
    living room and Yuri heads to the kitchen to clean the mess Yoona did.

    Spending several minutes, Yuri’s worried mind is somewhat occupied by
    the sudden events that have happened, Tiffany quits the organization and
    heads off to San Francisco, the info about her cousin’s action but all
    of that have been erased when she starts to think about Yoona.

    As Yuri finished cleaning she sat down on the other end of sofa where
    Yoona is sitting while playing with her coloring book. Being playful and
    sweet, Yoona crawled towards Yuri and rested her head on Yuri’s lap.

    “Unnie? what are you thinking?” Yoona asked as she looked at Yuri’s
    face. “Yoong….would you like to go to a mall?” Yuri asked Yoona since
    the incident with the Child molester Ok Taecyeon was all over the news,
    the school suspended all it activities and the kids were given an
    indefinite vacation.

    Hearing Yuri will take her to the mall, Yoona’s face lit up in joy and
    didn’t answer but instead, she quickly changed in her casual outfit.

    “I guess I didn’t need an answer huh?” Yuri chuckles at Yoona’s quick
    reaction. “ok kiddo, wait for and I’ll get changed.” Yuri said as she
    walked to her room and change into her usual outfit. Yuri wore a white
    t-shirt underneath in a light blue jean jacket and a plain colored army

    Before heading out, Yuri bought her M1911 handgun and concealed it
    inside her jacket as she still remembers what Sunny have said to her


    “are you ready now Kiddo?” Yuri asked Yoona as the younger girl held her
    hand tightly. “YUP!” and both of them go out and walked towards the
    SNSD Mall.

    Walking with Yoona in the mall helped Yuri took off some stress as Yuri treats Yoona some food in a nearby food court.

    “Yoong…. I told you the you should eat neatly…” Yuri said to Yoona again
    as she wiped some food stains from Yoona’s mouth and cheeks. Yoona just
    sticks her tongue out and just smiled. “Aish… you really are a
    Choding….” Yuri said as she ruffles Yoona’s head.

    “Unnie! I have to go to the bathroom…..” Yoona suddenly stood up and
    asked Yuri. Yuri accompanied Yoona but as they were nearing the small
    hallway where the comfort room is located, they saw a couple of guys,
    blocking a blonde girl’s way.

    “let me through please….” The girl said but the guys blocking her way
    didn’t even budge. “no way Miss… unless you give us your name, address
    and phone number first” the guys said.

    “if you don’t move I’ll call the security!” the blond girl bluffed. “HA!
    That’s new? How are you going to call them? We’re blocking your way!!”
    the three guys laughed hard at the blonde girl who is about on the verge
    of crying.

    “now look here Miss….. if you just give us what we want, we wouldn’t stall you here..” the other guys said.

    “are deaf? I don’t easily give my name to a STRANGER! Now get lost!” The
    blonde girl hissed. “you’re playing hard to get huh if that’s the case
    I’ll….OUCH!!” the big muscular guy winced in pain as he felt something
    hit his shin. The blonde girl and the three guys looked down and saw
    Yoona staring at the three big guys angrily.

    “this beautiful lady says no! so don’t bug her!!” Yoona said.
    “Aww….isn’t she cute?” the other guy said. “Hey! Get out of here!” the
    blonde girl tries to get a hold of Yoona but unfortunately, the big
    muscular guy grabbed Yoona by her collar of her shirt and the bystanders
    watched in horror as Yoona flings her feet trying to break free from
    the muscle guy’s hold but as Yoona wiggles, she accidentally hits the
    jaw of the muscular guy and guy got mad.

    “That hurt you little twerp!” Jessica and the bystanders shouted when
    the big muscular guy was about to throw Yoona but the muscle guy stopped
    as he suddenly felt someone touched his arm.

    “I wouldn’t do that if were you…” the muscle guy saw Yuri staring at him
    with a deadly stare. “HAH! You think I’m going to be scared with that
    stare?!” the muscle guy said and throws Yoona, luckily the blonde girl
    catches Yoona before Yoona could hit the floor.

    Then as the Blonde girl looked what’s about to happen, everything went
    in a flash. The two other guys were already unconscious as Yuri made a
    jumping turning kick and hits them in their face knocking them out
    immediately on the floor and the big muscular guy suddenly dropped on
    his knees as Yuri gave him a fast and strong kick on the side of his
    knee by her right foot and immediately delivers another kick on the side
    of his head with her left foot .

    “who……………….the hell……………….are…………………” that was the muscle guy’s last words before he lose his consciousness.

    “I’m the sister of the kid you threw….. and a retired Navy seal….” Yuri
    said as she just walked towards Yoona like nothing happened.

    “Yoong! Why’d you do that? you almost got yourself in trouble!” Yuri
    said as she helped Yoona and blonde girl stand up. “but I’m alright
    unnie! I know you’ll protect me right?” Yoona smiled like nothing

    “aish….. you choding… come on we’re going home now…” Yuri said as she
    held Yoona’s hand. “Thank you by the way for catching my sister
    Miss……..” Yuri bowed down to the blonde girl who is still shocked at
    what happened.

    “Miss? Are you alright?” Yuri asked as the Blonde girl snapped back into
    reality. “huh? AH! Oh oh … yeah.. well.. don’t mention it…. and thanks
    by the way…. And thanks to your sister….” The blonde girl said.

    “I see…. Well… we’re going now Miss…..” Yuri said as she and Yoona both
    start to walk away just in time the security of the mall detained the
    three trouble makers. as they were almost heading out to the Mall door,
    Yoona and Yuri heard the Blonde girl’s voice calling them.

    “HEY! Wait up! I want to repay you… let me at least take you guys back
    to your home….” The Blonde girl said. Yuri was going to insist at first
    but when she looked at Yoona, the younger girl is somewhat sleepy.
    “Thank you… I’m Yuri… Kwon Yuri and this is my sister Yoona….” Yuri said
    as she carried Yoona into her one arm and extends his other hand for a
    hand shake.

    “Sooyeon… Jung Sooyeon but call me Jessica. I work at the Seoul Money
    Enterprise Net-gross Traders, known SMENT for short.” The Blonde girl
    named Jessica extends her hand out as well and they both shared a hand
    shake before going to the parking area of the mall.

    “well here’s my car… hop in….” Jessica said as she unlocked her black
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 and finally went to Yuri’s home.

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 2 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Guess I'm a fan of your stories now..^^ fighting!!

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 3
    3 Days remaining before the incident…

    As usual, Yuri is still asleep but Yoona is also on Yuri’s bed. yesterday’s incident made the two of them tired.

    As they were being sent home by their new found friend,
    Jessica, on their way home, Yoona and Yuri fell asleep. Jessica didn’t
    have a hard time locating their home as Yuri inputted their address on
    Jessica’s GPS and Jessica followed the route provided.

    --Flashback end--

    Once again, Yoona woke up but as she saw Yuri is still asleep, Yoona
    smiled widely. “Unnie is cute when she sleeps with her tongue sticking
    out… tee-hee-hee” Yoona giggles as she quietly got out of Yuri’s arms
    and quickly got a marker pen and drew on Yuri’s face

    Yoona was all giggles after she finished her “masterpiece” with Yuri’s
    face as the canvas then she suddenly heard their doorbell rang.

    Yoona hurriedly got out of Yuri’s bedroom and look through the window and saw an unfamiliar car parked outside.

    Then the doorbell rang again. Despite of being small child, Yoona
    grabbed a chair and hurriedly made her way up just to peek through the
    peep hole and as she saw the person who is ringing the doorbell, it was
    Jessica, dressed in an office attire. Yoona smiled and opened the door.

    “Hello beautiful unnie!” Yoona greeted which made Jessica smile. “Hi there! Is your sister home?” Jessica asked Yoona.

    “YOONG! Who’s at the door?” Yuri’s voice can be heard from afar. “unnie
    just woke up come in Beautiful unnie!” Yoona happily pulled Jessica
    inside at their house.

    “UNNIE! It’s the Beautiful Blonde unnie from yesterday!!” Yoona happily
    shouted and Yuri instantly went out of her room only dressed in her pink

    As Yuri greeted Jessica, Jessica was stunned and left her mouth at Yuri’s face.

    “What? Oh.. sorry I just woke up…. come inside Jessica…” Yuri pulled the
    stunned Jessica inside and both of them sat on the Sofa on the living
    room. Yoona on the other hand is holding her laughter because Yuri still
    doesn’t know the doodles Yoona made on her face.

    “Yoona… could you give your Jessica unnie something to drink?” Yuri asked Yoona and Yoona happily skipped towards the kitchen.

    “thank you for visiting us Jessica… but I’m sorry for our house.. it’s
    not much but I can call this home…” Yuri explained as she smile. Jessica
    is still stunned and Yuri noticed.

    “uhhhmm Jessica? Is there something wrong?” Yuri curiously asks. Then
    Yoona comes back and still giggling while she puts down a glass of water
    on the table provided.

    “uhhmm Yuri…. I think… there’s something’s wrong with your face…”
    Jessica finally talked and starts smiling as she noticed Yoona giggling
    behind Yuri.

    “my face? What’s wrong with it?” Yuri said as she stood up and walked
    towards the bathroom. Seeing her sister heading towards the bathroom,
    Yoona went beside Jessica and wrapped herself around Jessica’s arms.

    Yuri slowly looked at the mirror and saw some doodle in her face.

    “YOOONNAAAAAA!” Yuri shouted and Yoona burst out laughing.

    Yuri got out of the bathroom as she tries to chase Yoona but to no
    avail, Yoona’s little body are too much for Yuri as Yoona can go to
    narrow spaces while Yuri can’t. Seeing of no hope of catching Yoona,
    Yuri sighed in defeat leaving Jessica laughing her heart out.

    “Alright now Kiddo you can come out now… I’m not mad anymore.. Will you
    accompany your Jessica unnie while I wash my face…” Yuri said and Yoona
    came out of hiding and quickly went beside Jessica and wrapped herself
    again with Jessica’s arms.

    “how old are you Yoona?” Jessica asked as they wait for Yuri. “I’m 5 years old!” Yoona happily answered.

    “I see…. You sure love your sister huh?” Jessica said. “yep! Sure do!
    How about you unnie! you love my sister?” Yoona playfully asked Jessica
    which caused Jessica to blush.

    “yah! Don’t ask questions like that Yoona..” Jessica retorted back at
    Yoona and chuckles a bit. “beautiful unnie! I still don’t know what to
    call you….” Yoona said as she pouts. Seeing Yoona pouting like that,
    Jessica’s heart flutters, wanting to pinch Yoona’s cheeks so hard.

    “you’re cute you know that?” Jessica said and Yoona just smiled at her.

    “I know what to call you unnie… I’ll call you…. GorJess unnie! it’s a
    combination of Gorgeous and your name Jessica so.. GorJess Unnie!” Yoona
    said as she smiled brightly at Jessica.

    “Yoong…. it’s not good giving people some names and calling them
    whatever you want.” Yuri got out dressed in her normal attire when she’s
    in the house. As Jessica saw Yuri, her mouth hanged open at Yuri’s
    clothes. Gray tank-top and hot shorts

    **just imagine without the jacket**

    As Jessica stare at Yuri in awe, Yoona, who is sitting between Yuri and
    Jessica, secretly smiled at Jessica’s expression while she took a quick
    glance between her sister and Jessica.

    **Just imagine Kiddie Yoona doing this expression**

    “Jessica? Hey! Jessica! Is there still something on my face?” Yuri asked as she called Jessica back into reality.

    “huh? Wha..? oh! No no!! a-anyway… I just dropped by just to give you
    guys a visit… anyway I gotta get going now… I’m going to be late for my
    work… can i….. can I visit you guys again?” Jessica said as she quickly
    took a drink on the glass of water that Yoona got for her.

    As Jessica drank the water straight, she scoffed in the middle of drinking causing to splash some water on her clothes.


    Jessica coughed as she choked because of the water and Yuri immediately
    assisted her. As Yuri accidentally touched Jessica’s skin, Jessica felt a
    tingling sensation inside her.

    “Jessica? Are you alright? omo… wait here for a bit and I’ll lend you
    some clothes…” Yuri said as she hurriedly went back to her room leaving
    Jessica and Yoona alone again in the living room.

    As Jessica is waiting for Yuri to come out while still wiping the water
    off from her clothes, she noticed Yoona smiling mischievous at her.

    **Just imagine Kiddie Yoona doing this expression**

    “W-What?” Jessica nervously asked. “heheh… you like my unnie, GorJess unnie?” Yoona smiled

    Jessica didn’t answer and just blushed. “I knew it! don’t worry…. I like
    you too for my unnie, GorJess unnie.” Yoona said and made Jessica
    smiled as made a gesture of hushing and Yuri came out with a change of

    “Jessica… here you can use this for the mean time….. you can return this anytime you want…” Yuri said.

    “Please… Sica… call me Sica…” Jessica said as she grabbed the change of clothing and walked towards the door.

    As Jessica opened the door, Sunny was standing outside with the gesture of knocking at Yuri’s door.

    “oh…excuse me…” Jessica said as she walked passed by Sunny and gave a
    quick bow before walking back to her car and went on to her work.

    “BUNNY UNNIE!!!” Yoona ran towards Sunny and Sunny smiled. “hey… you
    sure seems energetic Yoona..” Sunny smiled as she carried Yoona. “Yup!
    Listen listen!! That unnie left a while ago….she likes my unnie!” Yoona

    Sunny laughed while Yuri is slightly dumbfounded.

    “Yuri-ah…. You have work to do…. The boss wanted to meet you in 20 minutes..” Sunny said as she walked inside.

    “but what about Yoona? clearly you heard the news about what happened to
    her school..” Yuri said. “Don’t worry, I’ll look over for her… besides,
    Sooyoung will be with you on this work..” Sunny said as she took out
    her keys and another key.

    “two keys?” Yuri confusingly asked. “yeah…. Take my car to get in there
    faster and the other is….. Tiffany left her car and told us to give it
    to you…. she said to take care of it…” Sunny said.

    “Bunny unnie? is shikshin unnie coming?” Yoona asked. “well now… let’s
    see….” Sunny looked at Yuri. “sure she’ll come….. right after work. Is
    that ok with you kiddo?” Yuri asked.

    “YUP!!” Yoona happily replied. “ok Yoong, behave yourself here with your
    Sunny unnie alright?” Yuri said as she quickly went back to her room
    and changed her clothes and walked out from her room carrying a metallic
    attaché case and walked towards Sunny’s orange colored Lamborghini

    “Yoong… behave yourself with your Sunny unnie alright?” Yuri said before
    getting inside Sunny’s car. “I will unnie…. have fun in work!” Yoona
    smiled widely as she waved goodbye to Yuri.

    “Sunny… I owe you for this…. And thanks..” Yuri said to Sunny. “no big
    deal Yul… I also want to spend time with your sister… now go along
    now..” Sunny said as both her and Yoona watched Yuri drive to her work.


    Yuri sped off towards their “Office” and arrived with 5 minutes to
    spare. “that was fast…” Sooyoung came out of the building while chewing
    something and handing out a special king size burger she ordered from
    Burger king that’s nearby.

    “geez Soo….. I wonder where are you outing all of the food you’re
    consuming…” Yuri said and Sooyoung just smiled. “here’s our mission our
    target is Park Hyun Bin… his background profile…. He’s a corrupt
    official and also involved in drug and weapon smuggling in the pier at
    Incheon district… by the way… I hope I can fill in Tiffany’s place since
    I will be your partner this time…” Sooyoung said.

    “oh and Sunny prepared the weapon for you to use. I assume Sunny told
    you that Tiffany left her car for you to use right? You can check the
    gun on Tiffany’s car..” Sooyoung added.

    Yuri didn’t utter a word and just went to Tiffany’s car. Once got there,
    Yuri checked the gun Sunny prepared for her. A .50 Caliber Barret
    Sniper Rifle

    .50 Caliber Barret

    Sooyoung left with Sunny’s car and Yuri left with Tiffany’s car and went
    to their respective destination. Sooyoung parked into the nearby café
    beside the town hall where Park Hyun Bin was reportedly going to come
    outside and disguised herself just like an ordinary costumer as she took
    a seat in the outside part of the café while waiting for the order.
    Sooyoung was dressed in a black one piece dress along with dark sunglass
    just to cover her identity.

    **just imagine her with a dark sunglass**

    “Yul… I’m in position… where are you?” Sooyoung said in her earpiece as
    she took a sip on a coffee she just ordered and acted like she’s reading
    a newspaper.

    “I’m almost at my position Soo…..” Yuri said as she went to her
    position. “arriving at my position Soo… now preparing the “gun” what’s
    the target’s status?” Yuri asked as she prepares the .50 caliber from
    her spot.

    “yeah I saw him… it won’t be easy though…. He has so many bodyguards
    around him…” Sooyoung replied as she took a bite on a cake she also just

    “you seem to be enjoying yourself there Soo……. Here I am, drenched in
    sweat as I wait for my target in here, under the bright sun while you
    were there, eating, sitting, sipping on that café…. Wow you’re job must
    be so hard to be on a look out…” Yuri said sarcastically.

    “yah!, this is a tough job! if I miss or don’t give you the right time
    and info on the target, I’ll be the one who will get my head whacked off
    by the Boss…. So shut up and do your job…” Sooyoung explained as she

    “I can see you’re grinning from my scope Soo……… you know I would love to trade place with you right now…” Yuri said.

    “….naah, that won’t happen… I’m not good at long range….. you’re the
    only one capable of hitting your mark 99.9% success rate….. in fact, you
    and Tiffany were the very best of the “group’s” vigilante FYI…”
    Sooyoung said.

    “is that supposed to make me feel better?” Yuri replied. “did it work?”
    Sooyoung asked. “….fine I’ll take that as a compliment Soo….. but let me
    know if………what the heck?” as Yuri is explaining, she spotted someone

    “What? What’s wrong Yul?” Sooyoung asked. “What the heck she’s doing
    here?!” Yuri asnswered as she moved her sight to a certain person. Yuri
    saw Jessica not far from Sooyoung sitting on the other table eating her

    “Who did you see Yul?” Sooyoung asked, both of them got distracted at
    Yuri’s worry. “Soo, it’s Jessica…I mean the girl that Yoona and I saved
    yesterday!” Yuri said.

    “Oh shoot! Yul! Your mark!!” Sooyoung said as she suddenly stood up which caused to attract attention to the other costumers.

    “Crap!!” Yuri almost hissed as she got distracted by Jessica and as she
    pointer her sights on Park Hyun Bin, he’s already inside the townhall

    “Sorry Soo……… damn…..” Yuri felt guilty. “Don’t worry about it…. listen
    here… I know you have a lot to worry about so sort out that first….
    Plus, the person you saw near me…. I’ve just scanned her record she’s
    the head director of the top Banking Incorporation known as Seoul Money
    Enterprise Net-gross Traders…SMENT for short…. You worry about that
    first… I’ll think of a way to finish the job…” Sooyoung said as she

    “So much for distraction……. This is the .1% of your unsucccessful rate
    actually…” Sooyoung said to herself as she pulls out a fake government
    ID and walked towards the Town hall.


    “Ma’am Identification please?” the security guard stopped Sooyoung on
    the entrance hall. Sooyoung gave her ID to the guard and scanned it.


    Identification Status: Sunny Summers
    Status: Town Hall Secretary
    Access: Full Authority

    You’re cleared to go inside Ms. Summers” the Security guard said as he
    let Sooyoung in. Sooyoung walked towards the receptionist.

    “excuse me… Miss……..” Sooyoung looked at the ID of the receptionist and
    saw her name Kang Jiyoung. “Jiyoung…. Could you tell me where’s the
    break room? I’m kind of new transfer here… from Busan..” Sooyoung said.

    “certainly… you just have to go straight then turn left, and it’s right
    beside the Town’s meeting room.” Jiyoung happily replied to Sooyoung.

    “Thank you… keep up the good work..” Sooyoung thanked Jiyoung and went to the break room.

    As Sooyoung walked in front of the Meeting room, she could hear Park
    Hyun Bin’s voice scolding some. Sooyoung quickly puts a small
    transceiver and she could hear everything inside.

    “Mr. Park…. Please reconsider, my life’s work is at stake here,
    government police are investigating the ports and docks due to the
    leaked information about the guns smuggling!” the man said.

    “Mr. Kang Hodong, how many times I’ve said…. I GOT IT COVERED!
    LEAKED?!” Hyun Bin said.

    “I don’t know Sir…. I’m trying to figure out how and how sir…” Kang Hodong humbly replied.

    “Mr. Kang, I expect this Shipment to be arriving tonight! I have many
    clients waiting for those guns! I’m expecting you can handle that? I
    don’t want any trouble because if you do…. I’ll have your dead body
    floating on the sea tomorrow morning! Now GET OUT!” Hyun Bin said and
    Kang Hodong hurriedly left.

    “so it IS true he’s smuggling weapons……. Well time to get to work…”
    Sooyoung said as she prepares a tray and neatly prepares a coffee. As
    soon Sooyoung finished preparing the Coffee, she carefully placed the
    coffee in a tray and went inside the Meeting room.

    Upon entering, Sooyoung saw Park Hyun Bin with two bodyguards beside him.

    “Sir… your coffee…” Sooyoung said as she walked towards Park Hyun Bin.
    “Just put it in my table…” Hyun Bin said as he massage his temple with
    his fingers.

    As Sooyoung sets the coffee in front of Hyun Bin, in an instant,
    Sooyoung pulled out her German HK 45 Tactical Pistol with Suppressor and
    quickly shot Hyun Bin’s body guard in the head in an unexpected turn of
    events, Park Hyun Bin instantly flee for his life, Sooyoung on the
    other hand, cursed herself for letting Hyun Bin escape and just walked
    casually with the gun on her hand.

    HK German 45 Tactical Pistol w/ Suppressor

    “HELP ME!!! SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME!!!” Hyun Bin shouted as he run for
    his dear life. Sooyoung walked out of the meeting room like nothing has
    happened and just played it cool.

    As Hyun Bin struggles and almost tripped by himself, he’s pointing back
    at Sooyoung. “SHE’S A KILLER!!! PLEASE SAVE ME!!” Hyun Bin shouted at
    the guards. But instead of helping Hyun Bin the guards just smiled at

    “Yes sir… she’s indeed a killer…. With her looks, I’d die already…” one
    of the guards said. “IDIOT!! SHE MURDERED BY BODYGUARD!!!” hearing what
    Hyun Bin said, cause the guard to pull out their guns.

    Sooyoung stopped by at the side of the receptionist and noticed Jiyoung
    is cowering in fear. “Aish…. This girl……” Sooyoung said and as she
    jumped inside the reception desk, a rain of bullets hailed the reception
    booth. Jiyoung is frantically shouting.

    Then all of them heard a bee like sound and one of the guards dropped dead with a bullet hole on his chest.

    “SNIPER!!!” one of the guards shouted and they took cover.

    “Soo…… I thought we were told to be discreet? You’re lucky the person I
    saw earlier left before I could pack up here. I can see through my scope
    there’s a commotion in there..." Yuri said.

    “Well… I had to flush him out… although my original plan is to shoot him
    but he’s one slippery ba$tard…” Sooyoung said. “Listen…. I’ll try to
    flush him out and be prepared alright?” Sooyoung said as she came up
    with a plan.

    “I’m all set Soo…….. do your stuff…” Yuri said as she steadies her
    breathing and aimed her sights on the door entrance of the town hall.

    “Say… Jiyoung…. How would like to get another job with a higher pay than
    this old soon-to-be dilapidated town hall?” Sooyoung asked as she
    return fire a couple of shots without aiming at anything. Due to the
    commotion, Jiyoung unknowingly nodded.

    “alright when I say run, you run towards the door. Ready?” Sooyoung said
    but Jiyoung shook her head in disagreement which made Sooyoung smile at
    Jiyoung’s reaction. As the shooting stopped, Sooyoung immediately
    grabbed the fire extinguisher and tossed it up on midair and as it got
    close to the guards along with Hyun Bin, Sooyoung shoots it and it
    exploded, engulfing all of them including Hyun Bin. Sooyoung pulled
    Jiyoung’s hand and both of them ran towards the town hall door.

    “Yul! Hyun Bin is going to come out anytime soon… be ready and watch for us we’ll be coming out from the front!” Sooyoung said.

    “US? You have someone with you?” Yuri asked as she’s on standby while
    looking through her scope. “Yeah…. I kind of hired her on the spot…..
    well… being involved in this commotion will surely get her into
    questioning…. So I had to save her from that freakin’ interrogation
    process and stuffs” Sooyoung said as both of them successfully made it
    out. Upon making out Sooyoung and Jiyoung’s way out are blocked by Hyun
    Bin’s several armed men.

    “Yul…. We might need a hand in here?” Sooyoung said. “Consider it done
    Soo…” Yuri replied and in an instant, 6 of Hyun Bin’s men dropped dead
    as Yuri hits them in the head. Hyun Bin’s remaining men went to cover as
    they know there’s a sniper but couldn’t pinpoint the location. Instead
    as they go cover, they still focused their attention to Sooyoung and

    “Soo…….. you two better get out of there…. Police and media’s are
    starting to gather at the scene…” Yuri said to Sooyoung as she looked
    through her scope.

    “Dammit! How? We’re pinned down!” Sooyoung said as her and Jiyoung take
    cover into one of the pillars what Jiyoung still shouting.

    “Hold on… I got a plan…” Yuri said as she aimed on one of the car’s gas
    tank and she shoots it causing it to explode, distracting Hyun Bin’s
    men. “GO NOW SOO!!! THEY’RE DISTRACTED!!” Yuri shouted to her ear piece
    and Sooyoung pulled Jiyoung again and successfully escaped the scene
    before the police and Media arrives.

    “Thanks for the assist Yul… I owe you one…….” Sooyoung said as her and
    Jiyoung got into Sunny’s Lamborghini unnoticed. “Soo…….. you know
    Sunny’s going to scold you on that one…… involving an innocent to our
    “group”…” Yuri said.

    “well… it’s better for her to be in our “group” than to be questioned by
    the Police… besides… she knew my face… so I had to take her……” Sooyoung
    explained. “well….. I don’t think our Mission is a success… for sure
    Hyun Bin will go into hiding….” Sooyoung said as she sighed heavily.

    “Don’t be so sure of that Soo…. I’m still at my position……..” Yuri said
    as she gave a slight chuckle. “well… pack up and we better be prepared
    to get a good reprimand from the Boss…… not to mention I’ll get a second
    serving from Sunny….” Sooyoung said as she starts the car.

    “don’t worry, the boss won’t be reprimanding us… turn on your compact LCD and look into the news, Pledis Channel." Yuri said.

    Sooyoung turned on the LCD TV from Sunny’s car and watched the news.

    “This Park Kahi reporting Live from the Incheon’s Town hall where a
    sudden turn of events unexpectedly happens. Apparently, Mayor Park Hyun
    Bin MERELY escaped from his dear life as one hitman approached him on
    inside and tries to assassinate him….hold on the Mayor’s coming out..”
    the reporter Kahi stopped and signaled her camera man to follow her.

    “Mayor Hyun Bin! I heard you merely escaped your assassination. what can
    you say about this incident?” Kahi asked. “well… first I don’t know why
    they targeted me.. but my hunch is, someone from my rivals hired them
    to assassinate me.” Hyun Bin explained.

    “tch! Liar! You’re nothing but a money grubbing self loathing liar! You
    smuggle illegal weapons and drugs!” Sooyoung said. “really? I didn’t
    know that….” Jiyoung finally spoke after the incident. “oh! Finally
    catch your breath huh?” Sooyoung said and Jiyoung just nodded and they
    both turned to watch the news..

    “so here’s my answer to you whoever you are. YOU CANNOT PUT ME DOWN!!”
    as Hyun Bin said those words, his body instantly flew back a couple of
    meters away as Yuri shot him in the chest. Commotion is now all over the
    place. Hyun Bin’s assassination was caught live on TV.

    “nice Cue from him huh?” Yuri said as she chuckles. “Show off……but
    you're really one helluva shooter.... anyway… Mission complete…. You go
    pack up now…. I’ll report the details to the boss then I’ll head to your
    house to get Sunny… Sooyoung out..” Sooyoung said as she drives to
    their “office” while Yuri heads into a certain place. SMENT.


    “That’s all there is to report Sir….” Sooyoung said to their Boss.
    “we’ll take care of the media.. well.. you’re dismissed Agent Choi… and
    tell Agent Kwon that try to get along with different partner besides her
    former Agent Hwang. I know how those two are close… and don’t forget to
    tell her about her cousin..” their “Boss” said.

    “Copy that Sir….” Sooyoung said. “oh and by the way………. Your report
    about the one you bought in… Kang Jiyoung… you can tell her that she can
    start working tomorrow… if she’s up to it… as a receptionist…” he

    Sooyoung gave their “Boss” a respective bow before heading out. As she
    got out of the room she saw Jiyoung nervously waiting for her.

    “nervous?” Sooyoung asked Jiyoung just nodded. “don’t be… the Boss said
    you can start working tomorrow…. And here… the rules… read it carefully
    and understand it thoroughly… now you can go home… and here’s your
    personal Card… if someone from the police come to your house and tries
    to interrogate you about today’s incident, just show them your card.
    They’ll leave immediately..” Sooyoung said.

    “can i….. can I ask exactly what kind of establishment is this?” Jiyoung
    asked. “clearly the sign in front says “travelling agency” but judging
    from the way you work….. it’s totally different….” Jiyoung asked.
    Sooyoung sat beside Jiyoung and told her straight.

    “we really are doing some travelling works… and bookings and stuff… but
    that’s just our front……. Our real work is to hunt down criminals and
    corrupt officials like Park Hyun Bin… you see, Hyun Bin smuggles illegal
    weapons and drugs… we call ourselves “the Group” because we are group
    of Vigilantes…. My other partner earlier, Kwon Yuri… she’s also new here
    and just joined a couple of months ago….. but don’t underestimate her
    she’s one hell of a shooter and I assure you that… well….. I’ll give you
    a ride home then I have to go somewhere… come on..” Sooyoung said and
    Jiyoung just followed Sooyoung.


    In front of SMENT building, Yuri parked and tries look for Jessica from
    the car, she’s worried about the incident earlier as although Jessica
    left the scene, Yuri is worried that if somehow Jessica already heard
    the news about the shooting. With no hopes of seeing the blonde girl
    Yuri starts the engine but as she’s going to move, someone knocked on
    the car door window. Yuri looked who it was and it was Jessica.

    “Hey! What brings you here?” Jessica asked as Yuri let her in the car.
    “nothing… I’m just checking up on you…. you know….” Yuri said. “aww
    thank you…. I’m kind of worried though…… it’s all over the news… Mayor
    Park Hyun Bin was assassinated right in front of the live TV..” Jessica

    “And not to mention I ate my lunch at the café near at that building…
    thinking about that gives me the shivers……..” Jessica added.

    “I see……… well it’s a good thing you weren’t there anymore when it
    happened.. I mean it’s traumatizing if you were there..” Yuri said as
    she tries to ease Jessica’s worries. “

    “Yeah. that's a Good thing…… hey Yuri…… good thing you came…….i was
    wondering if you could give me a ride home…….. my car just won’t
    start……” Jessica said. Yuri thinks for a second.

    “where’s your car? Maybe i can see what is wrong with it…” Yuri said.

    In Jessica’s POV, she don’t know if she’ll be happy or sad because of
    Yuri’s offer. She’s happy that Yuri is going to help her about her car
    but sad that, she won’t get a chance to be alone with Yuri. Jessica
    leads Yuri to the underground parking lot towards her car.

    “ok Sica, pop the hood..” Yuri said and Jessica unlocked the hood of her
    car. Yuri inspects it and checks the Battery and some parts. Yuri also
    did something as Jessica just stayed behind the wheel.

    “Ok Sica, try to start it.” Yuri said. Jessica tried to start her car
    but it didn’t start. “Hold on…….. I’ll try to bring my car here. Just
    wait for me alright?” Yuri said and left in a hurry. A couple of
    minutes Yuri arrived and stopped in front of Jessica’s car. Yuri opened
    the hood and connect a cable from her car battery to Jessica’s car

    “Ok try to start it…..” Yuri said and as Jessica tries to start it only gave a couple of clicks and her car died.

    “….ok I know what’s the problem……… it seems your alternator is the
    problem…. Anyway… I’ll give you a ride home… grab your things and I’ll
    wait for you here… tomorrow I’ll fix your car… ” Yuri said. Hearing Yuri
    will give her a ride home, Jessica’s heart suddenly jumped to the
    clouds that if an ECG was attached to Jessica, her heart beat rate will
    show 230 BPM.


    “Yuri thanks for giving me a ride home…… I really appreciate it….” Jessica said as they stopped in front of Jessica’s house.

    “nah don’t mention it…….. oh you can keep my clothes….” Yuri said to
    Jessica. “thanks and I almost forgot……… can you give this to your
    sister?” Jessica said as she pulled out a medium sized box.

    “this is for Yoona? you shouldn’t have..” Yuri smiled. “oh I just wanted
    to give her something… I’m kind getting fond of her earlier this
    morning so I bought her a strawberry cake. I was planning on giving this
    to her earlier when I visited you guys this morning but I forgot when
    Yoona told that I li……..” Jessica stopped as she almost spilled the
    beans to Yuri which did not escaped Yuri’s ears.

    “Yoona told you that you…what?” Yuri asked as she received the box from
    Jessica. Jessica blushed as she remembers she almost told Yuri that she
    liked her.

    “Sica? Are you alright? you’re zoning out again…” Yuri said which made Jessica snapped back to her old self.

    “huh? Oh yeah I’m alright… anyway give this to Yoona… tell it’s from
    me….” Jessica said as she hurriedly tries to go out of the car. But as
    she tries to open the door, it’s locked. She turned to look at Yuri and
    saw Yuri serious look on her.

    “I won’t open this door until you tell what Yoona told you……….” Yuri
    said and Jessica a tingling sensation with Yuri looking at her with a
    serious face.

    “Y-Yuri…. please…” Jessica pleaded but Yuri didn’t budge. “not until you
    tell me what Yoona told you….” Yuri said the same thing.

    Feeling pressured, Jessica sat back down and took a deep breath.

    “well….. Yoona told me that I liked you…….” Jessica said nervously. Yuri
    was speechless. It’s Yuri’s now turn to zone out. Jessica flicks her
    fingers in front of Yuri’s face a couple of times before Yuri came of
    her senses.

    “Y-Yoona told you that?” Yuri is now the nervous one in front of Jessica
    which Jessica finds it cute. “yeah…. Look I’m not trying to play with
    you or something but…. Your sister is right….. I like you Yuri…” Jessica
    is now brave enough to tell Yuri.

    “I don’t mind if you don’t like me all in all since were both girls and
    all that but I really like yo…OOF!” Jessica’s words were stopped as she
    was surprised to see Yuri hugging her.

    “Y-Yuri?” Jessica asked in surprise. “I like you too Sica…… to tell you
    the truth… I’m just hiding my feelings the night you drive us to our
    home…. Yeah you have this cold aura and princess like feeling but… in my
    point of view… you have a warm heart…” Yuri said and unlocked the door
    while Jessica is blushing madly at the revelation she heard. Jessica got
    out and starts walking towards her home while Yuri si staring at
    Jessica. As soon she saw Jessica arrived at her front door, Yuri starts
    the engine to head back home but before she could drive off, she heard
    Jessica calling her and as she turned to the direction of the voice,
    Jessica was near the car window and surprised Yuri with a peck on the

    “that’s for “drive home safe” Yuri….” Jessica smiled as she starts to
    walk back again to her front door and waved goodbye at Yuri before
    finally entering her house. Yuri just smiled while driving her way back

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 3 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by chresentia eva on Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:00 pm

    daebak!! I'm blushing as well.. ahahahahaha!!! I'm waiting faithfully for your stories..=p

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:36 pm

    Mission 4

    2 days remaining before the incident

    With the Assassination of mayor Park Hyun Bin, the entire Korean Police force was thrown into chaos.

    yelled to one of his subordinates. Several minutes, a girl walked in
    dress in blue jeans. Plain white T-shirt the two gun holster dangling
    around in the side of her chest and two on her waist.

    “You called Sir?” It was Kim Hyoyeon, Korea’s most Finest and Elite
    pursuit unit in Korean Police force. “Officer Kim, clearly you knew
    about the incident yesterday right? I want you to find out who’s
    responsible for this!” the chief said.

    “but Sir… I’ve also researched the Profile background of Mayor Park Hyun
    Bin” Hyoyeon said as she lit a cigarette and puffed a smoke. “his back
    ground says he’s involved in illegal transaction such as Drug smuggling
    and illegal weapons smuggling..” Hyoyeon said as she throws a folder on
    the chief’s table. The chief grabs it and silently read it.

    “So? How is it Sir? I have 100% complete trust to my source Sir…” Hyoyeon said as she puffed another smoke.

    “this is new to me….. but still, these vigilantes have gone too far
    Special Agent Hyoyeon, they executed a known person…LIVE ON NATIONAL
    TV!!” the chief said as she sat back to his chair and stayed quiet.

    “….well… you’re right about that sir…….. so what do you suggest?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “I want you to go to the scene, examine all the possibilities, who and
    where the shooter is. I’ve instruct my men on the scene never to touch
    any of the evidence in there… the only thing that was removed is the
    Mayor’s body…” the chief said as she turned around his chair.

    “I’m on it Sir…” Hyoyeon saluted and left the chief’s office.
    “Vigilante’s huh…….. scums….” Hyoyeon said to herself as she prepares
    her four guns that is holstered on her body while walking and went to
    her department.

    “Nicole, Hara, Seungyeon, Gyuri, we got work to do, get off your lazy
    butts. Gyuri as usual, you like staying inside, we will be retrieving
    some samples from the scene so be on standby inside my Hummer as we send
    it to you.” Hyoyeon said as she commanded her team.

    “will do Cap….” Gyuri said and Hyoyeon and her team rode on Hyoyeon’s black Hummer H3 and immediately went to the scene.

    Hyoyeon’s Hummer H3


    Hyoyoen’s team arrived at the and all of them got out of the Hummer
    except Gyuri, who is assigned in DNA sample tests. Hara, Seungyeon and
    Nicole brought out their kits for retrieving evidences and samples,
    while Hyoyeon got out last dressed in her formal detective attire
    Hyoyeon’s attire

    and readies to do her job. But as soon she entered the scene, she received a phone call.

    “annyeong?” Hyoyeon said as she answered the call. “Hyo! I’m on my way
    to San Francisco…. I’m kind of nervous right now…” the person from the
    other line said.

    “You’ll be fine Taeng….” Hyoyeon replied. “Don’t be nervous about your
    English language… and I’m a bit frustrated that you’ll be living with
    your money grubbing Aunt of yours…” Hyoyeon said to the phone.

    “it must be her cousin again….” Seungyeon said as she crouched down on the place where the Mayor landed after the shot.

    “how can you tell?” Nicole asked as she examines the broken glass of the
    Town Hall door. “Cap’s have these fierce aura around her but when it
    comes to her cousin, you won’t feel that aura around her…” Hara answered
    as she took some pictures for evidence.

    “well… you how she cares for her cousin guys… give the Cap some slack….” Gyuri butted in on the conversation through her radio.

    “Are you sure Taeng? I think you should’ve left Hyunnie with me….” Hyoyeon said.

    “Who’s Hyunnie?” Hara asked. “it’s her Cousin’s adopted sister…Seo Joo
    Hyun, Parents died in a plane accident….. the girl's parents were the
    Kim's family friend… seeing no one will took care of the poor girl, her
    cousin decided to take the responsibility of taking care of her…. but
    one thing I admire on that girl though…. She’s a genius…” Nicole said.

    “alright.. you two be careful you hear call me when you arrive or if you
    run into some problems..” Hyoyeon said as she turn off her phone and
    walked towards them.

    “your cousin ran into some problems cap’n?” Nicole asked as she wiped a spat of blood from the floor with a cotton swab.

    “nah… she’s just nervous… it’s her first time in American land….
    Apparently, she graduated as a top of her class in college that the Dean
    from her school decided that she should be a foreign exchange student…”
    Hyoyeon explained as she sighed.

    “wow I envy your cousin Cap…” Gyuri replied through her radio. “yeah in
    fact I wish she should be the one working here instead of me… her
    observation were top notched… I forgot to mention that sometimes, when I
    talk to her with some of my cases, it ends up that she cracked some of
    my case. That’s why I was promoted to lead you guys…” Hyoyeon said.

    “well.. you’re doing a fine job leading us Cap.” Hara said as she took
    another picture of a bullet hole on the ground as evidence.

    “Cap, it seems it’s not your usual bullet that you can use for
    assassination…” Hara said as she inspects the bullet hole on the ground.
    Hyoyeon came over to Hara’s place and examines it with her flash light
    and saw the bullet still lodge deep in the floor.

    “Seungyeon, hand me a laser pointer…” Hyoyeon asked and Seungyeon gave
    Hyoyeon a laser pointer attached on a stick and shoved in deep inside
    the bullet hole in the ground. “Hara, your guess is right… judging by
    the depth of the stick goes…. I’d say it’s from .50 caliber Barret
    Sniper Rifle….” Hyoyeon said as she turned on the laser sight that’s
    sticking out on the hole.

    “Gyuri… I’m turning on the pointer… can you trace the laser on the
    City’s 3D scale? Maybe that’ll pinpoint the shooter’s location.

    “Copy that..Cap’n… uploading City scale…………. Got the Location Cap…. The
    Location is rather close for a Sniper spot………” Gyuri said. Hyoyeon went
    back to the Hummer and consult to Gyuri and got the Location of the

    “Ok you guys continue to work here, I’ll go to this location….” Hyoyeon
    said as she went to the location. As she got there she’s standing in
    front of the 2AM Convenience store. Although the location is a bit
    disturbing for a Sniper’s location, Hyoyeon still had to make sure.

    “Good after noon, my name is Jo Kwon, is there anything I can help you
    with Miss?” the store attendant approached Hyoyeon, Hyoyeon didn’t
    answer and just lowered her sunglass a bit and showed her badge.

    “oh… I’m extremely sorry for my behavior….. anything I can help you with
    Officer?” Jo Kwon said. “don’t sweat it kid…. Say… what’s on the 2nd
    floor of this building?” Hyoyeon asked. “well nothing much Officer…
    probably the Manager’s office… would you like me to accompany you
    Ma’am?” Jo Kwon said. “Please do….” Hyoyeon answered.

    As the two of them went to the manager’s office Hyoyeon looked through the window. “is there a problem Ma’am?” Jo Kwon asked.

    “nothing just inspecting some things….” Hyoyeon said. “anyway could you
    leave here for a sec?” Hyoyeon said and Jo Kwon just nodded and went
    back down.

    “Gyuri… are you sure you got the Location?” Hyoyeon contacted Gyuri
    through her radio. “Positive Cap…. Is there something wrong?” Gyuri

    “well.. the location you gave to me is not good.. I can’t see the town hall from here…..” Hyoyeon said.

    “That’s strange?... the laser pointer is exactly on the line where you
    at…..” Gyuri said. Hyoyeon contemplated for a bit and then something
    clicked inside her mind. “Gyuri…. Maybe….. we’ve pinpointed too early…”
    Hyoyeon said.

    “any suggestions Cap?” Gyuri asked. “try tracing the laser line more
    further and look for an open roof top of parking area high enough…”
    Hyoyeon said.

    Gyuri did what Hyoyeon said and in a matter of minutes Gyuri found a place perfect for a sniper position.

    “Cap………. I’ve found a location but…. You wouldn’t believe how far is it…….” Gyuri said.

    “How far Gyuri?” Hyoyeon asked. “Cap………. It’s 1080 feet ….” Gyuri said.
    Hyoyeon was a bit surprised hearing the range. “are you sure? That’s
    almost bypassing 3 football fields!” Hyoyeon said.

    “I know Cap… but this is the only open area where a sniper can wait….” Gyuri said.

    “so it that makes sense now….. it seems’ I’m right guessing the weapon that is used…” Hyoyeon said.

    “Gyuri call the team and tell them to give the other authorities do
    their work, we’re leaving and don’t forget to tell Hara to get that
    bullet. “Hyoyeon said as she left the convenience store and went back to
    her team.

    “Hara did you get the Bullet?” Hyoyeon immediately asked as she’s
    focused on driving. “Sure Cap…. And believe of not…. it’s still intact…”
    Hara said as she gave the Bullet to Gyuri and Gyuri scanned it to her

    .50 BMG

    “You’re right Cap’n, it’s from .50 Caliber Barret Sniper Rifle used for
    Military issues…. But how do you know weapons like this?... “ Seungyeon

    “I had a friend once back when I was in the Military…. She’s my sniper
    and I’m her spotter…. But after we’re discharged from the service, we
    just went on our separate ways… and since then I haven’t been able to
    contact her…” Hyoyeon explain as she drove towards the real location of
    the sniper’s location.

    “Maybe I can help you locate her Cap…….” Gyuri suggested. “Thanks for
    the offer but… I doubt you’ll find her….. for all I know, she changed
    her name… I don’t know how she did it but she did, even if you search
    her records on our database, you’ll just find her old record.” Hyoyeon

    “Aww come on cap, it never hurts to try…” Hara said. Hyoyeon lets out a heavy sigh before letting them try.

    “just search her name Lee SoonKyu……..” Hyoyeon said as they arrived at
    the location, a public parking lot and Hyoyeon just drove towards the
    peak of the parking area.

    after minutes of searching their Piloce Database, they saw Hyoyeon is
    telling the truth, SoonKyu's records is old and haven't been updated.
    “so you were both former marines?” Hara asked.

    “Yes…..” Hyoyeon said as she stopped as they reached the open area of
    the parking space. Hyoyeon went out of the Hummer as Hara, Seungyeon and
    Nicole did the same.

    “ok I want the three of you spread out and look for any kind of clues…
    if you find something, alert everyone.” Hyoyeon said as she wears her
    dark sunglass and walked towards the railings as the other three did.

    And as if Lady Luck is smiling at Hyoyeon, she noticed something and
    pulled out a scope and she instantly spots the town hall clearly.

    “hey Guys! I’ve found the location.” Hyoyeon called and all of them
    gathered including Gyuri who also stepped out of the vehicle when
    Hyoyeon called them.

    “Cap… you’re right…. This location range………. It is almost the size of three football fields….” Gyuri said.

    “whoever it is.. it’s one helluva shooter.. no to mention the report of
    other 6 members of Mayor’s men eventually gunned down easily…” Hyoyeon

    “What do you mean Cap…..” Nicole asked. “at this location and height……
    can’t you feel the wind? The wind can cause the bullet change its
    direction due to the wind velocity…. And yet the shooter is too precise
    to assassinate the corrupted Mayor with just one shot…. And the same
    goes for his 6 dead men with also one shot each….” Hyoyeon explained
    which made them speechless.

    “Do you think the shooter is the your……..” as Nicole is going to say the
    name Soonkyu, Hyoyeon stopped her. “no….. it’s not her work……… you see…
    this is her weakness… the wind trajectory calculation…. I know her
    shooting skill, she always shoots three times because of her weakness in
    wind trajectory… this is someone else’s work…..” Hyoyeon said as she
    finished explaining and all of them went back to Hyoyeon’s Hummer.

    But before Hyoyeon could hop inside the vehicle, Hyoyeon spotted
    something stucked on the ground near the Sniper’s location range.

    Hyoyeon walked near it and crouched down and examines it. determined
    that it will lead her to the shooter, she puts on a latex glove on her
    right hand and picked it up.

    “Nicole, you’re the my best DNA profiler, run some tests on the piece of
    black cloth.” Hyoyeon said as she gave Nicole the piece of cloth.

    Nicole did her stuff as she adds a chemical to the cloth and used her portable DNA profiler.

    “Cap, we’re lucky that you found this…. It’s woman’s dress….. I can
    extract some DNA from here since I can tell that the shooter waited
    under the sun so I’ll assume she perspired under it…” Nicole said as she
    starts processing the cloth.

    After processing, Nicole gave the data to Gyuri and Gyuri searched her Database. And found one match.

    “Cap….out of millions inserted on out Database… we only found one match…” Gyuri said.

    “Let me see…………” Hyoyeon said as she looked at the profile of the Sniper.

    “great…….. this is just great…… a Navy Seal…. This’ll be harder than I
    thought… we might need a warrant first… thanks for your hard work guys..
    now let’s head back.” Hyoyeon said as she finally hop inside the Hummer
    and went back to their HQ.

    “Kwon Yuri huh………….. I hope I can settle this without bloodshed….” Hyoyeon muttered to herself as she drove back.


    It was a lazy afternoon at Kwon’s Residence as Yuri and Sooyoung were
    just sitting down in the living room without doing nothing.

    “aaaah chincha….. today’s a boring day without work Soo…….” Yuri said as
    she sighed. “………..fooooood……must…….feeeeed….” Sooyoung said.

    “Geez Soo……. Can you think anything else besides food?” Yuri said.
    “……….ok………. Chicken legs………Hamburger……….Pat Bing Soo………Kimbap…..”
    Sooyoung said.

    Yuri sighed and then just chuckled after. “basically.. it’s still food
    Soo……… anyway I’ll change the topic…. Have you told Sunny yet?” Yuri
    asked as she straightened up her seat.

    “told her what?” Sooyoung replied without moving any muscle except her
    mouth. “oh come on… you can’t hide from me Soo…. I know how you liked
    Sunny’s attention is drawn to you…” Yuri said which made Sooyoung jolted
    up in her seat.

    “yah! It’s… it’s not what you think!! But enough about me! let’s talk
    about you and Jessica…. Aren’t you guys going a little bit fast? I mean
    you two just met and next thing after you two are a couple?” Sooyoung
    said and Yuri just smiled.

    “well… like they always say…….. Love at first sight? And besides… the
    day we saved her, she made Yoona safe at that time…. She may have this
    cold aura around her but once you get to know her… she’s sweet, caring
    and warmed person you’ll ever knew.” Yuri explained with a smile on her
    lips. Sooyoung also knew Yuri liked Jessica as she explained Jessica’s
    characteristic, Sooyoung could see the sparkle in Yuri’s eyes.

    “I see… you really have fallen for her huh?” Sooyoung said as she’s
    interest. “I’ll admit… yeah…. I don’t know why… but last night when we
    confessed at each other… I couldn’t stop myself from hiding my feelings
    for her… it just exploded in me at that time…” Yuri explained

    “well… I can’t argue with you about that… ‘cause that’s how I feel when I
    see my Sunny Bunny the only difference is I haven’t told her how I
    feel…” Sooyoung sighed.

    And after several minutes, Jessica, Sunny and Yoona arrived from the
    supermarket. Jessica was carrying Yoona who is happily yelling in

    “ShiksHin unnie! Unnie! Bunny unnie bought me an ice cream! And Gorjess
    unnie bought me a Chocolate cake!!” Yoona happily announce which caused
    Yuri to smile. Sooyoung stood up and helped Yoona and Sunny unloads the
    groceries while Jessica walked towards Yuri and gave the tanned girl a
    peck on the cheek. “I missed my Seobang… here for you..” Jessica said as
    she gave Yuri a strawberry cupcake.

    “thanks Sica… but you shouldn’t have….” Yuri said as she smiled. “don’t
    worry about it Yuri… it’s my thanks for fixing my car so early in the
    morning….” Jessica said as she sat beside Yuri and wrapped her arms
    around the waist of the tanned girl.

    “well… I did promise I’ll fix it right?” Yuri said. “oh by the way
    Sica…. About us though… I was wondering…..” Yuri stopped at her words
    causing Jessica to look at her face. “don’t you think we’re being fast? I
    mean our relationship?” Yuri said as she continues her word.

    Jessica just laughed as she heard Yuri’s words. “hahahaha well.. my
    Seobang… do you believe in Love at First sight? Well apparently it
    strucked me and you were in the line of fire..” Jessica replied as she
    plays her index finger in circles on Yuri’s palm.

    “And beside….. I like your sister… and she’s the one opened up my way to
    you…” Jessica said as she now rested her head on Yuri’s lap.

    “hey Yul?” Jessica suddenly called Yuri’s attention. “hmm?” Yuri
    answered in humming tone. “I was wondering….. Yoona asked me if she can
    have a sleep over at my place tomorrow….. can she?” Jessica asked.

    Yuri immediately nodded as she remembers she had a mission tomorrow
    which will allow her to be very late in which she can’t afford to leave
    Yoona alone in their house in a long period of time.

    --Flashback –

    As Jessica, Yoona and Sunny went to the Grocery, Sooyoung took the chance to explain to Yuri her new mission.

    “Yul… you have a mission tomorrow…. This time, your
    target is available during night time….” Sooyoung explained as she
    passed a folder to Yuri. “His name Park Jin-Young…..JYP For short and he
    owns the JYP Casino in Busan….” Sooyoung said.

    “So? What’s his deal?” Yuri asked. “reports say, he’s
    involved in Human Trafficking…. White collar slavery and some say he’s a
    drug lord…” Sooyoung said as she pulled out a butterfinger chocolate

    “but why night time?” Yuri asked.

    “about that…. he can only be seen around his Casino…..
    so that’s your only chance……. And this time… you’ll be going alone…”
    Sooyoung said.

    “But what about Yoona? I mean you guys also have your
    mission tomorrow in North Korea….. I can’t ask Sica to let her stay in
    here….” Yuri said.

    “………. I haven’t thought of that……….. then just ask
    her…I’m pretty sure she’ll agree.. I mean, who couldn’t resist your
    sister Yul?” Sooyoung said as she smile.

    “………..i guess I’ll have to try then………”

    --Flashback End –

    “Really?” Jessica asked in surprise. “Yeah really…. It’s just Yoona’s
    request just came right in time… you see.. tomorrow I have a job so I’ll
    be out of town tomorrow…. Are you sure you can handle Yoona by
    yourself?” Yuri said and Jessica just nods.

    “of course…. She’s my Seobang’s sister….. I love you Seobang….” Jessica said as she ended their conversation with a kiss.

    As everyone in the Kwon Residence were having a good time celebrating at
    such small gathering in the lawn yard, little did they know, one person
    from the shadows right outside the Kwon Residence are intensely looking
    at the people inside the house.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 4 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    I wonder what's going to happen next?.. Oohh... the rest are revealing themselves..^^.. taeny!!..=p

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:51 pm

    Mission 5

    Fated Day, early morning……

    Along with the busy streets of Busan, Yuri takes a stroll around the JYP
    Casino Building, taking a careful observation, examining its structure.

    “this building is bigger than I thought….” Yuri said as she walks. But
    as she was walking along with the crowd, Yuri feels that someone is
    following her.

    Instead of confronting it, Yuri keep it cool and still walks in a normal
    pace. “whoever it is… I’ll get you, Yuri said to herself as she took a
    quick turn and went inside a small alley near the Casino.

    As she turned, Yuri hid herself and confirmed that some is indeed following her.

    “Damn! She disappeared!!” the voice said. Yuri heard it and confirmed it
    was a woman. But as Yuri is going to confront it in the alley, the
    woman is gone.

    “is it the police?” Yuri muttered and walked out the alley on the opposite exit and went to Tiffany’s car that is parked nearby.

    As Yuri got inside the vehicle, she took out her phone and checked.


    “you have
    4 new Voice mails
    Voice mail #1: Sica

    Yul! I’m taking Yoona for to my office I know you don’t want Yoona to
    be alone so… I’m taking her… I hope you don’t mind. Love you Seobang!
    Take care….”

    Yuri smiled at Jessica’s voice.


    “Voice mail #2: Sica
    GorJess Unnie’s office is so cool! It’s big and cool! she have some
    computers and stuffs here and she introduced me to her friends and their
    names are Krystal unnie, and there’s also an Unnie that looks like an
    oppa! But she’s nice! Her name is Amber… I called her Amber Oppa at
    first but Krystal unnie told me Oppa is an unnie. I like Amber unnie!
    she’s cool! I love you unnie!”

    This time it was Yoona using Jessica’s phone. “heheh you Choding…. I
    hope you’re not giving your Sica unnie a hard time now…” Yuri smiled as
    she heard Yoona’s voice.


    “Voice mail #3: Fany
    Yul! It’s me Fany! How are you guys doing? I’m sorry I didn’t let you
    guys know I’ve arrived the day I left… gosh I miss you! how’s my
    Choding? I hope she’s behaving herself… anyway, I’ve got something to do
    so… hope to hear from you soon! Please say Hi to Yoona from me ‘kay?

    This time it was Tiffany. “so she’s ok over there… I miss you too
    Fany-ah..” Yuri muttered as she smiled. But when she saw the last voice
    mail, Yuri couldn’t help but to be alarmed.


    “Voice mail #4: Unknown
    please abandon your mission…. You, your Girlfriend and Yoona’s life in
    danger…. If you value them…. Go back to them and move them to a safe
    place….. I’ll contact you later…..”

    The unknown caller said which made Yuri shaken up. although Yuri is
    prepared what’s in store for her, she couldn’t help but to think about
    Jessica and Yoona’s life in danger. Yuri is now having a second thought.

    “…..who could it be?” Yuri muttered as she drove the car and still went with her Mission.



    Wearing a black leather outfit and a long black leather trench coat,
    Yuri readies to her position where she will be waiting for Park
    Jin-Young as she sits by in a nearby restaurant. While waiting, Yuri
    took a sip from her coffee that she ordered while she fiddles her phone.

    The last voice mail got to her. Yuri don’t know what to do first, she
    fears for Jessica’s and Yoona’s life be in danger and at the same time,
    she also don’t want to fail her mission. What bothers the most is, Yuri
    don’t know who left that message for her.

    Yuri spotted JYP walking in an open area along with few body guards.
    “well…. A bit careless aren’t we? Bringing only three bodyguards…” Yuri
    said as she puts for dark slim sunglass but just as Yuri is going to
    stand up, her phone vibrates and she checked it.


    “1 text Message received.
    From: Unknown Number
    To: Yuri
    Get out of there! Your presence is known! JYP Sets up a trap for you.
    Someone from the “group” leaked an information about your mission. GET.

    --Boa Unnie”

    Now Yuri knows the sender, even though there’s an issue between the
    “Group” and her cousin, Yuri Chose her instinct and decided to abandon
    her mission. She cannot afford to be caught. Not when Yoona and
    Jessica’s life is on the line.

    But as she’s going to step outside the restaurant she’s in, a male
    person puts an arm around her shoulder, that time Yuri knew she’s been
    discovered as JYP is now in front of her. And as Yuri is going to
    struggle to get free, she felt some on the side of her waist, a pointy

    Yuri knew it’s a knife that is poking at her side waist and just heed where they are taking her.

    After a couple of walks, they arrived in an empty lot. Totally isolated from the busy streets of Busan.

    “well now…. for an assassin you sure look quite nice…” JYP walked
    towards Yuri and traced Yuri’s face with his fingers. “and quite sexy
    too…” he added.

    “Are you going to kill me?” JP asked but Yuri didn’t answer.

    “hmmm I must say I’m impressed…if you assassinated me yesterday, your
    mission will be complete… but you took your time… what gives?” JYP asked
    again but Yuri didn’t utter a word.

    “let me guess…… according to my source, when you’re working alone, you
    tend to observe and examine first the vicinity… wow you really are a
    professional..” JYP mocked Yuri.

    “but too bad… you’re not careful enough….. you see, someone informed me
    on your arrival yesterday… you see I’ve already ransacked your hotel
    room and confiscated your guns…. May I ask….. are you from military?
    Marine? Or Navy seal? Judging from your collection of guns…. It is all
    Military types..” JYP continued to talk as he walked in circles around

    JYP noticed how Yuri is staring daggers at him, he laughed. “HAHAHAH
    Those eyes! I love that stare… but I have something for you…Former Navy
    Seal Kwon Yuri………” JYP said as he ordered his men to let go of Yuri.

