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    Super Generation[One Shots]


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    biggri Super Generation[One Shots]

    Post by yoonafied14 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:25 pm

    Chapter 1:TaeTeuk
    Chapter 2:HeeSica
    Chapter 3:SunSun
    Chapter 4:SiFany
    Chapter 5:HyoHyuk
    Chapter 6:YulSung
    Chapter 7:SooWook
    Chapter 8:YoonHae
    Chapter 9:SeoKyu
    There are still upcoming chapters!!!^O^

    Chapter 1: 100 days Game Love Story(TaeTeuk)

    Taeyeon and Leeteuk are sitting in the park doing nothing but just gazing into the sky,while all the other SUJU and SNSD members are having fun with each other.

    "I am so bored.I just wish I have a boyfriend now to spend time with.Like them" Taeyeon said while pointing at where the other SUJU and SNSD members were happily celebrating with each other.
    "I guess we are the only ones left without a lover." Leeteuk said heaving a deep sigh.
    Both remained silent for a while until Leeteuk had an idea.
    "I think I have a good idea!Let's play a game!" Leeteuk exclaimed while facing Taeyeon
    "What game?" Taeyeon asked
    "It's quite simple.You're gonna be my girlfriend for 100 days and I'm going to be your boyfriend for 100 days.What do you think?" Leeteuk suggested
    "hmmm,I guess its fine since I don't have any plans in the next few moments" Taeyeon said sounding unsure
    "You sound like you are not into it" Leeteuk replied
    "No,really.I'm fine with it" Taeyeon stated,making her mind
    "Let's go and inform them" Leeteuk adviced
    "Right now?" Taeyeon asked
    "When else?" Leeteuk replied dragging Taeyeon along with him "Hey guess what!"
    "What?" Donghae asked holding Yoona possessively
    "Me and Taeyeon are officially dating" Leeteuk announced
    "Omo~unni congratulations!" SNSD members told Taeyeon and caught her with a group hug "We're proud of you!"
    "Aish~It's not really a big deal" Taeyeon said
    "Our dorky leader is finally in love!" Tiffany exclaimed
    "Hyung!Congrats!" SUJU members told Leeteuk and they initiated there brotherly handshake
    "Hyung,you finally made it" Kyuhyun said
    "Made what?" Taeyeon asked
    "It's nothing Taeyeon" Leeteuk said
    Everyone rejoiced and celebrated with the announcement Leeteuk made.They were spending the day happily together with each other.This is where the pretending starts.

    Day 2:Leeteuk and Taeyeon hanged out together and Leeteuk bought and gave Taeyeon a keychain with a star

    Day 3:They went shopping together to give something for Jessica and Heechul's anniversary.They shared an ice cream together and hugged each other for the first time

    Day 7:Leeteuk drove Taeyeon up into a mountain and they watch the sunset together.When the night came and the moon glowed,they sat on the grass gazing at the stars together.A meteor passed by and Leeteuk and Taeyeon mumbled something.

    Day 25:They spent time at a theme park and got onto roller coasters and ate hotdogs and cotton candy.Leeteuk and Taeyeon got in the haunted house and Taeyeon grabbed someone's hand instead of Leeteuk'.They laughed together for a while.

    Day 67:They drove pass a circus and decided to get in to watch the show.The midget asked Taeyeon to play a part as his assistant in the magic show.They went around to see other entertainments after the show.They came to a fortune teller and she read Taeyeon's palm and said "Treasure every moment from now on" and a tear rolled down the fortune teller's cheeks

    Day 84:Taeyeon suggested that they go to the beach.The beach was not so crowded that day.They had their first kiss with each other just as the sun was setting.

    Day 99:They decided to have a simple day and is deciding to have a walk around the city.They sat down onto a bench.

    1:23 PM
    "I am thirsty,let's rest for a while" Taeyeon said
    "Wait here while I go buy some drinks.What do you want?" Leeteuk stated
    "Jut bring me a water" Taeyeon replied
    1:43 PM
    "What's taking him so long.It's been a while since he left" Taeyeon impatiently said
    Taeyeon waited for another 20 minutes yet Leeteuk didn't show up.She was about to look for him when a stranger approached her.
    "Are you possibly waiting for a friend?" the stranger asked
    "Yes" Taeyeon answered
    "Is he a boy?" the stranger asked again
    "Yes and why?" Taeyeon replied
    "Just now down there in the street,a drunk driver has crashed into a guy.I think he is your friend." the stranger said
    Taeyeon ran over to the spot with the stranger and found Leeteuk lying on the street with blood over his face and her bottled water in his hands.The ambulance came and Taeyeon went to the hospital with them.Taeyeon informed SUJU and SNSD about what happened to Leeteuk.Everyone went to the hospital to wait for the result.They sat and waited outside the emergency room for five and a half hours.The doctor came out and he sighed.

    11:51 PM
    "I am sorry but we did the best we could.He is still breathing now but sooner his vital organs would give up due to the damaged from the accident.We found this letter inside his pocket." the doctor said handing Taeyeon the letter
    Taeyeon received the paper and immediately went to the room,together with the others,where Leeteuk was.He looks so weak and his color became pale.Not the same Leeteuk he saw the day he constucted the game.Taeyeon read the letter and she bursts into tears.Here's what the letter says:
    Dear Taeyeon,
    Our 100 days is almost over.I had fun with you during all those days.Although,you may be greedy sometimes and less thoughtful but these brought happiness to me.I have realized you are really cute and dorky and blamed myself for not confessing my real feelings to you.I have nothing much to ask for,I just wish we can extend it and make it real this time.I want to be your boyfriend and wish you could be beside me all the time.Taeyeon,I LOVE YOU!

    11:58 PM
    "I hate you Leeteuk!How am I suppose to go on without you?You told me you wanted to extend it yet you are leaving me soon!Don't you know how much I love you!Did you know that the night there was a meteor,I wished to God that I want our game to last forever.Leeteuk!Please don't leave me!PLEASE!I LOVE YOU!" Taeyeon said while sitting right next to Leeteuk.
    Everyone shared their sadness.They were crying together with Taeyeon.SUJU cried out a lot and they embraced Leeteuk.SNSD comforted Taeyeon but they couldn't stop her from crying.

    As the clock struck 12:00 pm,Leeteuk's heart stopped beating.It was the 100th day of their game.


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