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    Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main


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    biggri Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:25 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    Title idea credits goes to miyoung.ah for the great Idea for the Title


    Donned in her black leather Jacket, Yuri suddenly barged in on Jessica’s house and quickly woke up her Girlfriend.

    “Sica…quickly! We have to get you and Yoona out of here!!!” Yuri said as
    she rushes Jessica to pack their things. “What’s wrong Yuri? it’s not
    like you to be like this!!” Jessica said.

    “Sica…I’m sorry but I don’t have time to explain! I want you to take my
    sister, Yoona, to San Francisco… I’ve already prepared some plane
    tickets to the both of you! once in you both get there, Call this
    number!” Yuri said as she gave Jessica as Calling Card.

    “Tiffany Hwang, Brighter than Jewels Jewelry store….. Yuri? what’s this?
    You’re hiding something from us aren’t you?” Jessica said as she throws
    back her clothes away from the suitcase and carried Yoona.

    “Did something happen to your office work?” Jessica asked.

    Yes…. You guys guessed it, Jessica don’t know about Yuri’s real work, a
    professional assassin. Yuri is keeping secrets from Jessica and Yoona
    all the time but somehow, something happened inside the “group” and now,
    Elite hunters and retrievers are tracking Yuri down to “erase” her
    presence because Yuri somehow stumbled on an info the she shouldn’t

    “Sica…. For now I have to get you guys out of here…. It’s not safe….
    Please Sica…. I love you and Yoona…. you guys are my treasures…” Yuri

    “Sica unnie? what’s wrong? Why is my unnie look like scared?” Kwon
    Yoona, Yuri’s little sister asked as she woke up from the commotion that
    Yuri and Jessica made. Not wanting to make Yoona worried, Jessica
    hugged Yoona.

    “Kwon Yuri… you better promise to explain things to us….” Jessica said.
    “Thank you Sica…. I promise I’ll tell everything but for now….. I’m not
    really working on an office work…. People are after me…..” Yuri said as
    she pulls out her M1911 Handgun.

    “Y-Yuri? is…is that a real gun?” Jessica asked as she turned Yoona away
    to avoid seeing the gun. Yuri didn’t answer and just went into the
    living room and peeked into one of the windows.

    Jessica followed suit and noticed Yuri had a female companion.

    “Y-Yuri? who is she?” Jessica asked. “Sica… this is my cousin Boa…Kwon
    Boa…” Yuri replied. Just then Boa alerted Yuri. “Yuri! get them out of
    here quickly!” Boa said as she cocked her gun.

    But before Yuri, Jessica and Yoona could get out, all of them heard someone shouting from outside of the house.

    “Yuri! BoA! We have the House surrounded! If you don’t come out and
    return what you stole from the Orginization or we will be forced to
    shoot you in there!” the male voice shouted.

    fearing for Jessica and Yoona's life to be in danger, Yuri tried to talk
    to Boa “unnie!…. Please let’s just return the disk…. I don’t want my
    family to be in danger!” Yuri pleaded Boa.

    PLOTS!!” Boa yelled back at Yuri and stood up and fired some shots.

    BoA’s shots provoked their pursuers and fired back.

    MY FAMILY’S LIFE IN DANGER!!” Yuri shouted as she took cover on the
    wall while Jessica ran back to their bedroom while carrying Yoona.

    Several shots hits the wall and due to their advanced armaments, they’re
    all using armor piercing bullets and some of the shots went through the
    wall of the bed room.

    Some of the shot hits BoA and to Yuri’s horror, she watched her cousin
    falls down on the floor bloodied and Yuri also saw some of the Bullets
    are making way through their bedroom where Jessica and her sister Yoona
    hiding. Yuri could hear Jessica screaming in fear amidst of gunshots.


    But the shooters didn’t listen and continues to shoot. Worried about
    Jessica and her little sister’s life, Yuri quickly went inside. As Yuri
    got inside, her heart shattered as she saw Jessica is crying while
    embracing her little sister covered in blood and unconcsious.

    “Yuri! Yoona…..YOONA’S BEEN SHOT!!!” Jessica said as she cried in tears.

    ** Prologue end **

    Posts : 135
    Join date : 2011-09-02
    Age : 37

    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:15 am

    Mission 21

    “Sica? Is it Yuri?” Sunny asked. Jessica nodded as she shed a tears of joy hearing her loved one’s voice again.

    “Is my sister with her?” Taeyeon this time asked and Jessica also nodded. Taeyeon felt relieved to hear that Yoona is also fine.

    Several minutes later, they all heard a knock and Jessica dashed like a
    bullet towards the door. As she opened the door, she saw Yuri, dressed
    in a black thick long trench coat and carrying a sleeping Yoona in her

    “…hi…” Yuri greeted Jessica and before Yuri could explain anymore, Jessica instantly hugged Yuri and cried.

    “I was so worried about you two….. I ….. I …… I missed you Yul!” Jessica
    said as she buried her face on Yuri’s chest and the tanned girl hugged
    the crying blonde.

    “sssshh…. I it’s alright now… I’m back Sica….. I’m back…” Yuri said as
    she stroke the blonde girl’s hair. After their heartwarming reunion,
    Yuri faced Taeyeon. “here you go Taeng…. I brought her safe and sound….”
    Yuri said as Taeyeon immediately carried Yoona. Taeyeon also shed a
    tears of happiness as she saw Yoona again.

    “you looked like you’ve been through hell Yul…” Sunny said as she pointed at Yuri’s face with a visible cuts.

    “yeah…… I had to go against Tae Woo oppa……” he had to go berserk on
    me……” Yuri said as her legs finally gave in. but before Yuri dropped on
    her knees, Jessica quickly catches her.

    “YUL!” Jessica called but the tanned girl weakly smiled. “i….. I’m fine……” Yuri said as she closed her eyes.

    Wondering what had happened, Sooyoung helped Jessica supports Yuri and Sunny took off the trench coat off from Yuri.

    As Sunny took off the coat off from Yuri, they saw Yuri covered in cuts
    but not life threatening. “… wonder she’s dressed like this…..
    facing off with Tae Woo….” Sunny said and let Jessica and Sooyoung
    carried her inside.

    As finally they settled Yuri inside the bed room, the tanned girl slowly
    awakens. “sorry for giving you trouble…….” Yuri said but Jessica
    smiled. “it’s ok Yul….. you’re safe now…. and thanks for coming back
    alive….” Jessica said as she sat beside the bed where they put Yuri.

    “Jessi…… here….” Tiffany came and gave Jessica some first aid kit to
    tend on Yuri’s wounds. Jessica nodded as she thanked Tiffany. all of
    them shared an awkward atmosphere until Sooyoung and Sunny decided to
    pull Tiffany back outside the room and leave Yuri and Jessica alone

    “Sooyoungie, Sunny-ah… what’s the big deal? I also want to be by
    Yuwree’s side….” Tiffany said as she pouts. “…Fany-ah… I know you wanted
    to but…. Could you give those two some time alone? They haven’t seen
    each other ever since we escaped from Seoul…. They’ve been running
    before we came meeting you… and besides, those have some catching up to
    do….” Sunny said.

    Tiffany smiled as she understand what they meant and silently walked away from the as Sooyoung closed the door.

    “Yul…. We’ve been through a lot…….” Jessica said as she starts to clean
    the blood off from Yuri’s wound. “…I know… I’m sorry Sica…” Yuri said as
    she winced in pain but put up a strong front. Jessica saw Yuri’s pained
    expression and also noticed the tanned girl is enduring the pain. As
    Jessica silently treats Yuri’s wound, the tanned girl spoke to her.

    “Sica…. I’m sorry to have you dragged into my mess……….. you shouldn’t be
    with me….” Yuri said as she turned away her stare from Jessica’s
    peaceful face.

    To Yuri’s surprise, she felt Jessica soft and warm hand, cupping her
    face as the blonde girl tries to turn Yuri’s face staring at her. as
    Yuri finally turned her stare at the blonde girl, she saw Jessica
    smiling back at her.

    “Yuri….. I don’t mind……… as long as I get to spend more time with you…..
    I don’t care about the world…… I only want you…. and you only…..”
    Jessica said as she gave Yuri a warm and gentle kiss on the lips and
    continued to tend Yuri’s wounds.

    “Sica…….. why are you doing this?” Yuri asked.

    Hearing Yuri’s question made Jessica stop and smiled back at her. “Yul….
    You want to know why?” Jessica said as she slowly leans her face to
    Yuri and both of them shared a passionate kiss that lasted for 20

    As their lips parted, Jessica smiled again at Yuri. “you still want to
    know why?” Jessica asked. This time Yuri also smiled and never replied
    but instead, Yuri pulls Jessica down with her on the bed and succeeded
    in pinning down the blonde girl beneath her.

    “…..allow me to show you how I feel about it Sica….” Yuri said as she
    grinned and tries to kiss Jessica but as Yuri was going to kiss Jessica,
    the blonde girl face palmed the tanned girl which made Yuri surprised.

    “hold your hormones Yul…. I know you miss me that much but……. I still
    have to take care of your wound….” Jessica said as she’s still
    underneath Yuri. the tanned girl pouts. “…………you’re no fun….” Yuri said
    as she obediently sits straight up.

    Seeing her seobang pouts made Jessica chuckle a bit. “..babo Yul…. i
    know you’re eager …..but not this….EAGER….” Jessica said as she
    playfully slapped Yuri’s wounded shoulder. “OW! That hurts!” Yuri
    shouted in pain which made Jessica laughed. “what’s so funny?!” the
    tanned girl pouts again.

    “you…. you’re funny Yul…” Jessica replied as she is now applying some bandages on Yuri’s wound. “why me?” Yuri asked.

    “well… earlier I saw how you endure the pain while I’m cleaning your
    wound… I was hoping you’ll whine…” Jessica said as she’s still
    chuckling. “….well…… I was trained to endure any pain you know…” Yuri

    “yeah…I noticed… except for this…” Jessica playfully slapped Yuri’s
    wounded shoulder again and Yuri shouted again in pain. “OW!! That hurts
    dammit!” Yuri said as she hissed in pain and earning Jessica’s small
    chuckle. Seeing Jessica laughing at her made Yuri also smile.

    “…you think this is funny?” Yuri said as she starts to snaked her arms
    around Jessica’s waist and all of a sudden, Yuri yanked Jessica back to
    the bed. “it’s payback time….” Yuri said as she pinned Jessica again
    back on the bed with her on the top.

    Jessica smiled. “remember your wounds Yul…… I haven’t finished tending
    your wounds yet…” Jessica said as she stares at Yuri’s eyes.

    Silence engulfed them for a moment then Yuri leaned in for a kiss. It
    started as a gentle peck but as their lips found each other more and
    more, their gentle kiss transforms into a passionate one until they went
    into a French kiss.

    As they broke their kiss, both of them are gasping for air as both of
    them laid their back flat on the bed. “….. I love you Yul……” Jessica
    said as she closed her eyes.

    As Jessica waited for a response, nothing came. “Yul?” Jessica called
    but as she looked at Yuri, the tanned girl are already in slumber.

    “….pabo….” Jessica said as she gave Yuri a light slap on the cheek and
    smiled. “you really must be tired from running while protecting Yoona……
    take your rest now my Seobang….” Jessica said as she gave Yuri a light
    kiss on the sleeping tanned girl’s lips and forehead before heading back
    out to join the rest.

    As Jessica calmly went back to the living room, she only saw Taeyeon.
    “how is she?” Taeyeon asked. “….she’s fine…. But she’ll be needing
    rest…… I guess she must be really tired from running away from their
    “group” and in addition for her wounds…… but I’m also glad the her
    previous wound is healing perfectly fine…” Jessica said as she flopped
    down on the couch right across Taeyeon.

    “and your sister? How is she?” Jessica asked. “……just like Yuri said…..
    she’s safe and sound…. Although some slight bruise on her neck…. As if
    someone grabbed her and lifted her up by her neck…. She’s fine…” Taeyeon
    said as she sighed.

    Jessica was surprised at Taeyeon’s remark. “…you can tell by her
    bruise?” Jessica asked. “…well… sort of…. You see… before I met Hyunnie
    and Yoona…. my umma works on a crime lab…. Sometimes when my Appa is
    away with no one to look after me…. Umma always took me to her work… so
    I’m spending most of the times looking how my umma work when her chief
    is asking her the cause of death of the victims and how he explains it….
    funny thing though….. seeing how my umma work got my interest actually
    so sometimes when she’s not looking I often read her works and sometimes
    when at home, I secretly read some of her files…… maybe that’s how I
    develop my keen observation…” Taeyeon explained.

    “hearing that makes us relieved for choosing you our leader Taengoo…”
    Sooyoung surprised them as she walks in with an amount of food with her.

    “S-Sooyoung? Are you going to eat all of that?” Jessica asked as she
    blinked her eyes. “no silly….. it’s for everyone… my Bunny made these
    for you…. we also fixed something for Yul but we heard she’s asleep…”
    Sooyoung replied.

    “yeah… no sh*tt*n’ about that one….” Sunny said as she walked in with
    Jiyoung with an amount of food. “I made food for everyone so dig in…”
    Sunny said as she sits beside Sooyoung.

    As all of them starts to eat, Taeyeon roamed her eyes as she noticed a
    missing person. “Sunny-ah? Where’s Tiffany?” Taeyeon asked.

    “oh she don’t want to go here… she said that Seohyun doesn’t want to let
    go of her arm…..” Sunny said. “I see…. I can’t blame Hyunnie….. she may
    be wise but she’s actually fragile…. I’ll go take a look..” Taeyeon
    said as she stood up and took some food for Tiffany, Seohyun and Yoona
    and went into the bedroom where they’re staying.

    “so……. What’s the plan now?” Sooyoung asked as she took a bite on her
    pat bing soo. “plan?” Jiyoung asked. “oh that’s right… you haven’t
    witnessed it yet…. You see, we think Taengoo ad Tiffany like each other
    but………. They’re just too shy to admit…” Sunny said as she also took a
    spoonful of pat bing soo and placed it on Sooyoung’s mouth and the tall
    girl took a bite.

    “well……….. we don’t actually have an idea how to make those two start
    up…… to be honest…” Sooyoung said as she grabbed a chicken lollipop and
    made Sunny took a bite from it. Seeing they’re in the dead end, Jessica,
    Sooyoung, Sunny and Jiyoung sighed as no idea is coming into their

    Pledis Enterprise

    “Ma’am…… the report just came in……. Agent Kim Tae Woo of Seoul’s Group
    branch is dead….” One of the operatives informed her leader.

    “I knew it would fail to send someone close to Kwon Yuri….. he’s always
    been fond of the tanned girl…” Their leader said and it was Kahi.

    “anything new Nana?” Kahi asked. “well….. according to my scouts, all
    nine of them are now reunited…. Including detective Kim’s cousin is also
    sighted with them…. Along with her two adopted sisters…” Nana said.

    “…..this is just great…..” Kahi said. “may I say a suggestion?” Uee emerged from the darkness on the corner of the room.

    “Speak….” Kahi said. “I only have two options actually….. one is to kidnap the detective’s cousin….” Uee said.

    “that won’t do unnie……..” Nana said. “and why is that?” Uee asked.
    “well….. she’s been sticking really close to them so it’s impossible to
    kidnap her….” Nana said. “you got a point there…. What about the other
    adopted sister?” Kahi said as she was referring to Seohyun.

    “ that won’t do either…. On their recent escape, that girl is now
    sticking TOO close on Seoul’s Top ranked assassin….. unless you want to
    die early… then go ahead…” Uee said.

    ”Watch your mouth Uee…. Remember who you’re talking to….” Kahi said as
    she gave Uee a glare. “whatever Kahi….” Uee just shrugged.

    “so? And what’s the second option?” Kahi asked. “……we take out the
    detective from Seoul that’s been chasing Kwon Yuri down…” Uee said.

    “why should we take her down when we’re after the same objective?” Kahi
    asked. “according to my sources, Kwon Yuri managed to get some of that
    detective’s team’s trust…two of them actually so I get the feeling when
    Yuri and that detective met…. I have a feeling they’ll join forces…… and
    from that I heard…. That detective is almost good at weapon handling….”
    Uee said.

    Kahi falls into a deep silence as she thinks hard for a decision.
    “alright……… let’s chose the second option………. But don’t move yet………..
    let’s just still observe that detective…… don’t do anything without my
    orders understand?” Kahi said and Nana and Uee nodded as they left the

    “Kwon Yuri………… finally it’s time for us to see who’s much stronger…”
    Kahi said as she clenched her fists and starts to emit some electricity
    visible to the naked eye. “I’ll defeat you with my bionic hands” Kahi
    said as she punched a hole on the wall.

    SMTown Hotel

    Nicole arrived back to their hotel only to see an injured Hara lying on
    the bed. “omo… what happened to you…” Nicole asked. “well……. Something
    happened while you were away Nicole…. Hara here met Yuri and some third
    party….” Seungyeon said.

    Hearing Hara met Yuri, Nicole began to questioned Hara with her eyes. As
    if Hara knew what is Nicole trying to say, Hara talked. “she got away
    from me…… when we were running away from the killer…” Hara said which
    made Nicole relieved. Both of them never knew that both of them helped
    Yuri escape to avoid Hyoyeon’s chase.

    Nicole looked at Hyoyeon who is packing her things and so do Gyuri and Seungyeon. “what are you guys doing?” Nicole asked.

    “we’re leaving….. apparently, Hara informed us of the third party
    involved… and from what I heard, they call themselves “the group” and to
    make things easy, we will be going to back to Seoul….. I have a feeling
    I have something to take care of…” Hyoyeon said. although confused,
    Nicole also packed including Hara’s belongings since Hara is injured.

    “unnie….. Hara weakly called Nicole who is packing close to her. “hmm?
    Something wrong Hara?” Nicole asked. “remember the time back then on the
    hospital? When the first time we chased Kwon Yuri?” Hara asked. “yeah..
    I remember it… what about it?” Nicole asked as she continued to fix
    Hara’s stuffs. “do you still remember the time she let you go? Where she
    said she’s sorry? What do you think about it unnie?” Hara asked.

    Nicole stopped to think for a while as she placed her index finger on
    her chin as she began to think about that incident. Then about her
    previous experience with Yuri came into her mind. “hmm I think… she
    really didn’t mean it Hara…. It’s like she’s been in the wrong place at
    the wrong time… that’s what I think…. And from your recent experience
    before we came here….. I remember correctly, you guys met her face to
    face at her sister’s graveyard am I right?” Nicole asked and Hara

    “here’s what I think……. I think she wanted to end her organization’s
    activities…. It’s like she’s been taking all the weight of the world
    upon her shoulders just to end her former organization…” Nicole said and
    Hara just stared at her.

    “don’t worry about her Hara……… I can tell Yuri-ssi is a good person……
    it’s just like I said…. she’s at the wrong place at the wrong time…”
    Nicole said as she continues packing Hara’s belongings.

    Hara looked for a while and noticed only the two of them in the room.
    “unnie…….. can I tell you a secret?” Hara said and Nicole stared at her
    blankly. “I……….. you know I encountered Yuri-ssi right?” Hara said and
    Nicole just nodded.

    “……you see….. I don’t know if I did the right thing but…… we also
    encountered her former co-worker from her organization…. And I almost
    died if it haven’t been to Yuri-ssi….” Hara said which made Nicole made a
    full focus on Hara.

    Hara relayed all the full details about her experience with Yuri until
    they defeated Kim Tae Woo. “and that’s what happened unnie…” Hara said
    as she finished explaining to Nicole.

    “and here’s what I’m confused unnie….. I let her escape voluntarily even
    though I said yes to the Cap…….” Hara said as Nicole smiled at Hara.

    “….Hara believe me….. you did the right thing…….. I also feel that way
    too….. she’s not a bad person on what we think she is…. She just wanted
    to make the people involved on her sister’s death to pay…. But
    apparently… I get the feeling her former organization is quite big…..
    meaning, she’ll have her hands full….. and addition to that, she’s
    protecting a little girl…” Nicole said which made Hara Jolted up from
    the bed.

    “unnie? how come you knew about the little girl?” Hara asked but Nicole just smiled knowing she slipped in her own tongue.

    “…my clumsiness… anyway… I have a secret to tell too…. You see…. Before
    you met Yuri-ssi… I met her before while I was on my way to my
    relatives…. But unlike your encounter…. I met her that time and she was
    too injured and almost dying at the blood loss………. the girl…. is the
    cap’s cousin’ adopted sister… and she’s the one who called me to help
    her…” Nicole said.

    “but how did she do that? we all know she’s ill….. that she don’t speak
    or shows any expressions at all…..” Hara said. “that’s the funny thing
    Hara….. we know how the apathy syndrome works and yet… it seems being
    with Yuri-ssi… can actually be good to her… I remember that time she
    just randomly grabbed me and dragged me towards Yuri-ssi who is lying at
    her own blood that time…. And to make things more… should I say…good
    thing? She did that while she had a fever at that time… and when she
    knew that they were in safe hands as she dragged me into them, she
    fainted right on spot.” Nicole said.

    “anyway… I’ve finished packing your stuff so we’ll just wait for the cap
    and the rest to come…” Nicole said as she stood up. “yeah I didn’t
    notice but where did they go?” Hara asked.

    “They had to go to the lobby… they’re just informing the reception that
    we’re checking out…” Nicole said as she prepares a light snack for them.

    SMTown Hotel Lobby

    “how can I help you Agent Kim?” the receptionist asked. “good day, we’re
    checking out… I’m afraid we have to go back to Seoul ASAP…” Hyoyeon
    said as she handed her card. The receptionist took Hyoyeon’s card and
    swiped it off to check them out. “it was nice serving you Agent Kim.
    Have a nice day.” The receptionist said as he give Hyoyeon’s card back
    to her.

    “yeah too bad we couldn’t stay much longer… we were enjoying our stay here actually…” Hyoyeon said to the receptionist.

    “I see… I hope you’ll catch your criminal Agent Kim…. Have a nice day
    again…” the receptionist said as he smiled. Several seconds after
    Hyoyeon, Gyuri and Seungyeon are gone, the receptionist picked up a
    phone and called someone.

    “yeah… it’s me…… tell CL that the package are checking out…. and they’re
    going back to Seoul ASAP…. So better move fast……” the receptionist said
    and quickly cuts down the line.

    Yesung’s Grand Hotel
    4th floor, Room 412, Living room…

    As Taeyeon were sitting alone in the living room, she keeps wondering
    how she got herself into this mess. She wanted to call Hyoyeon just to
    seek advice and if possible, some help but Taeyeon also knew it would
    cause commotion since she joined on Yuri’s side and to make things
    worst, she accepted of being a leader.

    “………aish.. how the hell am I supposed to lead them?” Taeyeon said as she
    scratches her head. Taeyeon keeps sighing as she remembers what had
    happened from the start.

    Hearing Siwon’s discovery at the flash disk got her thinking.

    ++ Flashback ++

    “Kim Taeyeon-ssi…… you’re probably wondering why did I call you and Jessica-ssi here instead of Tiffany and the rest right?” Siwon asked and both Jessica and Taeyeon nodded.

    “well……. Who should I start first? Yours? Or Jessica’s?” Siwon asked. “….Jessica first.” Taeyeon said.

    “very well……….. for Jessica-ssi…… apparently your sister
    is safe………. My own agent is always protecting her…. we call them Team
    FX… I’m sure you’ve met one of them right? That boyish looking type? We
    call her by the name of Amber…. And her team leader goes by the name
    Victoria…… their team leader Victoria reported that… the group did went
    after your sister four days ago when you girls escaped Seoul… but
    Victoria already anticipated that and dispatched her team to protect
    your sister… so rest assured that your sister is in good
    hands………………………..for now…”
    Siwon said.

    “what do you mean…for now?” Jessica asked.
    “well…….. assuming normal grunts are going after your sister will be no
    problem for them… but if the “group’s” high ranking officers and
    officials were going after them…. It’ll be a 50/50 chance… but for now
    she’s safe..”
    Siwon said. hearing her sister is being protected already released some weights from her shoulder.

    “and what’s mine?” Taeyeon asked. Siwon looked at Taeyeon for a long ten seconds before continuing his explanation.

    “Taeyeon-ssi…………… you……. were already involved from the very beginning before Yuri’s case have happened…..” Siwon said as he gave Taeyeon a serious look. Taeyeon became worried and so do Jessica.

    “You mean………. I’m already in the mess to begin with? But how come we didn’t encountered any problems until today?” Taeyeon asked.

    Siwon heaved a heavy sighed before answering Taeyeon’s question.
    “….it’s because someone close to you is keeping an eye on you and your
    sisters…….. to be more precise…. Your adopted sister, Im Yoona…..
    reports say she's the missing daughter of Professor Im before he was
    Siwon said. Taeyeon was in shock to know a little about Yoona.

    “and according to the files…. The day before the
    professor was murdered, although a bit cruel thing to do……. He forced
    some crucial information and some of his invention into the brain of her
    daughter even knowing her daughter will suffer an apathy syndrome, as
    he knows that he’s being targeted by the Group…. And to make things
    worst, it’s the Group itself who murdered Professor Im…”
    Siwon said.

    “you mean….. they only want Yoona? but why involve me?” Taeyeon asked.
    “well……. To my point of view…. And with me being with the former
    organization, they think that somehow Yoona showed some of Professor
    Im’s info and invention to you…”
    Siwon said.

    Taeyeon stood in shock as her mind froze on processing at the revelation. “I can’t believe this……” Taeyeon said as she falls powerlessly on the chair behind them. Jessica tried to comfort Taeyeon.

    “well……. Yesung and I managed to pull out one of
    Professor Im’s invention…. A device that could allow you to control
    time…. Or turn back time….. imagine if it’s being used by the wrong
    Siwon said.

    Although in shock, Taeyeon managed to think at Siwon’s question. “yeah it’ll be trouble…..” Taeyeon said as she massaged her temples.

    “well………… it’s a good thing Tiffany found you….. by
    having her on your side… it’s like…… you’re protected 24/7…. Even when
    she’s asleep, her defensive action are always active….”
    Siwon said.

    “and it’s the same goes to Yuri too Jessica, the only difference is… Yuri is a quick thinker… and also sensitive….” Siwon said.

    “well… that’s all I have to say…. All I can give as an
    advice is… stick close to them…. They maybe a ruthless, coldblooded
    assassins but once you get their good side, consider yourself safe….”
    Siwon said as he sends Taeyeon and Jessica back to their room provided by Yesung.

    ++ Flashback end ++

    Still buried in her thoughts, Taeyeon didn’t notice a presence behind her, until that person falls down on her lap.

    “F-Fany-ah?” Taeyeon looked at Tiffany and to her surprise, the girl’s
    eyes were still closed. “are you….. are you sleep walking again?”
    Taeyeon thought as she gave a chuckle and stroke Tiffany’s hair gently.

    “…of you’re thinking I’m sleep walking… I’m not….” Tiffany said with
    her head still on Taeyeon’s lap. “Fany-ah?........ can I ask you a
    question?” Taeyeon said. Tiffany didn’t answer but just nodded without
    looking at the older girl.

    “why are you protecting me?” Taeyeon asked. Upon hearing Taeyeon’s
    question, Tiffany’s eyes opened. She wanted to answer that she likes
    Taeyeon but something holds her back from saying it. “…….. I just wanted
    to….. is it bad?” Tiffany asked with still not looking back at Taeyeon.

    “no it’s not…. it’s just… it’s new to me…. we barely know each other and
    yet… you protected me….. I’m just confused if there’s no reason….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “Tae-Tae… it’s just my reasons are complicated……… I can’t tell you what
    it is… but for now just let me protect you….” Tiffany said as she turned
    her head to face Taeyeon. Tiffany didn’t want to tell Taeyeon her true
    intentions as she’s still clinging on her fear of rejection. She fears
    that Taeyeon will reject her if she told Taeyeon what she really feels
    for the older girl.

    “come on Fany-ah…. I didn’t accept you as my friend so you could keep a
    secret to me…” Taeyeon said as she is also curious about Tiffany’s

    Then Tiffany made up her mind. “it’s now or never…” Tiffany thought to herself as she sits straight up and faced Taeyeon.

    “Tae-Tae……. How do you feel when you know I’m an assassin when the first time I told you?” Tiffany asked.

    “well………. I’m quite shocked at first but seeing you how you’re sincerely
    wanted to change…. I guess I can accept that…. remember what I told
    that time?” Taeyeon asked and Tiffany tilted her head slight.

    “I told you I wouldn’t leave you the time I accepted you…..” Taeyeon
    said. Tiffany paused for a while and Taeyeon’s words began ringing in
    her head at that time.

    I promise.. I won’t turn you away no matter how dark it
    is…. I know clearly… you’re trying to change your way…. So… please let
    me in
    ” Tiffany remembered it.

    “Tae-Tae…. You also told me that you won’t turn me away no matter how dark it is….. do you really mean it?” Tiffany asked.

    “…. Fany-ah……….. I meant every word of it….. I haven’ forgotten what I
    told you that day…. When I accepted you as my friend…” Taeyeon said.

    “really?” Tiffany asked.

    “really….” Taeyeon replied.

    “even if I told you that I love you?” Tiffany said as she covered her
    mouth instantly as she was surpsied herself that she just slipped by her
    own words. Taeyeon was struck with surprise as she heard Tiffany saying
    that she loves her.

    Tiffany saw Taeyeon’s surprised expression and felt somewhat rejected by
    Taeyeon’s shocked expression, she immediately stood up and ready to
    burst up in tears and ready to ran back to her room.

    But as she was starting to take a step from running away, Taeyeon
    grabbed her wrist and forcefully make her turn around facing the older

    as Taeyeon saw Tiffany is crying, she immediately knew the girl in front
    of her were actually afraid of rejection. Taeyeon hugged Tiffany

    “babo….. you didn’t even let me talk my thoughts about it….” Taeyeon
    said as she’s still hugging Tiffany. “but….but… you didn’t answer….
    Maybe I’m annoying you with my acts….” Tiffany said as she starts to sob
    a Taeyeon’s shoulder.

    “for a professional assassin….. you can’t handle rejection so easily…”
    Taeyeon said as she heard Tiffany’s sobs are getting louder.

    “I knew it…. you’re rejecting me….” Tiffany said as she starts to sobs more loudly.

    “babo……. I didn’t say I rejected you..… I just said the you can’t handle
    rejections…… and besides….. would you still call this rejection when
    I’m hugging you tight like this?” Taeyeon said as her remark which made
    Tiffany chuckles even with her crying.

    “Look Fany….. when I told you .. I won’t turn you away no matter how dark it is…. I know clearly… you’re trying to change your way…. So… please let me in?
    I really mean it Fany-ah…. Even if you let me in to your life…..”
    Taeyeon said as she looked at the girl that she’s hugging that is now
    looking back at her with a puffy eyes.

    “Tae-Tae? Does it mean………..” Tiffany’s face lit up as she heard Taeyeon’s remark.

    “yeah Fany-ah….. I also love you…. no matter how dark your past is…. I don’t care….” Taeyeon said.

    “really? Even if I changed back into my assassin life style?” Tiffany asked.

    “I don’t mind Fany-ah…. As long as you’re with me…” Taeyeon said.

    “you mean you love me because you need me?” Tiffany asked again.

    But to Tiffany’s surprise, Taeyeon suddenly gave her a long passionate
    kiss which Tiffany also liked as she is longing to taste Taeyeon’s lips
    ever since she met her.

    “I love you Fany… because I want to be with you and in my life…..”
    Taeyeon said as she broke their kiss and this time, Tiffany cried but
    not in sadness but in happiness as she know Taeyeon is also feeling the
    same towards her.

    “unnie….. this is really waaaaaaaay better than the soap opera movies
    I’ve been watching in TV.” Jiyoung said which startled Taeyeon and
    Tiffany who is still hugging each other.

    As they looked at Jiyoung’s place, they also saw Sooyoung, Sunny and Jessica smiling at them.

    “go ahead and do your thing… don’t mind us….” Sooyoung said as she
    signaled Taeyeon and Tiffany to continue their kiss while still smiling.

    “YAH! I’ll kill you Sooyoungie!!!!” Tiffany shouted as she flails both
    of her arms and playfully chased Sooyoung and the rest of them watched
    Tiffany and Sooyoung ran around like kids playing tag.

    In the midst of all the fun happening, Taeyeon’s phone suddenly vibrated
    and as she looked at the caller ID it was Hyoyeon. Taeyeon signaled
    them to keep quiet before answering the call.

    “TAENG! Good grief you answered! don’t you know how worried I was?” Hyoyeon said to the other line.

    “yeah it’s nice to hear from you too Hyo….” Taeyeon said.

    “nevermind that……… listen… is Seohyun and Yoona there with you?” Hyoyeon asked straight to the point.

    “yeah? Why? Did something happened?” Taeyeon said as she noticed that Hyoyeon’s way of talking are somewhat worried.

    “well…. I’m also here in San Francisco…. And we’re on our way back to
    Seoul… apparently me and my team thought we could catch Kwon Yuri here
    but it seems were at a dead end….. listen……. Can we talk before me and
    my team heads back to Seoul?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “…sure… where?” Taeyeon replied.

    “well…… I guess I’m a little worried that I want to see you… and could
    you also please bring Yoona and Seohyun too? I just wanted to check
    them… I’ll be waiting at the McDonalds near the airport…” Hyoyeon said
    as she cuts the line.

    “Tae-Tae? who is it?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon while holding Sooyoung’s neck as if she’s choking the tall girl.

    “it’s my cousin… remember the one I told you that I have a cousin who is
    an agent? It’s her… Kim Hyoyeon…. And she wants to talk to me and bring
    Yoona and Seohyun along with me….” Taeyeon said.

    “… seems we were destined to meet again……….” Sunny said out of the blue which piqued all of their attention.

    “why’d you say that Sunny-ah?” Taeyeon asked. “you see……. Your cousin
    and I…….. we were former partners when were at the military services….
    I’m her sniper and she’s my spotter………. My guess is she just found out
    I’m now with Yuri all this time….” Sunny said.

    “then out of the blue another voice came in from the hallway located at
    the bedroom. “so what are you planning now Taeng?” It was Yuri.

    “I have no choice…….. I have to meet her……. but my worries is Yoona and
    Seohyun….. Seohyun might be in danger if you what you described about
    how the group works….. this is going to be a big risk..” Taeyeon said.

    “don’t worry… we’ll disguise ourselves… but for Tiffany… my guess is,
    she’ll be alright if she’s with you since your cousin don’t know she
    used to work for the “group”…. As you talk to your cousin, we’ll keep an
    eye out….” Sunny said as they prepared for their departure.

    Jessica hurriedly went towards Yuri. “how do you feel?” Jessica asked
    worriedly. “I’m fine… I’m sorry if I left you hanging last time… I’m too
    exhausted….” Yuri said as she smiled.

    “babo…. You have to make it up….” Jessica said as she pushed Yuri back
    inside the bedroom earning their litte private time before proceeding
    their plan to meet Hyoyeon.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 21 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 22

    On the way to meet Hyoyeon…. Taeyeon’s side…

    “Guys… we’re here… so what’s the plan?” Sunny said as she parked near
    the McDonald’s where they were supposed to meet Hyoyeon. Sunny took out a
    binoculars and spotted Hyoyeon sitting on the window side along with a
    short haired girl.

    “she’s there alright….” Sunny said. “ok listen up….we all know this will
    be dangerous since we have to assume that the “group” is already
    looking out for us.. and just as you said, my cousin don’t know Tiffany
    yet so… she’ll be with me… Yuri, Jessica, you two act like you two are
    dating……” Taeyeon stopped then smiled.

    “actually…. You two go on a date but at the same time don’t forget your
    roles…. Keep a look out… and since Sunny said there’s two of them, it
    means her three remaining team are scattered and on the look-out…. if
    you meet them. Don’t kill them, instead knock them out….. Jiyoung you
    stay here and just prepare the vehicle in case something goes wrong… I
    can assume you know how to start the engine right?” Taeyeon said and
    Jiyoung nodded.

    “Sooyoung…. You go with Sunny on the left side of the fast food be sure
    to keep it simple if you want to avoid my cousin…. Specially you
    Sunny…..” Taeyeon said.

    As Taeyeon looked at Seohyun and Yoona the two young girls looked back
    at them. “Hyunnie? Yoong? Let’s go meet my cousin shall we?” Taeyeon
    said and it surprised Taeyeon as Seohyun immediately clings on Tiffany’s
    arm while Yoona hugged Yuri’s waist.

    “you guys really became attached huh…” Taeyeon said as she smirked.

    “I’m sorry Yoong but you have to bear with it for a while…. Your Hyoyeon
    unnie wants to check on you both… don’t worry, your Tiffany unnie will
    keep an eye for you for the time being..” Taeyeon said as she stared at
    Tiffany and Tiffany nodded. Yoona slowly removed her arms around Yuri
    and hugged Seohyun instead.

    “alright…. lastly……. Siwon oppa gave this ear piece to us… be sure to
    set the frequency of channel 5.” Taeyeon said as she handed everyone of
    them the ear pieces.

    Mean while inside McDonalds

    “Cap? Are you sure they will come?” Nicole asked. “I know my cousin….
    She’ll come… but be sure to keep an eye out…. Seungyeon, Gyuri, are you
    two in position?” Hyoyeon answered as she contacted Gyuri and Seungyeon
    nearby and in disguise. Gyuri is disguised as a vendor in a stall that’s
    full of flowers and antique vases while Seungyeon is disguised as a
    cashier in the McDonalds.

    “nothing is suspicious here Cap…” Gyuri answered. “same here….” Seungyeon also answered.

    “Hara, what about you?” Hyoyeon answered. “hold on Cap… I just saw your
    cousin… along with her two adoptive sisters….. and there’s a lady with
    her…. I’m guessing… she’s her girlfriend?” Hara replied.

    “thanks… still..... keep an eye out….” Hyoyeon said as she cuts the
    conversation as soon as she saw Taeyeon along with Yoona, Seohyun and an
    unknown girl which is the first time she saw.

    As Taeyeon saw Hyoyeon and pointed at their seat, Tiffany on the other
    hand felt something is off and whispered to her earpiece. “be sharp
    guys….. something is off………” Tiffany said as she casually walked with
    Taeyeon. “What is it?” Yuri replied from the ear piece.

    “I just saw one on the flower shop and one sitting in a park nearby….
    Can I assume it was Tae-Tae’s cousin’s team?” Tiffany asked and Taeyeon
    also saw them.

    “it’s them alright…” Taeyeon said. “I’m glad we confirmed those two out
    here because………. I’m seeing more hostiles ready to pounce us….. five
    hiding on the parking area, three on that cigarette stand and four of
    them talking and disguised a common civilian… “ Tiffany said as they
    finally entered the fast food.

    “yo Taeng! Over here!” Hyoyeon waved at them.

    Unknown area, nearby the McDonalds, Parking area…

    “it looks like the info is correct, we got the bundle of packages in
    sight…. Requesting to move in..” an unknown man said as he received a go
    signal. Unknown to the man, he’s been spotted already by Tiffany.

    “so Taeng…. May I know your lady friend?” Hyoyeon asked. “oh.. Hyo… this
    is Tiffany… my girlfriend… and Fany-ah… this is my cousin… Kim
    Hyoyeon.. and the lady beside her is Nicole..” Taeyeon said as she
    Hyoyeon and Nicole offer a handshake to Tiffany and Tiffany returned
    their handshake.

    “so what's the call about Hyo? By the sound of your voice……. Something
    happened right? And I’m guessing it’s not good………” Taeyeon said.

    Hyoyeon fell silent for a while before decided to talk. “Taeng…… the
    reason I’m worried about you is……. Because of Seohyun and Yoona….
    something very bad happened…. Have you heard anything from Aunt Shin
    Young since you left her?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “well… the last thing I heard is uncle left him because of the maltreatment she’d done to us…” Taeyeon said.

    Hyoyeon nodded but then looked at Taeyeon with a serious face. “W-What?
    It’s not like leaving her would kill her Hyo…” Taeyeon said.

    “…………..Taeng………..Shin Young is dead ….. and according to the autopsy…
    she’s probably died seconds after you left….” Hyoyeon said which made
    Taeyeon and Tiffany quite shocked.

    Taeyeon was surprised to know Shin Young is dead but Tiffany thought
    otherwise. One thing came to her mind. It was the “Group” and Tiffany
    once again in full alert which Hyoyeon and Taeyeon noticed.

    “Tiffany? is everything alright?” Hyoyeon asked. “don’t mind me… I’ll go
    outside for some fresh air… and a smoke too…” Tiffany said as she stood
    up and to their surprise, Seohyun and Yoona clings on Tiffany, not
    leaving her side as they felt something is bound to happen as they go
    with Tiffany outside.

    “Taeng…. The reason I called you is because I want to place a security
    protection on you, Seohyun and Yoona… you see… by the time we arrived
    here, I was informed of Shin Young’s death and we immediately rushed to
    the scene…. And by the looks of it… you guys are the target…” Hyoyeon

    Taeyeon is confused at Hyoyeon’s deduction and Hyoyeon carefully
    explained all the details on how is Shin Young’s house status and the
    only clue they have is the shell casing and Taeyeon’s former room

    “I believe your life is in danger Taeng……” Hyoyeon said as she continued explaining her investigation to Taeyeon.

    Outside the McDonalds, Tiffany starts to lit up a cigarette when she noticed Seohyun is looking intensely at her.

    “is there something wrong Seohyun-ah?” Tiffany asked. “Fany-unnie….. you
    shouldn’t smoke….. it will kill you eventually….” Seohyun blurted out
    of the blue which made Tiffany chuckle a bit.

    “Don’t worry Hyunnie… it’s not like I’m a chain smoker…. I just smoke
    when I feel so tense…” Tiffany said as she puffed out a smoke on the
    direction of the window where Hyoyeon and Taeyeon as still having a

    As Tiffany puffed another smoke, something caught Yoona’s eyes and
    tugged Seohyun’s dress and pointed it out. Seohyun also noticed and also
    tugged Tiffany’s hand.

    “what is it Hyunnie?” Tiffany asked. “unnie? what’s that red line across
    the smoke?” Seohyun asked. As Tiffany saw what Seohyun is pointing at,
    she panicked as she know it was a laser sight and she quickly traced it
    and saw it was aimed at Taeyeon’s head.

    “SUNNY! GET TAE-TAE!!! SNIPER!!” Tiffany shouted as she grabbed Seohyun
    and Yoona and carried the two girls on her shoulder and ran towards the

    Sunny who is in the other side of McDonalds that is undercover with
    Sooyoung, didn’t bother whether if Hyoyeon will know her but as her
    priority is Taeyeon’s life. Sooyoung noticed Tiffany is running away
    with Yoona and Seohyun. As Sooyoung try to assess the situation, Sunny
    already dashed towards Taeyeon and as she look at Taeyeon, she noticed a
    laser sight aimed on Taeyeon’s head.

    “TAENG!! GET DOWN!!!” Sunny shouted, not caring if she will cause a
    commotion or if Hyoyeon will know her and just in a nick of time, three
    bullets went straight through the window and it hits one of the civilian
    in the chest and one bullet grazed Sunny in the arm.

    “Soonkyu?” Hyoyeon’s eyes widened to see Sunny and before Hyoyeon could
    ask another question, she was already dragged by Sooyoung out of her
    place and another three bullets came flying through the window on
    Hyoyeon’s position.

    Panic started as people knows someone is shooting. “S-Sunny-ah? Seohyun
    and Yoona? where are they?” Taeyeon asked as the four of them crouched
    down to hide from their unknown shooter.

    “Tiffany already moved them out of harm’s way…. I’m assuming she’s already taking them back to the van…” Sunny said.


    Hyoyeon, who is listening to Taeyeon also worries for the two maknaes
    and pulled out her gun. “Gyuri, Hara, we’re pinned down, we have an
    unknown sniper…. We have to assume it’s Kwon Yuri…” Hyoyeon said but to
    her surprise, Taeyeon suddenly grabs her at her collar.

    TIME!!” Taeyeon revealed and Hyoyeon was shocked.

    she can understand if Taeyeon is collaborating with Sunny since she know
    the short girl during their military days but it’s another case for
    Yuri. she only knew Yuri from the records that’s been given to her but
    Taeyeon’s expression says it otherwise.

    “Gyuri, Hara, scratch the last part…. If you saw Kwon Yuri….. work with
    her for the meantime…. And locate that freakin’ sniper!!” Hyoyeon said.

    Unknown to Hyoyeon, Hara smiled upon hearing Hyoyeon’s change of order
    because she don’t want to fight against Yuri the last time she the
    tanned girl in action.

    Gyuri who is in disguised as a flower shop vendor pulled out her gun.
    “On my way Cap…” Gyuri answered but as Gyuri is going to walk away from
    her position, she felt a gun on her head.

    “so you’re undercover eh? Too bad you’re going to be dead soon….” Gyuri heard a male voice and closed her eyes.

    Then she heard a sudden crash and looked behind her and saw Jessica
    holding a broken vase and her assailant is writhing in pain on the
    ground holding his head as Jessica hits him on the head.

    “Y-You’re Jessica Jung!” Gyuri said. “None other….” Jessica replied as
    she smiled and grabbed another vase that is much bigger and slams it
    hard on the man's head on the ground, knocking him out completely.

    “…right.. a vase saved my life….” Gyuri said.

    “Listen…. Your boss is in trouble… you should go help her….” Jessica
    said as she picked up the man’s gun and start running back to the van
    they used as she saw Tiffany is carrying Yoona and Seohyun back.

    “Where are you going?” Gyuri asked. “I’ve got to protect two kids……”
    Jessica replied as she start to run back. but before she could took a
    step, Gyuri grabbed her to the wrist. “Let me help you Jessica-ssi….”
    Gyuri said as she contacted Hyoyeon.

    “Cap! I’ll have to abort my position…. have Hara locate the Sniper….
    I’ve just located Jessica-ssi and her work is much more delicate… I have
    to help her protect your cousin’s sister….” Gyuri said and Hyoyeon gave

    Back at the McDonalds, Every costumers have left except for six people, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Sunny, Seungyeon and Nicole.

    “Damn it! we’re sitting ducks!” Hyoyeon said. as she tries to take a
    peek using a broken shard of mirror, the sniper quickly shoots it.
    Hyoyeon winced in pain as some of the broken glass shard wounded her

    “Forget it Hyoraengi….. this people are on another level and they’re not
    the ones that we’ve dealt before back in our military ops….” Sunny said
    as she holds her wound. “You’re bleeding!” Sooyoung said as she ripped a
    part of her shirt and tied it on Sunny’s wounded arm.

    “Thanks Youngie…” Sunny said.

    “Nicole? Where’s Nicole?!” Hyoyeon worriedly asks and as she roamed her
    eyes, she saw Nicole lying flat with face first on the floor and soaked
    around in blood. “oh my god….NICOOOLE!!” Hyoyeon shouted.

    “C-cap….i got hit pretty b-bad…..” Nicole said as she tries to look at
    Hyoyeon. Sunny saw blood coming out from Nicole but she can’t pinpoint
    where the wound exactly is.

    “Youngie….. cover me… I’ll retrieve that girl…” Sunny said as she
    prepares her stance Sooyoung crawled into one of the table and topple it
    sideways. “Sunny-ah! GO!!” Sooyoung shouted as she used the table to
    cover herself from the unknown shooter. As the shooter saw what Sooyoung
    did, they immediately riddled the table that Sooyoung used as a cover
    with bullets.

    As the first bullet hits the table, it went through. As Sooyoung notices
    it went through, she immediately jumped back to avoid the bullet. In a
    matter of seconds, the table is completely obliterated.

    “Sooyoung!” Taeyeon shouted as she pulled Sooyoung back with them. “Thanks Taengoo… that was close…” Sooyoung said.

    “my Gosh Taeng! What kind of people are after you?!” Hyoyeon asked.
    “Hyo… for now… just cooperate with us… you’ll get your answer if we make
    it out alive….” Taeyeon replied.

    “Sunny? Where’s my Sunny?!” Sooyoung asked. “I’m here Youngie….” Sunny
    replied and Sooyoung saw her and Nicole on the other side of the wall.

    “Are you hurt?” Sooyoung asked. “I’m fine Youngie… but we need to act
    fast or this girl will die in blood loss! she got hit in her abdomen
    area….. and she’s bleeding pretty bad!” Sunny said.

    Parking lot Area.

    Hara ran for cover as soon she heard the people starts to panic then she
    heard several shootings and she pulled out her gun. “Cap? What’s going
    on in there?” Hara asked but she got no answer from the other line.

    “Cap? Come in!” Hara asked again but still got no answer. In
    frustration, Hara pulled out her earpiece and threw it on the ground.
    “Aish… I’m on my own…” Hara said but as she tries to step out from her
    hiding spot, she noticed something is rolling slowly towards her on the

    As the object stopped rolling, her eyes widened and it was a frag
    grenade. “OH SH*T!!!” Hara cursed as she tries to jump back but it was
    too late. She was sent flying away because of the blast and sent her
    body slamming into another car.

    As Hara hits the car, she coughed up blood because of the force of
    impact. She heard several foots steps coming towards her. Hara knew it
    was the bad guys.

    Hara saw her gun few meters away from her. even with her whole body
    aching, she tries to crawl towards her gun but before she could even lay
    her hand on her gun, someone stepped on her reaching hand.

    “aaargh…” Hara winced in pain as she tries to look at the person who is
    stepping on her hand, where eyes widened as she saw two holes up close
    and personal. Hara knew it was a double barreled shotgun. Then it
    happened in a flash, the man who was aiming at Hara dropped
    unconsciously on the ground as something hits him.

    Hara saw several pieces of broken shards of a flower vase and then heard
    another group of foot steps came running towards her and it was Gyuri
    and Jessica.

    “HARA! What happened to you?” Gyuri asked as she kneeled down and
    supported Hara back on her feet but due to the force of impact, Hara is
    having trouble standing up. “Easy there.. I got you…” Gyuri said as she
    supported Hara up on her feet. But as they were going to run away a
    group of armed gangsters shows up and aimed at them.

    “FIRE!!!” one of the gangster said and they opened fire at the three of
    them. At the same time, a van blocked their way preventing the bullets
    to hit them. The side door slid open and it revealed Yuri fully geared

    “Sica, get them inside!” Yuri said as she stepped down from the van. Tiffany also went down fromm the driver seat.

    “What are you two doing?” Jessica asked. “we’re going to eliminate them
    all…” Tiffany answered Jessica’s question and cocked her desert eagle.
    Yuri pulled out her dual M1911 with suppressor and with an eye contact,
    Yuri and Tiffany separated ways as Yuri attacked the gangsters as she
    tries to go to the possible sniper’s position. Tiffany went back to the
    McDonalds to help the ones pinned down.

    Yuri Scenario

    “Fany-ah….. be sure to make them safe..” Yuri said to her earpiece. “no
    prob Yul…. just like old times huh?” Tiffany asked. “yeah old’ times….
    let’s do this!” Yuri said as she exposed herself from the back of the
    van’s side.

    Yuri ran as she lets out a couple of shots and hits two of the gangsters
    in the head. as they saw their companion dropped dead. They aimed at
    Yuri but Yuri already dashed towards them starts shooting back at them.
    As Yuri shoots non-stop, both of her arms starts to aim both forward and
    slowly she’s spreading her arms as she fires while running towards
    them. As Yuri’s clip emptied, all of the gangsters are dead.

    Yuri ejected the empty clip as she flicked her gun’s butt quickly slip a
    new ones. “Fany-ah… I’m heading to the possible snipers position. how’s
    your progress?” Yuri asked.

    “they’re too many than we ever imagined. I’m having hard time getting
    close….” Tiffany replied. “hang on… I’ll give you cover fire once I
    eliminate those snipers…” Yuri said. “Roger that…. while you’re at it….
    do it gracefully Yuwree…” Tiffany said and Yuri smiled. “yeah….

    Gyuri, who witnessed Yuri’s action were stunned and awed. “amazing…. She
    took all 20 of them in just ten seconds! What the hell is she?” Gyuri
    asked which Jessica heard and looked at Gyuri and smiled.

    “She’s my Yuri… my Seobang and I’m so damn proud of her…” Jessica said as she smiled at Gyuri.

    Tiffany Scenario

    “Damn it! there’s too many of them!” Tiffany hissed as she took cover on
    one of the car that is parked. “Tae-Tae! Come in!” Tiffany tried to
    call Taeyeon.

    “F-Fany-ah? Where are you?” Taeyeon replied. “I’m just right outside the
    parking lot! I can’t get close because there’s too many of them!”
    Tiffany said as she moved silently from one car to another.

    “Fany-ah better do something… Nicole… my Cousin’s team member is badly
    wounded…. If we don’t do something very soon, she’ll bleed out to
    death…” Taeyeon said. “and Sunny’s wounded too… not too serious but
    still…. Wounded.” Taeyeon added.

    “oh..i see……… tell them to wait for a while, Yuri is going to eliminate those snipers…” Tiffany said.


    hearing Sunny’s worried voice made an impact to Tiffany. Tiffany flared
    up and stood up casually and starts walking just like there’s no

    Tiffany saw one of the Group’s men starts to aim at her but Tiffany
    coldly aimed her desert eagle and shoots him right between the eye. As
    they saw their member dropped dead, they all looked at the direction
    where Tiffany is and saw her walking towards them slowly.

    Six of them aimed at her but Tiffany is much more faster than them.
    Tiffany shot their hands and all of them writhe in pain. Tiffany quickly
    slip another clip and as she walked past them, she shot them as if they
    were nothing. “hpmh a walk in a park….” Tiffany said as she ejected the
    empty clip again and slip another one.

    One member of the group were brave enough to attack Tiffany head on with
    a sword, but as soon he got close to Tiffany crouched down and charged
    at the man and managed to land a power straight punch on his groin.

    The man dropped down in the ground as he hold his groin and to his
    horror, Tiffany was already standing beside him and drive his own sword
    on his throat.

    Hyoyeon who is now watching Tiffany from the restaurant were speechless
    as her mouth is opened and so is Taeyeon, as this is her first time
    seeing Tiffany being a ruthless assassin as she noticed Tiffany’s
    expression were completely different like the ones she saw when they
    were in the university and on Shin young’s home.

    Sunny, who is now with them along with Nicole and Seungyeon, and
    Sooyoung smirked. “Taeng…is this your first time seeing Tiffany being
    like this?” Sooyoung asked and Taeyeon just nodded without taking her
    eyes off from Tiffany.

    “well…… get used to it Taeng………. You’ll be seeing more and more of that
    starting today….” Sunny said. Seungyeon were quietly listening to their
    conversation as she tries to keep Nicole awake and applying pressure on
    Nicole’s wound.

    As Tiffany is busy killing everyone on the parking lot, she didn’t notice one group member manage to circle behind her.

    As the man aimed his gun on Tiffany’s wide open back. Tiffany turned
    around and in an instant, three poison darts suddenly came flying
    hitting the man in the neck, chest and one on his eye and dropped dead.

    “amazing….. they were like….. 20 or more and yet she single handedly
    finished them?” Hyoyeon said. “you’ll be surprise if you know how she
    really works Hyoraengi….” Sunny said which made Hyoyeon more curious.

    “Yuwree? Are you finished yet?” Tiffany asked Yuri. “hold on… just one
    more…” Yuri replied which made Tiffany wonder. “one more? How many
    snipers are there?” Tiffany asked. “……12 of them…. And this is the last
    one…” Yuri replied as a gunshot can be heard from the other line.

    “that’s all of them……hold on………” Yuri said as she stopped. “what?”
    Tiffany replied. “…it looks like you don’t need any more back up huh?
    You nearly wiped them out…” Yuri said as she chuckle from the other

    “wait…. What the hell….. Fany-ah, get them out of there now! I can see
    through the scope that another batch is coming….” Yuri said. “Copy that
    Yul….. I’m heading over to Tae-Tae now…. they got someone badly
    injured…” Tiffany replied.

    “FANY-AH!!! GRENADES!!” Taeyeon shouted and as Tiffany looked in the air
    it was too late and the grenade were already coming towards her.

    And to her surprise, someone tackled her avoiding the explosion from the grenades. Tiffany looked who it was and it was Hyoyeon.

    “I know you’re wondering but if you and Yuri are protecting my cousin
    and her sisters…… I don’t mind getting away from this with you guys….
    And I need one of my member to be in medical attention…” Hyoyeon said
    and Tiffany smiled.

    “DEAL! let’s go!” Tiffany said as she helped Hyoyeon up and both of them ran towards the restaurant.

    Van Scenario

    “J-Jessica-ssi…. C-can you drive this van?” Jiyoung asked as she is
    hugging Yoona and Seohyun at the back of the van. “Sure… but can you use
    a gun?” Jessica replied as she also asked Jiyoung. “Jiyoung shook her

    “is that so…. Then you drive!” Jessica said. “YAH! But you also can’t
    use a gun!” Jiyoung retorted. “I know! at least I’m trying to learn by
    myself! Now get behind the steering wheel and drive!” Jessica said and
    she pulled Jiyoung and forcefully let her drive.

    “why did I deserve to be next to her…” Jiyoung said as she faked a
    crying face while Jessica fired back on the oncoming new batch of
    assailants from an incoming vehicle. As Jessica is still not used in
    handling the recoil of a gun, she was sent back on Jiyoung as she fired a

    But a begginer’s luck occurred and Jessica’s first shot manage to hit
    the tire of an oncoming vehicle and cause it to swerve dangerously and
    eventually was sent it rolling on the ground, killing everyone inside.

    “YES!” Jessica cheered as she pumped her fist in the air.

    “…begginer’s luck…” Jiyoung said as she smiled and starts the engine of the van.

    As also not used on driving, Jiyoung made several crashes along the
    walls and parked cars and also ending up ramming some properties in the
    parking lot.

    “YAH! We’re not riding a bump car Jiyoung-ah!!” Jessica shouted.

    “Mianhe Jessica-ssi… as I was saying.. I.DON’T.KNOW.HOW.TO.DRIVE!!” Jiyoung replied which made Gyuri from the back chuckle.

    “you two are an amazing duo you know that…” Gyuri said as she is now
    supporting not only Hara but Yoona and Seohyun as well at the back of
    the van.

    Jiyoung glared at Gyuri by looking at her on the rear view mirror while Jessica turned around and stared at Gyuri.

    “H-Hey I didn’t mean it in a negative way… I can see you two have great
    promise…” Gyuri said hoping the duo would buy Gyuri way out and
    amazingly it did.

    Several turns and crashes, Jiyoung managed to get in front of the Mc
    Donald’s and once there, they helped Sunny and Nicole board the van.

    “Everyone inside?” Taeyeon asked. But before anyone could answer, one of them suddenly surprised them.

    “DON’T MOVE!” it was Seungyeon.

    “S-Seungyeon?” Hyoyeon asked in confusion. “give me the sick girl and
    I’ll let you walk away unscathed.” Seungyeon said as she aimed her gun
    at them.

    “S-Seungyeon-unnie…. what…what are you doing?” Nicole tried to talk and ending up coughing up blood.

    “it means… she a spy from the group that’s planted on your team Hyo….” Taeyeon said as she stared angrily at Seungyeon.

    “N-NO! It isn’t what you think! i………. I just need the girl to free my family from the “Group’s” hand!!” Seungyeon said.