    “Let’s play a game…. A game “Choose which Path is the best” where you
    will be the one making a decision..” JYP said as he stopped in front of
    Yuri and pulled out his gun.

    “you have to choose Kwon Yuri… Path A. Head back to your family and save
    them but you will let me go unharmed. Or Path B. Kill me, your Family
    Dies. Some of my men are heading to your Girlfriend’s house as we speak…
    although I don’t know what they will do once they get there… you see I
    haven’t tell them to Standby by and await for my order….. if I remember
    correctly… those boys are trigger happy..” JYP said as he smiled
    devilishly to Yuri.

    JYP’s Words struck Yuri. Of all the years of secrecy she hide from Yoona
    just to keep her safe, now ended in an instant, tears escaped from her

    “oh? You’re crying? I thought you were the best Hitman from your “group”
    why you go crying now?” JYP said as he smiled at Yuri’s expression.

    “OH! I know………. reports say…you have a little sister! Whom you love very much! Did I hit the spot?” JYP Mocked Yuri again.

    Yuri just stared daggers again back at JYP. “I swear…..IF YOU EVER HARM
    HER OR JESSICA I’LL….” Yuri finally talked but cuts off by JYP.

    “Or you’ll what? Kill me? HAH! I can kill you easily right now… but I
    love to see you face full of sorrow once you knew your sister is
    dead….Don’t worry… we’ll make it quick that she will not realize what
    hit her..” JYP Said as he turned around and about to give the order.

    “YURI! CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!” an unknown voice shouted and threw something.

    Although Yuri didn’t know who it was, she followed it command and shuts
    her eyes tightly and a loud explosion can be heard all over the area.
    Yuri knew from the sound of explosion, it was a flashbang.

    With her eyes till closed, she felt someone grabbed her wrist and they began to run, successfully escaping JYP and his men.

    “B-Boa Unnie?” Yuri called Boa as she opened her eyes.

    “Yuri… I’ll explain everything but right now… Yoona comes first… we have
    to hurry, JYP is not bluffing about his men that is heading towards
    your Girlfriend’s house they’re trigger happy alright…” Boa said as they
    arrived at the Hotel parking lot where Tiffany’s car parked.

    As they got inside the Parking area, they both Noticed JYP’s men are on
    the lookout. Yuri and Boa talked to each other by their eyes and they
    surprised JYP’s Men.

    Boa Got out first and shoot the man near the car, but as the other man
    is going to pull out his gun, he feel a cold barrel of gun pointed at
    his temple point blank range and that’s the last thing he remember
    before his brains splattered out. The guns shots alerted some of them
    and rushed back at the car but Boa is prepared, as they show up, they
    were greeted by Boa’s MG4 Machine gun and one by one they fall down like
    a bunch of grass hacked off by a lawnmower.


    “UNNIE GET IN!!” Yuri shouted as she opened the door of Tiffany’s car to
    let Boa in and just in a flash, they escaped successfully. Yuri didn’t
    bother to pay the parking fee as she just gate crashed the wooden bar on
    the Parking gate.

    Back in the open area, JYP was furious because Yuri escaped. “YOU GUYS
    ARE IMBECILES!! YOU GUYS LET A GIRL GO!!” JYP shouted as his phone

    “JYP saw the caller and he start to sweat buckets. “H-hello sir?” JYP said.

    “well Mister Park? Did you finish her already? My best agent Kwon Yuri…. is she dead yet?” it was Yuri’s “Boss” from her work.

    “W-Well sir.. she escaped with the help of her cousin….. we were caught off-guard by her…” JYP said.

    “YOU IMBECILE!! YOU LET A GIRL GO!!” The “Boss” said as some of JYP’s
    men heard it and secretly laughed as JYP is also branded just as he
    branded them.

    “no matter… I’ll deal with this…. Remember Mister Park, I own you now…”
    the man said as he cut the call. Out of frustration of Yuri escaping
    from his grasp, JYP threw his phone as it shatters into pieces.

    “DAMMIT! LET’S GO!! WE WILL KILL THAT GIRL!!” JYP said as they went to follow suit.

    In the middle of Seoul’s open Highway…..

    “Unnie! what the heck happened? Why am I compromised?” Yuri asked as she
    drives Tiffany’s car over 160 km/h. Boa couldn’t answer because of
    Yuri’s driving speed. Yuri didn’t even care if there was a red light or
    green light in the stop light, in Yuri’s mind, was to reach Yoona and
    Jessica in time before JYP’s Men arrives

    “UNNIE! TELL ME WHAT HAPPEN!” Yuri shouted. Even with the inhumane speed of the car, Boa forced herself to talk.

    “I…. stole…. a…. data from the boss……. A-and it contains…. The lists
    of….. marks….. JYP is your last mission….. literally……….. you see…..
    your last mission will kill you as this data contains that JYP is the
    Boss’ former hitman… just like you….. and not all of you marks were
    corrupt….. you remember Kim Jaedong?” Boa asked.

    “I remember him.. he’s a pedophile right?” Yuri said. “it was in the
    report… but the truth is…. He’s just a preacher in his own church…. A
    holy man to be exact…… in my observation…. The Boss just asked you to
    kill a priest…. An honest and loved one…” Boa asked.

    Yuri couldn’t believe what she just heard.

    “but why is he on the list?” Yuri asked.

    “apparently, him and the “boss” got into a heated argument about
    beliefs…. The boss wanted Justice to be served immediately upon the
    sinners but Kim Jaedong is the opposite, his beliefs that Sinners also
    deserved second chance…” Boa explained.

    “another example is Park Kyung Lim…. You remember her?” Boa asked. Yuri
    didn’t answer and Boa just continued. “in reports says she’s a swindler,
    with a multiple case of Estafa right?” Yuri just nodded.

    “well it turns out, she was just too busy at her cooking business. And
    the reason why she’s on the list is…. One time the Boss ate from her
    restaurant, but when one of the waitress from her restaurant
    accidentally tripped, a soup was splashed on the Boss’ expensive
    clothes, obviously your Boss’ demanded that the waitress should pay for
    the suit, but when Miss Park heard it, she defended her waitress and
    eventually threw a fit… of course ending up in an argument….” Boa

    “and another example is….” As Boa is going to continue explaining, Yuri heard enough.

    “ENOUGH!! I already feel bad kill those innocent people who just had a
    simple argument with the Boss….. please… enough unnie…. I can’t think
    straight right now….” Yuri said as tears escaped her eyes.

    Boa knew how Yuri is now hurting and at the same time racing against time as she activated the Nitrous on Tiffany’s car.

    “Yuri….. Here… take my contribution for Yoona and your girlfriend’s
    safety….” Boa pulled out two plane tickets a trip to San Francisco.

    “thank you unnie….” was the only words, Yuri could only utter back to Boa.

    7:37PM, Jessica’s house……

    After Krystal and Amber left Jessica’s house, Yoona is already on the
    verge of sleeping as Jessica gently carried her Jessica’s bed. As
    Jessica’ gently put Yoona down on the bed, Yoona lets out a big yawn.

    “oh no…. Yoona you haven’t brushed you teeth first.” Jessica said as she
    puts both of her hands to her waist. “Eeeeeeh? But I’m sleepy Gorjess
    unnie!!” Yoona pouted.

    “oh no kid… you can’t pout your way out of this one..” Jessica said and Yoona just sighed then smiled.

    “I know…..” Yoona said as she happily jumped from the bed into Jessica’s embrace.

    “Yoona… you really are a choding… a sweet choding…” Jessica said as she
    smiled and walked towards the bathroom while carrying Yoona.

    After brushing her teeth, Jessica helped Yoona change into her sleeping pajamas and tucked her into the bed.

    “Gorjess unnie…… don’t leave me yet…” Yoona called Jessica as Jessica
    were going out of the room. “Aww..Yoona… I have to clean the dishes
    first..” Jessica said.

    “pleeeease?” Yoona pleaded as she puts on a puppy eyes.

    “aigoo… you choding… alright…” with Jessica defeated by Yoona’s puppy
    eyes, Jessica lie down beside Yoona and brushed the little girl’s hair.

    “unnie? can I call you my umma?” Yoona said with her eyes closed.
    Jessica was a bit surprised at Yoona’s question but she liked the idea.
    Curious, she asked Yoona who is half asleep.

    “why makes you say that Yoona?” Jessica asked as she brushed the young girl’s hair with her fingers.

    “because…. I don’t have an umma…. Yuri unnie always takes care of me
    since I was little… she acts like my appa but loves me.. will you be my
    umma?” Yoona asked as she now stared Jessica with her sleepy eyes.

    Jessica felt Yoona’s vulnerable side, her gentle and sweet side. It made
    Jessica smile as Yoona somehow touched her soft spot on her heart.

    “of course Yoona…. I can be your umma…” Jessica said as she gave Yoona
    as kiss of the forehead before the young girl falls asleep.

    Before Jessica could go out of the room, Jessica heard Yoona unconsciously saying. “I love you umma….”

    It made Jessica smile and even she knew Yoona is now fast asleep, she replied back.

    “I love you too Yoona…”

    8:34 PM

    After Jessica finally finished cleaning, she took a quick shower and
    finally also changed into her sleeping clothes and lay down beside Yoona
    who is now sleeping soundly.

    As Jessica is now getting some shut eye when she was woken up by a
    sudden slamming of the door opening. Jessica sat up and saw Yuri
    breathing heavily.

    “Sica…quickly! We have to get out of here!!!” Yuri said as she rushes
    Jessica to pack their things. “What’s wrong Yuri? it’s not like you to
    be like this!!” Jessica said.

    “Sica…I’m sorry but I don’t have time to explain! I want you to take my
    sister, Yoona, to San Francisco… I’ve already prepared some plane
    tickets to the both of you! once you both get there, Call this number!”
    Yuri said as she gave Jessica as Calling Card.

    “Tiffany Hwang, Brighter than Jewels Jewelry store….. Yuri? what’s this?
    You’re hiding something from us aren’t you?” Jessica said as she throws
    back her clothes away from the bag and carried Yoona.

    “Did something happen to your office work?” Jessica asked.

    Jessica don’t know about Yuri’s real work, a professional assassin. Yuri
    is keeping secrets from Jessica and Yoona all this time. Elite hunters
    and retrievers are tracking Yuri down to “erase” her presence because
    Yuri somehow stumbled on an info the she shouldn’t have.

    “Sica…. For now I have to get you guys out of here…. It’s not safe….
    Please Sica…. I love you and Yoona…. you guys are my treasures…” Yuri

    “Sica unnie? what’s wrong? Why is my unnie look like scared?” Yoona,
    Yuri’s little sister asked as she woke up from the commotion that Yuri
    and Jessica made. Not wanting to make Yoona worried, Jessica hugged

    “Kwon Yuri… you better promise to explain things to us….” Jessica said.

    “Thank you Sica…. I promise I’ll tell everything but for now….. I’m not
    really working on an office work…. People are after me…..” Yuri said as
    she pulls out her M1911 Handgun.

    “Y-Yuri? is…is that a real gun?” Jessica asked as she turned Yoona away
    to avoid seeing the gun. Yuri didn’t answer and just went into the
    living room and peeked into one of the windows. Jessica followed suit
    and noticed Yuri had a Companion.

    “Y-Yuri? who is she?” Jessica asked. “Sica… this is my cousin Boa…Kwon
    Boa…” Yuri replied. Just then Boa alerted Yuri. “Yuri! get them out of
    here quickly!” Boa said.

    But before Yuri, Jessica and Yoona could get out, all of them heard someone shouting from outside of the house.

    “Yuri! BoA! We have the House surrounded! If you don’t come out and
    return what you stole from the Boss, we will be forced to shoot you in
    there!” the male voice shouted.

    “Unnie!…. Please let’s just return the disk…. I don’t want my family to
    be in danger!” Yuri pleaded Boa. “NO! IT TOOK ME MONTHS TO STEAL THIS
    DISK CONTAINING ALL THE OF THEIR PLOTS!!” Boa yelled back at Yuri and
    stood up and fired some shots.

    BoA’s shots provoked their pursuers and fired back.

    MY FAMILY’S LIFE IN DANGER!!” Yuri shouted as she took cover on the
    wall while Jessica ran back to their bedroom while carrying Yoona.
    Several shots hits the wall and due to their advanced armaments, they’re
    all using armor piercing bullets and some of the shots went through the
    wall of the bed room.

    Some of the shots hits BoA and to Yuri’s horror, she watched her cousin
    falls down on the floor bloodied and Yuri also saw some of the Bullets
    are making way through their bedroom where Jessica and her sister Yoona

    Yuri could hear Jessica screaming in fear amidst of gunshots.

    shouted. But the shooters didn’t listen and continues to shoot. Worried
    about Jessica and her little sister’s life, Yuri quickly went inside. As
    Yuri got inside she watched in horror as she was Jessica is crying
    while embracing her little sister covered in blood.

    “Yuri! Yoona…..YOONA’S BEEN SHOT!!!” Jessica said as she cried in tears.

    As Yuri looked at Yoona, she could see the blood stain on Yoona’s
    clothes getting bigger and bigger. Yuri felt her whole world stopped at
    the moment.

    Yuri could see Jessica is saying something but she can’t hear a word she’s saying. Yuri’s eyes are fixed on Yoona.

    “u………nnie………” Yoona opened her eyes and saw Yuri.
    “wel…….come………….hoooo…me…” it was the last words Yoona said before
    closing her eyes again. As Yuri saw her sister closing her eyes. She
    noticed a small smile formed from Yoona’s lips like she always do when
    she welcomes Yuri home. Then something snapped inside her.

    “Yuri, we have to get Yoona to a hospital!” Jessica said but she noticed
    Yuri is different. Yuri just stood up and gripped her gun tightly.
    “YURI GET DOWN!!! THEY’RE STILL SHOOTING!!” Jessica yelled but Yuri
    didn’t even budge.

    Every shot Yuri heard is like a fuel to her flame as she clearly
    remembers her sister’s life is hanging on a thread if she didn’t do

    “you will all pay for hurting Yoona!” that was the last word Jessica
    heard from Yuri before Yuri walked towards the front and grabbed Boa’s
    Walther P99.

    Walther P99

    Jessica wanted to stop Yuri and she felt something different towards
    Yuri and just do something for Yoona in order to stop the bleeding.

    >>Click here to listen to Yuri's gunfight music<<

    Several seconds the shootings stopped, a hint for Yuri as she clearly heard all of the shooters are reloading their guns.

    Yuri slammed the door open from Jessica’s house and fired a couple of shots and hits two enemies in the head.

    And just the enemies finished reloading, they immediately fired back but
    Yuri quickly shoots back, emptying the whole magazine of the gun
    hitting her targets in the head or in the chest.

    Some of the enemies feel fear as they saw Yuri walking like a raging
    demon possessed while shooting towards them, preventing them to shoot

    As Yuri got close into one of the car with the dead bodies, she threw away her guns and grabbed two M1014 with each hand.


    The enemies didn’t knew Yuri is too close to them as they noticed Yuri
    is quiet. And as they peek with their guns ready, all they saw is a
    shotgun barrel up close and personal and that last thing they saw is a
    gunfire on their faces.

    Other enemies are now panicking at Yuri’s unexplainable action towards
    them. One man stood out to be their leader shouted. “KILL HER!! KILL

    Yuri heard it and starts to walk towards the man and as Yuri walking
    slowly she is firing the auto shotgun at exact precision where she only
    hits the enemies.

    “W-what the hell is she??! Is she even human?” the man said as he saw
    all of his men are falling down dead one by one while Yuri is still
    walking towards him.

    The man starts to run but signaled the rest of his men to shoot Yuri,
    but to their surprise, they saw Yuri throws an unpinned grenade at them
    and as the grenade is close enough to them, Yuri shoots it with exact
    precision in mid air and killing the rest of them instantly. With the
    man running away from his life he fires back at Yuri.

    Yuri tilted her head a bit and the bullet missed and Yuri picked up a FN-P90 shoots the man hitting him precisely in the head.

    <<-Music end->>

    After Yuri’s little war, she hurriedly went back inside Jessica’s house
    and carried Yoona inside Tiffany’s car with Jessica following both of
    them and Yuri didn’t waste time and hurriedly went to a hospital.

    SSF Hospital…

    Ever since they arrived at the hospital, Yoona was immediately the
    priority of the doctors present at that time. Yuri and Jessica waited
    for hours as both of them neither talking to each other. Yoona is the
    only thing that is on Yuri’s mind while Jessica is concerned at Yoona
    and at the same time, many questions have been running to her mind. What
    exactly kind of work Yuri have? Why is it the someone want to kill her.

    Jessica wanted to blame Yuri for what happened to Yoona but she didn’t.
    she knew Yuri would do anything just to keep Yoona safe. Jessica also
    felt Yuri’s pain for seeing Yoona in that kind of state. Remembering how
    Yuri loved Yoona and her, Jessica’s anger faded. In the end she
    couldn’t blame Yuri after all because she watched the whole gunfight
    between Yuri and the gunmen and she knew Yuri would fight to the death
    just to save her remaining family, Yoona.

    Jessica walked by to Yuri who is standing still without any movements
    and gave the tanned girl a back hug. As Yuri felt Jessica’s hug, she
    responded by touching Jessica’s hand.

    As Jessica hugged Yuri, she felt the tanned girl is quietly sobbing.
    “don’t worry… Yoona is an energectic girl….. she’ll make it… she’ll make
    it..” Jessica said still hugging Yuri from the back. Yuri didn’t utter a
    word and just nodded. Jessica knew Yuri is still trying to be strong.

    After several hours, the lights from the ER went off and some nurses
    went out and lastly the doctor. Yuri and Jessica talked to the doctor.

    “DOC! How’s my sister? Is she ok?” Yuri asked as she held Jessica’s hand
    tightly. Jessica winced in pain but didn’t flinch because she
    understand Yuri’s worries as she’s also worried about the answer they
    will hear.

    “doctor! Please tell me! how is my sister?!” Yuri’s voice is now starting to crack up. the doctor looked at Yuri and Jessica.

    “your sister is…………………………………….” The doctor stopped.

    “please…. Let me know doc…. She’s the only family I have left!!” Yuri is now on the verge of tears.

    “I’m sorry………… we did everything we could do… but her fragile body…….
    Didn’t respond….. she didn’t make it… I’m very sorry…” the doctor said.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 5 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 6

    >>Click here to listen to the Music<<

    Yuri broke in tears as she heard her worst fears. Yuri throws a fit
    which attracts the attention of some bystanders. It took several nurses
    and guards including Jessica to calm Yuri down but as she saw her
    sister’s lifeless body carried out from the ER, Yuri stopped and clocked
    the path of the coroner.

    “let me… let me see her please….” Yuri pleaded but the coroner didn’t
    stop. Yuri got angry, she grabbed the collar of the coroner and was
    about to punch him in the face when the doctor who told them the bad
    news steps in and talked to the coroner. “let her see her sister one
    last time….” The doctor said.

    Yuri rolled down the blanket covering her sister’s face and hugged her
    as she cried her heart out. “I’m sorry Yoong! I’m sorry!” Yuri said.

    Jessica also teared up as for the first time, she never saw Yuri broken
    down like this. Jessica wanted to comfort Yuri but she don’t have any
    idea how.

    “Yoong…. Your unnie is here…. You can wake up now…” Yuri said as she smiled while crying.

    “I know you’re a good prankster…. You made your unnie cry now Yoong… you
    can cut the act…” Yuri said while caressing her sister’s cold and
    lifeless face. Jessica couldn’t bear to see Yuri like this and just
    watched Yuri.

    “KWON YOONA! WAKE UP NOW! WAKE UP! wake up…..wake up……”
    Yuri repeatedly say until she became silent and all they can hear now
    are cries coming from Yuri while her face is still buried on Yoona’s

    “M-Miss Kwon… please let the coroners do their jobs…..” The doctor said
    as he tried to calm Yuri. several minutes Yoona’s death finally sinks in
    to Yuri and gave her sister one last kiss on the forehead.

    “I love you Yoong…….….” Yuri whispered as she lets the coroner take her sister away.

    <<-Music End->>

    Several minutes have passed after Yoona’s body was out of sight, Yuri is
    still sitting on the bench near the ER like a body without a soul.

    “Y-Yul?” Jessica asked Yuri who is now looking like a lifeless body.
    Jessica knew Yoona’s death is so hard to take in as she is also at loss.
    As she sat beside Yuri.

    “Yuri………. please talk to me….” Jessica said but Yuri isn’t moving and just staring at the white ceiling of the hospital hallway.

    “Yul…. Please… I know it’s hard…..” Jessica said.

    “………..ill them…..” Yuri uttered but Jessica couldn’t make of it.

    “Yul?” Jessica worried asked as she saw Yuri’s changed expression. Clearly she can see rage brewing up inside Yuri’s eyes.

    “I’ll kill them all……. I’LL KILL THEM!!!!” Yuri said as she gritted her
    teeth in pure rage. Jessica tried to calm Yuri down not because she’s
    scared of what will happen to Yuri, but she’s scared for Yuri for taking
    the path of revenge.

    As Yuri stood up, Jessica suddenly grab Yuri’s hand tightly and Yuri
    just looked at her. “Yuri..please don’t throw your life away…… we’ve
    already lost Yoona…. I don’t want to loose you…” Jessica said.

    Yuri didn’t respond but she gently take Jessica’s hand. “Sica….. don’t
    worry…. I’ll come back……..” Yuri said as she cocked her gun, but as Yuri
    is going to walk away. A group of Police blocked her way and aimed
    their guns at her.

    “KWON YURI! You’re under arrest for the assassination of Mayor Park Hyun
    Bin!” it was Hyoyeon along with Hara and some of the Police behind her.
    As Yuri tries to go towards the opposite direction, Seungyeon and
    Nicole are blocking their back, leaving Yuri and Jessica trapped in the

    Yuri knew if she leave Jessica, they will capture her and interrogate
    her, desperate to save the situation, Yuri put up an act. She pulls her
    gun and took Jessica as a Hostage.

    “DON’T YOU DATE MOVE IN CLOSER TO ME!! I’LL SHOOT THIS GIRL!” Yuri said as she pointed her gun to Jessica’s temple.

    “Squad! Lower your weapons!” Hyoyeon said. “Look Kwon….. just surrender,
    even if you manage to get out of this hospital, I have more back-ups
    surrounding this building… your call…” Hyoyeon said as she took a step.

    “I SAID DON’T MOVE!! OR I’LL BLOW HER HEAD!” Yuri said. Jessica said
    speechless and didn’t say anything. Everything she love and hoped for,
    it seems, To Jessica, Yuri is now beyond hope for taking her as a
    hostage and pointing a gun to her head.

    Seeing no changes on Hyoyeon’s team, Yuri clicked the base hammer of her gun. Hyoyeon knew Yuri is not bluffing.

    “make some way… but follow closely…” Hyoyeon said as the police make an
    easy path for Yuri to walk out along with Jessica as her hostage and
    finally making their way on the emergency exit.

    As Yuri and Jessica finally made their way to the emergency exit, Yuri
    lets go of Jessica. “Sica I’m sorry…. For doing it like that… I didn’t
    mean to..” Yuri said Jessica smiled and cupped her face. “it’s ok
    Seobang…. I understand…. You did it to protect me….. Yuri… promise me
    you’ll be safe…” Jessica said as tears now rolling on her cheeks.

    “……… take this Sica…. I got it from my cousin…. And as soon as
    possible…… go away from here… go to San Francisco…. Go to my friend….
    Explain everything to her…” Yuri said as she gave Jessica the flash disk
    and one last kiss.

    “take care Sica….. I love you…….” Yuri said as she hurriedly ran down
    the stairs. And exactly the Police managed to bust in the door of the
    emergency exit and along came Hyoyeon and her team.

    “Ms Jung, are you alright? did she hurt? You?” Seungyeon assisted Jessica as they saw her crying her heart out.

    “This is Special agent Kim Hyoyeon, the suspect is on her way now to the
    parking lot, I repeat, she’s on her way to the parking lot!” Hyoyeon
    said to the radio.

    Jessica didn’t say a word as she worries about Yuri who is now escaping.
    “Miss Jessica Jung I presume?” Hyoyeon turned her attention to Jessica.

    “my name is Special Agent Kim Hyoyeon… I know you’re pretty shaken but
    please.. let my team assist you…. you will be taken into a 5 star
    hotel.. and…” as Hyoyeon is still explaining, Jessica cuts her word.

    “thanks for the offer but I rather stay here……… I have something to take care of….” Jessica said as she wipes away her tears.

    “I see… mind if I ask what is your business here?” Hyoyeon asked again.
    “the suspect you’re chasing, Kwon Yuri……… you guys should know the
    grievance of an old sister who is lovingly taking care of her young
    sister…….” Jessica said as she looked at Hyoyeon straight into her eyes.
    Hyoyeon stared back and as Seungyeon, Hara and Nicole watched, they can
    feel a thick sparks flying between Hyoyeon and Jessica.

    “are you aiding a prime suspect?” Hyoyeon asked. “what if I am? Did you see me help her escape?” Jessica retorted.

    “partly? Yes… the way I see it, she used you to escape. Ms Jung..”
    Hyoyeon answered back. “so what if I am? Will you arrest me?” Jessica

    “I could… with the charge of aiding a felony…” Hyoyeon replied. “this
    ridiculous…. You should’ve wear glasses because…..
    SHE.HAD.A.GUN.ON.MY.HEAD!” Jessica replied. And Hyoyeon fell silent.

    “and another thing AGENT, did you see me push her towards the exit? If I
    remember correctly………. SHE.DRAGGED.ME.INTO.THE.EXIT!” Hyoyeon received
    another blow of words from Jessica and Jessica disappeared in front of
    her. Hyoyeon knew she couldn’t charge Jessica with that since Jessica’s
    explanation are true.

    “wow Cap…. She got you real good!” Nicole said.

    “Shut up Nicole…… continue the pursuit, I want Kwon Yuri alive!” Hyoyeon said as she followed Jessica back.


    Hospital Stairs……

    >>Click here to listen to Yuri's escape music<<

    Yuri knew the time she buys to escape is running thin as she heard several footsteps above her are coming closer.

    “I have positive visual of the suspect! Remember get her alive! Agent
    Hyo’s orders!” one of the police said. “she’s coming out of the
    emergency exit!” he added.

    Yuri heard and quickly ran, as she went outside the emergency exit,
    police are everywhere in front of her with their guns aimed at her.

    “SURRENDER WITH YOUR HANDS UP! FAILURE TO COMPLY, WE WILL BE FORCED TO SHOOT!” one of the police with the megaphone said.

    Yuri complied but her mind is different. As she put her hands up her
    eyes quickly scanned the parking area and noticed every pillar in the
    parking lot have fire extinguisher on it.

    “KWON YURI! THROW YOUR GUN AWAY!” the police said. Yuri took out her gun
    and ejected out the clip and Yuri threw it first causing the police
    distracted by it as all of their attention are drawn to it.

    Seeing them distracted, Yuri quickly pulled out a new clip and instantly
    slid it in her gun and quickly shoots every fire extinguisher she saw
    causing the police men’s vision clouded.

    With the distraction and the cloudy mist from fire extinguisher, Yuri took the chance to run.

    As Yuri ran away, Hyoyeon’s team came out and quickly followed suit behind Yuri.

    As they got to the parking gate exit, Yuri stopped and turned around to face them.

    “Kwon Yuri, under our captain’s order, we are hereby to arrest y…….
    UGH!” Nicole said but her words were cut off as Yuri dashed towards her
    and successfully went behind her as her arms are held by Yuri from

    Seungyeon and Hara pointed their guns at Yuri. “you sure you girls want
    to shoot me with her as my shield?” Yuri said as she smiled. “Dammit!”
    Seungyeon cursed.

    “now move out of the way and no one will be harmed….” Yuri said as she
    slightly twisted Nicole’s arm. Nicole winced in pain but didn’t gave up.

    “D-Don’t ………m-mind………… me……j-just take…………her….AAAH!!” as Nicole is
    instructing them, Yuri increased the pressure of her hold sending a
    slight pain on Nicole’s arm.

    “if you girls don’t drop your guns, I’ll break this girl’s arm!” Yuri
    said as she took a slow step towards the parking exit. As soon she got
    close, Yuri bashed the parking gate console and the shutter chain is
    slowly coming down.

    And as the Shutter came in close to their height, Yuri lets go of Nicole
    and successfully separating herself from Nicole, Seungyeon and Hara as
    the Shutter chain are completely closed. All they could do is watch
    Yuri’s image disappear from their sight

    “Nicole how is your arm?” Seungyeon asked. “I think it’s dislocated…”
    Nicole replied as she’s still wincing in pain. “Cap…. The suspect
    escaped… we have no choice, she got Nicole but she let her go only to
    escape.” Hara informed Hyoyeon from the radio.

    “Unnie, can you stand up? Hara asked Nicole. “yeah I can manage… you
    know…. it’s weird………” Nicole said as Hara and Seungyeon helped her stand

    “what is?” Seungyeon asked. “for a pro assassin….. how come Kwon Yuri
    didn’t even kill a single police officer when she had a chance when
    their vision is clouded…..” Nicole said as she grabbed her injured arm.

    “well if she did… she’ll be digging her own grave… killing a police officer is a serious offense….” Hara replied.

    “maybe so……. But what bothers me….. when she was about to let me go, she
    said “I’m sorry” as she successfully separate her from us…. And I can
    see on her eyes… she’s full of anger and sorrow..…” Nicole said and that
    kept them also thinking.

    <<-Music end->>

    Yuri managed to get to Tiffany’s BMW M3-GTR. As Yuri is going to open the car door, she felt a gun in her head.

    “you think you can escape me?” It was Hyoyeon. “You’re coming with me,
    like it or not Kwon Yuri… you don’t have a …*click click clank
    click*……….crap…” Hyoyeon’s word were cut off as when she’s stating her
    official arrest statement, Yuri quickly turned around and grabbed
    Hyoyeon’s gun and dismantling it within three seconds.

    “Please Agent… I don’t have any business with you..” Yuri said as she
    throws Hyoyeon’s gun right at her feet. Hyoyeon didn’t talk but instead
    she charged at Yuri. But as Hyoyeon tries to give Yuri a punch, Yuri
    side-stepped a bit and parry Hyoyeon’s attack.

    As Hyoyeon turned around, Yuri already managed to grab her on the coat
    from behind and pinning her down on the ground, Hyoyeon groaned in pain.
    With Hyoyeon pinned down, Yuri took Hyoyeon’s hand cuffs and she cuffed
    Hyoyeon in a nearby parked car as Yuri smashed the car window and
    cuffing Hyoyeon on the parked car’s steering wheel. To make sure Hyoyeon
    don’t follow her, Yuri took the hand cuff keys and threw it on the
    sewer canal nearby.

    “you making a big mistake Yuri…” Hyoyeon said. “I know…….. but before I
    get caught by you….. I have to avenge my sister’s death…..” Yuri said as
    she walked back towards Tiffany’s car and ignited the engine.

    “YURI! YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!” Hyoyeon shouted as she saw Yuri’s vehicle is
    moving. But before Yuri could completely disappear from Hyoyeon’s
    sight, Yuri turned the car around and sped off nearby Hyoyeon and shot
    the Hand cuff chain, separating Hyoyeon from the car and finally sped
    off to escape.

    “This is Agent Hyoyeon, Kwon Yuri escaped! I request all units to follow
    suit! She’s using a BMW M3-GTR. CAPTURE HER!!!” Hyoyeon said as Nicole
    appeared along with her Hummer. “CAP! GET IN!!” Nicole said.

    “Move aside Nicole! I’m driving!” Hyoyeon said as she quickly followed suit Yuri.

    High speed chase

    As Yuri sped off, she heard sirens of every police car and as she looked
    on her rear view mirror she saw countless police patrol car coming
    after her and she also noticed, a big black Hummer. Yuri knew it’s
    Hyoyeon joining the chase.

    ((Sorry for the bad Video Quality and just imagine that Yuri is driving))

    With Yuri finally escaped from the chase, Tiffany’s car died exactly as
    the car is totally banged up. Yuri got out of the car and continue her
    escape by foot, disappearing to the woods. Hyoyeon could only curse in
    frustration as she stepped out from the hummer and watch Yuri left the
    car and continue to escape by foot.

    “…… this is the first time I see the captain frustrated….” Hara said.
    “who wouldn’t…. we had Yuri almost in our palm but she still managed to
    escape… I can’t blame the Cap getting mad…” Seungyeon said.

    “…..come on guys… we’ll return back to the hospital… we have to get
    Nicole’s arm checked…. I also have something to ask Miss Jung…..
    something is bothering me for a while…” Hyoyeon said as she returned to
    the Hummer and went back to the Hospital.


    Sunny and Sooyoung arrived back the “office” only to be greeted by panicking Jiyoung.

    “Whoa calm down there girl… that’s the rush?” Sunny asked Jiyoung.
    Sooyoung-ssi… Sunny-ssi…. It’s about Yuri-ssi……. She betrayed the
    group….” Jiyoung said which made Sooyoung and Sunny surprised.

    “Come again? Yuri betrayed the group?” Sooyoung asked. “yes… apparently…
    her cousin managed to get close to her and next thing I knew, it’s all
    over the news….. from the house of Miss Jung, the TV news covered like
    there’s a huge gunfight took place…. it was like… battle zone… dead
    bodies piled up….” Jiyoung said.

    But Sooyoung and Sunny are thinking about something. “enough of that…
    only Yuri could pull that off but are there any reports of injured
    person?” Sooyoung asked.

    “well… there is a report of an injured child about the…….hey! I’m still
    saying the reports!” as Sooyoung and Sunny heard about the child, their
    worry rise up and with any rest, they hurriedly went out and locate the

    “Sunny-ah…. I hope it’s not who I think it is….” Sooyoung said as she
    drives her Toyota Supra TT with Sunny with her. “hang on, I’ll try
    calling Jessica…”Sunny said as she dialed Jessica’s number.

    “thanks Sunny-ah… I’ll try to call Yuri….I get the feeling there’s a
    foul play here… it’s not like Yuri will betray the “group”…. Yuri knew
    it will put Yoona and Jessica in danger… Yuri always makes Yoona her
    priority….. something’s amiss….” Sooyoung said as she dialed Yuri’s


    Hyoyeon arrived back at the hospital and saw Jessica is still in there.
    “Hara, Seungyeon, take Nicole and get her arm checked up…. I’ll talk to
    Ms. Jung over there…” Hyoyeon said and they separated as Hyoyeon walked
    towards Jessica.

    Hyoyeon sat beside Jessica. “I see you’re still here…… can I ask something?” Hyoyeon said and Jessica just looked back.

    “that Child……… who is she to you?” Hyoyeon asked. “she’s Yuri’s sister……
    Kwon Yoona……. her only remaining family….. and I can say proudly……..
    I’m Yoona’s new umma….. why’d you want to know?” Jessica asked without
    looking back at Hyoyeon.

    “I see….. can you tell me something about Yuri?” Hyoyeon asked. “she’s
    my Seobang……. I don’t know what happened to her work but why are some
    people trying to kill her?” Jessica said as she’s on the verge of
    crying. “Yuri is an honest person… living her life along with her
    sister….. why would people want to kill her? why! Tell me!” Jessica said
    as she is now crying.

    Hyoyeon thinks for a bit. She’s having a second thought if she’s going to tell Yuri’s real background or not to Jessica.

    “I see…. Look…. I’m sorry for being rude with you earlier…. and if you
    need some help… here’s my calling card…” Hyoyeon decided not to tell yet
    to Jessica about Yuri and stood up and gave Jessica her calling card
    and went to follow Nicole.

    Then Jessica’s phone rings. She checked the caller ID and it was Sunny.
    “Sica! Where are you? we heard the news about your home! Are you
    alright?” Sunny asked. “I’m alright…. but Yoona…….” Jessica stopped at
    her words as she now covers her mouth.

    “Sica! What about Yoona? tell me!” Sunny said from the other line.

    “Yoona is dead Sunny!” Jessica said.

    Sooyoung’s car

    “Yoona is dead Sunny!” Sunny heard Jessica’s words clearly. Sunny felt
    like, a sudden cold water ran up through her body as she dropped her on
    her lap. Sooyoung noticed Sunny’s sudden action. “Sunny-ah? What did
    Jessica say?” Sooyoung asked.

    Sunny didn’t utter a word and just turned to look at Sooyoung with a
    tear in her eyes. As soon as Sooyoung saw Sunny’s expression, Sooyoung
    knew what Sunny had heard. Their worst fear that something happened to
    Yoona. And Sooyoung sped off towards the hospital.

    None of them uttered a word until they arrived at the hospital.


    Upon arriving Sooyoung quickly spotted Jessica and both of them went to
    her. “SICA!” Sooyoung called. Jessica looked at them and came running
    towards them. Sunny and Sooyoung embraced Jessica and as soon they
    embraced Jessica, the blonde girl starts crying out.

    “Youngie…. I’ll handle Sica… can you get her something to drink?” Sunny
    asked and Sooyoung just went to a nearby vending machine and bought a

    As Sunny waits for Sooyoung to come back, she tried to calm Jessica
    down. “poor girl… you’ve been keeping it inside aren’t you…. but where’s
    Yuri?” Sunny said to herself.

    Sooyoung came back with a couple of juice she bought from a vending
    machine nearby. “Sica here drink some of this….” Sooyoung said as she
    open the canned juice and gave one to Jessica.

    “thank you guys…..” Jessica said as she’s still making some small sobs.
    “where’s Yuri?” Sunny asked. “well….. Yuri had to go……. Police are
    swarming all over the place a while ago she had to escape……” Jessica

    Hearing Jessica’s explanation Sooyoung and Sunny looked at each other. “any idea where she went?” Sooyoung asked.

    “I don’t know… she just…….took off………. The only thing she said to me is
    go to this person….” Jessica showed them Tiffany’s calling card.

    Little by little Sooyoung and Sunny began stitching the events have
    happened. Sooyoung is convinced that something definitely have gone
    wrong. Both of them knew Tiffany is the only person the that Yuri is
    contacting in case of emergency.

    “Jessica……. What are your plans now?” Sunny asked. “first…. I have to
    claim Yoona as her kin…. I have to prepare for her funeral….. then I’ll
    go to this Tiffany person in San Francisco” Jessica said as she is now
    finally stable. “we’ll help you Jessica…. After all.. Yoona is our
    favorite choding too…….. damn them…..” Sooyoung said as she punched the
    hospital wall.

    “Sunny-ah… Sooyoung…. I want you guys to be honest with me…….. I want to
    know exactly….. what kind of work Yuri really do?” Jessica asked which
    made them nervous.

    “guys.. please… tell me the truth…….” Jessica asked them with seriousness plastered on her face.

    Sooyoung and Sunny looked at each other, talking by their eyes but in
    the end they finally spill the beans on Jessica. “Sica….. the truth
    is…….. we and Yuri…… we are a part of a group the we call… “The Group”…
    you might find it simple because we are a group of Vigilantes…. Yuri
    just joined a couple of months ago….” Sooyoung said. Jessica couldn’t
    believe what she had just discovered.

    “you mean… Yuri already killed some people…. Without thinking it would
    put her sister in danger?” Jessica said with the hint of anger. Sunny

    “I know you’re getting angry Sica…. But believe me……….. Yuri did it so
    she can support Yoona… Yuri…she… she’s not that good of ordinary work
    like office related and stuffs. People like her are useful when we hold a
    gun on our hand…” Sunny explained.

    “then she should’ve applied for a police work or stuffs!” Jessica
    sneered. “Sica…. I know what you mean… but supporting Yoona alone, a
    police salary could not cover the expenses…. That’s why during her
    military days of service… she was scouted, due to her amazing
    marksmanship… believe me Sica…. Yuri also knew the danger of the work…….
    But at the same time, her desperation to support Yoona made her do it…
    you see…….. they were orphan in an early age, Yuri’s been taking care of
    Yoona ever since she Yoona was still a baby…. And as Yoona grew Yuri
    never failed to give her love and attention despite of work… please
    understand Yuri’s situation Sica… to be honest… Youngie and i……… we were
    just talking a while ago before we came back to our mission… and our
    topic is Yuri…… we were talking how hard it is for Yuri to support Yoona
    alone while keeping secrets to her. but it turns out our worst fear and
    Yuri’s nightmare have come…” Sunny explained.

    Jessica fell silent hearing Yuri’s hardships and desperation. It didn’t
    even occur to her that Yuri would do anything just to support Yoona
    since this is the first she heard Yuri and Yoona’s family background. At
    first, Jessica wanted to get angry at Yuri because of getting a very
    dangerous job but she didn’t Jessica understood why Yuri also did it.

    “Sunny-ah………. How come you knew how Yuri was like?” Jessica asked out of
    curiosity. “….Yuri and me are somewhat similar….. we were both from
    Military stuffs… but we’re not the same type..” Sunny said.

    “I know that you already knew Yuri is from Navy Seal….. my Bunny here is from the Marines….” Sooyoung said.

    “Y-Your Bunny?” Jessica asked which made Sooyoung nervous. She almost slipped at her feelings by calling Sunny.

    “Y-Yeah…..Bunny… Sunny Bunny… my Bunny partner…” Sooyoung said. “anyway…
    changing the topic.. Sica…. Are you ok in here? How are you holding
    up?” Sooyoung asked. “to be honest?... it’s kind of hard to take in……….”
    Jessica said.

    “I know….but I’m glad you understand Yuri… not everyone could do that…”
    Sooyoung said. “Sooyoung…. I really understand Yuri’s status… I’m
    talking about Yoona….. it’s hard to take in….” Jessica said as she
    starts to tear up again.

    “do you know what was the last words Yoona said to me? she asked me to
    be her umma…. I said yes because I like the idea and I also love the
    kid…..” Jessica said as she voice starts to crack up.

    << - Flashback - >>

    >>Click here for Kiddie Yoona's music<<

    As Jessica lay beside Yoona to make the young girl sleep as she caringly brushed Yoona's hair with her warm gentle hands.

    Yoona asked her an unexpected question with her eyes closed.

    “unnie? can I call you my umma?” Yoona asked Jessica.

    “what makes you say that Yoona?” Jessica replied while brushing the young girl’s hair with her fingers.

    “because…. I don’t have an umma…. when i always ask Yuri unnie, she
    always just smile at me... i know Yuri unnie don't want me to be sad
    that's why Yuri unnie always takes care of me since I was little… she
    acts like my appa but loves me.......... Gorjess unnie......... will you
    be my umma?” Yoona said with the hint of loneliness on the young girl’s

    Jessica noticed how sad and lonely Yoona is despite of
    being energetic, she never knew the Yoona was longing for a parental

    “Poor girl……. so she never met her umma…. I guess I can be her umma…..” Jessica said to herself and smiled at Yoona.

    “of course Yoona…. I can be your umma…” Jessica said as she gave Yoona
    as kiss of the forehead before the young girl falls asleep.

    Before Jessica could go out of the room, Jessica heard Yoona unconsciously saying. “I love you umma….”

    It made Jessica smile and even she knew Yoona is now fast asleep, she replied back.

    “I love you too Yoona…”

    << - Music End - >>

    << - Flashback end - >>

    Sooyoung and Sunny were left speechless. This is the first time they
    heard Yoona’s vulnerable side. Because they always knew Yoona as an
    energetic girl and never shown any sadness or weakness.

    "i'm sorry if i let it all out... it's just i can still feel Yoona's
    hair in my hands the night i brushed her hair... the night i tucked her
    in.... oh god...Yoona........." Jessica said as she breaks in tears.
    Sooyoung comforted Jessica while Sunny can't handle the event have
    happen to Yuri's sister.

    Sunny couldn’t take the pressure and decided to go outside of the hospital for some fresh air while Sooyoung stayed behind.

    As Sunny got outside she saw someone familiar to her. It was Hyoyeon,
    supporting one of her subordinate. Seeing Hyoyeon in a police unit made
    her tensed and quickly hid herself on Sooyoung’s car by crouching on the
    other side. Sunny bypassed several minutes and heard the vehicle
    Hyoyeon went in, leaves. After she heard it’s completely gone, Sunny
    stood up.

    “I figured someone is hiding…. you're still the old playful one huh....
    How have you been Soonkyu?” and there she was, right in front of her,
    Hyoyeon looking at her.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 6 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 7

    “o-oh Hi Hyo! I’m fine I’m fine! And you?” Sunny nervously asked. “I’m
    good… anyway, why are you here? I’ve been trying to find you but your
    records are not updated… did you change your name?” Hyoyeon asked

    “Not really…anyway… I have a friend in here…. You know just visiting…”
    Sunny said. “but what about you? why are you here?” Sunny asked.

    Well…. I just helped one of my team checked up… we’re chasing a
    notorious criminal earlier but she escaped a while ago…..” Hyoyeon said.

    “oh I see……… what’s her name?” Sunny asked. “Kwon Yuri…….. that’s her
    name….. but one thing got me thinking though…… of all the notorious
    assassin…. Kwon Yuri is kind of different…. I mean… everytime my team or
    my police team gave chase… I’m always ending up losing some of my men…
    but Yuri….. it’s like she doesn’t even wanted to hurt any of us….”
    Hyoyeon said as she wonders.

    “don’t you think it’s a good thing? At least you don’t have to work on
    any of the paper works if someone from your team died.” Sunny said.

    “I guess you could say that… listen.. I gotta go Soonkyu… it was nice
    seeing you again…….. we should hang out sometime. Here’s my card, give
    me call if you have time…” Hyoyeon said before finally leaving. Sunny
    smiled and waved goodbye to Hyoyeon.

    “whew………I thought I was a goner………” Sunny said as Hyoyeon really leave
    the vicinity and lets out a sigh of relief. But as Sunny is going to
    return inside the hospital, her phone vibrates. She checked and it shows
    one message.

    “From: Boss
    To: Sunny
    You and Sooyoung, return back here and ii have a new assignment to both of you. no questions asked.”

    Sunny knew already the assignment that will be given to them.
    “Yuri….huh……” Sunny muttered as she walked back inside the hospital with
    a heavy feet.

    “Youngie…… the boss wants us to go back now……… new assignment…” Sunny said as if she had no interest in it.

    “…….so soon? But we can’t leave Sica here alone!” Sooyoung said. “I’m
    alright here Sooyoung…. My secretary / sister and her friend are coming
    her….” Jessica said. “you better go before your boss puts your head on
    his target list… if I hear anything from Yuri… I’ll contact you guys……….
    And thank you for trusting me with your secrets…..” Jessica smiled

    Sooyoung’s car, on their way back to the “office”

    “Sunny-ah….. you’re awfully quiet…. Did something happened?” Sooyoung
    asked. “pretty much Youngie… I’ve just met an old colleague…. Who
    happens to be chasing Yuri…… and I have a bad feeling about our new
    “assignment”………. Before anything else Youngie……… if I ever defected from
    the group…….. will you come with me?” Sunny asked without looking at
    the taller girl.

    “what the hell is wrong with you Sunny-ah…. It’s not like you to talk
    like this…” Sooyoung said. “yeah…. It’s not like me to talk like this…..
    it’s just…. Yoona’s death woke something up within from me…. plus….
    I’ll asked this instead………. If ever you crossed paths with Yuri right
    now…. are you prepared to face her despite of what happened to Yoona?
    believe me Youngie…. You know how Yuri loved Yoona….. even if Yuri
    disappeared, she won’t go disappearing silently about this….. not when
    her sister got involved…” Sunny said which made Sooyoung silent.

    “now you’re awfully quiet Youngie…… got you thinking about what I said?”
    Sunny asked. “it’s just….. I don’t know if I can face Yuri…. just as
    you said…. she will not remain silent about this…” Sooyoung replied.

    The “Office”

    “Sooyoung, Sunny I have a mission for you two…………. Here………… the two of
    you are going to work separately this time……..” their “boss” said as he
    gave them their next assignment.

    “open it after you leave my office… and I trust you two will complete your job efficiently… understood?” he said.

    Sooyoung and Sunny just gave their “boss” a bow before leaving the room.
    As they immediately closed the door behind them, they opened their

    Sooyoung gripped her file tightly as she saw her target is Yuri.
    “Sunny-ah…… you’re guess is right….. the boss wanted to kill Yuri…….”
    Sooyoung said. but as she looked at Sunny, the short girl is nowhere to
    be found. Sooyoung ran towards the reception area and asked Jiyoung.

    “Jiyoung-ah… have you seen Sunny?” Sooyoung asked. “hmmm I think I saw
    went to the locker room… or the armory? I’m not sure…. But she went that
    way as both armory and Locker room were just side-by-side….” Jiyoung
    said as she returned to her normal work.

    “Thanks Jiyoung-ah…” Sooyoung said as she went to look for Sunny.

    Sooyoung found Sunny in the armory but to her surprise, Sunny is packing
    her things, literally. “Sunny-ah…. What’s wrong?” Sooyoung asked.
    “Youngie…. I can’t take this anymore….. the system….. everything is
    f**ked up…. ever since the issue with Yuri started… I feel like
    something had changed…” Sunny replied without looking at Sooyoung and
    continues her packing.

    “Sunny-ah…. Please… I’ve already got problem on my assignment…. The “Boss” wanted me to kill Yuri…” Sooyoung said.

    “Youngie…….. your problem is just small compared to mine…. Do you know
    who is my target?” Sunny said as she throws the file folder on
    Sooyoung’s feet angrily. Sooyoung hesitated at first but decided to pick
    it up.

    “Jessica Jung
    Head director of S.M.E.N.T. as front
    Real identity: Femme Fatale
    Criminal Work: Serial Killer

    What the fu…. Sica is a Serial Killer? Since when?” Sooyoung surprising
    asked. “exactly my point Youngie…. Can you believe Sica is like that?”
    Sunny said as she finished packing her things on her duffle bag and
    tying it.

    “if I were you Youngie… I’d leave this place…” Sunny said as she hanged
    her duffle bag behind her. “but if we do… the boss will just track us
    down and kill us…” Sooyoung said.

    “it’s better than to living with all these lies Youngie…. Maybe it’s the
    reason why Yuri’s cousin, Boa, discovered on what she stole. That’s why
    the Boss wanted Yuri dead…. And maybe the reason he wanted Jessica dead
    is because she’s just simply related to Yuri…. don’t you get the
    picture Youngie?” Sunny explained.

    “B-But… you know we don’t have a place to go…… even if we do leave…. Where will we go?” Sooyoung said.

    “I’m going to find Yuri…. even if the chance is 1% over 99%..... I will
    find her…. I want to know the truth… I want to know what Boa said to
    Yuri…… make your choice Youngie……… I’ve already made up mine…..” Sunny
    said as she leaves the room.

    “my Bunny….. I’m sorry… I can’t simply turn my back away on this…….” Sooyoung said as she’s alone in the locker room.

    4 days have passed…….

    After the incident, Yoona’s body finally laid to rest as Jessica claims
    to be Yoona’s Kin. Krystal and Amber supported Jessica for taking care
    of funeral. Sooyoung and Sunny attended Yoona’s final resting place but
    neither of them are talking or looking at each other.

    Hours have passed, Jessica’s friends and co-workers from her work have
    finally left the cemetery, leaving only Sooyoung, Sunny, Krystal, Amber
    and Jessica in front of Yoona’s graveyard.

    “Here lies

    Kwon Yoona

    One Child

    loved by


    and always loved by her sister

    and her new Umma.”

    Jessica just stood there wearing a dark dress with her sunglass. She
    still couldn’t believe Yoona is actually gone. She loved the girl even
    if she just met her for a short time. “Yoona…. wherever you are…. Always
    remember that we love you….. and most importantly….your sister really
    loves you… I love you too Yoona…” Jessica said as she breaks in tears.
    Krystal and Amber calmed her immediately.

    “Unnie… let’s go home now… you need rest… you haven’t slept for days…..”
    Krystal said. “I’m fine Krys….” Jessica said with her head hanged low.

    “Sica….. what are your plans right now?” Sunny asked. “…….. I’ll leave
    first thing in the morning Sunny-ah…. I’ve already prepared a ticket to
    San Francisco…..” Jessica replied as she removed the sunglass and wiped
    her tears.

    “Unnie! but what about your work?” Krystal asked. “Krys……… I’m
    entrusting you and Emaber will handle thing when I’m gone…. I need some
    time to think….. can I trust you and Amber with that?” Jessica asked.

    “……or course Unnie…. you can count on us…” Krystal replied as she gave
    Jessica a hug. Several minutes have passed, Krystal and Amber went off
    leaving only Jessica, Sunny and Sooyoung.

    “S-Sunny-ah….” Sooyoung called Sunny. “are you still going to do this?”
    Sooyoung asked but Sunny didn’t answer which Jessica noticed a little
    strange for Sunny to act like that towards Sooyoung.

    “Youngie……… take my advice…….. find your friend Jiyoung a new job or
    even better…. A safe place….. come on Sica… I’ll give you a ride to the
    Hotel that the police provided you…” Sunny said, leaving Sooyoung alone
    again as Sunny and Jessica left. Minutes after, Sooyoung is still at
    loss at her decision. She liked Sunny but couldn’t decided since she was
    always obedient to her “boss”, that’s why she’s having a hard time
    deciding what’s the best decision to be made. Feeling lost, Sooyoung
    decided to head back to the “office” and for once, she took the short
    girl’s advice, to find Jiyoung a new job.

    1:23 A.M. Yoona’s Grave…….

    >> Click here to listen to the Music<<

    As the night progresses, one tall figure appeared in front of Yoona’s
    grave. “Yoong………. I’m sorry kiddo… I didn’t come earlier…..” as the ray
    of moonlight shines on the mysterious figure, it was Yuri, dressed in
    her black leather pants with dark gray tank-top, clad within her black
    leather jacket.

    Yuri knelt down as she puts a single piece of white rose on top of
    Yoona’s tombstone. “hey Kiddo…… I know you’re happy wherever you are
    right now……. because I know, you’re with umma and appa now…. don’t worry
    kiddo……… they will take care of you there alright……..” Yuri said while
    still kneeling in front of her sister’s grave.

    “Yoong? Did you know? I just wanted you to be happy as always….. I
    always wanted to see your smile… even though I maybe annoyed at your
    antics on how you set up some traps for me when I get home…… but…….. I
    LOVED EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF IT!” Yuri shouted as she starts to cry in
    front of Yoona’s grave.

    “Yoonaaaaaaaaaa……….” Yuri called for Yoona’s name as she grabbed a
    fistful of dirt beside Yoona’s grave and squeezed it real hard as she
    bent her sadness and sorrow.

    “Why did you have to go! I know I’m partly to blame! But you can’t go
    out on me like this!” Yuri said as she starts to pound the dirt with her
    bare fists.

    “I have so many things I wanted to do for you! I wanted to see you happy
    and always smiling! Go to a normal school! Enter to a high school! Then
    college! And when you grow up, I wanted you to find yourself a lucky
    man who will love you and have kids with you!” Yuri said as she’s now
    down on the ground crying all her grief.

    After Yuri cried all her tears out, she slowly stood up. “Yoong……… I’ll
    miss you…… I’ll miss my little angel choding…… goodbye Yoong……. I have
    to take care of someone…” Yuri said as she forcefully yanked her
    necklace from her neck containing her and Yoona’s picture inside it.

    Yuri gently placed in below Yoona’s tombstone. “Good bye Kiddo….. your
    unnie loves you no matter what…” Yuri said as she starts to walk away.

    << - Music end - >>

    But as Yuri turned around, she felt someone is staring at her. “it’s not
    good to spy on people you know….” Yuri said without facing the
    direction of someone staring at her.

    “I figured you’d come sooner or later Kwon Yuri…..” it was Hyoyeon.
    Hyoyeon gave the signal and Hara, Seungyeon and Gyuri came out,
    surrounding the tanned girl and aimed their guns at Yuri.

    “please detective………. I don’t have a quarrel with you………. as much as
    possible…….. I don’t want to hurt any of you……” Yuri said without moving
    an inch.

    “oh you don’t? I remember you already did… you hurt one of my subordinate….. that’s why she’s not here…” Hyoyeon said.

    “I didn’t mean that detective………. It’s just…… I don’t want to be caught yet………” Yuri said.

    Hyoyeon somehow felt Yuri is somewhat unpredictable on what the tanned
    girl will do, she signaled her team to put their weapons down. Although
    confused, they did what they’re told to.

    “I’ll let you slide for now Kwon Yuri………… in respect for your sister’s
    place….. but the next time we meet….. there’s no evading at that point…”
    Hyoyeon said as she signaled her team to make a way for Yuri.

    “Thank you detective………. Can I ask one and last favor?” Yuri said before
    walking away from them. “what made you think I’ll grant that?” Hyoyeon

    “because…….. my girlfriend’s life is in danger…… please…………. Can you…..
    can you escort her to the airport? She needs to go to San Francisco……”
    Yuri said.

    “………. I could do that……. but how do you know her life is in danger?”
    Hyoyeon asked. “because….. she’s related to me…… the one responsible for
    my sister’s death is also after her now……” Yuri said as she silently
    walked away.

    “…… you have my word Kwon Yuri….. and next time we meet…. You won’t be
    so lucky to escape us…” Hyoyeon said as the four of them went back to
    Hyoyeon’s Hummer.

    Hyoyeon’s Hummer……….

    “hey Cap……. Can I ask something?” Hara said. “what?” Hyoyeon replied.
    “we had Kwon Yuri a while ago….. but… why didn’t you gave us the order
    to capture her we all have our stun guns ready to fire at her…” Hara

    “Aish…. If I do that….. Seungyeon would be dead already with a bullet
    wound on her neck….” Hyoyeon said. “as you guys are focused on her, I’m
    observing her and you guys didn’t notice her gun’s laser pointer aimed
    at Seungyeon’s neck…” Hyoyeon replied which gave Seungyeon a goose bumps
    as she covers her neck with both of her hands.

    “scared? Believe me… I do too that’s why I ordered you guys to stand
    down…… and in additional info…. Miss Jung’s words got me thinking a
    while ago… grievance of an older sister…… let me ask you guys… if you
    have a sister whom you love so much right to your soul and then she got
    killed in an accidental gunshot……. What would you do?” Hyoyeon asked.
    None of them answered as all of them fell silent. They knew the answer
    and Hyoyeon noticed it.

    “exactly… hunt the person responsible…. By judging by Kwon Yuri’s
    action….. she’s already on the path of destruction….. I have a feeling
    we will be busy collecting dead bodies on the streets…” Hyoyeon said as
    she ended their conversation.

    2:30am KBS World Travelling Agency….

    “Jiyoung-ah……….. would you hurry up I’ll drive you home…. And did you do
    what I’ve asked you to do?” Sooyoung said as she fetch Jiyoung from the
    receptionist area.

    “I’m almost done Sooyoung-ssi……. But if I may ask…… why did you want me
    to file a resignation? I don’t mind the real work you do guys… I’ve also
    read the rules to keep quiet about it… and the pay is good…” Jiyoung

    “Jiyoung-ah……… I’ve already found you a true job…. A rightful one…
    although the pay isn’t good as this one… but it will keep you safe…”
    Sooyoung replied. “don’t worry… the Boss already agreed to it too… just
    remember the rules.. not to mention the real world here, got it?”
    Sooyoung added.

    “alright……… I’ll go get my things from the locker..” Jiyoung said as she
    hurriedly ran to the locker room. several minutes have passed, Jiyoung
    walked out from the locker room dressed in her office pants and clad
    only in her thick coat while wearing her hand warmers.

    “all set? Just leave your resignation letter on the counter…” Sooyoung
    said as both of them walked out in the front towards Sooyoung’s car.

