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    [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples


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    biggri [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples

    Post by ™Arvin™ on Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:07 am

    List Of Soshi Couples

    TaeSica [Taeyeon & Jessica]
    SunYeon [Sunny & Taeyeon]
    HyoSica [Hyoyeon & Jessica]
    HyoYoung [Hyoyeon & Sooyoung]
    HyoHyun[Hyoyeon and Seohyun]
    HyoSun [Hyoyeon and Sunny]
    HyoTae [Hyoyeon & Taeyeon]
    HyoFany[Hyoyeon & Tiffany]
    HyoRi[Hyoyeon & Yuri]
    JeNy[Jessica & Tiffany]
    SeoSica/JessHyun[Seohyun & Jessica]
    SeoFany[Seohyun & Tiffany]
    SeoRi [Seohyun & Yuri]
    SooHyun[Sooyoung & Seohyun]
    SooSica [Sooyoung & Jessica]
    SooSun [Sooyoung & Sunny]
    SooTae [Sooyoung and Taeyeon]
    SooFany [Sooyoung & Tiffany]
    Soori [Sooyoung & Yuri]
    SunFany [Sunny & Tiffany]
    SunSica[Sunny & Jessica]
    SunHyun [Sunny & SeoHyun]
    SunYeon [Sunny and Taeyeon]
    SunRi [Sunny&Yuri]
    SeoTae[Taeyeon & Seohyun]
    TaeFany [Taeyeon & Tiffany]
    TaeYoon [Taeyeon & Yoona]
    TaeRi [Taeyeon and Yuri]
    TiRi [Tiffany & Yuri]
    YoonHyo [Yoona & Hyoyeon]
    YoonSica [Yoona & Jessica]
    YoonHyun[Yoona & Seohyun]
    Soona [Yoona & Sooyoung]
    YoonSun[Yoona & Sunny]
    YoonFany[Yoona & Tiffany]
    YoonRi[Yoona & Yuri]
    YuSica[Yuri & Jessica]

    Soshi + Other Artists

    2NE9[SNSD + 2NE1]
    2AM Generation[SNSD + 2AM]
    2PM Generation[2PM and SNSD]
    4 Generation[SNSD + 4MINUTE]
    After Generation [After School and SNSD]
    Beauties & the Beasties[SNSD + Beast]
    BoShi [BoA and SNSD]
    Brown Eyed Generation[SNSD + Brown Eyed Girls]
    Cheon Sang Shi Dae [CSJH and SNSD]
    Children of Generation[ZE:A and SNSD]
    Blue Generation[Cn Blue and SNSD]
    Dae Guk Shi Dae[DaeGuk NamAh and SNSD]
    Dalmation Generation[Dalmation SNSD]
    Davichi Generation[Davichi and SNSD]
    DoTa [Taeyeon and Hyung Don]
    Epik Generation[Epik High and SNSD]
    f(9)[SNSD + f(x)]
    Fcuz Generation[Fcuz and SNSD]
    Geun Suk Shidae[SNSD + Jang Geun Suk]
    Infinite Generation[Infinite and SNSD]
    Girls Power Generation[GP Basic and SNSD]
    Jaesukshidae[Yoo Jaesuk and SNSD]
    Kara Generation [KARA and SNSD]
    Kim Yuna Shi Dae[Kim Yuna and SNSD]
    MBLAQ Generation[SNSD+MBLAQ]
    Miss Soshi[Miss A and SNSD]
    Rain Generation[Rain and SNSD]
    Rainbow Generation[SNSD+Rainbow]
    Girls Scandal[Scandal and SNSD]
    SeungGi Generation/SeungGi's Girls[SNSD+Lee SeungGi]
    SHINee Generation [SHINee and SNSD]
    SNSTAR[Sistar and SNSD]
    SoShYin [Zhang Li Yin and SNSD]
    SoNyuhShinKi [DBSK and SNSD]
    SonyuhSun[Goo Hyesun and SNSD]
    SongJoongShidae [Song Joong Ki and SNSD]
    SoShi501 [SS501 and SNSD]
    SoShi Bang [Big Bang and SNSD]
    Super Generation [Super Junior and SNSD]
    TaeWoo Shi Dae[SNSD + Kim Tae Woo]
    Top Generation [Teen Top and SNSD]
    T-Generation[SNSD + T-ara]
    The Power of Nine[Nine Muses and SNSD]
    TiffSung [HyeSung and Tiffany]
    U-Kiss Generation[SNSD + U-Kiss]
    Wonder Generation [Wonder Girls and SNSD]

    Source & Credits: Soshified Forums

    Which do u prefer guys ^_^ ????

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    biggri Re: [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples

    Post by palyyoona on Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:56 pm

    yoonyul always cheer me up!!!yoontae too!!!daebak!!

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    biggri Re: [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples

    Post by ShekieSone9 on Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:02 am

    I always prefer the Royal Family. The YoonYulSic Family. The best family ever. There is this Danshin Family too SunTaeHyo. :))

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    Newbie Sone Member

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    biggri Re: [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples

    Post by RightSheep on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:37 am

    hahaha yoonfany best! (: actually its just the combination of the two soshi members i like! (:

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    biggri Re: [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples

    Post by yoonafied14 on Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:27 pm

    I really prefer YoonHyunYul and TaeNy!
    I consider them the best and REAL!!

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    biggri Re: [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples

    Post by BlackPearlYumiko on Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:35 pm

    YEY for SooRI!!

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    biggri Re: [COUPLE] SNSD's List of Couples

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