    “Seungyeon…. Don’t be rash….. look we can make up a plan to save you
    family’s life from their………” as Hyoyeon tries to reason out with

    “GIVE HER TO ME! NOW!!” Seungyeon shouted as she aimed her gun at Seohyun’s face.

    Then something snapped at Tiffany for seeing a gun pointed at Seohyun’s face and saw the youngest girl scared out of her wits.

    SEOHYUN’S FACE!!!” Seungyeon was sent flying out of the back of the van
    as Tiffany kicked Seungyeon in the side of her face and rolled down on
    the ground.

    As Tiffany were back at her ruthless self, she pulled out a four syringes with different kinds of poisons.

    But as Tiffany was going to throw it to Seungyeon, she felt someone hugged her in her waist and saw Seohyun crying.

    “Tiffany….” Taeyeon said and closed the van’s side door and they all left in a hurry leaving Seungyeon unconscious on the ground

    and in just a matter of moment, the group arrived and helped Seungyeon
    up. “so…. It seems you failed in getting the girl as well…..” a male
    voice spoke.

    “you know the consequence…… I don’t need a failure inside my “Group”…..”
    the man said as he ordered to pick Seungyeon up and tied her hands
    behind her.

    “I guess I have no choice then…. I’ll be sending you too to join our family…. HAHAHAHAHAHA” the man said.

    “N-No! you promised you’ll never touch them until I get the girl!!” Seungyeon cried as she was informed that her family is dead.

    “hmm? I guess I got bored of waiting…. I enjoy watching them writhe in
    pain as I stab them just to enjoy myself…” the man said as he laughed.
    “lock her up…. we’ll bring her to Mexico…. I’ll enjoy torturing her….”
    the man smirked as he disappeared from Seungyeon’s sights.

    Back at the van, on their way to escape.......

    Seohyun cried herself to sleep and still hugging Tiffany. “Tae-Tae…. She
    must’ve been scared….” Tiffany said. Taeyeon looked at Tiffany and saw
    her girlfriend is now totally a different person than earlier she saw

    Taeyeon smiled and took a look at Gyuri who is supporting Hara. “how is
    she holding up?” Taeyeon asked Gyuri. “her whole body is sore…. due to
    the force of impact from the grenade she experienced…. But she’ll
    live..” Gyuri replied with all respect to Taeyeon and she turned to look
    at Hyoyeon who is now looking lost and confused.

    “Hyo?....... is something bothering you?” Taeyeon asked.

    “…….i don’t know anymore Taeng….. I don’t know which side to choose
    from……… all this time I was chasing Kwon Yuri around… I was blinded by
    it to capture her and I never noticed that someone from my team is
    working with the enemy…. I’ve putted my entire team in danger…..”
    Hyoyeon said as she dropped her head on her knee and starts sobbing.

    “C-cap…. Don’t cry……… it…… it doesn’t suit…………you….” Nicole tried to talk and again, ending up coughing up blood.

    “Nicole!” Hyoyeon called but the wounded girl just smiled and fell unconscious.

    “Don’t you dare go out on me Nicole….you hear me? DON’T YOU DARE GO OUT ON ME!” Hyoyeon shouted as she clenched her fist.

    Sunny who is watching the whole scene felt her heart dropped as this is the first she saw her former friend shed a tear.

    “Youngie………….” Sunny looked at the tall girl sleeping beside her.
    Jessica also heard what happened and asked Yuri. “Yul………… can we……. Can
    we do anything? I don’t want to let that girl die…” Jessica said.

    Yuri kept quiet as her on the other hand, was building up in anger. She
    did not want anymore life to be in danger. She wanted to return the
    favor to Nicole and one person popped from her mind that made her seat
    beside Jiyoung who is silently driving and starts to get a hang of it.

    “Jiyoung-ah….. stay away from the airport…. Turn left over here….” Yuri
    said as Jiyoung didn’t asked a question about it and obeyed Yuri’s
    orders. All of them were shock that Yuri turned the van away from the

    “Yuwree? What’s wrong?” Tiffany asked. “…….. I want to save Nicole…..”
    Yuri answered bluntly. “but where are we going?” Sooyuong asked.

    “Someone I know………..Jiyoung after that junction, the first path that you
    will see on the right, go inside it….” Yuri said and Jiyoung also

    4 minutes have passed Jiyoung saw the path that Yuri was talking about
    and noticed that there was no paved road. “Yuri-ssi…. Are you sure this
    is the right way?” Jiyoung asked.

    “100% sure Jiyoung….just go… we don’t have much time…” Yuri said as she
    Jiyoung trusted Yuri’s words and entered the path that clearly buried in

    “Yuwree? This place is sure creepy….” Tiffany said as she observed the
    woods and starts to get creeped out as it is already almost midnight.

    Several moments later they saw and old house buried deep inside the
    woods but to their surprise, even though it’s old, it still looks like
    anyone can actually live in side. As they got near the gate Yuri asked
    Jiyoung to stop.

    “you guys wait here………..” Yuri said as she got out of the van. They
    observed Yuri ringing a doorbell from the gate and they saw Yuri is
    talking to someone from the intercom.

    Several minutes later, they saw the gate opened and Yuri signaled
    Jiyoung to drive inside the house. As Jiyoung drove the van inside all
    of them were awed at the place a it was side enough for many people to
    live in.

    Yuri ordered Jiyoung to park the van in front of the main door of the
    house and as the van stopped, a short haired woman came out along with
    three other ladies.

    “Seriously Kwon Yuri……….. if I don’t owe you a favor…… I wouldn’t help
    you with anything….. specially you’re asking me to treat a police
    officer….” The woman said.

    “please unnie……. that girl saved my life…. I just want to repay the favor….” Yuri replied.

    The woman examined Nicole and immediately ordered her assistants.
    “Ga-in, prepare the medical room, Jea, get a blood pack from my medical
    supplies…..wait…… what’s her blood type again? The woman stopped and
    asked Yuri.

    Yuri turned around and looked at Hyoyeon for some answers. “her blood
    type is A…” Hyoyeon answered weakly and not letting go of Nicole’s hand.

    “thanks…..Jea. do we still have Type A?” the woman asked. “plenty of
    it…. I’ll prepare it right away…” the woman answered and hurriedly
    dashed away.

    “Miryo, be sure to help Ga-In, you two will be helping me on this one……” the woman said.

    “And by the way Yuri-ah…….. you and your friends can take a rest……
    seeing your bulletproof get-away vehicle is riddled with bullet holes…..
    you’ve been through a lot…. And to make things worst… you even bought a
    kids with you………… help yourself on the living room and I’ll inform you
    guys after I finish treating this girl… and Jea, while we’re treating
    this one, I’ll let you handle that other girl who’s having a hard time
    standing up due to the explosive impact from a frag grenade…” the woman
    said as she starts walking inside.

    “she can tell only by looking at her?” Gyuri said as she lets the woman named Jea helped her to bring Hara on the other room.

    As they were waiting, Hyoyeon finally fell asleep on the couch due to
    the pressure and stress, Tiffany and Taeyeon also fell asleep with
    Seohyun who is now calmed down between them. Jiyoung, Sunny and Sooyoung
    are also down for the count and also Jessica is asleep while hugging
    Yoona in her arms, except Yuri.

    Seeing that they were able peacefully rest, she decided to step outside
    and feel the midnight breeze. As she was feeling the midnight breeze,
    one person kept ringing on her mind. It was Seungyeon. She knew
    Seungyeon didn’t mean to betray them.

    Yuri think hard as she scratched her head. “…………………..aish…… that stupid
    girl…. making a deal with a group… in exchange for her family’s life….”
    Yuri muttered.

    “I figured you’d be here….” A voice came from behind, Yuri turned around and saw Hyoyeon.

    “it seems I misjudged you Kwon Yuri………….” Hyoyeon said but Yuri didn’t answer and turned her back on the detective.

    “how are you holding up?” Yuri asked as she looked up in the night sky.

    “…….anxious…. and worried….” Hyoyeon replied and still looking at Yuri.

    “about Nicole?” Yuri asked and Hyoyeon nodded.

    “can I ask you something?” Hyoyeon asked. “why do you want to save Nicole?” Hyoyeon asked in full curiosity.

    “she saved my life once….. and Yoona’s…. I wanted to return the favor…” Yuri answered briefly.

    “can I state some speculation detective?” Yuri asked as she’s still staring up in the night sky.

    “…..Hyo….call me Hyoyeon….” Hyoyeon said which made Yuri looked straight to her.

    “Ok….Hyo….. your member….the one betrayed you…….” Yuri said. “you mean Seungyeon?” Hyoyeon said as anger sparks in her eyes.

    “I don’t think she meant it….” Yuri said.

    “I don’t care….. she betrayed me…. even put Nicole in that state… and
    Hara was almost killed……. I can bet the incident at the Hotel back in
    Seoul where Miss Jung was staying…. It was her doing…..” Hyoyeon said as
    she clenched her fist.

    “oh… you mean the fake police bodyguards? Yeah that’s her alright….” Yuri coldly answered.

    “how did you know?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “…….i used to worked for them……..i know how they work…… anyway….. I’m going to save her whether you like or not……” Yuri said.

    “wait………. Can I ask you another question?” Hyoyeon called Yuri which made the tanned girl stop on her tracks.

    “that doctor friend of yours…. What’s her name?” Hyoyeon asked. “………..
    Park Hyojin….. but call her Narsha… she’s war Vet medical team….. back
    in her old days….” Yuri said as she went back inside the house leaving
    Hyoyeon alone in her thoughts.

    “Kwon Yuri…………… who are you really………… a friend? Or a foe?” Hyoyeon thought to herself….

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 22 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 23

    4:00 A.M.

    Morning have arrived and all of them are waking up one by one except for Yuri and Hyoyeon, who is not with them. “Hyo?” Taeyeon called as she rubbed her eyes and couldn’t find her cousin. “Tae-Tae? What’s wrong?” Tiffany asked.

    “nothing… just stay here, I’ll go look for my cousin….” Taeyeon said. Taeyeon left the group to find her cousin and she found Hyoyeon sleeping near the Medical room.

    Taeyeon noticed the black circle around Hyoyeon’s eyes and smiled. “…you must’ve been worried sick aren’t you…” Taeyeon muttered to herself. Gyuri followed Taeyeon, and still wrapped around her.

    “Miss Kim….” Gyuri called. Taeyeon turned around to see Gyuri. “…..i’d like to extend my thanks…. For saving my Cap and my team…. But I also apologize for Seungyeon…. We didn’t know that she was working for the enemy…” Gyuri said but Taeyeon just smiled and signaled the half sleep girl.

    “can I borrow your blanket for a while?” Taeyeon asked and Gyuri complied. As Taeyeon got the blanket, Taeyeon removed Hyoyeon’s gun holster and wrapped the blanket around Hyoyeon.

    “she’s worried sick for you team mate….” Taeyeon said as she stood up. “….who wouldn’t Miss Kim…. We were totally caught off guard…..this is………. This is the first time we experienced something like this….” Gyuri replied.

    “is that so?... well… this is also the first for me also……….. speaking of which… how is the girl with you?” Taeyeon asked. “you mean Hara?... she’s doing better……. I guess we really owe you and your friends…” Gyuri said but Taeyeon shook her head.

    “… don’t thank me………. thank Yuri…… so far, she’s the one who is doing most of the work….” Taeyeon said as she smiled at Gyuri and patted her shoulder before heading back to the living room.

    “Kwon Yuri huh……. You’re more than meets the eye….” Gyuri said as she chuckle a bit and sat beside Hyoyeon.

    Thirteen minutes later, the light on the ER room turned off and Narsha came out. as if Hyoyeon felt her she woke up instantly and stood like an attentive soldier. “how is she Doc?” Hyoyeon said.

    Narsha was startled a bit then returned to her usual manner. “it’s been a while since the last time I handle a delicate operation like that….” Narsha said as she slumped at the set of chairs nearby.

    Hyoyeon and Gyuri were anxious at Narsha’s answer. “…….she’ll live…. Don’t worry….” Narsha said as she smiled. Hearing a good news made Gyuri smile and lets out a sigh of relief but she noticed Hyoyeon is standing still.

    “Cap? Aren’t you happy?” Gyuri asked but then the next thing surprised her as she saw a tears came out from Hyoyeon’s eyes and she noticed that her leader is letting out a tears of joy silently.

    Narsha who is witnessing everything secretly smiled. “you can visit her later…. For now take your rest…. I’ll inform you all if she’s ready to see you all….” Narsha said and Hyoyeon and Gyuri nodded.

    Living Room

    All of them are now awake and Gyuri and Hyoyeon came back with a smile on their faces.

    “do I even need to ask?” Sunny said as she smiled at Hyoyeon but Hyoyeon smiled. “she’s fine… the doc will inform us later on when we can visit her later…” Gyuri said as she ushered Hyoyeon into one of the couch.

    As soon Hyoyeon laid down comfortably, she fell asleep instantly in a seconds. “come on… let’s give her peaceful rest… she’s been up all night long waiting for Nicole’s results…” all of them looked where the voice originated from and it was from Yuri.

    As Yoona saw Yuri, she immediately went towards the tanned girl and holds Yuri’s hand. Yuri was startled at Yoona’s action but the most surprised of them all was Taeyeon. Never once, since Yoona moved in with Taeyeon’s family, did that kind of act.

    Yuri who is now recovered from the shock smiled and carried Yoona out in the front yard of Narsha’s house.

    “hey Yoong…. How are you feeling?” Yuri asked Yoona. even though Yuri knew Yoona’s sickness, Yuri happily smiled at the sight of Yoona in her arms. Sooyoung, Sunny and Tiffany were watching the two.

    “….it feels like I’m seeing Kwon Family again guys…” Tiffany said. “yeah…… it’s like their reunion…” Sunny added.

    Sooyoung, who is also happy with the rare scene just smiled. “come on you guys…. You’re making me cry here….” Sooyoung said which made Sunny and Tiffany chuckle. “awww….. did my lovely shikshin getting all softy now?” Sunny teased.

    “yah! It’s not like that…. you know Yoona back then right? I’m just remembering that one… I miss her calling me her “shikshin unnie”….. thanks to that eye smiling person beside you…” Sooyoung said as she wipe away her tears while smiling.

    “yeah…I know what you mean… I also miss her calling me Bunny unnie….” Sunny said as she patted Sooyoung’s back and went back inside to join the rest. Tiffany who is left alone continues to stare at Yuri and Yoona and smiled then stared up in the clear sky.

    “Yoong….. wherever you are….. your unnie is happy again…….. Yoong…. I also miss you so much since you said to me that I’m your second best unnie….. I miss you Yoong….. your smile…. Your cheerful personality….” Tiffany said as she’s still looking up in the sky.

    Tiffany didn’t notice that Yoona is close to her. Yoona tugged Tiffany’s shirt a couple of times before Tiffany notices her.

    “oh Yoona! what is it?” Tiffany crouched down to see Yoona in the younger girl’s eye level. Yoona’s expression didn’t change but she stretched out both of her arms and her hands are clasped together as if she’s holding inside her hand.

    Tiffany understood that the younger girl wanted to give her something and she placed her hand under Yoona’s hands.

    “Thank you Yoona…” Tiffany said as she felt the thing dropped from Yoona’s hand. “you’re so swee…..EEEEYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! BUL-LE! BUL-LE! BUL-LE! BUL-LE! BUL-LE! BUL-LE!” Tiffany screamed as she throws away the bug that Yoona gave her.

    It just happened in a flash Tiffany made her way to the kitchen like a lightning and clings on Taeyeon as she shiver in fear.

    Yuri who witnessed Tiffany’s reaction couldn’t stop laughing as she is the mastermind for pranking Tiffany via Yoona.

    “HAHAHAH THE GREAT TIFFANY HWANG IS STILL SCARED OF BUGS!!!” Yuri laughed hard from the front yard. As Tiffany heard Yuri laughed she knew Yuri is the mastermind. And dashed towards the front yard.

    “YAH! KWON YUWREE!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!” Tiffany pouted in anger. Yuri who is almost in tear because of excessive laughter tries to calm down.

    “hahahah Re-Relax… I’m just trying to lighten up the day Fany-ah… hahaha Mianhe… hahaha” Yuri said as she still laughs.

    “yah! That’s it! this is the last straw!!” Tiffany said as she dashed towards Yuri and gave Yuri a spinning turning kick. Yuri saw it and managed to block the kick by catching Tiffany in the ankle.

    “F-Fany-ah it’s just a joke…” Yuri said nervously as she noticed Tiffany’s expression is too serious. “you know I hate bugs and yet you still did it, and to make things much worst, you used Yoona..” Tiffany said as free her foot from Yuri’s hold.

    “like I said Fany-ah, it’s just a joke!” Yuri said as she changed her stance into a defensive position. Tiffany didn’t answer and threw a punch on Yuri with her left fist and Yuri evaded it simply.

    “look I said I’m sorry!” Yuri said as she tries to calm down Tiffany. with the commotion happening outside, all of them went to front yard and saw Tiffany and Yuri fighting.

    “FANY-AH!!” Taeyeon shouted. “YURI-AH!” Jessica shouted also but as both of them are going to stop the two of them, Sooyoung and Sunny held them. “don’t…. just let them be….” Sooyoung said.

    “what’s the big idea doing that Yuwree? Even if it IS a joke, it’s not funny!” Tiffany said as she threw another punch at Yuri.

    Yuri saw her fist coming and again she simply evaded it but as Tiffany’s arms passed through Yuri’s head, the tanned girl grabbed Tiffany’s arms and managed to do an overhead Judo throw and Tiffany was sent flying on the opposite direction.

    But before Tiffany landed on the ground, she twisted her body a bit and managed to land on the ground on her feet, crouched down.

    “yah! You cannot defeat me like that Yuwree!” Tiffany smiled. Taeyeon noticed Tiffany’s anger is now gone and to her point of view, it’s like she’s watching Tiffany and Yuri sparring with each other.

    “is that the way they usually start their sparring?” Taeyeon asked which made Sunny and Sooyoung surprised. Surprised because only the two of them know how Yuri and Tiffany starts a sparring session by teasing each other.

    “Taengoo…. You’re scaring me with your observation really….” Sooyoung said as she lets out a small laugh as they watched Yuri and Tiffany spar with each other.

    “yeah.. that’s how they start it or else it wouldn’t be serious…..” Sunny said.

    “Come on Yuwree! Show me what you got!! If I win I’ll buy a Mickey mouse plushie then I’ll tie you tightly in a tree then I’ll slowly decimate that plushie right before your eyes…” Tiffany said as she smirked.

    “…you wouldn’t dare…..” Yuri said as she became serious.

    “Mickey mouse?” Jessica asked. “yeah…. Yuri’s favorite…. For a professional assassin… it must’ve been new to you to know one of Yuri’s weakness…..” Sunny replied to Jessica. “and let me guess………. Tiffany is afraid of bugs?” Taeyeon added and Sooyoung and Sunny nodded in unison.

    Back in the front yard, Tiffany teased Yuri by taking out a mickey mouse picture from her pocket. “Yuwree…. Do you see what this is?” Tiffany said as she flashed Mickey’s picture in front of Yuri.

    “give me that Fany-ah….” Yuri said but as Yuri stepped forward to get the picture, Tiffany smirked and instantly ripped Mickey’s picture.

    “YAH!! THAT’S UNCOUNTED FOR!!!” Yuri shouted as she angrily charge at Tiffany. Yuri threw a kick in Tiffany’s face but Tiffany smirked and parried Yuri’s kick but the tanned girl’s attack didn’t stop at that kick.

    As Tiffany parried Yuri’s left foot, the tanned girl did a back flip and crouched down. Tiffany saw it as a chance and dashed at the tanned girl but as soon Tiffany were in close proximity to Yuri, the tanned girl did another back flip, hitting Tiffany in the jaw with her foot.

    “ouch! That hurts damn it!” Tiffany said and Yuri just smirked. “that’s for ripping Mickey’s picture in front of me….” Yuri said. Seeing Tiffany distracted by the pain, the tanned girl charged at Tiffany and threw another punch but Tiffany ducked instantly leaving Yuri wide open and managed to land an uppercut.

    “ARE YOU CRAZY!! I COULD’VE LOOSE A TOOTH!!” Yuri said as she hold her jaw and this time Tiffany smirked. “that’s for tricking me on holding a bug…” Tiffany said and both of them stared with both seriousness on their face.

    Hyoyeon who is now awake and witnessed the abnormal sparring between two assassins, were awed. “wow….. they’re really going at it…” Hyoyeon said as she watched and Sunny heard it. “that’s their way… they don’t want friendly sparring between those two instead, they wanted their sparring to be… much more realistic like they’re going at each other’s throat.” Sunny explained and Taeyeon understands the logic.

    “will it be possible for us to do it too?” Taeyeon asked which surprises everyone who is watching. “well it’s not like I’m interested…. I mean there will be a time when Yuri and Tiffany are not with us so we have to assume to be prepared….we can’t rely on them all the times…” Taeyeon said.

    “….yeah we could but……….. are you sure Taeng? This isn’t your any normal training like the ones you saw on TV or heard in a stories….. those two really went through a lot…. And when I saw a lot….. and I mean…A LOT…” Sunny said. “it’s not like we have a choice guys……. Besides…. Sica’s been begging you guys to teach her how to use a gun…” Taeyeon said as she chuckle and looked at Jessica sitting inside the living room, not caring anything in the world as she’s still sleeping.

    “really……… how many hours does it take for her to sleep….” Sooyoung said as she scratches her head.

    “Fany-ah… say sorry for ripping Mickey’s picture in front of me….” Yuri said as she changed her stance into offensive position. “ANIYO! you say sorry first for making me hold a bug!” Tiffany retorted as she also changed her stance into offensive position.

    “I guess this will be the last blow…. FANY-AH!!!” Yuri shouted as she charged at Tiffany full speed. “YURI-AH!!!” Tiffany shouted as she also charged at Yuri with also full speed.

    Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Gyuri witnessed the scene. As the two girls were both dead serious in ending their sparring / feud, all of them hold their breath to see who will win as they both watch the two girls throw a punch at the same time and both of them hits their face at the same time and also dropped on the ground at the same time.

    Worried, all of them ran towards Yuri and Tiffany but as soon they got close, they stopped as they saw both Yuri and Tiffany were laughing at each other while catching their breaths.

    “heheh…. I guess…….. you still……. Got the……..moves……*pant pant*……….. I thought……… you’ve gone……….soft…… since……..*pant pant* you have……. A girlfriend Fany-ah……….. heheheh” Yuri said while still lying flat on the ground while smiling.

    “same goes for you Yuwree…*pant pant* I thought………’ve gone…….. rusty………… with all……… that runnings and…………..escapings…………… hahahaha…… and I …………….also want…………… to know…………. if you…………. *pant pant* still………… got it………….. after meeting…………… your second sister……… hahaha” Tiffany said which made Yuri look at her.

    “Second…….. sister? *pant pant*” Yuri asked and Tiffany turned her head and pointed at Yoona who is sitting beside Yuri.

    “don’t hide it………….. from me Yuwree…..” Tiffany said as she sat up and stared back at Yuri. “I can see…… you’re “back” from being you again….” Tiffany said as she smiled.

    Yuri sat up and looked at Yoona. “if you want to take care of her Yuri…. I’d be happy if you really wanted to…” Taeyeon spoke and she walked behind the ill girl and pushed her gently towards the tanned girl.

    “but…. She’s been with you for how many years Taeng… it’s just……… I’m going to feel bad for taking her with me just like that…” Yuri replied.

    And to their surprise, Yoona suddenly hugged Yuri and buried her face on the tanned girl’s chest. “…..Y-Yoona?” Yuri called but the ill girl didn’t budge.

    “I guess you can’t argue with the result Yuri…….. and besides…. I can see she’s fully interacting with you rather than us….. perhaps you’re the one she needed in order to cure her illness…” Taeyeon said.

    “….. I promise Taeng…… I won’t let you down….. I’ll take care of her as my own too… just like you did before you met us…” Yuri said as she ruffles Yoona’s hair. As Yuri ruffles Yoona’s hair, goosebumps started to run up on Yuri’s spine as the ill girl playfully pushed her hand away from her hair…… just like her real sister did when she was still alive.

    “OKAY GUYS! SPARRING WATCHING TIME IS OVER!!! BREAKFAST IS READY!!!” Narsha shouted as she calls them.

    Dining area..

    “really at first I thought you guys are really going to kill each other earlier….” Gyuri said. “….we are….” Yuri coldly replied which made Gyuri, Hyoyeon, Jiyoung, Taeyeon, Jessica and Hara startled at Yuri’s response.

    “F-Fany-ah? Are you two really…” as Taeyeon is going to asked Tiffany replied. “…yes we really are going to kill each other…” Tiffany said as she smiled stunned the five girls that did not know their sparring system.

    Sooyoung and Sunny chuckled. “come on you guys…. If you’re going to answer like that… they might misinterpret every words that you’re saying…” Sooyoung said as she put a spoonful of rice on her mouth

    “so let me get this straight……… you mean you two are really going to spar? But at the same time you’re going to kill each other?” Hyoyeon said as she took a sip from her coffee.

    “we sure am…..” Yuri replied. “….i’m getting confused now….” Gyuri said as she frowned. “AHEM! Allow me to explain….” Narsha butted in on their conversation.

    “the real thing is…. They really are going to spar BUT… in order to make their sparring more efficient… they need reason or purpose to make their sparring more…. Serious… unlike the ones you saw at the movies or sometimes on a gyms…. Those kind of sparring are just simple and scripted… yeah you feel pain but the difference is… you know your opponent will not kill you…. sure you can use it to protect yourselves but have you ever wandered that even though some of them use it for self defense, when they get injured, they’re down for the count don’t they?” Narsha said.

    “I think I get the whole point Narsha unnie, by making the spar realistic…. It will also fortify your mentality as you will remember the pain the you have to experience…. And at the same time… it will also heightens your adaptability on the danger that’s coming before you am I right?” Taeyeon said which made everyone looked at her.

    “what? I’m just merely saying what I’ve learned!” Taeyeon said. “now we’re convinced that you really are a leader type Taeng…..” Sunny said. “you’re leading them Taeng?” Hyoyeon asked surprisingly.

    “well….i guess you could say that….. and in case you still don’t know Hyo……. Before Yuri’s case exploded in headlines…. I’m already IN the mess to begin with… you see….. the “group” is after Yoona….. and the reason she’s sick like that is because her Appa stored something important on her brain and the negative side effect caused that…. but we can’t blame her Appa…. because her Appa is an inventor…. Siwon oppa managed to get one invention from the flash disk that……… Yuri’s cousin sacrificed her life for……” Taeyeon paused and looked at Yuri and saw the tanned girl looked down silently then walked out silently also.

    “Yuwree?” Tiffany called the but tanned girl disappeared from their sights. As Tiffany is going to go after Yuri, Jessica stopped her. “Tiff……. Give her some time alone…. This is a sensitive topic for her…… but everyone needs to know what we’re dealing with…. I’ll handle Yuri later….” Jessica said as she signaled Taeyeon to continue.

    “…Sorry about that….. as I was saying…. That flash disk contains some data and one of Professor Im’s invention is a device which will allow you to go back time….” Taeyeon said.

    “oh come on Taeng.. don’t give me that “time machine” bull crap! it’s not true….” Hyoyeon said.

    “it is……… Hyo there’s also a recording of a footage and Sica and I saw it and apparently… it works…. And then the day before Professor Im’s murder, he destroyed the device and implanted all his work into his daughter’s brain……Yoona… and the result to her is.... the Apathy syndrome....” Taeyeon said and all of them fell silent.

    “But why did the group also want to kill you Tae-Tae?” Tiffany asked. “well… they assumed that I may know something about it that’s why they wanted to kill me….” Taeyeon said.

    As Taeyeon continues to explain, Hyoyeon’s mind are on a different route as one person is running on her mind…….. Yuri.

    “…..Kwon Yuri….. what the hell really happened to you….. your sister is dead and you cousin sacrificed her life for a Data….. what the hell is going on….” Hyoyeon thought to herself as she continued to listen to Taeyeon’s explanation.

    After a couple of hours, Ga-In walked in and informed everyone about Nicole. All of them were concerned at Nicole as all of them hurriedly have gone to visit Nicole, except for one person. Yuri who has gone out earlier.

    “Hi everyone…..” Nicole greeted as she weakly smiled. “babo…. You had me…….. US worried…. We thought you’re a goner….” Hyoyeon said as she held Nicole’s hand.

    “oh…. I’m sorry……. To make everyone so worried…. It’s just were caught off guard….” Nicole said as she try to sit.

    “whoa… easy there hotshot…. Don’t try to move or you’ll open your wound…. I say you should sit still….” Narsha said.

    Nicole looked at Narsha and weakly smiled. “Thank you Doc for saving my life…..” Nicole said. “…..i appreciate it… but if you want to thank someone…. You should give your thanks for Kwon Yuri… she’s the one that brought you here….” Narsha said.

    But as they look around, Yuri is nowhere in sight. “Where’s Yuri?” Taeyeon asked. None of them answered as none of them saw where the tanned girl went.

    “don’t worry about her…. she’ll turn up eventually…. I know and she wouldn’t leave an injured person without saying anything…” Tiffany said.

    “oh by the way… I’ve been itching to ask this one Tiffany….” Hyoyeon asked. “hmm? What is it?” Tiffany replied.

    “Back at the fast food…. how come Yuri managed to find those 12 snipers so quickly?” Hyoyeon saked and Tiffany chuckled.

    “it’s like a kid’s game for Yuwree, really........... like playing hide and seek? You see… those snipers back there were pro’s….. but to Yuwree…. They’re just amateurs to her. Yuwree can spot a perfect sniping position … and so that’s the reason she managed to find those snipers very quickly…” Tiffany said.

    “but what about her Tiff?” Jessica curiously asked. “oh don’t worry about her Jessi….. once Yuri finds her sniper’s hiding spot….. you won’t tell the difference if she’s hiding there or not….” Tiffany answered. which made all of them wondered except for Sooyoung and Sunny, they all wondered, what kind of training Yuri did.

    “Anyway… even though we’re not in the hospital and we’re in my house…. Hospital rules are still in effect so… visiting time is over…. My patient needs some rest…. And since all of you have nothing to do…. Feel free to wander around…… in the mean time…… I’d like to have a word with Miss Kim here if you don’t mind…” Narsha said and all of them agreed.

    Jessica returned back to the living room and as usual, to get some shut eye and to their surprise, Yoona walked towards the blonde girl which also surprise them. Yoona stretched both of her arms as if she wanted Jessica to cuddle her. Jessica smiled at Yoona and granted the ill girl’s request and as she Jessica cuddles Yoona in her arms, both of them fell asleep.

    Seohyun is still clinging on to Tiffany as they try to get some fresh air out in the front while Sooyoung and Sunny sat with Gyuri and Hara and tried to get to know each other.

    Hyoyeon wondered around and eventually finds Yuri sitting at the back of Narsha’s house staring at the forest behind it.

    “I didn’t know there was a scenery like this in here….” Hyoyeon said as she tries to strike a conversation with Yuri.

    Yuri heard Hyoyeon but didn’t answer. “you know…… Nicole want to thank you personally…..” Hyoyeon said but Yuri still didn’t budge.

    “Yuri?” Hyoyeon called as she walked closer. As she got closer, she saw Yuri, shedding some tear and at the same time smiling while looking up at the sky.

    “….. I’m remembering my sister again….” Yuri muttered. Hyoyeon didn’t talk and just quietly listened to the tanned girl.

    “you know… when she’s still alive….. she was my world….. my everything…… our parents died when she was still a baby…. And I was 15 years old back then….. our relatives disowned us just because we’re both illegitimate kids…. Until my Appa’s friend took us in and he was from the Military….” Yuri said.

    Hyoyeon was shocked as Yuri is sharing her past with her. “w-why are you telling me this Yuri?” Hyoyeon asked but Yuri ignored Hyoyeon’s question and continues to share.

    “At that time…. I looked up to the old man as he took care of us like his own…. Since he’s living alone…. Back then I started taking interest on his work. And eventually ended up in a military too…… and got promoted very fast because of my accuracy…. After our old man died because of sickness….. I felt the whole world dropped on me because we also loved that old man who took us in…” Yuri said.

    “After I got discharged at the service….. I couldn’t find a decent job because…. Shooting rifles is all I’m good at and of course combat experiences is all I have….. that’s why I decided that I would do anything to support my only remaining family…… my real sister, Kwon Yoona….” Yuri said.

    Hyoyeon who is silently listening from her side is starting to beginning to understand Yuri little by little.

    “I know it would put my sister in danger and yet I took the job… in order to support my sister…. I knew it was a blood money but…. I had to do it…… with the only ability I’m good at.. it was my only choice…. I followed my boss’ orders without questions ask… I didn’t even know I’m already killing some innocent people out of a petty conflict with my boss……. And when my cousin finds it suspicious, she had to go and steal a file to reveal the truth…. I know my cousin wanted me out of this job since she also loved my sister and in fear of putting my sister in danger…… and she died from it…..” Yuri said as she cried.

    Hyoyeon who is listening intently to Yuri finally convinced that Yuri is just being used because of her unmatched love for her sister.

    “then my worst fear came…. Yoona died right in front of me….. I was so careless!” Yuri said as she punched the wall. “I’m so stupid! Thoughtless! Dumb! And foolish!” Yuri said as she lowered her head as she cried.

    Hyoyeon gave Yuri a minute to calm herself and after that Yuri’s face was peaceful again. “then Im Yoona came…. I’m not sure if I can protect her with all my skills…… that I lack from what I did for my sister…. But I swear on my sister’s soul…. I will give everything to protect Im Yoona….. and the rest….” Yuri said as she looked at Hyoyeon.

    ++ Music End ++

    “Hyo….. after this is all over….. I’m going to turn myself in….. I promise you that…. but for the mean time…. Let me do this until the “group” is destroyed….” Yuri said.

    “Yuri… you don’t have to do that… I completely understand what you’ve gone through…. You’re just being used….” Hyoyeon said as she patted Yuri’s shoulder for comfort.

    “…..thanks but I need to do that….. it’s my only way to repent for the innocent lives that I took….” Yuri said.

    “I know… but still it wasn’t your fault…. You’re just being used Yuri….” Hyoyeon said. “…..but I’m the one who pulled the trigger… it’s still my responsibility…” Yuri said as she starts to walk away from Hyoyeon.

    “YAH!....Yuri-ah…… I think you forgot something….” Hyoyeon said as Yuri turned around, Hyoyeon threw something at her and Yuri instinctively catches it.

    As Yuri take a look at the thing that Hyoyeon threw at her, her eyes widened as she saw the locket that she left from her sister’s grave.

    “H-How did you……..” Yuri tried to ask but Hyoyeon cuts her. “….i picked it up after the last time we met on your sister’s grave Yuri…… that moment I’m beginning to have second thoughts about you…. for a professional assassin….. you’re the most unique one…..” Hyoyeon said.

    “…….. give it to her…… I saw earlier your eyes sparkled when you’re taking care of Yoona earlier and my cousin said that you’re also protecting her…… I just have the feeling that you’re the key for making Yoona….. better….” Hyoyeon said as she smiled.

    Yuri also smiled and muttered a “thank you” before both of them go back inside with the rest.

    Later that evening…

    “So what’s the plan now?” Sooyoung asked as all of them gathered in the living room. “well….. Narsha unnie told me she needed our help……." Taeyeon said which made all of them looked at her.

    “what’s the problem?” Jessica asked. “Narsha unnie told us that….. her “intel” team are currently silent…. And she’s having a bad feeling about it….” Taeyeon said.

    “Taeng…. It’s only natural….. intel is not an easy work I say…..” Sunny said. “yeah and gathering intel will took almost a week….three weeks max…” Sooyoung added.

    “that’s the problem….. they’ve been missing for about two months…..” Taeyeon said and all of them fell silent.

    “so…. If anyone have some thoughts about it….. now’s the time to speak….” Taeyeon said. all of them still fell silent but Yuri breaks the silence.

    “I’m going to pass on this one guys….i have something to take care of….” Yuri said. “wae? It’s not like you to pass on this one Yuwree? This is a chance for us to know what’s really going on…” Tiffany said.

    Yuri just stared at them and stood up. “Yuri wait!” Jessica asked. “is this about Seungyeon?” Jessica asked again.

    “…… I’m going to save her…..” Yuri said which made everyone reacted angrily. “are you crazy Yul? she made a deal to the group and Nicole and Hara almost died at that time!” Sunny hissed but Yuri stood there silent.

    “yeah! not to mention that the incident at the hotel back in Seoul where your Jessica is staying!” Sooyoung added angrily.

    “come on guys…. You all heard her at that time… it’s not like she wanted to….. she was forced… because her family is held captive…..” Yuri explained calmly.

    “but still Yuwree….. she put everyone’s life in danger! Specially Seohyun and Yoona! aren’t you a bit angry at her?” Tiffany asked as she stared at Yuri with serious face.

    Yuri didn’t answer and just sighed. “………anyway…. Whether you like it or not guys….. my mind is set…. Of course I’m angry but…. Think about her side…..” Yuri explained again.

    “Freakin’ fried chicken Yuri….. I know that you know the group doesn’t show any mercy, obviously it’s a lie when they said to Seungyeon that her family is still alive! Not to mention my Bunny got wounded!” Sooyoung said. “for all I know they will kill her too!” Sooyoung added.

    “then that’s exactly the reason for me to go and save her….. I’m not letting everyone get hurt again… … not on my watch….” Yuri said as she walked away from them and left them speechless.

    “Sorry guys… let me talk to her…” Jessica said as she followed Yuri into the garage area of Narsha’s house.

    “Yul….. is there something I should know?” Jessica asked. “…..about what?” Yuri replied. “about this…. Saving Seungyeon….. you know I almost died at the hotel……” Jessica retorted.

    “I know….. but you’re still alive aren’t you?” Yuri replied as she smiled. “that enough Kwon Yuri!” Jessica hissed. “are you trying to kill yourself by going alone in there? You don’t even know where they have taken her!” Jessica added.

    “Sica……… first of all………. I don’t plan on dying…. Specially when I have you…………. in here…” Yuri said as she pointed at her chest and in her heart area. “I actually plan on spending my time with you…. and with Yoona as long as I can…… and I keep my promise Sica… I promise that I’d protect you and Yoona…. and everyone… please trust me on this…” Yuri said as she hold Jessica’s hand.

    Jessica fell silent while staring at Yuri and later smiled at the tanned girl. “….i trust you Yul….. it’s just.. I don’t want something bad to happen to you….” Jessica said as she hugged Yuri and Yuri hugged back.

    “Sica… I promise….. I’ll be back unscathed…. Just for you….. because…. You and Yoona are now my family….. and everyone else that is inside that house…” Yuri smiled as she gave Jessica a kiss on the forehead.

    “….gosh I hate it when you sweet talk your way through me….” Jessica said as she smiled. “did it work?” Yuri asked as she chuckles.

    “….i’ll let you know by doing this…” Jessica replied as she tip toed and planted a kiss on Yuri’s lips. “you better keep your promise or else…” Jessica said. “don’t worry….. I promise…” Yuri replied but this time leaned on Jessica and gave the blonde girl a long passionate kiss.

    Meanwhile, unknown to them, although they did loose their pursuers from the Mc Donalds, a familiar person were on a look out for them.

    “you know…. that boss didn’t help you when you’re dying and lying in your own pool of blood just to betray us I expect you to deliver a good performance after the boss replaced you damaged body part with a cyborg parts…….” The man from the group told the girl as they were parked in a nearby gas station while they’re on a look out for Yuri’s group. The girl didn’t answer and just stared back at the road.

    “HEY I’m talking to you! you half human lady! I expect you to kill your own damn cousin because if you don’t, I’ll put a bullet in your brain and in your heart..…..Kwon Boa….” The man said as he smirked.

    “Don’t talk to me…. Insect!......” Boa hissed as she gripped the steering wheel tightly.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 23 Finished
    in case you guys forgot about the locket..
    here's the image of it

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon May 07, 2012 12:35 pm

    Mission 24

    Jessica returned and all of them are expecting a good response from the blonde girl. “how did it go?” Taeyeon asked.

    Jessica hesitated to answer because she knows everyone will act
    violently. “…..well…… her mind is set….. I can’t change it….” Jessica
    weakly said.

    “WHAT?!” All of them shouted in unison. As all of them are going to
    start throwing some questions on Jessica, Yuri stepped back in.

    “don’t bent all your anger on Sica based on my decision…. Look guys… in
    truth… I really wanted to come with you…. Hell……. I’m also angry at
    Seungyeon also…. But it’s not like she had a choice right?” Yuri calmly

    “yeah like she had a choice to come clean with us and tell my team that
    something is wrong from the beginning…” Hyoyeon said as she angrily sat
    back on her seat.

    “Hyo… I understand your anger…. But you can’t put all the blame to
    her….. look… if you guys are going to save Narsha unnie’s Intel team…
    feel free to do so…. Three pro’s are enough to save them…” Yuri said.

    “….three Pro’s?” Jiyoung asked. “yeah…. Tiffany, Sunny and Sooyoung…”
    Yuri said as she stared at the three girls who are sulking at her

    Taeyeon who is observing everything thought of something. “Yuri…….. tell
    us a valid reason why’d you want to save Seungyeon…” Taeyeon asked as
    she stared at the tanned girl.

    Yuri didn’t answer back but instead, she took out the locket that
    Hyoyeon gave her and stared at it for a good long two minutes then
    smiled. “I just want to save her….. look I promised Sica I’ll be back
    with her… so don’t take it out on her…. she have gone a lot so cut her
    some slack… and about me going to save her…. yeah I’m angry but I’m not
    holding a grudge against her…. and just like Sooyoung said earlier, they
    might be torturing her to death….. surely they will kill her…. but
    Sooyoung, Sunny, Tiffany and me knows how they kill a hostage…. Slowly
    but surely….. do you want her to die like a dead beat dog?” Yuri asked
    them and all of them fell silent.

    Yuri smiled as she noticed she got everyone’s attention. Yuri walked
    over to Yoona and gave the locket to Yoona as Yuri puts it on around the
    younger girl’s neck.

    “another thing….. I’m not doing this also because I wanted to…. I’m
    doing this for our two maknaes…” Yuri said as she carried Yoona and
    Seohyun on both of her arms and walked out on them.

    “……what did she mean by that Taeyeon-ssi?” Hara asked. Taeyeon smiled as
    she knows what Yuri is implying. “….it means…….. she changed her
    ways……. She’s now too protective of everyone…. She don’t want everyone
    to be in harm’s way….. I get the feeling she promised that to her real
    sister…. Somehow and somewhere…” Taeyeon said and stared at Jessica as
    she saw the blonde girl saying “thank you” as she read Jessica’s lips.

    “and besides…. Starting from today…… the Yuri you all knew is a new Yuri
    that you knew back then…. she’s trying to compensate for all the things
    she had done from her past…. I hope you guys understand why she wanted
    to save Seungyeon….” Taeyeon said.

    “Well………. It seems the night is too deep I guess we all should rest…. We
    still need to plan how to save Narsha unnie’s Intel Team… ” Taeyeon
    said and all of them walked out silently with mixed emotions about
    Yuri’s decision.

    “Yu----” as Jessica tried to call Yuri when she saw the tanned girl in
    the living room and she covered her mouth as she saw Yoona and Seohyun
    asleep while cuddling each other.

    “tone your voice down Sica…. They just fell asleep…” Yuri said softly in order not to wake the two young girls.

    Yuri carefully stood up and walked in the front yard. Jessica followed.
    “……Sica….. am I doing the right thing?” Yuri asked as she sat on the
    stairs on the front door. “…Yul….. I trust you completely….. Taeng knew
    you’re trying to make up for the past mistakes you made…..” Jessica
    explained as she smiled.

    “…she really is a sharp observer….” Yuri said as she smiled. “Look
    Yuri…. if that’s what you want…. Then do it with your heart’s content……
    but always remember… there’s someone here waiting for you…….. not just
    me and the girls…… I think Yoona is also waiting for you….” Jessica said
    as she sat beside the tanned girl and leaned her head on Yuri’s

    “when are you going to leave Yul?” Jessica asked. “…. I don’t know…. I
    still don’t have a clue where they’ve taken her…” Yuri replied as she
    scratches her head. Jessica chuckled.

    “what? I’m being serious here Sica…” Yuri asked.

    “you’re kind of funny… you’re hell bent on rescuing her when you don’t
    have a clue where to look for her…” Jessica said as she chuckled.

    “…. I don’t know what you’re planning on Yuri… but I figured out as much
    is that you don’t have a clue where to start…. Some epic heroine you
    are…” both of them turned around and saw Hyoyeon standing behind them.

    “Hyo? We thought you’re sleeping?” Yuri asked. “…yeah…. I thought so too
    Yuri…. but your words kept ringing in my head….. and it makes clear
    when Taeng explained it…” Hyoyeon said as she crossed her arms in front
    of her.

    “so….. got any leads?” Hyoyeon asked and Yuri shook her head. “….here’s
    my tracker…… it also includes GPS… I’ve put one on each of my team
    member…. And to make it hard to remove…. My team came into an agreement
    that we will have those miniature tracker implanted into us….” Hyoyeon

    “….. why are you…….” as Yuri is going to ask, Hyoyeon cuts her words.
    “let’s just say…… I’m starting to see you in a different light right
    now… you’re not what we thought you are Yuri…. and I’m willing to lend a
    hand to destroy your former organization….. they’ve done quite enough…”
    Hyoyeon said.

    “just turn it on and our position will show where we are….” Hyoyeon said
    as she went back inside to join the others. Yuri stared at the tracking
    device that Hyoyeon gave to her.

    “isn’t it great Yul?” Jessica said as she hugged the tanned girl. “now
    you have something to start with…” Jessica added but Yuri sighed.

    “Yul? what is it now?” Jessica asked again.

    “I’ll be leaving you and Yoona again Sica….. I’m missing you already….” Yuri said as she gently smiles.

    “…babo…. And I’m already starting to miss that cheesiness already…” Jessica replied as both of them kissed.

    “Let’s go inside… it’s starting to get cold in here already…” Jessica
    said as they parted their lips. “hmm…want me to warm you up?” Yuri
    cheekily smile which made Jessica blushed and playfully slapped the
    tanned girl’s arms. “yah…. You byun….. but…… it’s not a bad idea…..”
    Jessica replied as she smiled and both of them went inside.

    The next day…..

    Yuri woke up early as she plans to prepare ahead. She quietly stood up
    and made her way to Narsha’s room. as she stood in front of Narsha’s
    room, she knocked gently in order not to wake the others.

    “Narsha unnie?” Yuri knocked and the door opened and to her surprise,
    Ga-In opened the door. “Hyojin is still asleep….. is there something I
    can help you Yuri-ssi?” Ga-In asked.

    “well…. I was hoping where do you guys keep the weapons?” Yuri asked.
    “just go straight in the garage.. you won’t miss it…” Ga-In replied and
    smiled before closing the door.

    Yuri quietly walked towards the garage and as she got there, she opened a black metallic door and revealed an armory.

    Moments later, Jessica woke up and noticed the tanned girl is missing.
    “Yuri?” Jessica called but as she roamed her eyes she couldn’t find

    “if you’re looking for her… she’s preparing herself in the armory…”
    Narsha said. Jessica stared at Narsha. “…what? Got something in my
    face?” Narsha asked as she gave Jessica a confused look.

    “…nothing unnie…. it’s just… you seem to know Yuri very much?” Jessica
    asked. “…you could say that…. after all… I owe her….. big time…” Narsha

    As if Narsha’s word sounded like an alarm clock, everyone woke up which
    startled Narsha. “…. Narsha unnie… if it’s ok… we would like to know how
    did you know Yuri?” Taeyeon asked.

    “……I guess I have no choice huh?...very well… let me ask you guys
    first…. I know you know Yuri’s back as she served in the Military right?
    What did she told you guys on how she got out from the service?” Narsha

    “well….. when our organization recruited her…. wait let me re-phrase
    that… FORMER organization, recruited her… she told us that she got
    discharged from the service for good….. sort of honorable dismissal….”
    Sooyoung said.

    “…still using that fake reason….” Narsha said which made all of them
    focus on Narsha, curious about the real reason why did Yuri got out from
    the service.

    “What do you mean Narsha-unnie?” Hyoyeon asked. “well…….. the truth is….
    She didn’t get discharged from the Military… rather, she got kicked out
    from the service…. Insubordination….” Narsha said which shocked

    “how did it happened?” Sunny asked. “well…. I still remember that day…
    she saved my life during on one of my mission…. Back then I was still
    new to the Intel team….. to be precise…. Me, Ga-In, Miryo and Jea… we
    were once part of the Intel team….. I was sent out on a solo mission to
    gather Intel about the enemy back then but something happened…. I got
    careless and eventually taken as a P.O.W.” Narsha explained.

    “and due to my carelessness….. I was considered as an expendable asset
    since I failed to complete my mission…. I don’t blame them though… it
    was my fault anyway….” Narsha added.

    “during that time I didn’t know about Yuri… but her amazing skill in
    accuracy were never unheard of…. The time I was held captive….. the
    enemy plan on executing me to serve as a warning to the military that I
    was in….. but the day before my execution, the door to my cell busted
    open and there stood a tanned girl with a long black hair…. It was
    Yuri….. she came to my rescue that night…. I can still remember how she
    bravely fought ……ALONE against an entire rebel forces of sixty
    persons…..” Narsha said.

    “unnie… aren’t you a bit exaggerating?” Gyuri asked. “well…… officer…..
    why would I fabricate the most unforgettable experience of my life? the
    time Yuri came in to my rescue…. I was at the verge of dying because of
    dehydration and lack of food…. and the inhumane torture that I’ve
    felt….” Narsha said which made Gyuri silent.

    “and I’m not exaggerating about that….. she really fought against the
    entire army…. I wanted to help her back then but I was too weak to help
    and I couldn’t even stand up on my own… I was surprised when I asked her
    which unit she was in and she answered that she’s with the sniper
    unit…. At first it made me wonder…. Why would a sniper is placed in an
    open field…. But I just shrugged it off thinking the army had no choice
    but when I asked her where is her spotter…. She answered….. no one….
    It’s just her… I also asked her where is the rest of her team and her
    answered strike me at that time when she answered no one gave the order
    to rescue me….. she sneaked away from the base and set out on her own….”
    Narsha said.

    All of them where speechless at Yuri’s action. “……but Narsha unnie…..
    how did she manage to sneak past to your rescue?” Hara asked.

    “I also asked her that since before she came busting on my cell door
    everything was quiet….. she told me, she took out the sentry guards on
    the towers first, she informed me that she placed a C4 explosives on
    every enemy vehicle’s gas tanks and placed a remote charge on the
    enemy’s weapon supply depot…. The reason I knew is because… she handed
    me the detonator at that time…” Narsha said.

    “more like she planted those explosive into the major key parts of the enemy base…..” Sunny said and Narsha nodded.

    “correct Sunny-ssi…. But what amazed me the most is she can shoot using
    her .50 caliber anti tank rifle while standing up and I can vouch for it
    that handling that kind of weapon is not easy to use… specially
    standing up… but for her… it was like she’s holding a toy and how
    accurate she shoots the enemy…. And in just one and a half hour, the
    enemy rebel base is completely obliterated with me as the final key to
    the destruction because I blew up the weapon depot…..” Narsha said as
    she still clearly remembered that day Yuri saved her.

    “As we finally to got back to base, Medical staffs are already on
    standby and awaits for our return and immediately tended to my medical
    procedure. Yuri on the other hand… that was the last time I saw her
    since the time the medical team tended me…. she didn’t say anything and
    just leaves me to the medical staffs…. And several days have passed when
    I was still in the hospital…. Ga-In visited me when she heard about my
    rescue…. I asked her about Kwon Yuri and that was the time I heard she
    got discharged…. Forcefully…. When I asked the reason why… it was
    insubordination…. She really left the base to save me…. in which she
    didn’t know me at that time…… Ga-In also told me that she into an
    argument with her senior officer because she’s raring to go on rescuing
    me….. but her senior officer didn’t let her that’s why she left without
    anyone knowing…. And before they knew Yuri was missing, it was then they
    knew she came to my rescue as they located her via satellite link…”
    Narsha said as she ended her story.

    “her action caused commotion at that time since many have sided her but
    in the end… it was an order…. And if you disobey a direct order… you
    will be labeled with the offense of insubordination..” Narsha added.

    “but what about you Narsha unnie? did you also got discharged
    forcefully?” Jiyoung asked. “……… I quitted….. what they did to her
    is simply I cannot accept…. From their point of views, it was an act of
    selfishness but for me…. it was an act of selflessness…. She didn’t
    think about what will happen to her for her insubordination but for me… I
    know… she wanted to do everything she can just to save a person’s
    life………..” Narsha said as she looked at Hyoyeon.

    “As for you Detective Kim…….. I know about your deal with Yuri…
    don’t have any idea how rough her life after she got dismissed from the
    service…” Narsha said and stood up to return to her room.

    All of them were left dumbfounded because they didn’t know what Yuri
    have gone through. The tanned girl kept a most sensitive secret from
    them, specially to Tiffany because all those times they’re working
    together when they’re still in the “group” never once did Yuri told her
    about this.

    “Fany-ah? Something the matter?” Taeyeon asked as she noticed her girlfriend were frozen at the thought.

    “…I-It’s just I’m surprised Tae-Tae….. I…. I didn’t know about this…..
    I’ve spent some time with her but she never once let me see that she had
    a rough life before she joined the Group…. She was always smiling and a
    bit of a happy-go-lucky person….. and a prankster too…. To boot.”
    Tiffany said.

    “yeah… on top of that.. we just also noticed on why she wanted to do
    everything in solo….. despite she’s a skilled assassin… she always tends
    to do thing her way… even if it means to disobey a direct order…”
    Sooyoung said.

    “I remember that Youngie…. She once disobeyed your order on the mission
    you gave her once and you two got into an argue where both of you
    pointed a gun on each other but it turns out the reason she don’t want
    to do it is because she already taken out the target.. a week before you
    assigned it to her…” Sunny said and Sooyoung nodded.

    “well anyway…. What should we do? Narsha unnie’s request? Or Support
    Yuri?” Taeyeon asked. All of them didn’t answer but they all looked at
    one person, Jessica.

    “what?” Jessica asked. “………Jessi…….” Tiffany called as she smiled. “I
    think it’s about time you learn the basics of handling a gun….” Tiffany
    said as she smiled.

    Garage / Armory

    “50 C4 explosives…Check, M4A1 with M203 attached… check… 6 grenade
    rounds for the M203… check…. Eight clips for USP .45…. check and SVD
    Dragunov Sniper Rifle… check… now everything is set…. Time for my melee
    set…” Yuri said as she grabbed an army knife from the weapons locker.

    “Yuwree?” the door hissed opened and it was Tiffany. “oh Fany-ah…. What
    brings you here?” Yuri asked but the brunette didn’t reply and instead
    hugged the tanned girl which surprise her.

    “F-Fany-ah? Did something happened?” Yuri asked. “well….. we all kind of
    feel guilty for lashing out about your decision to save Seungyeon…
    Narsha unnie told us about how you met her…” Tiffany said.

    “oh that?...guess you found out huh…. Well no use in hiding anymore… is
    there?” Yuri asked as she rested her back on the wall and crossed her

    As Tiffany looked up, everyone went inside and Yuri was surprised to see
    all of them are with her, including Yoona, carried by Jessica and
    Seohyun carried by Taeyeon.

    “what do you guys want?” Yuri asked confusingly. “….we all decided… we want to help you about saving Seungyeon…” Taeyeon said.

    “look guys I appreciate for the offer but I got to do this alone…” Yuri
    said as she slid on some clip on her USP .45 and cocked it and holstered
    it to her waist.

    “and then what? What is your reason Yul?” Jessica asked. “it’s just I
    don’t want everyone to get hurt…” Yuri replied as she placed some
    fragmentation grenades on the duffle bag that she prepared.

    “look Yuri-ah…. we appreciate that thought but don’t you think you’ve
    worked long enough by yourself?” Taeyeon said which made Yuri stop on
    what she’s doing.

    “don’t even say that you don’t want anyone of us to get hurt…. We’re
    already hurt from the beginning Yuri-ah as we are now all involved int
    he mess. Nicole almost died Sunny got wounded etc.etc ….” Taeyeon added.

    “then that’s all the more reason that I don’t want you guys to get
    anymore involved… may I remind you that unlike on Narsha unnie’s story,
    I’m not going into the base of the rebel….. I’m going into the base of
    the “Group”….. I can’t keep an eye for you guys when the time comes…”
    Yuri said as she slapped in a magazine into her SVD Dragunov.

    “is that your reason?” Taeyeon asked as she placed her hands on her waist. “yes that is my reason….” Yuri answered coldly.

    “then in that case…. TEACH us! Teach us the same style that you and
    Tiffany learned how to use a weapon…. We all agreed that there will be
    some time that you, Tiffany, Sooyoung and Sunny will not be there for
    us…. I’m not asking just because this is what I think…. I asked this
    because we’re also concerned about Yoona and Seohyun…. They’re still
    kids….” Taeyeon said as she stared at Yuri with full determination.

    “I agree with my cousin Yuri… even for me and my team… we also like to learn what you guys learned…” Hyoyeon added.

    “………you guys……… and here I thought I was the one who is the smooth sweet
    talker…. I never thought Taeng would also be a smooth talker…..
    alright….. we will teach you guys but let me remind you though….. this
    is NOT a simple training…. I’m sure you know that Taeng…. In order to be
    effective….. you must be willing to give it your all…. As if you’re
    going to kill a person…. Not an animal.. but a person…” Yuri said which
    made Taeyeon, Jessica, Jiyoung, Hara, Hyoyeon and Gyuri startled.

    “It’s true Tae-Tae…. That’s why we can kill more efficiently without remorse….” Tiffany added as she stood by Yuri’s side.

    “so let me ask you again guys….. if you’re willing to learn… you must
    think about a this……. But for the mean time… I’m going to give you guys
    some time to think about it……….” Yuri said as she stepped out and leave
    everyone wondering at what Yuri said.

    Inside Narsha’s house

    As Yuri stepped back inside the house, Narsha and Ga-In are waiting for
    her. “….Narsha-unnie?” Yuri asked as she noticed the two of them are
    staring at her.

    “so…… how did it go?” Narsha asked. “….well…… they all wanted to come…. Even though I don’t plan to…” Yuri replied.

    “Yuri……. I heard what Taeyeon said…. I think it’s time to drop the cool
    acting of going solo…. I think it’s time for you to be more open to
    them…” Narsha said.

    “yeah not to mention they were all concerned about you…” Ga-In added.
    “Yuri… take my advice…as a friend…. Let them in….” Narsha said.

    “but they’re asking the four of us to teach them how we were trained
    when we’re at the “group” and I can say… it’s not that easy…” Yuri
    replied as she sighed.

    “…..then train them Yuri………. you don’t have to train them to be more
    efficient just like you guys…. Teach them on how to defend themselves….
    They might need it when the time comes…. You never know… you and
    Tiffany-ssi maybe the best and most skillful assassins but always think
    ahead, there’s always someone better than you…” Narsha said.