    As they were nearing Sooyoung’s car, Sooyoung took her keys and
    deactivates her alarm but when Sooyoung pressed the unlocked, her car
    blew up sending her and Jiyoung into the bushed nearby.

    Both of them suffered some cuts, fortunately, Jiyoung was saved by her
    thick coat but unfortunately for Sooyoung, since she was dressed in her
    casual attire, she suffered many cuts.

    “SOOYOUNG-SSI!” Jiyoung hurriedly ran towards Sooyoung, although hurting
    from the blast, Jiyoung still went to Sooyoung who is still having a
    hard time standing up as she also suffer a large cut on her forehead,
    blood is dripping all over her face looking like she wears a crimson

    “SOOYOUNG-SSI!! HANG ON!!” Jiyoung shouted but as she got close to
    Sooyoung, she heard a clicking sound familiar to her right above her
    head. It was a sound of a gun ready to blast her head. Jiyoung shakes in

    *BANG!* Jiyoung heard a loud gunshot but to her surprise, she’s still
    alive and saw Sooyoung hold her gun as she shoots the assailant. After
    the assailant died, it was like a rain as a hail of bullets starts
    wheezing into the air.

    Although shaking in fear, Jiyoung feared for an injured Sooyoung who is
    now having a having time with her vision as blood is running down on her
    face. Jiyoung pulled Sooyoung into one of the car parked near them

    “save yourself Jiyoung-ah…. I’ll buy you time to escape…” Sooyoung said
    as they are now taking cover behind the car. Jiyoung could hear every
    bullet hitting the car where they are taking cover.

    “I can’t Sooyoung-ssi! Not with you like that!!” Jiyoung said. but
    Sooyoung forced Jiyoung as she aimed her gun at Jiyoung’s face.

    “I SAID GO!! I CAN’T LET YOU GET INVOLVED!!” Sooyoung shouted and
    Jiyoung ran in tears. Although weaken by the blast, Sooyoung forcefully
    stood up and ran to take cover back inside the KBS building as she
    return fire with the unknown assailants.

    Open Area, near the Shootings…..

    Jiyoung ran as fast as she could with her tears rolling down on her
    cheeks but just as she was going to take another step outside the
    vicinity, something hits her in face, sending her rolling on the ground.
    although hurting, Jiyoung managed to look what hit her, she saw 5
    unknown armed men in front of her and one of them is holding a thick
    piece of wood plank.

    “hey there girl…. where do you think you’re going? You think we’d let
    you escape as your friend distract them?” the man with the wooden plank
    said as he throws the plank behind him and pulled out his gun.

    As Jiyoung tries to stand up, she heard a suppressed gunshot followed by
    a stinging pain on her left leg. The man shot her in the leg.

    “Kang Jiyoung……….. as the Boss agreed to terminate your contract easily…
    this is what he meant since you’re linked to Agent Choi Sooyoung… who
    is linked with Kwon Yuri, the Boss decided to terminate you both.” The
    man said as he aimed at Jiyoung’s head.

    Jiyoung closed her eyes and waits for the sound of a gunshot that will
    send her life into the darkness. And then a couple of suppressed shots
    have fired and Jiyoung’s heart stopped beating for a second.

    “Jiyoung-ah……….. can you stand up?” Jiyoung looked up and saw Yuri extending her arm to assist Jiyoung to stand up.

    “I can’t…. they shot me in the leg… but don’t mind me Yuri-ssi…….. Sooyoung-ssi is in danger!” Jiyoung said.

    “yeah I know……….” Yuri said as she helped Jiyoung stand up and dragged her into her Ford Mustang GT that is parked nearby.

    Yuri’s Ford Mustang

    “Wait here and lay down, your wound is not deep just apply some
    pressure, I’ll get Sooyoung..” Yuri said as she leaves Jiyoung on her

    Front desk of KBS World Travelling Agency

    As Sooyoung tries to run towards the building, one of the men fired a
    rocket launcher and the front of the building exploded, sending Sooyoung
    flying into one of the car parked directly in front of it. cracks
    appeared on the car’s windshield as Sooyoung landed on it by her back.

    Sooyoung groaned in pain. She felt every joint and muscles in her body
    are aching as her grip on her gun loosen and eventually dropped on the

    “this is it I guess………… I can’t see a damn thing because of the blood…….
    Aish…. Why didn’t I left with my Bunny….. Sunny-ah… I’m sorry……..”
    Sooyoung said as she heard several footsteps running towards her.

    Sooyoung closed her eyes and she could tell that her time is up as she
    heard several guns clicking near her, she knew guns were being aimed at
    her battered body.

    “Agent Choi Sooyoung, the Boss said your contract is terminated as your
    partner Lee Sunny defected from the “group”…. Any last words?” the man

    “……….i do………….. could you please………… order me…………some large fries and a
    big mac from Mc Donalds….” Sooyoung said as she mocked the assailants.

    “…………………………………….. you’re seconds away to meet your maker and you’re
    still thinking about food?... well I did say last words… but I didn’t
    say I’ll grant it…. Choi Sooyoung………. You’re terminated…” the man said.

    Several shots were fired but it was not from the man and Sooyoung heard
    it clearly. It was a suppressed weapon coming from a handgun.

    h\CLick to to listen t the music<<

    “Y-Y-You’re………..KWON YURI!! EVERYONE KILL HER!!!” then man shouted and
    all of their attention turned to Yuri. before they could shoot Yuri,
    Yuri quickly pulled out her other gun and starts running for cover,
    diverting their attention away from Sooyoung as she head for the open
    space on the parking lot away from Sooyoung.

    Several members of assailants went after Yuri. As Yuri managed to get to
    cover, she fired back a couple of shots killing three of the assailants
    and Yuri took cover again behind the car.

    “USE THE ROCKETS!! USE THE ROCKETS!!!” the man shouted and 5 of them
    assailants brings out their rocket launcher. As Yuri saw it, she
    immediately, jumped out of her cover a she heard one of the rocket is
    being launched at her cover position.

    Yuri managed to evade the explosion in the nick of time but as she look
    at the shooters, one of the assailants with rocket launcher is already
    aiming at her but Yuri didn’t give the assailant to launch the rocket as
    Yuri skillfully shoots him right between the eyes causing him to aim
    upward before his nerves kicks in as he pulled the trigger sending the
    rocket straight up on the sky before dropping down from where it
    launched causing the remaining assailants with rocket launchers died in
    an instant.

    The remaining assailants lined up fires at Yuri with their guns, some of
    the bullets grazed Yuri but manages to take cover on the thick tree

    “DON’T STOP SHOOTING! SHE’S BEHIND THAT TREE!!” the man shouted and they
    continued firing making the thick tree look like it’s chopped down,
    Yuri had no choice but to move away from the tree.

    As Yuri began to ran, she also retaliated by firing back at the
    assailants, successfully killing four them. The assailants are now in a
    pinch as earlier, they were in 20 members and now they’re down to 6
    members, including the one commanding them.

    Yuri smiled devilishly seeing their numbers are now down to 6. Yuri
    mockingly went out of her hiding place and slowly walked towards them in
    the open.

    As one of the assailants aimed his gun to Yuri, he was greeted by a
    bullet that went through his eye, killing him instantly. As the
    remaining assailants saw it, they cower in fear as they Yuri is like a
    demon possessed with no fear of dying.

    “it seems you the only one left….” Yuri said to the man who is
    commanding earlier. “D-Don’t come any closer! If you do I’ll
    sho………*BANG!*…..AAAAAH!!” the man winced in pain as Yuri shoots his hand
    that is holding the gun on Sooyoung. Yuri walked towards him.

    As the man is trying to run away, Yuri shot his leg causing him to fall
    down on the ground, to make it worst, as he falls down, he unconsciously
    used his injured hand to break his fall but he winced in pain louder as
    the pain he’s feeling from his hand are unbearable. Yuri turned him
    around with his back lying on the ground using only her feet.

    << - Music End - >>

    “Where’s the boss?” Yuri asked. The man didn’t answer and just spits at her. “I AINT GONNA TELL!! B*TCH!!” the man said.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!” the man winced in pain as Yuri stepped on
    his injured hand and applying pressure on it. “I’ll ask one more
    time……….” Yuri asked as she reloads her gun.

    “SCREW YOU!!!” The man stubbornly replied. “wrong answer!” Yuri aimed at
    the man’s injured hand. “W-What are you doing? S-Stop! STOP!” the man
    watched in horror as he saw Yuri unloads all of the bullets on his hand
    making it look like his hand went into a meat grinder.

    The man pissed his pants due to the pain as she uncontrollably cried and
    begged for his life. “please spare me… I’ll tell you where he is………”
    the man said as Yuri stopped and reloads her gun again.

    “if I tell you….. please let me live………..” the man said as she pleaded
    for his life. Yuri stopped and looked at him. “where is he now?”

    “he just went to JYP…. Oh god my hand…. he was preparing and asking JYP
    for something… he’s looking for a certain girl….owww…. there I’ve said
    it now… please let me go… I’m losing blood here….” the man said as he
    held on his meat grinded hand. But as he was going to stand up, Yuri
    kicked him back on the ground

    “W-What are you doing? I’ve told you where he is! Just to let me live!!”
    the man said but Yuri just stared at him coldly and said; “I did
    remember you saying that………….. but did I agree?” Yuri said as she
    planted three bullets on the man’s head.

    “Y-Yul……..” Sooyoung weakly called Yuri. “hang in there… I got you
    buddy….” Yuri assisted Sooyoung back to her Ford Mustang GT where
    Jiyoung is waiting for them.

    “Ji-Jiyoung… where is…….. she….” Sooyoung asked the tanned girl. “she’ll
    live she’s in my car…” Yuri said as they managed to arrived at her car.
    Jiyoung saw Yuri and Sooyoung and eventhough she’s wounded, she also
    forced herself to assist Sooyoung back to the car and they sped off to a
    nearby hospital.


    As they arrived at the hospital, Sooyoung immediately went to a surgery
    because of her cuts and some shrapnels that is needed to be removed from
    her wounds.

    Jiyoung worriedly waited for Sooyoung’s condition when she noticed Yuri
    stood up. “Y-Yuri-ssi? Are you going to leave Sooyoung?” Jiyoung asked.

    “…….call Sunny….. I have an appointment to JYP……” Yuri said as she threw her phone to Jiyoung and disappeared like a ghost..

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 7 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 8


    Sunny arrived to the Hospital along with Jessica as soon she heard
    Sooyoung was hospitalized. As soon Sunny asked the reception to find
    Sooyoung, both of them hurriedly went to Sooyoung’s room and right
    outside Sooyoung’s room, Sunny saw Jiyoung also injured covered in
    patches and a bandage in her left leg.

    “Jiyoung-ah! What happened? Why are you like that? and why Youngie is in the hospital?” Sunny asked.

    “S-Sunny-ssi……. We’ve been attacked…… Sooyoung-ssi is severely injured….
    We would’ve died if Yuri-ssi didn’t arrive…” Jiyoung said while keeping
    her tears. “Sica… can you attend to Jiyoung? i……… I have to see
    Youngie….” Sunny said and Jessica just nodded.

    Upon entering Sooyoung’s room, Sunny felt her heart shattered as
    Sooyoung’s injured state. “Y-Youngie….. who did this to you….” Sunny
    said as her tears rolled down on her cheeks while caressing Sooyoung’s
    unconscious face.

    “Sunny-ssi…….. it was the Boss’ orders…….. he’s planning to terminate
    us…. Because we’re simply linked to Yuri-ssi…… and Jessica-ssi too, is
    on one of his hitlist…” Jiyoung suddenly butted in as Jessica supported
    her to come inside Sooyoung’s room.

    “………………….. Sica………. It seems we have to move your flight a bit earlier
    than I thought…” Sunny said as she clenched her fists so hard.

    “Damn them….. involving everyone….” Sunny said just then, she felt someone holding her hand. it was Sooyoung.

    “H-hey Sunny-ah…..” Sooyoung said weakly. “Youngie…. Jiyoung already
    told me what happened…. Good thing Yuri came in time to save you….”
    Sunny said as she brushed Sooyoung’s hair aside.

    “Sunny-ah….. the Boss already knew you defected……and he’s hunting
    everyone linked to Yuri….. we have to go lay low for a while….” Sooyoung

    “but where will we go?” Sunny asked. “you can stay with me on the
    hotel…… all of you..” Jessica suggested. Just as everyone is thinking on
    how to survive, Jiyoung accidentally turned the TV on as she
    unknowingly sat on the TV remote.

    “This is Reporter Park Kahi, Reporting live with my Cameraman, Uee,
    about the recent bombing in the KBS World Travel agency….” Sunny heard
    it. “Jiyoung-ah! Turn up the volume!” Sunny quickly said asn Jiyoung
    turned the Volume.

    “As you can see folks, Coroners are tirelessly collecting dead bodies as
    they put them in a body bag. Reports say this is the work of a Fugitive
    Criminal named Kwon Yuri. as you can see it here Live, this was once a
    peaceful parking lot until some local heard a gun shots and some
    explosion. As a proof, that local managed to capture a part of the
    gunfight through his or her Cell phone. Uee, Roll the footage please…..”
    the reporter said and next video clip shows Yuri, torturing a man on
    the ground.


    the video clip shows Yuri standing over at something while a voice of a
    man screaming in pain as if Yuri is torturing it with a gun pointed at
    the man.

    “I’ll ask one more time……….”

    Yuri’s question was clearly captured in the video clip. Jessica couldn’t
    believe the Yuri she’s seeing in the News. It’s totally different Yuri
    that she known since Yoona is still alive.

    Jessica felt a hurtful tug in her heart as she clenched her fist in the
    chest. “is that…… that Yuri, Sunny-ah?” Jessica nervously asks.

    “believe it or Not Sica……….. it’s really her… although this is also the first for us also to see Yuri acting like that…”

    “SCREW YOU!!!”

    The man shouted from the clip.

    “wrong answer!”

    the next video shows Yuri aiming at the man on the ground.

    “W-What are you doing? S-Stop! STOP!”

    man in ground shouted in pain as Yuri unloads all of the bullets on him.
    As the witness is still recording the incident, to the phone camera’s
    point of view, it looked like Yuri killed the man. Jessica felt her
    heart stopped as for the first time, she saw Yuri’s face full of hatred
    and anger as she unload the bullets on the man. All of them could hear
    the man screaming in pain.

    As all of them were left speechless about Yuri’s action, they all
    thought the man was dead, but their worries somewhat brightens when they
    heard then man talked again.

    “please spare me… I’ll tell you where he is………”

    the man on the video said as Yuri stopped and reloads her gun again.

    “if I tell you….. please let me live………..”

    the man said as he pleaded for his life.

    “where is he now?”

    Yuri asked.

    “he just went to JYP…. Oh god my hand…. he was preparing and asking JYP
    for something… he’s looking for a certain girl….owww…. there I’ve said
    it now… please let me go… I’m losing blood here….”

    the man said with his voice cracking up as the video saw the man
    standing up, holding his hand completely decimated but as he was going
    to stand up, Yuri kicked him back on the ground

    “W-What are you doing? I’ve told you where he is! Just to let me live!!”

    the man said but Yuri just stared at him coldly and said:

    “I did remember you saying that………….. but did I agree?”
    Yuri said as she planted three bullets on the man’s head and walked away like nothing happened.

    And the video clip ended leaving all of them speechless. Jessica fainted at the pressure of the events.

    “SICA!!” Sunny shouted but good thing Jiyoung is close to Jessica to catch the blonde girl before she hits’ the floor.

    “Sunny-ah… we need to get out of here….. fast….” Sooyoung said as she
    tries to stand up. “you’re still injured Youngie!” Sunny said.

    “I’d rather be injured than to be killed like a dead beat dog
    Sunny-ah….” Sooyoung said as she forcefully pulled the dextrose needles
    off from her arm. Sunny didn’t argue because she knew the tall girl’s
    personality. When Sooyoung says it, she really mean it.

    “Jiyoung-ah….. I’m sorry my tall shikshin friend dragged you into
    this……. Instead of living your life as a simple receptionist on the town
    hall…. You’re innocently being dragged in this mess…” Sunny said as she
    took a peek outside Sooyoung’s room.

    “I’m fine Sunny-ssi…….. to tell you the truth……… whether simple life or
    not….. I enjoy being with you guys…. So I don’t mind… just …. I don’t
    know if I can be of any help to all of you…..” Jiyoung explained.

    “Jiyoung-ah………. Come with us…….” Sooyoung said. “B-But what about the work you said earlier?” Jiyoung asked.

    “Your mind is still set on that? look Jiyoung-ah… that can wait…….. even
    if we manage to get out of here……. They will just find you when you
    least expect it…… for now……… come with us….” Sooyoung said. Jiyoung
    didn’t say a thing.

    “Jiyoung-ah…. Can you carry Jessica?….. we’re getting out of here……
    NOW!” Sunny said as she pulls out her G18 and handed Sooyoung a Desert

    Sunny’s G18

    Sooyoung’s Desert Eagle

    “Sunny-ah? We’re in the hospital….. why are you pulling out guns?”
    Sooyoung asked as she carefully wear a doctor coat that is hanging at
    the door.

    Before Sunny could answer, they heard gunshots followed by screams
    across the hallway. “that’s the reason I’m pulling out a gun Youngie…..
    listen……. I’ll try to hold them off you protect Sica and Jiyoung… NO
    BUTS!” Sunny said.

    Sunny signaled Jiyoung to take cover behind her as they heard and also
    suspected that it’s the Group’s work, one by one they heard opening
    several rooms. What made them more aware is that everytime they heard a
    door open, it was followed by a series of gunshots.

    “I guess they really want us dead huh…” Sooyoung said as she prepares.
    Jiyoung tightens her grip on Jessica’s wrist and waist as she prepares
    to run at Sunny’s command.

    As they wait they heard the room door next to them slammed opened and
    followed by a gunshots. “Youngie…. This is it……. Jiyoung-ah…. Get ready,
    when I say run, you three run..” Sunny said as she took off the safety
    of her gun

    All of them prepares for the worst as they heard the door slammed open
    and followed by a series of gunshot. Fortunately, they already took
    cover on the wall near the door.

    “Tch! The room’s empty!” the man said as he stop shooting and saw no one
    is in the room. “it’s impossible that it’s empty, look, the ECG is
    still running, they’re on the run, they know were coming!” the other man

    “who say we’re on the run? We were about to run dummy!” Sunny said as
    she surprised their assailants and shoot them several times before they
    dropped dead.

    “RUN!” Sunny shouted and Sooyoung and Jiyoung ran while carrying Jessica
    over her shoulder with Sunny following after them towards the elevator.

    “OVER HERE!!! I HEAR THEM!!” Sunny heard another batch of assailants.
    “Youngie……. Here!” Sunny throws her key to her car. “don’t stop running,
    as soon as you get to my car, go on without me….” Sunny said as she
    lean against the corner wall and cocked her gun.

    “Sunny-ah! I can’t leave you!” Sooyoung said. “Youngie, you’re in no
    condition to fight, Jiyoung and Sica are vulnerable targets…… you need
    to protect them.” Sunny said as she forcefully pushed the three girls
    inside the elevator as it opens.

    “SUNNY-AH!!” Sooyoung shouted. “Don’t worry Youngie…….. I promise I’ll
    be ok… and I intend to keep it….. besides……… I know you have something
    to say to me….. because I can sense it….” Sunny said as she waved
    goodbye while smiling cutely to Sooyoung as the elevator door closed.

    “the elevator! They’re in the elevator!!” one of the men shouted and
    Sunny surprised them by instantly coming out of the wall corner and
    shooting them.

    “you want to get them? You’re gonna have to get through me first!” Sunny
    said as she slid another extended clip on her G18 and starts running
    towards them as she shoots at them.

    KBS World Travel Agency Parking Lot….

    Hyoyeon arrived along with Hara and Gyuri and the three of them were
    speechless at the scene. “C-Cap…… did………did world war 3 just happened?”
    Hara asked.

    Hyoyeon didn’t answer as she scanned the whole area, multiple cars have
    been riddled with bullet holes, several pieces of body parts scattered
    due to explosions, the building front area is in ruins while the walls
    have bullet holes riddled in the surface.

    Coroners are all over the place, putting dead bodies in the body bags.
    Hara and Gyuri don’t know where to start working as they all know only
    one person who could’ve done this but they never imagined that this
    would be bad.

    “……….Yuri…… what the hell happened to you………” Hyoyeon could only muttered as she and her team investigates the area.

    “Cap………I’ve got a call from HQ…… Seoul General Hospital has been
    attacked… Nicole said there’s a shooting incident happening over there…”
    Gyuri said.

    “Tsk!.........*sigh* come on……… we need to stop this…rampage…” Hyoyeon
    said as the three of them took of leaving the works to the local police.

    Hospital Parking area…..

    Sooyoung, Jiyoung and now finally awake Jessica manage to arrive at the
    Parking lot area and reached Sunny’s car without any trouble.

    “Sooyoung-ssi! Are we going to leave Sunny-ssi back there?” Jiyoung
    asked. “Jiyoung-ah… believe me if Sunny said she’ll follow, she keeps
    her words….now buckle up…. we’re getting out of here….. ow…” Sooyoung
    explained as she tries to start the car, she winced in pain as her
    injuries are still fresh. Jessica noticed Sooyoung’s wounds are bleeding

    “Sooyoung! Move at the back with Jiyoung and I’m driving…… you bleeding
    again… Jiyoung-ah… assist Sooyoung back there…” Jessica said as Sooyoung
    just followed Jessica’s idea. True enough as soon she transferred at
    the back, Sooyoung instantly passed out due to her injury.

    As Jessica revved up the engine, some of the assailants showed up in
    front of them and unleashed a rain of bullets right in front of the

    “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Jessica and Jiyoung shouted as Sunny’s car
    got hit by several bullets but as soon the shootings stopped, they both
    opened their eyes and they’re still alive.

    Jessica smiled at the thought. “heh! Bullet proof glass……….
    Jiyoung-ah…hang on tight…. This will be a bumpy ride!” Jessica said as
    she stepped hard on the gas pedal making Sunny’s car tires, burn rubber
    and dashed off like a speeding bullet, ramming several of their

    “J-J-Jessica-ssi….you….you’ve killed them!!” Jiyoung said as she watched
    the two men flew in air and dropped dead on the ground as Jessica
    rammed them.

    “Jiyoung-ah…. It’s either us or them…. Which choice should you
    prefer?.....” Jessica said as she sped off to get outside the parking

    As Jessica still trying to get to the parking lot exit, they noticed
    that almost every available member of the “group” are there as some of
    them along the way is shooting at them.

    “Jiyoung-ah! We’re nearing the exit! hold Sooyoung tight and don’t talk!
    you might bite your tongue!” Jessica said as she gritted her teeth and
    revved up the car to 150 km/h towards the parking exit gate, ramming the
    chain shutter and the car jumped as the parking area exit are upwards.

    As the car landed, Jessica stopped in a nearby bush to conceal the car. “Jessica-ssi? Why are we stopping?” Jiyoung asked.

    “we can’t leave Sunny alone….. if we do, Sooyoung will be devastated…”
    Jessica replied as she lets out a big sigh. Then someone knocked on the
    car window on the passenger side.

    “yah! Open the door!” it was Sunny. “That was some slick driving moves
    Sica….. I never thought you could drive like that!” Sunny said as she
    sat on the passenger seat beside Jessica.

    “Sunny….. your hair……….” Jessica said as she pointed Sunny’s semi-burnt
    hair. “Oh this? Well you see…….. on my way out here… I kind of dropped
    my guard as my way out is blocked with several assassins…….. I had to
    improvise and used up too much oxygen tanks and as it exploded, the fire
    caught it…… don’t worry about it though… I was planning to cut my hair
    short… so think of it as a start……” Sunny chuckles and they all left the
    Hospital filled with dead bodies of the “group” member inside it.

    JYP Building. 10:47 PM….

    After the news has been spread on the national TV, JYP is now under
    heavy guard as he summoned all his body guards. He placed 40 guards on
    the parking lot, 25 guards on the main lobby of his Building and 10
    guards on his pent house where he is staying.

    At the ground floor, several guards at patrolling the area. “Man…. JYP
    is really scared sh*t on his pants…. Summoning almost all of us just for
    a one woman who is hell bent on rampage…” one of the guard said.

    “it seems you haven’t heard or seen the news yet? That ONE woman you’re
    talking about… she took out 20 gunmen by herself….” The other guard

    “So what? 20? It’s a small number! I bet that woman wouldn’t do a sh*t
    if she saw out numbers heheheh!” the other guard replied back as he put a
    cigarette on his mouth but as he lights up a single piece of match
    stick, it instantly died preventing him to light his cigarette.

    “…damn wind….” He thought as he lights another piece of match stick and
    immediately died out again. “what the…. Hey man cut the crap! Don’t blow
    the light!” the guard complained. “the f*ck you’re talking about?! I
    ain’t blowing your light!” the guard retorted. “whatever man……..” the
    guard turned around and successfully lights up his cigarette. Little did
    he know, it was Yuri who is putting out the fire as he lit his match
    stick by shooting it accurately.

    The other guard is laughing at the other guard as he try so hard to
    light his cigarette. The man turned around as he suspects the slight
    wind is putting out the fire.

    As he successfully lit his cigar, he heard a couple of suppressed shots
    and his companion dropped dead on his side. As he saw going to reach for
    his rifle, he felt a gun aimed at his temple.

    “don’t you dare reach for that gun or you die….” it was too late as Yuri
    got close to him. due to his nervousness, he dropped his cigarette.
    “W-What do want…” he asked.

    “is your boss in here?” Yuri asked with a serious tone. “he’s inside….
    You know even if you got inside… you won’t reach him….. he stationed
    many guards….. hahahaha” the man chuckled. I don’t care about the
    guards…….. my target is your boss…” Yuri said.

    “HAH! Don’t make me laugh…. You won’t even set your foot on the
    entrance! There are many guards in front!” the man said. “I can arrange
    that…. thanks for the info…” Yuri said as she shot the man in the head.

    >> Click here to listen to the Music<<

    Yuri casually walked towards the building entrance knowing there were
    guards in place. As she’s nearing the entrance, one guard spotted her.

    “IT’S KWON YU…………” the man didn’t finish his words as Yuri shot him
    quickly. Before the other guards could notice, Yuri dashed towards them
    and gave them one bullet each in the head, killing 10 guards stationed
    in the entrance instantly. It’s the exact moment Yuri’s hand gun clip
    emptied and slid a new one.

    As Yuri opened the entrance door, an alarm goes off. “great…… so much
    for stealth…” Yuri muttered as she starts to walk inside knowing enemies
    are going to storm where she is as she holds two M1911 with suppressors
    on each hand.

    As she got into the lobby part of the building, she heard several foots
    steps running towards her direction. Yuri took cover into one of the
    pillars and planted some remote C4 charge in it and throws a different
    C4 charge with a sticky clay with it into another pillar causing it to
    stick on the other pillar.

    As the whole batch of guard appears, Yuri drew the first shot hitting 3
    guards dead in the chest. The remaining guards returned fire and Yuri
    immediately took cover on the opposite site of the pillars. Yuri knew
    there are guards above her and quickly, pulls out a grenade and throws
    it on the second floor and immediately ran out into another side and
    seconds after, the grenade exploded sending several guards from the
    second floor to their death.

    The rest of the enemy squad is surprised at Yuri. They didn’t expect a single person could cause so much damage.

    guards shouted as he pointed at Yuri’s hiding place. They didn’t know
    they were too close on the first remote C4 charge that Yuri planted.

    Yuri saw it and smiled. As she’s still being hailed by the bullets, she
    grins. “Yuri goes up and Yuri goes down….Yuri goes round and round…..”
    Yuri sang a song as she pulled out the remote. “Yuri goes up and Yuri
    goes down.……. POP!” Yuri pushed the remote and the first C4 charge
    exploded killing many of them in one blast. “goes the weasel….” Yuri
    grinned as she ended her “song.”

    The stationed 25 guards inside are now down to two. Yuri stepped out and
    casually walked like it was nothing. The remaining two guards were
    nervously hiding in the two pillars near the elevator. Yuri knew and
    just grinned.

    As she got past the two pillar, Yuri spreads both of her arms and shoots
    the two remaining guard dead and walked towards the elevator while
    whistling like she’s having a walk in the park.

    JYP witnessed it all in his CCTV in his office, JYP didn’t expect Yuri
    would be this good as if she’s having a walk in the park. JYP knew what
    would happen if Yuri got to him.

    “you guys! Stop Kwon Yuri at all costs!!! She already wiped out the
    entire squad in the main lobby area!! She’s coming here!!” JYP said as
    he pushed something on his table and revealed a secret passage towards
    his escape. JYP’s men readied their guns while they all waited for Yuri
    to come in the door.

    They waited for 15 minutes but Yuri didn’t come. All of them looked at
    each other. “hey… check outside!” one of the guards ordered one of his
    fellow guard who is close to the door. “why me? you’re the one who
    thought about it….YOU open it!” the guard being ordered retorted. “what?
    You scared?” the other guard spoke.

    “FINE! Bunch of scaredy cats…” the guard who is close to the took a
    peek. As he opened the door, he was greeted by Yuri’s bullet killing him
    instantly. The remaining 9 guards saw what happened and opened fire at
    the door. All of them were panicking and on the edge as they felt
    somewhat they’re fighting a losing battle against one person. After 5
    minutes of barraging their bullets on the door, they stopped as their
    magazines are empty.

    As they’re panicking and nervous, they were all panting heavily, waiting
    for Yuri’s body to fall down dead, in hoping they got her in their 5
    minute of bullet barraging earlier. As all of them were totally quiet,
    they all heard something rolling of the ground. Two HE grenades

    “HE GRENADES!!!!” one of the guards shouted but it was too late, the HE
    grenade exploded causing some of them flying out of the window office
    and some of them were killed as a pile of rubble dropped on them.

    << - Music End- >>

    Yuri appeared as she checks the whole room and saw JYP is not in there.

    As she was going to go back outside, she heard someone coughed. She
    turned around and saw one of the guard is hanging his life on a thread.
    Yuri aimed her gun at him. “Where’s your Boss?” Yuri asked.

    “h-he….es-escaped…… a….. w-whi—while…..ago……” the man replied. “you have
    any idea where is he going?” Yuri asked. “i……I don’t…………..k-know…..
    he…..just es…..caped…” the man replied. “Thank you…” Yuri said as she
    end the man’s suffering by shooting him on the chest.

    Just then Yuri heard a car screeching it way out of the compound. She
    knew it was JYP, Yuri hurriedly ran towards the front side of the
    building and from the second floor, she saw JYP’s car is almost escaping
    the vicinity. Yuri pulled out her M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle and
    shoots JYP’s car wheel, causing the car to stumble to its side and
    rolling over for about 4 rotations before it stopped looking like a can
    of crushed soda.

    M200 Intervention

    JYP tried to escape by foot as he managed to get out of his crumpled car
    but failed as he’s feeling groggy and his legs have given up on him. as
    he turned around, he saw Yuri slowly walking towards him.

    In desperation, JYP pulled out his gun but as he aimed at Yuri, Yuri
    shoots his gun away from his hand. JYP winced in pain on the force of
    impact. As he looked up again, Yuri is already standing in front of him,
    aiming her gun at his face.

    “W-What do you want!!” JYP said. “…….the boss….. where is he?!” Yuri
    said as she cocked her gun. “WAIT WAIT WAIT!! Don’t SHOOT!! I’LL TELL
    YOU WHERE HE IS!! Just don’t Kill me!!” JYP pleaded for his life.

    Yuri didn’t talk but instead she holstered her handguns and helped JYP stand up and gently leaned him on a tree nearby.

    “where is he?” Yuri asked. “he… went to a country….. he didn’t tell me….
    where…. But he’s looking……… for a child…… I don’t know why…… but he
    said something like…………. That child holds the key………… on some treasure
    of…..something……aaah…” JYP explained as he winced in pain.

    “is that all?” Yuri asked. “yes…. That…… all he said to me……………” JYP
    replied as he winced in pain again. “last question………… the Boss’ real
    name………..” Yuri asked.

    “I can’t give you that!! he’ll kill me!!” JYP pleaded but Yuri’s face
    became more fierce than ever. “I’ll personally kill you first if you
    don’t give me his name!” Yuri said as she shoved her gun into JYP’s

    “HOLHRAYT HOLHRAYT!! HAYL THELL HYU!!” JYP talked with Yuri’s gun still on his mouth. “talk!” Yuri said.

    “his name is Jeon Hyeon Mu…… I can’t give you his exact location Kwon Yuri…… he has many branches….” JYP said.

    “thank you……… as a part of my bargain…………. I will not kill you………” Yuri said and turned her back on JYP.

    “instead…….. you will make your choice………. I’ll give you two choice….
    Live or die………” Yuri said as she gave JYP a strong kick on his gut
    section causing him to crouch in pain.

    “Damn you Kwon Yuri………..” JYP cursed Yuri while clutching his gut
    section. Yuri didn’t talk but instead she pulled two explosives, a land
    mine and a trip mine, which made JYP shakes in fear.

    “Wh-What are you doing?” JYP asked as he watch Yuri planted a land mine
    in a nearby tree. As JYP is going to run, Yuri quickly shoots his right
    leg to prevent him to run. JYP winced in pain but Yuri helped him up and
    made him step on the land mine with his wounded leg.

    “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!” JYP shouted as he is now shaking not
    because of fear but because of his injured leg standing on the landmine.

    “You’ll regret this Kwon Yuri…..”JYP gritted his teeth in anger as he felt Yuri betrayed him by setting him up in a landmine.

    “Hold up your right hand…..” Yuri said coldly. JYP didn’t do. *BANG!*
    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YOU SONUVA…………….” JYP Shouted in pain as Yuri shot
    him in his right arm.

    “You can’t use you right arm now… if you would… hold up your left arm….
    If you don’t I’ll shoot too…” Yuri said. JYP shakingly held up his left
    arm then to his surprise, Yuri slapped something in his hand. As he
    looked at it, his eyes widened in horror as he realize it was a trip

    Yuri sets it up by tying a thin line on a tree branch with exact length of trip mine’s height where JYP holds it up.

    “damn you Kwon Yuri……” JYP said as he realize he’s dead either way. “YOU SAID YOU WON’T KILL ME!!!” he shouted.

    “don’t get me wrong JYP…… I’m not the one killing you….. it’s you who
    will kill yourself… want me to explain? If you release your footing on
    this landmine…. You will explode….. and this trip mine on your hand….
    the string attached to the trigger… if the trigger has been pulled off,
    you will also explode… so I’ll hold out if I were you….” Yuri said as
    she took out her phone.

    “W-What are you doing?” JYP asked. “I’m calling the police…. In your
    injured condition just pray you can hold out long until they arrive…”
    Yuri said leaving JYP in a torturous position.

    “DAMN YOU KWON YURIIIII DAMN YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” JYP Shouted as he watched Yuri walked away from him.

    As Yuri is in a safe zone, she heard an explosion behind her as she was
    going to contact the police. “….. I guess he didn’t last long…” Yuri
    said as she disappeared on the compound leaving the JYP Area building in
    total ruins.


    Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung and Jiyoung arrived on Jessica’s room. “you can
    put Sooyoung on the bed… Jiyoung-ah…. Help Sunny tend Sooyoung…. I’ll
    try to contact Detective Kim Hyoyeon…” Jessica said. Sunny jolted up
    upon hearing Hyoyeon’s name.

    “NO DON’T!!” Sunny shouted which caused everyone to look at her. “why?” Jessica asked.

    “well………. Hyo and I go waaay back… she don’t know I have this kind of
    job…..” Sunny explained. Jessica’s eyes widened in surprise.

    “You knew the Detective Kim Hyoyeon? Aigoo….. Sunny-ah…….. she’ll escort
    me later to the airport!” Jessica said which made Sunny frozen from
    where she stood.

    Then the door slammed open and everyone looked at it to see who it was.
    “Jiyoung-ah…. You will go with Sica…. I’ll be taking Sunny and
    Sooyoung….. we will be following you in San Francisco….” It was Yuri.
    Jessica’s heart jumped tenfold to see Yuri again as she was going to hug
    the tanned girl, Yuri stopped her.

    “let’s save the reunion first… we have to get out of here now…. I’m
    afraid that detective Hyoyeon will not be coming…… to escort you Sica…..
    I’ve left some mess for her to clean up….” Yuri said.

    “B-But how did you manage to get past the security?” Jessica asked. “they’re dead…” Yuri said which shocked them.

    Y-Yuri… y-you didn’t…. tell me you didn’t…” Jessica asked as her voice
    is breaking up. “rest assured.. I didn’t kill them… when I got here….
    Everyone on the lobby and reception are dead…..” Yuri said.

    “and all them are killed by throwing knives…” Yuri added. “then that
    means………” Sunny was going to say the name but Yuri finished her
    sentence. “your guess is right Sunny-ah……… GD is here….” Yuri said.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 8 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 9

    “of all the people….GD…. the group’s most ruthless assassin….. next to
    Tiffany……..” Sooyoung said. “Ruthless?” Jessica asked as she packed her
    thing in her bag. “yeah…… although he’s a bit comical and clumsy…… he
    always execute his mission swiftly and efficiently…… if he’s on our tail
    then I guess we better pray that we’re still alive to see another day…”
    Sooyoung explained.

    “Y-Yuri……” Jessica looked at Yuri who is sitting on a couch looking like
    doing some meditation as her eyes are closed. Jessica wanted to talk to
    Yuri but as she’s going to touch Yuri, Sunny stopped her hands from
    reaching Yuri.

    “Sica don’t! Yuri is putting herself in a trance…. Dealing with GD won’t
    be easy……” Sunny said. “B-But…but…..” Jessica wanted to hug Yuri but
    she decided not to as she knows she’ll break Yuri’s mediation.

    “Sica…. I know you want to give Yuri some support but….. as I’ve said GD is not easy to handle….” Sooyoung said.

    “Sooyoung-ssi….. this is the first time I’ve heard about GD person…. What is his style?” Jiyoung said.

    “Jiyoung-ah……… you mostly knew all of us use guns…. But GD always use
    throwing knives. Underneath his coat and clothes, almost all of his body
    had a concealed throwing knives all over his body….” Sooyoung said.

    “then all Yuri-ssi have to do is draw out all if his knives right?”
    Jiyoung said. “Wrong…’s the thing Jiyoung-ah……… back then before I
    tug you in our group, GD had his both arms removed and replaced it with
    mechanical arms covered with synthetic skin to look like a normal
    person but those arms also have a concealed throwing knives… and his arm
    has a system which he can retrieve all of his knives since all off his
    throwing knives have a certain chip embedded which only allows only him
    to control the knives movements….” Sooyoung said.

    “in short Jiyoung-ah….. GD will never ran out of throwing knives” Sunny followed Sooyoung’s words.

    Hearing Sooyoung and Sunny’s explanation, Jessica feared for Yuri’s
    impending battle. Sunny and Sooyoung were too absorbed on treating
    Sooyoung’s wounds, Jessica walked towards Yuri.

    “Y-Yuri…………” Jessica called with a slight fear in her tone. Yuri opened
    her eyes and didn’t move. “Y-Yuri….. say something… you’re scaring me…”
    Jessica said. Yuri heard Jessica and looked at her.

    “Sica….. go with Sooyoung…. Take Jiyoung with you when you meet
    Tiffany…. I’ll stall GD for you guys…. Sunny… I’ll trust everyone with
    you..” Yuri said as she slid a new full clip of magazine into her M1911
    with suppressor.

    “Yuri!” Jessica held Yuri’s hand tightly indicating she don’t want Yuri
    to fight with GD. “I don’t want you to fight him! come with us!” Jessica
    said. Instead of answering Jessica, Yuri just gave Jessica as kiss on
    the lips.

    “Sica…. Take that as my part of insurance… I promise I’ll be back to
    complete that kiss…” Yuri said as she stepped cautiously outside
    Jessica’s room.

    Upon stepping outside, everything is quiet and dead bodies are
    everywhere with a knife wound on each victim. Yuri knew every dead
    bodies died instantly as all of them have a knife wound on the head.
    Thinking GD is still looking for them, Yuri took the chance and signaled
    everyone so quietly come out and hurries towards the elevator.

    “quick! Everyone to the elevator!” Yuri said. Jessica and Jiyoung
    supported Sooyoung who is still having trouble running due to her injury
    while Sunny is keeping an eye out in front and Yuri on the back.

    As they were coming in close to the elevator, several armed men complete
    with Kevlar armor, showed up. “OVER THERE!!! AFTER THEM!!” and in an
    instant, all of them are in for the run in their lives except Yuri who
    stayed behind.

    “Yuri!” Jessica called but Yuri just gave Jessica a smile. “I’ll follow
    you…I promise….” That was the last word Jessica heard from Yuri before
    the elevator door closed completely.

    Jessica wanted to cry again but decided not to. She tries to be strong
    since in her mind, she knew Sunny can’t handle everything alone.

    “Sunny-ah…. Teach me how to use this gun!” Jessica said with a serious
    face as she grabbed the Desert eagle from Sooyoung’s hand. “Sica….just
    let me handle this… I can manage to get us out of here alive.” Sunny
    said but Jessica didn’t flinch.

    “teach me….NOW!” Jessica said as she gave Sunny a nasty stare which somewhat made Sunny shivers at Jessica’s stare.

    “A-Alright…. here you just have to hold the handle firmly and be careful
    Sica, this kind of gun packs a lot of recoil so always keep your arms
    straight when shooting and to save you the trouble of aiming….i’ll let
    you use this…” Sunny pulls out a laser sight attachment and attached it
    on the Desert Eagle that Jessica is going to use.

    “I didn’t know you had laser sight Sunny-ah…” Sooyoung said. “I always
    carry my spares… in fact I have 9 of them…. Including the one I attached
    on Jessica’s….” Sunny replied.

    “Sica……… first things first……. You’ll be shooting a real people you
    know…. I just hope you’re prepared to enter our world of conscience…”
    Sooyoung said which made Jessica startle a bit.

    “World………..of……….conscience?” Jessica asked. “yeah… even though they’re
    bad guys Sica….. they still have their own lives and families…” Sooyoung

    Jessica fell silent for a short while and replied back. “I don’t
    care…….. they already involved Yoona and Jiyoung…… and also me…… what do
    I have to lose?” Jessica said as she cocked her gun. And all of them
    waited for the elevator to arrive at the parking lot underground.


    Yuri leaned on the corner wall as she take cover in the midst of bullets
    raining towards her. “damn it…. if only I have some grenades or
    something..” Yuri said.

    Yuri wanted to return fire but couldn’t as everytime she tries to shoot
    back, the gunmen are already waiting for her to peek and shoot.

    “Kwon Yuri! This is the Police! Surrender peacefully now or we will take
    drastic counter-measures!” one of the gunmen shouted. Yuri looked and
    saw it was the police and noticed their uniforms, they’re fully armed
    with multi layered Kevlar vest and fully geared.

    “In your dreams! You can’t make me!” Yuri replied as she’s still hiding
    on the corner wall. “ok…. Do it..” the commanding officer of the police
    said and one of his men throws a tear gas grenade towards her hiding

    Yuri was caught off guard as the gas starts to spread all over her
    place. Yuri starts coughing continuously. With no choice, Yuri suddenly
    stepped out of her hiding place only to realize she’s wide open in front
    of them.

    “FIRE AT WILL!” the commanding officer shouted and once again a barrage
    of bullets rains on Yuri. although her vision is getting blurry due to
    the tear gas, Yuri managed to ram into one of the rooms nearby merely
    escaping her death. Yuri wanted to fight but as her vision is still
    blur, she decided to retreat for a while.

    Yuri locked the broken hotel room door by barricading it with tables and
    chairs and anything heavy enough to hold the door. She heard some of
    the police wanted to get in as they banging the door with something

    “I’ve got to…*cough*cough* escape…. But how…” Yuri said as she tries clearing her vision by splashing some water on her eyes.

    Then all of a sudden, Yuri heard gunshots. ‘KWON YURI!!! YOU’LL NEVER
    ESCAPE!!!” Yuri heard the Commanding officer’s voice as they are now
    shooting the door in order get in. Yuri had to think fast as she noticed
    the bed covers and bed sheets. Yuri knew what to do.

    Yuri tied the bed sheets and covers together to form an improvised rope.
    As Yuri finished tying up the covers and sheets together, Yuri tied the
    other end on her waist and the other end on the bed frame.

    After she tied the other end securely, exactly she was running towards the window jump, the Police busted in at the same time.

    “FIRE AT WILL! SHE’S ESCAPING!!” the commander shouted, his men fire at
    Yuri as she jumped and one bullet managed to hit Yuri on the said of her
    waist. Yuri winced in pain as her body slammed on the window below room
    she jumped from. Although bleeding, Yuri rappelled away from the window
    and as she comes closer again, she shoots the window five times in
    order to successfully break inside the vacant room.

    As she crashed inside the vacant room, Yuri winced again in pain as she starts to bleed again from her wound.

    “Dammit Yuri… you promised Sica!!!” Yuri said to herself. Although
    wounded and bleeding, Yuri ignored the pain and head towards the door to
    go out. Noticing she’s locked inside, Yuri shot the door lock to open
    the door. Clutching her wounded area in her waist, Yuri is having
    trouble standing up.

    But another problem appeared as she walked out of the room, as she
    checked the elevator area on the floor, she saw GD Looking at her.

    “GD….” Yuri called GD but GD didn’t answer, instead he pulled out eight
    throwing knives and he prepares it on his hands as the knives were
    placed between his finger gaps.

    “Yuri………. prepare yourself!” GD shouted as he started running towards Yuri.

    Yuri just stood there and aimed her gun at GD but before Yuri could pull
    the trigger, GD already launched his knives at Yuri’s direction.

    But to her surprise, GD’s knives flew past her, hitting the group police all in their heads that just emerged behind her.

    As GD got close to Yuri, he quickly pushed Yuri inside the room again as
    another batch of police emerged and starts shooting at him, with his
    artificial arms, GD shielded himself with it.

    As the shooting’s stopped, GD put down his arms and smirked. “My turn….”
    GD lunged forward and released three knives from his palm hitting one
    of the police in the left arm, chest and neck. Before the other police
    could act against GD, he was already in front of them and punched one of
    the police real hard breaking some of his ribs due to GD have a
    mechanical arms. One police tried to shoot GD but before he could pull
    the trigger, GD was already in the air and landing behind him. before he
    could turn around, GD locked his left arm on his neck while his right
    hand prepares a knife and repeatedly stabbed him on the back, killing
    him slowly but surely.

    Before GD could throw the lifeless body that is in his possession, the
    last batch of police squad arrived and saw their dead comrades and fired
    at GD like there’s no tomorrow. GD smirked and he used the dead body as
    his shield as she slowly walked closer to them. As he got closer, exact
    time they reloaded, GD throws the dead body riddled with bullets away
    and just like a flash, GD already went past 8 police members and as he
    retracted his knife back inside his palm, the 8 police members spurted
    blood from their necks and dropped dead on the floor.

    The remaining member was the commanding officer. “GD you know the Boss will not tolerate this…” the commanding officer said.

    “I know….. I’m not also blind… and so is Seungri….” GD replied. The
    officer pulled out his gun and aimed at GD. Officer is quick enough to
    shoot first at GD but GD’s dexterity is unparalleled as he quickly draw
    his knife and throws it on the incoming bullet to avert the bullet’s
    trajectory. The officer fired again but this time, GD caught the bullet
    with his bare hand. As the officer tries to fire at him for the third
    time, GD already rushed at him and managed to slip on his back.

    “Hey….give my regards to the boss….” GD said as he slit his throat before stabbing his head through his chin up into his brain.

    GD walked back to where Yuri is and as he returned to Yuri, he saw her
    struggling to stand up as Yuri is leaning against the wall.

    “Those were not police…..” GD talked in a briefed manner as he walked
    closer to the dead bodies. Yuri stood there dumbfounded at GD’s action.

    “W-what did you just….” Yuri asked as she tries to decipher what just
    happened. “relax…. Seungri asked me to help you and your friends…” GD
    replied as she used his system to retrieve his knives back to his hands.

    “S-Seungri asked you? but how…” Yuri said again but GD cut her again.
    “Seungri knew what was happening…. He can’t let a friend down…..” GD
    answered briefly.

    “see this?” GD crouched into one of the dead body of the police and
    rolled up its sleeve and revealed a tattoo indicating the Group’s strike

    Yuri looked and surprised that GD is telling the truth. “you mean….”

    “yes… every one of them…….now come on! I’ll help you get out of here!”
    GD said as he supported Yuri as they both walked towards the elevator.


    As the elevator door opened, Sunny, Jessica came out running and quickly
    took cover into separate cars that is parked near them as several men
    are waiting for them to come out and immediately fires at them, Sooyoung
    and Jiyoung took cover inside the elevator. Although Jessica is firing
    back at them, she never hits her target as she fires a shot from the
    desert eagle, the recoil of the gun causes her to stumble on the ground.

    “YAH! WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THIS GUN?!” Jessica complained. “Figures…
    here give me that and use mine!” Sunny said but Jessica stubbornly
    refused. “KEEP YOUR GUN!! I DON’T NEED THAT!!” Jessica shouted as she
    can’t hear herself through the shootings. Sunny chuckled at Jessica’s

    “but you can’t handle the recoil of that gun Sica!” Sunny said as she fires a couple of shots back.

    “I Don’t care!! I just want us out of here alive!!” Jessica said as she is now covering her ears as she starts panicking.

    “This is not good… Sica is starting to panic…” Sunny muttered to
    herself. “SICA! Stay here alright? I’ll try to distract them while you
    three run to my car!” Sunny said as she starts to sprint from one car to
    another as she also gave a couple of fire back at the Group’s strike
    team disguised as the Police.

    As Sunny is running from one cat to another she didn’t notice one of
    them are aiming at her in a clean position. the man smiled as he have
    Sunny clearly in his sights as Sunny is hiding behind a car.

    As he was going to pull the trigger, he suddenly felt something went
    pass through his head and as he turned around he saw a man with a weird
    hairdo, gelled up in a pointy position and holding a katana.

    “my my my…. Trying to bully one girl with all those guns you guys have?”
    the man said as he kicked the sniper and his head formed a sliced line
    splitting his head in two as he already sliced him earlier.

    The man with the pointy hairdo donned his shades and casually walked
    behind the strike team and in a matter of minutes, body parts are flying
    everywhere as the man sliced them with his katana.

    As the man continues his “slicing” spree with the group’s strike team,
    several of them turned their attention to him and starts firing at them
    but to no avail, all of those shootings they’ve done to the man didn’t
    hit it target as the man parries their bullets by his katana. Seeing
    it’s impossible to kill him with guns, one man of strike team used a
    rocket launcher and aimed at him but before he could pull the trigger, a
    crossbow bolt instantly went through his head killing him instantly.

    The man with the katana smiled as he knew who helped him. “I owe you one
    TOP….” The man said as he finished the rest of the strike team.

    “Sunny-ssi… everything is clear now….” the man with the katana called
    them, Sunny walked out and immediately knew the man. “Tae Yang….” Sunny
    said as she holster gun. “but why are you here?” Sunny asked.

    “Seungri asked us……. He told me to help an old friend… where’s
    Yuri-ssi?” Taeyang asked. “She’s still in the building……” Sunny replied.

    Just then, Jessica and Jiyoung arrived while supporting Sooyoung.
    “Whoa….Sooyoung-ssi….. is this true? You’re injured?” Taeyang asked.

    “Quit it TY…..” Sooyoung hissed. “but thanks for the help…….. are you
    alone?” Sooyoung asked. “nah… TOP is here….” Taeyang replied as he waved
    his katana in an open space to remove the blood from his katana before
    sheathing it.

    TOP arrived holding a dual repeating crossbow. “man……. That was some
    targets…. You guys must’ve pissed the boss to get almost of his strike
    team to hunt you down…” TOP said. “Actually…… it’s Yuri who is more
    pissed…..” Sunny said.

    “they killed his one and only sister and Yuri is hell bent of avenging her…” Sunny said and Taeyang shudder.

    “yeah.. I get what you mean…. Last time I just joked to Yuri-ssi that
    she have to teach her sister to become one of us, she almost dislocate
    my shoulder at that time…” Taeyang said as he holds his right shoulder.

    “I’m glad you guys are on our side…… we were nervous at first when we
    knew GD was there…. He killed many Police force inside the building….”
    Sunny said.

    “That wasn’t the police Sunny-ssi…… they’re the Boss’ strike team
    disguised as the Police. They’re target is Miss Jung… they’re planning
    to burn her alive inside her room once she get back…. the original
    security placed by the Police are already dead this morning…..” Taeyang

    “Anyway… you guys should get going…… Seungri is waiting for you guys at the airport..” TOP reminded them.

    “But what about Yuri?” Sunny asked. “GD is with her…. he’ll take care of her….” TOP replied.

    Just then the other elevator opened and revealed GD with his synthetic
    skin almost ripped off because of the shootings earlier with Yuri who is
    holding her side waist where she got hit earlier.

    “YURI!!” Jessica ran towards Yuri. “You’re bleeding!!” Jessica said and
    without any choice to make, Jessica tried to stop the bleeding as she
    applied some pressure on Yuri’s wound.

    Yuri winced in pain but she just let Jessica treats her.

    “we need to get out of here…….. you guys….. ride with Sunny’s car… I’ll
    drive Yuri’s car….. and we better hurry because we don’t have much
    time…” Taeyang said.

    Sunny rode with Jessica and Yuri with her as Sunny’s car were only made
    for two seater. Jessica stuffed herself along side with Yuri on Sunny’s
    car while GD, Taeyang, TOP, Sooyoung and Jiyoung rode on Yuri’s car with
    TOP as their driver.

    Both of the cars managed to escape the scene before another batch of the
    Group’s strike team arrived but this team is not like the team that
    arrived earlier. they were all genetically enhanced and their squad
    leader Kang-Ta

    “tch! They escaped…….” EVERYONE FOLLOW THEM” Kang-Ta yelled and 8 of his men quickly speed of using a black Yamaha R1

    **just imagine the color is black**

    “Kwon Yuri….Choi Sooyoung, Lee Sunny, Kang Jiyoung and Jessica Jung……..
    you’ll never escape from me….” Kang-Ta said as he returned to his car
    and also followed suit.

    Yuri’s Car….

    As TOP followed Sunny’s car he noticed something. “TY, GD, we got
    company….” TOP said and GD and Taeyang looked behind them and saw 8
    black motor bikes following them.

    “Kang-Ta’s Pursuit team…. This will be fun….” Taeyang said as he made his way to the car’s roof through the window.

    “you guys are crazy!” Jiyoung blurted out. GD just smiled. “we’re not
    crazy….. we’re pros….” GD replied as he also did the same thing that
    Taeyang did.

    “Jiyoung-ssi… can you crive?” TOP asked. “no?” Jiyoung replied.

    “Good……….. take the wheel!” TOP said as he also made his way out of the
    car through the window and he placed himself in between Taeyang and GD.

    “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Jiyoung yelled as she panickly grabbed the steering wheel as she jumped from the back.

    US TO DIE?!?!” Jiyoung yelled as she tries to hold the car steady.

    TOP just laughed at her. “Hey but you grabbed the steering wheel! Now
    move over there and step hard on the large pedal….. we’re losing speed!”
    TOP said.

    “Wha? WAIT!! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!” Jiyoung shouted again but this
    time no one answered her as she saw from the rear view mirror and side
    mirror, Taeyang, GD and TOP jumped from the car towards on their

    Each of them managed to land a hit on three of their pursuers as Taeyang
    kicked his target, sending him flying into the oncoming car killing him
    instantly while GD gave his target a clothesline with his mechanical
    arm, killing him instantly as the force from his arm broke his neck and
    TOP’s target dropped down dead as he looked like a pin cushion as his
    bid riddled with crossbow bolts.

    Seeing what happened to their team the remaining pursuers put their attention on the trio. Taeyang smiled.

    “Just like old time….. back to back…….” Taeyang said. “yeah… just like
    old times…” TOP and GD replied. But just as they were going to charge at
    Kang-Ta’s men, they all heard a noise of a RAH-66 Commanche. The three
    of them smiled and knew who came to help them.

    RAH-66 Commanche

    As the pursuers charged at them they were greeted by the Commanche’s gatling gun and all of them were instantly dead.

    “anybody called for a back up?” the pilot from the Commanche spoke.
    “yeah…nice back up Daesung……. Now all we have to do is pray that Yuri
    and her friends can get to the airport safely…” TOP said as the four of
    them dispersed into separate ways before Kang-Ta arrived and cursed as
    he arrived to see his 8 men dead on the ground.

    “Curse those Big bang Squad….. I’ll get them next time….” Kang-Ta said.


    Sunny and Yuri’s car arrived at the airport and unbelievably, Jiyoung
    drove all the way although she don’t have any experience in driving.
    Sunny saw Seungri.

    “I’m glad you guys came…. TOP informed me of Yuri and Sooyoung’s
    condition I have medical team aboard on the plane…. We have to hurry,
    the police are coming here soon…” Seungri said and all of them went on
    foot through a special passage made by Seungri.

    Seungri had to pull strings as he have some connection on the airport
    and he managed to get Sooyoung and Yuri inside without causing

    As they all got inside the private plane. Medical team is already
    treating Yuri and Sooyoung and both of them passed out as Sooyoung is
    due to her injury and Yuri because of her wound. Jessica never let go of
    Yuri’s hand at the entire process and Jiyoung fell asleep immediately.

    “so I guess this is it….. so where are you guys going?” Seungri asked.
    “I can’t tell you Seungri……. You know how it works…” Sunny said. “fair
    enough… I hope you guys will comeback…. I’m already aware at Yuri’s
    resolve….so you guys take care…. As for me and my team… we’re going low
    for a while…. TOP informed me that your pursuers earlier is none other
    than Kang-Ta’s team… and he won’t go silent about this…….” Seungri said
    before getting off the plane.

    Several minutes of refueling and loading some necessities, the pilot
    informed them that they’re taking off and they flew away from Seoul
    without any problems.

    KPF Office.

    Hyoyeon was furious and trashing her desk because of her frustration. Hara, Seungyeon and Gyuri couldn’t do anything but watch.

    Hyoyeon shouted catching everyone’s attention on the building where her
    office is located.

    WHAT DID WE MISS?!” Hyoyeon said and Gyuri just fell silent.

    “And another thing……… HOW THE HELL DID THOSE FAKE K.P.F. GOT IN MY
    JESSICA JUNG IS MISSING!! DAMMIT!” Hyoyeon said as she slammed her fist
    on her table.

    Everyone is silent because they never see Hyoyeon infuriated like this.
    Hyoyeon massage her temple a bit as she kept quiet. And after a while
    she looked at Seungyeon.

    “Seongyeon…. I want you to take Hara and Gyuri and pick the best men we
    have…. Judging Jessica Jung is missing…. I have a feeling her sister
    will be targeted next……” Hyoyeon said and the three of them hurriedly
    went out and did what Hyoyeon asked to do.

    As Hyoyeon flopped down in her seat, massaging her temple when Nicole walked in.

    “What is now Nicole… if it’s about the recent event…. I don’t have time
    for that…” Hyoyeon said as she leaned her back to her inclined chair.

    “I-It’s now about that Cap….. it’s about your friend…..Soonkyu… I
    managed to catch a glimpse of her…. and I did some research background
    on her…” Nicole nervously said.

    “Nicole…….. let it go…. You need a new hobby……” Hyoyeon said.

    “but…. Listen to me first…….. her name is Lee Sunny now and believe or
    not………. she’s affiliated to Kwon Yuri………. she’s also an assassin Cap….”
    Nicole said which made Hyoyeon jumped from her seat and took Nicole’s
    document and saw Sunny’s profile.