    “………… you’re right Narsha unnie… thanks for the tip…. Anyway… I may need
    some supplies so… I have buy some….. is there any vehicle I can use? I
    might buy a few stuffs too..” Yuri asked.

    “oh sure, you can use my pick-up truck hat is parked by the garage….”
    Narsha said as Yuri stepped out and when to Narsha’s Pick-up truck.

    “Yo! Yul! where are you going?” Sunny asked as she heard Yuri started up
    the engine. “I’m just going to but some medical supplies…. If we’re
    going to teach them….. we will need them…” Yuri said.

    “I’m coming too….. Youngie and I have a little argument back there…” Sunny said as she hops in the vehicle.

    As Yuri drove towards the nearest convenience store both her and Sunny were awfully quiet.

    Inside the Convenience Store

    “Sunny-ah? What’s eating you? I know you’re quiet but NOT this quiet…”
    Yuri said as she grab a pack of medicine and some bandages and threw it
    inside the pushcart.

    “…it’s just she had gone overboard this time Yul…” Sunny said as she
    sighed and grabbed pack of sodas and potato chips and threw it inside
    the cart.

    “hmm is that for you Sunny-ah?” Yuri asked as she eyed the shorter girl
    beside her as she smirked. “huh? Oh y-yeah.. that’s mine…” Sunny said as
    she almost stuttered.

    “if it’s for you.. that’s awfully a lot potato chips for you to
    eat..…..” Yuri said as she threw couple of boxes of ointments for burn

    “alright… you got me.. it’s for Sooyoung… she wanted me to buy something
    for her but she didn’t tell me what it was… but what made me angry… she
    acted like a little kid again…” Sunny said as she went to the fridge of
    the store and grabbed a couple of sodas and some juices and threw it
    inside the cart.

    “aw come on Sunny….cut her some slack… she’s been holding her usual
    feelings for you for quite some time… and maybe this is the time she’s
    pouring it all out since we were on the run ever since… so consider
    yourself lucky…” Yuri said as she patted Sunny’s shoulder.

    “me? lucky? Be her girlfriend for one day and your money will be drained
    because of her food fetish Yul… I tell you… whenever she had a chance,
    next thing you will notice, she’s munching at something..” Sunny replied
    as she took a couple box of band aids and put it in the cart.

    “… well… you’re right about that…. but think about for a second… the
    reason she loved you is because of your understanding…. So come on when
    we get back I want the two of you make up.. I hate to see you two
    bickering over a trivial matters… we need each other more than ever….
    And even though Sooyoung is like that…. I can tell she just wanted your
    attention… mainly… that’s why I told you you’re lucky…” Yuri said as
    both of them went to the counter and paid all the stuffs they bought.

    As both of them start heading back, Sunny was thinking about the things
    that Yuri said to her. “…you’re right Yul…. compared to you and Sica….
    You two haven’t got some time together since we were running and
    hiding…. But us, we are always with each other… so yeah you’re right….
    Youngie wanted some attention… Thanks for listening Yul…” Sunny said.

    “anytime… I’m not saying that because she’s my best friend Sunny-ah….
    But I hope you could return her affection…. Because you’re acting like
    cool and calm….” Yuri said as she pressed the brakes because of the stop

    “yeah… but you know I also came from the Military Yuri-ah…you can’t
    expect me to act cutesy in an instant………” Sunny said and then stopped
    for a thought then smiled. “…..or maybe I will! Just like Tiffany is
    reacting towards Taeyeon…” Sunny said as she smiled.

    As they are both waiting for the stop light to go green a couple cars
    also stopped near them. two of the cars stopped on both sides and one on
    their back. then all of a sudden, an unknown Black SUV suddenly
    screeched in front of them, blocking their way out.

    “GET DOWN!!!!” Yuri shouted as she held Sunny’s head as she forcefully yanked Sunny’s head down along with her.

    As both of them crouched down, the vehicles surrounding them ambushed
    their vehicle. Fortunately, Narsha’s vehicle were bullet proof. After
    the shootings stopped, Sunny opened the door to her side as she is
    already equipped with Steyr TMP and shoots the car near her, killing the
    driver and the shooter inside the car and slammed the door to her side.
    Yuri shift the gear into reverse and stepped hard on the gas pedal,
    ramming the car behind them before Yuri shifted in the first gear and
    rammed the car to her side and sped off to escape their assailant.

    Steyr TMP

    “Damn! They’re waiting for us!!” Yuri hissed as she made the pick up
    revved up to 120 miles per hour with three vehicles following them.

    “how did they know we were here!” Sunny said. “I don’t know Sunny-ah!”
    Yuri said as she made a quick left turn at the intersection to avoid
    revealing Narsha’s place and their assailants followed them.

    “GO BACK THERE SUNNY!” Yuri said as she commanded Sunny to go at the
    pick up’s back. “why me?” Sunny asked. “because I’m driving…DUH!” Yuri
    said as she shifted into 3rd gear.

    Sunny quickly made her way into the back of the truck and she
    immediately fired at the car that’s following behind them. their
    assailant returned fire at Sunny but the short girl made use of her
    petite features and quickly crouched down to take cover.

    Then all of a sudden another vehicle rammed their side and both their
    vehicle and their assailant’s vehicle started grinding both of their
    sides. But as Yuri looked at the driver of the vehicle, she was
    surprised to see who it is. “BOA UNNIE!!” Yuri shouted.

    As Boa tried to ram them off the road, Yuri pulled hard on the hand
    brake and at the same time, stepped hard on the brakes and they fully
    stopped on the spot, making the vehicle behind them hits the back of the
    truck while Boa missed Yuri’s vehicle and ramming the other car that’s
    on the opposite side of Yuri’s vehicle, making the car swerve on the
    other lane and halted in full stop.

    But before the car could move and followed, a garbage truck that is also
    running at its fastest speed, rammed the car, killing the assailants

    Boa smiled at the thought to see Yuri is witty. “WHAT ARE YOU SMILING
    ABOUT YOU B*TCH!” The man beside Boa cursed. “what can I say? My cousin
    is good..” Boa smirked but in her mind she’s happy she didn’t rammed her

    During that time, Sunny quickly stood up and made her way on the top of
    the car’s hood and kicked the windshield mirror open and emptied the
    whole magazine of the Steyr TMP, killing everyone inside and Sunny
    returned on the back of the truck.

    “GO GO GO GO GO!!” Sunny shouted and Yuri revved up again and followed
    Boa’s Vehicle. As they started running again, another black SUV popped
    out from the side but before it could make an attack to Yuri, Boa rammed
    it out of the way and it accidentally hits an oncoming ten-wheeler
    truck on the other side, causing it to explode in flames.

    “oops…” Boa said as she smirked. “DO IT AGAIN AND I’LL KILL YOU!!” The man hissed at Boa and Boa just stared at him.

    As Yuri and Boa now on side by side, Yuri took the initiative and rammed
    Boa’s vehicle so hard and Boa did the same as both of their vehicles
    are now back at grinding at each other side. Then Boa saw an opportunity
    and steered away from Yuri’s vehicle and saw a civilian car and rammed
    it into Yuri, causing the car to swerve and stopped on Yuri’s way but
    Yuri quickly steered away, causing her to run on a rough road making
    Sunny’s world felt like she’s in a roller coaster ride. Yuri immediately
    thought of Sunny and made her way back into the road.

    As Sunny saw Boa’s vehicle in front of them she fired from the back of
    the truck, causing the rear mirror of Boa’s vehicle damaged as well as
    the while back as it was riddle with bullets.

    man could finish his word, Boa grabbed the back of his head and slammed
    it hard on the dash board but Boa didn’t finish at that as she planted
    her foot repeatedly on the man’s face until it bleed out and killing him
    on the spot because of multiple skull fracture and a severe blow on his
    brain. “cockroach….” Boa said as she continues to follow Yuri.

    Yuri finally made another sharp right turn and headed straight into an
    abandoned factory and forcefully rammed the window pane as she went
    through inside with boa following them. Yuri made a quick U-turn as she
    drifted hard making the truck to face Boa’s.

    “SUNNY JUMP!!!” Yuri shouted as Sunny jumped out from the back of the
    truck while Yuri swerved and as Sunny jumped off, Yuri revved up again
    and saw Boa’s vehicle coming towards her but Yuri saw a platform near
    her and she rammed the thin pillar support of the platform and it
    crashed down at the exact time, Boa’s vehicle crashed on the platform,
    making her vehicle flip frontward and at the same time, Yuri also
    crashed on the wall behind it and passed out upon impact.

    “ow…” Boa said as she crawled out from the vehicle at the same time,
    Sunny, who is now preparing to attack, quickly ran into a platform above
    Boa waiting for a chance to strike.

    As Boa finally got out of the vehicle she was in, she stood up as she rubs the back of her head.

    “Yuri-ah!” Boa called. But then Sunny jumped out of nowhere and tackled
    Boa on the ground and both of them was sent rolling and Boa rolled
    further, slamming her into a pile of plastic drum can. As Boa looked at
    Sunny, the short girl were back on her feet.

    “well if it isn’t the small one… Sunny..” Boa said as she kicked a drum
    can towards Sunny. Sunny saw the drum can rolled straight into her but
    she jumped in order to avoid it. as Sunny landed on her feet, she ran
    towards Boa and tries to kick the older girl who is still on the ground
    but Boa blocked Sunny’s kick with her arms.

    Sunny jumped back and Boa manage to get up on her feet. Boa charges
    straight at Sunny and punched the short girl but Sunny blocked Boa’s
    fist by crossing her arms on her face to avoid the hit. As Sunny manage
    to block Boa’s punch, Sunny crouched down and managed to land a punch on
    Boa’s side. Boa winced in pain.

    “I see you’ve gotten good little one…” Boa said as she stood up straight
    again. “YAH! You don’t have to rub it in!!” Sunny shouted as she
    charged at Boa but Boa anticipated Sunny’s move. As Sunny triesto tackle
    her, Boa position her one foot behind her and successfully captured
    Sunny, and tripped the short girl rolling into the ground.

    “Still naïve… you can’t beat me like that Soonkyu!” Boa said as she
    starts to run over to Sunny’s direction. As Sunny tries to stand up, Boa
    is already in front of her and kicked her in the gut section. Sunny
    winced in pain.

    “Boa unnie! why are you doing this!!” Sunny asked as she holds her gut
    section in pain. “I don’t know Soonkyu… I just felt I want to fight you
    all of a sudden!” Boa said as she crouched down and held Sunny to the
    neck and due to her partial strength because of the partial machinery in
    her body, she lifted Sunny like a rag doll and tossed the short girl
    into a pile of drum cans.

    The noise from the drum cans falling made Yuri woke up and saw Sunny is
    fighting Boa. Without a second thought, Yuri reached for the gun in the
    glove box and it revealed a Glock-9.

    “Unnie! we all thought……….. you’re dead….” Sunny tries to talk as she
    starts to feel her air is running short because Boa’s grip on her neck
    is squeezing it tightly.

    “you guys didn’t even know if I’m still alive at that time Soonkyu you
    guys left me there all alone!” Boa said as she threw Sunny again and
    sending the short girl into a room through a window. Yuri saw it and
    immediately tries to stand up and went after Sunny and Boa.

    Sunny, who is now catching her breath didn’t have a time to stand up.
    Boa smirked as she saw a big heavy mace and grabbed it. “you guys
    abandoned me at that time!” Boa said as she arched up the mace above her
    head, ready to crush Sunny. “WE didn’t know Boa unnie! I was on a
    mission at that time!! Yuri is also hell bent on taking a revenge on
    everyone on the “Group!” they killed her sister! They killed Yoona!!”
    Sunny shouted as she is still holding her gut section.

    “LIES!!! THIS ALL ENDS HERE!!” Boa arched the mace more further on to give Sunny a full blow impact from the mace.

    “UNNIEE!!!!” Yuri shouted as she saw that her cousin is really going to kill Sunny

    *BANG!* one loud gunshot echoed the whole place and Boa stopped on her
    action and turned to face Yuri. she saw the tanned girl is aiming at her
    but she suddenly felt weak and she dropped the mace behind her and the
    next drop is her own body.

    Yuri slowly walked towards them and helped Sunny up then walked towards Boa and kneeled beside her.

    “…y-you…… you shot me…..” Boa said as she starts to cough up blood. “…I
    don’t have a choice unnie…. you’re going to kill Sunny…” Yuri replied.
    “unne… who made you into this…. Tell me a name…” Yuri asked her cousin
    who is now hanging in a thread. “…w-who… cares…. I don’t have anything
    left anyway…” Boa replied as she coughed up blood again.

    “am I ….. am I going to die…..this time?” Boa asked Yuri who is now
    starting to tear up. “…..don’t talk unnie…. just don’t talk…” Yuri
    replied as she lowered her head.

    “I take it as a yes……” Boa said as she turn her stare away from her
    cousin. “unnie tell me…. who sent you…. who made you into this…” Yuri
    asked again. “it wouldn’t matter……..” Boa weakly replied.

    made Boa’s attention focused on the tanned girl. “so Soonkyu is really
    telling the truth…..” Boa said. “Unnie please tell me…. who is he? Where
    are they? I want to make them pay for involving Yoona….unnie please
    tell me… I know you didn’t mean what you did right now.. I know you also
    loved my sister…. Please do me a favor and think of Yoong…….” Yuri

    Boa stared at the tanned girl. “then grant me my last request….. bury me
    right and honorably….. come closer… I’ll tell you who it is and where
    they are…..” Boa said as Yuri leaned her ear closer to Boa lips and Boa
    started to pour every info to Yuri until her last breath.

    Back at Narsha’s house….

    “what’s taking them so long….” Gyuri asked as she waited in the front door for Yuri and Sunny arrive at the gates.

    “give them some time unnie……” Gyuri turned around and saw Nicole sitting on a wheelchair as Hyoyeon supported her.

    “I’m glad you can come with us here to see everyone….” Hara said as she
    gently hugged Nicole. “Sorry for making everyone worried…..” Nicole

    “by the way… who is the one who saved me back at that time?” Nicole asked. “…it’s my Bunny…” Sooyoung answered.

    Then the gate opened and they saw Yuri opening the gate and to their
    surprise, they saw Narsha’s truck was riddled with bullet holes all over
    its body.

    “omo…Yuri-ssi! What happened!” Gyuri ran towards them along with
    Sooyoung and Jessica and as the truck stopped, they saw Sunny having
    trouble standing up and Sooyoung immediately carried Sunny.

    “Sunny-ah.. what happened?” Sooyoung asked. But Sooyoung’s question were
    answered as Yuri went to the back of the truck and carried Boa’s dead

    “…………………………………..” Yuri silently walked passed then without uttering a single word. “Sunny-ah… what happened?” Jessica asked.

    “……just when things are starting to look up on Yuri on the bright side
    Boa unnie shows up and ending up fighting with us.....and ….. she killed
    her own cousin……” Sunny replied as all of them watched Yuri walked over
    on an empty part of the forest.

    Taeyeon saw what happened and as she was going to follow Yuri, to her
    surprise, Yoona ran towards the tanned girl, following her inside on the
    forest. Taeyeon followed suit.

    As Taeyeon finally followed Yuri, she saw Yoona standing meters away
    from the tanned girl as she also saw Yuri is burning Boa’s dead body.

    “Yuri-ah…… I’m sorry… I heard it from Sunny….” Taeyeon said. “………it’s
    fine this way Taeng…. The Group won’t be able to bring her back
    anymore…… she also wanted this…..” Yuri asked as she stared at Boa’s
    dead body burning.

    As Taeyeon finds no words to comfort the tanned girl, she sensed some is
    also standing behind them. Taeyeon turned around and saw Jessica.
    Taeyeon smiled and signaled Jessica to come over and as Jessica is
    finally close with Yuri, Taeyeon left them with Yoona trailing behind

    “Yul?” Jessica called but Yuri surprised her when she suddenly hugged
    the blonde girl and starts sobbing. Jessica felt Yuri’s sadness at that

    “don’t say anything……. I’m here…. I’m here……” Jessica said as she cooed the tanned girl.

    Living room…

    Jessica and Yuri returned and all of them noticed something different
    from Yuri. “I’m sorry for that guys…. It’s just too many thing is
    happening…. Listen….. I hope you guys understand but …. I have to take
    Jiyoung with me….” Yuri said which shocked everyone.

    “M-M-ME? why me?” Jiyoung asked. “I have confidence in your driving
    skill Jiyoung-ah…. Even though you don’t know how to drive….. you
    certainly holds promise…. Sica already gave me permission too… so we
    still have time to train you guys by the time we get back…” Yuri said.

    “where are you guys going?” Hyoyeon asked. “Mexico…..Seungyeon is held
    captive there…..” Yuri said. “but didn’t you say they are going to kill
    her right?” Hara said.

    “yes they are but… they won’t….. they will extract any information from
    her… most likely… they will torture her… just to get any information
    that your team has gathered… I can assume most likely your files covers
    about me 90% right?” Yuri said.

    “But how did you know about this?” Tiffany asked. Yuri fell silent and
    Sunny finished Yuri’s explanation. “Boa unnie told her…. I was there
    when Boa unnie told her the whole thing before she breathe her last
    breath.….” Sunny said.

    “Anyway….the one who is leading the branch in Mexico is none other than
    Yoo Jae Suk…. He’s the one who made my cousin fight against me and Sunny
    earlier…. anyway… Jiyoung-ah…. Take an early rest… we will leave the
    first thing tomorrow morning……..” Yuri said.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 24 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 25

    As the Morning arrives, everyone gathered on the gate. “Yul….. I’m going
    to miss you… you take care and keep an eye on Jiyoung… we all know
    she’s not a fighter type just like you….” Jessica said as she hold
    Yuri’s hand.

    “Don’t worry Sica… we will just scout the area…. We will be gone for a couple of days… after that we will go back…” Yuri said.

    “Jiyoung-ah… I don’t what Yuri is planning but please keep an eye out
    also on Yuwree….” Tiffany said as she gave Jiyoung a couple of boxes.

    “Tiffany-unnie… what is this?” Jiyoung asked as she gently shake the box
    as she placed it near her ear. “DON’T shake that!! always handle it
    with care…. Just use it if there an emergency if something happens….
    Just throw the box and after that… run as fast as you can like you life
    is depending on it…” Tiffany said.

    “Yul… are you sure you’re fine with just the two of you?” Taeyeon said. “we’ll be fine don’t worry…” Yuri replied.

    “by the way… how are you two going to go? Probably the enemy is waiting
    for you at the airport…” Nicole asked as Hyoyeon is still supporting her
    wheel chair.

    “we got contacts…. And he’s probably arriving now….” Yuri replied as a
    sound of a car is slowly coming louder and louder until it arrived at
    the gate.

    “no wonder I have a hard time locating you guys after the incident at the airport….” It was Siwon.

    “so are you girls already set?” Siwon asked and Yuri and Jiyoung nodded.
    “then hop in…. we will not go to the airport as Yesung told me, they’re
    waiting for you there as they set up some look outs in case you girls
    will try to escape…” Siwon said.

    “but how are we going to go to Mexico?” Yuri asked. “….. you will be
    riding a commercial plane… owned by Leeteuk and Shindong….” Siwon

    “anything is fine with me oppa….. we just need to scout the area…” Yuri
    replied and after Yuri’s reply, both Jiyoung got in Siwon’s SUV but as
    Yuri is going to hop in, she felt a hand grab hers. Yuri looked who it
    is and it was Yoona.

    Yoona looked at Yuri with sad eyes. “…Yoong… I promise I’ll be back… so
    wait for us to arrive alright? We will be back for a couple of days.. or
    maybe sooner… so be good while I’m gone alright?” Yuri said and the ill
    girl hugged Yuri tightly before letting the tanned girl go.

    Minutes have passed, everyone have gone back inside to prepare for their
    training in courtesy of Tiffany, Sooyoung and Sunny. Except for one
    person, Yoona.

    “Tae-Tae…. She really became attached to Yuwree….” Tiffany said as she
    observed Yoona from inside the house. “Fany-ah…. Perhaps Yuri is the key
    for curing Yoona’s illness… after all, when I researched about Apathy
    syndrome on how to cure it…… first step comes from the person itself and
    seeing Yoona is reacting so warmly towards Yuri, I’ll let Yuri take
    care of her…. after all, you said it yourself back then, Yuri’s real
    sister is the spitting image of her… so… if my hunch is correct, this
    would work…… I hope..” Taeyeon said.

    “yeah… if anyone can….. it’s Yuwree….” Tiffany said as she stepped out
    to fetch Yoona who is still standing at the gate staring at the way
    where Yuri have gone to. “Yoong? let’s go back inside now…. it’s getting
    hot out here because the sun is setting up…” Tiffany said but Yoona
    just looked at Tiffany then stared back at the pathway.

    “Yoong?” Tiffany called again but the ill girl didn’t stare back at her.
    feeling the loneliness from Yoona, Tiffany smiled at the thought as she
    knows Taeyeon is right, Yoona did became attached to the tanned girl.
    Tiffany accompanied the ill girl and said nothing also.

    As Tiffany squatted down beside Yoona, the ill girl placed herself in
    Tiffany’s arms which surprised her a bit and gently hugged Yoona. “don’t
    worry Yoong….. Yuwree keeps her promise…. And in her absence, we will
    be here for you…. so you won’t have to be lonely anymore alright?”
    Tiffany whispered and Yoona nodded and finally decided to go back inside
    as Tiffany carries her.

    As both of them finally came back inside, Tiffany put Yoona down and
    stared at them. “ok guys…. Where should we start?” Tiffany asked which
    made Taeyeon, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Hara and Gyuri confused.

    “what she mean is the training…. Have you guys made up your mind yet?” Sooyoung followed.

    “we don’t have a choice do we?” Taeyeon asked them. “Tae-Tae…. You’re
    the one who suggested this… and again… just like Yuwree said…. this is
    NOT going to be easy…. Even if I don’t have to think you’re my Tae-Tae….
    Because I will be strict…..” Tiffany said with full seriousness on her

    “and better beware of Sunny though… no one is stricter than her… I’m
    only second to her when it comes to training…” Tiffany said and all of
    them turn to look at Sooyoung and the tall girl nodded at Tiffany’s
    words which made them gulped hard.

    “T-Tiffany-ssi….. h-how strict can she be?” Hara asked worriedly. “……
    one way to describe her?.... she’s a trainer from hell herself….”
    Tiffany said as she smirked. They turn to Sooyoung and Sooyoung just
    nodded and pulled out a hamburger from her pocket.

    “YAH! You’re munching again!” out of nowhere Sunny arrived. “where have
    you been?” Sooyoung asked as she kissed Sunny in the cheek.

    “well…….. since were going to train them…… I had to ask Miryo unnie about these…” Sunny said as she pulled out a large box.

    “what are those?” Gyuri asked. Sunny smirked menacingly and opened the box and throws three Kevlar vests at Gyuri.

    “Kevlars? Aren’t we going to train?” Gyuri asked. “exactly…… the first
    thing you guys need to know is the impact of the bullet….” Sunny said.

    “impact?” Gyuri said. “of the…..” Hara followed. “bullet…..” Hyoyeon
    finished. Sunny smirked at their reaction as they have no clue at the

    “yes… impact of the bullet….. meaning you will wear that three kevlars
    because…. I will be using live rounds during the training....... because
    I will shoot you…. directly…. Don’t worry, I will aim at you guys on
    the kevlars…but still I’m SO going to enjoy this…” Sunny said as she

    Sweat starting to form on the three detective’s foreheads. “oh boy…. We
    haven’t even started and my Bunny is getting excited…..” Sooyoung said
    as she finished her burger.

    “Sunny-ah…. Let me handle Tae-Tae… if that’s ok with you?” Tiffany asked
    and Sunny nodded. “yeah.. in the meantime, I’ll teach Sica on the
    basics on how to use a gun…” Sooyoung said as she walked towards

    “finally…… you remembered my request..” Jessica said as she smile but as
    they are going to continue their talk, Yoona came towards Jessica and
    handed Jessica a flower vase. “Yoong? What’s with the flower vase?”
    Jessica asked and all of them hold her laughter. Jessica reached the
    flower vase from Yoona’s hand and the ill girl ran towards Sooyoung and
    hid behind her.

    “….i don’t get it…” Jessica asked in confusion. Taeyeon who couldn’t
    hold her laughter burst out laughing like an ajhumma and explained.

    “PUHAHAHAHA SICA! Yoong already gave you your favorite weapon!! Hahahahahaha!” Taeyeon laughed and everyone followed.

    “YAH! YOONG!!” Jessica said as she frowned but minutes later she also
    laughed among them. “she’s really starting to become Yuri’s sister…. A
    prankster…” Sooyoung said as she patted Jessica’s shoulder.

    “Sunny-unnie, can I ask something?” Hara asked. “Yeah?” Sunny replied.

    “why are we going to train to the extreme way but Taeyeon unnie and
    Jessica unnie aren’t?” Hara asked. “simple…. You guys already know how
    to handle guns… unlike Sica and Taeng…. They’re still not used on using
    one….” Sunny replied.

    “makes sense…. So when do we start?” Hyoyeon said. “we will start after 20…. So better be prepared..” Sunny said.

    “last question… exactly how many guns are we going to….”feel”…in the
    training?” Gyuri asked. “….i thought you’d never ask.. well… did you see
    all the guns in Narsha-unnie armory?............. all of them so
    instead of dilly-dallying around, get in there and start analyzing those
    guns…. And believe me… I won’t cut you some slack…” Sunny finished with
    a menacing smile which made the three of them gulped hard at Sunny’s

    “hoo boy… she devil itself returned… so good luck guys…” Sooyoung said
    as she invited Jessica who is still holding the vase that Yoona gave to
    her and went to the armory.

    “Tae-Tae… I will teach you first hand to hand combat are you fine with
    that?” Tiffany asked and Taeyeon nodded. “I trust you Fany-ah….” Taeyeon

    “unnie……… what about me?” Seohyun butted in. Tiffany looked at Seohyun.
    “Seohyun-ah…. I have something for you so…. Wait for a little while
    alright?” Tiffany said as she pulls out a cigarette stick. But as
    Tiffany ignited her lighter, Seohyun jumped and blow the fire off.

    “hey what’s the big idea?” Tiffany asked. “Fany-unnie… don’t smoke….”
    Seohyun said. “Tiffany turned around but as she is going to light her
    cigarette, it disappeared from her lips.

    “YAH! What are you doing Hyunnie!” Tiffany whined. “don’t smoke
    Fany-unnie…. it will kill you…” Seohyun said which made Tiffany
    surprised. She never expected Seohyun would say such a thing.

    “…give it up fany-ah…. Hyunnie is too uptight and health conscious….
    Just do as she say or else she will make you guilty on anyway she can…”
    Taeyeon said as she smiled. Tiffany stared at Seohyun and the younger
    girl is also staring at her with full seriousness, and I the end,
    Tiffany sighed in defeat.

    “… I give up… it’s hard to say no to Hyunnie…” Tiffany smiled and puts away her cigarette back to her pocket.

    “but what about Seohyun and Yoona? who’s going to keep an eye on them?”
    Sooyoung asked. “…I could do that… after all… I still can’t fight with
    my condition.” Nicole volunteered.

    “then that settles it… twenty minutes from now, you guys have to
    familiarize yourselves on the weapons inside Narsha unnie’s armory..”
    Sunny said and Hyoyeon, Gyuri and Hara went off to the armory.

    “Sunny-ssi? Can I ask something?” Nicole asked. “what is it?” Sunny
    replied. “is it really necessary for them to familiarize those guns?”
    Nicole asked again. “yeah it’s necessary…. Why’d you ask?” Sunny said

    “nothing… I’m just trying to know what’s the connection about your
    training program… I could understand on why they need to feel the impact
    of the bullet from the gun…. But to familiarize…. It got me confused…”
    Nicole said.

    “in my training program….. I’ll have those three blindfolded and they
    will determine which gun that I will use…. If they got it wrong, I’ll
    shoot them and believe me…. that’s not an easy task….” Sunny replied as
    she smirked again. “Sunny-ssi… you’re freaking me out with that smile of
    yours…. Oh I have to ask you a favor….” Nicole said.

    “favor? Don’t tell me you want to be trained with your condition?” Sunny
    said. “aniyo…. It’s about our Captain…. Could you……… could you at least
    be easy on her?” Nicole said which made Sunny focus her attention to

    Now why would I do that? I just told you guys I won’t be merciful on
    this training….” Sunny said. “well… it’s just that….. we’re already
    giving her pressure enough…. About Seungyeon’s betrayal…. Hara’s grenade
    experience…. And my near death experience…. I just don’t want her to be
    pressured anymore…” Nicole said as she lowered her head.

    Sunny knew what Nicole is feeling and her smirk turn into a gentle one
    as she knows, Nicole have secret feelings for Hyoyeon. “Nic….. can I ask
    you something too?” Sunny asked and Nicole looked at Sunny. “about
    Hyoyeon…. Who is her assistant?” Sunny asked.

    “well…. Her assistant is Gyuri unnie…. but whenever she had a case… she
    always brings me instead of Gyuri unnie….” Nicole said as she slightly
    blushed while fidgeting her fingers on her hands. Sunny noticed the
    redness of Nicole’s cheeks.

    “………….have you told her?” Sunny asked. “told her what?” Nicole replied.
    “….you know… how you feel about it? and don’t you ever wonder on why is
    she always keeping you by her side?” Sunny said.

    “I never thought of it really…. But….. whenever she takes me… I feel
    happy that’s why i………….” as Nicole is going to say it, Sunny put the

    “love her…” Sunny said as she smirked. “yeah……WHAT?!!” Nicole was shock
    at Sunny’s choice of words but deep inside, her heart is beating fast
    due to happiness. “don’t hide it Nicole… I can see it on your
    expression…” Sunny said as she leaned on a wall near her and crossed her
    arms at the same time closed her eyes while smiling.

    “…am i…….. am I really that obvious?” Nicole asked as she is still blushing and pressed cheeks with both of her hands.

    “…well DUH! You’re red as a tomato….. only a blind man wouldn’t notice you…” Sunny said as she chuckle.

    “have you told her yet?” Sunny asked but Nicole just shook her head.
    “….i’m afraid she might take it the wrong way Sunny-ssi….” Nicole

    “…. I wouldn’t say that Nicole…. the day Narsha unnie did the operation
    to you…. Hyoyeon never left her place beside Narsha unnie’s operating
    room until she heard a good news that the operation was successful…”
    Sunny said as she leaves Nicole wondering about Hyoyeon’s action. “….did
    the Cap really did that?” Nicole said to herself as she blushed at the


    “Teukie oppa, Shindong oppa… thanks for the ride… you don’t have to wait
    for us because I don’t want you guys to get involve..” Yuri said as she
    waved goodbye to Leeteuk and Shindong.

    “Yuri-ssi wait!” Leeteuk called. “give this taser to your friend…. From
    the looks of her, I figured she’s not a fighting type.. so just in case,
    give this to her…. Shindong tweaked its voltage from 6 watts into 50
    watts…” Leeteuk said which made Yuri shocked as she looked at Shindong
    who is drinking beer in the cockpit.

    “what? I have nothing to do besides…. According to Siwon, you girls need
    all the help you can get…” Shindong said as she gave Yuri an “ok” sign
    and Yuri chuckled.

    “Thanks oppa….. listen better hurry up or someone might see you with
    me…. take care on going back oppas” Yuri said and Leeteuk gave a
    farewell handshake before closing the door hatch of the plane and
    Shindong started the engine and they flew off.

    “Yuri unnie…. where are we suppose to go now?” Jiyoung asked as she puts
    on her backpack. Yuri also carried her duffle bag behind her back.

    “I suppose we’re going to stay in a hotel… and from there… you will just
    stay at the Hotel just in case…” Yuri said as she called a taxi when
    they got out of the commercial airport.

    Hotel….. 2:43 P.M.

    “HAAAAAH Finally… soft bed….. silk sheets…. Fresh air…. I want to rest…”
    Jiyoung said as she jumped on the bed and embraced its softness. Yuri
    chuckled at Jiyoung’s action. “mianhe for bringing you here Jiyoung-ah…”
    Yuri said as she unpacked her stuffs. Jiyoung watched Yuri unpacked
    her stuffs and noticed, Yuri brings only one exchange of clothing and
    the rest were weapons and explosives.

    “Yuri-unnie…. is it ok if I call you that now?” Jiyoung asked. “sure…
    call me whatever you want Jiyoung-ah… ever since you tag along with us…
    knowing the faces of danger… I already consider you a family…. And
    speaking of family…. I haven’t heard you talked about them…. are they
    still alive?” Yuri ased as she sorted out her weapons on her side of the

    “……….i don’t even know them Yuri-unnie….. I was raised in an orphanage..” Jiyoung said as she frowned and Yuri noticed.

    “what about your foster parents?” Yuri asked but Jiyoung shook her head.
    “you mean you never got adopted?” Yuri asked in curiosity. “….no….
    people are scared of my height… to be honest… I wanted a family…. Who
    will take care of me… that’s why I decided to stick with you guys… even
    though it’s hardcore… I know in my heart, all of you will never abandon
    me… even though I’m useless to all of you as a part of the team…”
    Jiyoung sighed but to her surprise, Yuri patted her head.

    “babo… you’re not useless…. If it wasn’t for you, we will never get to
    San Francisco. Despite that you never drove a vehicle before, you
    managed to bring us to the airport with the help of Big Bang team. And
    if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t get out of the airport alive back
    there when the enemy ambushed Hyoyeon’s team….. and if it wasn’t for
    you…. Nicole wouldn’t survived.” Yuri said as she assured Jiyoung and
    the younger girl weakly smiled as she wiped her tears.

    “thank you unnie….. thank you making me realize…” Jiyoung said.

    “by the way.. going back to your orphanage story… does it mean you lived there until you’re grown up?” Yuri asked again.

    “sort of…. I was raised by a nun but that nun is too old and always
    telling me to not to give up on finding a good family….. and when she
    died, I was devastated but her teachings and words still lingers in my
    mind, I learned to raise myself. I have gone through a various jobs just
    to support myself and the last job I was in is… you know ……… your
    former organization…” Jiyoung said.

    “well….. we’re not a perfect family Jiyoung-ah… Tiffany and I are
    assassins, Sooyoung is our mission handler that gave our targets, Sunny
    is weapons expert at the same time a hitman for hire… Sooyoung is also
    the same as Sunny by the way…, as you know, Taeyeon is a college
    student, Hyoyeon, Gyuri, Hara and Seungyeon are detectives…. Some
    combination huh? And now we’re some sort of rogues…” Yuri said.

    “true…. You guys are not a perfect family… BUT! You guys are the best….
    I don’t care if you, Tiffany unnie, Sooyoung unnie and Sunny unnie have
    blood stains on your hands… but I can tell you guys know what’s good or
    bad and you guys are kind hearted as far as I know…. you guys maybe
    ruthless when you execute your enemies but at the same time, you guys
    know how to care for a family…” Jiyoung said.

    “……omo…I wish I could kiss you Jiyoung-ah…. Thanks for those words…. It
    means a lot to me and if Tiffany heard those words, she would’ve
    probably showered you with kisses…. Hahahaha” Yuri said as she chuckled.

    “anyway… take your rest now, you will stay there and keep an eye on our stuffs, I’ll head out a bit….” Yuri said.

    “where are you going?” Jiyoung asked. “well… what else? I’ll gather some
    info… and by the way…. Leeteuk oppa asked me to give you this M26…..
    it’s a taser gun.” Yuri said as she gave the taser gun to Jiyoung.

    M26 - Taser gun

    “U-Unnie..i can’t use a gun…” Jiyoung said. “it’s not a gun… it’s a
    taser… all you have to do is aim at the enemy and pull the trigger. Be
    careful though once the wire connects to your enemy, DO NOT touch them,
    Shindong oppa tweaked it voltage so…. You get the picture…” Yuri said
    and Jiyoung mouthed a thank you.

    “remember, once I got out of this room, DO NOT trust anyone unless it’s
    me… if a room service knocks on the door, tell them to leave the food
    outside…AND DON’T Eat it….” Yuri said as she throws a bunch of food
    packed in a silver wrappings.

    “What’s this?” Jiyoung asked. “MRE’s…. Meal Ready to Eat… even though it
    doesn’t taste good, it’ll keep you away from your hunger…. I just want
    you to be safe and never let anyone in unless it’s me understand?” Yuri
    said and Jiyoung nodded.

    “you got it… it’s better to eat bad food and stay safe than to eat good
    but dead… take care Yuri unnie…” Jiyoung said as Yuri heads out.

    Group’s base, Mexico branch

    “how is the hostage?” Jae Suk asked. “sir, she maybe weak but she’s still fighting it.” one of Jae Suk’s men answered.

    “pull her up from that icy cold water…” Jae Suk ordered and with a push
    of a button, a crane moved and pulled up Seungyeon, shivering madly due
    to the extreme cold of the water.

    “feeling want to talk right now?” Jae Suk asked. Seungyeon looked at Jae
    Suk with a weary eyes. “tell where they are and I’ll let you go….” Jae
    Suk said but Seungyeon remained silent.

    “you’re trying my patience little girl….” Jae Suk said as he gritted his
    teeth. “bring her close to me!” Jae Suk ordered and the crane moved
    closer with Seungyeon hanging in it.

    “I’ll ask you one more time… if you don’t answer… I will beat the answer
    out of you! WHERE.ARE.THEY.HIDING!” Jae Suk asked.

    “t-they’re……… i-in……” Seungyeon tried to speak but finding it hard to do because her mouth is also shivering.

    “they’re in where?” Jae Suk asked as he leaned closer to Seungyeon.
    “T-they’re in………. YOUR MOTHER’S WOMB!! A**H*LE!!!” Seungyeon said as she
    spits on Jae Suk’s face. “why you….. YOU B*TCH!!” Jae Suk shouted
    angrily as he gave Seungyeon a hard slap which made Seungyeon spit out a

    “you’re a though one aren’t you? let’s see if you’re going to be tough
    after this…” Jae Suk said as he ordered his men to bring a device out a
    device. Jae Suk pulled a couple of wires and pasted it on Seungyeon’s
    wet clothes.

    “this device will emit electricity…. If you answer my question a wrong
    one… you’ll be feeling a painful shock that will run through your body…”
    Jae Suk smirked as he grabbed a remote on the device.

    “now… one more time…. Where are they?” Jae Suk asked again. “THEY’RE
    BURIED UNDERNEATH THE EARTH! GO DIG THEM UP!!” Seungyeon shouted and
    again, she spitted her blood in Jae Suk’s face.

    Then a sound of electricity can be heard cracking as Jae Suk pressed a
    button on the remote and sends an electric shock on Seungyeon’s body.

    Seungyeon screamed in pain as she felt on every part of her body the
    shock that runs on her body. After ten seconds of agony Jae Suk released
    the button and Seungyeon moaned in pain.

    “one more time…. Where are they?!” Jae Suk asked again but this time
    Seungyeon didn’t answer and just spit on Jae Suk’s face again and passed

    “tch…. She passed out…. put her back again on the water…” Jae Suk said as he walked away frustrated.

    “Sir…. we have new information…” one of Jae Suk’s men came and handed a report to him. Jae Suk took the report and smirked.

    “So…….. Kwon Yuri is here in Mexico…… send in my best assassin…. He’ll
    know what to do….” Jae Suk said as he went back to his office.

    But unknown to Jae Suk, Yuri is already inside his base and witnessed
    what he had done to Seungyeon. “dammit….. he really intended to torture
    Seungyeon just to get out location..…” Yuri said as she clenched her
    fist. “I better go back before the assassin get to Jiyoung….” Yuri said
    as she tries to withdraw from Jae Suk’s base.

    As Yuri jumped down from her hiding place, unknown to her a guard is
    making his way and at the exact moment Yuri landed, she was already in
    front of the guard.

    But before the guard could make a move, Yuri gave him a hard punch on
    his neck making him hard to breathe as he gasps for air and Yuri spins
    around, making her leg hook into the man’s neck as she take him down and
    also snapped his neck as he puts an amount of pressure to his neck.

    In order to conceal her kill, Yuri dragged the guard’s body into the
    bush nearby. “dammit..” Yuri cursed as she is worrying for Jiyoung’s

    Before Yuri leaves Jae Suk’s base, Yuri starts planting some remote C4
    explosives into several key points of Jae Suk’s base. Yuri managed to
    plant some explosives into several vehicles and on some part of the

    But two structures caught Yuri’s attention and it was a power reactor of the whole building and a communications antenna tower.

    “this should cause a stir… and a delay….tomorrow night…. Until then…
    feel the place babies…” Yuri said as she left the vicinity with full of
    rigged explosives for tomorrow night.

    Back at the Hotel….

    “Yuri unnie sure is taking her sweet time…. It’s almost midnight….”
    Jiyoung said as she sighed and sat on her bed and turns on the TV beside

    “I wonder who are they doing back at Narsha unnie’s house…” Jiyoung said as she opened up one of MRE’s and took a bite.

    “…eeww… this taste like card board…. But I guess I shouldn’t
    complain…after all Yuri unnie is concerned about me…” Jiyoung said as
    she took another bite from the M.R.E. then in the mids of her eating
    while watching. She heard a knock from the door.

    “Who is it? Jiyoung asked. “Room service…. I came upon the manager’s request Ma’am…” a male voice answered behind the door.

    Jiyoung walked towards the door and looked through the peep hole and saw
    a tall man dressed in formal attire, indicating that he’s one of the
    employees at the Hotel. Jiyoung noticed the food.

    “I didn’t order any food Sir…” Jiyoung said. “no problem ma’am, it’s the
    manager’s rule… new costumer should be accommodated on their first
    stay..” the man said.

    Jiyoung remembered Yuri’s warning. “alright.. but could you please leave
    it at the side? I’ll get it later… I have to go and get some shower..”
    Jiyoung said as an excuse.

    “certainly ma’am.. I’ll leave it here ma’am..” the man said as Jiyoung watched him through the peep hole as the man walks away.

    “whew… that was close…” Jiyoung said as she lets out a heavy sigh as she
    leans on the door but seconds later, Jiyoung heard a fast thumping
    coming closer and closer as she looked at the peep hole to see what is
    causing those thumps, she saw the hotel attendant that brought the
    accommodation food running in a fast pace towards her door.

    Then it struck her that she’s in danger, Jiyoung jumped sideways as she
    saw the man is going to ram the door and just in time Jiyoung jumped,
    the door busted open and as the man got inside, he instantly pulled out
    his MP5 Navy and quickly fired at Jiyoung’s location.

    Jiyoung quickly ran towards her bed and tries to grab the taser gun but
    the man ran after Jiyoung and managed to chase her to the small kitchen
    of the room. Jiyoung crouched down at the counter to avoid getting hit
    and the man didn’t stop shooting until his magazine ran out of bullets.

    Jiyoung heard the man is reloading and quickly tries again and dashed
    towards the bed to grab the taser gun again but the man saw Jiyoung and
    throws away his MP5 Navy and ran after Jiyoung.

    As Jiyoung finally grabbed the taser gun, the man jumped above her and
    grabbed her hair and shoved her from the bed and she hits a table nearby
    as she accidentally lose her grip on the taser gun. Jiyoung winced in

    The man slowly walked towards Jiyoung, who is trying hard to stand up as
    she still feels the stinging pain on her head. the man moved behind her
    and pulled out a rope and starts choking her to death.

    Jiyoung grabbed the rope that is around her neck as she starts to choke.
    The man tries to tighten the rope around Jiyoung’s neck and Jiyoung
    started to panic as she free her one arm and tries to grab the man
    behind her while her other hand is still holding the rope around her

    As Jiyoung tries grab him, she accidentally scratched the man’s eye,
    causing him to loosen the rope a bit. Jiyoung felt it and took a chance.
    With the man still behind her, Jiyoung summoned her strength and ran
    backwards with full force and she managed to slam the man’s back on a
    concrete wall nearby the window and finally releasing her from the rope.

    Jiyoung didn’t waste time and she grabbed the lampshade and bashed it on
    the man’s head. as the lampshade broke upon impact, Jiyoung rammed the
    man so hard that the man had no control on the force, making him went
    straight through the window, plunging down to his death.

    At the same time, Yuri arrived at the hotel to witness the man’s fall and she quickly made her way up to their room.

    “JIYOUNG-AH!” Yuri shouted as she saw Jiyoung laying flat on the floor
    and their room is in a total mess, not moving a muscle. Yuri made her
    way to Jiyoung and supported her. as Yuri supported Jiyoung’s back the
    tall girl winced in pain.

    “what happened? Where are you hurt?” Yuri asked. “unnie… someone tried to kill me… and I hit my back so hard…” Jiyoung said.

    “sssh.. don’t talk… look we’re changing place… let’s leave now…. I found
    a suitable hiding place and once in there you just rest alright?” Yuri
    said as she packed their stuffs as Jiyoung tries her hard to withstand
    the pain. As Yuri finally finished packing, she also wear Jiyoung’s back
    pack and hooked her duffle bag at the same time she supported Jiyoung.

    “why isn’t anyone coming to help unnie? why is there no police?” Jiyoung
    asked. “there’s no people in here…. I’m assuming they’re been killed as
    the assassin tries to get to you….” Yuri said as they both stopped
    after going out through the door.

    “what are you doing unnie?” Jiyoung asked. “I’m setting up a trap…. The
    man you killed will come here to investigate clues on where we are
    going… so I had to erase the trace….” Yuri said as she rigged the whole
    room with C4 and upon her way out on the door, she placed two claymore
    mines behind the door and armed it.

    “now we’re set… let’s go… and bear with the pain for a while
    Jiyoung-ah…” Yuri said as they both made their way out of the hotel and
    into their new hiding place….. the docks.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 25 Finished.

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Mon May 07, 2012 12:36 pm

    Mission 26

    Dressed in an army green army fatigue with a fierce look, Sunny is walking beside the table with a set of guns lines up.

    “ok listen up… here’s what I’ll do…. Put on this blind folds and you
    guys will guess what kind of firearms I’m going to use, if you guessed
    it wrong, I will shoot you once, guess it too long, I will shoot you
    again and if you fall down on the ground, I will shoot you twice, cry in
    fear, I’ll shoot you thrice…. GOT IT?” Sunny said as she gave Hara,
    Gyuri and Hyoyeon the blind folds and looked at Nicole and remembered
    that she cared for Hyoyeon, Sunny double checked Hyoyeon’s Kevlar.

    “what are you doing?” Hyoyeon asked as she is now blind folded. “…. Just
    giving a double check… one person here is worried about you so go
    figure it out for yourself..” Sunny whispered.

    “ok let me ask you guys one last time first…. Are you sure about this?
    Because I’m not going easy on this…” Sunny asked. Hara who is shivering
    in fear and TOO nervous, nodded.

    “my my…. We haven’t even started and yet you’re shaking already…. But I
    admire your tenacity Hara… but I hope you won’t pee on the process…”
    Sunny said as she grin. “oh and just to inform you… since Nicole here
    can’t participate in my…… “graceful training” she will be recording your
    points..” Sunny said.

    “points?” Hyoyeon asked. “yeah… the one who have guessed more mistakes,
    there will be a punishment and I forgot to mention, you guys only have
    three seconds to guess….” Sunny said as she grabbed a desert eagle.

    Tiffany, Taeyeon, Jessica and Sooyoung watched. “…Sooyoungie…. It’s been
    a while since the last time I saw that smile from Sunny….” Tiffany
    said. “yeah…. She must be missing her old days…” Sooyoung said as she
    passed some foods to Jessica who is beside her then to Taeyeon and
    Tiffany last.

    “………….” Taeyeon was intently observing at Sunny and her tactics which
    Tiffany noticed. “Tae-Tae? Something wrong?” Tiffany asked.

    “nothing’s wrong… it’s just… I’m curious on how are those three feeling
    right now…” Taeyeon asked. “…. Right now… you DON’T want to be in their
    place…. when my Bunny say she will not go easy… she really mean it…”
    Sooyoung said as she open the bag of potato chips that Sunny bought from
    the convenience store.

    “ok Listen up…. a piece of advice…. Keep both of your arms always in
    your back… just for a safety precaution…” Sunny said and the three of
    them did what Sunny asked.

    “now everything is set…. Let’s start…. I’m going to shoot first on a
    tree, and you guys identify the gun by its sound… ready? Let’s start
    with easy ones…” Sunny said as she fired the desert eagle.

    “Desert eagle!” Hyoyeon said
    “Desert eagle!” Gyuri said
    “Desert eagle!” Hara said

    “nice…. Ok here’s the next one…” Sunny said as she grabbed the M1911 and fires a shot.
    “M1911….?” Hyoyeon said
    “M1911!” Gyuri said
    “M-m1…911?” Hara said

    “nice… it seems this third one will make me smile…” Sunny said as she grabbed a Beretta M9 and fires a shot.

    “…Beretta….M9?” Hyoyeon said
    “USP Tactical!” Gyuri shouted as she smiles.
    “uuhh… Glock 9?” Hara answered.

    “……. One correct, two of you were wrong..” Sunny said as she shot Gyuri
    and Hara right at their Kevlar using Beretta M9. Hara winced in pain as
    she gritted her teeth but Gyuri cried in pain as she kneeled. Sunny
    grinned and shot Gyuri twice as she finally goes down on the ground.
    Sunny grinned again and shot Gyuri three times and Gyuri cried in pain.


    “BUT IT HURTS!!! DAMMIT!” Gyuri shouted back but Sunny just grinned.

    “hurts like hell doesn’t it? I told you I won’t go easy on you….
    now…SUCK IT UP AND REMEMBER THAT PAIN!!” Sunny said as she now grabs a
    Heckler & Koch HK4 to prepare for the next hand gun.

    “…a Beretta?” Hyoyeon said nervously.
    “S-SIG Sauer… P226?” Gyuri answered as she tries to withstand the pain and impact of the previous shot.
    “…………………….” Hara didn’t answer as she also is still feeling the pain from the previous shot as she endured it.

    “….BINGO!!” Sunny shouted as she gave each and everyone of them a shot
    and all of them cried in pain. Sunny Shoots the three of them twice.
    Luckily, Hyoyeon withstand the impact and pain but Gyuri and Hara falls
    down and Sunny gave them another three shots. Hara finally lets out
    scream and so did Gyuri.

    “THIS HURTS LIKE SH*T!!!” Gyuri hissed but Hara remained silent as she gritted her teeth.

    Jessica and Taeyeon who is watching them were speechless at Sunny’s
    action. “… looks to me… she’s executing them…” Jessica said. “…. To
    tell you the truth… she also endured the same training she’s giving
    them…. as a matter of fact… lucky for them Narsha unnie’s weapons are
    limited…. Back there… Sunny had to try 100 weapons….” Sooyoung said
    which surprised the two eldest girls.

    “it’s true Tae-Tae…. I remember one time, me, Yuwree and Sooyoungie we
    watched her in the hospital… as her trainer back then accidentally
    loaded one gun with an armor piercing bullet… Sunny got critically hit
    on her stomach area….” Tiffany said.

    “i….. I didn’t know you guys went through a harsh trainings…” Taeyeon
    said. “what about Sooyoung? Did you also train like that?” Jessica
    asked. “nah… I’m just trained normally…. Self defense and shooting
    ranges… but the difference is…. I made a promise to myself that I won’t
    stop until I get a perfect score from shooting range…” Sooyoung

    “what about you Tiff? What kind of training you’ve gone through?”
    Jessica asked Tiffany. “…it’s…… kind of long story Jessi…… it’s just not
    the right time….” Tiffany replied as they continue to watch Sunny’s
    training to the trio.

    Several hours have passed, Hyoyeon, Gyuri and Hara never felt exhausted
    as they were totally drained because they have to endure the pain and
    impact of each and every gun.

    “Dammit…..Sunny….. you totally changed………the last time…………… when I still
    knew you……… in the service….” Hyoyeon said as she tries to remove her
    Kevlar and also catches her breath.

    “…a lot happened Hyo…. And I’m not in the mood to talk about it…” Sunny
    coldly replied as she picked up the sets of hand guns one by one.

    “I didn’t imagine your training would be so hard Sunny-unnie…. even
    though we had our kevlars…. It still hurts…. Really…” Hara said. Gyuri
    on the other hand were kind of annoyed since she the one who is the most
    getting shot at earlier.

    “what about you Sunny-ssi? Can you really identify those hand guns?”
    Gyuri asked with a slight annoyance in her voice. Sunny smirked at
    Gyuri’s action as she remembers how she acted back then. Sooyoung who is
    getting ready to train Jessica heard Gyuri’s words and became worried..

    “I know how you enjoy shooting at us at that time Sunny-ssi.. I bet you
    can’t identify those also… you just made that training up as far as I
    know….” Gyuri said.

    “Gyuri-unnie… stop it… she’s doing this to hone our alertness….” Hara
    said as she tried to stop Gyuri. Hyoyeon was silent and getting ready to
    restrain Gyuri if a worst case scenario happened.

    “hey hey HEY! what’s this about?” Sooyoung said as she finally got close
    to Sunny’s group. “well, tell your girlfriend here that she should stop
    this ridiculous training… it’s pointless…” Gyuri said.

    “It’s not pointless Gyuri….. tell me… how did you feel when I shot you
    the first time?” Sunny asked Gyuri. “well DUH! It hurts even though we
    wore Kevlars, like Hara said, it still hurts!” Gyuri hissed.

    “I hope you didn’t forget what I’ve told you from the beginning about
    the purpose of this training? You have to feel the impact of the
    bullet….” Sunny said as she twitched her pressed her tongue on her chek
    from the inside. Sooyoung knew Sunny is getting angry.

    “ok ok ok … stop this… if you don’t want to train then don’t
    participate… but when the time comes, don’t come running at us Gyuri…”
    Sooyoung said as she tries to break the tension. Taeyeon, Jessica and
    Tiffany became also concerned.

    “well…. It’s not that I don’t want to train… my point is, how can you
    concentrate to feel the impact if she enjoys shooting us! I bet she just
    created this stupid training just to enjoy herself!” Gyuri whined.

    Upon Gyuri’s words Sooyoung and Tiffany became worried as they noticed Sunny is staring daggers at Gyuri.

    “LISTEN UP YOU MAGGOT!” Sunny exploded as she quickly grabbed Gyuri on
    the collar of her shirt. “I DIDN’T CREATE THIS TRAINING EXERCISE JUST TO
    pushed Gyuri slightly but still sent back a little and Hara catch her.

    Gyuri was shocked to know that Sunny also had undergone intense
    training. Then Sunny walked towards Gyuri. “fine if you don’t believe
    me………… then you test me! you can use any guns you like. May it be guns
    in here or your own gun. I don’t care, if I get twenty answers correct,
    YOU will undergo with my training and if I get a single answer wrong you
    can shoot me like I shot you ealier…” Sunny said as she donned a Kevlar
    and lets Hara blind folded her.

    Gyuri fired a gun. “Heckler & Koch HK4” Sunny answered. Gyuri was
    astounded. Sunny did even wasted a second to answer the sound. Gyuri
    fires another one. “Desert eagle… look to save you the trouble… you can
    fire all the guns in succession and I’ll answer it also in succession..”
    Sunny said.

    Gyuri fired five guns in succession. “Taurus PT92, Jericho 941, Browning
    High-power 9mm, Beretta M9 and Sig Sauer P226…” Sunny said. Gyuri
    having realizing her mistake, decided to stop.

    “Mianhe Sunny-ssi…. It’s just the frustration got to me when I was
    constantly saying a wrong answer…. I’m still going to do it…” Gyuri said
    as she puts down the gun. Sunny removed the blind fold and the Kevlar
    walked back towards them.

    “look….. I admit I enjoyed the moment but also forget I’m doing this for
    you… Hara is correctearlier by the way…. This training will not let you
    only familiarize with the impact… it will also hone your alertness….
    Now.. why don’t you three get some rest… and we will also start again
    tomorrow… got it?” Sunny said as she went back to her old cute self. As
    she watched Hyoyeon, Nicole, Gyuri and Hara went inside the house.

    Sunny sighed and held her stomach area where she was accidentally shot when she undergoing that training.

    “still lingering in your memories?” Sooyoung said as she gave Sunny a
    water in a plastic bottle. Sunny didn’t answer and just nodded. “don’t
    worry…. You still have me Bunny-ah….” Sooyoung said as she hugged Sunny.
    “thanks Youngie…. Well… it’s time to teach Sica for some basics…” Sunny
    said as both of them walked towards Jessica who is waiting at the
    shooting range.


    As Yuri and Jiyoung managed to exit the Hotel through the back of the
    hotel through the kitchen, a loud explosion was heard. Jiyoung was

    “Unnie….” Jiyoung worriedly asked. “don’t talk just bear with me… we’ll
    go to a safe place…” Yuri said as both of them successfully escaped the
    hotel via stolen car they used.

    Minutes have passed, of driving, Yuri saw the docks and decided to park
    somewhere else. Yuri parked the car they stole almost far to the docks.
    Jiyoung, who is now slightly feeling a little better carried her own bag
    and at the same tie confused.

    “Unnie? why did we park here?” Jiyoung asked. “well…. This is a stolen
    car we used… the real owner will alert the police and will come looking
    for it… knowing that someone came to you at the hotel room that means
    they have connection everywhere… we can’t trust the authorities here…… I
    can assume they knew we’re here… I’m just being cautious Jiyoung-ah…”
    Yuri said.

    As the both calmly made their way to the docks, Yuri is observing
    Jiyoung as she noticed that Jiyoung wincing in pain as she remembered
    that Jiyoung it’s a table on her back when she was attacked back at the

    “Jiyoung-ah… stop for a while…” Yuri said as she both stopped in front
    of a convenience store. “wait for me in here alright?” Yuri said as she
    went inside the store. A couple of minutes, Yuri walked out carrying a
    two plastic bags, snacks and drinks on one bag and a bag full of ice on
    the other. Jiyoung was confused at the moment but decided not to ask
    until they arrived at the docks.

    As both of them arrived at the docks, Jiyoung saw Yuri talked to one of
    the man guarding all the boats in there. And after a couple a minute,
    Yuri signaled Jiyoung to come over as Yuri took a key from the man.

    “unnie? who was that man?” Jiyoung asked. “he’s the one managing the
    boats here.” Yuri answered as they walked towards a boat in the near end
    docking place. Upon arriving, Jiyoung was awed at the boat as she
    notice it was a Yacht.

    “Yuri unnie? you said that man is managing the boats here….does it
    mean…” as Jiyoung as going to finish her word, Yuri cuts in. “yep… he’s
    also making a living of rent-a-boat… and luckily for us this Yacht just
    returned a while ago from its previous user… so we will be staying
    here…” Yuri said.

    “unnie…. im starting to think what you are thinking….” Jiyoung said. “I
    have a feeling that… we will use this boat as a get-away vehicle …… how
    much did you pay that man?” Jiyoung asked as both of them entered the

    “…. I’ve just handed him a ten thousand as a down payment….” Yuri
    replied as she smiled but Jiyoung already caught the tanned girl’s plot.

    “right…. And the rest of the payment won’t come because we will use this boat…” Jiyoung said as she laughed.

    As both of them now settled inside the Yacht, Jiyoung is awed again at the bed room as she saw it.


    “wow…….” Jiyoung said but as she arched her back a bit, a sudden pain
    came rushing in. “ouch!..” Jiyoung winced. Yuri who is unloading the
    snacks she brought at the grocery noticed Jiyoung.

    “Jiyoung-ah… why don’t you take the big bed… I’ll settle on the small one..” Yuri said.

    “no! I’ll take the small one you take the big one unnie..” Jiyoung said.
    “Jiyoung-ah… take the big bed…. you’re the one who needed it most. You
    back needs a comfortable position…” Yuri said as she placed a lump of
    ice in a towel.

    “Lay down flat on your stomach…” Yuri said and Jiyoung obeyed. As
    Jiyoung lay flat on the bed, Yuri instantly pulled up Jiyoung’s shirt
    revealing her back bare skin with a slight bruise. “Jiyoung-ah.. I’m
    going to place this lump of ice in your back to help ease the pain.”
    Yuri said as she gently treated Jiyoung’s bruise.

    “how do you feel?” Yuri asked. “’s good…” Jiyoung answered as her
    voice cracked. “omo…… Jiyoung-ah? Are you crying?” Yuri asked.

    “it’s just I’ve never been treated caringly like this…” Jiyoung said as
    she wiped her tears at Yuri’s care. “babo…. Stop crying… or you’ll make
    me cry too…” Yuri said as she tries to make the younger tall girl smile
    and it did.

    “Yuri unnie… thank you….” Jiyoung said as she closed her eye and minutes
    later fell asleep. Yuri smiled. Even though she knew Jiyoung is already
    in a world of slumber she responded a “you’re welcome” and prepares her
    stuff for saving Seungyeon.

    Narsha’s house…. 7:00 A.M.

    Everyone was awaken by the sound of a gun and all of them rushed in the front yard and saw Jessica and Sooyoung.

    “SICA! Don’t hold the gun close to you! that’s why you’re stumbling down
    because of the recoil!” Sooyoung shouted with a slight annoyance in her

    “well I’m not like you Sooyoungie! The gun is too heavy to stretch my
    arms to fire it!” Jessica said. “Sica.. do you want to learn how to use a
    gun or unless you want to stick with the vases?” Sooyoung said as she

    As Jessica is going to answer, She spotted Yoona again hugging a vase
    while walking towards her. “oh hell no! alright… I have no choice do I?”
    Jessica said as she sighed as Yoona managed to get close and gave
    Jessica a vase. “………. Thanks Yoong…” Jessica took it and sigh as she
    watched Yoona walked back towards the rest and saw them holding their
    laughter and so did Sooyoung.

    “….yah… because you mentioned vases Yoona gave me another one…” Jessica
    said as she sighed in total defeat. “…hahaha mianhe Sica… Yoona knew you
    would be good in using a vase…. mpfh!” Sooyoung replied as she holds
    her laughter. “…..let’s just continue okay?” Jessica said as she did
    what Sooyoung instructed her.

    “damn it’s heavy…” Jessica said as she’s having a hard time holding the
    gun while her arms are stretched out. “bare with it Sica…. Look don’t
    hold the gun like that… it looks like you’re disgusted.” Sooyoung said
    as she noticed Jessica’s pinky finger is also stretched out.

    “uuuuhhh why are you holding it like that?” Sooyoung asked. “what? Is it
    wrong?” Jessica replied. “…in order to efficiently use a pistol Sica
    you have to have firm grip of the handle..” Sooyoung said as she
    demonstrates the right way on how to handle a pistol.

    Sooyoung stood behind Jessica as she helped Jessica straightened her
    stretched arm that is holding a gun. “now as you’re still stretching the
    arm of yours, hold the gun firmly and tightly….” Sooyoung instructed
    and touches Jessica’s hand.

    At that moment Jessica, felt something as Sooyoung touched her hand and
    smiled. “Sooyoungie…” Jessica called. “hmm?” Sooyoung paused.

    “you hands are warm…” Jessica said as she smiled. At that moment Sooyoung retracted her hand and felt nervous.

    “uuhh… what do you mean by that?” Sooyoung nervously asks. Jessica
    paused for a moment and noticed Sooyoung felt uncomfortable towards and
    she gets the idea. “OH! No.. I don’t mean it like that!! what I mean is
    your hand is warm and soft… despite of using a gun…. Your hands are just
    like Yuri’s..” Jessica explained and Sooyoung understood.

    “oh… well… I don’t know it myself… but…. Is it a bad thing?” Sooyoung
    asked. “no… at least Sunny will feel that warm hand of yours after our
    session is over…” Jessica said as she frowned.

    Sooyoung knew she misses Yuri already. ‘Don’t worry about Yuri… she’ll
    be back… knowing her…. I’m getting a vibes that she’ll not just going to
    do a scouting…. In her past….. like Narsha unnie explained…” Sooyoung
    pause then smiled.

    “wanna make a bet?” Sooyoung asked Jessica who is now starting to get
    use on holding a gun perfectly. “bet about what?” Jessica asked. “when
    Yuri comes back…. let’s make a bet… Seungyeon is with them…” Sooyoung
    said. “alright…. Seungyeon is not with them…” Jessica said as she fired
    the gun and sent her stumbling down.

    “KYAAH!” Jessica squealed and Sooyoung chuckles. “ouch… I thought I can
    use this gun efficiently if I hold it right!?” Jessica said as she
    brushed off the dirt from her jeans.

    “your’e holding it right Sica… it’s just your body position.. you’re
    just standing in a wrong form…” Sooyoung said as she helped Jessica up.

    “I hope Sunny won’t be jealous of me Sooyoungie…” Jessica said as she
    noticed Sunny is watching them. “naah she won’t..”Sooyoung smiled as she
    signaled Sunny to come over.

    “you called Youngie?” Sunny asked as she hugged the tall girl. “good
    morning my Bunny..” Sooyoung greeted Sunny as she gave the short girl a
    kiss on the forehead.

    “Bunny-ah… help me teach Sica about the perfect stance….. you’re the
    most expert she already perfected the correct way of holding a gun…”
    Sooyoung said.

    “…..alright… but I’ll make this quick because I still have some training
    to do with the three of them..” Sunny said as she decided to give an
    extra helping hand on teaching Jessica.

    Mexico……….. Morning….

    Jiyoung woke up and noticed Yuri is not with her. “Yuri unnie?” Jiyoung
    called. “yeah?” yuri answered from outside. “oh nothing… I thought you
    already gone to save Seungyeon unnie…” Jiyoung said as she walked out of
    the room.

    “shouldn’t you resting Jiyoung-ah?” Yuri said as she saw Jiyoung walking
    already out of the yacht’s room. “I’m feeling fine actually unnie…
    those ice you put really helped a lot.. although there’s still a slight
    pain, I’m not feeling any strain at all…” Jiyoung said.

    Jiyoung observed Yuri sorting out her weapons. “I thought you’re only
    going to scout… it seems to me… you’re going to bust her out…” Jiyoung

    “…I guess you could say a change of plan…. I just witnessed they’re
    torturing her…. and I should probably save her or else, she’ll die in
    hypothermia and if not… by electrocution…” Yuri explained as she finally
    finished her preparation.

    Yuri walked into the top of Yacht’s captain’s area and called Jiyoung. Jiyoung followed. “what is it unnie?” Jiyoung asked.

    “now let me tell you about this how this boat works….” Yuri said which
    made Jiyoung shocked. “could it be….. the reason you brought me with you
    is…. I’m going to drive this thing?!” Jiyoung said as she covered her
    mouth in surprise.

    “yeah… don’t you want to?” Yuri asked coolly. “well I can’t fully drive a
    car but a boat?” Jiyoung replied. “relax… driving a boat is much easier
    than a car. you don’t have to step on anything to make this thing move.
    All you have to do is. Insert this key here…” Yuri inserted the
    ignition key and turned on the engine of the boat.

    “Then this lever here.. this is the thing that will move this boat. The
    more you placed this lever upward, the more faster this boat will
    be….and vice versa if you move this lever down, we will be in reverse..
    easy ain’t it?” Yuri said and noticed Jiyoung is intently absorbing
    Yuri’s instruction.

    “listen Jiyoung-ah… I trust your ability…. Like I said, even though
    you’re not used in driving a car… you’re certainly doing a good job…. So
    I can count on you when the time comes.” Yuri said as she smiled and
    patted Jiyoung’s shoulder.

    “come on.. you still need some energy for tonight…. I’ve bought some
    food from the store last night…” Yuri said as she made her way down
    inside the Yacht’s room. Jiyoung smiled and whispered silently. “thank
    you Yuri unnie for giving me your trust….. I will anything I can not to
    disappoint you….” Jiyoung said as she carefully made her way all down
    to join Yuri for breakfast.

    Later that night….. 7:00 P.M. Yuri is now dressed in her usual gear and
    donned a thick jacket in order to conceal all her weapons. And on her
    back is a back pack with contains the disassembled SVD Dragunov.

    “Jiyoung-ah…. No matter what happens. Never open the lights while I’m
    gone…. I’ll inform the man over there that there is no one in here… I
    hope you understand..” Yuri said. “don’t worry Yuri unnie just be
    careful… I don’t want to face an angry Jessica unnie if you’re injured…”
    Jiyoung said as she went back inside the Yacht and switched off the

    As Yuri finally made her way on the end of a wooden dock before the
    Yacht she rented, Yuri placed a trip mine and sets up it wire on any one
    who steps in it will surely certainly be killed. Yuri informed the
    watcher about the Yacht she rented on not anyone to go near the boat and
    went off to save Seungyeon.

    Group’s base, Mexico Branch.

    Yuri arrived at the warehouse base but before she go inside, Yuri
    assembled the SVD Dragunov and puts a suppressor on its nozzle and made
    her way into one of the watch tower as she carries a back pack.

    As she manage to climb the watch tower silently. She noticed one of the
    watch man was half asleep. Yuri silently sneaked in behind him and as
    she got close, she instantly covered the man’s mouth and drove her knife
    into the man’s heart killing him instantly.

    Yuri placed the man’s dead body in a standing position as she tied its
    one arm on a post and one hand on the spotlight just make the other
    watch tower not suspicious. Seeing as the man in a standing position,
    several of Jae Suk’s ignored Yuri’s decoy and continues to patrol the

    Yuri went into a lay flat on her stomach and prepares her Dragunov. Yuri
    aimed at the other watchman on the opposite side and killed the
    watchman silently. Yuri stood up and this time she aimed at another
    watch tower and shot the watchman station in it. Yuri did it again on
    the last tower. Before Yuri goes down from the watch tower she was in,
    she noticed several walking patrol guards roaming around.

    Yuri silently goes down and waited for the guards to come closer to her
    hiding place. she place her Dragunov on her back and pulled out her army
    knife again.

    “for once man, I wanted to taste that girl that our Boss is torturing…
    although she’s covered in wounds, she’s cute…” one of the guard said.
    “yeah you said it… perhaps… we could slip in now since the boss is not
    here… no one will know too…” his companion agreed. But unfortunately, as
    they got close on Yuri’s place, Yuri revealed herself to them.

    “hello boys…” Yuri grinned as she quickly made a big swipe with the army
    knife and the next thing those man knew, they were holding their
    throats trying to stop the blood that is gushing out from it until they

    Yuri dragged their bodies in a nearby bush and covered it with leaves and ran stealthily towards the warehouse.

    As Yuri arrived at the warehouse. She carefully opened the small door
    and got inside silently but unfortunately, another guard is making his
    round on Yuri’s area.

    As he noticed someone is hiding behind a crate, curiosity got him. he
    pulled out his gun and also silently made his way on Yuri’s back
    silently and managed to put the gun on her head. “Don’t move…. You
    intruder…. I’m sure the boss will give me a promotion because of you…”
    the man said as he starts taking out his radio to call for some back up.

    Before the man could press the call button on the radio, Yuri instantly
    spins around and made her way on the man’s back and again, covered his
    mouth and quickly slit his throat. Yuri dragged the body behind the pile
    of metal crates.

    “dammit it .. the blood trail… Yuri said then something caught her eye.
    Yuri grabbed a used oil slick that is inside the old small can and
    spilled the black colored oil in order to cover the blood trail. Yuri
    moved from crate to crate as she followed another unsuspecting victim.

    As Yuri followed her prey, as it turn into one corner, Yuri dashed
    towards him and gave the man a surprise as she yanked the man down on
    the ground and drove her knife on the man’s throat and twisted it
    sideways. The man choked on his own blood but as Yuri stood up another
    guard emerged from the steel ladder and saw Yuri. as both of their eyes
    met, the guard starts aiming his rifle at Yuri but before he could pull
    the trigger, Yuri’s knife is already flying towards him and hits in the
    head. the guard dropped dead.

    “whew… that was close….” Yuri said as she scans the area and notice that
    no one is around. “I think it’s all of them…” Yuri said as she made her
    way up in front of a water container where Seungyeon is. As she finally
    made her way up, she placed another claymore beside the stairs where
    she came from and armed it.

    Yuri cautiously walked towards the platform and stood beside the control
    panel. Yuri pushed it and it emerged Seungyeon. Yuri pushed another
    button and the crane made its way to Yuri along with Seungyeon.

    “w-who a-are y-y-y-you…” Seungyeon asked as she opened her eyes and her
    vision is still blur and her mouth is shivering. Yuri knew hypothermia
    is starting to take an effect on Seungyeon.

    Yuri pulled out a several packs of hotpacks and tied it on every part of
    Seungyeon’s cold body and pulled out a blanket and wraps it around

    “ssssh keep quiet.. I’m getting you out of here…” Yuri whispered in
    Seungyeon’s ear. “Y-Y-Yu-ri-ss-sss-sssi?” Seungyeon stuttered as she’s
    still shivering due to the cold.

    Seeing Seungyeon is too weak to walk, Yuri carried her by the shoulder
    and tries to make her way down but as she stood up, an alarm started
    going haywire. “Dammit! They found out!” Yuri said as she pulled out a
    one of her gun and starts walking towards the window where she watched

    As Jae Suk’s men, decided to come on the stairs, since it’s the only way
    up, they met a gruesome death as the claymore that Yuri sets up
    exploded on them. Yuri carried Seungyeon again and even it’s hard for
    her, Yuri pushed Seungyeon through the window and followed after.

    “OVER THERE!! WAREHOUSE ROOF!!” one of Jae Suk’s men spotted them. Yuri
    forcefully made Seungyeon lay flat face first on the roof and pulled out
    her gun and returned fire at them. Yuri hits several of them.

    Seeing there’s no end to them coming, Yuri throws a her last claymore
    mine and as it fell on the ground, Yuri switched her weapon to dragunov
    and shoots the claymore, killing several of Jae Suk’s men.

    Yuri turned her attention to Seungyeon. “Seungyeon! Is your vision
    clear?” Yuri asked and with the help of hot packs in her body, Seungyeon
    managed to answer. “I’m alright…” Seungyeon replied. “good. I’ll carry
    you on my shoulder and keep an eye out on the ones that will be chasing
    us..” Yuri said as she carried Seungyeon again on her shoulders and made
    her way out of the compound.

    As Yuri ran with Seungyeon on her shoulder, Seungyeon start shooting and
    with luck, she managed to take down several of their pursuers.

    “Yuri-ssi… I betrayed all of you….. but why are you doing this?”
    Seungyeon asked. “oh shut up and save it… right now focus on staying
    alive…” Yuri said as she stopped. Yuri reached something on her pocket
    and found a remote. “Jae Suk…. Happy New Year…” Yuri said as she pressed
    the button on the remote and in an instant, Jae Suk’s base exploded in
    flames killing everyone inside.

    Seungyeon were speechless at Yuri. she was awed at Yuri’s act as in the
    first time in her life, she witnessed Yuri in action and not only she
    was awed at Yuri’s gun shooting accuracy but Yuri managed to wipe out an
    entire base, single handedly.

    Seungyeon followed Yuri into the wood and in there Yuri removed some of
    the branches that is stacked up on something and revealed a get-away
    car,a black Nissan 240SX.


    “Get in…” Yuri commanded Seungyeon and Seungyeon complied and successfully escaped Jae Suk’s ruined compound.

    Yuri drove quietly as Seungyeon observed the tanned girl.

    “Kwon Yuri….. why did you save me?” Seungyeon asked. “….i don’t know… I
    just wanted to… besides, it’s not like you wanted to do that…. your
    family has been held hostage right?” Yuri answered.

    “….. but they’re dead….” Seungyeon answered as she cried. “…..i know…
    that’s how they work… they don’t held hostage… so tough luck….” Yuri
    answered as she shifted gear.

    “I ….. I have nothing left…. I have nothing to return to…. I’ve putted
    you all in danger…. Nicole almost died…. I don’t have a face to show
    them anymore…” Seungyeon said as she’s still sobbing.

    “don’t say that… you still have us… yeah once we get back, you have to
    face the consequences but after that.. .everything will be ok…. Trust
    me…..” Yuri replied. “but still… it’s not easy to earn their trust…”
    Seungyeon replied.

    “then you have to prove it to them…. show them you’re sincere…. They’re
    not coldblooded you know..” Yuri replied as she shifted gear again. Upon
    hearing Yuri’s words, Seungyeon felt something warm and comfortable.

    “Thanks for that pep talk Yuri-ssi….. but tell me something….” Seungyeon asked. “ok? Shoot!” Yuri replied.

    “Who are you exactly? The way you move and the way you shoot…. It’s not ordinary….. who are you?” Seungyeon asked.

    Yuri looked at Seungyeon for a bit then back on the road and smiled. “you want to know who am i?......................I am…………..

    Yuri answered as she smiled. And Seungyeon laughed.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 26 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 27

    “YAH! I’m being serious here Yuri-ssi….” Seungyeon said with smile still
    on her face. Yuri just laughed at Seungyeon. “aw… come on.. can’t I
    just have a little fun?” Yuri said as she took a hard right turn.

    As Yuri is still driving, something flashed in the rear view mirror and
    Yuri looked at it and noticed they have pursuers. “Seungyeon-ssi… is
    your eye sight feeling better?” Yuri asked.

    “yeah… but I can’t stop shaking a bit..” Seungyeon replied. “it because
    you’ve been drenched in the water too long with no food… Hypothermia is
    sinking in to your body…” Yuri explained.

    “Listen… I need you to grab my gun at the back of the seat… someone is
    chasing us..” Yuri said and Seungyeon looked at the back and also
    noticed their pursuers.

    “three motorcycles and one SUV….” Yuri said as she made a left turn and made her way into a busy street.

    As they turned, their pursuer followed them. the three cyclist pulled
    out a mini uzi and starts shooting at them. several bullets hits their
    car and the rear wind shield of the car shattered. Yuri grabbed
    Seungyeon’s head and forcefully shoved it down to avoid getting hit.

    “Thanks Yuri-ssi….” Seungyeon said as she put her head back up and her
    eye widen the she noticed Yuri is wounded on her arm. “Yuri-ssi! Your
    arm!” Seungyeon said.

    “it’s nothing… it’s just a scratch…” Yuri said as she took another left
    turn and drove on the opposite flow on the traffic as Yuri counter flows
    on the road.

    “Yuri-ssi!! You’re counter-flowing!!” Seungyeon shouted. “I know!” Yuri
    shouted as she zig-zag her way evading the oncoming vehicle towards her.
    One of their pursuer followed them behind and fired at the until its
    magazine are emptied and quickly slapped in a new one as the pursuer

    “so you want to get rough huh?” Yuri said as she stepped hard on the
    brakes and their car fully stopped making their pursuer a little late to
    brake, causing him to slam his bike on the back of their car, sending
    him flying in front of them.

    As Yuri saw the man flew in front of them, Yuri stepped hard again on
    the gas and the car’s tires screached loudly and moved in a fast pace.
    Yuri was determined to ran the man over but the man saw Yuri coming and
    instantly jumped sideways to evade Yuri but unfortunately, as he landed
    on the other lane, he didn’t notice a ten wheeler truck coming also in a
    fast speed. The man died instantly as the truck ran him over.

    Seungyeon watched in horror as he witnessed the man’s death.

    “…first time seeing someone died?” Yuri asked as she noticed Seungyeon was in shock.

    “….. well.. yeah…” Seungyeon weakly replied. “get used to it… ‘cause the
    rest are gaining on us…” Yuri said as she lowered her speed and shifted
    down one gear and pull hard on the hand brakes as she turn the steering
    wheel, making the car turned around 160 degrees, facing theri pursuers.

    “Y-Yuri-ssi? What are you doing?” Seungyeon asked but Yuri just smiled.

    “just watch….” Yuri replied as she stepped hard on the gas again. The
    car moved again in a fast speed as Yuri decided to go against the
    remaining bikers.

    As the two remaining bikers was Yuri’s car moving towards them, they
    aimed at them and fired. “GET DOWN!” Yuri shouted and both of them
    ducked down to avoid the bullets while their car maintained its fast
    speed. After the series of shot ended, Yuri grabbed the gun from
    Seungyeon’s hand and as she got up, she unloads a series of shots
    towards the remaining bikers while driving.

    Yuri hits one of the bikers and it crashed into an oncoming vehicle and
    died as he dropped on the ground head first thus, breaking his neck. The
    other biker managed to steer away from an oncoming vehicle as he
    skillfully made the oncoming car like ramp and he jumped over.

    “Seungyeon! Reach for my pocket and take out my phone!” Yuri said as she
    starts makes a hard right turn. “got it!” Seungyeon said as she got
    Yuri’s phone. “look for Jiyoung’s name and dial it!” Yuri asked.
    Seungyeon scroll down on Yuri’s list of phone books and saw Jiyoung’s
    name and pressed the speed dial

    “Annyeong?” Jiyoung answered her phone. Seungyeon gave the phone to
    Yuri. “Jiyoung-ah! Start the boat now..right now!! I’m coming in fast!!”
    Yuri said and she heard Jiyoung from the other line running as she
    heard footsteps were audible and she heard a clinking sound indicating
    Jiyoung grabbed the boat key and several seconds later Yuri heard the
    boat’s engine roared.

    “Jiyoung-ah…. I trust your ability so…. Can I count on that?” Yuri gave a
    pep talk to Jiyoung and young tall girl replied from the other line.
    “…I won’t let you down unnie…” Jiyoung said as she cuts off the call.

    As they were nearing the docks, The remaining biker managed to get
    beside them on Seungyeon’s side while moving. Yuri noticed it and revved
    up the car making the car inched ahead of the biker. Seungyeon
    instinctively opened the door on her side as Yuri stepped hard on the
    brakes making the biker slam his bike on the car door, destroying both
    his bike and car door both as the also the man was sent flying at full
    speed in the air, and sending his back crashing on the large thick tree,
    breaking his back bone. The man landed dead on the spot.

    As both of the finally arrived at the docks, Yuri parked the bullet ridden car sideways, blocking the entrance.

    “Seungyeon! Grab my Dragunov!” Yuri said as she grabbed her backpack on
    her hand. Seungyeon carried Yuri’s Dragunov and waited for Yuri to come
    out of the car.

    “You see that Yacht on the edge of the ramp? Go there and get in and
    watch our step I’ve placed a trip mine there… just for protection. It is
    covered on a green drum can so when you see that drum can, jump over
    it..” Yuri said.

    “but what about you?”Seungyeon asked. “I’ll be fine, just go!!” Yuri
    said and Seungyeon ran towards the Yacht Yuri rented Where Jiyoung is
    watching worriedly from afar.

    As Yuri turn her stare at the road, she noticed the SUV that is chasing
    them but now instead of one, there are now three of them. Yuri knows it
    was a back up. Yuri started running towards the Yacht but as she runs,
    she was scattering her remaining explosives on the sand inch by inch and
    thus making a trail of scattered explosive along the way.

    As Yuri managed to get close on the ramp near the Yacht, she heard a
    loud crashing sound and as she looked back, she saw the leading SUV
    rammed the car they used as a get-away vehicle and stopped on the spot.
    As it stopped its doors opened and several of “Group’s” men came running
    out carrying a high-powered Assault rifles. The other two remaining did
    the same and they started shooting at Yuri at the same time chasing

    Yuri skillfully dodges the bullet but she got grazed on her left leg and on her wounded arm.

    “JIYOUNG-AH!! START MOVING NOW!!!” Yuri shouted as she uses up all her
    remaining strength as she sprinted fast towards the moving Yacht.

    When Yuri is near at the end of the ramp, Yuri jumped and successfully
    grabbed the boat’s back as it moves. As Yuri was being dragged in the
    water, Seungyeon tried to pull Yuri up but because of her weakened
    state, Seungyeon failed to do so.

    Jiyoung saw Seungyeon stumbled down and leaves the captain’s area of the
    Yacht and pulled Yuri in one go. “Thanks Jiyoung-ah…” Yuri said as she
    catches her breath but Jiyoung’s back injury came back because of the
    pull. Jiyoung started wincing in pain.

    “Seungyeon… I know it may too much to ask of you but could you please
    drive this boat away…” Yuri said as she pointed at Jiyoung who now
    wincing in pain and still lying flat.

    “what happened to her?” Seungyeon asked. “I’ll explain later, please drive the boat away…” Yuri said and Seungyeon complied.

    With Seungyeon now driving the boat, Yuri picked up her Dragunov and
    activated the night vision on the scope. Yuri spotted their pursuers
    still trying to shoot them but they were in the explosives area where
    Yuri scattered all her explosives and she smirked.

    “bad move there boys…. Rest in pieces…” Yuri said as she shoot only one
    of the explosives and it cause a chain reaction to the other explosives,
    killing a great deal of enemies behind them as the three of them
    disappeared into the ocean, escaping successfully from Mexico via boat.

    Feeling everything is calmed down, Seungyeon reduced the speed of the
    Yacht to conserve gasoline and helped Yuri carry Jiyoung inside the
    room. Still wincing in pain, both of them gently laid Jiyoung on the bed
    on her stomach and Yuri grabbed another lump of ice and puts it on
    Jiyoung’s back.

    Seungyeon was startled to see the bruise on the Jiyoung’s back. “what happened to her?” Seungyeon asked.

    “well… last night… she got attacked by one of those men…. It’s her first
    time fighting for her life and managed to…… defeat that person… but on
    the process of fighting for her life.. she hits her back so hard and now
    she’s having hard time straightening her back…” Yuri said.

    “although this morning she was doing fine… but a while ago when she
    pulled me up in one go… I think she strained her back…” Yuri said as she
    sat beside the bed. Seungyeon stood in front of them.

    “…..we’re not mad at you Seungyeon…. So don’t be a stranger… go lie down
    and take a rest…” Yuri said and Seungyeon nodded and lie down on the
    small bed beside the large bed and as soon Seungyeon closed her eyes,
    she went to slumber in a seconds.

    “Seungyeon unnie must be really tired unnie…” Jiyoung said as she took a
    quick glance at Seungyeon. “can’t blame her Jiyoung-ah… I don’t know
    how long she’s been put inside the cold water container as their slow
    torture execution….. when I saved her, she was shivering all over her
    body…. I had to use all the hot packs that I brought and wrap it around
    her body with a packaging tape..” Yuri said as she stood up and took a
    set of blankets for each of them and gently puts one on Jiyoung and one
    on Seungyeon.

    “you two rest…. You’ve done quite enough Jiyoung-ah.. so rest easy and
    I’ll handle the way back…” Yuri said as she walked out with the
    remaining blanket along the first aid kit to treat her wound.

    Unknown to both of them, Seungyeon is secretly awake and starts having
    weird feeling towards Yuri as she blushed. “she accepted me…… I’ll try
    my best for her to earn their trust….. and I won’t let them down this
    time…” Seungyeon thought to herself while thinking about Yuri’s

    Narsha’s House…

    Seohyun woke up early and noticed she’s the only one who woke up. “…it’s
    still dark…” Seohyun said weakly as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. Seohyun
    yawned and gently stood up in order not to wake Taeyeon and Tiffany up
    who is sleeping beside her.

    “…Taeyeon unnie and Tiffany unnie… you look like my Appa and Umma…”
    Seohyun smiled as she stared at them. then something catches her eye and
    noticed Jessica is sleeping alone.

    “Yoona unnie?” Seohyun softly called but the ill girl is nowhere to be
    found. Seohyun walked gently and roamed around the living room and
    noticed the light in the kitchen is opened. Seohyun walked silently and
    as she got close, she saw Yoona’s back while the ill girl sits in front
    of the table, doing something.

    “..what is she doing?” Seohyun asked herself but then she noticed Yoona
    is starting to shake as she’s doing something. “…is she sick?” Seohyun
    thought again but this she noticed one thing she hates the most. Seohyun
    saw a cigarette stick beside Yoona.

    “ she… IS SHE SMOKING?” Seohyun eyes widened at the discovery.
    Seohyun wanted to confront Yoona but she didn’t because she knows
    getting mad at Yoona won’t help to cure her condition and decided to
    tell Taeyeon about it.

    As Seohyun noticed Yoona stopped moving, Seohyun heard Yoona cough a
    bit. Seohyun observed Yoona’s movement and she saw several cigarette
    sticks scattered across the table then Yoona picked it up one by one and
    Seohyun noticed that Yoona is putting back the cigarette sticks inside
    the cigarette pack gently.

    “…what is she doing…” Seohyun asked again and this time, noticed Yoona’s
    fingers are somewhat red colored. “…did she just injured herself?”
    Seohyun thought as she watched.

    Then Yoona stood up holding the pack of cigarette in her hand. Seohyun
    quickly hides into one corner of the wall as Yoona walked out the

    Seohyun followed Yoona and both of them walked back into the living room
    where everyone is still sleeping. To Seohyun’s surprise, she saw Yoona
    opened Tiffany’s bag and returned the cigarette pack inside then
    returned to Jessica’s arms and slept again.

    Curious enough, Seohyun ran back at the kitchen to look for a clue at
    what Yoona had done. As she got back at the kitchen, one thing got her
    confused on her speculations earlier. “…if Yoona unnie tried to smoke….
    Why can’t I smell some cigarette odor?” Seohyun thinks as she placed her
    index finger on her temple.

    Then she unconsciously sat down at the place where Yoona sat earlier. as
    she sat down, Seohyun felt something under nose and felt a tingling
    spicy sensation inside her nostrils and starts coughing. As the younger
    girl holding her cough, she noticed one container that is slightly
    opened. Seohyun grabbed the container and her eyes widened as she saw
    the label……

    “Chilli Powder?!? Oh no… don’t tell me….” Seohyun exactly knew what
    Yoona had done and hurriedly went back in the living room to throw
    Tiffany’s cigarette pack in order to prevent such disaster but
    unfortunately, as she returned to the living room, Tiffany, Taeyeon,
    Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Sunny are already up.

    *Yawn~~~* “Good morning Hyunnie! You’re up early today!” Tiffany greeted
    Seohyun who is still frozen on her spot as she walked towards the
    bathroom. Seohyun decided to cover her nervousness and smiled back.
    “G-Good morning Tiffany unnie..” Seohyun greeted as she awkwardly smile.

    “Seohyun-ah… you seem….awkward today… something wrong?” Sooyoung asked.
    “yeah… you seem…. Nervous about something Seohyun-ah?” Sunny followed.

    “I-It’s nothing Unnies… anyway…. Taeyeon unnie…” Seohyun answered as she
    called Taeyeon. “Hmm? Need something Juhyunnie?” Taeyeon asked as she
    crouched down to carry Seohyun.

    “Unnie…. Yoona unnie did something earlier….” Seohyun whispered. “oh?
    What is it?” Taeyeon replied as played along as she thought Seohyun is
    playing tricks on her.

    “I think Yoona unnie rigged Tiffany unnie’s cigarette…” Seohyun
    whispered again. Taeyeon smiled as she thought Seohyun is joking. “oh
    really? Then in that case I’ll get Tiffany’s Cigarette then..” Taeyeon
    said as she put Seohyun down and went to Tiffany’s bag and faked
    everything that looks like she’s looking for Tiffany’s cigarette pack.

    “awww.. it’s not here Juhyunnie… “ Taeyeon said as she smiled. “UNNIE!!
    I’m not kidding!!” Seohyun said it out loud which caused Taeyeon to be
    serious as she saw Seohyun’s serious face.

    That’s when Taeyeon hits her that Seohyun is not playing around and
    really looked into Tiffany’s bag and looked for the cigarette.

    “Seohyun-ah… it’s not here…” Taeyeon said as she nervously checked
    Tiffany’s bag. “don’t joke like this unnie… Tiffany unnie might get mad
    at Yoona unnie this time…” Seohyun said as she worried at Yoona who is
    still sleeping.

    Tiffany came back and saw Taeyeon is rummaging her bag. “Tae-Tae? What
    are you doing?” Tiffany asked as she stared at Taeyeon with a
    questioning look. Taeyeon know it’s rude to rummage other people’s
    stuffs as she eyed Seohyun then back at Tiffany as she thought of an

    “…uuhh… I was looking for my….. wallet?” Taeyeon said as she turned
    sideways and reach for her wallet and shows it to Tiffany. “see? I found
    it already it must’ve dropped when I was sleeping…” Taeyeon said as she
    nervously laughed and scratched the back of her head.

    “oh… I’m glad you found it Tae-Tae…” Tiffany smiled as she pulled the
    cigarette pack from her pocket. Taeyeon and Seohyun looked at each

    “Seohyun-ah… what did Yoong do?” Taeyeon asked as she whispered. “
    unnie…. I think Yoona dipped Tiffany unnie’s cigarette butt in a chilli
    powder…” Seohyun said as both of them looked back at Tiffany who is now
    starting to light her cigarette.

    Just then, before Tiffany could light it. she felt an ultra spicy
    sensation on her lips. “WAAAAAAAAA!!! WHY IS MY CIGARETTE SPICY!!!” MY

    Upon Tiffany’s shouted, the rest jolted up as to awake instantly and all
    of them went to the kitchen and fetch Tiffany as glass of water.

    After finishing seven glasses of water, Tiffany calmed down but still
    feeling the burning sensation on her lips as she fanned herself with her
    hands. Taeyeon said beside Tiffany.

    “Fany-ah? Are you feeling ok?” Taeyeon asked. Tiffany shook her head and pointed at her lips which is now redder than ever.

    Taeyeon and Seohyun talked in eye contact. As they eyed Yoona who is now
    hiding behind Jessica. “What the heck happened? I heard someone
    screaming and everyone is panicking at the kitchen..” Jea walked out
    along with Ga-In as they waited for answer.

    “well… we don’t know what happened but Tiffany suddenly screamed and
    asking for water.” Sunny answered. Miryo got out from the kitchen and
    holding a container. Yoona saw it and tightened her grip on Jessica’s
    clothes as she saw the Chili powder container.

    “yah! Who messed up my Chili powder?” Miryo asked and everyone gave each other a questioning looks.

    “I know I may be a shikshin but there’s no way I’m eating a chili powder
    directly..” Sooyoung defended. “same here for me…. I’m not a shikshin
    though…” Sunny followed. “well… we’re all asleep…. And to damn tired to
    pull off something like this..” Hyoyeon defended also as Gyuri and Hara

    “wel.. it’s impossible for Tiffany to pull that one off because she’s
    the one victimized here…” Taeyeon said as they all looked at Taeyeon.

    “victimized?” Ga-In asked. “well…. How should I explain it… it goes like
    this….. someone woke up earlier when we were all sleeping…. Then
    someone took Tiffany’s cigarette pack and each and every stick was
    dipped in Miryo-ssi’s Chili powder…. As a result… when Tiffany put the
    cigarette in her mouth…. She got her lips more redder…” Taeyeon

    Tiffany who is listening glared at Taeyeon and Taeyeon know what is
    Tiffany thinking. “Fany-ah…I’m not the one who did it… so don’t jump
    into conclusion… don’t worry…we’re going to find out who did this to
    you…” Taeyeon said it as an excuse as both she and Seohyun knew who did

    “I guess there’s no training for me this morning huh… you can’t speak right now..” Taeyeon asked and Tiffany just nodded.

    “Unnie… Mianhe…. I did it…” Seohyun said which surprised everyone.
    Tiffany glared at Seohyun. Seohyun became slightly a bit frightened but
    decided to stand her ground as she cared for Yoona.

    “I …. I did it unnie in order to prevent you from smoking… you know I
    hate it when you smoke unnie… it will kill you…” Seohyun said but to
    their surprise, Yoona walked in front of Seohyun as if she’s also
    defending the younger girl.

    Y-Yoona unnie?” Seohyun called. Yoona grabbed the cigarette pack from
    Tiffany’s hand and stared back at Tiffany. Tiffany was clueless. As
    Yoona knew Tiffany knew nothing, Yoona shows her hands and it is covered
    with chili powder.

    “y-you mean… y-you’re the…. One who did this Yoong?” Tiffany finally
    spoke as the spice starting to subside. Yoona nodded. “b-but why?”
    Tiffany asked.

    Yoona hugged Seohyun as if she’s protecting the younger girl. Taeyeon smiled as she understands what Yoona is trying to say.

    “Fany-ah… allow me to explain Yoona’s action…. Basically, she’s the one
    who dipped your cigarettes in Miryo-ssi’s Chili powder….. remember that
    time? Hyunnie prevented you from smoking? Maybe Yoona saw that and
    decided to help Seohyun…in her own way…” Taeyeon explained.

    “I guess….. alright… I promise to Hyunnie…. I’ll quit smoking…. And to
    Yoona also…. She’s showing progress now so it shouldn’t be hard to me to
    change….” Tiffany said as she smiled at Seohyun and Yoona.

    “Mianhe Hyunnie if I looked at you like that…” Tiffany said as she
    hugged both Yoona and Seohyun. “but Tae-Tae… about Yoona’s last action..
    why did she hugged Seohyun?” Tiffany asked.

    “well… Yoona doesn’t want Seohyun to take the blame for her prank to
    you… you should’ve seen how scary your stare is…. And Yoona felt guilty
    for Seohyun that’s why she decided to come out clean… don’t be mad at
    them Fany-ah… Hyunnie cared for you that’s why she wanted you to stop
    smoking… and so did Yoona….. in her own way though…” Taeyeon explained.

    “aaah you’re becoming a prankster Yoong…. Just like the one I knew… too
    bad Yuwree is still not here.” Tiffany said as she smiled and patted the
    two maknae’s head.

    Yoona instantly ran back to Jessica. “wow Sica…. Yoong really likes you
    huh?” Taeyeon said. “I’m surprised myself Taeng… she just wanted to be
    with me all this time…” Jessica said as she carried Yoona in her arms.

    “I can guess why…” Ga-In spoke. “since Yuri-ssi is not her and you’re
    her girlfriend…. It’s understandable Jessica-ssi… at least she’s showing
    improvements about her sickness…” Ga-In said as she smiled. “come on
    Miryo… let the Chili powder thing slide… at least we know it can cause
    good thing to a person…” Ga-In said and all of them chuckled as they
    know Ga-In meant and the three of them went back to their stations.

    “well…. i guess everything went well?” Taeyeon asked. “it’s fine
    Tae-Tae… I would never hurt this kids…” Tiffany said. “well…. I guess I
    can speak again huh…. Too bad we’re going to train now Tae-Tae…” Tiffany
    said as she smirked which made Taeeon sweated buckets.

    Taeyeon looked at Seohyun and saw the maknae cheering her up while
    mouthing a word “Hwaiting!” and Taeyeon sigh as she’s nervous on how
    will Tiffany teach her.

    Taeyeon and Tiffany both walked out in front to prepare for their
    training. “now Listen Tae-Tae…. I don’t know if I can teach you
    efficiently though…” Tiffany said as they both faced each other. “why’s
    that Fany-ah?” Taeyeon asked.

    “well…. I might get carried away… and might hurt you on the process..
    and I don’t want that to happen… just to let you know Tae-Tae…. This is
    my first time teaching someone……” Tiffany said nervously.

    Taeyeon knew the brunette cared for her but Taeyeon is determined to
    learn. “Fany-ah… I asked this … and I never regretted choosing you as my
    instructor…. I completely trust you…” Taeyeon said as she gave Tiffany a
    kiss on a cheek.

    Tiffany widened her eyes in shock. “What’s that for?” Tiffany asked as she gently touched her cheek where Taeyeon kissed her.

    “for a good start…. Just to let you know that I complete trust you
    Fany-ah… I believe you can do this….. WE can do this.” Taeyeon said as
    she smiled which made Tiffany comfortable.

    “Tae-Tae… thanks for trusting me… I won’t let you down and I’ll try to
    control my personality…” Tiffany said and Taeyeon became curious about
    Tiffany’s last part.

    “Control your personality?” Taeyeon asked. “….you’re girlfriend will
    become a war freak as the time passes by Taengoo….” Sooyoung said which
    startled them. “don’t worry… I’ll teach Sica later.. we’ll be here to
    control Tiffany, Taengoo if she went “killing machine” mode..” Sooyoung
    said as she pulled two chairs and gave one to Jessica.

    “Ok Tae-Tae… let me ask first… have you ever fought with someone?”
    Tiffany asked as she starts to get serious. “..hmm actually I have… and
    it was with my Aunt… my dead aunt..” Taeyeon said as she was referring
    to Shinyoung.

    “….hmm physically?” Tiffany asked. “…well… if you’re talking about fist
    fights I haven’t, I just fought verbally with reasonings…” Taeyeon said.

    “Tae-Tae… listen to me and listen well…. our former organization can’t
    be dealt with reasoning alone…. Since we were all trained to shoot first
    talk later…. Tae-Tae… I hope you’re prepared for anything because out
    training will really get rough…..” Tiffany said.

    “let’s begin…” Tiffany said as she took her stance into fighting
    position, however, Taeyeon doesn’t have a clue on what to do.
    “….Taengoo…. act like you’re going into a fight…” Sooyoung said as she
    puts a potato chip in her mouth. “yah… you’re eating again Sooyoungie…”
    Jessica said as she playfully slap Sooyoung’s arms.

    “what? We are going to watch Tiffany here if she goes on KM mode… until
    then we’re on standby…” Sooyoung said as she puts another chip in her

    “Tae-Tae… just do what Sooyougie said.” Tiffany said. Taeyeon thought
    for a one and she took a stance in a form of Muay-Thai fighting stance.

    “Muay-Thai.. not bad Tae-Tae… but if you must focus.. you must be able
    to throw an attack very quick with your knees and elbows…” Tiffany said.
    “oh… hmm sorry I’m new into this kind of thing… let’s see…” Taeyeon
    think again and changed her fighting form that looks like she was going
    into street fight.

    “wow I can’t believe Tae-Tae is too quick to think anything… but her
    main flaw is the actual fight…” Tiffany thought to herself as she
    observed Taeyeon’s movement.

    “now Tae-Tae…attack me like you’re mad at me!” Tiffany said. as Taeyeon
    charged at Tiffany. she immediately threw a punch but unfortunately, as
    Taeyeon throws a punch, she tripped making her fall down flat on the
    ground with face first. Tiffany became worried and so did Sooyoung and
    Jessica who immediately stood up and ran towards Taeyeon.

    “TAE-TAE!!” Tiffany shouted as she helped Taeyeon and wiped the dirt
    from Taeyeon’s face. “ahehehe.. sorry.. I tripped… I was so nervous, my
    legs got tangled..” Taeyeon smiled dorkily as she apologized.

    “geez Taengoo…. I think I have to cancel Sica’s training….” Sooyoung
    said as she looked at Jessica. “yeah… I know… Taeng need to work on her
    nervousness…” Jessica said as she agreed with Sooyoung.

    “But Sica… your training?” Taeyeon said. “relax Taeng… I can do it
    anytime since I’m learning already about guns… Sooyoung and Sunny were
    great teacher to me last time.” Jessica said. “yeah except you can’t hit
    a damn target…. you also really need to work on those..” Sooyoung said
    as she and Tiffany helped Taeyeon stand up.

    “I guess I’m not cut out to be a fighter Fany-ah..” Taeyeon said as she dusted off the dirt on her jeans.

    “don’t say that Tae-Tae… every person have a hidden fighter personality
    within….” Tiffany said as she thought of something and smirked. Tiffany
    decided the same method that she and Yuri were using if they wanted to
    spar seriously.

    “well…. if you can’t handle a fight seriously Tae-Tae… you might as well
    give Yoona to the group so they can dissect her head or something..”
    Tiffany said as she acted like she don’t care.

    “F-Fany-ah? What are you saying?” Tiffany got Taeyeon’s attention. “what
    I’m saying….if you can’t stand to protect everything you love…. You
    might as well give up and go into corner and suck your thumbs while
    you’re at it…” Tiffany said as she turned around. At that time Taeyeon
    felt her anger starting to rise up. Taeyeon clenched her fist.

    “Fany-ah…. You don’t mean what you said….” Taeyeon said as her fist
    starts to shake in anger. Tiffany noticed and smiled. “I think it’s
    working… I need to push it more…” Tiffany thought to herself.

    “I don’t care Tae-Tae…. If you’re not this eager to fight to everything
    and everyone you loved, there’s no hope for you… i…. I’m disappointed as
    your girlfriend Tae-Tae….” Tiffany said.

    “T-Tiff….don’t you think you’ve said too much… that’s… crossing the line
    Tiff…” Jessica worriedly said as she noticed Taeyeon’s fist shaking in
    anger. Sooyoung on the other hand knew what is Tiffany is planning.

    “let’s end this session Tae-Tae….. this is pointless… I might as well
    I’ll abandon Seohyun too since she constantly hindering my smoking
    habits….” Tiffany said as she turned her back at Taeyeon and starts to
    walk away.

    But as Tiffany took one step she felt something fast coming from her
    behind. Tiffany evaded that something by tilting her head slight to the
    right and turned back and saw an angry Taeyeon and the older girl threw a

    BEAT THAT SENSE ONTO YOU!!” Taeyeon said angrily as she charged at
    Tiffany but this time Taeyeon didn’t trip and throws a series of punches
    at Tiffany.

    Tiffany smiled secretly at Taeyeon’s action. Taeyeon threw a punch
    directly at Tiffany face with her right fist and Tiffany crouched down
    but unknown to her Taeyeon’s left fist is already moving upwards as
    Taeyeon wanted to give Tiffany an uppercut.

    Taeyeon hit Tiffany hard in the jaw as Tiffany was sent to the ground. Sooyoung was surprised to see Tiffany got hit by Taeyeon.

    “whoa… For a first timer in a fight, someone had actually hit Tiffany.
    Taeng’s good…” Sooyoung said she was awed at the result. “you can say
    that again….” Jessica also stared at awe.

    Taeyeon ran towards Tiffany and jumped as if Taeyeon wanted to land
    directly at Tiffany but Tiffany saw it coming and quickly rolled to the
    side as Taeyeon landed on the ground.

    “that hurt Tae-Tae…” Tiffany said as she touched her lip and it was
    busted open. “you even hit me hard…” Tiffany said as she spitted some of
    her blood. Tiffany charged at Taeyeon and Taeyeon did the same. Taeyeon
    throw another punch with her left fist and Tiffany tilted to the right
    but suddenly Tiffany got hit in the cheek as Taeyeon gave her a right

    Tiffany was knocked back she quickly did a tech roll and as she landed
    on her feet she dashed towards Taeyeon but before Tiffany could attack,
    Taeyeon’s foot was already making its way towards Tiffany and Taeyeon’s
    foot were going to hit Tiffany, Tiffany quickly shielded her face with
    both of her forearms.

    “Come on Tae-Tae! You can’t beat me like that!!” Tiffany provoked
    Taeyeon. Tiffany dashed again towards Taeyeon and throws a jab and hits
    Taeyeon in gut section. Taeyeon winced in pain but her resolve to be
    trained and to protect everyone were running in her mind.

    “Take that back Fany-ah….. I want to protect them… I want to protect
    everyone….. and I also want to protect you….. take back those words that
    you’ve said…..” Taeyeon said as she hold her gut section.

    Taeyeon ran towards Tiffany but this time Tiffany was fully prepared as
    every punches Taeyeon threw, she easily dodged it and parried most of
    it. because of the intense fight/training of Tiffany and Taeyeon, Sunny,
    Hyoyeon, Gyuri and Hara caught a glimpse of it.

    “wow…I never knew my cousin could fight like that…. Hyoyeon said as all
    of them finally got close at the fight/training between Tiffany and
    Taeyeon. “you can say that again Cap…. I mean she was just a college
    student but........ WOW…. Your cousin really can move and fight like
    that.” Gyuri said as the saw Taeyeon did a back flip three times just
    to evade Tiffany and also distanced herself. Both of them are now
    panting hard and breathing heavily.

    “well…. Tiffany had to push Taengoo’s buttons…. And apparently it worked…” Sooyoung explained as she gave Sunny some drink.

    “yeah…. I was so awed that I wanted to join in…” Jessica said as all of them never took their eyes at the fighting couple.

    “Fany-ah…. How could you say that!!” Taeyeon shouted as she charged at
    Tiffany with full speed but Tiffany decided to end the training as she
    gave Taeyeon a hard kick on Taeyeon’s gut section again. But as
    Tiffany’s kick connected, Taeyeon endured the pain and jumped at Tiffany
    and managed to tackle her down to the ground.

    Before Tiffany could recover, Taeyeon mounted Tiffany’s body and starts
    pounding Tiffany as Tiffany could do nothing but to block Taeyeon’s
    blows with her forearm.

    As Taeyeon gives Tiffany a non-stop blows Tiffany could feel Taeyeon’s
    all pent up anger on every blow her arm and forearm are starting to get
    sore and her forearm is paying the price as it is now hurting.

    Jessica noticed Tiffany’s expression and instantly jumped into the fight and stopped Taeyeon’s both arm.

    “TAENG STOP!!” Jessica said and Taeyeon stopped. As Taeyeon stopped, the
    older girl was crying. “take it back Fany-ah…. Take those words back…..
    I hate it when someone gave up on my effort…. I hate it… I hate it….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “Tae-Tae…. I Wouldn’t give you up…..i just said that to make your
    attention focused….” Tiffany weakly said and Taeyeon looked at her
    girlfriend. “what do you mean Fany-ah?” Taeyeon said as she slowly stood

    “it means….. she did the same method that she and Yuri uses to make
    their sparring match serious…. Tiffany just used that on you…. but I
    never thought you were so serious about it….” Sunny said.

    Taeyeon looked at her exhausted girlfriend who is lying on the ground
    and as she supported Tiffany by the forearm, Tiffany shouted in pain.
    “AAH!” Tiffany shouted.

    Taeyeon looked at Tiffany’s forearms and noticed it was bruised badly.
    “omo… Fany-ah…I’m sorry! It’s just ….oh my gosh… I’m really sorry…”
    Taeyeon felt guilty on what she did to Tiffany.

    “Tae-Tae… don’t be.. I’m kind of glad you did that….. let me ask you…
    how do you feel right now? aside from being guilty…” Tiffany asked.

    “…..i feel a little lighter….” Taeyeon answered honestly. “…I know….
    because I felt on your every blow all you pent up anger that you’re
    holding inside… all those burdens that you carry…. It feels like you’ve
    released it all…” Tiffany said as she gave the older girl a slight

    “babo…. This is no time for you to laugh…. Come on… let’s get you
    treated inside….” Taeyeon said as she supported Tiffany back inside.

    “Youngie…. That fight was epic! Who would’ve imagine Tiffany would be
    beaten by Taengoo?” Sunny said as she forgot her training with the

    “tell me about it Bunny-ah…. Did you know who manage to land a first hit?” Sooyoung asked. “Taengoo?” Sunny answered.

    “yeah! It was like Taeng is not herself when Tiff provoked her!” Jessica explained.

    “Taeng hates to be betrayed.. specially by the ones she loved and cared
    for… she’ll go ballistic like that… I only heard stories from her parent
    when they’re still alive but this is actually first time seeing her
    like that…” Hyoyeon explained.

    “aish…. The fight was so good I forgot the training with you three….”
    Sunny said and all of them laughed. “all right that’s enough training
    for now….” Sunny said.

    After the intense fight/training between Taeyeon and Tiffany, all of them went inside. All but one.


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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Fri May 18, 2012 9:53 am

    Mission 28

    As all of them got inside, Jessica noticed Yoona is missing. “have you
    guys seen Yoona?” Jessica asked. All of them looked at each other then
    shook their heads.

    “Sica unnie… she’s at the gate…” Seohyun said as she pointed at Yoona who is standing in front of the gate.

    ++ Click here to listen to the Music ++

    “she must be waiting for Yuri to come back…..” Hyoyeon said. “that
    kid….” Jessica said as she walked towards Yoona who is staring outside
    the gate.

    “Yoong? What’s wrong?” Jessica asked. Yoona looked at Jessica for a bit
    then she turn her stare back on the pathway that leads to the road.

    “Yoong…. If you’re waiting for your Yuri unnie.. she’ll be back…..”
    Jessica said as she crouched down until she’s in eye level with Yoona.

    “Yoong… you know…. I trust my Seobang…… although I miss her badly… I
    always have her words that she will come back….” Jessica said as she
    also looked at the direction where Yoona is looking.

    “Yoong… do trust your………… new sister?” Jessica asked. Yoona looked back
    at Jessica and nodded slowly. “I’m glad you did…. To be honest Yoona…
    Yuri had a sister once…. And she looks exactly like you….” Jessica said
    as she carried Yoona within her arms and the ill girl lets Jessica carry

    “do you want to know what Yuri’s real sister do when she was still
    alive?” Jessica asked and Yoona looked at Jessica’s eyes intently.

    “just like you did with Tiffany.. she’s a prankster too… but…. We loved
    her because….” Jessica’s words had stopped. Yoona looked at Jessica’s
    face with confusion until she saw a tear rolled down the blonde’s cheek.
    Yoona knew Jessica loved the other Yoona.

    Feeling the sadness, Yoona wiped Jessica’s tears. “I’m sorry Yoong…
    everytime I looked at you… you really reminds me of her…. the way you
    prank me and Tiffany…. your looks and some of your acts.. you’re exactly
    the same….” Jessica said as she stared at Yoona’s eyes.

    “Starting from now on Yoona….. I will love you like my own blood…. I
    want to be honest… I was also loving Yuri’s sister back then but… didn’t
    have enough time since she died at that night…… I promised her that
    I’ll be her umma…. But when I took that task…. I wasn’t given the chance
    to do it…. but now… I’m still willing to do it……..” Jessica said and
    Yoona stared at her.

    “Yoong…..if you would give me a chance…… would you let me show you how
    much I care for you?” Jessica asked. Upon hearing Jessica’s words. Yoona
    suddenly hugged Jessica tightly and as the ill girl hugged her, Jessica
    could feel the ill girl is sobbing. Jessica knew the ill girl is also
    longing for love. Not just sisterly love but parental love.

    “thank you Yoong for letting me take that task and giving me a chance to
    show it to you… although I haven’t done that… I’ll do my best…” Jessica
    said as she gently pulled away from Yoona’s hug and stared at the ill

    At Jessica’s words. Something warm came gushing out from Yoona’s heart
    and Jessica’s eyes widen as she saw, for the first time, Yoona smiled
    and a tears came after. Jessica knew the ill girl is crying with
    happiness at her words.

    “I love you Yoong…..” Jessica said as she hugged Yoona and Yoona hugged back.

    Taeyeon who is observing them from the house smiled. “… looks like a
    new progress for Yoona….” Taeyeon whispered to herself as she smiled
    and went to take care of Tiffany.

    ++ Music End ++

    Several minutes later, Jessica and Yoona came back inside the house and
    as all of them noticed, something is changed. Jessica is all smile as
    she found another purpose for her living. And Seohyun noticed, Yoona is
    also changed as she noticed Yoona can now smile.

    “Unnie!” Seohyun called and Yoona looked at the younger girl. Yoona ran
    towards Seohyun and both of them hugged each other. All of them who is
    witnessing a sweet and cute scene between the two maknaes felt they were
    going to melt with scenery of cuteness.

    “aww… aren’t they cute…” Gyuri said. “don’t you guys feel…. Warm?” Hara
    followed and all of them took notice and Jessica who is peacefully and
    quietly smiling as she looked at Seohyun and Yoona.

    “is…is Yoona smiling?” Hyoyeon said as she finally notice the change in
    Yoona. “she is Hyo…” Taeyeon said as she patted her cousin’s shoulder.

    “I guess she’s improving but ever before huh?” Hyoyeon said. “you could
    say that.. and this is the first time we saw Yoona smile like that and
    interact like that to Seohyun… and to make it better, to us… pranking
    Sica with vase and making Fany quit her habit…. That’s not really like
    her when she first came to our house..” Taeyeon said.

    They all of them watched Yoona and Seohyun play together as they both
    ran almost at everywhere as the two maknaes are playing tag from inside
    to outside of the house.

    As Jessica was going to ask Sooyoung to train her again, Seohyun came
    back panting hard as she’s worn out from playing with Yoona.

    “Hyunnie?” Taeyeon called. “u-unnie…. I’m happy!” Seohyun said as she
    smiled then came after Yoona who hugged her from behind and smiled back
    at all of them.

    “I know you’re both happy but don’t forget to rest alright?” Taeyeon
    said and the two maknaes nodded and continues to play as they ran again.

    “Sica…. What did you do to Yoona?” Taeyeon asked as she smiled.
    “…well……. I told Yoona about Yuri’s real sister and explained to her
    that she and her not just looked-a-like but also act-a-like….. then I
    also told her before the night Yuri’s real sister died, I made a promise
    to the girl that I’ll try to become her umma….. even though I haven’t
    done that.. I still presented anyway as I really feel that way…. Because
    I loved that girl so much and I miss her too…….. and when I see Yoona….
    I can also see her as if she’s Yuri’s real sister….. I also told Yoona
    if she’d like…. She’ll let me be her umma…. And Yoona accepted me…”
    Jessica said as she smiled at Taeyeon.

    “…..Familial love….. thank you Sica… because of you and Yuri…. I think
    Yoona is already on the way on recovery….. I really want to hear her
    voice actually…” Taeyeon said.

    “but one thing keeps bugging me Taeng…. What about the info inside her
    head? will she be able to remember it or will she forget it?” Jessica

    “…..i can’t answer that Sica…. But for now…. let’s just let Yoona enjoy
    the moment…..” Taeyeon said and went back to tend Tiffany.

    Near the coast………..

    Yuri, Seungyeon and Jiyoung arrived at some abandoned beach. “Yuri-ssi… I
    hope we’re ok……” Seungyeon said as she helped Yuri and Jiyoung carry
    their stuffs.

    “huh? What do you mean Seungyeon?” Yuri asked. “well…. about that Yacht… will it be ok to leave this?” Seungyeon said.

    “oh…. Hmmm wait here for a bit alright?” Yuri said as she leaves Seungyeon and Jiyoung on the Yacht.

    Yuri walked for a about one mile before stumbling into a beach resort.
    “ my my.. aren’t I lucky?” Yuri thought to herself and casually
    roamed at the beach. As Yuri walked, she caught some commotion over the
    convenience store and decided to check it out.

    As Yuri arrived at the convenience store, Yuri saw three male trouble
    makers trashing the convenience store as the female counter hides behind
    the counter.

    WORTH SH*T!!” one of the thugs said as she kicked a chocolate stand
    beside him.

    “P-please sir…. but you opened it and drank from it without paying it….
    please sir…” the female cashier said. then another crashing sound of a
    glass can be heard from and the bystanders, including Yuri, looked where
    the sound originated and saw one of the thugs threw the trashcan on the
    refrigerator glass door to trash it.

    kicked the other refrigerator and all the contents of it dropped
    instantly, sending it crashing on the floor broken.