    “what the………..” Hyoyeon said as she crumpled the paper she’s holding.
    “could this day GETS ANY WORST?!?” Hyoyeon shouted again in anger.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 9 Finished

    Mission 10

    Flight towards San Francisco
    3 hrs left before arrival…….

    As the time goes by, all of them are quiet. Jiyoung most of the time
    sleeps the entire flight. Sunny is too occupied looking after Sooyoung
    who is now stable and as usual, eating to her heart’s content.

    “…you now… sometime I wonder if you’re still human Youngie…” Sunny said
    as she laughed a bit. “I AM human Sunny-ah..” Sooyoung replied as she
    puts a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

    “Aish…. Will you please give it a rest…. You’re making the stewardess
    running on your every food request… give them some will you?” Sunny said
    as she crossed her arms and stood up and decided to sit beside Jiyoung.

    “Jiyoung-ah… how are you holding up?” Sunny asked. “I’m fine
    Sunny-ssi….. although I’m a bit excited, it’s still kind of hard to
    believe that I ran for the first time, thinking “I don’t want to die”
    repeatedly…” Jiyoung said as she sighed then smiled a bit.

    “I see….. well I’m sorry if you got involved….. if only that munching
    giant didn’t tug you… you wouldn’t be experiencing this in the first
    place….” Sunny said. “YAH! I HEARD THAT!” Sooyoung shouted while stile

    “it’s quite alright Sunny-ssi…. If Sooyoung-ssi didn’t pull me out of
    there at that time, I would’ve been dead anyway…” Jiyoung said.
    “anyway.. even though you guys have odd jobs… I kind of glad I get to
    know you guys…” Jiyoung added as she smiled.

    As Sunny and Jiyoung falls into a deep conversation, Jessica woke up and
    checks Yuri. Jessica noticed Yuri is still asleep but tears are
    secretly running down on her cheeks. As Jessica starts to wonder, she
    noticed something on Yuri’s hand holding a picture of Yoona and realizes
    that Yuri still can’t let go of Yoona’s memories.

    “Yuri……” Jessica called silently as she wiped away Yuri’s tears with her
    thumb. Little did Jessica know, Sooyoung, Jiyoung and Sunny were
    looking at them.

    Jessica noticed how uncomfortable Yuri’s head position is as Yuri’s head
    are leaning on a hard cold window surface of the plane and Jessica
    decided to gently pull Yuri’s head onto her shoulders to give Yuri a
    more comforting position and she gently brushed Yuri’s hair to side.

    Jessica tried to pry Yoona’s picture off from Yuri’s hand but she felt
    Yuri is gripping it tightly and she decided not to take it anymore.
    Jessica didn’t notice the trio managed to get close to them.

    “Sica..” Sooyoung called from behind which made Jessica startled a bit.
    “Sooyoung! You scared me…” Jessica said as she breathe deeply as she
    puts her hand on her chest.

    “I didn’t mean to startle you…. look….. we want to say sorry on Yuri’s
    behalf……. You got dragged into this…” Sooyoung said. “….it’s alright……
    the way you guys explained to me why she take this kind of job…. I kind
    of understand…. I’d do the same if I was in her shoes…” Jessica replied.

    “Yuri-ssi must be keeping it all inside…. Don’t you guys think?” Jiyoung
    said as she too, examines Yuri. that was the first time Jessica,
    Sooyoung and Sunny noticed Yuri’s actions these past hours. Despite of
    the chaos Yuri did, the Yuri they’re seeing now is far more different
    than the Yuri they knew earlier.

    “Jiyoung is right…. Yuri right now looks like she’s more fragile than before…..” Jessica said as she wiped Yuri’s tears again.

    “she must be remembering Yoona for crying like that.…..” Sunny said.
    “and I just remembered guys…… If Yuri goes on chaotic pandemonium….
    What’s going to happen if Tiffany discovers what happened to Yoona?”
    Sooyoung said.

    “….. I think we will have out hands full with the two wrecking force if
    that happens…” Sunny said which made Jessica and Jiyoung confused.

    “oh yeah…. You two haven’t heard of Tiffany Hwang…. She’s Yuri’s partner
    before she quit…” Sunny said. Jessica on the other hand is taking it in
    the other way around.

    “Yuri had a partner once? But how come she didn’t tell me?” Jessica
    thought for herself. “Sunny-ssi, Sooyoung-ssi… this Tiffany-ssi, how did
    she managed to quit?” Jiyoung asked.

    “it’s a simple reason really….. she thought it’s time for her to put
    down her things and start a new life…. and of course she still abide by
    the rules… never utter a word about the “group”… although in short time,
    Tiffany is also a ruthless assassin… don’t be fooled by her smile
    though, get on her bad side, and you’ll be waking up staring at your own
    body…. She strikes like snake…..” Sooyoung explained.

    “like a snake? You mean she betrayed the group many times?” Jiyoung asked while Jessica listened attentively.

    “hahaha it’s not like that Jiyoung-ah… what I mean is… if you managed to
    get her bad side, consider yourself done… since you won’t know if she’s
    in a bad mood or angry or happy…. Because you can get easily fooled by
    the way she smiles…. The next thing you’ll know…. you’re dead by a
    second….. she’s also good at firearms but she excels on any poison
    related….” Sunny explained.

    “yeah…I remember that clearly…… I always push her around with orders
    since she’s new recruit and next thing I knew I ended up in a hospital
    bed with a diagnostics of food poisoning…..” Sooyoung said.

    “that’s why I told you to check the food you eat you giant…” Sunny said. “YAH! Don’t call me that shorty!” Sooyoung said.

    As the two is going to bicker, Jessica breaks them by asking about
    Tiffany. “Guys…. About this Tiffany…. how did she end up Yuri’s
    partner?” Sooyoung and Sunny looked at Jessica while holding each
    other’s cheeks, pinched hard.

    “Hipppani? Hwell, Hyuri hen her we’re real chloowsh…” Sooyoung said. Jessica’s eyes twitched at Sooyoung’s reply.

    “Sunny-ah… please let go of Sooyoung’s cheek… I can’t understand a word
    she’s saying…” Jessica said and Sunny laughed a bit and released
    Sooyoung’s cheek.

    “Thank you Sica… as I was saying, Yuri and her were real close…. And
    when I say close… real close…” Sooyoung said. as Jessica heard
    Sooyoung’s word, she felt a slight anger and guilt inside her. angry
    because Yuri didn’t tell her about Tiffany and guilt because as much as
    she wanted to blame Yuri, she couldn’t since, she’s the first who made a

    “so basically… they’re…. couple?” Jessica gulped hard expecting a
    hurtful answer but to her surprise, Sooyoung and Sunny chuckled.

    “no Sica… they were partners… but not couple… let’s just say, they’re practically sisters in battle field…” Sooyoung said.

    Hearing Sooyoung’s answer made Jessica somewhat relieved. “Are you
    jealous?” Sunny asked Jessica with a meaningful grin. “N-No.. I’m
    N-Not……. but enough about me……” Jessica said and she also had a
    meaningful grin towards Sooyoung and Sunny.

    “when are you two going to wait for each other?” Jessica said as if she
    dropped the bomb on Sooyoung and Sunny. As Jessica asked them, Sooyoung
    and Sunny blushed madly and began to avert their stare from Jessica then
    from each other. Jiyoung is also smiling because she knew what Jessica

    And then Yuri opened her eyes. “W-where are we?” Yuri asked as she took a yawn and scrubbed her eyes.

    “we’re still in the plane Yuri….. we’re still 2 hrs before landing…. You
    hungry?” Jessica said. Yuri didn’t answer as she saw she’s holding
    Yoona’s picture.

    “…excuse me… I need to go to the restroom…..” Yuri said as she placed
    Yoona’s picture in her chest pocket and went to the restroom of the

    “Yuri-ssi….. doesn’t look good…..” Jiyoung said as she noticed Yuri’s
    unusual face. “don’t mind it Jiyoung-ah…. Yuri is always like that
    everytime she wakes up…” Sooyoung said as all of them watched Yuri went
    inside the restroom and locked it.

    “I don’t know Sooyoung-ssi….. her aura feels different….. does she
    usually cry silent and clench her fist?” Jiyoung said and then they
    heard like a mirror being broken followed by hard thumping from inside
    the restroom. All of them rushed and forced the door opened and it took
    them ten minutes before the hard thumps stopped and the door opened

    As the door finally opened wide all of them stood in shock as they saw
    the restroom mirror completely shattered with Yuri trying to suppress
    her tears while sitting in the toilet bowl with head hanged low.

    They also noticed blood stained knuckle print against the restroom wall
    and noticed Yuri’s bloody hands as some of the mirror pieces are still
    stuck in it.

    Sooyoung and Sunny knew how dangerous to get close to Yuri right now. as
    Jessica starts to walk towards Yuri, Sooyoung grabbed Jessica’s
    shoulder in order to stop her.

    “Sica don’t!..... Yuri is in a dangerous mood…. She might…AH!”
    Sooyoung’s word were but off as Jessica strongly brushed off her hand
    and still went towards to Yuri.

    “Yuri……….. let it out…. Let it all out…..” Jessica said as she get
    closer to Yuri. Jessica knew what Sooyoung said as she also feels the
    negative aura eminating from Yuri. but in her mind Jessica don’t want
    Yuri to suffer alone, she wanted to share Yuri’s pain as she is also
    fond of Yoona when the kid is still alive.

    “Yuri……. please… don’t hold it in…….. let it all out….” Jessica said as she gently embraced Yuri as she got close.

    In that instant, Yuri finally burst out all her tears, Yuri cried like
    there was no tomorrow. She also returned the embrace Jessica did.
    Although Jessica was aware of the bloody hands of Yuri staining her
    clothes, Jessica didn’t mind as her concern is Yuri.

    Sooyoung and Sunny also did the same as Jessica did as they also feel
    Yuri’s negative aura disappeared the moment Jessica embraced her and
    starts crying. And they spent the entire 2 hrs of flight calming Yuri
    down while tending Yuri’s hands.

    San Francisco (early days after her left Korea)

    Tiffany got off from the plane and upon her arrival there, she noticed a
    small petite girl struggling along with her luggage along the two other
    young girls who is actually nervous and somewhat scared.

    At first Tiffany didn’t give a damn about them. As Tiffany is waiting
    for her luggage, she is still observing the petite girl along with the
    two other girls and Tiffany noticed something strange with the two
    girls, Tiffany noticed the long haired girl is always tugging the petite
    girl’s shirt while carrying a heavy back pack behind her followed by
    another girl who is always staring at everything, expressionless.

    “…..they must be new here in America….” Tiffany said to herself. After
    spending 5 minutes of waiting for her luggage, she finally got her hands
    on her own luggage but as she was about to call a someone to pick her
    up, she took a quick glance at the petite girl who is now somewhat

    She watched the girl trying to get help from the passersby but the
    people just ignored her. Curious enough, Tiffany acted like she was
    going to the reception area of the airport but in truth, she want to
    hear why the petite girl is panicking.

    As Tiffany got close enough, she knew the reason why the people ignored her, she was speaking in Korean language.

    “…..gosh… if you’re going to America, you should at least learn some
    basic English…” Tiffany said to herself as she tries to get closer. As
    she got close enough she can finally hear the petite girl’s word in
    Korean language.

    “please! Help mister, there was this girl who has the same age as………..”
    then her words got cut off as the people continued to ignore her.

    Feeling irritated, Tiffany decided to approach the petite girl and
    talked to her in Korean language. “can I help you?” Tiffany said.

    The petite girl looked at her with a teary eyes but Tiffany noticed the
    petite girl is trying to hold it in. “trying to be strong…… what a good
    sister you are….. like the one I know back there…” Tiffany thought to
    herself and decided to lend a helping hand.

    “I’m looking for a girl…. one year older to my sister here….” The petite
    girl said. “ok…. Where is the last time you saw her?” Tiffany asked.

    “i….. I don’t know… for a moment she’s right behind us but when I turned
    around, she’s gone… please… that girl is ill…. She can’t talk nor show
    any emotion… she’s suffering from an apathy syndrome….” The petite girls

    Tiffany also starts to worry as soon she learned the missing girl is
    ill. Tiffany knew what Apathy syndrome is and immediately called a

    “hi Sir… uhhmm could you please look over this child here?” Tiffany
    asked the security guard in an English language as she pointed at the
    young girl who is with the petite girl. “ok..sure… is there something
    wrong miss?” the security asked.

    “well we would like some help to find a missing girl who is with her
    around…” Tiffany said. “roger that ma’am… can you fill me in on a
    description of this girl?” the security asked. “Hold on I’ll ask her..”
    Tiffany said as she asked Taeyeon in a Korean language.

    “do you have any picture of the girl?” Tiffany asked. The petite girl
    nodded and pulled out a picture. As Tiffany saw the picture, she froze
    for a bit

    “……………..” Tiffany stared at the picture the petite girl gave to her.
    “please help me find her……” the petite girl said breaking Tiffany’s
    thoughts. “oh right! Sorry about that…” Tiffany said as she’s now
    determined to help the petite girl after handing the picture to the
    security guard to know the missing girl’s feature and he scanned it
    through to spread the missing girl’s image to the rest of security.

    “Listen….. what is her name?” Tiffany asked the petite girl. “well… we
    call her Yoona…” the petite girl replied which caused Tiffany frozen
    where she stand for a bit and she also felt goosebumps hearing the
    missing girl’s name. Tiffany is now really determined to find the girl
    as she’s somewhat reminded the one she used to know back in Korea.

    “ok… here’s the plan…. Let’s split up. that way, we can cover more
    ground with the help of some security guards here…. If anything happens
    of if you find anything, call me…” Tiffany said as she gave the petite
    girl a calling card.

    “Tiffany Hwang….. Brighter than Jewels Jewelry store?” the petite girl
    looked at Tiffany. “…right… listen before you ask anything let’s find
    her first shall we?” Tiffany said as she and petite girl split up. The
    petite girl went back to the last place where girl Yoona last spotted
    and decided to shout her name. Even with many people looking at her, she
    didn’t care as she’s scared to lose the ill girl.

    While the petite girl and the security guards checks the entire vicinity
    of the airport, Tiffany thinked outside the box as she looked for the
    missing girl outside the airport.

    “YOONA!! YOONA!!!!” Tiffany yelled but she suddenly remembered even if
    she calls for the girl, the girl wouldn’t answer her anyway since the
    girl don’t talk due to her illness. “What am I thinking….. she wouldn’t
    answer to me anyway…..” Tiffany said as she chuckled a bit and thinking
    on how to find a missing girl.

    As Tiffany decided to light a cigarette, something caught her eyes on
    the other side of the street. A middle-aged man walking along side with a
    little girl whose about the same features shown from the petite girl’s

    “that’s……….” Tiffany decided to trail the middle-aged man. Tiffany
    walked casually behind them as she put on her sunglass to avoid more
    suspicion as she follows the middle-aged man with Yoona walking along
    with him.

    As Tiffany follows, she saw the man took a turn in an alley way which
    made Tiffany more suspicious. And as Tiffany also turned to the
    alleyway, she immediately walked in quietly. To Tiffany’s years of
    working experience, she also managed to walk silently even if she’s
    wearing a high heels.

    Tiffany followed them and as they got out the alley way, Tiffany noticed
    a black van parked right across in an empty lot and Tiffany knew it was
    a kidnapping.

    “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!” Tiffany shouted as she walked out of the alley
    preventing the man to pick Yoona up towards inside the van.

    “Just where do you think you’re going with that kid?” Tiffany asked. As
    Tiffany observed the man, she knew the group is not an amateurs looking
    for some money ransom as she noticed their outfits, they’re wearing a
    formal black tuxedo, earpieces on each person with sunglasses on.

    “Move along lady… if you don’t want to get hurt….” The man from the van stepped outside followed along with three other man.

    “what if I don’t?” Tiffany replied. The man didn’t answer and pulled out
    his gun. The other men in suit did the same including the one who is
    holding Yoona.

    Tiffany smiled. “Are you sure you want to do this in a hard way?”
    Tiffany said as she surprised the man who is holding Yoona, she quickly
    dashed towards him and just like a ghost, the men in suit frozen in awe
    at Tiffany’s quickness as she instantly got the man who is holding Yoona
    from the back, rending him unconscious.

    “you still want to continue this?” Tiffany asked them with a beautiful
    eye smile. The remaining men in suit didn’t waste time as they all fired
    at Tiffany’s direction but to their dismay, their bullets hit nothing
    but the van’s body and not Tiffany, the also noticed Yoona is not into
    van’s opened side door.

    Tiffany and Yoona, on the other hand, already hides on the nearby
    dumpster. “Hey there Kiddo…. Listen… I know you can understand me… so
    can you sit here quietly and don’t take a peek… and cover your ears also
    alright?” Tiffany said as she pat Yoona’s head and smiled before
    heading out.

    “Find them!” the man in the suit ordered the remaining men but to their
    surprise, Tiffany shows up and gave the one of the man in suit a hard
    strike from her elbow to his gut section causing him to crouch down due
    to the severe pain. The two men pulled out their guns again but this
    time Tiffany is prepared as she picks up a nearby wood plank and throws
    at them, as they try to block wooden plank that is flying towards them,
    they didn’t notice Tiffany is following after the wooden plank.

    As she got close into one of the men in suit, the grabbed the man’s hand
    and used his own gun to kill himself as she forcefully bend his arm as
    to aimed himself. Tiffany squeezed the trigger and the shot hit the
    man’s chest, right in the heart area.

    The other man aimed at Tiffany but as was going to pull the trigger,
    Tiffany threw the gun at his face, hitting him of the forehead. The man
    groaned in pain but before he could regain his composure, Tiffany’s
    heels punched right through his neck as Tiffany give him a side kick
    while standing.

    The man she hits first is now standing up, and managed to give Tiffany a
    bear hug from behind. As starts to tighten his bear hug to Tiffany,
    Tiffany used her flexibility as she managed to hit the man who is giving
    her a bear hug with her foot to his head. The man released his arms to
    Tiffany and quickly Tiffany gave him a turning back fist punch hitting
    him on his face. The force of Tiffany’s back fist punch drove him to a
    wall and from there Tiffany followed it with a straight punch on the
    man’s gut section. Man started to feel his insides are turning as
    Tiffany already making him like a punching bag as she punching the man
    non-stop. Both she and Tiffany could feel some of man’s ribs at broken
    as Tiffany got tired, she gave the man a powerful jumping turning back
    side kick to his head, breaking his neck.

    The remaining man in the suit charges at Tiffany as Tiffany’s back are
    wide open but to his surprise, Tiffany, turned around as she grabs the
    man’s arm and successfully locking her arm around his neck forming a
    rear naked choke hold completely cutting his oxygen supply.

    As the man starts to feel the extreme pressure, cutting his oxygen, he
    flails his arms and starts tapping Tiffany’s arm that is locked in his
    neck. Tiffany laughed at the man’s action. “what…you think we’re playing
    UFC take down?” Tiffany said as she completely put all her pressure to
    the man’s neck completely choking him to death.

    As Tiffany released her hold on the man, he is already lifeless like a rag doll tossed aside.

    “it’s ok now you can come out now…” Tiffany said but as she turns around
    at Yoona’s hiding place, she saw the man who managed to bring Yoona at
    the secluded place holding his gun on Yoona’s head, ready to shoot.
    Tiffany at that time felt her blood boil as she secretly reached
    something from her pocket.

    “DON’T MOVE OR I’LL BLOW THIS KID’S BRAIN!!” the man said as he readies
    his gun and Tiffany heard the clicking sound of the gun indicating it’s

    “TURN AROUND!!” the man shouted and Tiffany turned around. “let me tell
    you something… you better not DARE to remove that gun from that kid head
    ‘cause if you do…. You’ll be regretting it…” Tiffany said.

    man said as she aimed his gun on Tiffany’s back but before he cull pull
    the trigger, Tiffany already turned around and throw four darts with the
    tips coated with strong dosage of anesthetics, hitting him in his arm
    and on his body. In just in a matter of seconds, the man couldn’t feel
    his whole body and felt his body real numbing due to the anesthetics
    that entered his body.

    Tiffany walked closer to the man and crouched down to his side and
    smiled. “I told you so but… you didn’t listen…. And now….. experience a
    slowly and silent death….” Tiffany said as she pulled a syringe full of
    unknown toxins in it. The man saw the liquid colored green and began to
    shake in fear. He wanted to shout but he couldn’t since the effect of
    the anesthesia is too strong that his entire body is numb.

    Tiffany inserted the needle right into the man’s neck but before she injects the poison, she talked to the man one last time.

    “any last words?............. oh I forgot… you can’t…” Tiffany chuckled a
    bit and she finally injects the whole liquid into the man’s body and in
    just seconds, the man’s mouth start to show some foamy bubbles and then

    Tiffany turned around to see Yoona staring intently at her and that’s
    when she snapped back. “Aish…. This girl witnessed my work….” As Tiffany
    took one step closer to Yoona, the girl stepped back once.

    Tiffany knew Yoona is scared of what she did. “Yoona… I’m sorry you had
    to witness that but I did it because you were close on getting
    kidnapped… I did it to protect since you’re sister is worriedly looking
    for you…” Tiffany said as she wiped clean his heels off from blood

    Yoona just stood there without doing anything and just stared Tiffany
    with the expressionless face of hers. Tiffany sighed. “alright… I won’t
    force you to come with me but can you at least follow me? I’ll lead you
    to your sister… she must be worried si….ah!” Tiffany’s words were cut
    off as she’s surprised the Yoona already ran towards her and hugged her

    “wow… for a girl who have an apathy syndrome…. She’s surely starting to
    show some emotion…” Tiffany thought for herself as she gently caressed
    Yoona’s hair and starts walking back to the airport while Tiffany holds
    her hand.

    As they arrived at the airport, the petite girl saw them and rushed to
    her while still holding her tears back followed by the other young girl
    who is now crying. As the petite girl got close to them, the girl
    immediately thanked Tiffany and the younger girl hugged Yoona tightly as
    if she don’t want to let go of Yoona.

    Tiffany smiled at the scene. Tiffany felt for the first time, really
    great. She never thought the her “unusual” skills would bring smile to
    some people. And to her surprise, the petite girl suddenly hugged her
    tightly and buried her face on her chest.

    As Tiffany is going to ask the petite girl, she felt her clothes is
    slowly getting wet as she knew the petite girl is now crying. Tiffany
    knew the petite girl why she did that, she don’t want her younger sister
    see her crying this badly and Tiffany smiled.

    “you’re just like someone I used to know back in Korea….” Tiffany
    thought for herself. After a couple of minutes the petite girl looked up
    to Tiffany.

    “I-I’m sorry for letting out like that… I can’t let my sisters see me
    crying…. I’m the only one they got…” the Petite girl said. “I know…. I
    knew someone from Korea who had the same status just like you..” Tiffany
    replied with a smile.

    “I’m sorry where are my manners… I’m Kim Taeyeon… I’m a foreign exchange
    student… as you know, I’m also from Korea….” The girl names Taeyeon

    The moment Tiffany heard the petite girl’s name, Tiffany suddenly felt
    something warm as Taeyeon gave her a smile as she thanked Tiffany for
    helping her finding Yoona.

    “W-we must be going now or my aunt will get mad at me…” Taeyeon said as
    she bid farewell to Tiffany and returned inside the airport to grab
    their things.

    Tiffany waited for them to come out and saw they have many baggage
    probably from her sister. Tiffany watched Taeyeon how to struggle to
    call a taxi but apparently and due to her many baggage, the taxi is just
    ignoring her.

    Tiffany pulled out her phone. “Oppa…….. can you meet me here in the
    airport? Look… can you use your SUV? I have a friend to drop by since
    she has so many luggage and stuffs… oh you do? Thanks you oppa! Ok meet
    you here in 10..” Tiffany thanked the man she talked to the phone and
    walked towards Taeyeon who is struggling to keep an eye out of their
    luggage and at the same time to Yoona.

    “Hi…. Taeyeon….” Tiffany greeted Taeyeon who is giving out a heavy sigh because of her bad luck calling for a taxi.

    “Hi miss Hwang…. I’m sorry if you find me in this kind of state I just
    can’t leave my sister alone…” Taeyeon replied. “uuhhmm If you want… I
    can drop you off to your place….. I already asked someone to pick us
    up…. seeing you having so many luggage…. No wonder Taxi’s are ignoring
    you…” Tiffany said.

    “thanks… but I can’t delay you to your store….” Taeyeon said. “oh not at
    all! I just want to help… I know it’s hard to keep an eye on your
    luggage at the same time to your sisters.” Tiffany said and just in
    time, the person Tiffany called just arrived. Using a blue Ford
    Expedition XLT

    Ford Expedition XLT

    “Taeyeon please let your sisters get inside first… I can see they’re
    tired from standing up all the time…” Tiffany said and Taeyeon hesitated
    at first but Tiffany managed to make Taeyeon tend to her sisters first.
    As Taeyeon is caringly assisted the two girls, Tiffany smiled at how
    Taeyeon really cares for them.

    “you’re just like her…..” Tiffany thought as she smiled while staring
    Taeyeon. “Fany….i’ve already loaded their stuffs in the back…. so where
    to?” the man said. “Thanks Siwon oppa… hold on I’ll ask Taeyeon for

    As all of them rides the SUV that Siwon used, Tiffany asked Taeyeon for
    some direction and Taeyeon gave Tiffany a piece of paper with a written
    address. “Oppa… you know this place?” Tiffany asked Siwon.

    “Yeah… I know that place like a back of my hand..” Siwon replied with a
    confident answer. “wow oppa… you’re confident huh?” Tiffany asked as she
    smiled. “OF course! Who wouldn’t! I used to bring my two drunk friends
    when they exceed their drinking limit, Leeteuk and Shindong..” Siwon

    Curiousity enough, Tiffany noticed the sleeping black haired girl beside
    Taeyeon. “Taeyeon…. I’ve noticed…. You’re her sister right? But how
    come you three are not look-alike?” Tiffany asked.

    “well……. It’s a long story really….. but I’ll make it short…… this here…
    Seo Joo Hyun…. Or Seohyun or Hyunnie as I call her…. she’s my adopted
    sister… she lost her parents at an early age and after her parent’s
    funeral, nobody from her relatives wanted to adopt her because she’s an
    illegitimate child… by my Appa and her Appa were best of friends so we
    decided to adopt her and ever since then I treated her like my real
    little sister…. And Yoona……… her story is a bit complicated…. But I’ll
    make it short………. My Appa just brought her home one night and she was
    soaking wet… and to make even worse… Appa found her in that kind of
    state…. I asked my Appa but he just said she was wandering around in the
    rain, in the middle of road….” Taeyeon explained.

    Tiffany couldn’t believe that Taeyeon managed to take care of the two girls.

    “so Girls… here we are…. Miss Kim’s destination… Siwon said as he got
    off from the driver’s seat and opened the back of his SUV ready to help
    at Taeyeon’s luggage.

    “Taeyeon…. Can we….meet again?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon as she smiled.
    “Sure…. I got your calling card I’ll send you a message later…” Taeyeon
    replied as she helped Seohyun and Yoona got off from the vehicle.

    “here…can you give this money to Siwon oppa? It’s for the gas he spent
    for finding this place and for his labor…..” Taeyeon said as she tries
    to hand over some money to Tiffany. “oh no… keep it! you need that more
    than I do Taeyeon….” Tiffany said as she pushed the money back to
    Taeyeon but as Taeyeon is going to insist again, someone grabbed her
    money which startled both of them.

    “oh! I see you have money! Good! If you don’t have money then you can’t
    stay here… not to mention you bought along some excess baggage slash
    mouth to feed!” a chubby woman said and turned around while counting the
    money she snatched from Taeyeon. Tiffany’s blood starts to boil upon
    the attitude she witnessed. Taeyeon noticed it. “Tiffany…. excuse her…
    she’s my aunt Kim Shin Young…” Taeyeon said as she sighed in

    “but why Taeyeon? How could she say that to Seohyun and Yoona? she just
    labeled them as “excess baggage!” Tiffany said as she tries to contain
    her anger. Although Taeyeon only knew Tiffany for a short while, she
    felt somewhat at ease seeing Tiffany is being like this.

    “…that’s just her way…. She just loves money….. any way…….. thanks for
    the ride Tiffany…. and Thanks to you too Siwon Oppa for helping… and I’m
    sorry I haven’t paid for you help…” Taeyeon said as she bowed. “it’s
    nothing Miss Kim… I’m just glad to help Fany’s friend… all of Fany’s
    friend is my friend too so take care and take care of your sisters…”
    Siwon said as he hopped inside the vehicle and starts the engine.

    “Taeyeon?.... I know this is kind of awkward but… can I call you Tae-Tae
    from now on?” Tiffany asked and Taeyeon she laughed. Tiffany’s heart
    flutters as she watched Taeyeon laughed for the first time and Tiffany
    finds it weird as if she’s drawn to the older girl’s ajhumma like laugh.

    “Sure you can…. I, too also want to call you Fany like Siwon oppa called
    you… is that ok?” Taeyeon asked and Tiffany nodded. “well… take care
    Tae-Tae… and don’t forget to text me or call me alright? if anything
    happens, just give me a call.” Tiffany said as she also got in the
    vehicle and waved goodbye to Taeyeon. As Siwon drive back to Tiffany’s
    apartment, he noticed Tiffany has a serious look on her face and quiet.
    Siwon knew reason…. Taeyeon’s aunt.

    “I know what you’re thinking Fany-ah….. but they’re just normal people….
    Don’t do anything dangerous…” Siwon warned Tiffany. Tiffany stared back
    at Siwon which made Siwon sweat in buckets. He, too, also knew
    Tiffany’s capabilities as he also don’t want to get Tiffany’s bad side.

    “Look I’m also angry the way her aunt labeled her two adoptive sisters…
    but we can’t do anything about it…..” Siwon explained hoping Tiffany
    would but his excuse for a way out of Tiffany’s anger. After a couple of
    seconds, Tiffany averted her stare from Siwon which made Siwon breathe
    in relief.

    “…’s just wrong to label them just like that Oppa…. I swear… if she
    ever mentioned or labeled them again like that in front of me…. I won’t
    be sorry for what I’m about to do…..” Tiffany said as she rested her
    head on the passenger seat and took a nap through-out the way to her

    “….Aish…. even when she quitted her work… she’s still scary and cunning
    as ever…” Siwon whispered to himself as he shooks his head a bit.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 10 Finished

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    Mission 11

    Tiffany’s Apartment, Morning…

    Tiffany wakes up in her comfy large water bed, covered with pink silk
    bed sheet. “Good morning new life!” Tiffany said as she sits up from her
    bed as she stretched her arms as she smiles.

    “Finally…. It’s time for work! …… honest one really…” Tiffany
    muttered to herself as she stood up and went to the bathroom to take a
    shower. A couple of minutes passed, she finished her shower and dressed
    into her casual clothes and make a light breakfast consists of toast
    bread with butter as her fillings. As she is eating her light breakfast,
    she remembered to give Yuri a call to inform that she arrived in San

    Tiffany grabbed her phone and pressed the speed dial and it dialed
    Yuri’s number. Tiffany waited and somebody picks up but she’s slight
    disappointed as she heard the other line.

    “Hi! This is Yuri, may I know who this
    is?................... PSYCHE! Hahaha I’m currently out now so if you
    have a message please say it after the beep…. *BEEEEP*
    Tiffany smiled because she knew Yuri recorded that message by herself.

    “Hi Yul! It’s me Fany! How are you guys doing? I’m sorry I didn’t let
    you guys know I’ve arrived the day I left… gosh I miss you! how’s my
    Choding? I hope she’s behaving herself… anyway, I’ve got something to do
    so… hope to hear from you soon! Please say Hi to Yoona from me ‘kay?
    Thanks!” Tiffant smiled as she remembered Yoona’s smile when she was
    with them at that time.

    “…..I wonder if she’s behaving right now…” Tiffany smiled as she thought
    for Yoona, Yuri’s real sister. Then as she is finishing her breakfast,
    she received a message.

    “From: Unknown Recipient
    To: Tiffany
    Hi Fany! It’s Taeyeon…I’d like to thank you again for
    the help and the ride…I really appreciate it and for also finding
    Yoona…. well…I hope I can have a spare time so we can get together since
    you’re my first friend here in America… I’m not that good in English
    so…I hope I’d do well in my new school…oh wait… I HAVE to do well… I’m
    putting my previous school in embarrassment if I don’t talk in
    English…aigoo….. anyway.. gotta go and hope to hang out with you

    PS… even though Yoona is like that, I think she’s
    already fond of you, ever since when we were in Korea, she barely shows
    any emotion but I don’t know how you do it, I can sometime see her
    smiling a bit… so I hope this continues..”

    It was Taeyeon, Tiffany smiled as she received a text message from
    Taeyeon. But her smile soon disappeared as she remembers what happened
    yesterday, she can clearly let it slide if it was a normal kidnapping
    but she can’t take her mind off the Men in suits dressed like Will Smith
    and Tommy Lee Jones just like in their Movie, Man in Black.

    “….i get the feeling this kidnapping isn’t normal……” Tiffany said to herself as she stood up and decided to go to her store.

    Tiffany drove to her store using her brand new orange colored Nissan 350 Z.

    Tiffany’s store is located near the University of San Francisco. Upon
    arriving at her store, she was greeted by Siwon as she got inside.

    “Good Morning Miss Hwang!” Siwon greeted Tiffany as he’s dressed in a
    semi-formal suit due to her rules that all attendants are to be
    presentable. As she got deeper inside, she was also greeted by her three
    more staffs. “Good morning Miss Hwang.” Her three staffs greeted her in
    unison as the bowed politely and Tiffany just smiled at them.

    As for her first day in her store, Tiffany couldn’t help but smile as
    she noticed that she has many costumers in her store, mostly college
    students in the nearby university

    “Oppa…. I’ll be in my office if there’s any problems” Tiffany said to
    Siwon. “I got it covered Miss Hwang…” Siwon said as he assured Tiffany.

    As Tiffany entered her office, she immediately turned on her computer and hacked into the police Database in search for someone.

    Ever since Im Yoona’s kidnapping incident, Tiffany’s mind are somewhat
    fixated on the girl. “they’re exactly look-a-like….” Tiffany said as she
    still waits for the result of her search, her phone vibrates and as she
    looked at her phone she had a message from Taeyeon.


    “From: Tae-Tae
    To: Fany

    Fany-ah…. I’m on break now… and speaking English really
    drained my energy…. Aigoo…BTW… I know you’re Korean but you speak
    English fluently…. Can you teach me? *merong*I’m just kidding about that
    anyway… the reason I texted you is because.. I’m lonely here at the
    university although someone approached me, trying to be-friend me but
    ending up frustrated because I’m not fluent enough…. And I’m ending up
    speaking in Hangul….

    PS…. I feel like I’m in heaven… too many….. great “behinds” XD”

    Tiffany smiled at Taeyeon’s message although she didn’t quite understand
    Taeyeon’s last message. “hmmmm she’s having a hard time huh……” Tiffany
    thought to herself and thinks for a while and then an idea popped out
    from her mind as she smiled brightly.

    “Tae-Tae… you won’t be alone anymore tomorrow….” Tiffany said as she
    smiled. She walked back to her desk and called Siwon. “Oppa….can you
    come up here for a sec? I have a favor to ask of you..” Tiffany said.

    “just a sec Miss Hwang…” Siwon replied from the intercom. Several
    seconds later, someone knocked to her door and Tiffany opened to let
    Siwon in.

    “is there anything I can do to help Miss Hwang?” Siwon asked. “Oppa… you
    can call me by my nickname when it’s just the two of us….. you know I
    still feel awkward calling me by honorifics…” Tiffany pouted and Siwon

    “hahaha I’m Sorry Fany-ah… it’s just I got used on calling you by that
    since we always meet here at your store…” Siwon explained. “changing the
    subject Fany-ah…. You have a favor to ask?” Siwon asked.

    “as a matter of fact I do Oppa…. I know you knew someone inside in
    University of San Francisco right? Can you, by any chance, arrange me to
    be a foreign exchange student?” Tiffany said which made Siwon

    “HUH?! Come again Fany?” Siwon asked as he is still surprised at what he
    heard. “oh come on oppa… pleeeeeease?” Tiffany asked again as she gave
    Siwon a cute pose which Siwon find it hard to resist.

    “Aish…….. fine…. But tell me something first…. What’s your reason?” Siwon said as he already taking out his phone.

    “well………. I just want to experience a college life… after all Oppa.. you
    knew my background right? and since I’m starting a new life… I might as
    well do it all the way!” Tiffany explained as she smiled.

    “…if I knew you’re not going there to experience a college life Fany….”
    Siwon said as he smirked at TIfany and Tiffany smiled back as Siwon
    guessed it right as he is already calling someone on his phone.

    “Hello? Yesung? Yeah it’s me Siwon.. Listen, could you do me a
    favor?.....” Siwon turned around and walked out from her office but
    Tiffany can already hear Siwon is already talking to someone.

    Several minutes have passed, Siwon return back inside Tiffany’s office.
    “it’s already done Fany… all you have to do is walk in there and talk to
    the university’s registrar and she’ll give you your room section. I’ve
    also arranged you to be in same room with her…” Siwon said.

    “H-Her?” Tiffany asked with a confusing look. “her… Kim Taeyeon? Ring
    any bell?” Siwon replied as she flash an arrogant smile as he saw
    Tiffany slightly blushed for a second.

    “Oppa, how did you……..” as Tiffany was going to ask, Siwon answered.

    “Fany Fany Tiffany……… I’m not blind you know I can see you’ve taken an
    interest with her…. and by you mean you want to go there is just to be
    close to her am I right?” Siwon asked.

    “after all… I can still read people’s action since I’m your interrogator on your real work remember?” Siwon added.

    “……………….. oppa… you and your observation…. It creeps me out… but you’re
    right… it’s about her…..” Tiffany said as she sighed heavily.

    “…you’re not happy with that?” Siwon asked Tiffany as he noticed
    Tiffany’s sigh. “I’m happy Oppa… I really am…. It’s just……. I’m worried…
    she doesn’t speak English fluently… I’m kind of worried she might get
    picked on because of that…” Tiffany sadly and worriedly said.

    “I see…. Well……… I hope you won’t send some students in the hospital
    either in death bed or in a body bag…” Siwon joked as he knew Tiffany’s

    “Don’t worry oppa… I won’t…. at least I’ll try not to…” Tiffany said as
    she secretly smile and Siwon just shook his head still giving a light
    chuckle as he goes back to Tiffany’s store.

    “Tae-Tae… I can’t wait….” Tiffany smiled at the thought of her being close to Taeyeon.

    “well now…. I just have to treat myself for some strawberry ice cream….”
    Tiffany said as she head out from her store trusting Siwon to take care
    of her store.

    University of San Francisco

    Taeyeon is walking around the campus ground awkwardly as nobody dared to
    talk to her since some of her classmate tries to talk to her, they’re
    ending up confused because Taeyeon’s English is still not fluent and
    ending up being the center of attraction, not in a good way though.

    Taeyeon knew it and she just keep it all up. and in the class, even her
    professor is also picking on her as when he asked a question, he is
    automatically calling her first even though she’s not raising her hand
    and when she tries harder to speak in English slowly, she’s earning the
    title “the-old-age-computer” as Taeyeon speaks in English slowly.

    As her classes ends, Taeyeon quickly walked out the lecture room to avoid as she quickly picked up her laptop and books.

    But as she was going outside the lecture room to go to her last subject,
    she felt someone tripped her, causing her to fall flat down face first
    and spreading her things across the hallway.

    “I’m sorry..” one of her classmate told her but instead of helping her
    up, they just walked past her. “Aish…. I really should’ve learned
    English so well…..” Taeyeon thought for herself but her heart dropped
    when she tries to recover her laptop, it was already split in half due
    to the force of impact as it falls on the floor.

    As she picked up her broken laptop, she could hear some of the students
    laughing at her in a low voice and she could also hear gossips and
    whispers about her. Although she’s not fluent in speaking English
    language, she can understand perfectly fine.

    “wow… this forex student is really clumsy…. She even broke her laptop…
    how pitiful…” Taeyeon heard one of the students said that. Taeyeon
    wanted to confront the one who said that but she just kept quiet because
    she knows she will be picked on again. She collects her broken laptop
    and put it in her bag and hurriedly walked around the campus with a
    heavy heart.

    “don’t worry Taeng… it’s just the first day……” Taeyeon thought to
    herself as she holds her phone and ready to dial Hyoyeon’s number but
    then she remembered Hyoyeon’s work. “…I guess I shouldn’t bother her…. I
    can’t distract her work for my misfortunes….” Taeyeon said to herself.

    And the rest of the day ended up rough to Taeyeon as the pickings
    continues. Although some of her professor gave her consideration about
    her basic knowledge of English language, most of her profs doesn’t care
    and also picking up on her.

    Taeyeon wanted to curse them in her own language but she remained
    calmed. But before her rough day at the new school ends, Taeyeon did one
    thing which made her classmates’ and her professor jaw dropped as when
    he gave out a surprise quiz, Taeyeon answered them very quickly without
    breaking a sweat as she finished her questionnaire sheet in just 10

    As for her revenge, for what they did to her earlier, instead of going
    home early, as their professor instructed them that whoever finishes
    first can go home early, Taeyeon went back to her seat and just put on
    her earphones both on her ears and listened on some music from her phone
    while observing them having a hard time figuring about their problems
    in their questionnaire.

    As the professor finds it arrogant for Taeyeon to act that way, he
    checked Taeyeon’s paper and realized, Taeyeon almost perfected her
    answer. And as he realized Taeyeon’s potential, he decided to respect
    Taeyeon’s language problem and smiled at Taeyeon’s result.

    “even though she’s having a hard time speaking fluently…. This girl is really bright….” The professor said to himself as he decided to walk towards Taeyeon.

    As he got close to Taeyeon, he signaled her to follow him outside the
    room. “Miss Kim….” The Professor called her. “Y-Yes Sir?” Taeyeon
    nervously replied.

    “I know you’re having a hard time speaking in English fluently so I want
    to say I apologize for my rude behavior by calling you numerous
    times….” the professor apologized to Taeyeon. Taeyeon blinked her eyes a
    couple of times in surprise as she never expected a professor saying
    that to her.

    “I’m, I’m sorry… I….can’t…..get…what you’re….words?” Taeyeon tried her
    best to speak English and she earned a light chuckle from her professor.
    As Taeyeon observed her professor laughing at her, she somehow feels
    that the professor’s laugh is not like a mocking one but she feels it’s
    an amazement.

    Taeyeon also laughed at herself for trying as she sticks her tongue out.
    “figures… I’m sorry for laughing like that Miss Kim, I don’t intend
    laugh at your words. I’m simply amazed that despite you have troubles
    speaking English fluently, I can sense you have determination….. you
    keep that up and you’ll be ending up speaking fluently in no time..” the
    professor smiled warmly at her as he patted Taeyeon’s shoulder in

    “why don’t you get your things and head straight home. I also noticed
    the whole day is rough for you, you should rest… and here take my book
    and read it, maybe this can help you speak more fluently.” The professor
    said as he handed a thick book to her and Taeyeon took a glance on it
    and knows it’s his professor’s handwritten book about the facts of life.

    “Kamsamnida…” Taeyeon couldn’t control her joy a she blurted out her
    thank you in Hangul as she bowed respectfully to his professor. Although
    her professor didn’t understand Taeyeon’s word, he knew that Taeyeon is
    giving him respect as he saw Taeyeon bowed to him.

    “Miss Kim? Nice work by the way, in your questionnaire… I’d like to
    inform you first hand that you got 98% in it…. and I like what I’m
    seeing on how you progress…. Mind if I ask you one last question?” the
    professor asked Taeyeon.

    “I don’t mind……at all Sir…” Taeyeon replied. “are you interested in
    taking up a criminology?” her professor asked which piqued Taeyeon’s
    interest. “i…..won’t mind it… all sir…” Taeyeon replied and packed
    her things and gave her professor one last bow before leaving him and
    her classmates still scratching their heads on their problems.

    Although Taeyeon somewhat felt relaxed, as she stepped out the
    university, her face frowned as she remembered her broken laptop. But
    little did Taeyeon know, one person noticed her expression as she throws
    her broken laptop in a dumpster. It was Tiffany who is eating the
    strawberry ice cream that she bought for herself.

    “…….. is it accidental or on purpose….” Tiffany asked herself as she
    checked Taeyeon’s broken laptop inside the dumpster and decided to take
    it back to her office. As she clutches Taeyeon’s broken laptop, her mind
    is debating whether she wanted to ask Taeyeon about her laptop but in
    the end, Tiffany decided not to and head straight back to her store
    where Siwon is almost finishing up in the store as he attends the last

    Taeyeon’s aunt home….

    Taeyeon arrived back but she noticed some of their things are thrown
    outside their room. Worried, she hurriedly ran back and saw her Aunt
    scolding Yoona and Seohyun crying at the corner while clutching her torn
    keroro plushie.

    Taeyeon eyes widen when she saw Shinyoung was about to hit Yoona with a
    stick and she instantly ran towards Yoona, shielding the ill child from
    an oncoming pain.

    *WHAP!* Taeyeon felt a stinging pain hits her back but ignored it as she
    can’t stand by watching someone abusing her adoptive sisters.

    “What the heck Aunt?! You know this girl is ill!” Taeyeon hissed but Shinyoung stared daggers back at Taeyeon.

    “I don’t care! She just ate my last hotdog that I save for my snack!” Shinyoung answered.

    “Geez Aunt, it’s just a hotdog I can buy you plenty of that!! you don’t
    have to go ballistic on my sisters!” Taeyeon retorted back.

    “HAH! SISTERS??! If I knew they weren’t your sisters! that emotionless
    kid is just your excess baggage to your family that your father picked
    in the middle of the night like a stray cat and that uptight kid is just
    your father’s bestfriend’s daughter and yet you call them your sisters?
    Don’t make me laugh Taeyeon!” Shinyoung answered and left them.

    Seohyun ran towards Taeyeon and still crying. “shhh.. don’t worry I’m
    here now… don’t cry… but what happened?” Taeyeon asked as she cooed

    “Yoona didn’t do anything unnie…. Aunt’s last hotdog was stolen by a cat
    and I saw it… I tried to tell Aunt but she just didn’t believe me….. in
    her anger, she just ripped my plushie keroro and saying I’m lying just
    because I’m protecting Yoona….” Seohyun answered while sobbing.

    “Unnie…. why are we staying here…. can’t we just ask Tiffany unnie since
    she’ a nice person?” Seohyun asked as her face is still buried on
    Taeyeon’s chest.

    “I wish I could Hyunnie….. but I can’t over-welcome my presence with
    her….. we just met her right? Don’t you think it’s improper to ask her
    that?” Taeyeon said as she brushed Seohyun’s and Yoona’s hair gently.

    “ok…. You two, wait for me here I’ll get our things back….” Taeyeon said
    as she tries to get their things but Seohyun called her again.

    “Unnie…… about that…… Aunt Shinyoung locked the room where we are
    supposed to be staying… she’s saying we need to pay up first if we want
    to sleep again….” Seohyun said as she held Yoona’s hand tight. Taeyeon
    couldn’t believe what she just heard, Shinyoung didn’t told her about
    paying up just to stay and she fumingly went inside the kitchen where
    Shinyoung usually spends most of her time.

    “What the hell Aunt? What’s this about payment? We didn’t talked about
    this!” Taeyeon said but Shinyoung answered without looking at her.

    “hey you bought that two excess baggage so it’s fair deal. You bought
    some, I’ll get some, it’s just simple as that…” Shinyoung replied as if
    she has no care about anything but money, Taeyeon wanted to continue to
    argue but she’s too tired and decided to give Shinyoung the money she

    “HERE!” Taeyeon angrily banged some money in the table and Shinyoung
    didn’t pay attention but as she saw the lump some money Taeyeon gave,
    she smiled and her attitude changed.

    “oh… here’s the key Taeyeon… and tell your sisters to come and eat up
    I’ve prepared dinner for us..” Shinyoung said as she counted the money
    Taeyeon gave. Taeyeon stared at Shinyoung with disgust as she snatch the
    key and starts moving their stuffs back in the room.

    “I hope you choke on your own money….” Taeyeon hissed as she decided not
    to eat dinner and Yoona and Seohyun did also the same Taeyeon did. A
    minutes later they heard someone knocked on their door.

    Taeyeon looked at her two sisters sleeping soundly before opening the
    door. As she opened the door, she felt somewhat relieved to see
    Shinyoung’s husband Kim Goora. Eventhough Kim Goora not their blood
    relative, the guys always understands them.

    “I’ve bought you and your sisters some food Taeyeon-ssi….” Goora said as she placed the tray of food in the table near them.

    “thanks uncle Goora….” Taeyeon thanked and she gently tapped Seohyun and
    Yoona to wake up and pointed the food. Taeyeon knew the two girls
    haven’t eaten anything yet as she watched Seohyun and Yoona ate like
    there’s no tomorrow.

    “I’m sorry Taeyeon-ssi…. I actually wanted to give those food earlier
    but Shinyoung keeps glaring at me. I know she changed after you’ve given
    her some money but in the truth…… even though she somewhat shown that
    she cared, she was originally planning to give less to your two
    sisters…” Goora said.

    “I know uncle… I’m also kind of embarrassed… even though you’re not our
    blood relative, you’re the one who understands my situation while my own
    blood relative doesn’t…. and uncle…. I need to find some part time work
    soon….. or else we won’t survive in Aunt’s wrath…” Taeyeon said as she
    just drink a glass of water.

    “Aren’t you going to eat Taeyeon-ssi?” Goora asked. “….i’m fine uncle
    Goora…. My main concern is these two…. They haven’t got anyone else but
    me…..” Taeyeon said as she sighed.

    “I see……. It must’ve been hard to you Taeyeon-ssi…. Look if there’s a
    problem, let me know I’ll try to help anyway I can…” Goora said as he
    stood up and walked towards the door. “and Taeyeon-ssi, after you
    sisters finished you can just leave the tray in here, I’ll pick that up
    tomorrow morning…” Goora said before closing the door.

    With Goora wide understanding, Taeyeon smiled and saw Kim Goora as her
    light inside her Aunt’s nightmare and Taeyeon just watched Seohyun and
    Yoona finish her food.

    As Taeyeon sits beside the bed, she didn’t noticed Yoona already walked
    beside her. she just noticed Yoona when she heard Seohyun called Yoona
    and as she looked at Yoona, she noticed Yoona is holding a cup with left
    over soup in it. Taeyeon clearly knew Yoona didn’t finish the soup and
    she’s giving her share.

    “aww.. that’s sweet Yoona…. but I’m fine… you finish that up….” Taeyeon
    said as she gently pushed the cup away from her but even though Yoona
    is emotionless, she didn’t budge from her place and just continue to
    give Taeyeon the cup of soup.

    “Unnie…. take it…. Yoona really saved it for you….” Taeyeon heard
    Seohyun explained and she sighed as she received the cup and thanked
    Yoona and as soon the cup left her hand, she just walked away from
    Taeyeon and lie down in the bed.

    “Yoona…….. if you could only express yourself…….. I wonder who could
    give you back your emotions….” Taeyeon said as she finished Yoona’s soup
    and went to bed.

    Another day at the university………

    The news about Taeyeon’s result at their surprise quiz yesterday spread
    like a wildfire, resulting all of her classmates that looked down on her
    changed drastically, they never knew that the girl they’re making fun
    of yesterday is actually the smartest one in their class. Most of her
    classmate also respected her and understand her language problem as her
    professor from yesterday told them. But not all of them are happy, a
    group of girls envied her and mad at her.

    In the midst of their class, their professor was called by the registrar
    and he stepped outside. “hey Einstein, just because you’ve earned the
    professor’s respect and everyone else doesn’t mean anything to me,
    you’re still “the old age computer” to me….. oh by the way…. Can I
    borrow your laptop?” the girl teased Taeyeon about her laptop and that
    time she clearly knew who tripped her yesterday.

    As the other student heard it they all went to Taeyeon's side and going
    to try to defend her but before they do, their professor stepped back in
    and noticed them.

    “alright everyone… I know you’re thrilled to know her but please be
    seated…. I'd like to inform you all… that we would be getting another
    forex student… also came from Korea… Please come in…….” the professor
    signaled the new transfer student.

    As the transfer student walked in, all eyes are on her, particularly
    Taeyeon. Although her classmates are thrilled about the new transfer
    student, Taeyeon is surprised to see who it was.

    “Hello, my name is Tiffany Hwang and I’ll be joining you guys starting
    from today… please take care of me..” it was Tiffany who transferred as
    she flashed her eyes smile capturing and melting the hearts of her
    classmates, mostly male.

    “alright guys, pipe down and now Miss Hwang, you can sit behind Miss
    Kim…” the professor said as she pointed the empty seat behind Taeyeon.

    As Tiffany sat behind Taeyeon, she tapped Taeyeon’s shoulder lightly.
    “hey! How are you?” Tiffany asked in whisper as she gave Taeyeon a
    smile. The girl who fought with Taeyeon saw it and didn’t like the image
    she’s seeing. “what the…. Even the new transfer student were already
    taking an interest with her?” the girl hissed from her mind.

    As the lecture continues, the girl who fought with Taeyeon is glancing
    daggers at them and sent message to her other friends that she plans to
    beat Taeyeon up at the break after this lecture. Several minutes later,
    the bell rang indicating their 30 minutes break. As they were gathering
    to plan their assault to Taeyeon, they caught a glance at Taeyeon and
    made them furious to see Tiffany following Taeyeon already.

    As they both got themselves something to eat, Tiffany pulled something
    out from her bag. “Tae-Tae… here….” Tiffany whispered again to Taeyeon
    and to Taeyeon’s surprise, Tiffany is handing her a brand new laptop
    with the similar brand like the one that broke yesterday.

    Taeyeon covered her mouth with amixed feelings of happiness and relieved
    and as she turned the laptop on, all of her files she saved from her
    broken laptop are intact, nothing more and nothing less.

    “Fany-ah? Who did you……..but how did you….. I mean when did…….” As Taeyeon struggled for a word, Tiffany chuckled.

    “Tae-Tae… I saw you yesterday throw it out and it seems you’re too
    depress to pull out your hard drive so even though the dumpster is
    smelly, I decided to get it and pull the hard drive from it and bought
    you a new one and attached you old hard drive….” Tiffany replied

    “But you don’t have to do this for me… I can….. I can afford another one… I just have to find work…” Taeyeon said.

    “work?” Tiffany asked as she’s confused. “yeah…. Lately my aunt did
    something and I ended up paying her up..” Taeyeon sighed. Tiffany knew
    Taeyeon’s aunt did something bad as she noticed Taeyeon’s sigh is not a
    normal one.

    “…..Tae-Tae….. what did she do….” Tiffany’s voice changed from a happy
    one to a serious one with a serious face and Taeyeon noticed it and
    somehow she felt Tiffany is ready to kill somebody who mess with her.

    “Fany-ah… look… don’t mind it alright?.... it’s just a small matter…
    nothing else…” Taeyeon said as she somewhat felt dangerous aura
    eminating from Tiffany.

    “Tae-Tae…. What………. Did…………. She…………. Do?” Tiffany asked again but as
    Taeyeon is going to give her a lie answer, she noticed Tiffany hand is
    forming into a fist and shaking. Somehow, Taeyeon observed that it would
    be best to tell Tiffany what really happened as she knew if she tell
    another lie, Tiffany would go berserk based on her observation.

    Taeyeon told Tiffany what happened and it took Taeyeon several minutes
    to explain. As she explained where the part where Taeyeon talked to her
    uncle somewhat made Tiffany less dangerous than earlier. “how could she
    do that to you sister Tae-Tae? Just because she loved money? I swear
    someday I’ll send her to hospital……” Tiffany said as she rested her chin
    to her palm. Although Tiffany made it sound like a joke, to Taeyeon’s
    observation, she knew that Tiffany is not joking.

    “Come on Fany-ah… break is almost over…” Taeyeon said as she smiled to
    Tiffany and Tiffany stared at her looking surprised. “you sure seem
    happy today Tae-Tae…” Tiffany asked.

    “well let’s just say yesterday’s not a good day to me…. I’ve spend my
    day alone since I don’t have anyone to talk to… but now you’re here, I
    can talk freely in Hangul.” Taeyeon said as they both walked back to
    their room.

    As they were walking while talking and Tiffany is somewhat also smiling a
    bit, Taeyeon couldn’t shake the feeling that something is about to
    happen and that moment, her feeling never fails her as she noticed
    Tiffany is not walking beside her and some students in the hallway
    stopped talking and looking at Tiffany’s direction.

    As Taeyeon turned around, she saw Tiffany holding a baseball ball and
    gripping it tightly, Taeyeon also noticed the position of the ball is
    somewhat aimed to the back of her head and she looked further, she also
    saw the girl who is picking on her ever since she transferred then she
    returned her stare back at Tiffany and noticed the same aura but this
    time much more intense and Taeyeon can feel it right to her bone.

    ALSO!” the girl shouted. Hearing the girl said that triggered something
    inside from Tiffany.

    “Nightmare? Nightmare you said? You really want to know what nightmare
    looks like?” Tiffany grinned which made Taeyeon somewhat shivering. She
    never knew Tiffany have this kind of side behind those perfect eye

    “F-Fany-ah… don’t pay attention…. Please let’s just go….” Taeyeon tried
    to talk to Tiffany but it was too late, the Tiffany she met is somewhat
    different from the Tiffany she is seeing now.

    “Tae-Tae didn’t do anything and yet you want to harm her? you have to
    get over me first!” Tiffany said as she threw back the ball back at the
    girl barely missing her face just an inch and the girl could feel the
    ball’s force as if passed by her face which made her and her friends
    sweated in buckets.

    “you really want to see real nightmare?” Tiffany asked as she starts to walk towards the group while grinning devilishly.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 11 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 12

    As Tiffany is slowly walking towards the girl and her group, All of them
    started shivering in fear as if they also feel Tiffany’s murderous

    Tiffany smirked as she noticed the girls is now silently panicking.
    Tiffany walked towards them and girl and her group just stood frozen.
    Even though they wanted to run, their legs doesn’t seem to be obeying
    what their mind is telling to do so. As Tiffany got close to the girl,
    Tiffany smirked while the girl sweated buckets.

    “I’ll ask you again……… you really want to see some nightmares? I’ll
    guarantee you that you’ll be remembering it for the rest of your
    life…..” Tiffany said to the girl as she grinned devilishly.

    The girl shakes in fear as Tiffany finally got real close to her. And
    group started to run in fear leaving her alone face to face with

    The other students who were witnessing the scene couldn’t believe what
    is happening as Tiffany grabbed the girl’s collar with her left hand and
    her right hand balled up, ready to punch the girl. Taeyeon had to stop
    what is happening as they are already making a scene. Also other
    professors are quite shock at what they’re seeing. Some of the
    professors wanted to jump in to stop what is happening but seeing
    Tiffany in a dangerous mood prevented them.

    “you want nightmare? Here’s your nightmare!” Tiffany said as her fist
    starts to move towards the girl’s face. But all Tiffany did was to scare
    the girl out of her wits as she stopped knuckle with the exact
    measurement of .05 inch from her face. And Tiffany slowly released the
    girl from her collar and turned around to see Taeyeon sighing in relief
    and glad that Tiffany didn’t punch the girl.

    Although relieved, Taeyeon still feels scared as Tiffany walked towards
    her with her expression completely changed as she is now happily walking
    towards Taeyeon while smiling.

    “Come on Tae-Tae we’re gonna be late to class…………” Tiffany said as she
    hooked her right arm to Taeyeon’s left arm with all smile then she turn
    around to the girl who is still frozen with fear.