    The female cashier stepped out from the counter and tries to stop the
    thug from destroying the merchandise. “Sir please… stop…. Please spare
    this place… I’ve just started working here….” The female cashier said as
    she tries to hold her tears.

    “GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE B*TCH!!” the thug who was trashing the ref shoved
    her away causing her to stumble on the floor. One of the thug walked up
    to her with a smirk on his face.

    “did I hear you right? You just started? Does that mean you’re new?” the
    thug asked the crying cashier. “y-yes sir… please spare this store…..”
    the female cashier replied as she cried.

    “Then tell me… what is your name?” the thug asked as he smirked.
    “I-IU……” the female cashier replied. “say… you’re kinda cute…. How about
    I offer you a job…. More way better pay than these piece of sh*t of a
    store…. You will have to use your body though…” the thug said as he was
    referring to send the girl into a prostitute business. IU shook in fear
    as the thug forcefully yanked her arms and she winced in pain. Yuri had
    seen enough.

    “let that kid go……” Yuri intervene. “huh? Oh you want be a savior?” the
    thug who is holding IU said but Yuri replied at him using a bottle of
    liquor flying right into his face. The man dropped down on the floor
    with a broken nose and IU ran behind Yuri.

    Yuri smiled at IU. “relax… I got this…” Yuri said as she walked more further inside to face the thugs.

    The thug who was trashing the counter saw what Yuri did and charged at
    the tanned girl but unfortunately, a common store thug picking out a
    fight to a skilled assassin were merely like David and Goliath. The thug
    charged at Yuri.

    As he tries to punch Yuri in the face, Yuri simply stepped aside and
    simply placed her foot over the thug’s foot making him trip on his own,
    falling flat on his face first on the floor. The thug also suffered a
    broken nose.

    The third thug noticed and pulled out a knife and attacks Yuri. As he
    tried to swipe Yuri, the tanned girl simply moved left and right to
    avoid the attacks. Seeing his attacks are not hitting Yuri, he tried to
    stab Yuri as he tries to thrust his knife using his right hand to the
    tanned girl but Yuri smirked. As he thrust his knife to tanned girl,
    Yuri moved sideways and grabbed his arm. Then in an instant, Yuri
    forcefully bend the man’s arm back at him, making him stab himself to
    his left shoulder. The man winced in pain.

    “YOU SH*T!!! YOU’LL PAY!!” the man shouted in pain as she tries a last
    attempt at Yuri. Yuri just smiled as she saw the thug’s oncoming fist in
    front of her but Yuri parried his punch leaving her left shoulder with a
    knife still stuck in it wide open. Yuri did a palm thrust on the butt
    of the knife, causing the knife to went through his flesh and into the
    wall behind him.

    As Yuri walked in closer to the wounded thug, Yuri didn’t notice the
    first thug she attacked is getting up and pulling out a gun. As Yuri
    heard a sound of a gun clicking, Yuri noticed too late as she knew a gun
    is pointed at her back.

    “you think you’re good with your karate mumbo-jumbo… let’s see if you’re
    fast enough to dodge some bullets.” The thug said as he tried fire a
    shot. But before he could pull the trigger, he felt something hard hits
    the back of his head and he passed out. Yuri looked and saw IU holding a
    big wine bottle.

    “H-He was going to shoot you….” IU said and Yuri just smiled. Seeing the
    commotion ended the bystanders clapped their hands as they witnessed
    Yuri took down the three thugs and helped IU and Yuri tie down the three
    thug until the police arrived.

    “thank you…” IU said. “it was nothing…..” Yuri said as she starts to walk away but the young girl called her again.

    “YAH! If there’s anything I can help you with…. Let me at least repay
    what you did…” IU said but as Yuri was going to answer, Yuri said an old
    person coming right at them and to Yuri’s surprise, the man scolded IU
    for what happened.

    “That’s because you just hid behind the counter! You have a metal bat
    beside you! Why didn’t you use it?” the man said. “but Sir…. there’s
    three of them… one of them had a gun…” IU explained.

    “you could’ve called the police!” the man retorted. This time Yuri also
    heard enough and decided to intervene. “Sir… this girl almost lost her
    life against those three and yet you just care about your store? Some
    boss you are….” Yuri said almost sounding mad.

    “o yeah? And who are you to talk back to me like that?” the man said.
    “please sir… what I’m trying to say… have a little understanding on her
    side…. You couldn’t possibly going to let her handle those three thugs
    by herself…or are you?” Yuri said.

    “but you certainly did?! I saw what you did..!” the store owner said.
    “no I didn’t do it alone, she had to help me at the last minute. If she
    haven’t intervene, I would’ve died right now….” Yuri said.

    “The hell I care about you! you’re just some simple minded costumer who
    like to meddle into other people’s aff…UMPFH!” the store owner’s words
    were cut-off when Yuri quickly shove her M1911 into his mouth.

    “you better watch were you saying…. You I might do an instant facelift
    surgery……” Yuri said as she cocked the hammer of her gun. The store
    owner peed in his pants as he was very scared at the moment.

    “In case you didn’t know… I’m an assassin…. So if I were you…. you
    better treat people with some respect….. understand?” Yuri said as she
    pulled back her gun and holstered it in her back and walked away. The
    man was stunned and IU were speechless.

    “…STUPID!! This isn’t like me! telling people I’m an assassin!! You’re
    so stupid Yuri!” Yuri said as she walk back to where she left Jiyoung
    and Seungyeon. But a voice called her.

    “HEY!!” it was IU. Yuri was surprised to see someone actually followed
    her after all the things she said. “hey..” Yuri greeted back. “I haven’t
    thanked you properly unnie….” IU said. “…unnie? are you also a Korean?”
    Yuri said. “yep… pretty much…. I just moved in here few days ago….” IU

    “About what happened earlier… you shouldn’t have to make a scene like
    that….. many people heard what you said…. but I told them you’re joking
    at that time and you’re a former military…. And good thing they bought
    my excuse…” IU said.

    “sorry ‘bout that…” Yuri said as she stopped walking. “but what about
    your boss?” Yuri asked. “him?..well… I quitted…. After thinking hard
    what you said… all he ever does is to think about his store… he doesn’t
    give a damn about who works on it…” IU said.

    “but…… about the assassin thing…. It’s really a joke…..right?” IU added
    as she looked at Yuri. Yuri turned back and looked at IU with all

    “…I’m not joking…… I’m really an assassin…. Former assassin to be
    exact…. Since I’m also a very dangerous person to be with so you
    shouldn’t be hanging around with me….” Yuri said as she started walking
    away from the young girl. IU was left stunned.

    Yuri arrived at the Yacht and saw Seungyeon is waiting for her.
    “Yuri-ssi!” Seungyeon waved as she smiled. “So Unnie what did you do?”
    Jiyoung asked as her head popped out from the Yacht’s window.

    “Well…. I was planning to steal a car but got…… “side tracked” along the
    way…. Now I can’t get a single vehicle since cops were all over the
    place…” Yuri said. then the three of them heard something moving from
    the bushes nearby.

    Yuri grabbed her M1911 and gave it to Seungyeon and Jiyoung tossed the
    dragunov to Yuri. “WAIT! DON’T SHOOT! IT’S ME!!!” IU’s head popped out
    from the bushes.

    “what the…. Didn’t I tell you not to get close to me? you’re going to
    get yourself killed!” Yuri hissed. “but what about them?!” IU answered
    as she pointed at Seungyeon and Jyoung.

    “They’re my friends…. The one standing there… I just saved her last
    night from the bad guys and the one inside the Yacht is… injured because
    someone tried to kill me and she paid the price…” Yuri said.

    “and yet they’re still there with you…. so why can’t i?” IU asked. Yuri sighed.

    “look…… it’s not that I don’t want to friends with you…. I just don’t
    want your life to be in danger that’s all….” Yuri said. IU observed
    Seungyeon and Jiyoung.

    “is that the reason why you’re protecting them?” IU asked. “ ….you could
    say that…” Yuri answered. “…..then…. there’s no problem! You’ve just
    protected me earlier…. I promise I won’t slow you down… I maybe like
    this but I can actually fight!” IU said.

    “Aish…. What should I do to leave us alone?” Yuri asked. “…NOTHING! I’m
    coming with you and that’s that!” IU said and Yuri shook her head in
    disbelief. “….seriously… I haven’t met a person … except Jessica, who
    wanted to be with my presence…” Yuri said.

    “Who’s Jessica?” IU asked. “my girlfriend…. My wife…. My hot sexy wife
    that I miss…” Yuri said as she smiled at the thought. IU laughed at
    Yuri’s expression but one person is not happy and it is Seungyeon.

    “she already have Jessica Jung? But she can’t do squat! She can’t even
    fire a gun… I can do better than her!” Seungyeon thought to herself as
    she faked a smile. Unknown to her, Jiyoung is noticing the strange
    reaction from Seungyeon.

    “by the way unnie…. judging on your problem…. It seems you need a vehicle?” IU asked. “…how did you know?” replied.

    “well…….. the one standing is skinny like she seen hell… the tall one
    can’t stand and as you stated… something happened to her… and lastly…..
    you have many stuffs and guns….” IU said.

    Yuri was dumbfounded at IU’s observation. “yeah well… we really need to get back to our family and friends.” Yuri said.

    “then wait here for a bit unnie…. I have a van…” IU said as she starts
    to run off. Yuri just shook her head in disbelief at IU’s actions.

    “ok come on now… we should get ready…” Yuri said and Seungyeon
    immediately tries to workd hard as she wanted to get Yuri’s attention
    but unfortunately, Yuri made her way inside and helped Jiyoung walk out
    from the Yacht.

    After they moved out all of their stuffs. Yuri went back to the Yacht
    and punctured the gas line then Yuri picked up the remaining reserved
    gasoline cans and spread its contents all over the Yacht. And at exactly
    Yuri finishes emptying three cans of gasoline on the Yacht, IU arrived
    using a white colored van

    “Unnies! I’m here!!” IU called a she stopped the van and open the side
    door and helped Jiyoung first to get inside with the support of
    Seungyeon then she helped Seungyeon carry their stuffs at the back of
    the van.

    As Yuri is that last one to go out from the Yacht, Yuri went to the IU’s
    Van and pressed the cigarette lighter and as the lighter got ready,
    Yuri took it out and throws it into the Yatch and the Yacht went up in

    As they were in the safe zone, the Yacht exploded and they managed to solve the transportation problem.

    “by the way… I didn’t catch your name again…” Yuri asked. “IU…. Just
    call me IU”. IU replied as she smiled. “I’m Kwon Yuri… the tall one is
    Kang Jiyoung and the short one is Seungyeon.” Yuri said.

    IU smiled as she was watching Yuri drives the vehicle. “what?” Yuri
    asked. “nothing… I just can’t believe this is all real…” IU said.

    “and you seem happy about it….. you’re weird…” Yuri said and IU
    chuckled. “yeah I get that a lot unnie… but the reason I’m happy is
    because I’m thrilled! Scenario’s like this.. I’ve only seen it in a
    movie but I never actually imagine to be a part of it…” IU smiled.

    Hearing IU’s explanation made Yuri stop the van at the side of the road.
    “unnie? what’s wrong?” IU asked as she noticed Yuri is packing their
    stuff. Jiyoung and Seungyeon knew why Yuri stopped and starts packing
    their stuffs. Yuri don’t want IU to be a part of the dangerous path
    they’re in.

    “are you…. are you unnies going to walk?” IU said. “look IU…. If you’re
    doing this because you’re thrilled… forget it… this is not some movie
    that you watched everyday or some drama that you see on TV. I’m talking
    about reality here IU… once a real bullet hits you….. there’s no telling
    if you’re going to live or die…. I’m telling you this now IU…. The
    reason Jiyoung is having a hard time walking on her own, she hits her
    back on a table… while desperately fighting for her life… and Seungyeon
    there… I just saved her from a torture from the enemy’s hands…. Our
    injuries are not done by make-up artists or some computer special
    effects…. I’m talking about live bullets and real wounds and injuries
    here….” Yuri said as she finished packing their stuff and carried all
    the bags with her as she lets Seungyeon support Jiyoung as they leave IU
    who was stunned at Yuri’s outburst.

    “Yuri-ssi…. You shouldn’t told her like that…. she might get scared of
    you…” Seungyeon said. “good! The more she get scared, the better….
    Listen… I also want to protect her… but It seem she’s taking our
    situation so lightly….. we’ve just through hell and back so I’m still a
    bit edgy…. In case you don’t know… the group’s intel are everywhere so
    I’m still on full alert….” Yuri said

    Narsha’s house…. Later that day….. afternoon…

    “that’s great Sica!” Sooyoung said as she tirelessly trained Jessica all
    day. “wow.. I never expected you to be a fast learner Sica…. Even
    though your hit rate sucks, at least you know how to handle a gun.”
    Sooyoung said.

    “yah! You don’t have to say the “suck” part… but yeah I have to admit… I
    really suck at targeting…” Jessica said as she put down the gun on the
    table and massaged her arms.

    “get used to it Sica.. I know your arms are sore from holding a gun all
    day….” Sooyoung said as she gave Jessica a bottled water and Sunny
    walked in to them.

    “wow… Sica is improving, she hits five targets out of twenty….” Sunny
    said. “yea… at least she hits the paper target… unlike yesterday…. All
    she did is hit the wall….” Sooyoung said sarcastically.

    “well… have to be prepared before my Seobang comeback…I just want to
    surprise her…. plus… the improvement of Yoona… I know she’ll be
    delighted…” Jessica said as she saw Yoona coming towards them with her
    hands behind her back.

    “aww…how sweet… Yoona is clingy to her new “umma”….” Sunny said as she
    looked at Jessica. “h-how did you know that?” Jessica asked.

    “well…. Hyoyeon told me that Taeng talked to you about it…. and I must
    say…. I think you will make a good Umma for Yoona…” Sunny said as Yoona
    finally comes closer to them.

    Jessica crouched down on Yoona’s eye level again. “awww you’re so sweet
    Yoong… you have something for me today?” Jessica asked as she smiled.

    Yoona nodded and to Jessica’s surprise, Yoona used one of her hand to
    cover Jessica’s eyes. The blonde girl knew Yoona is going to surprise

    “oh…is this a surprise? I love surprises…” Jessica said as she smiled.
    Yoona puts down her “surprise gift” to Jessica and made the blonde
    girl’s hand hold out in the open.

    As Jessica’s hand is now held out. Yoona picked up her “gift” and placed
    it on Jessica’s hands. Sooyoung and Sunny saw and they held their
    laughter as best as they can.

    “wow thank you Yoong….. it’s hard….. and the bottom is round..the body
    is… wait a minute….. this is kind of familiar…..” Jessica said as she
    felt Yoona’s hand that is blocking her eyes vanished and as she stared
    at what she’s holding, Jessica shouted “it's a freakin' VASE?!? IM
    YOONAAAAA!!!” Jessica chased the now playful Yoona with Yoona’s gift on
    her hand…. a vase.

    Sooyoung and Sunny laughed at the scene as Jessica chases Yoona with the
    flower vase. Then a sound of the gate opening caught their attention.
    All of them look at the gate and saw Yuri came back. Jessica, who is
    missing Yuri badly, forget to chase Yoona and ran towards Yuri.

    “YURIIIIIIII!” Jessica ran towards Yuri and as she was getting close to
    the tanned girl, Jessica jumped and lets Yuri catch her. “I missed you!”
    Jessica said as she showered Yuri with kisses.

    “I miss you to babe…” Yuri replied as she stand up and Jessica helped
    her but something caught Yuri’s attention and smiled. “so.. you’ve been
    training hard I see….” Yuri said. “you bet! Now I can with a target!”
    Jessica replied.

    “…yeah… with a vase?” Yuri said as she pointed at the vase that is still
    on Jessica’s hands. “YAH! Not with this! Yoona pranked me!! Sooyoungie
    is teaching me along with Sunny about guns! And they say I’m improving!”
    Jessica said as she hugged Yuri again.

    “anyway…. I have another surprise for you my Seobang…” Jessica said as
    she carried Yoona. “Yoona is now improving..” Jessica said and Yuri
    stared at Yoona’s expressionless face, the ill girl smiled and hugged
    the tanned girl.

    Y-Yoong? You can smile now?” Yuri said as she couldn’t contain her
    happiness at Yoona’s improvement and thus forgetting the two persons
    that is with her.

    “Unnie…. you could’ve at least let us rest inside before you go
    lovey-dovey with Jessica unnie….” Jiyoung said as she and Seungyeon
    emerged from the end of the wall gates.

    “ooops sorry about that… I just missed my sexy wife here… and my ……
    little sister here…” Yuri said as Yoona is now clinging on to Yuri
    happily with all smiles.

    As everyone we happy to see Yuri and Jiyoung, their excitement disappeared as they saw Seungyeon is along with Yuri and Jiyoung.

    Hyoyeon saw Seungyeon and instantly blows up like a volcano and ran
    towards Seungyeon and as she got close, Hyoyeon immediately jumped at
    Seungyeon and both of them fall on the ground. with all the exploding
    anger welling up inside Hyoyeon, she grabbed Seungyeon at the collar of
    her shirt as she shakes in anger.

    in anger but as she was going to punch Seungyeon in the face, her fist
    stopped barely an inch.

    “C-Cap……” a voice called Hyoyeon back into her senses as they looked it
    was Nicole gently holding Hyoyeon in her shoulder. Hyoyeon cried in
    anger. “you’re lucky Nicole is here to stop me plus… we have kids here……
    Yoona and Seohyun….. mark my word Seungyeon…. I have my eyes on you
    even if you have made a slight mistake….i won’t give you a chance to
    explain yourself….mark my words….” Hyoyeon said as she got up and walked
    away from Seungyeon.

    Seeing Hyoyeon made the first blow, they all decided not to deal with
    Seungyeon at the moment and they leave her down in the ground with only
    Yuri, Yoona and Jessica on her side.

    “…………… looks like you’re going to have a hard time gaining their trust
    Seungyeon…… I’ll tell you this and I’ll tell you now…. this is going to
    be a lot of hard work….. I wonder how you can deal with Tiffany though…
    since Tiffany is really pissed when you aimed your gun at Seohyun….”
    Yuri said as she helped Seungyeon stand up. “in the mean time…. Why
    don’t you look for Narsha unnie and ask if where you can stay at the
    moment…. Seeing Hyoyeon going ballistic on you like that…. it’s not wise
    to be near with us at the moment….i hope you understand…” Yuri said as
    she left along with Jessica and Yoona.

    “…… I’m sorry everyone……” Hyoyeon’s words struck Seungyeon’s heart as
    she totally forgot that she had a crush on Yuri as she hanged her head
    low and cried.

    Later that evening…………

    “Yul! I thought you said you’re going to scout! I never thought you’re
    going to rescue her…. already…” Hyoyeon said. “yeah well.. I’ve changed
    the plan and had to act….. who knows how long they’re torturing her…
    two? Three? Or four days maybe? She’s been dipped in a water tank
    without food… and I witnessed how they torture her…” Yuri said.

    “by the way… what happened to Tiffany? why is her arms bruised?” Yuri
    asked. “….well… blame it to Taeng there…” Jessica said as she feeds
    Yoona with a chicken soup.

    “yah! It’s not like I did it on purpose…. Fany-ah say something and my
    mind went blank…..” Taeyeon said as she scratches her head. “aww…
    Tae-Tae… no need to be like that… I can still hold a gun so don’t
    worry…” Tiffany said.

    “wae?” Taeyeon asked. “Taeng… you better believe her…. last time she
    went on a mission when we were still active back in the group… she even
    gone on a mission with a broken rib…. And still finished her mission…”
    Sooyoung said.

    As they were talking about their trainings and recent events have
    happened. Seohyun accidentally sat on a TV remote and it turns on to the
    news. Jiyoung who also accidentally saw the news caught something in
    her eyes.

    “Yuri unnie!!! it’s IU’s Van!” Jiyoung said as she called Yuri. “aish…
    what is it now Jiyoung-ah?” Yuri grumpily walked towards Jiyoung and
    watched the news.

    “we are now live at this moment at
    a crime scene where a girl, Single, who is driving this Van when she
    was attacked by an unknown suspects. Witness says she’s been involved
    earlier in a mess near the beach where a bystander helped her and
    managed to defeat three thugs. Apparently reports stated that she was
    attacked by the member of the thug that is involved earlier. as of now
    the whereabouts of the this missing girl are still unknown. as you can
    see, the van is riddled bullet holes and there’s from inside the van to
    outside. We pray for the girl’s safety as we are still hoping if she’s
    still alive…”
    the TV reporter said.

    Yuri and Jiyoung were silent. “Yuri-ah… who’s the girl?” Jessica asked.
    “……a civilian….. who tries to help us but we left her afterwards in
    order not to get involve with our mess….” Yuri said.

    “Yuri unnie… take a look at the place…” Jiyoung said as she pointed the
    van’s place. “it’s near here Yuri unnie…. maybe she’s trying to find
    us…. But got attacked on the process….” Jiyoung said.

    “…..that babo girl… I warned her…” Yuri said.

    “so….what are you going to do Yuri-ah…” Taeyeon asked. “…just leave her
    alone…. She got herself into that mess….. and besides…. It’s just an
    ordinary gang wars…. The police should be able to handle it….” Yuri said
    as she walked away, leaving them completely silent about her actions.

    “am I missing something?” Taeyeon said as she tries to elaborate Yuri’s action as she’s also confused.


    “stupid….” Yuri said as she straps a gun holster on her right thigh.

    “I told you not to help us…” Yuri said as she grabbed a belt of hand gun clips and straps it on her waist.

    “why did you look for us…” Yuri said again as she picked up an M4A1 with
    suppressor and some magazines and puts it into her ammo belt bag.

    “so why did you?...” Yuri said as she donned an army Kevlar vest and ready to go out to look for IU.

    “so why did you?” a voice came from behind and as Yuri looked it was Sooyoung.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 28 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Fri May 18, 2012 9:54 am

    Mission 29

    “I figured something is odd about your comment….. are you planning on
    doing this alone?.... AGAIN?” Sooyoung asked. Yuri just ignored Sooyoung
    and starts walking towards the door.

    “Seriously Yuri… do you even know the word rest? You’ve just come back
    this afternoon and now you’re going out there again?” Sooyoung said.

    “she’s my responsibility Soo….. she wouldn’t be in that mess if she
    didn’t followed us…” Yuri said without looking back at Sooyoung.

    “I know…. that’s why we’re here Yul….” Sooyoung said and Yuri looked at
    Sooyoung with a confusing look. “what do you mean?” Yuri asked.

    “you don’t have to do this alone Yul… you’ve done enough already…” Hyoyeon came in along with Nicole.

    “let us handle this task Yul…. I think it’s time to give some time on
    Sica and Yoona… after all, they’re eagerly waiting for your return then
    you’re going out again…” Hyoyeon said.

    “but you guys don’t know what she looked like….” Yuri said. “then I’ll
    take Seungyeon with us…” Hyoyeon said. Yuri, Nicole and Sooyoung looked
    at Hyoyeon with surprise.

    “Hyo… are you sure? A while ago, if Nicole hadn’t been there to stop
    you, you would’ve pound…no pound is not the right word… the right word
    is.. PLANTED her face to the ground…. and now you’re taking her?”
    Sooyoung said.

    “…I don’t have a choice… do I? Yuri is running in fumes, Jiyoung is
    still recovering… who else knows what this kid looked like?” Hyoyeon
    said. “and besides… as much I wanted to bring Nicole.. I can’t…. so that
    girl had to fill Nicole’s place for the meantime…. And addition to
    that, I hate to admit it but she’s good at D.N.A. analysis…” Hyoyeon

    “…..what do you say Yul….. Hyo’s idea is actually the best bet for now…
    not that working with “her” fit in… but it’ll do for now….” Sooyoung

    “…you guys…..” Yuri said as she weakly smiled and slowly and one by one,
    she took off her armaments that is strapped on to her body.

    “you guys want me to get her?” Yuri said. “….no I’ll get her…” Nicole
    suggested as she used her hand to move her wheelchair and towards
    Seungyeon’s room.

    Seungyeon’s Room….

    Seungyeon silently laid down on the bed provided on her temporary room thinking everything that has happened.

    “….it’s not my fault everyone falls in danger…. It’s just I don’t have a
    choice…..” Seungyeon said to herself. “And Cap’s totally mad at me…..”
    Seungyeon said as she sighed.

    “well…. I can’t blame her….Nicole almost died… the kids were in
    danger….. oh god… what have I done…” Seungyeon said as she covered her
    face with her hands, realizing that her actions caused so much damage,
    not only the people involved but as well as the trust of her team and
    her captain.

    Then she heard a knock on her door. “coming….” Seungyeon weakly replied
    as she stood up and walked to the door. As she opened the door, she was
    frozen to see who it was. It was Nicole, sitting in a wheelchair.

    As both of them stared at each other, both of them felt awkward as if
    they’ve been newly introduced. Seungyeon felt guilty seeing Nicole
    strapped in a wheelchair without been able to do anything. Seungyeon
    knew Nicole was energetic before she’s been injured. Fangs of guilt
    bites her hard to see her friend couldn’t walk on her own.

    “N-Nic… I …. I’m…..” as Seungyeon tries to say she’s sorry, Nicole cuts
    her. “save it….. Cap is looking for you…” Nicole said as she made her
    wheelchair turn around quickly and moved away from her.

    Another fang of guilt bites Seungyeon as she watched Nicole moved away
    from her in a wheelchair pushing her own to move her wheelchair.
    Seungyeon shed a tear. Slowly the feeling of guilt is eating her inside
    as she made her way to the living room where everyone is gathered.

    Living room….

    As Seungyeon arrived. All of them stared at her sharply. Seungyeon know everyone is mad at her, except Yuri and Jiyoung.

    As she felt the sharp stares right at her, she was overwhelmed by it and
    was frozen at the door. As she saw Tiffany, the brunette looked like a
    demon possessed and holding her best not to pounce her at the spot as
    Taeyeon is holding Tiffany’s waist tightly to avoid commotion.

    Hara and Gyuri looked at Seungyeon with an unconcerned look as if she’s
    not visible to their vision. Sunny is cracking her fist as Sooyoung
    tightens her grip on the short girl’s shoulder in order to calm her
    Bunny down.

    Although Hyoyeon herself wanted to punch Seungyeon, for once, held her ground and Taeyeon broke the silence and tension.

    “alright enough with the deathly stare… but unfortunately…. We’re not
    here to stare daggers at her…. she’s here because of the girl that
    helped Yuri, Jiyoung and…………….. her… …. Her name is IU….. and as Hyo
    said, we will save that girl from the ones that got her…. as you all saw
    the news, her vehicle is covered in blood inside… assuming she’s still
    alive, we will need….. her…" Taeyeon said as she pointed at Seungyeyeon.
    ".... because Hyo said she can help… Seungyeon… for the meantime… can I
    count on your ability? My cousin said you’re good with DNA Analysis…”
    Taeyeon said and Seungyeon just nodded.

    “for this side mission… I would suggest.. Sunny and Sooyoung… you will be going with them… as well as Hyoyeon….” Taeyeon said.

    “uuhhmm Taeyeon-ssi…. Why me?” Seungyeon asked. “…well for one, Yuri is
    already tired, she just saved your ass from the group’s hands and not to
    mention you all got back this afternoon…. Second, Jiyoung was hurt on
    the process but despite of being hurt, she never complained and still
    decided to stay loyal…. And third……… the three of you knows what she
    looks like… and since Yuri and Jiyoung is unavailable… you’re the one
    who is suited…. Consider this your first step for earning our trust….”
    Taeyeon said coldly.

    “…. Don’t try anything funny Seungyeon…. I still haven’t forgotten how
    you aimed your gun to Hyunnie’s face….” Tiffany said as her usual
    eye-smile turns into a fierce one as Seungyeon could feel Tiffany’s
    stare could actually bore holes on her body.

    Seeing Tiffany stared at her like a lion eye-ing her prey made Seungyeon
    swallowed a lump of nervousness. Chill runs down to her spine as she
    still remembers how Tiffany exploded back when she pointed her gun at
    Seohyun’s face.

    “I’ll…. I’ll do my best…. Thank you for giving me chance….. I promise I won’t let you guys down…” Seungyeon nervously said.

    “Seungyeon…… don’t thank us yet…. We haven’t accepted you fully…. We
    still don’t trust you..” Hyoyeon bluntly said. Seungyeon knew she
    couldn’t blame them and could only do but pitied herself.

    “Now we need some strategy to sneak inside… as much as we wanted to save
    that girl, we also need to be discreet and swiftly… as anything to
    suggest Yul?..........Yul?” Taeyeon said but as she called the tanned
    girl, Jessica signaled them as if she’s telling them to be quiet because
    Yuri is already in slumber as the tanned girl’s head is leaning on
    Jessica’s shoulder. Yoona is also asleep as the ill girl’s head is
    resting on Jessica’s lap.

    “…. She must be dead tired….. I can’t blame her though… she saved
    Seungyeon unnie, escaped from Mexico as she stood guard while we were
    sailing away, then I don’t know what happened but it seems she saved
    that girl… then walking while carrying our stuffs….” Jiyoung said.

    “I see…. Well… let’s just give her well earned rest…. We can’t fully
    rely on her …..we need to learn by ourselves though…” Taeyeon said. “are
    you coming Tae-Tae?” Tiffany asked. “…. I guess so…” Taeyeon replied.

    “I guess I’m coming too….” Tiffany said. “Hold it Fany-ah… your
    forearms…..” Taeyeon said as she pointed at Tiffany’s forearms. “I know
    it hurts… but I can still hold a gun… trust me Tae-Tae…I can still
    fight…” Tiffany said.

    But as Taeyeon looked at Tiffany, Taeyeon changed her mind. “on second
    thought…. I’ll stay here…. Sunny-ah… I know this maybe sudden but.. is
    it ok for you guys if my cousin will lead you there?” Taeyeon asked.

    “…well……. since her rules applies on saving lives…. Rather than me and
    Sunny…. I guess there’s nothing wrong with it…” Sooyoung said. “my
    Shikshin is right… we were more designed to shoot people rather than to
    save people…. Do not forget… even though we went rogue, we’re still
    assassins…” Sunny followed.

    “…hooo boy… this is going to be….. a hard work……” Hyoyeon said as she massage her temple.

    “ok I know this will much to ask of you Hyo but we’ll be staying here….
    Seeing Jessica can’t move from her spot…. And Tiffany’s forearms still
    sore…. I’ll just stay here and watch Seohyun…” Taeyeon said and Hyoyeon,
    Sunny, Sooyoung and Seungyeon nodded as they went towards the armory.

    As Taeyeon looked at Tiffany she noticed the brunette is pouting. “Fany-ah? What’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked her girlfriend.

    “….meanie….” Tiffany replied as she did a merong gesture then smiled
    after a minute. “….you’re such a kid Fany-ah…” Taeyeon said as she
    patted Tiffany’s head and the brunette’s eyes disappeared as she smiled.

    As they looked at Jessica, they also noticed the blonde girl is now
    asleep but with a slight smile on her face. Taeyeon and Tiffany smiled
    gently as the image of Yuri, Jessica and Yoona sleeping as Yuri’s head
    is leaning on Jessica’s left shoulder, Yoona’s head is resting on
    Jessica’s right lap, Jessica’s head is leaning on Yuri’s head with
    holding Yuri’s hand tightly.

    “they’re starting to look like a family Tae-Tae….” Tiffany said as a
    lone tear escaped from her eye. “omo… are you crying Fany-ah?” Taeyeon
    asked. “I’m just happy for Yuwree Tae-Tae…. Her life is complete again….
    She has Jessi…. And she also have…Yoona… again…” Tiffany said as she
    hugged Taeyeon and buried her face on Taeyeon’s chest.

    Taeyeon knew Tiffany is envious then an idea popped up in her mind and
    she smiled. “Fany-ah…. Don’t worry…. You have me and Seohyun with you….
    just like Yuri, Sica and Yoong….” Taeyeon said and Tiffany tightens her
    hug on Taeyeon indicating that she’s happy with Taeyeon’s idea and what
    even made Tiffany more happier when Seohyun hugged the both of them on
    their waist and saw Seohyun smiled at Tiffany.

    “Fany-unnie… you’re just like my umma… as Taeyeon unnie is my appa..”
    Seohyun said and both Taeyeon and Tiffany chuckled at Seohyun’s remark.

    “thank you Hyunnie…. I’ll try to be a good too….” Tiffany nervously
    said. “Fany umma… you don’t have to change you ways…. We love you the
    way you are….” Seohyun said and Tiffany carried Seohyun, even her
    forearms hurts, the pain is not affecting the brunette as she’s too
    happy about what happened and hugged her.

    “oh Hyunnie…. That’s why it’s hard to say “no” to you…” Tiffany said as
    the three of them went to see the so-called rescue team consists of two
    detectives and two assassins.


    “Ok listen up… Sunny.. seeing you the smallest in our group… No offense…” Hyoyeon said as she looked at Sunny.

    “none taken…” Sunny replied as she slides in a bullet clip in her USP Tactical pistol equipped with suppressor.

    “you will have to keep an eye on the civilians…. We need to get close to
    that van for Seungyeon to get a sample of the blood and everything that
    is necessary…” Hyoyeon said.

    “but you’re a detective Hyo… why can’t you guys go in like you always
    do? You just have to flash your badges right?” Sooyoung said.

    “that can work but… after the incident at the airport… I have a feeling
    the higher ups already knew me and my team went rogue and gone with you
    guys…. As Yuri said… maybe some of your guys from your former
    organization is already working back at KPF…” Hyoyeon said as she looked
    at Seungyeon and back at them.

    “well.. that sucks…. So? If we manage to find where she was taken…. How will we sneak in?” Sunny asked.

    “better come up with a plan on the spot…I guess?” Hyoyeon said. “how I
    wish Taeng is here… this is my flaw….” Hyoyeon said and just in time
    Taeyeon came in along with Tiffany and Seohyun.

    “no doubt about that Hyo…. But you’re right in one thing… in my opinion…
    maybe you guys are also branded as rogues…. So you have no choice
    now….” Taeyeon said.

    “anyway.. I came here to offer an advice…. As much as possible, be
    discreet…..” Taeyeon said. “well… that’s what we planned from the start
    Taeng… but…….. we don’t know how to be discreet….” Sooyoung said.

    “and why is that?” Taeyeon asked back. “well… me and Sunny…. We’re kind
    of, charge in and assault to get our target….” Sooyoung answered and
    Sunny nodded.

    “well me and my team…. We prefer the intimidation way….. when we rescue
    someone who is hostaged… you know how I work Taeng….” Hyoyeon said and
    Taeyeon nodded.

    “I guess…. Hyo’s Plan B will go active this time….” Taeyeon said as she
    smirked. “Plan B?” Tiffany, Sooyoung and Sunny said in unison. “yeah
    Plan B, plan on the spot…” Taeyeon said.

    As the four of them finished preparing on what they need, Gyuri and Hara
    came. “what are you two doing here?” Hyoyeon asked. “we’re coming too
    Cap….” Gyui replied.

    “oh no you guys… Nicole needs some company…” Hyoyeon said.

    “Actually… I was the one who asked them Cap….” Nicole emerged from their
    back which made Hyoyeon startled and at the same time confused.

    “you should be resting… babo…” Hyoyeon said but Nicole chuckled and
    seeing Nicole smiling a bit, Hyoyeon held her hand. “really, you should
    be resting Nicole…. because I want you working to my side again…”
    Hyoyeon said and their point of view, they noticed Nicole blushed a bit
    at Hyoyeon’s words.

    “ it just me of the atmosphere here is getting sweet and fluffy…”
    Sooyoung said sarcastically as she smiled. Sunny immediately caught on
    Sooyoung’s remark and playfully slapped Sooyoung in the arm. “babo….
    Don’t ruin the moment…” Sunny chuckled.

    Gyuri and Hara also chuckled at Sooyoung’s remark as they watched the tall shikshin walked towards Hyoyeon and Nicole.

    “What?” Hyoyeon and Nicole said in unison. “Nothing… just checking if
    there’s any ants between you two…” Sooyoung said as she poked Hyoyeon
    and Nicole using both of her index finger from both of her hands and
    then puts in both inside her mouth.

    “…… yep… you two are sweet…careful... the ants bies painfully
    hehehehe...” Sooyoung said sarcastically as she gave Hyoyeon and Nicole a
    mischievous smile and both Hyoyeon and Nicole blushed madly and earning
    a hearty laugh on Sooyoung’s antics.

    After the romantic yet funny scene between Hyoyeon, Nicole and Sooyoung, Hyoyeon snapped back to reality.

    “oh yeah… why are the two of you are coming?” Hyoyeon asked Gyuri and
    Hara again. “Cap… we haven’t forgotten our duty as a detectives… saving
    lives comes first… and Nicole also asked us….” Gyuri said.

    “But you two are tired…” Hyoyeon said. “and so do you…. come on Cap…
    with Sooyoung-ssi and Sunny-ssi with us…. What else could go wrong?”
    Hara followed.

    Hyoyeon looked at Sooyoung and Sunny as she saw Sooyoung and Sunny
    checking the sights of every gun they will be using. “….i guess nothing
    will go wrong…..” Hyoyeon thought to herself.

    “alright…. then I want you three to work as a team for now… I don’t want
    to expect anymore trouble until this rescue ops are clear…. Got it?”
    Hyoyeon said and Gyuei and Hara nodded before looking at Seungyeon who
    has been quiet.

    “got anything to say Seungyeon?” Hyoyeon asked as she turned to look at
    Seungyeon. “…. I ……… I just want to say I’m sorry to everyone…..”
    Seungyeon said.

    “b*llsh*t….” Gyuri hissed in whisper and Hara heard it. “unnie… be
    cool….” Hara whispered. “I don’t believe this…. But… I’ll do my best not
    to sock her face….” Gyuri said. Again, Seungyeon couldn’t blame Gyuri’s
    rant as she know Gyuri is Nicole’s best friend.

    “I can’t blame her….. she’s Nicole’s bestfriend….” Seungyeon weakly
    said. “…… enough of that… for now leave these problem here since you
    guys have a job to do… and better not to disappoint Yuri…” Taeyeon said
    as she walked back inside along with Tiffany with Seohyun who is now
    asleep in Tiffany’s shoulders.

    “hmm we still need a vehicle….” Hara said as she and Gyuri brought out
    their equipments out and handed Seungyeon’s thing without saying a word.
    As Hara is also giving Seungyeon her gun, Seungyeon declined.

    “…Keep it Hara… I don’t want to hold a gun until you guys trust me
    again…” Seungyeon said as she grabbed her portable DNA Analyzer and
    waited for them outside the Armory.

    “Unnie… heard that?” Hara asked Gyuri. “…I don’t care… I won’t forgive
    her until the incident still lingers in my mind…” Gyuri sighed and all
    they could do is look at Gyuri prepares her laptop.

    “oooohkay…. This is gonna be a problem…..” Sooyoung said as she finishes
    equipping herself with the guns that Yuri picked earlier.

    “YO! You girls might want to use my Humvee….” Miryo popped out and throws in the keys to Sooyoung and went back inside again.

    “…I swear……. Narsha unnie’s team are like mushrooms and bubbles… they
    just pop out of nowhere the disappears instantly…..” Hara said as she
    walked outside and waits with Seungyeon.

    “well, now’s the transportation is solved, we should head out now… we
    have to get to that van before the Feds takes it back to their crime
    lab…” Hyoyeon said and all of them went out as they partially race
    against time before the blood covered van were taken in by the Feds.

    Crime scene….

    Hyoyeon and the rest of her team arrived and sighed a relief to see the
    van is still there. “good… that van is still there….” Hyoyeon said.

    “yeah…. So do the police Cap….what’s your next move?” Hara said.

    Before Hyoyeon could answer Hara, they all heard someone got out the
    vehicle and Hyoyeon saw Sooyoung wearing dark red colored long haired
    wig and walking towards the crime scene.

    “ what is she doing? call her back!!” Hyoyeon said to Sunny but the short haired girl just smiled. “just watch…” Sunny said.

    As Sooyoung managed to get close on the crime scene, Hyoyeon watched in
    amazement as she saw Sooyoung got in easily inside the crime scene.
    “amazing….. I thought you guys only were like shoot first and ask
    questions later…” Hyoyeon said.

    “well.. my Youngie is specialized in blending in people…. She’s more
    like similar to Yuri since both of them were bestfriends, as Yuri is
    master on blending in nature since she's a sniper, Youngie is expert on
    blending in people and yeah.. about shooting……” as Sunny is going to
    explain about Sooyoung, all of them heard civilians screaming as they
    all heard someone had fired a shot and the bystanders panicked as they
    fled from the crime scene.

    At the sound of a gunshot Hyoyeon and her team watched in awe and at the
    same time in horror as they saw Sooyoung is shooting the Federal agents
    as they go down one by one. Hyoyeon wanted to stop Sooyoung as she’s in
    amazement as she watched Sooyoung casually walk towards the agents and
    shoots them down as if Sooyoung is just taking a walk in a park.

    They watched Sooyoung moved in fast speed as Sooyoung acted also like
    someone from nowhere fired off a shot as Sooyoung pointed in every
    direction as if she’s pointing a multiple possibilities of a “sniper”
    and the agents bought Sooyoung’s distraction, she takes out some of
    them, Sooyoung repeated the same tactics until there are two of them

    “Ma’am! Are you alright!” that agent said as Sooyoung acted out like
    she’s been shot as she secretly punctured a fake blood plastic and
    placed in on her waist. “Aaargh… the sniper got me….” Sooyoung said.

    The agent panicked as his priority is now Sooyoung as she presented
    herself as an agent from Korea to handle Korean people who is in the
    American lands. “Don’t worry Ma’am…. We’ll survive this… I have to get
    you to safety…” the agent said as she tried to help Sooyoung stand up.

    Sooyoung grinned as she squeezed the blood pack more and it lets out anymore fake blood and Sooyoung faked a cough.

    “Ma’am! You’re bleeding bad!!” The agent said as he noticed the blood
    stain got bigger. “I’m ok….” Sooyoung acted like she’s in pain. “OVER
    THERE!!” Sooyoung shouted as she pointed another possible hiding
    location of the so-called “sniper”. The agent turned around and that
    moment, Sooyoung stood up straight and grinned.

    “I can’t see the sniper Ma’am!” the agent turned around and saw Sooyoung
    aiming her gun towards him. “of course you won’t…. there’ no sniper
    from the start, I just distracted you guys…” Sooyoung said as she shoots
    the agent and the agent dropped on the ground.

    As Sooyoung scanned the area, federal agent’s bodies were scattered
    around the ground, bystanders are nowhere in sight. Sooyoung smiled and
    removed some parts of facial mask from her face and removed her wig and
    throws it on a drainage nearby and signaled Seungyeon, Hara and Gyuri to
    come over but Hyoyeon also came with them.

    “What the hell Sooyoung?! Why did you kill those agents? They’ll be
    hunting our asses off!” Hyoyeon said but Sooyoung just smiled. “I
    didn’t…. I just used tranquilizers….” Sooyoung said as she Hyoyeon
    commanded Hara and Gyuri to check the agents’ bodies and all of them
    were alive.

    “told you so….” Sooyoung said as she holstered her gun and casually walked back to the humvee where Sunny is waiting.

    “…these girls are crazy….. but then again… they’re good…. i just hope
    nothing will go wrong though…” Hyoyeon said as she shook her head then
    smiled at Sooyoung’s work.

    “Cap! I got the sample….. apparently, the blood was from a male…..”
    Seungyeon said. Hara checked the driver seat of the van and saw and
    empty shell casings. “found some casings here….” Hara said as she used a
    tweezers to pick the case up and gave it to Gyuri.

    “Cap… I think we have a slight problem….” Gyuri said as she pulled a
    piece of hair strand stuck in a broken wind shield glass and gave it to
    Seungyeon. Seungyeon analyze it quickly.

    “Cap… I think the hair is from IU…. But funny thing though… why does her
    hair is the only clue about here are here? While the blood pool inside
    is from a male?” Seungyeon said which made Hara and Gyuri looked at her.

    “What do you mean?” Hara asked. “well….. we left her alone…. There shouldn’t be anyone with her at that time…” Seungyeon said.

    Gyuri tries to put the clues into pieces. “here’s what I think…”

    “Save it Gyuri…. Explain that back at the humvee, I can hear sirens
    coming.” Hyoyeon cuts her off and the four of them quickly returned back
    in the humvee that is parked not too far and left the scene.

    “ok let’s hear it Gyuri…” Hyoyeon said. “ok… here’s what I think… this
    girl named IU… like Yuri-ssi said is like looking for her as she
    unconsciously tried to follow where Yuri-ssi went but just like Jiyoung
    explained, something happened earlier before Yuri-ssi met this girl. and
    just as the news stated it might be a work of a gang right? Where what I
    think…” Gyuri said as she signaled Hara about the bullet casing.

    “That’s a bullet from a desert eagle…” Hyoyeon said. “right…. I can
    assume that those gang…. Are not gangs… but I’d rather say….. it’s
    either mafia or triads…. Or maybe both… and assuming they got to her….
    someone had caught up with her and made her stop on that side of the
    road. Maybe those people threatened her to come with her BUT I think she
    refused to go with them and fought with them as Seungyeon said, the
    blood inside the van is from a male…. So we have to assume that her
    assailant got inside where they fought on the gun and this IU girl
    managed to snatch the gun and shoots her assailant… but it seems she
    didn’t notice she’s dealing with multiple assailants…” Gyuri said as she
    looked at Seungyeon and handed her another piece of evidence.

    “a shoe print?” Hyoyeon said. “ yeah… apparently there were two…. There
    were also a shoe print inside and outside the van… and both of them are
    totally different. The one outside the van maybe saw what happened on
    his companion, he grabbed the girl’s head and smashed it on the wind
    shield…” Gyuri said.

    “and that explains the stuck hair on the glass….” Sooyoung said as she tried to absorb the information and Gyuri nodded.

    “I see…. Well any idea where they’ve taken her?” Hyoyeon asked. “I’m
    still trying to get into FBI’s data base but I don’t have clearance for
    that… if only Nicole was here…..” Gyuri said.

    “what about her?” Sunny asked as she’s driving. “well… she’s out best
    hacker in the team…. Whenever we need vital info that we couldn’t get
    our hands on….. she’s magically attaining it until we caught her red
    handed..” Hara said.

    “but thanks to her… I’ve found you Soonkyu…..” Hyoyeon said. “yah… would
    you at least not call me by my old name? I’d prefer Sunny…” Sunny said.

    “wait a minute…. We could still get the location…” Sooyoung said. “how?”
    Seungyeon asked. “from my cousin! Siwon oppa!” Sooyoung said as she
    dialed Siwon’s number.

    “Annyeong?” Sooyoung said as she heard someone picked up the phone.

    “…..go away…” Siwon replied from the other line.

    “YAH! Don’t you dare ignore me oppa! We need help…” Sooyoung said.

    “Zzzzzzz…..Zzzzzzz…ZZzzzz…” but all Sooyoung get was a sound of Siwon snoring.

    Sooyoung closed her eyes and took a deep breath and shouted from the top
    of her lungs on the phone. “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OPPPPPAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”
    Sooyoung shouted as she grinned and outs her phone into speaker mode.

    back but Sooyoung just chuckled. Silence heard on the other line for
    about five seconds before Siwon talked again.

    “what do you need….” Siwon said as he grunted in annoyance.” Heheh
    Mianhe oppa.. listen this is important… I take you’ve seen the news near
    Narsha unnie’s house right?” Sooyoung asked.

    “yeah…. What about it…” Siwon replied as he yawned. “well you see we’re
    going to save that girl and we don’t know where she’s been taken…”
    Sooyoung said.

    “and what's that girl got to do with you?” Siwon asked. “not me…. it’s
    Yuri…” Sooyoung said and Siwon fell silent for about another five
    seconds before talking again.

    “seriously…. You guys should avoid interacting people… they’re getting involved….” Siwon said.

    “well… excuse her for being like that Oppa… as her best friend I won’t
    tolerate that kind of attitude… even if you’re three years older than
    me….” Sooyoung said as all of them and even Siwon who is on the other
    line felt the negative aura from Sooyoung.

    “alright alright…. I’ll see what I can do… just give me info and I’ll send to you as soon as I get to Yesung…” Siwon said.

    “but seriously…don’t you guys ever heard the word “rest”?” Siwon said as he cuts off the line. Sooyoung chuckled.

    “now where did I heard that line before….” Sooyoung said as she asked
    Gyuri to save the evidence to a memory stick and Sooyoung inserted the
    memory stick on her phone and passed the information to Siwon.

    “and now we wait…..” Sooyoung said as she laid her back on the seat to
    relax. Sunny saw a gas station. “I’ll just fill up some gas…” Sunny said
    as she slowed down the Humvee and stopped at the gas station.

    As they stopped Sooyoung and Sunny got out from the vehicle, from
    Hyoyeon’s point of view, Sooyoung looked like she was keeping guard on
    Sunny while the short girl starts filling up some gas in the humvee.

    “I’m going to get something for us to eat at the convenience store….
    What do you guys want?” Hyoyeon asked. “the usual for me Cap….” Hara
    said. “coffee for me cap… any coffee is fine..” Gyuri said. as Hyoyeon
    looked at Seungyeon, she noticed Seungyeon is just quiet at the back as
    if thinking of something.

    “Seungyeon…. Anything you want?” Hyoyeon asked. “….i’m fine cap…. I’m
    just fine…” Seungyeon answered as she don’t want to push anymore guilt.
    “ok then… Orange juice for Hara and any coffee for Gyuri…..” Hyoyeon
    said as she got out and walked towards Sooyoung and Sunny to ask if
    there’s anything they want, Sunny shook but Sooyoung was about to took
    out a list of food, Sunny instantly pushed Hyoyeon away from Sooyoung.
    Hara and Gyuri chuckled.

    “looks like Hyoyeon unnie is saved by Sunny-unnie..” Hara said as she
    chuckled. But as Hara turned around she saw Gyuri is glaring at

    “unnie stop it… you know she’s having a hard time now… and it also got
    me thinking…. It’s not like Seungyeon unnie had a choice….. her family
    has been held hostage….” Hara said as she tries to break the tension.
    Gyuri heard Hara and looked away from Seungyeon.

    “Hara…. Gyuri has the right… and Cap is also right from the start before
    I betray you.. I should’ve come clean in the first place….. I never
    would’ve thought that the “group” would made me believe such a promise….
    The moment they got a hold of my family… they killed them
    nonetheless…..” Seungyeon said as a tear escape her eyes.

    “Save your tears Seungyeon… I’m not buying it….” Gyuri spoke without
    looking back at Seungyeon. “…..but I’m sorry about your family…..” Gyuri
    added as she also secretly shed a tear at Seungyeon’s fate.

    Sunny and Sooyoung came back along with Hyoyeon. “ok here, Hara… here’s
    your juice, Gyuri, your coffee….. and Sooyoung…. Since you have big
    appetite… I bought you two king sized burgers and Sunny even if you
    don’t want anything, I still bought you some sandwich.” Hyoyeon said as
    she gave Sunny the sandwich.

    “Seungyeon…. Don’t ever lie to me that you’re fine….. you still haven’t
    eaten since you got back…… here I’ve bought you a cupped noodle….. I’ve
    already put some hot water in it so eat up….” Hyoyeon said as she made
    Hara pass the cupped noodle to Seungyeon as Hyoyeon took out her
    hamburger out.

    “Guys… Oppa texted me and said we should head south… he gave me the
    coordinates and I already entered it in my GPS on my phone… he said we
    should find the girl there….” Sooyoung said as she finished her first
    king sized burger.

    “anything else?” Hyoeyon asked. “well…you wouldn’t believe this but
    Gyuri is right…. We might be dealing a joint forces of Mafias and
    Triads……” Sooyoung said but unknown to them Sunny is grinning

    “this is going to be fun….” Sunny smiled as she started the Humvee’s engine.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 29 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

    Post by YulSicFany on Fri May 18, 2012 9:56 am

    Mission 30

    Narsha’s House……. 2:03 A.M.

    As Yuri, Jessica, Taeyeon and Tiffany were sleeping peacefully in the
    living room, Seohyun opened her eyes and checked Tiffany and Taeyeon to
    see if they are awake. Seohyun slowly got up and walked over to Yoona
    and lightly tapped the ill girl’s cheek and Yoona opened her eyes

    “quickly unnie…. we only have some few time to spare…. We need to return
    before they wake up…” Seohyun whispered and Yoona also slowly stood up.
    Yoona and Seohyun quietly walked out of the living and leave their
    “parents” in the world of slumber as they headed into one location.

    “unnie… are you sure you really want to do this?” Seohyun asked as she
    looked at Yoona while both of them standing in front of a door. Yoona
    looked and Seohyun and hugged the youngest and smiled then both of their
    eyes stared at the door. As if they were planning something dangerous,
    both of them held each other’s hand tightly and Seohyun lightly knocked
    at the door

    “who is it?” a woman’s voice called out. “unnie….” Seohyun weakly
    called. The door opened and revealed the woman behind the door. It was

    “why hello kids… what can I do for you two? Did you two have some
    trouble in your sleep?” Narsha said as she smiled at Yoona and Seohyun.

    As Narsha is waiting for an answer Yoona peeked past Narsha and saw Ga-In, Jea and Miryo doing some standard combat exercises.

    Yoona slightly tugged Seohyun’s hand and Seohyun nodded. “Narsha unnie…
    we would like to ask you a favor….” Seohyun said. “sure… anything for
    you kiddos…” Narsha replied as she smiled.

    “uhhmmm….” Seohyun tried to talk but Narsha noticed the young girl is
    somewhat shy to talk about it loudly, Narsha crouched down until she’s
    in the eye level of Seohyun.

    “come on…. You can tell Unnie everything….” Narsha said as she shows her
    ear in front of Seohyun and the young girl leaned towards Narsha’s ear.
    “………………….” As Narsha heard Seohyun’s request, her eyes widen at
    Seohyun’s request.

    “……’re kidding…… are you two sure you’re in your right minds?
    Asking me about “that”? your “parents” will kill me if I do that….”
    Narsha said which made Ga-In, Jea and Miryo looked at Narsha.

    “unnie please…. We can’t ask them since we already know they will
    disagree…. You’re our only hope…” Seohyun said and as Narsha looked at
    Yoona, the ill girl nodded.

    “…………………….. let me talk about this with my team….” Narsha said as she
    gently close the door and have a quick meeting with her team. Curious
    enough, Seohyun and Yoona leaned their ear against the door and tries to
    make out about Narsha’s meeting.

    “I can’t do this… they’re too young for this Ga-In….” they heard
    Narsha’s voice. “I’m with Reussha…..” Jea’s voice was also heard. “….but
    think about this Hyojin…. There will be a time when their parents are
    not present…. And we can’t keep an eye on them since, even you don’t
    want to admit it Hyojin, we were already involved in Yuri’s mess…. We
    can’t rely on our special jamming device that prevents the group’s
    tracking device to locate this place… sooner or later they will find a
    way to locate this place…” Ga-In’s voice said.

    “Miryo? Opinion?” Narsha asked Miryo. “…they’re cool… learning something
    like this at their early age…. Although I disagree because they’re
    young…. Ga-In has a point…. besides, we need to pass this on to the
    younger ones Reussha..” Miryo said.

    “I can’t believe you guys…. I’m still against it….. even though we have
    guns here… we’re not that good in guns….” Narsha said. “but we’re good
    in stealth and traps….. right? we helped Yuri to perfect that..… why
    can’t we apply it on them?” Ga-In said.

    “it’s different Ga-In…. Yuri is already an adult at that time…. But
    those two… they’re like…what? 9 years old and 10! And the training I
    gave to Yuri is not an easy one… they won’t handle the hardships…”
    Narsha said.

    Narsha looked at her team and noticed their expecting her to talk and
    disagree more. “…….. alright…. since all of you are interested… let me
    give some thought about Ga-In’s remark earlier…. I’ll let them in
    alright?” Narsha said and Ga-In, Jea and Miryo smiled knowing Narsha
    will give in eventually.

    As they heard footsteps coming closer to the door, Seohyun and Yoona
    stepped back and acted like they didn’t heard a thing. The door opens.
    “…… I’m going to ask you two first some questions….. are you really
    serious about this Seohyun-ah? Yoona?” Narsha said as stared at the two
    young girls.

    Seohyun stared at Yoona and Yoona nodded. “yes unnie we’re serious….” Seohyun said.

    “….. second question….. by asking us to train you…. you do know it won’t
    be easy…… are you still sure?” Narsha asked again as they spotted Ga-In
    Jea and Miryo looking at them.

    “we made up our mind unnie… and we won’t change it no matter what…”
    Seohyun said strongly which made Narsha somewhat felt the strong
    resolved on both Seohyun and Yoona.

    “……….last question…. What made you two decide on this?” Narsha said.
    “one wrong answer, I will not grant you your favor….” She added.

    “…seeing our appa and umma tired like that unnie…. I talked to Yoona
    unnie about it and understood it.…. we think there will be a time that
    they will not be by our side….. we can’t run away in fear forever
    unnie.. we love our new parents and because of that…. we don’t want them
    to feel anymore pressure of protecting us…. We also want to support our
    umma and appa…. we also wanted to help… and lastly Narsha unnie………..
    this is my personal reason…..” Seohyun said as she took a deep breath to
    tell her personal reason.

    “…the bad guys are after Yoona unnie…. I want to protect her on my own
    when the time comes….. I don’t want to be part with her…. I don’t want
    to loose her…. because……. Because…..” Seohyun stopped again. Yoona on
    the other hand were somewhat surprised at Seohyun’s personal reason. she
    never knew Seohyun actually cared for her deeply.

    “because?” Narsha said as she smiled and deep inside, she knew what is
    Seohyun going to say next as she noticed Seohyun’s struggling to tell it
    with Yoona is with her. as Seohyun gained confidence, the young maknae
    stared at Yoona and smiled then looked at Narsha.

    “…because I love her Narsha unnie….. I love her more than a sister….”
    Seohyun said as she held Yoona’s hand tightly. Yoona hearing about
    Seohyun’s true feelings for her made her tear up in happiness as she
    also felt the same way towards the young maknae. Yoona felt her cheeks
    getting warmer and tears starting to form on the ill girl's eyes

    “…H…H….Hy…..Hyu……n….n…nnn…nnnnie…” Narsha and Seohyun’s eyes widen to
    hear a voice. “H-Hyun….nn……nnnie….” the voice called again. But this
    time Narsha and Seohyun also tears up in happiness as they know who is

    “H…hyunn….nnie…..Hyunnie…..Hyunnie!!” the voice was from Yoona. before
    Seohyun could react, Yoona already embraced the young maknae. “Y-Yoona
    unnie? c-can you say it again?” Seohyun teared up in an unexplainable

    “Hyu….nnie…..Hyunnie!” Yoona said it again. Narsha, also excited but somewhat felt some doubt about Yoona’s development.

    “Yoona? can you say my name?” Narsha asked but Yoona stared at her and smiled. Narsha knew Yoona is still not fully recovered.