    “and you….collect yourself, or you’ll gonna be late for the next
    lecture…” Tiffany said as she gave the girl a final devilish grin.

    As Taeyeon and Tiffany disappeared from her sight, her legs starts to
    shake as the student saw it it’s shaking madly and to add insult to
    injury, the girl unconsciously peed her pants as she is really scared
    out of her wits. She felt like anymore close range from Tiffany will
    make her go insane or even worst she will be bought to an asylum. The
    students were laughing at her after she peed her pants. All of them knew
    who started the scene but it ends up in humiliation.

    As she can’t take the pressure of fear and humiliation, the girl ran out not finishing the whole class session.

    “you didn’t have to go that far Fany-ah…” Taeyeon said but Tiffany just
    smiled back. “I have to Tae-Tae… she’s picking on you… I hate it when
    someone close to me is getting picked on.” Tiffany said. Taeyeon sighed
    in defeat.

    “omona….. what did I do to have a friend like her….” Taeyeon thought to herself as she smiled.

    As all of their classmates also got inside, they noticed the girl that is bullying Taeyeon earlier in not present.

    “see what I told you Fany-ah.. you got her really scared now…” Taeyeon
    whispered but Tiffany didn’t mind as she knows it’s not the end of it.
    Tiffany knew the girl will get her revenge for putting her in a
    humiliating situation.

    “she’ll be back…..i know it…” Tiffany whispered as she just smiled at Taeyeon.

    Hours have passed they finished their classes with the girl is still
    missing. Taeyeon felt guilty for what happened and she decided to gather
    her things and seek one of her friend. Tiffany didn’t notice what
    Taeyeon had done and as she turn to Taeyeon, the petite girl is already
    missing behind her.

    Taeyeon managed to get a hold of one of the girl’s friend, even though
    Taeyeon knew it was a bad idea, she just wanted to apologize to the girl
    for what happened.

    “Sure… I know where she is… follow me and thanks for bringing her
    stuffs…” the girl said but she turned her back to Taeyeon, the girl
    smirked. Taeyeon didn’t know that the girl who tried to hurt her is
    actually looking for a way to snatch her from Tiffany for a payback for
    what had happened.

    The girl leads Taeyeon into the back of gymnasium where the girl is
    waiting. “Kim Taeyeon… what a pleasant surprise… I heard you were
    looking for me?” The girl asked.

    “I’m just want………… to say………….sorry……. for what…..happened…… and you
    didn’t get….. your things….” Taeyeon replied in English language.

    As Taeyeon is going to return her things, the girl suddenly jumped at
    Taeyeon and grabbed her hair. “You think you’re hotshot? You think you
    can act “miss goodie-two-shoes” after that incident? And you think I’ll
    back out and keep quiet at this? You’re wrong!” the girl said as she
    gave Taeyeon a punch in her stomach.

    Taeyeon winced in pain and coughed hard and starting to breathe heavily as the pain is still lingering in her stomach.

    “so…. Where’s your confident now “old age computer”? can you still act
    like you did earlier now that she’s out of sight?” the girl mocked
    Taeyeon as Taeyeon is still on the ground coughing.

    “hey I got an idea… why don’t me give her a mark on her cheek?” the
    other girl said as she gave the girl who is bullying Taeyeon a butter.

    “Not a bad idea….. I think this will be fun…..” the girl smirked as she
    walked towards Taeyeon. But as she was going to carve Taeyeon’s cheeks
    with a cutter, the next thing she saw was a flying foot hitting her face
    and sending her rolling on the ground. The girl’s group was surprised
    to see who is was and it was Tiffany.

    “now you’re really asking for it…” Tiffany said as she dashed towards the girl’s group.

    ++ Flashback ++

    “Come on Tae-Tae… I’ll drop you off to your
    home…..Tae-Tae?” Tiffany turned around only to find Taeyeon is not with
    her and noticed the girl’s things are also missing.

    “…she must’ve looked for her….” Tiffany sighed but at the same time having a feeling of discomfort and she pulled out her phone.

    “Hello Oppa? Listen can you track one person for me?” Tiffany said as she called Siwon.

    “did you lose sight of her?” Siwon asked. “yeah kind
    of…. She got into trouble and I’m having a bad feeling about this….”
    Tiffany said.

    “…….she got into trouble? Or you got her into trouble?”
    Siwon asked as he somewhat knew Tiffany did something. “yah! They’re the
    ones started it I just defended her…” Tiffany replied.

    “exactly… and they’ll get revenge for that…. I hope you
    still remember our code… once you started it, finish it…” Siwon said. “I
    know oppa… but….. as much as I want to sent them out in either the body
    bag or in death bed….. she will not like it…” Tiffany said as she heard
    Siwon laughing on the other line.

    “fine fine.. I get it…” Siwon replied.

    Siwon used his phone to access his GPS connection and
    finally pin pointed Taeyeon’s location. “I’ve located her she’s heading
    towards the back of gymnasium… oh and Tiffany…….. have fun…” Siwon said
    as he cuts the line and Tiffany hurriedly went to the back of gymnasium.

    As Tiffany managed to arrive at the back of gymnasium,
    she saw what snapped her gentle composure. She saw the girl is holding
    Taeyeon’s hair upward and gave Taeyeon a hard punch to her stomach.

    “this is the last straw….” Tiffany’s blood rushed up in
    her head and ran as she prepared her anesthetic darts secretly and as
    she saw the other girl handing a cutter to the girl the punched Taeyeon,
    Tiffany’s blood boiled and jumped as she used Taeyeon’s body as her
    support and successfully landed a flying kick right on the girl’s face.

    ++ Flashback end ++

    The girl holds her face and winced in pain as blood is flowing non-stop
    from her nose. “GET HER!!!” the girl shouted while holding her nose and
    the girl’s group surrounded Tiffany.

    Although wincing in pain, Taeyeon watched Tiffany being surrounded the other four girls. One of them is holding a wooden stick.

    As the girl with the wooden stick tried to attack Tiffany with it,
    Tiffany greeted it as she kicked high enough to meet the wooden stick in
    the middle and breaking it in half, and because of Tiffany’s expertise
    during her glory days, she sensed the someone from her back threw a
    solid rock but Tiffany tilted her head to the side and the rock that was
    thrown hit the girl in front of Tiffany right in the face.

    Tiffany turned around and saw the girl who threw something from earlier,
    picking up a rock. Before the girl could finish her stone picking,
    Tiffany did an axe kick as her foot landed hard on the girl’s hand,
    Tiffany knew she broke the girl’s hand as the girl cried hard. “SHUT UP
    CRY BABY!!” Tiffany said as she drove her knee to the girl’s cheek
    completely knocking the girl out. Then the other girl who handed the
    cutter attacked Tiffany from the right side but Tiffany stepped back a
    little and she hooked her right arm on the girl’s left arm as her other
    free hand quickly grabbed the girl’s right wrist, then Tiffany used her
    right leg to hook both of the girl’s leg, resulting an under hook throw
    as the girl stumbles down.

    Under hook throw

    Taeyeon couldn’t believe what is happening and couldn’t quite get why is
    Tiffany protecting her. the remaining two girls fled in fear leaving
    the three bully girls in Tiffany’s mercy.

    Then the girl with the wooden stick earlier stood up and attacked
    Tiffany with a broken branch of a tree. At first, she thought she caught
    Tiffany by a surprise as she felt the hit something hard but when she
    looked, the thing she hit is not Tiffany’s head but rather Tiffany’s
    hand caught the branch and Tiffany is gripping the branch tightly, she
    tried to pry off the branch from Tiffany grip but Tiffany forcefully
    pulled the girl towards her and Tiffany side stepped and drive her right
    knee to the girl’s stomach and she quickly locked her right arm on the
    girl’s neck, forcing the girl to fall on the ground on her back and
    becoming knocked out on the process.

    The remaining girl, the one that bullied Taeyeon, got up and ran towards
    Tiffany but Tiffany smirked as she looked at the girl still running
    towards her holding the cutter on her hand. To Taeyeon’s point of view,
    she knew the girl had gone wild as she saw the girl is really going to
    stab Tiffany with the cutter. But before Taeyeon could stop the process,
    it all happened too fast to Taeyeon’s eyes. She saw the girl flungs her
    body in mid air doing a full circular motion as Tiffany gave her a
    strong straight kick right on her face, completely crushing her nose and
    some teeth.

    Taeyeon stared in awe as she glanced at Tiffany totally unscathed. On
    the other hand, Tiffany is still not finish as she feels she’s back on
    her “Job” because she’s somewhat in trance for seeing them hurting
    Taeyeon. Tiffany didn’t talk and just smiled while walking towards the
    girl who is barely conscious. As Tiffany walks towards her, Taeyeon
    noticed Tiffany is pulling out something from her shirt and saw a couple
    of syringe, one was colorless and one is containing a red liquid.

    Taeyeon could hear Tiffany is giggling while walking towards the girl
    which Taeyeon finds it odd for Tiffany to act like that. “F-Fany-ah?”
    Taeyeon tried to call Tiffany but the girl ignored her and continues to
    walk towards the girl.

    As Tiffany got close to the girl who is still lying on the ground,
    Tiffany sits beside the girl. “don’t tell me I didn’t warn you….. but
    no…. you still went on and hurting my Tae-Tae…..” Tiffany said as she
    shows the girl the two syringes.

    “W-What…. Are you….. going to….do with that?” the girl asked as she
    feels scared. Tiffany didn’t answer but just smiled as she uncapped the
    needle of the two syringes. “S-Stop!...please…. I…I won’t hurt her
    again….i………I promise…” the girl shakes in fear as she knew once Tiffany
    injected that syringe in her, it’s all over.

    “Too late…I gave you a warning and you wasted it….” Tiffany said it
    mockingly as she slowly injected the colorless syringe’s needle on the
    girl’s arm.

    “you know what’s this colorless liquid? This is anesthetic….” Tiffany
    said as she pressed the syringe’s plunger emptying the contents of the
    syringe’s barrel. The girl’s body falls into a complete numbness. The
    girl cannot move her whole body. She wanted to scream but couldn’t
    because of the effects of the anesthesia.

    Tiffany didn’t noticed that Taeyeon managed to stand back up and walked
    towards them and as Tiffany injected the red syringe, her smile somewhat
    changed into a sadistic one.

    “Any last words?” Tiffany asked the girl but she realized the girl cant because of the anesthesia.

    “oh right… you can’t….. silly me….. before I press the plunger… this red
    liquid is my home made poison. This is combined with black widow's
    essence combined with potassium cynide with a little bit of Ethyldichloroarsine and Cyanogen chloride…….
    So…it’s been a pleasure of meeting you…” Tiffany said as she goes on
    finishing her “job” but before she could press the plunger, Taeyeon
    stopped her.

    “TIFFANY DON’T!!!” Taeyeon shouted and then Tiffany snapped back to her
    old self and realized what she had done and immediately pulled out the
    red syringe before she could kill the girl.

    Tiffany stood up and turned around Taeyeon and saw Taeyeon’s scared face
    for what about she was going do and it hit her and realized she just
    shown her dark side to Taeyeon.

    “T-Tae-Tae….I’M SORRY!!” Tiffany shouted as she ran away from Taeyeon.
    But to Taeyeon’s point of view, she’s just surprised at Tiffany.
    Although slightly scared at what Tiffany displayed, she’s also concerned
    about her.

    “FANY WAIT!!” Taeyeon shouted but Tiffany is nowhere to be seen. Taeyeon
    walked towards the girl who is now motionless due to the effects of

    “…I’m sorry…… for my……..” Taeyeon stopped at her words thinking if she
    could still call Tiffany her “friend” after what happened but she
    remembered how Tiffany has been protective of her, although Tiffany’s
    way is beyond normal, she knew the girl is just protective, maybe TOO
    protective of her.

    “I’m sorry…for my… Friend’s behavior……….. she’s just protective….”
    Taeyeon said as she bowed politely to the girl and tried to follow

    “this time… she’ll not bother me again…..” Taeyeon said to herself as she clearly knew the girl’s status because the girl is too frightened.

    Brighter than Jewel store….

    Siwon bid farewell to the last costumer and instructs the other employee to pack and clean up when two persons comes in.

    “oh I’m sorry…. We’re closing up now please come back tomo………… YOU?!” Siwon was surprised to see who arrived.

    “yeah….nice to see you too cousin…..” it was Sooyoung supported by
    Sunny. Siwon was surprised at Sooyoung, not because she showed up but
    rather he’s surprised to see Sooyoung covered with bandages.

    “what the hell happened to you guys!?” Siwon asked. “…it’s a long story oppa…. But first… is Tiffany in?” Sunny asked.

    “well..she hasn’t come back because she in a university…” Siwon replied. “she’s attending school?” Sooyoung asked in surprise.

    “Yeah…apparently she’s protecting someone in there….” Siwon said.

    “but changing the topic… what the hell happen to you Sooyoung? And why
    are the two of you are here?” Siwon asked. But before Sooyoung and Sunny
    could answer, another group of person came in and it was Jessica, Yuri
    and Jiyoung.

    Siwon knew there was trouble seeing the three of them together specially
    when Sooyoung is covered with bandage and Yuri looking like she’s ready
    to cause some havoc.

    “…..i see…… don’t tell me yet…. You guys have a place to stay?” Siwon
    asked. “well…. We kind of hoping we could go to your place oppa….. Yuri
    and Youngie needs to rest and so is Jiyoung and Jessica…” Sunny

    Siwon wanted to pry more but decided not to. “……….” Siwon reached
    for his keys on his pocket and throws it to Sunny. “ask my cousin where I
    live, she knows the direction…. I wanted to ask more but Yuri
    seems…………. Ready to kill anytime if you nudge her wrong system…” Siwon
    said to Sunny.

    “Oppa……….you don’t know anything yet but I’ll inform you a slight of
    info……… we are now traitors of the “group”….” Sunny explained as they
    walked back outside. Siwon just shook his head and wondered.

    “what the hell happened to the “Group”…….” Siwon uttered as he helped the attendants to clean and close the store.

    Somewhere in the streets of San Francisco…

    Tiffany walked as she clearly felt she avoided Taeyeon. She knew she
    couldn’t show her face to Taeyeon after what she had done. As she walked
    several steps more, she found herself in a park. Tiffany sat down on a
    nearby bench, contemplating for she had done.

    “Dammit Tiffany! how can you so absorbed on what you’re doing!!” Tiffany
    cursed herself. “I almost killed someone in front of Tae-Tae….” Tiffany
    said as she covered her face with both of her hands.

    “AAAAH! DAMMIT!! I’M NOT NORMAL!!!” Tiffany shouted scaring several people away from her and now she’s left alone.

    “that’s right………. It’s good to be alone…….. this way I won’t get anyone in trouble…” Tiffany said to herself.

    “you didn’t get me into trouble Fany-ah…” Tiffany was startled to hear
    someone’s voice from her back. as she turned around she saw Taeyeon
    breathing heavily.

    From Taeyeon’s figure, Tiffany knew the older girl ran after her.

    As Tiffany is going to ran away from her again, Taeyeon already dashed
    towards her with her remaining strength and grabs Tiffany by her wrist.

    “Don’t run…….” Taeyeon said as she still breathe for some air. Tiffany’s back remained on her view.

    “Tae-Tae….. you shouldn’t be with me……. I might cause you trouble again……….” Tiffany said. Taeyeon knew Tiffany was sad.

    “you didn’t Fany-ah……. You just protected me…. although it’s just a
    little bit too much of a protection…. I appreciate it….” Taeyeon said
    before slumping down on the ground. Tiffany heard Taeyeon falls down and
    quickly turned around and supported the older girl on the bench.

    “Look…… I think I somewhat knew what you really are Fany-ah…” Taeyeon said.

    “the way you move…. Clearly you’re not a normal person to act that
    way….. are you by any chance….. some secret agent?” Taeyeon asked which
    made Tiffany startled.

    Tiffany’s eyes widened at Taeyeon’s words. She couldn’t believe that
    how did Taeyeon knew what she is, she didn’t even opened up ever since
    they met for the first day and yet Taeyeon managed to get it on first

    “No…I’m not…. I just learned self defense… that’s all…” Tiffany said to avert Taeyeon’s suspicion.

    “……Self defense? Hmmm does that self-defense comes in with the poisonous
    syringes?” Taeyeon asked as she is now breathing steadily with enough

    Tiffany couldn’t answer back as she knew too, Taeyeon clearly saw her
    with the syringe. “T-Tae-Tae… it’s just…. I just……you see…… I’m…..”
    Tiffany tried to tell Taeyeon but she’s scared that Taeyeon might reject
    her if she revealed her true identity.

    And to Tiffany’s surprise, Taeyeon held her hand tightly. “Fany-ah…….
    Whatever it is… I want to know…. the way you act and the way you
    protected me…. clearly, it’s your first time for actually caring for
    someone other than your family… am I right?” Taeyeon said which made
    Tiffany shocked.

    Taeyeon was spot on detecting her personality. It’s true that it’s her
    first time caring for someone besides her family because Tiffany
    consider Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Sunny and Siwon her present family.
    Taeyeon is a different case because Tiffany liked Taeyeon. Tiffany felt
    her cheeks warming up from the touch of Taeyeon’s hand.

    “Fany-ah… please tell me…. that way I can get to know you…” Taeyeon said
    as she looked straight at Tiffany’s eyes. As their eyes met, Tiffany
    felt her heart melt at Taeyeon’s stare, her heartbeat starts to beat
    faster. She never imagined that her and Taeyeon would be this close to
    each other.

    Taeyeon on the other hand were completely clueless at Tiffany’s feeling
    right now and just continues to be concerned at Tiffany. As Taeyeon is
    still eager to know more about Tiffany, she moved in closer next to
    Tiffany and this time she wrapped her arms around Tiffany and gently
    leaned Tiffany’s head on her shoulder. Tiffany’s heart starts to beat
    faster than ever.

    “Fany-ah… it’s ok if you don’t want to share…. I somewhat understand and
    I’m not moving from here not until you say a word….” Taeyeon said as
    she now pressed Tiffany’s body close to her.

    Tiffany’s heart is now panicking at the moment because of happiness.
    “Tae-Tae…..” Tiffany called Taeyeon with a weak voice without looking at
    the older girl.

    “hmmm? Is there something wrong Fany-ah?” Taeyeon asked and Tiffany
    shook her head as an answer. Silence engulfed them for about ten minutes
    then Tiffany broke their silence.

    “Tae-Tae…. What if I am?” Tiffany asked which made Taeyeon wonders.
    “what if you are…what?” Taeyeon asked. “at what you said earlier….. a
    secret agent… what if I am? What will you do?” Tiffany asked.

    Taeyeon just smiled and remembered her cousin Hyoyeon. “I don’t mind
    Fany-ah…. You know… I have a cousin who is an agent too…. So I can
    relate….” Taeyeon said but this time, Tiffany straightened up and looked
    at Taeyeon’s eyes with seriousness.

    “no you can’t Tae-Tae……. I’m a different kind of agent….” Tiffany said.
    “different or not Fany-ah… you’re still an agent…” Taeyeon replied.

    “NO! you don’t understand Tae-Tae…. I’m the kind of agent with a dark
    history….” Tiffany said which made Taeyeon tensed up but nonetheless,
    Taeyeon didn’t let go of Tiffany, instead she hold Tiffany more securely
    because in her observation, Tiffany wanted some comfort.

    “Try me Fany-ah….. I promise.. I won’t turn you away no matter how dark
    it is…. I know clearly… you’re trying to change your way…. So… please
    let me in…” Taeyeon said as she somehow managed to penetrate Tiffany’s

    “Tae-Tae…. I’m actually an EX-assassin from Korea…..” Tiffany said as
    she noticed Taeyeon were frozen shocked at her revelation. As Tiffany
    were going to pull her hand away from Taeyeon’s hand she felt Taeyeon’s
    grip tightens.

    “Tae-Tae… let go….” Tiffany said as she tries to pry off her hand from
    Taeyeon’s hand but when she looked back at Taeyeon’s face she saw
    Taeyeon is smiling warmly at her.

    “I don’t care Fany-ah…. Even if you’re an ex-convict who committed
    numerous crimes, that fact that you’re trying to change your way… it’s
    enough for me for a new start…” Taeyeon said as she gently placed her
    other hand above Tiffany’s hand clasping Tiffany’s hand in between.

    Tiffany felt at ease at that time and touched by Taeyeon’s words. “now
    Fany-ah…. I want to know what you really are…. I promise, I won’t let
    go…” Taeyeon said and Tiffany nodded.

    As Tiffany explained all about her, her missions, assassinations,
    bombing and everything, including about Yuri and Yoona in full details.
    Taeyeon is slowly understanding Tiffany’s past, although slight
    surprised and shock at Tiffany’s past.

    “so the other Yoona is the reason why Tiffany decided to quit her job and start a new life…” Taeyeon thought to herself.

    “Fany-ah… tell me something…. The moment you saw my adopted sister Yoona…. what did you feel?” Taeyeon asked.

    “well… I was quite shock because she has uncanny resemblance to the
    Yoona I used to know…. the only difference is, the one I know is lively
    and hyper…” Tiffany said.

    “yeah… I know what you mean but I’m glad you’re changing you’re ways…..” Taeyeon said.

    “Tae-Tae……” Tiffany called Taeyeon’s attention and as Taeyeon stared at
    Tiffany she somehow felt something is different from Tiffany. Taeyeon
    noticed Tiffany’s expression somewhat brighter than before.

    “Thank you…… for listening to me and still accepting me even though I have that kind of past..” Tiffany said.

    “No thank you Fany-ah…. For trusting me about your past… I know it’s not
    easy for you to tell me about this and yet you still told me…. thank
    you for trusting me…” Taeyeon said as both of them hugged tightly as a
    sign of their strong bond forming.

    “well now… I have to go home…. Hyunnie and Yoona are waiting for me… I hope my aunt will never hurt them…” Taeyeon said.

    “alright… I’m sorry for taking up your time…. I’ll give you a ride
    home….” Tiffany said as they are now walking back to the campus where
    Tiffany’s car parked.

    Kim’s home….

    Tiffany arrived at Shinyoung’s home to drop Taeyeon off. “Tae-Tae…
    thanks again… talking to you about my past feels like something heavy
    has been lifted off from my shoulders…” Tiffany said as she smiled.

    “don’t worry about that Fany-ah…. At least I helped a bit to ease that
    burden you’re carrying..” Taeyeon replied as she offered her hand for a
    hand shake but to Taeyeon’s surprise, Tiffany hugged her tightly and
    Taeyeon returned the hug.

    As they broke their hug, both of them were all smiles as they found each
    other’s comfort. But before their happy moments continues, a loud cry
    echoed across the house and Taeyeon’s eyes widen because she knew whose
    voice it is.

    “HYUNNIE!” Taeyeon hurriedly got off from Tiffany’s car ran inside the
    house. Tiffany who is also worried what might happened, followed suit
    behind Taeyeon and also ran towards the house.

    As Taeyeon arrived inside the house, all of their things were scattered
    across the living room and Seohyun crying as she us hugging Yoona
    tightly while Shinyoung is holding a stick, the same stick she used
    yesterday. Taeyeon ran towards Seohyunas she saw a lash mark on
    Seohyun's back and not noticing Tiffany already followed suit.

    ONLY KIDS FOR BUTT’S SAKE!!” Taeyeon yelled as she hugged Seohyun and

    “That expressionless kid tried to steal my food!” Shinyoung retorted.
    “B-But unnie, Yoona is hungry because we haven’t eaten all day…” Seohyun
    answered back and hearing Seohyun’s voice Shinyoung’s stick went upward
    to prepare for another hit. Taeyeon closed her eyes and waited for the
    stick to hit her back as she shielded Seohyun and Yoona from the
    oncoming pain.

    As Taeyeon waited for the stick to land of her back, nothing happened.
    She turned around and saw Tiffany blocked the stick with her hand.
    “F-Fany-ah?” Taeyeon called but her fear comes back as she saw Tiffany
    again with the same murderous intent just like what happened earlier.

    Shinyoung also felt Tiffany’s negative aura and she stepped back a few
    steps. But thinking Tiffany is intruding her home, she regains her

    “get out of this house girl! you’re intruding my place!” Shinyoung said
    but Tiffany glared dagger at Shinyoung. Although Shinyoung still puts up
    a strong face, sweats can be seen forming on her forehead as she can
    still feel Tiffany’s negative presence.

    “Fany-ah…. Don’t......... she’s my aunt…. Let her go…” Taeyeon tried to
    talk Tiffany out of it because she’s scared. She’s scared not because of
    what will Shinyoung do to Tiffany but rather, WHAT will Tiffany do to

    “I would never forgive anyone who hurts Tae-Tae…. Even if he or she is a
    blood relative……” Tiffany said as she clenched her fists. Shinyoung
    stepped back a few steps and tripped on her own on the process as she
    stared at Tiffany with fear on her eyes. She wanted to shout back to
    Tiffany but couldn’t.

    As Tiffany start to walk towards Shinyoung, someone holds her hand and
    Tiffany felt the hand is small and looked to saw Yoona holding her hand,
    with of course, still expressionless. As she felt Yoona’s hand holding
    her Tiffany suddenly felt light and took a deep sigh.

    “….Yoona…” Tiffany said. “Tae-Tae…. Get your things…….. you three will
    live with me from now on……” Tiffany added as she made up her decision.

    “But the kid and her excess baggage haven’t paid me up yet for rent!”
    Shinyoung tried to talk but she said a taboo word in front of Tiffany.
    Tiffany flared up and grabbed Shinyoung her collar. Unbelievably, even
    though Shinyoung is heavier than Tiffany, Tiffany managed to pull
    Shinyoung from the floor and did a quick Judo move as she gave Shinyoung
    a body drop and Shinyoung was slammed hard on the floor and winced in

    Body Drop

    But Tiffany didn’t stop there as she grabbed Shinyoung’s left arm as she
    instantly make Shinyoung face the floor and slowly twisted her arm a
    bit. Shinyoung cried in pain as she felt her arm is going to break.

    But before Tiffany could do anymore damage, Taeyeon had to jump in and
    stop her. “FANY-AH STOP!! Don’t break her arm! Even though she’s like
    that….. she’s still my aunt…” Taeyeon said and Tiffany released the
    pressure but still gripping Shinyoung’s arm.

    “Pack your things Tae-Tae…. I’m not leaving you here in this house
    anymore… you three will live with me starting today...” Tiffany said as
    she’s still pinning Shinyoung flat on the floor.

    “Come On Hyunnie… pick up your things… we’re going to move with your
    Tiffany-unnie…” Taeyeon said as she stood up and gather their things.
    “Taeyeon-ah…. Let me help…” Taeyeon’s uncle suddenly showed up from the
    doorway as he witnessed what happened. Shinyoung saw a glimpse of hope
    now that her husband showed up.

    “GET THIS GIRL OFF OF ME!!” Shinyoung shouted but to her surprise, Goora
    just stared her down. “you reap what you sow…. Solve it on your own… I
    don’t understand you… she’s your blood relative and yet you’re not
    treating her as one…. You’re on your own Shinyoung…” Goora said as she
    continued to help Taeyeon put all of their things on Tiffany’s car. It
    took them 15 minutes before finally cleaning the room out.

    As Tiffany assured Taeyeon’s things are all inside her car, she released
    Shinyoung. “Don’t you ever dare come after Tae-Tae again for money….
    You’re just letting her stay because of her money…” Tiffany said as she
    walked outside Shinyoung’s home and successfully left the place but this
    time, with Taeyeon, Seohyun and Yoona in her care.

    Back at Shinyong’s home she confronted Kim Goora. “What the hell you
    Wussie! Why didn’t you protect me to that…that…. SL*T! you saw what she
    did to me?! not to mention they left without paying anything and leaving
    me with a dislocated arm!” Shinyoung shouted as she is still wincing in
    pain but Goora’s answer sends her shivering.

    “you know what? I’m sick and tired or your personality, just because you
    got a taste of my wealth you’ve changed! You’re not like that the day I
    met you! but now you’ve changed! As of today, I’m leaving you for good!
    I’m stopping all of your assets tomorrow! But don’t worry, I’ll leave
    this house to you!” with that Goora stormed out the house and
    disappeared from her sight.

    Shinyoung couldn’t believed what just happened because all of a sudden and in a flash, she’s left penniless as Goora left her.

    Shinyoung walked inside slowly with a heavy feet as she dragged herself
    into the living room. contemplating for she did. And Goora’s decision to
    leave her didn’t serve to her as a wake-up call as Taeyeon suddenly
    flashed to her mind and starts blaming Taeyeon again.

    As she’s fumingly mad and blaming Taeyeon for what happened, someone
    knocked on the door. Shinyoung got up and opened the door hoping Goora
    came back but as she opened the door, a man in a suit greeted her.

    “Are you Kim Shinyoung?” the man in the suit asked. “yeah I am…what do
    you want?” Shinyoung arrogantly answered. “Do you by any chance know
    this kid?” the man pulled out a picture of Im Yoona. “yeah I know her….
    but I don’t know where did she go now SCRAM!” Shinyoung shouted.

    “I see…… thank you for your cooperation Mrs. Kim….” The man in suit said and left Shinyoung…………….

    Dead on the floor with three bullets in the chest.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 12 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:49 am

    Mission 13

    Korea, KPF Office Midnight…

    Clad in her usual formal office attire with a take-out order of mocha cappuccino on her left hand that she ordered from a nearby coffee shop and her coat on her right arm, Gyuri arrived at the KPF office because it was her shift. As she entered their office everything was quiet and dark.

    “aaah chincha….this room feels lonely…” Gyuri said as she breathes a heavy sigh to find out that she’s the only one in the room.

    Gyuri walked in further inside and set her stuffs down at her work desk and turned on her laptop and her lamp in her work table then she suddenly heard something scuffling behind her. At first, Gyuri didn’t pay attention to it just sits on her chair to continue their work case file that Yuri’s mess left.

    While Gyuri is intently typing her report, she suddenly felt something fast went behind her as she feels a sudden gush of air ran through her hair. Gyuri suddenly felt goose bumps.

    “Hello?” Gyuri called but no one answered. “…stupid me…. who am I kidding, I’m the only one here at this moment…” Gyuri said as she chuckles her nervousness off.

    As she starts typing again, she suddenly felt another gush of cold air ran through her hair, causing the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Gyuri started to feel scared thinking if there’s a ghost with her in the office.

    “Hello? Is somebody there?” Gyuri called again but none answered. She spends entirely five minutes, not moving an inch as she check their office but only to find no one is there.

    Gyuri sits again on her chair but as she’s going to start typing again her report, she heard footsteps running across the room, Gyuri jumped from the chair grabbed anything she could get her hands on and ready to throw at something as she turned on the entire light in the office.

    As she turned on the lights, she sums up the strength of the legs to walk and check every desk to see if there’s anyone with her.

    Clutching her defense weapon she grabbed, a big stapler, Gyuri walked on the first desk, Seungyeon’s desk. “S-Seungyeon?” Gyuri called as she peek at Seungyeon’s desk and found no one in there. Then she walked towards the next desk.

    “Ni-Nicole? Are you here?” Gyuri looked and found no one. And next is her desk and she just skipped it to the next desk. “H-Ha-Hara? Are you in here?” Gyuri peek at Hara’s desk and found no one. Then she turned her eyes on the last place, Hyoyeon’s office. Gyuri gulped hard as she somewhat saw a silhouette moving fast inside while the lights are turned off.

    Gyuri’s legs starts to shake in her as she tightens her grip on the stapler she’s holding as she walked slowly towards Hyoyeon’s office. And as she grabbed the door knob on Hyoyeon’s office, she saw the computer turned on by itself.

    “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Gyuri screamed in fear as she runs back to her desk and hurriedly pick up her things and starts to head towards the elevator. But as she was going to go outside their office, the door suddenly opened which made Gyuri screamed more.

    “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Gyuri shouted with her eyes closed.

    Gyuri felt her blood from all over her body got drained as she felt someone grips her shoulders and suddenly she began to shake by an unknown force. Gyuri shouted more but then stopped when she heard someone called her name.

    “Gyuri unnie!” Gyuri opened her eyes and saw Hara in front of her. Gyuri didn’t answer but hugged Hara tightly while sobbing while Hara is confused at why is Gyuri screaming.

    Moments later, Seungyeon arrived to find Gyuri still sobbing in Hara’s arms. “Hara? What happened to her?” Seungyeon asked. “I don’t know unnie…. when I got here she was screaming all over… like she saw a ghost…” Hara replied.

    “But it’s true!! There is a ghost in the Cap’s Office!! Her computer turned on by itself!” Gyuri said as she’s still sobbing. Hara and Seungyeon looked at each other upon hearing Gyuri’s explanation. And then Nicole arrived to see Seungyeon and Hara, calming down a crying Gyuri.

    “hey guys! What happened?” Nicole asked. But Nicole’s question remained un-answered as Seungyeon and Hara looked at her with a blank stare while Gyuri looked at her with a tearful eyes.

    “Guys… you’re creeping me out…” Nicole said as she took a sip of coffee she’s holding. “Nicole…. I think there’s a ghost in here….” Gyuri said while her voice shakes. Then all of a sudden, the door from Hyoyeon’s office slammed open.

    Gyuri, Hara, Seungyeon and Nicole screamed at fear because of Gyuri’s story.

    “huh? Why’re you guys shouting about?” a voice called their attention and as they looked at the door, Hyoyeon is standing at the door on her office with her arms crossed in her chest.

    “C-Cap? You’re here?” Gyuri asked. “I’m always here… why’d you ask?” Hyoyeon answered. “but I thought I’m the only one here since it’s my shift to do a report…” Gyuri answered as she wiped her tears.

    “…I didn’t come home…. Thanks to Nicole….” Hyoyeon said. All of them turned to look at Nicole. “I found out Cap’s former partner and it turned out to be associated with Kwon Yuri….” Nicole explained.

    “yeah and to top that off………her name is now Lee Sunny…” Hyoyeon continued. “so you guys…. I’m giving you one hour to pack your things…..” Hyoyeon said as she wore her formal jacket.

    “where are we going Cap?” Hara asked. “we’re going to San Francisco….. Sunny was spotted in the Security Cam… along with Kwon Yuri, Jessica Jung and other two individuals…………” Hyoyeon said.

    “By the way Gyuri….. why are you crying earlier?” Hyoyeon asked before everyone of them could leave.

    “well…. I’m thinking there is a ghost earlier…..” Gyuri explained. “Ghost?....oh. you mean me?” Hyoyeon chuckled a bit. “well… sorry for scaring you like that, I didn’t mean to… I was busy tracking Sunny and Yuri that’s why I didn’t go home… and since I’m waiting for a result of my search, I decided to take a nap that’s why my lights in my office was turned off…” Hyoyeon explained.

    “but Cap…. There’s a ghost in here, really! I felt it run past behind my back earlier!” Gyuri said. “oh… that’s just me also… I was running so fast behind you because I had to go to the restroom… I wanted to ask you about something but I saw you’re filing a report so I decided not to disturb you…” Hyoyeon explained.

    Understanding what had happened, Gyuri’s face reddens in embarrassment as Hara and Seungyeon were holding their laughter.

    “alright guys…. Don’t pick on Gyuri…. Just put yourself in her shoes….” said as she walked towards the elevator to prepare for their flight.

    “wow…. The “Ghost” invites us to San Francisco…” Seungyeon teased Gyuri. “yeah…. That’s a good “ghost”…. Right unnie?” Hara joined in. however Gyuri glared at them. “aww.. come on guys…. Don’t pick with unnie here….” Nicole said as she hugged Gyuri. For a moment, Gyuri’s fear subsided to know Nicole defended her from Seungyeon and Hara.

    “Now, now unnie… don’t worry… the good “ghost” is gone…” Nicole teased as she smile at Gyuri. “YAH! I’ll freakin’ strangle you three!!” Gyuri shouted as she chased Hara, Nicole and Seungyeon like they’re a bunch of little kids running across the hallway.

    San Francisco, Tiffany’s Condo unit……

    “Tae-Tae… pardon my home if it’s not much to you…. but at least I got you and your sisters out of there…. And….. I’m sorry if I lash out on your aunt like that……….” Tiffany said as she helped Taeyeon carry some luggage.

    As Taeyeon is going to answer, Yoona suddenly grabbed Tiffany’s hand which made Tiffany startled and Taeyeon smiled a bit. “Don’t worry Fany-ah…. That’s Yoona’s way of saying thank you..” Taeyeon explained and Tiffany smiled.

    “You’re welcome Yoong…..” Tiffany said and Yoona let go of Tiffany’s hand. as Tiffany opened the door, Taeyeon and Seohyun were awed at Tiffany’s living room.

    Tiffany smiled and noticed Taeyeon and Seohyun’s reaction. “hey come inside you guys or you’re all going to freeze to death out there…” Tiffany as she smiled while extending her arms as a gesture that she’s welcoming Taeyeon, Seohyun and Yoona.

    As the three of them got inside, their eyes roamed around Tiffany’s pad and every single corner of Tiffany’s pad never fails to amaze them.

    “well….. Tae-Tae, Hyunnie and Yoong….. welcome home…” Tiffany said as she opens both of her arms and smiles. Seohyun felt awkward because she’s too timid but to her surprise, Yoona walked towards Tiffany and hugged her and decided to do the same.

    “Thank you Tiffany-unnie…” Seohyun finally talked to Tiffany and tears rolls down on her cheeks which Tiffany noticed. “omo… Hyunnie? Why are you crying?” Tiffany asked as she gently brushed Seohyun’s hair.

    “nothing Tiffany unnie…. I’m just happy….” Seohyun said while she still sobs in Tiffany’s arms. Yoona, although expressionless, gave Seohyun a hug also. And Seohyun finally calmed down.

    “ok…. Well I’ll give you a tour around my pad….. let’s see…. First is the kitchen and Dining area…” Tiffany said as she guides them.

    “and next is the Balcony if you guys just want to take a breathe of fresh air in the morning…” Tiffany said as she opens the sliding glass door on the balcony and also guides them.

    “and here we are along this hallway, here’s the bathroom..” Tiffany said as she leads them to the hallway of her pad and opened the door to the bathroom.

    “and next to the bathroom will be your room Tae-Tae. You three use this room… this here is the guest room but… I will officially make this your room now since you three will be living with me now..” Tiffany said as she smiled and opened the door to the guest room.

    “and next to your room will be my room…” Tiffany said as she shows them her room.

    “and the room in the end is my home office room… but…….” Tiffany was going to say that her ?home office” room is not just an office but rather, it’s also her secret arsenal room where tons of guns, chemicals, poisons and weapons are hidden in every unknown parts in that room.

    “Fany-ah? But what?” Taeyeon asked, snapping Tiffany back to her senses. “oh I’m sorry about that…. well……. Just for today….. let’s just say it’s my office… and please Hyunnie… Yoong, don’t go inside there because you might accidentally disorganize something in there… so can I trust you two with that?” Tiffany asked Seohyun and Seohyun nodded.

    “we promise Tiffany-unnie…” Seohyun said as she followed and to see Tiffany’s work room.

    Tiffany’s home office
    Posted Image

    “so there you have it…. but as for today…… you three rest…. I know it’s been a tiring day….. I can see Yoona is ready to fall asleep standing…” Tiffany said as she pointed at Yoona. Taeyeon and Seohyun looked at Yoona who is looking sleepy and that’s when it hits them, it’s already past 2 AM in the morning.

    “Aish…. I didn’t notice the time…. Fany-ah..thanks again….. and pardon me I have to tuck these two in the bed….” Taeyeon said as she leads Seohyun and Yoona in their respective room leaving Tiffany smiling as she watched them went to the room.

    As Tiffany saw the door closed, Tiffany couldn’t help but just smile in happiness. She’s happy that Taeyeon is living with her now. She never dreamt of her and Taeyeon will be living under the same roof. But unknown to her, the happiness she’s feeling will not be for long as she still don’t know what happened in Korea.

    Tiffany did everything, she organized Taeyeon’s bags and luggage in their room quietly as she knew the three girls are sleeping soundly. She knew Taeyeon, Seohyun and Yoona were totally exhausted, luckily for her, she still have stamina left because of her previous “job” during her glory days.

    As Tiffany finally put Taeyeon’s last baggage in the room, she take a look at Taeyeon and smiled as she saw how Taeyeon is sleeping together with Seohyun and Yoona.

    “…they must be too tired….” Tiffany said as she quietly turned off the light and walked towards the living room.

    As she got to the living room, Tiffany sat on the couch and lets out a sigh. “I wonder how is my favorite choding….” Tiffany smiled as she remembers Yoona, Yuri’s sister while staring at her phone. Contemplating whether if she should call Yuri and say hi.

    Siwon’s Condo Unit.

    Sunny is taking care of Sooyoung inside the bedroom Siwon provided for them. “Youngie……. I’m kind of worried about Yuri…..” Sunny blurted all of a sudden. Sooyoung didn’t answer as she knew what is Sunny is talking about.

    “ever since she let out her piled up emotion back on the plane…. She rarely talked to us..” Sunny said. “well… we can’t blame her for being like that Sunny-ah…. Put yourself in Yuri’s shoes….. what would you do…. Yuri loved Yoona more than her own life… and now Yuri’s purpose is now gone….” Sooyoung sadly explained which made Sunny sighed.

    “but… what would Tiffany do…..” Sooyoung this time asked. “yeah.. about that…. I’m still thinking how to tell her…. I hope Siwon oppa didn’t break the news yet….” Sunny said.

    “don’t worry about my cousin Sunny-ah…. He’s not that kind of people who talks first…” Sooyoung said as she tries to stand up from the bed. “hey! Don’t move… I’ve just finished changing your bandages…” Sunny said.

    “You think she’ll go rampaging just like Yuri did in JYP building?” Sunny asked. “……… maybe…… and when she did… don’t ever talk to her…… because when she does…. There’s no stopping her until every people she bent her anger on is either on a body bag or mutilated….” Sooyoung replied and both of them sigh at the thought.

    Meanwhile in the living room Jiyoung is just sitting alone not doing anything. “……………………. What did I get myself into….” Jiyoung thought as she released a heavy sigh.

    “yeah I enjoy their company…. But is it safe for me to be with them?.......” Jiyoung said it out loud.

    “yeah…. You’re safe with them Jiyoung-ah……..” Jiyoung turned around and saw Jessica walking towards her and somewhat stressed out.

    “Jessica-ssi! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say it loud..” Jiyoung said. “don’t mind me Jiyoung-ah….i assure you… you’re safe with them… even though they’re like that… at least they know what is right and wrong…” Jessica said. “but…. I’m worried about Yuri though…..” Jessica added.

    “oh yeah… has she calmed down yet?” Jiyoung asked. “well…….. sort of… she’s just quiet there…. She really took her sister’s death really hard….” Jessica said as tears start to well up in her eyes as she remembered her last conversation with Yoona.

    ++ Flashback ++
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    “Gorjess unnie…… don’t leave me yet…”

    Jessica smiled as she remember how Yoona called her that night

    “Aww..Yoona… I have to clean the dishes first..”
    Jessica said.

    Jessica remembered Yoona’s face how she pleaded for to stay while making a puppy eyes.

    “aigoo… you choding… alright…”
    She also remembered that she loved Yoona that she decided to stay beside the girl.

    “unnie? can I call you my umma?”

    The question still linger in her mind. Jessica’s tears finally falls down again as she remembered Yoona’s voice that time.

    “why makes you say that Yoona?”
    Jessica also remembered that she is somewhat happy as Yoona asked her that. she also remembers how she brushed the girls hair with her barehand. Jessica can still feel the girl’s hair the night she brushed it. Jessica clenched her hand and formed into a fist. Jessica never wanted to let go of that feeling. Jiyoung saw Jessica is also hurting on the loss of the girl named Yoona, she wanted to ask more but decided to hold Jessica’s hand and offer comfort.

    “because…. I don’t have an umma…. Yuri unnie always takes care of me since I was little… she acts like my appa but loves me.. will you be my umma?”
    The question that softens Jessica’s heart. Jessica don’t know that despite the hyper and cheerful kid’s attitude, that was the first time she saw the little kid’s vulnerable side, her gentle and sweet side.

    “of course Yoona…. I can be your umma…”

    Jessica remembers her answer to the girl and she remembered how she lovingly kissed the little girl’s forehead as it falls asleep.

    “I love you umma….”

    Jessica smiled while crying as for the first time, a kid loved her wholeheartedly even going further calling her “umma”

    “I love you too Yoona…”

    Jessica whispered loud enough and Jiyoung clearly heard it. Jiyoung felt that even though she haven’t met the girl named Kwon Yoona, she somewhat feels she’s also with them that time as tears also rolled down her cheeks seeing Jessica cry like that

    ++ Flashback end ++

    Jessica calmed down on her own. “Thanks Jiyoung-ah… I just missed that kid…. I missed that kid badly….” Jessica said. “she seems special to you Jessica-ssi…” Jiyoung asked.

    “you have no idea Jiyoung-ah…. Too bad you haven’t met her because if you do… she’ll melt your heart with her choding actions… and you can’t even say no to her… even if she did prank you since she’s a little bit of a prankster, it’s hard to get angry at her..” Jessica explained as she smiled.

    “..well.. hearing that from you make me feel like I already met her Jessica-ssi.” Jiyoung said as she smiled.

    “well…… I think you and Yuri-ssi have cried enough for one day…. I think I better prepare something to drink for all of you…” Jiyoung said as she stand up to make something from the kitchen but before Jiyoung could walk, Jessica grabbed her wrist.

    “Jiyoung-ah………. I can assure you….. those girls…… you’re safe with them so you have to trust them as much as I have trusted them….” Jessica said and Jiyoung smiled. “thanks you Jessica-ssi…. For answering my confusion….” Jiyoung said as she headed to the kitchen.

    As Jessica is now alone in the living room, it was Sunny who walked out this time. “Sunny-ah… how is Sooyoung?” Jessica asked. “well……. She’ll live… and her appetite is still the same…” Sunny said as she gave a light chuckle. Jessica laughed a bit as well.

    “how’s Yuri?” Sunny asked. “well she somewhat calmed down……” Jessica said as she kept quiet as she’s doing some thinking. Sunny noticed.

    “Sica…..are you alright?” Sunny asked. “I’m fine Sunny-ah……. It’s just that…. I still remember Yoona that night…. Before the incident happened.. it’s the first time I saw that kid’s vulnerable side of her…” Jessica said with a sad tone. Jessica explained to Sunny every detail they talked.

    “I never know…… it must’ve…. I must’ve been really hard for Yuri….” Sunny said with a slight surprised tone.

    “tell me about it….. and don’t lie to me that your heart didn’t shattered when you heard she died…” Jessica said and Sunny didn’t answered and just nodded.

    Then Jiyoung came back with a tray of coffee and some short cakes. Jiyoung gave Jessica and Sunny their coffees and their cakes but Sunny declined the cake saying that give it to Sooyoung as she knows Sooyoung’s appetite. Jiyoung smiled and nodded. Jiyoung entered the room where Sooyoung is resting and gave the two cakes.

    “why two cakes?” Sooyoung asked. “well….. Sunny-ssi told me to give her share to you…. she told me you need it more to recover from your injuries…” Jiyoung said as she gently place the short cakes and her coffee on the bed side table. Then Jiyoung looked at the remaining coffee mug and the short cake as she prepared for Yuri.

    “Yuri-ssi?” Jiyoung knocked but none answered. Jiyoung thought Yuri was asleep and as she got in her thoughts is right. She saw Yuri is laying comfortable in bed wearing only her black pants and only her tank top on her upper body. Jiyoung quietly walk inside the dim lit room, trying not to wake Yuri and gently placed the tray with coffee and the short cake at the bedside table but as she straightened up, Yuri opened her eyes and grabbed Jiyoung from behind and as Yuri’s eyes wondered around, she saw the fork that’s beside the short cake and grabbed it and maimed it and Jiyoung’s neck.

    “KYAAAAAAAAH!! YURI-SSI!!! IT’S ME! KANG JIYOUNG!!” Jiyoung panicked but her plea falls in deaf ears. Sunny and Jessica rushed inside and even Sooyoung who is having a hard time because of her injury, also came and they saw Yuri is somewhat taking Jiyoung as a hostage.

    “DON’T COME NEAR ME AND I SWEAR I’LL STAB HER WITH THE FORK!!” Yuri shouted. “YURI!! IT’S JIYOUNG!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!” Sunny shouted. But Yuri still held Jiyoung tightly.

    “This is bad…..Yuri’s mental state is unstable……. Yoona’s death was too much for her…” Sooyoung said as she pants because of her injury.

    “Yuri…please let Jiyoung go…. Don’t you recognize us? It’s me! Jessica! Sunny and Sooyoung is here too! And you’re holding Jiyoung! Please let her go!” Jessica said as she stepped forward towards Jiyoung and Jessica.

    “STAY AWAY!! TELL ME WHERE IS THE BOSS!!” Yuri said which made them surprised. “this is bad…. She can’t recognize us…” Sooyoung said.

    “YUL! SNAP OUT OF IT!! IT’S US!!” Sunny shouted. Yuri didn’t answer. Sunny wanted to charge at them to save Jiyoung but she knows she’ll only just fail as she know Yuri’s agility and dexterity.

    “Yuri…….. don’t you remember us? Snap out of it….. we don’t want to you to see like that….” Jessica said but Yuri remained her position. “I don’t want to see you like that…” Jessica said which made somewhat Yuri lowered the fork.

    “Yoona don’t want to see you like that…..” and Jessica said it as Yuri finally snapped back to her old self as she let go of Jiyoung and dropped on her knee.

    “Yoong………” Yuri sobs as she covered her face with both of her hands. Jiyoung who’s been released from Yuri’s grip noticed something of the floor. She picked it up and walked towards Yuri.

    “Yuri-ssi…. I think this belongs to you…” Jiyoung said as she is handing that looks like a piece of paper to Yuri. Yuri took it and saw it was Yoona’s picture.

    Posted Image

    Yuri hugged the picture of Yoona and Jiyoung who is close to her tries to comfort Yuri hen Jessica followed. Sooyoung and Sunny breathe a sigh of relief as Yuri came back to her senses.

    Several minutes of calming down, all of them were at the living room. “Jiyoung-ah… sorry about earlier…. it’s just my instinct kicked in….and the stress that piled up inside me also rubbed on me that’s why I’m like that….” Yuri said as she apologized. “that’s ok Yuri-ssi… I completely understand what you’re going through….” Jiyoung assured Yuri as she smiled.

    “So… why are you looking for the Boss Yul?” Sooyoung asked. “I have a score to settle with him…. he puts some innocent blood in my hands and got Jessica and Yoona involved… I can’t let that slip by….” Yuri said. but as Sunny is going to ask, Yuri’s phone rings.

    “…………………………….” Yuri halted for a while as she looked at the caller id. “aren’t you going to answer that?” Jessica said as she noticed Yuri is having trouble answering the call.

    “………. Yuri…… is it Tiffany?” Sunny asked. “…..yeah……. I don’t know how will Fany react……” Yuri said as she went to outside the living room and into the hallway.

    Siwon’s Condominium Hallway.

    Yuri decided to answer the call from Tiffany.

    “YUWREE!!! HOW ARE YOU!!” Tiffany’s voice boomed on Yuri’s phone and Yuri smiled a bit hearing her friend’s voice.

    “Hi Fany-ah….. i’m glad you’re having fun…” Yuri answered. “actually I am! Anyway it’s good to hear your voice again! Gosh I missed you guys!” Tiffany’s happy voice answered.

    “so how are thing back there? Were you able to do your job without me around?” Tiffany asked as she giggled. Tiffany’s question made Yuri uncomfortable but decided to give a safe answer.

    “Actually Fany-ah…. We’re also here in San Francisco…. Along with Sooyoung and Sunny and some other people that we met along the way….” Yuri replied think how to tell that really happened.

    “OH GREAT!! Where are you guys staying! I should pick you guys up! I missed hanging out with you guys listen! I also met someone too and they’re nice people despite the older sister knows my true work, she still insists of becoming my friend! And she had a sister who is very much like Yoona!” Tiffany happily explained. Hearing Tiffany’s remark made Yuri’s heart aches.

    “oh that reminds me…. you said you’re all here here…. Does this mean my favorite Choding is here too? O gosh I missed her! can I talk to her Yuwree?” Tiffany asked.

    Yuri fell silent for about good 10 minutes which Tiffany noticed. “Yuwree? Are you still there? Where’s Yoong?” Tiffany asked but this time Yuri answered but not in words but a clear sobs and sniffs which made Tiffany somewhat uneasy for her friend’s sudden outbursts of tears.

    “Yuwree? What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did something bad happened?” Tiffany asked as she starts to worry as she’s still hearing Yuri’s non-stop sobs and sniffs.

    “KWON YUWREE! ANSWER ME DAMMIT!” Tiffany shouted and this time Yuri had no choice but to say it in a brief manner.

    “Fany-ah….. Sooyoung, Sunny and me were branded as a national criminals…..” Yuri said as her voice cracked.

    “Yuwree? Is that all? I can help you solved that…..” Tiffany somewhat calmed down but her worries still lingers. “but where is Yoong choding?” Tiffany asked.

    “Fany-ah……….. about Yoona……….. this is something I have to tell you personally…..” Yuri said as she squat down on the hallway crying heart out.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 13 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:50 am

    Mission 14

    Inside the living room, Sooyoung and Jessica were waiting for Yuri to go
    back inside as Sunny is talking to Siwon from her phone.

    “oppa…. Have you got any info?” Sunny asked. “well.. you’re not going to
    like this….. apparently…. You, my cousin, Yuri and your receptionist
    friend…….. what’s her name again?” Siwon asked as he tries to explain.

    “Kang Jiyoung…. But call her Jiyoung….” Sunny replied. “right Jiyoung…… all of you are famous in Seoul…” Siwon said.

    “………are we……..supposed to be glad?” Sunny asked with a slight annoyance
    in her voice. “…..well…… part of it you should……… but mostly are not…”
    Siwon answered.

    “you lost me oppa…” Sunny said as she’s confused. “well…. How should I
    put it…… you should be happy because of Yuri’s ordeal in Seoul, most of
    criminals went into hiding….. because the news about JYP’s issues
    spreads like a wild fire there…. They never imagined a single person
    could wipe out an entire syndicate and that includes me… I still can’t
    believe Yuri could pull it off as far as I know, JYP’s bodyguards were
    the best of the best……. And what’s more, knowing you’re with her and my
    cousin, both of your exploits was never unheard of, they know you as the
    firearms expert and my cousin is somehow have her femme fatale charm…”
    Siwon said.

    “and what about Tiffany?” Sunny asked. “about Tiffany… they never
    thought about it… because they knew Tiffany quitted the group… the same
    as me…..” Siwon said.

    “…so? And what’s the negative part…. i have a feeling we will be having
    our hands full…..” Sunny said. “I’ll some words for it Sunny-ssi….. not
    only you guys will have you hands full…….. you guys are the most top
    wanted criminals in all over Seoul…….. Every authorities in Seoul are on
    a look out for you guys…” Siwon said. “and what’s more……. KPF already
    sent a group of special agent from all over the countries just to track
    you guys down…. and let’s see…….. according to my informant… I’ll just
    hide his name L.D.H., the special unit that’s assigned here in San
    Francisco is named Kim Hyoyeon along with her unit named Kamilia, Han
    Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Park Gyuri and Jung Nicole…” Siwon added.

    “……so much for being popular….” Sunny said as she sighed as she knew her and Hyoyeon’s path will cross again.

    “by the way Sunny-ssi… how is my cousin doing? How are her wounds?”
    Siwon changed the subject. “well……… seeing her appetite never changed…. I
    guess I can tell she’s doing fine…….. although… I have no idea where
    she still put those food she’s consuming….” Sunny said as she chuckled a

    “I see…….. mind if I ask something Sunny-ssi?” Siwon asked with a seriousness on his voice. “ask away oppa….” Sunny replied.

    “the day you guys came to Tiffany’s store…. I noticed Yuri’s mood is
    somewhat………… negative…. It’s like if you make a slight wrong move around
    her, she’ll kill you instantly…… did something happened to her?” Siwon

    “oppa…… Yuri’s little sister died…. By the hands of the Group…. Ever
    since then Yuri’s been on rampaging…… she did the works on the “Group’s”
    base and JYP building….. Yuri arrived at the right time because that’s
    where Youngie got injured…. Apparently…. When Yuri went rogue, all those
    whose involved in her… well………. Considered as a threat…. That’s why
    they tried to kill Youngie….and Jiyoung…” Sunny explained.

    “but what about you… how come you’re not injured?” Siwon asked. “I went
    AWOL when we got our, I also assumed, last mission since the Boss gave
    me my target is none other than Jessica Jung…. What they didn’t know,
    they slipped up for giving me Jessica their target because I know that
    girl…” Sunny said.

    Hearing Sunny’s explanation made Siwon think. “judging on your
    explanation…. I think the group’s up to something…….. Yesung just
    informed me…. the Boss apparently sent some of his men also in there in
    San Francisco…. And apparently looking for someone… it seems the person
    they’re looking for is somewhat, the “key” for something…… We wanted to
    know what’s that person look like so we can put a surveillance on that
    person……. but unfortunately…. This is far as we can gather some info….”
    Siwon explained.

    “they’re searching for someone…. Oppa I just remembered…. The night
    Yuri’s sister died…. We got the news that Yuri’s sister stole something
    from the boss…. We haven’t opened it yet…..” Sunny said.

    “I see…….. anyway… I’ll stop here for now and try to dig further…. It seems something will break out….” Siwon said.

    “Oppa…… you’ve done enough…… I warned you that all those whose involved
    with Yuri will be terminated…. If you helped up… they’ll consider you
    also a threat….” Sunny said.

    “they can try…… but they’ll never succeed…. Don’t worry about me and my
    unit… we will help you girls anytime we can… as for now…………. how is Yuri
    holding up?” Siwon asked.

    “well. She took her sister’s death really hard and having a hard time
    letting go……. And because of that… she’s somewhat mentally unstable…..
    earlier, she almost killed Jiyoung.. it’s like she’s in trance… she took
    Jiyoung as her hostage and asking us where’s the boss…. It seems she
    can’t recognize us that time…” Sunny said.

    “………I believe she’s suffering a depressed war shock… since she can’t
    handle her sister’s death, the pressure of it and her hell bent revenge
    is causing her that….” Siwon said.

    “yeah… and to add further more….. Yuri haven’t have a decent sleep ever since…. We’re worried for her…” Sunny said.

    “well………. There’s nothing we can do about that…. it’s up to her on her
    own… she have to let go of her sister’s death… or else it will eat her
    up…” Siwon said.

    “I guess you’re right Oppa… anyway…. I gotta go… I have to take care of
    Youngie…..” Sunny said but as she’s going to cut off the line, Siwon
    reminded her.

    “by the way Sunny-ssi….. Tiffany called, she said to go her condo…
    here’s her address…. She wanted to talk to all of you…” Siwon said as he
    gave Tiffany’s address. “Thanks oppa…. I hope Tiffany won’t go
    ballistic…. Too…. Because she also cared for Yuri’s sister as her own…”
    Sunny said as she turned off her phone.

    “……..the moment of truth…. I hope all things will go well….” Sunny said
    as she tightens her grip on her phone and fetch all of them to go to
    Tiffany’s Condo unit.

    Tiffany’s Condo…. After her talk with Yuri…..

    Still worried about what happened to Kwon Yoona, Tiffany walked back and
    forth in the living room. anxiety fills up her thought as she don’t
    want to think the worst hearing Yuri’s voice cracked up as soon she
    mentioned Yoona.

    “Please….. I hope nothing bad happened to that kid….” Tiffany said as
    she still walked back and forth as she thinks hard. As Tiffany’s
    thoughts were occupied, she didn’t notice that Taeyeon is observing her.

    ++ Flashback ++

    Taeyeon woke up as she heard Tiffany’s voice echoed from the living room.

    “KWON YUWREE! ANSWER ME DAMMIT!!!” Taeyeon silently got
    up and as she took a peek, she saw Tiffany talking to someone on her

    “I wonder who is she talking to….” Taeyeon thought.
    Taeyeon saw Tiffany puts down her phone in the couch and starts walking
    back and forth with worry and anxiety written all over Tiffany’s face.

    Taeyeon silently walked towards the living room as she worries for Tiffany.

    ++ Flashback end ++

    “Fany-ah?” Taeyeon called but Tiffany’s occupied as she’s still walking her pace.

    “Fany-ah? Is there something wrong?” Taeyeon called again but this time
    Tiffany noticed Taeyeon. “OH! Tae-Tae…. Did I wake you up? sorry for
    that…” Tiffany said as she stopped walking back and forth.

    “is there something bothering you?” Taeyeon asked. “well… it’s about my
    friend back in Korea… apparently….. they were labeled as traitors…. I’m
    kind of worried…” Tiffany said as she took a seat on the couch in the
    living room and Taeyeon sat beside her.

    “….are they alright?” Taeyeon asked but Tiffany sighed.

    “…I guess that means no………” Taeyeon said and Tiffany just nodded. “where are they now?” Taeyeon asked again.

    “they’re here in San Francisco…….” Tiffany replied as she clasps both of
    her hands tightly. Taeyeon noticed how nervous Tiffany is and decided
    to get some water for the girl.

    “here drink first Fany-ah… you’ve been through a lot for this day… relax
    and think thoroughly….” Taeyeon said as she gestured a “breathe-in
    breathe-out” which Tiffany did and somewhat made Tiffany relaxed.

    “thanks Tae-Tae… if you weren’t here… I would’ve gone nuts……” Tiffany said as she took out her phone again and called Siwon.

    “Oppa!... can I ask you another favor?” Tiffany said. “what is it?” Siwon replied from the other line.

    “Listen….. Yuri is here in San Francisco…. Could you pick her up and bring her hear in my pad?” Tiffany said.

    “sure no prob……. They’re in my Condo anyway…. I let them use it..” Siwon replied.

    “they are? But where are you staying right now?” Tiffany asked. “I’m
    here at Yesung’s Grand Hotel… he let me stay here for the mean time……
    should I pick them up now?” Siwon asked.

    “Oh please do Oppa…. And Oppa….. can I ask something?” Tiffany asked as
    she somewhat nervous about the answer she’s expecting. “what is it?”
    Siwon replied.

    “by any chance……….. when you saw them arrived………. Do they have a little kid with them?” Tiffany asked.

    “ they haven’t……..” Siwon said. “…..ok thanks anyway Oppa….” Tiffany as she cuts the line.

    For a moment, Tiffany felt powerless as she stood up, she lost her
    balance a bit as her legs starts to feel numb, good thing Taeyeon is
    beside her to support her.

    “F-Fany-ah? Are you alright?” Taeyeon worriedly asked. “I …. I’m fine
    Tae-Tae….. just tired… that’s all…… Tae-Tae….. can you help get to the
    kitchen… I need to get some more water…” Tiffany said. Taeyeon didn’t
    hesitate to help Tiffany to walk towards the kitchen but Taeyeon decided
    to set Tiffany down on the chair on the dining table.

    Taeyeon automatically get Toffany another glass of water and Tiffany
    chugged it down straight. She knew the girl is hold in something but
    felt not hostile. Taeyeon pulled a chair and set it beside Tiffany and
    sat beside her again as she offer her hand.

    “Fany-ah…… whatever news you will hear….. I will be here…. Don’t
    worry….” Taeyeon said as she somewhat felt that when this Yuri person
    arrives, Tiffany will either breakdown of go berserk. Tiffany didn’t say
    a thing and just lean her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder and held Taeyeon’s
    hand real tight.

    Several minutes later, the doorbell rang.

    “you’re……….. gonna get it? or do you prefer I answer it?” Taeyeon
    suggested. “……no Tae-Tae….i’ll get it…. i…….. I have to be prepared……”
    Tiffany said as she puts on a forced smiled. Taeyeon observed that the
    girl is going to do something and decided to follow her.

    Tiffany opened the door and she saw Sooyoung covered in bandage patches
    while being supported by Sunny. “hey Fany-ah….” Sooyoung greeted and
    Tiffany just nodded. As Tiffany took a peek she saw two unfamiliar

    “Sunny-ah… who are they?” Tiffany asked. “oh… the blonde girl is Jessica
    Jung…. The head director of…”before Sunny could finish her sentence
    Jessica cuts her. “FORMER head director..”

    “….right.. Former head director of S.M.E.N.T. bank….and this tall one is
    Kang Jiyoung…. Our receptionist…. I mean our FORMER receptionist at the
    “office”……” Sunny said as Jiyoung politely bowed at Tiffany.

    Tiffany just nodded at the two girls but her eyes roamed.
    “Sunny-ah….where’s Yuwree?” Tiffany asked. All of them fell silent which
    made Tiffany more anxious.

    “LEE SOONKYU! WHERE IS YUWREE?!” Tiffany asked again but she slightly
    raised her voice. “Fany-ah……don’t lash out on them…….. I’m here…..” Yuri
    walked in slowly. Tiffany smiled at first to see Yuri and she
    immediately hugged her former partner tightly and instantly broke their
    hug as she heard a small grunt from Yuri and noticed the tanned girl
    slightly winced in pain.

    “i’m sorry..are you hurt Yuwree?” Tiffany said as she saw Yuri is
    holding the side of her waist. Tiffany instantly knew Yuri’s injury
    comes from a gunshot.

    “I’m just glad you’re safe…..” Tiffany said. “Yuwree…..where’s Yoona?”
    Tiffany finally asked Yuri the question she wanted some answer. Yuri
    didn’t answer and lowered her head. Tiffany wanted to shout as her anger
    is piling up but as she grabbed Yuri’s shoulders, she could hear Yuri
    sobbing silently as Yuri tightly held Tiffany’s hand and continues to

    At that moment, Tiffany’s anger faded as she knew those sobs and finally
    hugged the tanned girl with a caring affection she could give. Tiffany
    didn’t wait for Yuri to answer as she knew Yuri’s tears are the answer
    to her question. Kwon Yoona is no longer with them.

    For the first time, Sooyoung, Sunny and Taeyeon saw Tiffany shed a tear
    for the first time they met her. As for Taeyeon, she just knew Tiffany a
    girl who have extra-ordinary feats because she’s good at self defense
    but she never expected that Tiffany has this gentle side.

    And as for Sooyoung and Sunny, they knew Tiffany is a ruthless assassin
    who kills without remorse but also never knew Tiffany had a fragile
    spot. Jiyoung is touched at their reunion and also shed some tear but
    Jessica just kept quiet and stared at the two girls comforting each
    other. Jessica wanted to get jealous but she knew Tiffany could help the
    tanned girl somewhat at ease because she knew Tiffany is just an old
    friend of Yuri’s.

    “Yuwree……. You don’t need to answer anymore…. Let’s just be happy Yoona
    is smiling as she’s happy where she is right now….” Tiffany said to the
    tanned girl as she broke the hug. As Tiffany examined Yuri’s face, signs
    of stressed out and restless expression is visible to the tanned girl’s

    “Guys could you leave us alone for a while?” Tiffany said as she ushered
    Yuri towards the balcony to have their heart to heart talk. Jessica, on
    the other hand, being worried and at the same time jealous wanted to go
    with Yuri but Sunny held her shoulder. “Sica….. let them be….. Yuri
    needed to let it all out…… Tiffany is the second person who is closest
    to Yoona……” Sunny said.

    Hearing Sunny’s explanation, she decided not to disturb Tiffany and Yuri
    as both of them went out to the balcony and have a heart to heart talk.
    Not moving from her spot, Jessica saw how Yuri break down like a rag
    doll. She never saw Yuri cried like that. Jessica felt Yuri is too
    fragile right now seeing the tanned girl cried buckets in front of her.
    she watched how Tiffany consoled Yuri as both of them talked. Jessica
    also saw Tiffany starts to shed a tear as Yuri is still burying her face
    in Tiffany’s shoulder as Yuri continue to cry. Jessica knew their topic
    is about Yoona.

    “Miss Jung….. don’t worry about them while those two have a lot of
    catching up to do, why don’t we all get to know each other?” Taeyeon
    said as she extend her hand towards Jessica and Jessica complied and all
    of them sat in the living room and formed a circular place.

    “well then since this is my idea… I’ll start off, I’m Kim Taeyeon but
    you can call me Taeyeon or Taeng or Taengoo….. whatever you like.. as
    long it’s recognizable….. and I have two siblings…. Well….. adopted
    sibling to be exact but I treat them as my own blood.. I’ll introduce
    you guys later when they woke up…” Taeyeon said as she introduce

    “wel.. Nice to meet you Taeng……. So… I’m Lee Sunny, hmm how should I put
    this I guess living with Tiffany proves you know about her work… so I
    guess I should say I’m in the same line of work as hers… well…. From my
    current status I guess I could say I’m ranked 4th….” Sunny said.

    “you mean you guys have rankings for being assassins or hitmans?”
    Taeyeon asked. “well yeah….. I guess in the normal line of work…. You
    could call it “employee of the month” but our just titled in rankings…”
    Sooyoung followed up Sunny’s explanation.

    “don’t mind me asking but…. Tiffany…. what rank is she?” Taeyeon asked
    with full curiosity. “Tiffany there ranked in top… even if she quitted,
    some of our co-workers there still consider her as the top… and Yuri is
    the second…” Sunny said.

    “I see…. Well it figures….. you see earlier today, Tiffany saved me
    thrice…. Twice in the university and one from my Aunt…. I’m kind of
    worried for her too since I’ve noticed she sometimes forgetting she’s
    not on her previous work….” Taeyeon said.

    “What do you mean?” Jessica asked as she decided to join the talk. “well
    you see… I’m a Forex student from Seoul…. As you can notice, I’m not
    fluent enough for English… and I was kind of happy because Tiffany is
    the first person I can talk freely to, because I was being bullied in
    the university until she came.. I was being made fun of because I talked
    slow in English just to get my words straight… and also I’m kind of
    glad to know all of you since you’re all from Korea, I can talk casually
    in Hangul…” Taeyeon said as she smiled and all of them smiled back.

    “well…… for Tiffany, she don’t have problems in English language…. She
    was pure Korean but grew up in America then came back in Korea until her
    parents passed away in an accident…” Sooyoung said. “oh crap… where’s
    my manners, I’m Choi Sooyoung by the way…. And… I’m in the same line of
    work as them too…” Sooyoung added.

    “I see…. I see… and what rank are you in?” Taeyeon asked. “I don’t have a
    rank because I’m their mission handler but sometimes go in a mission
    too… I guess you could call me a field agent…” Sooyoung said.

    Taeyeon nodded as she completely understands Sooyoung and Sunny. “well… I
    guess it’s my turn now… I’m Jessica Jung…. My Korean name is Sooyeon
    but I prefer Jessica… I’m the head direc…….. wait let me re-phrase that…
    I’m the FORMER head director of S.M.E.N.T. world bank…. And I’m
    also…..Yuri’s Girlfriend….” Jessica said as she slightly blushed saying
    that. Taeyeon just chuckled.

    “yeah I noticed….. that’s why you wanted to be by her side all the
    time…. And also I can sense jealousy in you…” Taeyeon grinned and
    Sooyoung and Sunny knew Taeyeon would be a valuable asset if she herself
    on their side for her keen observation.

    “N-No I’m not!! I’m just worried for Yuri because she’s been restless……
    the death of her sister was quite a shock for her… and until now she
    couldn’t let go….” Jessica explained as she lowered her head. Taeyeon
    felt compassion from Jessica and held Jessica’s hand tightly and smiled.

    “Don’t worry…. If anyone can help her in place of her sister, I’m pretty
    sure you’re that person…” Taeyeon said as she smiled which made Jessica
    somewhat comfortable and smiled.

    Sooyoung and Sunny were touched by Taeyeon’s words to Jessica and both
    of them held their hands tightly which didn’t escaped Taeyeon’s eyes.

    “how about you two….. are you two guys ok?” Taeyeon asked Sooyoung and
    Sunny innocently, not aware that the two haven’t told each other’s
    feelings. “yeah we’re fine…. We’re just touched by words….” Sooyoung
    said as she leaned Sunny’s back on her front and wrapped her arms around
    the short girl and Sunny felt comfortable.

    “so tell me, how long have the two of you been going out?” Taeyeon asked
    which made Jessica giggle a bit because she knew Sooyoung and Sunny
    were too embarrassed to reveal their feelings on each other.

    As Taeyeon innocently asked them, Sooyoung and Sunny suddenly broke
    their hold on each other and looked away at each other as their face is
    red as a tomato.

    Taeyeon is completely clueless about the two shy couple and Jessica
    whispered in her ear. “keep it going Taeng…. Those two are just too shy
    to tell each other’s feelings… it’s clearly visible on their action but
    just too shy to admit..” Jessica said and a chuckle escaped Taeyeon’s

    “guys… I made us some tea… I hope it will on your liking…..” Jiyoung
    appeared as she finish her preparation of tea and gave them one by one.

    Jiyoung held her breath as she watched them took a sip at her tea. “s-so…how is it?” Jiyoung nervously asks.

    None of them gave an answer but Sunny, Sooyoung and Taeyeon gave her a
    thumbs-up. and as she looked at Jessica, Jessica already asking for
    seconds which made her smile. As she’s pouring another helping of tea
    for Jessica, Taeyeon asked her.

    “How about you… I didn’t get your name…” Taeyeon asked. “oh I’m sorry
    Taeyeon-ssi… I’m Kang Jiyoung and I’m just their receptionist….” Jiyoung
    shyly introduced herself.

    “Receptionist?... I don’t quite get it…. so… what did you do to be chased off from Korea?” Taeyeon asked.

    “well……… I’ll explain about that…” Sooyoung said. “all of us.. we’re being branded as the national criminals…..” Sooyoung said.

    “and why is that? clearly… even though all of you are hitmans or
    assassins or whatever…. You guys don’t seem done nothing wrong… I mean
    Tiffany quitted her previous job, and you injured like that…. and your
    friend Yuri being gloomy…. I bet I can hardly think someone set you guys
    up inside from your work… and what’s more… they included Jessica who is
    just a head director of the bank and Jiyoung is just a receptionist… I
    tell you… something have gone wrong inside your “work” if I’m not
    mistaken….” Taeyeon said which caused Sunny to be shock since they never
    utter anything about inside job.

    “Wow Taeng… if you actually were in our side…. I could follow your
    judgment in every detail… your assumptions and observations are too
    sharp….” Sunny said.

    “eh? How so?” Taeyeon asked. “well.. for your wild lucky guess….. you’re
    a hundred percent correct… I suspect at first that it’s an inside job….
    Our “system” are messed up because I tell you, my last mission was to
    assassin Jessica here….” Sunny said as she looked at Jessica.

    “yeah… Sunny told me about it. Apparently, their leader made a false
    report….. and me as their target, they gave me a title of serial killer
    because I’m a femme fatale type…. When I’m just an ordinary head
    director of the bank….” Jessica said.

    “well… about my part… I just got dragged because I was simply connected
    to them… and everyone connected to Yuri-ssi is considered a threat…
    that’s why the Boss wanted to eliminate us….” Jiyoung added.

    Taeyeon kept quiet all of a sudden as she tries to sew together the
    pieces all the info she gathered from Sunny to Sooyoung to Jessica then
    ending up with Jiyoung.

    As all of them wondered why Taeyeon kept quiet, Tiffany and Yuri came
    in. “Tae-Tae….. are you going to university later?” Tiffany asked.

    “……no… I better not…..” Taeyeon answered without looking back at
    Tiffany. “oh…. Anyway…. Tae-Tae… I’d like you to meet my best partner
    since my glory days, Kwon Yuwree…” Tiffany formally introduced Yuri to

    Jessica observed Yuri, she noticed after the heart to heart talk with
    Tiffany, Yuri’s face is somewhat at peace. “Jessi?” Tiffany looked at
    Jessica and Jessica was surprised at Tiffany to call her like that.
    “Yuwree told me about you….. thank you for taking care of her…. and also
    thank you…. even for short time, you also became attached to Yoona…..
    if Yuwree trusted you, I’ll put my trust in you too.” Tiffany said as
    she smiled at Jessica and signaled her to support Yuri.

    Jessica supported Yuri to sit down on the couch right beside her and in
    that instant as Yuri leaned her head on Jessica’s shoulder Yuri fell
    asleep and for the first time, Yuri slept peacefully. Sooyoung, Sunny
    and Tiffany noticed Yuri’s face and they smiled.

    “…. I guess the talk between the two of you really did the trick…”
    Sunny said to Tiffany. “not totally….. she’s still holding her sister’s
    death…. I never saw Yuwree cried like that….” Tiffany said as tears also
    rolled on her cheeks.

    “I guess Yoona really have an attachment with you guys…” Sooyoung said. Taeyeon who heard Yoona’s name, became surprised.

    “did you say Yoona? my sister?” Taeyeon asked them. “no no no… Yuri’s
    sister, Yoona…” Sunny said. “aish… but those two never met! Yoona is
    sleeping in there!” Taeyeon said which made Sooyoung and Sunny looked at
    each other.

    “Fine… if you don’t believe me follow me…” Taeyeon stood up and Sooyoung
    and Sunny followed as they entered the guest room, Sooyoung and Sunny
    stared in awe to see Yoona. The Im Yoona.

    “Y-Youngie…. Are our eyes seeing this?” Sunny said. “i…I think so………..
    it looks like Yoona…. but feels different….” Sooyoung said.

    “That because that’s a different Yoona guys….. that’s Im Yoona….
    Tae-Tae’s adopted sister…” Tiffany said as she appeared behind them
    along with Jiyoung.

    “w-wait… you mean…. Yuri have another sister?” Sunny said. “…no…. that
    Yoona is totally different… that girl is ill you see…. She’s suffering
    from Apathy syndrome…” Tiffany said.

    “so you mean to say… my Yoona and Yuri’s Yoona are connected?” Taeyeon
    suddenly asked. “no Tae-Tae….. what I mean to say….. Yuwree’s Yoona and
    your Yoona are very much look-a-like… they’re not connected in some
    ways….” Tiffany said.

    “Anyway…… it’s really getting late…. I think you guys should rest here
    for now…. if it’s ok with you guys, can you sleep in the living room?
    I’ll let Jessica and Yuwree sleep in my bed I’ll just be in my office
    room…” Tiffany said as she head to her office room.

    Sooyoung and Sunny helped Jessica carry the sleeping Yuri to Tiffany’s
    bedroom and as soon Jessica’s back hits Tiffany’s bed, she also fell
    asleep in just seconds while hugging Yuri.

    Sooyoung and Sunny returned to the living room along with Taeyeon and
    find Jiyoung is almost half asleep and still trying to keep herself

    “yah.. Jiyoung-ah…. You don’t have to wait for us… if you want to doze
    off, you can…. And Taeng… it was nice meeting you… I just hope you’re
    not going to get in trouble for being involve with us…” Sunny said.

    “it was nothing… so I guess I can leave you guys here… I need to go back
    and attend to my sisters…” Taeyeon said as she left the three girls in
    the living room.

    But as Taeyeon is going back to their room she couldn’t took her mind
    off from Tiffany. “her former partners / friends are here…. And she was
    informed of her friend’s sister’s death…. why do I feel something is
    off……. Fany wouldn’t let this slip by….” Taeyeon thought to herself as
    she gently laid down beside Seohyun and Yoona.

    But as Taeyeon starting to doze off, something hits her memory. Taeyeon
    remember how Tiffany is protective on everyone she cared for and clearly
    Tiffany is too attached to the other Yoona, which is Yuri’s sister. She
    suddenly jumped off from the bed and quickly took a peek at Tiffany’s
    office room and her worries instantly became true. Tiffany is nowhere to
    be found and as she observed the office room, she saw the lower part of
    the bed is open and traces of bottles and syringes marks are missing.
    And the upper part of the bed is also opened and noticed several weapons
    also missing.

    Taeyeon silently rushed to the living room to inform Sunny and Sooyoung,
    she also got a surprise as Sunny is also missing leaving only Sooyoung
    and Jiyoung asleep in there.

    “Sooyoung…. Wake up…. we have a problem…” Taeyeon gently tapped Sooyoung
    in the cheek and Sooyoung woke up. “Taengoo? What’s up?” Sooyoung asked
    as she’s still sleepy.

    “Fany and Sunny is missing….” Taeyeon said.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 14 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 15

    4:22 A.M. Tiffany’s Condo….

    “Fany and Sunny is missing….” Taeyeon said.

    Hearing Sunny disappeared, Sooyoung instantly sat up and then winced in pain. Taeyeon noticed. “easy Soo…. Your injuries are still not healed yet…” Taeyeon said as she assisted Sooyoung. “bah! This is nothing…. Do you have any clues where they might’ve gone to?” Sooyoung asked but Taeyeon just shook her head.

    Seeing clueless, Sooyoung pulled out her phone and called his cousin Siwon.

    “Sooyoung……. Do you have any freakin’ idea what time it is? It’s freakin’ 4 in the morning….” Siwon grunted from the other line and Sooyoung just ignored his whining.

    “I don’t care oppa… listen….. Fany and Sunny are missing…” Sooyoung said. “and?” Siwon replied in a bored voice.

    “gosh… how can you be so clueless……. It means we need your help locating Sunny and Fany!” Sooyoung said.

    “…………………………………..” Siwon didn’t answer which made Sooyoung slightly annoyed. “Oppa….I swear if you’re sleeping on the other line………. I’ll shove some grinded ripe jalapeno combined with extra chili pepper with Wasabi in your butt-hole if you’re sleeping….” Sooyoung said.

    “a-alright alright…geez you don’t have to be so violent… ok I’ll contact you again… just give me a minute I’ll head over to Yesung’s place..” Siwon replied as he yawned before cutting the line.

    As Sooyoung sighed, she noticed Taeyeon is giggling. “yah… what’s so funny?” Sooyoung said as she scratched her head. “well…. You really know how make everyone follow you….” Taeyeon said as she giggled.

    “what do you mean?” Sooyoung asked. “well….. I’m imagining that person you’re talking to, he must be feeling the burning sensation on his butt if you really did that…… what a nice way to joke just to wake him up..” Taeyeon said as she giggled but Sooyoung just stared at Taeyeon with all seriousness before answering.

    “Taengoo……….. it’s not a joke….. I really did that to him one time…. He’s been assigned on a mission once but he decided to give it a little attention and ends up failing that mission….. and that's my punishment to him as he ignored my heed and calls.... ” Sooyoung said. Taeyeon’s giggle suddenly stopped at that moment and heavy sweat formed in her forehead as she heard Sooyoung’s reply.

    “……you’re not kidding?” Taeyeon asked as she blinked her eyes. “no…… I can clearly remember him, walking like a penguin for over a week…… the spiciness must’ve hit HIS spot…” Sooyoung said as she grinned at the thought, remembering Siwon’s flustered face when that time happened.

    “….whoa… well.. you won’t have trouble waking me up…. I really sleep easy you know…” Taeyeon answered nervously which made Sooyoung chuckle.

    “Silly Taengoo… I won’t do that to you……. but let’s change the topic….. when did you start living with Fany?” Sooyoung asked.

    “well……. Last night? Since yesterday was my first day to earn freedom from my aunt…..” Taeyeon said as she remembered what had happened.

    Before Sooyoung could ask another question, her phone rings. She looked at the caller ID and it was Siwon.

    “Oppa?” Sooyoung called. “I’ve got good news and bad news….” Siwon said with his voice still sounded sleepy.

    “I want the good one first oppa…” Sooyoung said as she puts on her phone on speaker phone mode just to let Taeyeon hear also what Siwon has to say.

    “ok ……… the good news is………. Sunny just went out and gone to a nearby medical store just to buy some fresh and clean bandage for your injuries…. And she’s heading back now and Yesung informed me that she’s on the elevator right now, returning there…” Siwon said and Sooyoung released a relieved sigh.

    “but what about the bad news?” Taeyeon asked. Siwon, on the other line, was surprised at Taeyeon’s voice as didn’t recognize her.

    “who are you?” Siwon asked. “oppa…she’s cool…you can tell her everything…. Her name is Kim Taeyeon…. And she’s currently living with Tiffany…..” Sooyoung explained.

    “….oh alright…….. Taeyeon-ah……. I assume…. You’ve seen something that’s not a good sign for your voice to be worried like that…. let me ask this first. What did Tiffany took with her?” Siwon asked.

    “well I just saw her cache of poisoned syringes, and all of them are gone, and some weapons…..” Taeyeon said. “…..this is what I fear…….. I’m assuming Yuri and Tiffany talked to each other?” Siwon asked.

    “yeah…. A while ago…..” Sooyoung said. “figures…….. you guys should stop her….. she’s heading to the SBS Night club…… the “group’s” U.S. branch…….. she may have gone there for some answers…. Before turning that place into ruins….” Siwon said.

    Hearing Siwon’s explanation, Sooyoung ignored Siwon’s worried voice. “so… that’s the bad news?” Sooyoung asked.

    “slightly…yes…. But the real bad news is……… word from Korea about you guys being the number 1 target, already reached the US branch… Tiffany might be in trouble…. Going there alone is somewhat suicidal…… the US branch already knows the order issued from Korean branch to kill anyone who is linked in Kwon Yuri…. I believe….. before Kwon Boa died, she handed something to Yuri-ssi some flash disk… get it from her and bring it here…. We’ll analyze what Kwon Boa found out…” Siwon said as he cuts the line.

    Without a word, Taeyeon and Sooyoung went to the room where Yuri and Jessica is resting. Slowly and gently, they opened the door and saw Jessica and Yuri sleeping side by side with Jessica hugging Yuri.

    “great……. Should we just wake them up?” Sooyoung said. Taeyeon didn’t replied back and decided to wake Jessica up.

    “Sica?....Sica? are you awake?” Taeyeon gently shook Jessica but as soon Jessica opened her eyes and casts her stare at the person who wake her up, she immediately glared daggers even though she’s still sleepy. Taeyeon and Sooyoung were startled at Jessica’s stare

    “I-I don’t think we s-should wake her up T-Taengoo…..” Sooyoung said as she stutters, completely stunned at Jessica’s deathly glare. Taeyeon swallowed a lump, waiting for Jessica’s reaction.

    “do you guys know what time it is?” Jessica finally speak with the hint of annoyance in her voice. “w-we need your… help…do you think you could.. wake Yuri… up? and ask her if her cousin gave her something…” Sooyoung said.

    “oh…… you mean this?” Jessica reached for her pocket and showed them the flash disk that Boa stole from the group. “Yuri gave it to me when her cousin………………….and Yoona…………. died….” Jessica said earning the three of them fell silent.

    “So why do you asked?” Jessica said as she breaks the awkward situation. “Well…. Apparently, Fany had gone missing…. We believe she’ll continue Yuri’s work…… here in America………” Sooyoung said which made Jessica slightly shocked and carefully stood up in order not to make Yuri wake up.

    “what are you guys going to do with it?” Jessica asked. “my cousin asked me if there is something…. But I’m totally clueless…. But all we know, anyone who’s linked to Yuri…… is their target….including you Sica…” Sooyoung said. “and about Taengoo…….. I don’t think they know she’s linked with us yet…. So you better stay with your sisters Taengoo……” Sooyoung said.

    As Sooyoung walked out of the room, Sunny is back and as Sooyoung saw Sunny, with a perfectly trimmed short hair and dyed in blond, Sooyoung stared in awe and leave her mouth open. Taeyeon and Jessica noticed Sooyoung’s reaction and smiled sheepishly.

    “What? Youngie? You looked like you saw a ghost…” Sunny said as she pouted. Sooyoung’s heart starts to beat out of her chest as she saw Sunny’s pout.

    “y-your hair…..” Sooyoung stuttered as she’s still staring at Sunny. “oh this? Well my hair got burned remember? And I was looking for the right time to fix this so… when I went to the nearby medical store, I saw a parlor and you know I had to cut the burnt ones….. you didn’t like it?” Sunny said.

    “I love you……” Sooyoung said without taking her eyes off from Sunny. Sunny heard Sooyoung’s word and blinked a couple of times, thinking her ears is playing tricks on her.

    “eh? Come again Youngie?” Sunny asked just to make it sure. Sooyoung walked towards Sunny and grabbed her shoulder without taking her eyes from Sunny.

    “I love you………I mean… I love your s-suits you…. you….you bunny….will you be mine? I mean will you stay with me? NO! i-I mean… will you come with us?” Sooyoung said as she tries to find her words which made Jessica and Taeyeon chuckle at Sooyoung.

    This was their first time seeing the composed Sooyoung stuttered her words when it comes to Sunny and as they looked at Sunny’s image, they immediately knew why Sooyoung is stuttering.

    Sunny chuckled at Sooyoung’s reaction as she immediately knew the tall girl is having trouble at her own words right now which she finds it cute. “I’ll be glad to Youngie…. But where are we going?” Sunny asked.

    Seeing Sooyoung is stunned at the short girl’s boyish look beauty, Taeyeon decided to talk. “well… we’re going to her cousin Sunny-ah….. this flash disk contains something….. and apparently… Fany is missing…” Taeyeon said as she shows Sunny the flash disk.

    Hearing Taeyeon’s explanation break Sooyoung’s “cloud-nine” feelings and looked at Taeyeon. “Hold on a minute Taengoo….. what do you mean “we”? look I know you want to help but if you come with us…….. we can’t guarantee your damn safety… by coming with us.. it's like you're signing your own death warrant..........” Sooyoung said.

    “I know…………. but…. I would rather charge it head on rather than waiting for it….. besides….. it would be best if I’m not here in order to draw your…………I mean OUR assailant’s attention away from my sisters….” Taeyeon said.

    As Sooyoung is still going to argue, Sunny stopped her. “Youngie… stop… Taeng is right….. I don’t want to repeat Yuri’s incident again…… it’s better for us to be on harm’s way rather than those maknae’s….” Sunny said.

    Sooyoung grunted but in her mind Sunny is right as she somewhat can relate at Taeyeon’s predicament. Somehow, she somewhat sees Yuri in Taeyeon on how Taeyeon is caring about her sisters.

    “TCH! Fine don’t lag behind Taengoo……..” Sooyoung said as the three of them rushed started to walk out the door but before they could open the door, someone grabbed Taeyeon’s wrist from behind. “hold on… I’m coming too….” It was Jessica.

    “are you sure? Leaving Yuri alone in here?” Sooyoung said. “Yuri protected me during that time….. when we escaped from the hotel…. It’s my turn to protect her now… besides…. You guys owe me a lesson….” Jessica said as she pointed at Sunny.

    “Lesson? About what?” Sunny asked. “you guys are going to teach me how to use gun…” Jessica said as she flashed them an evil smirk.

    “Youngie……….. why do I get the feeling HellFany will have a twin?” Sunny said to Sooyoung and Sooyoung just sighed as she knows what Sunny is implying.

    And before finally going outside, Taeyeon lightly wake Jiyoung up from the couch in the living room. “Jiyoung-ah…. Can I ask you a favor?” Taeyeon said. “hmm? What is it Taeyeon-ssi?” Jiyoung replied as she scoot her eyes.

    “can you take a look at my sisters? we’re going out for a bit… we’re going to gather some info….” Taeyeon said and Jiyoung just nodded and hazily walked towards the room where Seohyun and Yoona is sleeping.

    SBS Night Club.

    Tiffany arrived at the SBS Nightclub dressed in a long black leather trench coat. Tiffany observed the night club and noticed somewhat the people are few and obviously the others are leaving.

    “Perfect…” Tiffany said as she smirked. As she parked her car, not far from the establishment, she was greeted by a young parking valet.

    “I’m sorry ma’am but we’re closing already. As you’ve noticed, some of our customers are leaving.” The young man said. Tiffany observed the young man and she escalates that the young man is very young and somewhat a new staff.

    “I know… listen… I kind of noticed.. you seem to be an honest young man… may I know your age?” Tiffany asked.

    The young man smiled and answered. “I’m only 18 years old ma’am..”

    “hmm you’re too young… are you new here?” Tiffany asked again. “I’ve just started here two days ago ma’am… if you’re going to ask my why… I know I’m too young to take this kind of work but… I’m the only one who’s supporting my family… my mother left us and my father is disabled. I have 3 younger siblings aged 13, 10, and 5.” The young man said.

    Tiffany turned around and grabbed something from the inside of her car. “I’m proud of you for taking that heavy responsibility… you must’ve been pressured…. Are still going to school?” Tiffany asked. “no ma’am… I have to quit school… I won’t have time….” The young man frowned at his own answer.

    Tiffany knew the young man is having a hard time. “here….. take these……. Consider this a new start….. do me a favor…. No matter what… never return to this place again…. This place will ruin your life.” Tiffany said as she smiled and handed a thick brown envelop to the young man.

    “P-Pardon ma’am?” the young man tried to ask Tiffany what she meant but as he tries to call her, Tiffany was already walking towards the establishment carrying a medium sized gift box.

    Seeing the young man had no choice but to obey, since he’s somewhat captivated by Tiffany’s words, he walked away. Curious enough, the young man couldn’t handle his anxiety and decided to open the thick brown envelop that Tiffany gave to him and as he soon saw the content, the young man almost fainted and peed in shock as it contains a large sum of money. And as he turned to the other side of the envelop, that was then he noticed the amount of the money. $6oo thousand dollars, in cold cash, written on the other side of the envelop.

    SBS Night club. Entrance..

    As Tiffany arrived at the entrance, the bouncer stopped her. “I’m sorry miss…. We’re closing..” the bouncer said.

    “I know….. but I have a gift for the owner of this establishment…” Tiffany said as she handed the gift box to the bouncer.

    “the boss is not expecting any visitors…. Get lost…” the bouncer said as he roughly gave the gift box to Tiffany but all of a sudden, it happened in a flash as the bouncer falls down on the ground unconscious as Tiffany a powerful 360 reverse turning kick to the face.

    360 reverse turning kick

    The other bouncer saw what Tiffany did and immediately went after her. Tiffany noticed and hurriedly ran inside the club.

    As Tiffany went inside towards the dance floor, she smirked as she heard the music inside. As there are some few costumers left, Tiffany had to improvise in order to avoid innocent victims.

    “EVERYBODY OUT! NOW!” Tiffany shouted as she pulled out her Sig pro 229 handgun and fired a warning shot at the club’s ceiling causing the remaining costumer inside the club running outside in fear.

    Sig pro 229

    As the club is now empty (with the music still running), four bouncers appeared and surrounded Tiffany. all of them readied as they clenched their fist, ready to fight Tiffany. Seeing it’s four against one, She removed her trench coat and revealed her attire as she’s covered in some straps in both of her arms, legs and thighs with her specialty, different kinds of poisons inside the syringes.

    Tiffany's attire under her trench coat

    **Just imagine she have a straps and stuffs**

    As the four of them start to move in circles while facing Tiffany, one of them charged Tiffany from behind but Tiffany was already anticipating it as she instantly somersaulted backwards and as she landed directly behind the one who charged her, she quickly kicked the man on his butt, sending him uncontrollably charging on the one who is in front of Tiffany earlier. the other two saw what happened and they didn’t hesitated to attack simultaneously, one was using his fist and one is using feet, in hoping kicking Tiffany from the side but to their surprise, Tiffany instantly vanished and ending up hitting each other in their attacks. Both of them winced in pain as one holds his face and one holds his stomach. As they wonder where Tiffany went something attacked them from above as Tiffany jumped quickly earlier and managed land a kick right in their faces as she landed, causing them to stumble down, groaning in pain.

    The other bouncer who was tackled by the other bouncer that Tiffany kicked on the butt, stood up and charges at Tiffany with an unbelievably speed and as he got close to Tiffany, he unleash a flurry of blows which Tiffany just simply evaded it. As the flurry of blows continues, Tiffany didn’t notice that she was driven into the wall. Tiffany was startled to notice that her back hits the wall and as the man readied his fist to hit Tiffany in the face, Tiffany crouched down and she drove her fist into the man’s groin, causing the man to completely kneel down in pain as he feels an unexplainable pain in his groin. Tiffany smirked.

    As she turned her stare again on the remaining bouncers, the one she kicked earlier is now charging towards her. Tiffany also anticipated and didn’t give the man to unleash his attack as she used the bouncer kneeling in pain due his crushed groin, as her foothold to jump higher and successfully driven her knee on to the oncoming bouncer on the face, completely shattering his nose. As Tiffany landed after her attack, the remaining two collaborated and one of them successfully grabbed Tiffany from the back and managed to give her a full nelson hold. Tiffany struggles to escape but the hold is tightly locked. Seeing Tiffany has nowhere to go, the remaining bouncer grabbed a bottle of champagne and intended to hit Tiffany in the head, but before the man hits Tiffany, she positioned both of her arms upward and successfully slipped out from the hold and ending up hitting only the bouncer that holds Tiffany, in the head, knocking him unconscious.

    As the remaining bouncer tries to attack Tiffany again with now a broken bottle of champagne, Tiffany gave him a powerful turning sides kick right in his gut section, knocking the man back several feet away from Tiffany.

    Turning Side Kick

    As the three of the bouncers are now down in the dance floor, the last bouncer, the one with the shattered nose, brandished a knife and taunted Tiffany. But as he charged at Tiffany, intended to stab her, Tiffany quickly spins three times before unleashing a finishing kick right at the bouncer’s face, totally knocking him out cold.

    *Tiffany’s finishing move*

    As all the bouncers are knocked out cold, another attacker appeared but this time, wielding a dual sword. Tiffany gave him a dumbfounded look as the man with two swords, starts swinging swiftly, showing off his sword skills as he shouts, in hoping Tiffany will get intimidated.

    As he got close to Tiffany he quickly taunted Tiffany by trying to slash her neck but stopping the blade of his sword just in a nick of time. As the tip of the sword’s blade touches Tiffany’s neck, he starts to trash talk at the same time mocks Tiffany.

    “hehe I bet you’re scared now huh?.... your fist can’t match my sword. You won’t be landing any punches on my body as long I have my sword!” the man said as he pressed his sword a bit into Tiffany’s neck causing to give Tiffany a slight cut. But the man’s smile faded as he noticed Tiffany is also smiling at him.

    “W-What’s so funny?” he asked. Tiffany didn’t answer but instead, her eyes is somewhat looking at the man’s chest. And as he also traced Tiffany’s eyes, he noticed five syringes are already sticking in his chest.

    “I’ve already administered the anesthetic…” Tiffany said as she gave the man an eye smile. And soon after, the man started to feel numb as he now can’t control his body and dropped on the floor. He wanted to move but couldn’t as Tiffany said, anesthesia is already administered.

    *++ Music End ++*

    “don’t try to fight it….. the anesthetic I always use is a strong one…. A single droplet could paralyze an elephant….” Tiffany said as she goes for her signature move. She crouched down at the man’s side and smiled again.

    “that’s what you get for showing off your sword skills…. It’s shame…. I admit you have good sword skills… but apparently… you like showing off first…… that’s why you didn’t noticed I already put 5 syringes in your chest…” Tiffany said.

    “You would’ve defeated me too…. So…….any last words?” Tiffany said as she gave the man an eye smile. To the man’s point of view, the person he’s seeing right now is not an angel of death but rather, an angel in disguise. Her smile is perfect but behind her perfect smile, lies a killer ready to chew him alive.

    “…damn.. I always forgot about the anesthetic….” Tiffany chuckle as she light hits her head. “oh well….. I guess…. Nice meeting you?” Tiffany said as she simultaneously pressed the remaining four plunger of the syringes in the man and killing him instantly as the poison entered his body.

    After she made a quick work of the man she stood up and a group of armed men showed up while aiming their guns at her. Tiffany smiled and spoke.

    “are you sure you guys want to shoot me?” Tiffany asked them in a calm manner as she pulled out a remote device.

    As they saw Tiffany holding a remote device, they immediate fired at her but Tiffany was quick enough to run into cover. The shootings didn’t stop for a bit and they concentrated on the spot where they saw Tiffany took cover.

    “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” one of the armed man shouted and threw a grenade at Tiffany’s spot and the grenade exploded. After the grenade exploded, they stopped. Some of them went to check Tiffany’s body but as they got close, Tiffany is nowhere to be found. Then a gunshot came from behind and as they looked, it was Tiffany and somehow managed to go around behind them. As they reload their weapons, it was too late, Tiffany walked casually as she shoots them with a Jackhammer shotgun A.K.A. the Striker.


    Jackhammer Shotgun A.K.A. “Striker”

    After a series of gunshot, Tiffany threw her shotgun away as none of them were left standing alive as all of them took an accurate hit on their chest.

    As Tiffany is going to meet the Group’s US Branch boss, she noticed someone escaping as she caught a glimpse of someone running towards the club’s entrance door.

    “OH NO YOU DON’T!” Tiffany shouted as she threw a syringe containing an anesthetic and successfully hitting the escapee on the leg causing him to stumble down before he could reach the exit.

    Tiffany walked towards the man and as she got close she smiled. “Eun Ji Won…. I figured you’re the US Branch’s boss…… now tell me everything you know!” Tiffany said as she gripped Ji Won’s collar. Ji Won sweated buckets as she knew Tiffany’s capabilities since she’s know as the top assassin in Seoul.

    “W-What do you w-want to know?” Ji Won asked. “I want to know….WHO FRAMED KWON YURI!!” Tiffany’s expression changed from angelic’s face into Sinister one.

    “I I I I Don’t know anything!!!” Ji Won said a lie in order to escape his way out from Tiffany’s wrath. “Don’t give the Bull Ji Won! I Know you know something! SPIT IT OUT OR ELSE…….” Tiffany said as she pulls out a syringe and forcefully stuck the needle in Ji Won’s neck.

    “…W-Well… f-from what I heard from the Korean b-branch… Yuri-ssi’s C-cousin stole s-some files from the Korean group’s boss… a-and since she’s linked to Yuri-ssi…. T-they had to eliminate everyone connected to her…..” Ji Won explained as she stuttered his words.

    “is that all?” Tiffany asked as she puts a pressure on the syringe making Ji Won winced in pain a little bit. “f-from what I know…. t-they’re looking for a k-kid…. T-they said s-something a-about something was imprinted like s-some sort of data or info or a map…… as for the one who forced it to that person’s brain had a side effect..” Ji Won said.

    After hearing Ji Won’s explanation, Tiffany pulled out the needle and returned it back to her strappings.

    “continue…” Tiffany said.

    “as far as I remember, the side effect from doing that cause that person some severe trauma as from what I heard, that person lost his or her emotions and refused to speak….” Ji Won said. as Tiffany is listening she’s thinking of something similar from what Ji Won said. “could you be talking about the Apathy Syndrome?” Tiffany asked.

    “I’m not familiar with the name but sounds like it….” Ji Won answered.

    And that’s when it hits Tiffany. Im Yoona. she immediately knew she had to go back to her condo as she’s worried for Yoona’s situation. Ji Won noticed Tiffany’s distraction and grabbed a tray nearby and managed to hit Tiffany in the head making her stumble.

    With the anesthesia still in effect, Ji Won limped his way out of the exit but before he could step out, he suddenly felt six needles hitting his back and after that he falls down on the ground unable to move. He immediately knew what hit him and regretted for what he has done.

    As his eyes are the only ones that can move, she saw Tiffany’s feet at his face. “I was planning to let you live Ji Won…. But you had to do that stunt on me….. for that you’ll pay…” Tiffany said as somewhat her voice sounded very angry as Ji Won hits her hard and managed to bust up a wound on Tiffany’s head.

    Tiffany walked away for a while. From Ji Won’s place he could only hear Tiffany is doing something as he heard some packaging tape being spread out and seems like wrapping at something. And after that he heard a series of beeping sound. Sweat now formed at his forehead as he knew what Tiffany is doing. Then the next thing he heard is Tiffany walking back at him along with the beeping sound coming closer.

    Tiffany didn’t say anything as she got close to Ji Won and moved his arm at Ji Won’s point of view. Tiffany crouched down and showed a C4 bomb. “Ji Won…. I’ll give you a choice to live…. I’ve set this C4 to one minute….. all you have to do is press this button…” Tiffany said as she placed the C4 one inch away from his hand that Tiffany moved. And after that, Tiffany left hurriedly because of worry. She immediately knew the group will go after their mark no matter what. As she got inside her car, SBS Night Club exploded. And with that, she sped back home, worried for Yoona’s life.

    Tiffany’s Condo. Tiffany’s Bed room…. 5:01 A.M. Raining…..

    “YOONAAA!!!!” Yuri woke up and instantly sat up from the bed as she stretched one of her arm like reaching out for something as she’s covered in sweat.

    “…damn… it’s just a dream…” Yuri said as she shook her head. but as she’s still feel sleepy, she also feels someone is standing from the doorway. A kid. Yuri couldn’t make out the kid’s image due to the shadow of the room covering the kid’s face but she definitely knew it was a girl.

    “hey there kid…. I’m sorry if a scared you…. Unnie just had a bad dream….” Yuri said. The kid didn’t talk but instead walked slowly towards Yuri. Still couldn’t see the kid’s face. Yuri smiled in order to make the kid calm down. Yuri stood up and also walked towards the girl but before she could see the girl’s face, the girl squatted down as she picked up something from the ground.

    Without facing Yuri, the girl handed her a picture with her head hanged low and as Yuri saw it, it was the picture of her sister, Kwon Yoona. Yuri smiled and crouched down in front of the girl.

    “thank you…. you know… this is my sister….. this is the only memento that I have left from her..” Yuri said but amazingly, Yuri felt something light. Hearing Yuri’s words, The girl faced Yuri.

    As Yuri saw the girl’s face, she falls back in disbelief. Her light feeling changed into warm one. Her dry cheeks started to get wet once again with her tears. And one name escapes from her lips as she starts to cry again with her voice starts to crack up while looking into the face of the one she had never thought of seeing once again….


    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 15 Finished.

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    Mission 16

    “Yoona? it that…. is that really you?” Yuri said as she slowly crawl her way towards Yoona. As she got close to her, Yuri, kneeled in front of Yoona. Tears now escaped her eyes as she give Yoona a hug.

    As she hugged Yoona, not knowing about the kid’s status, Yuri felt she’s given another chance to meet her sister, which apparently it is not. Yuri didn’t let go of the hug as she missed her sister.

    Several seconds later, Yuri broke the hug and smiled. “Yoong….. you don’t know how much I missed you…” Yuri said.

    But Yoona just stared at her, not doing or saying anything. “Yoong? Are you alright?” Yuri asked but Yoona just stared back at her.

    As Yuri is going for another hug, Yoona ran out of the room. “YOONA WAIT!!” Yuri shouted as she quickly stood up and went after Yoona.

    As Yuri followed Yoona, she noticed something is strange. As she went out of the room, Yuri noticed the living room is empty with no signs of everyone.

    “Guys? Where are you?” Yuri called but none answered back. As she finally went her way to the living room, she noticed the door leading outside is open. Yuri’s worries starts to pile up. As she went for her gun, she remembered that she left it on Siwon’s condo before they arrive at Tiffany’s place.

    “Yoong?” Yuri called again but as she took a peek outside the door, she saw Yoona standing in the hallway facing two men in suits.

    “I’ve located the target…… retrieving the target…” one of the man in suit said to his ear piece as he grabs Yoona on her wrist. “uuuuhhhh….. uhhhhhhh…” Yoona lets out a voice but couldn’t speak. Yuri stepped out and decided to confront the men in suits.

    “hey! What are you doing to this kid? Yuri said. but instead of answers, the men in suits, pulled out their guns and starts shooting at Yuri.

    Yuri quickly jumped back inside to take cover. Determine not to repeat another incident back in Korea, Yuri stepped out again even without her gun.

    “haaaaaa…. Uhhhhhh…..” Yoona could only make noises with her voice as she tries to break free from the man’s grip as she’s being dragged away. Yuri flared up at the scene.

    “I WILL NOT LET YOU A**HOLES TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!!” Yuri shouted as she dashed her way towards them.

    As the man in suit drags Yoona away, the one man who is left behind, starts shooting at Yuri but Yuri simply evaded the shot by jumping towards the wall and just like a ninja from a ninja movies, Yuri ran towards him using the wall as a floor and managed to land a haymaker punch on the man, who is holding a gun, on his face and successfully catching the man’s gun in mid air.

    The other man who is dragging Yoona away saw what happened and decided to pull out his gun and also starts shooting at him.

    Yuri tries to evade the gunshots but unfortunately she got hit on her right shoulder.

    “uuunnnnn……” Yoona made her voice more louder which made Yuri’s blood boil to her maximum point. Yuri ignored the pain and stood up. Afraid to hit Yoona by mistake, Yuri ejected the handgun’s clip and before it drops on the floor, Yuri kicked it so hard and hits the man in the face. As the man winced in pain, he aimlessly fire a couple of shot and one of those shots, grazed Yuri’s hair. Before anymore damage can be done, Yuri threw the handgun itself into the man’s face, causing him to release Yoona from his grasp.

    Seeing Yoona is now free, Yuri dashed towards the man and as she got close, she drove her knee into the man’s chin and while in midair, Yuri grabbed the man in the collar and arched her body forming a crouch position and as both of them falling on the floor, Yuri gave a forceful kick, using both of her legs on the man’s chest, making the man in suit feels like he was hit by a car for over 140 mph as the man finds it hard to breath upon the impact he felt on the front and back of his chest.

    As Yuri is going for the killing blow, she felt a pair of hands tug her hand. Yuri looked at it and saw Yoona trying to pull her away. Yuri suddenly felt light as he decided to knock the man out.

    “uuuuhhhh…. Unnnnn…” Yoona tugged Yuri’s hand back to the apartment. “Don’t worry about me Yoong…” Yuri said.

    Because of the commotion and gunshots, Jiyoung peeked from the doorway and saw Yuri and Yoona and to her surprise, she also saw a couple of men knocked unconscious.

    “Yuri-ssi! Are you alright?” Jiyoung asked as she saw Yuri walked back towards her while Yoona is clinging on Yuri’s clothes as Yuri holds her wound on her shoulder.

    “I’m fine Jiyoung-ah….. by the way.. .where’s everyone?” Yuri asked. “they went out a while ago… they said something about… gathering some info…” Jiyoung said.

    Jiyoung noticed Yuri’s shoulder. “Yuri-ssi! You’re bleeding!” Jiyoung said as she points at Yuri’s shoulder. “this is nothing.. it’s just a flesh wound…… call the police Jiyoung…. Apparently they wanted to kidnap my sister….” Yuri said as she’s still having her partial flashback about her sister.

    “your sister Yuri-ssi?” Jiyoung asked. “yeah! She’s here, Yoona!” Yuri said as she proudly introduced Yoona. Jiyoung frowned as she immediately knew Yuri is still living in her past. Jiyoung also hurts to see Yuri couldn’t go on and she decided and try to wake Yuri up from the reality.

    “Yuri-ssi…… she’s not your sister…….” Jiyoung said as she frowned. “Jiyoung-ah… don’t give me that joke! She’s here! Right here!” Yuri said as she happily smiled. Jiyoung on the other couldn’t take the pressure for seeing Yuri being oblivious for seeing her sister through Yoona.

    “Yuri-ssi………….. that Yoona is different from your Yoona……….” Jiyoung said but Yuri just ignored her and continues to give Yoona the attention like she used to give when her sister is still alive.

    Yoona on the other hand is still not familiar with Yuri, suddenly pushed Yuri away from her and distanced herself away from Yuri.

    “Y-Yoong? What’s wrong? Don’t you recognize me? it’s me! Yuri unnie!” Yuri said. but before Yuri could say anything else, she felt a hand gently grabbing her shoulder. As Yuri looked, it was Jiyoung, staring her with a sad eyes.

    “Yuri-ssi….. as I’ve said…. that’s not your sister… she’s a different Yoona…..” Jiyoung said and Yuri was stunned to be able to recognize what Jiyoung is saying. Jiyoung knew Yuri refused to believe even though Yuri knew her sister is dead.

    Tears starts to roll down Yuri’s cheeks. "W-What are you saying? Jiyoung-ah… she is my sister! She looks like my sister!!” Yuri said as she cried and pulled out Yoona’s picture and showed it to Jiyoung.

    Jiyoung didn’t answer back and felt sad at Yuri’s mental state. She knew the tanned girl is longing to see her sister again if possible but the only difference is, her real sister is dead and the one Yuri is seeing now is a different person but with the same looks.

    “Yuri-ssi… I know it’s hard…. But please accept it….. here’s the proof…..” Jiyoung said as she shows Seohyun who is staring at Yuri with a sad eyes.

    “unnie…. Yoona is my sister…. Please.. she’s been with me ever since Taeyeon unnie’s family adopted us….” Seohyun said.

    Yuri didn’t say anything and just cried along the hallway in front of the door where Jiyoung and Seohyun is standing. Seconds later, Yoona started to walk towards them. And as she got close to Yuri, she picked up Yoona’s picture again and tried to hand it to Yuri. but as the picture got close to Yuri, Yuri frustratingly slapped away the picture and it flew away from her as she stood up not looking at anyone.

    “Y-Yuri-ssi……please don’t be mad at her….” Jiyoung said as she looked at Yuri who is now even more depressed.

    “…..and when I finally saw Yoona……… it turns out to be a different person……” Yuri said as she held her face high up while she sobs. Jiyoung couldn’t say anything to Yuri as she somehow also felt what is Yuri feeling right now.

    “……….isn’t it ironic?” Yuri said as she starts to walk away from them, totally forgetting her injuries. As Yuri starts to walk away, Yoona ran towards Yuri and grabbed Yuri’s hand but Yuri just slapped away Yoona’s hand.

    “go away…… I don’t want you to get close to me……. everyone I love is leaving me….. leave me alone….” Yuri said. but as she starts to walk away again, Yoona grabbed her hand again and this time Yoona held it tight.

    “uuuuuhhhh….. uuuhhhhhh…” the only word Yoona could utter. Seohyun was slightly shock to see Yoona acting like this. Never once in her time she spent with Yoona, Yoona didn’t show any signs emotion until now.

    Jiyoung could only watch Yoona as saw her trying her best to stop Yuri from walking away. “uuuuuuhhhhhhh!” Yoona gave a final pull on Yuri’s hand but unfortunately, Yuri’s blood from her shoulder wound reached her hand causing Yoona’s grip to lose and Yoona was sent stumbling down backwards.

    Seohyun and Jiyoung ran towards Yoona and they supported her to stand up. Yuri wanted to help but she know she don’t want to get Im Yoona involved with her any longer.

    “Don’t come near me….. if you do I’ll push you away again…..Yoona….” Yuri said without looking back at them.

    Jiyoung stood up and somewhat upset at Yuri. “You don’t have to be hard on her Yuri-ssi…. Can’t you see she’s ill?” Jiyoung said as she slightly raised her voice.

    “exactly Jiyoung-ah…… that’s the more reason for me to leave that girl alone…… would you rather let her die knowing she’s like that?” Yuri answered without looking back at them. Jiyoung didn’t answer because she know Yuri is right.

    Seohyun, who is supporting Yoona to stand up noticed Yoona’s eyes is shedding a tear. Sign of another progress for Yoona. as she’s going to hug Yoona, the ill girl dashed her way towards Yuri and grabbed Yuri’s legs tightly indicating she don’t want Yuri to leave.

    “For the last time! I SAID I DO……” Yuri raised her fist to give Yoona a smack in the head when suddenly, the door to the hallway slammed opened and revealed a batch of armed men.

    Instinctively, Yuri carried Yoona as she knew what going to happen next. Just like a slow motion movies, Yuri dashed back towards the fire exit while Jiyoung and Seohyun ran back inside the room. the armed men fired at them, fortunately, Jiyoung and Seohyun were already inside Tiffany’s living room while Yuri and Yoona are pinned down as they take cover on the pillar in the hallway.

    As the shootings stopped, Yuri had no choice but to bring Yoona with her along to the fire exit. as both of them shows up, the armed men fired again. Yuri didn’t looked back and embraced Yoona real tight in order not to be hit. As Yuri ran towards the fire exit, three bullets hit her in the shoulder blade area, grazed her on the left arm and one on her right leg.

    But determined not to let the ill girl get harmed, Yuri ignored the pain and she forcefully tackled the locked door of the fire exit.

    As Yuri and Yoona managed to get out of the fire exit, both of them ended up drenched wet as it was raining hard outside. Yuri is now starting to feel dizzy as she knows she’s loosing blood from her wound. She put down Yoona and grabbed her hand.

    “Let’s go this way!” Yuri said as both of them ignored the icy cold droplets of rain on them and Yuri made Yoona climb first using the emergency ladder that is leading to the rooftop and she followed after.

    Back in the living room, Jiyoung feared for the young girl’s life in danger and she pulls Seohyun back in the bedroom. Jiyoung shoved Seohyun inside the closet who is now crying because of being scared, Jiyoung smiled at her. “don’t cry…unnie will think of something…. No matter what happen, don’t go out ok?” Jiyoung said and Seohyun nodded as Jiyoung gently close the closet door.

    Seohyun held her mouth with her both hands in order not to cause anymore noise. Jiyoung, looked around and as she saw the bed cover and bed sheet, an idea popped in her mind. With time running out, Jiyoung quickly tied the bed cover and the bed sheet together in order to make an escaping route. Then she tied the other end on the bed and opened the window and threw the other end outside the window in order to make it look like they’ve escaped through the window. As she assures that it really looks like it, she joined Seohyun inside the closet.

    Meanwhile as Yuri and Yoona were already on the roof top, they both ran until they reach the other end of the rooftop. As soon both of them stopped, Yuri dropped into one of her knees, Yuri started to feel tired due to her wounds and the coldness of the rain. Yoona held Yuri’s hand tightly.

    As Yoona held Yuri’s hand, Yuri looked at the girl and saw Yoona is shivering wildly. Yuri could think of two reasons, it’s either fear or being cold in the rain. Then Yuri heard some footsteps behind them. Yuri knew the armed men followed them.

    “Kwon Yuri…. give us the girl and we’ll let you live….” One of the armed man said. “and what if I don’t?” Yuri asked.

    Then we will be forced to use drastic measures…. Your choice……” the man said as he aimed his gun at Yuri.

    “alright….. since you said drastic measures…… then I, too, will be forced to use drastic measures!” as Yuri finished her sentence, she forcefully stood up and carried Yoona and jumped down from the rooftop.

    As both of them were falling, Yuri hugged Yoona tightly and managed place Yoona on top of her before they land on the dumpster below.

    As they landed, Yuri spurted some blood from her mouth due to the force of impact falling down 7 feet from the rooftop. As Yuri’s vision starts to dim, Yoona shook her wildly. “uuuuhhhh… uuuuhhhh!!” Yoona didn’t stop shaking Yuri until Yuri opened her eyes.

    As both of them were drenched wet, Yuri summoned her remaining strength and stood up and managed to escape the group’s men.

    Yuri and Yoona ran away from Tiffany’s condo unit with no known direction. They just both ran aimlessly where their feet takes them anywhere away from the group’s men and both of them disappeared in a dark alley way while ignoring the icy cold heavy down pour.

    Meanwhile, back at Tiffany’s condo, Jiyoung and Seohyun are both holding their breath. Both of them are scared both of them can hear several people right outside the hallway, living room, kitchen and bedroom where they are hiding in the closet. Several man in suit observed the bedrooms and noticed Jiyoung’s diversion.