    “figures… it seems she’ll only react to you when she needs you….. well…
    it’s a good thing too….. at least she can call you now Seohyun-ah….
    Alright…. tomorrow, same time, come back here… we’ll train you… but you
    girls better be prepared and keep this a secret to you “parents”
    alright?” Narsha said as she smiled. Seohyun and Yoona were happy about
    Narsha’s decision but Seohyun is the most happiest since Yoona’s first
    word was her name. Narsha watched the two maknae’s walked quietly back
    in their “parents”.

    Ga-In, Jea and Miryo walked behind Narsha. “……what made you change your
    mind?” Ga-In asked. “……… they’re sincere…. And I’m touched because
    despite they’re being playful all these times, I never knew both of them
    were thinking like that….” Narsha said as she turned around and noticed
    Ga-In, Jea and Miryo’s eyes were puffy red and all of them are holding
    tissues. “….are you guys crying?” Narsha asked.

    “who wouldn’t cry about Im Yoona’s progress? And Seohyun’s real
    feelings?” Miryo said as she blows her nose with the tissue. “please…. I
    didn’t cry so don’t cry…” Narsha said.

    “yeah you didn’t… but your face says otherwise…” Jea said as she made Narsha face a mirror and Narsha’s face were about to cry.

    “….yeah I’m about too… but enough of that… listen… we have to double up
    tomorrow… we will be training this kids starting tomorrow…. But we’ll
    keep it a secret alright?” Narsha said as she wiped her tears and the
    three nodded. “ok, practice is over…. Remember to be prepared at all
    cost…” Narsha ended their training and went to rest.

    As Narsha and Ga-In were walking back to their room, Ga-In noticed
    Narsha is thinking at something. “…about those two kids?” Ga-In tried to
    guess Narsha’s thoughts. “yeah….” Narsha answered.

    “….what about it?” Ga-In asked. “I’m thinking…. Seohyun would be better
    in martial arts and self defense…. While Yoona…. well… despite of her
    being a prankster these past few days… I think she would be better in
    stealth and traps…” Narsha said. “….like Tiffany and Yuri?” Ga-In said.

    “yeah… it seems they got the qualities of the person who is protecting
    them…” Narsha said as she opened the door to her room. “anyway… let’s
    just prepare…. Training them in secret will be hard… not just for them
    because the training is hard… but also for us… if Tiffany and Jessica
    knew… it’s either we will be dealing with an eye smiling killing
    machine… or we will be vased-to-death by Jessica…” Narsha said which
    made Ga-In chuckle.

    “sometimes you can be a b*tch Hyojin…..” Ga-In said as she chuckled and
    Narsha just chuckled back as they enter their sleeping quarter.

    Unknown Location….
    2:48 A.M.

    IU woke up but felt her body is sore. then she noticed she can’t move
    her body as her hands at tied up and she’s hanging up in the air on her
    tied hands. IU struggled and then a door slammed opened.

    “WELL NOW!! it seems our………. “princess” is awake….. we can talk right
    now…” the man said. “w-who are you?” IU asked but the man grinned. “whoa
    there… you got some spunk in yah…. Considering you killed one of my
    best men….” The man said.

    this must be their leader..” IU said to herself.

    “what do you want from me….” IU asked but the man smirked. “what do I
    want?... I want some money… and lots of it…. don’t think I wouldn’t
    know…. IU… you’re the niece of the late JYP… the most notorious crime
    lord in Seoul….” The man said. IU was surprised.

    “H-How did you know?!” IU hissed as she tries to break free. “tsk tsk
    tsk… patience my dear… you won’t get away from your spot…..” the man
    said as he pressed something inside his pocket and below IU, the floor
    opened and it revealed a water below her. IU smirked.

    “or what? You’ll drown me to death? I can swim even with my hands tied
    behind my back…” IU said but the man smirked back and dropped a piece of
    pig's leg on the water.

    IU watched in horror to know what’s in the water below her as the piece
    of pig's leg floated leaving only a clean bone without any meat left in
    it. “that’s right sweetie…. Piranhas…. And not just a piranha…. Those
    piranhas haven’t fed since the last 4 weeks….” The man smirked to see
    IU’s surprised face.

    “looks like I got your attention now…. back to I was saying…. I want
    some money…” the man said. “I don’t have any…. you freak…..” IU hissed.
    “I know…. there’s a money on your head…. your late uncle’s men wanted
    you back in Seoul…and they offer me a lump sum of money….. in exchange
    for you…” the man said.

    IU’s eyes widened in horror. “no no no… please don’t send me back… I
    don’t want to go back….. please…. They wanted me dead… that's my reason
    why I'm here!! I'm running away from them!!” IU said.

    “like I care….. dead or alive… would it matter to me? anyway be on your
    best face because they will be arriving at exactly….” The man stopped
    and take a look at his wrist watch. “exactly 7:A.M. until then… enjoy
    your life to fullest… well…. it’s been nice knowing you to…. “HANG”
    around with us….” the man said as he laughed and leaves IU hanging above
    the opened floor. IU cried.

    “if only I told Kwon Yuri the truth……. Somebody….. help me…” IU said as
    she hanged her head low and cried knowing she will be dead once she
    falls into the hands of her uncle’s former men.

    Outside the unknown compound….
    3:00 A.M.

    “Youngie…. are you sure this is the place that Siwon Oppa gave??” Sunny
    asked. Sooyoung didn’t answer but showed her phone with GPS and Sunny
    saw they’re in the destination.

    “Funny…. There’s nothing here except forest and woods….” Hara said.
    “Sooyoung…. Take Gyuri and Hara with you and scout the area….” Hyoyeon
    said and Sooyoung, Hara and Gyuri nodded as the three of them got out
    from the Humvee.

    “Seungyeon, you stay here and guard the vehicle…” Hyoyeon said.
    “Sunny-ah…. Just like old times?” Hyoyeon said as she puts on a kevlar
    and grabbed an Assault rifle and a binoculars. Sunny smirked.

    Hell yeah Hyo… just like old times… Sunny said as she grabbed a PSG-1
    and went out with Hyoyeon while grinning like a little fangirl who have
    seen her idol.


    “easy there Sunny-ah… you look like you’re going to have an orgasm
    there…” Hyoyeon joked and Sunny playfully slapped Hyoyeon’s arms. “yah!
    It’s been a long time Hyo… same tactics?” Sunny said as she slide in a
    magazine on her PSG-1. “same tactics…” Hyoyeon said as she smiled.
    Unknown to them, Sooyoung is watching their interaction and become
    slightly jealous.

    “…..Sooyoung-unnie is jealous…” Hara said as she tapped Gyuri’s
    shoulder. “how can you tell?” Gyuri asked as she is busy looking for a
    clue. “she’s been staring at them since we got down unnie…” Hara said
    and Gyuri looked at Sooyoung not moving from her spot. “………yep…
    definitely jealous….” Gyuri answered as she stripped on something.

    “UNNIE!” Hara shouted which made Sooyoung turn her attention to them and
    hurriedly ran towards at Gyuri and helped her up. “you ok?” Sooyoung

    “yeah… thanks for asking..” Gyuri replied. “unnie…. does this look like a
    lever?” Hara asked. “DON’T TOUCH IT!” Gyuri shouted as she saw Sooyoung
    is going to touch the level. “what? What’s the big idea?” Sooyoung

    “Sooyoung-ssi… looks like theres a hidden passage here…. Judging from
    the lever that’s designed here… if you pull that… it will give those
    guys some alarm that someone is trying to get in… we don’t want to spoil
    the party right?” Gyuri asked.

    “…tch… grumpy Gyuri…” Sooyoung said jokingly and Gyuri and Hara laughed
    at Sooyoung’s childish act. Unknown to Sooyoung too, Sunny is watching
    interacting with Gyuri. The scenario turned.

    “….someone is jealous….” Hyoyeon said as she looked at Sunny gripping
    the PSG-1’s handle tightly. “I’m not…” Sunny denied. “yeah right
    Soonkyu… gripping that rifle’s handle like that? yeah you’re not…”
    Hyoyeon said as she chuckled.

    “bah! She can flirt all she want, I don’t care…” Sunny said as she aimed
    at Sooyoung in her scope. “BANG!” Sunny said as she mimicked a sound of
    a gun firing.

    “you’re dead later to me…” she added which made Hyoyeon chuckle more.
    “come on my jealous sniper…. Let’s go with them shall we? Looks like
    they found something…” Hyoyeon said and both of them walked towards the
    rest. As both of them walked towards Sooyoung’s group, Hyoyeon took out
    her phone and called someone.

    “Seungyeon…. Hide the humvee…. We don’t want anymore surprises you
    hear?” Hyoyeon said as she cuts the line instantly, not waiting for
    Seungyeon’s reply.

    “you still have her number?” Sunny asked. “yeah? Why?” Hyoyeon said.
    “nothing…. I just thought you stopped your contact with her since she
    betrayed us…” Sunny said. “….well… yeah I’m mad… but that doesn’t mean
    she doesn’t have a second chance… besides… I know that she know, how big
    of a damages she caused…. And yet she swallowed her own damn pride and
    faced us all… knowing we would stare daggers at her…. she still stepped
    herself up on the chopping block….” Hyoyeon said.

    “…..softie….” Sunny said.

    “…toughie….” Hyoyeon answered.

    “….well… since you explain it that way… I guess you have a point there… but… I still don’t trust her….” Sunny said.

    “so do I Sunny… YET….” Hyoyeon said.

    “so what did you find?” Hyoyeon asked. “well…. Hara found a lever but Gyuri told us not to activate it…” Sooyoung said.

    “….she’s right… it might trigger an alarm..” Sunny said. “any suggestions?” Sooyoung asked.

    “well…… let me see….” Hyoyeon said as they gave way to her. Hyoyeon
    examined the lever then pulled out her phone and called Seungyeon.

    “Seungyeon…. I think we need you here… get here ASAP.” Hyoyeon said as
    she cuts her line. Several seconds later, Seungyeon arrived panting

    “I came as fast as I can Cap…any problem?” Seungyeon said and Hyoyeon
    pointed the lever. “uuhh anyone got a flashlight? It’s too dark in
    here…. It’s still dawn…” Seungyeon said. “here use mine….” Seungyeon
    looked at the one who gave her the flashlight and it was Gyuri. All of
    them fell in an awkward silence as they know Gyuri is still mad at

    “take it before a change my mind…” Gyuri said and Seungyeon politely
    took it. “t-thank you unnie..” Seungyeon said. “whatever… just hurry up…
    I’m feeling we don’t much time…” Gyuri coldly said.

    Seungyeon examines the lever. “….Gyuri’s right Cap… the lever is rigged
    with alarm if pulled in a wrong way…” Seungyeon said which made Sunny
    and Sooyoung surprised.

    “she could tell by looking it?” Sunny asked. “…we all have forte
    Sunny-ah… Hara’s department is analyzing in bullet casings, Gyuri in
    reports and investigations, Nicole is our computer geek… and well…
    Seungyeon is on DNA and electronics..” Hyoyeon said.

    Seconds later, they watched Seungyeon stood up and walked away from
    them. “hey hey! Where are you going?” Gyuri asked but Seungyeon is too
    focused on what she found to answer back. Gyuri followed Seungyeon
    inside the forest and saw Seungyeon standing on a big rock.

    “what the heck do you think you’re doing?” Gyuri asked. Seungyeon looked
    at her. “unnie… can I …… can I ask you to help me here?” Seungyeon
    called Gyuri. Gyuri grunted.

    “…chincha… don’t get comfy with me yet… I still don’t trust you…” Gyuri
    said as she got up on the big rock with Seungyeon. “so? What do you need
    me to help you for?” Gyuri asked. “I think I found a way to open the
    hidden passage without tripping the alarm.” Seungyeon said.

    “…that’s it? you called me just to tell me that?” Gyuri said. “n-no! of
    course not… well you see… I need you to hold this up…” Seungyeon said as
    she pulled up a metal panel on the rock. “…this isn’t a rock?” Gyuri

    “yeah… I’m guessing… the hidden passage is near where we are… I can cut
    some wires inside the panel to open it but I can’t reach it because the
    metal frame is sturdy and going back to its original form… I can’t bend
    it… can you help me?” Seungyeon asked as she prepares to take out some
    wire cutters.

    “… I have a choice?” Gyuri said as she sighs. “fine…” Gyuri said as
    she pulled up the metal frame. “D-DAAMN…..THIS IS FREAKIN……STURDY!!!”
    Gyuri said as she keeps the frame up and Seungyeon made half of her body

    “SEUNG….YEON……HURRY…..UP!....MY FINGERS……AND STARTING TO………..GET SORE…..” Gyuri said as she summoned all of her strength.

    “just a little mode unnie!” Seungyeon said as she finally cut a wire. As
    she cuts the wire, the ground shook and a passageway opened but
    unfortunately, Gyuri accidentally lets go of the metal frame as it slips
    from her hand and Seungyeon was pinched in her mid section.

    pain, loud enough to be heard by the rest of the team and they all
    immediately went towards them.

    “GET IF OFF!!!! GET IT OFF!!! IT HURTS!!!! AAAAAAAHHH!!!” Seungyeon
    shouted in pain. Gyuri who is panicking tries to lift the sturdy metal
    frame that is clamping hard at Seungyeon’s half body.

    “SEUNGYEON!!! HANG ON!!!” Gyuri tries to lift the metal frame but her arms failed her as her energy were drained out.

    Hyoyeon and the rest arrived to see the horrifying scene as they heard
    Seungyeon cried like never before. Sooyoung and Sunny immediately went
    up and helped Gyuri lift up the metal frame that is trapping Seungyeon
    and Hyoyeon and Hara grabbed Seungyeon’s both of her legs and pulled her

    “Seungyeon! SEUNGYEON! Stay with me!!” Hyoyeon said as she tapped
    Seungyeon’s cheek. “ hurts……” Seungyeon cried in agony.

    “it was an accident…. It was an accident….” Gyuri explained as she also
    worried about Seungyeon’s condition. Sunny checked Seungyeon’s mid
    section and saw a red mark where Seungyeon was pinched hard by the
    sturdy metal frame. As Sunny touched Seungyeon’s gut section, Seungyeon
    yelp in pain.

    “Hyo…. She’s in bad shape… we need to get her out of here… I think she
    have several broken ribs…. And a blood clot is starting to form…” Sunny
    said. but as Hyoyeon is going to carry Seungyeon, the injured girl held
    Hyoyeon’s hand tightly.

    “I…..i’ll be fine cap….. just rescue the girl…… I don’t want to miss
    this chance to earn your trust….” Seungyeon said as she looked at

    “babo…. We need to get you treated….” Hara said. “I’m fine Hara…. I’ll
    stay here….” Seungyeon said as she pulled out a picture from her pocket
    and passed it to Hyoyeon. “this is her picture…...” Seungyeon said as
    she stubbornly refused to leave.

    “…………..i’ll stay with her Cap…. you guys go…” Gyuri said as she earned another surprised stare. “…what?” Gyuri asked.

    “….nothing… just make sure you get her in the Humvee….” Hyoyeon said as
    the four of them went inside leaving Seungyeon and Gyuri.

    “………….unnie go with them…. just leave me here….. I’ll be fine….”
    Seungyeon said. “……….you really want to be injured that bad? Fine be my
    guest…” Gyuri coldly said.

    Awkward silence engulfed them then several seconds, Gyuri broke the
    silence. “….you really wanted to earn our trust badly huh?” Gyuri asked
    with looking at Seungyeon. “…..i don’t……know…” Seungyeon replied as she
    felt the pain. Seungyeon tried to get up but her injury were too severe
    making her fall back on the ground. Gyuri noticed the bruise is starting
    to show.

    “unnie…. why’d you stay behind?” Seungyeon asked. “…nothing in
    particular….” Gyuri faked an answer but in truth she’s worried at

    “……unnie….i’m sorry I betrayed you all…. I haven’t realized all the
    damages I’ve caused…. Until I saw Nicole….. I’m so ashamed at myself
    right now for what I’ve done….” Seungyeon cried as she turned her head
    away from Gyuri’s stare.

    ……she really must’ve suffered a lot….” Gyuri
    thought to herself as she stood up and walked towards Seungyeon. As she
    got close to Seungyeon, Gyuri picked up the injured girl.

    Seungyeon groaned in pain. “oh Shut it Cry baby…” Gyuri said as she
    supported Seungyeon as she puts Seungyeon’s arms around her and they
    slowly walked towards the humvee.

    “unnie?” Seungyeon confusingly asked. “…..don’t ask Seungyeon…. I’m mad
    at you being a traitor….. but…………….. I can’t abandon a friend….” Gyuri
    said as she gave Seungyeon a gentle smile indicating Seungyeon is now
    accepted by Gyuri.

    “although I’ve forgiven you, don’t get comfy with me yet…. Until
    everyone trust you… I have to distance myself to you…. you hear? But if
    you have problems…. Don’t be shy to ask me…” Gyuri said and although in
    pain, Seungyeon also smiled. “I understand unnie….”

    But as they were getting closer to the Humvee, an unexpected event
    turned up. Gyuri was hit by something on the back of her head and passed
    out and Seungyeon groaned in pain as she and Gyuri falls down on the
    ground. “…..we’ve located the intruder boss…. They’re the two rogue
    detectives from KPF from Seoul….” The man said on the radio. “….good
    bring them in…” the voice from the other line said.

    Inside the unknown Warehouse…..

    “…Cap… this looks like an abandoned weapons storage facility….” Hara
    whispered. “it is…” Sunny said as she pointed some weapon cache
    scattered inside the compound.

    “it’s very well hidden….” Sooyoung said. “ I wonder how they manage to
    find this place…” the tall girl added. “….ok…. here’s the plan…. We have
    to assume that the girl is in the middle part of the warehouse…..
    Sooyoung, Hara…. I want you two to place this C4 explosives on
    everything that will go boom. Be careful not to get spotted. Now go!
    Remember to switch your communication on frequency 9..” Hyoyeon said as
    she handed Sooyoung and Hara each bag of C4 explosives and both of them
    went on separate ways.

    “Sunny-ah…. can you get on the roof?” Sunny asked. “yeah… leave it me… I
    know the drill…. Like you said…. just like old times….” Sunny said as
    she smiled. “yeah just like old times….” Hyoyeon said to her ear piece.

    Hara ran towards the first spot she saw, a gasoline drums were stacked
    in the corner and Hara quickly ducked as she noticed a sentry guard is
    walking towards her place. Hara paused for a moment until the guard
    walked passed her place and planted the C4 and Hara ran towards the
    Ammunition cache nearby and planted another one. As Hara is going to run
    again towards to another ammunitions cache Hara didn’t notice a sentry
    guard that is opening a wrapper of a hamburger and spotted her.

    “who are you?!” the guard said as he spotted Hara but before the guard
    could call some back up, someone tapped her shoulder and as he turned
    around is was Sooyoung. “I’ll be taking that!” Sooyoung said as she
    snatched the man’s burger and Sooyoung snapped his neck like a twig and
    dragged his dead body in a place where nobody would see. Hara stood
    there frozen.

    “better watch out….” Sooyoung said as she bite a mouthful from the burger she snatched.

    “….seriously Youngie…. It’s understandable if you snatched a gun or a
    radio or something from the enemy… but a burger?” Sunny said to the ear
    piece and Hyoyeon and Hara, who is now back in reality because of
    Sunny’s comment, chuckled.

    “but if the burger touches the ground it wound be a waste! Besides,
    we’re going to blow up this place… might as well eat the food here
    before it blows up to smithereens..” Sooyoung replied and chuckled.

    “ugh… what can I do to make you stop eating during mission…” Sunny sighed.

    As Sooyoung is going to after her last place to plant the explosive
    something caught her eyes. “…..guys we have a problem….” Sooyoung said
    as she hid herself in a nearby wall along with Hara.

    “what is it?” Hyoyeon asked. “………Seungyeon and Gyuri was caught….”
    Sooyoung said which made Hyoyeon and Sunny startled from their position.

    “seriously?” Sunny asked. “yeah…they’ve been just bought in…….. Bunny-ah… you what this means…” Sooyoung said.

    “Yeah…. Things just got harder for all of us…. Instead of one…. We got
    three now….” Hyoyeon said. “..make it…. five….. we’ve been also caught
    while following Seungyeon and Gyuri…” Sooyoung said as she puts her
    hands up as they got four sentry guards aiming their rifle at them.

    Back at Narsha’s house….
    3:33 A.M.

    As Seohyun and Yoona were back at their “parents” thirty minutes ago and
    now in a deep sleep, another pair of eyes opened up. it was Yuri and

    Seeing their “wives” and “daughters” were in a deep sleep, Yuri and
    Tiffany stealthily stood up and perfectly free themselves from Taeyeon’s
    and Jessica’s grasp and both went to armory.

    As they got into the armory, both of them didn’t talked each other but
    coordinating perfectly as if they knew what weapons they would use. Yuri
    slid in some clips on four handguns and gave two on Tiffany along with a
    gun holster and both of them strapped on the holster on their waist,
    Tiffany gave Yuri a belt full of magazine for Yuri’s .50 Caliber Barret

    just incase you guys forgotten the image of Yuri's Sniper Rifle

    Yuri quietly handed Tiffany a army knife and Tiffany sheath it located
    on her shoulder. Yuri gave Tiffany a couple of flash bang grenades and
    Tiffany gave Yuri three pieces of H.E. grenade. Yuri puts her .50
    Caliber Barret on her back as she clips on her ammunition belt and
    holstered her two handguns on her waist as Tiffany also finished as she
    clipped on her ammunitions belt and puts a Steyr Aug rifle behind her.

    Steyr Aug

    “good to go Fany-ah?” Yuri asked as she puts her hand on the door, ready to go out.

    “I’m good Yuwree..” Tiffany replied as she stood behind Yuri. “then
    let’s go after them… I have a feeling everything won’t go smoothly…”
    Yuri said as she opened the door, but as they stepped out from the
    armory, they were startled as the saw four girls standing in front of

    “where are the two of you think you’re going?”

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 30 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 31

    Yuri and Tiffany was rooted where they stand as they saw Jea, Miryo, Nicole and Jiyoung. “….Unnie…. where are you going?” Jiyoung repeated the question.

    “…… we’re going after them….. Fany and I felt something won’t go smoothly as we hoped for….” Yuri said. “…do the math… Police plus Criminal…. You think they would work together?” Tiffany followed.

    “well….. I don’t have doubt about Cap and Sunny-ssi…. Since they have history way back…. but I don’t know about Sooyoung-ssi with Gyuri, Hara and Seungyeon…. And there’s this issue with Seungyeon…. Which I know Gyuri unnie will be a tough nut to crack…” Nicole said.

    “…that’s what we thought…. And that’s why we’re going to look for them… to follow them…” Yuri said. “….so do you guys know where?” Miryo asked.

    Both Yuri and Tiffany fell silent. “…..we’ll manage….” Tiffany answered.

    Then all of a sudden, Jea throws a device and Tiffany caught it. “what is this?” Tiffany asked. “it my tracking device….. I let them use my Humvee incase you two planned something like this….” Miryo said.

    “…you guys knew?” Yuri asked surprisingly.

    “….well……. DUH! Have you forgotten Yuri-ssi? You once did it when you rescued Narsha unnie back then when both of you were still in the service…. I was there when you argued and disobeyed a direct order from your superior and still went after her…. so I figured you’d do something like this again…” Jea said.

    “….. thanks for this….. we’ll be back with them, I promise…” Yuri said.

    “it’s fine with us actually…. But I don’t know how you will get past them….” Nicole said as she pointed at the two persons behind them.

    As Yuri and Tiffany knew who it was, a sudden chill run down in their spine as they saw Jessica and Taeyeon staring back at them.

    “S-Sica….” Yuri muttered. “T-Tae-Tae….” Tiffany did the same.

    “….seriously…. one of you is still recovering and the other one is half tired….. are you two walking towards your death?” Taeyeon said coldly and Yuri and Tiffany straightened up.

    “…well…I guess I can’t blame you two…. We can’t change your minds even if we talk you out of this huh?” Taeyeon asked and both Yuri and Tiffany fell silent.

    “just promise me…. come back here alive… all of you…” Taeyeon said as she went back inside without saying anything afterwards.

    “….Yuwree…. I think she’s mad at me….” Tiffany said as she walked outside the gate and waits for Yuri.

    “S-Sica….. I’m sorry…. But we’re worried…. Taking Seungyeon with them might cause some trouble…” Yuri said but Jessica just glared at Yuri.

    “Sica….. please……” Yuri said and Jessica didn’t talk but leaned in closer to Yuri. “…..I’ll be waiting… Yuri….” Jessica said and gave Yuri a kiss on the lips.

    “Thank you Sica….” Yuri said as they broke their kiss and smiled. “…. I’ll be waiting here Yul….. because you’re going to get it from me when you get back…” Jessica said sarcastically and smiled as she gave Yuri a light punch on her stomach, enough to make Yuri wince in a slight pain.

    “looks like someone’s going to be whipped when they get ba~~~~ck… WHUPSSSHHHH!!” Miryo jokingly said and both Tiffany and Yuri smiled nervously as they already knew what awaits them when they get back.

    “….. Jiyoung-ah…. go with them…” Jessica commanded like a sergeant as she pointed at the gate where Tiffany is waiting. “b-b-but…” as Jiyoung tries to reason out, Jessica also gave her a glare. “! N.O.W. NOW!” Jessica said and Jiyoung didn’t argue back.

    “….Sorry Jiyoung-ah… you got dragged again even when you’re still recovering…” Yuri said. “it’s nothing Yuri unnie….. ehehehe….” Jiyoung nervously chuckled as they never felt something like that from Jessica.

    “Yuwree? Isn’t Jiyoung still recovering?” Tiffany asked as she saw Jiyoung is coming with them. “…don’t ask Fany-ah… Sica asked her too….” Yuri replied as she sighed. Tiffany looked at Jiyoung.

    “…I guess you can’t say no huh…. I’m sorry too because you got dragged in…” Tiffany said. “it’s fine Tiffany unnie… I’ll be gladly to be of help….” Jiyoung said.

    “…… don’t Worry Jiyoung-ah… we trust your ability….” Yuri said which made Jiyoung gained a little bit of confidence.

    Abandoned Weapons Storage warehouse
    4:00 A.M.

    Sooyoung and Hara were taken in with their hands tied behind their back as they saw IU hanging helplessly while Hara spotted Gyuri, unconscious with also hands tied behind her back and Seungyeon is lying on the floor motionless but her face shows agony because of her injury and also hands tied behind her back. then the leader came in.

    “well well well….. look what have we here….. former Agent Choi Sooyoung…. And another rogue detective from KPF…. I can assume there are still lurking around?” the leader said.

    “don’t you know Ms Choi? There’s also a price in your head…. oh man.. talking about the luckiest day of my LIFE!!” the leader said as he shouted for joy.

    “who would’ve thought… I’ll be hitting this many jackpot in just a day!!” the leader shouted again in joy as he flings his arms up in the air while grinning at them.

    “who! Would’ve thought! This day can get anymore luckier? Huh?” the leader said as he addresses his members and his members were smiling at the thought.

    “we have all the rogue KPF in our hands that the “Group” or so the called themselves and one of their former member? How cool is that? and addition to that… we also have the late JYP’s niece! Oh boy… thinking about the money we will attain… men we could build our own country!” The leader said as she spins around while spreading both of his arms.

    Hearing the leader’s remark about IU made them look at IU. “you’re JYP’s niece?” Sooyoung asked. IU didn’t respond but nodded.

    “but how come you’re tied up like this?” Hara asked. “…I ran away from Seoul….. my late uncle’s men wanted to kill in order to gain full capacity of my uncle’s properties and power…” IU replied.

    But before Sooyoung could asked another question, the leader turned around and stared at Sooyoung. “well now.. you guys seems getting to be acquainted right? Since I’m feeling generous… I’ll place you on her side….” The leader smiled maniacally and order his men to hang Sooyoung beside IU.

    But as one of the leader’s men is going to grab Sooyoung on her arms, Sooyoung instantly crouched down to avoid getting grabbed then Sooyoung lounged upwards performing a head-butt under the man’s chin and he stumbled back down. three more of the leader’s men started to run towards Sooyoung but Sooyoung jumped high and in mid-air, she folded both of her legs and managed to slide her hands underneath her body and successfully placed her hands in front of her and just in time when one of the men got close and swung a lead pipe, Sooyoung caught it and yanked it out of his hands and hits the man in face, crushing his nose.

    As the second man rushes in towards Sooyoung, he tried to tackle the tall girl but before he could tackle Sooyoung, Sooyoung jumped high and spread her legs in mid-air, allowing the man missing her and as Sooyoung landed, she immediately kicked the man’s back, causing him to fall into the pool of piranhas.

    The third man pulled out his gun and aimed at Sooyoung but Hara acted as she saw Sooyoung is in trouble, and with her hands tied behind her back, she charged the man with the gun and landed a head butt on his side, making him wince in pain, Sooyoung saw what Hara did and charges at the man who is now standing up. as the man stood up, he was sent down again on the ground as Sooyoung violently swung the lead pipe with full force, and thus, killing the man as his neck broke along with a dislocated jaw.

    As Sooyoung is going after for more, both Sooyoung and Hara heard an agonizing scream and they knew who it was. It was Seungyeon. They both saw the man pressing Seungyeon’s abdomen area.

    “hohohoo… it seems this one is injured….” The leader grinned as he saw Sooyoung stopped. “that’s right… continue your attacks and this girl will suffer more than a broken ribs…” the man said as he gave a strong kick on Seungyeon’s abdomen area causing Seungyeon to vomit and gasp for air because of the pain.

    “you b*stard….” Sooyoung hissed as she turn to face the leader. “what are you going to do beat me? before you could do that, I would’ve kill her first before you can lay a hand on me…” the leader coldly said as he aimed a gun on Seungyeon who is still having trouble breathing.

    “S-Sooyoung unnie… we better stand down… Seungyeon unnie is not looking well….” Hara whispered as they saw Seungyeon turning pale because of the lack of air and the blood clot forming on her injured section.

    The leader smirked to see Sooyoung stand down and dropped her arms. “…..if something happens to her I swear……….. I’ll rip your body to pieces…” Sooyoung as she clenched her fist hard.

    Sunny who is quietly observing from the roof saw what is happening through the scope of her PSG-1. “Hyo…. Thing are getting ugly… Seungyeon is now in critical….” Sunny said as she prepares to fire. “hang on Sunny…. We’ll use the same strategy like before…. I’ll be the decoy at the same time spotter and you took out targets…. Ready? I’m near the powerbox…. And cutting the power line …….NOW!!” Hyoyeon said as she forcefully pull the wire from the power box, causing the entire warehouse engulfed in total darkness. Sunny turned on the thermal system on the scope while Hyoyeon puts on a nightvision goggles and went inside.

    “WHO TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS!!! SOMEBODY CHECK THE POWER BOX!! AND CHECK IF THERE ARE MANY MORE SURPRISES!!!” The leader shouted and his men scattered. Some of them went to the power box and some started roaming around to check if anything is wrong.

    “Sunny-ah… it’s time…” Hyoyeon said. Hyoyeon opened the warehouse gate and everyone looked at her direction.

    ++ Click here to listen to the Music ++

    As all of their attention was directed at Hyoyeon, Sunny aimed for the ones that is guarding the five of them.

    “FIRE!! FIRE AT WILL!!!” the leader shouted as he ran for cover when he noticed that Hyoyeon is not alone.

    As the gunmen aimed their guns at Hyoyeon, Hyoyeon is already nowhere in sight and because the place is almost dark, they didn’t notice the Hyoyeon already made her way into one of the stacked weapon crates and did a somersault and while in mid air, Hyoyeon fired a shot hitting three of the men as she landed to the ground.

    As Hyoyeon landed, four men aimed their guns at her but as they looked at Hyoyeon, the short girl smiled at them.

    “bye bye….” Hyoyeon said as she smile and the four of them dropped dead with two bullet wound on each of them as Sunny backed-up Hyoyeon from her sniping position. “you left yourself wide open there Hyo….” Sunny said from her earpiece.

    “no I didn’t…. you’re there…..” Hyoyeon replied as she gave Sunny an OK sign and Sunny grinned as the tandem between them is starting to occur again.

    “Sunny-ah, there are three from my left, I’ll take care the ones in my front..” Hyoyeon said as she exposed herself to act as a decoy and it worked, Hyoyeon ran towards her target in front of her and the three shooters emerged from their hiding position.

    As Hyoyeon starts shooting at her target, the three shooters who was aiming at her grinned as they thought Hyoyeon was full of opening but unknown to them, Sunny already saw them.

    Sunny shoots them with as she grinned. “noobs…” Sunny said as she successfully took down the three shooters. Hyoyeon and Sunny repeated their process, as Hyoyeon saw someone is aiming at Sunny’s sniping position, Hyoyeon shoots them and vice versa, Sunny supports Hyoyeon as she shoots the ones who is aiming at Hyoyeon. As their tandem seems perfectly coordinated, some of the enemy ran because they can’t seem to break Sunny and Hyoyeon’s perfect coordination.

    “nice shot Sunny-ah… there’s more of them in the middle and I’m assuming they’re inside that room…” Hyoyeon said as she managed to get close on the two shooters. As they aimed at Hyoyeon, Hyoyeon jumped sideways and while still in the air, Hyoyeon quickly emptied her clip on the two shooters and instantly slides in a brand new clip on her gun before she landed.

    As Hyoyeon landed, she saw one man holding a heavy drum can and ready to smash it right on her.

    The man dropped the drum can and Hyoyeon rolled sideways just in time before the drum hits her and she quickly positioned herself in a kneeling position and aimed at the man that tries to crush her.

    The man charged at Hyoyeon and Hyoyeon shoots and hits the man on the chest but Hyoyeon didn’t know that man is wearing a Kevlar vest underneath his shirt as the man grinned and pound his chest like a gorilla before ripping his shirt off to reveal that he’s wearing a Kevlar vest.

    “KEVLAR?!” Hyoyeon said as she jumped to her left as she tries to avoid the man’s punch but as the man saw through Hyoyeon’s evasion, he used his other hand and managed to grab Hyoyeon on the neck and he lifted up Hyoyeon in the air by her neck. Sunny saw what happened and couldn’t get a clear shot because Hyoyeon is blocking her sight.

    Sunny saw Hyoyeon is struggling and something caught her eye and noticed the drum can that the man used and it’s leaking out gasoline.

    “Hyo…I know you can hear me but when you hear my signal, kick that A-hole in the face and look for cover…. I’m going to end it with a bang..” Sunny said.

    Hyoyeon heard Sunny and stopped struggling. The man grinned as he thought Hyoyeon is already choking out of air. “NOW!” Sunny said and in an instant, Hyoyeon grabbed the man’s wrist and folded both of her legs tightly and released as forceful kick on the man’s face, causing him to release Hyoyeon and dropped on the ground. as Hyoyeon knew what was Sunny is going to do, even with her tired, Hyoyeon crawled fast enough and managed to take cover in a wall.

    As Sunny saw Hyoyeon was out of the man’s vision as he is still struggling to get up, Sunny squeezed the trigger and shot the drum can behind the man and the man screamed in agony as he was burned alive.

    “HAH! Never send boys to do a man’s job!” Sunny said as she grinned devilishly as she ejected the magazine and slapped in a new one.

    ++ Music End ++

    “*cough cough* thanks for the heads up Sunny-ah….” Hyoyeon said as she coughed while massaging her neck. “anytime Hyo…. It looks like they’re gone… let’s take this chance and save them…. we have got to get Seungyeon to Narsha Unnie…” Sunny said as she left her position and Hyoyeon nodded.

    As Hyoyeon and Sunny met in the lower area of the warehouse, Sunny supported Hyoyeon as the detective is still gasping for air. “you alright Hyo?” Sunny asked. “yeah..*cough* I’m fine… it’s just *cough* that *******’s grip *cough cough* is like a crab….” Hyoyeon said as they both stood in front of the door where everyone is held inside.

    Hyoyeon released herself from Sunny’s support and readied her gun as Sunny puts the PSG-1 on her back and also pulled out her hand gun.

    As both of them entered cautiously inside the room they saw Sooyoung and Hara tied up and hanging beside IU with their mouths bounded by a duct tape. Hyoyeon saw Gyuri who is unconscious and Seungyeon still gasping for air and her lips are beginning to get pale.

    “Sunny-ah, you untie them and I’ll take care of Seungyeon and Gyuri!” Hyoyeon said and they worked separately. Sunny quickly ran towards Sooyoung.

    “Youngie… bare with the pain… this will be painful….” Sunny said as she instantly removed the duct tape on Sooyoung’s mouth.

    “OOOOW!!” Sooyoung shouted. “Sorry….” Sunny said as she quickly ran towards behind Sooyoung.

    “Bunny-ah! it’s a trap!! GET OUT OF HERE!!” Sooyoung said and at that moment, Sunny felt someone hits the back of her head and Sunny fainted.

    “SUNNY!!” Hyoyeon shouted as she saw Sunny fainted but as she was going to assist Sunny, someone had hit her in the back and Hyoyeon winced in pain.

    As Hyoyeon turned around, she saw the leader of the Mafia/Triad smirking back at her holding a metal bat as the light went back on.

    “I’ve got to commend you girls…. You almost wiped out half of my men….. but too bad I knew you were going to rescue my…..”income”….well…. it’s too bad I’ve met you girls in a different circumstances… because if I haven’t I could your skills and abilities… but then again… I don’t want to get caught in your mess… I just want the money…. So it’s been a pleasure seeing you and….Good bye..” the leader said as he arched up the metal bat above him ready to bash Hyoyeon’s head but all of a sudden, the light went out again.

    “WHO THE F*CK IS MESSING WITH US AGAIN!!!” the leader shouted in frustration. But instead of an answer, he heard groans, cry, and hissing in pain in the dark room.

    “What the hell….” The leader nervously said as he somehow felt that something or someone shouldn’t be with him inside the room.

    “w-will someone get the lights ON!!” the leader shouted in hoping that someone will comply but he suddenly felt something hits in the jaw as he stumbles down on the ground.

    The leader groan in pain but as he tries to stand up, he felt someone had stepped on his hand, breaking the bones on his hand.

    “AAAAH!” the leader shouted in pain and he struggles to go to the wall. as he manages to get to the wall, he made his way towards the light switch and as he switched on the light, a face was in front of him and the face was smiling. It was Tiffany. although Tiffany is smiling, the leader knew the girl in front of him is dangerous as he felt Tiffany’s murderous intent.

    “w-who are you…..” the leader asked. “….. I’m your god, your maker and your death….” Tiffany said as she instantly spins around and gave him a spinning kick on his face and he falls down, Tiffany followed her hit quickly with the metal bat that the leader used to hit Hyoyeon and gave him a forceful blow on his head, completely crushing his skull to death.

    “….that was quick Fany-ah….” Yuri emerged from the dark corner of the room. Hyoyeon was startled at Yuri’s sudden appearance.

    “how did you guys found us?” Hyoyeon asked. “the humvee you used…. Miryo unnie have a tracking device on it.” Yuri answered.

    As Yuri is helping Hyoyeon to stand up, Hyoyeon spoke. “don’t mind me Yuri-ah… help Seungyeon first… she’s in critical condition….” Hyoyeon said as she supported herself in a table nearby. Yuri walked towards Seungyeon and noticed the injured girl’s lips is pale. Yuri pulled out her phone and called Jiyoung.

    “Jiyoung-ah… better come here quick….we need Seungyeon to get to Narsha unnie… she’s in critical condition…” Yuri said.

    Several seconds have passed, something crashed at the room and it was the humvee that they used and they saw Jiyoung is driving.

    As Jiyoung saw Seungyeon, a sudden pain pinched her heart when she saw Seungyeon's condition and quickly got down and carried Seungyeon and gently laid the injured girl inside. Yuri was shocked at Jiyoung’s sudden action. And all of them noticed the sudden change in Jiyoung’s action.

    Ok, listen up all of you get inside the Humvee, Sooyoungie will take over Jiyoung’s role on driving. Jiyoung you make sure Seungyeon doesn’t shake much, she has broken ribs and judging from her gasping for air, she may have punctured lung…. We need to get back very quick..” Yuri said.

    “but what about you guys?” Sooyoung asked. “don’t worry about us…. We will be following you…” Tiffany said.

    “Yuri-ah! wait…. Take these…” Hyoyeon said as she handed Yuri the detonator from the explosives they’ve planted.

    “explosives are already planted…. And from what I’ve heard…. The “group” you guys are avoiding will be arriving in here….” Hyoyeon said as she got on the Humvee and sat beside Sooyoung and left Yuri and Tiffany.

    “Yuwree…. It’s been a while…” Tiffany said as she casually stood in front of Yuri. “….of what?” Yuri asked. “yah! I can’t believe you don’t know what I’m talking about…” Tiffany said as she pouts.

    “…heheh just messing with you Fany-ah… I know how long has it been since our last activity together…” Yuri said as she smiled.

    “I don’t know…. months? Days? Weeks?” Tiffany said as both of them casually walked outside leaving the room. as they got outside the room where they saved everyone. They were greeted by the remaining forces. The Triads.

    “well? how should we do this Fany-ah?” Yuri asked. “….i don’t know… like we always do?” Tiffany said.

    “PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!” the enemy shouted.

    “…. I guess the usual…. Let’s go out wild Fany-ah…” Yuri said as she smiled. in that moment, Yuri and Tiffany ran in separate direction.

    As the remaining enemy forces starts showering them some bullets, Tiffany jumped into the nearest weapon crates and hid herself behind, Yuri who was Tiffany is pinned down, quickly grabbed a flash bang and throws it high in the air while running. Then she pulled out her hand gun and maintained her position and shoots the flash bang in the air as Yuri quickly ducked down and covered her eyes. Tiffany knew Yuri’s plan and closed her eyes also.

    As the enemy was blinded, Tiffany stood up from her hiding place and dashed towards the enemy on her side, as Tiffany managed to get close, she grabbed the enemy by the wrist and she flips his body down on the ground and drives a knife to his chest, directly to the heart, then she saw her second target and is somewhat regaining his vision, Tiffany pulled out her hand gun and shoved the gun into the man’s mouth before firing. The bullet went through and hits the other shooter behind him, killing the two of them.

    Yuri stood up and saw three shooters in front of her and running towards Tiffany. Yuri used her .50 Caliber and shoots them. Yuri managed to kill them in one shot as they were placed adjacent into one line and her bullet went through and through to them. with Yuri now standing up, Yuri walked as she shoots the enemy one by one.

    The leader of the Triad couldn’t believe that his men were like a weed plucked out one by one by Yuri and Tiffany.

    “BRING THE BIG GUNS!!!” the leader of the Triad shouted and his remaining forces instantly flowed out like a water. Tiffany and Yuri’s eyes widened as they saw the amount of enemies instantly rushing in and some of them were carrying a M60 Heavy machinegun.

    “FIRE!! FIRE!! WASTE THEM!!! DON'T STOP UNTIL THEY'RE DEAD!!!” the leader of the Triads shouted and in an instant, a loud sound of M60’s are echoing across the whole place successfully pinning down Yuri and Tiffany together on a nearest wall that they used as a cover.

    “Yuwree…. What now? we’re pinned!” Tiffany said as she reloads. “I don’t know Fany-ah…. there’s too many of them!!” Yuri replied. As the shooting seems endless. Yuri and Tiffany couldn’t peek out as they can feel the bullet hitting the wall they’re using as cover.

    As the leader of the Triad is now smiling at his plan on pinning down Yuri and Tiffany, an unexpectedly turn of events happened.

    From behind them, the Humvee came back and this time, it was only Sunny who is driving with pure rage is visible on her eyes.

    “NOBODY HURTS MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!” Sunny shouted as she stepped hard on the gas and rammed some of the enemies down, killing them instantly. As the leader of the Triad were caught by surprise at Sunny’s arrival, they turned their attention to Sunny and showered the Humvee with bullets.

    Sunny quickly jumped off from the humvee that is still running fast and the vehicle itself plunged towards them. the enemies managed to jumped away from the oncoming unmanned vehicle as it crashed on their place.

    Sunny stood up and grinned. “BOOM!” Sunny said as she pressed another detonator and the Humvee exploded, taking out the majority of the Triads members. Body pieces were scattered everywhere.

    Sunny starts walking towards them with a devilish grin as she pulled out her gun. One member of the Triad tries to take Sunny by a surprise but he was the one was surprised as he stood up, Sunny shoots him without even looking at him.

    Sunny saw the weapon of the one she shot and grinned widely as she picks up the M60.

    M60 Heavy Machinegun

    Posted Image

    With the remaining enemy forces starting to gather in front of Sunny, she is now grinning more than before.

    “it’s time to get wild…” Sunny said as she starts running towards them while shooting them at the same time.

    Yuri and Tiffany couldn’t believe that Sunny has this maniacal side of her. it was like, they were watching a movie. They watched Sunny mowed down the amount of Triads with ease. But what made them nervous is when they saw Sunny kills every Triads, the short girl didn’t mind as she walked past the bullets that’s grazing her and never once took cover from it but at the same time, she was laughing maniacally.

    After Sunny emptied the whole box of bullets from the M60, she dropped it on the ground and dashed towards the last one of the Triad, the leader.

    As the leader of the Triad saw Sunny dashing towards him at unbelievable speed, he pulled out some throwing knives and throw it towards Sunny but to his surprise, his knives were deflected as Tiffany and Yuri shoots the knives and is now also running towards him.

    Then the leader of the Triad noticed late as his position is in the middle, Sunny, Yuri and Tiffany are dashing towards him in a triangle point.

    The Leader removed his coat and revealed his body is covered with many throwing knives wrapped around his body, and quickly he spins around and as he spins around, she throws a knives on every direction.

    But unfortunately, all his knives hits noting but air as Sunny, Tiffany and Yuri were nowhere in sight. As he stopped spinning, everything was quiet until he heard a shout from above and saw Sunny plunging in for a drop kick and he turned to his left side, Tiffany is also doing the same and to his right side is Yuri who is unbelievably running to low.

    Then it happened in a flash. The leader of the Triad felt his every bones from his body shattered as Sunny landed her foot on his chest, Tiffany landed her foot on his side of his neck and Yuri landed a powerful straight punch on his side, right on his kidney section.

    The Leader of the Triad we’re paralyzed as he can’t breathe easily. As he cannot move from his current condition, Sunny asked Yuri for the H.E. grenade and pulled the pin and throws it on the motionless leader of the Triad and the three of them walked out like they’re walking out of a park.

    As the three of them reached the end of the hidden passage, Hara and Hyoyeon is waiting for them.

    “everyone is finished?” Hyoyeon asked. Sunny nodded. “Hara… seal up the passage way..” Hyoyeon said as all of them took cover in a safe distance.

    “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” Hara shouted and pressed a detonator and the hidden passageway blew up and completely caving in, in order to prevent anymore enemy going out.

    “let me assure it that nobody messes with us…” Yuri said as she also pressed the detonator the Hyoyeon gave to her earlier and another series of explosion can be heard as the first set of explosives that Hara and Sooyoung planted earlier exploded.

    5:42 A.M.

    As the five of them walked on the road side, Yuri and Tiffany noticed something. “where are the others?” Yuri asked. “…..they went ahead…” Sunny replied coldly.

    “…..Sunny-ah? do you have a problem?” Tiffany asked and Sunny just kept quiet. “…Sunny is jealous…” Hyoyeon said as she chuckled.

    “HYO!” Sunny hissed while Hara held her laughter. “omo…it’s not like you to be jealous… and who is it?” Yuri asked.

    “she’s jealous of Gyuri….” Hyoyeon said again. “YAH! One more time Hyo… I’m warning you..” Sunny said. “oh come on unnie… you don’t have to hide it… we can see it from here… when Sooyoung unnie carried Gyuri…. You were like steaming like a kettle pot..” Hara said which made Yuri and Tiffany chuckle at the short girl’s reaction.

    “so that’s why you’re like a possessed devil back then…” Tiffany said. “don’t worry Sunny-ah… I’m sure Sooyoung don’t mean it…” Yuri said as she knows her best friend. Hearing Yuri’s words made Sunny somewhat calmed down.

    “anyway changing the topic…. What did you mean they went ahead? And Sunny blew up the Humvee…. I don’t think Miryo-ssi won’t like that…I mean it’s her vehicle….” Yuri said which made Sunny realize what she had done.

    “well… before we came back… Sooyoung had to carjack some else’s car on the road…. That poor guy… and that’s what they used to get back….” Hyoyeon said.

    As the four of them were talking, Sunny noticed Hara is deep in thoughts. “Hara, lost in thoughts?” Sunny asked. “….unnie…. it’s about Jiyoung…. I think she’s somewhat changed…” Hara said.

    “what do you mean by that?” Yuri asked. “well…… have you noticed? When she’s pushed in the edge… she is somewhat betting better in driving…. Like…… she somewhat knew the Seungyeon unnie is in danger, she just crashed the Humvee earlier… and didn’t talk and just immediately went after Seungyeon unnie and placed her inside first in the Humvee…” Hara said.

    As Hara explained, all of them got thinking. “could it be…………………………. Jiyoung likes Seungyeon?” Tiffany said. and they walked silently without saying a word and thinking about Jiyoung and Seungyeon.

    Narsha’s house

    “JEA!! MIRYO!! CLEAR THE ROOM! WE NEED TO PERFORM AN OPERATION ASAP!! THIS GIRL IS BARELY HANGING ON THE THREAD!!! SEVERAL BROKEN RIBS PUNCTURED HER LUNGS! BLOOD CLOT IS STARTING TO BUILD UP!! GA-IN!! PREPARE BLOOD PACKS!! HURRY!!” Narsha shouted across the house waking Taeyeon, Jessica, Yoona and Seohyun on the process and saw Seungyeon is being rushed in the ER and came followed after Sooyoung, Gyuri with bandage on the head, Nicole who is panicking and most of all, Jiyoung who is shaking on fear and worry.

    Taeyeon’s keen observation kicked in and knew what is Jiyoung feeling. “Jiyoung-ah… she’ll be fine… she’ll be fine… don’t worry…” Taeyeon said and in an instant, Jiyoung broke down in tears and hugged Taeyeon.

    As Jiyoung is taller than Taeyeon, Taeyeon had to tip toe and Jiyoung had to crouch down a bit. Jessica understood Taeyeon’s observation and offered the tall girl some comfort to as Jessica rubbed Jiyoung’s back.

    In all the time they spent with Jiyoung, they only know the tall girl were jolly yet quiet but this time was different, this time is the first for them to see Jiyoung broke down in tears. Sooyoung and Nicole saw how Jiyoung broke down were in fact speechless. They wanted to say something but words couldn’t seem to find their way out from their lips.

    They knew Seungyeon’s damage issues in trust but they never expect someone would actually care for the injured girl. Gyuri who is watching from afar, although worried, she smiled at Jiyoung’s reaction.

    “…Seungyeon…. You now have someone who will care for you….” Gyuri said as she sat down right outside ER, patiently waiting for some good news.

    Several hours have passed, the rest of them arrived. And as they got inside the living room they noticed the atmosphere is heavy. Yoona saw Yuri and instantly walked towards Yuri and hugged the tanned girl on her waist. Yuri smiled at Yoona’s warm embrace but Yuri looked at Jessica, the blonde girl smirked.

    “I hope you’re not forgetting what I said to you earlier….. be prepared Kwon Yuri…” Jessica said. “but in the mean time… you’re lucky because we’re on the edge here since Seungyeon’s condition is not good..” Jessica added.

    Tiffany on the other hand couldn’t look at Taeyeon as she remember Taeyeon is mad at her. “T-Tae-Tae….” Tiffany called but Taeyeon walked past by her. Tiffany was hurt as she bit her lip and ready to burst into tear then suddenly she felt someone pinched her butt.

    “KYAAH!” Tiffany yelp in surprise. “wow… that’s cute voice Fany-ah…” Taeyeon said as she’s grinning mischievously. “yah! What’s the big idea…” Tiffany asked as she blushed. “that’s your punishment… Fany-ah… for going out when your forearm is still hurt…” Taeyeon said but later on smiled.

    “besides… if you two didn’t follow them, we wouldn’t be able to see all of them anymore…” Taeyeon said which made Yuri and Tiffany confused.

    “what do you mean Taeng?” Yuri asked. “….allow me to explain Yuri-ssi….” A voice came from behind them and Yuri saw IU.

    “IU? Explain? Explain what?” Yuri asked. “……well….. first… I’ve already talked about this earlier with everyone….. but I believe only the two of you haven’t been informed….” IU said. Yuri on the other hand felt her hand shake. Itching to grab a gun.

    “I am the niece of the Late Park Jin Young….JYP for short… and the real reason is… I came here looking for you Yuri-ssi...” IU said.

    But before IU could continue, Yuri’s expression changed into a scary one and immediately pulled out her gun and pointed it at IU but Jessica placed herself in between them. “YURI! CALM DOWN!! let her explain first!!” Jessica said as she stepped out of the way.

    “Go on…” Yuri said without taking off the gun in front of IU. IU really felt nervous to see this side of Yuri. Taeyeon and Jessica have already informed her about this side of Yuri but she never expected that Yuri was this too intense as Yuri’s piercing stare at her.

    “I understand why you’re l-like this Yuri-ssi… but the truth is…I ran away from the grasp of my uncle’s men… they wanted to kill me in order to gain full control on my late uncle’s power…. I came here seeking for your protection…..” IU said as she bowed down her head waiting for her response.

    “….. your uncle collaborate with the “group” and killed my sister….DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT CAUSE ME PAIN?!” Yuri exploded.

    “BECAUSE OF HIM MY SISTER TOOK A BULLET INSTEAD OF ME!!!” Yuri’s hand shake in anger itching to pull the trigger. Jessica for the first seeing this true murderous intent of Yuri.

    “Because of him…..because of him…….” Yuri said as she now cries. As she lowered her gun making everyone sighed in relief.

    “…..i didn’t know Yuri-ssi…. I’m sorry about your sister…” IU said as she also felt guilty. “in truth… I was sick of what my uncle had done…. I know I can’t beg for forgiveness but please… I want you to believe me….” IU said. Yuri turned around.

    “…….leave me for a while…. I want to be alone….. please…” Yuri said as she walked out from the living room.

    All of them were frozen in shock at Yuri’s sudden outburst. “…you just blew your chance IU….. just when thing is starting to get better for her, you have to remind her about her real sister…. when she already found someone as her sister….” Jessica said as she went after Yuri with Yoona following suit.

    “I think it’s better to give her some time to think IU… we’re not making up that she had gone through a lot…..” Tiffany said as she sat down beside Seohyun.

    Meanwhile, Yuri is now out in the open staring again at the sky when she felt someone standing behind her.

    “…..Sica…..” Yuri said with looking back. “…Yuri…. I know how much Yoona meant to you….. but don’t you think she’ll be happy if she’s looking at you down here reacting like that?” Jessica said and Yuri turned around and saw Jessica along with Yoona.

    Yuri crouched down and tries to ask for a hug but Yoona shook her head. “Yoona is scared at your reaction earlier Yul…..” Jessica said and Yoona ran off and Yuri saw tears from Yoona’s eyes.

    “you just hurt her Yul…. I know you didn’t mean it but didn’t you promise her that you’ll love her as your real sister? But you reacted like that earlier like she’s not there…. You just hurt her feelings Yul….” Jessica said. Yuri lowered her head because of the guilt.

    Jessica walked towards the tanned girl and cupped her face. “Yuri…. I cared about you….i wanted to be angry with you today but I couldn’t…. because we already have Yoona….. Im Yoona…. I already promised her that I’ll love her live I love your Yoona back then the night she died…. And I’m willing to keep it…. what about you? can you keep your promise? I remember you saying you will love her as your real sister…. But can you do that?” Jessica said. Yuri looked at Jessica.

    “….talk to her Yuri….. show her you’re true to your words…. Like you did with me….” Jessica said as she gave Yuri a light kiss on the cheek. “thank you Sica…. Thank you for reminding me…. I’ll go talk to her right now…” Yuri said as she went after Yoona.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 31 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 32

    “Yoona!” Yuri called but the ill girl is nowhere in sight. “Yoona! where
    are you?!” Yuri called again. “where could she be…” Yuri asked herself
    as she tries to look for Yoona.

    Yuri walked faster as she remember the place where Hyoyeon found her the
    last time she told the detective about herself. “…she might there…”
    Yuri said and walked towards the back of the house.

    As Yuri got there she saw Yoona looking at the empty lot behind the house.

    “Yoona…” Yuri called. As Yoona heard Yuri voice, the ill girl tries to
    run away from her but Yuri called again. “YOONA WAIT!!” Yuri shouted and
    made Yoona stopped from running away from the tanned girl.

    Yuri knew how hurt Yoona was. “…Yoong…. I’m sorry….” Yuri said but Yoona
    didn’t face the tanned girl. “Yoong… look I didn’t mean to react that
    way…. It’s just….” As Yuri spoke, the tanned girl took a step forward
    but as she made the step, the ill girl took a step backward while still
    looking at her.

    Yuri felt her heart ache as she saw Yoona’s reaction. Yuri clearly knew
    she hurt Yoona emotionally. “Yoona… please let me explain……” Yuri said
    as she took a step forward again but Yoona stepped back. seeing that the
    ill girl don’t want to go near her, Yuri gave up the idea of stepping
    towards the ill girl.

    “…Yoona… look I’m sorry …. It’s just..... everything came rushing back
    to me at that moment …. Yes… I’m still hurt Yoong…. For loosing my
    sister back then… and I’m still regretting for not being able to protect
    her…..” Yuri said as she started tearing up.

    “….i loved her Yoong….i still do……” Yuri said and Yoona felt her heart
    ache also as she heard Yuri’s word. The ill girl wanted to run away from
    those words and leave Yuri. as she turned around to run away, a crying
    voice stopped her from her tracks. Yoona turned around and saw Yuri
    crying like she never cried before. Yoona’s heart tells her to go back
    to the tanned girl.

    Unknowingly, Yoona’s feet started to walk towards the crying tanned girl
    who is now dropped on her knees and covering her face with both hands
    as she cried.

    “….. but the moment you came Yoona…. I made sure of myself I’ll protect
    you in anyway I can…. So please Yoong…. Give me another chance….” Yuri
    said unknowingly that the ill girl is making her way towards her as
    she’s still covering her face.

    Then Yuri felt a pair of arms slowly and gently wrapping around her neck
    and Yuri saw it was Yoona, burying her face on her chest then Yuri also
    felt the ill girl is also sobbing.

    “Yoona… I’m just afraid to loose another sister…. I don’t want to loose
    my……only sister…. I reacted that way because I’m afraid that the same
    thing will happen all over again…. I really don’t want to loose you….
    because I love you Yoong…….. I love you like I love my real sister back
    then….” Yuri said as she hugged the ill girl tightly.

    “I promise Yoong…. I’ll do anything just to protect you…. because you
    are now my sister…. My precious sister and you’re my world now… just
    like my sister was back then…..” Yuri said as she smiled and Yoona
    smiled and hugged back.

    Unknown to them one certain person is watching them while smiling but at
    the same time, wiping her tears at the scene. “…. Yuri…. I love that
    side of you… I’ll help you take care of her…… I promise….” The person
    said as she turned around. “Sooyoung! I think it’s time for my
    practice!” it was Jessica who is now much more confident after seeing
    the heartwarming scene between Yuri and Yoona.