    The man in suit knew Jiyoung’s plot and he signaled his partner to play an act. “the remaining targets have escaped… pull back….” the man in suit said to his radio. And both of them walked outside leaving the bedroom empty.

    Jiyoung and Seohyun waited for several minutes until they heard several footsteps slowly disappearing.

    “u-unnie… c-can we come out now?” Seohyun asked Jiyoung. “wait here for a while…. I’ll go and check… don’t come out until I say so alright?” Jiyoung said and Seohyun nodded.

    Jiyoung slowly stepped outside and checked the whole room. as she feels no one is outside, she slowly approached the bedroom door. Jiyoung gently leaned her ears against the door to check if someone is still in the living room. Seohyun who is hiding in the closet, saw what is Jiyoung doing.

    As Jiyoung heard no one, she slowly opened the door and quietly walked outside towards the living room. as she got to the living room, the living room is in a mess. Jiyoung ignored the mess and quietly and slowly walked towards the door to check if the coast is really clear.

    Unknown to her, the group’s men just faked their retreat and they are just waiting right outside the hallway. Jiyoung slowly walked towards the door, not knowing what fate has in store for her as soon she opens the door.

    Yesung's Grand Hotel, Secret Room…

    Taeyeon, Jessica, Sooyoung and Sunny arrived and gave Siwon the flashdisk that Boa sacrificed her life for. Alright ladies… analyzing this data will took a while… why don’t get yourselves relaxed for a bit…” Yesung said to them.

    “great…I miss the food here Yesung!” Sooyoung said and quickly stood up and went to the dining hall where there is a full course set buffet displayed. As Sunny starts to frown due to Sooyoung’s excessive love of food, Sooyoung surprised her as her hand were grabbed by Sooyoung and dragged her to the dining hall. Siwon stood there dumbfounded.

    Jessica and Taeyeon didn’t move from their spot as both of them are much more concerned about the current events. Siwon noticed the worries written all over their faces.

    “don’t worry girls….. they’ll be alright….” Siwon said as he handed the two girls a cup of coffee. Both of them thanked Siwon.

    “thanks oppa…. Well…. To tell you the truth… I’m worried about Tiffany…. as you’ve said, she went on by herself…. What if she got killed in the process…..” Taeyeon said. hearing Taeyeon’s worries made Siwon chuckled. “Taeyeon-ssi…. You don’t have to worry about Tiffany…..” Siwon said as he taps Yesung’s shoulder and Yesung pressed a button on his control panel.

    Then something showed in screen, the SBS Night club is in ruins and in flames. Several cars are also engulfed in flames. “That’s Tiffany’s aftermath….” Siwon said. Taeyeon and Jessica couldn’t believe that Tiffany could do something like this.

    “she did that alone?” Jessica said. “hard to believe? Well… it’s not surprising….. when Tiffany-ssi is still active during her services…. she can take out 3 enemy base in one day…. I remember once she had a mission back then…. and at the same time.. she was having a bad day too….. and to add another negative pressure… someone from the group insulted her just because she’s a girl, said she couldn’t take out 2 base on her own….. and as a result of that……. she made that person eat his own words as she take out three whole god damn base in one day….all by herself… and she did that without calling an airstrike as the airstrike was on standby…. She made the airstrike team look like sitting ducks as they waited for nothing… the person insulted her didn’t utter a word after that….” Siwon said.

    Taeyeon and Jessica were shocked at Tiffany’s capabilities. “oppa…. Just remind us not to get her bad side…” Taeyeon said. “hahahah don’t worry …. I can sense Tiffany already liked you guys….. specially you Kim Taeyeon…. Haven’t she told you yet?” Siwon said but as soon he realized that he almost said something shouldn’t have, he quickly covered his mouth and kept quiet. But Taeyeon heard it.

    “oppa…. Told me what?” Taeyeon said. “…nothing…. Just forget what I’ve said…” Siwon said as he turned to the monitor as he watched Yesung do his work. Taeyeon became curious at Siwon’s words. She knew Siwon is hiding something from her but decided to keep quiet as she knew no matter how she asks, Siwon will only give a repetitive reply.

    “Oppa? What about Yuri…… I don’t know much about her….” it was Jessica’s turn to ask. “Yuri….. well….. in my own opinion… I think both her and Tiffany should be at the top rankings of the group… you see, Tiffany excels in melee and poisons but Yuri…. man how I would love to have her uncanny dexterous ability….. you girls want to know what’s her accuracy rating?” Siwon asked. Jessica and Taeyeon we’re now interested about Yuri as both of them listened intently.

    “her accuracy rate is 99.99%.... in case you’re wondering why is there a .01%? that’s because during her mission. She always tend to think about something which keeping her distracted…. But once she gets her mind into it, she can still finish her mission…. Remember the city hall incident Jessica-ssi? Back in Korea?” Siwon asked and Jessica nodded.

    “originally, the corrupted mayor Park Hyun Bin, he should be dead before he could go inside the hall but apparently, something happened to Yuri…. as her .01% kicked in…. and missed her shot…” Siwon said.

    Then Jessica remembered, that time, she was having her lunch at that place near the city hall. As Jessica puts together the pieces, she smiled she made Taeyeon and Siwon looked at her.

    “sica?” Taeyeon called. “oh I’m sorry… I just remembered… that time I was there having lunch….” Jessica said. Siwon was clueless at Jessica’s explanation but not Taeyeon, Taeyeon also smiled as she knew Jessica distracted Yuri during that time.

    “who wouldn’t be distracted if she knew someone like you Sica…” Taeyeon said and both of them giggled. Siwon is now clueless.

    “AHEM! I’ll just continue…. As for Jessica-ssi… I know this will be a sensitive topic but I’ll also say it…. that day her……sister…….. died…… Yuri was hell bent on revenge and went on a rampage…. And her first target was Park Jin Young…..known as J.Y.P.” Siwon said.

    “J.Y.P. the most notorious syndicate gang leader in Korea?” Taeyeon said. “you are correct Taeyeon-ssi…. And the time Sunny-ssi explained to me what happened… I couldn’t believe what happened as Yuri took down J.Y.P. syndicate by herself..” Siwon said.

    “But that’s absurd! J.Y.P. had a large battalion of bodyguards…. Excluding his security guards…” Jessica said.

    “J.Y.P. have a lot…. And I wouldn’t believe it until I Yesung hacked into the footage….” Siwon said as he ordered Yesung to play the footage.

    Jessica and Taeyeon were stunned at the whole footage as they watched it. it was their first time seeing Yuri’s expression full of anger and rage. They both watched the whole footage until the part where Yuri used her M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle and then the building exploded along with the security camera.

    “That was the last footage on J.Y.P. building…..” Siwon said and as he pressed a button on Yesung’s control panel and revealed newspaper clippings.

    “Notorious Criminal Syndicate Park Jin Young (JYP) found dead in his own destroyed building..In pieces”

    Taeyeon and Jessica’s mouth hanged open. “at first I don’t want to believe it either….. but seeing that footage….. well? As they say.. .to see is to believe…” Siwon said.

    Then an alarm came off. Siwon instantly turned around and asked Yesung. “Sung! What’s that alarm?” Siwon asked.

    “it’s coming from Tiffany’s Condo… someone have break in….” Yesung replied as he pushed a button. All of them were shocked to see the hallway in Tiffany’s condo is in a bullet riddled mess. Jessica and Taeyeon looked at each other and ran out quietly, without Sooyoung and Sunny noticing them.

    “Taeyeon-ssi!” Siwon shouted as he threw his SUV key to Taeyeon and Taeyeon caught it in midair and continued to run. As Taeyeon and Jessica disappeared from his sight, he contacted Tiffany and informed someone had broken into her home and Siwon immediately walked out to find Sooyoung and Sunny.

    As Taeyeon and Jessica went outside Yesung’s Hotel, Taeyeon continually pressed Siwon’s car alarm until both of them heard an alarm beeping from afar. Jessica and Taeyeon followed the sound and it lead them to Siwon’s blue SUV.

    **for those who have forgotten Siwon’s SUV, here’s the image of it**

    as both of them got inside the SUV, with Taeyeon on the driver seat. Taeyeon suddenly froze. “Taeng? What’s wrong?” Jessica asked. Taeyeon looked at her dumbfounded and replied.

    “……I forgot I can’t drive….” Taeyeon said which surprised Jessica. “Aish… move over!, I’ll drive!” Jessica said and both of them quickly changed seats and Jessica sped off back to Tiffany’s Condo.

    Jessica drive like a crazed madman as she makes a perfect sharp turns on street against street and even did a counter-flow on a busy road. Yesung, who is monitoring Taeyeon and Jessica’s progress were awed at Jessica’s driving skills. “that girl’s got some sick maneuver..” Yesung said as he was amazed. Siwon managed to find Sooyoung and Sunny who was at the dining hall.

    “Sooyoung…. Better get back to Tiffany’s condo…. Some armed men broke into Tiffany’s condo… Taeyeon and Jessica are already on the way…” Siwon said.

    “WHAT?!” Sunny shouted which startled Siwon. “what? Is there a problem?” Siwon asked. “those two don’t have a knowledge about gunfights! Aish… you could’ve stopped them!” Sunny replied with an annoyed tone on her voice.

    “I’m sorry.. I didn’t know! I just assumed that it’s like that since they’re hanging out with you..” Siwon said. Sunny and Sooyoung didn’t answer back since they are partly at fault since they didn’t explain to Siwon about Taeyeon and Jessica. Both of them rushed out of the Hotel and went to a parking lot. From there, Sooyoung spotted a car to her liking and smashed its window.

    Sooyoung’s car choice, Nissan Skyline GTR-R34

    “Youngie… don’t tell we’re actually going to car jack?” Sunny said as she watches Sooyoung hotwire the car.

    “yah! we don’t have time for that…. our main concern is Taengoo and Sica….. and of course there’s Jiyoung and Taengoo’s sisters….” Sooyoung said as she finally succeeded hotwiring the car and starts up. “Get in!” Sooyoung said as she unlocks the passenger side and Sunny got in. and both of them sped off to follow Taeyeon and Jessica.

    As both of them drove off, Sunny took out a pair of M1911 and gave one to Sooyoung. “wow… you’re really prepared Sunny-ah…” Sooyoung said as she took a sharp right turn, skillfully drifting as she turns. “hehehe I’m always prepared Sooyoungie… you know my motto right? It’s better to have it when you don’t need it……” Sunny said as she looks at Sooyoung. “…….than to need it when you don’t have it…" Sooyoung finished Sunny's motto an both of them smiled.

    "yeah.. that’s the reason why I like yo…….” Sooyoung accidentally slipped her words which Sunny heard it clearly and smiled. “ Sooyoungie? Come again?” Sunny said as she smiled at Sooyoung.

    Sooyoung blushed at her own words. Sunny enjoyed Sooyoung’s flustered face. Sunny knew about Sooyoung’s feelings but she’s not saying anything. She wanted the tall girl to say it first.

    “ ….nothing….” Sooyoung said as she never took her eyes on the road. Sunny smiled sheepishly. “Aw… come on Youngie….. you definitely said something….” Sunny said as she teased Sooyoung as she pouts. Sunny’s pout made Sooyoung’s heart jumped 20x than before.

    “..i like you…. I mean your hair….” Sooyoung said as she tries to avoid Sunny’s confrontation. Sunny chuckles at Sooyoung as she knows Sooyoung is averting the topic.

    “huh? My hair? You just said that a couple of hours ago…. And besides… we’re not talking about my hair this time Youngie… what I want to talk about is……….” Sunny stopped. She couldn’t wait anymore as she is somewhat annoyed at Sooyoung’s shyness.

    “I want to talk about you!.... remember what I said in the hospital the day we escaped? I want to hear from your own mouth….. what do you feel about me….” Sunny said. Sooyoung didn’t reply right away.

    “not going to say anything?....... fine…. I’m not going to say anything either….” Sunny said as she pouts and leaned her back on the passenger’s seat.

    Several minutes have passed, they arrived near Tiffany’s condo and saw Siwon’s SUV parked outside. they knew Taeyeon and jessica did something as both of them were nowhere to be found.

    As both of them are going to step out from the vehicle, a group of armed men in suits shows up. Sooyoung grabbed Sunny’s wrist in order to stop the shorter girl from exposing herself to the armed men.

    “Let me go Choi Sooyoung!” Sunny said as she forcefully tugged her hand away from Sooyoung’s grip. As Sunny was going to hiss at Sooyoung because of the tall girl's action earlier, she noticed the tall girl in front of her were unusually silent. Worry is visibly showing on her face. “S-Sooyoungie?” Sunny called but to her surprise, Sooyoung pulled her for a tight hug.

    “W-What’s wrong with you?” Sunny asked. “I don’t want you to get hurt my Bunny…..” Sooyoung said as she gave Sunny a surprise by kissing her directly on the lips without warning. Sunny’s eyes widens at Sooyoung’s sudden kiss.

    “I think you know my answer to your question…..” Sooyoung said as she broke the kiss. “and I’m sorry for this….” Sooyoung apologized as she gave Sunny a quick punch in the stomach rendering the short girl stunned.

    “Y-Youngie….. you babo….” Sunny said as she winced in pain as she also starts to fall down but Sooyoung supported her back inside the car.

    “I can’t afford you to get hurt……” Sooyoung said as she dashed outside and disappearing from Sunny’s sight. Sunny saw Sooyoung went inside the condo unit and as Sooyoung disappeared inside the door, sounds of gunshots can be heard from inside.

    “YOUNGIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Sunny shouted.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 16 Finished.

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    Mission 17

    Tiffany’s condo….. before Sooyoung and Sunny arrives….

    Taeyeon and Jessica arrived and without thinking of anything else
    besides safety of the persons inside, both of them dashed inside and
    noticed everything is in a mess.

    Taeyeon is worried about Seohyun and Yoona while Jessica is worried at
    Yuri who is still in recovery process and Jiyoung who is just a normal
    girl. Both of them didn’t talk but they somehow communicated through
    their eyes. Jessica picked up a medium sized flower vase and Taeyeon
    picked up a trash can. As Jessica saw what Taeyeon picked up, she looked
    at Taeyeon with a questioning look.

    “What?” Taeyeon asked. “Taeng… seriously… a trash can??” Jessica asked.
    “…well… you picked up a vase!” Taeyeon said but as Jessica is going to
    asked again, both of them heard a footstep. They knew someone is coming.

    Both of them took cover from the corner edge on the 1st
    floor hallway and wait for the gunman walk past from them. The gunman
    didn’t notice them as they both watched the gunman ran up through the

    Worried about the ones they left upstairs, Jessica have gone out to
    follow the gunman but unfortunately, she didn’t notice that another
    gunman is following her. as Jessica is walking slowly and quietly, so
    did the gunman who is also following her from behind quietly and

    Jessica tightens her grip on the flower vase but as her foot stepped on
    the first step of the stairs, she heard a clicking sound of a gun behind
    her head. the gunman is now aiming at her head.

    Jessica was stunned as she knows, she could be dead any seconds. “what
    do you know…. trying to be a heroine?” the gunman said as he grinned.
    Jessica’s knees starts to shake because of fear as she felt the gun’s
    nozzle touches the back of her head.

    “time to say goodbye girlie…” the gunman said. but before he could pull
    the trigger, Taeyeon jumped and managed to block the man’s vision as she
    successfully putting the trashcan into the man’s head. Jessica saw it
    as a chance to escape and quickly crouched down as the man starts
    shooting aimlessly. Taeyeon, quickly tackled the man and managing him to
    stumble down on the floor and the trashcan wore off from the man’s
    head. Jessica quickly swings the flower vase into the man’s head
    rendering him unconscious.

    “heheh…. Not bad for a trashcan huh?” Taeyeon said as she grinned at
    Jessica. “yeah… you wish… but thanks for the save Taeng…..” Jessica

    As both of them turned to the stairs, they both saw a group of gunmen aiming at them from the stairs.

    As the gunmen starts shooting at them, Jessica and Taeyeon both felt
    someone had tackled them away from the shootings into the side hallway
    where they first hide.

    “you two are idiots! What are you two thinking charging there with only a
    flower vase and a trashcan!” they both looked and saw that it was
    Sooyoung who tackled them into safety.

    “yah! We were just worried about the kids!” Taeyeon said. “…… so do I!”
    Sooyoung said but smiled. “but you two work quite well… and not bad for
    the trashcan-vase combo…” Sooyoung said. “now go out through the window…
    I’ll handle this. Sunny is outside.” Sooyoung said as she return fire a
    couple of shots not knowing is she hits any enemies. “nuh-uh! We’re
    already involved, so why should we walk away!!” Jessica said.

    “Aish…. You two are stubborn! Listen… you two are not used into this
    kind of mess! Let me handle things here ok? I’ll cover your escape!”
    Sooyoung said. Jessica and Taeyeon couldn’t argue about what Sooyoung
    said as they know Sooyoung said was true for being dragged into a
    gunfight. Taeyeon saw a door right next to them and tried to open it but
    it’s locked from inside.

    “Sooyoung! It’s locked!” Taeyeon said. Sooyoung quickly shoots the door
    knob and the door opened. “hurry! Escape from the window!” Sooyoung
    said. Jessica and Taeyeon obeys Sooyoung but unfortunately, as they both
    saw the window inside the room, it was fortified with metal screen.

    Both of them returned back to Sooyoung. “what the… I thought I told you
    guys to escape through the window!” Sooyoung said. “but the window is
    barred! We can’t go out through there!” Jessica said.

    “Aish…….. this keeps getting better and better…. Ok listen up….. I’ll
    cover your escape. When I signal you two to run, run like hell… ready?”
    Sooyoung said and Taeyeon and Jessica nodded.

    Sooyoung exposed herself as she fired nonstop at the gunmen who is still
    in the stairs some of Sooyoung’s shot hit them but as some of them
    rolled down from the stairs dead, another gunmen replaces the dead ones.

    “GO NOW!! GO GO GO GO!!!!” Sooyoung said and both Taeyeon and Jessica
    ran towards the door but before they reach the door, a gunman showed up
    and aimed his gun at them. “Going somewhere?” the gunman said as he
    cocked his shotgun at them.

    But before he could shoot Jessica and Taeyeon, a throwing knife flew
    from behind Jessica and Taeyeon, hitting the gunman in the throat and
    dropped dead. They both saw Sooyoung is the one who threw it as they saw
    Sooyoung’s position as her both arms are stretched side by side as one
    of her arm is still returning fire at the ones who is still in the
    stairs and her other arms is pulling another throwing knife.

    “GO OUT NOW DAMMIT!!” Sooyoung shouted at them as she throws the knife
    on the ones who is in the stairs. Jessica and Taeyeon managed to get
    outside Tiffany’s condo but unfortunately, another batch of gunmen
    blocked their way. Jessica and Taeyeon were trapped.

    And then to their surprise, an explosion sets off from inside and to
    their surprise, Sooyoung was sent flying towards them. Luckily, both of
    them broke Sooyoung’s fall as she slammed on both of them. “D-Damn…. I
    didn’t know they had grenades….” Sooyoung said as she stood up. “Good
    thing I ran outside….. but damn that blast had an impact!” Sooyoung said
    as she helped Taeyeon and Jessica stand up.

    “sorry for hitting you both…” Sooyoung said as she dropped on knees. The
    impact from the explosion starts to take effect on her. the group of
    gunmen starts to close on them slowly.

    As Sooyoung tries to reach for her gun, one of the gunmen shoots it away
    from her. “S-Sorry Taeng… Sica… but this looks like a dead end….”
    Sooyoung said. but all of a sudden, the group of gunmen instantly
    vanished right in front of them as they were sent flying back several
    feet as Sunny ran over them with the car, Sooyoung carjacked earlier.

    “YAH! What’s the big deal taking them all alone? You’re trying to be
    like Yuri and Tiffany?” Sunny said as she got out from the car. as she
    walks towards them, one gunman crawl towards his gun but didn’t make it
    as Sunny shoots him as she walks casually towards Sooyoung, Taeyeon and

    As Sunny still taking her sweet time to reach the three girls, some of
    the gunmen ran outside to help their fellow gunmen but before they could
    see what’s happening outside, Sunny is already shooting at them.

    “Yah… you babo shikshin…. Don’t try to be cool when you’re confessing!
    You want to leave me hanging if you died right after you confessed your
    feelings to me?” Sunny said as she reached the three girls.

    Taeyeon and Jessica were surprised at Sunny’s words. “babo! You’re still
    not healed fully and yet you went on charging in there!” Sunny said to
    Sooyoung. “hehehe…. I just want to look cool since…. You my energy pill
    Sunny-ah…” Sooyoung replied as she smiled.

    “……………. Youngie…. Next time…. If you’re going to knock me out….. do it
    harder…. You only stunned me for a little while you babo…” Sunny said as
    she smiled while helping Sooyoung stand up. “now you guys go back…..
    I’ll handle this…..” Sunny said as she ran inside Tiffany’s condo.

    Inside the hallway, Sunny was greeted by a series of gunshots but none
    of them hits her as Sunny picks up a dead body on the floor using it as
    her shield. Using a dead body as her shield, Sunny ran towards them and
    as she managed to get close to the gunmen on the stairs, Sunny fired at
    them killing them off one by one.

    Sunny goes up to the second floor and again was greeted by a series of
    gunshots. Sunny took cover from the stairs and something caught her eye.
    One of the dead gunmen had a fragmentation grenade. Sunny quickly
    picked it up and pulls the pin and throws it at the gunmen.

    An explosion was made and as the dust cleared, every gunmen is dead and
    some of them were dismembered. “guys.. please be safe…. I hope Yuri is
    able to fight though…” Sunny said not knowing Yuri is already gone from
    the building. Sunny reached the third floor and found two remaining
    gunmen, holding Jiyoung and Seohyun by the hair, as their hostages.

    “DROP YOUR GUN!” one of the gunmen who is holding Jiyoung by the hair
    shouted. But Sunny didn’t flinch. “I’d release them if I were you….”
    Sunny said as she still aiming her gun. The gunman cocked his gun and
    shoved it hard in the Jiyoung’s cheek. Jiyoung winced in pain.

    “last warning! Drop the gun or they die!” the gunman said. Sunny knew
    the gunmen were from the group and she knows what they’re trained to do.
    Sunny dropped her gun. “kick it towards us…” the gunman said.

    Sunny kicked the gun towards them. “you have disarmed me.. now let them
    go!” Sunny said. and then all of a sudden, to all of their surprise,
    Seohyun did something unexpected. Seohyun bit the hand of the one who is
    holding her and managed to break free.

    At that time, Jiyoung and Sunny’s heart stopped at that moment as the
    gunman who is holding Seohyun aimed at her and fired a shot.

    Just like in the movies, everything was in slow motion. Jiyoung feared
    for Seohyun life as she also managed to break free from her captor and
    dashed towards Seohyun who is still running towards Sunny. As Jiyoung
    successfully embraced Seohyun from the back, she was sent rolling on the
    floor as the bullet hits her. Sunny’s mind went blank as she saw
    Jiyoung got hit.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!” Sunny shouted in anger as she jumped to her
    gun that she kicked. As she grabs her gun, she quickly and skillfully
    slide in a new clip and shoots them as she’s still lying beneath them.
    Sunny emptied her two clips of her M1911 on the two gunmen.

    After Sunny’s berserk, she dropped her gun with a total empty bullets
    and ran towards Jiyoung who is still hugging Seohyun with blood coming
    out from Jiyoung’s unknown gunshot wound. “Jiyoung-ah! Answer me! ANSWER
    ME DAMMIT!!” Sunny said as she taps Jiyoung’s cheek. after a couple of
    taps, Jiyoung opened her eyes.

    “Sunny-ssi?” Jiyoung said as she released Seohyun from her hug.
    “Jiyoung-ah where are you hit?” Sunny asked. “aaargh…. I think they hit
    me on my shoulder….” Jiyoung said as she winced in pain. Sunny checked
    and indeed Jiyoung got hit on the shoulder.

    “S-Sunny-ssi… am i….. am I gonna die?” Jiyoung asked as she’s scared but
    Sunny smiled at her. “babo… you won’t….. the bullet went through….. but
    for a receptionist…. You’re doing quite good…” Sunny said as she helped
    Jiyoung stand up.

    “J-Jiyoung unnie… mianhe…… because of me you got hurt….” Seohyun said
    apologetically. Jiyoung smiled and pats Seohyun on the head. “don’t be
    sorry Seohyun-ah…. If you didn’t do that… Sunny-ssi will have problems
    later on… look, we’re all alive…” Jiyoung said as they all went down to
    the first floor.

    As Sunny supporting Jiyoung, Seohyun followed them behind. As they got out, they were greeted by Jessica and Taeyeon.

    “I’m glad you two are ok!” Taeyeon said. “aren’t we missing someone?”
    Jessica said as she roamed her eyes looking for someone.
    “Sunny-ah…where’s Seohyun?” Taeyeon asked. “she's right behind…………” as
    Sunny turned around they all saw one last wounded gunman holding Seohyun
    as a hostage.

    “you girls left me no choice!! IN PAY BACK FOR KILLING MY FELLOW
    GUNMEN!!! I WILL KILL THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!” the gunmen shouted but as he
    was going to pull the trigger, an unknown projectile flew right past
    through Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny and Jiyoung and in an instant, the man
    who is holding Seohyun as a hostage is dead as they saw something
    metallic pierced through his head, sticking him to the wall.

    “nobody messes with my family!” a familiar voice echoed from behind
    them. As they looked, they saw Tiffany holding a harpoon gun. Seohyun
    quickly ran towards Tiffany and hugged her as she cries.

    “Sssshh… it’s alright now Seohyun-ah…. All of them are gone….” Tiffany
    said as she cooed the girl. the four girls walked towards Tiffany who
    arrived in the right time.

    “yah! Nice last minute save there Fany-ah…” Sunny said. And to their
    surprise, a blood starts to roll down from Tiffany’s head. Taeyeon was
    startled. “Fany-ah! What happened?” Taeyeon asked as she pulls out her
    handkerchief and wiped the blood from Tiffany’s face. “nothing… I just
    got careless…. Anyway… Tae-Tae…. Where is Yoona?” Tiffany asked.

    That when they remembered about Yuri and Yoona. “yeah…. And what about Yuri?” Sunny asked.

    “Yuri-ssi escaped….. along with Im Yoona…. Mianhe… I couldn’t do
    anything…. When we came to… we found Yuri-ssi and Yoona were having a
    talk and then next thing… bullets starts flying everywhere…. We better
    find Yuri-ssi fast…. She’s bleeding badly…. I think she got hit while
    escaping…” Jiyoung explained.

    Sunny turned around and pulled out her phone and called Siwon. “Oppa….
    We have a problem…. We’ve lost sight of Yuri and Yoona….” Sunny said.

    “hang on………………………………. No good… I can’t locate her…. I think her GPS on
    her phone is turned off…” Siwon said. “sorry couldn’t be of any help…”
    he added. “it’s fine oppa…. Just concentrate analyzing that flash disk…”
    Sunny said as she cuts off the line.

    “what did Siwon oppa said?” Tiffany asked. “well….. bad news…. He can’t
    locate Yuri…. apparently her phone is turned off…..” Sunny said as she
    sighed. Taeyeon, on the other hand are worried and Jessica noticed.

    “Don’t worry Taeng…. Yuri is with her….. she’ll be fine…” Jessica said
    as she tries to comfort Taeyeon. “thanks for cheering me up Sica…. But
    I’m also worried for Yuri too….. she’s also injured….” Taeyeon said.

    “come on guys…. Instead of standing here waiting for another gunfight… I
    think we should leave…. Plus we have to get Youngie and Jiyoung patched
    up…” Sunny said and they all got inside Siwon’s SUV except from
    Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun who decided to ride with Tiffany since
    Seohyun don’t want to leave Tiffany’s side. As the three of them drive
    quietly, Tiffany’s phone rang and Tiffany let Taeyeon answer it.

    “Sunny-ah?” Taeyeon asked. “Taeng?” Sunny replied. “what’s up? Tiffany is driving so I answered her phone.” Taeyeon explained.

    “…right… listen… Siwon oppa told us to go back to Yesung’s Hotel… we
    will be staying there….. so be sure to follow us….” Sunny said. “Sure
    thing….. anything else?” Taeyeon said.

    “…….yeah…… since you already got involved with us….. are you sure about
    this? Our assailants will hunt us non stop….” Sunny said.

    “……………….. do I even have a choice? well.. like I said earlier…. I’d
    rather charge them head on than to wait here and die like a dog…..”
    Taeyeon said.

    “well….in that case……………… Youngie, Sica and I were just talking…. I
    think we should appoint you as our leader of this team…… what do you
    say?” Sunny asked. Taeyeon were surprised at Sunny’s words.

    “…me??! b-but..” as Taeyeon is going to reject the offer, Sunny talked
    again. “before you reject our proposal…….. we’ll give you time to
    think….. we couldn’t think of anyone aside from you because you have a
    good sense of decision…. We’ll talk about this after we get to the
    hotel….” Sunny said as she cuts the line and leaves Taeyeon sighing.


    Hyoyeon and her team arrived and a federal agent greeted them. “Agent
    Kim Hyoyeon?” the man asked. “yes?” Hyoyeon replied. “we already heard
    about your purpose here but also I’m sorry to break this to you…..we
    need you and your team into a crime scene…” the man said.

    “already? Can’t we just have a rest first?” Hyoyeon asked. “I’m afraid
    not Agent Kim…. One of your relative is murdered…..” the man said which
    made Hyoyeon jolted up.

    “come again? What’s her name?” Hyoyeon asked. “her name is Kim
    Shinyoung…. She was found by her husband this morning, dead in their
    home…. With three bullets in her chest….” The man said. “what about kids
    and a girl with almost the same age as me?” Hyoyeon worriedly asked.
    “I’m afraid we found no one matching to your description…. It’s either
    they were taken as a hostage or managed to escape….” The man said.

    Hyoyeon didn’t reply back and instructs her team to go with her on the crime scene.

    Kim Residence…..

    Hyoyeon and her team arrived at Shinyoung’s residence and police are on
    stand by. “this way agent….” The man said as he guides Hyoyeon and her
    team inside.

    As all of them are inside the vicinity, Hyoyeon spotted Kim Goora.
    Hyoyeon asked the man to give them the case and Hyoyeon instructs her
    team to go on the procedures as she went towards her uncle.

    “Uncle! Are you ok?” Hyoyeon said as she called Goora. “H-Hyoyeon-ssi?”
    Goora looked at Hyoyeon. “what happened? I know Aunt is mean but do you
    have any idea who did this?” Hyoyeon asked. “I have no idea
    Hyoyeon-ssi…… I just came back to get my properties since I’m leaving
    her for good because of what she did to Taeyeon….” Goora said.

    “Uncle… about Taengoo….where is she?” Hyoyeon asked. “well… I think
    Taeyeon-ssi is in good hands…. She’s living with her friend right now…
    but I’m afraid I forgot to take the address… from where she’s
    staying…..” Goora said. “don’t worry about that uncle…. I can manage
    that… how are you holding up uncle?” Hyoyeon asked but Goora just stared
    at him and sighed.

    “….i understand uncle… you just take some time for a breather…. These
    officers will question you now uncle…. Just tell them what you told me….
    I’ll be doing my job… although I don’t like her… she’s still my
    relative…” Hyoyeon said as she pats Goora’s shoulder for a brief

    “so….. any clues?” Hyoyeon instantly asked her team as she stepped
    inside the house. “well cap… all we got is a bullet shell casings…. And a
    shoe print…..” Gyuri said. “so how about the some info on your cousin
    cap? Is she fine?” Nicole asked.

    “…yeah I can assume she’s fine…. My uncle just told me she’s staying at
    her friend’s house… and currently living in there….. I trust Gyuri can
    help me with that?” Hyoyeon said as she pats Gyuri’s shoulder.

    “No problem cap… just give me a moment… I’m still analyzing the shell
    casing.” Gyuri said. “it’s alright take your time…” Hyoyeon replied as
    she roamed around the house.

    Hyoyeon never have been worried for the first time in her life knowing
    Taeyeon is almost close to danger as their aunt is dead. Questions are
    now running through her mind.

    “who killed Aunt? For what purpose….. who is the culprit…..” Hyoyeon
    thought for herself until she came across the room where Taeyeon,
    Seohyun and Yoona stayed.

    Upon entering, Hyoyeon’s doubt began to escalate as she saw the whole
    room in a mess. Bed turned over, cabinet doors are broken and some are
    riddled with bullets.

    As her worries starts to escalate, she checked the other rooms as well
    and to her surprise, Shinyoung’s room are perfectly arranged. In fact,
    other rooms as well and neatly organized. Only Taeyeon’s room are in a

    Hyoyeon stepped out with worry written on her face and asked Seungyeon
    who is busy dusting some any possibilities for a finger prints.

    “Seungyeon…. Are you getting any finger prints?” Hyoyeon asked. “sure
    cap… but the only FP I got is from your cousin, your aunt and your
    uncle…. Oh and some little FP’s to… I’m thinking your cousin’s adopted
    siblings…” Seungyeon replied.

    “Come with me for a minute… and you too Hara….” Hyoyeon led to the room
    where Taeyeon had stayed and to their surprise everything is in a mess.

    “did the storm just passed by in here?” Hara asked. “questions later…
    work first…. I’m starting get negative feelings about this….” Hyoyeon
    said as she clenched her fist.

    Hara and Seungyeon never saw their captain worried like this and decided
    to save the fun talk later and worked diligently. They knew that when
    it comes to her cousin, everything is a top priority as they knew how
    Hyoyeon cared for Taeyeon.

    As Hyoyeon’s feeling is almost on the edge, the man who accompanied them
    came. “agent Kim… I got a word from the neighborhood that a fight broke
    out between your cousin and your aunt….” The man said and Hyoyeon
    didn’t answer and just listen.

    “I think she’s also a susp……AGH!” the man winced in pain as he felt he’s
    slammed hard on the wall as Hyoyeon grabbed him by his collar which
    startled her team.

    “you better watch what you’re going to say mister…. My cousin would
    never kill anyone…. I know her very well and you better take my advice….
    If you include her in your suspect list… consider yourself finding
    another job…….. comprende?” Hyoyeon said as she released the man.

    “I’d watch out if I we’re you sir….. our cap is the leader of our entire
    KPF…. She also have connections here in US… and she’s not kidding about
    your job….. no one knew her cousin than her…” Nicole said to the man as
    he gulped hard as he was so close of getting fired out of his job.

    Nicole followed Hyoyeon and found Hyoyeon in the yard, flipping her cellphone.

    “aren’t you going to contact her cap?” Nicole asked. “………I don’t know
    Nicole….. I just knew Taeng won’t do this kind of thing….. I just….”
    Hyoyeon sighed as her head hanged low. Nicole tried to comfort Hyoyeon
    by rubbing her hand on Hyoyeon’s shoulder.

    Nicole somehow felt Hyoyeon’s worries as she never saw Hyoyeon depressed
    like this. “don’t worry cap… I get the feeling wherever she is… I think
    she’s safe….” Nicole said as she smiled which Hyoyeon also smiled a
    bit. “thanks for the cheer up Nicole…….. now get back there and work…
    we’ll be leaving in 15… so collect any possible lead….” Hyoyeon said as
    she investigates the vicinity.

    15 minutes have passed Hyoyeon’s team are all set and they bid farewell
    to her uncle who is still in questioning and they all went off to a

    SMTown Hotel….

    With Hyoyeon’s authority, they rented a hotel and made the whole floor
    just for them and in there, they all set up their equipments and started
    to analyze all the evidence they gathered.

    “so… you guys find anything unusual?” Hyoyeon asked. “well……… we were
    talking about this cap….. and for sure….. this is NOT the work of Kwon
    Yuri….” Hara said and the four of them nodded in unison. “I think so
    too…. I mean I know how Kwon Yuri works…. Considering she’s one helluva
    shooter…. I don’t think she would kill a random person……” Hyoyeon said.

    “cap… I’ve also noticed…… of all the rooms…. All of them are neatly
    organized except on one room… the room where you bring Seungyeon and
    Hara… everything there is in a mess… I don’t think it’s a robbery
    homicide…. I mean if you were going to rob somebody’s home why only
    concentrate on one room?” Gyuri asked.

    “that’s what I’m also thinking…. And for what purpose… it doesn’t make
    sense at all…….. in times like these… I’m consulting my cousin….”
    Hyoyeon said.

    “Captain… I’ve finished analyzing the shell casing….. and it appears…. Another group of baddies are in play…..” Hara said.

    “so? Any lead?” Hyoyeon asked. “well we can only identify the gun………
    and it is……” Hara stopped and grabbed a folder and read the contents
    “your usual standard USP Tactical pistol…..” Hara said as she throws the
    file on the table.

    “and to top of that….. we couldn’t find any registered owner of that gun…. We’re on dead end here cap…” Hara added.

    Hyoyeon massaged her temple as they found out they couldn’t go any further upon their lack of evidence.

    “alright…. I want you guys to take a break from here…. You guys are free
    to do what you want to do…” Hyoyeon said as she sat down on a chair
    facing the balcony hotel.

    “Cap…I would like to request a permission to take an indefinite leave….”
    Nicole said. “hmm? Why’s that Nicole?” Hyoyeon asked. “well….. I would
    just like to visit my relatives in here…. And judging from the time they
    didn’t saw me… I’m guessing I would have to stay there for a couple of
    days…. If it’s alright with you cap…” Nicole said.

    “….fine…. but don’t take too long. We still have a job to do… and do me a
    favor…. We all know Yuri and my friend from the military…. Lee Sunny….
    Are also here… keep an eye out will you? if you spotted them, contact us
    immediately alright?” Hyoyeon said as she gave Nicole the permission
    she needed.

    “can do Cap.. and thank you…” Nicole smiled and immediately left the hotel leaving Seungyeon, Hara and Gyuri with Hyoyeon.

    “………I’m going to go shopping…..” Gyuri said. “I’ll be tagging along…..
    since we have a free time… what about you Hara?” Seungyeon said.

    “…… I think I’ll head to a nearest gun shop…. That bullet casing is still bothering me….” Hara said.

    “work freak! Do us a favor and take a break Hara!” Gyuri and Seungyeon teased Hara and the three of them laughed.

    “Cap! Anything you want us to get you with?” Seungyeon asked before the
    three of them heads out. “…..just a coffee and a sandwich….. thanks in
    advance Seungyeon..” Hyoyeon said.

    As the three of them left Hyoyeon pondering alone, Hyoyeon sighed as she
    worries about Taeyeon. “where the hell are you Taeng….. and Yuri………. I
    bet there’s some plot happening around you….. I just can’t pinpoint it
    out……..” Hyoyeon said as she walked back in front of her laptop and try
    to review Kwon Yuri’s files again.

    Streets downtown……. Unknown alley… after the rooftop jump…

    Yuri and Yoona ran and ran until they escaped Tiffany’s condo, due to
    the coldness of the rain, Yuri and Yoona starts to shiver in coldness.
    As they continued to escape, their movements started to slow down due to
    Yuri’s strength is already at her limit. Yuri stopped as she leaned on
    wall in the alleyway way. Yoona saw Yuri stopped but and decided to
    comeback for her.

    Yoona tugged the tanned girl’s hand but due to the wet skin because of
    the rain and Yuri’s blood, Yoona stumbled down backwards as she tug
    Yuri’s hand as her grip slipped.

    “w-what are you doing…leave me alone…. Save yourself kid…” Yuri said as
    she tries to avoid Yoona who is standing up again. But Yoona didn’t
    obey. She still insisted on pulling Yuri just to keep going.

    But Yuri is determined not to get involved Yoona, not knowing the group
    is already after Yoona. “get away…. I can’t go on with you…. they’ll
    kill you if they saw you with me…” Yuri said as she pushed Yoona and
    sent stumbling down again.

    Yoona stood up again and went towards Yuri again but this time,
    determined not to let the tanned girl go, Yoona hugged the tanned girl,
    not caring if her clothes got stained by Yuri’s blood coming from her

    “DAMMIT KID!! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO……………. Omona…. You’re burning up…”
    as Yuri was going to push Yoona away, she hissed back and as Yuri is
    going to smack Yoona, she felt the young girl’s body too hot. Signs of a
    high fever.

    Although Yuri is telling in her mind not get attached to Yoona, worry is
    written all over her face as she felt Yoona’s body too hot.

    Again, Yuri summoned the last of her strength and carried Yoona who now
    fainted due to the high fever she’s been holding just to make the tanned
    girl conscious.

    “Aish… this girl………..” Yuri didn’t care if the people will be scared for
    her because both of them were covered in blood but Yuri had to seek
    help because she’s unknowingly getting attached to Yoona.

    As Yuri got out in the street, people avoided them as she seeks help.
    Seeing her covered in blood due to her wounds made them unapproachable
    because people who saw them were afraid to get involved in her, on
    whatever she ran into.

    “Dammit! Are you people human beings?!” Yuri shouted as no one dared to
    help her. “This kid is sick! I need someone to take her to a hospital!!”
    Yuri shouted but her plea fall on deaf ears as people continued to
    avoid her.

    Seeing no hope getting help, Yuri went back into the alley way where
    they came from and Yuri walked and walked until he came upon on an
    abandoned warehouse.

    Inside the warehouse, Yuri roamed her eyes and luckily she found a room
    that looks like a break room. Yuri walked towards the room but
    unfortunately, she's at her limit and instantly dropped on her knee
    while carrying Yoona.

    “Dammit….. I’m at my limit……… I’m sorry kiddo……….. this is as far as I
    can go…..” Yuri said before closing her eyes and succumbing into the
    darkness. But before Yuri hits the ground, she twisted her body first to
    avoid Yoona hitting the floor and making her own body as a cushion to
    Yoona before blacking out.

    10 minutes later, it was Yoona’s turn to open her eyes and noticed she
    was lying on top of unconscious Yuri. although with high fever, Yoona
    stood up and tried to get help.

    As Yoona hazily got out of the abandoned warehouse, she immediately went out to street where Yuri asked for help earlier.

    Desperate to get help for Yuri, as soon Yoona got out of the alley way,
    she grabbed the first person that she can grab into and dragged the
    person back to the abandoned warehouse.

    As Yoona dragged the mysterious person, she knew it was a female judging
    from the voice. “H-Hey! Wait! Where are you taking me!!” the female
    voice asked but Yoona continued to drag her until they stopped at the
    abandoned warehouse. The female that Yoona dragged examines the place
    and as she finally gazed at Yoona, she noticed the little girl is
    covered in blood.

    The female felt something is wrong and she readied her pistol as she
    carefully walked inside thinking the girl is asking her help to save
    someone. But before she could cautiously examine the area, Yoona ran and
    dragged her back all the way at the front of them old break room.

    As the female saw a body lying motionless and covered in blood, she
    holstered her gun and hurriedly check the tanned girl’s pulse.

    But to her surprise, as she got close to the tanned girl it was none
    other Yuri. “OMO….. this is…… this is….Kwon Yuri!” the female was
    shocked to see Yuri’s condition.

    And as she looked at Yoona, she also noticed the little girl is shivering and almost close to fainting due to the high fever.

    “what’s your name?” the female asked Yoona not knowing Yoona’s illness.
    Yoona didn’t answer but the female just smiled as she thought the girl
    in front of her got scared because of her gun. The female covered the
    her gun on her waist with her clothes.

    “don’t be afraid… I’m a police officer….. my name is Nicole..Jung
    Nicole….” Nicole said as she introduced herself to Yoona. but after she
    introduced herself, Yoona fainted which made Nicole surprised.

    “HEY!!” Nicole suddenly went towards Yoona but as soon she touched
    Yoona’s body, she retracted her hand immediately as she felt Yoona’s
    body is too hot.

    “omo…you have a fever and yet you want me to save Kwon Yuri’s life?”
    Nicole thought to herself. Nicole is now torn into two decisions, who
    she should help first? Yuri who is in a bad state or Yoona who is
    burning up in an unknown fever temperature.

    Then she remembered Hyoyeon’s word. “We all know Yuri
    and my friend from the military…. Lee Sunny…. Are also here… keep an eye
    out will you? if you spotted them, contact us immediately alright?
    ” Nicole pulled out her phone and starts inputting Hyoyeon’s number.

    But as she’s going to press the call button she stopped and think for a
    while. “if Kwon Yuri is a top criminal……… why is she badly wounded like
    this while carrying a sick girl with her….. something is definitely
    wrong….” Nicole said.

    And after thinking hard for a bit she came into a decision. She’s determined to know what really happened.

    “…..Cap… I’m sorry for disobeying your orders… but… I need to know what
    really happened… something is not right……” Nicole said as she erased
    Hyoyeon’s number and called taxi from her phone instead.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 17 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 18

    Unknown room……

    Several hours have passed, Yuri woke up in an unknown room. Yuri checked herself and noticed she’s been treated as she has bandage on her body. As she tries to stand up, she felt weak and Yuri falls down on the floor as some of the glass was sent crashing on the floor.

    Then someone opened the door. Yuri looked at the person and she somewhat can’t identify the person. “omo…. Yuri-ssi you shouldn’t be up and walking…..” Yuri heard a female walking towards her.

    As the female voice reached Yuri, she helped the tanned girl to lay back down on the bed. “W-Who are you?” Yuri asked.

    “forgive me… I’m Nicole….. Jung Nicole….” Nicole said. Yuri falls silent for a short while. Somehow, she felt the voice was familiar. “…..the kid…. Where’s the kid…..” Yuri asked. “…. About her… you got to thank her….. if it haven’t for her… you would've bleed to death….. I can’t imagine she forcefully drag me into an abandoned warehouse where both of you collapsed on me… that kid has a fever of 48.4 degrees…..” Nicole explained.

    “….. is she safe?” Yuri asked. “don’t worry… she’s resting in the other room and her fever somehow gone down…. Yuri-ssi…. Don’t you remember me?” Nicole asked. “your voice is kind of familiar…..” Yuri replied briefly.

    “……remember the parking lot incident? Where you said you’re sorry as you released a police officer…” Nicole said. Then Yuri remembered as she quickly tries to stand up but only failed as her wound opened.

    “omo… Yuri-ssi…. Don’t force yourself to stand up! you’ll just open your wound…” Nicole said as she tries to hold Yuri down to the bed. “don’t worry….. Captain Kim Hyoyeon is not with me…. and she doesn’t know I took you in…..” Nicole said and Yuri somewhat relaxed.

    “Yuri-ssi? You’re not afraid that I might call my captain to go here and capture you?” Nicole said as she tried Yuri’s judgment but Yuri just smiled weakly. “….i’m not…. besides… you’re not that kind of person who would take advantage……. I’m also sorry about your arm too…” Yuri said.

    “let it slide… it happened a long time ago…. But Yuri-ssi…. I’m confused right now….” Nicole said. Yuri looked at Nicole with a questioning look.

    “Confused about what?” Yuri asked. “……… well…. As you already know…. you are on the top of our list of criminals to capture……. But…. How come you’re injured badly and as if you’re running away from something….or someone and back then….. you could’ve easily kill everyone of us but you didn’t….….. it doesn’t make sense….. and for a professional assassin…… does protecting a child is also part of your work?” Nicole said as she question Yuri.

    “…………… it’s a long story Nicole….” Yuri said. “…..i don’t mind….….i have all the time I need….. You can tell me Yuri-ssi…..” Nicole said as she tried to know all about the events have happened.

    Nicole waited for Yuri to talk but sensing it is somewhat sensitive, Nicole decided to give up. “look… I’m not trying to force you Yuri-ssi… if you don’t want to talk about it… it’s fine…… but at least… take some rest…. I’ll bring you something to eat later on..” Nicole said a she stood up.

    “wait…. Where am I exactly?” Yuri asked. “I brought you here in my apartment….. don’t worry… it’s just me who living here…. I was originally planning to visit my relatives but…. I found both of you…. thanks to the little girl who’s with you…” Nicole said as she leaves Yuri.

    With Nicole gone in sight, Yuri were left to think what she should do next. “……… I have to get out of here and leave that kid alone….. Hyoyeon will probably give that kid the protection she needed….” Yuri said as she starts to rest.

    Unknown island

    As the day goes by, a helicopter made its way to the unknown island. And as it landed that looks like a facility. A well groomed person came out and that man was greeted by the group’s personel.

    Welcome to Jeju island…. Korean branch Boss Jeon Hyeon Mu… are you here for “sight seeing” sir?” the man said to Hyeon Mu.

    “why certainly…. I’m here to see “exotic animals” Hyeon Mu replied and the man knew the code Hyeon Mu said.

    “follow me please sir….” the man said as he ushered Hyeon Mu inside the facility.

    “are the other boss’ is here as well?” Hyeon Mu asked. “well sir… it seems you’re the last one to arrive… but we have a breaking news too…. The group’s US Branch Boss, Eun Ji Won, is dead….. according to our sources… it was one of your agent that killed him and your right hand man in Korean branch is also dead.” The man said as he informed Hyeon Mu.

    “Oh? Hmmm not that I care……..” Hyeon Mu coldly reply but the man who is ushering him chuckled a bit.

    “did I say something funny?” Hyeon Mu said with a slight annoyance in his voice. “hehehe…. Pardon me sir but the reason why all of you boss’ were called here is because of you sir….” the man said until they arrived at a big sturdy door.

    “because of me?” Hyeon Mu asked. “you’ll know sir once you’re inside…. Apparently your leader is furious….” The man said as he bow down and left Hyeon Mu.

    Upon entering the main hall where all of the group’s boss are gathered, all eyes are focused on Jeon Hyeon Mu.

    “at last… our main man has arrived…. How are thing in Korea?” Japan’s Group branch spoke as he chuckled a bit. “Moon Hee Jun…” Hyeon Mu called.

    “I heard your office was blown to bits by your own agents or am I wrong?” this time the Chinese triad group that named themselves the “Running man” spoke as he mocked Hyeon Mu.

    “….HaHa…… you know funny thing is…. I’ve never heard your group’s exploits…… interested in participating something……. Entertaining?” Hyeon mu retorted back to Haha.

    “you better watch it Hyeon Mu…. At least my own damn office is still intact…. Unlike one in here who’s been living into the world unknown, and running away from his own damn agents…” Haha said which made Hyeon Mu fell silent.

    “and you have the guts to talk back to the man… who’s been doing non stop “jobs” than you Haha oppa….” This time, a female talked. “Park Kahi….. senior elite rank of the group’s assassin….” This time a muscleman talked. The Singapore branch’s boss, Kim Jung Kook.

    “…so you guys want to suck each other’s thumbs all night or are we going to start this meeting?” a voice talked. The leader of them all.

    They wanted to know their leader’s personality but unfortunately, they can’t since their leader is always hiding behind the screen with the only initials of K.G.

    “if I hear one more bickering from anyone of you… I’ll fill the whole room with a poisonous gas… so…. Do I have all of your attention now?” their leader spoke and all of them nodded.

    “good…. First off…. Hyeon Mu…. This meeting is all about you….. apparently…… reports got to me that you abuse your power and your …..”guns”……. am I correct?” their leader spoke.

    “I don’t know what you mean sir…..” Hyeon Mu instantly disagreed the info although their leader was correct.

    “Hyeon Mu…. Don’t try to lie your way out of here…..” their leader said as he pushed a button and shows the file of Hyeon Mu’s list of targets.

    “since you’re in denial… I’ll tell you one by one…. First is Kim Jae Dong…you know him?” their leader said.

    Hyeon Mu didn’t reply but instead, sweated buckets. “not talking? Fine.. I’ll talk… Kim Jae Dong, your reports states he’s a pedophile…..or is he?” their leader said again. Hyeon Mu lowered his face in shame.

    “I’ll tell you all what he really is…. He’s local priest…. Apparently the only mistake he did…is to argue with your beliefs? And that’s it?” their leader said. Hyeon Mu couldn’t put his face up as he was discovered in his actions of power abuse. He could hear the other group’s boss laughing at his work.

    “not only that…. here’s another one…… the most beautiful reason! Park Kyung Lim! Reports in your file says she has multiple cases of estafa…. Not to mention you just branded her as a swindler….. tell me something Hyeon Mu…. What did she steal?” their leader asked Hyeon Mu and as always, Hyeon didn’t answer.

    “….alright…. I’ll tell you…. Park Kyung Lim, mother of three…. Real work…. Chef in a local diner…. Apparently… our Great Hyeon Mu here got into another argument! But this time the reason is…..UNREASONABLE!” their leader shouted in anger as he slammed his fist on the table as it can be heard on the screen.

    “I MEAN WHO THE HELL KILLS A COOK? SERIOUSLY? It started first into a simple accident and yet you made it worst! listen here you piece of trash! Mrs. Park apologized to you that day when one of her waitress accidentally spilled some coffee in your suit! She already apologized and yet you made it big! You’re just feeding off your EGO!” their leader said. Hyeon Mu was totally ashamed at their leader’s discovery while his fellow boss’ from other branches are laughing at him.

    “and as a result…. One of your agent finds it strange…… and unknown to your calculations…. She investigates the recent missions on her own and discovered your…. “miraculous” work and as a result? OUR NAME IS TAINTED!!” their leader shouted again.

    “to makes things worse….. I believe your branch have the Kwon’s right? Kwon Boa, Kwon Yuri and Kwon Yoona…..” their leader said.

    “and as you made your move to…..Erase Kwon Boa…… by using Park Jin Young.. or JYP as we know him……. you succeeded! You erased Kwon Boa…. But you just unleashed your own damn monsters!” their leader said as all of their attention became serious upon hearing the shocking revelation about monsters.

    “first off… Kwon Yuri….. you just made a big mistake for messing with her… apparently, JYP’s Men killed her one and only remaining biological family in her whole world… Kwon Yoona… and do you know how old is her sister? SHE’S ONLY FREAKIN’ FIVE YEARS OLD! AND HER OLDER SISTER LOVED HER AS A SAINT AND YET YOU JUST TOOK IT AWAY! IT’S LIKE YOU’VE TAKEN OFF A LEASH ON A HUNGRY PITBULL THAT WILL DEVOUR EVERYTHING!!” their leader shouted again in anger.

    “and to top of that….. Kwon Yuri’s sister is also attached to your EX-top assassin, Tiffany Hwang…. Do you know how much of a trouble we’re in right now? Tiffany Hwang is FREAKIN’ WALKING KILLING MACHINE WITH AN EYE SMILE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” their leader is now furious at the recent events and discoveries.

    “and not to mention…. Lee Sunny and Choi Sooyoung! They maybe not as good as Kwon Yuri and Tiffany Hwang but…. They’re one helluva pair not to be messed with…. Choi Sooyoung is freakin’ ninja when it comes to infiltration and assassination and Lee Sunny is firearms expert! How expert? She can convert a baby toy-gun into a deadly semi automatic pistol!” upon hearing their leader’s explanation, none of them spoke. They were all surprised at Hyeon Mu’s assassins.

    "The reason Choi Sooyoung and Lee Sunny also went rogue… apparently the last mission you gave to them…. On Choi Sooyoung’s file is reasonable as you wanted Kwon Yuri dead…. But the file you just gave to Lee Sunny…. Is your biggest mistake! Before you give Lee Sunny’s target, Jessica Jung, head director of S.M.E.N.T. World bank…. They are already friends with her! how the hell would Lee Sunny believe on the file you just gave to her? and you have just issued an order to eliminate anyone who is involved with Kwon Yuri? do you know how many skilled assassin's are involved with Kwon Yuri? if those you ordered to be elimianted, survived..... have you ever thought they might retaliate? answer me this Hyeon Mu….. HOW STUPID CAN YOU GO?!” their leader shouted.

    “and in my recent reports………….. your right hand man died by the hands of Kwon Yuri…. seeking revenge against you!.... did you know? your right hand man’s elite men were all killed by the hands of Kwon Yuri? and to make it worst… she did ALONE!.... think about it! what if Hwang and Kwon teamed up? as far as I know those two are close like sisters! and in addition… report says the four of them are now reunited in San Francisco…… and as Eun Ji Won, our US Branch's group boss was killed, it looks like they're saying they will hunt us down..... one by one!..... and we all know how harmonious Hwang, Kwon, Choi and Lee works on the battle field right?…..” their leader said. while Hyeon Mu’s being humiliated, the other boss’ started to murmur about the current events.

    “now now… enough of that….. I just wanted to let that out since Hyeon Mu is the biggest idiot for creating these set of assassins…. But I called you all here for another reason…..” their leader said.

    “what is it sir?” Haha is the first one to ask. “apparently…. I want you all to capture a kid…. Who is almost 8 years old….. and I believe her name is Im Yoona…..” their leader said.

    “all of us? Just to capture a little kid? You’ve got to be kidding…. Kahi could capture that kid before we know it” Jung Kook said as he asked.

    “yes… I would just call you all just for that…. apparently… this kid Im Yoona… Is now in contact with the four of them…. And according to my men, Right now that kid escaped my men along with Kwon Yuri…. as my men raided them in a condo….. find the kid! Kill the rest!” their leader said.

    “but Sir…… what’s in it for us?” Haha asked. “that kid hold some important information which will help our group greatly…. Riches and important inventions!” their leader said. all of them started to murmur again.

    “whoever captures the kid will receive a 90 billion dollars and additional 500 million for the life of Kwon Yuri, Tiffany Hwang, Choi Sooyoung and Lee Sunny. That is all…this meeting is over..” their leader said as the screen turns off. All of them went into their separate ways in preparation for capturing Im Yoona.

    Nicole’s apartment

    As Yuri is still sleeping to recover, she dreamt of her sister again, Kwon Yoona.

    Yuri finds herself in a grassy field and she felt somehow at peace when a strong and yet mild wind touches her cheeks.

    As Yuri turns her gaze into a big tree not far away from her, she noticed a small person standing underneath it, waving at her. at first Yuri couldn’t identify that person as she’s far away from that person until she heard that person called her.

    Yuri unnie!” Yuri felt something cold ran down on her spine as she heard the voice. It was her sister, Yoona

    >> Click here to listen to the music for this part

    Yuri missed her sister so bad that she ran towards Yoona who is still waving at her. “YOONG!!” Yuri shouted as she got close and saw the face she badly wanted to see.

    As Yuri finally arrived in front of Yoona, Yuri picked her sister up and hugged her tightly as she cried. “Yoong I missed you…. I missed you so much…..” Yuri said as she cried.

    As Yuri is hugging Yoona in her arms, Yuri felt at peace for seeing Yoona’s angelic face.

    Unnie… I missed you too…..” her sister said as she smiled. Yuri put down Yoona and kneeled in front of her, just to pull another hug. Again Yuri became delirious in front of her sister.

    yah! Babo… let’s go home now Yoong….. your Tiffany unnie, Bunny unnie, Shikshin unnie and Sica unnie is worried sick about you!” Yuri said as she yanked Yoona’s hand but as she yanked it her hand slipped.

    Y-Yoong?” Yuri asked. “…unnie….. it’s good to see you again…… but….. I have to go now with umma and appa…… they’re waiting for me………up there…” Yoona said as she pointed at the sky.

    Y-Yoong? What are you saying? Umma and appa are already dead!....” Yuri said as she cried while smiling. “unnie….. you have to let go of me now……. the reason I came down to visit you in your dream…… I can’t stand to watch you be like this unnie….” Yoona said as she frowned.

    “What are you saying Yoong? You’re not dead…YOU’RE NOT DEAD!!!” Yuri cried as she is now kneeling down in front of Yoona.

    Yoona also crouched down and gently holds Yuri’s face up. “unnie… look at me…….. you have to accept it now…… please unnie….. I’m also hurting to see you like this……. Don’t waste your life over on my death unnie….” Yoona said as also tears is now starting to roll down on her cheeks.

    B-But Yoong… I can’t live without you…. you’re my only sister left…. And you’re leaving me…” Yuri said as she’s still crying.