    Meanwhile inside the house, several hours have passed, Narsha and her
    team have gone out from the ER and to their surprise, an unexpected
    person is already waiting for them right outside. It was Jiyoung with a
    worried face visible on her face.

    “….i didn’t expect that you’d be here Jiyoung-ah….” Narsha said as she
    smile. “….is…. is Seungyeon unnie safe?” Jiyoung asked. “yeah… so rest
    assured…” Narsha said and Jiyoung finally flopped down on the bench
    beside the ER room. Narsha joined the tall girl as well Ga-In, Jea and

    “you know, we’re expecting whether it’s the detective or Kim Taeyeon or
    any of her team were waiting but we’re surprised to see it was you…” Jea

    “Worried?” Ga-in asked and Jiyoung nodded. “how long have you been
    waiting?” Ga-in asked again. “…a couple of hours…unnie…” Jiyoung

    “….seriously… this is twice now that we have worked our butt off…”
    Narsha said as she sighs. “that’s because you’re getting old Reussha…”
    Miryo joked. “yah! Don’t even go there Miryo… or I’ll shove your chili
    powder right up in your throat..” Narsha said but later on chuckled as
    they know they were just making fun of each other.

    “you know….. you can get some rest Jiyoung-ah…” Narsha said. “I’m fine
    unnie…. i… I’ll wait for her to wake up…” Jiyoung said. “…if you say so…
    well, we’re going to take a break is it alright with you?” Narsha asked
    as she and her team stood up.

    “I’m fine unnie… and thanks for saving her…” Jiyoung said and Narsha and her team walked towards the kitchen to fetch food.

    As Jiyoung is sitting still, another presence made it way to the ER and Jiyoung looked it was Gyuri and Hara, holding a food.

    “….here take this…” Gyuri said as she gave Jiyoung a sandwich. “thank
    you unnie…” Jiyoung thanked Gyuri but just held the sandwich and not
    eating it.

    “…something wrong?” Hara asked. “…. Nothing…. Seungyeon unnie is fine…”
    Jiyoung said. “aw come on Jiyoung-ah… even if you say nothing is
    wrong….. your expression shows it….” Gyuri said.

    Jiyoung took a deep sigh before talking to them. “….do you think Seungyeon unnie will notice me?” Jiyoung asked Gyuri and Hara.

    “….of course she will….. I mean with your tall height, it’s impossible
    to miss you Jiyoung-ah…” Hara said which made Jiyoung frowned and Gyuri
    took notice of it. “Hara… why don’t you help the Cap and Sooyoung-ssi on
    Miss Jung’s training… I’ll talk to her….” Gyuri said and Hara complied.

    “….sorry about Hara…. Sometimes she just blurts out what came to her
    mind….” Gyuri said and Jiyoung is still silent. “….don’t worry….
    Seungyeon will took notice of you Jiyoung-ah… and by the way I say
    notice of you.. I’m not referring to your height…. I’m referring to your
    feelings…” Gyuri said which made Jiyoung look at the older girl.

    “…unnie… i… I didn’t say that….” Jiyoung starts to stutter as Gyuri hit
    the spot. “oh come on… I saw the way you look at her… the way you worry
    earlier…. don’t hide it from me Jiyoung-ah… in fact some of us already
    knew you have feelings for Seungyeon…” Gyuri said.

    Jiyoung sighed in defeat knowing Gyuri stated the truth and frowned even
    more. “wae? What’s with the long face?” Gyuri asked. “…..well… I know
    when Seungyeon unnie wakes up… she’ll eventually be thanking Yuri unnie
    first…” Jiyoung said as she fiddled her fingers.

    “how so?” Gyuri asked. “…..the day we arrived back here, before we met
    IU…. Seungyeon unnie likes Yuri unnie….. I’ve been keeping quiet about
    this because I have no one to talk to….” Jiyoung said while still
    looking at her fiddling fingers.

    “you haven’t told anyone about this? Even Yuri-ssi?” Gyuri asked and
    Jiyoung shook her head. “…aigoo… you should’ve said something to
    Yuri-ssi… I mean you’re close to her right?” Gyuri said.

    “…I can’t tell this to Yuri unnie….it will cause more trouble…. And i’ve
    been with her…since from Seoul, even though not presently with me, I
    knew she had a rough road during those times…. I don’t want to add more
    pressure……” Jiyoung said.

    Gyuri examined Jiyoung’s reaction. “why don’t you tell Seungyeon about
    your feelings?” Gyuri asked. “….i wanted to… but…I don’t know… maybe
    it’s not the right time? And besides unnie…. I don’t know what will I do
    if she don’t accept me…. if I confessed…” Jiyoung said as she sighs

    “are you sure she likes Yuri-ssi? She already have Miss Jung…. Aigoo…”
    Gyuri said in disbelief. “unnie please don’t tell anyone… specially Yuri
    unnie….” Jiyoung said.

    “…but you’ll end up loving a one sided love…..” Gyuri said. “…I know…
    but I’m not selfish unnie.. I don’t hold her mind and certainly I don’t
    have a right to tell her to love me…” Jiyoung said.

    Gyuri felt Jiyoung’s feeling and hugged the young tall girl to give her
    comfort. “…alright… but.. if you have a problem…. Don’t hesitate to tell
    me… I’m always an open ear you hear?” Gyuri said and Jiyoung nodded.

    “good… now eat that sandwich…. I made that…” Gyuri said and Jiyoung gently smiled at Gyuri’s kindness.

    Hidden base…

    In a well hidden base, a commotion is suddenly starting to get livelier
    as the time goes by as the “Group” finally manages to locate Jessica’s
    sister, Krystal, as they plan to use Krystal to lure Jessica and Yuri
    just to catch the ill girl, Im Yoona.

    Just outside the base stands several of group’s expert assassins led by
    Kahi. “my orders are clear! Kill everyone! Catch the young Jung!” Kahi
    said as she ordered her men and her trusted right hands, Uee and Nana.

    “As usual….. she waits here while we do the dirty jobs…. Come on Nana…”
    Uee said as she grabbed her stuff and her customized guns that was built
    only for her that who knows what it can do, while Nana quietly followed
    Uee to joined the raid.

    Inside the Base, its tenants are now on the rush as they know their base are now being raided and attacked.

    “LUNA!! HURRY UP!!! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME!!!” Sulli shouted at Luna
    who is still busy entering the self destruct sequence on the hidden

    “just a second Sulli! We need to erase all traces of our records here
    about Yuri!!” Luna said but just as she was going to press the enter
    key, the power has been cut off.

    “SH*T!! THEY’RE ALREADY CUTTING US OFF!!!” Sulli shouted back at Luna
    but as Luna is going to talk back a series of shots are heard just right
    outside the room and came Krystal, who is unconscious as Victoria is
    carrying the young Jung followed by Amber who is firing back using a
    pump action Shot gun.

    “Luna! Report!” Victoria asked. “ Not good unnie… they cut the power when the file deletion is already at 74%.....” Luna said.

    “EVERYONE!!! GET IN HERE NOW!!!” Amber shouted and Hyomin came through
    the door flowed by Eun-jung who is supporting Soyeon as the girl had a
    bullet lodged inside her leg then Amber stepped inside and bashed the
    control panel beside the door a thick metal door instantly closes
    completely sealing them inside.

    “What happened to Krystal?” Sulli asked. She got knocked off by sudden
    explosion earlier….. DAMN! I never expected they’d find our place..”
    Victoria said as she gently laid Krystal on the floor.

    “I’m sorry… this is our fault…” Hyomin said. “don’t be…. We just did
    what Kwon Yuri would…” Victoria said. “Kwon Yuri? the most wanted
    Criminal?” Eun-jung said as she puts a pressure on Jiyeon’s wound.

    “look I like to answer all your question but we should get out of here
    first…. Kahi and Uee is with them…. and not to mention Nana…. Crap… I
    never expected the A.S. would be leading the attack… things are going to
    be ugly if we don’t escape…” Victoria said as she walked into the

    Victoria knocked on the several part of the wall until she heard someone
    knocking back but not on the wall she’s knocking but rather on the
    metal door where they went in.

    “this is not good….” Amber said as she reloads some shot gun shells on
    her shot gun. Victoria who is now working quickly managed to find a wall
    the has a different sound. “FOUND IT!!” Victoria shouted but she was
    answer by another bang on the metal door. Wasting no time, Victoria
    walked to the gun case inside the room they were in and destroyed the
    glass frame and grabbed the M60 Machine gun.

    “guy stay back… I just found our exit..” Victoria said and Luna pulls
    Krystal into a safe place as Eun-jung did the same for Soyeon.

    Victoria unloads all two hundred rounds of bullets into the wall she
    says the exit and small rocks and some tiny shrapnel came flying and
    some of them manages to graze Victoria’s face the she didn’t mind it,
    she was hell bent on escaping the place. Not because they needed to, but
    her main reason is, they needed to escape from Kahi, Uee and Nana.

    “just a little more!” Victoria said as every bullet is starting to bore
    hole on the wall, the metallic door on their side is also starting to
    give in as dents of a fist is taking shape. As several bangings on the
    metallic door, they knew someone is punching through the door.

    “unnie you should work fast….. it looks like it’s Kahi that’s on the
    other side….” Amber said as she walked back away from the door that is
    now emitting a visible sparks of electricity with every punch that Kahi

    “just a little more Amber…..” Victoria said as she gritted her teeth and
    finally bore a hole revealing a secret tunnel that’s on the other side.
    “EVERYONE! GET IN NOW!!!” Victoria said as she face the metallic door
    along with Amber while Luna and Sulli supported an unconscious Krystal
    as they went through the hidden tunnel then followed by Hyomin and
    Eun-jung supporting a wounded Soyeon.

    As Victoria saw everyone is inside the tunnel, she turned her attention
    to Amber. “Amber follow them!” and don’t look back!” Victoria said.

    “but unnie! you will have no back up! Park Kahi is on the other side!”
    Amber said. “I know….. Amber…. You’re my most trusted right hand…. and
    I’m giving you the responsibility to command the team…. Please… I don’t
    want my precious sisters to be killed.. when you get to the end of the
    tunnel, escape from here and look for Seungri… he’s the leader of his
    team Big Bang.. he’ll help you….” Victoria said as she hugged Amber as a
    sign of farewell.

    Amber who is always known for her boyish looks and strong personality,
    shed a tear for the first time, as she knows what is Victoria is

    “……Unnie…. I …. I won’t disappoint you!” Amber said as she saluted at
    Victoria then runs away in tears to follow everyone. “…Amber… you’ll
    grow strong….” Victoria said as she turned to metallic door that is now
    going to give in if a couple of punches from Kahi was made.

    “…..74% huh…. Let’s see about this…” Victoria said as she unleashed the
    remaining bullets of the M60 on the console that Luna is tinkering
    earlier and completely destroying it including the hard drives.

    At the exact time Victoria finished destroying the console, the metallic door flew and it punctured the wall it hits.

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    “…seriously you guys gave me a hard time….” Kahi entered and Victoria
    felt her every nerve starts to shake as she saw Kahi’s fists emitting a
    visible sparks of electricity. Kahi roamed her eyes and only finds
    Victoria aiming an M60 at her and saw a destroyed wall. Kahi smirked as
    she knew what it is.

    “Nana, Uee, go inside the tunnel and I have a feeling they’re not that
    far…” Kahi said. “…man you seriously wanted us to do the dirty job
    Kahi…” Uee complained and Nana just shook her head at Uee’s remark and
    quietly obeyed Kahi’s order.

    But as Uee and Nana is going to go inside the hidden tunnel, a series
    of bullets prevented them to go ins further as they both jumped back as
    Victoria fired at their direction.

    “you’re going to move me away from this place first!” Victoria said as
    she starts firing nonstop at Kahi, Uee and Nana but unfortunately, the
    trio is faster than Victoria as Victoria wasted her bullets and hits
    nothing but air and walls as the trio evaded all the bullets with ease.

    *Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click*
    Victoria’s M60 have ran out of bullets and throws it down on the ground
    and immediately pulled out her Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver
    and aimed at the three assassins

    Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver


    Victoria fired without moving from her spot, knowing she would be fully open to any attacks from the three, stood her ground.

    Uee charged at Victoria but before she could get close, Victoria quickly
    shoots and Uee had to jump back. “I like you…” Uee smirked.

    As Nana tries to get past from Victoria, Victoria moved her right leg as
    she tries to kick Nana back but Nana saw what is Victoria planning and
    already jumped back and Victoria missed her.

    Victoria shoots Uee but Uee just simply evaded the shots as she
    playfully laugh. “hey I’m over here!!” Uee taunted Victoria and Victoria
    released another three more shots but didn’t hit Uee as Uee playfully
    jumped around to evade the shots, leaving with only one more bullet in
    the chamber.

    “you’re not a boring person as I thought you would be…” Uee said as she
    made a cracking sound of a bones as she tilted her head sideways.

    “oh yeah? Well I don’t like you, you damn freakin’ acrobatic hamster playing inside the cage!” Victoria said.

    Victoria notices Kahi is somewhat not interested, she decided to spend the last of the bullet on Kahi.

    Uee and Nana were taken in surprise as they never expected Victoria would shoot Kahi as they saw Kahi’s body fell on the floor.

    “….gee…. so much for the last bullet…” Uee said and Nana just shook her
    head. Seeing Uee and Nana’s reaction made Victoria somewhat uneasy as
    she watched Kahi’s body lying on the floor.

    Not wasting anymore time, Victoria unloads all the empty bullet casings
    from the chamber of her revolver and pulled out a set of bullets
    prepared but as Victoria is going to insert the bullets into the chamber
    of her revolver, she saw a hand gripped her revolver and crushed it
    like a tin can of soda.

    Victoria looked in horror to see Kahi is right in front of her holding
    the bullet on her hand. Victoria threw her destroyed weapon and
    instantly reached for her knife but Kahi had already grabbed her arm and
    squeezed it, crushing the bones inside her arm.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Victoria screamed in pain as she felt her bones
    were broken as Kahi didn’t release her grip on Victoria’s injured arm.

    But Victoria didn’t give in to the pain as she tries to attack Kahi one
    more time as she tries to kick her but instead, with Kahi’s unsual
    strength, Kahi manages to throw Victoria on the opposite side of the
    room and Victoria’s back hits the wall hard and made her cough up blood
    but before Victoria falls to the ground, Kahi moved in quickly and gave
    Victoria a hard punch on her abdomen, hard enough to make Victoria’s
    several ribs broke as Victoria cough up again some blood and Kahi saw it
    as a chance and she emitted some spark on her fist before landing a
    finishing blow on Victoria’s face.

    As Victoria is now down on the ground, Kahi turned around and faces Uee
    and Nana. “…idiots, that’s what you get for playing around…. Now go on
    and follow them!” Kahi shouted and Uee and Nana tries to go after them
    but before the two of them could go inside the tunnel again, a faint
    voice called their attention.

    “..w….wa……wait……. i…. wi…will… not ….let you…..go…..after …………..them….”
    they all turned around and saw Victoria standing up again in a bloody
    mess while holding her injured abdomen and her broken arm is hanging as
    she felt that her injured arm is already numb.

    “HAH! What you will do? Beg us to death?” Uee said as she starts to turn
    around to continue the pursuit as Kahi is now going for the kill.

    To their surprise, Victoria grinned with her bloody lips as she pulled
    out a frag grenade as her last resort and Kahi saw it and started
    running towards the badly beaten Victoria. And before Kahi could land
    the killing blow on Victoria, something caught her eye as something flew
    in the air causing her attention to focus on that thing.

    It was the frag grenade. Kahi changed her target and quickly grabbed the
    frag grenade and as she was going to throw it out the door where they
    got in, it exploded 6 inches from her mechanical hand and the three of
    them were sent flying away from the hole and the three of them hits the
    wall hard and the three of them cough up blood on the process.

    ++ Music End ++

    “THAT B*TCH!!” Uee growled in anger as she groggily stood up as she
    touches her wounded head and pulls out several small metal fragments
    from her body then next is Nana who rose from the rubbles of small rocks
    and dusts. As Nana tries to open her eyes she felt a sting as looked at
    gently tries to touch her right eye and it stings. She had lost an eye.

    Then an explosion was heard not far from them as several stones and
    metal scraps forcefully flies and revealed Kahi in a dirty mess and
    wounds on her body.

    “…..the mission has failed… let’s retreat…” Kahi coldly said as she
    looked at her left mechanical hand and it was destroyed by the explosion
    from the grenade. As the three of them were retreating, Kahi noticed
    something is missing.

    Even with injury, Kahi walked to the place where Victoria was last seen
    and she commanded Nana to remove the rubbles, all they saw was a pool of
    blood but no body was present.

    Kahi noticed a trail of blood that is leading towards the hole but she
    noticed the wall had caved in and there was no solution to pursue.

    “…she’ll die of blood loss….. come on…we need to get treated…” Kahi said
    as the three of them walked out and ordered everyone to retreat.

    Meanwhile, inside the tunnel, Victoria were starting to loose
    consciousness because of her injuries and not to mention that because of
    the explosion, a small metal fragment was sent flying into her right
    thigh and it went through as she dives her way out through the hole to
    catch up with her team.

    “please… …… least…….. let…………them……… escape……….safely..……….”
    Victoria said as she used the tunnel wall as her support but eventually
    tripped because of her injured leg.

    Due to her strong resolve of assuring her team made it out safely,
    Victoria forcefully crawled until she reaches the end of the tunnel and
    saw no one. Victoria was happy to know that everyone escaped safely.

    Even with her battered body state and blurry vision to add, Victoria
    smiled. “….Amber….. it’s up to you now…………..tect….. them……….”
    that was Victoria’s last words before giving in to the darkness as her
    consciousness finally escaped her body.

    Meanwhile, as Amber and the rest were scuffling through the jungle
    behind their base, all of them heard the loud explosion that Victoria

    “UNNIE!!!” Sulli and Luna shouted in unison. Sulli released her support
    on Krystal who is still unconscious and tries to go back but she was
    stopped by Amber.

    “Let me through Amber, I’m going back to get Vic unnie!” Sulli said but
    Amber didn’t flinch and pressed her palm in Sulli’s shoulder in order to
    make her stop on her tracks. “what the hell? Let me go Amber…. If you
    don’t, I will make you…” Sulli said.

    But Amber still didn’t move from her spot. As Sulli tries again, Amber
    did the same thing. Blood rushed on Sulli’s head and in an instant, all
    of them heard a loud smack and saw Amber falls down on the ground as
    Sulli punched Amber.

    But Amber stood up and remained quiet. As Sulli thought she punched in
    the sense on Amber’s head, she tries again but again, Amber did the

    “Amber…. I don’t want to hurt you…. I already punched you… don’t make me hit you again…” Sulli gritted her teeth.

    “you can hit me all you want… but my words to unnie…. I intend to keep
    it…” Amber said as she wiped the blood from her busted lip. “and what is
    that?” Sulli asked. “… escape….. we have to meet Yuri unnie….”
    Amber said.

    “to hell with her! we haven’t been in this situation if it wasn’t for
    her!” Sulli said but before Sulli could speak anymore further, it was
    Amber’s turn to get angry as she immediately grabbed Sulli’s collar of
    her shirt.

    “and what do you know about her Sulli? Have you ever tried to fit in her
    shoes? in case you haven’t notice, the “Group” were already on to us….
    They’re just trying to find the right time to exterminate all of us….
    And it’s not Yuri unnie’s fault…. No one is at fault…. Victoria unnie
    told me this day will come since we’re already been living on the edge….
    You should at least have a decency to honor her words…. And another
    reminder for you, Victoria unnie and Yuri unnie… they supported each
    other, there were many times Victoria unnie were on a tight spot that
    Yuri unnie had to cover for her…” Amber said.

    Sulli was stunned at Amber’s sudden outburst. No words have come out
    from her mouth as she felt guilty that she bad mouthed Yuri earlier.

    “and another thing, Victoria unnie wouldn’t tell us to find her if she
    know we wouldn’t be safe… I know you’re hurting because of her unknown
    situation if she's fine, alive or not...…. Believe me… I’m hurt too…. I
    looked up to her as my older sister… not my leader…. And she looked at
    us as her young sisters… not as subordinates….” Amber angrily said as
    tears now rolling out from her eyes as she releases her grip on Sulli’s

    “now before I made a painful decision of leaving her alone… this was
    Victoria unnie’s request, she knew she’ll be in danger and yet she still
    thinks about our safety Sulli….” Amber said as she turned around and
    tries to calm down as she wipe her tears away.

    “i….i’m sorry… it’s ok now.. thank you for opening my eyes Amber… I was
    blinded by my rage since we were attacked unexpectedly….” Sulli said as
    she gently touched Amber’s shoulder. “and it got me thinking…. We still
    need to treat Soyeon and Krystal…. I’m sorry for my rashness…” Sulli
    said and turned around to them with an apologetic look.

    After Amber and Sulli patched up, they went on escaping towards on one location, they’re heading for Seungri’s hidden base.

    Narsha’s House.

    Seungyeon woke up and as she opened her eyes, her vision was still blur. “where… am I?” Seungyeon asked.

    “you’re in my domain little girl…” a female voice talked. “….Narsha
    unnie?” Seungyeon said. “none other…” Narsha replied. “so…. How are you
    feeling?” Narsha asked.

    “…my torso hurts… vision is slightly blurry…. I can’t breathe deeply
    since it hurts…” Seungyeon replied. “…it’s only natural…. You have a
    punctured lung…….” Narsha said.

    “… I see….. thank you unnie for saving my life….” Seungyeon said. “…you
    want me to call them?” Narsha asked again. “……….i don’t know… I need
    some time alone…..” Seungyeon said.

    “…silly… how can you say that when someone here fell asleep worrying you
    might not recover…” Narsha said as she pointed at the sleeping girl
    beside on her bed.

    As Seungyeon roamed her eyes she couldn’t identify the girl as her
    vision is still blurry. “…. Unnie… who is that? my vision is still
    blurry…” Seungyeon asked.

    “…she’s the one who stood all this time outside this room, hoping for
    you to recover, she almost couldn’t eat because of excessive worrying…
    about you… and… she’s the one who brought you here…” Narsha said as she
    walked out of Seungyeon’s room leaving the recovering girl lost in her

    As Seungyeon tries hard to identify the girl who is with her, she tries
    to bend over to get a closer look but a sudden pain jolted her whole
    body, causing her to lie down again.

    “….aish…. I guess it might be Yuri-ssi…. I heard her voice back then
    when she rescued us…. I have to thank her later when she wakes up…”
    Seungyeon said loudly.

    Unknown to her, the girl is with her is none other than Jiyoung is
    faking her sleep and heard everything what Seungyeon said. “……I knew it…
    she wouldn’t notice me… she only sees Yuri unnie…” Jiyoung said as
    tears trickled down from her eyes and waited for Seungyeon to fall
    asleep again and quietly went out of the room.

    As Jiyoung went out of the room, Hyoyeon is waiting outside. “How is
    she?” Hyoyeon asked. “…she woke up a while ago unnie but fell asleep
    afterwards….” Jiyoung said as she tries to hold her tears back, still
    feeling hurt from what Seungyeon blurted out and Hyoyeon noticed
    Jiyoung’s saddened expression.

    “….anyway… why don’t you go with the others…. Yoona and Seohyun are
    missing your jolly attitude… might as well make them since they’re very
    fond of you Jiyoung-ah… and thanks for looking after Seungyeon…. Now go
    with them… I need to talk to my subordinate..alright?” Hyoyeon said and
    Jiyoung nodded.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 32 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 33

    Seungyeon woke up as she heard someone had entered her room. “who is it?” Seungyeon asked. “it’s me…” it was Hyoyeon.

    “oh C-Cap….” Seungyeon greeted but as she tries to get up, Hyoyeon rushes to her side and prevented her to move more.

    “easy there… your stitches are not fully recovered… not to mention your
    broken ribs…” Hyoyeon said and Seungyeon just lay back down.

    “….so how are you feeling right now?” Hyoyeon asked. “….besides hurting
    because of my injuries… I’ll live Cap…. thanks for asking…” Seungyeon

    “…that’s nice to hear… listen…. I came to inform you… the girl you met
    back, her name is IU…. And she’s the niece of the notorious crime lord
    back in Seoul, Park Jin Young… A.K.A. JYP…” Hyoyeon said.

    Seungyeon fell silent as she feels different. “….why the silent treatment Seungyeon?” Hyoyeon asked.

    “…Cap…are you sure you’re telling me this information?” Seungyeon said. “What do you mean?” Hyoyeon asked confusingly.

    “… I still haven’t earned everyone’s trust…..except Yuri-ssi and Gyuri unnie….” Seungyeon replied.

    “…babo…. Trust or not, you’re still part of my team….. and as well as
    one of my friends….” Hyoyeon said which made Seungyeon perked up her
    ears as she heard Hyoyeon’s statement.

    “..C-Cap?” Seungyeon called but Hyoyeon gave the injured girl a light
    smile. “…babo… you’ve suffered too much in the recent mission…. And we
    almost lost you on the process…. We decided to give you another
    chance….. and besides… we’re not cold hearted as the ones who were after
    us….” Hyoyeon said.

    That time Seungyeon didn’t know how to react whether she should be happy
    or guilty as she still remembered that Hyoyeon almost lost Nicole
    because of her. Hyoyeon noticed.

    “..about Nicole…. yeah I blame you for that but…. It’s not like you have
    any other choice…. The enemy just used you….solely… even though they
    did promise to release your family…. They just broke their words…. So
    don’t beat yourself up… I already forgave you Seungyeon…. Nicole also
    wanted to talk to you but I didn’t gave her permission…. I need to talk
    to you first..” Hyoyeon said as she pulled a chair and sat next on
    Seungyeon’s bed.

    “Cap… I don’t think I’ve done so much to earn everybody’s trust with my…. Injury….” Seungyeon said.

    “there you go again… then what do you want? Undergo another grave
    threatening injury and go on another surgery to earn our trust? Is that
    it?” Hyoyeon said.

    “t-that’s not what I meant Cap… it’s just it’s hard to believe that
    everyone here is starting to trust me again….” Seungyeon said.

    “….about that…. you better thank a certain person because of that…..”
    Hyoyeon smiled. “…really? I guess I should….” Seungyeon said.

    “well….i will leave you for now to rest… I just came here to tell you
    that everyone forgave you….” Hyoyeon said as she leaves Seungyeon’s

    “I was hoping the Cap will tell who it was….” Seungyeon said to herself
    as she sighs but as Yuri’s image came to her mind, her face suddenly
    became flushed.

    “I just hope it was Yuri-ssi…. Though…” Seungyeon said as she smiled and covered her face with the blanket she’s using.

    Living room

    As Jiyoung is now somewhat felt calm as Yoona and Seohyun is playing
    with her as she also acted like a kid for them, Hara and Gyuri returned
    from their…. “training” with Sunny trailing after them with a satisfied
    grin plastered on her lips.

    “Seohyun-ah, Yoona-ah, looks like your Sunny unnie is in a good mood.”
    Jiyoung said with a smile which cause Sunny blushed in embarrassment.

    “aaah.. ehehehe it was nothing really Jiyoung-ah… Gyuri and Hara is
    starting to understand my training methods…” Sunny said as she light
    scratched her head.

    “…oh yeah… like it was nothing… the impact still freakin’ hurts…” Hara
    said as she removed her Bullet ridden Kevlar as Gyuri also did the same
    and both of them rubbed the spot where they were hit. "yeah but didn't
    you two noticed? when was the last time you kneel down when you got
    shot? none right?" Sunny said as she smiled.

    “Yoona unnie! what are you doing?” Seohyun asked as she stood up and
    walked towards Gyuri and pressed Gyuri’s gut section and Gyuri winced in
    pain. “OW!! watch it shrimp! It still hurts you know!” Gyuri said which
    made Yoona smile more and starts poking Gyuri on her sore spot and the
    older girl couldn’t complain anymore as she starts to laugh at the ill
    girl’s antics and the rest is starting to laugh also.

    “Looks like everyone is in a good mood…” Yuri came from the kitchen
    along with Taeyeon and Narsha. “everyone dig in…. we made snacks for
    everyone…” Taeyeon said and as fast as lightning, Sooyoung startled them
    by suddenly popping out on the front door.

    “did I hear snack?” Sooyoung asked and dashed towards the dining room without waiting for someone to answer her.

    “….typical shikshin…. Come on guys… we better dig in before she gobbles
    up all the food they made…” Sunny said as she smiles and followed after.
    As all of them went towards the Dining room of Narsha’s house, one
    person got left behind in the Living room, it was IU.

    “wae? Aren’t you going to eat?” Hyoyeon popped out as she came from
    Seungyeon’s room. “… I’m fine Hyoyeon-ssi…. I just don’t want to cause
    more trouble to Yuri-ssi…” IU said. “…hmm speaking of Yuri…. please just
    understand her IU… I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why… she lost her
    sister in the ordeal…” Hyoyeon explained.

    “I know… and I don’t blame her for that…even if I was in her shoes… I’ll
    also react that way too…” IU said and just then, IU felt a hand tugging
    hers and she looked up and it was Yoona and behind Yoona is Yuri
    calling them.

    “Y-Yuri-ssi?” IU stuttered. “….forget about my actions earlier and I’m
    sorry for that but rest assured… I’m not mad at you…. go inside and grab
    something to eat…. I’ll look for a certain someone…” Yuri said as she
    patted IU’s shoulder as a sign that it’s all fine. IU gave in to Yoona’s
    tugging and eventually walked towards the dining room with Hyoyeon
    following suit behind them.

    As the three of them were going inside the Dining room, another one
    person came out and it was Jiyoung, holding a tray of foods and fruits.

    “..for Seungyeon?” Hyoyeon asked and Jiyoung blushed as she nodded and
    smiled. Yoona saw how Jiyoung reacted and also smiled and hugged herself
    as she teased Jiyoung as Yoona puckered her lips as if she’s kissing
    the air.

    “YAH! Im Yoona! stop that!!” Jiyoung said as she blushed then chuckled
    at Yoona. after the short antics, Jiyoung bid goodbye to the three of
    them and went to Seungyeon’s room.

    Meanwhile, outside the house Yuri heard a gunshot and saw Jessica is
    still practicing. “Damn it…. I’m doing everything Sooyoung taught me but
    my aim still sucks…” Jessica said as she sigh and puts down the

    “…hey baby…” Jessica was startled as she heard Yuri’s voice behind her.
    “S-Seobang?” Jessica called as she looked at Yuri smiling at her. “I
    know…. I suck…you don’t need to tell me with that smile of yours…
    because I know I’m not good…” Jessica said as she turned around and slid
    in another clip on the handgun.

    “…..i’m not making fun of you babe….. I’m just happy….” Yuri said as she
    hugged Jessica from behind. “you are?” Jessica asked as she blushed at
    Yuri’s sudden action. “mm-hmm.. I missed you and I miss hugging your
    body….” Yuri said as she softly massaged Jessica’s arms. “I know your
    arms are sore from all the practice you’re doing…. Why don’t you
    relax….” Yuri said as she gave Jessica as light kiss on the cheek and
    Jessica smiled.

    “….i hate it when you sweet talk your way into me…” Jessica said as she
    smiled. “….yeah I know… but you’re craving for it….” Yuri said as she
    released her hug from Jessica. “so…anything I can help you with?” Yuri
    asked as she made Jessica turn around again to face her.

    “….well.. I want to know… how did you become so very good at using fire arms…” Jessica said. Yuri smiled.

    “ok…. As I saw you firing that gun…. I noticed something... you’re
    easily get agitated…” Yuri said and Jessica listened intently.

    “ok here’s how you’ll do… pick up that gun…” Yuri said and Jessica
    followed Yuri’s order. “let’s see…. You see that bottle beside that
    tree? Try and shoot it..” Yuri said “Seriously Yuri? I can’t even hit
    the big target paper properly… and yet you want me to shoot that bottle
    which is much more further and much smaller!” Jessica said but Yuri gave
    her a smile. Seeing Yuri will not change her mind, Jessica shoots but
    hits only the tree.

    “see? I suck at shooting… I can’t hit it with this range and that much
    smaller..…” Jessica said as she frowned. “I know… that’s because you’re
    TRYING to hit the bottle… don’t TRY to hit it… shoot it as if you’re
    shooting it to hit it.” Yuri said and Jessica takes aim but this time,
    before Jessica pulls the trigger Yuri gently held Jessica’s arm and
    supports her from behind. As Yuri held her, Jessica felt something
    different. Something warm.

    “now… don’t be hasty.. take your time…” Yuri said as she guides
    Jessica’s arms and slowly, Jessica’s breathing becomes steady, as if she
    felt she can do it correctly.

    “now that you’re taking your time… try to relax more… don’t be hasty….
    Calm your breathing…” Yuri slightly arched forward as to line up her
    face on the same height and place as Jessica’s.

    Yuri felt Jessica finally free of tension. “now.. take aim
    carefully…………feel your pulse and when is steadies...………………………pull the
    trigger..” Yuri said.

    *BANG!* the bottle shattered and Jessica smiled at Yuri’s guidance.
    “wow…. I can’t believe I actually hit it..” Jessica said as she turned
    around and faced Yuri. “…thank you Yuri….” Jessica said as she gave the
    tanned girl a kiss on the lips.

    “heheh… I just did that to earn your kiss Sica…” Yuri cheekily smile
    after their lips parted and Jessica gave a playful slap on the tanned
    girl’s arm.

    “yah! You don’t have to do that if you want my lips… you know this lips
    were only meant for you…” Jessica said as she leaned for another kiss.

    Seconds after their intimate kiss, both of them parted gasping for air.
    “wow…. I didn’t know you’re also sweet talking to me Sica baby…” Yuri
    said as she looked caringly at Jessica’s face as she held the blonde
    girl’s chin.

    “…blame it on the tanned girl that I love so much…..” Jessica said and
    Yuri smiled. “oh? And who would that be?” Yuri played along with
    Jessica’s cue.

    “hmm if I were to describe her? she has the hottest body that I’ve ever
    knew BUT she’s also a caring assassin that I’ve met and who is also
    caringly taking care of everyone… especially me and her sister…. And
    also her new sister…” Jessica said as she hugged Yuri.

    “hmm I think I know that person… do by any chance… she’s here?” Yuri
    asked as she moved her face an inch closer to Jessica’s face. Jessica

    “oh you bet she is…. And right now… she’s thinking of kissing me
    again..” Jessica said as she also lean an inch closer to Yuri’s face.

    “yeah? can you tell that she want to kiss you now?” Yuri said as she moved another inch closer and smiled seductively.

    “I can feel her hot breath already in front my lips… while trying to
    seduce me with her smile…” Jessica said as she also moved an inch and
    smiled while closing her eyes.

    As but of their lips are going to crash into each other, suddenly their lips kissed something hard and cold.

    “………………………..” both of them were silent and still not opening their eyes
    but as the broke the kiss and opened their eyes, they both saw a
    familiar thing. Something Jessica is familiar with. Then it hits them,
    hard and cold…. They both kissed a vase and saw Yoona is holding it
    while smiling back at them as she quickly slid the vase between their
    kiss to prank them.

    “YAH!! IM YOONA!!!” Jessica shouted and Yoona ran playfully again and
    Jessica gave another chase to the silent girl. Yuri, although
    embarrassed at what happened, manages to chuckle at Yoona’s antics.

    As she watches Yoona running away from Jessica, who is now smiling at
    the silent girl while giving a chase, Yuri felt something warm and tear
    started to flow out as she smiles and looked up in the sky.

    “….Yoong….. I know you’re watching me…. I won’t break my promise to
    you…. I’ll protect her in anyway I can…. And I’ll love her… like I loved
    you back then…” Yuri said as she wiped her tears away and joined the

    “GOTCHA!!!” Yuri shouted as she finally caught Yoona with the help of
    Jessica. But to their surprise, they heard Yoona laughed for the first
    time. Both of them were surprised to hear Yoona’s voice for the first

    “Y-Yoona? you can laugh now?” Jessica said as she covered her mouth in
    happiness as she looked at Yoona who is now on Yuri’s arms.

    “hehehehe” Yoona laughed cheekily. “my god…. Yoona…. you have the same
    voice as my sister!” Yuri said as she smiled and hugged Yoona and Yoona
    hugged back. Jessica teared up in happiness and hugged her two beloved
    persons in her life.

    “I’m happy for the both of you…” Jessica said then soon she felt an arm
    is slowly wrapping around her and Jessica looked it was Yoona.

    “…u….u…..umm…..umma…” Yoona called as she looked at Jessica and reaches
    her arms as if she’s asking Jessica to be carried by her. both Yuri and
    Jessica were speechless at Yoona’s progress.

    “Y-Yoong? What …..what did you call me again?” Jessica asked as both
    Jessica and Yuri’s eyes widened. But Yoona just smiled back at them.

    “aaa……aaaap…app….apppa….appa!” Yoona called and looked at Yuri. Yuri was
    surprised as Yoona called her Appa. “wae? I’m a girl too Yoong…” Yuri
    said but Yoona just smiled and stretched both of her arms towards Yuri
    and smiled.

    “app….pa!” Yoona called as she looked at Yuri then turned to look at Jessica. “umm…ma….Umma!” Yoona said it clearly and smiled.

    Jessica smiled. “oh Yoona… you don’t know how happy I am….” Jessica said
    as she hugged the once silent girl now able to call them. as Jessica
    hugged Yoona, she noticed Yuri is quiet. “why are you quiet Yuri?”
    Jessica asked as she’s still hugging Yuri.

    “….well…. why do I have to be the “male” from us?” Yuri said as she
    faked a sad face but Jessica just chuckled. “babo… because…. You’re
    always protecting her, me and everyone… that’s what Appa do right?”
    Jessica said and Yuri looked at Yoona who is still in Jessica’s arms and
    the young girl is nodding.

    Yuri sighed in defeat but also smiled. “….fine.. *sigh*…. Why is it hard to resist you two….” Yuri said as she smiled.

    “now come on…. I forgot that everyone is waiting for us… and I’m pretty
    sure… Yoona will leave their jaws hanging….” Yuri said and the three of
    them finished their quality time and went back inside.

    As they are now complete inside the dining room, all of their mouths
    were all wide opened. All of them heard Yoona’s voice for the first,
    except Narsha and Seohyun, as they heard Yoona calling Yuri and Jessica
    “Umma and Appa” as she sweetly clings on both Yuri’s and Jessica’s

    As they were surprised with their mouths hanging wide open, Sooyoung
    chewed food slowly drips back on her plate, Sunny’s spoon falls on the
    floor, Hyoyeon didn’t notice that her cup of coffee is already full as
    she’s pouring at that time and now the coffee pot is empty and her
    coffee is spilling on her pants while Gyuri and Hara, their beverages
    quickly dripped from their mouth. In short all of their activities
    stopped as they looked at Yoona who is happily calling her new “parents”
    while making themselves looked dumbfounded with food and drinks oozing
    from their mouths except for Tiffany and Taeyeon.

    Tiffany was the first one to recover as her eyes suddenly disappeared as
    she smiles. “YUWREEEEEEEEE!!!” Tiffany squealed in happiness like a
    fangirl who just saw her idol as she furiously claps her hands and
    hugged Yoona and Taeyeon recovered second and she gave Yuri and Jessica a
    warm smile.

    “…nice going there Yul, Sica….” Taeyeon said as she patted both Yuri and
    Jessica’s shoulders then patted Yoona’s head and ruffles her hair.

    Then she turned to look at the rest. “…and you guys… better wipe your
    mouths… specially Sooyoung… you look like a baby who is drooling food
    from your mouth, Hyo, I think you need to make another coffee as you
    spilled it all already and change your pants… Gyuri and Hara…. Better
    use a Bib from now on…” Taeyeon said as she chuckled and everyone
    shouted in joy for Yoona’s huge but slowly progress.

    As everyone is celebrating Yoona’s progress, all of them stopped as they
    heard a loud slamming of a door from the front yard. Gyuri already have
    a feeling as she ran towards the front door and saw the gate is opened
    as if someone had gone outside.

    Gyuri immediately ran towards Seungyeon’s room.

    As Gyuri arrived at Seungyeon’s room, she noticed an unfinished half
    eaten food next to Seungyeon’s bed and a spilled food on the floor.
    Gyuri looked at Seungyeon and the recovering girl is staring at the

    “….. I can’t believe it…. why would she like me?” Seungyeon said loudly.
    “I don’t even like her… I like Yuri-ssi…” Seungyeon said.

    “….aren’t you a dumb one….” Gyuri said which made Seungyeon look at
    Gyuri. “what do you mean by that? is it wrong to fall in love with
    someone?” Seungyeon asked. “… should ask yourself that…..” Gyuri
    retorted with a bored look on her face.

    ++Flash back++

    Seungyeon’s door opened and this time her vision is better. “Jiyoung?” Seungyeon called and Jiyoung smiled. “yeah it’s me unnie… how are you feeling?” Jiyoung asked. “…I’m great… thanks for asking…” Seungyeon returned the smile.

    “…well… since you’re stuck in that bed unnie I fetch you some light snacks… since we were having a snack right now…” Jiyoung said as she carefully placed the tray beside Seungyeon’s bed.

    “thank you… that’s sweet of you…..” Seungyeon said.
    hearing those words coming out from Seungyeon’s mouth made Jiyoung
    giddy up inside as she also felt her cheek heated up.

    “w-what do you want unnie? I bought spaghetti and lasagna… you choose what you want and I get the other..” Jiyoung said.

    “…the spaghetti please…” Seungyeon said. Jiyoung’s
    face lit up as the spaghetti were made by her for Seungyeon. Jiyoung
    pulled a chair beside Seungyeon’s bed and sat there with all smiles and
    Seungyeon noticed.

    “hmm someone is in a good mood…” Seungyeon said as she smiled back at Jiyoung, whose face is now beating red. “yeah… well… I’m just happy to see you feeling well already unnie….”
    Jiyoung replied in hoping to prevent Seungyeon knowing her true
    feelings. As both of them is now eating their snacks, Seungyeon
    remembered something.

    “aahh… Jiyoung-ah… can I ask something?” Seungyeon suddenly stopped eating and so did Jiyoung as she looked at Seungyeon.

    “…..where is Yuri-ssi?” Seungyeon asked. At that moment, Jiyoung’s heart dropped as she can’t answer right away which made Seungyeon asked again.

    “s-she’s in the dining room with the others…” Jiyoung replied as she faked a smile but deep inside she felt her heart was stabbed by a million needles.

    “oh…” Seungyeon said. “…..why are you looking for her?” Jiyoung asked trying to hold her ground. “…well…
    I’d like to thank her for rescuing us back there…. If she hadn’t come…
    we would be goner for sure… heck I was sure I’m already goner…..”
    Seungyeon said.

    Jiyoung falls silent as she slowly lowered her plate on her lap. “Jiyoung-ah?” Seungyeon called as she noticed Jiyoung’s saddened expression.

    “something wrong?” Seungyeon asked again as she puts the spaghetti on the bed side. “unnie…. why do you think it’s Yuri unnie saved you?” Jiyoung asked without looking up to Seungyeon.

    “…well she risked her life to save us…..” Seungyeon said. “….i was there too unnie…. you didn’t know?” Jiyoung said as she clenched her fist holding back her tears.

    “…… I know Jiyoung-ah… I heard your voice when you crashed that humvee on the wall back there…” Seungyeon said.

    “didn’t you know I also risked my life saving you unnie?”
    Jiyoung said as she looked up now to Seungyeon while biting her lower
    lips but tears is now trickling down on her half eaten lasagna.

    “Jiyoung-ah… i… I’m not quite getting your words…. What are you saying?” Seungyeon asked. “……
    unnie…. do you know? when you were taken in the ER? I waited for
    several hours, worrying for your life and your safety… I shed tears for
    you knowing how grave your situation is, punctured lungs and all… I was
    so worried….” Jiyoung said.

    Seungyeon eyes widened at Jiyoungs’ words.

    “w-what are you trying to say Jiyoung-ah?” Seungyeon asked. At the heat of the moment where Jiyoung cannot take the pressure, she blurted out her true feelings.

    “it’s because I liked you Seungyeon unnie!! like Hyoyeon unnie and Nicole!! I like you the same way they liked each other!!” Jiyoung said which made Seungyeon surprised.

    “….J-Jiyoung?.... what are you…” as Seungyeon was going to asked again Jiyoung cuts her words. “it’s
    because you always think about Yuri unnie all the time! Why can’t you
    think of my hardships also?! Even though I’m not good at combat,
    gunfights and driving, I risked myself for saving you because I was so
    worried about you unnie! why can’t you see that? why can’t you see my
    effort?........ I love you unnie!! I really do!”
    Jiyoung confessed which made Seungyeon surprised.

    Silence engulfed them for about a good long five minutes before one of them talked again. “…sorry Jiyoung-ah…. I like you but….. I loved you only as my sister….. I’m sorry….. I liked someone else…” Seungyeon said which made Jiyoung’s heart shatters into a million pieces.

    “…’s Yuri unnie isn’t it?” Jiyoung asked and Seungyeon just fell silent. “…. Why? Why can’t you love me? isn’t my effort enough? Is my affection to you are not enough?” Jiyoung asked but Seungyeon turned away her stare and look out from the window.

    “….i’m not asking you to love me instantly Seungyeon
    unnie…. but just so you know…. Yuri unnie already have Jessica unnie….
    and that spaghetti you just picked and ate… I made that just for you…”
    Jiyoung said as she stood up instantly without caring for the lasagna dropping from her lap as she ran outside, hurt badly.

    “I’m sorry Jiyoung-ah….. I just don’t know what to do
    anymore…. I lied that I don’t notice your effort… I’m just afraid I
    might hurt you in the future….”
    Seungyeon said as she’s also hurt by her own words and breaking Jiyoung’s heart.

    ++Flash back end ++

    “….my my… aren’t you a selfish one…” Gyuri said with an annoyed voice.
    “you’re afraid to get her hurt because of your issues with everyone?”
    Gyuri said and Seungyeon nodded.

    “fool! Stupid! Selfish! Self-centered! You insensitive ungrateful
    person! How could you say that? OH! Right!.... I bet you don’t know how
    she broke down when Narsha unnie rushed you inside the ER! You should’ve
    seen her… we all know she’s a quiet, jolly and caring person and when
    you were rushed in like that, she broke down into million pieces….. that
    moment, everyone thought of one thing and that is to forgive and give
    you another chance. and it's all because of her!” Gyuri said.

    Seungyeon was shocked to hear Jiyoung had actually broken down like
    that. “did she really…..” Seungyeon tried to asked and Gyuri answered
    immediately. “she did….. *sigh* you just think of a word to say to her went we get her back…..” Gyuri said.

    “unnie? get her back?” Seungyeon asked. “….babo! she’s hurt and ran away
    as you said it right in front of her face!” Gyuri said as she stomped
    out of the room.

    “…Jiyoung-ah….” Seungyeon could only utter in defeat and once again
    regretting her actions that she, yet again, hurt another person.

    Meanwhile, out in the woods, right outside Narsha’s house. “Fany-ah?
    how’s your side there? Did you find a trace of her?” Yuri asked as both
    she and Jessica and the rest have gone out to look for Jiyoung.

    “Taengoo here Yul… negative on our side…..” Taeyeon replied. “Hyo here,
    Hara found a piece of Jiyoung’s piece of ripped clothing… we’re guessing
    it got ripped as she ran into something….” Hyoyeon informed every one.

    “hurry up guys… it’s almost night time….. mostly there are wild animals lurking during night time….” Narsha informed them.

    “nice timing unnie… and you inform us this now when it’s already 6:30
    P.M.?” Yuri said which made Narsha mentally slap her forehead. “Aish…
    Mianhe…. Anyway we got to look for her quickly…” Narsha said.

    “easier for you to say while you’re telling us when you’re inside that
    damn house while we’re out here searching….. good thing Gyuri-ssi teamed
    up with me….” Ga-In said.

    “yeah unnie, seriously… why did you choose such hiding place…” Miryo
    asked. “well? one.. security system are cheap!” Narsha replied. “….yeah
    cheap alright…. using wild animals are you security defense…” Jessica
    said for everyone to hear on their walkie talkie which made everyone

    “well? I got another reason…. would you guys rather let the kids go with
    you in there or leave the kids alone in here with an injured person?”
    Narsha said as she smirked knowing she’d win that argument.

    “yeah… yeah we got your point unnie…..” Yuri answered as they continue the search.

    But unknown to Narsha, Yoona, Seohyun and IU, they didn’t notice a
    person forced her way out from the bed. “hang on Jiyoung-ah……I’m…..i’m
    coming for you…. please be safe….” Seungyeon said as she managed to get
    past Narsha, Yoona and Seohyun who’s busy communicating with the search

    Meanwhile, deep in the woods, Jiyoung had been running and crying and
    she arrived at a location where there is a small cliff. Knowing she
    couldn’t go anymore further Jiyoung sat down and hugged her knees and
    began crying her hearts out.

    “why…. Why can’t she love me….. she is thinking about Yuri unnie only …
    haven’t I done enough for her to notice me?” Jiyoung said as she gave a
    loud sobs.

    Several minutes Jiyoung heard something moving on the bush behind her.
    “H-Hello? Is anyone there?” Jiyoung said as she nervously called but the
    shuffling of the leaves becomes more and more wildly as three stray
    wolves came out and growling back at her.

    Jiyoung picked up a broken tree branch and tries to fend off the wolves
    as one of wolves suddenly ran towards her and Jiyoung was caught
    surprised as it jump at her knocking her back down on the ground.

    As the wolf tries to bite her neck, Jiyoung immediately blocked it with
    the tree branch but the two remaining wolves started running towards her
    and one bites her in her leg and one of her arm.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Jiyoung screamed in pain loud enough for everyone to hear.

    “Guys! I heard Jiyoung’s scream! Something happened to her!” Taeyeon
    alerted everyone and they all hurriedly and desperately ran blindly as
    Jiyoung’s scream were almost everywhere because of the wide area of the
    woods due to the prism effect of sounds.

    Jiyoung gritted her teeth and sucked the pain in as she used her free
    leg and managed to kick the wolf in the face that’s biting her on her
    leg and it yelp in pain as it stumbles away from her. The wolf saw what
    happened and released her bite on the tree branch and bites her injured
    leg. With the tree branch free, she used it to hit the wolf that is
    biting her other arm and also hits the wolf that is biting her injured

    Jiyoung tried to stand up and successfully did but as she tries to run,
    her injured leg started to feel numb but she tries desperately to run

    As Jiyoung turned around and starts limping away from the wolves, she
    was sent on the ground again as one of the wolves ran towards her again
    and jumped on her back and bites hard on her shoulder.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Jiyoung screamed in pain again but this
    time, two of the wolves suddenly yelped in pain as another growl
    emerged and this time is was a grizzly bear.

    The wolf that is biting her released her from its bite and faced the
    grizzly bear with the wolf’s agility, I manages to bite the grizzly bear
    on the arm as the two other wolves got up and one bites on the leg and
    the other one jumped from behind and bites the bear on the shoulder.

    Jiyoung used this chance to escape.

    As she finally manages to stand up, one of the wolves came flying
    towards her and it dropped dead on her feet. As she looked at the
    grizzly bear, she saw the bear threw one wolf off the cliff and the last
    wolf was pummeled down on the ground.

    Jiyoung knew she haven’t much time left and started to limp her way out to escape the grizzly bear that is now focused on her.

    As the grizzly saw Jiyoung blood stained clothes. Jiyoung scent of blood
    made the grizzly more excited as it got down on all fours and started
    running towards the injured tall girl.

    “oh God…. Please someone help me! anyone….” Jiyoung prayed as she cried while still limping away from the oncoming grizzly bear.

    And just as the grizzly bear manages to catch Jiyoung, it stood up on
    its hind legs and prepared to swipe Jiyoung with its claws, then someone
    had tackled Jiyoung out of the way, just in time when the bear swung
    its claws and hits nothing but air.

    “babo….. why did you run away you freakin’ tall caring girl…. you
    haven’t given me a chance to say anything about it…” Jiyoung looked who
    just saved her and it was Seungyeon.

    “how did you….” Jiyoung tried to ask but Seungyeon stopped her. “come
    on!!” Seungyeon said as she bare the pain from her injury and is now
    supporting Jiyoung as they made their way on the edge of the cliff.

    The grizzly bear saw them and starts running again towards them.
    “S-Seungyeon unnie?” Jiyoung called but the injured girl just smirked.
    “come on…come on….” Seungyeon said as she watched the grizzly bear
    dashed towards them.

    And as the bear is now close to them it suddenly jumped towards them but
    Seungyeon already knew what to do. Seungyeon pushed Jiyoung away to
    side and Seungyeon jumped on the opposite side and the bear landed on
    the cliff, plunging towards its death.

    “HAH! Serves you right!” Seungyeon said as she painfully stood up
    because of her injury and looked at the grizzly bears dead body that is
    below the cliff as the moon’s light shined on it.

    ++ Click here to listen to the Music++

    then Seungyeon limped her way towards Jiyoung who is still trying to
    stand up but couldn’t because of the injury from the wolves.

    “Jiyoung-ah…..hang on…. I’m coming…..” Seungyeon called but as
    Seungyeon got close, the land where Jiyoung placed suddenly gave in and
    to Seungyeon’s horror, she watched Jiyoung slowly fell down.

    Then a miracle happened. Before Jiyoung falls down to her death, as if
    in slow motion, Jiyoung saw the land she was in is starting to get
    farther and farther as she tried to reach out her hand to grab on to

    “…..i don’t want to die…..” Jiyoung thought to herself and all of a
    sudden she felt a hand gripping her wrist tightly and as she looked, it
    was Seungyeon.

    Seungyeon instantly jumped when she saw Jiyoung falls down and totally
    forgot her broken ribs injury, and landed hard on her ribs causing her
    unimaginable pain and made her cough up blood but ignored the pain as
    she is now hell bent of preventing Jiyoung to die. Not because she
    wanted to save the girl but something else.

    “u-unnie…. your ribs….” Jiyoung said as she is still worrying about
    Seungyeon. “….s-shut ….it….. i…. I don’t……want…… you…… die……….on
    me……you hear?” Seungyeon gritted her teeth as she tries to pulls up
    Jiyoung but due to their height difference, Jiyoung was heavy.

    “but…unnie…. you’re injuring yourself too much….i…. I don’t want to…. to
    see you hurt more badly because of saving me….” Jiyoung said and then
    something wet hits her face and it was warm as she looked up she saw
    Seungyeon crying.

    “babo….. if you die…. I’d be more hurt….. don’t you dare die on me, you
    still haven’t letting me feel your love towards me!” Seungyeon said.
    “B-But…. What about Yuri-unnie?” Jiyoung asked. “…yeah sure I liked
    her……. but……. That’s just an admiration! Jiyoung-ah….. I also love you!
    DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP ON ME!!!” Seungyeon said as she gritted her teeth
    and totally ignoring the pain from her injured ribs as blood is now
    dripping from her mouth.

    At that time, Jiyoung felt hope as she also ignored her wounds and pulled herself up while Seungyeon also pulls Jiyoung up.

    But because of their injuries, both of them felt their strength is
    slowly draining as Seungyeon felt Jiyoung’s grip on her is starting to
    loosened. “U-unnie….. I can’t hold out much longer….” Jiyoung said.

    “SHUT UP!! I WON’T LET YOU!!!” Seungyeon said and then at the right
    moment a pair of hands suddenly came out of nowhere and grabbed
    Jiyoung’s hand.

    “easy there….we got you…” Seungyeon looked and it was Jessica. “Miss
    Jung?” Seungyeon asked and Jessica smiled. “….that’s enough reason for
    me to trust you again Seungyeon…” Jessica said.

    “YURI!! OVER HERE QUICK!!!” Jessica shouted and Yuri quickly rushed over
    and soon after everyone came and helped Seungyeon pulls up Jiyoung.

    After their struggle all of them were panting hard because of
    exhaustion. Then a laugh broke their silence. As they look, it was Hara.

    “hehehe… know…. you two are cheesy a while back ago….” Hara said.
    “yeah… although we didn’t saw what happened, we definitely heard how you
    two confessed to each other…” Hyoyeon followed up.

    “yeah…it’s about damn time too…. I was observing Jiyoung back then when
    she was carrying Seungyeon back on Narsha unnie’s house….” Sooyoung

    “I guess we should call you the “injured couple” right now huh?” Sunny said which made them all chuckle.

    “unnie…. is it true? What you’ve just said?” Jiyoung asked Seungyeon.

    “….let me see…. Injuring her self more to save you? maybe she’s joking?”
    Jea said. “babo! Don’t ruin the moment Jea…” Miryo said as she gave Jea
    a playful slap at the back of her head.

    Seungyeon and Jiyoung blushed. “…I guess that’s yes…..” Taeyeon said.
    “come on… we need you two to get patched up…. geez…. You two should’ve
    said your true feelings a while ago…” Tiffany said as they helped
    Seungyeon and Jiyoung.

    ++ Music End ++

    “Yuri-ah… you carry Seungyeon….” Jessica said. “eh? Why me?” Yuri asked.
    “….well DUH! She liked you….didn’t you hear?” Jessica said in a playful
    tone but Yuri knows Jessica is jealous.

    “uh-oh…. Someone is going to be whipped……..WHUP-PSSSH!” Miryo said which
    earning all of them a light chuckle except for a Nervous Yuri, awkward
    Seungyeon and Jealous Jessica who is glaring at the two as they head

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 33 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 34

    After several hours of tending Jiyoung’s wounds and Seungyeon’s injury,
    all of them gathered in the room where Jiyoung and Seungyeon are now
    lying side by side by two beds.

    “………….” Sunny kept silent. “what’s wrong my Bunny?” Sooyoung asked.
    “….nothing…. I’m just thinking… would you do the same thing for me if I
    were in that situation?” Sunny asked while smiling. “of course not!!”
    Sooyoung replied.

    Hearing Sooyoung’s reply made Sunny glare daggers at her. “so…… you
    would rather let me die?” Sunny said as she was going to throw a fit but
    before Sunny could throw a fit, Sooyoung smiled and hugged Sunny.

    “….. hear me out first my Bunny…. What happened to Seungyeon and
    Jiyoung… it won’t happen to us…. Because ……… I will not let anything
    happen to you…” Sooyoung said as she gave Sunny a kiss on the forehead
    and Sunny smiled, feeling satisfied at Sooyoung’s answer and she return
    the hug.

    “geez… get a room you two…..” Gyuri said as she chuckled.

    “by the way unnie…. How come Seungyeon unnie manage to find Jiyoung faster than us?” Hara asked.

    “Simple….i just followed the trail of broken branches and bended grasses and leaves along the way…” Seungyeon replied.

    Hearing Seungyeon’s method made Hara mentally slapped her forehead.
    “….why didn’t I think of that… Cap said to take my stuffs…” Hara said
    as everyone chuckled at Hara’s wasted efforts.

    “hehe well at least you never fail to find a clue… you found Jiyoung’s
    ripped piece of clothing along the way..” Hyoyeon jokingly said earning
    some light laughter.

    “so? Are you guys comfortable seeing Seungyeon and Jiyoung like that?” Narsha asked and all their attention were on her.