    Yoona didn’t answer but instead, hugged her older sister. “unnie…. going with umma and appa doesn’t mean I’m leaving you alone…. I’m always here… watching you….. as I’m always residing inside there….” Yoona said as she pointed at Yuri’s heart.

    Yuri looked at her sister and saw Yoona smiling at her. “unnie….. promise me…. the love you’re giving me back then…. can you please give it to her also?” Yoona said as she points at an empty space on the tree and it revealed an image of Im Yoona who is still sleeping. Then a light shines upon on Yoona and Yoona starting to float towards the light.

    Y-Yoong…. Don’t go…. I still have many more things to say!” Yuri said as she tries to grab Yoona’s hand but unfortunately Yoona is already in an unreachable height.

    As Yoona body is starting to disappear, Yuri could hear Yoona’s last words. “unnie….always remember that I love you no matter what you are……. I could never hate you for what you did…. Appa and Umma understands everything as they saw you how you’ve been taking care of me…… both of them also loved you…… and unnie…. promise me… treat her the same way you treated me too………….. I love you unnie……. and… goodbye………” and with that, Yoona completely disappeared from Yuri’s sight.

    YOOOOONNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Yuri shouted as she cried as she knows this is the last time she will see her real sister.

    ++ Music ends ++

    Back in the real world Yuri woke up with tears in her eyes as she shouted her sister’s name like she always do but to her surprise, she felt something different, as the arm she was always used to reaching out, felt something heavy pressing against it. and as she looked at her arms, she saw Im Yoona sleeping beside her while hugging her left arm.

    “she’s been by your side for about 10 minutes ago when she woke up….” Yuri looked and saw Nicole standing at the door while holding a tray with three cups, two coffees and one hot chocolate.

    Yuri slowly sat up as to not to wake Yoona up. as Yuri saw Yoona’s sleeping face, Yuri felt something light and warm as she brushed the sleeping girl’s hair gently. Nicole smiled.

    “you know…. for an assassin…. You’re a weird one….” Nicole said as she handed Yuri a hot cup of coffee.

    “thanks….. but why do you say that…” Yuri asked as she took a sip on the coffee.

    “well….. one.. you’re crying in your sleep? I can assume something happened….. care to share?” Nicole said. and again Yuri fell silent.

    “look it’s alright of you don’t have to…. I’m just worried….” Nicole said as she tries to leave again, respecting Yuri’s personal life.

    “…wait….” Yuri called before Nicole could walk out the door. “if I tell you…. promise me….. promise me…. that you’ll never say a thing about this….. neither to your captain…… I’m planning to turn myself in after this is all over…… so please… until this is all over….. I can’t get caught yet…. And at least I’d like your captain to think of me as a criminal…..” Yuri said and Nicole understood as she nodded.

    Yuri told Nicole everything, from the time she met Jessica, the night her cousin died, her sister’s death and their first meeting in the hospital where Yuri escaped from them, the destruction of JYP Building, their escape from Korea, her first meeting Im Yoona and their escape from Tiffany’s condo.

    Nicole’s mouth hanged open as Yuri laid all the details and not missing a single detail. “…i… I didn’t know what to say….. but why do you want my captain to think that you’re still a criminal? For me you’re not a criminal….” Nicole said.

    “………. For all the crimes and blood that is putted in my hands…. That’s the only way I can think of atoning my sins….. I’ve taken many lives…. Including my own sister….. knowing she would be caught in it……. I still went on…” Yuri said.

    “so basically…. This so called “the group” is now after you as they want to terminate you….” Nicole asked and Yuri just nodded. “hmm…. You know since you’ve said your part… I guess I can share a little info…. You see… when we arrived in here… we were already going active as my captain’s relative murdered… two days ago…. And all we got is a shoe print that is unrecognizable since the footing is blank…. and a bullet casings…” Nicole said as she shows Yuri a picture of the bullet casings.

    “I’m certain…. It’s the group who did this…. I know their signatures….. they are always using a USP Tactical pistols…..” Yuri said which made Nicole surprised.

    “Something I said?”Yuri asked. “’s just… I’m surprised that you knew the gun…. We scanned the casing and all we got is the gun model…. But the owner… we haven’t….” Nicole said. “…..well… just your bad luck…. The group is always using unregistered guns…. Just to cover their identity…. So sorry all I can say is…. It’s “Them” who did this to your captain’s relative…..” Yuri said and Nicole just sighed. “well…thanks for the info….. at least I got something….. and all we have to do is locate them….” Nicole said as she stand up. Yuri looked at her. “….fat chance….. you won’t be able to….. they work in shadows…. The only way to expose them is to catch them on the spot….” Yuri said.

    With Yuri’s info about the group, Nicole taps Yuri’s shoulder. “Yuri-ssi…….. I guarantee you this…… if you turn yourself in….. I’ll help lessen your sentence…. That’s………….. that’s the only thing I can do…….” Nicole said as she noticed Yoona woke up. Nicole handed Yuri the hot chocolate to give it to the new woken up Yoona and the doe eyed girl accepts it.

    Nicole smiled upon seeing Yuri cared for the doe eyed girl. “you’re really fond of her huh?” Nicole asked. “sort of….. well to tell you the truth……….. I dreamt of my sister a while ago….” Yuri said. “…..figures… crying in your sleep while mumbling something and the way you woke up……..” Nicole said.

    “you saw that huh….” Yuri said as she stroke Yoona’s head with her fingers. “you really must love her a lot…” Nicole said. “very!.... and it’s ironic actually……” Yuri said as she pulls out the picture of Kwon Yoona. Nicole was shocked at the striking resemblance.

    “they’re very much look-a-like!” Nicole said. “yeah…. At first I thought my sister actually came back to life…. but it turns out that she’s a different person…. From my sister…” Yuri said as she chuckled a bit while Nicole smiled. Nicole clearly understands Yuri’s personality for a bit.

    As Yoona finished the hot chocolate she handed it to Yuri and Yuri returned it back to Nicole. “thanks for this….. you know…. you might get in trouble from your captain for disobeying her order….” Yuri said.

    “…’s fine… don’t mind me…. I’ve got my own reasons for acting on my own….. oh by the way… I charged your phone and someone called… a male person…… but didn’t told me his name…. he just asked for my address….” Nicole said.

    At that moment, Yuri didn’t talked and grabbed Yoona and Nicole and the three of them ran outside Nicole’s apartment.

    As they got outside, the three of them hide into one of the cars parked behind it.

    “Yuri-ssi? What the hell is wrong with you? maybe it’s one of your f…mppmfh!….” As Nicole is frantically asking, Yuri covered Nicole’s mouth as the three of them saw a group of armed men arrived in front of Nicole’s apartment.

    Nicole’s eyes widen at what she’s witnessing. This time, Nicole is totally convinced that something is wrong and Yuri is clearly running away from them.

    “Nicole…. Give me your gun….” Yuri asked. Nicole didn’t argue back and gave her gun to Yuri. “look after this kid….. and find a better place to hide….” Yuri said as she ran on cars through cars. Nicole hugged Yoona as they move away from car to car.

    Yuri managed to get close on Nicole’s apartment and as she got close she immediately took cover into one of the window.

    “they’re here alright….. these coffee cups and the bed is still warm….” Yuri heard one of the armed men said. “find them! Maybe they’re hiding… remember, kill the others! Get the kid!” one of them said.

    ….. they’re not after me?” Yuri said to herself as she cocked Nicole’s gun.

    Yuri tried to peek on the window but as soon her head went up, one of the armed men decided to peek through the window and both of them saw each other. Before the man could alert his fellowmen, Yuri pulled him out through the window and performed a headlock until the man’s neck snapped. As Yuri is going to hide the body, she saw the dead man had an army knife with him. Yuri smiled. “time to go metal gear mode…..” Yuri said as she was emphasizing on a stealth mission.

    Yuri got inside Nicole’s apartment into the bedroom. As she quietly got inside, Yuri took cover again on the edge of the doorway as she sensed there are still two more armed men guarding the hallway.

    “man…. Why did the boss’ leader wants us to fetch a kid…. I mean come on… it’s just a kid… what else could go wrong?” one of the armed men said to his companion. “what could go wrong?” the man who is asked said. “apparently…. Korea’s most accurate sniper is on the loose and rumors say that kid is with her…” the man replied.

    Before the other man could talk, he felt something stabbed him from behind. He turned around and saw Yuri looking at him. and in a flash, the man’s head got decapitated as Yuri quickly swung the army knife with a full force. The man’s neck was sliced like a piece of meat with a butcher knife. His companion was it but before he could alert the one’s in the living room, Yuri already stabbed his throat and twisted the knife to cause more damage.

    Yuri holstered the knife on her belt waist and picked up the two dead men’s USP Tactical pistol with suppressor along with some clips.

    As Yuri is still picking up the guns, one armed men exited from the other room and saw Yuri. as the man aimed his gun on Yuri, the died instantly with three bullet on him, two on each of his eyes and one on his chest.

    Yuri walked silently towards Nicole’s living room and as she got there, she heard many of them in there, searching for something. Yuri took cover and waited for a chance to surprise them.

    As Yuri waited, one armed men went to her place and as the man finally close to Yuri, Yuri surprised them by wrapping her left arm on his neck from behind while her other hand are busy shooting the man on the back. the man let out a noise and all of them turned around to find their member are being killed.

    Without warning, they all shoot at Yuri who is still holding the dead man. Yuri jumped back on the hall way where she came and took cover on the edge wall.

    Several shootings, they all stopped for a reload. “My turn…” Yuri said as she jumped sideways, shooting all of them while she’s still in mid air.

    Due to the shootings have happened inside, the remaining armed rushed inside and saw their comrades are dead. The remaining armed men, readied their rifle and they haven’t had a chance to use it as Yuri shot them one by one dead with all of them have a bullet in the head.

    As Yuri checked every single body, She heard a sound of a radio contacting the armed men. “strike team…report!....Strike team!” the voice from the radio said.

    Yuri picked up the ear piece from one of the armed men and listened in. “Strike team! Report! Have you retrieved the girl? did you kill everyone?” the voice said from the other line. Yuri immediately identified the voice from the other line and her blood boils to her reaching point

    “your strike team are gone……………….”boss”…….” Yuri spoke which made the voice from the other line stuttered. “Y-Y-YU-YURI? You’re alive?” it was Hyeon Mu.

    “in real time audio…..Boss…. or should I say…Jeon Hyeon Mu….” Yuri said as she gritted her teeth. “L-Look..Yuri-ssi….. I heard all about it…. about your sister…. It-it was an accident!”Hyeon Mu said to the other line.

    “….begging for your life won’t bring her back to my arms you piece of crap….. I’m going to hunt you down…..” Yuri said. “W-Wait! Yuri-ssi! I can explain!! I didn’t know your sister will get caught on the da…” as Hyeon Mu tried to explain, Yuri cuts him off by shouting in anger.


    “Listen to me and listen well……. You took my sister’s life….. I will hunt you down even if you hide underneath the devil’s ass…I swear Hyeon Mu….. I’ll hunt you down until the end!” Yuri said.

    “WAIT! YURI-SSI!!! IT WAS AN ACCIDE…” Hyeon Mu’s line were cut off as Yuri throws the earpiece in mid air and shoots it to pieces.

    As Yuri got out of Nicole’s apartment, Nicole and Yoona were already waiting for her in a black Toyota Fortuner

    Nicoles Toyota Fortuner

    and the three of them immediately left the scene. “Where to now Yuri-ssi?” Nicole asked. “just drive….” Yuri said and Nicole just drove until they arrived in the main busy streets of San Francisco.

    “Stop right here Nicole….” Yuri said as they stopped in front of a gas station. Yuri returned Nicole’s gun complete unused. “keep it Yuri-ssi….. you might need that…” Nicole said. “no… I can’t take your gun… you might get in trouble with your captain…. Listen to me…… I appreciate your help but…. I can’t have you getting involve in my case….. you almost died back there if I hadn’t force you out of your apartment……” Yuri said as she forcefully shoved Nicole’s gun to Nicole.

    “I understand… but what about the kid? Are you also going to take her too?” Nicole asked. Yuri looked at Yoona who is just looking back at her then suddenly Yoona grabbed Yuri’s arm. Yuri smiled.

    “I guess I can’t say no to this kid…. Nicole….. remember your promise to me…. don’t tell anyone about the whole thing I told you…… and about Yoona here…. I think it’s better for me that I should keep an eye for her…. I promised my sister….” Yuri said as she smiled and both of them stepped out of Nicole’s vehicle.

    “where are you guys heading now?” Nicole asked. “….we’ll manage…. So don’t worry about us….” Yuri said as both of them turned around and starts walking away from Nicole.

    “HEY!” Nicole shouted as she throws something at Yuri. as Yuri caught the thing that Nicole threw, it was a thick jacket along with a cap. “at least take this with you…. that kid is still not fully recovered yet…” Nicole said as she drove off to return to Hyoyeon.

    “aish… that girl….” Yuri said as she slightly smiled at Nicole’s action and made Yoona wore the jacket. As Yuri and Yoona were emerging into the crowds, they didn’t notice that someone that a pair of eyes are following them.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 18 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:05 am

    Mission 19

    SuJu Grand Hotel……..

    Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Sooyoung, Sunny, Seohyun and Jiyoung arrived
    at the hotel and at the Lobby, Siwon is already waiting for them.

    “I’m glad you girls made it….” Siwon said as he greeted them and gave them a card key. “my condo….” Tiffany said as she frowned.

    “I’ll have it fixed Tiffany-ssi…. But for the mean time…. I’d like you
    all to get some rest…. Yesung and I found an interesting info about the
    flash disk that Boa stole…… this may sound but… her death was worth
    it….” Siwon said.

    In the mean time….. Jessica-ssi…. Taeyeon-ssi…. Two please come with
    me…..” Siwon said as he leads Jessica and Taeyeon into Yesung’s control
    room. but before Taeyeon follow, she took a glance at Seohyun.

    “don’t worry Tae-Tae…. I’ll look after her…” Tiffany said as she assured
    Taeyeon and hearing that from Tiffany, Taeyeon followed suit.

    4th flr. of the Hotel, Room 412…….

    As all of them entered, Sooyoung immediately dragged Sunny to the
    kitchen and requested to cook for her and with new found inspiration,
    Sunny happily obliged.

    As Tiffany saw the couch, she immediately sat on it while Jiyoung sat
    across in front of her. Seohyun who is still unfamiliar with everyone
    except Tiffany, sat beside Tiffany.

    As Tiffany were relaxing, she hanged her head backwards on the couch. “Tiffany-ssi… does you injury still hurt?” Jiyoung asked.

    “kinda…. But it’s not that serious……… wait a minute… who are you again?” Tiffany asked as she straightened up her seat.

    “oh… I didn’t notice that also…. We haven’t been properly introduced… my
    name is Kang Jiyoung…. I work as a…..receptionist in your….. “company”
    but I only work there for about….one or two days though since the night
    before these events have started…. Sooyoung-ssi asked me to quit the job
    since…. They received their targets…… and apparently when Sooyoung-ssi
    and Sunny-ssi, received their targets, they couldn’t help but feel…..
    something is wrong…. Then Sooyoung-ssi asked me to quit because she felt
    something big is going to happen since her target is Yuri-ssi….. I
    felied my resignation and the Boss accepts it…. but at that same night,
    we were attacked… that’s why when you saw Sooyoung-ssi.. she’s covered
    with bandages….. it seems the boss meant resignation is to terminate
    us…. If Yuri-ssi didn’t come at that time…. Both of us were dead….”
    Jiyoung said.

    Tiffany listened intently and somewhat felt sorry for Jiyoung.
    “Jiyoung-ah…. Don’t worry…. We’ll think of a way to get you a safer
    job…” Tiffany said but Jiyoung shook her head.

    “…..if it means getting to be parted with you guys….. then I won’t
    accept it…” Jiyoung said as she smiled gently at Tiffany which made
    Tiffany confused.

    “wae? I can ask Siwon Oppa to get you a work here… at Yesung’s hotel…”
    Tiffany said. “….i appreciate it Tiffany-ssi…. But…………….. I’ve made up
    my mind….. I’m going to stick with you guys…. Seeing you, Sooyoung-ssi,
    Sunny-ssi and Yuri-ssi in action… I couldn’t help but feel safe……”
    Jiyoung said as she chuckled.

    “….you’re a weird girl…… but…… if that’s what you want….. drop the
    honorifics…. And welcome to the club…” Tiffany said as she smiled as she
    understands that Jiyoung is growing fond of them.

    “..well……… I’ll try Tiffany-ss……….unnie… well… I guess Seohyun-ah is
    also getting fond of you also….” Jiyoung said as she points at Seohyun
    is now asleep with her head is on Tiffany’s lap.

    “aigoo… this kid have gone through a lot….. she really must be tired……” tiffany said as she stroke Seohyun’s head.

    “a lot?” Jiyoung asked. “yeah….. before she experience this…. Should I
    say…. Hardcore experience…. Her, Im Yoona and Tae-Tae are already
    suffering from cruelty with their aunt…. I just saved them from their
    aunt…” Tiffany explained as she one by one explained how she became
    Taeyeon’s protector, and their savior.

    Jiyoung smiled as she noticed Tiffany’s eyes are showing some signs of
    peace and happiness everytime Tiffany is saying Taeyeon’s name as she

    “What?” Tiffany asked as she noticed Jiyoung smiling at her.
    “….Tiffany-unnie…… you like Taeyeon-ssi…. Don’t you?” Jiyoung asked as
    she smiled. At that moment, Tiffany’s face started to become red and
    didn’t reply. Instead, she covered her cheeks as she smiles and lowered
    her head.

    “AHA! I knew it!” Jiyoung said as she chuckled. “why don’t you tell Taeyeon-ssi what you’re feeling about her?” Jiyoung asked.

    “I can’t….. I’m afraid of rejection Jiyoung-ah….. I’m just fine like
    this…” Tiffany said as she smiles. “….suit yourself….. maybe one day you
    might regret it….” Jiyoung said as she teased Tiffany.

    In the kitchen, Sooyoung stared at the shorter girl’s back while Sunny
    is busy cooking some food. “Youngie…. I’m feeling you could swallow me
    up with you stare….” Sunny said while not looking back at Sooyoung.

    “…well.. don’t you like it?” Sooyoung asked as she smiled. “hehehe… it’s
    alright… but I haven’t forgiven you yet for punching me back there…”
    Sunny said as she turned around and pouts.

    “Aww…mianhe my bunny pill….” Sooyoung said as she pleaded to Sunny with
    her puppy eyes. “bunny pill?” Sunny asked. “yeah…. You see.. I feel
    energized when I see…. And seeing you pout like that earlier…. make me
    want to hug you tight… because you’re so cute…. Like a bunny…” Sooyoung

    Sunny quickly turned around to hide her face to Sooyoung as she blushed
    madly at Sooyoung’s remark. “Bunny? Did I say something wrong?” Sooyoung
    worriedly asks.

    “N-no.. Nothing…. Don’t worry about it…it’s just…….. I’m happy…” Sunny
    said as she continues to cook. “happy? For what?” Sooyoung asked.

    “well?....let me see….. despite of me….being SHORT….. I’m glad someone
    liked me…. and that means you… considering your unmatched love for
    foods…. You still find some time to pay attention to me…” Sunny said as
    she smiled while finishing up the food.

    “well……. Although you’ve said I have unmatched love for food….. my
    feelings for you are my most priceless treasure….. because you’re one of
    a kind…..” Sooyoung said as she secretly walked behind Sunny.

    Sunny was startled as she felt a pair of arms wrapping around her waist
    and she instantly turned around and saw Sooyoung hugging her.

    “Y-Youngie…….” Sunny said. “now that we’re at peace…. With no gun
    fights, bullets flying and interruption…. Allow me to say this one more
    time properly….. Lee Sunny….. I love you….from the bottom of heart…”
    Sooyoung said as she pulled Sunny more until their lips met.

    “I always loved you ever since you got transferred on my watch, as your
    mission handler….. I also apologize for making you worry back there…”
    Sooyoung said as they broke their kiss but as tall girl is going to
    continue talking, Sunny pressed her index finger on Sooyoung’s lips.

    “save it Youngie….. I know it all along…. I just wanted you to make the first move…” Sunny said as she smiles.

    “I know how you wanted me to be angry just to get my attention…. I know
    how you purposely carry a bowl of ramyun in your hand as you’re giving
    Yuri and Tiffany their mission…. And I also know…. that you were
    purposely delaying my mission just to make me spend more time with you…”
    Sunny said as she pinched the tall girl’s cheeks.

    “and guess what Youngie…. It worked…. Because I also love you…. my
    overgrown giant shikshin…” Sunny said as she hugged the tall girl
    tightly and Sooyoung returned the hug.

    “wow……… Tiffany-unnie…. this is much better than the soap opera drama in
    the TV!” to their surprise, they didn’t notice that Jiyoung and Tiffany
    were watching them.

    “yeah… finally… I was waiting for the two of you to confess to each
    other!” Tiffany said. “you know it’s hard to be your “human-diary” you
    know? since both of you are telling me how cute Sunny is…” Tiffany said
    as she looked at Sooyoung. “and how much you cared and attracted to
    Sooyoung because of her unique personality…” Tiffany also said as she
    looked at Sunny.

    “YOU TOLD TIFFANY??!” Sooyoung and Sunny said in unison as they both
    looked at each other. “Aish…” again they both said in unison and later
    on they all laughed.

    While in the midst of their laughter, Taeyeon and Jessica arrived with a
    serious look on their faces. “Tae-Tae?” Tiffany asked but Taeyeon just
    looked back at Tiffany.

    “what happened?” Sooyoung asked. “Taeng needs some time alone right
    now…..” Jessica said. hearing from Jessica, Tiffany accompanied Taeyeon
    into one of the rooms provided while leaving Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung
    and Jiyoung at the kitchen.

    “Taengoo seems pretty down…. what did my cousin told you guys…” Sooyoung
    asked. “well……… in my case….. is somewhat solved as Siwon oppa told me
    that my sister is safe and well……. They found Yuri and Yoona….” Jessica

    “that is a good news right? But why is Taeyeon-ssi not happy?” Jiyoung asked.

    “……….right now….. all the times we’ve been thinking that we should keep
    Taeng’s family out of this right? Unfortunately….. Taeng is already
    involved from the beginning….. before our issues came up….” Jessica said
    as all of them were quite surprised.

    “I don’t understand…. Care to elaborate Sica?” Sunny asked.

    “Yoona……. your former “group” is after Yoona…… and that’s not all…..
    your group’s Korean branch boss….. he’s just a branched off…..
    meaning….. there are several bosses in the group….. which means….. we
    will have our hands full….. and on top of that…. the group is also
    planning to assassinate Taeng in the first place as Taeng is already
    linked with Yoona…. the same goes with Seohyun…….” Jessica said.

    Sooyoung and Sunny remained quiet. They didn’t know about the real plot behind the group’s purpose.

    “Jessica-ssi….. why are the group is after Yoona?” Jiyoung asked. “………..
    inside Yoona’s brain….. there’s a hidden info inside her mind lying
    dormant within…… apparently…. Siwon oppa managed to get few things
    actually…. One…….. Im Yoona is the only daughter of Professor Im who is
    murdered the night Yoona disappeared from their home….. and apparently,
    he invented a device which you can go turn back time…… and second……. I
    think we will be going back to Seoul…… the other info that Siwon oppa
    can manage to analyze is….. along with the invention, there is also an
    artifact in which you can actually control any kinds of element…. If
    something like that falls into wrong hands….” Jessica said. “we might as
    well say goodbye to our lives…” Sooyoung finished it and Jessica

    While in the middle of their conversation, Taeyeon and Tiffany barged in
    their conversation. “Sunny-ah…. I’ll accept your proposal….” Taeyeon
    said with full seriousness on her face.

    “I’ll accept your suggestion to become your leader….. I can’t let my
    family be harmed anymore….. Seohyun and Yoona was close on being dead,
    if it hadn’t for Jiyoung, Yuri and Sunny…..” Taeyeon said. Tiffany was
    shocked at Taeyeon’s decision.

    “Taeng… are you sure about this? This will mean we will all be relying
    on you….” Sunny said and Taeyeon nodded. “I may not be experienced in
    combat… but I can think of a way or plan everything ahead…. I can
    guarantee you that…” Taeyeon said as she assures everyone of them.

    “one thing though…… I just hope, me and my cousin will not cross paths….. I get the feeling she’ll be angry….” Taeyeon said.

    SMTown Hotel

    Seungyeon and Gyuri arrive back at the hotel and noticed Hyoyeon is still analyzing Yuri’s case.

    “Cap! We’re back!” Seungyeon said as she puts the coffee and the
    sandwich that Hyoyeon asked. “thanks…” Hyoyeon said as she arched her
    back at the inclining chair.

    “…we’re totally at a dead end…. I can’t see any connection between the
    killings back in Seoul and the killings here…” Hyoyeon said as she took a
    sip on her coffee.

    “that’s what he thought so too Cap…. Sure your aunt is Korean… but it’s
    not like she had anything to do at the Seoul killings…” Gyuri said as
    she sat down on the bed and took a bite from her burger.

    “…burger? I thought you’re going to the mall Gyuri….” Hyoyeon asked.
    “well…….. the clothes can wait Cap…. We’re also dedicated you know….”
    Gyuri replied.

    “….anyway… I’ll just take a walk……….. this case has been mind
    boggling..” Hyoyeon said as she grabbed her coat and walked towards the
    door. “by the way… where’s Hara?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “Well… we parted ways as soon we went out from the lobby so I guess she’s serious about going o a gun store…” Seungyeon said.

    “guess I’ll follow her then…. take care of things here alright?” Hyoyeon
    said as she finally went out. “unnie……. do you think………. Kwon Yuri
    killed Cap’s Aunt?” Seungyeon asked Gyuri.

    “I don’t know…….. but…….just as the Cap said….. there’s no connection
    between her relative and Kwon Yuri…….” Gyuri said as she finished her

    Streets…… Gun Shop store…

    Hara stepped out after inquiring about guns and bullets as she explained
    to the owner about her case. “…..still no luck…. Same results about the
    gun but still no owner….” Hara said as she walked over the hotdog
    vendor nearby.

    “Hi… I’d like to order one American style hotdog… with some extra cheese
    too if you don’t mind…” Hara said as she ordered from the vendor. The
    vendor happily gave Hara’s order.

    “…you a police officer?” the vendor asked. “hm? Am I that obvious?” “Hara asked as she took a bite from her food.

    “no…. it’s just a lucky guess….. are you working on a case?” the vendor
    asked again. “sort of….. but we’re at a dead end….. the only lead I have
    is the bullet casings…..” Hara said. “I see…. I see well… I bid you
    good luck about your case….” The vendor said as she moved away from his
    spot leaving Hara still eating.

    As she was still eating, Hara spotted several suspicious men roaming
    around as if they’re looking for something or to Hara’s instinct, the
    correct term is, someone.

    Hara didn’t finish her food as she throws it on the garbage can nearby and decided to follow the group of suspicious men.

    As she followed she noticed the group of men stopped and starts roaming
    their eyes as if they are rally looking for someone. “….. are they
    looking for something? Or someone…” Hara said to herself. As Hara
    observed the group, they suddenly split up and went into different
    direction but one particular guy caught Hara’s attention. The thin
    bearded tall man with his shade on.

    “hmmm judging from his physique….. it looks like he’s from the army…. Of some sort…” Hara said as she decided to follow the man.

    As she followed suit, another person caught her eyes and also a familiar one. “T-that’s….. Kwon Yuri?” Hara said to herself.

    “she really is here! But…… why is she with a child?” Hara said as she
    continues to observe Yuri. Hara decided to leave the man and focused her
    attention to Yuri. as she continues to observe, she noticed that Yuri’s
    expression is somewhat bright as she saw how Yuri is taking care of a
    little girl with her.

    Hara was so focused at observing Yuri, she forgot to contact Hyoyeon and
    the rest of her team. Hara followed Yuri until they arrived at a local
    fast food chain.

    Fast Food chain….

    As Yuri and Yooa walked inside the fast food chain, Yoona tugged Yuri’s
    hand. Yuri looked at Yoona who is silently looking at her. “…you hungry
    Yoona?” Yuri asked but Yoona didn’t answer. Although the ill girl is not
    answering Yuri’s question, the tanned girl felt what the ill girl is
    trying say. As she starts to remember her sister’s last request, Yuri
    decided to give it a go and she went to the counter and ordered some

    As Yuri finished ordering some food for them, Yuri and Yoona walked over
    to the empty table booth as they waited for their order.

    “here you go ma’am… one veggie salad and a hamburger with two large coke….” The waitress arrived as she served Yuri’s orders.

    “eat up Yoong… I know you’re hungry…” Yuri said as she smiled. Yoona just stared at the hamburger and Yuri just smiled.

    “aish…. Don’t worry Yoong…. We’ll find you Taeyeon unnie after you
    finish your food so eat up…. we’ve been running away from them all day…”
    Yuri said to Yoona and Yoona starts eating the hamburger slowly.
    unknown to them, Hara is just sitting right behind them.

    “….Taeyeon? isn’t it Cap’s Cousin? Did Yuri kidnapped this girl from her
    cousin?....wait wait wait…….. I wouldn’t call it kidnap if Yuri is
    taking her back to her cousin….. and what did she mean “running away
    from them?”….. something is off……” Hara thought to herself.

    As she still continues to observe Yuri, Hara saw the man she’s following
    earlier. at first, she thought it was coincidence but to her surprise
    the man walked towards Yuri and sat beside them, trapping Yuri and Yoona
    inside the table booth.

    Yuri knew who it was. “Kim Tae Woo…… I assume the Boss sent you….” Yuri
    said as she clenched her fist secretly while other hand is holding
    Yoona’s hand tightly.

    “don’t even think about it Yuri-ssi….. you don’t want something to
    happen to that girl don’t you?” Tae Woo said as he secretly pointed a
    gun on Yuri’s side.

    Yuri couldn’t do anything but to curse back. “damn you Tae Woo….. why
    are you after this girl?” Yuri asked as she slowly reaching for the fork
    that is right in front of them.

    “well… the boss wanted her because she hold secret information which
    could fetch for a high price….. and who ever gets the girl first will
    have 90 billion dollars into the bank account!” Tae Woo said.

    Then all of a sudden, Hara burst out and shouted. “FREEZE! K.P.F.! BOTH
    as she flashes her gun and badge as she points it at Yuri and Tae Woo.

    But as Hara is pointed her gun at Yuri, Tae Woo, saw it as a chance and
    aimed his gun at Hara’s face but before Tae Woo could pull the trigger,
    Yuri also saw it as a chance and tackled Tae Woo as she also stabbed Tae
    Woo’s hand at the same time, causing his gun to shoot, missing Hara’s
    face by an inch and causing panic at the fast food chain.

    With all the panic uproars as costumers running, Yuri carried Yoona and
    Grabbed Hara’s wrist, who is still in shock as she almost died on the
    spot if Yuri hadn’t tackled Tae Woo.

    Yuri, Hara and Yoona ran outside and went straight into the narrow
    alley. With all the commotion, Tae Woo also went out of the fast food
    chain holding his bloody hand as he yanked out the fork from his hand.
    several of his men gathered around him.

    “get the little girl! kill the other two!!” Tae Woo said and his men
    immediately followed suit. As Tae Woo is going to walk on an opposite
    direction, a police officer blocked his way.

    “PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND THROW YOUR GUN AWAY!” the police officer said as he pointed a gun at Tae Woo.

    Tae Woo starts to get annoyed. “you have got to be sh*tt*n’ me….” Tae
    Woo said as he throws his gun at the police officer’s feet. As the
    police looked at the gun, Tae Woo took it as an advantage and dashed
    towards the police officer who is still looking at his gun. Tae Woo
    pulled out his large army knife and slashed the police officer’s neck,
    killing him instantly. “don’t get in my way….” Tae Woo said as he left
    the police officer ling in his own blood, dead.

    Meanwhile, Hara and Yuri who is carrying Yoona, ran and ran until they
    arrived in a closed abandoned building and in there they hide.

    “never mess with that man….” Yuri said as she catches her breath and
    puts Yoona down. “who are they?” Hara asked as she is also catching her

    “They’re my former colleagues…. From my work…” Yuri said.

    “but why are they after you?” Hara asked.

    “they wanted me dead…… and also….. they want this girl also….. he said
    something about important information…” Yuri said as she leaned on the

    “still going to arrest me officer?” Yuri asked Hara.

    “…………. It depends…. I’m confused actually…. You just saved me…” Hara said.
    “listen to me….. return back to your captain….. don’t get involve with
    me…. those guys….. they will do anything just to finish their mission..
    no matter what… even if that had to involve any civilian, they will just
    struck you down just to reach their goal….” Yuri said.

    “How did you know?” Hara asks. “…………… it’s because I’m also like that……” Yuri replied as she sits down on the floor.

    “but what about her?” Hara asks. “…… I’ll protect her….. no matter what
    it takes….” Yuri replied. Hara observed Yuri and as she noticed
    something, maybe the Yuri they’re after is not as bad as they think she

    “listen Yuri-ssi…. Just this time… I’ll collaborate with you….. but if
    we manage to survive this…. Give me the kid….. my captain will give her
    protectio….” But Hara was cut off as Yuri spoke.

    “NO! she’ll stay with me…… I promised…. I promised my sister to look
    after her….” Yuri said as she reached her hand out for Yoona and Yoona
    just walked beside Yuri.

    Before Hara could speak another words, both of them heard several foots
    steps. Yuri took a peek on a destroyed wall near her and saw Tae Woo and
    his men, ordering them to surround the place.

    “…….aaaah chincha….….. this’ll be the busiest day of my life….” Yuri
    said as she stood up and carried Yoona. Hara also stood up and cocked
    her gun.

    “Yuri-ssi? Where’s your gun?” Hara asked. “I don’t have one….. I threw
    it away when we’re escaping from them…. I only have this….” Yuri said as
    she pulled an army knife in her waist belt.

    “but you’ll be in disadvantage! Carrying her like that while holding a knife…” Hara said but Yuri just smirked at her.

    “who said I’ll use the knife? Look, if you’re itching for some action….
    Be my guest…. But for me…. Yoona’s safety comes first….. I have to get
    her out of harm’s way…. And I definitely don’t want their filthy hands
    touching her…..” Yuri said as she starts to run.

    “YAH! Wait for me!!” Hara said as she followed suit behind Yuri.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 19 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:14 am

    Mission 20

    Seconds earlier before the commotion on the fast food chain….

    Hyoyeon walked out of the hotel as she asks some direction about the gun shop near the hotel. After acquiring the Gun shop’s location Hyoyeon starts to go towards the gun shop but as Hyoyeon was almost near the Gun Shop, she noticed some civilians running towards her as if they’re running away from something.

    Hyoyeon unbuttoned her holsters as she somewhat noticed something is wrong as some civilians were screaming and then followed by a sound of a gunshot. Hyoyeon quickly pulled out her phone and contacted Gyuri and Seungyeon.

    “Gyuri, Seungyeon, there’s a situation in here! Meet me in 5, track me by GPS! It seems there’s some shoot out in here… people are already panicking… and I can’t locate Hara!” Hyoyeon said as she finished the call, not waiting for an answer from the two.

    Hyoyeon rushed into the stampeding crowd and as she followed the flow of civilians running opposite from her direction, it leads her into a fast food chain where a dead police officer is lying on the ground with his throat slashed. Hyoyeon knew this wasn’t a work of an amateur.

    “Hara…..” Hyoyeon said as she worried at her subordinate’s life. Hyoyeon roamed her eyes and saw a waitress coming out from the fast food chain.

    “What happened here?!” Hyoyeon asked. “there was this group of people earlier and a police… she suddenly shouted freeze, saying she was from KPF but there was this male who take aim at her face. It’s all thanks to the other girl who is with a little girl, she tackled the guy that looks like a bear and barely missing the police woman face as he shoots at her…” the waitress said and Hyoyeon released the waitress’ arm and starts running.

    “The police woman she’s referring is Hara alright….. but who is the other one… and with a little girl?” Hyoyeon said. Gyuri and Seungyeon arrived. “Cap! We came as fast as we could!” Seungyeon said.

    “Have you guys located Hara?” Hyoyeon asked. “negative Cap… her phone is turned off….” Gyuri replied.

    “Great… we will do this old school… ask someone who saw them… apparently we need to get to Hara quickly… she seems to be taking care some woman with a child…. And it seems they were being chased by the killer..” Hyoyeon said as they began asking question about the whereabouts of Hara.

    Abandoned building

    Like a mouse trapped inside the cage, Yuri, who is carrying Yoona While Hara decided to follow Yuri’s decision, they made their way on the upper levels of the building.

    “Yuri-ssi….. are you sure this is the safe place we should be at? Aren’t we being trapped like this? Those killers are down there!” Hara asked as she still followed suit behind Yuri.

    “trust me….. you don’t want to mess with those guys…. Sure you have guns and weapons…. But… I know these guys…. They can kill you easily… even using a spoon…” Yuri said. “excuse me? a spoon? That’s kind of hard to believe Yuri-ssi… if you’ve said a fork, maybe I’ll believe it…. but spoon?” Hara said as she slightly mocked Yuri’s words.

    Hearing Hara’s mockery, Yuri stopped. “….really now…. do you want me to demonstrate?” Yuri said as she gave Hara a smirk which Hara started to believe Yuri’s words after she saw Yuri’s smirk.

    “alright…. I’ll believe you…. but how do you know that?” Hara asked as they began to run upstairs. “…I trained with them…… the same goes with my partner…… you see…. We’ve beent rained to make use of whatever we can grab a hold into to…. For example…. The spoon…….. I could use it to stab you in your ear using the spoon handle and through your eyes…. Then to finish you off, I’ll just simply shove it inside your throat just to make you choke to death.” Yuri said which made Hara nervous.

    “Y-You’re not going to do that to me aren’t you?” Hara asked. “relax…. I only do that on my enemy…. And seeing you acting like this….. I can tell you’re not a n enemy….” Yuri said as both of them stopped at the fourth floor of the building.

    “this should be perfect…” Yuri said as she spotted several unused and some rotten drum cans. “by the way… I didn’t get your name..” Yuri said to Hara. “Hara….Goo Hara….” Hara replied.

    “Listen Hara-ssi…… take Yoona and find a safe place to hide….. I’ll handle things here….” Yuri said. “but I want to help whatever you had in mind!” Hara replied.

    “You want to help whatever I had in mind? Well then…….. take Yoona and hide… that’s on my mind..” Yuri said as she smiled at Hara.

    “………….  Figured you’re going to say that…… listen.. I’ll trust your words….. but if I see a chance to escape…. I’ll escape with this kid…” Hara said. “….be my guest… but I doubt you can….. you see……… these guys, they’re pro at tracking people without the help of some devices…. So I suggest…. Hiding is your best bet….” Yuri said. Seeing Yuri is being serious about this, Hara took Yoona and hides in an unknown place.

    “now they’re gone….. it’s time for me to….. work……..” Yuri said.

    Several minutes later…………

    10 armed guys arrived at the floor where the three of them hides. “men spread out in two’s! remember, get the little girl alive and kill the other two!” one of the armed men said and all of them spread out.

    The first two men roamed round the corridor and as they walk the corridor, noticed it is too quiet. “man… I wonder what can they found out about the girl….” one of the armed men said. “from what I heard, inside that girl’s brain contains some info… which can be used to control everything.” The other man said. but something caught their attention as they both heard some noise into one of the rooms. One of them signaled his partner to keep quiet and as they busted into the room where they heard the noise, they were surprised to see no one is inside.

    “check the cabinet… maybe they’re hiding in there…. I’ll stay here just in case…” the man said as his partner agreed. The man walked inside cautiously towards the cabinet and as he got close, he quickly opened the cabinet and found only a rat. “aw.. heck… it’s just a rat…..” the man said but as he turned around, he found his partner is missing.

    “hey man… this isn’t funny…” the man said as she prepares his pistol but as he got close to the door, he noticed his partner’s foot as if he was lying down on the floor. He quickly rushed towards his companion and as he saw him, he was already strangled to death.

    “what the hell?” the man said but as he turned to look around, he suddenly saw Yuri standing so close to him.

    But before he could aim at Yuri, he felt something stabbed him from his chin into his brain as Yuri already drove the army knife she got earlier onto him, killing him instantly.

    “two down, eight more to go….” Yuri said as she hid the body of her first two victim.

    The second group scouted around the comfort room area.

    “can you believe it? they had to go all out on some few assassin?” the other man asked. “well… I’m sure you haven’t heard how they work…..” the man who is following his partner said. but as both of them walked passed in the comfort room, the armed man who is following behind felt something grabbed  him from behind and covered his mouth as he was dragged inside the comfort room. as they both got inside, he spotted a mirror and saw Yuri grabbing her and instantly drove the army knife into his heart, ending his life instantly.

    As the man stopped struggling, Yuri hides his body into one of the cubicle and closed it and as she was going outside, she heard a footsteps, Yuri knew the man’s partner is looking for his partner. Yuri silently runs back into the cubicle next to one where she hides the body.

    “hey man! Are you taking a leak again?” the man said as he entered the comfort room. “seriously… if you need to go just say so! Don’t disappear on me like that……” the man said but didn’t get a response. Hearing no response from his partner made him suspicious, he decided to check the comfort room. he kicked the first cubicle and saw it was empty. Then the second cubicle, also empty but as he kicked the third one, he saw his partner dead.

    As he saw his partner’s lifeless body, he starts to run outside but before he could fully go out, he felt a sharp object being punctured on his back. as the turned around he saw Yuri walking fast towards him.

    As he tries to aim his gun towards Yuri, the tanned girl already jumped, giving him a flying kick and sending him to the wall, making the knife stuck on his back pierced through his body as its blade emerged from his chest. The man died instantly.

    “Four down…. six more to go…” Yuri said as she grabbed the bloodied army knife from the dead man’s body and left them like it was nothing.

    Hara, who is witnessing how Yuri moves, were astounded. “is she even a human?” Hara muttered as she froze but somewhat awed at Yuri’s actions.

    The third group were spotted in a corridor and Yuri quickly ran towards them. As both of them heard a footsteps behind them getting closer, they turned around and saw Yuri running towards them. As one of the man aimed his gun at Yuri, he was greeted a knife that’s already flying towards him and hitting him in the head, killing him instantly, the other man didn’t waste more time as he fires at Yuri but Yuri easily dodges his shots and managed to get close to him.

    As Yuri got close, she kicked the man’s gun away from his hand. with no weapon on his hand, the man tried to punch Yuri but the tanned girl dodged by tilting her head sideways, with the man’s arm still arched way across her shoulder, Yuri grabbed it quickly and she quickly over throw the man on the ground and quickly grabbed the knife on the other man’s head and quickly drove it into the man she took down, on the heart.

    Due to the gunshots fired, the remaining armed men arrived at the scene and saw Yuri killed the man. The four of them open fire at Yuri but Yuri rolled out of harm’s way and as she rolled, she managed to grab a USP Tactical pistol and the knife. Yuri took cover on one of the room that is near her.

    As the shootings stopped, Yuri popped out from the room and shoots them back, killing two of them. With no time to reload as they saw Yuri now running towards them, they threw their gun and also charged at Yuri.

    As the three of them got close, one of them tried to kick Yuri but Yuri skillfully countered the kick by grabbing it and Yuri forcefully pulled the man making him winced in pain for his sudden 180 degrees front split. The man could feel that his articular cartilage popped out of his hip bone’s socket as he cried in pain.  The other man saw it and also tried to punch Yuri but Yuri just shoved the man’s fist away and managed to snake her hand into the man’s back. as Yuri managed her hand snaked behind him, the stabbed the man’s shoulder as if she locked herself on the man and in close range, Yuri shoots the man repeatedly on his guts section.

    The remaining man who is still wincing in pain tried to stand but Yuri didn’t give him a chance as she shoots him in the head.
    >> Click here to listen to the music for this part


    Yuri turned around and saw Tae Woo clapping. “my my my… even with a vacant work… you’re still sharp as a samurai Yuri-ssi…..” Tae Woo said as he puffed out a smoke from his tobacco.

    “Oppa…. I don’t want to fight a friend….” Yuri said as she pulled out the knife from the man she recently stabbed.

    “really? Then give me the girl….. I’ll let you go and not going to do anything… considering an amount of price that have been put on your head…” Tae Woo said.

    “and if I refuse?” Yuri asked.

    “then I have no choice….” Tae Woo said as he pulls out a samurai sword. “Last chance Yuri-ssi…. You know I keep my promise….” Tae Woo said.

    “……….i’m sorry oppa…….. I also keep my promise too……” Yuri replied as she smiled as she was referring her promise to Yoona, her real sister. Tae Woo also smiled back and suddenly, both of them starts to dash towards each other.

    Tae Woo thrusts his sword on Yuri’s face but Yuri tilted her head to the right avoiding Tae Woo’s sword. As Tae Woo saw what Yuri did, he immediately turned the blade of his sword sideways and swings his sword sideways and Yuri quickly ducked. Tae Woo managed to cut off Yuri’s several hairs but Yuri didn’t mind it. with still crouched down, Yuri changed her hold on the army knife as she holds it back handed and managed to land a slash on Tae Woo, chest but the cut wasn’t made the Yuri only managed to slashed Tae Woo’s shirt.

    “not bad… not bad… still good I see…” Tae Woo said as he smiled menacingly back at Yuri. then all of a sudden, he charged at Yuri and starts swinging his blade into different paths, several of his slashes managed to hit Yuri and some parts of Yuri’s clothes began slicing and even injuring Yuri little by little.

    As Tae Woo’s attacks continues, Yuri could only evade at his attacks but unknown to Yuri, there’s a bottle behind her and managed to step on it and she falls on her back. Tae Woo quickly saw it as a chance and positioned himself to finish off Yuri.

    “this is it Yuri-ssi…..” Tae Woo said as he positioned his samurai upward, ready to impale Yuri on the ground. but then, Tae Woo suddenly pulled out his gun and twisted his body half-turned and fired. Yuri saw Hara was standing behind Tae Woo, holding her hand as she winced in pain when Tae Woo shot the gun off from Hara’s hand.

    “Don’t interfere…. I’ll deal with you shortly…” Tae Woo said as he holstered his gun back into his coat.

    As he turned to face Yuri again, Yuri think quickly and grabbed some dirt from the floor and throws it on Tae Woo’s eyes, blinding him temporarily, Yuri used this as a chance and spotted an unused fire hose nearby, Yuri grabbed it and used it as a weapon against Tae Woo and she wrapped the fire hose around Tae Woo’s  neck and starts choking him as she got behind Tae Woo.

    Hara recovered from the pain and grabbed a piece of wood nearby and hits Tae Woo’s hand causing him to drop his samurai.

    As Tae Woo dropped his samurai, his mind worked quickly as he grabbed Yuri’s head from behind and managed to take down Yuri, slamming the tanned girl’s back on the ground. Yuri winced in pain but before Tae Woo could do anything to Yuri, something hits him on his side of his face as Hara hits him with the piece of wood she grabbed earlier.

    Tae Woo groggily stood up as he holds his head as he felt his world is spinning. Yuri is now recovered  and charged at Tae Woo. Although groggy, Tae woo managed to evade Yuri’s punch as he tilted his head to the left but he didn’t notice Hara as she manage to hit Tae Woo again in the face.

    Yuri saw what Hara did and noticed Tae Woo is now injured as Hara busted up Tae Woo’s face as blood starts to drip from the wound, Yuri dash towards Tae Woo and landed a round-house kick on his stomach.

    As Tae Woo bowed down because of the pain he felt on his stomach, Hara followed up by driving her knee on Tae Woo’s face.

    As Hara hits Tae Woo, he was sent arching his back as he starts to fall on the floor, but Yuri was quick enough to grab Tae Woo from the collar of his shirt and unleashed a series of punches on his face.

    As Yuri landed some blows on Tae Woo’s face, Tae Woo somehow managed to fight back as he suddenly grabbed Yuri on her neck and amazingly, he lifted up the tanned girl as Yuri’s feet are no longer touching the ground.

    Yuri starts to gasp for some air. Yuri tried kicking Tae Woo’s chest but to no avail, Yuri noticed Tae Woo is in berserk as he felt nothing and remained still on his position and continues to choke Yuri to death.

    “nobody… nobody ever dared hit my FACE!!! I’LL KILL YOU FOR THAT YURI-SSI!!” Tae Woo said as he slammed Yuri’s back on the wall, and still choking Yuri to death.

    Hara tried to help as she tries to hit Tae Woo with the piece of wood but as Hara swings down the wood, Tae Woo amazingly caught it with his other hand as his hand is still on Yuri’s neck. Tae Woo forcefully yanked the wood out of Hara’s hand and he swings it back to Hara hitting the girl on the head rendering Hara stunned.

    Then he turned again back to Yuri. “I’m going to enjoy thi……………….UGH!!” As Tae Woo said, his words were cut off as he felt a stinging pain on his manhood as if something hits it. he slowly turned around and saw Yoona moving back slowly. Tae Woo knew Yoona had kicked him in his manhood. Although in pain, Tae Woo stood up and successfully grabbed Yoona.

    “ I don’t care whether you’re important to the Group! But I can’t forgive you little girl for that cowardly act!!” Tae Woo said as he dragged Yoona onto the edge of the building, preparing to drop Yoona.

    Yuri saw it and quickly stood up and charged at Tae Woo, sending the three of them falling off over the edge. Hara saw what happened as she was still trying to get up.

    ++ Music End ++

    “Yuri you babo!! Your hardship will not be bought out to the truth if you died!” Hara shouted as she tries to get up while still in pain because of her head. “YAH!!! WE’RE STILL ALIVE!!! PULL US UP!!” Yuri shouted and Hara heard it. Hara took a peek and saw Yuri dangling in a fire hose that is wrapped around her waist while holding Yoona very tightly.

    “you’re one lucky assassin Yuri-ssi…. Hold on I’ll pull you up…” Hara chuckled as she pulled Yuri and Yoona up.

    Several minutes of pulling up, Yuri and Yoona managed to get back up on the floor. Yuri and Hara catches their breath as both of them lied down flatly on the floor.

    “you…….. aren’t …………really……….. a…………bad person…………aren’t……….. you?” Hara said as she breathe hard, catching her breath.

    “What………….makes…………….. you say…………………that?” Yuri replied as she’s doing the same as Hara did.

    “if you’re a bad person….. you wouldn’t jumped to your death just to save this kid…..” Hara replied as she now sit back up looking at Yuri.

    “well………. I don’t know what to think of myself Hara-ssi………… but…. I really made up my mind……. I’m going to protect Yoona….. so I’m afraid I can’t give her to you….” Yuri said  as she looked at Yoona.

    “…………figures……….” Hara replied as she smiled a bit. “I also got the feeling……she’ll be safer in your hands…………….. considering the fight you did……. None of m tem would live if we were to fight those same kind of people with a hard training just as you have…” Hara said but as Yuri is going to continue, her phone vibrates. Hara looked at caller ID and saw Hyoyeon’s name in it.

    “HARA! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!” Hyoyeon shouted. Yuri and Hara know Hyoyeon is worried about her.

    “I’m fine Cap….. just minor gashes and wounds…. but I’ll live…” Hara replied. “tell me what happened? How did it start?” Hyoyeon asked.

    Hara told Hyoyeon what had happened, about the suspicious guys she noticed before the incident, her meeting Yuri and Tae Woo, and about the recent fight that had happened.

    “is she still with you? don’t let her get out of your sight! I’m coming there ASAP!! Where are you?” Hyoyeon said.

    “Cap..i don’t know that place but I’ll turn on my GPS….” Hara said as she cuts the line and turned on her GPS.

    Yuri looked at Hara. To Yuri’s surprise, Hara threw her phone on the floor and Hara shoots it into pieces.”W-Why did you………..” Yuri asked but Hara smiled. “you still have time to take her away Yuri-ssi………..” Hara said.

    “but…wha…….” As Yuri is going to asked again, Hara spoke first. “I can’t let a good person like you get caught first….. I get the feeling that……… you’re not a bad person as we think Yuri-ssi………” Hara said and Yuri understood.

    “Thank You Hara……. I promise… when this is over………. I’ll turn myself in…… it’s just not my time yet…..” uri said as she stood up and starts walking away.

    “Yuri-ssi! Wait! I have another favor………..” Hara called before Yuri and Yoona disappeared from her sights. Yuri turned around.

    “Yuri-ssi……… could you………………. could you hit me please?” Hara asked which made Yuri surprised. “are you sure?” Yuri asked. “………..this is the only way………… I could say you managed to knock me out and you escaped…………. Don’t worry………. I won’t hold a grudge against you……….” Hara said.

    “……………..suit yourself……………………. And…………… I’m sorry……………” Yuri said as she gave Hara a powerful punch on her stomach area, making Hara faints. And in just a matter of seconds, Yuri and Yoona disappeared without a trace.

    Several minutes have passed, Hyoyeon arrived along with Gyuri and Seungyeon and found an unconscious Hara lying flat on the floor. The three of them hurriedly went to Hara and tried to wake her up. several tappings on Hara’s cheek made her open her eyes.

    “Hara! HARA! Are you ok? What happened?” Hyoyeon asked. “Hara didn’t answer right away and roamed her eyes around and noticed that Yuri and Yoona are nowhere in sight. Hara knew Yuri managed to escape.

    “S-Sorry Cap…. She got away…..” Hara replied. “it’s alright………… there’s always a next time….. for now we have to get you treated.” Hyoyeon said and ordered Gyuri and Seungyeon to assist Hara back down.

    “I’ll get my hands on you Kwon Yuri……” Hyoyeon said. unknown to Hyoyeon, Gyuri and Seungyeon, Hara secretly smiled as she knows Hyoyeon bought her act for letting Yuri go as she told Yuri managed to escaped from her.

    4th flr. of the Hotel, Room 412…….

    “…….i wonder how is my Seobang……… she’s with Yoona………. I hope they’re eating right……….. but then again……… I bet they won’t even have to…….. because of their former group’s that’s after them…… plus there’s Yoona where every boss’ group is after………” Jessica said as she made her way to the kitchen.

    As she got to the kitchen, Jessica heard some noise inside. Still feeling the recent event that she experienced, Jessica once again grabbed a flower vase.

    Jessica silently tightens her grip on the vase as she got to the kitchen but before Jessica could swing the vase down, someone grabbed her vase from behind.

    “seriously……………..Sica………. you really love to use a vase as your weapon huh?” it was Sooyoung who is smiling at her. “but you know I can’t use a gun…. You guys haven’t teach me yet even though I’ve asked you many times….” Jessica said.

    “yah! Can’t you guys tone it down? I’m trying to drink some milk here…” Sooyoung and Jessica made their way and saw Taeyeon sitting on the floor while drinking one box of milk.

    “you could’ve drink above the table Taengoo….. and not on the floor………” Sooyoung said as she chuckled at Taeyeon’s image. Taeyeon looked like a 5 years old kid drinking milk on the floor.

    “I’ can’t help it……. I’m just too stressed…… don’t mind me……….. I’m still worried about my sister and Jessica’s Yuri……… they haven’t called in yet………” Taeyeon said as she stood up and properly sat down on the table. As the three of them sat down, none of them talked for a while.

    “I missed Yuri….” Jessica said as she sighed as she rested her chin on the table. “don’t worry about her Sica………… this is Yuri we’re  talking about….” Sooyoung said.

    “yeah………..Youngie and I know her……… if anyone who is finding a hard time to get back….. others will give up…. but not Yuri………… if anyone chooses hell……… Yuri will choose home….” Sunny said as she gave Sooyoung a back hug.

    “S-Sunny-ah…. Stop doing that…..” Sooyoung said as she tried to pry Sunny’s arm off from her. as Sunny begans to pout at Sooyoung’s sudden rejection, Sooyoung pointed at Jessica and Sunny knew what Sooyoung meant. Jessica is envious.

    “……………GROUP HUG!!” Sunny shouted as she hugged Jessica and Taeyeon which surprised the two older girls but responded in Sunny’s hug, seeing their mood slightly lifted up, Sooyoung smiled and also hugged the three of them.

    As they were still in the process of group hugging. Another person emerged who is still half asleep. Taeyeon was startled to see who it was. It was Tiffany.

    As all of them noticed at how Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, they secretly made their way out of the kitchen, leaving Taeyeon and Tiffany alone.

    “is she sleep walking?” Taeyeon asked to herself as she watches Tiffany sleepily walked towards the ref. Tiffany grabbed a bottle of water and to Taeyeon’s amazement, Tiffany opened it with her eyes closed.

    Taeyeon couldn’t believe what she’s seeing right now. Taeyeon flicked her fingers in front of Tiffany face, with her eyes still closed. “…………and here I thought my sleepwalking is bad…….. someone beat me to it….” Taeyoen said as she gave a slight chuckle as she watched Tiffany. Taeyeon couldn’t explained it but she somehow felt attracted to Tiffany’s peaceful yet sleepy face.

    After Tiffany finished drinking, Tiffany started to walk but all of a sudden, Tiffany tripped sending her down crashing towards Taeyeon. Taeyeon winced in pain as she rubbed her back of her head. with her available hand.

    “ow… that hurts…………hm? What is this something soft and squishy…… “ Taeyeon said as she tries to feel it more. As Taeyeon squeezed it, Tiffany lets out a moan and in that instant, Taeyeon felt stiff as she finally know what she’s squeezing. It was Tiffany’s breast.

    “oh crap…she might kill me!” Taeyeon said to herself as she starts to panic but as she struggles to escape Tiffany’s body, Tiffany suddenly wraps her arms around Taeyeon’s neck and snuggles in closer to the older girl.

    As Taeyeon starts to panic, her eyes saw Tiffany’s face too close and finds herself drawing her face closer and closer to Tiffany’s face.

    But as their lips were inches apart, Tiffany suddenly opened her eyes and found herself on top of Taeyeon. She looked at Taeyeon and Taeyeon smiled dorkily at her.

    “err….uhhmm…. hi?” Taeyeon said as she smiled. Tiffany instantly jolted up and quickly stood up and tries to hide her face from Taeyeon as her face were red as a tomato. Sooyoung, Sunny and Jessica noticed it as they thought of something as they noticed how Taeyeon and Tiffany reacted towards each other.

    “oh…my god ohmygodohmygodohmygod…. I almost kissed Tae-Tae!” Tiffany said to herself secretly as she blushed but smiled later she imagined herself kissing Taeyeon.

    “hmmmmm Sica…. Sunny-ah……. Are you guys think what I’m thinking?” Sooyoung said as she smiled while looking at Taeyeon and Tiffany.

    “yep…. We sure do…..” Jessica answered Sooyoung without taking her eyes of from Taeyeon and Tiffany.

    “……you don’t even have to asked Youngie……” Sunny also answered as she smiled and also without taking her eyes off from the blushing coupe right in front of them.

    “yeah…. Those two needs a little push….” Sooyoung said. “yeah…. Like someone I know…” Sunny replied as she turned her stare at Sooyoung. “yah! That was different! It was a matter of life and death!” Sooyoung said.

    “What about you Sica… did you ended up with Yuri?” Sunny asked. “well……….. it started with her sister…. They saved me back then…. and to make my story short…. It was love at first sight….” Jessica said and smiled as she remembered that time they both confessed their feelings with each other.

    Then all of a sudden, Jessica’s phone rang and as she looked at the caller ID, it was showing “unknown number” Jessica decided to pick the call but as she heard the voice from the other line, her eyes widen and tears started to roll down on her cheek.

    Jessica said as she covered her mouth with full of happiness as she heard the voice of the one she’s been longing to hear and excitingly anticipating on seeing that person again real soon.

    “Yuri………….. I missed you……….” Jessica said as she smiled

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 20 Finished

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