    “what do you mean Narsha unnie?” Sunny asked. “don’t you think we should
    let their beds move closer? After all, they’re going to be spending
    some time recovering…” Narsha said as she gave a naughty grin but
    Jessica grinned more.

    “….here’s a good suggestion… instead of moving their beds closer to each
    other… why don’t we move one of them into one bed so they can share
    more moments…” Jessica said which made everyone grin

    “aw come on you guys…. Knock it off… although I like the idea…. We
    should stop teasing them…” Taeyeon said as she’s still chuckling.

    “anyway….. thank you guys for trusting me again….. I promise no matter
    what… I won’t forget and let you all down…. As some people say, once is
    enough, twice is too much…. So I won’t break anyone’s trusts…..”
    Seungyeon said as she looked at Jiyoung who is now peacefully slumbering
    on the other bed.

    “…and I’ll take care of her with everything I can….” Seungyeon said and
    everyone smiled at Seungyeon’s words. They all felt Seungyeon’s words
    are too sincere.

    “……..uhm… unnies? Can I ask something?” IU broke the moment. “hm? What’s up?” Taeyeon looked at IU.

    “if it’s ok with unnies……… I have to tell everyone something….” IU said which made their attention focus to her.

    “it’s about the “group” isn’t it?” Yuri instinctively said and IU nodded.

    “what do you know about them…” Tiffany asked as she gave IU a serious look.

    “………. Let me start with this first unnies…. I’ve noticed the “group”
    you’re talking about… they even managed to hide their true name to you….
    The “group” was only a screen name if someone manages to captures one
    of the agents and when they’re asked. You only know the name “Group”….
    But that wasn’t the actual name…” IU said.

    “what are getting at?” Hyoyeon asked. “…well…. To start off…….. the
    “group’s” name was actually….. Assassin’s Neo Terrorism Insurgency…. In
    short… A.N.T.I.” IU said.

    “…..ANTI huh…. Sounds like they just an anti fans with the certain group
    that I liked…” Tiffany said. “I know unnie kinda lame huh? But they
    used it anyway…..” IU said.

    “so…. is that what you want to tell us?” Taeyeon asked but with
    Taeyeon’s question made IU looked at everyone with a concern look on her
    face and Taeyeon noticed it.

    “something tells me…….. there’s more but….. it will throw us out of our seat…” Taeyeon said nervously.

    “….i don’t know how to say this Taeyeon unnie…. But…. Most of what I
    will tell….. you and Tiffany unnie were the most severe case……” IU said.

    Everyone looked at Taeyeon and Tiffany with concerns. “…what do you
    mean?” Taeyeon asked. “…..let me ask first…. Which want do you want me
    to share first? Yours? or Tiffany’s?”

    “… the privilege of taking these rowdy rascals under me….. tell mine first….” Taeyeon said.

    “…..Taeyeon unnie……….. are you sure?” IU asked as she wants assurance.
    “….do I have a choice? It’s not like I can’t handle anymore surprises….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “…….. Taeyeon unnie…… this information will send you into oblivion……” IU
    said as she turned to look at Seohyun and Yoona then took a deep

    “I’ve been dragged into this in the first place without my knowing….. I
    might as well go all the way…. Besides…. I don’t like being kept in
    secrets….” Taeyeon said as she held Tiffany’s hand tightly. Tiffany felt
    Taeyeon’s worries.

    “……very well then…. First you have to know…. The ANTI’s have several
    Bosses in there…. My Uncle is also a part of it and so is Eun Ji Won….
    Which you unnies have already defeated….. and then next is Yoo JaeSuk
    where he handles the Mexican branch where Seungyeon-ssi was held captive
    and was saved by Yuri-ssi……. In our own Seoul…… there were two Bosses
    there….. Hyeon Jeon Mu and……..” IU stopped and looked at Tiffany.

    “Hwang Chansung…..” IU said. At that moment, Taeyeon felt Tiffany’s hand
    this time gripped hers tightly and starts shaking. Taeyeon at that
    time knows, that Hwang Chansung some something to do with Tiffany but
    couldn’t pinpoint whether her girlfriend was either scared or angry as
    she observed Tiffany’s face shows no reaction but clearly the brunette
    is trying to keep her composure.

    “Fany-ah?” Taeyeon called but Tiffany put on a small smile. Taeyeon is now convinced that something is wrong with Tiffany.

    “allow me to continue…. On Japan branch…. there’s Park Kahi along with
    her most elite hand pick right hand… Uee and Nana…. As of now… the last
    time I heard, they’re in Seoul right now… looking for someone…..” IU
    said and looked at Tiffany again.

    “Tiffany unnie…. I’d like you to know…. Uee is just like you…. But the
    slight difference is…. Your specialty is Poison right? Uee’s specialty
    is anything related on corrosive substance…. In short.. Acids…. And I
    don’t know how but she has a gun that is customized only for her…. As
    she also uses Acid rounds as her bullet… and that’s all I know for now
    since I escaped while I was rummaging on my uncle’s files…. There are
    several lists of other bosses but I didn’t manage to get them all….” IU

    “and now for Taeyeon unnie…………. I hope you’re ready for this….” IU said which made Taeyeon perked up attentively.

    “here’s the main bomb….the ANTI’s Leader goes by the initials of K.G.”
    IU said. “K.G.? but what’s that got to do with me?” Taeyeon asked.

    “….unnie…. their leader is none other than your uncle……… Kim Goora….” IU
    said which sends Taeyeon, Yoona, Seohyun and Hyoyeon in shock.

    “y-you’re not kidding right? There’s no way uncle Goora would be the
    leader of the “group” or ANTI or whatever they’re called….” Taeyeon said
    which also made Seohyun and Yoona hugged the older girl that’s been
    with them ever since Taeyeon’s parents were murdered.

    “…I’m not joking around Taeyeon unnie….. I saw it on my uncle’s files…” IU said which made Hyoyeon sat on Taeyeon’s side.

    “Taeng….” Hyoyeon could only call Taeyeon’s name but unable to utter some words while Taeyeon tightly hugged the two maknaes.

    “i…. I can’t believe it …. How could he be the leader of these bad people? He’s been kind to us! Specially Yoona!” Taeyeon said.

    “…….. Taeyeon-ssi.. can I speculate some concerns?” Gyuri spoke. “as far
    as I put the piece of information that I’ve been gathering right now….
    Your uncle is good person and always takes care of you ever since you
    three came here in San Francisco… right?” Gyuri asked and everyone

    “here’s what I think…. Maybe your uncle is taking good care of you three
    since his real motive is Im Yoona…. And take a good look at the picture
    here Taeyeon-ssi…. The reason he took you three in here is to keep an
    eye on you and just like a snake, he’ll strike when you least expected….
    and the reason he's too nice to Im Yoona is to gain her trust and when
    the time comes... they will extract the information they want from
    her.... I’d hate to think the ugly scenario but this is the only
    conclusion I can come up with…” Gyuri said.

    “…..Gyuri-ssi pretty much get the picture Taeyeon-ssi… as far as we
    know…. You unnies will have little time to rest….. because the last
    thing I was on my uncle’s file…. All of you are on ANTI’s termination
    list….” IU said.

    “Including us?” Hara asked. “…no…. to be specific, majorly…… Kim
    Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Seo Joo Hyun, Lee Sunny, Kim Hyoyeon, Choi
    Sooyoung, Kwon Yuri, Jessica Jung, Im Yoona, Kwon Yoona and Kwon Boa….”
    IU said.

    “….but why me?” Hyoyeon asked. “and me also?” Jessica followed suit.
    “…for Detective Hyoyeon unnie…. You also pose a threat since you’re the
    cousin of Taeyeon unnie…. And to Jessica unnie… you already know too
    much…. About how they work…” IU said.

    “…this is insane…. I ….. I …. I refuse to believe this! But why Seohyun is included too? And Yoona?” Taeyeon asked.

    ‘Mianhe Taeyeon unnie….. I don’t have any information regarding Seohyun
    and Yoona…” IU said as she lowered her head of guilt. All of them fell
    in an awkward atmosphere upon hearing the news.

    “…… but what about us? We also knew how they work… but aren’t we
    included?” Nicole asked. “…..Unnies…. anyone who is related to them are
    considered as loose ends…. Haven’t you noticed? When they spot anyone
    of you… the orders are to kill on sight….” IU said.

    “……….. give me just a minute……… I ……… I need to rethink this over…… I
    …………..” Taeyeon didn’t finish her words as she stepped out of the room.

    “…….i’m sorry unnies if I suddenly dropped this vital info….. you see…
    this is the other reason I ran away from Seoul….. they also wanted me
    dead because of everything I know…” IU said.

    “…… this is rather awkward and depressing…..” Sunny said as she walked
    out of the room next with Sooyoung following the short girl. Then
    Tiffany followed after and Jessica next.

    “………. Yuri?” Narsha called. “…… I’m fine…. It’s just hard to take these
    info…. I’ll be following them….” Yuri said as she followed the ones who
    stepped out.

    “…I also need to talk to my cousin about this….” Hyoyeon said leaving
    Yoona, Seohyun, Gyuri, Hara, Nicole, Seungyeon, Nicole, IU and Narsha.

    Outside Narsha’s house, Hyoyeon saw Taeyeon lying above on the bullet
    riddled van that they used when the first time they came to Narsha’s

    “… something on your mind Taeng?” Hyoyeon called. “…Hyo………….” Taeyeon looked then stared back on the night sky.

    “…… all these time….. I never expected uncle to be the leader…. He was
    so nice… and even used to treat us specially Yoona….” Taeyeon said as
    she lets out a heavy sigh.

    “I know… I was surprised too….. but Gyuri’s speculation threw us off the
    boat… don't blame her Taeng.. when she speculates. she's just like
    you.....” Hyoyeon said as she joined Taeyeon on top of the van.

    “I don’t know what to do now Hyo….. we’ve been clinging on the very same
    person that wanted to kill us…. I don’t know how to react….” Taeyeon
    said as she closed her eyes.

    “…Taeng… whatever plan you came up… I want you to know… I’ll support you….. don’t hesitate to talk to anyone…” Hyoyeon said.

    “yeah include me in on your plan…. There’s no way I’m letting them go
    after what they’ve done…” Jessica emerged on the side of the van. “Yeah…
    don’t forget us too Taengoo…. We all support whatever your decision
    will be….” Sooyoung’s voice came from the other side as Taeyeon and
    Hyoyeon looked, Sunny is with Sooyoung.

    “you guys………. You do know, I’m not always perfect….” Taeyeon said. “we
    know….. that’s why we’re here Tae-Tae….” This time it’s Tiffany to
    emerged behind Sooyoung and Sunny. “Fany-ah….” Taeyeon called but
    Tiffany just smiled.

    “yeah we’re here to compensate on what you lack Taeng…..” Sunny said as
    she gave an OK sign and made Taeyeon’s mind slightly at ease.

    “…I’m glad I get to know you guys…. Specially you Fany-ah…” Taeyeon said
    as she smiled. As they were encouraging themselves, Jessica noticed
    someone is missing.

    “…guys… can I leave you for a sec? I’m going to find Yuri….” Jessica said as she hurriedly ran back inside.

    “…..oh yean… I didn’t noticed Yuri isn’t here…..” Hyoyeon said.
    “…..she’s preparing….” Sunny blurted out. “preparing for what?” Taeyeon

    “………………preparing for an all out war……” Sooyoung replied. “that means more body bags…..” Hyoyeon said.

    “…..who can blame her? Yoona’s life is on the line again….. I’m sorry
    Tae-Tae but I don’t want to be on Yuwree’s path this time…..” Tiffany
    said. “why’s that?” Taeyeon asked.

    “…… we all know how caring Yuwree is right? Give her a mission, she
    always doubt it and trust her instinct…. But…. When someone really close
    to her are in danger… expect her to go out going “Rambo” on anyone who
    tries to harm that she loves….” Tiffany said.

    "well... by Yuri acting like that.. glad to know she's the old Yuri we know..." Sooyoung added.

    Seoul, Unknown place.

    Amber and the rest arrived at Big Bang’s Place only to find their place is in shambles. “…..oh no….” Amber said.

    “Amber…. What now? It seems the “group” also got them…” Luna said. “i…. I
    don’t know anymore Luna… I haven’ got much confidence in leading you
    all….” Amber said as she dropped on her knee feeling of loosing hope on
    completing her words to Victoria.

    “…don’t beat yourself about it Amber… why don’t you take a rest…. In the
    mean time…. Me and Luna will scout the area…. We’ve been through a lot
    keeping ourselves hidden in these woods…” Hyomin suggested.

    “but… but…. You guys are my responsibility… if something happens to anyone of you…” Amber said but she was stopped by Sulli.

    “come on Amber… look when Victoria unnie appointed you as our leader… it
    doesn’t mean you have to take all the burden…. We’re here for you so
    let us at least do our fair share…. You’ve been running on fumes taking
    the point to assure out path is safe…” Sulli said.

    “but…. But…” Amber said. “….if you say “but” one more time, I swear….
    It’s going to make you sound the you like butts…” Eun-Jung said.

    “besides…. Soyeon and Krystal need to rest… not to mention Krystal here
    haven’t gained consciousness since earlier..” Sulli said.

    “….alright… but don’t wander too far…” Amber said as she puts her trust
    completely on them. As Luna, Hyomin and Eun-jung disappeared from their
    sight, Amber and Sulli stayed behind with Soyeon and Krystal.

    “hey Amber….” Sulli called. “Yeah? What’s up?” Amber asked as she rubbed
    the back of her neck. “….i’m starting to worry about Krystal…. She
    hasn’t gain consciousness ever since we escaped from our base…” Sulli

    “…so do I Sull….” Amber said as she worriedly sigh. Soyeon crawled
    towards them. “Amber-ssi, Sulli-ssi… let me take a look at her…” Soyeon
    said. Amber and Sulli helped Soyeon check Krystal.

    “so….is she ok?” Sulli asked. “…..she appears don’t have any internal
    injury…. A minor gash on her back…. And she appears to be perfectly
    healthy….” Soyeon said which made Amber and Sulli looked at each other.

    “meaning?” Sulli asked. “….meaning…. she’s just sleeping….” Soyeon said.
    “…man seriously….. in all the danger we’ve been through….. she just
    sleep all the way through…” Amber said.

    “well…….. not exactly…..i know you saw how her head hit the wall behind
    her? that’s the cause she passed out but right now she’s out of the
    danger… she’s sleeping now…. And she could wake up any minute…” Soyeon

    “Thank you Soyeon-unnie oh by the way we haven’t asked you and your team…..”Amber said.

    “oh allow me…. Hyomin, Eun-jung and me…. We’re an Intel team that was
    sent by Park Hyojin A.K.A. Narsha from the B.E.G.” Soyeon said.

    “Intel? You mean you unnies infiltrated the “group’s” place just to get
    info?” Sulli said. “pretty much… yeah…. But if you’re going to ask what
    did we obtained… I’m afraid I don’t have the authority to say that…. We
    we’re taught to be discreetly confidential on any info’s we obtain….
    Mianhe..” Soyeon said.

    “nah.. no biggie…. Just doing what I can to keep us safe…” Amber said.
    “…. But that would mean you got another heavy responsibility by helping
    us… I know that you know the enemy is also after us because of the
    information we got…” Soyeon said.

    “…’s ok…. I if anything happens… I’ll make sure you get to safety…
    no matter what….. just like our unnie did….” Amber said as she cocked
    her pump action shot gun.

    Just then Krystal woke up. “w-where are we?” Krystal asked as she
    noticed the jungle area. “…we got attacked Krys…. Don’t you remember?”
    Sulli said. “…..i remember talking with Victoria unnie and Amber and
    that’s that…” Krystal said.

    “well… we might just inform you…. We got attacked earlier…. And their
    target is you and the Intel team…” Amber said. “me? Why me?” Krystal

    “they plan to use you as a bait to lure out your sister and Kwon Yuri….”
    Sulli said. As both Amber and Sulli explained all the details why they
    were attacked, Krystal roamed her eyes and noticed someone missing.

    “Amber? Sulli?..... where’s Victoria unnie?” Krystal asked and both of them fell silent. Soyeon noticed.

    “you guys want me to tell her?” Soyeon suggested but Amber shook her
    head. “thanks for the offer Soyeon-ssi… but…. This is one of my
    responsibility…..” Amber said as she looked at Krystal straight in the

    “….Krys…………. Unnie is………………… unnie…………… is………………………….” Amber balled up
    her fist as she don’t want to say it but she know she have to. “….unnie
    is what Amber?” Krystal asked.

    “Unnie ………………………………………………………… is dead…..i’m sorry….” Amber said as all
    of them fell silent. Krystal felt her heart shattered at that moment
    since the time she stayed with team f(x), Victoria took care of her like
    her own sister.

    “y-you’re joking right?” Krystal said as she refused to take the news
    but seeing Amber, Sulli and Soyeon’s serious face made her feel

    Krystal dropped on her knees crying as she covers her face with both of
    her hands. “I’ve been taken far away from my real unnie and I miss her
    so bad…. But Victoria unnie filled that space…. And now she’s gone…”
    Krystal muttered as she sobs. Sulli felt Krystal’s pain and
    unconsciously walked towards Krystal and hugged her from the back.

    “ssssshhh… don’t worry…. We will not leave you….. we promise Krys…. We
    will reunite you with your sister…. In the mean time…. Don’t worry about
    being alone…. We’re here…….we’re here for you….” Sulli said and Krystal
    returned Sulli’s hug as she lets out a loud sob.

    ….don’t worry Krys…. I’m also here….” Sulli said to herself as she gently cooed the girl. As they we’re calming Krystal down, a voice was heard from out of nowhere.


    Unknown place

    A female individual opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar
    room. As she opened her eyes, her vision is still blur but with a couple
    of blinks, her vision starts to get clear.

    As she scanned the room, she was the ceiling were somewhat old as some of the parts of the ceiling have some missing pieces.

    “oh you’re finally awake!” a male voice called out. “w-where am i?” the
    woman asked. “….you’re in my place…. Sorry if my place is somewhat
    dilapidated….” The man said.

    “no worries…..” the woman replied but as she tries to stand up, she felt a stinging pain on her gut section and on her arm.

    “whoa! Easy there…. You don’t want to open up your stitches don’t you?” the man said. “Stitches?
    the woman thought to herself. And she immediately pull off the blanket
    covering her body and noticed she’s covered in bandages.

    “sorry for operating you without your permission…. But if I don’t… you
    would’ve died…. You’re lucky I found you on that place when I was trying
    to gather some medicinal herbs…” the man said.

    “…thank you for saving me……” the woman said. “’re most welcome…… oh
    by the way… I’m Nickhun…..Nickhun Horvejkul.. I’m a former ranger field
    medic…..” the man named Nickhun introduced himself to the woman.

    “….Victoria….Victoria Song…..i’m a………..” Victoria stopped at the moment
    because she don’t want Nickhun to know what she really is. “no need to
    hide it from me….. I know what you are….. you’re some sort of special
    agent……” Nickhun said as he smiled.

    “if you knew… then you shouldn’t help me….. it will put your life in danger…” Victoria said but Nickhun just chuckled.

    “funny…. I was just about to say the same thing to you…..” Nickhun said. “w-what do you mean?” Victoria said.

    Nickhun didn’t answer but instead, he rolled up his sleeve and shows to
    Victoria the “group’s” tattoo indicating he’s one of them. Victoria
    shakes in fear and at the same time looked for something that she can
    use as a weapon.

    “don’t bother looking for one… I’ve already strapped you….” Nickhun said then someone knocked on his room.

    “hpmh… they sure are fast… listen Victoria… if you want to live…. I
    suggest you stay still and be quiet….” Nickhun said as he walked out of
    the room.

    Several minutes have passed, Nickhun came back but this time he’s with
    another man. “Miss Song…. I’d like you to meet my assistant Jang
    Wooyoung.” Nickhun said as the man named Wooyoung came in front pushing a

    “what are you going to do with me….” Victoria said as her gave the two
    men a piercing glare. “… we will take you somewhere….. in the mean
    time…. I want you to bear for the pain that’s what about to happen….”
    Nickhun said.

    Because of her injuries, Victoria couldn’t do anything. As Wooyoung
    gently puts Victoria on the wheelchair and strapped both of her arms and
    legs securely, Wooyoung and Nickhun nodded at each other.

    “it’s time Nick….” Wooyoung said. And both of them walked out of the
    facility with Victoria. As the three of them quietly walked in the
    hallway, Victoria saw several members of the “Group” standing guard. But
    as they were getting close to the exit, a guard stopped them.

    “where are you taking that woman?” the guard said. “….we received an order for her transfer…..” Nickhun answered casually.

    “transfer to where?” the guard asked again. “……transfer to my care….”
    Nickhun said as he pull out a scalpel and quickly slashed the guard
    throat. The other guards saw what happened and starts to take aim but as
    they were going to pull the trigger, Wooyoung removed his doctor’s coat
    and Victoria saw what is Wooyoung wearing behind is a compressed
    propane tank. “a flame thrower!!!” one of the guard shouted and all of
    them started to run but Wooyoung grinned.

    “ASHES TO ASHES!!!!!!” Wooyoung shouted as he released his flame on the
    guards and instantly sets them on fire and died on the spot. With the
    commotion happening, an alarm started to buzz sending every militia
    towards them.

    As Wooyoung and Nickhun got out in the front with Victoria, all guns
    were aimed at them and to their surprise, Chansung is also there.

    “…my my… I never expected you guys to betray me….” Chansung said as he pulled out his gun and aimed at Victoria.

    “falling for that girl already Nicky?” Chansung asked but Nickhun
    smirked. “…with a hot bod like hers? Who wouldn’t…. and besides… aren’t
    you forgetting something Chansung?” Nickhun asked as he smirked and
    pulled out some sort of remote control.

    At that moment, Chansung’s eyes widened as he heard a beeping sound all
    over the place. “EVERYBODY SPREAD OUT!!!!!!!” Chansung shouted but his
    warning came too late as a series of explosions exploded all over the

    Wooyoung and Nickhun used the chance and with the destroyed walkway
    visible, Nickhun cuts the strap from Victoria’s wheel chair and carried
    her bridal style while Wooyoung provided cover as they escape at the end
    of the place.

    “D-damn…. The Nickhun… placing a freakin’ boobytrap….. you definitely
    hold the title of a trapster….” Chasung said as he watched Nickhun and
    Wooyoung escaped with some soldiers in pursuit.

    “….i bet the Boss will not go quiet about this….” Chansung looked up to
    his side and saw Kang-Ta standing beside him while brushing off some
    small rubbles from his coat.

    “the Boss called us….. you know what to do… also contact the Japan
    branch…. And the blackjack mercenaries…. We’ve traced the location on
    where they are hiding…. The ones escaped probably is heading there…. “
    Kang-ta said as he fixed his eye glasses on his face and walked away

    “….finally it’s time huh….” Chansung said as he grinned.

    Meanwhile several agent’s of the ANTI’s (known as the “Group”) were still in pursuit behind Wooyoung and Nickhun.

    “Nick! Give me one of your explosive!” Wooyoung shouted. “there’s one in
    the backpocket!” Nickhun replied while they are still running. “what
    are you doing Wooyoung?” Nickhun asked. “Just run and don’t look back
    Nick! Go save that woman!” Wooyoung said as he stopped on his tracks

    Wooyoung managed pull out an explosive with timer from Nickhun’s back
    pocket and removed the flamethrower tank from his back and attached the
    explosive on it before setting the timer on five seconds.

    As Wooyoung finished setting up, he tried to run but one of the agents
    tries to shoot him and hits Wooyoung on his leg. Nickhun saw what happen
    to Wooyoung as the wounded man looked at him and Nickhun clearly saw
    Wooyoung mentioning “run away and save that girl!” from his mouth before
    he was engulfed in his own explosion along with their pursuers.

    Nickhun watched his partner die. “I’m sorry…….” Victoria said as she
    felt Nickhun’s shattering moment as he watched his partner died. “….you
    don’t have to… he’s the one insisted on saving you….. from now on… I’m
    going to protect you….” Nickhun said as he stood up with now stronger
    resolve on protecting Victoria.

    And from the flames behind them another batch of agents came out running
    as they were determined to capture them. As some of them got close,
    several of them dropped dead as they were hit by a crossbow bolt in the
    head. And some of them were riddled with throwing knives.

    “W-What….” Nickhun watched in awe what just had happened and then five
    agents came in close contact with Nickhun with Victoria still on his
    arms. But as they were going to shoot Nickhun and Victoria, Nickhun
    turned-around and hug Victoria in order to protect the girl but instead
    of gun shot sound came from his back, it was a sound of the metal being

    Nickun turned around and saw one person standing in front of him with a pointy hairstyle, while holding a katana.

    “I’m sorry we didn’t arrived in time or we could’ve save your friend…” the man turned around and removed his shades.

    “y-you’re…Taeyang…” Nickhun said. Taeyang greeted Nickhun with a smirked
    and as he sheathed his Katana, the five agents, suddenly spurted out
    some blood from their body as Taeyang swiftly slashed them too quick.
    Some of them were decapitated and some of them were cut in half on their
    waist and horizontally.

    “but at least we managed to save you….” Another voice emerged and this
    time it was GD dragging a dead body with him. “this is the last of
    pursuers….” GD said as he dropped the dead body with countless stab
    wounds all over its body.

    “Damn it Taeyang….. why’d you go giving false info on the man?” TOP
    dropped down from a tree along with Wooyoung and Taeyang just smirked.
    “you’re lucky I’m fast enough to grab you from that fire….” TOP said

    “WOOYOUNG!” Nickhun called as he is relieved to see his partner is still alive.

    “sorry for going out like that…. Although with minor burn… I’ll live…”
    Wooyoung said as he gave Nockhun an OK sign as TOP supported him.

    “by the way… how did you guys know about us?” Victoria voiced out.
    “….well…. it’s because of them….” GD spoke. “Daesung…. Bring them in….”
    TOP called and Daesung arrived using an APC vehicle and the back hatch
    opened, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal rushed towards Victoria.
    “UNNIE!!!!” all four of them rushed towards Victoria and Victoria
    couldn’t have been happy to see them as well.

    “anyway…. We need to get out of here quickly…. Seungri said that the
    enemy managed to locate where Kwon Yuri’s current location…. We need to
    get out of here fast…” TOP said as he released an empty magazine from
    his crossbow and slid in another one.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 34 Finished

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    biggri Re: Blind Solitude - SNSD Action with RF Pairings featuring YulSic as the Main

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    Mission 35

    Narsha’s House.

    Jessica managed to find Yuri who is staring again at the back of the
    house in the night sky. “…I figured I’ll find you here….” Jessica said
    which made Yuri look at her.

    “….it’s happening again Sica….. my hands won’t stop trembling…… it’s going to happen again….” Yuri said.

    Jessica knew something is wrong to Yuri. “are you scared Seobang?”
    Jessica asked and Yuri nodded. “….come on…this isn’t the Seobang I used
    to know…. The one I know is cooler and braver.. not to mention
    hottest…..” Jessica said as she tries to calm down Yuri’s feeling.

    “…but this is different Sica….. being targeted alone is too much…. But…
    being targeted all nine of us….. I couldn’t even fathom the pressure…..
    this time… I might loose you guys forever…. i…. I used to live in
    solitude Sica….. and I’m still walking on that path…” Yuri said.

    …come on Yul…. You’re not alone anymore.. .you still have us….” Jessica
    said. “……I know… but what if the ANTI’s got you guys… I’ll be alone
    again… I already have you and Yoona again….. I know you can handle
    yourself…. But…Yoona……. I hate to lose another sister again even though
    she called me her appa….. “ Yuri said.

    “so what are you trying to say Yul? You want to do this alone
    again?..... look here Kwon Yuri, the sexiest assassin that is my Seobang
    now….. why do you want to do this alone then? You’re worried that
    you’re going to loose Yoona again? Don’t you think she’s much safer if
    she’s with you? Heck even though I know were on the danger zone right
    now…… being close you and everyone like this, still makes me feel
    safe….don’t you feel the same?” Jessica asked but Yuri didn’t answer.

    “you don’t have to walk on the path of solitude Yuwree….” Tiffany
    emerged from behind which surprised the tanned girl. “F-Fany-ah?” Yuri

    “and here we thought you’re preparing guns and stuffs but it turns out you’re nervous….” Taeyeon followed Tiffany’s words.

    “I’m not nervous Taeng…” Yuri defended. “sure sure… you’re not… but your hands is giving you off….” Taeyeon said.

    “what’s this? The best Sniper in the whole damn world is nervous? This
    is new….” Sunny is now present along with Sooyoung who is eating a
    chocolate bar.

    “…still eating I see…” Yuri said as she looked at Sooyoung and the tall girl she smiled and gave an OK sign.

    “we thought you’re preparing for an all out war Yuri…” Taeyeon asked but Yuri just fell silent.

    “….i can’t…… I don’t know why but…. I can’t seem to focus myself…… I
    just don’t know….” Yuri said. All of them were surprised at Yuri’s
    reaction. Then Sooyoung noticed something.

    “…..Taengoo, Sica….. everyone… could you….. could you leave us alone for
    a while?” Sooyoung said. Sunny knew what is Sooyoung going to do since
    she knows Yuri and Sooyoung were best friends since they were part of
    the Organization.

    “come on guys… let my Youngie handle Yul…. In the mean time we need to
    discuss on what are we going to do about this…” Sunny said and all of
    them trusted Sunny and Sooyoung and as before Sooyoung and Sunny parted
    ways, they both looked at each other and mouthed an “I love you” then
    gave a flying kiss.

    “….Yul? something wrong?” Sooyoung asked. “I don’t know Soo….. for some
    reason…. I just felt…….. nothing……” Yuri said as she looked at her
    shaking hands.

    “…’re scared Yul…. From what I see…. Your hands are shaking… that’s
    the first time I saw you acting like this….” Sooyoung said.

    “dammit Soo…. I’m not scared…. I just felt totally nothing…..” Yuri
    said. “….no Yul… you’re scared…. I actually heard what you said to
    Sica…. It’s going to happen again? And by that… I know what you mean….
    You’re scared for Yoona’s life….” Sooyoung said and Yuri hanged her head
    low and Sooyoung knew her guess is right.

    “…..i don’t know what to do anymore Soo… I’m just fed up on what’s
    happening to me…. I just want to live with Sica and Yoona with just a
    normal lives…. Without looking behind our backs on the incoming
    dangers….” Yuri said.

    Sooyoung laid down beside Yuri and used both of her hands as her pillow as she thinks of something.

    “………….why don’t you take Yoona and Jessica away… and run away from this
    place….. and try to go someplace where no one else knew….” Sooyoung said
    while still lying down with her eyes closed.

    “are you insane? I can’t just leave you guys alone….” Yuri said.

    “….that’s the problem with you Yul…. You don’t trust us….. with Tiffany on our side… what else could go wrong?” Sooyoung said.

    “Plus, there’s Hyoyeon and Sunny. Then Taengoo as our tactician…..
    enemies in front of us will be a snitch….. and if we add you to the
    line-up… that would be an over kill….” Sooyoung said trying to make Yuri
    feel better.

    “….it’s not that I don’t trust you guys…. I’m worried for what about to
    happen….. I’m afraid that I might loose Yoona again…. And I don’t want
    to repeat that same mistake again… but I don’t want to run away either…”
    Yuri said.

    “….and your point is?” Sooyoung asked as she sat up and looked at Yuri.
    “the moment I became close with you guys…. I don’t see you as a team
    member…… I see all of you now as my family and friends…. Mostly you…….
    my best friend…… we maybe not perfect, we all had our differences, and
    yeah we sometimes argue and got into fights… but I can’t shake the
    feeling that you guys meant a lot to me….. so it’s hard for me to leave
    you guys while the three of us are hiding….” Yuri said.

    “….glad to know you opened your eyes to my reverse psychology…. Did
    that work?” Sooyoung said as Yuri were surprised then gave out a gentle

    “…..babo… you know this is the only thing I’m good at…. Thanks for
    talking some sense into me Soo….. you are indeed my best friend….. of
    course I would fight… even if we hide…. Sooner or later, we will always
    be found out…. So it’s better to charge them head on….” Yuri said as she
    hugged Sooyoung and Sooyoung hugged back.

    “babo… that why I’m here as your best friend….” Sooyoung said as she
    smiled. Unknown to the two tall ladies talking, two young girls heard

    “Yoona unnie…. It’s time…. We didn’t know Yuri unnie is carrying a heavy
    weight….. let’s go look for Narsha unnie…” Seohyun said and Yoona

    Meanwhile inside the house, Taeyeon gathered all of them and she also
    included IU, Gyuri, Hara and Nicole except Jiyoung, Seungyeon, Seohyun
    and Yoona.

    “ok here’s what I’ve decided…. Three days from now…. IU, Hara, Gyuri,
    Nicole…… you guys will stay here in Narsha’s house…. Knowing the enemy
    is targeting us…. At least they will only hunt us down… without putting
    your lives in danger…..” Taeyeon said. The persons Taeyeon called gave
    out a surprised expression.

    “W-What do you mean by that? We lived through thick and thin! We can’t just back out on the fight!” Gyuri said.

    “…that’s the problem Gyuri…. This isn’t even your fight to begin with….”
    Hyoyeon said which made Gyuri shut up in disappointment.

    “we will leave the two maknaes with….. we can’t take them along…. I want
    you at least to keep this a secret to them….” Taeyeon said.

    “are you out of your mind Taeyeon-unnie?” IU said. “… I’m not…. We
    are not going to a place that is “a walk-in-a-park” IU…. We’re going
    back to Seoul….. hoping we could find some answers….” Taeyeon said.

    “we also feel sad already… as much as we wanted the two maknaes with
    us…. We can’t…. as far as I know it… Seoul is a freakin’ warzone because
    of the ANTI’s…..” Taeyeon said.

    “and how they work is a mystery… they will know one way or another to find us…” Tiffany said.

    “C-Cap….that means….” Nicole tries to talk to Hyoyeon but Hyoyeon cuts
    her words. “…yeah… but you’ll be safe in here…. Trust me… and I hope
    you’ll understand… my cousin needs me more than I need her….” Hyoyeon

    Just then Yuri and Sooyoung walked in. “….i disagree…. If it’s ok with
    you Taeng… I’m going to take Yoona with me… with or without your
    permission…” Yuri strongly said.

    “but Yul…. They’ll be in danger if you bring Yoona…” Taeyeon said.

    “Yuwree… think about this first…. I’m already scared for Hyunnie’s and
    Yoong’s life…. Tae-Tae is right… we should leave them here….” Tiffany

    “…how sure are you guys the they’ll be safe in here? Not that I’m
    mocking the place… but Taeng… don’t you ever wonder? why did they killed
    your parents that day?” Yuri said.

    Taeyeon fell silent.

    “….it’s because your parents adopted Yoona and they already assumed your
    parents knew the information on Yoona’s head….. the reason they let you
    live is for Yoona’s sake… so someone will take care of her until she’s
    old enough to extract that information from her brain…. Like I said
    earlier to Sica… It’s happening again…. And I made up my mind that I’ll
    do anything I can to stop them…” Yuri said. Jessica secretly smiled at
    Yuri’s words.

    “….Yul…rethink this over…. It’s like you’re putting Yoona right in front of their doorstep….” Sunny said.

    “no….. I’m not putting Yoona right in front of their doorstep…. I’m putting Yoona inside my house where she belong….” Yuri said.

    “I’m sorry for opposing your plan Taeng…. But leaving them here sound
    too risky….. I know I’m being over protective… but at least I know I
    could keep an eye on Yoona and everyone….” Yuri said.

    With Yuri’s words, Taeyeon smiled a bit. “… don’t have to keep an
    eye on everyone….. you just focus on protecting Yoona…. And if you’re
    going to take Yoona… I might as well suggest bring Seohyun too….”
    Taeyeon said.

    “what the hell? After all the talk we discussed? Everything change in
    this instant? What the hell… I’m also bringing my team……” Hyoyeon paused
    then looked at Hara, Nicole and Gyuri.

    “not team…. I’m also bringing my friends too!” Hyoyeon said and Gyuri, Hara and Nicole smiled.

    “…basically… we just discussed everything for nothing….” Sunny said and
    to her surprise Sunny felt an arm snaked on her waist and it was
    Sooyoung’s arm hugging her from behind.

    “but hey, at least we’re still the unique bunch of people who share different views but one at heart….” Sooyoung said.

    “Assassins and Cops… what a unique combination….” Sunny said as she
    chuckled and held Sooyoung’s hand and Sooyoung kissed the shorter girls
    hair crown lovingly.

    “by the way….. speaking of the maknaes.. where are they?” Jessica asked. “maybe they’re sleeping?” Sooyoung replied.

    Jessica stood up and went to look for Seohyun and Yoona but to no avail, the two maknaes were nowhere to be found.

    Training room

    “Ok listen up…… Seohyun-ah… you must remember to be flexible and aware
    at all times…. And also be very aware..” Miryo said as she looked at
    Seohyun who is blindfolded. “yes unnie…” Seohyun replied.

    “ok let’s begin… fist I’m going to this ball to your left side…. Be sure
    to remember…. I’m always going to throw on your left side…. Remember
    what I’ve told you… be very aware…” Miryo said as she threw the first
    tennis ball gently on Seohyun. As the tennis ball hits Seohyun. The
    young girl was startled.

    “Don’t be frightened Seohyun-ah… we will start first easily then as the
    time progresses, I will adjust my throw faster and faster…. Since
    basically, we usually wanted to teach you without you blindfold first
    but the situation changed and we have to move up a pace….” Miryo said.

    “d-don’t worry unnie….. the sooner the better…” Seohyun replied as she
    starts to calm down and made a rather unique stance which made Miryo and
    Ga-In surprised.

    Seohyun’s stance for reference only

    Miryo threw the first ball and it hits Seohyun. Seeing Seohyun is
    determined, Miryo threw another ball and this time, as the ball hits
    Seohyun’s hand, the young girl parried it away.

    Miryo and Ga-In were in awe as they never expected that Seohyun could
    easily adapt on the training. And thus, it convinced Miryo to adjust her
    throw. It took six throws before Seohyun could grasp the speed and
    impact of the ball before she made Ga-In and Miryo stunned at her
    adapting ability as Miryo continues to throw some tennis balls, Seohyun
    their parries the ball or she just simply evading it.

    Ga-In smiled at Seohyun fast progress as she silently joins in the
    training as Miryo is constantly throwing a ball towards Seohyun in an
    interval succession, Ga-in will soon broke that interval throw by
    throwing another ball right after Miryo throws another one. But this
    time Seohyun’s concentration became off as she couldn’t evade or parry
    Ga-in’s throws and some of Mriyo’s throws.

    “…ok stop…” Miryo said and Seohyun took off the blindfold. “That’s it
    for now Seohyun-ah…. It seems you can’t handle the next level….” Miryo
    said but to their surprise, Seohyun puts on the blindfold again.

    “…no unnie… let’s continue…” Seohyun said as she is now panting. “but
    you’re tired… we know you’re determined but don’t push yourself too
    hard…” Ga-In said.

    “……..i’m fine unnies….. please let’s continue….” Seohyun said. Both
    Miryo and Ga-In felt Seohyun’s determination and continues to throw
    tennis balls at Seohyun.

    For the first thirty minutes, Miryo and Ga-In felt it was hopeless for
    Seohyun to continue but as Mriyo and Ga-In decided to gave their last
    throw before stopping the training, Seohyun surprised them as Miryo
    throws her last pitch, Seohyun amazingly catches it with her hand.

    Ga-In saw a slight smirk from Seohyun’s lips and as Ga-In also throws
    her last pitch with a full speed, Seohyun amazingly parried the ball.

    Feeling the slight excitement, Miryo threw a three balls in rapid
    succession and again, Seohyun impressed them as she catch the first
    ball, then evaded the second ball by spinning around then as catches the
    third ball and to their surprise, Seohyun throws the first and third
    ball right back at them and both of them catches it.

    “amazing……” Ga-In was amazed as Seohyun fast progress. Miryo was
    speechless. Then Seohyun removed her blindfold and dropped on her knees
    because of exhaustion.

    “I’m amazed Seohyun-ah… you adapt really fast…. But how did you do it
    Seohyun-ah?” Ga-In asked as she handed Seohyun a bottled water.

    “..i don’t know unnie… it’s just…. I felt something is coming towards me
    and I just felt I have to evade it or catch it….” Seohyun said.

    “amazing……. No wonder they described this girl a genious…..” Ga-In
    thought to herself then all of a sudden, the heard a light explosion
    then Narsha and Jea shouting as they looked they were chasing Yoona as
    they ran around the room.

    Miryo noticed that Yoona did something as Narsha and Jea were covered
    with paint all over their body while Yoona ran away from them laughing.
    As Miryo and Ga-In watches the three girls run around the room, they
    noticed something about Yoona’s movements and they were astonished to
    see Yoona’s athleticism as Yoona swiftly evaded Narsha and Jea as they
    try to catch Yoona.

    “UNNIE WATCH OUT!!!” Seohyun shouted as she saw Yoona is going to narrow
    obstacle but to their surprise, Yoona jumped and dive inside it and
    went through the round obstacle that she was going to hit and as Yoona
    went through, they expect the ill girl land in a painful way but
    instead, Yoona did a tech-roll as soon she landed on the floor and stood
    up totally unscathed.

    Narsha and Jea were dumbfounded and as they looked at Yoona, the ill
    girl is smiling at them. “….you almost had an accident Yoona… next time
    do be careful…. How will we explain to your parents if something
    happ…..*POOF*” Jea’s words were cut off as a white powder came exploding
    right in her face as she got close on the obstacle that Yoona went

    Narsha laughed at Jea but soon after, a water bag of water exploded on Narsha’s face as Yoona throws one in her.

    “COME BACK HERE YOU SHRIMP!!!” Narsha shouted and the chase is on again.
    Ga-In and Miryo laughed at the same time amazed at Yoona’s antics. They
    know the ill girl is a prankster by the way she acts but they amazed as
    they watched Yoona managed to climb up quickly on the tight rope that
    is hanging in the middle of the room.

    Narsha and Jea realized that Yoona’s place is not safe as they noticed
    the spot there the rope is hanging is starting to get loose.

    “Y-Yoona honey… come down now… it’s not safe up there…” Narsha called
    but Yoona just smiled at the while still hanging above and shook her
    head. “come on now sweetie.. Narsha and Jea unnie are not mad at you
    anymore….. “ Jea said but Yoona just giggled.

    And then their horror came into a reality as the rope loosen and Yoona start to plunge down in an unbelievable speed.

    “UNNIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!” Seohyun shouted as she covered her eyes and. Then a loud thud were heard.

    Seohyun slowly opened her eyes but to her surprise, Yoona did fall down
    but someone broke her fall and she looked who broke Yoona’s fall, it was

    “…..hey there Kiddo….. good thing your umma asked me to look for you….
    Ouch….” Yuri said as she winced in pain. Narsha and Jea rushed in to
    help Yuri stand up.

    “Y-Yuri-ssi.. a-are you alright?” Narsha asked. But instead of answer,
    Yuri glared at them. “unnie…. Could please explain what are you doing to
    these two kids?” Yuri asked.

    Narsha and her team fell silent and just in time everyone came inside
    the training room and Jessica was shocked to see Yuri holding her back
    and wincing in pain.

    “YUL!” Jessica ran towards Yuri. “what happened?” Jessica asked. “…I
    just saved Yoona from an accident…. I just came in time as I saw her
    falling down on this tight rope….” Yuri said as she pointed at the rope
    that is on the floor.

    “Y-Yuri-ssi… please allow me to explain…” Narsha said but as Yuri is going to be angry, Seohyun stepped in front of Narsha.

    “Yuri-unnie… don’t be angry with Narsha unnie………………. Yoona unnie and
    me…. We asked for this….” Seohyun said shocking everyone except Narsha’s

    Jea secretly smiled as she noticed that Seohyun is too matured for her
    age as she’s taking responsibility for what Yuri and the rest

    “…..Seohyun-ah….. we appreciate what you’re trying to do… but you and
    Yoona are too young for this….” Taeyeon stepped in as she tries to hug
    Seohyun but to Taeyeon’s surprise, Seohyun stepped back away from her.

    “S-Seohyun-ah?” Taeyeon called. “….Taeyeon unnie…… the reason we asked
    Narsha unnie and her team to train us is because….. Yoona unnie and me
    think ahead….. there will come a time where we have to protect
    ourselves…. What if Yuri unnie and Tiffany unn…..” Seohyun paused then
    Looked at Tiffany who is looking at the two maknaes with a worried face.

    “what if Yuri unnie and Tiffany…..UMMA…. were injured? And you and
    Jessica unnie were captured by the enemy? Who will protect us?” Seohyun

    “yah! Seohyun-ah.. we’re still here….” Sooyoung said. “…I know Sooyoung
    unnie….. but what if the worst case scenario happens? Let’s say Sunny
    unnie is injured gravely and needs medical attention while we were being
    taken away by the enemy?….. who would you save first?” Seohyun asked.

    Upon Seohyun’s question, All of them were silent. Hyoyeon and Taeyeon
    knew Seohyun was a smart kid but they never expected Seohyun to be THIS

    “…..Seohyun has a point Taeng…” Jessica said as she holds Taeyeon’s shoulder while still supporting Yuri due to the pain.

    “….i also agree on Seohyun, Taeng… she do have a point….” Hyoyeon
    followed. Taeyeon lets out a sigh. “…… fine….. I give up…. Who couldn’t
    say no to out maknaes….. but promise me this….. when the two of you will
    go training….. at least let us know first…… we’re just worried…. If
    Yuri didn’t come, Yoona would’ve been injured….” Taeyeon said.

    “…..BUT! from this day and on…. We will watch you train…. You hear?”
    Taeyeon said as she smiled at Seohyun and Yoona and the two maknaes came
    running towards the older girl and hugged her.

    “well….. I guess our plan for moving out will be delayed….. I still
    haven’t done training with Tiffany and Sica hasn’t perfected her
    shooting skill…..” Taeyeon said.

    “well… Taeyeon-ssi…. You guys came right in time because we were
    planning to end today’s session…. And we were amazed at Seohyun’s fast
    progress… she can adapt fast…. And Yoona’s athletic ability…. She was
    amazing….” Miryo said.

    “chincha?.... I can’t wait to watch it their training then..” Taeyeon
    said as she walked away contented knowing Seohyun’s reliability.

    “Tae-Tae? Aren’t you going to stop or oppose Seohyun’s decision? She
    could get hurt you know…” Tiffany asked as she walked out first on the
    training room.

    Taeyeon stared at Tiffany and smiled. “..of course I wanted to….. but
    think about what Seohyun’s words….. as far as I understands it…. There
    is always better than you two… never forget that Fany-ah… and you should
    be happy that Hyunnie is already thinking like this….” Taeyeon said.

    “but….but…. hey will into an intense training…. They might get hurt or
    something…” Tiffany said as she pouts like a kid and Taeyeon smiled.

    “geez.. Fany-ah…. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine you’re an assassin if
    you’re acting like this…. I can still remember the incident at the
    university….” Taeyeon said and Tiffany smiled.

    “But she’s picking on you Tae-Tae….. although I warned her, she’s asking
    for it…” Tiffany said as she hugged Taeyeon’s arm happily.

    “aish… I know I know… and I’m thankful for that….. and speaking of that…
    I wonder how are they doing…. We suddenly vanished just like that…”
    Taeyeon said.

    “don’t think about it Tae-Tae…. You’re smart…. Hyunnie’s smart….
    I’m………….” Tiffany stops and placed her index finger on her chin as she
    thinks about herself and smiled as she arched both of her shoulders up.

    “…I’m cute?” Tiffany said it cutely and made Taeyeon blushed. “…aish…
    stop doing that…. You’re already my girlfriend and you’re still making
    me blush…” Taeyeon said as she chuckle at Tiffany’s cute act.

    “but I like seeing you blush… because I rarely see you blush…” Tiffany
    said as she closed her eyes and puckered her lips in front of Taeyeon
    and Taeyeon’s eyes widened in surprise.

    “….uhhh… what are you doing?” Taeyeon asked. Tiffany opened her eyes and
    smiled. “I want a kiss….” Tiffany happily said then returned to her
    previous act.

    “aish…. You don’t have to act like that…. But…. I like it…” Taeyeon
    smiled and planted a kiss on Tiffany. Unknown to them another two were
    watching them and it was Sooyoung and Sunny.

    As Taeyeon and Tiffany disappeared from their sights, Sooyoung looked at
    Sunny. “….what?” Sunny asked. But instead of answer, Sooyoung copied
    Tiffany’s act and puckered her lips, asking Sunny for a kiss.

    “EWWW!! Gross! It doesn’t suit you Youngie!!” Sunny jokingly said as she
    playfully slapped Sooyoung’s arm and Sooyoung chuckled. “what? You
    don’t find my lips cute?” Sooyoung asked.

    “babo….. what I mean is…. It doesn’t suit your image Youngie… I want
    your own style…” Sunny said as she gave Sooyoung a quick peck on the
    lips and Sooyoung smiled.

    “heheh…. I love my Bunny…” Sooyoung said and Sunny smiled. “and I always
    loved this tall Shikshin…..” Sunny said as she wrapped her arms around
    Sooyoung’s waist.

    And like a chain reaction, Yuri and Jessica saw what happened and Yuri
    looked at Jessica. “…..Seobang…. don’t even ask…..” Jessica said and
    smiled as she pulled Yuri’s shirt and planted her lips on the tanned

    And at the same time Hyoyeon and Nicole saw all three couples and they both blushed then later on, they smiled.

    Seoul Airport…..
    3:55 A.M.

    Daesung’s APC Arrived at Seungri’s private airport. As all of them got
    out, they were greeted by Seungri who is dressed in a white leather
    trench coat. “everyone here?” Seungri asked.

    “pretty much… yeah…..” Taeyang answered. “good.. get everyone on board…
    we don’t have much time… they’ll be here any minute…” Seungri said as he
    pulled out his weapon, a Glock 9 and an army knife.

    “Oppa… what are you doing?” Luna asked. “…I’m going to stall them here….
    Now hurry and get inside… you need to get to Yuri-ssi before anything
    else fails……” Seungri said.

    Before Luna could argue with Seungri, GD carried Luna and puts her on
    his shoulder. “LET ME GO!!!” Luna said. “sorry… leader’s orders…” GD
    said as she brings Luna inside the airplane then later on walked

    “GD… what the hell are you doing?” Seungri asked. “sorry… can’t abandon
    my comrade…” GD said. “….hehe…. still a man with a few words… here..”
    Seungri said as he gave GD a back pack full of grenades.

    “…..are we going to carry the operation BigBang?” TOP landed beside
    Seungri. “….yeah… we’ve been cornered… we might as well go out with a
    bang….” Seungri said as the three of them heard several vehicles

    “they’re here…. Get ready guys…” Seungri said as he took off his leather
    trench coat and throw it in the air and from the airplane’s window,
    Amber, Luna and Sulli were surprised at Seungri’s attire as they saw
    Seungri’s body is covered by several different kinds of handguns.

    “GD… I want you run towards the gas pump station and there’s a timer on
    that bag you know how I long I usually set the timer right? Now get
    moving…” Seungri said and GD ran towards the Gas pump station and just
    in time, two army trucks arrive and a black SUV.

    As the black SUV stopped, someone came out and it was Kang-Ta and next came several agents coming out from the trucks.

    “Ahhh finally… the BigBang group…. It’s been a while since the last time
    you put my dignity to shame when you helped Kwon Yuri escape….” Kang-Ta

    Seungri smirked. “I remember that… I must say, you’re getting old for
    this stuff if you can’t catch Kwon Yuri at that time…” Seungri said.

    “YAH! Who said I’m old?! I’ll make you regret about the last time!”
    Kang-Ta said as he waved his arm and his men starts shooting at Seungri
    and TOP.

    Seungri and TOP parted ways as they went for cover. Seungri ran towards
    on the APC as he went for cover while TOP releases some crossbow bolts
    as he ran for cover.

    As Kang-Ta’s men were busy shooting at Seungri and TOP, Kang-Ta managed to get close on the airplane.

    “hmph… so they’re planning to escape again… I won’t let them!” Kang-Ta
    said but as he got on the front of the airplane’s door, A katana blade
    suddenly flew straight in front of his face and stabbing the board panel
    beside him.

    As Kang-Ta looked at the direction where the Katana came, it was already
    too late as Taeyang is running towards him with an amazing speed and
    before he could evade, Taeyang already landed a flying kick on his
    chest. Kang-ta Stumbled down on the airplane floor but instantly got
    back up on his feet and smirked.

    “is that the best you can do Taeyang?” Kang-Ta said. Taeyang tries to
    kick Kang-Ta but this time, the man was prepared as he catches Taeyang’s
    leg and slams Taeyang on the floor. Taeyang winced in pain.

    “I’m so going to enjoy decimating you…” Kang-Ta said as he balled up his
    fist and gave Taeyang a hard punch on his gut section. Taeyang coughed
    up blood upon Kang-Ta’s punch.

    As Kang-Ta is going to give Taeyang another punch, he felt something
    hard hits the back of his head and as he turned around it was Krystal
    with a fire extinguisher on her hand.

    With the stinging pain on his head, Pang-Ta touched the sore spot on his
    head and as he checked his fingers, there was blood. Krystal Wounded

    “You will pay for this Little girl!” Kang-Ta said as he leaves Taeyang
    and focused his attention on Krystal. As krystal knew she was in danger,
    she threw the fire extinguisher on Kang-Ta but Kang-Ta crouched down
    and evaded the oncoming fire extinguisher and dashed towards Krystal and
    unfortunately, Kang-Ta grabbed Krystal by the hair and yanked her back
    to him and instantly grabbed Krystal by the neck and slammed her on the
    airplane’s interior ass he starts choking Krystal.

    Krystal winced in pain as she gasps for air. Sulli witnessed Krystal’s pain and grabbed on anything she laid her hands.

    “GET YOUR FREAKIN’ HAND OFF OF HER!!!” Sulli shouted as she ran towards
    Kang-Ta and hits the man with a metal tray the was used to serve food.
    Kang-Ta winced in pain but still didn’t released Krystal from his grip
    but instead, Kang-Ta grinned evilly as he noticed Krystal is starting to
    loose consciousness and applied more pressure on Krystal’s neck.
    Determined to kill the young Jung.

    “B*STARD!!!! LET HER GO!!!!” Sulli shouted and tries to hit him with the
    metal tray again. Sulli managed to hit Kang-Ta again but this time,
    Kang-Ta also focused his attention on Sulli and quickly grabbed Sulli on
    the neck and also slams Sulli on the plane’s interior alongside by
    Krystal. With both girls on his hands gasping for air, Kang-Ta lifted up
    the two girls and now forcefully chokes them.

    Krystal’s arms suddenly dropped and stopped moving. Kang-Ta grinned and dropped Krystal’s lifeless body on the floor.

    “one down… one to go….” Kang-Ta said. Sulli saw Krystal’s lifeless body on the floor and something snapped inside her.

    “KRYSTAAAAAAAAAAAALLL!!!” Sulli roared in anger and in that instant,
    with her last trump card, Sulli balled her fist up to her last remaining
    strength and gave Kang-Ta a hard straight punch right in the nose.

    Kang-Ta roared in pain as he released his grip on Sulli and held his bleeding nose as it is broken because of Sulli’s punch.

    As Sulli gasps for air, she saw Krystal’s lifeless body again anger
    risen up and grabbed the metal tray again and hits Kang-Ta repeatedly in
    the head until the tray is fully dented.

    “HOW DARE YOU KILL KRYSTAL YOU JERK!!” Sulli said as he gave Kang-Ta a
    last blow on the head. Kang-Ta is now in a bloody mess as his head is
    now busted open and blood gushing right in front of his face. With Sulli
    still raging, she spotted as food cart and grabbed a plate and bashed
    it again on Kang-Ta’s head. As Kang-Ta is going to fight back, suddenly
    he felt both of his arms were held as he looked who it is, it is Amber
    on his right arm and Luna on his left arm.

    “LET GO OF ME B*TCHES!!” Kang-Ta shouted but due to his injury, he’s too
    weak to flail his arms. Then he felt another plated being crashed on
    his head. And another, And another, and another, and another, and
    another until all the plates are completely trashed. Sulli saw a
    champagne bottle and used it as a bat.

    “THIS IS FOR KRYSTAL!!” Sulli shouted and gave it a powerful swing into Kang-Ta’s face and it shattered upon impact.

    Kang-Ta dropped on the floor in a bloody mess then Sulli hurriedly went
    towards Krystal. “Krys?....come on…. Don’t you die on us….. don’t you
    die on me…..” Sulli said as she taps Krystal’s cheeks. Luna puts her
    finger on Krystal’s neck to find a pulse and Luna frowned. There was no

    “Sulli…. I’m sorry….” Luna said. “NO! I promised I’d protect her! I
    promised I’ll bring her to her sister!!” Sulli said as she laid Krystal
    flat on the floor and perform a C.P.R.

    As Sulli start’s pumping Krystal’s heart area, she would go immediately
    give Krystal a mouth-to-mouth. Sulli repeated the process for 30 minutes
    but to no avail, Krystal didn’t respond.

    “Sulli….. we’re sorry….. you’re done everything you could…..” Amber said
    as she held Sulli’s shoulder. Sulli was devastated as Krystal’s death
    finally sink in and starts to cry above Krystal’s chest.

    Sulli said as she gave Krystal’s chest a pummel. “YOU WANTED TO BE
    said as she repeatedly pummels Krystal’s chest until she was tired and
    stopped pummeling and continues on crying.

    Then they all heard a cough.

    *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*

    Luna’s eyes widened as she saw Krystal coughing. “Sulli! Krystal’s
    alive!!” Luna said and Sulli looked and it is indeed Krystal, breathing
    hard but fully alive.

    In her happiness, Sulli hugged Krystal. “Su……lli……. That……. Hurts….”
    Krystal said as she still gasping for air. “….. I thought we lost you….
    Don’t scare us again like that Krys…. I don’t know what I’ll do if you
    die…” Sulli said as she released her tight hug on Krystal.

    “….Sulli….. you don’t….. have to pound…… my chest that….. hard…… it
    hurts….” Krystal said it jokingly with her weak voice and Sulli, Luna
    and Amber chuckled at Krystal. “babo….. but I’m glad you came back….”
    Sulli said. “….i heard…… you voice…” Krystal said.

    Then all of a sudden, Kang-Ta shouted behind them and holding the fire
    extinguisher that Krystal used and ready to hit them with it but before
    he could swing the fire extinguisher, a katana blade suddenly went out
    on his chest as Taeyang stabbed him from the back.

    Then Amber grabbed her pump action shotgun and blasted Kang-Ta on the
    chest and he instantly flew outside as he is placed in the door.

    And as Kang-Ta’s dead body flew out, Seungri, GD, and TOP came inside
    wounded with several agents still firing at them then it followed a loud
    explosion as the grenades that GD set on the Gas Pump Station exploded,
    killing several Agents and some of them were just injured..

    “Daesung!! LET’S GO NOW!!” Taeyang shouted and Daesung moved the plane and successfully escaped Seoul.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mission 35 Finished

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